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Friday, December 11, 2015

[1972] [Conquest of the Planet of the Apes] English Transcripts

(1) Come, come.
(2) Are you authorized to dress him like that? Oh, yes, sir.
(3) A circus ape, huh? The only one to have been trained
(4) as a bareback rider in the entire history of the circus.
(5) Circuses are past history. Not while I live and breathe.
(6) All right, Señor Armando. Go ahead. Thank you.
(7) Come, come.
(8) Come, come.
(9) Did I do all right? Yes, yes, yes.
(10) But try to walk a little more like a primitive chimpanzee.
(11) Your arms should move up and down from the shoulder... like so.
(12) Yes, that's better.
(13) After 20 years, you've picked up evolved habits from me.
(14) That could be dangerous. Even fatal.
(15) Armando, I don't understand. Listen to me, Caesar.
(16) There can be only one talking chimpanzee on Earth.
(17) The child of the two talking apes, Cornelius and Zira,
(18) who came to us years ago out of the future
(19) and were murdered for fear that one distant day apes might dominate the human race.
(20) Yeah, but outside of you, nobody even knows I exist.
(21) And we must keep it that way, for the fear remains.
(22) The mere fact of your existence would be regarded as a great threat to mankind.
(23) Come. Come.
(24) Attention, this is the watch commander.
(25) Disperse apes gathering in the mall.
(26) Repeat: disperse apes gathering in the mall.
(27) Take the serial number of each offender and notify Ape Control immediately.
(28) Repeat: take the serial number of each offender
(29) and notify Ape Control immediately.
(30) Their masters are to be cited and fined.
(31) Repeat: their masters are to be cited and fined.
(32) Attention. Attention. This is the watch commander.
(33) Attention. Attention. Disperse unauthorized ape gathering at the foot of ramp six.
(34) Repeat: disperse unauthorized ape gathering at the foot of ramp six.
(35) No citation or fine in this instance.
(36) Repeat: no citation or fine in this...
(37) But how did it happen?
(38) Go! Go!
(39) No! No!
(40) Go! You go!
(41) But you said humans treated apes like pets. They did, in the beginning.
(42) They've made slaves of them!
(43) They all died within a few months, eight years ago.
(44) Every dog and cat in the world. It was like a plague.
(45) The disease that killed them was a virus brought back from space by an astronaut.
(46) Didn't the disease affect humans? We were immune.
(47) And so, it was discovered, were simians, even the smallest ones.
(48) That's how it began. Humans wanting little household pets
(49) to replace the ones they had lost.
(50) Then, when people realized how quick they were to learn, how easy to train,
(51) the pets became larger, and larger, until now...
(52) It's monstrous.
(53) Now you understand why I've kept you away.
(54) Yes, Lisa.
(55) A Young Queen Falls for Mrs Riley.
(56) No!
(57) Lisa.
(58) Yes?
(59) Could you possibly be so kind as to display it in your window?
(60) When I have the time. Thank you.
(61) The labor demonstration on the South Plaza
(62) will be terminated in ten minutes.
(63) Repeat: the labor demonstration on the South Plaza
(64) will be terminated in ten minutes.
(65) Thank you, Frank.
(66) Funny. Now that I know they won't kill me, I don't enjoy them.
(67) Well, for heaven's sakes! A circus!
(68) Home, Lisa.
(69) Yes? Oh, I was wondering,
(70) would you be kind enough to display a couple of these posters?
(71) Stop it! No, Zelda! No!
(72) Home, Zelda.
(73) I'm so sorry, Mrs Riley. I'll have someone to comb you out in a minute.
(74) I wanna be combed out now. I have a luncheon.
(75) Thursday, then. Thursday.
(76) I... I forgot the waiter and I'm all out of raisins.
(77) Take mine. Thank you.
(78) You're overtipping.
(79) No! No! No!
(80) And I told them to condition him to fire.
(81) Attention. The labor demonstration on the South Plaza
(82) will be terminated in five minutes.
(83) Repeat: the labor demonstration on the South Plaza will be terminated in five minutes.
(84) Failure to comply with this order can result
(85) in a one-year suspension of your right to bargain collectively.
(86) What's his job? He's a messenger.
(87) For the governor, so get!
(88) No! No! No!
(89) Stop that at once! All of you! Yes, sir, Mr MacDonald. We were just...
(90) I saw what you were doing. Now sedate the animal and get him out of here.
(91) Who the hell's that? The governor's number-one assistant.
(92) He love apes or something? Don't it figure?
(93) Hold him.
(94) Lousy human bastards!
(95) Who said that?
(96) I did.
(97) He's a performing ape for my circus.
(98) A talking ape? No! No, no.
(99) No, that's impossible. It was I who spoke. It didn't sound like your voice.
(100) Yell ''Lousy human bastards.''

