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Thursday, January 14, 2016

[2012] [El Gringo] English Transcripts

(1) You're still alive.
(2) English, Tortuga.
(3) You know where we are?
(4) You're here. Across the border.
(5) From El Fronteras.
(6) El Fronteras. Uh-huh.
(7) Is it far?
(8) Quick walk. How long?
(9) 10, 15 minutes.
(10) You'll like it-- Aah! Unh.
(11) You'll like it there.
(12) People are very friendly. Heh, heh.
(13) Why'd you have to start shouting, Tortuga?
(14) I didn't want to be taken alive.
(15) Huh?
(16) A man is only responsible to himself.
(17) Remember that, perro.
(18) Where will you go?
(19) Acapulco.
(20) Heh. Acapulco? What are you, an spring break?
(21) That's for tourists.
(22) You want to go someplace nice.
(23) Go to...
(24) ...Akumal.
(25) Take care of that bag, amigo.
(26) It carries the bland of many men.
(27) Adios, Tortuga.
(28) Adios.
(29) Come on.
(30) Hey.
(31) Leave the dog alone.
(32) Gringo.
(33) Shit.
(34) Hey, girl. How you doing?
(35) You're a good girl, huh?
(36) Go on. Get out of here.
(37) I said, go on.
(38) Whatever.
(39) Give me your bag.
(40) Excuse me?
(41) The bag.
(42) I'm not giving you the bag, kid.
(43) You're holding the knife wrong, honey.
(44) You're supposed to hold the knife blade down.
(45) Someone comes at you blade up...
(46) ...that means they don't know how to handle a knife.
(47) And give me your shirt.
(48) What? Your camisa. Give it to me.
(49) That's it. Come on.
(50) Thattagirl.
(51) Have a nice day.
(52) Bottle of water, please.
(53) No water, sorry. No water?
(54) Excuse me, miss-- Miss?
(55) Excuse me, sir?
(56) No, I don't want your money. Please go. Please, ma'am, I'm very thirsty.
(57) Excuse me.
(58) Some water, please?
(59) We are closed.
(60) Come on, just one glass.
(61) Wow.
(62) Mm. Do you have any money?
(63) What, you don't take American money?
(64) I don't take fake money, hmm?
(65) Fake? Mm.
(66) Come back here when you have some real money.
(67) 200 dollars for a glass of water. Ahem.
(68) Nope.
(69) 500 dollars for a glass of water. That is my final offer.
(70) Mm.
(71) You can't drink that.
(72) You're a gringo.
(73) You ever hear of Montezuma's revenge'?
(74) Mm.
(75) You just killed your first man. Heh.
(76) Welcome to La M.
(77) Shh, shh.
(78) What's up, Flaca?
(79) I jacked that vato that came into town.
(80) What did you get?
(81) He brake your nose?
(82) What happened to your shirt?
(83) He tank it.
(84) He stole the shirt off your back.
(85) Shut the fuck up, putos.
(86) Do you want to get jumped in?
(87) Hmm?
(88) You're going to have to do better than that, flaquita.
(89) Hmm.
(90) Stray dogs. They're the scourge of this town.
(91) Spreading disease and vermin.
(92) Ahh. If I do only one thing as chief, it'll be to rid El Fronteras of these...
(93) ...miserable, useless creatures.
(94) And you pendejos are no better.
(95) Shit.
(96) You heard the bass.
(97) Adios, Fronteras
(98) I'd like to take the next bus to Acapulco.
(99) Acapulco.
(100) Si, Acapulco.

