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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[2014] [Dawn of the Planet of the Apes] English Transcripts

(1) If you have a fever and cough or sore throat... stay home.
(2) I'd say 95% chance this is manufactured. Came out of a laboratory.
(3) The source of the virus was traced back...
(4) to drug testing done at Gen-Sys Laboratories in San Francisco.
(5) The lab technician now known as Patient Zero...
(6) was accidentally exposed to retrovirus ALZ-113....
(7) an Alzheimer's trial drug that was being tested on chimpanzees.
(8) The infected chimps showed signs of erratic and aggressive behavior...
(9) that led to their escape from the facility.
(10) The now-famous incident on the Golden Gate Bridge...
(11) a six-hour standoff with police ended with the apes disappearing into Muir woods.
(12) Emergency rooms are being overwhelmed with patients showing signs...
(13) of what's being dubbed "The Simian Flu." The CDC is projecting a fatality toll...
(14) ranging from 5 million to as many as 150 million in the next 6 to 8 months.
(15) Anyone showing signs of a contagious illness will receive special treatment here...
(16) the airport's purpose-built quarantine center.
(17) Many of the new arrivals are children who have lost contact with their parents.
(18) The mandatory quarantines have sparked civil unrest.
(19) Families are being ripped apart. Containment is not very likely.
(20) Prepare your families. Know your evacuation route.
(21) The survival rate is now approximately 1 in 500.
(22) Violence erupted in the city center tonight. The third incident in as many days.
(23) Martial law has been declared in 28 nations including the U.S. and Canada.
(24) The reactor is overheating. We can't stop a meltdown.
(25) Just a total collapse of anything resembling civilian order.
(26) Due to the extremity of the Simian Flu crisis...
(27) all regular government functions have been suspended indefinitely.
(28) Those who aren't killed by the virus...
(29) will probably die in the fighting.
(30) So, maybe this is it.
(31) This is how it ends.
(32) Pretty soon...
(33) there won't be anyone left.
(34) Caesar...
(35) They are close.
(36) Koba!
(37) Now, father?
(38) Son, stay...
(39) Thank you, Koba.
(40) Think before you act, son.
(41) Don't feel bad, Blue Eyes...
(42) Scars make you strong.
(43) Come meet your new brother.
(44) Another son.
(45) Makes me think how far we've come, Maurice.
(46) Seems long ago.
(47) Still think about them?
(48) Humans?
(49) Sometimes.
(50) Didn't know them like you did.
(51) Only saw their bad side.
(52) Good, bad... doesn't matter now.
(53) Humans destroyed each other.
(54) Apes fight too.
(55) But we are family.
(56) Wonder if they're really all gone.
(57) Ten winters now...
(58) Last two... no sign of them.
(59) They must be gone.
(60) That bear wouldn't get me Blue Eyes. I'm quick!
(61) Shut up, Ash!
(62) Oh, God. It's okay.
(63) It's okay. It's okay. Freeze!
(64) Stay! Help!
(65) Help! No!
(66) Hey!
(67) Over here!
(68) I shot him! I shot him.
(69) They shot Ash! Shot my son!
(70) Rocket, wait...
(71) We don't mean any harm!
(72) They're apes, man. You think they understand what you're saying?
(73) Do they look like just apes to you?
(74) Dad. Malcolm, what are you doing?
(75) Dad? Malcolm.
(76) It's okay.
(77) Put your guns down.
(78) You can't be serious. Do it.
(79) Go!
(80) Holy shit. Holy shit.
(81) Okay. Okay, we're going.
(82) Go!
(83) Slowly. Go, go, go!
(84) My bag! Go!
(85) Koba!
(86) Follow!
(87) Did you find it?
(88) We need to talk.
(89) What? What's wrong?
(90) The dam is pretty much intact.
(91) It could probably start generating power for us within a week.
(92) But there is a problem. Get in.
(93) I shot him. I was scared. I didn't know what to do.
(94) Jesus Christ. How many were there? There were a lot. There were like, 80.
(95) At least. Okay...
(96) you're not hearing what he's saying. They spoke!
(97) That is not possible.
(98) I'm telling you, Dreyfus, they did and it was incredible.
(99) Incredible? They're talking apes!
(100) With big-ass spears! Please!

(101) I don't know exactly what you think you saw or heard...
(102) but you have to calm down, okay?
(103) What about the virus, Ellie? Any chance of contagion?
(104) We're all genetically immune or we would've been dead a long time ago.
