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Friday, January 22, 2016

[2014] [Falcon Rising] English Transcripts

(1) Canter, Connelly, Franklin,
(2) Johnson, Kim, Matthews,
(3) Rodriguez, Flanagan, Devany,
(4) Rauls, Rickson, Samuels,
(5) Simmons, Williams.
(6) It's not your week, Johnny.
(7) Nope, not your week.
(8) John. How's life?
(9) Same shit, different pile.
(10) Everybody down!
(11) On the ground, now! Get the hell down!
(12) Hands where I can see 'em!
(13) Open the register!
(14) What's the matter, you deaf?
(15) Hey.
(16) I said, "get down."
(17) You know if you shoot me in the stomach, my chances of surviving go up, right?
(18) Let me help you out.
(19) How 'bout a hole in the chest?
(20) Oh, yeah, yeah. You're right, you're right. Effective but unsatisfying.
(21) I'll tell you what. Ha. The brain stem.
(22) Shoot him!
(23) What? Not your style?
(24) I know, I know. You're right, you're right.
(25) First thing I do, severed brainstem, you shit your pants.
(26) You too classy for that. I got it, I got it.
(27) My favorite.
(28) Classic, but with enough splatter to let 'em know you mean business.
(29) You fuckin' crazy.
(30) Hey, no, no, no. I'm crazy and impatient.
(31) Come on, come on. Come on, come on.
(32) Come on! Shoot him!
(33) Don't make me do this myself. Send me home!
(34) I don't... Shoot me! Shoot me!
(35) Shoot...
(36) You either shoot me, or stop wastin' my time.
(37) Keep the change.
(38) Ha!
(39) Ha! Ha!
(40) I'm not here. Go away.
(41) Cindy... Save it.
(42) Did I not call you last week, and tell you I was comin'?
(43) Yeah.
(44) Did I also not email you, just yesterday,
(45) and remind you that I was comin'?
(46) Yeah, a-and...
(47) And?
(48) And...
(49) I got nothin'. Look, Cindy, I-I'm sorry.
(50) I don't know what happened.
(51) I know what happened.
(52) Look, Cindy, I'm sorry I forgot to pick you up from the airport.
(53) Well, if you hadn't have forgotten,
(54) how would I know for sure that you're my brother?
(55) I'm sorry.
(56) Remember that Jamaican restaurant we went to with that fish?
(57) Oh, yeah. Coley's, I think it was.
(58) Man, that was so good.
(59) No, no, I had enough to drink at the wedding.
(60) How was that?
(61) You know me, always a bridesmaid.
(62) Well, that's not gonna change 'cause you already married to this darn notebook.
(63) You startin' to look alike.
(64) Give me that.
(65) You know my life's in this book.
(66) That's the problem.
(67) You okay?
(68) I'm fine.
(69) I'm fine.
(70) Are you taking your medicine?
(71) Let me see that.
(72) Come on.
(73) Mints?
(74) Really, John?
(75) Look, look, my prescription ran out,
(76) and I don't like takin' those things anyway.
(77) It make my head all swimmy.
(78) Besides, you're always complainin' about the shit that comes outta my mouth,
(79) at least now it's minty fresh.
(80) Nice necklace. Who got you that?
(81) Some jerk, brother.
(82) So tell me, how are the, slums of Brazil treatin' you?
(83) They're fine. I'm flying back tomorrow.
(84) And favelas aren't slums, John.
(85) There's a lot of culture there.
(86) Oh, cultural slums. That-that makes it better, but they're still dangerous.
(87) I regret gettin' you involved in this in the first place.
(88) I'm fine.
(89) You sure about that?
(90) Yes.
(91) I'm just tired, you know.
(92) Jet lag.
(93) Take care of yourself, Johnny.
(94) Katarina.
(95) We'll never win them over wearing that.
(96) I won't win them over, but I won't keel over.
(97) Katarina! Katarina!
(98) Cindy.
(99) She's alive. Call an ambulance, now!
(100) Mornin', boys. Sir.

