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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[2009] [Daybreakers] English Transcripts

(1) Let's be clear about this.
(2) we should be focusing on finding a blood substitute.
(3) we already touched that point.
(4) with little or no population remaining to sustain industry,
(5) other third world countries throughout asia have also been encouraged...
(6) southbound express departing platform C.
(7) AB.
(8) All the material in this meeting is classified.
(9) Commissioner.
(10) Death Row inmate 4705B was a vampire
(11) selected for a month-long study on the effects of blood deprivation.
(12) What?
(13) A complete lack of human blood over this period of time
(14) resulted in a massive deterioration of the frontal lobe.
(15) The first signs of physical deformities began with elongated ears.
(16) Mental functions such as logic, emotion,
(17) most parts of speech, then terminated much faster
(18) than you or your team originally speculated, Doctors.
(19) Out on the streets, these creatures, these subsiders,
(20) are becoming a real problem.
(21) Gentlemen, we are starving,
(22) and our latest statistics show
(23) that less than 5 of the human population remain.
(24) What we're talking about is the extinction of the human race.
(25) What we're talking about
(26) is only having enough blood to sustain our population
(27) until the end of the month.
(28) If a blood substitute is not found immediately,
(29) this will happen to all of us.
(30) Edward?
(31) Enjoy your coffee, sir.
(32) Did I ever tell you about my daughter, Alison?
(33) ln early 2008, I was diagnosed with sarcoma.
(34) The shock of finding out I had cancer was one thing,
(35) but having to tell my daughter. . .
(36) She was devastated.
(37) I prayed for a miracle, but I was realistic.
(38) And then the world changed.
(39) My prayers were answered.
(40) Immortality gave me my cure,
(41) and my daughter and I now had all the time in the world.
(42) But she saw this evolution as a disease
(43) worse than any cancer.
(44) She refused to turn.
(45) I was a monster to her,
(46) and she ran like so many did.
(47) No, we are blessed, Edward. Blessed.
(48) And you have to stare death in the face to truly know that.
(49) We're not ready yet, Mr. Bromley.
(50) Not a coffee drinker?
(51) Not really.
(52) You pity the humans, don't you?
(53) Well, me, too. Me, too.
(54) These are desperate times, Edward.
(55) We must commence testing the blood substitute.
(56) lt is the only way to help the human race.
(57) He wants us to move ahead again, doesn't he?
(58) Yeah.
(59) Okay. Okay.
(60) ls there any change?
(61) Haemacillin, CBC and biochemical panel, all stable.
(62) The substitute is working.
(63) It's time to move beyond animal testing.
(64) You know the vernon Park Cemetery was raided by a bunch of kids last night?
(65) They dug up a dozen graves thinking they'd find some human blood.
(66) It's nuts out there.
(67) All right now, Private,
(68) you may feel a slight increase in body temperature.
(69) That's just the Haemacillin entering your system. It's to be expected.
(70) Yes, sir. Okay.
(71) How do you feel? No change, sir.
(72) Six-degree increase.
(73) All right, that's slightly more accelerated than anticipated, but you're fine.
(74) Sixty-eight degrees and holding.
(75) Okay.
(76) Okay, how do you feel? I feel fine, sir.
(77) All right. All right! Shit! Shit!
(78) Come on. I need 20ccs of Epimone. Come on !
(79) Hold it, hold it.
(80) Just breathe. Just breathe.
(81) Come on, come on, come on ! Come on !
(82) Hey, hey! You got it?
(83) violent scenes in London today as police clashed with protesters
(84) over the controversial new blood-rationing schemes.
(85) demonstrators argue that the blood allowances are too strict,
(86) that government bodies are failing in their promise to find alternatives.
(87) similar scenes have been occurring
(88) across asia and the middle east in recent times.
(89) In local news, blood-related crime is on the rise
(90) with a staggering one in 1 0 people being confronted
(91) by subsider activity in the last month.
(92) Oh, shit!
(93) Oh, fuck.
(94) You all right?
(95) What are you doing? Get back.
(96) Hey, no. What are you. . . Don't come any closer.
(97) Shoot him again ! Don't.
(98) You're. . . You're human. Shoot!
(99) Don't shoot me again ! Don't! I'm. . .
(100) Listen, I can help you.

(101) Come on ! Come, get in my car. I'll help you. Come on !
(102) Let me help you. Come on, get in my car.
(103) Come on. Come on !
