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Monday, December 28, 2015

[1999] [Deep Blue Sea] English Transcripts

(1) So beautiful.
(2) What's that?
(3) Did you feel something? Yeah, I feel something.
(4) Hey, get back here!
(5) Turn up the music!
(6) We're having a party, man.
(7) You guys are having fun. Boat's rocking.
(8) Stop!
(9) You're paranoid! Listen.
(10) Did you hear that?
(11) Listen, listen.
(12) You hear that? What is that?
(13) Everybody, shh!
(14) Stay up there.
(15) What is that?
(16) Come on!
(17) Okay, we've had some problems at the facility.
(18) What we're attempting to achieve has never been done.
(19) We're this close to the reactivation of a human brain cell.
(20) Doctor...
(21) ...the $200 million I sunk into this company is due in great part to your research.
(22) But when the market opens Monday...
(23) ...despite my reputation, I don't like heights.
(24) Especially falling from them.
(25) I'm sorry, honestly.
(26) Tell me, Mr. Franklin, have you ever known anyone with Alzheimer's?
(27) Well, no.
(28) By the end, all my father could do was ask why my mother wasn't at home.
(29) Each time I said she was dead, I saw him take the loss like a car wreck.
(30) 200,000 men and women develop Alzheimer's each year.
(31) What if you could end all that suffering with a single pill?
(32) Give me till Monday morning. 48 hours.
(33) I'll give you results that'll skyrocket your stock price...
(34) ...or I'll help you pack the lab myself.
(35) It's your call.
(36) That was an impressive speech you gave back there.
(37) I read that article on you.
(38) The thing in the Himalayas. Alps.
(39) Right.
(40) We were just trying to do something together.
(41) Having fun.
(42) Things went bad.
(43) But you saved all those people.
(44) Not all.
(45) Navy built it for WWII submarine loading...
(46) ...refueling.
(47) When they mothballed it, we picked it up, added aquatic pens, underwater labs.
(48) Your dime, I guess.
(49) Looks like Alcatraz floats.
(50) What do you think? She's a 12-footer. She's beautiful.
(51) She wants to give you a big kiss. I bet.
(52) She's got a license plate jammed in her mouth.
(53) It's a good deal, amigo.
(54) Drop her, Billy!
(55) Russell Franklin, Janice Higgins.
(56) Marine biologist.
(57) Jan will get you settled.
(58) Welcome to our island paradise.
(59) Where's Tattoo?
(60) You know, short guy?
(61) "The plane, Boss! The plane!"
(62) Right.
(63) I am getting old.
(64) How much do you know about our facility?
(65) Treat me like a tourist.
(66) I hate tourists and I've decided I'm going to like you.
(67) "Louisiana."
(68) I think he was bought in a pet shop in Baton Rouge.
(69) Ate everything in his tank, and then ate the guy that bought him.
(70) Next day, fills up the cab of the guy's truck with water and drives to Baja...
(71) ...picking bones out of his teeth with the license plate.
(72) We need to talk.
(73) Later.
(74) Carter Blake, Russell Franklin, president of Chimera Pharmaceuticals.
(75) That was incredible.
(76) Actually, they don't like the taste of us very much.
(77) If they bite you, it's because they think you're a fat little seal.
(78) Or a rich suit.
(79) Nice meeting you.
(80) Friendly place.
(81) You got full sentences. Usually, he just kind of nods.
(82) Word travels fast about why you're here and all.
(83) Was that the Gen 1 that escaped?
(84) That little guy? No way. Those are the normals.
(85) These three are the test sharks.
(86) Two first-generation and one second-generation female.
(87) Beneath its glassy surface...
(88) ...a world of gliding monsters.
(89) It's pretty scary stuff, huh?
(90) Yes. It is.
(91) Tower to water taxi.
(92) Ben, I'm picking up a nasty little bitch of a squall about 30 miles out.
(93) Over.
(94) Copy that. We'll be all right.
(95) Jan, stay out of the rain.
(96) Where are they going? They hate me too?
(97) They're going home. We run a skeleton crew on the weekend.
(98) But they probably hate you anyway.
(99) There's Dr. Jim Whitlock, the most brilliant man ever.
(100) He's pissing into the wind. How brilliant can he be?