[2014] [Edge of Tomorrow] English Transcripts

(1) Start talking.
(2) I'm not sure if we're on the air.
(3) This is a series of explosions...
(4) We're being told this is a major incident.
(5) The emergency is a major incident.
(6) ...bright lights and an orange glow.
(7) That was the moment the meteor hit.
(8) It does now appear to be a major attack.
(9) Since they landed outside Hamburg five years ago...
(10) they have steadily advanced across Europe. We've suffered millions of casualties.
(11) The evacuation of key government officials continuing.
(12) Nothing has stopped their advance.
(13) In human costs, the Europeans have paid the highest price.
(14) They have the ability to mimic and even anticipate our actions.
(15) If we do not defeat them in France...
(16) we'll be fighting them in London then New York, then Tokyo.
(17) All of humanity's at stake.
(18) After five years we finally have a victory.
(19) These pictures are just in from Verdun.
(20) One of the striking things was how low casualties were...
(21) and how little damage...
(22) We have seen a stunning victory here today.
(23) How do you convince people that this is a fight that can be won?
(24) This is an alien invasion in a global war.
(25) With the new jacket technology and limited training...
(26) we've been able to create super-soldiers.
(27) Look at Rita Vrataski, the Angel of Verdun.
(28) They're calling her the Angel of Verdun.
(29) She is seen as the new hope for this war.
(30) It's extraordinary.
(31) With the new jacket technology and limited training...
(32) Rita Vrataski was able to kill...
(33) hundreds of mimics on only her first day.
(34) Is the tide of this war changing?
(35) The Army attribute this success to a revolutionary new technology:
(36) The Exosuit jacket.
(37) She was able to kill hundreds of mimics on only her first day in combat.
(38) Imagine an army of Rita Vrataskis.
(39) We're holding them back at the English Channel, but for how long?
(40) This is dangerous talk. People are suspicious about this invasion.
(41) Over 17 nations have joined the United Defense Force...
(42) which hopes to push them back. We've got them contained.
(43) And with this new technology, we're gonna defeat them.
(44) Operation Downfall is going to be the largest mechanized invasion in history.
(45) We will be victorious. We fight. That's what we do.
(46) Major William Cage, United States Military Media.
(47) Welcome to London, major.
(48) The general will see you now.
(49) Thank you.
(50) Operation Downfall.
(51) The entire UDF, invading from France, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia...
(52) relieving pressure on the eastern front...
(53) allowing the Russians and Chinese to push the enemy back.
(54) We all meet in the middle exterminating this mimic scourge along the way.
(55) A lot of good soldiers are gonna die tomorrow, major.
(56) When all the smoke clears...
(57) and the body bags start coming home, people look for someone to blame...
(58) someone like me.
(59) Ideally, I'd prefer a different scenario.
(60) Please.
(61) A best-selling memoir, perhaps.
(62) Maybe a career in politics?
(63) Off the top of my head, I would go with the sense of manifest destiny.
(64) Rags to riches. Rapid rise through the ranks.
(65) Born to deliver us. And the people, well, they love that sort of thing.
(66) You misunderstand. I didn't ask you here to sell me. Sell the invasion.
(67) Okay.
(68) You ship for the coast in one hour. Your camera crew is standing by.
(69) You'll be on the beach with the first wave.
(70) I'm sorry, the first wave? The beach? You mean the front?
(71) France.
(72) Satellites show minimal enemy movement on the coast.
(73) Little resistance.
(74) A little excitement, something to tell your grandchildren.
(75) While I appreciate the confidence, general...
(76) I do this to avoid doing that.
(77) I was in ROTC in college.
(78) The war broke out, I lost my advertising firm...
(79) and here I am.
(80) You know, I do what I do, and you do what you do.
(81) But...
(82) I'm not a soldier, really.
(83) No, of course you're not.
(84) I'm embedding you with several hundred thousand who are.
(85) While it is an honor, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to decline.
(86) Can't stand the sight of blood. Not so much as a paper cut.
(87) Uh, but, uh...
(88) sitting here thinking about this...
(89) a couple of names come to mind...
(90) that I feel I could recommend to you.
(91) It's not an offer, major. It's an order.
(92) General, I am an officer in the United States military.
(93) You don't even have the authority. I have spoken to your CO.
(94) You are now under my command.
(95) You will retain your present rank of course.
(96) My secretary has all the details.
(97) Do a good job, major.
(98) Good luck. You are dismissed.
(99) General?
(100) I just inspired millions of people to join your army.

[2008] [Eagle Eye] English Transcripts

(1) Valhalla, this is Thor. Valhalla, this is Thor.
(2) We have visual on a possible high-value target.
(3) Thor, this is Valhalla.
(4) We're seeking positive ID on target traveling in convoy
(5) and we're pushing more assets your way.
(6) Contact Loki on secondary net.
(7) Loki, this is Thor.
(8) Target is located at grid coordinates two-four-Tango-Kilo-Bravo
(9) one-two-four-five-six-seven-three-niner.
(10) Confirm you have visual.
(11) Verifying target ID.
(12) Electro-optic and infrared sensors are online.
(13) Confirming target. SecDef is arriving now.
(14) Mr. Secretary, this way, sir.
(15) Attempting cell phone link to moving target.
(16) Stand by for data feed.
(17) Stand by for audio.
(18) Got it.
(19) Now, don't tell me you spotted the beard in the middle of a goddamn sandstorm.
(20) Is it really him? We're confirming that now, sir.
(21) Sir, audio is coming up now.
(22) Verifying voice pattern match. What do we have here, Sergeant?
(23) Four males. One of them is speaking in a Rakhshani dialect,
(24) consistent with our intel on al-Khoei.
(25) Sir, it's just coming up.
(26) "Thirty-seven percent" and "probable" don't belong in the same sentence.
(27) I'm not taking this to the President.
(28) CIA and NCTC concur it is the target,
(29) based on reliable intel from the Brits.
(30) They're pulling off the highway.
(31) Criteria is not met. Recommend abort.
(32) We have an abort recommendation.
(33) If it's him, this guy comes out of hiding every couple of years at best.
(34) Sir, target is appearing around the northeast corner.
(35) We've got AK-47 s, RPGs and Chaparral guided missiles.
(36) This is a training camp, Mr. Secretary.
(37) Wait. Wait. Print. 51%. 51%.
(38) Abort rec still holds. All other PID options exhausted.
(39) What do you suggest we do, sir?
(40) Is that a weapons cache?
(41) Sir, the placement of the stones around the pit,
(42) marker for the five pillars of Islam. I think it's a funeral.
(43) For Christ's sake.
(44) Counsel, how many ways would this violate the Geneva Convention?
(45) We can invoke hors de combat.
(46) There's no independent intel verifying that this is, in fact, a funeral.
(47) Signal's got the President from Air Force One, sir.
(48) Mr. President,
(49) we have a 51% identity match on Majid al-Khoei.
(50) The bad news is, there's some possibility he's at a funeral.
(51) You should also be aware we have an abort recommendation.
(52) But the Joint Chiefs are urging a go.
(53) All right, what's your recommendation?
(54) Sir, we measure success by the least amount of collateral damage.
(55) At 51% probability, the risk is too high.
(56) And if it is al-Khoei and he walks, I'm putting our people at risk.
(57) You have a go.
(58) Thank you, Mr. President.
(59) We're weapons hot! We have weapons hot!
(60) Loki, you are cleared to engage. Repeat, weapons hot. PID.
(61) We have handshake with the MQ9 Reaper. Sending you images now.
(62) Loki, target coordinates received. Yes, sir. Switching to IR sensor.
(63) Target is lased.
(64) Master arm on.
(65) Missiles away.
(66) Ten seconds to impact.
(67) You got to make a choice, fellas.
(68) Who are you going to be? Boys or men?
(69) I'm out on this one. Why?
(70) 'Cause I'm broke. Come...
(71) How do I know you don't have something great under there?
(72) Kwame just paired the board. I'm floating on the river here.
(73) Look at the table.
(74) I don't know. I'm supposed to take my girl out later. It's a lot of money.
(75) Your girl out? Who's that?
(76) Elaine? Yeah.
(77) You guys have been going out for a while.
(78) How long?
(79) Couple months. Couple months? Wow.
(80) That's big. You have sex with her yet? Kinda.
(81) What the hell is "kinda"? "Kinda"?
(82) Personal question. Okay, well, listen.
(83) Let me ask you a question. What are you going to do tonight?
(84) Fish filet and a Coke?
(85) Go to Blockbuster, rent a little romantic comedy,
(86) go back to Mom's house, sit on the couch?
(87) How'd you know? Well, that's what you do.
(88) You're a dependable person. That's what you're going to do.
(89) You know what you should do?
(90) You need to lay down some real green and treat your lady right.
(91) You know, you need to take her to a nice place.
(92) Red Lobster. Olive Garden. Tablecloths. Soft music.
(93) And then you skip this Blockbuster thing.
(94) Girls want to go out. Especially a girl as cute as your girl, you know?
(95) She wants to be seen. That's why she dresses up.
(96) So you take her to the movies.
(97) A little popcorn-drink combo. True. True.
(98) Elaine might want a hot dog and some nachos, so you shell out for that, too.
(99) And then before you know it,
(100) she's cozying up the way she never would've

