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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2014 '71 [English] Transcripts

(2) MAN: Come on, put some effort in
(3) Come on, son
(4) Right in the kisser
(5) Keep moving. That's it, son
(6) Get your hands up, lad
(7) Come on. Left, right, left, right
(8) That's it! Come on
(9) That's it! Into him, Hook
(10) Keep fucking going Controlled aggression
(11) That's it, keep throwing One, two. One, two
(12) Lads, keep throwing. Good work
(13) Take it and give it back
(14) That's it, keep going. Lovely
(15) All right, time
(16) I said, time! Fucking break 'em
(17) Good lads
(18) You'll do for me, boys
(19) Back in line. Next
(20) Next
(21) Welcome to the regiment
(22) Watch your footing, boys
(23) Open it up a bit. Open it up a bit
(24) Come on, stay with me
(25) Stay with me
(26) Steady
(27) Watch it
(28) Keep moving LAUGHTER
(29) Get back to your fucking feet
(30) Left, right, left, right, left, right
(31) Left, right, left, right, left, right
(32) Left, right, left, right, left, right
(33) Left, right, left, right, left, right
(34) Left, right, left, right, left, right
(35) Do not be afraid of the water
(36) Plough through it. Plough through it
(37) Pull yourself up, Thompson
(38) Keep that head down
(39) Nice one. Come on, Hook. Good work, son
(40) That's it
(41) Pull yourself
(42) Come on, then, Hook
(43) Help him out, Thompson
(44) Help him out, Thompson Come on, drag him
(45) SHOUTS Up the wall, go
(46) Go on, get up there
(47) Come on, get your back against the wall Get him up there
(48) Come on, stop messing around
(49) Go on, get him up. Drag him up
(50) Go on, that's it, help each other Help each other! That's it
(51) Come on, Thommo Your lives are in each other's hands
(52) Teamwork, boys. Teamwork
(53) Well done, guys. Get his knees up
(54) Go on, keep moving
(55) Keep it going! Keep it going
(56) What are you doing? Leave him
(57) You can send a medic back when you reach your objective
(58) Now get back in formation before you get everybody killed
(61) Hands off cocks and pull on socks
(62) Come on, get fell in
(63) Platoon... Platoon, 'shun
(64) Because of the deteriorating security situation in Belfast
(65) your regiment is now being deployed there on an emergency basis
(66) Any questions
(67) We're not going to Germany You're going to Belfast
(68) I take it you all know where Belfast is
(69) Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom
(70) Here
(71) You are not leaving this country
(72) What's up wi' you
(73) Come on, Darren, our kid, eat your food before it gets cold, mate
(74) Ey up, listen
(75) I don't want you worried about me, okay
(76) I'll be fine. I promise you
(77) Now, come on, eat up TAPS TRAY
(78) I'm not even leaving the country so you've got nothing to worry about
(79) Got a girlfriend No
(80) No
(81) Let me see your teeth
(82) You liar! (LAUGHS
(84) Wa-hey-hey
(85) Go on, then! Go on
(86) Right, I'll be back soon, okay
(87) Yeah Yeah
(88) Hug
(89) All children must be back by five pm Go on
(90) You of all people should remember that, Hook
(91) Offload. Welcome to Ireland
(92) Come down. I want you lining up with your gun over there
(93) Quickly, and up the stairs
(94) Come on, move
(95) Move, move, move
(96) That's right, single file
(97) Single file. Drop your gun off
(98) Right, this is where you eat and sleep
(99) I'll show you where you shit in a minute
(100) Why you look so gormless

