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Monday, November 9, 2015

[2014] [2047 - Sights of Death] English Transcript

2047 - Sights of Death
(1) Julian Assange was right
(2) Noam Chomsky was right Dan Brown was right
(3) So were all the anonymous gangs and
(4) Bilderberger freaks. They were spot on
(5) So were Kim DotCom and the Twin Tower tinfoil crowd
(6) the Wikileaks, Wikipedia
(7) and all the other fucking wikis
(8) and open sources of the net
(9) Except for the Nibiru teams. Nibiru were
(10) a pile of horseshit
(11) But anyway they're all dead now dead and forgotten
(12) and the world's another place
(13) The Illuminati and the rating agencies
(14) grabbed all the power, and those countries that didn't join the Confederation
(15) were bankrupted
(16) and decimated with peace missions
(17) and in the end filled with radioactive waste
(18) The masses
(19) with their cubicle jobs and their families
(20) their monthly installments
(21) Well, it's obvious
(22) it's never easy to open people's eyes
(23) Now we're the only ones left
(24) Still putting up the fight
(25) GreenWar here
(26) Sponge talking
(27) Are you there, Ryan? Over
(28) Argh
(29) Son of a bitch
(30) Still no answer from Ryan
(31) More than three hours have elapsed since the launch
(32) Yesterday one of our satellites went haywire
(33) and crashed into a contaminated quadrant
(34) Our satellites are ex-government issue
(35) that had been pirated away from the Confederation's control by our hackers
(36) and reconverted into mobile nodes for communication among
(37) the cells of the organization
(38) Usually, such use can't last more than five or six days
(39) Argh
(40) The time it takes the government's technicians to
(41) crack the numerical sequences of the viruses
(42) But at that point Argh
(43) our malware causes the satellites to self-destruct
(44) and permanently cancel all the data transferred by them
(45) to avoid leaving the government any useful evidence of our missions
(46) How you doing, Captain
(47) File 2556
(48) November, 2047
(49) This is Captain Ryan Willburn
(50) I've landed somewhere inside of contaminated quadrant B2
(51) Well outside the intended targeted impact
(52) My transmitter isn't working so I can't communicate
(53) and most of my equipment is damaged
(54) I'm banged up pretty good
(55) As far as supplies go
(56) I have some freeze-dried food some flash bangers, and
(57) unfortunately an insufficient supply of antirad
(58) But I will complete my mission
(59) File 2557
(60) I'm looking at a pile of bodies here
(61) All dead
(62) There must be several hundred
(63) It stinks It's like a mountain of human corpses
(64) My God, what have they done
(65) Where are you
(66) Damn it
(67) Wait just one second
(68) I am not here to hurt you, okay
(69) I am Captain Ryan Willburn
(70) I am here to help you Yah
(71) Argh
(72) Hold on a second
(73) I'm here with the Organization fighting against the Confederation
(74) I'm not going to hurt you
(75) No. It's just an alarm It's okay. It's an alarm
(76) I have to take some medicine, okay
(77) I gotta take the antirad
(78) This radiation is frying my frickin' brain
(79) Did you bring me here
(80) Can you understand me
(81) It's an old burnt-out military command center
(82) But I'm not even sure if you understand me
(83) What's your name? My name is Ryan. You
(84) Tuag
(85) Good. Are there more like you Are there more survivors
(86) There's things I need to figure out as well
(87) because I don't know how long I can survive here
(88) Antirad. Where did you get this
(89) This is exactly what I need
(90) Military communications base
(91) Okay
(92) Eenie, meenie, minie
(93) Moe
(94) You've got to be kidding me
(95) We got power, Tuag
(96) If I can just figure out how to put these video phones back together
(97) then we can prove to the whole international community what happened here
(98) but I need your help
(99) Okay
(100) You help me

(101) The capture and control of government satellites
(102) is part of GreenWar's M.O
(103) Control of government
(104) And their attempted recovery by the Confederation
(105) and subsequent self-destruction are therefore, routine