[2011] [Conan the Barbarian] English Transcripts

(1) Between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis
(2) and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of
(3) when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world.
(4) Then came the dark empire of Acheron,
(5) where cruel Necromancers sought secrets of resurrection.
(6) They crafted a mask from the bones of kings
(7) and awakened its wrath with the pure blood of their daughters.
(8) The mask summoned spirits of unspeakable evil,
(9) giving them power no mortal men should possess.
(10) Acheron enslaved the civilized world.
(11) Only the Barbarian tribes were left to rise up against them.
(12) The mask was shattered and Acheron fell.
(13) Each tribe kept a single shard
(14) so that no man might attempt to join them back together
(15) and drive the world once again into chaos and ruin.
(16) Their pieces were scattered across the land and remained hidden for ages.
(17) But prophecy spoke of a man who would some day try to reassemble the mask
(18) and rule the world.
(19) So came the dawn of Hyborian Age, a time both bleak and brutal.
(20) And so came a child.
(21) Born of battle.
(22) Fialla!
(23) Fialla.
(24) Do not speak, my love. Do not speak.
(25) I must see my child before I die.
(26) Name your son.
(27) His name
(28) is Conan.
(29) Slow down, Conan!
(30) When a Cimmerian feels thirst, it is the thirst for blood.
(31) When he feels cold, it is the cold edge of steel.
(32) But the courage of the Cimmerian is tempered.
(33) He neither fears death nor rushes foolishly to meet it.
(34) But to be a Cimmerian warrior,
(35) you must have both cunning and balance, as well as speed and strength.
(36) Conan.
(37) I gave you chores, boy.
(38) Finished, Father.
(39) First to circle the hills and return the egg unbroken
(40) earns the right to fight with the warriors.
(41) Well, by Crom, boy, what are you waiting for?
(42) We go back.
(43) Conan!
(44) Make way. Make way.
(45) Come. Time to forge a blade.
(46) This sword we make will be yours one day.
(47) But before you wield it, you must understand it.
(48) The sword must bend or it will break.
(49) It must be tempered.
(50) What is most important when forging a blade, fire or ice?
(51) Fire.
(52) Ice?
(53) Are you certain?
(54) Fire and ice together.
(55) This is the mystery of steel.
(56) You're still all fire, boy.
(57) No. Slow down. Find your footing.
(58) Enough!
(59) You're not ready for this sword.
(60) Fire!
(61) Fire!
(62) Father! Conan!
(63) Father!
(64) Conan!
(65) Die!
(66) Father!
(67) Barbarian.
(68) There's no shame in kneeling before me.
(69) Each of these brave warriors
(70) has surrendered, left their lands, sworn allegiance to me.
(71) They do so because they know one day I will be a god.
(72) One day...
(73) the other clans of Cimmeria will gather for vengeance, and then god or no god,
(74) you will fall.
(75) You know why I'm here.
(76) One piece is missing from the mask.
(77) You know its power. Give it to me now...
(78) or die and I'll find it for myself.
(79) I prefer death.
(80) Oh, my nose!
(81) No!
(82) This is your son.
(83) I like him.
(84) Come here, my daughter.
(85) Father, I sense the bone shard is close.
(86) Will you find it for me, Marique?
(87) Barbarian, your son has courage.
(88) But my daughter has talents as well.
(89) Find it, Marique.
(90) These Cimmerians, they do not pray.
(91) This is their church.
(92) This is what they worship.
(93) It will be here!
(94) The shard. She found the bone shard.
(95) Your mother would be proud.
(96) Remo. Yeah?
(97) Gather the men. Burn everything.
(98) But, Zym!
(99) Not the boy. Not yet.
(100) Not yet. Look what he did to my face!

