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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[2012] [Contraband] English Transcripts

(1) We have India 114, 116, and 260 in position.
(2) Flight 104 is 500 yards in trail, waiting for your go.
(3) That's it, right there. There's our guy.
(4) Begin your final approach to the target.
(5) Flight 104, copy that.
(6) Shit!
(7) Walter, wake up. Customs.
(8) What? Who?
(9) We need the fucking bag. Where the fuck is the key?
(10) Tighten that line. Now secure the other side.
(11) Easy, easy up.
(12) Okay, okay.
(13) Hurry up. Come on, put it in the bag.
(14) Come on!
(15) Pull this up. Come on, come on. Let's go!
(16) Go, Andy.
(17) Stop! Federal officer! Don't move!
(18) Excuse me. Excuse me, y'all. Can I have everybody's attention?
(19) I want to do a quick toast to the bride and groom, Danny and Shelly.
(20) Congratulations.
(21) I can't believe it, man. I'm fucking married, Chris.
(22) Danny, I know. I was standing right there with you.
(23) Look, what about this fucking guy?
(24) He's my best friend, best man at my wedding.
(25) He doesn't even remember that this is where my reception was.
(26) Thank God he's sober.
(27) You don't remember?
(28) I remember throwing up on Kate's shoes.
(29) Yeah, I remember, too.
(30) I apologized for that.
(31) Everybody, do it like this.
(32) I mean, you were like the Lennon and McCartney of smuggling.
(33) How do you smuggle a fucking Ferrari? Where do you hide it?
(34) We didn't.
(35) We let customs seize it in port.
(36) Give me your phone.
(37) You take the guts out.
(38) The transmission, the wiring system.
(39) Take all that shit out, hide it inside other containers.
(40) So, when customs auctions off the car,
(41) he gets himself a Ferrari for next to nothing.
(42) He just bought the empty shell?
(43) Yes, he got the empty shell at the auction.
(44) And then we...
(45) Sell him the missing parts. ...sold him back the guts.
(46) And he's got himself a new Ferrari
(47) for less than you paid for that piece-of-shit Honda.
(48) It's a nice Honda.
(49) Yeah, that's why you live in it, right?
(50) Because it's a nice fucking Honda.
(51) Can I dance with my wife?
(52) Hey, what's up, buddy?
(53) Can I get another one of these when you get a chance?
(54) Hey, Chris.
(55) Church, hey.
(56) How are you doing, man?
(57) Long time, no see. Where you been?
(58) Well, I'm living out in Algiers now.
(59) The fuck are you doing out there?
(60) It's nice, I like it out there.
(61) It's good for the family.
(62) A guy like you don't belong in Algiers, Chris.
(63) What are you doing for work?
(64) I started my own business, setting up alarm systems.
(65) Fill that up, will you?
(66) Your old man getting jailed freak you out? Huh?
(67) I guess.
(68) That, and having a wife and two little boys, you know?
(69) Yeah.
(70) You've got to stick to what you're good at, though, Chris.
(71) Listen, I offered to take care of that ship captain for your dad.
(72) He said no.
(73) Anyway, Chris, if you're ever thinking of getting back in,
(74) let me know, okay?
(75) Yeah?
(76) Yeah. Good.
(77) I don't even know why we're doing this in the first place.
(78) Just trust me, okay? It will be cool.
(79) If we try to run, it will make it worse.
(80) Where are these guys?
(81) Here we go, here we go.
(82) Be cool, now.
(83) Here we go, here we go.
(84) Hey, man.
(85) Customs boarded us, we had to dump the package.
(86) You did?
(87) We had no choice.
(88) Right?
(89) Nothing we could do, man.
(90) That's it.
(91) What did I say? I told you it was cool.
(92) Come on, man, let's get the fuck out of here.
(93) Hello?
(94) It's my brother.
(95) What happened? Is he okay?
(96) No. We've got to go now.
(97) What?
(98) Walter is in surgery.
(99) What the fuck happened, Andy?
(100) It was an accident.

(101) You know what? You're a shitty liar, so don't even fucking try.
(102) Look at me when I'm talking to you.
(103) I was running something.
(104) We got boarded, and I dumped it.
(105) You dumped what?
(106) The coke.
(107) KATE; Oh, fuck.
(108) It was over 10 pounds.
(109) For who?
(110) For Tim Briggs
(111) and those guys.
(112) They're going to kill me.
(113) Andy, they're not going to kill you.
(114) It was a lot of stuff.
(115) I'm sorry.
(116) You should be fucking sorry.
(117) Is he all right?
(118) No, the little fuckhead was running something
(119) and he dumped it. Now he owes.
(120) Who? Who does he owe?
(121) Tim Briggs.
(122) Ask around, see what you can find out, all right?
(123) How is Kate?
(124) Not good.
(125) I can't believe he did that.
(126) When I quit, I told him to stay away from these guys.
(127) Please, if you had anything to do with this, just tell me right now.
(128) I just told you.
(129) Okay.
(130) He's my little brother.
(131) I know. I'm going to take care of it.
(132) I got you..
(133) I'll call you in the morning.
(134) Okay, no problem.
(135) Good night.
(136) So you said King Security put the system in?
(137) That's right. A lot of good it did.
(138) It's a decent system, but your locks are a joke.
(139) Anybody who knows the response time
(140) is going to be able to get in and out.
(141) Can you excuse me for one second, sir?
(142) Yes.
(143) It's about Briggs, Kyle's brother.
(144) Yeah, and?
(145) I don't know, hold on.
(146) Guys! Guys! How are we doing today?
(147) Is my office still going to be done last week?
(148) You having a nice morning?
(149) Good!
(150) Briggs got out of prison two months ago.
(151) He hangs out at the Old Point Bar.
(152) I'll pop over there after I'm done work and see if I can talk to him.
(153) Sorry about that, sir.
(154) The cameras are nice and small,
(155) they'll fit right up there in the corner.
(156) Oh, shit!
(157) Chris Farraday, back from the dead, man! Yeah!
(158) Good to see you, man.
(159) Oh, shit. This man was a world-class smuggler here.
(160) You were fucking Houdini, man.
(161) Yeah, he used to run with my brother, God rest his miserable soul.
(162) Too bad your skill didn't rub off
(163) on your shithead brother-in-law.
(164) No, I know, he's a fuck-up.
(165) Mmm. But he's my wife's little brother.
(166) I was hoping you understand it's family,
(167) maybe we could work something out.
(168) Well, I don't know. What do you want to work out?
(169) You want to work out something with me?
(170) I can figure out a way to pay you back the buy money.
(171) No, that's worth 700 grand to me.
(172) Oh, come on, man. No, come on, man.
(173) You're going to try to charge me full freight for a bad run?
(174) Customs boards the boat, you dump that shit. You know how it goes.