[1997] [Face/Off] English Transcripts

(1) Since by man came death
(2) Have you eaten anything? No.
(3) Hey, look, what is this, a picnic? Come on. Let's go, man. We got ten minutes to go.
(4) Since by man came death
(5) Punch me out, man. You got it.
(6) Any word from the LAPD intelligence, if there is such a thing?
(7) Not yet, sir. Of course not.
(8) Because we're a covert anti-terrorism team that is so secret...
(9) that when we snap our fingers nothin' happens!
(10) Sheriff's department? Airport police?
(11) Still waiting. But Interpol insists he's in Tripoli.
(12) Yeah, well, you-you trust... You trust that billion-dollar satellite, okay?
(13) I'll trust a ten-dollar snitch at this point.
(14) Sean, look... What?
(15) Why don't you just give 'em a little break, okay?
(16) We'll take a break when the case breaks, okay?
(17) Hallelujah
(18) Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah
(19) Hallelujah
(20) Hallelujah, hallelujah
(21) For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
(22) Hallelu... Hallelu... Hallelujah
(23) For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
(24) Hallelu... Hallelu... Hallelu... Hallelu... Hallelujah
(25) For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth
(26) Hallelujah
(27) And he shall reign for ever and ever
(28) I never really enjoyed The Messiah.
(29) In fact, I think it's fucking boring.
(30) But your voice makes even a hack like Handel seem like a genius.
(31) Hallelujah, hallelujah
(32) Hallelujah, hallelujah
(33) Hallelujah
(34) Hallelujah, hallelujah
(35) Hallelujah
(36) Victor... When we... When we put this thing to bed,
(37) you can brand the Fourth Amendment on my butt.
(38) Thank you. Sir, excuse me. Your wife is on line one.
(39) Sean! A jet was just chartered. Anderson Airfield.
(40) Guess who paid the bill in cash? Pollux Troy.
(41) Put one of our people on that plane. Wait! We still got no sign of Castor!
(42) Pollux doesn't fly without Big Brother. Now come on!
(43) You're 26 minutes late. The casing didn't fit, right?
(44) Yeah, I told you goddam Dietrich would try to pawn off some...
(45) cheap-shit North Korean plastic.
(46) Casing fit like a condom.
(47) You didn't deviate from the plan, did you, Pollux?
(48) Well, how long did you want me to sit here twiddling my thumbs?
(49) I paid for the jet. Save us some time.
(50) That's what the boys are for, to hide our famous faces.
(51) If I didn't love you so damn much, I'd have to kill you, bro.
(52) I hate it when you call me bro.
(53) You guys are paid to protect him from everybody,
(54) including himself.
(55) And stay away from downtown on the 18th. It's gonna be a little, um, smoggy.
(56) Okay, my passengers are here. I gotta go.
(57) Let's go. Let's go. I'm bored. Let's go.
(58) Here you go. Bravo.
(59) Would you like anything else once we're airborne?
(60) Oh, a peach.
(61) Sit. Come here.
(62) You know, I can, uh, eat a peach for hours.
(63) Um, come here.
(64) If I were to send you flowers, where would I, uh...
(65) No, wait. Let me rephrase.
(66) If I were to let you suck my tongue,
(67) would you be grateful?
(68) There's someone on the runway.
(69) Get off of me!
(70) Archer. FBI!
(71) This is a very big gun. Fly the fuckin' plane!
(72) Come on. That's it.
(73) Come on. Let's go! Goddam it. Don't play chicken with a goddam jet!
(74) Come on.
(75) He's got Winters! Goddam it! Damn it, Sean!
(76) All units, pin 'em in!
(77) Close in on 'em!
(78) One of yours, Sean?
(79) Shit!
(80) Out. Come on. Go, go!
(81) Goddam it, Sean!
(82) Take off now.
(83) Fly! I can't!
(84) Fly, bitch!
(85) All units, locked and ready. Follow Archer's lead.
(86) What the fuck are you doing?
(87) There's an engine out. We gotta stop.
(88) Move, move, move! Get back! Back up!
(89) Pollux!
(90) Cas! Get over here.
(91) Back him to me. Back him to me. He's mine!
(92) Cas.
(93) Secure the hangar.
(94) Berkley, down!
(95) Down!
(96) Give up, Castor. Your time's up.
(97) Well, you better hit me, Sean, 'cause you only got one bullet left.
(98) So do you.
(99) Wow. We've got something in common.
(100) We both know our guns.