[1997] [Con Air] English Transcripts

(1) Army Rangers have a proud history.
(2) Since the 1700s, Rangers have led the way in every major confrontation...
(3) in which the United States has been involved.
(4) You men are a credit to that fine heritage, and I'm sorry to see you go.
(5) But you've served your country well, and you've displayed the ability to fight on...
(6) to the Ranger objective and complete its mission:
(7) never leaving behind a fallen comrade no matter what the odds or the enemy.
(8) I thank you.
(9) America thanks you.
(10) And I wish you luck wherever you go.
(11) And remember, Rangers lead the way.
(12) Hi, Tricia. Hey.
(13) Hey, Tricia Poe. Hello, Dale.
(14) How do I
(15) Get through one night without you
(16) If I had to live without you
(17) What kind of life would that be
(18) Oh, I
(19) I need you in my arms Need you to hold
(20) Hummingbird. Hi.
(21) You're my world, my heart and soul Look at you.
(22) I'd take a beatin' half my life to get a piece of that woman.
(23) How's my baby? She's doin' fine.
(24) Baby, you would take away everything Yeah?
(25) Good in my life What? You're kidding me!
(26) What? Sweetie?
(27) Hey, shh. Can't you see I'm in the middle of somethin' here? What?
(28) How do I live without you You, you gonna be Miss Alabama?
(29) Well, that makes your daddy very proud.
(30) Oh, I know How do I breathe without you
(31) If you ever go
(32) Tricia Poe! You little angel, you.
(33) Hey, how about joinin' me and the boys for a cold one?
(34) Huh, darlin'? No, thanks.
(35) Who's your Captain Huckleberry here?
(36) You know this gentleman, honey? He's a regular.
(37) Yeah, I'm a regular. Huh. Regular hound dog.
(38) This is a special occasion, and if you don't mind, I'd like to spend it dancin' with my wife.
(39) Tell you what, soldier Dick. Why don't you go buy me and my buddies a round?
(40) Hey, Cameron, no. lt ain't worth it.
(41) Hey. Come on, Daddy. Let's dance.
(42) Oh, chickenshit!
(43) 'Cause of pussies like you, we lost Vietnam. I'll tell ya that.
(44) We don't need trouble. Oh, you should be so proud.
(45) You know, for a second there you were that guy again.
(46) I know it.
(47) Well, I was hopin' maybe the army would make that guy grow up.
(48) Well...
(49) He has. Then tell me now
(50) How do I live without you
(51) I want to know
(52) How do I breathe without you
(53) If you ever go
(54) Hey, Gomer!
(55) Thought you might need a little help escortin' your old lady home.
(56) Cameron, let's go home. Just get in the car.
(57) Come on. Cameron!
(58) Cameron, get in the car!
(59) Dale! Dale!
(60) Take this, you son of a bitch!
(61) Tricia!
(62) Tricia!
(63) God, he's dead. Cameron, this guy's dead.
(64) Admit the facts, and enter a plea bargain.
(65) I will not plead guilty.
(66) You could get ten years.
(67) Admit to it, you get four.
(68) Serve maybe a year.
(69) Cameron Poe, you have pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree.
(70) With your military skills, you are a deadly weapon...
(71) and are not subject to the same laws as other people that are provoked...
(72) because you can respond with deadly force.
(73) lt is the order of this court that you be remanded to a federal penitentiary...
(74) where you shall remain incarcerated for a term not less than 7 to 10 years.
(75) "Con Air" action-thriller, USA, 1997
(76) Hello, pretty girl.
(77) Come, come. Bring it here. Hey! Hey!
(78) Dearest Tricia, I think of you always. Your smile, your laugh.
(79) I'm not angry. The blame's gotta fall on me.
(80) I am, however, torn apart when I think that I won't...
(81) be there to see our child come into the world...
(82) cradled in your arms, and her first smile.
(83) I got your package. Those pink coconut things...
(84) have made me quite popular.
(85) Met a guy just the other day. Baby-O. He sure does love 'em.
(86) And now our daughter, beautiful Casey.
(87) I watch her grow in the pictures you send.
(88) I showed 'em to Baby-O. His reaction was simple.
(89) He said, "Thank God she looks like her mama."
(90) I'd have to agree.
(91) lt's funny, but here I am in maybe the worst place on earth, and yet...
(92) somehow I feel like the luckiest man alive.
(93) Dear Daddy, I started today at the Little Sunshine Day Care Center.
(94) My teacher is Miss Gordon. She is nice.
(95) We go to playtime, and we all have to hold hands when we walk there.
(96) Dear Casey, it was so good to read your letter.
(97) I'm glad you like your teacher.
(98) We don't exactly have a playtime like you.
(99) We do go outside, though. But normally, we don't hold hands.
(100) My wife and I will have our Margaritas on the yacht.

[2013] [Company of Heroes] English Transcripts

(1) The last aircraft of the first batch taking off to carry British paratroops.
(2) Allied bombings composing an estimated 1 million men...
(3) Sniper! Everyone take cover!
(4) Get on the ground.
(5) Stay low, guys.
(6) Rizzo, get over there now!
(7) Now, now, now. Nate, cover him!
(8) I don't see him. Where is he?
(9) Somebody put some fire on this guy!
(10) Nate, take cover!
(11) Yes, Sir.
(12) Rizzo, fall back. Grab the guns.
(13) Gentle on the trigger.
(14) Don't pull...
(15) just squeeze.
(16) Come on, you guys, haul it, move it out. We're moving out in 0800.
(17) Butler, you're up.
(18) Move it out!
(19) Lance. Lance, you're up.
(20) Were you scared? Of what?
(21) Oh, I don't know, a bullet to the head? Pack it up!
(22) Didn't really think about it.
(23) I was afraid I'd miss the shot ... more than anything else.
(24) What kind of shit is that?
(25) You didn't really think about it. Not for one second?
(26) Nope.
(27) Ignorance is bliss.
(28) It was a hell of a shot.
(29) First group, time to eat.
(30) You think God's on our side?
(31) Hey, Rizzo? Yeah?
(32) Is God on our side? Is the Pope Catholic, Sir?
(33) Yes.
(34) And as far as I know, bears do shit in the woods.
(35) Well, what if I'm not a believer?
(36) Well, then you're fucked.
(37) Ain't that right, Johnny? Right as rain, Sir.
(38) Oh, jeez.
(39) It's Lieutenant Conti.
(40) Over here. Come on, let's get it up!
(41) Haul that pack over here.
(42) Damn it. Sergeant Matheson.
(43) How are my boys from Second Infantry doing?
(44) We secured section nine, put down the last of the German 155.
(45) Sitting down and giving the grunts...
(46) some down time. How'd the Krauts treat you?
(47) Have to use your knuckles? They never go easy.
(48) It's a tough war.
(49) That's why we got you on the ground. Thank you, Sir.
(50) I got a cakewalk for you this time. You ready for it?
(51) Christmas hams.
(52) I need you to deliver them to the forward OP.
(53) Getting killed on a non-combat mission is bad.
(54) You're a good soldier, but this war's over.
(55) I mean, look around. We took this country weeks ago.
(56) I've put you and your men on some shitty assignments.
(57) This one is a cheeseburger with a cherry cola and a side of fries.
(58) I lost a man to sniper fire just this morning. They're out there.
(59) Yeah, know what's out there?
(60) Fourteen-year-old boys with broken rifles. No ammo, no food.
(61) You sure about that?
(62) Dump half the food here, other half to the forward OP.
(63) Do it with a smile on your face. Yes, Sir.
(64) Oh, and by the way... Move it, move it!
(65) Army beat Navy 23-7.
(66) I always said those midshipmen were a little soft in the middle.
(67) Get to work. You gotta move it now!
(68) Chambliss. You like Christmas hams?
(69) You betcha, sarge.
(70) I take mine with potatoes, cabbage and a shot of Irish whisky.
(71) Today's your lucky day. Walk with me.
(72) We gotta escort a bunch of overcooked pigs all the way to forward OP.
(73) Can I bring some friends?
(74) It's all hands on deck.
(75) Okay, we're moving out.
(76) Get your gear, let's go.
(77) Hustle up! I'm coming, I'm coming.
(78) That's Ransom. Who?
(79) Lieutenant Ransom.
(80) Coat says he's a cook. Yeah, exactly.
(81) That guy commanded a whole company on D-day.
(82) He took his unit through Omaha Beach and survived.
(83) Supposed to have a cake assignment after that, but on his next mission out...
(84) he lost almost every man under his watch in half an hour.
(85) It was 15 minutes, actually.
(86) So they took my rank, busted me down to a cook.
(87) Are you a good cook?
(88) I'm a very good cook.
(89) Nate Burrows. Hey.
(90) This loudmouth is Duncan Chambliss. We got mouths to feed.
(91) Chambliss, you're on the truck. Rizzo, Burrows, Ransom, Miller...
(92) you're in this truck.
(93) Burrows, give me a minute.
(94) Help me with these sandbags.
(95) Sir? Heard you took out a sniper today.
(96) Dumb luck, I guess.
(97) Was it? Shot at some toy ducks at the state fair.
(98) From over a hundred yards in a dense forest?
(99) I don't know much about yards. I'm used to measuring in acres.
(100) Must have won a lot of pink teddy bears for your girl back home.

