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Saturday, November 14, 2015

[2013] [A Common Man] English Transcript

A Common Man

(1) We have a report of an occupied zero-entry fire confirmed victims on second floor
(2) Terrorists have struck the city center
(3) As you can see on your screens, four buildings have been blown up, causing extensive damage
(4) 26 people are feared dead and more than 70 injured
(5) The police suspect that a suicide bomber had rammed a truck filled with explosives
(6) right into the Central Bank
(7) The anti-terrorist squad is clueless at this stage
(8) Forensics experts are rushing to the scene of the crime
(9) Lost property Yes, complaint is over there
(10) No other identifying features, anything like that No, sir
(11) Okay, sign here then, sir
(12) Give us a call next week
(13) Next, please
(14) Come, sit down please, sir. What's your complaint I lost my wallet
(15) Okay, how How what
(16) How did you lose it I don't know. It was in my back pocket
(17) Where do you think you lost it
(18) I've really no idea What was in the wallet
(19) Photograph of my wife, uh driver's license, installment receipt
(20) credit card, photograph of my wife You said that
(21) Said what You already told me about your wife's photo
(22) Did you have any money in it Cash? Four, five hundred rupees
(23) I need you to write down your name and address on this form, please
(24) Vincent Dias, number 16 Windsor Flats, right
(25) Vince Telephone number
(26) 077-7534109 Landline
(27) Yeah, I've got a landline, it hasn't worked for 3 months Okay. Sign here, please
(28) Where Just there, please
(29) Call us in a couple of days We'll inform you of any progress. Next, please
(30) Where is the toilet Through that door, on the right
(31) Come, madam
(32) How many witnesses were there Sir
(33) Your receipt How many of them would you say there were
(34) About ten About ten? Okay, and what time was this
(35) About six About six p.m., right
(36) And... had you been at that same location before around that time
(37) Half a kilo of tomatoes 60 rupees, sir
(38) Terrorist activities in the last year alone have shown no mercy to this once-quiet city
(39) Unfortunately, in the last ten years our city is no stranger to these type of attacks
(40) I am Dilky Thenuwara reporting from TV1 Colombo
(41) As news coverage continues, we will discuss how these events have affected the political climate of Sri Lanka
(42) After I drop you off, I'm gonna make my way to the police station
(43) So, you just call if you need anything, okay Alright
(44) I just wish you were coming with us I hate traveling alone
(45) You'll be alright I'll come visit you on Saturday
(46) Hello Yes
(47) Did you buy the almonds and the raisins for the pudding
(48) Yes, I did
(49) Also, don't forget to add tomatoes to the list I gave you I have already purchased them
(50) What time will you come home About seven o'clock
(51) Try and come early, Pavithra will be here on time and we must have an early dinner
(52) She has to take the last bus Alright
(53) Hello Mister D.I.G.? Morris Da Silva
(54) Listen carefully to what I have to say
(55) I am sure you are aware of the state-of-the-art plastic explosives known as C-4
(56) What?! Who is this
(57) Listen very carefully, Mr. D.I.G Mr. Dig
(58) I've planted bombs at five different locations in the city
(59) They're all timed to explode which could be avoided
(60) Who is this How did you get my number
(61) Mr. Dig, don't you ever, ever interupt me again
(62) As I said, this could be avoided
(63) I'll call you back in exactly one hour, to talk to a person with full authority to meet my demands
(64) You have one hour to decide whom that person would be
(65) Hello? Hello
(66) Victor, trace the last call to my mobile It's urgent
(67) And connect me to the Inspector General immediately
(68) He's out of the country, sir. Attending the ASEAN meeting in Jakarta. He will be back tomorrow
(69) Right. Ask Officer Mohideen to come in, please
(70) I don't know Just a second. Hello
(71) Is this Miss Dilky Thenuwara Yeah, who is this
(72) Miss Dilky, I have a sensational news story for you today. Maybe the news story of the year
(73) I'm sorry, but there is a news-lead tip line for this type of information
(74) No, wait What is it
(75) This isn't a reality show in your nice, air-conditioned studio, Miss Dilky
(76) This is live. On the most important day of your life The most important day of my life
(77) Okay, where is this story supposed to be taking place
(78) The Polgoda police station Go quickly. Go now
(79) Mohideen, we may have a problem on our hands
(80) I just received a call from a man saying he'll explode five bombs here in Colombo
(81) It could be a crank call, of course but we can't take that chance
(82) Assemble all the relevant officers, intelligence unit bomb disposal squad, in the operations room
(83) Right away Yes, sir
(84) Cancel my eleven o'clock I have a lead
(85) I can't really say, but I'm on my way to the Polgoda police station
(86) I will check in later
(87) Okay... no, nothing
(88) Sir, it is a mobile number in the name of Rudra Wilson in Kalmunai. It is now disconnected
(89) Alright, let's go
(90) Good morning Please be seated
(91) We have a situation on our hands. A man is threatening to explode five bombs here in the city, now
(92) this could be a crank call, a madman, or a well-planned act of terrorism
(93) there's simply no way of knowing He calls on my mobile
(94) From now on, whatever happens in here stays confined to these four walls
(95) Your cooperation in this is vital. Clear Yes, sir. - Yes, sir
(96) Ganesha, talk to intelligence see what they have
(97) Warner, get all the information you can about the trafficking of explosives in and out of the city
(98) Particularly RDX. We need this fast use your informants
(99) Victor
(100) Connect my mobile to the speaker system Keep the line open