[1991] [F/X2] English Transcripts

(1) Wash your windows, lady?
(2) I don't do windows.
(3) We have you surrounded. Stay right where you are.
(4) All units, code five.
(5) Fire a warning shot.
(6) That's no woman.
(7) In that case, kill her!
(8) Go back to the future, you inhuman nymph from hell!
(9) Holy shit!
(10) No, no, cut it! Cut it.
(11) God, this is completely unusable.
(12) You effects guys are gonna be the death of me.
(13) Hal? Hal! Yeah, talk to me.
(14) Yeah, I'm gonna talk to you, all right.
(15) It might be a good idea if the car blows up before it does that...
(16) So I messed up. It happened. It's done.
(17) For God's sake. My God!
(18) Turn that thing off
(19) before I have a stroke. All right. I'm trying.
(20) Is it off or not?
(21) It's off! I don't know why it's doing this!
(22) How can it be moving if it's off?
(23) Will you please answer me? It must be interference.
(24) Please handle this! I don't know. I only push the buttons.
(25) I can't get this thing to stop.
(26) My life is passing before my eyes, Fingers.
(27) What the hell are you doing, buddy?
(28) That's a quarter million dollar piece of equipment!
(29) Wow. Oh, my God. Rollie Tyler. Rollie, it's me.
(30) It's me, Marty Evans! I was the third on Chainsaw Santa.
(31) What's brings you here?
(32) Well, the kid likes to see movies being made.
(33) Mr. Tyler, I'm a great fan.
(34) Fingers, clean up the cyborg, all right?
(35) Rollie, I have got this primo new project I'd love to...
(36) Sorry, I'm not in this game anymore.
(37) But I tell you what. If you need any toys for your kids,
(38) give us a ring.
(39) Come on, Chris. By the way, next time you hire a special effects bloke,
(40) make sure he's got all his fingers. That might help. Good night.
(41) That was great, Rollie. That was schlock, Chris.
(42) Why don't you work for that guy?
(43) Because I like living too much, that's why.
(44) Hey! Could I have some help a little bit here with this piece of junk?
(45) Rollie?
(46) Rollie, we'll be late.
(47) Did you hear me?
(48) Yeah, I hear you.
(49) You're not even dressed!
(50) You are always doing this. You forgot, didn't you?
(51) No. I didn't forget.
(52) Now, here. Try this on.
(53) Come on.
(54) I had to bribe the maitre d' to get this reservation.
(55) Well, I'd have been happy to just go around the corner to Mario's.
(56) Well, it's not your birthday, it's mine.
(57) You have good legs, you know? Shut up.
(58) I like your dress.
(59) What is this thing?
(60) There we are. A telemetry suit.
(61) I would have preferred a Ralph Lauren.
(62) What are you doing?
(63) Turning you on.
(64) What do I do now?
(65) Whatever you like.
(66) Rollie.
(67) You like it?
(68) This is amazing.
(69) Kids are gonna love this.
(70) Kids that can afford it.
(71) Oh, yeah. Your index finger operates his eyes.
(72) You're gonna have to give a name for this thing.
(73) I thought I might call it Bluey.
(74) Bluey?
(75) Well, at home, if you've got red hair, you're called Blue.
(76) What if you have blue hair?
(77) Probably Grandma.
(78) Whoops! Not 100 percent effective.
(79) I think you'll find a screwdriver in your pocket there.
(80) Can you hand it to me? Yeah.
(81) Thank you.
(82) What have we got there?
(83) Wait a minute.
(84) Thank you, Blue.
(85) Thank you. You like it?
(86) I love it.
(87) Oh, Bluey loves it, too.
(88) Let me turn him off.
(89) There we go.
(90) Now, can I get out of this thing?
(91) Unless you want to go to the restaurant like that.
(92) UP We go.
(93) Yeah?
(94) It's Mike.
(95) Come on up, Mike.
(96) Chris, I told you a million times, no choppers in the house.
(97) I think I got the hang Of it, Rollie.
(98) You're doing well. Nice light touch, remember?
(99) Chris, cut it out. Your father's on his way up.
(100) I'm all packed, Mom.

[1986] [F/X] English Transcripts

(1) Hi.
(2) Harry! What a surprise. It's good to see you.
(3) Hey... It's not what it looks like.
(4) Tony and I are old friends. Ain't that
(5) right, Tony?
(6) Harry and I were partners.
(7) Huh, Harry?
(8) Well, more than partners, huh?
(9) Good times, huh, Harry?
(10) No. No, Harry.
(11) Harry, no!
(12) Cut, cut!
(13) Great! We've got it!
(14) Are you ladies all right?
(15) Are you OK? That was great.
(16) Ellen, come on outta there.
(17) How was I? You were great. Nobody dies like you.
(18) Are we goin' again?
(19) Not on your bit. Good! I'm free!
(20) He wants the bartender again.
(21) Yeah, you're free for lunch. Where are we going?
(22) The Italian joint? I hate Italian food.
(23) Hey, you did a beautiful job.
(24) Where have you been? Plenty of blood.
(25) How are we doin' here? Rollie... Great work.
(26) Looked terrific. Let's do it again sometime.
(27) We will, in a minute.
(28) It's perfect now. The cornstarch works great.
(29) Rollie Tyler? Yeah.
(30) Hi. I'm Joe Leitner. How do you do?
(31) Rollie, that was sensational. As usual.
(32) We're gonna go again soon. Yeah. We'll be right...
(33) I've been a big fan of yours since you came to this country.
(34) Thank you very much but... we're a little busy now, as you can see.
(35) How did you get on the set? Oh, I'm not just a fan.
(36) I'm a producer.
(37) I've really admired your stuff.
(38) Ever since Vermin from Venus. You saw that?
(39) That's the one that got him deported from Australia.
(40) But the special effects were... incredible!
(41) And also very expensive. Well, we have a decent budget.
(42) Which brings me to the project I wanted to talk to you about.
(43) It's not a splatter movie. More sci-fi. Hi.
(44) I'm Ellen. I'm in the movie.
(45) Oh, right! The wig and everything.
(46) That was lovely. I saw that. Thank you.
(47) That was...
(48) If we could discuss this privately... Tomorrow, 11am at my workshop?
(49) 11am is great. Thanks very much. I appreciate this.
(50) Very nice to meet you. And that looked great! Amazing.
(51) Bye-bye.
(52) Thanks very much.
(53) Nice man. Might be a job in that.
(54) Nobody cares about making movies about people any more.
(55) All they care about is... special effects.
(56) I'm gonna cry.
(57) Frank, can I borrow this? Sure.
(58) Rollie...
(59) Wow! That works great! It's good, innit?
(60) It's for the suicide scene. Sure is.
(61) It's great. Like it?
(62) No.
(63) Listen, guys. I'm gonna skip lunch cos I feel yucky and I wanna take a shower.
(64) Charlie, could you drop Ellen off? Yeah. No problem.
(65) I love you. Goodbye. 7 o'clock. Don't forget.
(66) Bye, Andy. Bye, Ellen.
(67) The first stop is Prince Street between Wooster and Greene.
(68) I'm the first to make sure of my real life pleasure!
(69) I have an audition in half an hour.
(70) I have to go to Susan's apartment. Water those cats and feed the plants.
(71) Don't forget. Dinner tonight in Susan's apartment.
(72) I don't wanna go. I'll stay here with... No, I gotta go.
(73) Do you have to rehearse this early in the morning?
(74) Oh, God...
(75) Good luck! Break a leg.
(76) Break a leg.
(77) Taxi!
(78) Hey, Leitner!
(79) Up here!
(80) Sorry. I should've warned you about Rosebud.
(81) I use it to scare off burglars. I can believe that! Wow!
(82) Come on in. Wow. That is great.
(83) Oh, my God!
(84) Song of the Succubus. That's right.
(85) Planet of the Female Mummies.
(86) You've done your homework. Yeah... Oh, God!
(87) Blood in the Basement.
(88) Careful of that. Sorry.
(89) I Dismember Mama. You know 'em all.
(90) Yeah. That's great. That's beautiful.
(91) Rock-A-Die Baby. Uh-huh.
(92) How about some coffee, Mr Leitner?
(93) My name's not Leitner. It's Lipton.
(94) OK, Lipton. In that case, maybe you'd prefer tea.
(95) I'm not a movie producer either. So what are you?
(96) Justice Department.
(97) Sorry about using the phoney names, but it's for security - yours as well as mine.
(98) Am I in trouble? No! Not at all.
(99) As a matter of fact, we are. And...
(100) We thought we might be able to utilise your particular genius to help us out.