(105) You don't know that for sure. She worked with the CDC. She knows.
(106) What are we gonna do? I don't know.
(107) We need that power. He could've killed us, but he didn't.
(108) Maybe he kept us alive, so they could follow us.
(109) They find out where we are, and they kill us all!
(110) What do you mean, "he"? That's what we're trying to tell you.
(111) It was unlike anything you've ever seen before, and the leader...
(112) He was remarkable. Really? Is that what you thought?
(113) It's what we saw. Yeah, it's what we all saw.
(114) Not a word of this back at the colony, you understand me?
(115) Not a word until we can figure out what to do.
(116) You gotta be kidding. No, I'm not kidding.
(117) I don't want to create a panic.
(118) How are you doing, pal? Are you okay?
(119) I dropped my bag. I know.
(120) Was your sketchbook in there? It's gone.
(121) Carver just told me we're not gonna tell anybody what happened up there.
(122) Not yet. No.
(123) Must attack them now!
(124) Before they attack us!
(125) We don't know how many there are. How many guns they have?
(126) Or why they came up here?
(127) They shot your son, Rocket!
(128) Don't you want to fight?
(129) I follow Caesar.
(130) Koba's right!
(131) They almost killed you, Ash!
(132) No!
(133) If we go to war...
(134) We could lose all we've built...
(135) Home.
(136) Family.
(137) Future.
(138) I will decide by morning.
(139) Caesar.
(140) For years I was a prisoner in their lab...
(141) They cut me... Tortured me.
(142) You freed me.
(143) I would do anything you ask.
(144) But we must show strength!
(145) We will, Koba.
(146) Coming through. Coming through.
(147) That's a hell of a lot more than eighty!
(148) Malcolm!
(149) Apes...
(150) do not want war...
(151) but will fight...
(152) if we must.
(153) Ape home.
(154) Human home.
(155) Do not come back.
(156) Everyone!
(157) Everyone, you have to calm down!
(158) Everybody.
(159) Everybody!
(160) Please! We're all immune!
(161) We're all immune, or we wouldn't still be here!
(162) How did they find us?
(163) We found them.
(164) You knew they were out there! What if they come back?
(165) Yeah!
(166) If they come back... If they come back...
(167) they'll be sorry they ever did!
(168) Now, this city may not have the manpower it once did but it has the firepower.
(169) Those stockpiles left behind by FEMA,
(170) the National Guard, we have it all.
(171) Look...
(172) I know why you're scared.
(173) I'm scared, too, believe me.
(174) But I recognize the trust you've all placed in me.
(175) We've been through hell together.
(176) But you all know what we're up against.
(177) We're almost out of fuel.
(178) Which means no more power...
(179) which means we could slip back to the way things were.
(180) That dam up there was the answer.
(181) We just had no idea they were up there, too.
(182) So, what do we do now? Yeah!
(183) We find another way...
(184) because that power... is not just about keeping the lights on.
(185) It's about giving us the tools to reconnect to the rest of the world.
(186) To find out who else is out there...
(187) so that we can start to... to rebuild...
(188) and reclaim...
(189) the world we lost.
(190) That was a great speech.
(191) There is no alternative power source.
(192) That dam is the only option.
(193) Well, then, we fight them.
(194) We're two weeks away from running out of fuel. Maybe three, tops.
(195) I know. And once that happens...
(196) I won't be able to go out there with a bullhorn...
(197) and calm everybody down.
(198) We need that power to get the radio transmitter working.
(199) It's our only chance of reaching the outside world.
(200) We have to find other survivors.
(201) Yeah. There's not that many of us left.
(202) We can't afford any more casualties. We founded this place...
(203) you and I... I know.
(204) ...on the idea that power would lead us back to the life we once had.
(205) If we can't stick together,
(206) maybe we can't survive. I lost everything.
(207) The idea of losing what little I have is...
(208) I want to go back up there.
(209) Listen to me. Give me three days. Let me talk to him. If it doesn't work,
(210) then we do it your way. And what if it backfires?
(211) What if he gets violent? I mean, how do you know that he'll even understand you?
(212) He's more than just an ape.
(213) I'm gonna take some men up to Fort Point.
(214) I'm gonna go through the armory. I'm gonna see what's still working.
(215) Three days. You're not back in three days we're going up there,
(216) and we're gonna kill every last one of them.
(217) Carver is getting the trucks ready.
(218) He'll be here with Foster and Kemp any minute.