(175) You know how many passes I gave your brother in his day?
(176) Yeah, I hated my brother.
(177) What do you want to do, a payment plan?
(178) What, do I look like a bank to you?
(179) No, I was just hoping you could be fucking reasonable, here.
(180) Hey! This ain't your world any more, man!
(181) You're a tourist, you can't trade on status you don't have.
(182) I got bills to pay.
(183) You know, when people fuck that up, that's their fucking problem.
(184) You think that's funny? You got bills?
(185) I like your outfit.
(186) I liked your brother.
(187) We're here today, that's the important thing.
(188) So, you know, learning to let go and let God
(189) is what's been pulling me through all of this.
(190) You're going to have to talk me down before I fucking kill Briggs.
(191) Probably be better off.
(192) I'm one drink away from the worst day of my life.
(193) What should I do?
(194) ...sitting in this circle that's had that same thought, right?
(195) That's all you gotta do, is work the steps.
(196) I'm not doing another run.
(197) No fucking way.
(198) I could probably get us the buy money, no problem.
(199) No, I finally got something going.
(200) I'm not going to chance fucking it up.
(201) It's not going away, Chris.
(202) Does somebody want to share?
(203) Sebastian? Want to share a little bit with us?
(204) Okay. Oh, yeah.
(205) Go do your thing.
(206) You don't want to stick around?
(207) No, I get far too emotional hearing that story.
(208) How are you doing, Sebastian?
(209) What the hell happened?
(210) Walter died last night.
(211) Briggs came to the hospital.
(212) He said it was all on me.
(213) I keep getting calls, Chris,
(214) and they're talking about how they're going to fucking torture me.
(215) I'm shipping out in the next couple of days. I'm not coming back.
(216) Do me a favor, and don't tell Kate. Not until I'm gone.
(217) When I stopped doing runs,
(218) you promised me you were gonna stay out of this shit.
(219) What do you want me to say, man?
(220) Not a fucking word!
(221) I didn't have anybody to tell me I was fucking up. You do!
(222) And you put your sister and the boys in this shit?
(223) What the fuck is wrong with you?
(224) Whoa.
(225) You don't come to my fucking place.
(226) I just came to tell you
(227) that I'm going to have your money within a month.
(228) Just stay away from Andy.
(229) I ain't waiting that long.
(230) Well, I ain't paying if he's dead.
(231) If a guy dies owing something,
(232) his family inherits the debt.
(233) So I'll give you two weeks.
(234) If not, I'm going to come after the both of you.
(235) Then, all the way down the line.
(236) I'll come asking your wife for it, your kids...
(237) Do you think you're the only guy with a fucking gun?
(238) You'll get your fucking money.
(239) But if you ever mention my wife
(240) and my kids again, you're done.
(241) You hear me? You are fucking done!
(242) Daddy.
(243) It's okay, sweetie. Go back inside.
(244) It's okay, sweetie. Daddy and I were just playing, okay?
(245) It's okay. Yeah, we're just playing.
(246) Yeah, me and Daddy were just fucking playing.
(247) Get up there.
(248) Yeah, we'll play again.
(249) Daddy is okay.
(250) It's all right.
(251) What the fuck are you looking at?
(252) You stay in the car, I'll go talk to her.
(253) Okay.
(254) Hey, Chris. Hey, how are you?
(255) Hi.
(256) Hey.
(257) Everything okay?
(258) Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.
(259) Okay.
(260) I got to get on the ship with Andy and try to fix this.
(261) Are you fucking kidding?
(262) What am I going to do, let him go alone?
(263) No, we're going to think of something else.
(264) There's nothing else to do, okay?
(265) I hate to tell you,
(266) but that little dumb fuck has put us
(267) in the worst possible position, okay?
(268) And if they don't get the money from him, they're coming after us.
(269) So what else do you want me to do?
(270) You know what I don't want to do?
(271) I don't want to fucking visit you in jail like we're visiting your dad,
(272) and raising those kids on my own.
(273) So it's my...
(274) I don't want to fight with you about this, okay?
(275) I know what I'm doing, all right?
(276) Will you just trust me?
(277) Please?
(278) Nothing is going to happen.
(279) All right? I promise. Mmm.
(280) That shitbag Briggs was here for a couple of years.
(281) He tried to smash some guy's head in with a cinder block.
(282) Look, I mentioned this to Sebastian.
(283) We're doing another run.
(284) Can you get me on your old boat?
(285) You mean the Borden?
(286) Remember when you were little, you and Sebastian,
(287) you broke into McTier's warehouse
(288) stole all that Mardi Gras jewelry,
(289) and you came back to the house with a great big box of them beads?
(290) You thought they were diamonds.
(291) You were grinning like you just won the fucking lottery.
(292) And you said,
(293) "You don't have to work on that boat no more."
(294) I always think about that.
(295) The proudest day of my life was when you turned legit,
(296) and you started your own business, and you got out of the life.
(297) I know you got to do what you got to do.
(298) I got it.
(299) Family is family.
(300) I'll get you on the boat.
(301) But you get in,
(302) you got to get back out.
(303) Me and Andy are shipping out to Panama with the Borden.
(304) The old man's boat?
(305) Yeah, he got us on.
(306) What about Captain Camp?
(307) I know. I know. Don't worry about it.
(308) What's this?
(309) What's what?
(310) Every time I come here, you got new shit.
(311) I'm getting it together, I'm getting the place ready.
(312) It's a bad-ass coffee table.
(313) That is not for shoes.
(314) I must be out of touch. I don't know what's bad-ass any more
(315) because this looks cheap-ass.
(316) You're turning into The Birdcage.
(317) I mean...
(318) So who do we know in Panama?
(319) Are you going to go see Ruben?
(320) Dude, no drugs.
(321) What else has that kind of profit margin?
(322) Edwin is in Panama.
(323) Currency?
(324) We have to bring back a shit-ton to make it worth our while.
(325) All right, so I'll bring back a shit-ton.
(326) Okay, 15 million on four stacks this big.
(327) It's like the size of a Mini Cooper.
(328) Where are you going to hide it?
(329) That's my problem.
(330) I need the Borden's crew manifest.
(331) Oh, God. You got to be kidding me.
(332) Oh, I like Tarik Mortin. He's a horrible chef, but he's great on runs.
(333) Le Cloud's a fucking drunk.
(334) Newlywed?
(335) He's not great on runs, but we've known him a long time.
(336) Olaf's solid, we need somebody in the engine room.
(337) Well, it's no A-Team, but it's the best we can do.
(338) Come on, work your magic. Make the call, get me a TWIC card.
(339) Hi, sweet pea.
(340) I need you to push through a TWIC card for Chris Farraday.
(341) I got your message. It only took you three years to call me?
(342) Are you back in business?
(343) No, no, no, no, no.
