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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

[2014] [Crows Explode] English Transcripts

(1) Kazeo?
(2) Hm?
(3) I'll come for you soon, okay?
(4) Be strong.
(5) Move it!
(6) Hey, where is Suzuran?
(7) Who gives a crap?
(8) A new guy's coming who got booted from Takeya High for fighting.
(9) I hear he's a monster.
(10) Monster or not, the question is: "Can he hack it at Suzuran?"
(11) Ogisu, wanna squash him?
(12) The opposite, idiot.
(13) We get him on our team, crush Gora and his goons, and unite Suzuran under us.
(14) His name?
(15) Kazeo Kaburagi.
(16) I guarantee you he can conquer Suzuran.
(17) I've got a feeling.
(18) Hey, is Suzuran this way?
(19) Who the hell are you?
(20) Too close.
(21) Hold it, creep!
(22) Don't screw with Suzuran.
(23) Sorry I asked.
(24) Smartass, huh? Don't get cocky.
(25) Transfer student, no doubt.
(26) A word of advice. There are rules here!
(27) Okay, I get it.
(28) No, you don't "get it", dork!
(29) Do you know who you're messing with?
(30) I don't "mess with" anyone.
(31) What's that supposed to mean?
(32) Suzuran Boys' High School
(33) Back off, twerps!
(34) I said "back off!"
(35) Shut the hell up!
(36) We're holding Suzuran's traditional "Title Match."
(37) So shut up and wait.
(38) Got it?
(39) Takagi.
(40) Starting off a brand new year with you is a bore.
(41) Screw you, Gora.
(42) It's about time you learned...
(43) who rules Suzuran!
(44) It ain't you.
(45) Who're you?
(46) A hotshot, huh?
(47) You there!
(48) What, did daddy drive you to school?
(49) Too scared to come alone?
(50) Suzuran's no place for rich snots. Go on home.
(51) Up yours.
(52) Come again?
(53) Now I've got to wipe this place with your ass, huh Pretty Boy?
(54) You.
(55) You almost ran me over back there. Where's an apology?
(56) Don't touch me.
(57) What?
(58) Hey, get back here.
(59) Back off!
(60) Like swatting a fly.
(61) Nice work, Gora.
(62) Now Suzuran's ours.
(63) Someone with some fight step forward, please!
(64) That didn't even count as a warm-up.
(65) Hey, wait a second.
(66) Nice attitude.
(67) You've got never busting in here.
(68) I'm gonna beat the fear of Suzuran into you!
(69) Ow, that hurts!
(70) Look, no teeth.
(71) Don't tell me that's Kazeo Kaburagi.
(72) I don't recognize your face.
(73) I'm new here.
(74) Things might get interesting after all.
(75) A word to my friends
(76) Living on the wild side
(77) That light which flickers far off in the distance
(78) It just might lead you out of here someday
(80) A crumbling afternoon intersection
(81) I see a flock of birds without wings
(82) Floundering in search of a life that rings true
(83) Still unaware of what they are
(84) Wings charred by the sun and unable to fly
(85) I wanna fly and keep flying
(86) I wanna fly and keep flying
(87) A word to my friends
(88) Living on the wild side
(89) What does it mean to be true to yourself?
(90) It's breaking out of your shell over and over
(91) In the tempest of change we all search for ourselves
(92) I wanna change and keep changing
(93) I wanna change and keep changing
(94) I wanna change
(95) I wanna change
(96) I wanna change
(97) I wanna change
(98) I wanna change
(99) Give me a beer.
(100) Here you are.

(101) Ken?
(102) Is that you, Ken?
(103) It is! Why didn't you tell me you were back in town?
(104) When did you return?
(105) Pipe down! Are you stupid?
(106) I'm supposed to be dead in this town.
(107) What? Everybody knows you're a fisherman in some port town.
(108) Really? Yeah.
(109) Nakata Auto Center
(110) You work here, Makise?
(111) Yeah.
(112) You really straightened out, huh?
(113) This place was going to close when the owner died.
(114) I figured I'd try to keep it alive.
(115) I felt it my duty since the owner was like a father to me.
(116) I see.
(117) Ken, come have a look at this.
(118) Fully aero with fender flares, big bore exhaust. Pure kick-ass.
(119) A mere $900. Can you believe it?
(120) There's no way it passes regulations.
(121) No problem. We're also authorized inspectors.
(122) Actually, we're short-handed. I still can't believe I ran into you.
(123) Must be fate.
(124) Makise, on second thought, I can't do this.
(125) Serious?
(126) It's a perfect job for you, Ken.
(127) Come on.
(128) This is a lemon whatever way you look at it.
(129) This won't sell. With your gift for gab...
(130) We're back
(131) Welcome back.
(132) Let me introduce you.
(133) This is the owner's daughter, Aya.
(134) Ken, Suzuran senior alum.
(135) How do you do?
(136) Ken?
(137) Ken!
(138) I'm Ken Katagiri.
(139) I'm Aya and this is my son, Sota.
(140) Say hello, Sota.
(141) Sota!
(142) Excuse us.
(143) Makise, will I need a suit?
(144) Yes!
(145) I'm in charge of repairs, so if you could handle sales for now...
(146) Leave it to me! The only thing I honed while fishing was my mouth.
(147) What?
(148) What?
(149) Never mind.
(150) Welcome aboard. Thank you.
(151) I'll prepare dinner. Makise's favorite, hamburger steak.
(152) Always grateful.
(153) Will you join us?
(154) Yes!
(155) Let's go, Sota.