[2015] [4Got10] English Transcript

(1) Oh
(2) Fuck me
(3) Paperwork on this one's
(4) giving me a pain in the ass already
(5) Jesus
(6) What the hell happened
(7) Well, one thing's for sure
(8) The Grim Reaper had himself a good old time
(9) Samuel
(10) you better call this in to the city
(11) They're gonna want to send out some CSI technicians
(12) Don't want us small-town boys
(13) contaminatin' evidence do they
(14) Yes, sir
(15) Samuel
(16) Hold on there
(17) Jackpot. Oh, my God
(18) Looks like somebody tried to rip somebody off
(19) and got killed
(20) It sure looks like it
(21) Where you goin' now
(22) I'm going to call it in Why
(23) I said, "Hold on here
(24) With all this blow and cash
(25) we're just askin' for trouble just being around it
(26) Not if no one knows it
(27) You're kidding, right
(28) Just think about it, Samuel
(29) That must be $3 million in cash in that van
(30) At least that much in product in the other one
(31) No one knows it's out here
(32) Bullshit Somebody always knows
(33) Didn't your wife just have a baby
(34) Yes, sir
(35) I got two on the way to college
(36) I don't know how the hell I'm gonna pay their tuition
(37) Room and board That's a lot of money, son
(38) And I'll be honest
(39) I'm feelin' old I'm tired
(40) Tired of workin' two jobs
(41) Tired of pickin' up drunks at 2:00 in the mornin
(42) covered in piss and vomit
(43) Tired of getting' shot at by some crazy bitch
(44) cause her alimony check bounced
(45) I'm just tired
(46) And, son that's a lot of money
(47) Had you going, kid, didn't I
(48) You son of a bitch
(49) You almost had me
(50) I'm gonna go call it in
(51) Sorry, kid
(52) Just take it easy, now
(53) Let's talk this through
(54) Like you did with that young deputy there
(55) I'm not worried about him
(56) I'm worried about you and me
(57) Don't even try
(58) Uh, who the hell are you
(59) I have no idea
(60) Fuck
(61) Excuse me, sir A moment
(62) Yeah
(63) ls that the sheriff
(64) He's lucky to be alive Being prepped for surgery
(65) anything else
(66) Agent Rocker, DEA
(67) The second he wakes up I need to know
(68) You got it
(69) Let's go piece this together
(70) before the local cops mess it up
(71) We estimate that nearly 1,000 pounds of cocaine
(72) was brought in right beneath our noses
(73) We're on the front line
(74) And on the front line we can't afford to fuck up
(75) Breaking up these drug cartels
(76) and stemming the flow of drugs, weapons, and cash
(77) across the Southwest border is our top and only priority
(78) I'm all ears
(79) A shit storm in the middle of nowhere
(80) and a dead deputy
(81) Davis, I need you on traffic cams
(82) Report back to me A.S.A.P I'm on it
(83) A dead deputy Yeah
(84) Looks like we're missing someone
(85) There's a vehicle missing, also
(86) You know the make and model
(87) I believe so
(88) I want roadblocks on every highway
(89) people in trains and bus stations
(90) And check the hospitals This man is wounded
(91) Copy that
(92) Take me through it
(93) We haven't processed everything yet
(94) I don't have half the data
(95) Tell me what you do have
(96) Well, right now it's all guesswork
(97) Just...take a stab at it
(98) I think our missing friend here
(99) caused most of the damage
(100) He came out with a two-piece Took out perp one and perp two

