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Monday, December 28, 2015

[1999] [Deep Blue Sea] English Transcripts

(1) So beautiful.
(2) What's that?
(3) Did you feel something? Yeah, I feel something.
(4) Hey, get back here!
(5) Turn up the music!
(6) We're having a party, man.
(7) You guys are having fun. Boat's rocking.
(8) Stop!
(9) You're paranoid! Listen.
(10) Did you hear that?
(11) Listen, listen.
(12) You hear that? What is that?
(13) Everybody, shh!
(14) Stay up there.
(15) What is that?
(16) Come on!
(17) Okay, we've had some problems at the facility.
(18) What we're attempting to achieve has never been done.
(19) We're this close to the reactivation of a human brain cell.
(20) Doctor...
(21) ...the $200 million I sunk into this company is due in great part to your research.
(22) But when the market opens Monday...
(23) ...despite my reputation, I don't like heights.
(24) Especially falling from them.
(25) I'm sorry, honestly.
(26) Tell me, Mr. Franklin, have you ever known anyone with Alzheimer's?
(27) Well, no.
(28) By the end, all my father could do was ask why my mother wasn't at home.
(29) Each time I said she was dead, I saw him take the loss like a car wreck.
(30) 200,000 men and women develop Alzheimer's each year.
(31) What if you could end all that suffering with a single pill?
(32) Give me till Monday morning. 48 hours.
(33) I'll give you results that'll skyrocket your stock price...
(34) ...or I'll help you pack the lab myself.
(35) It's your call.
(36) That was an impressive speech you gave back there.
(37) I read that article on you.
(38) The thing in the Himalayas. Alps.
(39) Right.
(40) We were just trying to do something together.
(41) Having fun.
(42) Things went bad.
(43) But you saved all those people.
(44) Not all.
(45) Navy built it for WWII submarine loading...
(46) ...refueling.
(47) When they mothballed it, we picked it up, added aquatic pens, underwater labs.
(48) Your dime, I guess.
(49) Looks like Alcatraz floats.
(50) What do you think? She's a 12-footer. She's beautiful.
(51) She wants to give you a big kiss. I bet.
(52) She's got a license plate jammed in her mouth.
(53) It's a good deal, amigo.
(54) Drop her, Billy!
(55) Russell Franklin, Janice Higgins.
(56) Marine biologist.
(57) Jan will get you settled.
(58) Welcome to our island paradise.
(59) Where's Tattoo?
(60) You know, short guy?
(61) "The plane, Boss! The plane!"
(62) Right.
(63) I am getting old.
(64) How much do you know about our facility?
(65) Treat me like a tourist.
(66) I hate tourists and I've decided I'm going to like you.
(67) "Louisiana."
(68) I think he was bought in a pet shop in Baton Rouge.
(69) Ate everything in his tank, and then ate the guy that bought him.
(70) Next day, fills up the cab of the guy's truck with water and drives to Baja...
(71) ...picking bones out of his teeth with the license plate.
(72) We need to talk.
(73) Later.
(74) Carter Blake, Russell Franklin, president of Chimera Pharmaceuticals.
(75) That was incredible.
(76) Actually, they don't like the taste of us very much.
(77) If they bite you, it's because they think you're a fat little seal.
(78) Or a rich suit.
(79) Nice meeting you.
(80) Friendly place.
(81) You got full sentences. Usually, he just kind of nods.
(82) Word travels fast about why you're here and all.
(83) Was that the Gen 1 that escaped?
(84) That little guy? No way. Those are the normals.
(85) These three are the test sharks.
(86) Two first-generation and one second-generation female.
(87) Beneath its glassy surface...
(88) ...a world of gliding monsters.
(89) It's pretty scary stuff, huh?
(90) Yes. It is.
(91) Tower to water taxi.
(92) Ben, I'm picking up a nasty little bitch of a squall about 30 miles out.
(93) Over.
(94) Copy that. We'll be all right.
(95) Jan, stay out of the rain.
(96) Where are they going? They hate me too?
(97) They're going home. We run a skeleton crew on the weekend.
(98) But they probably hate you anyway.
(99) There's Dr. Jim Whitlock, the most brilliant man ever.
(100) He's pissing into the wind. How brilliant can he be?