(344) I need something, though.
(345) Remember our last run? The funny money?
(346) I need that exact same shit by next week, but a lot more.
(347) Four times as much.
(348) And we need a van big enough to transport it, okay?
(349) Okay. I'll be here.
(350) Come on, Mikey!
(351) What's funny money?
(352) Huh? Nothing. That's just work stuff for Dad.
(353) Have you ever been convicted of espionage?
(354) Just answer yes or no, we'll get through this really quickly.
(355) No.
(356) Sedition, or conspiracy to commit espionage, sedition, treason?
(357) Together?
(358) I received your shipping application, Mr...
(359) Lakowski.
(360) Mr. Lakowski.
(361) Seֳ±or Lakowski, I'm getting you a 20-foot standard dry.
(362) Would you like us to load it?
(363) No, I've got somebody to take care of that. I just need the container.
(364) Okay, we'll leave the container
(365) standing by for you at the port of Panama.
(366) And what are you shipping?
(367) A van.
(368) Here you go.
(369) It takes money to make money, baby.
(370) Thank you.
(371) Don't sink, Daddy.
(372) Okay, buddy.
(373) You're going to miss my playoff game.
(374) I know. I'm sorry.
(375) Your mom is going to take lots of pictures for me, okay?
(376) You guys are in charge till I get back.
(377) I love you, guys.
(378) Just come home, okay?
(379) Thank you for doing this, Chris.
(380) I love you. Love you, too.
(381) It's going to be okay.
(382) ID, please. Finger on the scanner.
(383) Captain Camp. Get the trunk.
(384) Get that Captain's carpet cleaner up to the bridge.
(385) John, you want to give me a hand?
(386) Hey!
(387) You're up top. I get the bottom bunk.
(388) Yeah, no kidding.
(389) Don't act like you don't like this shit.
(390) Why, is it that obvious?
(391) I love it, but don't tell your sister.
(392) All right, come on. You can get your beauty rest later, let's go.
(393) My arm, my arm.
(394) Keep an eye out.
(395) Hey, someone's coming.
(396) What's up, Chris?
(397) Hi, Chris.
(398) Chris.
(399) Look at this motherfucker.
(400) Olaf. Good to see you, man.
(401) What's up, Tarik? You okay?
(402) What's up, man?
(403) How's your folks? Everybody's good? Good, good.
(404) That's a hungry man's appetite.
(405) This is real good.
(406) How you doing, buddy?
(407) What the fuck are you doing on my ship?
(408) Did you even check the goddamn crew manifest?
(409) How the fuck do you let Bud Farraday's spawn aboard my ship?
(410) DHS cleared him. He was added at the last minute.
(411) All right, I'm demoting him to ship's boy.
(412) Yes, sir.
(413) You scrub dirt and stay the fuck out of my sight.
(414) Otherwise you might have an accident,
(415) and wind up in the drink.
(416) Show him where the carpet cleaner is.
(417) Yes, sir.
(418) Oh, man, carpet cleaner.
(419) Let's go, Rug Doctor.
(420) Oh, you got promoted? They gave you some new stripes on there.
(421) I'll be ship's boy. You're still Captain's bitch boy.
(422) Yeah, yeah.
(423) Okay.
(424) Yes, sir.
(425) Everybody's drinking tall boys, and nobody's fucking working.
(426) What's up, man?
(427) Are you bringing the Captain in on this or what?
(428) Fuck, no.
(429) Well, I remember talking to your pops in this same room.
(430) He said that same shit. We know how that turned out.
(431) Do you trust me or not?
(432) I do. I do.
(433) So what are we running?
(434) A shipping pallet loaded up with 5,000 uncut sheets of super notes.
(435) Best counterfeit money can buy.
(436) And just how the hell do you think we're going to stow that much shit?
(437) You worried, buddy? I mean, where is the faith?
(438) What, I lost my stripes? Now I got to start from scratch?
(439) Exactly, that shit's void.
(440) No problem.
(441) Come on, I'll show you.
(442) What do you think?
(443) Looks good. Chris, you're a crazy fucker.
(444) Not bad? Huh? Sixty cubic feet.
(445) No fucking way. No, it's bigger than 60.
(446) Ah, shit! Yeah, man, this is much bigger than 60.
(447) We got company.
(448) Quick, quick, quick!
(449) Hey, what are you doing? Chris, stop!
(450) Andy, be quiet in there.
(451) Come on, come on!
(452) What the hell are you doing in here?
(453) I needed a scraper. We noticed some mold in the lower hull.
(454) The bleach wasn't cutting it, so...
(455) Well, you shouldn't be dicking around in here. Get going.
(456) I was just trying to keep it clean for you, boss.
(457) Hey, Chris! Chris!
(458) Bring it right back up! Come on, you got it!
(459) You got it, come on!
(460) I can't do it.
(461) God damn.
(462) Are you getting on?
(463) No.
(464) Do you want me to put you back in the box?
(465) That's not funny.
(466) I could have suffocated in that box.
(467) "I really could have..."
(468) Leave the kid alone, man.
(469) How are you going to pull this shit off?
(470) We're delivering 300 or so containers. Yeah.
(471) We're picking up 500 or more. We're not going to be in port that long.
(472) So we got to drive out to Chorrillo, see Edwin, load up the bills,
(473) and then drive back to the boat during rush hour.
(474) It's going to be tight, but we're going to be good.
(475) It's going to be too tight. We're cutting it close.
(476) Might not have enough time.
(477) We'll buy more time.
(478) Controllable pitch propeller.
(479) Oh, yeah. Pitch propeller.
(480) Can you drain the oil supply?
(481) The hydraulic chamber won't work.
(482) That's the point, stupid ass.
(483) Look.
(484) We can do it while being towed through the locks.
(485) It will buy us a couple of hours.
(486) Okay? I don't know.
(487) I hate when we fuck with the boat.
(488) What?
(489) I said, I hate when we fuck with the boat.
(490) Take it easy, big bear.
(491) Olaf, fuck with the boat.
(492) Take it easy. Easy.
(493) What the fuck?
(494) Tarik. That motherfucker will eat you.
(495) Okay, out you come.
(496) Do you want to get any of these for me? Do we have to?
(497) Yes, Mom.
(498) Yeah? Okay.
(499) Hello?
(500) Can I help you?
(501) You're pretty.
(502) Do you want to play?
(503) Okay. Bye, asshole.
(504) Pay the money, just like you owe me.
(505) What the fuck are you all looking at?
(506) Yeah, you like that?
(507) Get your fucking hands off me!
(508) Come on, put the knife down. Put the knife down.
(509) Put the knife down.
(510) Leave my mommy alone!
(511) Get the fuck back over there! Sit your fucking ass down!
(512) It's okay, I'm just playing, now.
(513) I'm just playing.