(219) You're really taking Carver? I mean, he shot one of them.
(220) I don't really have any choice. He used to work at the water department.
(221) He's the only one who knows how the dam works.
(222) Malcolm... what are you gonna do up there? What are you gonna say?
(223) I'll tell him the truth.
(224) Hope I catch him in a good mood.
(225) You think I'm crazy.
(226) I'm worried.
(227) Yeah, so am I.
(228) I've gone over it in my head...
(229) and I think if I don't at least try this...
(230) there's gonna be a war.
(231) Take me with you. What if someone gets hurt? You'll need me there.
(232) I love you.
(233) But I need you to stay here.
(234) I don't want Alexander to be alone.
(235) I'm coming, too.
(236) Son, it's not safe.
(237) But I'm safer with you than I am down here.
(238) I'm coming. Please.
(239) No one gets out of the trucks.
(240) No one.
(241) If I'm not back in two hours, you get everyone back to the city.
(242) It's gonna be okay.
(243) Please. Please. Please. Please.
(244) Please don't kill me.
(245) Just hear what I have to say.
(246) I know.
(247) "Don't come back." I know. I just...
(248) I wouldn't be here unless it were...
(249) Okay! Okay! Okay!
(250) Okay, okay, okay.
(251) I need to show you something. It's not far.
(252) Human lies! No! No!
(253) No, no, no. No, I swear.
(254) If I could just show you, then you'll understand. Please.
(255) Show me.
(256) This is what we used to call a "small hydro."
(257) It was built to service areas to the north of here...
(258) but we've been working to reroute the power lines to the city...
(259) because the city used to run off nuclear power, but that ran out years ago.
(260) So, we've been using diesel generators and gasifiers.
(261) But if we can just get this dam working...
(262) then we have a shot at restoring limited power.
(263) Is any of this making any sense to you?
(264) The... lights.
(265) Yes.
(266) The lights.
(267) This is your home and I don't want to take it away from you, I promise.
(268) But if you can allow us... let us do our work here...
(269) You brought others?
(270) Just a few.
(271) I'm not a threat. If I am...
(272) then I guess you can kill me.
(273) Come on!
(274) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Stop, stop.
(275) We need to give them our guns.
(276) That's the one condition.
(277) What does that mean? We can stay.
(278) If they get power, they'll be more dangerous!
(279) Why help them?!
(280) They seem desperate...
(281) If we make them go, they'll attack.
(282) Let them.
(283) We'll destroy them while they're weak.
(284) And how many apes will die?
(285) We have one chance for peace...
(286) Let them do their human work. Then they'll go.
(287) Human work?
(288) Human work.
(289) Human work.
(290) Human work!
(291) Koba say...
(292) Apes should hate humans...
(293) Enough!
(294) From humans Koba learned hate...
(295) But nothing else.
(296) Hey. You need to eat.
(297) Okay.
(298) That was brave, what you did today.
(299) Malcolm. I know everyone's depending on you...
(300) I don't care about that. I don't care about any of that.
(301) I care about him.
(302) He saw things that no kid should see, and I'm not letting us go back to that.
(303) I know.
(304) I have been trying to get closer to him.
(305) But...
(306) You will.
(307) You know the scary thing about them?
(308) They don't need power, lights.
(309) Heat. Nothing.
(310) Hey, pal. That's their advantage.
(311) That's what makes them stronger.
(312) Malcolm, I'm thinking one of us should stand guard tonight.
(313) With what? They took our guns.
(314) If they wanted us dead, we would be dead already.
(315) Maybe they're just taking their time. They killed off half the planet already.
(316) Come on.
(317) What? You can't honestly blame the apes.
(318) Who the hell else am I going to blame? It was the Simian Flu.
(319) It was a virus created by scientists in a lab. The chimps they were testing on
(320) didn't have a say in the matter. Spare me the hippie-dippie bullshit.
(321) You're telling me you don't get sick to your stomach at the sight of them?
(322) Didn't you have a little girl? Carver, that's enough.
(323) How did she die? That's enough!
(324) Or your wife, for that matter.
(325) Carver, you better shut up before I kick your ass.
(326) Okay.
(327) I'm the asshole.
(328) Are you okay?
(329) You sound sick... You ok?
(330) Just need rest.
(331) You worry about the humans...
(332) Where's Koba?
(333) Still angry.
(334) Said he was going hunting...
(335) Look, humans below!
(336) Why are we here?
(337) Caesar trusts humans...
