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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[2014] [Christmas Icetastrophe] English Transcriptsa

(1) Hurry up.
(2) It's floored. I'm going as fast as I can.
(3) You've got to go faster, man!
(4) It's not slowing down.
(5) I know.
(6) Go! Come on!
(7) Faster!
(8) We're running out of lake.
(9) Faster!
(10) Come on!
(11) We're going to have to beach it. Get ready to jump!
(12) We're not going to make it!
(14) Jingle bells, your breath smells
(15) Why don't you Leave work?
(16) If you keep staring at your screen
(17) You'll turn into a jerk
(18) Very funny.
(19) Thank you.
(20) So did you sleep here last night or...
(21) No.
(22) You were wearing this yesterday.
(23) Yeah, okay. Look at this. This is something.
(24) I'm telling you, check that out.
(25) Yes, it is an asteroid.
(26) We've been tracking that for weeks. It's the size of this desk.
(27) It's not going to survive the burn up through our atmosphere
(28) just like hundreds of millions before it.
(29) Yeah, but this flaring right here, that's a temperature shift.
(30) How do you explain that?
(31) It's Santa's sleigh.
(32) My God, that is Santa's sleigh.
(33) You discovered Santa's sleigh.
(34) I'm serious, Neil, this is not normal.
(35) Neither is working over Christmas.
(36) Come on, let's go.
(37) Can't I stay? I mean, my parents are in Hong Kong.
(38) I'm going to my aunt's tomorrow. I hate my aunt.
(39) Just give me the keys and I'll lock up.
(40) Alex, it's Christmas.
(41) You don't get extra credit for staying.
(42) I'm not asking for it. I just want more time with this.
(43) I just want to see it through entry.
(44) Okay, fine. Suit yourself.
(45) But I'm telling you, it's going to burn up into nothing.
(46) You get a lump of coal for Christmas.
(47) Okay, a bah humbug to you. Unbelievable.
(48) Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.
(49) What a dork. Okay.
(50) What the hell?
(51) Yes!
(52) That worked out pretty damn well, didn't it?
(53) Hey, moron twins.
(54) What the hell are you guys doing?
(55) How many times have I told you
(56) that dynamite is for avalanche control?
(57) It's not a toy.
(58) Knuckleheads.
(59) I mean, he made me do it, so.
(60) Really? Yeah.
(61) Man...
(62) It's a holiday, all right?
(63) Look around, there's nobody here,
(64) TJ and I were just having a bit of fun.
(65) Really? Fun? With dynamite?
(66) You keep playing with that stuff you're going to take an arm off.
(67) Then what's your mom going to say?
(68) She'd probably just blame you like she always does.
(69) Exactly. So, you want to blow your arm off,
(70) then you do it on her weekend, not mine.
(71) Sorry, Dad, we were just a little bored.
(72) Really? Did you fix that lift kit I told you to fix?
(73) Yes, I did it like two hours ago.
(74) All right, well, good.
(75) Mr. Ratchet, we were hoping to go downtown,
(76) meet some friends, go to the,
(77) you know, Christmas thing.
(78) Yeah, yeah. I know about it.
(79) Forgive me if I don't want to listen to Ben Crooge
(80) spout off about what a damned philanthropist he is.
(81) Everyone seems to think that expanding the resort
(82) might bring more business. Be good for the town.
(83) Son, everything comes at a cost.
(84) Ben doesn't seem to be taking that into account these days.
(85) Yet you still work for him. I do.
(86) It doesn't mean I blindly support everything he does.
(87) This isn't right. Not this way.
(88) Hey, it is a Christmas celebration.
(89) I agree with this.
(90) I could go for some celebration. I could celebrate.
(91) You could celebrate, I could celebrate, you could celebrate.
(92) Enough.
(93) Then you got to go to your mother's.
(94) Yeah, it is her year.
(95) Tell you what. I'll give you a ride into town.
(96) I got to pick up some supplies anyway.
(97) Nice.
(98) Kind father. He's a good man.
(99) The best. Yeah.
(100) Merry Christmas!

(101) Merry Christmas, everybody!
(102) Merry Christmas, everyone!
(103) Happy Holidays!
(104) Looks like Santa puked all over the mayor's car.
(105) What do you expect? Yeah. Pretty much that.
(106) See you around, Dad.
(107) This place is a circus, once again.
(108) What she sees in you I have no idea.