[2007] [Death Sentence] English Transcripts

(1) Okay. I can't get that, that...
(2) Okay, guys. Ready?
(3) We wish you a Merry Christmas. It's just the...
(4) bike I wanted.
(5) Yeah, do you like it?
(6) Is that the one?
(7) Good. Merry Christmas.
(8) Oh, the new hockey stick.
(9) Is it a good size?
(10) Yeah, it looks fine to me.
(11) Let me see that slapshot.
(12) Hey, don't knock anything off the table.
(13) I am the greatest.
(14) I am the greatest.
(15) Show me what you got. Oh.
(16) Hang on one sec.
(17) Ready?
(18) All right, flip it up.
(19) You okay?
(20) You okay?
(21) Okay, you're on your own.
(22) Oh, my gosh. Luke.
(23) Oh, honey.
(24) Watch out for the tree though.
(25) Do a trick.
(26) Do a trick.
(27) How proud are you of him?
(28) Oh, my God. He's amazing.
(29) Did mommy do that?
(30) Tell me the truth. Did mommy do that painting for you?
(31) Hey. Wow. Look at that.
(32) Just got one question. What the heck is it?
(33) It is abstract.
(34) So when I get signed, I'll buy you a new house, okay?
(35) Hey, what's wrong with this house?
(36) Ready?
(37) Oh, shit.
(38) Okay, make a wish.
(39) So how old are you, mom?
(40) How old am l? We were just wondering.
(41) You look gorgeous.
(42) You don't look a day over...
(43) Just spit it out, dad.
(44) Brendan Hume, you've just won MVP.
(45) ...our golden boy.
(46) Number one...
(47) Get this baby lit.
(48) Can I slap him when we wake him up?
(49) No...
(50) Please?
(51) He's going to kill us.
(52) Surprise!
(53) Surprise! Happy Birthday, Lukey!
(54) Happy Birthday, Lukey! Happy Birthday.
(55) Fourteen,
(56) it feels no different that yesterday when I was thirteen.
(57) Do you want your fourteen punches now or...?
(58) A little later, after I wake up.
(59) Get off me.
(60) Ah man. I almost had you.
(61) Should old acquaintance be forgot.
(62) And never brought to mind.
(63) Should old acquaintance be forgot.
(64) and days of auld lang syne.
(65) Can I bother you?
(66) Just you think there's no order anywhere, there's order looking right at you.
(67) Okay.
(68) What do you need here?
(69) Annie just said I need you to approve this.
(70) This guy worked here at Starfish for six years...
(71) but his wife's dead, no kids, no will.
(72) I just want to roll his pension back up into the fund,
(73) make it easy.
(74) Come on, don't make file with the state.
(75) We file with the state so that one day...
(76) if someone looks back at this guy's death, he will see that we did our job.
(77) You're right. You've got to cover our asses.
(78) I got it, sorry.
(79) No...we do our job,
(80) and we do right by a guy who worked for us.
(81) Lest he died in vain.
(82) What's that 'order in the universe' thing?
(83) Well, you know, our insurer spent three hundred thousand bucks...
(84) on this new model, new field data,
(85) new society.
(86) Who is the ideal employee?
(87) Who dies how and when?
(88) And they sent it over to show what a great job they're doing.
(89) And you know what it says?
(90) It says that people with kids live longer than people with no kids...
(91) people with two live longer than people with one...
(92) smoking is bad...
(93) speeding is bad...
(94) deaths in a family are bad... divorce is bad.
(95) It's kind of nice...
(96) to see that all that junk is still true.
(97) You know?
(98) Hey, you're the one with perfect kids.
(99) Brendan, you're such a kiss-ass.
(100) God gave me the skills.

Monday, December 21, 2015

[2012] [Death Race: Inferno] English Transcripts

(1) Death Race, the number one sport in the world,
(2) located on Terminal Island.
(3) Convicts race over the course of three grueling days
(4) for the chance at the ultimate prize.
(5) Win five races, win your freedom.
(6) Preorder the next Death Race now
(7) and you'll not only get 20% off,
(8) but you'll also receive limited edition Frankenstein merchandise.
(9) Frankenstein, the four-time Death Race champion,
(10) has taken the world by storm.
(11) The most unlikely of heroes
(12) who has come out of nowhere
(13) and is now just one win away from freedom.
(14) Death Race.
(15) Now streaming live.
(16) Death Race is the trademark of Weyland International.
(17) Your safety's our top priority.
(18) The notorious Death Racer known only as Frankensten
(19) won his fourth race toda.
(20) One more victory and the masked killer gains his freedom.
(21) Frankenstein fears nothing.
(22) Anything in his way, he destroys.
(23) Under my watch, Terminal Island and Death Race have thrived.
(24) Rumors have been going around that Weyland International,
(25) the organization behiDeath Race,
(26) has been targeted for hostile takeover.
(27) As a businessman, takeover talk is common.
(28) You have something of value, naturally, people want to take it away.
(29) British billionaire, Niles York,
(30) has placed himself in the center of a firestorm.
(31) Well, I've got nothing to say about that at the moment.
(32) But I will say this.
(33) When I want something, no one can stop me from taking it.
(34) I'm not too concerned. I've won more battles than I've lost.
(35) I feel bad for Weyland, I really do.
(36) But Father Time, he's caught up with the old man.
(37) He never really stood a chance.
(38) Good morning, Mr. Weyland.
(39) Wasn't so bad, was it?
(40) I built this business.
(41) I didn't have to steal it.
(42) What you left vulnerable, I seized. I stole nothing.
(43) You lacked vision, Weyland. That was your undoing.
(44) Vision.
(45) Is that why you're investing millions in dilapidated prisons all around the globe?
(46) Vision?
(47) You're so far over your head, you might as well be six feet under the ground.
(48) The prison business is not what made this company profitable.
(49) So the conclusion to draw,
(50) you're trying to franchise Death Race.
(51) It's not going to work.
(52) Because you couldn't make it work.
(53) Let me show you what true vision really looks like.
(54) You started something beautiful, Weyland.
(55) But you only scratched at the surface.
(56) And you're right. I'm taking Death Race global.
(57) By this time next year, there will be a different race every two weeks
(58) at a different exotic hellhole with different drivers, tracks and challenges.
(59) I will have a monopoly on the most profitable sport in the history of the planet.
(60) More cars. More cons. More guns.
(61) More death. The sky's the limit.
(62) Well, you forgot one thing.
(63) Frankenstein.
(64) It's a man in a mask.
(65) I could have 20 Frankensteins around the globe.
(66) How would the fans know which one was real?
(67) Frankenstein won his fourth race today.
(68) One more win, he goes free.
(69) That's a fact that every fan knows.
(70) Now, if you suddenly change the rules of the game,
(71) you're going to lose your audience.
(72) And if you're hoping that Frankenstein loses,
(73) well, son, I guess there's a first time.
(74) Now, how would your little copycat event play
(75) without the game's marquee star?
(76) That's why you're going to fail.
(77) What kind of cigars you smoke, Weyland?
(78) I'll be sure to send you a box when Death Race becomes a global success.
(79) It'll be the second time I've beaten you. The second time you've lost.
(80) Well, you enjoy your moment while you can.
(81) Payback's a bitch, son.
(82) Weyland's right.
(83) Find out who the man behind the mask really is.
(84) What he loves, what he hates, what he covets most.
(85) And find out what Weyland was planning next.
(86) What do you mean?
(87) The company's banking nearly eight million quid a week
(88) hawking Frankenstein merchandise.
(89) He wasn't just gonna let it go.
(90) Anything else?
(91) Yeah. Get yourself some decent clothes. You look like a bag lady.
(92) I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have done all this unless I absolutely loved Death Race.
(93) So I'm speaking to the millions of fans around the globe.
(94) Fear not. I am like you.
(95) I seek not to destroy nor to compromise what we've all come to revere.
(96) The Death Race that we all know and love will not change.
(97) It will grow bigger and better. This, I promise.
(98) Thank you.
(99) Overall, I have to say I'm very happy.
(100) You wanna take a look?