(514) Yeah, don't cry.
(515) You seen a gun before? You want it?
(516) There ain't going to be no playing when I come back next week.
(517) You can tell your husband that.
(518) You want this? Get out!
(519) No! What the fuck?
(520) Get the fuck out of my house! Get the fuck out of my house!
(521) Put that thing down, man!
(522) You don't think the police are going to be coming now?
(523) Get the fuck out of here!
(524) I didn't mean to shoot at him. The little shit hit the gun.
(525) You want to send me back to the farm, you stupid bitch?
(526) Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
(527) All right, careful. Not too much.
(528) We don't want to jam it. I got it.
(529) Chris Farraday, to the bridge.
(530) Here.
(531) He's on his way.
(532) Not too much.
(533) All right.
(534) I wasn't getting reception on your cell.
(535) Chris, these guys came to the house. They had guns.
(536) Jesus, are you okay? Are the boys okay?
(537) Yeah, we're okay. We're freaked out.
(538) I think one of them was Tim Briggs, Kyle's brother.
(539) I didn't call the police, I don't want them here asking questions.
(540) Call Sebastian, okay?
(541) Yeah, okay, I will.
(542) All right, I love you. Call him.
(543) Trouble with the missus, Farraday?
(544) Do you want me to talk to her for you?
(545) Hey, guys, you okay? You had a scary day?
(546) Mmm-hmm.
(547) You know what? Why don't you guys
(548) just come and stay at my place?
(549) They're not going to be back, but just for my own peace of mind.
(550) You think?
(551) Really? Okay.
(552) Slow ahead.
(553) I said, slow ahead! Reduce to half speed!
(554) Why are we not slowing down?
(555) Oil pressure's down.
(556) All right. Keep an eye on that temperature.
(557) Full astern!
(558) Full astern, Captain.
(559) Yeah, Captain? Full astern!
(560) We're going to hit the fucking dock!
(561) I'm trying, but I got no pitch control. The fucking prop is jammed!
(562) You drained too much oil out! I didn't want you to crash the boat!
(563) What?
(564) Come on! I'm not getting any oil pressure!
(565) Let go the port anchor!
(566) Jesus, fucking...
(567) Let go the fucking port anchor!
(568) Did you release the brake?
(569) Get out of the way! Move!
(570) Tu rn starboard!
(571) It's too late! Hard to port, Luke! Hard to port!
(572) I'm going to have to kill the engine!
(573) Fucking...
(574) We're going to hit!
(575) What the fuck is going on around here?
(576) What the fuck happened?
(577) Propeller jam.
(578) Someone tampered with it.
(579) I don't think so.
(580) Someone tampered with it.
(581) Sorry about that oil thing.
(582) Don't worry about it.
(583) It will buy us a little more time.
(584) Hey, Michael, look. It's like a spaceship over here.
(585) Wow, Sebastian, it's amazing in here.
(586) Yeah? It's coming along, right?
(587) I forgot you haven't been here since the renovation.
(588) Hey, don't touch that.
(589) Fellas, you hang on to this.
(590) Okay, that's good.
(591) Good aim.
(592) Hey, everything okay?
(593) Yeah we're at Sebastian's.
(594) Are the boys okay?
(595) Yeah. Are you in Panama already?
(596) Yeah. Keep your phone on you.
(597) I love you.
(598) I love you, too. I'll call you on my way back.
(599) We're almost there.
(600) Hey! Whoa!
(601) You got a lot of pussy in here.
(602) Good to see you, man.
(603) Everything good? Yeah.
(604) Good, you got the cash, the van?
(605) Sֳ­, sֳ­. Cool.
(606) Yeah.
(607) Whoa.
(608) What, you don't trust me?
(609) Oh, I trust you.
(610) ֲ¿Estֳ¡ bueno?
(611) No, it's no fucking bueno.
(612) Andy, wait here. Danny, come on.
(613) Hey, what is it? What are you doing?
(614) I need some iodine.
(615) The ink is OVI, the layers are right,
(616) but that paper felt different.
(617) Hey, ֲ¿quֳ© pasa? What's going on?
(618) You better hope I'm wrong.
(619) You fucking idiots didn't print this on starch-free paper.
(620) I'm sorry, man. This is the best I have.
(621) I don't have time for this.
(622) I told you on the phone,
(623) I needed exactly what you sold me last time.
(624) Gonzalo. Gonzalo has it at the warehouse.
(625) Gonzalo? That little shithead who works for Jesus?
(626) No. There's no more Jesus.
(627) Gonzalo is running things now.
(628) Why didn't you send me to him in the first place?
(629) Are you fucking playing games with me? Are you fucking playing...
(630) I tried! But he doesn't want anybody going there!
(631) No, no, no.
(632) We're going to the warehouse. Let's go.
(633) No, no, no, no, no.
(634) Chris.
(635) Hey, Chris, man, look, take the van, man. I'm sorry.
(636) Come on, Mikey!
(637) Man, the sun's really killing me.
(638) That kid is big. He is. Number 11 is a big kid.
(639) Hold on, I got to take this.
(640) Okay.
(641) Hey, man, what's up?
(642) He didn't have them.
(643) All right.
(644) Well, I guess you're going to have to bring in some candy.
(645) I'm not bringing in drugs.
(646) Just go and see Ruben.
(647) I told you, I'm not bringing in drugs. Okay. It's not an option.
(648) Chris, Chris, Chris, I'm begging you. Please.
(649) Chris? Yeah, Chris?
(650) Put him in the fucking van.
(651) You know, you come back empty-handed,
(652) Andy's going to get fucking hit,
(653) and you're still gonna have to come up with the goddamn money.
(654) Look, I'll figure it out, okay?
(655) Just keep Briggs away from my family, please.
(656) Yeah, of course.
(657) Hey, I got a little problem at work I got to take care of.
(658) See you later, buddy.
(659) Bye, Sebastian. Everything okay?
(660) Yeah, everything's fine. You got your key?
(661) Yeah.
(662) I'm telling you, man. Stay away from Gonzalo.
(663) He's been acting crazy lately, since he became a boss.
(664) Stay away from him.
(665) Chris, we should have listened to him.
(666) We got less than an hour to get back to the boat. It ain't going to work.
(667) It will work.
(668) I mean, do you even know where Gonzalo's warehouse is?
(669) We're in fucking Chorrillo right now.
(670) I'm looking for something to remind me.
(671) We're going to find it.
(672) Here we go. Here we go. Look, right here! Here!
(673) Mortin. Yeah, Cap?
(674) Where the hell is Farraday?
(675) I don't know, Cap.
(676) I didn't know I had to babysit him today. I didn't get the memo.
(677) Don't piss me off, Mortin.
(678) You'll be flipping shit-burgers at McDonald's
(679) before you can say "minimum wage".
(680) I'm sorry, Cap. Sorry.