[1984] [Dune] English Transcripts

(1) A beginning is a very delicate time.
(2) Know then, that it is the year 10,191.
(3) The known universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam the Fourth,
(4) my father.
(5) In this time, the most precious substance in the universe...
(6) is the spice, melange.
(7) The spice extends life.
(8) The spice expands consciousness.
(9) The spice is vital to space travel.
(10) The Spacing Guild and its navigators,
(11) who the spice has mutated over 4,000 years,
(12) use the orange spice gas,
(13) which gives them the ability to fold space.
(14) That is, travel to any part of the universe...
(15) without moving.
(16) Oh, yes.
(17) I forgot to tell you.
(18) The spice exists on only one planet in the entire universe.
(19) A desolate, dry planet with vast deserts.
(20) Hidden away within the rocks of these deserts are a people known as the Fremen,
(21) who have long held a prophecy...
(22) that a man would come,
(23) a messiah,
(24) who would lead them to true freedom.
(25) The planet is Arrakis,
(26) also known as Dune.
(27) A secret report within the Guild.
(28) Four planets have come to our attention...
(29) regarding a plot which could jeopardize spice production.
(30) Planet Arrakis, source of the spice.
(31) Planet Caladan, home of House Atreides.
(32) Planet Giedi Prime, home of House Harkonnen.
(33) Planet Kaitain, home of the Emperor of the known universe.
(34) Send a third-stage guild navigator to Kaitain...
(35) to demand details from the Emperor.
(36) The spice must flow.
(37) Father, Irulan, you must leave.
(38) A third-stage guild navigator...
(39) will be here within minutes.
(40) We felt his presence.
(41) I shall want telepathy during his visit...
(42) and a report when we're finished.
(43) I am your Truthsayer, my lord.
(44) He's here, my lord.
(45) The Bene Gesserit witch must leave.
(46) Leave us.
(47) Yes, my lord.
(48) We are alone.
(49) We have just folded space from Ix. Yes?
(50) How was your journey?
(51) Many machines on Ix. New machines.
(52) Oh? Yes.
(53) Better than those on Richese.
(54) You are transparent. I see many things.
(55) I see plans within plans.
(56) I see two great houses,
(57) House Atreides, House Harkonnen, feuding.
(58) I see you behind it. Yes.
(59) You must share with us.
(60) The Atreides House is building a secret army...
(61) using a technique unknown to us.
(62) A technique involving sound.
(63) The duke is becoming more popular in the Landsraad.
(64) He could threaten me.
(65) I have ordered House Atreides to occupy Arrakis to mine the spice,
(66) thus replacing their enemies, the Harkonnens.
(67) House Atreides will not refuse because of the tremendous power they think they will gain.
(68) Then, at an appointed time,
(69) Baron Harkonnen will return to Arrakis...
(70) and launch a sneak attack on House Atreides.
(71) I have promised the baron five legions of my Sardaukar terror troops.
(72) So the Harkonnens will rid you of House Atreides.
(73) Yes!
(74) One small point.
(75) Here it comes.
(76) We ourselves perceive a slight problem...
(77) within House Atreides.
(78) Paul. Paul Atreides.
(79) You mean, of course, Duke Leto Atreides, his father.
(80) I mean Paul Atreides.
(81) We want him killed.
(82) I did not say this. I am not here.
(83) I understand.
(84) Why would they want the duke's son killed?
(85) We must have a look at Paul Atreides, on Caladan.
(86) The powerful Bene Gesserit sisterhood for 90 generations...
(87) has been manipulating bloodlines...
(88) to produce the Kwisatz Haderach, a super being.
(89) On Caladan, Jessica, a member of the sisterhood...
(90) and the bound concubine of Duke Leto Atreides,
(91) had been ordered to bear only daughters.
(92) Because of her love for the duke...
(93) she disobeyed and gave birth to a son...
(94) Paul... Paul Atreides.
(95) Here we are now, Caladan.
(96) And 19 light-years beyond, beyond Bene Tleilax.
(97) The training planet of the Mentats, the human computers.
(98) Know a Mentat by his red-stained lips.
(99) There. Arrakis.
(100) Spice mining.