(106) But this time is different
(107) The satellite fell before the government technicians
(108) could set off our self-destruct protections
(109) and so there's no guarantee that the card containing our top secret
(110) data wasn't permanently canceled
(111) If this should be the case
(112) the organization would be seriously compromised
(113) Ryan's mission is to find the remains of the satellite and, if necessary
(114) make sure that all the incriminating data is completely canceled
(115) But now, I don't care about the satellite
(116) I'm worried about him
(117) This is Captain Ryan Willburn member of GreenWar
(118) This is an S.O.S
(119) My radio has been damaged
(120) I do not want to reveal my coordinates out of concern for my own safety
(121) I need this message to be relayed to all the cells that it might reach my superior
(122) I need to be evacuated
(123) This is Captain Ryan Willburn member of GreenWar
(124) Stop it
(125) Who is this monkey A rebel, sir. Ryan Willburn
(126) I know him, Colonel He's one of Sponge's more enthusiastic men
(127) Sponge Yes, sir. Sponge. Nickname
(128) Top man at GreenWar GreenWar. - GreenWar is a terrorist front
(129) What else is there
(130) Rumor has it that he raised the boy He adopted him
(131) Has this area been a theater of operations in the last six months
(132) Yes. We've recently operated in that quadrant, sir
(133) Was it classified As a Q5, sir. - A rebalancing mission, sir
(134) Who was in charge You were, sir
(135) I was. Oh
(136) Well, good work. Dismissed
(137) Shall I organize the operational unit, sir
(138) As soon as I'm through, I'll join you for the briefing with the Chief of Staff
(139) It shouldn't take me that long
(140) I postponed the briefing
(141) We have to get on our way, immediately
(142) Forgive me, Colonel but I don't see the need
(143) Wouldn't it be safer to send in special forces or drones
(144) We act and then we talk later
(145) The Chief of Staff and
(146) The Chief of Staff has bird shit for brains
(147) Sit down
(148) Your dad, you remind me of him and when I look at you
(149) I still see his lovely teenage daughter
(150) Hell, we could've been together, you and I
(151) Well, you're on my team now so let's get this shit rolling
(152) As you wish, Colonel I'll get it organized at once
(153) Major
(154) Good girl
(155) So that it might reach my superior
(156) I need to be evacuated
(157) This is Captain Ryan Willburn member of GreenWar
(158) This is Captain Ryan Willburn member of GreenWar
(159) This is an S.O.S. My radio has been damaged
(160) Lobo
(161) I've sent you some X-rays Did you get them
(162) Why are you calling me here at the pharmacy
(163) I need some antibiotics for a nasty abscess
(164) As soon as possible
(165) Okay. Well, I'll put that on the fast track
(166) No farting around
(167) ASAP. No farting around
(168) Lobo What
(169) Look at the X-rays again
(170) Okay. Bye
(171) Listen. I probably talked too much, all right? So you're gonna have to kill her
(172) It's sad, but it has to be done
(173) Besides, she's really no good at the art you know
(174) Will do
(175) No
(176) File 2558
(177) I was raised to believe in non-violence
(178) and only ever used violence in self-defense
(179) Our mission here is to sabotage
(180) and lend assistance to the victims of the repression
(181) and whenever possible, not to take lives
(182) Okay
(183) This should work now
(184) You see
(185) This is Willburn. Sponge, you out there
(186) Sponge, are you out there
(187) What the hell happened What the fuck are you doing
(188) Let me explain
(189) Explain what, Ryan
(190) That your encrypted message from an old fuckin' video station
(191) that fell off the back of a laughing dinosaur was heard around the world
(192) and now everyone and his uncle knows you're there
(193) It's like you switched on a spotlight opened your arms and shouted
(194) Here I am, folks
(195) Come and get me
(196) You know that, don't you Now, get your ass out of there
(197) Listen to me
(198) I believe I've uncovered something here that can bring down the whole Confederation
(199) They have committed mass genocide, but
(200) there's a survivor I don't like DIY missions