[2014] [Exodus: Gods and Kings] English Transcripts

(1) It's true, the Hittite army
(2) has 18,000 troops camped outside Kadesh.
(3) What's less clear is why,
(4) The Hittites are trying to cross the border.
(5) Obviously.
(6) What else would they be doing?
(7) Anticipating an invasion by us, according to our information.
(8) They think we are...
(9) preparing an attack, which we are not.
(10) What I don't want to do, and won't do, is sit here.
(11) And wait until we're fighting Hittite armies."
(12) outside the palace walls,
(13) Come,
(14) What do the entrails say'?
(15) They don't "say" anything,
(16) They imply !
(17) And that's open to interpretation.
(18) So, interpret them.
(19) We'll win or we won'! In a preemptive attack?
(20) It's a yes or a no.
(21) And it's not clear.
(22) But something else is.
(23) In the battle, a leader will be saved."
(24) and his savior will someday lead.
(25) Then the entrails should also say."
(26) that we will abandon reason."
(27) and be guided by omens.
(28) Great Sekhmet...
(29) Pharaoh drinks in your name."
(30) and prays for victory over the Hittites at Kadesh.
(31) Your first order of business when the time comes, you retire her,
(32) I will.
(33) I don't know why my father hasn't,
(34) But, just in case...
(35) if you see me in any real danger out there, ride the other way.
(36) I'm serious,
(37) When I look at you I stiff see the two boys--.
(38) who grew up together, close as brothers.
(39) If, for any reason.
(40) you ever forget that.
(41) let these remind you,
(42) Long enough to be effective from horseback...
(43) Not so long that you trip over them,
(44) This is his. You've got mine,
(45) That's right. That's how I want it.
(46) You have each other's
(47) to keep each other safe,
(48) Promise me you'll do that...
(49) always.
(50) Oh...
(51) Seti! Seti! Seti!
(52) Seti!
(53) There!
(54) Deploy Amun division to the north,
(55) Ra division to the center."
(56) and Ptah to the south. And we hold Seth in reserve.
(57) In reserve'?
(58) Yes.
(59) We should concentrate our strength in the center.
(60) You should concentrate yours on fighting.
(61) Leave the generalship to me.
(62) Fire!
(63) Fire!
(64) Charge;
(65) Take Ramses! Go!
(66) Go!
(67) Turn around! Turn around!
(68) Moses! Moses! Moses!
(69) Moses,
(70) What happened out there'?
(71) Nothing,
(72) I asked the commanders the same thing. They, too, lied,
(73) And I'm tired of it.
(74) He thinks something happened,
(75) But it didn't' Meaning'?
(76) The High Priestess, her prophecy.
(77) She said she couldn't see who would win.
(78) The other one. "The leader will be saved..."
(79) and so on.
(80) You saved my son's life?
(81) Yes.
(82) Sit.
(83) "Thank you" is not sufficient...
(84) but thank you,
(85) I know you don't believe in omens or prophecies,
(86) but I do believe.
(87) And I respect that.
(88) But this isn't anything,
(89) This doesn't even make any sense,
(90) Because you're not my blood.
(91) Yes.
(92) It's true, you can't succeed me,
(93) Not in the usual way,
(94) Not in any way,
(95) In any way imaginable, sitting here.
(96) It's horrible to say this about one's own son...
(97) but I trust you more than him to lead.
(98) "The Hittite chariotry...
(99) "crashed through our defense and began its attack.
(100) "I found myself surrounded by the enemy...