1979 Apocalypse Now [English] Transcripts

(1) This is the end
(2) Beautiful friend
(3) This is the end
(4) My only friend
(5) The end
(6) Of our elaborate plans
(7) The end
(8) Of everything that stands
(9) The end
(10) No safety nor surprise
(11) The end
(12) I'll never look into your eyes
(13) Again
(14) Can you picture
(15) What will be
(16) So limitless and free
(17) Desperately in need
(18) Of some
(19) Stranger's hand
(20) In a
(21) Desperate land
(22) Lost in a Roman
(23) Wilderness of pain
(24) And all the children
(25) Are insane
(26) All the children
(27) Are insane
(28) Waiting for the summer rain
(29) Yeah
(30) Saigon
(31) Shit
(32) I'm still only in Saigon
(33) Every time, I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle
(34) When I was home after my first tour, it was worse
(35) I'd wake up and there'd be nothing
(36) I hardly said a word to my wife until I said yes to a divorce
(37) When I was here I wanted to be there
(38) When I was there, all I could think of was getting back into the jungle
(39) I'm here a week now
(40) Waiting for a mission
(41) getting softer
(42) Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker
(43) And every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger
(44) Each time I looked around the walls moved in a little tighter
(45) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Yeah
(46) Come on, babe, come on now Livin' life, yeah
(47) Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Yeah
(48) Fuck, yeah, come on, baby
(49) Fuck, baby, fuck, fuck
(50) Oh, yeah, oh, fuck
(51) Yeah, do it, yeah, come on
(52) Yeah, all right
(53) Yeah
(54) Yeah, yeah
(55) Yeah
(56) Yeah, yeah
(57) Yeah
(58) Everyone gets everything he wants
(59) I wanted a mission
(60) and for my sins they gave me one
(61) Brought it up to me like room service
(62) Captain Willard Are you in there
(63) Yeah, I'm comin
(64) It was a real choice mission
(65) And when it was over I'd never want another
(66) What do you want Are you all right, Captain
(67) What does it look like
(68) Are you Willard, 505th Battalion Affirmative
(69) 173rd Airborne Yeah
(70) Assigned to SOG Hey, buddy, gonna shut the door
(71) We have orders to escort you to the airfield
(72) What are the charges Sir
(73) What'd I do There's no charges, Captain
(74) You have orders to report to Com-Sec Intelligence at Nha Trang
(75) I see All right
(76) Nha Trang, for me That's right
(77) Come on, Captain. You still have a few hours to get cleaned up
(78) I'm not feeling too good Captain
(79) Dave, come here and give me a hand We got a dead one
(80) Come on, Captain Let's take a shower
(81) Don't be an ass Get a hold of him good
(82) We're gonna take a shower, Captain In we go
(83) Stand underneath this, Captain
(84) I was going to the worst place in the world
(85) and I didn't even know it yet
(86) Weeks away and hundreds of miles up a river
(87) that snaked through the war like a main circuit cable
(88) plugged straight into Kurtz
(89) It was no accident that I got to be the caretaker
(90) of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz's memory
(91) any more than being back in Saigon was an accident
(92) There is no way to tell his story without telling my own
(93) If his story is really a confession
(94) Captain Willard reporting, sir Then so is mine
(95) Captain. Good. Come on in Thank you, sir
(96) Stand at ease General
(97) You want a cigarette
(98) No, thank you, sir
(99) Have you ever seen this man before No, sir
(100) Met the general or myself No, sir

1948 The Story of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [English] Transcripts

(1) Ten years ago, I think we were talking to Elia Kazan in New York
(2) We'd shown one of his films and he just sat back afterwards
(3) I think we had screened his film Wild River, and he was criticizing
(4) and he says, "You know what
(5) It's just one of those things Isn't it great
(6) we're in the business that made The Treasure of Sierra Madre
(7) Isn't that exciting
(8) John Huston's The Treasure of Sierra Madre
(9) is today regarded as a genuine classic
(10) perpetually ranked on critics'best rosters
(11) including the American Film Institute's revered 100 list
(12) But the story really begins in Mexico shortly after the American Civil War
(13) An elite group of American financiers and industrialists
(14) seized the untapped potential of Mexico's natural resources in oil and mining
(15) and developed the country's infrastructure to support their lucrative operations there
(16) Foreigners of every stripe arrived in Mexico
(17) to escape their native countries
(18) for reasons legitimate and criminal self-evident and enigmatic
(19) to work for these wealthy corporations
(20) One of these foreigners is a reclusive writer
(21) known as B. Traven
(22) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was first published in Europe in the 1920s
(23) Its author, at first, refused its publication in any capitalist societies
(24) The original novel was published in German
(25) first in the mid '20s
(26) And the story actually goes back
(27) to The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer the 14th century
(28) It's not quite the same, but the same idea
(29) The novel is a brutal indictment of materialism
(30) and teems with anti-capitalist sentiment
(31) He felt that if people didn't have possessions
(32) didn't feel they had to dress up
(33) that there would be no wars
(34) and capitalism would be shot down in effect
(35) In addition The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
(36) challenges the Spanish oppression of the Native Indians
(37) and it's highly critical of the Church's role in this injustice
(38) Its author's identity wasn't even known to his publisher
(39) And over the years, various theories abounded as to his identity
(40) Jack London, Ambrose Bierce
(41) the illegitimate son of Kaiser Wilhelm II
(42) a Chicagoan, a German
(43) He may have been an anarchist and revolutionary who had to flee Europe
(44) And every once in a while somebody says, "I've found the clue
(45) to the mystery of B. Traven
(46) And then two more years pass by trying to
(47) Wait a minute, no
(48) Listen, this story is very complicated
(49) I am warning you right now
(50) nobody will ever know the answer to Who was B. Traven
(51) It's called, "The Riddle of B. Traven
(52) Whatever the identity of the mysterious author
(53) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
(54) was published in the United States in 1935
(55) where it came to the attention of a young writer and sometime actor
(56) working in Hollywood: John Huston
(57) Huston had written dialogue for his first film in 1930
(58) and became a staff writer at Warner Brothers
(59) But John wrote
(60) He was a writer first
(61) He grew up in a dramatic family
(62) His mother crossed the Mississippi on horseback
(63) I think his grandfather gambled
(64) and won a western city and then lost it at the table
(65) I don't know that there are any stories about John Huston that are exaggerated
(66) He really was a world-class character
(67) and his own man
(68) Maybe not the nicest man at all times
(69) maybe not the best husband or the best father
(70) but when it came to writing and directing he was damn good
(71) John Huston established himself as a writer
(72) Warner Brothers was known as "The Writer's Studio
(73) because they had so many good writers there
(74) Already middle-aged, Humphrey Bogart was not yet a big star
(75) although he'd been acting consistently since the age of 19
(76) Bogart's such a big star such an icon to us now
(77) we forget that he spent so many years
(78) coming up through the ranks playing small parts
(79) Bogart started off in the theater just as a stage manager
(80) So he learned a lot about his craft
(81) What was interesting about him in his earlier time on Broadway
(82) is that he always played the male ing�nue
(83) He was the attractive guy And one of the critics from Chicago
(84) said that he was as handsome as Valentino
(85) And you think of Bogart as this really tough guy
(86) It's hard to imagine he had a 9-year stage career
(87) in which he was this young, attractive player
(88) But we also have to
(89) remember that there was nothing about him
(90) particularly his physical look
(91) that would conjure up the idea of a star at that era
(92) Stars in those days were like Clark Gable
(93) and Tyrone Power and Robert Taylor They looked like movie stars
(94) And, here, Bogart looked like this street guy
(95) He had come to Hollywood in the '30s
(96) in the very early '30s and had done half a dozen or more films
(97) without any success Went back, tried to resurrect his career
(98) He was really saved by Robert Sherwood's Petrified Forest
(99) where he plays the killer, Duke Mantee