(201) Did you find the satellite Did you destroy the card
(202) No. Actually I used it to fix this transmitter
(203) but I can destroy it right after this connection
(204) No, no Now, you leave the card right where it is
(205) We have to remain in contact for fuck's sake
(206) I don't care about the satellite at least not until you're safe
(207) So, don't touch it. Okay
(208) Give me just 10 minutes and I'll organize your evacuation, and I'll try to see
(209) what the Confederation is cooking up after your harebrained suicidal plea
(210) They're already there, Ryan
(211) It's even Asimov
(212) Asimov
(213) That's major trouble
(214) Well, let's rock and roll No. No, son. I know him
(215) There's no half measures with him He's buried plenty of kids like you
(216) Well, maybe it just means that I've figured something out that he feels exposed
(217) or he wouldn't come here personally Fuck, Ryan
(218) Now, you listen to me This is a not a war you can win in a day
(219) I've learned that the hard way
(220) First on active duty, and then being locked up in rat holes like this all on my own
(221) You don't always have to shoot an elephant to bring home dinner
(222) Mass graves are usually blown apart
(223) If they found one, it's because something didn't work, or else there's a trap
(224) It's probably mined like chocolate chips in a cookie
(225) One of the things you have to learn to sacrifice for the common good is heroism
(226) You have an hour so get your ass out of there right now
(227) Go
(228) Ryan, do you hear me
(229) Answer me, you fuck
(230) Must be something wrong with the transmitter. You're breaking up, Sponge
(231) Hey, man don't give me that transmitter bullshit
(232) You get your ass out there and bring back that fucking card you were sent there for
(233) Your mission is already accomplished
(234) I can't do that, Sponge
(235) Premises secured, Colonel
(236) Fuck
(237) How are you feeling, Major Good, sir
(238) You two, downstairs. Check the entrance
(239) Colonel, I think you need to come up and take a look at this
(240) Copy that
(241) Coogan Sir
(242) Aren't you cold No, sir
(243) Are you not afraid your dick will freeze
(244) Your fly is open. Can you fix it
(245) Yes, Colonel
(246) Yes
(247) Well, looks like he was expecting us
(248) Sure. It's supposed to scare us
(249) That doesn't work on me
(250) Hell can't be that bad
(251) At least it's warm there
(252) Colonel, we have guests
(253) Ah
(254) Gentlemen, at ease
(255) Is that how you appreciate punctuality
(256) We're friends
(257) Drop the toy, sweetheart, or I'll shove it up your ass and use the silencer
(258) Colonel you had a band of mercenaries come here
(259) Major, we need a map
(260) and a plan of action Can you take care of it
(261) But Colonel
(262) No questions asked. Just do it
(263) How have you been, Colonel
(264) Well, I'm having a ball
(265) I don't read. I don't mingle
(266) I don't like TV
(267) I keep asking myself why do I love this job so much
(268) and what the hell happened to bloody romance
(269) Who is the blonde babe you came in with
(270) Uh, her dad was a buddy of mine in Special Forces. He never came back, so
(271) Are you banging her
(272) You ever think without your dick
(273) No
(274) Well You've changed, Colonel
(275) You're gonna tell me we're doing all this just because of one lousy rebel
(276) Let's talk outside
(277) Whoo A little privacy
(278) So, Tuag
(279) you sure you want to go through with this
(280) Delilah Defense Program operative
(281) Delilah, recognize and circumscribe this position by 1,500 square meters
(282) Recognition and delimitation of territory executed
(283) Colonel, Delilah's already operative
(284) We also scanned the DNA of the three mercenaries
(285) and inserted their data in the program along with ours
(286) This way Delilah can signal the presence of intruders
(287) within the perimeter without false alarm sir
(288) Yes. And taking advantage of the area's already high radiation levels
(289) Delilah can also detect recent organic traces
(290) Look what we found. There's blood there
(291) here, and here as well