[1966] [Duel at Diablo] English Transcripts

(1) Get down, damn it!
(2) I'm no Apache.
(3) Leave me be.
(4) Where are you from?
(5) Creel.
(6) That's where I'm headed. I'll get you home.
(7) No. I've got to go to him. He needs me.
(8) There's nothing but Apaches for 60 miles between here and Fort Creel.
(9) The Apaches won't hurt me.
(10) Mommy! Mommy!
(11) Mommy.
(12) Look.
(13) There.
(14) Good afternoon. What can I do for you?
(15) Oh.
(16) Did you find her?
(17) Where's the horse she was riding? Dead.
(18) That's too bad.
(19) Take care of my horse. Where'd you find Mrs Grange?
(20) Give him plenty of feed and water. He needs it. And rub him down too.
(21) Hello, Harrington. Jess Remsberg.
(22) I see they've made you corporal again. Yeah, twice.
(23) Say, it's been a long time since... Yeah, yeah. It's been a long time.
(24) Is Scotty McAllister out at the fort? Yeah. Did you hear he made lieutenant?
(25) Tell him I'm in here, will you? Sure.
(26) Well, look at 'em out there.
(27) Watching, waiting to see how I'm going to take it.
(28) Laughing behind my back.
(29) When they brought you back the first time I tried to treat you decent.
(30) This time the Apaches didn't take you away, you ran away.
(31) My horse is dead and you're back. Should be the other way around.
(32) Stop it, Ellen.
(33) Stop that.
(34) Please. Oh, please.
(35) Please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I didn't.
(36) I'm sorry, Will. I'm sorry I was brought back to shame you.
(37) I don't like the way I feel. I hate myself for it.
(38) You know how I loved you. You were always good to me.
(39) When Chata's band took you I just near went out of my head.
(40) I hunted for you for a whole year until I figured they'd killed you.
(41) Then suddenly you were back and I wanted us to start over.
(42) There's something that happened to me. I don't want to hear what happened!
(43) I don't want to know anything about it.
(44) It's bad enough just thinking about you and them Apaches all the time.
(45) I had to go back to them. That's what I'm trying to tell you.
(46) You liked living with savages?
(47) You don't understand. No, I don't understand.
(48) Lots of white women have been grabbed by Indians.
(49) Any decent one would have killed herself before she let 'em turn her into a squaw.
(50) I'm not that decent, I guess. Don't shout. They'll hear you.
(51) You don't care what happens to me. Only what people think about you.
(52) I do business with them people. The people who treat your wife like dirt.
(53) I was better off with the Indians.
(54) Maybe that's where you belong. I don't belong here any more.
(55) Maybe you don't.
(56) At a trot, ho!
(57) Keep in line there. At a gallop, ho!
(58) Back into line. Left about, ho!
(59) No! Get back into one line, damn it.
(60) Gather round that flag. Sergeant Ferguson.
(61) That was the worst exhibition...
(62) I know, but most of these horses aren't saddle-broke.
(63) Half your men don't know one end of a horse from the other.
(64) Come on now, move it into line.
(65) Lieutenant? What is it, Corporal?
(66) Jess Remsberg is in town, sir. Jess?
(67) How does he look? He still ain't over it.
(68) Where is he? The saloon, sir.
(69) Harrington, lend the sergeant a hand. Yes, sir.
(70) You keep those men polishing the seats of their pants until they can do that turn.
(71) We leave for Concho in two days. All right, we're going to try it once more.
(72) Forward at a gallop, ho!
(73) Whisky.
(74) Lieutenant?
(75) I've got a wagonload of goods for Fort Concho.
(76) I'd appreciate it if I could tag along with your troop.
(77) No.
(78) I've got a right to army protection.
(79) If I take you along, you do. But I'm not.
(80) My, you sure do look pretty in that new uniform.
(81) Lieutenant... Grange.
(82) This trip's going to be rough enough without dragging along extra freight.
(83) Sorry.
(84) I hear you found Ellen Grange on the way.
(85) Her husband didn't seem too anxious to get her back.
(86) Tom Van scouting for you? Aye.
(87) I sent him to Mexico to check how many more warriors have joined Chata's force.
(88) I found him 60 miles south, where I picked up Mrs Grange.
(89) I'd say he was two days dying, Apache-style.
(90) Then Chata's already across the border, slaughtering anyone they've run across.
(91) Not without reason, Scotty.
(92) The Apaches were holed up on that hellhole reservation at San Carlos.
(93) Tricked, lied to, murdered... It cuts both ways, Jess.
(94) Bad enough when a man like Tom Van ends the way he did.
(95) When you find women and children dead like that...
(96) I've got to tell Major Novac about Van. Wait a minute.
(97) You sent me a message. I'm here.
(98) Aye.
(99) That's a pretty nice scalp you got there, mister.
(100) I know where an Indian scalp like that would bring a pretty good price.

