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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[2014] [Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead] English Transcripts

(1) It all began so nice.
(2) A bunch of friends at a cabin in the mountains.
(3) Lots of alcohol, laughter. We had fun.
(4) And then don't you fucking know it, a squad of nazi zombies woke up.
(5) I know. It sounds like a clichי,
(6) but that's what happened.
(7) You see, we found something.
(8) Something we shouldn't have found.
(9) Old Nazi gold.
(10) And then ...
(11) All hell broke loose.
(12) They slaughtered us. One .....
(13) .... by one. One of them bit me.
(14) But I knew how I could fix it.
(15) My girlfriend Hanna ....
(16) They ....
(17) They got her too.
(18) I got the gold.
(19) Gave it back.
(20) And they let me go.
(21) I thought I was safe.
(22) I was wrong.
(23) Take the damn coin and go back to hell where you came from!
(24) Shit, shit, shit.
(25) Okay, okay.
(26) I knew we should not have touched the box.
(27) Stay awake now. Stay awake.
(28) That's a good question, Toralf. Of all migratory birds
(29) there's a little critter that really stands out.
(30) Namely, Arctic Terns, or Sterna Paradisaea,
(31) a coastal bound, surface-feeding seabird
(32) from the group "Havterner".
(33) Havternen maneuvers gracefully in the air like a ....
(34) Troops, Sieg Heil!
(35) Yes?
(36) What do we have here?
(37) Martin, can you hear me?
(38) Hello, Martin. Welcome back.
(39) Martin, you crashed your car.
(40) A nasty crash. You are lucky to be alive.
(41) That is more than one can say about your friends.
(42) Have you seen ....
(43) Have you seen the creatures?
(44) The things.....
(45) Have the police caught them? Or the army?
(46) Roy and Erlend?
(47) Hanna? We found our friends. All of them.
(48) Dead. Hanna was your girlfriend, right?
(49) Very beautiful. We found her too.
(50) With an ax driven into the neck.
(51) And your fingerprints on the shaft.
(52) Do you have any idea how that could happen?
(53) They came up from ....
(54) From the snow. Creatures. Nazis. We got away, but ....
(55) Nazis coming out of the ground? Absurd.
(56) Are you sure that he doesn't have brain damage as well?
(57) Please call the family and tell them that he has awakened, and ask the D.A. to send a car.
(58) And four additional men. It looks like you are ready to be transported.
(59) They are still out there. They will kill again if we do not stop them.
(60) We are not going to stop anyone. I've seen what you've done.
(61) I was up there, and the only place you are going is to jail.
(62) No one knows what happened up there.
(63) Only you know that. And it's not only bad news.
(64) When we found you, you were badly injured. Your right arm was torn straight off.
(65) It was not torn .... When we found you, it was cold.
(66) The snow had chilled all, and that was very good.
(67) And then we found your arm in the car. In the car?
(68) It was slightly bruised and quite pale for some strange reason,
(69) but the surgery was a success.
(70) We managed to re-attach your arm.
(71) No, no, no.
(72) It's not my arm. Relax.
(73) It is Satan's arm! It is Satan's arm!
(74) Calm down.
(75) No, it's not me!
(76) No!
(77) It's not me! What the hell ...?
(78) Stop!
(79) Randi?
(80) Be prepared to remove your dentures a bit later ...
(81) I'm ready for a little head tonight.
(82) From the one that got away.
(83) Broken.
(84) Warm.
(85) The men have rotted.
(86) We need more people.
(87) Damn lock!
(88) You scared me, Nils.
(89) I can't take any more of your nonsense. I've had a hell of a long day.
(90) A wedding, a funeral and a confirmation.
(91) The one confirmant was damn fine.
(92) If only I had been ten years younger ...
(93) And not a priest, of course.
(94) Nils?
(95) Come on!
(96) Sieg ....
(97) Heil.
(98) Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil.
(99) They came down from the mountain.
(100) I saw them.

(101) Hey! Hey!
(102) They are coming! They're going to kill everyone!
(103) Psst, hey. Hey, you, psst. Yeah, you.
(104) It's not what it looks like.
(105) Stop!
(106) Bobby, he ...
(107) Zombie Squad, they are ....
(108) They are professionals.
(109) They are bad ass.
(110) I poured you some coffee.
(111) Damn, it is cold. It's because you're 40 minutes late.
(112) I am on winter time. That winter time, summer time system ..