[2010] [Death Race 2] English Transcripts

(4) Hey, are you gooks almost done?
(5) Faggot.
(7) You are big motherfucker, yes? Yeah.
(12) Just moments ago, a full-scale riot broke out at Terminal lsland Penitentiary.
(13) As far as l can tell, there has been no action taken
(14) by Terminal Island Prison correction officers.
(15) Lock down the bridge, keep the tower guards.
(16) l want everyone else down here now.
(18) Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(19) (GRUNTlNG)
(20) Of course l'm serious! Patch me live right fucking now!
(21) Either you take me live or l tell your wife everything.
(22) (SCREAMlNG)
(23) You got that, right?
(24) What a shit match.
(25) l would never have bet if l knew Spiro was injured.
(26) But you did, huh? Yeah. Take your winnings.
(27) The whole world's falling apart, and Manchester United with it.
(28) When l came over here,
(29) that clip was the first thing l ever bought with my own money, you know?
(30) So, you take care of it. You look after it.
(31) Look at you, profiting off football. He's never watched a match in his life.
(32) That's 'cause it's fucking boring, that's why.
(33) The world's greatest game.
(34) l think it's the third world's greatest game, right?
(35) (LAUGHS)
(36) What the fuck are you laughing at?
(37) Excuse us, please.
(38) About the bank,
(39) it's important to me.
(40) l know it is.
(41) That's why l want to handle it my way, with my guys.
(42) Well, Vinnie brought me this score.
(43) My stipulation is that you're in charge, which is the way l want it.
(44) Can l count on you? What do you think?
(45) Yeah.
(46) l know Vinnie and his boys are a bit green,
(47) but what my nephew lacks in experience, he makes up for with enthusiasm.
(48) Exactly what l'm worried about.
(50) Look, he fucks up, Mr. Kane, he answers to me, okay?
(51) lt's going to be all right, Luke. Trust me.
(52) Always do.
(53) l know you do.
(54) Come on. l've got something to show you.
(55) What do you think?
(56) This is for me?
(57) You don't like it? l think it's beautiful.
(58) l just think, maybe, you know, based on the kind of work l do,
(59) you don't think it's a bit orange?
(60) You don't fucking like it. Are you kidding me?
(61) She's stunning.
(62) l just wonder, you think l might stand out in this thing?
(63) No, the more obvious you are, the less suspicious you appear.
(64) So, like, hiding in plain sight kind of thing.
(65) Precisely.
(67) Okay.
(68) Don't fuck it up.
(69) (LAUGHlNG)
(71) Thank you both for coming.
(72) PARKS: Mr. Weyland, l'm not exactly sure why she's here,
(73) but l know why l am, sir. l've failed you and l've disgraced the corporation.
(74) WEYLAND: Relax.
(75) l'm surprised those animals don't kill each other with more regularity.
(76) You're both here because this incident has created
(77) a public relations nightmare for me.
(79) Was something l said funny?
(80) Well, you had a 48 share.
(81) Your network's previous high was a seven.
(82) What you call a nightmare l'd call a wet dream.
(83) Mr. Weyland, l know that the network isn't your prime moneymaker.
(84) But l can't believe that you don't realise what a gold mine you're sitting on.
(85) Humour me, Miss Jones.
(86) People are tired of fake violence
(87) and fights staged by Vegas promoters.
(88) The hatred that your inmates have
(89) is pure. Can't be duplicated.
(90) (LAUGHS)
(91) You're calling what happened today entertainment?
(92) Ah!
(93) What exactly do you have in mind?
(94) VlNNlE: No, seriously, l gotta tell you,
(95) this motherfucker's never carried a gun in 20 years working for my uncle.
(96) That right, Luke? LUKE: Vinnie, pay attention.
(97) You got 60 seconds. You get in, you get out.
(98) No one gets hurt. We know. Don't worry.
(100) (SlREN SOUNDlNG)