(109) It must be my winning personality. Well, it's definitely not your looks.
(110) Very funny.
(111) Hey, better watch out for Mr. Crooge.
(112) He loves employees chasing after his daughter, right?
(113) Well, you see I don't actually work for him.
(114) My dad does. I think that makes it worse.
(115) Probably. Yeah.
(116) See you around.
(117) Merry Christmas!
(118) Merry Christmas!
(119) Merry Christmas!
(120) Saint Nick.
(121) Charlie, Merry Christmas!
(122) You're looking very jolly.
(123) I thought you weren't coming in for this.
(124) Me? Well, I've got a good excuse.
(125) He's still signing my paychecks.
(126) What are you doing? Celebrating the holidays.
(127) I see that.
(128) This fake snow is a nice touch.
(129) Yeah. Global warming is that way it is.
(130) We'll be lucky if this town ever sees a white Christmas again.
(131) How are you holding up? Fake it till you make it, right?
(132) Don't worry about me, Charlie.
(133) I'll be okay.
(134) He can take my store, but he can't take my spirit.
(135) Come on. We have to make this quick.
(136) If I miss my dad's thing, he'll kill me.
(137) Okay.
(138) And if he saw that, he'd kill both of us.
(139) Well, see, your father is one thing,
(140) that brother of yours, I really think he's onto us.
(141) You're paranoid.
(142) Look, I don't want to hide anymore, Marley.
(143) I know.
(144) I wish things were different.
(145) Good to see you.
(146) Scott, where is that sister of yours? We have to start.
(147) How should I know? Is it my turn to put on her radio collar?
(148) Maybe try giving her a call?
(149) Do we have to do this now?
(150) No. No, we don't.
(151) But we do have to do this right now.
(152) Merry Christmas, Marley.
(153) But I didn't bring your present.
(154) That's okay, just open it.
(155) And keep in mind I wanted it to be bigger, obviously.
(156) My God.
(157) It's a diamond.
(158) Barely, but you know,
(159) I saved up for it, so I hope you like it.
(160) Tim, I love it. Good.
(161) They're trying to get a hold of me.
(162) Sure they are.
(163) Hey look, is that a shooting star?
(164) Hi, you've reached Marley. Please leave me a message.
(165) She's not answering.
(166) Well, forget it. We have to do without her.
(167) Thank you, everyone, for coming.
(168) We are here today
(169) to break ground on a brand new retail complex.
(170) Now, in doing this,
(171) we should also say our thank yous
(172) and our goodbyes to all these stores around us.
(173) Yeah, right.
(174) We honor the role they've played in our town's history.
(175) It's an exciting time for our town.
(176) We've already begun construction on Lakeview Mountain.
(177) What is that?
(178) My God.
(179) Come on, we need to go.
(180) This marks a new beginning for Lennox,
(181) finally bringing us into the 21st century.
(182) Prosperity is coming to Lennox.
(183) Everybody look out.
(184) TJ.
(185) Neil, it's me. It hit.
(186) In Lennox, 80 miles northeast of Olympia.
(187) I'm heading there now.
(188) If you get bored of singing Christmas carols, you know where to find me.
(189) Get on the phone to Governor Michaels.
(190) Okay.
(191) Crystal? Crystal, you okay?
(192) You guys, take your mom to the bowling alley.
(193) Are you okay? You sure?
(194) There's an ambulance right there.
(195) Miles. Miles, get up.
(196) What the hell was that?
(197) I have no idea.
(198) You good? Can you stand? I need your help.
(199) There's a lot injured, we got to get them out of here.
(200) You up to it? Okay, yeah, go.
(201) Is it on fire? No, it's freezing.
(202) Is he alive?
(203) I don't think so.
(204) What the...
(205) Ben! Help me. My hands are stuck.
(206) What the...
(207) Ben. Help me, please.
(208) Ben! Please, help me!
(209) Miles!
(210) Miles.
(211) Tell the Governor this is way bigger than anything we can handle.
(212) We need some help out here.
(213) Wait, wait, wait!
(214) Mom! Dad!
(215) Marley.
(216) Mom!
(217) God.
(218) I'm so sorry!
(219) Scott, you seen my dad around?
(220) Yeah.
(221) Scott!
(222) Scott, what's wrong with you?
(223) Hey, enough. Enough.
(224) What is going on?
(225) Why don't you ask your daughter?
(226) Enough.
(227) Now, folks, listen up.