1954 Seven Samurai [English] Transcripts

(4) Directed by AKIRA KUROSAwA
(5) During the Civil wars
(6) an endless cycle of conflict left the countryside overrun by bandits
(7) Peaceable folk lived in terror of the thunder of approaching hooves
(8) Take this village too
(9) Take it! Take it
(10) Not so fast
(11) we just took their rice last fall
(12) They'll have nothing now
(13) Very well
(14) we'll return when that barley's ripe
(15) Is there no god to protect us
(16) Land tax, forced labor war, drought
(17) and now bandits
(18) The gods want us farmers dead
(19) That's right we're better off dead
(20) what's all this Crying won't change anything
(21) The magistrate can do more than collect taxes
(22) we can ask him for help
(23) we know all about him
(24) He shows up after they're gone acting big while he surveys the damage
(25) That's right. He's useless
(26) we might as well hand over our rice and barley to the bandits
(27) and just hang ourselves
(28) That'll bring the magistrate here in a hurry
(29) we'll kill those bandits
(30) we'll kill them all
(31) Never again Let's kill 'em all
(32) Not me
(33) I couldn't possibly
(34) That's crazy talk
(35) So we can kill defeated samurai but not bandits
(36) Stop it! This is no time to fight amongst ourselves
(37) we don't have a chance against bandits And when we lose
(38) They'll slaughter us all down to the last unborn child
(39) I've had enough Better to risk it all
(40) than to live like this Kill or be killed
(41) Rikichi
(42) The farmer's only choice is to endure
(43) we can't defy the powerful
(44) when the bandits arrive we'll greet them meekly
(45) and quietly hand over all our barley
(46) we'll plead with them to leave just enough for us to survive
(47) That's all we ask we'll beg on our hands and knees
(48) what bandit will agree to that
(49) Have you forgotten how low we had to stoop for the rice we're eating now
(50) we should go see the Old Man
(51) Let him decide what to do
(52) Consider who we're dealing with here
(53) Give a wolf a taste of your leg and he'll ask for your hand
(54) Once they have a taste they'll be back in the fall
(55) But what if we lose Then we're no worse off
(56) without our barley we're doomed anyway
(57) we fight
(58) Old Man, that's madness
(59) we're farmers what do we know of battle
(60) we'll hire samurai
(61) whoever heard of farmers hiring samurai
(62) I saw it with my own eyes
(63) when the village you were born in was torched
(64) I saw it when we escaped to this village here
(65) The only village that didn't burn was the one that hired samurai
(66) But Old Man, there are different kinds of villages and villagers
(67) How are we to feed samurai when we live on rice gruel
(68) we'll make do on millet
(69) Show me a samurai who'll fight for farmers in return for food
(70) They're a proud lot
(71) Look
(72) Find hungry samurai
(73) Even bears come down from the mountains when they're hungry
(74) How dare you
(75) You're nothing but a farmer I'm still a samurai
(76) I don't need your charity
(77) Fool
(78) what'd I tell you
(79) Look, the barley's ripe
(80) Ten days already since we left the village
(81) what do we do
(82) This barley's early not like our mountain barley
(83) Hey, we're soaked through to the bone
(84) Find any cheap, strong and foolhardy samurai
(85) Leftovers
(86) You can have 'em cheap
(87) That's a laugh
(88) what's so funny He's blind
(89) what about you, then Not me
(90) I'd rather eat horseshit
(91) won't get a nose bleed outta him Cleaned him out gambling last night
(92) Pulled his sword when he lost so the three of us beat him up
(93) Not a drop left in his nose now
(94) Don't bother They only eat millet
(95) Is that true You can't live like that
(96) without nourishment you'll go night-blind
(97) I've got just four left
(98) I'll trade 'em all for a cup of rice
(99) what do you say
(100) Damn! what a bunch