[2008] [Death Race] English Transcripts

(5) CASE: Damn it!
(6) Rear armor? Shot to hell.
(8) You better drop back...
(9) It's the last lap. We can win this.
(10) Why don't this son of a bitch just die?
(11) Oil.
(12) Out.
(13) Smoke.
(14) Finished.
(15) Give me the napalm!
(16) Nothing works!
(17) Drop the tombstone.
(18) On my mark. Three,
(19) two,
(20) one.
(21) I got you now, motherfucker.
(22) Mark!
(23) Shit!
(24) Fuck!
(25) That's how you want to do it? Okay.
(27) He's still coming. Our tank is exposed.
(28) He's got us, Frank. You have to drop back.
(29) It's a quarter mile to the line. I can make it.
(30) Sayonara, Frankie.
(31) Punch out. I'm sorry.
(32) Forty years. Longer than my marriage.
(33) Sounds like you're gonna miss this place.
(34) MAN 1: I still can't believe they closed it down. Just like that.
(35) The only thing I'm gonna miss is my paycheck.
(36) Well, it was honest work for honest men.
(37) MAN 2: I got a family to feed, and there's no work out there.
(38) I hear they might be hiring down at the docks.
(39) Five men, maybe.
(40) Hey, thanks, man. Thanks, Jensen.
(41) MAN OVER P.A.: CoIIect your finaI paycheck and Ieave.
(42) The main gate will be locked in 15 minutes.
(44) Get ready to be ripped off, boys.
(45) CoIIect your paycheck and Ieave the premises in an orderly manner.
(46) The main gate will be locked in 15 minutes.
(47) Cash or check?
(48) Better make it cash.
(49) I worked 120 hours the last two weeks.
(50) Cash fee. Next! Cash fee?
(51) You wanted cash, there's a fee. You want a check instead?
(52) Seeing as the company's out of business, not exactly.
(53) You don't like it, there's the complaint box. Next!
(55) They never get it.
(56) SeIf-fuIfilling prophecy.
(57) We're honest workers. We're just like you guys!
(58) What the hell are you doing here?
(59) You bastards!
(60) (GROANS)
(61) Shit! Shit! Ross!
(62) You okay, Ross? Rubber bullets, the assholes!
(63) Come on!
(64) Come on!
(65) Hi, honey. Hi. Sorry I'm so late.
(66) Nice day at work?
(67) Yeah. Just fine.
(68) Give me that shirt.
(69) They called the riot police. It got ugly.
(70) I don't deserve you.
(71) You're a good man, Jensen Ames.
(72) And it doesn't matter what anyone eIse thinks but me.
(73) So, $300. That's all they gave us.
(74) We'll make it last. We always do.
(75) I'll start looking tomorrow.
(76) I think you're forgetting that I married you for your non-financial assets.
(77) Did you now?
(80) Shh.
(81) (SOFTLY) Daddy's home. Is it you who was making all that noise?
(82) JENSEN: What does little Piper want? Want a story?
(83) You know you won't understand it.
(84) But it will be good practice for me. But it will be good practice for me.
(85) What the hell.
(86) Let's go crazy.
(87) Something smells good.
(88) Honey?
(89) Suzy?
(91) OFFICER 1: Stay on the ground! Stay on the ground.
(92) OFFICER 2: Drop the knife!
(93) Do not resist! Stay on the ground!
(94) Stay where you are! Stay on the ground!
(95) Don't move!
(96) Move.
(97) Get up against the wall.
(99) Scrub yourseIf.
(100) Stop.

[2007] [Death Proof] English Transcripts

(1) Hold on. I gotta come up.
(2) I gotta take the world's biggest fucking piss.
(3) We can't be late.
(4) We won't!
(5) Who's holding? If you're not, then nobody.
(6) We were kind of hoping you were.
(7) Yeah. How are you not holding? Jesus Christ, Shanna.
(8) It is not my fucking job to supply y'all with weed when we go out.
(9) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, little lady.
(10) You're getting angry kind of quick, don't you think?
(11) I was just teasing you. I'm not angry.
(12) It just would be nice if y'all didn't just count on me all the fucking time,
(13) and surprise me every once in a while with pot.
(14) Okay, mean girl in a high school movie. Are you through having a tantrum?
(15) I'm not having a tantrum. Yes, you are.
(16) You've been in the car all of two seconds, and you're already cursing at me.
(17) I am not cursing at you. You said, "Jesus Christ, Shanna."
(18) And then, before the sentence was over,
(19) you threw a "fucking" in there to emphasize your "irritatance."
(20) All right. Come on, guys. Don't fight. I'll pay for it when we get some.
(21) One: It is not about the money.
(22) It is about the pain in the ass of scoring.
(23) And two: We're not really fighting.
(24) Arlene, have you forgotten what hanging out with Jungle Julia's like?
(25) That wasn't a fight.
(26) That was Julia acting like a grumpy bitch,
(27) and me calling her on it and indulging her at the same time.
(28) That's how we tolerate each other after all these years.
(29) Oh, billboard.
(30) So, what's the plan, man?
(31) Margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's.
(32) Did you call Rafael and tell him we're coming?
(33) Of course. You're so good.
(34) I know.
(35) Okay, is Christian Simonson gonna be there?
(36) You bet your ass he is. He's gonna be there with Jesse Letterman.
(37) Christian Simonson, the filmmaker, is in town.
(38) He's got a big thing for Julia.
(39) If he had a big thing for me, he'd fucking call me
(40) as opposed to disappearing for six months,
(41) and he'd get his ass down here more often than he does,
(42) and on my birthday, give me a fucking phone call.
(43) Oh, billboard.
(44) Yeah, but you get those legs of yours around him, and it's all over.
(45) Yeah, well, when I'm redecorating his house in the hills
(46) that I am also living in, I'll let you know it worked.
(47) So, margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's, touch base with Chris and Jesse,
(48) tell them about later, and make damn sure they come.
(49) Those other guys will be waiting for us to join them at the Texas Chili Parlor.
(50) Oh, shit.
(51) Speaking of which, what happened with you and Nate last night?
(52) Well, you know, not mu... We just fucking met each other.
(53) I mean, if you don't bust their balls a little bit, they're never gonna respect you.
(54) Okay, we're pretty clear on what it is you didn't do.
(55) How about enlightening us on what it is you did do?
(56) Nothing to write home about.
(57) We just made out on the couch for about 20 minutes.
(58) Dressed, half-dressed or naked?
(59) Dressed. I said we made out.
(60) We didn't do the thing.
(61) Excuse me for living, but what is "the thing"?
(62) You know, it's everything but.
(63) They call it "the thing"?
(64) I call it "the thing."
(65) Do guys like the thing?
(66) They like it better than no thing.
(67) Okay, I wanna get back to what it is you did do.
(68) So, you're making out on the couch with Nate, right?
(69) Correct. Whose couch?
(70) His or the one in your hotel room? What am I, stupid over here? Mine.
(71) Were you making out sitting up or lying down?
(72) We started sitting up. We worked our way to lying down.
(73) Mmm, the plot thickens. Who was on top?
(74) I was straddling him.
(75) What else? That was it.
(76) So we made out for a little while on the couch,
(77) and I said, "Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now, so it's time for you to leave."
(78) And then he starts to whine, "Oh, right now?"
(79) And I said, "Yep, right now. Let's go."
(80) And he says, "well, wait. what about this?"
(81) And I said, "No."
(82) He said, "What do you mean, no? You don't even know what I'm gonna say."
(83) I said, "I already know what you're gonna say,
(84) and the answer's no."
(85) He said, "How can you say you know what I'm gonna say?"
(86) I said, "Because you're gonna say, 'let's just go to sleep together.
(87) "'We don't gotta do nothing.
(88) "'Just cuddle, sleep next to each other, wake up in the morning together.'
(89) No, you're gonna leave, but I'll see you tomorrow."
(90) Yeah, fuck Nate.
(91) I mean, he's cute and all,
(92) but Jesse Letterman's gonna be all over her.
(93) Jesse Letterman... Remember, no hooking up tonight.
(94) You can hang out with him, you can make out with him,
(95) but no hooking up with him, because we are driving to Lake LBJ tonight,
(96) and my daddy's pretty clear about one thing.
(97) He said, "I am letting you and your girlfriends stay at my lake house,
(98) not you and a bunch of horny boys trying to get their fuck on with my daughter."
(99) Your dad talks like that? Hell, yeah!
(100) It's not like he ain't gonna know, either,