[1971] [Duel] English Transcripts

(1) Visit Mike Vernon Motors at 13631 Valley Boulevard.
(2) That's 13631 Valley Boulevard in Garden Grove.
(3) And now, for our report from the freeways, to Don Edwards
(4) and KBMJ's eye in the sky. Come in, Don.
(5) Thanks, Dick, things seem to be pretty normal on our Southland freeways,
(6) which is to say they're just about filled to capacity
(7) at this hour of the morning.
(8) There's a report of a stalled vehicle in the number two lane
(9) of the inbound San Diego Freeway just south of Mulholland.
(10) And we also have a report of an accident
(11) approximately half a mile west of the 605 junction
(12) of the Santa Ana Freeway.
(13) Both vehicles are now up on the center divider.
(14) Traffic is still slow and go in that area.
(15) Traffic is also heavily congested on the westbound Venture Freeway
(16) from Woodman to Balboa due to construction.
(17) And we understand this condition will last until 3:00 this afternoon.
(18) Don Edwards in Airwatch 3. Back to you.
(19) Thanks, Don.
(20) The weather for today, as promised, is a carbon copy of yesterday's,
(21) low overcast this morning, clearing by 11:00.
(22) The National Weather Bureau says
(23) the high today will be about 74, low tonight in the high 50s.
(24) At the beaches, temperatures will stay in the pleasant 70s.
(25) Water temperature in the 60s.
(26) The APCD predicts light to moderate eye irritation,
(27) as if you hadn't already noticed.
(28) I have.
(29) And you know something?
(30) You know how much your dog likes meat?
(31) Well, make sure that's what he's getting...
(32) Grocery card double discount value I mention each week,
(33) is not one of a kind.
(34) It's only one of hundreds of double discounts
(35) always available at Grocery Cart.
(36) The Giant 49...
(37) At the first sign of any hemorrhoidal discomfort
(38) treatment should begin at once.
(39) Remarkably successful results have been obtained
(40) with a doctor-proven...
(41) Five to three. St. Louis, 6, the Giants, 4.
(42) Milwaukee defeated the Royals, 4 to 3.
(43) Texas edged the Yankees, 5 to 4.
(44) Pittsburgh and the Padres rained out.
(45) The Dodgers and Angels were both idle.
(46) In golf, Dave Brewer has a one-stroke lead
(47) after the first round of the Toronto Classic.
(48) He shot a 5-under-par 67 with Lee Trevino one stroke back at 68.
(49) Three others tied four strokes off the pace at 71.
(50) Say, does your car need a new muffler or new shock absorbers?
(51) You know about these census forms
(52) ...that the Census Bureau has sent out to us all to fill in, right?
(53) That will be the basis of this...
(54) Census District Office. I would like some information.
(55) I'm filling out my census form right now
(56) and I have an awful problem.
(57) And I was wondering, can somebody help me?
(58) Go ahead.
(59) Thanks. Oh, you're gonna answer my question?
(60) Yes. Oh, good.
(61) First of all, I just wanted to say, uh,
(62) I don't mind being counted as an American.
(63) I'm one of the silent majority.
(64) But I wish you had made some of those questions multiple choice.
(65) Now, the question was, um,
(66) are you the head of the family?
(67) Well, quite frankly, the day I married that woman
(68) that, unfortunately, I've been married to for the last 25 years...
(69) Oh! Well, it's true.
(70) Well, I lost the position as head of the family.
(71) You see, what I do... I stay home. I hate working.
(72) I hate going out and seeing people
(73) and getting involved in the rat race and things like that.
(74) So she works and I do the housework
(75) and take care of the babies and things like that.
(76) And so, I was wondering, you wanted honest answers.
(77) Now, what I did, I penciled in all of the marks
(78) that you wanted marks in these circles here that I see in front of me.
(79) I penciled it in first, but I said, "No, that's being dishonest.
(80) "I'm really not the head of the family, and yet I'm the man of the family."
(81) Although there are people in the neighborhood who would question that.
(82) But nevertheless, I was wondering, how should I answer that question?
(83) Well, if you don't consider yourself head of the household,
(84) and you think that your wife occupies that position,
(85) I would suggest you put your wife's name there.
(86) Yes, but that's so embarrassing.
(87) What will you people think when I send it?
(88) Nobody is even going to know. Are you sure?
(89) I'm positive. No one will know about that.
(90) We won't know you from Adam's house cat.
(91) I know. But there are people in my neighborhood...
(92) They will never see that form. Are you sure?
(93) No one in your neighborhood will ever find out.
(94) I don't want people to know about that.
(95) Quite frankly, I've lived like this for 15 years,
(96) and I admit, I wear a house dress.
(97) It's so much easier to pick up stuff in a house dress,
(98) and, you know, slippers.
(99) And, quite frankly, I've adopted most...
(100) Talk about pollution.