[2001] [Exit Wounds] English Transcripts

(1) Ladies and gentlemen...
(2) it's a pleasure for me to be here on such a beautiful day...
(3) in the great city of Detroit.
(4) And I'd love to tell you all...
(5) to sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves.
(6) I'd love to...
(7) but unfortunately, I can't do that.
(8) There's a very serious issue spiraling out of control in this country.
(9) Illegal handguns ending up in the hands of our children.
(10) Instead of reading off statistics that you might not already know...
(11) that last year, more preschoolers died from guns than police officers...
(12) or that gunshot wounds are the second leading cause of death...
(13) for all people in the U.S., ages 10 to 34.
(14) Hold it. Go on in.
(15) While he lay bleeding to death for 40 minutes...
(16) waiting for help to come.
(17) Darren was 16 years old.
(18) That could've been any one of your children.
(19) I hope you'll consider my four-year plan to get guns off the streets.
(20) I need your help and your support.
(21) Let's stop the pain and suffering Darren's family had to go through.
(22) God bless you and thank you.
(23) He just loves pissing me off. I'm sure he has his reasons.
(24) Thanks a lot.
(25) Thank you.
(26) Relax.
(27) I'll talk to him.
(28) Thank you, everybody.
(29) How are you? Good to see you.
(30) Mr. Vice President, sir?
(31) Bobby, what the hell is this?
(32) You believe this guy?
(33) Sorry, the bridge is closed until the V.P. gets across.
(34) You can't stay here. You have to move it out.
(35) Shit! Get down, sir!
(36) Get us out of here!
(37) Excuse me.
(38) Officers need help! On the bridge! Shots fired!
(39) Warn the D.P., they are dressed as cops!
(40) Repeat: They are dressed as cops!
(41) Alpha six to Bravo Air, keep cover...
(42) Stay down! What is going on?
(43) No cops on the bridge. We can't tell who's who.
(44) No Detroit P.D., Secret Service only.
(45) Officers need help. Motorcade's under attack!
(46) All units, stay off the bridge, as per Secret Service.
(47) All units stay off bridge...
(48) Goddamn it, I told you to clear the bridge!
(49) Bring the truck in!
(50) Goddamn it! Secret Service only!
(51) Who the hell is that?
(52) Get me out!
(53) Get me out of here! Get in.
(54) Who the hell are you? Off the bridge.
(55) We're not moving till the transport arrives.
(56) I'm not talking to you! Mr. Vice President, get in here!
(57) We need help here now!
(58) Alpha one to Alpha six.
(59) Move it out! Everything's under control!
(60) Jesus!
(61) Take out the Alpha vehicle!
(62) I'm sorry, sir. I got to do this.
(63) Shit! I can't swim.
(64) Don't move!
(65) Freeze!
(66) It's okay. I'm on the job.
(67) We got you, sir.
(68) You're going to be all right, sir.
(69) Why did you drive onto that bridge and start World War III?
(70) I saved his life, Frank. You were lucky, Orin.
(71) Extremely lucky.
(72) The Secret Service gave a direct order not to storm that bridge!
(73) They were responsible for him. Not you!
(74) What if it went the other way? I didn't vote for him.
(75) This is funny to you?
(76) What's funny to me is... Cut it out.
(77) Who were they?
(78) Some Michigan militant group.
(79) Live by the sword, man. Sit down.
(80) Look, Orin. We've known each other a long time.
(81) I am your friend, but also your boss.
(82) As your friend, you don't follow orders. You're unmanageable.
(83) You don't obey the law or think before you act.
(84) And now, as your boss, you're fired.
(85) Just like that. Hinges wants you out.
(86) There's nothing I can do.
(87) You want to talk to him yourself, be my guest.
(88) Now handle it!
(89) You are like a cockroach, Mr. Boyd.
(90) Every time I try to get rid of you, you appeal to the union...
(91) and they send your ass right back here.
(92) But not this time.
(93) I've been talking to the Secret Service figuring out what to do with you.
(94) They want you to suffer, Mr. Boyd.
(95) They want you to suffer bad for that stupid stunt you pulled.
(96) And I must say, I do not disagree.
(97) You guys are unbelievable.
(98) I saw a problem, I fixed it. Simple as that.
(99) That's bullshit, Mr. Boyd.
(100) Because of cops like you...