(113) It's so stupid. What do you have?
(114) Not much. Petra's boy has been shoplifting again.
(115) They should have done what they do in Iran. Cut off his hands. Taught him a lesson.
(116) And Ove's dog has pooped in Mr. Olsen's garden.
(117) Shoot him. Shoot Mr. Olsen?
(118) Not shoot Mr. Olsen. You shoot the dog!
(119) In addition we have a lecture in school about the danger of using marijuana.
(120) Boring ....
(121) There was one thing, though. From Oksfjord.
(122) Oksfjord? No, no, no, it is not our jurisdiction.
(123) Martin Hykkerud escaped from the hospital yesterday.
(124) Martin Hykkerud? The same Martin Hykkerud who killed his friends on top of the mountain?
(125) Yeah. He escaped from the hospital yesterday and killed a little boy and a policeman ...
(126) by throwing a Mercedes star at his face.
(127) He cut off the Mercedes star? Yeah.
(128) What does Oslo say? About the Mercedes star?
(129) About the Hykkerud case!
(130) They say we all need to be on alert, and that we need to get more people.
(131) Hold the fort until they can send a team.
(132) Send a team, more people ... Where the hell do I find the money to bring in more people?
(133) I don't even have money to buy new batteries for the cars out here.
(134) Okay. Right.
(135) What?
(136) Didn't we agree on a more casual style here?
(137) Continue.
(138) Too much coffee. You just go ahead.
(139) Best for you if you move on.
(140) This is a war museum, huh?
(141) Yes.
(142) Yes, and ....
(143) Do you have any information about the Germans?
(144) Help!
(145) Listen to me!
(146) I don't have time for this now. They're coming, and we must stop them! Do you understand.
(147) I have two kittens at home. Please  don't hurt me. - Shut up!
(148) Just help me. Please.
(149) Do you have information about Einsatz? Yes.
(150) First floor. First floor.
(151) Where the hell are you?
(152) What are you looking for? Herzog.
(153) Hitler's buddy.
(154) Nice, huh? Do not touch the exhibit.
(155) Herzog was made commander of Einsatz in 1942,
(156) and was sent to the far north of Norway, in order to protect the warships
(157) that the German Navy was hiding in the fjords.
(158) He was on duty in Oksfjord doing a routine inspection on the ship Scharnholst, when ...
(159) Scharnholst.
(160) When Tirpitz, the German fleet's biggest warship
(161) was attacked by English bombers in Talvik,
(162) after getting vital information on the ships location from Norwegian spies.
(163) Hitler, humiliated by the attack on Tirpitz ordered Herzog
(164) to wipe out all of the 800 men, and people who lived in Talvik at the time.
(165) He was on his way?
(166) He was on his way to Talvik the evening him and his men were slaughtered in Oksfjord?
(167) On a mission from Hitler.
(168) A mission that was never completed. That is what it is. That's exactly what it is.
(169) They will destroy Talvik.
(170) Where .....?
(171) Herzog was going from Oksfjord,
(172) which is here.
(173) And he was going to Talvik.
(174) It's here.
(175) Where are we now?
(176) Where are we now?!
(177) Here.
(178) Ice Bay.
(179) It is right between ....
(180) They are recruiting!
(181) They make new soldiers. Can they do that now? Fuck!
(182) Okay, they're coming here. They're coming here.
(183) I will not die in a museum with a guy in a green jogging suit.
(184) Calm down. You will die.
(185) But relax. Not today.
(186) There!
(187) Let's see what this thing can do.
(188) What kind of thing?
(189) What did you do? You just killed them without ...
(190) It's the arm, man.
(191) Before I could not control it, but now it does what I think.
(192) You're not even sweating.
(193) Don't worry about it.
(194) They will increase in numbers. Damn, they will be many.
(195) There are too many for this arm.
(196) So much death.
(197) All this unnecessary death.
(198) Fuck!
(199) You did what the fucker did before. You just ...
(200) You ... No, it was the arm. It was the arm.
(201) He doesn't attack.
(202) Look, a tank.
(203) A visit at this hour? That was early.
(204) Hello?
(205) What the hell happened here?
(206) What are the investigators saying?
(207) They are not investigators, is's only Tom and Ole wearing white suits today.
(208) They thought it might make them look more professional.
(209) A forensic team with real investigators should get here later tonight.
(210) Do we have any witnesses? Not unless you can make the seagulls talk.