[1982] [48 Hrs.] English Transcript

48 Hrs.

(1) Wonder what reservation they let him off of
(2) Excuse me, sir
(3) But my truck's overheating and it's 30 miles to the next station
(4) Can I get some water out of your cooler please, sir
(5) Maybe you should've stole a better truck, Tonto
(6) You got a big mouth, convict
(7) Take it easy, Chief. He's only joking
(8) Okay. Can I have the water, please, sir
(9) Firewater, Tonto Is that what you mean
(10) Firewater, huh
(11) Hey! Jesus Christ
(12) Hold it
(13) He's a state prisoner, you asshole
(14) Goddamn you two! Knock it off
(15) Hold it, you asshole
(16) Get out of the way
(17) Don't move, convict
(18) Fuck you
(19) APO 657, unit 25 to APO 478
(20) Roger, APO
(21) Escape in progress! Two officers shot
(22) Fugitives are driving a blue flatbed pickup truck
(23) Two men! One of them is an Indian
(24) Tall! 6'4", 200 pounds
(25) The other one's Albert Ganz They're armed and dangerous
(26) God, we need help! Get it here quick
(27) Say again, 25
(28) Escape in progress! Two fugitives
(29) One Indian and prisoner Albert Ganz
(30) You know, if you let me come over to your place once in a while
(31) you could put on a clean shirt in the morning
(32) What makes you think I got any clean shirts at my place
(33) Great morning
(34) Yeah. I want her young, tall, thin
(35) Yeah, real thin She's got to have nice legs
(36) Yeah. Legs are important
(37) No, no jeans. I don't like jeans Jeans are cheap
(38) A dress. Yeah, a nice summer dress
(39) I want her fresh, you know
(40) No, I know you don't get it
(41) Hey, what about me
(42) Yeah. And I need one more for my friend
(43) Now, make her an Indian
(44) No, not with a turban You know, a squaw
(45) Yeah
(46) It'll be the Walden hotel
(47) That's 3rd, near Broadway
(48) And you tell them to ask for Polson
(49) G.P. Polson
(50) Yeah. P-O-L-S-O-N
(51) Just be a couple of hours
(52) Right
(53) That's a fairly crummy way to start a morning
(54) Maybe I got a fairly crummy day ahead
(55) Maybe that makes a nice excuse
(56) Maybe you don't know what the hell you're talking about
(57) Jack, when you start with that attitude it's like I don't even know who you are
(58) What do you want to know And what difference does it make
(59) I make you feel good you make me feel good
(60) Now, what the hell more do you want from a guy
(61) I wish you'd stop trying to make me mad
(62) I don't have time for this I got to go to work
(63) You really are hopeless
(64) That's what I always say
(65) Call me later
(66) You want me to Yeah
(67) Good. Thanks for the coffee
(68) Okay
(69) Oh, hey, Jack Yeah
(70) Here, take this
(71) It's cold as hell out these mornings and you know what the man said
(72) No
(73) The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer I spent in San Francisco
(74) No, we ain't going by the store again
(75) I told you a million fucking times we start slow, we save a little bit
(76) We go with that way But I liked that carpet we saw
(77) We can't afford it
(78) Don't remind me I know we can't afford it
(79) I'm just saying I liked it
(80) You don't have to get crabby about it
(81) What do you want me to do Go out and steal for the money
(82) I hated the color anyway The color sucked
(83) Wait
(84) Surprise, Luther What do you want
(85) I thought you were locked up I want the money, asshole
(86) What do you think The money that Reggie hid
(87) I don't know what you're talking about
(88) Want that Indian to snap her neck
(89) Instead of worrying about Reggie you better start worrying about me
(90) Don't give me this. We were partners
(91) Go ahead, Billy. Break it
(92) No! Don't hurt her
(93) I can get you the money When
(94) I can't get it till Monday. Honest
(95) Little chickenshit
(96) Honest! The place we got it stashed doesn't open till Monday
(97) I can't get it till then Monday morning. That's when it opens
(98) After that, I'll get the money right to you
(99) I always liked you, Luther
(100) You were always a lot of fun to hang out with

[2013] [47 Ronin] English Transcript

47 Ronin

(1) NARRATOR: Ancient feudal Japan a land shrouded in mystery
(2) forbidden to foreigners
(3) A group of magical islands home to witches and demons
(4) A nation of rival provinces
(5) whose lords were ruled by a shogun whose will is absolute
(6) Peace in the realm is kept by the samurai
(7) master swordsmen
(8) tasked with protecting their lord
(9) and their province at all costs
(10) Should a samurai ever lose or fail his master
(11) he suffers the greatest shame in all Japanese society
(12) He becomes a ronin
(13) And yet, to know the story of the 47 Ronin
(14) is to know the story of all Japan
(15) It began with a boy
(16) No one knew where he came from or how he found his way to Ako
(17) Some said he was a changeling no better than a beast
(18) Many believed he'd been raised by the Tengu
(19) the demons of the forest
(20) who had taught him their dark powers
(21) and trained him in their lethal arts of killing
(22) The evil he had fled had left its mark upon him
(23) Oishi
(24) My Lord, it is a demon
(25) He's a child, just like you
(26) Help me pick him up, Oishi
(27) NARRATOR Lord Asano, of the province Ako
(28) saved him that day
(29) seeing something in the boy that Oishi did not
(30) Lord Asano's daughter Mike, saw it too
(31) Mika's father allowed the boy to live amongst them
(32) against the advice of his samurai
(33) Look
(34) What do you see
(35) A branch
(36) No
(37) It's a deer
(38) Oh
(39) It took this path
(40) You keep it, Kai
(41) NARRATOR The samurai believed his presence
(42) would bring misfortune to their land
(43) Mika only saw a gentle boy
(44) Although he lived as an outcast
(45) Kai was determined to repay the love
(46) he received from Mike and her father
(47) whatever the cost
(48) OISHI: Kai
(49) Well
(50) There is something wrong with the creature
(51) It's up there on the rise, but it will come down again to hunt
(52) It would be safer to set a trap and wait for it here
(53) It's up on the rise, Lord Asano
(56) My Lord
(57) Kill it
(63) I would rather have been killed by that beast than saved by a half-breed
(65) SAMURAI: Yasuno
(66) Ako owes you a great debt, Yasuno
(67) We can finally welcome the Shogun without fear
(68) For Ako
(69) ALL: For Ako
(70) Well done
(72) Get out
(73) Get out
(74) Does Lord Asano live
(75) Yes
(76) Mmm
(77) MIKA Hosting the Shogun's tournament
(78) is a great honor for my father
(79) Everything must be perfect
(80) My Lady, Mika
(81) Lord Asano and the hunting party have returned
(82) They killed the beast
(84) Father
(85) I was worried
(86) The hunt took longer than we hoped
(87) Yasuno showed great courage
(88) Is anyone badly hurt
(89) Who are you looking for
(90) Is everything prepared for the Shogun's arrival
(91) Yes, Father
(92) LORD ASANO: I want all of Ako to share in this honor
(93) of hosting our great commander
(94) MIKA I have made special arrangements
(95) for the visiting lords, as well
(96) I've ordered stands put up all along the route
(97) Your mother would have been proud
(99) I was worried
(100) You always worry