2009 Up [English] Transcripts

(1) ShAaNiG Presents
(2) Spotlight on "Adventure
(3) What you are now witnessing is footage never before seen by civilized humanity
(4) a lost world in South America
(5) lurking in the shadow of Majestic Paradise Falls
(6) it's full of plants and animals undiscovered by science
(7) Who would dare set foot on this inhospitable summit
(8) Why, our subject today, Charles Muntz
(9) The beloved explorer lands his dirigible, "The Spirit of Adventure
(10) into Hampshire, this week
(11) completing a year long expedition
(12) to the lost world
(13) This mighty aircraft was designed by Charles Muntz himself
(14) and is longer than 22 throw edition petty waggons placed end to end
(15) And here comes the adventurer now
(16) Never-apart from his faithful dogs
(17) Muntz conceived the craft for the canine comfort
(18) It's a veritable flouting palace in the sky
(19) complete with doggy baths and mechanical canine walker
(20) And Jiminy Cricket
(21) To the locals he's considered a business and hero! And how
(22) Adventure is out there
(23) But what has Muntz brought back this time
(24) Gentlemen, I give you the Monster of Paradise Falls
(25) And gully, what a swell monster this is
(26) But what's this Scientists cry "Foul
(27) The National Explorers Society accuses Muntz of fabricating the skeleton
(28) No
(29) The organization strips Muntz of his membership
(30) Humiliated, Muntz vows to return to Paradise Falls
(31) and promises to capture the beast... alive
(32) I promise to capture the beast alive
(33) And I will not come back until I do
(34) And so, the explorer's off to clear his name
(35) Bon voyage, Charles Muntz
(36) And good luck capturing the Monster of Paradise Falls
(38) Here's Charles Muntz piloting his faimous dirigible
(39) He hurdles Pikes Peak
(40) He hurdles the Grand Canyon
(41) He hurdles Mount Everest
(42) He goes around Mount Everest
(43) Is there nothing he cannot do? UP
(44) Yes, as Muntz himself said
(45) Adventure
(46) is out there
(47) Look out! Mount Rushmore
(48) Let's get "The Spirit of Adventure" over Mount Rushmore
(49) Come on, make an effort How are my dogs doing
(51) All engines ahead, let's take her up to 26000 feet
(52) Rudder 18 degrees towards South
(53) It's a beautiful day
(54) The wind blows from the east at 10 knots
(55) Visibility... unlimited
(56) Enter the weather in the log book
(57) There is something down there I will bring it back for science
(58) It's a puppy
(60) What are you doing
(61) Don't you know this is an exclusive club
(62) Only explorers get in here
(63) not just any kid off the street with a helmet and a pair of goggles
(64) You think you got what it takes? Do you I
(65) All right, you're in! Welcome aboard
(66) What's wrong? Can't you talk
(67) Hey, I don't bite
(68) You and me, we are in a club now
(70) I saw where your baloon went Come on, let's go get it
(71) My name is Ellie
(72) There it is
(73) Well... go ahead
(74) Go on
(75) Hey, kid
(76) I thought you might need a little cheering up
(77) I got something to show you
(78) I am about to let you see something
(79) I have never shown to another human being
(80) Ever... in my life
(81) You have to swear you will not tell anyone
(82) Cross your heart
(83) Do it
(84) My adventure book
(85) You know him C.MUNTZ, MAN OF THE YEAR
(86) Charles Muntz, explorer
(87) When I get big, I'm going where he's going
(88) South America
(89) It's like America, but South
(90) Wander where I'm gonna live
(91) Paradise Falls
(92) A land lost in time
(93) I ripped this right out of a library book
(94) I'm gonna move my club house there
(95) And park ut right next to the falls
(96) Who knows what lives up there
(97) And once I get there
(98) I'm gonna save all these pages for all the adventures I'm gonna have
(99) Only... I just don't know how I'm gonna get to Paradise Falls
(100) That's it! You can take us there in a blimp