[1985] [Commando] English Transcripts

(1) What's that?
(2) It sounds like the garbageman.
(3) Oh? On Tuesday?
(4) Maybe they changed the schedule.
(5) Oh, shit.
(6) Oh! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
(7) Hey! Hold it up, you guys.
(8) I was afraid you'd miss me.
(9) Don't worry. We won't.
(10) Now that is American workmanship.
(11) You think the Japanese invented that? Bullshit. We did.
(12) Oh, for a while there we lost it, but we got it back.
(13) I like Cadillacs. You like Cadillacs? Come around, brother, get in this Cadillac.
(14) You're gonna love it.
(15) This is style and beauty.
(16) Comfy, right? Oh, I know what you're gonna say. That's vinyl.
(17) Take it from me, you don't want leather, brother. Leather's hot.
(18) It's uncomfortable. It cracks. Nothing but trouble. Look at the headroom in here.
(19) A guy like you is not gonna have any problem.
(20) Go ahead, start it up. Listen to that. That's power.
(21) That's performance. You know what I like best?
(22) What's that? The price.
(23) Hey! Wait a minute!
(24) You can't drive that car in here!
(25) Hey, guys, how's it going?
(26) Workin'. Workin'.
(27) Oh, Daddy, put me down!
(28) I surrender. I surrender.
(29) I love you too.
(30) Here come the sandwiches.
(31) Why don't they just call him "Girl George"?
(32) It would cut down all the confusion.
(33) Oh, Dad, that's so old.
(34) When I was a boy and rock and roll came to East Germany...
(35) the Communists said it was subversive.
(36) Maybe they were right.
(37) What's in this? You don't want to know.
(38) Dad, what's wrong?
(39) What's that Army helicopter doing here? You said you wouldn't go away again.
(40) You said you were through. I'm not going anywhere.
(41) Promise?
(42) I promise.
(43) Jackson. Harris.
(44) Secure the area.
(45) John?
(46) John, are you in there?
(47) John, come on out. It's Kirby.
(48) I know. Silent and smooth, just like always.
(49) I better be. You taught me. I'm getting a little rusty.
(50) What's going on? Jenny, how are you?
(51) Hi.
(52) Jenny, I need to talk to your dad. Okay? Yeah? Got a warrant?
(53) Very funny. Jenny.
(54) Okay.
(55) John, we've got a problem.
(56) Someone's killing your men.
(57) You gave them new identities.
(58) There must have been a leak.
(59) Lawson, Forrestal, Bennett, they've all been hit.
(60) Who is doing it? You've made enemies all over the world.
(61) It could have been the Syrians, the South Americans...
(62) the Russians or a terrorist group.
(63) They're gonna find you.
(64) We were going to make a normal life here.
(65) You will. I promise.
(66) I'm going into the city to coordinate with the Federal people.
(67) We'll nail those bastards before they get close to you.
(68) In the meantime, Jackson and Harris will stay here with you.
(69) Are they any good? Real good, but not as good as you were.
(70) Is it bad?
(71) I'm not leaving you, if that's what you mean.
(72) Then it can't be bad.
(73) How bad are you hit? I can make it. I'll be all right.
(74) I've got to get my rifle from the shed. Keep an eye out. They'll be coming.
(75) Remember, you're downwind.
(76) The air current may tip them off.
(77) Downwind? You think I can smell them coming? I did.
(78) Okay, Jenny, you go to your bedroom, okay? And stay out of sight. I'll be right back.
(79) Where is she?
(80) Mellow out, man.
(81) We can't talk business with you waving guns in people's faces.
(82) Your daughter's safe, Colonel. Whether she stays that way is up to you.
(83) My people got some business with you.
(84) If you want your kid back...
(85) then you gotta cooperate.
(86) Right? Wrong.
(87) He's coming at us with no brakes.
(88) He's still coming, the crazy bastard. He's gonna hit us.
(89) Shit!
(90) Don't move, motherfucker.
(91) Bennett, I thought you were Dead?
(92) You thought wrong.
(93) Ever since you had me thrown out of your unit...
(94) I've waited to pay you back.
(95) Do you know what today is, Matrix?
(96) Payday.
(97) Tranquilizers.
(98) I wanted to use the real thing! Where's Jenny?
(99) Do you remember me, Colonel?
(100) I remember you, scumbag.