(338) Koba does not.
(339) Most of the arsenal seems functional. Good.
(340) We're testing them out back.
(341) Hey!
(342) Don't you move! Don't move, do you understand me?
(343) Terry! Terry, get in here, quick!
(344) Holy shit.
(345) What do we do? What do we do?
(346) Where did he come from?
(347) Should we shoot him? Maybe. I don't know.
(348) You are one ugly son of a bitch, aren't you?
(349) Whoa, man.
(350) Dude, I think he's hungry.
(351) He must have gotten separated from the others.
(352) You lost? Trying to get home?
(353) Go on! Get out of here, stupid monkey!
(354) Go on. You heard him. Go! Go! Go!
(355) Enough guns here to kill every ape...
(356) Must warn Caesar.
(357) Who knows what humans are really doing up there?
(358) We gotta clear this blockage.
(359) I didn't know you had a daughter.
(360) Yeah.
(361) What was her name?
(362) Sarah.
(363) I'm really sorry.
(364) Well, now I have you and your dad, so...
(365) Yeah.
(366) All right, you got that straight?
(367) That's all the wire we got.
(368) Brace yourselves.
(369) Three... two... one.
(370) Dad! Malcolm!
(371) Malcolm! Malcolm!
(372) Dad?
(373) I can't see Carver.
(374) Don't!
(375) Leave it there. I got it.
(376) It's not broken.
(377) Let go. Let go. Good.
(378) Thank you.
(379) You saved our lives.
(380) We've got a lot of debris to clear now. We might need a bit more time.
(381) How long?
(382) Hey, buddy.
(383) Hey... hey...
(384) What are you doing? Are you finished?
(385) What are you looking at?
(386) Hey! Hey!
(387) Hey, get out of there!
(388) Hey! I'll kill you! Carver, what're you doing?
(389) Don't! Don't! Caesar, no!
(390) No.
(391) Said no guns!
(392) No, don't. Please.
(393) I didn't know.
(394) Human leave now!
(395) Man, we screwed now.
(396) Malcolm?
(397) Malcolm, where are you going? Malcolm.
(398) Please, please, I just need to speak to him.
(399) I'm sorry. That was all my fault. But I will make him leave.
(400) This my home.
(401) You should not be here. I understand.
(402) Malcolm.
(403) She's sick.
(404) How long has she been this way?
(405) I have medicine.
(406) Antibiotics.
(407) Maybe she can help.
(408) Do not trust you.
(409) I don't blame you.
(410) But believe me... we are not all like him.
(411) Please.
(412) Let us help you.
(413) One day.
(414) You stay one day.
(415) We might need a little more time. One day!
(416) Ape will help.
(417) I will not help!
(418) This is bullshit, man! Get him out of here.
(419) Move! That's enough. Come on, get out of here.
(420) Come on, man.
(421) Okay?
(422) Move, come on!
(423) Get in!
(424) See you tomorrow, asshole.
(425) Just came from the city. Humans very dangerous!
(426) Where is Caesar?
(427) With the humans...
(428) Yo, Alex. This relay's busted. See if there's another one.
(429) Yeah.
(430) Caesar.
(431) Hey!
(432) No! No, no, no, don't! No! No! No!
(433) Where Caesar? Want Caesar.
(434) Caesar!
(435) Humans attack your sons.
(436) You let them stay!
(437) Put apes in danger!
(438) Caesar love humans more...
(439) than apes!
(440) More than your...
(441) sons.
(442) Ape...
(443) not...
(444) kill... ape.
(445) Forgive me.
(446) You are my son...
(447) I need you to listen...
(448) You didn't tell Caesar about the guns we found?
(449) Neither will you.
(450) Your father doesn't trust me now.
(451) You need to protect him.
(452) His love for humans...
(453) Makes him blind.
(454) I know...
(455) As long as they are here...
(456) I fear for Caesar's life.
(457) For yesterday.
(458) Look. Look.
(459) Watch. Watch.
(460) "It was Friday.
(461) "A real nice afternoon.
(462) "Warm.
(463) "We were hanging... hanging...
(464) "We were hanging out...
(465) "at this kegger down at the swimming hole."
(466) Hanging out.
(467) Hanging.
(468) Here. You can read?
(469) Now, this is the good stuff.
(470) Cheers. Cheers.
(471) What the hell is wrong with you? I thought we told you to go home!
(472) No! No! Go!
(473) He understood that, didn't he? Yeah.