Thursday, December 17, 2015

[2014] [Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead] English Transcripts

(1) It all began so nice.
(2) A bunch of friends at a cabin in the mountains.
(3) Lots of alcohol, laughter. We had fun.
(4) And then don't you fucking know it, a squad of nazi zombies woke up.
(5) I know. It sounds like a clichי,
(6) but that's what happened.
(7) You see, we found something.
(8) Something we shouldn't have found.
(9) Old Nazi gold.
(10) And then ...
(11) All hell broke loose.
(12) They slaughtered us. One .....
(13) .... by one. One of them bit me.
(14) But I knew how I could fix it.
(15) My girlfriend Hanna ....
(16) They ....
(17) They got her too.
(18) I got the gold.
(19) Gave it back.
(20) And they let me go.
(21) I thought I was safe.
(22) I was wrong.
(23) Take the damn coin and go back to hell where you came from!
(24) Shit, shit, shit.
(25) Okay, okay.
(26) I knew we should not have touched the box.
(27) Stay awake now. Stay awake.
(28) That's a good question, Toralf. Of all migratory birds
(29) there's a little critter that really stands out.
(30) Namely, Arctic Terns, or Sterna Paradisaea,
(31) a coastal bound, surface-feeding seabird
(32) from the group "Havterner".
(33) Havternen maneuvers gracefully in the air like a ....
(34) Troops, Sieg Heil!
(35) Yes?
(36) What do we have here?
(37) Martin, can you hear me?
(38) Hello, Martin. Welcome back.
(39) Martin, you crashed your car.
(40) A nasty crash. You are lucky to be alive.
(41) That is more than one can say about your friends.
(42) Have you seen ....
(43) Have you seen the creatures?
(44) The things.....
(45) Have the police caught them? Or the army?
(46) Roy and Erlend?
(47) Hanna? We found our friends. All of them.
(48) Dead. Hanna was your girlfriend, right?
(49) Very beautiful. We found her too.
(50) With an ax driven into the neck.
(51) And your fingerprints on the shaft.
(52) Do you have any idea how that could happen?
(53) They came up from ....
(54) From the snow. Creatures. Nazis. We got away, but ....
(55) Nazis coming out of the ground? Absurd.
(56) Are you sure that he doesn't have brain damage as well?
(57) Please call the family and tell them that he has awakened, and ask the D.A. to send a car.
(58) And four additional men. It looks like you are ready to be transported.
(59) They are still out there. They will kill again if we do not stop them.
(60) We are not going to stop anyone. I've seen what you've done.
(61) I was up there, and the only place you are going is to jail.
(62) No one knows what happened up there.
(63) Only you know that. And it's not only bad news.
(64) When we found you, you were badly injured. Your right arm was torn straight off.
(65) It was not torn .... When we found you, it was cold.
(66) The snow had chilled all, and that was very good.
(67) And then we found your arm in the car. In the car?
(68) It was slightly bruised and quite pale for some strange reason,
(69) but the surgery was a success.
(70) We managed to re-attach your arm.
(71) No, no, no.
(72) It's not my arm. Relax.
(73) It is Satan's arm! It is Satan's arm!
(74) Calm down.
(75) No, it's not me!
(76) No!
(77) It's not me! What the hell ...?
(78) Stop!
(79) Randi?
(80) Be prepared to remove your dentures a bit later ...
(81) I'm ready for a little head tonight.
(82) From the one that got away.
(83) Broken.
(84) Warm.
(85) The men have rotted.
(86) We need more people.
(87) Damn lock!
(88) You scared me, Nils.
(89) I can't take any more of your nonsense. I've had a hell of a long day.
(90) A wedding, a funeral and a confirmation.
(91) The one confirmant was damn fine.
(92) If only I had been ten years younger ...
(93) And not a priest, of course.
(94) Nils?
(95) Come on!
(96) Sieg ....
(97) Heil.
(98) Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil.
(99) They came down from the mountain.
(100) I saw them.