1962 Lawrence of Arabia [English] Transcripts

(1) He was the most extraordinary man I ever knew
(2) Did you know him well
(3) I knew him
(4) Well, nil nisi bonum
(5) But did he really deserve
(6) a place in here
(7) Lord Allenby, could you give a few words about Lawrence
(8) What, more words
(9) The revolt in the desert
(10) played a decisive part in the Middle Eastern campaign
(11) Yes, sir, but about Colonel Lawrence himself
(12) No, no. I didn't know him well you know
(13) Mr. Bentley, you know as much about Lawrence as anybody
(14) Yes, it was my privilege to know him
(15) And to make him known to the world
(16) He was a poet, a scholar and a mighty warrior
(17) Thank you
(18) He was also the most shameless exhibitionist since Barnum and Bailey
(19) You, sir. Who are you
(20) My name is Jackson Bentley
(21) I overheard your last remark and take the gravest exception
(22) He was a great man Did you know him
(23) No, I can't claim to have known him
(24) I had the honour to shake his hand in Damascus
(25) Knew him? I never knew him
(26) He had some minor function on my staff in Cairo
(27) Michael George Hartley
(28) this is a nasty, dark little room
(29) That's right
(30) We are not happy in it
(31) I am. It's better than a nasty, dark little trench
(32) Then you're a big noble fellow That's right
(33) Here is William Potter with my newspaper
(34) Here you are, Tosh Thanks
(35) Would you care for one of Corporal Hartley's cigarettes
(36) Is it there Of course
(37) Headlines
(38) But I bet it isn't mentioned in the Times
(39) Bedouin tribes attack Turkish stronghold
(40) I bet that no one in this headquarters even knows it happened
(41) Or would care if it did Allow me to ignite your cigarette
(42) Mr. Lawrence Yes
(43) Flimsy, sir Thank you
(44) You'll do that once too often It's only flesh and blood
(45) Michael George Hartley you're a philosopher
(46) And you're balmy
(47) It damn well hurts Certainly, it hurts
(48) What's the trick, then
(49) The trick, William Potter is not minding that it hurts
(50) By the way, if Captain Gibbon should enquire for me
(51) tell him I've gone for a chat with the general
(52) He's balmy He's all right
(53) Lawrence
(54) Yes
(55) You're supposed to be
(56) Do you usually wear your cap in the mess
(57) Always
(58) You should be on duty Where are you going
(59) Mustn't talk shop Freddie, not in the mess
(60) I'm going for a powwow with the general
(61) I'm not asking as your superior but as the secretary of this mess
(62) We don't want chaps in here who should be on duty
(63) Where are you going
(64) I must say, Lawrence
(65) Sorry You're a clown, Lawrence
(66) Ah, well, we can't all be lion tamers
(67) Sorry
(68) It's an intrigue, Dryden
(69) I do not propose to let an overweening, crass lieutenant
(70) thumb his nose at his commander and get away with it
(71) It doesn't sound as though he'd be any great loss
(72) Don't try that, Dryden There's a principle involved
(73) There is, indeed
(74) He's of no use here in Cairo
(75) He might be in Arabia He knows his stuff, sir
(76) Knows the books, you mean
(77) I've already sent out Colonel Brighton, who's a soldier
(78) If Brighton thinks we should send some arms, we will
(79) Well, what more do you want
(80) That there would be no question of Lieutenant Lawrence
(81) giving military advice
(82) By God, I should hope not
(83) It's just that the Arab Bureau would like its own man on the spot to
(84) To what
(85) To make our own appraisal of the situation
(86) I'll tell you, it's my considered opinion and that of my staff
(87) that time spent on the Bedouin will be time wasted
(88) They're a nation of sheep-stealers
(89) They did attack Medina
(90) And the Turks made mincemeat of them
(91) We don't know that
(92) We know that they didn't take it A storm in a teacup, a sideshow
(93) In my opinion, this whole theatre of operations is a sideshow
(94) The real war's being fought against Germans, not Turks
(95) Not here, but on the Western front in the trenches
(96) Your Bedouin Army or whatever it calls itself
(97) would be a sideshow of a sideshow
(98) Big things have small beginnings, sir
(99) Does the Arab Bureau want a big thing in Arabia
(100) Does the bureau think they'll sit down under us when this war is over

2005 King Kong [English] Transcripts

(1) I'm sittin' on top of the world
(2) I'm rollin' along
(3) Yes, rollin' along
(4) And I'm quittin' the blues of the world
(5) I'm singin' a song
(6) Yes, singin' a song
(7) Glory hallelujah! I just told the parson
(8) Hey, Par, get ready to call
(9) Just like Humpty Dumpty
(10) I'm gonna fall
(11) And I'm sittin' on top of the world
(12) I'm rollin' along
(13) Rollin' along
(14) Don't want any millions
(15) I'm gettin' my share
(16) I've only got one suit, just one
(17) Move along
(18) That's all I can wear
(19) A bundle of money
(20) Don't make me feel gay
(21) A sweet little honey
(22) Is making me say
(23) And I'm sittin', sittin on top, top of the world
(24) I'm rollin' along
(25) Rollin' along
(26) And I'm quittin', quittin the blues, blues of the world
(27) I'm singin' a song
(28) Yes, singin' a song
(29) Glory hallelujah! I just told the parson
(30) Hey, Par, get ready to call
(31) Just like Humpty Dumpty
(32) I'm gonna fall
(33) Yeah! I'm sittin' on top, top of the world
(34) I'm rollin' along
(35) Rollin' along
(36) That's a funny one Isn't that funnier
(37) It's hysterical, Manny
(38) As long as we're laughing we won't cry over the box office
(39) Talk about depressing
(40) Twenty girls in feather boas prancing around like circus ponies
(41) That's depressing
(42) I love a good chorus line
(43) What's this It's a play
(44) Who wrote it, Annie
(45) Some guy. Driscoll
(46) Driscoll
(47) From the Federal Theatre
(48) Don't knock it, honey At least they got an audience
(49) It'll pick up Isn't that right, Manny
(50) It always does
(51) See you tomorrow
(52) The trick is to start to build right from the back of your throat
(53) Works well out through the nose, too
(54) Have you eaten today
(55) I'm not hungry. Don't worry about me
(56) Hey
(57) You're all I've got
(58) Come on, take me to dinner
(59) Okay
(60) You think the kitchen will still be open on Third
(61) Soup and biscuits. Perfect
(62) Harry, what's going on
(63) Hey, open up! We work here Not anymore, lady
(64) It's all right for you We haven't had a paycheck in two weeks
(65) How we gonna eat
(66) They're not getting away with this They just did
(67) Ann, it's no use
(68) The show, it's over. It's done
(69) I'm done
(70) I'm leaving, Annie
(71) I'm going back to Chicago
(72) I'm sorry
(73) I'm sorry, Annie
(74) Ever since you were small people been letting you down
(75) You gotta think of yourself now
(76) You should try out for that part
(77) Oh, I know what you're thinking
(78) Every time you reach out for something you care about
(79) fate comes along and snatches it away
(80) But not this time, Annie
(81) Not this time
(82) Oh, hello, Mr. Weston Oh, jeez
(83) Look, miss, I told you already call my office
(84) Leave your résumé with my secretary
(85) Now, why would I want to do that when we can talk about it in person
(86) Because that's what a smart girl would do
(87) But I already sent you my résum You returned it unopened
(88) What can I say? Jack Driscoll's very particular about who he works with
(89) Please, just an audition That's all I'm asking
(90) Jesus, you don't give up, do you
(91) Mr. Weston, I know this role backwards
(92) Well, that's too bad, 'cause we just gave the part to someone else
(93) I'm sorry, kid. The play is cast
(94) I know times are tough
(95) You want my advice
(96) Use what you got You're not bad-looking
(97) A girl like you doesn't have to starve
(98) There's a new place It just opened
(99) Now listen, princess, this gig ain't the Palace, you understand
(100) Ask for Kenny K Tell him I sent you