[2012] [40 Days and Nights] English Transcript

40 Days and Nights

(1) Debbie, come on
(2) All right, you know what I'll be honest with you
(3) Lately, my penis hasn't been getting as hard as it used to, all right
(4) And it's kind of freaked me out
(5) I don't know whether or not it's because I'm getting older or I'm losing testosterone
(6) No, it's what I told you. Your artery to your heart is clogged
(7) because you eat so much junk food and you have high cholesterol
(8) and that is directly related to your penis vein
(9) My "penis vein"? Where'd you get my penis vein
(10) There was a whole Dr. Oz about it
(11) Cholesterol is not clogging my penis vein
(12) Maybe I can't get a hard-on fully
(13) because, you know, I keep my phone in my front pocket
(14) and it's radiating my balls. I'll give you that That makes sense
(15) Where'd you even get it from
(16) A very safe and reputable farmacia
(17) Mexico? Mexico
(18) Look at this. You want that to go to waste
(19) Looks like a plant trying to reach the sun
(20) Okay, well
(21) I'll do it for 10 minutes
(22) but you have to figure out what to do with the other four hours
(23) Stop it. Dad, stop
(24) SING-SONGY I love you
(25) Time to get up
(26) Your breath smells weird
(27) Wake up
(28) I really need you to wake up
(30) Wake up. Come on
(31) Time to wake up Okay
(32) Whoo
(33) PETE: Ready
(36) PETE: Make a wish
(39) Hello, Sayid
(40) Can I watch Lost
(41) You can't handle Lost
(42) It's too violent and you won't understand
(43) If I don't understand it why can't I handle it
(44) Because you're eight
(45) I can handle it. I've seen a shark eat a guy on Shark Week
(46) Shark Week is fake
(47) No, it's not
(48) All of it is reenactments
(49) I know, but they
(50) And that's scary. You shouldn't be allowed to watch that
(51) They show the reenactments but they actually happened
(52) It's gonna give you nightmares
(53) I can handle a nightmare. You're a nightmare every day for me
(55) Hey
(56) Don't eat that cupcake
(57) What
(58) The one you just put into the sink
(59) I saw you were hiding that
(60) This cupcake? You think I'm going to eat this cupcake
(61) Yeah. I so don't want this cupcake Look
(62) You're still going to eat it I'm going to eat that cupcake
(63) Just put it in the trash
(64) What would you like to do Your choice
(65) Anything Yeah, anything
(66) Just hang out with you guys
(67) Don't you want to get a massage, or do something fun
(68) Forty's huge
(69) I'm turning 38
(70) Okay, 38. We will move on
(71) Isn't it weird that our birthday is the same week
(72) and then we're going to have a party, and it's just for me
(73) No, I don't think it's weird at all
(74) Because you're turning 40 and I'm turning 38
(75) Come on, do you really want to be one of those ladies
(76) who's just so insecure about their age
(77) And they lie, and then they gotta remember, and it gets all
(78) You don't get it. See, you don't understand how it works
(79) I don't want to shop at old ladies' stores
(80) I don't want to go to J. Jill and Chico's, and Ann Taylor Loft
(81) I'm not ready yet
(82) I need two more years
(83) That is so insane it kind of makes sense
(84) What'd you get me for my birthday
(85) Wait a minute I thought you said that
(86) we shouldn't get each other gifts this year
(87) What do you mean
(88) You're supposed to get me a surprise gift
(89) This is a big birthday
(90) I'm turning 40
(92) SADIE: Mom
(93) Mom, why can't I get new clothes
(94) SCREAMING) What the fuck Nothing fits me
(95) God damn it
(96) I'm going to go work out I'll be back in about an hour
(97) Hey, did your father call to wish you a happy birthday
(98) No, but that's no surprise
(99) Come on Coming
(100) You got to keep up with us, sweetheart Yeah, I'm in