(228) Listen, I just got off the phone with the governor's office.
(229) Now, we've cordoned off the area where the meteor hit.
(230) Do not approach it.
(231) I want you to go home and stay there.
(232) And if you live downtown,
(233) you stay with a friend or a family member, all right?
(234) Thank you.
(235) Dad.
(236) I was so worried.
(237) Tim.
(238) You okay? Yeah, it's fine.
(239) What happened? Let me look at you.
(240) What hit you? Scott Crooge.
(241) You want to know where Marley was?
(242) She was sneaking around with him.
(243) Is that true?
(244) Yeah.
(245) We'll talk about this later.
(246) Go home. All of you.
(247) Now!
(248) You go home, too.
(249) Call your mother. Tell her what happened and that you'll be late.
(250) I'll meet you at the house.
(251) Be safe.
(252) It's getting worse.
(253) Why aren't you leaving with the rest of them?
(254) Taking that son of yours home.
(255) I'm here to help.
(256) We don't need you. The mayor put calls in.
(257) The cavalry should be here any minute.
(258) Ben, I'm not working for you right now.
(259) I'm here to help the people of this town.
(260) Something you lost sight of a long time ago.
(261) Well, now you're not working for me at all.
(262) Really? You think that matters right now?
(263) State troopers are here.
(264) You need to warn them.
(265) They have no idea what they're walking into.
(266) What are you doing? Charlie.
(267) Heard you had a meteor strike. How cool is that?
(268) Well, people are dead, so not very.
(269) You got experience with this kind of thing?
(270) Experience? What do you mean?
(271) Something is down there. I don't know what it is, but it's not stopping.
(272) Look, we're the closest division.
(273) It takes time to pull together all the resources to get a full squad.
(274) We got this.
(275) I wouldn't go there if I were you.
(276) It seems to be okay to me.
(277) Get out of there! What the hell is that?
(278) Come on, Gibbons.
(279) Keep going.
(280) Get in here.
(281) Hello? Hello?
(282) Do you think it's over? I don't even know what it is.
(283) Let me in! It's me.
(284) Get the door.
(285) A little help would be nice.
(286) What the hell is this, Charlie?
(287) Damned if I know, but it's a hell of a lot more than just a meteor storm.
(288) Yeah, no kidding. Did you see that storm?
(289) We all saw it.
(290) We need to get everybody out of town. Send them over to Tannen.
(291) He's right. None of us is equipped to deal with this.
(292) I'll call Faye, see if she can take some at the community center.
(293) Tell her to get whatever resources she needs.
(294) I'll cover the expense.
(295) Okay.
(296) Need some help over here.
(297) So yeah, we can move that to Monday,
(298) that frees up Tuesday.
(299) Excuse me.
(300) Faye, Charlie's on the line for you. He says it's urgent.
(301) You got that?
(302) Excuse me.
(303) Are you okay? Is Tim okay?
(304) He didn't call you?
(305) No.
(306) And I've tried calling but I can't get through.
(307) All right, look, I'm sure he's fine.
(308) Listen, the mayor is evacuating town.
(309) Everyone? What's going on out there?
(310) A meteor hit in the center of Main Street.
(311) It's total chaos over here. We need to evacuate.
(312) Can you make room for us over there?
(313) Of course. I'll make the preparations.
(314) All right, thanks. And Ben said he'd take care of any extra expenses.
(315) Really?
(316) Yeah.
(317) When should I expect you?
(318) I'll start sending folks over immediately.
(319) I take it that means you won't be with them.
(320) I'm going to stay here, make sure nobody gets left behind.
(321) Charlie.
(322) Faye.
(323) Come on, somebody's got to do it.
(324) It doesn't always have to be you.
(325) Just be careful, okay?
(326) You know I will.
(327) See you soon.
(328) Okay, bye.
(329) I just talked to Faye. She said she's going to get ready for us.
(330) I need you to take care of the evac communications.
(331) Tell people to dress warmly, bring food and bedding.
(332) I'll be back soon. What? Wait.
(333) Charlie.
(334) What are you doing? Where are you going?
(335) It'll take us a while to get these wounded out of here
(336) and the back-up generator is about to go out.
(337) I got to get home, grab my tools,
(338) keep the lights and the heat on until we can get them out of here.
(339) Tim.
(340) What are you doing?
(341) Hey, did you call your mother? I tried, the phone lines are down.