1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood [English] Transcripts

(1) News has come from Vienna!
(2) Leopold of Austria has seized King Richard on his return from the Crusades.
(3) Our king is being held prisoner. Nothing further is known.
(4) His Highness Prince John will make...
(5) further public pronouncement tomorrow".
(6) And how are the dear Saxons taking the news, Sir Guy?
(7) They're even more worried than Longchamps, Your Highness.
(8) They'll be more than worried...
(9) when I squeeze the fat out of their hides.
(10) You intend to act on your plans? What better moment than this, Sir Guy?
(11) Whoever would have thought my dear brother...
(12) would be so considerate as to get captured...
(13) and leave all of England to my tender care?
(14) He may disapprove when he returns, Your Highness.
(15) If he returns. And I'll see to it that he doesn't.
(16) We must drink to this moment, Sir Guy. Golden days are ahead.
(17) I'll assign tax districts to you tomorrow.
(18) Tomorrow, Your Highness.
(19) But who's gonna pay me? Pay! Pay!
(20) That's all you Saxons think about.
(21) Didn't I tell you it was for Prince John, who's just come up from London?
(22) Stop! Stop!
(23) This man is freeborn! He's a landowner.
(24) You can't make a slave of him!
(25) Didn't he refuse to send his men to work in Guy of Gisbourne's field?
(26) But I protest... !
(27) Dickon, follow me! The rest remain here.
(28) What's your name, you Saxon dog? A better one than yours.
(29) Look to your manners! This is Sir Guy of Gisbourne.
(30) Sir Guy or the devil! There's little to choose between them.
(31) What's your name? Much, the miller's son.
(32) It's death to kill the king's deer? And death from hunger if I don't.
(33) Thanks to you and the rest of you Norman cutthroats at Nottingham Castle.
(34) Be quiet, you. I won't be quiet!
(35) You can kill me if you like, but not until I've had my say.
(36) You can beat and starve us Saxons now...
(37) but when King Richard escapes, he'll take you by the scruff of the neck...
(38) and fling you into the sea!
(39) What the devil? Come now, Sir Guy.
(40) You'd kill a man for telling the truth? If it amused me, yes.
(41) Be thankful my humor's of a different sort.
(42) By what right do you interfere with justice?
(43) By a better right than you have to misuse it.
(44) That goes for your master, Prince John.
(45) I'll give him that message at the baron's meeting in Nottingham tonight.
(46) Thank you. He does need a bit of a talking to.
(47) Eh, Will? He has been getting rather out of hand.
(48) Fetch him. Hold there. What's his fault?
(49) He's killed a royal deer. You're wrong. I killed that deer.
(50) This man's my servant.
(51) Oh. I suppose you realize the penalty for killing the king's deer is death.
(52) Whether for serf or noble. Really?
(53) Are there no exceptions?
(54) Thanks, master. Better look before you shoot next time.
(55) From this day, I follow only you. There isn't a poor Saxon in Nottingham shire...
(56) that doesn't know and bless Sir Robin of Locksley.
(57) Take me as your servant.
(58) Why, in all the forest, there isn't a hunter as good as me.
(59) I ask no pay. Just to follow you.
(60) Fetch the deer, then.
(61) While Richard is bent on adventure in foreign lands...
(62) it is our duty as Normans to preserve the realm...
(63) by giving loyal support to Prince John...
(64) the only true defender of the Norman spirit.
(65) Hail to Prince John.
(66) My lords, I thank you. Well, this is what we Normans like:
(67) Good food, good company...
(68) and a beautiful woman to flatter me, eh, Lady Marian?
(69) Was it worthwhile coming with me from London...
(70) to see what stout fellows our Nottingham friends are?
(71) Take Sir Guy of Gisbourne. One of our most renowned defenders of the realm.
(72) Must I take him, Your Highness?
(73) Why, you like him, don't you?
(74) Well, he's a Norman, of course. Is that the only reason for liking him?
(75) Isn't that reason enough for a royal ward who must obey her guardian?
(76) Oh, nay, I'd not force you, my lady.
(77) But he's our most powerful friend in these shires and he's in love with you.
(78) If I could promise him marriage to a royal ward, it might help my plans.
(79) Perhaps when I know him better. Of course.
(80) You're a very wise young woman.
(81) Any more objections to the new tax from our Saxon friends?
(82) Objections, Your Highness? With a Saxon dangling from every...
(83) gallows tree between here and Charnwood?
(84) Well said, sir knight. But not too many, mind.
(85) Else we'll have nobody left to till our land or pay the tax.
(86) There's one exception I'd make, Your Highness.
(87) A certain Saxon noble. Who is that?
(88) Sir Robin of Locksley. Sir Rob... Sir Robin of Locksley?
(89) I've heard precious little else since I've been here. What's his latest outrage?
(90) Oh, nothing less than killing a royal deer in Sherwood Forest today.
(91) And you didn't take him?
(92) That would have been a problem, Your Highness.
(93) A Saxon a problem? He's a notorious troublemaker, my lady.
(94) Aye. An impudent, reckless rogue...
(95) who goes around the shire stirring up the Saxons against authority.
(96) And he has the insolence to set himself up as a protector of the people.
(97) I could have captured him long ago, but...
(98) But what?
(99) Well, he's the deadliest archer in England, and...
(100) And my brave High Sheriff of Nottingham is afraid of him.