(292) The rebel was wounded, sir and he traveled along this trajectory
(293) but then here, his traces disappear
(294) Unfortunately where there's a lot of cement inside
(295) detection can be more difficult but I've already sent in Greshnov
(296) and Private O'Brien to inspect the premises
(297) We've also discovered that the station is able to transmit with more sophisticated
(298) codes that will be much harder to decipher
(299) but they were intentionally ignored by the rebels, sir
(300) Major, darling, nice work
(301) That message was intended for us Don't worry about it
(302) Lobo and his gang will take care of it
(303) Stop the car. Yeah. But Asimov told us to
(304) Stop the fuckin' car
(305) So we're not going to burn the bodies
(306) Jimmy, you get started on that job, okay
(307) Me and him got something to do We'll meet you later
(308) Almost there, Sergeant
(309) Copy that, Corporal We read you loud and clear. Proceed
(310) Is the antirad safe Yes, sir
(311) It's in the security lockers upstairs in the recording room. I have the keys
(312) Give me the keys
(313) You can get hurt. It's safer
(314) What the hell's going on
(315) Human presence detected within the controlled perimeter, sector A4
(316) Willburn Here
(317) O'Brien, Greshnov, he's close to you
(318) Copy that, sir
(319) Human presence detected within the controlled perimeter, sector A4
(320) O'Brien, check those walls down there I'll go check the vents
(321) Yes, sir
(322) Watch out, man
(323) Don't panic. We've gotten it under control
(324) Greshnov, what just happened
(325) Jano, move in and cover them Yes, sir
(326) Corporal Jano is on his way to back you up
(327) There's nobody here
(328) Hey, man, take another look and then come help me here
(329) Over
(330) O'Brien, you read me
(331) O'Brien, you read me
(332) What the hell is going on there I heard gunshots. Come in
(333) That bastard got away, Major
(334) Major, Jano here
(335) I reached Greshnov. He's wounded
(336) We're at war here, Major
(337) Come on. I'll let you up
(338) For fuck sakes, Lobo, what's on your mind
(339) Unless you tell me I don't understand jack shit, all right
(340) I feel lost. Just give me a hint
(341) The problem is, when I explain something to you, you don't understand
(342) You're not exactly the smartest tool in the shed, are you
(343) So where are we going
(344) Back to the station For what
(345) Why does the Colonel want to burn up all those bodies? That's what I'd like to know
(346) Because he's probably the one that killed them
(347) Yeah. So what
(348) So he wants to get rid of the evidence
(349) Why
(350) So what is this, some kind of guessing game? What the fuck do I know
(351) Huh? When I get an order, I do it End of story
(352) So why did he call you
(353) Exactly
(354) I'm going now. You keep your eyes open
(355) So, then, Jimmy
(356) Jano
(357) Oh, shit
(358) Hey, buddy
(359) One man down Where's Willburn
(360) Hey, there he is. Down there
(361) Go get him, boys
(362) Roger. We're headed for the tunnel
(363) Greshnov, are you able to carry on
(364) No problem, Major. That shot just grazed me
(365) Active the infrared mode as soon as you're in the tunnel
(366) Roger
(367) All copy. Ready? Go
(368) Colonel, request permission to join in with Private Remi
(369) Major are you willing to die for this mission
(370) Then read my lips. Permission denied
(371) And stop being so
(372) sexy
(373) Go
(374) Sergeant, the instrumentation doesn't seem to be responding
(375) It must be the concrete Perhaps you're in a fallout shelter
(376) You have permission to use your light Roger
(377) The place is full of barbed wire
(378) Don't move Ah
(379) What happened Ah
(380) I'm gonna open this fucking trap and pull you out
(381) I don't feel it anymore
(382) We can't hear you Come in
(383) Man on the ground, sir. On the ground
(384) Corporal Jano is seriously wounded
(385) The place is trapped They look like bear traps
(386) Bastard! You fucking bastard
(387) Sergeant, you hear me? The bastard threw a flashbang. I can't see anymore
(388) Request permission again to rescue Jano
(389) Major, I'll go. You stay And that's an order
(390) Argh
(391) Corporal, proceed Use your nightvision. I'm on my way