(342) Internet and cable, too.
(343) Honestly, we're lucky we even have power.
(344) Everybody's being evacuated to Tannen until we can figure this out.
(345) You should get going. What about you?
(346) What are you packing for?
(347) Ben and Mayor Gibbons are over at the clinic.
(348) There's a lot of wounded and their power is failing.
(349) I'm going to see if I can keep the generator running.
(350) Here. You should gear up. It's getting cold out there.
(351) Was TJ at the clinic, Dad?
(352) I stopped by his house on the way here. He wasn't there.
(353) No.
(354) No, he wasn't.
(355) Look, everybody's being evacuated.
(356) You need to get out of here.
(357) Tim, now.
(358) I saw that thing come down on us.
(359) The meteor.
(360) It split into two, changed colors. It was the craziest thing.
(361) What do you mean split into two and changed colors?
(362) I didn't see that.
(363) Where did the other part land?
(364) I don't know.
(365) It was headed towards Mount Dickens, though.
(366) That's far away from civilization. That's a good sign.
(367) Hey, Tim.
(368) You can talk to me about anything. You know that, right?
(369) Even if you don't think I approve. Okay.
(370) You know that dent on the back of your car?
(371) That was me. Very funny.
(372) You know, Dad, you can stand up
(373) to Ben Crooge just a little bit. Is that so?
(374) Well, I did today, and I got fired.
(375) Okay, very funny. I'm not kidding.
(376) Look, your mom's waiting for you. You should get out of here.
(377) I won't be far behind you. Don't worry about me.
(378) For luck.
(379) Merry Christmas, kid.
(380) Hurry up.
(381) I did it for your own good.
(382) Screw off, Scott, you're not my dad.
(383) Enough. Both of you.
(384) There will be time to discuss this,
(385) but right now we are all going to Tannen until they sort this out.
(386) Grab your bags. Marley, you'll ride with Scott.
(387) What? Why?
(388) Because you are brother and sister,
(389) and one way or another you are going to get along.
(390) What about you?
(391) I'm taking the Parsons. Their car is in the shop.
(392) Move!
(393) What the hell was that?
(394) That's it. We're all leaving now.
(395) Okay.
(396) Come on, let's go.
(397) Hell.
(398) Get in!
(399) What? Let's go. Move!
(400) Get in the car now!
(401) Hurry!
(402) Is that normal for around here?
(403) Nope.
(404) It went the other way.
(405) God.
(406) Now what?
(407) You like boats?
(408) Untie the boat.
(409) Come on.
(410) It's coming, come on. I know.
(411) Hurry, let's go!
(412) Go! Hold on.
(413) Come on.
(414) How are we doing?
(415) Hurry up.
(416) It's floored. I'm going as fast as I can.
(417) Got to go faster, man.
(418) It's not slowing down.
(419) I know.
(420) Go!
(421) Come on.
(422) Faster! I'm running out of lake.
(423) Faster!
(424) Come on!
(425) We're going to have to beach it.
(426) We're not going to make it.
(427) Hang on.
(428) Get ready to jump.
(429) Go!
(430) Go, come on, go, go!
(431) Ben. Something's happening west of the lake.
(432) Another meteor? I don't know.
(433) Listen, Stu Carson just came in. He's covered in frost bite
(434) and he's screaming about flash freezing.
(435) According to him, Highway 10 is completely blocked
(436) with giant chunks of ice.
(437) I guess the idea of all this stopping just went out the window.
(438) I don't care if you have to put ten people to a car, we need to evacuate.
(439) The only way out of this town now is the back roads.
(440) All right.
(441) What happened back there? It's called a flash freeze.
(442) But I've only read accounts.
(443) I've never experienced one in person.
(444) Well, I've seen quite a few in the last couple of hours.
(445) Up this way.
(446) And none of this before the meteor hit?
(447) Wait, no.
(448) How do you know about the meteor?
(449) Who exactly are you anyway? I'm Alex. Alex Novak.
(450) I'm a grad student at the university getting a PhD in astrophysics.
(451) I was tracking that meteor.
(452) Charlie Ratchet.
(453) Nice to meet you.
(454) You sure picked a hell of a way to spend your Christmas.
(455) I'd say.
(456) So, what happened back there?
(457) You've never seen anything like that before?
(458) No. That's why if it is linked to the meteor...
(459) Wait, what do you mean linked to the meteor? How?