[2014] [300: Rise of an Empire] English Transcript

300: Rise of an Empire

(1) The Oracle's words stand as a warning
(2) A prophecy
(3) Sparta will fall
(4) All of Greece will fall
(5) And Persian fire will reduce Athens to cinder
(6) For Athens is a pile of stone and wood
(7) and cloth and dust
(8) and, as dust, will vanish into the wind
(9) Only the Athenians themselves exist
(10) And the fate of the world hangs on their every syllable
(11) Only the Athenians exist
(12) And only stout wooden ships can save them
(13) Wooden ships
(14) and a tidal wave of heroes' blood
(15) Leonidas, my husband
(16) Leonidas, your king
(17) Leonidas and the brave 300 are dead
(18) The free men and women of Greece
(19) are not bound by a beautiful Spartan death
(20) War is not their love
(21) Yet he lay down his life for them
(22) For the promise Greece holds
(23) Tis our enemies who forged our freedom in the fires of war
(24) It was King Darius who came to take our land
(25) Ten years ago, when youth still burned in our eyes
(26) before this bitter war forced our children to become men
(27) Ten years ago, this war began
(28) as all wars begin
(29) With a grievance
(30) Marathon
(31) The Persian king, Darius
(32) annoyed by the notion of Greek freedom
(33) has come to Greece to bring us to heel
(34) He makes landfall at the field of Marathon
(35) with an invading force which outnumbers
(36) the Greek defenders three-to-one
(37) And so at dawn, the hopeless Athenians do the unthinkable
(38) They attack
(39) They attack the weary Persians as they disembark
(40) their ships on shaky legs after a month at sea
(41) They attack before they can establish their war camp
(42) and supply their soldiers
(43) And who
(44) is the architect of this mad strategy
(45) A little-known Athenian
(46) soldier
(47) His men call him
(48) Themistokles
(49) He gives the Persians a taste of Athenian shock combat
(50) All thoughts of glory are gone
(51) Thousands dead
(52) Hundreds of them their own
(53) All for an idea: A free Greece
(54) an Athenian experiment called "democracy
(55) Could this idea be worth it
(56) Worth all this sacrifice
(57) Themistokles would let the good King Darius decide
(58) For through the chaos
(59) a moment appeared
(60) And Themistokles would seize it
(61) A moment
(62) that would ring across the centuries
(63) A moment that would
(64) raise him from simple soldier
(65) to the height of Athenian political power
(66) No
(67) A moment that would make Themistokles a legend
(68) Yet even as the praise and glory
(69) were heaped upon him
(70) Themistokles knew in his heart he had made a mistake
(71) It was Darius' son, Xerxes
(72) whose eyes had the stink of destiny about them
(73) Themistokles knew he should have killed that boy
(74) That glorious mistake would forever haunt him
(75) And so it was Themistokles himself
(76) who sent a ripple across the Persian empire
(77) and set into motion
(78) forces that would bring fire to the heart of Greece
(79) For as the good king lay dying
(80) all his greatest generals
(81) and advisers were summoned to his bedside
(82) None greater
(83) than his finest naval commander, Artemisia
(84) Her ferocity bested only by her beauty
(85) Her beauty matched only by her devotion to her king
(86) Darius favored Artemisia among his generals
(87) for she had brought him victory on the battlefield
(88) In her
(89) he had the perfect warrior protégée
(90) that his son, Xerxes would never be
(91) So sweet, my child
(92) My sweet
(93) child
(94) Father
(95) Xerxes
(96) Do not repeat your father's mistake
(97) Leave the ignoble Greeks to their ways
(98) Only the gods can defeat them
(99) Only the gods
(100) For seven days, Xerxes mourned