(681) That little visit you paid Kate, the kids, Chris' family?
(682) That's my family.
(683) You stay away from them. Are we clear?
(684) Hi, Sadie.
(685) Hi.
(686) You know, if you had hired a real smuggler instead of Andy,
(687) our package would have come in when it was supposed to.
(688) You know, I'm really sorry about that.
(689) Do you know how fucked up things are for me right now?
(690) I know. He said he knew what he was doing.
(691) I didn't know he was his brother-in-law.
(692) Hey, man, this is way more high-risk
(693) than I originally anticipated.
(694) I got a wife now. I like my wife.
(695) Yeah, I got a wife, too, okay?
(696) And don't worry about Gonzalo.
(697) I know him, he's a little fucking punk. Don't worry about it.
(698) Oh, yeah? I heard stories about this dude
(699) cutting people's heads off and shit.
(700) I'm looking for Gonzalo.
(701) Andy, stay in the van with the bag.
(702) Danny, it's all good. I know this guy, come on.
(703) You have one new message.
(704) Hey, fuckhead, I'm watching your sister's kid play soccer.
(705) You don't call me back,
(706) I'm gonna walk out on that field and put a bullet in his head.
(707) Chris.
(708) Don't... Stop talking.
(709) Like I said, I want you to take
(710) the buy money and go to that address,
(711) and talk to a gentleman named Ruben.
(712) If you ever want to see your little nephew again,
(713) you take the package and you bring it back, all right?
(714) Hey, is that a Wolf?
(715) That ain't no fucking dog.
(716) Excuse me, seֳ±or. Do you mind?
(717) Where is he?
(718) Where is my old friend Farraday?
(719) Bring the van around.
(720) Sorry for showing up unannounced.
(721) Edwin was trying to play games with me.
(722) Where's my buddy Jesus?
(723) We fed him to the wolves.
(724) What, literally?
(725) I am the new Jesus, cabrֳ³n.
(726) It's good to see you.
(727) You, too.
(728) What do you think?
(729) It's all mine, motherfucker.
(730) All those assholes who thought I was shit?
(731) They're dead por culeros.
(732) We're taking down a truck.
(733) It's a big one. An armored truck.
(734) Do you want to join us? Huh?
(735) Are you serious?
(736) Andy?
(737) Andy!
(738) Oh, fuck.
(739) Andy!
(740) He charges...
(741) Michael, not in the house. We're guests.
(742) Look at young Daddy.
(743) He shoots!
(744) He scores!
(745) Go find your mom.
(746) You ain't fucking around, huh? Looks like you're ready for anything.
(747) Are you going to war or something?
(748) I told you. We're taking down a truck. Fucking rock and roll.
(749) No shit. You got all these guys.
(750) What the fuck is in that truck, man?
(751) You want to know?
(752) Then maybe you should show these assholes how it's done.
(753) No, look...
(754) I'll give you the super notes for free.
(755) Yeah, thanks anyway. But I got a boat to catch, so...
(756) Come on. Don't tell me you don't miss this shit.
(757) I got two kids now, man, you know? My cowboy days are over.
(758) Come on, Danny!
(759) The money's gone.
(760) And Andy.
(761) What?
(762) What the fuck are you talking about?
(763) You come in here and treat me like an asshole?
(764) No, primo, I wouldn't do that, man.
(765) I should fucking blow your brains out.
(766) Does that offer still stand?
(767) We ride with you, I get the super notes for free?
(768) Yeah, there's something you can do for us.
(769) Grab their wallets.
(770) Give him your wallet.
(771) Give me their IDs.
(772) We're being fined every minute longer we sit here, Captain.
(773) Yep.
(774) We got to take that...
(775) Captain. What's the status?
(776) Pitch propeller overheated. It needs oil. We're working on it.
(777) You got 10 minutes!
(778) It's Olaf.
(779) Chris, you have got 10 minutes.
(780) That's not long enough.
(781) Have Tarik delay the loading.
(782) Just stall them for as long as you can, okay?
(783) Get here. I'll do what I can.
(784) See, Chris? This is exactly what I didn't want to happen.
(785) Exactly.
(786) I mean, what are we supposed to be doing here?
(787) Blocking the truck.
(788) Right. That's awesome.
(789) We're blocking the truck.
(790) Like human speed bumps.
(791) Tell my wife that...
(792) Will you shut the fuck up?
(793) Look, we're going to get through this, okay?
(794) I'm not telling your wife shit!
(795) Okay, ready. They're coming.
(796) Put your seatbelt on.
(797) He's coming down. Here we go.
(798) Fuck.
(799) Is he going to slow down?
(800) Yeah, he's going to slow down.
(801) You said he's going to slow down! He's gonna slow down.
(802) He's not slowing down!
(803) Shit!
(804) Fuck!
(805) Are you all right?
(806) Oh, my God.
(807) Oh, fuck!
(808) Get down!
(809) Danny, are you okay?
(810) I need you to hold containers D, E and F, until I say so.
(811) I'm going to pay you $100,yeah?
(812) Fuck!
(813) You got to be fucking kidding me!
(814) Fuck!
(815) Get down, Chris!
(816) Fuck!
(817) Hold on.
(818) What the fuck are we doing, dude?
(819) Wait, wait, wait!
(820) Come on!
(821) Shit!
(822) Shit! Danny, come on, we're going!
(823) Come on, Danny, let's go! Shit!
(824) Fuck!
(825) What now?
(826) Fuck!
(827) Andy, where's Chris?
(828) Andy!
(829) Come on, we got to move!
(830) What are you doing?
(831) We got to get our IDs.
(832) Hospital. Oh, shit!
(833) Take me to the fucking hospital.
(834) Oh, shit. Danny, help.
(835) Come on, lay down.
(836) Hold him, hold him!
(837) Oh, shit! Is he dead?
(838) He's dead!
(839) If he's fucking dead, throw him out the van.
(840) Wait, wait! Get our IDs!
(841) You got them? Yeah.
(842) Toss him out!
(843) Okay, boys, let's warm her up.
(844) How much time do you think we have?
(845) No time.
(846) Get those containers aboard or we 're leaving without them.
(847) Chris, where the fuck are you, man? The ship's leaving.
(848) Just hold the ship, we're coming.
(849) Just get your ass over here!
(850) All right.
(851) Any crew member hasn't come aboard yet,
(852) you make sure they get searched
(853) before you let them on, you got me?
(854) All right, come on, it's going to open up.
(855) Are we going to make it?
(856) Yeah, he's holding the container for us.
(857) Come on. Go, go, go!
(858) I'm coming. Open the container.
(859) When you come to let us out, bring something to clean up a bit of a mess.
(860) Don't forget the seals! Okay.
(861) Shit.
(862) Yeah, yeah. Here we go.