(460) It's so far away from here.
(461) If I'm right, it's spreading. I mean...
(462) That's why I need to see the impact crater as soon as possible.
(463) Well, I can take you as far as the clinic.
(464) Last I knew the mayor was there.
(465) You and he can discuss what you want to do from there.
(466) Are you old school or new school?
(467) What?
(468) I think I know a way we can make up some time.
(469) Let's go.
(470) Right behind you.
(471) What, they didn't teach you how to snowboard in school, Novak?
(472) Just keep going!
(473) Thank God you're okay. I'm fine.
(474) Your lip. I tripped.
(475) It's nothing.
(476) Any news?
(477) No. Only that it's bad.
(478) Dad's still out there, obviously. I'm aware.
(479) Mom, have you,
(480) you haven't happened to see Marley Crooge around, have you?
(481) No, not yet.
(482) Hey, I need some man power. Let's help unload.
(483) Sure thing.
(484) Hey, how's it going? This is great.
(485) I got that.
(486) I just got a bunch of boxes back here.
(487) Great, thanks.
(488) Hey, I'll be right back.
(489) Marley.
(490) Here, I got that. Thanks.
(491) What the hell is this?
(492) Scott, stop it!
(493) What's your problem, buddy?
(494) You're blocking the road!
(495) Really?
(496) Scott, stop!
(497) What is your problem? My truck's broken.
(498) Can we give you a hand? That'd be great.
(499) Just go back to the car. I'll deal with this.
(500) Hi. Sorry, what's going on? What's the problem?
(501) Charlie, where the heck have you been?
(502) We have got no phones, we've got a little bit of power but the generator's bit...
(503) Who's this?
(504) I'm Alex Novak, from the university.
(505) Did the governor send you?
(506) No, I was following the meteor as part of my research project.
(507) Charlie, the generator is running hot. Where's your tools?
(508) I had to ditch them. Excuse me.
(509) I need to find the meteorite. Where is it?
(510) Middle of Main Street, for all the good it'll do you.
(511) It's the eye of the storm. Okay, which direction?
(512) It's suicide going back out there.
(513) Look, I'm going.
(514) This is obviously not your garden variety meteor,
(515) and I'm going to need a sample.
(516) Thank you.
(517) If it wasn't for you,
(518) well, I think you know.
(519) I...
(520) I'm going to take this.
(521) Merry Christmas.
(522) All right guys, let's go.
(523) Come on. We can't just let her go out there alone.
(524) Really?
(525) Nice.
(526) Keep this on channel five.
(527) Now, Charlie, hold on a second now.
(528) We're almost done evacuating here.
(529) When that last transport leaves...
(530) We're out of here. That's the Christmas spirit.
(531) Let's go ahead and get the coolers
(532) and make sure there's plenty of sandwiches, okay?
(533) Okay, thanks.
(534) Faye?
(535) Crystal.
(536) What you're doing is great.
(537) Thank you so much for helping us.
(538) What's wrong?
(539) I can't reach Marley or Scott.
(540) No one's seen them.
(541) There's no cell reception.
(542) I saw Jim dropping people off from the clinic.
(543) They're not there, either.
(544) I'm really worried, Faye.
(545) Hey, it's all right. We'll find them.
(546) They should be here by now.
(547) This is crazy.
(548) I've been tracking this meteor for weeks.
(549) Never in a million years did I believe something like this
(550) would or even could happen.
(551) All the more reason to stay away.
(552) I'm not asking you to come with me.
(553) That thing has killed everybody that's gotten near it.
(554) It didn't kill you. Not yet.
(555) I don't think it's such a good idea.
(556) I know.
(557) I just need to get some readings.
(558) Does this area have a history of tremors?
(559) No, it started with the impact. Same as the ice storms.
(560) All right, we really need to get out of here.
(561) Easy there. Hi, Rob.
(562) Sorry, I just thought I...
(563) What's wrong? Felt something.
(564) Have you seen Tim? I don't know where he went off to.
(565) Yeah, I just saw him head outside.
(566) Alex.
(567) Alex, you okay?
(568) Yeah.
(569) You? I think so.
(570) Here, hold this.
(571) Your leg. Yeah.
(572) Okay, look, this thing,
(573) whatever it is, this is a major breakthrough.
(574) There's no precedent for something like this.
(575) Yeah, well, I'm no astronomer,
(576) but I'm pretty sure the meteor isn't supposed to change the weather.