(392) Sir, I'm in front of a door It seems to be sealed
(393) I'm going in
(394) Those, those are bodies
(395) What'd you expect to see? A rave party
(396) Poor Jimmy
(397) It's impossible to recreate the map because of the explosion
(398) Oh, my God
(399) He sends his soldiers to die
(400) but it was only a diversionary tactic He promised to join them
(401) but he was just sending them into a massacre
(402) so there wouldn't be any witnesses
(403) Now there's no more evidence
(404) Except you
(405) Yes, there is, Ryan. And it's everywhere
(406) Wherever we find destruction repression, death
(407) wherever we find people willing to rebel
(408) I'm still having that nightmare
(409) You gotta get out of there right away
(410) Do you still have any supplies of antirad
(411) Can I ask you something
(412) Go ahead, boy
(413) You brought me up, right
(414) Yes, son I was still young and we grew up together
(415) We were into old horror flicks
(416) You were crazy about Freddy Krueger remember
(417) You had a wife and a son back then, right
(418) Yes, that's right
(419) But you lost your son on that mission
(420) But I managed to save you
(421) Asimov was young once, too just on the other side
(422) What does it matter, him or another
(423) It's just not the men who matter but the silent majority who supports them
(424) Delilah isn't able to contact Supreme Command
(425) Try again
(426) Major, I don't think that's a good idea
(427) Delilah is unable because this function has been disabled
(428) Get away from there, Ryan I don't want to lose a son a second time
(429) Now get your ass out of there
(430) I'll use the old station upstairs
(431) Major, this is an undercover operation don't you get it
(432) There's no news going out before we finish the operation
(433) I'm sorry, sir, but no
(434) I have to complete my mission
(435) Why the fuck do you have to
(436) Because of everything you taught me Sponge, that's why
(437) In consideration of the facts, I am under an obligation to inform Supreme Command
(438) first to ask for reinforcements and secondly
(439) to investigate all those corpses
(440) Don't you understand That's exactly what scares me
(441) Major, darling I'm afraid you've just been suspended
(442) Don't you fucking touch me
(443) Then I'll be responsible again
(444) Asimov's going to kill you, too
(445) Move
(446) Do we have a problem I think more than one, maybe
(447) You knew about that goddamn satellite didn't you
(448) You cut your hand
(449) Why
(450) What are you doing
(451) You're out of the game
(452) You want to play a riddle, girl
(453) Maybe
(454) I haven't played doctor in a long time you know that
(455) I could have yesterday, but Lobo told me to kill her instead, the son of a bitch
(456) Who bangs you at headquarters
(457) That lying, backstabbing Colonel
(458) Poor Jimmy
(459) Now, I'm going to pass you some private information
(460) Private information, liquid style
(461) Fuck you
(462) Christ, the antirad
(463) How is it possible that anyone could get in and steal our antirad
(464) You never see the damn pacifists
(465) but they're here amongst us in the woodwork
(466) GreenWar is a charity organization
(467) That's where terrorists hide
(468) and I bet my life Willburn is no charity
(469) It wasn't Willburn who came in here
(470) What's that, Major
(471) It wasn't Willburn who came in here It was a girl
(472) Don't ask me how She came in and stole the antirad
(473) while this fucker was trying to rape me
(474) That's a load of crap, Colonel
(475) I was a bit rough on you before You weren't wrong altogether
(476) So, what kind of girl
(477) She looked like a native
(478) She had body paint, and she's skinny
(479) How is it possible that Delilah didn't stop her
(480) Delilah detects living beings through a magnetic field
(481) It's possible the paint acted like some kind of a shield
(482) Oh, Colonel, request permission to report this to the Confederation
(483) Request denied
(484) Take the lady to the infirmary and make sure that no one disturbs her
(485) Yes, sir
(486) Colonel. Colonel, this is unconscionable
(487) I will file a report