[1996] [Executive Decision] English Transcripts

(1) I'm covering, go.
(2) Hey! Are you all right?
(3) Forget him. Come on, clear the room!
(4) Clear.
(5) Okay, go.
(6) It's empty.
(7) Colonel Travis, we've secured the building.
(8) But...
(9) Collins took one, Sir. He's dead.
(10) Clear to land. 2-Tango-Sierra.
(11) Okay, so we're clear to land. Okay.
(12) Okay, what else?
(13) Let's see I got an eight-knot crosswind coming from the right. - Okay. Good.
(14) Are You lined Up. Huh... Okay. I got the Ballpark on the Left.
(15) There's the interstate. Good.
(16) And a Runway 2-6. And I got 2-6-0 on the D.G.
(17) Undercarriage.
(18) Coming out.
(19) Good.
(20) It is down and locked.
(21) Okay. Anything else?
(22) I don't know. I don't know. What... What am I forgetting?
(23) Nothing.
(24) Just relax and fly the airplane.
(25) Very nice touchdown, David. Very smooth. Thank You.
(26) I think you've got this wired.
(27) I don't know about that.
(28) Just, stop here a second. You are more than ready. You've been ready for weeks.
(29) I think it's time to cut the umbilical cord. I don't know.
(30) You sure about this? Come on.
(31) I wouldn't let you go if I wasn't. Would I?
(32) Okay quick, before I change my mind.
(33) Okay solo time. Just remember.
(34) Keep it simple. Stick and rudder.
(35) Relax and fly the plane. Got it.
(36) Take it easy.
(37) God, why am I doing this?
(38) Phone.
(39) It's happened.
(40) According to informed sources...
(41) El Sayed Jaffa, perhaps the most feared and wanted terrorist in the world...
(42) was abducted yesterday afternoon...
(43) while secretly attending the wedding of his daughter.
(44) He was then handed over to U.S. authorities...
(45) where he was arrested, and taken to an American warship at sea in the Mediterranean.
(46) Wire service and intel reports.
(47) No one's answering our description of Nagi Hassan as one of the casualties.
(48) There's no indication he was even there.
(49) He was there alright.
(50) I have to admit you called this one right.
(51) Half the Middle East is back in Cyprus, if only in principle.
(52) Well, we wanted him and now we got him.
(53) ...violates the territorial sovereignty. Has lodged an emergency protest with the U.N. Security council...
(54) And all the baggage that goes with him.
(55) Until this complicated issue is resolved, Jaffa will apparently remain in U.S. custody...
(56) an inglorious end to 15 years of unrestrained world terrorism.
(57) Oceanic Flight 343, from Athens to Dulles, Washington...
(58) is now boarding at gate 13.
(59) Welcome aboard.
(60) Third seat on the right. Thank You.
(61) Is that who I think it is?
(62) In the flesh.
(63) Roger, Athens, understand cleared as filed. 2-8-0 after takeoff.
(64) Would you like some champagne? Wrap the long strap around your waist.
(65) Attach the clip to the rings on the bottom...
(66) Here, let me help you.
(67) There you go.
(68) Stupid woman.
(69) Well, I'm sorry.
(70) I didn't do it on purpose.
(71) We hope you have a pleasant flight. Thank you for choosing Oceanic.
(72) Flight attendants, do we have a signal for departure?
(73) Cabin crew, doors to automatic.
(74) Here we go.
(75) Excuse me, Sir. May I help you?
(76) Sir?
(77) Excuse me, Sir.
(78) Excuse me, Sir.
(79) May I help you?
(80) Listen to the sound of Al Tha'r! Jesus.
(81) Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your captain.
(82) You may now remove your seat belts.
(83) And feel free to move about the cabin, if you like.
(84) However, when you're seated, please do what we do up front here. - Excuse me.
(85) Leave your seats belt on for safety.
(86) Well, I see you've got the usual load.
(87) Who is it this time?
(88) It's my brother's twins. It's their birthday next week.
(89) Have a pleasant flight. Thank you.
(90) And...
(91) Me?
(92) Go on. Open it.
(93) Oh, Jeannie.
(94) It's for the ring.
(95) I'm going to the pit. I'll see you in D.C.
(96) All right. Sweetie, thanks.
(97) What was that?
(98) Maintain your course, Captain. Jesus Christ.
(99) Reduce your airspeed as indicated.
(100) Careful.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