(863) Get the fuck out of the way!
(864) Come on, get your ass in here!
(865) Fuck! Fuck!
(866) Shit!
(867) Wait, stop!
(868) Come on!
(869) The fucking doors are open!
(870) Oh, fuck!
(871) I got it.
(872) Oh, fuck!
(873) Hold up. What's the rush?
(874) Come on.
(875) I just left some food on, you know? Come on, Jack.
(876) Captain has got us searching everybody that got off.
(877) Hey, where are you going?
(878) I just stowed some decent beef.
(879) Ooh! Thank God.
(880) That shit you made last night was like chewing ass.
(881) Yeah, you would know.
(882) Fuck you, Tarik.
(883) Come on.
(884) You got the cleaning stuff? Yeah.
(885) You got the seals? Yeah.
(886) All right, we got on late. They're definitely going to check this.
(887) Holy shit!
(888) Let's go, baby.
(889) Will do.
(890) Customs and Border Protection, Captain.
(891) They want us to take a look at some containers that were loaded late.
(892) All right, let's go.
(893) Call in the Second.
(894) Let's go, Danny. Let's go.
(895) Where are we looking, Chief?
(896) The container right up here, Captain.
(897) 812...
(898) Sorry, Captain.
(899) Next.
(900) Oh, shit.
(901) I'm gonna check the heating coils... Wait, wait!
(902) ...I'm gonna need a couple of minutes.
(903) Come on, let's go.
(904) Oh! Shit, rats!
(905) Shut it!
(906) Watch your hand.
(907) Yo, yo, yo!
(908) We got a sewage leak. Call Brody, all right?
(909) All right, let's go.
(910) We got two more containers up here.
(911) Nathan-812552,
(912) That's it, open it.
(913) That's the last container that was boarded.
(914) Go on.
(915) Anything?
(916) No, sir. Smells like it was just cleaned.
(917) All right, seal it up.
(918) Customs will take it apart when we get back home.
(919) I need to tell you...
(920) Are you out of your fucking mind?
(921) Are you fucking crazy?
(922) Where's the money? Where is it?
(923) It's gone! I had to use it.
(924) It's what? Where's the money?
(925) What are you trying to...
(926) What did you just say to me?
(927) I had to use it.
(928) You what?
(929) I had to use it.
(930) It's in the ceiling.
(931) No, you fucking...
(932) How fucking stupid are you?
(933) I came out here to help you, to risk my fucking freedom
(934) and my wife and my children for this?
(935) Motherfucker.
(936) What the fuck am I supposed to do with all that?
(937) You got to be the dumbest motherfucker...
(938) He said he was going to kill Michael.
(939) What?
(940) You have one saved message.
(941) Hey, fuckhead, I'm watching your sister's kid play soccer.
(942) You don't call me back,
(943) I'm gonna walk out on that field and put a bullet in his head.
(944) Get the bag.
(945) Are you all right? Yeah.
(946) You all right? You all right?
(947) Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
(948) I'm sorry. Calm down, calm down.
(949) Chris. Hey.
(950) Everything okay? Boys all right?
(951) Yeah, they're sleeping.
(952) What's up? Is everything okay? Is Andy okay?
(953) Yeah. Don't worry about it. Is Sebastian there?
(954) Yeah, he is. Do you want me to get him for you?
(955) No, no.
(956) No, it's okay. Go back to sleep.
(957) I'll call you in the morning.
(958) Okay. I love you.
(959) I love you, too.
(960) Chris?
(961) Chris, I've been trying to call you. What's going on?
(962) Andy picked something up.
(963) Really? I thought we weren't doing that.
(964) I didn't have a choice.
(965) Thank God for Andy taking the initiative, though, huh?
(966) Too bad I'm not bringing it in.
(967) I'm thinking of dumping it in the sea, actually.
(968) Why would you do that?
(969) Then we would all be fucked!
(970) Take it on faith.
(971) I need to talk to you.
(972) Is something wrong?
(973) I told you I would call you with an update.
(974) You've got a few more days left
(975) before I cut your head off and stick it up your ass.
(976) And you're asking me, "Is there anything wrong?"
(977) Well, I got something coming in.
(978) You don't sound so sure.
(979) I'm sure. It's coming in.
(980) Flying solo ain't for sidekicks, Abney.
(981) I fucking warned you.
(982) When you first came to me for help
(983) in keeping your little business afloat,
(984) I fucking warned you.
(985) I said, "You've got to know your limitations."
(986) "Don't live beyond your fucking means!"
(987) I don't normally do this fucking shit.
(988) Telling you what's going to happen when you don't pay.
(989) What's the fucking point? You know the rules, right?
(990) Right.
(991) You take care, Abney.
(992) Jack, neat
(993) Somebody's off the wagon.
(994) I want you to go see Kate.
(995) Man, I thought she was your family.
(996) You know, if you want to fuck his wife, you fuck his wife.
(997) But don't waste my time so you can play hero.
(998) Chris is falling apart out there.
(999) He's going to dump the package.
(1000) Don't touch her. Just get her attention.
(1001) All right.
(1002) Yeah.
(1003) Oh, man.
(1004) Do you think it's going to work?
(1005) It's going to work. You think so?
(1006) Did you take science in school, Tarik?
(1007) Yeah.
(1008) Then you should know salt dissolves in water, bitch.
(1009) Are you leaving soon?
(1010) Yeah, Sebastian is dropping the boys off.
(1011) We're going home.
(1012) Oh, that's right. Chris is coming home.
(1013) Yeah.
(1014) So, you'll be all smiles in the morning?
(1015) I hope so.
(1016) You get out of here, I got it.
(1017) Good night.
(1018) Good night. Good night, baby.
(1019) I'll lock the door.
(1020) Thanks.
(1021) Oh, my God!
(1022) Get the fuck away from me!
(1023) My friend will be here, he'll kick your...
(1024) I'm going to be perfectly fucking clear.
(1025) You call your husband and you tell him not to dump it in the water!
(1026) You tell him that you, Michael and Eddie are all depending on him.
(1027) Do you understand me?
(1028) Do you understand me?
(1029) Stay away from my kids!
(1030) He's got a gun!
(1031) Whoa! What are you doing?
(1032) Hey.
(1033) Are you all right?
(1034) Honey, I want you to get in the truck with me.
(1035) The kids are inside, all right?
(1036) You smell like alcohol.
(1037) Yeah, I had a drink.
(1038) You're driving my kids around drunk? Are you fucking kidding me?
(1039) Relax. What did he say to you?
(1040) Come on, get out. We're going in my car. Let's go.
(1041) Kate! Guys, get back in the car.
(1042) Kate, what are you doing?
(1043) Kate! Kate! Get in the truck.
(1044) Fuck.
(1045) He knew the kids' names.
(1046) Hold on, you're breaking up, okay? Let me go outside.