(488) I fucking promise you I will file a fucking report
(489) You need a rest
(490) Sergeant
(491) how long do we have without antirad
(492) After the first three hours
(493) we begin to feel the first effects and the first hallucinations
(494) Then within the next three to four hours we go into a coma, sir
(495) We have our own supplies
(496) No kidding. You
(497) If you want to live longer you better keep your hands to yourself
(498) I'm cool. I'm cool. I said I'm cool. Fine
(499) Fuck
(500) Enlarge
(501) Willburn
(502) I know you can hear me. Willburn
(503) Asimov
(504) You and your girlfriend were very clever all right
(505) But where do you go from here
(506) Increase contrast
(507) If you're gonna be hiding and waiting
(508) you'll go crazy in the process
(509) In the end there's only man who can survive
(510) goddamn you or goddamn me
(511) I have a proposal to make, an exchange
(512) face-to-face, man-to-man
(513) Think about it and let me know
(514) I'll be very patient
(515) Oh, shit
(516) Did you miss me
(517) Just tell me what's on your mind
(518) Why didn't you throw Blondie in the tunnel right away
(519) She'd be dead already and we wouldn't have to worry about it now
(520) There'd be no more fuss
(521) Turned into an abscess, you know, the girl the daughter of your, your buddy
(522) It's like a bad toothache, now
(523) like a rotting tooth in my fuckin head with three roots
(524) Yeah
(525) Get the girl. I need her
(526) If Willburn shows up he might enjoy the conversation
(527) Why the hell would he
(528) When we want to die
(529) we want to do the best, don't we
(530) That's what friends are for... Colonel
(531) I'm not sure
(532) File 2559. Strange mission
(533) I feel like I've been here forever
(534) that my whole life collapsed here
(535) in the middle of these ruins
(536) Here he is, sir. He's approaching
(537) In this air saturated with cesium and plutonium
(538) haunted by ghosts
(539) And then I've lost my future
(540) and have already gone beyond
(541) I have a detonator connected to a bottle
(542) If you shoot me, then you'll destroy the last supply of antirad
(543) I've got him, sir Lower your weapons
(544) Hell, Willburn
(545) Here we are
(546) Colonel Asimov in the flesh
(547) I've only just learned about you from news reports and stories I've heard
(548) I like to keep a low profile
(549) You seem like a different man now
(550) And you sound like a fortune cookie
(551) And that sounds like the morality of a well-trained guard dog
(552) Is that what you spew
(553) to your victims before you just dump them in mass graves
(554) like some kind of death lullaby
(555) You must be a psychic visionary
(556) All over the world, you leave destruction
(557) Piles of dead bones everywhere
(558) And now they're screaming for justice
(559) Screaming for revenge
(560) Why don't you detonate the bomb and stop talking
(561) Let's look at the future I don't give a rat's ass about your ideas
(562) One phone call
(563) and a container full of antirad will be
(564) airdropped in a heartbeat right here
(565) So then, why don't you make that call Colonel
(566) This is a phantom operation, and I want to keep it that way. You know it
(567) What if I take you to the antirad
(568) In exchange you give me your Jeep and you let me go
(569) I think I have a... A better proposal
(570) Lobo
(571) Your antirad supply, your life, and What's her name
(572) Tuag
(573) My men will escort you to your supply
(574) and then you stay with us
(575) You're not going anywhere
(576) I'm afraid I'm gonna have to see that you let her go with my own eyes
(577) I'm calling the shots now
(578) 2039 to 2041
(579) Correlate. Search archive
(580) Yes
(581) That's it
(582) Ryan, listen to me
(583) One second
(584) So, are you gonna let her go, or what
(585) Shut up. Keep walking
(586) Okay, boy. Heaven help us all I'll do all the talking
(587) In those images you bounced to me, well
(588) I did a little searching, and I read a guy
(589) He's part of a team of mercenaries led by a certain Lobo
(590) In fact, this Lobo was once on our side
(591) but then he was caught and shipped off to one of their prisons
(592) After a while, Lobo cut a deal and spilled everything he knew