[2012] [Dead Mine] English Transcripts

(1) Hey.
(2) The victims say the thieves
(3) left them terrified for their lives.
(4) his is the third raid on a luxury yacht
(5) in this region in the past three weeks.
(6) Aah! Aah!
(7) They're amazing.
(8) Let me see.
(9) Second World War Japanese machine gun nest.
(10) Just looks like another heap of earth to me.
(11) Warren, may I?
(12) Of course.
(13) Stanley.
(14) ey, Stanley.
(15) You got something?
(16) I don't know.
(17) Papa!
(18) Aah!
(19) You're an asshole.
(20) We clear, Sergeant?
(21) Yes, sir.
(22) Captain, your commander assured me that these men were professionals.
(23) Do you think maybe you could keep them on a tighter leash?
(24) Sergeant Ular's one of my best men.
(25) He did not mean any harm.
(26) We're here to explore, not to violate.
(27) Sergeant? Yes, sir.
(28) No more jokes. Yes.
(29) It won't happen again.
(30) Good.
(31) Just make sure it doesn't.
(32) So, should we take a look?
(33) Yes.
(34) You coming?
(35) Um, no, you go.
(36) ave fun.
(37) Pryce.
(38) We can't stay long.
(39) If you want to hit those coordinates you gave me before...
(40) We'll take as long as we need, Captain.
(41) Look at him, our fearless leader.
(42) ow long have you worked for him?
(43) I don't. Well, not directly.
(44) Been out in the Manila Division the past four years,
(45) keeping my head down, minding my own business.
(46) I just got the call last week.
(47) Drop everything, the CΕO's son needs an engineer.
(48) So here I am, by appointment to the prince.
(49) So that's your new boyfriend, Ario?
(50) Piss off, Djoko.
(51) Sorry.
(52) What's he looking for out here?
(53) You got any idea?
(54) No.
(55) Well, what do you think?
(56) he fountain of youth?
(57) he lost world?
(58) Valley of Gwangi?
(59) You're not even curious?
(60) I'm not here to ask questions.
(61) No, I guess not.
(62) Me, every time I start a newjob, I like to know the basics.
(63) You know, what are the hours and is the pay any good?
(64) Is anyone going to be trying to shoot my head off?
(65) You've seen something?
(66) No, nothing solid.
(67) Just got a feeling.
(68) lot of pirate activity around these islands, you know.
(69) Mostly small-scale stuff from what I've heard, but...
(70) It's nothing we can't handle.
(71) No, I'm sure.
(72) So, this your regular kind of detail?
(73) No.
(74) his is more like, what's it called, penance?
(75) Last mission went bad.
(76) We lost a man.
(77) I'm sorry.
(78) For what it's worth, I know how you feel.
(79) I did eight years British Army, last four in Afghanistan,
(80) saw a lot of men die.
(81) Wish I could tell you it gets easier.
(82) I'm not planning on losing any more.
(83) Well?
(84) We're close.
(85) here.
(86) What are we looking at?
(87) Dead mine.
(88) Colonial, probably Dutch.
(89) hey're all over these islands,
(90) abandoned when the Japanese occupied in '42.
(91) xcept this one...
(92) his one was repurposed.
(93) Repurposed? Ηow?
(94) When the Japanese invaded, they took some of these mines
(95) and reinforced them to use as military bunkers.
(96) So this is what we've come to find?
(97) his is it.
(98) Is it safe to go in?
(99) If you're not worried about a couple of hundred tons of hillside
(100) coming down on top of you.