[2011] [Colombiana] English Transcripts

(1) I can't believe this. Why not?
(2) Because I love you, Fabio, like a son.
(3) And I love you, Don Luis, like a father.
(4) I'm going to miss you.
(5) And I'm going to miss you.
(6) Okay,
(7) enough of this sentimental bullshit.
(8) One last drink? Next, we'll be crying like two old women!
(9) Come on.
(10) To the future.
(11) Good health and life!
(12) So, business is all clear?
(13) It's all here.
(14) No other copies? You have to ask? -Hey!
(15) Come on.
(16) I'm going to miss you.
(17) Bye, Marco.
(18) Kill this motherfucker.
(19) I cannot believe this.
(20) Not okay, boss?
(21) The bastard thinks I'm an idiot, playing it all mellow and shit.
(22) If he would have yelled and screamed and threatened to kill my whole family...
(23) it would've been better.
(24) We have about an hour to get outta here at the most! Let's go!
(25) We've got ten minutes.
(26) Cataleya, go pack. I'm packed Mamma.
(27) Cataleya.
(28) Listen to me. In case anything happens...
(29) this is your passport.
(30) If you find yourself alone, you go to this address on this card.
(31) Show it to the man at the gate.
(32) I don't understand, Papa. You don't have to understand.
(33) You just have to listen and remember.
(34) Take the bus and go here.
(35) And this... this will keep you safe.
(36) The cataleya orchid. My mother, your grandmother...
(37) used to grow them. Every morning I'd wake up to the sight of them. The smell of them.
(38) That's why I named you 'Cataleya'.
(39) Never forget where you came from.
(40) Hi. We want to see Don Fabio.
(41) He's not home.
(42) I'm ready. It's time! Come! Come!
(43) Let's go! Come on.
(44) Back, back, back.
(45) They say he is not home yet.
(46) Wait a minute.
(47) It's too late. Get ready.
(48) I love you very much.
(49) I love you too, Papa.
(50) Do it now.
(51) Change of plans.
(52) Do you remember me, Cataleya?
(53) I was at your confirmation.
(54) My name is Marco and I was a very good friend of your father.
(55) You know who Don Luis is, right?
(56) He was like a father to your father.
(57) That makes you family too.
(58) But... when... someone... is good to you...
(59) and you're not good to them back, then bad things happen.
(60) You do very well in school,
(61) so I know this is not too complicated for you to understand. Am I Right?
(62) Excellent.
(63) Now, your father had something that belonged to Don Luis. It's a small thing.
(64) Not bigger than this.
(65) Do you know where it is?
(66) Well,
(67) if you give it to me, Don Luis will be very happy and very grateful.
(68) So... why don't you just give me that little thing, which belongs to him.
(69) Would you do that?
(70) You're a smart girl.
(71) And in this life smart girls always get what they want.
(72) Just tell me, sweetheart...
(73) What do you want?
(74) To kill Don Luis!
(75) Grab that little bitch.
(76) We need her alive.
(77) Find her! Find the little bitch.
(78) Do not stop.
(79) Got you.
(80) Excuse me.
(81) And you said you... you have something for us, sweetie?
(82) Well, may I see it?
(83) Okay, everybody, take a five-minute coffee break.
(84) Jim, we're gonna have to record this.
(85) Where did you get this? My Papa.
(86) where is your Papa?
(87) Dead.
(88) Do you know what this is?
(89) Yes.
(90) My passport.
(91) We're about to arrive in Miami.
(92) I'll buckle you up.
(93) Welcome to America.
(94) Go ahead, I'll wait right here.
(95) Hello, young lady, where are we wanting to go today?
(96) Chicago? That's not just down the street, you know?
(97) How much?
(98) Hey, kid, what are you doing here?
(99) Emilio.
(100) There's a girl looking for you.