(156) This here is our hangout.
(157) Yo, Kazeo Kaburagi.
(158) I'm Ogisu. This is Momo. And that's Goro.
(159) Welcome to Suzuran's smallest team.
(160) That was quite an impressive start.
(161) Just as everyone was throwing in with Gora after his big showdown...
(162) you take out one of his top henchmen with one blow.
(163) Having a large gallery helped, too.
(164) Your name's sure to be near the top of the list for Suzuran conquest.
(165) You and that freshman who busted through the gate... Kagami, was it?
(166) His stock is rising, too.
(167) He showed balls.
(168) Kagami?
(169) I've heard of you. Kazeo from Takeya Commercial High.
(170) You beat everyone there in a man-to-man contest. You're legendary.
(171) So join us now, man.
(172) My odds are on you.
(173) Together, we might take this school.
(174) I don't like taking orders from anyone.
(175) Maybe so, Kazeo.
(176) But here at Suzuran... people just don't leave you alone.
(177) The "Suzuran power rankings."
(178) Childish.
(179) Suzuran Power Rankings
(180) The Suzuran power rankings.
(181) No. 1 is Suzuran's "bullfighter," Toru Gora.
(182) Power ranking score about a 68.
(183) No. 2, Tetsuji Takagi who lost to Gora on Day 1.
(184) He scores around a 66.
(185) No. 3 is Soshi Terashima, leader of the Five Shimas.
(186) He scores a 66, same as Takagi.
(187) No. 4 is Gora's second in command, Tamotsu Honda.
(188) I'd score him about a 65.
(189) With the top 3 now in his fold, Gora's closest to ruling the roost.
(190) Without a doubt, it's Suzuran's strongest faction.
(191) And No.5, the man who made such a splash on Day 1, Kazeo Kaburagi.
(192) Shuji Terada of Class 3E is at No.6, but who's No.7?
(193) Kohei Yamashita, a transfer student like Kazeo.
(194) At Nanamori High, they called him "Black Dynamite."
(195) You're Taira, aren't you?
(196) Who wants to know?
(197) The man who's come to rip out your balls!
(198) Bring it!
(199) What about "Lindaman"?
(200) He's on here.
(201) He's unmeasurable.
(202) Suzuran's "untouchable"... Megumi Hayashida.
(203) a.k.a. "Lindaman".
(204) So you're Kagami.
(205) Let's decide the top freshman, Pretty Boy.
(206) The dark horse is Ryohei Kagami.
(207) A lack of information makes him a little creepy.
(208) Top of Suzuran Toru Gora
(209) I hear the new kid, Kaburagi, really tore up his last school.
(210) He sure is quiet, though. Think he's scared?
(211) He doesn't fight as a policy, I hear.
(212) You can't survive at Suzuran with a policy like that.
(213) How's it feel to lose your balls?
(214) Don't mess with me!
(215) Bunch of vulgar flies.
(216) Hold it.
(217) I said hold it!
(218) Get away!
(219) You stole from something.
(220) Open your bag. No way.
(221) Come on. Let's see.
(222) Help! I'm being sexually harassed. This guy's a pervert!
(223) See! I saw you put it in there.
(224) I just put it in.
(225) That's shoplifting. It's a crime. You get arrested for it.
(226) Mie.
(227) Kazeo...
(228) What's up?
(229) What're you doing, doofus?
(230) Since when are you a big brother?
(231) You'd be in custody now if I hadn't come along.
(232) I've got to be short on luck if I'm running into you.
(233) Still a smart aleck, huh?
(234) Where'd you learn that?
(235) From you.
(236) I'll sew your mouth shut.
(237) Yeah, how?
(238) Brat.
(239) Taiyo Academy Foster Home
(240) Hello.
(241) Mie, you're past curfew. What were you thinking?
(242) She was in a bookstore, reading.
(243) I spotted her and brought her home.
(244) I hear you transferred to Suzuran.
(245) A direct path to delinquency.
(246) I've grown up a bit, though.
(247) Just physically, maybe.
(248) Never mind. Have you eaten? Grab a bite before you go.
(249) No, I'll go.
(250) No, stay a while.
(251) Another time.
(252) Brother Mizushima, I'll see you.
(253) Wait. So how are you? Is everything all right?
(254) I'm doing good. Life's almost too exciting, actually.
(255) See you.
(256) Welcome!
(257) Welcome!
(258) Trust is our creed.
(259) And no price is too low for serious consideration!
(260) This is sick!
(261) It sure is.
(262) This one here? One of a kind.
(263) Fully aero with uh... fender flares.
(264) Perfectly pimped for the road racing fanatic.
(265) It's a radical vehicle. Will it pass inspection?
(266) Yes. We do the inspections here.
(267) This wiper is removable for easy washing.
(268) We'll take it!
(269) Really?
(270) Thank you!
(271) Leave it to me. I'll have these cars flying off the lo
(272) I'm very hopeful.
(273) How is it?
(274) Fabulous!
(275) I've never really had any real home-cooking in my life.
(276) I love everything you make! I won't leave a crumb!
(277) There are more rice balls, so feel free.
(278) Must be difficult, though...
(279) a woman running such a run-down...
(280) I mean, a "historical" establishment.
(281) What you need is someone by your side, giving you support.
(282) I'm here.
(283) I don't mean you!
(284) It's the smell.
(285) The oil, the steel, the tires.
(286) My dad's smell.
(287) Ever since I was a child.
(288) So really, I never feel lonely, nor any desire to leave.