[2013] [Dead Man Down] English Transcripts

(1) It wasn't meant to be this way. You know?
(2) We make our plans, sure.
(3) But life...
(4) Life is what happens to you along the way.
(5) You know, at first, I didn't want this.
(6) I didn't want to connect.
(7) I didn't want to get involved.
(8) And she kept on at me.
(9) "This is what life is. This is why we're here, to connect."
(10) "To build."
(11) We're here to build something.
(12) And then we had Theo.
(13) And then I understood that she was right.
(14) We're not meant to be alone.
(15) You know what she said to me?
(16) She said that even the most damaged heart
(17) can be mended.
(18) Even the most damaged heart.
(19) Yeah.
(20) No, I'm with Vic.
(21) What?
(22) I can't let you in until Alphonse is home. Alphonse is on his way.
(23) Where? In the basement.
(24) Paulie.
(25) No.
(26) It's Paul.
(27) Why is the alarm off?
(28) I told you that you should always have it on!
(29) She said that she didn't turn it off.
(30) Go.
(31) "719, now you realize."
(32) What?
(33) What the fuck? This shit is crazy.
(34) Now he's killing us.
(35) Call the locksmith.
(36) And get that asshole from the alarm company over here.
(37) "Now you realize."
(38) I know who's doing this to me.
(39) Killed for less.
(40) A little uncouth to come without a call.
(41) There's a better place for you to be.
(42) Get out. Go.
(43) Am I gonna get paid?
(44) Have you seen this man?
(45) Paul? Everyone knows Paul's missing.
(46) I want you to think before you answer.
(47) 'Cause I'm getting to the bottom of this. The bottom of what?
(48) Three months of letters.
(49) Three months of torment.
(50) Not being able to leave my house without wondering
(51) if some coward is gonna sneak up behind me and...
(52) Paul was looking into this.
(53) And I think he found exactly what he was looking for.
(54) But before he could come and tell me,
(55) my friend Paul shows up strangled in my freezer.
(56) You've got a lot of enemies, don't you, Alphonse?
(57) Three months ago you and I had our disagreement!
(58) I raised my take to 25
(59) to allow you to continue to operate in my buildings.
(60) I started getting letters three months ago!
(61) That's no fucking coincidence!
(62) That's not fucking accurate!
(63) You asked for 30%, and Lon told you, you could only ask me for 20%.
(64) So if anyone was bent out of shape, it was fucking you, Alphonse.
(65) Who's in this picture?
(66) I don't fucking know. Who the fuck is in this picture?
(67) I don't know!
(68) What am I supposed to realize?
(69) What does 719 mean? What am I going to fucking realize?
(70) What am I gonna fucking realize?
(71) Darcy, want to give me a hand here, mate?
(72) He ain't got shit to do with this!
(73) I've been picking up from Harry for over a year.
(74) No. He's a fucking liar so you shut the fuck up.
(75) I'm gonna ask you again. What am I supposed to realize?
(76) I don't care what you think I've done to you,
(77) you are not sanctioned to kill me.
(78) That much I do fucking know.
(79) So it's not on, you even coming here!
(80) "Not on"?
(81) The term is, "Not cool."
(82) It's you fucking English. You always do shit like that.
(83) Alphonse, just...
(84) You also make your sevens like this.
(85) You
(86) are not sanctioned
(87) to kill me.
(88) Fuck it.
(89) What the fuck y'all waiting for?
(90) Do it.
(91) Fuck, you've been hit. Don't worry about it.
(92) A bit better this time.
(93) Will you be all right to drive yourself home, Beatrice?
(94) Why don't you go over and introduce yourself to him?
(95) Oh, Mom. What are you doing?
(96) You're supposed to lie down and relax.
(97) I was relaxing so much I saw a white light.
(98) Well, if you see it again, don't walk into it.
(99) I still have a lot of things to take out on you for my childhood.
(100) It's beautiful.

[2013] [Dead in Tombstone] English Transcripts

(1) The West...
(2) People call it "The New Frontier."
(3) It sounds almost nice.
(4) They'll tell you it's built on the backs of God fearing folks
(5) with true grit in their hands and the American Dream in their hearts.
(6) Well, whoever wrote that's sellin' snake oil, sure as shit.
(7) The real West is a heartless, lawless viper pit.
(8) An American nightmare, forged by the flames of hell...
(9) and the hammer of the beast.
(10) I already know.
(11) I am Lucifer...
(12) and I devour the souls of men.
(13) In the West, I never go hungry.
(14) Red Cavanaugh. Murdering son of a bitch.
(15) Open up!
(16) Do you renounce the evil powers of this world
(17) that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God?
(18) Do you renounce the sinful desires
(19) that draw you from the love of God?
(20) I got the beast in me, Father.
(21) In His name, I will spill the blood of every bull in this yard,
(22) before that sun rises.
(23) Guerrero!
(24) Guerrero!
(25) Guerrero!
(26) Yeah!
(27) His six months in hell are over.
(28) Gracias.
(29) De nada.
(30) Hey, Baptiste,
(31) I don't know what smells worse, you or that shit you're making.
(32) Thought you were French.
(33) You want me to shovel it up your cul?
(34) Hey, hey, enough, eat it!
(35) Do you want some?/ Fuck, no.
(36) Still having them nightmares?
(37) I seen him.
(38) Seen who?
(39) The demon that haunts my dreams.
(40) Sure it was him?
(41) It's my penance.
(42) Hermano, I got us a big score.
(43) Could set us up for life.
(44) Get us off this hand to-mouth shit we been doing.
(45) I'm listening.
(46) It's a Colorado town.
(47) They got 'em a stone and quartz quarry.
(48) Devil stones from Yuma prison come from there.
(49) Town called Edendale.
(50) God's country.
(51) Turns out, they struck a vein of gold.
(52) Big one.
(53) When?
(54) Few months ago.
(55) What else?
(56) Well...
(57) They been banking the gold up
(58) because they got a little mineral rights dispute happening.
(59) You got no right, Judah Clark, you got no right!
(60) Mineral rights on the deed are plain as day!
(61) They belong to Edendale and its founding members.
(62) And you're staring at the first one!
(63) If you could read, you would see that they say
(64) you have the right to pull gypsum from the quarry.
(65) That is all.
(66) Mineral rights is mineral rights!
(67) And everybody's gettin' greedy.
(68) Goddamned limey bastard!
(69) And I suggest you hold your tongue when it comes to Mother England,
(70) you tin pan mongrel! Hey!
(71) God damn it, Jack! Do you want to spend the night in the hole?
(72) Guy on the inside says the sheriff's getting real cagey, right?
(73) I am sworn to uphold the law.
(74) And the law says all mineral disputes
(75) gotta be settled by the federal judge in Denver.
(76) He's so stupid.
(77) He didn't wanna move the land transport to Denver.
(78) He didn't wanna hire personal security.
(79) Till then, said goddamned minerals will be impounded by local authorities.
(80) That's me.
(81) Take it to the vault.
(82) And the sheriff's keepin' the gold vaulted till they all settle.
(83) In the bank?
(84) That's stupid.
(85) Now, personally, I don't care who owns the gold.
(86) What I care about is this town.
(87) And I will be goddamned if I let it burn on account of greed and graft.
(88) Who else knows?
(89) Far as I know, just me.
(90) You sure about this?
(91) Never more, hermano.
(92) It's two hard days ride to Colorado.
(93) We ride at first light.
(94) Rojo.
(95) About your stretch...
(96) No hard feelings?/ Forgive and forget.
(97) Shit, I know things ain't panned out in the past.
(98) This is different, hermano.
(99) This is different.
(100) We're square.