[2012] [Cold War] English Transcripts

(1) This story is not based on any real-life cases.
(2) Last November,
(3) Hong Kong experienced the latest typhoon arrival ever in a year.
(4) Typhoon Coral
(5) brought over 200mm of rainfall to Hong Kong.
(6) Man... Wake up,
(7) Man... Thieves.
(8) Wake up, Man. Thieves.
(9) Shut up!
(10) Answer your phone.
(11) Van 71 calling.
(12) Van 71.
(13) Container Port Road South in Kwai Chung,
(14) near street light CC0381.
(15) There's a TADO (Traffic Accident Damage Only).
(16) Someone's hurt, looks conscious. Wait for more detail.
(17) Mister, you're hurt.
(18) Do you need an ambulance?
(19) You shut up! I can't understand Chinese. Piss off!
(20) Get the fuck out of here man!
(21) You are suspected of dangerous and drunk driving.
(22) Don't touch me, don't touch me.
(23) Shut up. Don't fucking touch me! All right.
(24) Hey, watch your tongue. Quit the foul language.
(25) Show me your ID card.
(26) What ID card? No!
(27) Do I need to carry an ID card?
(28) If you don't show us,
(29) we'll take you to the police station right now.
(30) Do you know who my uncle is?
(31) Sit down!
(32) Shut up.
(33) Calm down.
(34) Sit still there.
(35) Hello? Yeah! Uncle! Yeah, this is Brian.
(36) These dumb-ass police won't let me go right now.
(37) All right! You! Take the phone!
(38) Hello? This is Emergency Unit commander M.Y. Shum.
(39) He's suspected of drunk driving.
(40) What's his relationship to you?
(41) Uncle, yeah! Can I go now?
(42) Hello? A man crashed his car and was suspected of drunk driving.
(43) He said his uncle is a judge.
(44) What? They're mad dogs.
(45) I must go.
(46) I... have to go. Hello?
(47) Arrest him!
(48) Joe
(49) We're cops, not mad dogs.
(50) If you assault cops, I could beat you to death!
(51) Vincent, these are the documents you want.
(52) Thank you.
(53) Lau, Commissioner Tsang's flight just arrived in Copenhagen.
(54) His mobile is still off.
(55) Headquarters Command Control Centre said,
(56) apart from the Police Public Relations Branch
(57) and Headquarters Command Control Centre,
(58) at least three G4 tactical teams
(59) took action 15 minutes ago.
(60) Is it that serious?
(61) There's more.
(62) Twenty minutes ago, Deputy Police Commissioner Lee as Acting Commissioner
(63) announced a Tier One Response.
(64) Something's up.
(65) Sir
(66) Lau.
(67) The big show tonight is obviously against you. Watch out.
(68) Save the formality. Time is short.
(69) Albert, let's start.
(70) We called you all back so late
(71) because of two things.
(72) First, an hour and a half ago,
(73) an explosive went off outside the Broadway Mong Kok cinema.
(74) So far no casualties have been reported.
(75) Second, last night at 23:00,
(76) an Emergency Unit van in New Territories South
(77) hadn't reported to the Command Centre for 30 minutes.
(78) At 23:19,
(79) our report room received an anonymous phone call.
(80) Leanne
(81) An Emergency Unit van, with five cops,
(82) and all the equipment in the van. What's it all worth?
(83) Michael
(84) The Emergency Unit control centre confirmed that
(85) No. NTS 71 is still out of contact.
(86) Regional Command records show No. 71 was mid-shift.
(87) At 22:44, it had just dealt with a drunkard causing trouble.
(88) They continued on with work and then went missing.
(89) Not only the EU van,
(90) but also the phones of the five officers went dead.
(91) We all know GPS isn't exact.
(92) Besides radio records,
(93) we activated the Major Incident Investigation
(94) and Disaster Support System
(95) and locked down a 20km radius.
(96) New Territories South sent out two EU vans and patrol cars to follow up.
(97) Up to now...
(98) Lau. Up to this point, what do you think?
(99) Michael's deployment is right.
(100) But I'd call in everyone