(289) Afternoon! Waste pickup!
(290) Sota!
(291) What happened?
(292) He got into a fight on his way home.
(293) 3 against 1, and he won! He's a natural.
(294) Let's clean that.
(295) Hey.
(296) Yes? Load the garbage.
(297) Yes!
(298) Who're they?
(299) Otsu group.
(300) Of the Soshu Family?
(301) They control production waste recycling around here.
(302) When the old man was alive, he sold them used cars for nothing...
(303) which they sold to China and Russia for huge profits.
(304) Is that the boss?
(305) No, I think a guy named Naraoka took over the group.
(306) Naraoka? Yes.
(307) So, are you having fun?
(308) Lots of girls to hit on, too What do you say?
(309) This can't be your first time to a live music club.
(310) Something wrong with that?
(311) Nope. But I see you're not much into partying.
(312) Just not interested.
(313) Here's your beer.
(314) Here comes a pain in the ass.
(315) That's Kurosaki Industrial's top guy, Shibata.
(316) Tell me...
(317) why come to Suzuran if you don't plan to fight?
(318) Just don't want to.
(319) Why? Will mommy scold you?
(320) How boring. I can't hang with someone who won't fight.
(321) Guess I expected too much.
(322) I don't want to become like my dad.
(323) Watch it, klutz!
(324) Say what?
(325) You look like a duck with that hair.
(326) Who're you calling a duck?
(327) You, Daffy!
(328) Like your dad? How so?
(329) Nothing.
(330) What's your problem, man?
(331) This one's a praying mantis.
(332) What, are you talking to me?
(333) Yeah, I'm talking to you.
(334) Give it your best shot, bug.
(335) Son of a bitch!
(336) Rock it, people!
(337) Have fun!
(338) You can fight but don't wreck the place.
(339) Knock that off!
(340) What line of work was your dad in?
(341) Had to be a loser, right?
(342) A loser?
(343) Is he abusive to you?
(344) Piece of crap, right?
(345) What do you mean by that?
(346) Huh?
(347) Ogisu!
(348) It's those Kurosaki twerps.
(349) You wimps!
(350) Get back here!
(351) We ain't done yet!
(352) Screw you!
(353) There we go!
(354) This is for hurting Goro.
(355) You're interesting.
(356) No, I'm not.
(357) Who are you?
(358) Who are you?
(359) Isn't this fun?
(360) It's a pain in the ass.
(361) Learn to live a little.
(362) Have some fun.
(363) Let's change place.
(364) The cops are here! Get the hell out!
(365) You start.
(366) Nah, let's call it a night.
(367) We'll meet again.
(368) That crazy look you got.
(369) The way you talk like you're about to lose it reminds me of an old buddy.
(370) He got thrown in "Juvenile."
(371) You're from Suzuran, right?
(372) Hurry to the top.
(373) Then we'll have it out.
(374) The top, the top! You're like monkeys in a zoo.
(375) Knock the boss monkey off the hill. What purer instinct is there?
(376) I don't want to be a monkey.
(377) Otsu Group Industries
(378) Been a long time, Katagiri.
(379) Nice to see you, Mr. Naraoka.
(380) Don't be so formal.
(381) I left the mob life. Just a straight citizen now.
(382) Well, have a seat.
(383) Excuse me.
(384) Nostalgic, eh?
(385) The two of us used to work together for Mr. Kagami.
(386) We did a lot of stupid things, didn't we?
(387) What are you up to now?
(388) I'm selling cars at Nakata Auto by the highway.
(389) Oh, you don't say?
(390) That place helped us make a mint reselling cars to China.
(391) The old man there...
(392) dropped dead from a stroke last year.
(393) That's prime property, and I want to put a business on it.
(394) But that daughter is real stubborn.
(395) Actually, that's what I came to you about today.
(396) Aya... I mean, the daughter has been...
(397) working real hard to rebuild after her father's death.
(398) So I was wondering if... um...
(399) Katagiri, you've fallen for her.
(400) No, that's not it.
(401) As someone employed there...
(402) I'd really appreciate it if you left the place alone.
(403) Why should I take orders from you?
(404) You're a straight citizen now, right?
(405) Forgive me.
(406) I know what, Katagiri.
(407) You can dupe that daughter into selling me the place.
(408) I've been thinking sex trade.
(409) Cabaret club on the 1st floor, titty pub on the 2nd.
(410) "Health spas" on the upper floors for people wanting to get their rocks off.
(411) A jacuzzi on the roof.
(412) 5 girls and a view of the city. Orgy under the stars.
(413) A building of slip-sliding erotica!
(414) Come on, Katagiri. How much do you want?
(415) Name your price. At 30 percent.
(416) Hey, gofer boy!
(417) Come sit.
(418) Yes sir!
(419) Introduce yourself first, idiot.
(420) I'm Fujiwara. At your service!
(421) He just got out of juvie, and wanted looking after.
(422) How old are you?
(423) You mean, "18, Sir!"
(424) I'm 18, Sir!
(425) You can go now.
(426) Oh, sorry. Excuse me.
(427) Did you kill someone, brother?
(428) He lit a guy on fire in a fight, then broke the arm of a cop.
(429) Badass, huh?
(430) Ryohei? Is that you, Ryohei?
(431) Man, you've grown!
(432) What?
(433) That's right. You used to babysit Ryohei, didn't you?
(434) After Mr. Kagami's tragic death, I became Ryohei's guardian.
(435) Is that right?
(436) He's starting to resemble our founder.
(437) I'll put the group in good order during my tenure so he can take over.