(577) This meteorite, technically, now that it's hit the ground,
(578) you're right.
(579) Where are we?
(580) In the old mine shaft underneath the town.
(581) It's freezing down here.
(582) Why is that? I think that meteorite is causing it.
(583) I think so, too.
(584) It's amazing.
(585) Scientists have debated for years
(586) whether the water on Earth originally came from the ice in meteors,
(587) but the Earth has so much water
(588) that hypothesis could never be supported with evidence.
(589) But this, this is some serious evidence.
(590) Well, congratulations.
(591) We're not climbing out of there.
(592) I think if we go that way,
(593) it'll take us back to the clinic.
(594) Alex.
(595) Alex, you're going the wrong way.
(596) She's just like my freaking kid.
(597) Are you kidding me?
(598) This is unbelievable. I need a sample.
(599) Are you crazy?
(600) What do you mean?
(601) It's happening. We need to get out of here.
(602) Let's move, come on!
(603) Take cover!
(604) Get down!
(605) Get inside, now!
(606) My God!
(607) Hey, did you feel that, man?
(608) Okay, we got to get going now. Okay? Now!
(609) Chill!
(610) Scott!
(611) Run!
(612) Marley.
(613) Scott, run!
(614) No!
(615) No, Marley!
(616) Run! Run!
(617) Wait. Wait!
(618) Alex?
(619) What happened? I don't know.
(620) We're still alive.
(621) Come on, let me help you up.
(622) Here, take this.
(623) I think these lanterns may have saved us.
(624) I mean, as a heat source. Look at the ground.
(625) It's a giant circle.
(626) No, it can't be that simple.
(627) Sometimes the right answer is the most obvious one.
(628) You still want that sample?
(629) No. Let's go.
(630) And another one for the hungry kids.
(631) There you go.
(632) Did you find Tim yet?
(633) He left.
(634) I think he went looking for Marley.
(635) Heli-skiing. What?
(636) Give me your phone.
(637) Ben bought a heli-skiing company last summer.
(638) Cole? This is Crystal.
(639) I need you to drop everything right now. I have a crisis.
(640) My God. My...
(641) Help! Help!
(642) Scott! Scott!
(643) Scott. Scott!
(644) My God. My...
(645) No.
(646) Scott!
(647) Ben, Mayor Gibbons, do you copy? Over.
(648) Ben, Mayor Gibbons, do you copy?
(649) Ben, do you copy? Over.
(650) That meteorite is altering the entire micro-climate of this area.
(651) So nothing like this has ever been documented before?
(652) You've never seen anything like this?
(653) Documented? No.
(654) I find that hard to believe.
(655) There's evidence of all sorts of crazy stuff that doesn't add up.
(656) Our world has only been scientifically aware for a few thousand years.
(657) Do you know what that amounts to in a 4.5 billion-year-old planet?
(658) The blink of an eye.
(659) That's precisely why I got into science.
(660) Well, we better get you out of town
(661) or you're not going to see graduation.
(662) If this keeps up,
(663) we're not going to make it past Christmas.
(664) What the hell is that?
(665) God, it looks like an igloo.
(666) Come with me. Where are we going?
(667) To do a little last minute Christmas shopping.
(668) Cole, this is Faye Ratchet, can you hear me?
(669) Loud and clear, Faye.
(670) We're about five miles out keeping our eyes peeled for any stranded people.
(671) Highway 5 is blocked, the passage is buried.
(672) The only way out of Lennox is on foot.
(673) Can you see anything moving?
(674) Cars? People?
(675) Not so far.
(676) Me and Gary aren't exactly search and rescue, but we'll do our best.
(677) Thank you. I can't tell you how much this means to us.
(678) Hey, no worries.
(679) It wouldn't be Christmas unless someone needed saving, right?
(680) Gary, let's split up.
(681) I'll start with the city limits and search south.
(682) You take everything to the north.
(683) Roger that, big C. I'm on my way.
(684) Copy.
(685) Scott!
(686) Scott. Scott!
(687) No! God!
(688) My God!
(689) Scott!
(690) Scott.
(691) Marley.
(692) Marley. My God, Tim.
(693) It's okay. It's all right.
(694) Come on, we have to move. Come on, we have to go.
(695) Scott! No!
(696) You sure about this?
(697) Yeah.
(698) Ben, Mayor Gibbons, do you read me? Over.