(104) Shit.
(105) Come on, get in. It's all right. It's all right.
(106) daytime protection driving mode activated.
(107) Car 51 at location.
(108) roger, car 51 . Shit.
(109) Are you okay, sir? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
(110) I'm all right. Did you get a good look at them, sir?
(111) No, not really. You know, I. . . lt happened so fast.
(112) They didn't wait around to see how I was, you know.
(113) We believe they may be human, sir. Did you see where they went?
(114) I think they went that way.
(115) You take care, sir. You, too.
(116) Let's go.
(117) Thank you.
(118) You okay? Yeah.
(119) See you around.
(120) Somehow I doubt that.
(121) Happy birthday, Ed.
(122) This is a community health and safety announcement.
(123) There is now one hour until sunrise.
(124) Ten years after the 2009 outbreak,
(125) vampiric wildlife wandering into the sunlight
(126) has become the number one cause of forest fires throughout the nation.
(127) The total national wildlife feeding ban has not deterred people from venturing...
(128) Linking homes and businesses right across the city,
(129) the subwalk Tunnel network is the safest way to walk around during daylight.
(130) subwalk. protection under the sun.
(131) having your car modified for daytime driving
(132) shouldn't cost you the earth.
(133) security alert. Back door ajar.
(134) Frankie.
(135) Hey, Ed.
(136) I hardly recognized you. It's only been a few months.
(137) I've got something for you. Yeah? What's that?
(138) What the fuck do you think it is?
(139) This is some birthday party, bro.
(140) Yeah, well, I've turned 35 ten times.
(141) Birthdays are pointless.
(142) Bullshit. Let's have a drink.
(143) Smells human. 1 00% pure.
(144) It's one of the perks of serving your country.
(145) I hear even that pig shit you drink is getting hard to find.
(146) I can't.
(147) Fuck that. You need it.
(148) Yeah. Well, life's a bitch, and then you don't die.
(149) Come on.
(150) I don't touch human blood.
(151) You don't touch human blood.
(152) You work for a company that uses humans like fucking cattle.
(153) Don't tell me how to live my life, little brother.
(154) Then don't act all high and mighty, big brother.
(155) See, look, Ed, your company working on some type of fake blood,
(156) that's one thing. But we all know that their money
(157) comes from farming humans. Are we going to pick up off
(158) exactly where we left off? We all know they make their money. . .
(159) I don't hunt humans. That is your job.
(160) I find them, you farm them.
(161) All right, well, let's just dump this shit, all right?
(162) Nothing changes, does it? Does it?
(163) You still don't get why I joined.
(164) What happens when there isn't a single drop left?
(165) When there isn't a single human,
(166) a single anything? We will always find more.
(167) A blood substitute means the end of human hunting.
(168) Fake blood doesn't mean the end of shit.
(169) Yeah. All right, well, if I believed that,
(170) I'd have to drive a stake through my heart right now.
(171) Shit!
(172) Frankie. Frankie. . .
(173) Shit!
(174) Oh, my God.
(175) Frankie!
(176) Oh, fuck.
(177) This is the third home invasion in this area in the last month.
(178) These things are in the suburbs now.
(179) So it's important that you update your security.
(180) Subsiders. Strong bastards.
(181) The same common trait as all the others.
(182) The aggression is most likely brought on by massive reductions in serotonin levels.
(183) We need more patrols ashing these filthy rats.
(184) Ugly son of a bitch.
(185) Carl? What, you knew him?
(186) Yeah, he was the local gardener.
(187) I saw him two weeks ago.
(188) He's feeding off other vamps.
(189) Only takes a couple of weeks to get this messed up.
(190) Some of his wounds look self-inflicted.
(191) He fed on himself? Perhaps.
(192) That would speed up mutation considerably.
(193) Animals.
(194) security alert. Back door ajar.
(195) Hi.
(196) Did you come to finish me off?
(197) We need your help.
(198) We've been searching for vampires we can trust.
(199) Trust?
(200) You're a blood doctor. You can help us.
(201) Help you how?
(202) A blood substitute is a solution, but it's not a cure.
(203) There's another way.
(204) Take it.
(205) Who was that?
(206) It's nothing.
(207) With blood supplies continuing to dwindle,
(208) private investors are pulling their human stock
(209) from the Bromley marks harvesting facility.
(210) many experts believe that the company will no longer be able to handle
(211) the national blood demand.
(212) The fda spokesperson confirmed...