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

[2006] [300] English Transcript

(3) DILIOS When the boy was born
(4) like all Spartans, he was inspected
(5) If he'd been small or puny or sickly or misshapen
(6) he would have been discarded
(7) From the time he could stand he was baptized in the fire of combat
(9) Taught never to retreat never to surrender
(10) Taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta
(11) was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life
(12) At age 7, as is customary in Sparta
(13) the boy was taken from his mother and plunged into a world of violence
(15) Manufactured by 300 years of Spartan warrior society
(16) to create the finest soldiers the world has ever known
(17) The agoge, as it's called forces the boy to fight
(18) Starves them, forces them to steal
(19) and if necessary, to kill
(20) By rod and lash the boy was punished
(21) taught to show no pain, no mercy
(22) Constantly tested, tossed into the wild
(23) Left to pit his wits and will against nature's fury
(24) It was his initiation
(25) his time in the wild
(26) for he would return to his people a Spartan
(27) or not at all
(29) The wolf begins to circle the boy
(30) Claws of black steel
(31) fur as dark night
(32) Eyes glowing red
(33) jewels from the pit of hell itself
(34) The giant wolf sniffing
(35) savoring the scent of the meal to come
(39) It's not fear that grips him
(40) only a heightened sense of things
(41) The cold air in his lungs
(42) Windswept pines moving against the coming night
(44) His hands are steady
(45) His form
(46) perfect
(47) And so the boy, given up for dead
(48) returns to his people to sacred Sparta, a king
(49) Our king, Leonidas
(51) It's been more than 30 years since the wolf and the winter cold
(52) And now, as then, a beast approaches
(53) Patient and confident savoring the meal to come
(54) But this beast is made of men and horses
(55) swords and spears
(56) An army of slaves, vast beyond imagining ready to devour tiny Greece
(57) Ready to snuff out the world's one hope for reason and justice
(58) A beast approaches
(59) and it was King Leonidas himself who provoked it
(61) LEONIDAS That's it
(63) LEONIDAS: Now, the more you sweat here, the less you'll bleed in battle
(64) My father taught me
(65) that fear is always a constant
(66) But accepting it
(67) makes you stronger
(68) My queen
(69) A Persian emissary awaits Leonidas
(70) In the end
(71) a Spartan's true strength is the warrior next to him
(72) So give respect and honor to him and it will be returned to you
(73) First
(74) you fight with your head Then you fight with your heart
(75) What is it
(76) A Persian messenger awaits you
(77) Do not forget today's lesson
(78) Respect and honor LEONIDAS: Respect and honor
(79) Councilman Theron You found yourself needed, for once
(80) My king and queen I was just entertaining your guests
(81) I"m sure
(82) Before you speak, Persian
(83) know that in Sparta everyone even a king's messenger
(84) is held accountable for the words of his voice
(85) Now, what message do you bring
(86) Earth and water
(87) You rode all the way from Persia for earth and water
(88) Do not be coy or stupid, Persian You can afford neither in Sparta
(89) What makes this woman think she can speak among men
(90) Because only Spartan women give birth to real men
(91) Let us walk to cool our tongues
(92) If you value your lives over your complete annihilation
(93) listen carefully, Leonidas
(94) Xerxes conquers and controls everything he rests his eyes upon
(95) He leads an army so massive it shakes the ground with its march
(96) So vast, it drinks the rivers dry
(97) All the God-King Xerxes requires is this
(98) A simple offering of earth and water
(99) a token of Sparta's submission to the will of Xerxes
(100) Submission

[2011] [30 Minutes or Less] English Transcript

30 Minutes or Less

(1) Thirty-four minutes, four minutes late Pizza's free
(2) You live two towns away It's impossible to get here in 30
(3) Exactly. That's why we order from your shitty pizza parlor
(4) Okay. You guys are pretty smart
(5) You figured out a way to beat the system
(6) There you go Thank you
(7) What, no tip Sorry, I only got the big bills
(8) You guys kind of remind me of me when I was your age
(9) Just trying to get drunk any chance I get
(10) I bet you got the fridge full of beer, right
(11) Man, we don't have anything Really
(12) Could you get us some beer Me
(13) Listen, I shouldn't do this but if you give me the money
(14) that your mom gave you which you didn't give me
(15) I will run out and get you some beer
(16) Let him do it. Let's get shit-faced But I want a tip
(17) Okay Okay, we have
(18) That's 40 Oh, thanks, man
(19) Wait, how many am I getting Whatever that will get us
(20) Okay. I will see you soon
(21) Wait, you boys like O'Doul's, right Yeah
(22) Fucking love that shit Totally
(23) You rule
(24) Okay
(25) All right
(26) All good
(27) Cool. You really went for it
(28) Okay. Well, I will Okay
(29) Call me
(30) I will. Yes, okay
(31) All right, take care Bye
(32) See you Bye
(33) Thanks again
(34) You have a great personality
(35) Hey. What the hell
(36) You've been watching the whole time Yeah, the whole show
(37) Really classy move there at the end The kiss
(38) If a woman is kind to provide me with fellatio services
(39) I'm not gonna dart out of there like she's an untouchable
(40) And they say chivalry is dead Have a beer
(41) The alcohol should help wash the taste of yourself out of your mouth
(42) Well, thank you, sir
(43) Hey, I rented some movies for us I got Lethal Weapon
(44) I got Lethal Weapon 2 I think I'm gonna have to pass
(45) I gotta be up early to teach a class Come on, you're a sub
(46) Just call in sick like the real teacher did
(47) I got promoted to full time last month You bought me a laser pointer
(48) I'm just having trouble accepting you as the man
(49) because you're you
(50) Filling kids' heads with bullshit just so you can have your summers off
(51) I'm sorry I have a career
(52) and I don't have time to squeeze movies into my schedule
(53) Okay. "Call of Duty Fine
(54) But you will get smoked
(55) Fruit motherfucking salad Yeah. Fuck, yeah
(56) That was sick, Dwayne That was fucking awesome
(57) This one's gonna blow even bigger Oh, yeah
(58) If you weren't a skinny bitch you could be in the military
(59) I don't need to be I taught myself how to do this
(60) I went online and looked all this up I hear you
(61) I taught myself how to eat pussy and cut my own hair
(62) I taught myself how to eat pussy hair Let's do it
(63) I want this one. Here Give me the crossbow
(64) You get the crossbow I'll take the detonator
(65) Blow that shit up, dude This one's mine
(66) Bin Laden. This time it's personal
(67) Fuck you
(68) Whoa, man. It's so real
(69) Run, bitch Oh, check this shit out
(70) What are you doing, dude I'm not afraid of Jason. Look at me
(71) I'm fucking Jason Oh, my God
(72) Get him, dude In his fucking mask hole
(73) Hey, come here, bitch Keep that fucking mask on, Jason
(74) I'm fingering his asshole I'm gonna wrap his balls
(75) I'm gonna fucking raw-dog him I got your butt-pussy
(76) It's so hard. Fuck you, Jason Fuck you so
(77) Who are you two fags fucking
(78) Just Jason Voorhees Afternoon, major
(79) It's been 20 years, Dwayne
(80) When are you finally going to get up the courage to ask him out
(81) That's not funny We're business partners
(82) Oh, yeah What kind of business are you in
(83) Some entre
(84) Entrepreneurials Entre
(85) That's not a business You can't even pronounce it
(86) We're just trying to watch this movie
(87) There's about 45 minutes left and 3D titties coming up
(88) You're coming in at the worst time
(89) Yeah? I bought that TV so I can watch football
(90) Not so that you and your boyfriend can jack off all over it
(91) Well, then maybe you should learn how to share the common space better
(92) Common? The only thing common in this house is you
(93) Come on, Travis This movie sucks, anyway
(94) You look good, major
(95) I paid for the damn cold cuts too
(96) Maybe if you had a job or a fucking prospect
(97) or a clue how to get any of the above
(98) I'd let you eat them
(99) You're a cold son of a bitch, Dad
(100) That's what it takes, boy