(438) My way of settling my debt to our funder.
(439) But he asked me to take care of Ryohei.
(440) Boss.
(441) Let me entrust Fujiwara to Kakimoto's cleaning service.
(442) He's understaffed.
(443) Giving up on school then, brother?
(444) Yes, High school's meaningless.
(445) I want to break with my past and prove myself in this world.
(446) Now those are the kinds of words I'd like to hear from Ryohei here.
(447) He just keeps to himself.
(448) It's a crying shame.
(449) For now, why don't you go clean the toilets.
(450) Yessir!
(451) Make them sparkle enough to lick, or there'll be hell to pay.
(452) Yessir!
(453) When you're finished, do the same to the floors.
(454) Kurosaki Industrial High School
(455) We will now begin the "fight auditions"!
(456) Aye!
(457) Bow!
(458) Let me explain the rules once more.
(459) You freshmen are to pick one of us to fight with. Anyone will do.
(460) If you show us some guts, you pass.
(461) And you're in the Shibata Alliance!
(462) Aye!
(463) So who wants to go to bat first?
(464) Did you hear, Shibata?
(465) What?
(466) Fujiwara's leaving juvie.
(467) He's already out? 2 weeks and 4 days ago.
(468) So you knew.
(469) I've known him since we carried matching lunch pails to school.
(470) I couldn't forget him if I tried.
(471) Begin!
(472) Hiroki Shibata!
(473) I want you, man!
(474) Not bad, you two. Your names?
(475) Kenichi Kadozumi!
(476) Kenichi Maruyama!
(477) You two aren't 1st year students.
(478) Never mind. First, you have to get by me.
(479) That's all right.
(480) Okay, elite hoods.
(481) Let's exchange some blood, sweat and crap.
(482) Long time no see, Fujiwara.
(483) Did you repent in juvie?
(484) Repent? I repent and regret nothing.
(485) What brings you then?
(486) No place to go but here?
(487) Don't worry. I ain't ever returning to this dump.
(488) Why is that, I wonder?
(489) Afraid of what we might do to you?
(490) I'll soak you in kerosene again, Shibata.
(491) Be my guest. Bring it on.
(492) Every time the scars start aching, I see your nauseating face.
(493) I'm done with play fighting.
(494) I represent the Otsu Group now.
(495) What, are you stupid?
(496) You need to have your ass carted by yakuza now?
(497) Still a loser, aren't you?
(498) Look who's talking, schoolboy.
(499) You can strut around in here.
(500) But act that way on the streets, and your ass is grass.
(501) You got it backwards!
(502) Kaburagi Family Grave
(503) Shunsuke!
(504) Can you hear me?
(505) Blink if you hear me, Shunsuke.
(506) Shunsuke, can you hear me?
(507) Take it.
(508) Money's easiest, huh?
(509) What does that mean?
(510) Was dad strong?
(511) Lost all the time.
(512) He wanted the belt, swore he'd become champion.
(513) No chance. He was always aiming too high.
(514) Hardly a glance toward the people around him.
(515) He simply did whatever he wanted. Just like you.
(516) That's why I'd like to see you lead a normal, regular life.
(517) Don't make the people who love you miserable.
(518) Go to school, all right?
(519) Stop nagging.
(520) Hey, hey, Kazeo.
(521) What was that? A date? What? No, fool!
(522) Lots of secrets, huh, loner?
(523) What're you doing here?
(524) Care to join us?
(525) Where're you going?
(526) Where you can't keep secrets.
(527) Nothing like a hot bath to get the blood flowing.
(528) It's heaven.
(529) To the sauna, Momo?
(530) I'll outlast you.
(531) Care to wager a shake on it?
(532) You're on.
(533) So you lost your father, too?
(534) My old man ran off when I was 8, leaving debts.
(535) Momo's dad is an alcoholic. He's at home drunk all day.
(536) Goro's got no mom. He helps his dad run a grill.
(537) Kazeo...
(538) You're not the only one.
(539) Everyone's dysfunctional.
(540) So I was thinking maybe it's time...
(541) you relaxed and made some friends.
(542) Korean barbecue, man. At Goro's grill, we eat for free!
(543) Picture curling a strip of marinated beef loin around a pillow of rice...
(544) Ow!
(545) You guys hang out a lot?
(546) Yeah. Why?
(547) How come?
(548) 'Cause there's nobody at home.
(549) And hanging with them is way more fun.
(550) Oh.
(551) When you go home, it's just you, right?
(552) Ogisu!
(553) What is it?
(554) Got popped in the sauna.
(555) What the hell?
(556) What're you doing to my friends?
(557) I'm at an age where I'll fight at the drop of a hat. I'm out of control!
(558) Looking for trouble, pipsqueak?
(559) Um...
(560) gents with tattoos...
(561) aren't allowed, right?
(562) What, I can't bathe my whole life?
(563) Sure you can.
(564) Screw you!
(565) Lame.
(566) Shut up!
(567) Knock it off!
(568) You got a problem, punk?
(569) That's it! Don't mess with us!
(570) You too, huh?
(571) You there! Let people at least bathe in peace!
(572) What's all the fuss?
(573) Makise, give it to them.
(574) Ken.
(575) I've been prohibited from fighting.
(576) Okay, runt. You want a piece of this?
(577) Come on, shorty.
(578) Fine! I'll take you all on. With pleasure.
(579) Step outside!
(580) There are children present.
(581) Let's make a run for it while we can. It's our best option.
(582) Stop, stop! They're looking.
(583) Don't show your faces again!