[2013] [Evil Feed] English Transcripts

(1) Ever since I can remember
(2) ever since this baby spoke
(3) I've been vying for a stint
(4) in the land of mirrors and smoke
(5) you know I love the smell of whiskey
(6) and I hate the taste of gin
(7) but I always feel at home in a
(8) place that soaked in sin
(9) but I want to leave it
(10) all behind
(11) if I could find me a man
(12) to treat me right
(13) but until then, then, then
(14) I'm gonna do, do, do
(15) is just to hang my head, head head
(16) and cry boo hoo hoo
(17) Agh, leg me out!
(18) I thought I told you two to clean up!
(19) You know how many health codes you are breaking?
(20) Tut!
(21) Tut tut tut!
(22) Dad!
(23) Dad!
(24) There's some vietnamese guy named phat here to see ya.
(25) Uh, yes, uh, bring him in.
(26) Yuki!
(27) Dad, who is this guy?
(28) Mind your business.
(29) But this is the family business!
(30) No, this is my business.
(31) Mister phat phook to see you.
(32) it's phuk.
(33) Phat phuk.
(34) Mister phuk, welcome!
(35) Mm.
(36) I'm so glad you could make it.
(37) So, this is it.
(38) The world famous long pig.
(39) Looks like a shithole.
(40) Oh, but let me assure you.
(41) It is a real gem.
(42) Then why are you selling it?
(43) Selling?
(44) Dad, you can't sell this!
(45) Fuck!
(46) Why you not giving it to your boy?
(47) Because he is just that.
(48) A boy!
(49) So, I get everything.
(50) The name, the recipes...
(51) Everything.
(52) Hm.
(53) Uh, how about the house special?
(54) Oh.
(55) The famous dickey roll?
(56) Complimentary, of course.
(57) Yuki!
(58) I'm sorry, boss.
(59) It was the last one.
(60) And we were closed, so I figured...
(61) You figure nothing!
(62) Dad!
(63) A disgrace!
(64) I am surrounded by incompetence!
(65) Yuki!
(66) I have an idea.
(67) Why don't I cut off her tits and serve them to you on a
(68) platter?
(69) You can eat silicone?
(70) Ha!
(71) Yeah, you can eat...
(72) Gah!
(73) Get the hell out of my restaurant before I make you
(74) the house special!
(75) welcome to the long pig.
(76) yuki.
(77) Mr. Tarasov.
(78) Welcome back.
(79) Look at you.
(80) Even more beautiful than I remember.
(81) Mm?
(82) Mm.
(83) Ah!
(84) How was your flight?
(85) Eh, flight was flight.
(86) Food was crap.
(87) But, I am happy to be here.
(88) Well you have nothing to worry about, because the
(89) food here is spectacular.
(90) As you can see, we've made some improvements,
(91) mr. Tarasov.
(92) These are the new tatami rooms, offering our guests
(93) comfort and privacy while dining.
(94) Very nice.
(95) We currently have a three month waiting list.
(96) Just this way to steven's office, please.
(97) Mr. Tarasov, here to see you.
(98) Mr. Tarasosv!
(99) Welcome back!
(100) Well.

[1978] [Every Which Way But Loose] English Transcripts

(1) Son of a bitch.
(2) Anyway, the cop is sitting there, sipping his coffee, you see?
(3) And he's scratching his head. He's completely confused by now.
(4) He says to the drunk... How's it going, Philo?
(5) ..."What about the guy in bed with your wife?"
(6) And the drunk says, "The hell with him. Let him make his own coffee."
(7) You get it? "Let him make his own coffee."
(8) Excuse me.
(9) That's funny, but don't give up your day job.
(10) Come on, Big Al.
(11) Let's have some fun. You want to go some place?
(12) Hey, Big Al. Are you married? I used to be.
(13) MAN: I know this place in the valley. We could go get a couple drinks.
(14) Lots of action there. Great fun. What do you say?
(15) Hey. Put them back.
(16) You talking to me? This ain't the Salvation Army.
(17) Put them back.
(18) I got plenty of peanuts, Big Al.
(19) You mean these? Yeah, asshole.
(20) Unless you're taking them to your tree. Shit. Excuse me, gents.
(21) The squirrel is taking his peanuts up to his tree.
(22) The squirrel is ripping off peanuts, ain't you, squirrel?
(23) Going to take them up to your tree?
(24) MAN: All right.
(25) MAN 2: Come on, guys. Knock it off. MAN 3: Get him!
(26) Attaboy!
(27) Come on, get out of here, you guys. Get him.
(28) MAN 2: Outside. Come on, guys.
(29) Outside!
(30) [Every Which Way But Loose by Eddie Rabbitt playing]
(31) Hey, Orville, what's doing?
(32) Ma's going to try it again.
(33) I should have remembered my wig.
(34) You think it'll make any difference?
(35) I don't know, Ma.
(36) I don't expect that's all they're going to be looking at.
(37) Don't be in such a fired, big hurry.
(38) I want to look at these pictures one time more.
(39) I always did have trouble with these squiggly lines.
(40) I hope you pass it this time, Ma, because there ain't too many more...
(41) of these places we can go to. They all know you.
(42) They don't know how I drive. Don't none of them know how good I drive.
(43) Been driving since before them sons of bitches were born.
(44) Come on, get out.
(45) Here.
(46) You're getting pretty tricky, Clyde.
(47) You've done real good, Ma.
(48) Meathead.
(49) Waited till I passed the whole test before he tells me I'm too old.
(50) I should have remembered my wig.
(51) The hell with everybody.
(52) Come on, get going, for God's sake.
(53) Philo, are you out here? No, I ain't.
(54) What are you doing? Are you working on the car?
(55) Orville, that's two dumb questions in a row you've asked me.
(56) Here.
(57) Help me put that block under the car here.
(58) This one here? Yeah.
(59) You want it under the wheel or under the spring?
(60) Under the spring.
(61) There you go.
(62) Thanks. Sure.
(63) Ma's pissed. It's Clyde.
(64) He got out this morning, came over, and shit all over everything.
(65) How did she get him back?
(66) That's what she's pissed about. She had to bribe him with all her Oreos.
(67) Well, I'll make it up to her.
(68) You got one going tomorrow? Yeah, you coming?
(69) Sure am.
(70) Who wants some action around here?
(71) There you go, my man. What's the name?
(72) Name? John Hatfield.
(73) I got you, my man. Thank you. Who else?
(74) How much you want? Quick, talk to me, my man.
(75) Give me $80. 80. Let me see that.
(76) Name? Jackson.
(77) All right, listen, I've got $100. Who wants to make a side-bet, here?
(78) Come on, guys. Talk up!
(79) He may be good, but he ain't no Tank Murdock.
(80) Take it.
(81) We won't have anything Take it.
(82) You're on.
(83) Who's gonna hold this? You hold it.
(84) No problem, you're fine.
(85) Church, let's go, man.
(86) You got him.
(87) Come up here, Clyde. There you go.
(88) Put this bum away!
(89) Thank you. $5, $100 and $200...
(90) 500, $600, $900....
(91) PHILO: Clyde could have beat him.
(92) [Singing Send Me Down To Tuscon by Mel Tillis]
(93) I kind of like this.
(94) That one's a redhead.
(95) I'll take the one on the left. All right.
(96) The one stuffing her face with chowder.
(97) Let's go over there and see what she's drinking.
(98) Hi.
(99) My name's Philo. Do you mind if I sit here for a while?
(100) Suit yourself.