(213) How are you feeling, Edward?
(214) The break-in must have been very traumatic.
(215) I'm fine. Thank you.
(216) Now, these attacks on everyday citizens are a cause for great concern.
(217) All the more reason to push forward, wouldn't you say?
(218) I'd just like your guarantee
(219) that a substitute would replace our need for a human supply, sir.
(220) Well, it's important that we allow the human race time to repopulate.
(221) That's not exactly what I asked.
(222) The majority of the population will be content with a blood substitute, yes.
(223) But there will always be those who are willing to pay
(224) a little extra for the real thing.
(225) Come on, Edward, we have to be realistic.
(226) If we don't cater to all markets, someone else will.
(227) How much do you think they'd be willing to pay for your daughter?
(228) He's waiting for you.
(229) UV warning. UV warning. UV warning.
(230) UV warning. UV warning.
(231) Trees are the oldest living things on Earth.
(232) Did you know that?
(233) They say some are over 4,000 years old.
(234) Some day though, this tree will die.
(235) And so will you.
(236) Maybe you won't die of old age like her,
(237) but the thing you're holding onto,
(238) that last breath of humanity,
(239) will vanish as soon as the blood does.
(240) What do you want?
(241) Same thing you do.
(242) A future.
(243) I was like you once.
(244) But not no more.
(245) Lionel Cormac. My friends call me Elvis.
(246) I ain't gonna bite.
(247) Elvis.
(248) Yeah. You know, like. . .
(249) Feel that?
(250) Hadn't been beating for nine years.
(251) Seems impossible, don't it?
(252) lt is impossible.
(253) So is walking around without a pulse.
(254) But here you are.
(255) How did you do it?
(256) Audrey.
(257) Put the gun down.
(258) Frankie? Put the gun down.
(259) Frankie, what the hell are you doing?
(260) Move away from him, Ed. Put the gun down.
(261) Don't make things worse.
(262) Stop pointing the gun ! Move away from him.
(263) Frankie! This is serious shit, Ed.
(264) They can put you away for a long time.
(265) Let's go.
(266) Motherfuckers!
(267) Come on, get in my car! Come on !
(268) Hey, hey, hey.
(269) Shit.
(270) Warning.
(271) UV warning.
(272) I got it. UV warning.
(273) UV warning.
(274) Warning.
(275) Shit!
(276) I can't. . . Move. Move!
(277) Stay straight!
(278) What the fuck?
(279) Oh, fuck!
(280) Hang on. What is it?
(281) Everybody okay? Yeah.
(282) Motherfuckers.
(283) I loved that car.
(284) You did the right thing.
(285) That was my brother.
(286) Come on.
(287) Never been good at science, Doc.
(288) Cars have always been my thing.
(289) Daylight modifications are my specialty.
(290) Or used to be.
(291) Custom cameras, sun shields, that kind of thing.
(292) My garage was one of the first in town to start doing them.
(293) I had a shop right near your place.
(294) Daytime driving, man. Nothing beats it.
(295) No traffic, no cops.
(296) Trouble is, if you ain't careful,
(297) you can get yourself one hell of a sunburn.
(298) You can only go on so long without blood before it messes with your head.
(299) It's amazing how quickly your whole world can change.
(300) Ain't it, Doc?
(301) We need to recreate this safely.
(302) That's why we need you.
(303) The sun?
(304) You're human because of the sun?
(305) Hurt like hell.
(306) Please have a seat.
(307) Do you know who I am?
(308) My brother has mentioned you before, sir.
(309) You did the right thing reporting his actions, Mr. Dalton.
(310) You want to continue to do the right thing, don't you, son?
(311) I will do whatever is asked of me, sir.
(312) Edward was a valuable member of our team
(313) and an essential part of all of our futures.
(314) All we wish is for him to continue with his work.
(315) And if he returns immediately, no formal charges will be laid.
(316) I don't know what you think I can do, sir.
(317) Do you like being a vampire, son?
(318) Yes, sir.
(319) Why?
(320) I mean, your brother clearly disapproves.
(321) I wonder if it's a common trait in your family.
(322) I'm good at this.
(323) I was never very good at being human, sir.
(324) And I'm not my brother.
(325) Well, good then, Frankie.
(326) Every couple of weeks we head out to search for others.
(327) It's getting harder and harder to find anybody.
(328) I only managed to pick up three when you drove us off the road.
(329) Stop the car. Stop the car.