[2015] [3 Headed Shark Attack] English Transcript

3 Headed Shark Attack

(1) Fixed & Synced by bozxphd.Enjoy The Flick
(2) MALE: What's up ladies
(4) Thanks
(5) What's up ladies
(6) I got beers! [WHOO
(7) Here you go. One for the lady
(8) Thank you
(9) One of the gentleman
(10) I got an idea
(11) How about some day time skinny dipping
(12) No way
(13) Aww, come on babe
(14) I'm gonna swim to that buoy and back
(15) And I make it, you gotta go skinny dipping with me
(18) A little further
(19) LAUGHS] Ha, Ha! Yeah
(20) Told you he's make it
(21) Unbelievable
(22) Well, do you want to strip down now or wait till he gets back
(23) MALE #1: Whoo-hoo
(24) MALE #1: All of it
(25) Yeah Now the bottom
(26) I don't think so
(28) Polly
(29) MALE #1: Polly! Polly! Male #2: Mark! Get back onto the sand! There's a shark in the water
(30) Hey, what the hell is that
(31) MALE #1: Get her out of the water
(32) MALE #1: Get out
(33) MARK: She was just here and now she's gone
(34) WHIMPERING Get out of the water
(35) Hey
(36) MALE #1: MARK
(37) MALE #1: [CRYING] Somebody SCREAMING
(38) FEMALE: Mark! Polly MALE #1: Oh my god
(39) What is it
(40) Do you hear screaming
(41) Screaming? No
(42) I'll go check it out though
(47) BEEP-INTERCOM] Calling Dr. Thomas Maggie, the new intern has arrived at the
(48) island research facility. I will go up to meet her and will drop by your office in 30 minutes
(49) BEEP-INTERCOM] Actually lets make that 15 minutes
(50) We're heading up there now
(51) Hello, you must be our new intern
(52) Maggie Peterson, I presume
(53) And you must be Dr. Nelson
(54) Please call me "Ted
(55) Come inside. Okay
(56) Watch your step
(57) Oh, that's Dr. Leonard. He doesn't do well around people
(58) Especially if they're new
(59) But at any rate, welcome to Persephone
(60) I'm thrilled to be here. Where can I start first
(61) Testing Ph levels, or helping with today's specimen acquisition
(62) Raring, to go, huh? I knew we hired you for a reason
(63) But you've gotta crawl before you walk so, let's start you with orientation
(65) It's not like pulling teeth, I promise
(66) So you really signed up to work in this godforsaken bunker, huh
(67) An opportunity to study the Great Pacific Garbage patch up close and personal
(68) I'd never pass that up. Besides, you get to do all the cool stuff here at Persephone
(69) Deep-sea dives. Animal discovery. Save the ocean
(70) Well most of the time it's just paperwork
(71) MAGGIE: Oh. Dr. Nelson: But don't worry We'll find you something exciting to do
(72) Come on. Let's store your gear and I'll give you the full tour
(73) Perfect. Absolutely perfect
(74) Professor Thomas? I've got someone here that you may like to meet
(75) PROF. THOMAS: Oh! You must be Maggie MAGGIE: Professor
(76) It's such an honor to meet you
(77) Please. All I do is study garbage LAUGHS
(78) Oh, we're about to go on the big tour. Would you like to join us
(79) Yeah! I'd love to
(80) You know what, we have some visitors coming today
(81) RECEPTIONIST] Calling Dr. Thomas The Earth Pact has just docked
(82) DR. THOMAS: Actually, they've just arrived So, why don't we all do the tour together
(83) You 2 can come with me
(84) MALE: Hey Brad, wait up top with the bags while we go down into the facility
(85) Earth Pacters! Hello! Welcome
(86) We're so glad you could make it It's always nice when we can
(87) work with new potential colleagues
(88) I'm professor Laura Thomas
(89) And this is Dr. Ted Nelson
(90) and we have our newest inter
(91) Greg
(92) CHUCKLES You've gotta be kidding me
(93) Care to introduce us to your friend, Maggie
(94) Uh... Sure. This is Greg He's a, um
(95) We us to date in college
(96) Before I dropped out, that is
(97) Naturally
(98) I haven't seen you in what 3 years
(99) Yeah. Something like that CHUCKLES
(100) You look great