Thursday, December 10, 2015

[1973] [Coffy] English Transcripts

(4) Grover, what do you mean coming in here after me when I'm with my friends?
(5) Get outta here. You'll get your supplies tomorrow like everybody else.
(6) It ain't that. I brought you something. Yeah? What?
(7) A piece of tail, cos I owe you a favour, you dig?
(8) A piece of what? Man, what you talking about? Look over there.
(9) I got plenty of tail. I got more tail than I can handle. I even got white tail.
(10) And you telling me you brought me something. What you been shootin'?
(11) It ain't that. This is something special. This broad is strung out.
(12) Says she'll do anything to get straight, man. Anything.
(13) Then she's yours. You fix her.
(14) Come on, man. Don't be like that.
(15) If I say she's somethin' special, she's somethin' special, man.
(16) At least you can look at her. She's sittin' in your car.
(17) In my car? You mean you've got some strung-out broad in my car?
(18) Man, I'm gonna kick your ass.
(19) All right, baby. Everybody out.
(20) You say she'll do anything? That's what she said, man.
(21) Ain't she somethin'? Too much for me.
(22) Get in. You drive.
(23) Honey, you're with friends at last.
(24) We're gonna straighten you out for sure.
(25) You know just the words that turn me on.
(26) And I know what you want, too, and you're gonna get it.
(27) Let's go to your place. You can have the leftovers.
(28) No, man, I just wanna get high and watch.
(29) Hey, ain't one man big enough for you, honey?
(30) Do I look like the kind of girl one man would be enough for?
(31) One big man. One big dealin' man, maybe.
(32) You are that big dealin' man I been hearin' about, ain't you?
(33) Yeah, maybe. Big enough.
(34) When you gonna give me some? In a little bit. We're almost there.
(35) Anything you want, big man.
(36) Jesus.
(38) Coffy is the colour
(39) Coffy is the colour
(40) Coffy is the colour of your skin
(41) Coffy is the world you live in
(42) Coffy is the colour
(43) Coffy is the colour
(44) Coffy is feelin' somethin' deep
(45) Yeah
(46) Yeah
(47) Coffy is feelin' somethin' deep
(48) Coffy is the colour
(49) Coffy is the colour
(50) Coffy
(51) Coffy
(52) Coffy
(53) Coffy
(54) Coffy
(55) Son of a bitch. You really is a big man, aren't you?
(56) Yeah.
(57) Wait.
(58) You better give it to me first.
(59) Dammit, what the hell are you doing in there? Making a goddamn soufflé?
(60) Just a minute, Sugarman.
(61) First things first, you dig?
(62) Hey, big man. Why don't you turn out the lights?
(63) This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin' dope pusher.
(64) It was easy for him because he really didn't believe it was comin'.
(65) But it ain't gonna be easy for you. You better believe it's comin'.
(66) Wait. Wait.
(67) What do you wanna go and do this for? Why?
(68) Look here. I got your fix. Don't you want your fix?
(69) No. But you do.
(70) I don't get this. What do you want with me?
(71) My name's Coffin. LuBelle Coffin is my little sister.
(72) LuBelle?
(73) Shootin' smack at 11, and you got her on it!
(74) Please! Please!
(75) Her whole life is gone. She can never get it back.
(76) And you're livin' real good. That ain't right.
(77) It ain't right, so go on and take the shot. I can't. That'd kill me.
(78) Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But if it do, you're gonna fly through the Pearly Gates
(79) with the biggest fuckin' smile St Peter's ever seen.
(80) I don't even remember your little sister. No!
(81) NURSE: I can't do it, Doctor. Christ, now what?
(82) It's her first time in emergency.
(83) Get somebody in here who can handle this job.
(84) Where's Coffin? Get Coffin in here.
(85) Sorry I'm late, Doctor. Where the hell have you been?
(86) Car broke down on the freeway. Just shook me up a little bit. I'll be all right.
(87) Jesus, what's happening here tonight?
(88) This place is turning into a fuckin' insane asylum.
(89) Coffy, get your ass outta here, and don't come back until you're good and ready.
(90) Now move! Yes, Doctor.
(91) All right, let's go. We don't have all day.
(92) Hi, Doctor. Another fun-filled Saturday night.
(93) What can I do for you, McHenry? This is my new partner, Carter Brown.
(94) Carter, Dr Brannan. How are you, Doctor?
(95) Hello, young man.
(96) Sergeant said you want information on that junkie OD case we turned up tonight.
(97) Right. Come over to the desk for a minute. I don't think he's gonna come out of it,
(98) because he apparently shot something else besides heroin. Clipboard, please.
(99) I'd like to know if you found any other drugs around the scene.
(100) I'd like to know what to treat him for until we get the analysis.

[1986] [Cobra] English Transcripts

(1) In America...
(2) ...there's a burglary every 11 seconds...
(3) armed robbery every 65 seconds...
(4) ...a violent crime every 25 seconds...
(5) ...a murder every 24 minutes...
(6) ...and 250 rapes a day.
(7) Jerry, don't push it together like that.
(8) Will you just let me do it?
(9) You make me sick!
(10) Watch it!
(11) Hey, pal!
(12) Can I help you?
(13) Hey, pal....
(14) We are willing to talk. No one wants to hurt you.
(15) Do you understand?
(16) We are willing to talk. There's no more need for violence.
(17) There's no way out except by talking. Do you understand?
(18) No one wants to hurt you.
(19) We want to help.
(20) Please, communicate with us.
(21) We don't want to hurt you. You can go.
(22) We want to help.
(23) You can go!
(24) Communicate with us.
(25) You're free!
(26) No one wants to hurt you. Do you understand?
(27) Enough of trying to deal with this maniac! Get down!
(28) All we need is more time. We can get control of the situation.
(29) What control?
(30) Call the Cobra.
(31) How bad is it? It's bad.
(32) Any I.D. on the guy?
(33) Just another asshole who woke up hating the world. What's happening?
(34) I don't agree with them bringing you here. I want you to know that.
(35) Come on.
(36) Come on!
(37) Move!
(38) Shut up, man!
(39) Come on!
(40) I'm hungry.
(41) Face front! I'll blow your stupid head off. Get over there!
(42) Get down, you. Get down there, man.
(43) Shut up! You get away from her!
(44) Shut up!
(45) I'll kill you, man. I'll kill them all!
(46) It's the way of the New World.
(47) So where are those TV cameras?
(48) Hey, man, I've got a bomb here.
(49) I'll kill them all!
(50) You bring in the TV, or I'll kill them all.
(51) You understand?
(52) It's the way of the New World!
(53) What are you waiting for? Let's go!
(54) Come on over here, I'll kill them. You got that?
(55) You're all trash, anyway. You all deserve it.
(56) You're gonna die right now, you got that?
(57) Watch this, it's killer.
(58) I'm gonna incinerate the kitchen!
(59) Hey, dirt bag!
(60) You're a lousy shot.
(61) I don't like lousy shots.
(62) You wasted a kid for nothing.
(63) Now I think it's time to waste you.
(64) Hold it!
(65) Come on, man.
(66) I got a bomb here.
(67) I'll kill her.
(68) I'll blow this place up.
(69) Go ahead.
(70) I don't shop here.
(71) Just relax, amigo.
(72) You want to talk?
(73) We'll talk. I'm a sucker for good conversation.
(74) I don't want to talk to you.
(75) You bring the television cameras in here now. Come on, bring it in!
(76) I can't do that.
(77) Why?
(78) I don't deal with psychos. I put them away.
(79) I ain't no psycho, man.
(80) I'm a hero!
(81) You're looking at a fucking hunter.
(82) I'm a hero of the New World.
(83) You're a disease, and I'm the cure.
(84) Die!
(85) Drop it!
(86) Come on.
(87) You okay, man? Yeah.
(88) Please, people, please.
(89) You're the one who killed the maniac?
(90) Why did he do it? Is it related to the Night Slasher?
(91) That's a different case. People, please!
(92) Let's have a little room!
(93) Was it necessary--? That's right, I asked a question.
(94) Was it necessary for it to end like this? Did he have to die?
(95) Come on, don't listen to this asshole.
(96) Did you use unnecessary deadly force?
(97) I used everything I had.
(98) Is this a public forum? We have work to do out here!
(99) What makes a policeman a judge and jury. People have rights.
(100) You think a maniac who blew a kid's heart out should have rights?