(330) When was the last time you drank human blood?
(331) What. . . What's the matter?
(332) I'm fine.
(333) Oh, you don't. . .
(334) We need you focused.
(335) No! No, I'm not. . . She ain't asking, Doc.
(336) Where we're going,
(337) I can't afford to worry about you around the others.
(338) Well, it's about goddamn time.
(339) Stop worrying, you'll live longer.
(340) Jarvis, this is Ed.
(341) Ed.
(342) Well, ain't this nothing.
(343) Usually, when there's a vampire around, I'm the one shitting my pants.
(344) You better be worth the risk, man.
(345) Jar's made contact with the largest human group
(346) we've found in a long time,
(347) and he is gonna bring them back here.
(348) I set up more cots in the cellar.
(349) We'll stay in radio contact and keep you updated.
(350) Good luck.
(351) You, too.
(352) ls this place safe?
(353) Being human in a world full of vampires
(354) is about as safe as barebacking a five-dollar whore.
(355) This is home, Doc, but none of us are safe.
(356) This vineyard belonged to my parents.
(357) They always wanted me to run it some day,
(358) but at the time, I was more interested in going to college.
(359) Not long after the outbreak, I came back
(360) and it seemed like a good place to hide.
(361) I'm gonna. . . Okay.
(362) I owe that girl my life.
(363) She found me after I was shaked and baked and brought me here.
(364) I want you to meet someone.
(365) Ed. This is Senator Wes Turner.
(366) Well, hello. Hey.
(367) You made it. Yeah. Yeah, barely.
(368) More damn vampires. Back off, Colin.
(369) They're trying to help.
(370) Hey, being a vampire and a politician, it can be hard to make friends.
(371) Wes knows enough vampires in office that want this cure,
(372) and more importantly, will use it for the right reasons.
(373) We want to rebuild the human race,
(374) but a way back can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.
(375) We're an endangered species, Doc.
(376) It's time we changed all that.
(377) The escalating global blood crisis
(378) has seen prices skyrocket over the past week.
(379) experts believe that this will make blood unobtainable
(380) to many citizens across the country
(381) and create what can only be described as a subsider epidemic.
(382) please stand behind the yellow line.
(383) Excuse me.
(384) This is not what I asked for.
(385) Read the sign, sir.
(386) We're now only permitted to serve 5% blood with every coffee.
(387) I don't care what the sign says.
(388) Just put some more fucking blood in my coffee.
(389) I can't.
(390) Move!
(391) We've tested burning extracted blood under Uv light,
(392) and it always remains infected.
(393) How could yours possibly be human?
(394) You tell me, Doc.
(395) What did it feel like when the sun hit your body?
(396) What do you mean what did it feel like?
(397) I felt like a goddamn piece of fried chicken.
(398) Can you remember anything specific about it, anything at all?
(399) Well, I remember when the sunlight hit me,
(400) it was like a bolt of lightning kick-starting my heart.
(401) lt was like someone let the air back in the room.
(402) Maybe the only way to treat the blood is inside the body.
(403) We need to control a daylight burn.
(404) The pick up was successful. That's great, Jarvis.
(405) Total count's 1 5.
(406) We'll stay clear of the interstate, so it might take us a while to get back.
(407) Okay, be safe.
(408) Are you okay?
(409) They may be frightened of you,
(410) but none of them doubt that you can help us.
(411) I can't even remember what it's like to be human.
(412) Are you afraid to die?
(413) Yeah.
(414) Most of us are too scared of death to think of it as an option.
(415) I guess that's why so many turned.
(416) How did it happen to you?
(417) I was betrayed.
(418) My brother. . .
(419) What are these?
(420) Wine fermentation tanks.
(421) Fermentation. That's airtight, right?
(422) Yeah, that's right.
(423) What's that? It's an extraction fan.
(424) lt pulls air out of the tank to stop the wine from oxidizing.
(425) Okay, perfect. We'll use that to put out the fire.
(426) How far is it to the winery, Jarvis?
(427) It's about two hours from here.
(428) So have you been doing this for long? Picking up humans, giving them a home?
(429) Since the beginning.
(430) There's not many of us left now.
(431) How long you been running?
(432) Most of us have been on the run together for years.
(433) I've never seen it this bad.
(434) What made you come all the way out here?
(435) It's safer. There's lots of sun.
(436) There's not a lot of shade.
(437) Not much food, either, huh?
(438) Yeah. Thanks.