2015 Mad Max: Fury Road [English] Transcripts

(1) My name is Max.
(2) My world is fire and blood.
(3) Why are you hurting these people?
(4) It's the oil, stupid.
(5) Oil wars. We are killing for guzzoline.
(6) The world is running out of water.
(7) Now there's the water wars.
(8) Once, I was a cop.
(9) A road warrior searching for a righteous cause.
(10) to the terminal freak-out point.
(11) Mankind has gone rogue, terrorizing itself.
(12) Thermonuclear skirmish.
(13) The earth is sour.
(14) Our bones are poisoned.
(15) We have become half-life.
(16) As the world fell...
(17) each of us, in our own way, was broken.
(18) It was hard to know who was more crazy:
(19) Me...
(20) or everyone else.
(21) Hello?
(22) Where are you?
(23) Where are you, Max?
(24) Here they come again. Max Rockatansky.
(25) Worming their way into the black matter of my brain.
(26) Help us, Max. You promised to help us.
(27) I tell myself...
(28) they cannot touch me.
(29) They are long dead.
(30) I am the one...
(31) who runs from both the living and the dead.
(32) Hunted by scavengers.
(33) Haunted by those I could not protect.
(34) So I exist in this wasteland.
(35) A man reduced to a single instinct:
(36) Survive.
(37) Max?
(38) Is that you?
(39) Where were you?
(40) Help us. Where were you?
(41) Where were you, Max?
(42) Where were you, Max?
(43) Stop running.
(44) You let us die!
(45) You let us die!
(46) You let us die!
(47) You promised to help us!
(48) Why?
(49) Witness!
(50) I got him.
(51) We are War Boys!
(52) War Boys!
(53) Kamakrazee War Boys!
(54) War Boys!
(55) Fucacima kamakrazee...
(56) War Boys!
(57) Hooked on!
(58) Today we're heading...
(59) to Gas Town!
(60) Gas Town!
(61) Today we're hauling Aqua Cola.
(62) Aqua Cola!
(63) Today we're hauling produce! Produce!
(64) And today we're hauling...
(65) Mother's Milk!
(66) Mother's Milk!
(67) Joe! Joe! Joe! lmmortan Joe!
(68) Rev it up for the lmmortan Joe!
(69) Once again, we send off my War Rig to bring back...
(70) guzzoline from Gas Town...
(71) and bullets from the Bullet Farm!
(72) Once again, I salute my lmperator...
(73) Furiosa!
(74) And I salute...
(75) my half-life War Boys...
(76) who will ride with me eternal...
(77) on the highways of Valhalla.
(78) V8! V8! V8! V8!
(79) I am your redeemer.
(80) It is by my hand...
(81) you will rise from the ashes...
(82) of this world!
(83) It's coming. Get ready.
(84) Yes. Yes. Yes. It's coming.
(85) Do not, my friends...
(86) become addicted to water.
(87) It will take hold of you...
(88) and you will resent its absence.
(89) Clear off!
(90) Get them all off!
(91) Clear off!
(92) Get them all off.
(93) Get off!
(94) Signal Gas Town. Convoy's on its way.
(95) I got a War Boy...
(96) running on empty.
(97) Hook up that full-life.
(98) Hey! Careful. That's a universal donor.
(99) Boss, we're not going to Gas Town?
(100) Bullet Farm?