(584) The old place never changes. Home sweet home.
(585) What class is Ryohei Kagami in?
(586) Find him yourself, grandpa!
(587) I like your spirit!
(588) Ryohei! Ryohei Kagami!
(589) Pipe down, old man!
(590) Shut the hell up!
(591) Buzz off, shorty.
(592) Okay kiddies, don't start to piss me off.
(593) I'm senior alum, scumbags.
(594) Young lad!
(595) Who are you?
(596) Now, don't tell me you've never heard of "Jarhead Ken." That's me.
(597) Hey, you were at the bathhouse.
(598) You're from Suzuran, huh?
(599) Fine. Do you know Ryohei Kagami? Freshman?
(600) Freshmen are that way.
(601) Yo! Ryohei!
(602) All grown up! Remember me?
(603) Back then, you were this small!
(604) Quiet.
(605) Of course I don't remember back then.
(606) Ryohei.
(607) You're not supposed to be here.
(608) Ryohei's dad was like a big brother to me.
(609) He helped me out a lot before I left the organization.
(610) If he hadn't died in a turf war, he'd be a big man by now.
(611) He had me look after Ryohei.
(612) I'd do his homework for him, but got worse scores than he did.
(613) This is the place.
(614) This school's got sports teams?
(615) Yeah. I never went to a single game, but...
(616) This brings back memories.
(617) This was my hangout.
(618) Take a look.
(619) Jarhead Ken.
(620) Jarhead Ken?
(621) For us, Suzuran was one giant playground.
(622) It was packed full of everything.
(623) 3 years just wasn't enough time.
(624) Of course, I dropped out.
(625) But I'll never forget it.
(626) The faces of my pals... how they glowed.
(627) It was a different world.
(628) The death of Ryohei's dad really left him all alone.
(629) Passed around among relatives.
(630) But deep down, I was happy when I heard he entered Suzuran.
(631) I thought here he'd finally make some real friends.
(632) I came back to this town to watch from a distance.
(633) Know what?
(634) All I want is for Ryohei to go live his life freely.
(635) Are you screwing with me, you bastard?
(636) Get up!
(637) I asked you if you know what you're doing?
(638) Answer me!
(639) What do you say? Get up!
(640) Japanese cars are out of fashion.
(641) But not women.
(642) Japanese women are in huge demand in China.
(643) You can ejaculate over and over, but the sperm keeps recharging.
(644) And I hear Chinese have big balls.
(645) Makes for great sex drive.
(646) Sounds exciting, boss.
(647) Hey Majima. That's enough.
(648) Or he'll be useless to Kakimoto.
(649) Yes sir.
(650) Get up, worm.
(651) Listen, punk.
(652) I hear you were getting your kicks in town and using my name.
(653) That causes problems if I'm not aware of it.
(654) Forgive me.
(655) Is this your idea of "breaking with the past"?
(656) Come here a sec.
(657) He called you over. Move your ass.
(658) Listen up.
(659) If you're going to settle old scores, you can't be half-assed about it.
(660) A man's got to be thorough.
(661) Yes sir.
(662) You want that chance, boy?
(663) Yes sir!
(664) Kurosaki wimps!
(665) Welcome.
(666) I permit you to make some noise.
(667) Go hog wild.
(668) What's up, Suzuran?
(669) No use running!
(670) What the hell, man!
(671) Welcome.
(672) Hey Suzuran!
(673) How many bowls did you eat?
(674) Under one condition. You will not mention our name.
(675) Kurosaki bastards!
(676) You wanna start a war with Suzuran? No, you guys picked a fight with us.
(677) Where's Fujiwara, huh?
(678) Fujiwara!
(679) Sorry, but we only take recyclable trash.
(680) And while you're at it...
(681) tear down Nakata Auto, too.
(682) Okay, hit me!
(683) Wow, nice punches! Atta boy!
(684) Okay. Wait, wait, wait. Now...
(685) The knockout punch!
(686) Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I mean it.
(687) Any harder and you'll beat me up.
(688) Okay, once more!
(689) Hold up.
(690) Welcome!
(691) Group purchase?
(692) Hey!
(693) Sota!
(694) You!
(695) What the hell is going on?
(696) Move out.
(697) Bastards!
(698) Who were those guys?
(699) They're with Naraoka.
(700) Serious?
(701) It's Hajime Fujiwara. Used to be No. 2 at Kurosaki Industrial.
(702) He was a long-time friend of Shibata.
(703) I don't care who's friends with who.
(704) But why attack Suzuran?
(705) We have no beef with Kurosaki.
(706) But if they keep hammering in Suzuran...
(707) we're going to war with them.
(708) This is something else.
(709) Pay the fare up front, please.
(710) Shut up!
(711) Pay when you board.
(712) Shut up!
(713) You're Suzuran's Gora?
(714) And you're Fujiwara.
(715) Been wanting to meet you.
(716) If I take you down, Suzuran becomes mine.
(717) Try your best.
(718) Wait, it's not your time yet.
(719) We're all you'll need.
(720) Who are you?
(721) What? Leader can't fight?
(722) If you want to fight Suzuran, go take Kurosaki first.
(723) I'm not Kurosaki or anything. I could care less.
(724) I've come to crush all of you high school punks, every one of you!
(725) Say what?
(726) Leave this to us. Go!
(727) Freshmen year, Fujiwara couldn't beat Shibata so he poured kerosene on him.
(728) He lit Shibata on fire?
(729) That explains juvie.
(730) What's that O.D.A team that's fighting with Fujiwara?