(211) Seagulls..... yes. That would make a damn good invention.
(212) A gadget that translates seagull language to human language.
(213) That inventor would get filthy rich.
(214) Get the bodies to Talvik before the seagulls eat them.
(215) And take lots of pictures, otherwise Forensics will cut off my balls.
(216) Boss, here are pictures from the surveillance camera.
(217) Isn't that...?
(218) Lick me deep in my manpussy ....!
(219) Okay, guys, guys! We are in a hurry. Come on!
(220) Come on, damn it! We have things to do!
(221) I didn't know it was an ugly-nosed congress in town.
(222) Come and get me, then.
(223) Come and get me if you dare.
(224) Move!
(225) Halt!
(226) Fire!
(227) Talvik. Now.
(228) There you are. Damn hard to find room for all the bodies.
(229) The cooler is completely full. We had to throw the rest in the garage with some ice cubes.
(230) Sounds like a perfect solution. Thank you.
(231) Mostly Germans and French. Hardly the vacation they
(232) envisioned when they got their tickets for Norway.
(233) Having their heads and arms ripped off and entrails pulled out? I doubt it.
(234) Unless they like that kind of kinky stuff.
(235) Should you do that? No.
(236) Shouldn't Forensics have been here by now? It was so windy down in Alta
(237) that the plane couldn't land. They said they should be here tomorrow afternoon.
(238) It's perfect. What?
(239) It's our chance.
(240) Now, we can fucking show people what we're made of here.
(241) Us here at Talvik Police will find Martin Hykkerud ourselves.
(242) We will get him. Us. We will be heroes.
(243) Not the goddamn suit-cladded,
(244) Sushi-eating cocksuckers down south.
(245) Beef the guys....
(246) Brief the guys. Send photos to all the cops here in Talvik.
(247) If he as much as stops to pee, I want to know the color and smell of his urine.
(248) Odor and color. And get the weapons ready.
(249) For once we will shoot at something other that seagulls.
(250) Master!
(251) He was first seen here.
(252) In Oksfjord.
(253) And next time here. Museum at Ice Bay.
(254) Then he appears to be heading south. Perhaps there.
(255) We have a problem.
(256) A gang dressed as Germans going crazy out there?
(257) Crazy? They killed loads of people, so yeah.
(258) What's happening. We haven't had a murder since 74,
(259) and suddenly we have Ragnarok on our doorstep.
(260) Okay, everybody, listen up! Shoot first, ask later!
(261) There is no one here. We have sent them away.
(262) They are gone.
(263) Since you can't complete your mission,
(264) you might as well just turn and go back to your snow cave.
(265) Some have grown a bit since last time. Gotten a little bigger.
(266) I brought a couple of buddies to the dance.
(267) Don't you get a bitter feeling when somebody you thought were dead
(268) have come back to kill you?
(269) Troops!
(270) Attack!
(271) What the hell is going on here? Is the carnival in town?
(272) Is that a tank?
(273) Damn! Run!
(274) Help!
(275) Shouldn't we help them? Help who?
(276) Those with bad skin in German uniforms or those with bad skin in Russian uniforms?
(277) Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin! What the hell is going on?
(278) Damn if I know. Looks like a video game.
(279) Look, that's him. It's Martin Hykkerud!
(280) Damn, it's him. Should we get him?
(281) No, no, no, no. Let's wait until it calms down.
(282) Tactical police work.
(283) Subhuman creature.
(284) Why didn't you just stay on the mountain?
(285) You got what you wanted. You got the gold. The treasure.
(286) But it was not enough.
(287) You were greedy.
(288) You wanted more.
(289) That's why you lost, you know.
(290) Because you were greedy.
(291) You know you lost the war?
(292) Lost everything.
(293) Ridiculed.
(294) Pathetic.
(295) And you know what?
(296) You lose again.
(297) Where the hell are they? They were just here. Damn if I know.
(298) Damn! Bjarne!
(299) Are you in a coma?
(300) Go and find them, damn it!
(301) I should have solved this case. Ending up with a hundred new bodies...
(302) Where do we put them all? The garage and the cooler are packed.
(303) I don't know! I don't know.
(304) The seagulls again. They haven't eaten this good since the war.
(305) We should have had the damn machine, you know.
(306) A machine to translate seagull language to human language.
(307) Then we would have cracked this case wide open like an egg. You get it!
(308) Like an egg.

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