[2007] [Death Sentence] English Transcripts

(1) Okay. I can't get that, that...
(2) Okay, guys. Ready?
(3) We wish you a Merry Christmas. It's just the...
(4) bike I wanted.
(5) Yeah, do you like it?
(6) Is that the one?
(7) Good. Merry Christmas.
(8) Oh, the new hockey stick.
(9) Is it a good size?
(10) Yeah, it looks fine to me.
(11) Let me see that slapshot.
(12) Hey, don't knock anything off the table.
(13) I am the greatest.
(14) I am the greatest.
(15) Show me what you got. Oh.
(16) Hang on one sec.
(17) Ready?
(18) All right, flip it up.
(19) You okay?
(20) You okay?
(21) Okay, you're on your own.
(22) Oh, my gosh. Luke.
(23) Oh, honey.
(24) Watch out for the tree though.
(25) Do a trick.
(26) Do a trick.
(27) How proud are you of him?
(28) Oh, my God. He's amazing.
(29) Did mommy do that?
(30) Tell me the truth. Did mommy do that painting for you?
(31) Hey. Wow. Look at that.
(32) Just got one question. What the heck is it?
(33) It is abstract.
(34) So when I get signed, I'll buy you a new house, okay?
(35) Hey, what's wrong with this house?
(36) Ready?
(37) Oh, shit.
(38) Okay, make a wish.
(39) So how old are you, mom?
(40) How old am l? We were just wondering.
(41) You look gorgeous.
(42) You don't look a day over...
(43) Just spit it out, dad.
(44) Brendan Hume, you've just won MVP.
(45) ...our golden boy.
(46) Number one...
(47) Get this baby lit.
(48) Can I slap him when we wake him up?
(49) No...
(50) Please?
(51) He's going to kill us.
(52) Surprise!
(53) Surprise! Happy Birthday, Lukey!
(54) Happy Birthday, Lukey! Happy Birthday.
(55) Fourteen,
(56) it feels no different that yesterday when I was thirteen.
(57) Do you want your fourteen punches now or...?
(58) A little later, after I wake up.
(59) Get off me.
(60) Ah man. I almost had you.
(61) Should old acquaintance be forgot.
(62) And never brought to mind.
(63) Should old acquaintance be forgot.
(64) and days of auld lang syne.
(65) Can I bother you?
(66) Just you think there's no order anywhere, there's order looking right at you.
(67) Okay.
(68) What do you need here?
(69) Annie just said I need you to approve this.
(70) This guy worked here at Starfish for six years...
(71) but his wife's dead, no kids, no will.
(72) I just want to roll his pension back up into the fund,
(73) make it easy.
(74) Come on, don't make file with the state.
(75) We file with the state so that one day...
(76) if someone looks back at this guy's death, he will see that we did our job.
(77) You're right. You've got to cover our asses.
(78) I got it, sorry.
(79) No...we do our job,
(80) and we do right by a guy who worked for us.
(81) Lest he died in vain.
(82) What's that 'order in the universe' thing?
(83) Well, you know, our insurer spent three hundred thousand bucks...
(84) on this new model, new field data,
(85) new society.
(86) Who is the ideal employee?
(87) Who dies how and when?
(88) And they sent it over to show what a great job they're doing.
(89) And you know what it says?
(90) It says that people with kids live longer than people with no kids...
(91) people with two live longer than people with one...
(92) smoking is bad...
(93) speeding is bad...
(94) deaths in a family are bad... divorce is bad.
(95) It's kind of nice...
(96) to see that all that junk is still true.
(97) You know?
(98) Hey, you're the one with perfect kids.
(99) Brendan, you're such a kiss-ass.
(100) God gave me the skills.