(731) Friends of friends Fujiwara made in juvenile hall.
(732) Hey! Send out your chief.
(733) I want to wring his balls.
(734) Yamashita, do you even know what's going on?
(735) Fujiwara of Kurosaki has started a war with Suzuran.
(736) If you beat us to a pulp, you help bring down Suzuran.
(737) I don't give a crap about that!
(738) All I care about is the top of Suzuran.
(739) I don't want to hear your dick scum excuses.
(740) Stop with the disgusting "balls" and "dick scum" language.
(741) Kazeo, you may be ranked No.5 or some bogus crap like that.
(742) But I'll tear off your balls!
(743) One noisy alarm clock.
(744) Dynamite's fuse is out.
(745) Stop staring.
(746) The rumor among 1st years...
(747) is that it'll come down to you and Gora to take Suzuran.
(748) But I'm betting on you.
(749) That's your problem.
(750) You're always by yourself.
(751) The truly strong are loners, right?
(752) Kazeo, where're you going?
(753) That was awesome, man! One swift kick!
(754) One blow wonder.
(755) Something between you and Kagami?
(756) No, nothing.
(757) The bastard kidnapped Honda.
(758) I'll kill him.
(759) Gora, it's time to amass an army. We've got to bring the war to them.
(760) What gives, Gora? Why the silence? We obviously fight!
(761) Don't tell me you're scared.
(762) Watch your mouth.
(763) If you don't unite Suzuran, Kurosaki will have its way.
(764) Why else do you think we threw in with you?
(765) We've been waiting for that view from the top.
(766) Shut the hell up! No, I won't!
(767) We're not supporting your ass because we like how it feels.
(768) If you don't move, I will.
(769) Now that Black Dynamite's toast, let's go get some barbecue!
(770) Look there.
(771) You okay?
(772) Man... I suck.
(773) You tussling with Suzuran, Shibata?
(774) I've no interest in fighting Suzuran.
(775) But if you want take me on as Suzuran, bring me Gora.
(776) Give me a break.
(777) Fujiwara left him at our school.
(778) Even we don't know what he's up to.
(779) Fujiwara was one of ours. So don't you guys touch him.
(780) I'm going to settle this.
(781) I don't get it.
(782) Why go to such trouble to cover for a guy who burned you?
(783) It's none of your business.
(784) What's happening with Nakata Auto?
(785) You're dragging your feet. Are you a child?
(786) I look like a fool now, too.
(787) Forgive me.
(788) If we turn that broken down garage into a couples motel...
(789) and run a call girl service out of it, it might pay off.
(790) If only it would burn to the ground.
(791) Torch it?
(792) Say boy...
(793) got a lighter?
(794) Yes.
(795) There's no profit in real estate. And you guys are useless.
(796) Maybe online gambling's the answer.
(797) Hey.
(798) A lot of appliances and furnishings people toss out are still good.
(799) I built my room from them.
(800) Have a drink. It's from the trash, too.
(801) I'm kidding.
(802) You're Otsu Group blood.
(803) You're the only son of ex-Otsu boss, Kenzo Kagami.
(804) Your dad was shot in a turf war.
(805) Boss Naraoka put me in charge of this place.
(806) Juvie was crawling with losers like me.
(807) Seeing them every day...
(808) made everything look hopeless.
(809) Awaiting people like me after high school are only crap jobs.
(810) 1,000 a month in wages.
(811) You end up in a cheap bar every night, bitching.
(812) Become an alcoholic geezer.
(813) I refuse to let that happen.
(814) But you, I envy.
(815) Blood is important in every world. Same with yakuza.
(816) Kagami.
(817) Eventually, you'll be primed to take over the organization.
(818) Don't decide my life for me.
(819) I'll climb out of this dung heap on my own power.
(820) Well, I envy you, Mr. Fujiwara.
(821) You can drop the "Mr."
(822) I want to stand on my own two feet.
(823) I don't want anyone telling me what to do.
(824) The two of us are alike in one way.
(825) We don't trust anyone but ourselves.
(826) Get up. Get up! Where's your leader?
(827) Where's Fujiwara? Say it!
(828) Tell me or I'll rip out your scalp.
(829) You're pretty slow.
(830) You can find him nearby without using all this energy.
(831) What?
(832) Kagami's at Suzuran, right?
(833) He can tell you about Fujiwara.
(834) Don't screw with us, maggot!
(835) Damn it.
(836) Kagami!
(837) You're tight with Fujiwara these days, I hear.
(838) Where can I find him?
(839) If I say no?
(840) You're at Suzuran, so you should know...
(841) what he's done to us.
(842) I don't know and I don't care.
(843) This is Suzuran's best?
(844) You play dirty.
(845) Do I have to play clean?
(846) Damn, he took out Gora! A senior!
(847) Let's finish this!
(848) Kagami rules! We can take seniors!
(849) Open season on seniors!
(850) What're you looking for, Fujiwara?
(851) Need help finding it?
(852) That look never changes.
(853) How'd you get like this?
(854) Screw up!
(855) If I wasn't around, you'd be king of the hill at Kurosaki.
(856) Then die, you bastard.
(857) Not going to happen.
(858) Kazeo, Sir.
(859) Let's do it.
(860) Why won't anyone leave me alone?
(861) You're at Suzuran, aren't you?
(862) Move.
(863) Didn't you come here to conquer it?
(864) I'll kill you.
(865) If you really want to live free, why not quit this school?
(866) Shut up.
(867) I won't.
(868) If you're not up to it, then don't come to Suzuran!