(474) Hey, hey, hey!
(475) Hey, hey.
(476) Hey.
(477) Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey, hey.
(478) I think he likes you. Shut up.
(479) All right, all right.
(480) You want a drink, fugly?
(481) Go on, give him some.
(482) Give him some, man. See what happens.
(483) There you go. Whoa, hey!
(484) Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(485) Shit!
(486) That's good, huh? Yeah, yeah.
(487) Hey, hey, hey! Okay. All right.
(488) Easy. Yeah.
(489) Easy. Easy.
(490) All right...
(491) Malcolm! Malcolm!
(492) What? What is it? What happened?
(493) It worked.
(494) At least here it did. We'll know when we get back to the city.
(495) Trust.
(496) Son of a bitch.
(497) You son of a bitch!
(498) The... lights.
(499) Feeling better?
(500) Mother...?
(501) Human gun!
(502) Run.
(503) Humans kill Caesar!
(504) Burn ape home!
(505) Go! Get them!
(506) Apes must attack human city!
(507) Fight back!
(508) Come, fight for Caesar!
(509) Females and young stay in woods...
(510) We go to the city!
(511) We will avenge your father's death!
(512) Ellie! Ellie.
(513) This is San Francisco attempting contact. If anyone is receiving this message...
(514) we ask that you identify yourself and your location. Over.
(515) Move, move!
(516) If you are receiving this signal, please state your location. Over.
(517) Repeat. This is San Francisco attempting to establish contact.
(518) If you are receiving this signal please state your identity and your location. Over.
(519) What is it? The apes attacked the armory, sir.
(520) Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!
(521) Move!
(522) Keep them off the walls! Keep them off the walls!
(523) Let's go! Get into position.
(524) You ready? Yes, sir.
(525) Good.
(526) Listen to me.
(527) We are survivors!
(528) Now, they may have got their hands on some of our guns...
(529) but that does not make them men.
(530) They are animals! We will push them back! Drive them down!
(531) And they will not get through these doors!
(532) There! California Street!
(533) Bring me the rocket launcher!
(534) We have a beacon marking our location. Please, we need help. We are under attack.
(535) San Francisco. Repeat.
(536) Hello? Do you copy?
(537) Humans escaping! Capture them!
(538) We must be getting close.
(539) I think I see it. It's down here!
(540) Dad!
(541) Oh, my God. Malcolm!
(542) Ellie, help me.
(543) My...
(544) son...
(545) My...
(546) family...
(547) Where?
(548) I don't know.
(549) Try not to speak. You need to rest.
(550) Hold.
(551) He's lost a lot of blood. Is he going to make it?
(552) I don't understand.
(553) Where did Carver get the gun?
(554) Why would he do this? Ape...
(555) What?
(556) Ape...
(557) did...
(558) this.
(559) Get in the truck.
(560) Followed the humans here. Hiding everywhere!
(561) We must catch them all!
(562) Kill him. No, no, no.
(563) Go ahead Ash...
(564) make humans pay.
(565) Caesar wouldn't want this.
(566) Caesar gone...
(567) Apes follow...
(568) Koba now.
(569) Oh, my God. Look, the colony's on fire. Where are we going to go?
(570) Caesar, what?
(571) Is this it? Are we close? Where is he taking us?
(572) Malcolm, stop!
(573) I don't understand. What are we doing here?
(574) It doesn't matter. We just need a place to hide him...
(575) until we find out what's going on at home.
(576) Go move the table.
(577) Okay. Right here.
(578) Okay.
(579) Dad, look.
(580) Look.
(581) We need to operate. I don't have anything.
(582) There's a surgical kit back at the place,
(583) but that's... I'll go.
(584) It's not safe. He's the only one that can stop this.
(585) Humans!
(586) You ape prisoner now!
(587) You will know life in cage.
(588) More humans out there.
(589) Go! Find them!
(590) Maurice...?
(591) Koba said...
(592) we're too loyal to your father.
(593) Protect yourself.
(594) Shit!
(595) Hey, wait.
(596) Your father.
(597) He's alive.
(598) I got it. How is he?
(599) Your... mother.
(600) Brother.
(601) Safe?
(602) For now.
(603) No.
(604) No.
(605) Not human.
(606) Koba.
(607) Malcolm.
(608) Yeah.
(609) Caesar.
(610) We need to do this now.
(611) Son.
(612) How is he?
(613) We'll see.
(614) He's very strong.
(615) It's gonna be okay.