[2014] [Everly] English Transcripts

(1) This is Detective Robertson. Leave a message after the beep.
(2) He knows. He knows.
(3) Hello. It's Edith... And Maisey.
(4) We are not home right now. Leave a message after the beep.
(5) What the hell is all that noise?
(6) Cheese and crackers, keep it down.
(7) Really?
(8) Hey, is everything okay in there?
(9) Y-Yeah.
(10) Oh, my God!
(11) I'm sorry.
(12) This is Detective Robertson. Leave a message after the beep.
(13) Where are you? Where the hell are you?
(14) You promised me that you would help me. You said you'd get me out of this.
(15) Now I'm so fucked. Call me, asshole,
(16) at least to tell me that you don't give a shit that you sold yourself
(17) like all the other disgusting cops.
(18) And I'm on my own.
(19) Shit.
(20) Hello?
(21) Hello?
(22) Stop.
(23) No.
(24) Everly.
(25) What a surprise.
(26) I assumed you'd go down without a fight.
(27) I was wrong. I'm never wrong.
(28) Did you get my present?
(29) Open it. I picked it out myself.
(30) Your detective friend is just the beginning.
(31) 221 Shaffer Avenue.
(32) What?
(33) My men are already there waiting for my call.
(34) No, Taiko. No. No, Taiko. No. Please, no.
(35) We had an agreement. Do as you're told, I'm begging, please.
(36) or I kill your mother and daughter. Do anything you want to me,
(37) but, please, please, just leave them out of this.
(38) I don't need your permission to do anything I want with you.
(39) I own you. Or did you forget that? Yes. Please...
(40) ...if you ever loved me... This isn't about love.
(41) It's about honor. You were taken to be a whore, just like the others,
(42) but when I saw you, I said, "No, she's special. She's mine."
(43) But you betrayed me, Everly." You... you're right. You're right.
(44) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(45) I-I was scared,
(46) and I deserve to die because of it.
(47) But...
(48) but, please,
(49) please let them live.
(50) Let them live, please.
(51) All right. I will grant you your wish.
(52) You will die in that room tonight, Everly,
(53) and I'll let little Maisey live...
(54) Thank you. Thank... ...just long enough
(55) to earn back what you've cost me.
(56) I'm sure your daughter will be very popular
(57) with the older clientele.
(58) Fuck you.
(59) Fuck you.
(60) Fuck you!
(61) Fuck you!
(62) Come on, Mom. Pick up. Pick up.
(63) Hello.
(64) Hello. It's Edith... And Maisey.
(65) We are not home right now.
(66) Hello. It's Edith... And Maisey.
(67) We are not home right no...
(68) Hello.
(69) Hello? Mom?
(70) Everly?
(71) There's men there.
(72) There's men already there. You need to take Maisey and run.
(73) What are you talking about? What men?
(74) Mom... Where are you?
(75) Who's that? They're there.
(76) Everly, what have you gotten us into?
(77) Mom, you got to get out of the house right now with Maisey,
(78) or they're going to kill you both. Okay, okay.
(79) Come on. I'm going. I'm going.
(80) Grandma. Maisey.
(81) I need you to be quiet. Where are we going? Who's out there?
(82) Out the door. We are going for a ride. Follow me.
(83) While we are in the car, scoot over.
(84) Mom?
(85) Maisey. Maisey, are you okay? Mom?
(86) I'm okay. It's going to be all right, baby.
(87) Keep your head down, and hand the phone to Grandma.
(88) Put on your seat belt.
(89) Good job, baby.
(90) Everly, what the hell is going on?
(91) Mom, you need to keep driving.
(92) Don't stop for anyone. Meet me at McCoy Park downtown.
(93) I'm calling the police. No. He owns the police.
(94) This is madness. What do you mean?
(95) Who owns the police?
(96) No time.
(97) Four years ago, you disappear,
(98) and I haven't heard from you in four years, Everly,
(99) four years.
(100) showing up at my home in the middle of the night to kill me and Maisey.