Monday, November 9, 2015

[2014] [3 Days to Kill] English Transcript

3 Days to Kill

(1) Mr. Director, this is Agent Vivian Delay
(2) For the last ten years, the Central Intelligence Agency
(3) has been after Wolfgang Braun The Wolf
(4) As you know, we have no positive identification on what the Wolf looks like
(5) What we do know is he's a former German national
(6) who sells atomic material to terrorists all over the world
(7) Intelligence confirms that a transaction is to take place
(8) next week in Belgrade
(9) The Wolf's number one man, the Albino
(10) will be selling a dirty bomb to Syrian buyers
(11) We've already dispatched a team to eliminate the buyers
(12) secure the bomb, and apprehend the Albino
(13) How may I be of service, sir
(14) Your target is the Wolf
(15) We have reason to believe he'll be present
(16) Find him and eliminate him
(17) Yes, sir
(18) Let them get the Albino you get the Wolf
(19) Oh, sir, if I may
(20) who is our agent on the ground
(21) Ethan Renner
(22) He's a lifer
(23) He'll get the job done
(24) The buyers have been neutralized
(25) Well done, Ethan. Well done
(26) Going down
(27) Maid service. I have your extra towels
(28) This cold is killing me
(29) Yeah Where are you
(30) You left a big mess Yeah, well
(31) I'm thinking about calling in sick
(32) Come on, you haven't had a sick day in 32 years
(33) Here's the scanner Thank you, Yasmin
(34) Uh... be sure to stock my bedroom with those little shampoo bottles, I like them
(35) All teams in position
(36) Excuse me
(37) Nice work in there, my man
(38) Oh... it's Zooey's birthday
(39) I need a second to make a call
(40) Cell phones aren't secure, Ethan
(41) Yeah, well, it's my daughter
(42) You've got a payphone outside you've got five minutes
(43) Let's see the scan
(44) Hey, hey, listen I'm trying to make a phone call over there and
(45) I don't have any change so if I could borrow some out of this money
(46) I can come back and I can pay you back
(47) Come on, come on
(48) Son of a bitch
(49) All right, this is worth a lot
(50) I take some of this
(51) I'm coming back for that
(52) Excuse me
(53) Have we met before
(54) You would remember me, no
(55) Karachi
(56) Yasmin's been compromised We need to move now, Axel
(57) No one moves on the Albino
(58) until we have cleared what's in the box. Come on
(59) Yeah, yeah, yeah. We met in Karachi last April exactly
(60) But then you were working as a cocktail waitress
(61) if I remember it correctly
(62) Oh, shit We got confirmation
(63) That's a dirty bomb
(64) Boss
(65) Abort
(66) Hey Hi sweetie, it's your father
(67) You didn't forget, which means you probably love me
(68) Of course I do, Zooey
(69) You can prove it by singing me Happy Birthday, " loudly
(70) Well, I could sweetheart but, uh, I'm at work
(71) You can leave a message after the beep
(72) What the f
(73) All right
(74) Happy birthday to you
(75) Happy birth
(76) Go, go! Get in position! Cover me
(77) to you
(78) Happy birthday, dear Zooey
(79) Cover Ethan now
(80) We're going in! We're going in
(81) Cover Ethan! Cover Ethan
(82) All right, that's enough
(83) Put it down
(84) Now
(85) Now slide it over here
(86) You're not going to kill me, are you
(87) Not unless I have to, all right
(88) But I'm not running after you anymore, fucker
(89) Ohh
(90) I see you've read the report
(91) It's called Glioblastoma Yeah
(92) It's a type of brain cancer and it's spread to your lungs
(93) It doesn't say how much time I have left
(94) Three months, possibly five
(95) Yeah
(96) So, no Christmas this year, huh
(97) I'm afraid not
(98) I suggest you put your affairs in order
(99) Thank you, doctor
(100) Well done securing the bomb, Ethan