(439) Shit.
(440) Damn it.
(441) Shit!
(442) Tranq dart! Move! Move!
(443) Oh, shit.
(444) Move, move!
(445) Go, go, go, go, go, go!
(446) Keep in line!
(447) Fire!
(448) Pick it up! Pick it up!
(449) Off to the right!
(450) Can anyone hear me?
(451) hello? Is anyone there?
(452) We hear you. Who is this?
(453) They've found us.
(454) They're everywhere. Where are you?
(455) Please! No! No! No!
(456) Are you still there?
(457) It's completely secluded.
(458) lt should be the safest place for us to regroup.
(459) How long will it take to get there?
(460) If we stay off the main highway and follow the trails along the Marshall River,
(461) we should reach my cabin before nightfall.
(462) Okay. You be careful.
(463) You, too.
(464) Come on, Ed. We gotta go. I can't.
(465) They'll be here soon. The sun is about to come up.
(466) We may never get a chance to set up this experiment again.
(467) I've got to do it.
(468) That thing could kill you. I'm already dead.
(469) Fuck it.
(470) I do love a good barbecue.
(471) You don't need that.
(472) You're safe here, I promise.
(473) Where are my friends?
(474) Don't hurt them. Please.
(475) You look so beautiful.
(476) You've grown up so much.
(477) Dad, please.
(478) I'm so happy to see you.
(479) I never thought I'd see you again, sweetheart.
(480) You're safe now.
(481) You're safe.
(482) But your friends, there's nothing I can do. I'm sorry.
(483) You're not sorry!
(484) Ali, let me help you, please.
(485) You sure you're ready to do this?
(486) Yeah, what could go wrong?
(487) You feel so warm.
(488) Ready, Doc?
(489) I'm ready. Let's do it, Aud.
(490) Okay, on my count. Three, two, one, now!
(491) Ed !
(492) I'm all right. He's okay, Aud !
(493) Well, let's do it again. Again ! Let's do it again !
(494) Three, two, one, now!
(495) You okay? You okay?
(496) Ed?
(497) Yeah. Again. Again. He's fine!
(498) Three, two, one, now!
(499) Ed.
(500) Ed?
(501) Lord almighty.
(502) mr. Dalton.
(503) How's the shoulder, son?
(504) It's healing quickly.
(505) How about yourself, sir?
(506) I'll survive.
(507) You know, during the Civil War,
(508) General Sherman said, "'I am tired and sick of war,
(509) "'its glory is all moonshine.
(510) "'War is hell."'
(511) Less than 50 humans have been captured in the last week.
(512) Some believe hell may well be coming.
(513) But with dedicated soldiers like yourself,
(514) we can prevent that from happening.
(515) Frankie,
(516) I need you to do something for me.
(517) Get away from me.
(518) You don't need to be scared of me.
(519) Stay away.
(520) ls this what you want? To live in fear?
(521) See, I can help you. Make you one of us.
(522) Free. No!
(523) You can live forever.
(524) Fuck you !
(525) Welcome back.
(526) She won't drink her blood ration, sir.
(527) Okay.
(528) Ali?
(529) Oh, baby.
(530) Ali, what are you doing? That'll poison you.
(531) ls this what you wanted?
(532) No, sweetheart. No. ls this what you wanted?
(533) No, no.
(534) You did this!
(535) You did this! No!
(536) You did this!
(537) military forces have been ordered to most major cities around the country
(538) in a bid to contain what is now being described
(539) as the subsider epidemic.
(540) military leaders have announced they will take
(541) a strict no-tolerance approach to the crisis.
(542) an order to commence the immediate round-up and capture
(543) of all class-4 blood-deprived citizens
(544) has been issued.
(545) We close?
(546) The Senator's cabin should be just up ahead.
(547) It's all gone.
(548) Everything.
(549) We'll start again.
(550) We can't keep running.
(551) I know someone who can help.
(552) With the current military round-up in full effect,
(553) it is likely we will continue to see a decreased subsider presence
(554) on our streets.
(555) But the question has been asked, now what?
(556) Our families are starving. We can't afford to feed these creatures, too.
(557) I know it may be wrong, but these things, they gotta go.
(558) Thank you. I know. I know.
(559) Well, I couldn't have done it without you.
(560) Shit.
(561) I'll call you back.
(562) You're really human.
(563) This is unbelievable. Hold it.
(564) I'm sorry, who are you?