[1994] [Drop Zone] English Transcripts

(1) All right! Let's do it!
(3) Hey, what's going on, man? I got that stuff, man.
(4) Here, kitty, kitty. Hey, you guys.
(5) Hey, Buford. Hey, Milady. Come on. Come on.
(6) I've got breakfast for you. Come over here. Come on, come on. Come on.
(7) Come on. Here, kitty, kitty.
(8) Agnes! Agnes, come on.
(11) Hey, Buford. Buford, look, look. Look what I've got you for breakfast.
(13) LEEDY: Help! Help me!
(14) Get over here.
(16) Nothing personal, buddy.
(18) TERRY: You've got to be sick of those tired, two-month relationships.
(19) Problem is, you're not meeting the right kind of woman.
(20) A woman who'll run with the wolves,
(21) somebody who'll at least keep you interested.
(22) Run with the wolves? Yeah.
(23) Man, I've told you about watching too much of that Oprah shit.
(25) TERRY: Come on, Pete. A little excitement is not gonna kill you.
(26) PETE: Terry, I like the women nice, quiet and dull.
(27) You know what I'm saying? Not like that Mongolian feminist
(28) that you set me up with.
(29) Okay, wait a minute. All right, who is it?
(30) Who is who? Who is she?
(31) What? Come on, come on, you know.
(32) Every time we start talking about my sex life,
(33) it comes down to your wife trying to set me up with somebody.
(34) So, who is she? Hold on, hold on, hold on...
(35) This is your brother talking, G. Who is she, man?
(36) What? She, like, cook breakfast with her toes or something?
(37) What? I got to wheel her around or... All right, all right, all right.
(38) Her name is Shanandra. Gesundheit.
(39) No, no, come on, dude. Her name is Shanandra, G.
(40) PETE: What the hell is a Shanandra?
(41) TERRY: I don't know, but she's bad, I'll tell you that.
(42) PETE: I am too old to be dating a Shanandra. Something like...
(43) Something that comes out your nose or something.
(44) TERRY: Trust me on this one, G.
(46) GUARD: Keep it up.
(47) Got a job to do here.
(48) Hey, Terry and Pete Nessip, United States Marshals.
(49) May I have your ID, please?
(50) Okay, sir. Sign right here, please.
(52) Shanandra, sounds like a nightclub.
(53) Gordon Maples, United States Attorney's Office.
(54) Pete Nessip. This is my brother Terry. Pete, Terry.
(55) Remember when the DEA started electronically confiscating drug money
(56) from all the banks? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
(57) Dealers started to wake up in the morning to find all their money gone.
(58) So, this guy Leedy was the big computer wonk for the Chang Triad.
(59) He figured out how to hide their money so we couldn't find it.
(60) TERRY: You mean that guy in there, coughing up furballs, is a genius?
(61) He breaks codes that can't be broken. It's like he lived inside the computers.
(62) How did he get caught? His ego. He felt unappreciated,
(63) so I cut him a deal to testify and kept him out of sight for the last year and a half.
(64) Now, two weeks from trial, they found him.
(65) I need you guys to move Mr. Leedy up to the pen in Atlanta
(66) so I can keep him alive long enough to testify.
(67) What about the cats? We don't have to take the cats, too, do we?
(69) FLIGHT ATTENDANT ON PA: Welcome to Pac-Atlantic flight 611 to Atlanta
(70) with continuing service to Seattle.
(71) Please make sure that all carry-on baggage is securely stowed...
(72) Whoops!
(73) It's okay. That's what I'm here for, cat protection.
(74) Cat protection. Oh, smooth, real smooth.
(75) Okay, tight enough. Are you sure you've fed the cats enough?
(76) Agnes, she's got a little bit of a problem with low blood sugar.
(77) Leedy, the cats will be better fed than we will on this plane.
(78) You're not just saying that to make me feel better, are you?
(79) Now, why would I do that? What about the... How can we make sure
(80) they can maintain the temperature in the baggage compartment?
(81) What if they freeze? I gotta get down and see the cats. I want...
(82) Chill, man. What if they freeze?
(83) Hey, excuse me.
(84) Would you like an aisle seat? That would be great.
(85) LEEDY: Why are we not in first class? We should be in first class.
(86) The pleasure's all mine.
(87) MAN: 43 A and B. This is going to be great.
(88) LEEDY: I'm warning you. If anything happens to those cats, I'm gonna sue you.
(89) TERRY: You owe me, G.
(90) You've ever heard of punitive damages, Mr. US Marshal?
(91) We should be in first class, anyway.
(92) Miss, excuse me. Yes, sir.
(93) I'm afraid to fly. I need some water to take a sedative.
(94) Okay, no problem. I'll be right with you. Doctor... Okay, thanks.
(95) (SNORING)
(97) PILOT ON PA: We're getting some heavy weather, folks.
(98) So I've got permission to climb to 38,000, see if we can get above it.
(99) Bob, I think you'd better listen to this.
(100) MAN ON RADIO: Pac-Air 611 Bravo, this is Miami Approach.

[2014] [Drive Hard] English Transcripts

(1) Yeah! That's great! That's great!
(2) Thank you! Thank you!
(3) Peter Roberts Yeah!
(4) Dad, wake up. Thank you! Thank you!
(5) Dad, wake up! What? What?
(6) Come on, we 'll be late Who is it? Who is it?
(7) Dad, wake up! We're going to be late!
(8) Who disturbs my sleep?
(9) Morning. Good Morning! Hi... Hi...
(10) Can you take Becca to school?
(11) I've got to be in court. I've got a 9 am.
(12) So do I. Sure. Yes.
(13) I'm taking you to school kid.
(14) You want an orange? I already have an orange.
(15) What's for breakfast? You're too late.
(16) By the way, have you called that guy about the job?
(17) What job? No, not yet.
(18) I told him you would.
(19) It's an office job
(20) but it pays more than you're earning now,
(21) and in case you didn't notice we need the money.
(22) I just don't feel like...
(23) I won't be very fulfilled...
(24) in a...
(25) office. I've got to go.
(26) But Freddy's so close on the money.
(27) I talked to him. I talked to him last week.
(28) He hasn't called me back yet,
(29) but he's so close on the cash, man, it's just like...
(30) It's just like... Maybe Freddy
(31) can pay our mortgage.
(32) Are you two going to fight again?
(33) Go get your bag, honey. Yeah, go get dressed.
(34) Go put on a tie or something.
(35) Look, I 'm sorry, but using our money
(36) to put a down payment on that monstrosity.
(37) It's not a monstrosity.
(38) What is it? It's a school.
(39) It's racing school. It's a school where people race.
(40) And I teach them.
(41) I teach them how to race.
(42) Because that's what I'm good at. It's what I do.
(43) I'm gonna be late.
(44) What I used to do.
(45) Now I don't do that.
(46) Wait, don't leave me!
(47) Do we have to go in your car?
(48) What does it look like?
(49) You see any other cars around here?
(50) Whoa, whoa whoa. You can sit up front with me.
(51) No, someone might see me!
(52) This is a perfectly good car, kid.
(53) Your dad makes his living driving this car.
(54) Okay, speed bump.
(55) This car, it pays for your clothes,
(56) it pays for your food, it pays for
(57) this incredibly expensive school that you take for granted.
(58) Mommy pays for most of it.
(59) Nice.
(60) OK Junior.
(61) Go on.
(62) Have fun, OK?
(63) Love you. See you. Bye.
(64) Y'ello.
(65) Oh hi, yeah.
(66) I'm just... outside.
(67) Yes, sure, if you can give me another couple of weeks
(68) then I will have the money. I...
(69) Yes, I... understand.
(70) But we've had some...
(71) plumbing problems lately.
(72) And I mean wow, like... really expensive.
(73) So, I'm a little short right now. What?
(74) No, no, no, I understand.
(75) I understand completely.
(76) There's always public school.
(77) Thank you. Thank you so much.
(78) It's another beautiful day
(79) on the Gold Coast.
(80) 24 degrees Celsius with
(81) perfect beach conditions forecast.
(82) ...will experience a late morning change
(83) with a storm front moving in from the west
(84) bringing scattered showers from the hinterland
(85) and coastal ranges.
(86) Monday through Saturday.
(87) Sundays can be arranged but at a higher cost.
(88) I will just as soon as he walks in.
(89) Good morning sexy lady. Thank you. - Sorry.
(90) How are we today?
(91) Do that great accent that you do. No.
(92) Come on, just one more time. No!
(93) Hi Mr. Roberts. You're back.
(94) Again.
(95) Um... yeah.
(96) I wasn't scheduled until 9.
(97) 9 o'clock? It can't be 9 o'clock.
(98) Ow! Jesus Christ!
(99) Are you alright? It's hot!
(100) Do you need help? Hey! Back up! Sit!