(593) Asimov almost managed to dismantle the whole organization thanks to him
(594) and then he set him free
(595) Since then, for all this time he's been at Asimov's beck and call
(596) A long time, way too long
(597) With all he knows, it's very strange that Asimov hasn't got rid of him already
(598) I hope this little dirt can be useful to you
(599) Good luck, my boy
(600) Okay. So, where's the antirad
(601) It's over there
(602) What are you sitting around for? Go get it
(603) It's in the barrel, you want to get it
(604) No. You get it, you dumb fuck
(605) No problem
(606) Open it. Let me see
(607) Nice and slow
(608) Whoo
(609) Lobo Yeah
(610) What do you say you and I cut a deal
(611) A deal
(612) All right
(613) That's my deal. Put that back in there
(614) Asimov wants us both dead
(615) I already know that
(616) Good boy You just earned yourself a wind-up toy
(617) Any chance we can still make a deal
(618) You know what that is
(619) I already know what I want from you, buddy
(620) Sleepy time
(621) I couldn't find a damn thing
(622) That transmitter must be very deep there in the cortex
(623) So, what are we going to do
(624) Well, we could calmly dig it out once we get out of here to a place of safety
(625) Willburn might have destroyed the data
(626) Well, I doubt it Why would he ruin his insurance policy
(627) We can't leave until we get what we want
(628) Sergeant, what's wrong with you
(629) It's as if the antirad had no effect, sir
(630) Get your ass to the infirmary get an extra shot
(631) We want you alive
(632) Yes, of course, Colonel
(633) Sip it
(634) We got ourselves into some real bad shit
(635) We should have never come here on our own For fuck's sake
(636) I'm dying, aren't I
(637) I don't know, Sergeant Everything is so strange
(638) I don't think the antirad is working anymore
(639) There's some other toxin in the air
(640) My, my head is spinning
(641) Set yourself free and get me some morphine Major
(642) Please. Please
(643) Sergeant
(644) Sergeant, where is it
(645) No. Stay away from me
(646) Major, it's here with us
(647) Don't you see it
(648) No. It's just you and me
(649) It's whispering something
(650) Oh, God! There
(651) Get away from me
(652) There's nothing there. There's nothing
(653) Stay away from me
(654) Coogan
(655) No
(656) What are you doing No! No! No
(657) Tuag. You've got to get away from here
(658) But I don't want to run away I want to kill them all
(659) You can talk
(660) I can do many things Haven't you understood all ready
(661) Your imagination can do anything
(662) Think of all the innocents that you failed to save and then think of me
(663) What are you doing? What are you saying
(664) We're one and the same You want me, don't you, Ryan
(665) Help us
(666) Oh, I don't know
(667) It doesn't matter what you do
(668) Can you not wake him up I need him talking
(669) Give him a dose of dopaxatrine
(670) That shit can wake up dead people
(671) Yeah. Let's do it
(672) Go get it
(673) Right away
(674) Oh, he's heard us
(675) Hey. Hey, sweetie
(676) Good morning. Good evening
(677) We need to speed things up a little bit
(678) A barbecue just for you
(679) The satellite's data card. Any ideas
(680) Lobo thinks that you uploaded it in your head
(681) I don't believe that. You ready
(682) Coogan's dead, and the bitch ran away
(683) Lobo, get the bitch's ass back in here soon
(684) I certainly will I'll give her a spanking for you
(685) All that high-tech talk
(686) about uploading information into people's heads
(687) I don't believe it
(688) No
(689) Ready Asimov, no! Don't! Stop
(690) The data card
(691) No? Again
(692) No! No, no, no, no! Asimov, no
(693) That's enough! I'll tell you
(694) That's enough! Stop
(695) Major
(696) Major
(697) Major, darling. You like that better
(698) The data card, I need it
(699) It's in the transmitter
(700) I miss you. I'd like for you to come out
(701) At least come out and play for a little while
(702) Honey, look, I I got to have a conversation with you
(703) about the future, you understand
(704) Thank you. Of course
(705) No. Wait! No, don't do it
(706) Good boy
(707) Asimov, no. Don't! No