[2008] [Cloverfield] English Transcripts

(1) Cloverfield
(2) lt's 6:42 a.m.
(3) Beth's Dad's place.
(4) He's out of town.
(5) And it's already a good day.
(6) Beth.
(7) Rob, what are you doing? Nothing.
(8) Well, then stop. Nothing.
(9) That's Stop it.
(10) She's shy.
(11) l could just see this ending up on the lnternet.
(12) Well, fine, cover up. See if l care.
(13) l'm interested in other things. Like what?
(14) Like you.
(15) Oh, man. That was close.
(16) Do it really… l'm scared of it.
(17) lt's only 30 minutes out. Shut up. l've never been.
(18) You've never been to Coney lsland?
(19) Oh, how have you never been to Coney lsland?
(20) l don't know, l just… l've never been.
(21) Oh, that's… lt's so much fun. l'm taking you. We're going.
(22) Oh, my God. You're so excited about this.
(23) Yeah, l can't wait to Give me this.
(24) What are you doing? What?
(25) Oh, all right. Well, then from the neck up, okay?
(26) That's the only way l consent to this.
(27) Oh, please, Rob, nobody's paying for that online.
(28) You've never been to, have you?
(29) Okay. What else? What else, what?
(30) Other than cotton candy and Tilt-A-Whirls?
(31) What do you want to do today? lf l answer that
(32) All right, is this thing on? Look out!
(33) Babe, it's not my camera.
(34) l don't know if it's the on button or the zoom button.
(35) All right. Here, here, here. l think l got it. ls this on?
(36) Oh, perfect. And now we can have a nice record of you getting run over.
(37) ls that funny?
(38) What time is everybody starting to show up?
(39) lt's getting late here. A couple hours.
(40) That's why we have to hurry. Where are we going?
(41) We're going… We're just going around the corner to the store!
(42) l want you to go around with your brother's camera
(43) and get testimonials from everyone.
(44) Why? l mean, it's not like this is a wedding.
(45) l know it's not a wedding. l said like a wedding.
(46) l can't get this.
(47) l don't get… l mean, l don't understand why l have to do it.
(48) 'Cause, l mean, l don't l don't even know how to work this
(49) That's what l think is gonna happen. No, l'm not!
(50) You totally are. You You have no clue!
(51) Okay, well, let me ask you a question.
(52) Can you see me through the viewfinder?
(53) Yeah. Got you.
(54) Good. Now can you see me trying to carry these bags all by myself?
(55) You're doing a great job.
(56) Here, practise doing two things at once.
(57) That's good! That was good. Thank you.
(58) l'm not lugging this thing around
(59) all night long. He is your brother.
(60) This is important. Stop freaking out.
(61) l understand that, Lily, but it's a shit job!
(62) No, it isn't. Yes, it is! l'm not doing it!
(63) Jason, l have been planning this for two weeks!
(64) All l want you to do is help me. Okay, babe, babe.
(65) Okay. All right? l'll do it. lt's fine.
(66) l really pissed her off.
(67) Babe, come on. l was just kidding! Come on!
(68) Hud? Hud, listen to me. l got a job for you.
(69) l already have got a job.
(70) l'm doing the sign, so Yeah, no. l see that,
(71) but this is more important than the sign. You know how, like, at weddings,
(72) people give testimonials to the camera, right?
(73) No.
(74) All right. You're gonna take the camera and just, you know, go around the party
(75) and film people wishing Rob good luck.
(76) l don't know, man.
(77) That's a lot of responsibility. This is important.
(78) And then you have to do it the whole night
(79) And Marlena's gonna be here.
(80) She is? Oh, yeah. She is.
(81) So you're gonna take that. Oh, hold on.
(82) And you're gonna talk to her l didn't
(83) For Rob. l didn't say l would do it.
(84) Just try it out. All right, l'll do a few.
(85) You can, just do mine
(86) Are you ready? Yeah, go.
(87) All right.
(88) Rob, l don't even know what to say, bro.
(89) Best of luck in Japan. l love you so much,
(90) and l'm proud of you.
(91) That's it. That's it?
(92) Yeah. Easy enough. Yeah. lt's actually kind of fun.
(93) You enjoy it, Hud. Thanks, man.
(94) Yeah, l'm doing
(95) Hey, what's up, man?
(96) Hey, guys? Hey.
(97) What do we say? Anything.
(98) Bon voyage, Rob. Or however you say that in Japanese.
(99) Yeah, good. Oh, yeah, all right. Oh, yeah
(100) Hud, what are you doing? l'm documenting the night.