(869) I don't plan on walking behind you forever.
(870) Who told you to do that?
(871) You came tagging along on your own.
(872) Stop being a wimp!
(873) Damn you.
(874) A guy with your life would never understand...
(875) what it's like to rise from a dung heap.
(876) How it feels to bow and scrape for a living.
(877) An outcast feeding in crumbs, always starting from scratch.
(878) How can you know that?
(879) Kazeo, Sir.
(880) Your loneliness is fake.
(881) Hey! You freshmen better not be picking a fight with a senior.
(882) Cut the bull, peon. What's 2 years?
(883) Come again, punk? Don't come back!
(884) Hey, Kazeo!
(885) Beat him to death!
(886) Always standing ahead of me.
(887) You're an eyesore!
(888) You okay, Ogisu?
(889) If we'd have been there, this wouldn't have happened.
(890) Don't say that.
(891) Ow!
(892) I know! Let's hit the bathhouse!
(893) Shut the hell up!
(894) Kazeo.
(895) We were fools to put you on our shoulders.
(896) Expected too much.
(897) Do as you like.
(898) Just stay away.
(899) How long are you going to run from your dad?
(900) Kazeo.
(901) What're you doing here?
(902) Going crazy again?
(903) Yeah. Gotta enjoy life.
(904) A broken arm is fun?
(905) Gora, what's with your stomach?
(906) An O.D.A idiot and a freshman twerp.
(907) Kagami?
(908) Creeps me out.
(909) He fancies you, though.
(910) I don't care what he thinks.
(911) You don't look like you don't care.
(912) Is that burn from Fujiwara?
(913) Just a fight among old friends.
(914) Bad luck, that's all.
(915) That sums up today.
(916) You've got to pay back what you owe threefold, Kazeo.
(917) You need to think about getting serious soon.
(918) Or you'll lose something you can never get back.
(919) Everyone's got advice.
(920) Maybe it's time you listened.
(921) You woke me.
(922) Why don't you ever aim for the top?
(923) 'Cause it doesn't exist.
(924) Then why are you at Suzuran?
(925) Because of people like you.
(926) You know, from up here...
(927) we look like litter.
(928) For crows like us...
(929) pecking at litter is how we survive.
(930) Lindaman, wait for me until I take the school.
(931) Kagami.
(932) Yo, Kagami.
(933) You haven't left Suzuran yet?
(934) I couldn't stand the thought of you lording over it.
(935) Finally up for it?
(936) This is all new to me so I don't know what to say but...
(937) let's have it out.
(938) Place?
(939) Wait for me on the Suzuran roof.
(940) You sure you can reach it?
(941) Tomorrow at 1pm. Make sure you eat lunch.
(942) Hello!
(943) It's Kazeo!
(944) How're you doing?
(945) Can you stay the night?
(946) I don't know. Oh, come on.
(947) Let's play soccer.
(948) No, dodge ball!
(949) Okay. Dodge ball's fine.
(950) Give it here.
(951) A second arrest means jail.
(952) I'm still clean.
(953) What's juvie like?
(954) If I could rewind the clock, I'd turn it back to before I went there.
(955) It's nothing to aspire to.
(956) You still can be saved.
(957) You there!
(958) Hold it!
(959) Don't run off, punk.
(960) Ryohei.
(961) It's Naraoka. He put you up to this, didn't he?
(962) Shut up. No relation.
(963) What the hell are you doing?
(964) Is this what your old man would've wanted?
(965) You know what he asked me?
(966) To see that you become an admirable man.
(967) If you hate being lectured to, then do right by yourself!
(968) Your place is Suzuran, right?
(969) What the hell does Suzuran have?
(970) What does it have?
(971) That's for you to find.
(972) But Suzuran will teach you.
(973) Or maybe it has.
(974) Is this the answer it's given to you?
(975) In that case...
(976) Ken, stop!
(977) Go for it now!
(978) I hope you know what it means to torch someone.
(979) How about you?
(980) I've got no place to go back to!
(981) This is my way!
(982) Sota!
(983) Damn you!
(984) Don't! You're doused in kerosene!
(985) Ryohei! Ryohei!
(986) You're not spending the night?
(987) No.
(988) Thanks for having me over.
(989) Take care, Mie.
(990) Don't lose.
(991) Lose what?
(992) It's a guy thing.
(993) Kazeo! Don't lose!
(994) Kazeo, right?
(995) I need a favor.
(996) Take down Ryohei for me.
(997) He's a lost kid.
(998) Why me?
(999) I don't know. Just a feeling.
(1000) Something tells me...
(1001) it's got to be you.
(1002) I can't strike him.
(1003) And what he needs right now...
(1004) I can't give him.
(1005) He needs a wake-up call.
(1006) I beg you.
(1007) I'm not listening to your request.
(1008) My only thought is to put Kagami to sleep.
(1009) You planning on a fight without us?
(1010) That's cold.
(1011) Hey, Kazeo.
(1012) Our boss says to save Suzuran. We'll help.
(1013) You came from the barbershop?
(1014) This is for the fight!
(1015) At least we look good.
(1016) Get moving!
(1017) We're with you just for today, Kazeo.
(1018) Let's go!
(1019) Here they come. Snotty punks.
(1020) Finish them!
(1021) You all right?
(1022) Die, scum.
(1023) No running away today, Gora.
(1024) Finally, I can kick your ass.
(1025) Time to die!
(1026) I'm Tetsuji Takagi. Remember that name!
(1027) Punks with no balls shouldn't act tough.