(708) Tuag
(709) You can trust me. I believe in God Anything's possible
(710) You know, honey, you really ought to think about what you're doing because
(711) there's a lot of things you don't know
(712) Like, for instance, you think your father was pals with the Colonel
(713) It wasn't like that He wanted to do away with him
(714) Wanted to get rid of him. So now that everything's crystal clear, honey
(715) please come out and play with me your friend
(716) I'm Lobo. Right
(717) Everybody likes Lobo, even you
(718) Come on, honey. It's the right thing to do
(719) You bastard! Why
(720) She had nothing to do with this
(721) It doesn't matter. Here
(722) You just saved a lot of people
(723) I thought you were coming out. Come on
(724) It's okay, now. Everything's all right
(725) I can feel it. Come on, honey
(726) Come on
(727) Honey, please come out and play with me
(728) your friend
(729) You lied. I'm so disappointed
(730) Don't take it too badly, asshole
(731) You're an asshole
(732) When you end up in hell you can shag your little bitch again
(733) You're a lousy shot too
(734) Got a light
(735) Smoking kills
(736) Tuag
(737) What the fuck
(738) Sorry, darling
(739) Can I have an update on Kim Jong
(740) Satellite Kim Jong Un the seventh
(741) will be orbiting directly over this quadrant in
(742) exactly 15 minutes and 35 seconds
(743) Get me an S.O.S., if it gets there
(744) Message encrypted and ready for transmission
(745) The world is so amazing and so crazy
(746) The human race slowly moves into final waltz
(747) Being a soldier is... crazy enough
(748) I kill every day, and I'm not a criminal
(749) That's crazy
(750) Ryan
(751) Cut me loose. We gotta help Tuag now
(752) It's not real
(753) I just saw her with my own eyes
(754) I'll cut you out of here fast They just killed her
(755) She came back to life and took him out
(756) She does not exist, Ryan
(757) The antirad isn't working anymore
(758) I took an alpha-blocker I stopped hallucinating
(759) Wait a second. What's happening to me
(760) Listen to me. We've got to get of here now
(761) Once upon a time, she deserted him
(762) Oh
(763) I figured you would but it's a little disappointing
(764) Cute. Very cute
(765) You killed my father
(766) It was an accident. We screwed up
(767) You're a monster
(768) Thank you, darling
(769) It's over, Asimov
(770) Ah
(771) No more bullets. Ho-ho
(772) Where are you
(773) Show me your face
(774) Have you ever heard the whispers of the dead
(775) Ryan, go! Go
(776) Heal the suffering
(777) We can't go. We have to save Tuag We have to take her with us
(778) Son of a bitch
(779) She's the only survivor
(780) Don't leave me. I need you
(781) Ryan, don't you see? She's not there
(782) You're supposed to be dead, bitch
(783) Come on
(784) Argh
(785) Get down. Stay down
(786) Get down
(787) Scrooge was right. Ron Hubbard was right Charles Manson was right
(788) The Viagra folks were right
(789) and so were the people behind the Club Mediterranee
(790) Sponge, it's me. Can you hear me
(791) My boy, you're alive
(792) I think so
(793) That's a damn good start It's good enough for me, boy
(794) I'm heading east but I don't know for how long
(795) Oh, the east is crawling with anarchists
(796) So they're still our friends, right
(797) This fucking world makes no sense
(798) One big stinking mess
(799) It's hard, really hard to know who's right
(800) All right
(801) Okay. I'll see you soon
(802) File 2560 Mission Data
(803) This is Captain Ryan Willburn I'm on my way back home now
(804) I'll pass through the eastern border instead of waiting to be evacuated
(805) My mission was successfully accomplished
(806) but I'm unable to explain what precisely happened in contaminated quadrant B2
(807) nor my length of time that I spent there
(808) I can't say if the hallucinations I experienced were actual hallucinations
(809) I'm not convinced of it or if the surviving girl I met
(810) and received help from was merely an illusion
(811) or a corrupted figment of my paranoia
(812) There is one thing I can say for sure
(813) or perhaps even shout if I need to

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