(1047) Oh, fuck.
(1048) Cell service sucks here on the river. Hold on, I'm going outside.
(1049) Hello? He told me to tell you...
(1050) No, hold on. I can't hear you.
(1051) He told me to tell you not to dump it in...
(1052) He told me to tell you not to dump it.
(1053) Who did?
(1054) Who? The asshole who came to the house!
(1055) Who the fuck told him?
(1056) What?
(1057) Are the boys okay?
(1058) They're here. We're at Jeanie's.
(1059) Kate? Hello?
(1060) Chris, please come home.
(1061) Chris?
(1062) Chris?
(1063) Hey, how did it go?
(1064) We boarded up the front window.
(1065) The cops took a report. They're looking for the guy.
(1066) All right.
(1067) They want to talk to you.
(1068) Yeah. I'm going to go by in the morning.
(1069) They want to talk to you now.
(1070) But we have no stuff. I've got to go to Sebastian's to get our stuff.
(1071) Would you mind watching the boys for a second?
(1072) Look at your forehead.
(1073) Are you sure you don't need me to take you to the hospital?
(1074) No, it's just... It looks worse than it is.
(1075) It just hurts. Like a bruise, you know?
(1076) I think I should go now before I can't. You know what I mean?
(1077) I'll see you in a little bit.
(1078) Goodbye, Mom. I love you.
(1079) Be good boys.
(1080) Sebastian?
(1081) Did you tell Briggs I was going to dump it?
(1082) No. I didn't tell nobody.
(1083) Don't lie to me.
(1084) Chris, I'm not fucking lying to you. I didn't say shit.
(1085) Where did you get the drugs?
(1086) From a guy called Ruben.
(1087) Sebastian?
(1088) Hey.
(1089) Hi. I'm just getting our stuff.
(1090) Are you hungry? Let me make you some food.
(1091) No, I can't.
(1092) The boat's not coming in. I got to get back to the boys.
(1093) Chris will be back tonight.
(1094) No, he's not. He's not coming home tonight.
(1095) I mean, the boat's not coming in for, like, I don't know, tomorrow.
(1096) Chris told me that I had to take care of you,
(1097) so I'm going to take care of you.
(1098) Sebastian, are you not hearing me? We'll be fine, okay?
(1099) Yeah, we're fine.
(1100) Okay, good. All right. Good.
(1101) Give me a hug.
(1102) Okay. Okay.
(1103) It's been such a big day.
(1104) What the fuck are you doing?
(1105) Nothing. I'm not doing anything.
(1106) I'm trying to give my friend a fucking kiss. What's your problem?
(1107) What's your problem? Kate, come on.
(1108) Look, I mean, did you even see this?
(1109) Stop it.
(1110) Kate.
(1111) How long have we known each other?
(1112) You know what? Get your hands off me!
(1113) Kate? Kate!
(1114) Leave me the fuck alone!
(1115) Kate!
(1116) Kate!
(1117) Jesus Christ. Kate!
(1118) I'm trying to have a conversation with you,
(1119) and you're acting like a fucking child.
(1120) Okay. Good. Why don't you just walk away from the door,
(1121) and let me get out of here.
(1122) An ungrateful child. A little fucking brat, who's not grateful for...
(1123) Do you want to talk to Chris about what a fucking bitch I am?
(1124) I'm going to fucking call him on the phone right now!
(1125) Don't call Chris.
(1126) Sweetheart, I love you, but open the door.
(1127) I'm calling Chris!
(1128) Don't mess with his head now!
(1129) Why don't you fucking tell him?
(1130) Shit!
(1131) Honey, I'm sorry. Are you okay?
(1132) Kate?
(1133) Kate, it's not funny. Stop fucking around.
(1134) Fuck.
(1135) You're going to be okay. You're going to be okay.
(1136) Shit.
(1137) Kate?
(1138) Kate! Kate!
(1139) Hey.
(1140) I know what you did.
(1141) I know Briggs works for you.
(1142) You stay the fuck away from my family, or I'm going to kill you.
(1143) You hear me?
(1144) Just bring in the package . Everything's going to be fine.
(1145) I'm not bringing in shit.
(1146) You'll never see that fucking package.
(1147) You know, I didn't know about...
(1148) I can't believe you. You fucking played me.
(1149) I'm not playing you.
(1150) I'm coming. I'm coming for you.
(1151) Okay.
(1152) Captain Camp.
(1153) Sebastian.
(1154) What do you want, Abney?
(1155) Chris Farraday is running shit.
(1156) Okay.
(1157) He's going to dump the package.
(1158) If you make sure he doesn't, I will give you his share.
(1159) Jesus, Abney. You are one cold rat bastard.
(1160) All right.
(1161) But if Farraday don't give it up,
(1162) I'm going to call in the dogs, and your package is getting seized.
(1163) No, he'll tell you where it is. He won't risk doing time.
(1164) Next time you want to run shit on my ship,
(1165) you do it right and pay a fare like everybody else.
(1166) Where is it? Where's what?
(1167) You're running something. I know you're running something.
(1168) I'm not running anything, Captain.
(1169) You want to play that way? Check.
(1170) This is your one chance.
(1171) You give it up now, or you want me to call CBP?
(1172) I'm not running anything.
(1173) Your wife asked me to bring some Panamanian dog shit home
(1174) for her to eat and rub in her fucking cunt...
(1175) Fuck you, you piece of shit. But I didn't have time.
(1176) You dumb-ass motherfucker! This is how you want it?
(1177) Yeah, this is how I want it.
(1178) You want to go down just like your dumb-ass daddy,
(1179) you piece of shit mick?
(1180) Fuck this.
(1181) You made it now, motherfucker.
(1182) Right?
(1183) Whatever it is, CBP is going to find it.
(1184) Yeah, he's in the cafeteria.
(1185) You're clear.
(1186) Come on, come on.
(1187) Shit! Pick up the phone, buddy.
(1188) Customs and Border Protection, Port of New Orleans.
(1189) It's Redmond, line two.
(1190) Redmond.
(1191) Yeah, John, I've got a good tip.
(1192) Somebody's making a run on my ship.
(1193) Really?
(1194) All right, listen up, guys and gals,
(1195) I want an interdiction team ready for deployment in 20 minutes.
(1196) Let's go.
(1197) Flight 104, copy that. Three minutes to contact.
(1198) Ready. Standing by.
(1199) Holy shit!
(1200) Well, it was good while it lasted.
(1201) Who the fuck called the cavalry in?
(1202) Inspection, please!
(1203) All crew. Everybody.
(1204) Who's in here?
(1205) Welcome aboard.
(1206) All right, gentlemen, sit down.
(1207) What the fuck is going on?
(1208) Larry, check the ceiling.
(1209) Take it down.
(1210) Wow! Look at this.