[1990] [Days of Thunder] English Transcripts

(1) Welcome to the Daytona 500, the Superbowl of motor racing.
(2) Walking onto the grid is two-time champion Rowdy Burns.
(3) A contender from Pennsylvania, Aldo Bennedetti.
(4) Gentlemen, start your engines.
(5) Number 43, Richard Petty, spins to the inside of the track.
(6) Richard Petty is out of the Daytona 500.
(7) Speaking of people out of the race, remember Harry Hogge?
(8) His driver, Buddy Bretherton, died here last year in a fiery crash.
(9) You're enjoying the good life. Yeah.
(10) I never minded spreading a little fertilizer around now and then.
(11) How's the truck running? Good.
(12) I want you to build me a car.
(13) Everybody knows some car dealer who can't afford a race team.
(14) No driver will sign with you.
(15) If they wreck one car, you can't afford to build them another.
(16) No car's going to win without a driver ... not even mine.
(17) If you built the car, I'd get a damn driver.
(18) What kind of driver are you going to find after the season's started?
(19) You can work with him. You can build a driver like you build a car.
(20) That hound is the best coon dog I've ever seen.
(21) And l didn't teach him a thing. I've got somebody.
(22) Take a look at him. He doesn't sound like somebody.
(23) Then take a look at nobody.
(24) Tim, l gave up racing. You didn't give up racing.
(25) You quit to avoid an investigation into Buddy's crash at Daytona.
(26) I talked to NASCAR. lf you come back there won't be an investigation.
(27) How did you sell them that deal? I'm a hell of a salesman.
(28) Now that's a race car driver.
(29) When's your driver due?
(30) Your guy runs those Indy types. Sprints, mainly.
(31) Two championships, three all-star wins, seven straight feature wins.
(32) He's a real statistician. Does he know anything about drivers?
(33) Harry, where's your driver from? Eagle Rock.
(34) Is that up around Wilkesboro? No. Glendale, California.
(35) He's a Yankee? Californians aren't Yankees.
(36) They're not really anything. You said it.
(37) The shocks are right, we're dialed in. Don't change a thing.
(38) Hey, you're looking pretty good. You're the one looking good.
(39) It hasn't been easy, Harry, but this bitch is ready to run.
(40) We appreciate you letting us use the car, Rowdy.
(41) l told you. Harry's got a new driver and he needs a car for a few laps.
(42) Harry Hogge asked us personally as a favor.
(43) Who is this driver?.
(44) Tim tells me you've been running open wheels.
(45) Now you just want to up and drive NASCAR?
(46) This is stock car racing. I've watched it on television.
(47) You've seen it on television? ESPN, the coverage is excellent.
(48) This may not be the best time for you to run this car.
(49) Is there some problem? No, sir.
(50) You bend this bitch, and I'll tear your balls off.
(51) Would you mind very much holding on to this?
(52) Didn't you hear what that man said?
(53) Hold on, we ought to talk. About how I'm going to run?
(54) About how you've managed to live so long. You ain't racing this car.
(55) What's going on? You said you'd look at him.
(56) I've looked at him. l paid $2,500 to use this track.
(57) Forget it. He needs a brand name. l know a driver when l see one.
(58) Harry, is this happening or what? Do us all a favor, Harry.
(59) Let me drive. l won't make a fool out of you.
(60) That tunnel turn is real tricky. Hot or cold, it's slick.
(61) You'll slam into the wall before you know it. So take it easy.
(62) I'm dropping the hammer. No, you're not.
(63) it's under Rowdy's time. He should've cracked up the car.
(64) That was fast. Yeah?
(65) 31 flat. That's good enough to take the pole in the last race here.
(66) You never drove a stock car?. No, sprints mainly.
(67) Buck Bretherton. Cole Trickle, nice to meet you.
(68) You were one lucky son of a bitch in the tunnel turn.
(69) lf you think it was luck, let's do it again.
(70) You run good.
(71) Go get your own car and we'll see how you do in a crowd.
(72) What's wrong with open wheels? l lost my ride.
(73) After all those wins, you were fired?
(74) l lost my ride. I'd have quit regardless. l wasn't going anywhere.
(75) Where do you want to go? Indianapolis.
(76) To win in Indy I'd need a great car, but stock cars are all the same.
(77) There's nothing stock about a stock car.
(78) I'm not trying to insult you, but stock cars are built to run equal.
(79) l won't be beaten by a car. Only by a driver.
(80) You build me a car, and I'll win Daytona next year.
(81) I'm going to give you an engine low to the ground.
(82) An extra-big oil pan that'll cut the wind underneath you.
(83) That'll give you 30-40 more horsepower.
(84) I'll give you a fuel line that'll hold an extra gallon of gas.
(85) I'll shave half an inch off you and shape you like a bullet.
(86) When l get you primed, painted and weighed ...
(87) ... you're going to be ready to go out on that racetrack.
(88) You're going to be perfect.
(89) I'm going to pull this rookie's chain.
(90) Cole, you're all over the track. He just slammed into me.
(91) He didn't slam you or bump you. He rubbed you. Rubbing is racing.
(92) There goes the fender.
(93) There goes the quarter panel.
(94) While we're still under a caution, go out and hit the pace car.
(95) Hit the pace car?. What for?.
(96) You hit every other damn thing out there. l want you to be perfect.
(97) You're too high.
(98) How about that? This side we don't have to fix.
(99) l don't want you spoiled, Buck.
(100) This is gonna hurt.