(565) We're the folks with the crossbows.
(566) It's a dangerous time, Chris.
(567) We can't be too careful, all right? Sit down, please.
(568) Ed, it's me.
(569) After the six years we spent working together,
(570) you know the sacrifices I've made.
(571) I've been with you 1 00% of the way always.
(572) I know.
(573) All right, listen.
(574) We've got something, something better than a blood substitute.
(575) We've got a cure.
(576) And I can repeat the procedure, but I'm going to need your help.
(577) This is a chance to change everything.
(578) How'd you do it?
(579) You gonna answer that?
(580) Hello.
(581) No. Yeah.
(582) Hold on. Ex-wife.
(583) It's messy. Can you give me a sec?
(584) Yeah.
(585) No, we didn't agree on that, no.
(586) What are you talking about?
(587) This is one fucking ugly house.
(588) Where you going? To check on your friend.
(589) Go!
(590) If they find us, we can't help her.
(591) Put it down !
(592) I don't believe it.
(593) Don't come any closer.
(594) Frankie, I've found a cure.
(595) All right? I can change you back.
(596) No. Put it down, kid.
(597) No, it's all right. Frankie, it's all right.
(598) Frankie, it's not too late.
(599) Do you know why I turned you, Ed?
(600) You used to say to me that you'd rather die than be like the rest of us.
(601) I didn't turn you because it was convenient or because of some selfish need for blood.
(602) I turned you because you would have died if I didn't.
(603) I couldn't lose you, Ed.
(604) I've fucked up bad.
(605) I can get you out of here.
(606) We're not going anywhere without Audrey.
(607) The woman. Yeah, the woman.
(608) You'll never get to her.
(609) You wanna help us?
(610) Please.
(611) Okay.
(612) Shit!
(613) God damn it!
(614) Edward, you got a tan. lt suits you.
(615) You know, Edward,
(616) her blood has a scent that no substitute could ever replace.
(617) Fear.
(618) I don't want to die.
(619) I can't do this, this being human.
(620) Isn't that what you wanted? I don't want to be afraid.
(621) I can never be free like this. I see that now.
(622) Please. Help me.
(623) What is it that you want?
(624) Turn us both, let us leave,
(625) and I'll show you a way to repopulate your entire human supply.
(626) What the hell are you doing?
(627) And you would give me this cure? Yes.
(628) As long as you allow her to go free, too. No.
(629) She doesn't sound that interested in your proposition, Edward.
(630) ln time, she'll come to understand. Will she?
(631) Thank you.
(632) You know, I won't deny that things have gotten progressively worse
(633) during your absence.
(634) The public, the military, everyone, it seems, is starving.
(635) Our blood supplies are, well, gone.
(636) Ed.
(637) I myself was feeling the effects of the deprivation.
(638) But as of yesterday,
(639) it's all a thing of the past.
(640) You know, I always thought it would be you
(641) that would come up with a stable substitute, not Christopher.
(642) But I guess I was wrong.
(643) Look.
(644) We go into mass production in two days.
(645) It's never been about a cure.
(646) It's about repeat business.
(647) And besides, what's to cure?
(648) So you see, Edward,
(649) I don't need you anymore.
(650) Of course you couldn't make it as a human.
(651) You're weak.
(652) The truth is, you've always been a coward.
(653) What did it feel like to turn your own daughter?
(654) You didn't do it, did you?
(655) You couldn't, could you?
(656) You had my brother do it for you.
(657) So who's the fucking coward?
(658) No! No!
(659) Your blood. . . What have you done to me?
(660) vampires think they own this world,
(661) that the humans have to hide from it.
(662) That ain't true.
(663) Every day, the sun comes out,
(664) and every day, the vamps have to hide.
(665) Vampires can never survive.
(666) That's the truth.
(667) Elvis Presley once said,
(668) "'Truth is like the sun.
(669) "'You can shut it out for a time,
(670) "'but it ain't going away."'
(671) Mr. Bromley, open up!
(672) Treated vampire blood.
(673) That's the cure.
(674) Welcome back to humanity.
(675) Now you get to die.
(676) Move! Move!
(677) Let's go.
(678) Don't do this.
(679) There's a cure.
(680) Don't do this.
(681) Run.
(682) No!
(683) Ed !
(684) There can't be a cure.
(685) I can't let you do it.
(686) I'm sorry.
(687) We have a cure.
(688) We can change you back.
(689) It's not too late.

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