(1211) There's nothing in there.
(1212) There's nothing in there?
(1213) Shit!
(1214) That's enough.
(1215) A tarp.
(1216) Tool box with nothing in it.
(1217) You said you thought it smelled funny, right?
(1218) Yes, Captain.
(1219) Maybe it's just been cleaned. That's about it.
(1220) Could be covering up something, maybe?
(1221) Could be.
(1222) Watch your step.
(1223) Just put the carpet cleaner in the trunk.
(1224) You got it?
(1225) Just put it right there, that's fine.
(1226) Fuck.
(1227) Oh, shit.
(1228) The van in D-7.
(1229) What about it?
(1230) We're taking it apart now.
(1231) But you can just save us the trouble, and tell us what's in it.
(1232) I would love to help you,
(1233) but I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
(1234) Do you think we're stupid?
(1235) And who is Jib Lakowski?
(1236) It says right there, he's the guy shipping the van,
(1237) so maybe you should talk to him.
(1238) He died in 2004.
(1239) Then I guess he's not going to need the van. Huh?
(1240) What's up, Houdini?
(1241) You got something for me?
(1242) What are you talking about?
(1243) Come on, man. Just give it to him.
(1244) What the fuck are you talking about?
(1245) Come on, man!
(1246) Yeah, I didn't think so. Say goodbye to Andy.
(1247) Chris! Chris! Shut the fuck up!
(1248) Don't fuck me, man!
(1249) What are you doing?
(1250) Chris!
(1251) Run, Andy!
(1252) Fuck, Briggs.
(1253) Pull the fucking trigger!
(1254) You don't get your dope if I'm dead.
(1255) Here.
(1256) This is it right here.
(1257) Right here?
(1258) Yeah.
(1259) What, you got your grandma selling cocaine?
(1260) It's my friend's place.
(1261) You better not be messing around,
(1262) I'll put a bullet in your face.
(1263) All right, take it easy. Come on.
(1264) Is your friend home? Quiet.
(1265) Trust me, you don't want to wake this fucker up.
(1266) One, state your position, please.
(1267) 211, responding.
(1268) We have a home security alarm triggered at 452 King Drive.
(1269) Hey, you got some rich friends, man.
(1270) Come on.
(1271) Shut that door.
(1272) Whoo! That's some world-class smuggling right there, man.
(1273) Yeah!
(1274) We got it now, man.
(1275) Check this out.
(1276) This is the shit, man.
(1277) Check this out.
(1278) Yeah.
(1279) Oh, that's some real booger-sugar right there.
(1280) Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
(1281) It's good?
(1282) Yeah, yeah.
(1283) Great. I'm going to take a piss,
(1284) I've been holding it since I got off the boat.
(1285) All right, you do that.
(1286) It doesn't want to come out, man.
(1287) They make it stubborn...
(1288) Who the hell are you?
(1289) What the fuck are you doing in my goddamn house?
(1290) Go back to bed, old man.
(1291) Shit, it's Five-O!
(1292) Get the fuck out! Pack that shit up, man.
(1293) Dumbshit.
(1294) Jeanie, is Kate there? She's not picking up her phone.
(1295) Are the boys with you?
(1296) Yeah, the boys are here. She left a while ago.
(1297) Said she was going to Sebastian's to get their stuff.
(1298) Listen, if she calls you, tell her to call me right away.
(1299) Absolutely fucking ridiculous.
(1300) I've never seen these idiots before in my life.
(1301) That one dumbshit right there is bleeding all over my couch,
(1302) and they're cutting up their drugs.
(1303) Kate?
(1304) Kate!
(1305) Sebastian!
(1306) I want you guys to pour the cement on the south corner first.
(1307) Can we start on the south corner first?
(1308) We're set up for the other side. No, we can't.
(1309) South corner first, hurry the hell up.
(1310) You guys have milked this fucking job long enough!
(1311) Hold it!
(1312) We're pouring over on the south corner. Take it over there.
(1313) What the hell's going on here? I thought we were doing the other side.
(1314) Why are you moving the cement truck?
(1315) You're blocking the fucking trucks.
(1316) You send guys to my house?
(1317) Huh? I trusted you with my wife and my kids.
(1318) And I fucking loved you like a brother.
(1319) Where is Kate?
(1320) Where the fuck is Kate?
(1321) One more fucking time. Where's Kate?
(1322) She's gone.
(1323) Are you okay, Seb?
(1324) Whose phone is this?
(1325) Who left their phone here?
(1326) Turn that fucking thing off, now!
(1327) Chris?
(1328) Oh, my God!
(1329) Turn that fucking thing off!
(1330) Call an ambulance!
(1331) Oh, fuck.
(1332) Call an ambulance!
(1333) Call a fucking ambulance, now!
(1334) Yeah, I need an ambulance...
(1335) Oh, shit.
(1336) West Bank Trucking Company. Yeah, right away.
(1337) Are you sure this is the right place?
(1338) Yeah.
(1339) These are the coordinates Chris gave me when he dropped it.
(1340) We're definitely in the right place.
(1341) Chris.
(1342) I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
(1343) I got that. And you got one.
(1344) You cheated. It's mine.
(1345) Oh!
(1346) Yeah!
(1347) Oh, man! I can't believe it.
(1348) A sea full of money!
(1349) We got to get in.
(1350) Get it in here. Yeah.
(1351) Pull it in. Be careful, it's slippery right there.
(1352) Whoa!
(1353) Are you all right?
(1354) Yeah, I'm all right.
(1355) Bud?
(1356) And I have sold it.
(1357) 4,500, number 106. Next one.
(1358) Call lot number 122. Come bid 300.
(1359) A high of 300, I have to get 400.
(1360) Got 400, got a $500 bid. Five-and-a-half?
(1361) Five to six-and-a-half.
(1362) I'm going to seven, going to seven-and-a-half.
(1363) Can I have an $800 bid? Get an 800?
(1364) And I have sold it.
(1365) Seven-and-a-half to number 77. Thank you, sir. Next one.
(1366) I'll take it off your hands for 2.5.
(1367) I'm not taking any less than three.
(1368) Okay, three.
(1369) Come on.
(1370) So you were down in Panama, were you?
(1371) Yeah.
(1372) Did you hear about that famous painting by Jackson Pollock?
(1373) It got ripped off in Panama.
(1374) Come on, it's been all over the news.
(1375) No. No idea.
(1376) What's that thing worth, anyway?
(1377) About 140 million.
(1378) What's that, 20 on the black market?
(1379) At least.
(1380) I'm in the wrong business, huh?
(1381) Get in, get in.
(1382) Hurry up!
(1383) Whoo!
(1384) Wow. Whoo!
(1385) Twenty.
(1386) Twenty! It's twenty!
(1387) Twenty million.
(1388) Yes!

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