[2011] [Drive Angry] English Transcripts

(1) Since the birth of time,
(2) humanity has endeavored to restrain evil men in prisons.
(3) But since Cain fled the murder of his brother,
(4) evil men have fled the walls of punishment.
(5) So, it doesn't matter if you're a badass motherfucker on the run,
(6) because you think you're better than everyone else,
(7) and somehow entitled to do what you gotta do.
(8) No.
(9) Because, you see, badass motherfuckers are never fast enough.
(10) In the end, they will all be accounted for.
(11) Son of a bitch! Came out of nowhere.
(12) Didn't she say he was dead? You see him?
(13) I think we lost him. I swear she said he was dead.
(14) Keep watching! Well, fucking he ain't!
(15) Drive the fucking car! I'm driving the goddamn car!
(16) I don't see him.
(17) He knows. He knows what we did to her.
(18) He knows! He's gonna make us pay!
(19) Shit! Shit! Shit! I think we lost him.
(20) I ain't never telling you where they've taken her. Never.
(21) I know.
(22) You took my leg, you fuck!
(23) I'm sorry, man.
(24) Where is she?
(25) I don't know, man. Where is the baby girl?
(26) I don't know, man.
(27) I don't know.
(28) Stillwater! Hey! Hey!
(29) Okay, Deacon's Tree, man. Stillwater Marsh!
(30) Texas, I think.
(31) You're too late. You gotta know that, right?
(32) First full moon, she's dead, man.
(33) She's dead and hell's gonna walk the motherfucking earth.
(34) Hell already is walking the earth.
(35) You tell him I'm coming. Tell him I'm coming to get her back.
(36) Raise a little hell, raise a little hell Raise a little hell
(37) Raise a little hell, raise a little hell Raise a little hell
(38) So, I tell him, I says, "Frank, that's it. No more free milk.
(39) "You gonna have to buy the cow, you son of a bitch."
(40) But you are not fat, Piper.
(41) What? No, Norma Jean. "Buy the cow." Marry me.
(42) I'm saying he's gotta marry me. I cut him off.
(43) You cut him off?
(44) Not just yes, but hell, yes!
(45) No tits, no ass, and I told him,
(46) "If I see that big ol' dick anywhere near my face again,
(47) "I'm gonna bite it in half." You said that?
(48) Yeah, sure did.
(49) Oh, my God. How long has it been?
(50) Oh, two days. But that's like a decade in horny fucker years.
(51) So, he bought you a diamond?
(52) Oh, God, no. If Frank had money for a diamond,
(53) I would have jacked his sorry ass ages ago and put this shit hole in rear view.
(54) But he did get down on one knee and ask me to be his bride.
(55) No way! Oh! Yes, way!
(56) Honey!
(57) Come on, come on!
(58) You think I pay you bitches to stand around and yap?
(59) Get the fuck back to work.
(60) Sit on it, baby.
(61) Hi, guys. I'm Piper. Can I get you something to drink?
(62) We'll take this.
(63) "She's a Brickhouse" breakfast. Ten monster flapjacks for $4.99.
(64) And three waters. All right, and what can I get for...
(65) That's it. Just the pancakes, if that's okay.
(66) Okay, coming right up.
(67) Lou, one Brickhouse!
(68) Hello, beautiful. Coffee?
(69) Black, with sugar.
(70) Have you ever heard of a Stillwater Marsh or a Deacon's Tree? In Texas, maybe?
(71) Stillwater Marsh, yeah, I've heard of it,
(72) but it ain't in Texas.
(73) Stillwater is in Louisiana.
(74) Small town?
(75) Honey, Stillwater is a prison.
(76) My daddy did some time there before it closed.
(77) I'll get you that coffee.
(78) Here's some muffins and warm milk.
(79) But we didn't order... It's on the house.
(80) So, you gonna ask me what time my shift ends?
(81) It's a full moon tonight.
(82) I always feel a little randy with a full moon.
(83) Full moon's two days off.
(84) You sure about that, sweetie?
(85) Pretty sure.
(86) Now, that's a hell of a ride out there. Is that yours?
(87) The Charger? I wish.
(88) Is it hers?
(89) All right, here are them waters.
(90) I'll be right back with the flapjacks.
(91) Sure. But if you're looking for a ride...
(92) I told you I wanted sugar.
(93) On the house? On the fucking house?
(94) Relax. We gonna throw them muffins out, anyway.
(95) If they're not gonna pay for them, somebody's gonna have to pay the price.
(96) I told you, you fat fuck son of a bitch, never touch me like that again.
(97) Let go of my balls. Shut up.
(98) Muffins are on me. I quit.
(99) Put some honey butter on them muffins. They'll taste an awful lot better that way.
(100) Sucking on my titties like you wanted me, calling me all the time