(1028) Keep it coming!
(1029) Take a seat in the hall.
(1030) Is that all Suzuran freshmen got?
(1031) Having fun yet?
(1032) Get pumped!
(1033) Show Kurosaki who we are!
(1034) In over your head, Goro?
(1035) Shut your trap! I rise to the occasion, man!
(1036) I'm not taking crap from kids still in school.
(1037) I'll tear this place down!
(1038) Not likely, fag!
(1039) I'll have you know I work for a living, delivering milk.
(1040) In fact, I just finished my rounds.
(1041) Time to close shop.
(1042) Still in business.
(1043) Screw Suzuran.
(1044) Screw you Crows!
(1045) And screw your king of the hill!
(1046) You've got sissy ways.
(1047) The goal of a fight is to win.
(1048) If not, you don't get to laugh in the end.
(1049) Got a problem with that? Sleep on it.
(1050) Your opponent is me.
(1051) Want a broken neck this time?
(1052) Well I'm here to snap your spirit.
(1053) Pain in the ass. Fine, come on!
(1054) Move!
(1055) Leave him to me. You go on!
(1056) Thanks.
(1057) Want some more, curly?
(1058) Sure you don't need help, grease pig?
(1059) Come on.
(1060) Bring it.
(1061) You fall like a fatso.
(1062) Son of a bitch!
(1063) Fighting's not about muscle, junior.
(1064) It's about...
(1065) Forget it.
(1066) You got here quick. I admire that.
(1067) I don't need your admiration.
(1068) You never could fight without an advantage.
(1069) Well, it's time you left the playground.
(1070) I slipped like a klutz on the kerosene you spilled. That's all.
(1071) This scar is just an accident. It's not your fault.
(1072) Damn. Lost my desire to fight.
(1073) Come back to Kurosaki, Fujiwara.
(1074) What? It's too late for that.
(1075) I hate all that "Let's brawl and have fun!"
(1076) Cynical as always.
(1077) It's my way. Problem?
(1078) You haven't changed.
(1079) I'm not finished yet.
(1080) Fight till you die. I'm done.
(1081) You don't get to choose.
(1082) Suzuran's a pretty interesting place.
(1083) I'm sorry, Shibata.
(1084) Damn it. It's all right. Leave him.
(1085) Maybe he's found something that works.
(1086) Kazeo, Sir.
(1087) If I win, be my friend.
(1088) What's that?
(1089) Don't cry if you lose.
(1090) Ryohei.
(1091) When you go up against someone, you've got to face them squarely.
(1092) There are good fists and bad fists.
(1093) If you know the difference, you can live proud even if all else fails.
(1094) Those are your dad's words. Don't forget.
(1095) All right, Ryohei. Hit me.
(1096) Kazeo, Sir.
(1097) That's a good fist.
(1098) Kagami!
(1099) Hey you!
(1100) Come play!

(1101) Over here!
(1102) Kazeo, let's go.
(1103) Hurry Kazeo!
(1104) Hurry up! Over here.
(1105) Kazeo, you can take this school.
(1106) The top... is really far.
(1107) Ryohei! Ryohei!
(1108) It's your job to wake him up.
(1109) Tell him he's no longer alone.
(1110) Ryohei.
(1111) Since bravery and caution look alike
(1112) That first step forward is small
(1113) Time and age violently shake
(1114) The demon sleeping in my heart
(1115) When will these heavy eyelids rise
(1116) Before the night gets deeper?
(1117) I don't need to fly the moon
(1118) If I'm going to keep making the same mistakes
(1119) But with friends as stars to guide me
(1120) I know I can't go wrong
(1121) That weasel Naraoka finally got his tail caught.
(1122) Those crows will be sure to start flapping their wings.
(1123) Crime ring boss suspected of arson
(1124) We're having a promotion.
(1125) Welcome! Welcome!
(1126) Welcome! Please look around
(1127) Welcome!
(1128) Come see all our cars! Come on, come all!
(1129) Great turnout, eh?
(1130) We made a bundle on the insurance. Who knew?
(1131) You think the cops will nab the kids?
(1132) Don't worry. I laid it all on Naraoka.
(1133) Serious? Of course.
(1134) Jarhead Ken leaves no stone unturned.
(1135) About time for lunch?
(1136) Today is Ken's favorite curry.
(1137) Thank you!
(1138) Help me, Sota.
(1139) Lots of potatoes, please.
(1140) Welcome!
(1141) Don't get cocky. You'll regret it.
(1142) What? I can't hear you.
(1143) You've become the face of Suzuran, too.
(1144) Remember Kazeo, you've got impressionable freshmen watching.
(1145) It'll be my turn next.
(1146) Be quiet and watch.
(1147) I'm Kazeo Kaburagi of Suzuran!
(1148) Masahiro Higashide Taichi Saotome
(1149) Ryo Katsuji KENZO
(1150) Motoki Fukami Kyosuke Yabe
(1151) Tsutomu Takahashi Reina Asami
(1152) Saki Takaoka Itsuji Itao
(1153) ELLY Takanori Iwata
(1154) Kento Nagayama Yuya Yagira
(1155) Screener provided by Ikeda69 Special thanks to lordretsudo
(1156) Subtitles made by kagetsuhisoka Original translation by Anthony Kimm
(1157) Directed by Toshiaki Toyoda
(1158) This movie is purely fiction.
(1159) Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes by minors is expressly forbidden by law.
(1160) Arson is a felony offense. A helmet must be worn when riding a motorized, two wheeled vehicle.

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