1927 Metropolis [English] Transcripts

(1) All that survive of the original Metropolis" are an incomplete copy
(2) of the negative and shortened and re-edited release prints.
(3) Over a quarter of the film is now considered lost.
(4) The present version, which combines all of the surviving elements,
(5) attempts to recreate the film
(6) as it was shown at its premiere.
(7) The intertitles have been reproduced in their original form.
(8) Intertitles in a different typeface like this one)
(9) Have been added to summarize the plot of the missing sections.
(10) Black film stock indicates shorter sections of missing footage.
(11) Epigram: The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart!
(12) Shift change.
(13) Deep below
(14) the earth's surface
(15) lay the workers' city.
(16) As deep as lay
(17) the workers' city below the earth, so high above it towered
(18) the complex named the "Club of the Sons,"
(19) with its lecture halls and libraries, its theaters and stadiums.
(20) Fathers for whom every revolution of a machine wheel meant gold
(21) Fathers for whom every revolution of a machine wheel meant gold
(22) had created for their sons the miracle of the Eternal Gardens.
(23) Which of you ladies shall today have the honor
(24) of entertaining Master Freder, Joh Fredersen's son?"
(25) Look! These are your brothers!"
(26) Look...!"
(27) These are your brothers!"
(28) Who- was that?"
(29) But this is what happened to Freder son of Joh Fredersen,
(30) master of Metropolis - when he went in search of the girl:
(31) To the new Tower of Babel - to my father-!"
(32) Why is it, Josaphat, that I learn of the explosion
(33) from my son, and not from you...!"
(34) The details...!"
(35) What were you doing in the machine halls, Freder?"
(36) I wanted to look into the faces of the people whose little children
(37) are my brothers, my sisters..."
(38) Your magnificent city, Father and you the brain of this city -
(39) and all of us in the city's light..."
(40) and where are the people, father, whose hands built your city... - ?"
(41) Where they belong..."
(42) In the depths?"
(43) What if one day those in the depths rise up against you?"
(44) The chief foreman of the Heart Machine, Grot -
(45) with an important message..."
(46) Two more of those damned plans, Mr. Fredersen..."
(47) in the pockets of two men involved involved in today's accident
(48) at the M-Machine..."
(49) Why is it, Josaphat, that these plans were brought to me by Grot,
(50) and not by you?"
(51) Apply to the G-Bank for your remaining wages..."
(52) Father, do you know what it means to be dismissed by you?
(53) It means: Go below! - Father! Go below! Into the depths...!"
(54) Do you know what it means to be dismissed like that by Joh Fredersen?"
(55) Would you like to come with me, Josaphat?"
(56) Where do you live, Josaphat?" Freder asked,
(57) and noted: Block 99, House 7, 7th Floor.
(58) Go home, Josaphat, and wait for me...
(59) I still have a long way to go tonight..."
(60) Into the depths, to be with my brothers..."
(61) Beginning today I wish to be kept informed of every step taken by my son..."
(62) Brother..."
(63) the machine! Someone has to stay at the machine!"
(64) Someone will stay at the machine..."
(65) ME"
(66) Listen to me... I want to trade lives with you!"
(67) Meanwhile, the Thin Man, Joh Fredersen's spy, is watching the spot
(68) where Freder's chauffeur has parked his car.
(69) Block 99, House 7, 7th Floor.
(70) Wait for me- both of you..."
(71) The Thin Man watches Freder's car drive off.
(72) Worker 11811 has shown the chauffeur the note with Josaphat's address...
(73) But 11811 betrays his promise. Finding money, lots of money,
(74) in Freder's clothes, he succumbs
(75) to the temptations of the city and the night...
(76) Instead of going to Josaphat's apartment,
(77) he has himself driven to Yoshiwara, Metropolis's entertainment district.
(78) In the middle of Metropolis is a strange house,
(79) In the middle of Metropolis is a strange house,
(80) overlooked by the centuries.
(81) Here lives Rotwang, the inventor.
(82) In a high, gloomy room of the old house, Joh Fredersen waits for Rotwang.
(83) He notices a small alcove concealed by a curtain. He draws it open.
(84) There, on a pedestal as wide as a wall and as tall as a man,
(85) he sees the stone head of a woman.
(86) Joh Fredersen's eyes fall on the words engraved on the pedestal."
(89) Rotwang has silently entered the room with the monument.
(90) Furious, he tears closed the curtain in front of the bust.
(91) The angrier Rotwang becomes, the calmer grows Joh Fredersen.
(92) A brain like yours, Rotwang," he says to the raving man,
(93) should be able to forget..."
(94) Only once in my life did I forget anything:
(95) That Hel was a woman, and you a man..."
(96) Let the dead rest in peace, Rotwang...
(97) For you, as for me, she is dead..."
(98) For me, she is not dead, Joh Fredersen,
(99) for me, she lives...!"
(100) Do you think that losing a hand is too high a price