[2012] [Dredd] English Transcripts

(1) America is an irradiated wasteIand.
(2) Within it lies a city.
(3) Outside the boundary walls a desert.
(4) A cursed earth.
(5) lnside the walls a cursed city,
(6) stretching from Boston to Washington, D.C.
(7) An unbroken concrete landscape.
(8) 800 million people living in the ruin of the old world
(9) and the mega structures of the new one.
(10) Mega blocks. Mega highways.
(11) Mega City One.
(12) ConvuIsing. Choking.
(13) Breaking under its own weight.
(14) Citizens in fear of the street.
(15) The gun. The gang.
(16) OnIy one thing fighting for order in the chaos,
(17) the men and women of the HaII of Justice.
(18) Juries.
(19) Executioners.
(20) Judges.
(21) Responders needed at a square at 1 1 17. Code 10-10.
(22) Leisure compIex. Shots fired.
(23) Out of vehicIe, in pursuit. Request aerial surveillance.
(24) l have a control drone flagging three perps.
(25) Responders needed in Sub-Sector 20, Flyover 5.
(26) We have a positive lD on three suspects wanted on multiple counts.
(27) Any Judges, please respond.
(28) Dredd to Control. ln pursuit of vehicle, Sector 1 3.
(29) Driving erratic. Suspects are under the influence of narcotics.
(30) Got a Judge on our taiI.
(31) What?
(32) l said we got a Judge on our tail!
(33) Take him out or we're dead fucking meat!
(34) Fuck!
(35) Do you require backup?
(36) No.
(37) Fucker!
(38) l can't get him! Straighten the fuck out!
(39) Be advised. We have Iost visuaI.
(40) Fuck, he's right on us!
(41) Man, we're dead. We're fucking dead!
(42) Control. Perps just wiped out an innocent. l'm taking them down.
(43) Bike. Activate crowd control.
(44) Activated. Citizens, be calm. Step back from the crime scene.
(45) Interference carries an automatic five-year sentence in the iso-cubes.
(46) Hey, fucking get out of here!
(47) Control. Paramedics to my GPS. Multiple wounded and bodies for resyk.
(48) Copy, Dredd.
(49) All shoppers are reminded to avoid the IeveI one food courts untiI further notice.
(50) AIternative refreshments can be found... Shut the fuck up.
(51) Let's talk. Talk about what, Judge?
(52) Release the hostage unharmed,
(53) and l guarantee you a sentence of life in an iso-cube without parole.
(54) Life without parole? That's the deal you're offering?
(55) Only if you comply.
(56) Your crimes include multiple homicide and the attempted murder of a Judge.
(57) lf you do not comply, the sentence is death.
(58) You aren't a very good negotiator, Judge.
(59) You know why? You got no fucking leverage!
(60) Here's the deal. You let me walk or l blow her fucking brains out. Okay?
(61) Negotiation's over.
(62) What are you doing?
(63) Didn't you hear what l said? l'll kill the bitch!
(64) Yeah, l heard you, hotshot.
(65) What?
(66) l said "hotshot."
(67) ControI to Dredd. Come in.
(68) Is your pursuit resolved? Affirmative.
(69) Report back to the Hall of Justice. The Chief Judge wants to see you.
(70) Thank you, Judge.
(71) The level one food court will reopen in 30 minutes. Thank you for your patience.
(72) Cassandra Anderson. Twenty-one.
(73) Born in a bIock 100 meters from the radiation boundary wall.
(74) At age seven, she lost both parents to residuaI-faIIout cancer.
(75) As is usual with orphans, she was given a Judge aptitude test at age nine.
(76) lt classified her as unsuitable,
(77) but she was entered into the Academy on special instruction.
(78) ln the Academy, her record was never better than borderline.
(79) Her final Academy score put her three percentile points below a pass.
(80) So what's she doing in a uniform?
(81) Rookie Anderson. Sir.
(82) How many people are observing you?
(83) Two.
(84) What can you tell me about the person l'm with?
(85) Male. Another Judge.
(86) I can feel anger. And control. But
(87) there's something else.
(88) Something behind the controI. Something
(89) almost... Okay, Anderson.
(90) That wiII do.
(91) She's a mutant.
(92) The Judges Council have chosen to overlook her status. So you will, too.
(93) She's the most powerful psychic we've ever come across by a huge margin.
(94) The Judges are losing the war for the city.
(95) We believe she could be a major asset.
(96) As l said, her final score was only three points below a pass. lt's marginal.
(97) lt's not marginal. She failed. The girl's getting one more chance.
(98) l want you to take her out, give her one day in the field. Supervised.
(99) See if she makes the grade.
(100) Sink or swim. Chuck her in the deep end.