(616) I'm so sorry... For everything.
(617) No.
(618) I...
(619) am to blame.
(620) But Koba betrayed you.
(621) I...
(622) chose to trust him...
(623) because he is ape.
(624) I always think...
(625) ape better than human.
(626) I see now...
(627) how much like them we are.
(628) Where Koba now?
(629) On the human tower...
(630) Loyal apes around him.
(631) And those who not follow?
(632) Prisoners.
(633) Maurice. Rocket.
(634) Koba killed Ash.
(635) Fear makes others follow.
(636) But when they see you alive...
(637) They will turn from Koba.
(638) Not if I am weak.
(639) Ape always seek strongest branch.
(640) I must do something to stop him.
(641) Father.
(642) Let me help you.
(643) Please, let us out of here!
(644) Okay. Caesar, look.
(645) Apple. Apple.
(646) Good.
(647) Home. Home.
(648) Home.
(649) Yes.
(650) This is your home. Your home.
(651) Good. Good.
(652) That's good.
(653) Sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.
(654) It's been two days.
(655) Your son is not back yet?
(656) Who was that?
(657) On the video.
(658) A good man.
(659) Like you.
(660) They need to get to the tower without being seen.
(661) I'm gonna take him through the subway.
(662) I love you.
(663) Koba sent for the females and young.
(664) They're on their way.
(665) Mother too.
(666) Must go. Now!
(667) Are you okay?
(668) Who's there? If you're human, you better say so!
(669) It's me! It's Malcolm! Don't shoot!
(670) Stairs... take the stairs.
(671) They'll bring you around and up under the street, okay? Go.
(672) Thank you.
(673) Trust.
(674) All right, I'm coming out! Don't shoot!
(675) Hey! Look who I found.
(676) I didn't know if you'd made it out. Good to see you.
(677) Don't worry. We're gonna turn all this around.
(678) What do you mean? What's going on? The apes. They're all over the tower.
(679) I lost the signal. It dropped out. Keep trying.
(680) Malcolm, look at this.
(681) C-4. Five-pound blocks.
(682) We just started setting them. They're gonna take down the whole tower.
(683) Blast them all at once.
(684) We could use your help.
(685) This is San Francisco attempting contact. If anyone is receiving this...
(686) we ask that you identify yourself and your location. Over.
(687) Here. Come on.
(688) If anyone is receiving this, we ask that you identify yourself...
(689) and your location. Over.
(690) This is San Francisco attempting contact.
(691) If anyone is receiving this we ask that you identify yourself and your location.
(692) Hey. Hey.
(693) If anyone is receiving this, we ask that you identify yourself...
(694) and your location. Over.
(695) Dreyfus.
(696) Can anybody hear me? Werner.
(697) I'm sorry, but I can't let you do this.
(698) We need to give him a chance.
(699) We need to give him some time. He's up there right now.
(700) Who's up there?
(701) Caesar has no place here.
(702) Apes follow Koba now.
(703) Follow Koba to war.
(704) Apes win war!
(705) Apes together strong!
(706) Caesar weak.
(707) Koba weaker.
(708) Are you out of your fucking mind?
(709) No, I've seen things. I've seen the way they are.
(710) They want what we want, to survive. They don't want a war.
(711) They're animals!
(712) They attacked us! Because they thought we attacked them.
(713) Because they think that he's dead, but he's not... Sit down, Finney!
(714) Sit down!
(715) Trusted Koba like brother.
(716) Caesar brother to human!
(717) Koba fight for ape!
(718) Free ape!
(719) Kill ape. Koba fight for Koba.
(720) Koba...
(721) belong in cage.
(722) I know how this must sound. I don't think you have any...
(723) Do you think stopping me will matter? They're coming.
(724) Now, we made contact with a military base up north.
(725) They're already on their way!
(726) It's true.
(727) Dreyfus! What are you doing, man?
(728) I'm saving the human race. No!
(729) Ape not kill...
(730) ape.
(731) You are...
(732) not ape.
(733) No!
(734) Leave him!
(735) You're not safe here.
(736) They made contact. Other people are coming. Soldiers.
(737) You have to leave now. Everyone.
(738) If you don't go, it'll be all-out war.
(739) War has already...
(740) begun.
(741) Ape started war.
(742) And human...
(743) Human will not forgive.
(744) You must go...
(745) before fighting begins.
(746) I am sorry...
(747) my friend.
(748) I thought we had a chance.
(749) I did, too.

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