(699) Anybody copy? Over.
(700) Damn.
(701) We're too late.
(702) Ben?
(703) Are you okay?
(704) No, Ben. It's not your fault.
(705) Okay?
(706) Come on, get up. I panicked, I ran inside here.
(707) And hid.
(708) I don't know why I lived.
(709) And I didn't save him. I didn't save anyone.
(710) What have I done?
(711) Charlie...
(712) I closed the door on them.
(713) I hid in the boiler room.
(714) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(715) It's okay. Ben, it's all right.
(716) It's okay.
(717) You'll be all right. Let me help you up.
(718) Slowly. Come on.
(719) Let's get out of here.
(720) This is incredible.
(721) It looks like the North Pole.
(722) It's an Arctic wasteland.
(723) What do you mean?
(724) There's nothing left.
(725) Snow and ice as far as I can see.
(726) There's no buildings, no cars.
(727) There's nothing.
(728) Lennox is gone.
(729) Roger that, Cole. I haven't found anyone either.
(730) I'll head towards town, do another sweep.
(731) Hey!
(732) Over here. Hey.
(733) We're down here.
(734) Wait!
(735) They've got to see us.
(736) Hey!
(737) What the hell?
(738) I'm looking at Dickens Peak.
(739) There's a whole area that's untouched.
(740) There's no snow on it at all.
(741) I'm going to check it out.
(742) We're down here. Wait.
(743) We're here, please.
(744) Wait! Stop!
(745) Stop! We got to move.
(746) Can anyone hear me?
(747) Hello? Great.
(748) We have to get out of here, we have to get to Tannen.
(749) Maybe not.
(750) What are you thinking?
(751) What choice do we have?
(752) No good choices. I'm just trying to find the least crappy one.
(753) I'm thinking there may be a way to stop this thing.
(754) No, we run, we get as far away as possible.
(755) Run where, Ben?
(756) We have no idea how far this thing is spreading or how fast.
(757) If we have a chance to stop it, it's now.
(758) I'm not absolute about this, but heat, extreme heat,
(759) is a reactant. That's been made clear.
(760) So if we can produce enough heat...
(761) At the source of the impact, We'd have a shot.
(762) A shot at what? Killing ourselves?
(763) It's about re-balancing nature.
(764) A subatomic chain reaction is taking place.
(765) It's not magic, it's science.
(766) And it can be stopped if we can produce enough heat at the source.
(767) How about dynamite?
(768) Yeah, if there's enough, maybe.
(769) Yeah, there's enough.
(770) I sign the invoices, I should know.
(771) Let's get to the resort.
(772) Yeah.
(773) Look.
(774) Listen, I've covered the whole area around town.
(775) I haven't seen anyone. It's creepy, so...
(776) I'm going to circle back to the clinic building now.
(777) See if I can find anyone there.
(778) Do you hear that?
(779) Right there.
(780) Hey.
(781) Over here.
(782) Hey.
(783) Yo, yo, yo. I got survivors.
(784) Three of them.
(785) Two men, one woman. I'm landing now.
(786) Awfully nice of you to arrange transportation for us.
(787) Watch your step on the way down.
(788) Hey, Marley, come on.
(789) Get up.
(790) You're freezing.
(791) We have to keep moving. No.
(792) Marley, we have to keep moving. Come on.
(793) Come on. Okay.
(794) It's coming back.
(795) Come on. No.
(796) Wait, wait. I think I see something.
(797) It looks like two people near Avery Wood.
(798) I'm going to head lower, check it out.
(799) Who is it? Can you see who it is?
(800) Not yet. Stand by.
(801) Over here, over here. Come on.
(802) Look.
(803) Yeah, it looks like Tim Ratchet and Marley.
(804) Crystal, come quick!
(805) He saw us. Thank God.
(806) Come on. Okay.
(807) They spotted Tim and Marley.
(808) Boy, folks, it's definitely them.
(809) Christmas has come early. Ho, ho, ho.
(810) I'm setting her down.
(811) My God.
(812) No!
(813) Gary.
(814) My God.
(815) Look out. Look out.
(816) Gary.
(817) Come in, Gary.
(818) Gary, do you copy?
(819) Gary.
(820) Gary.
(821) Cole, what's happening?
(822) Faye. Faye, is that you?
(823) Charlie?
(824) Yeah, it's me.
(825) Ben's here, too.
(826) Ben. Ben.
(827) Something happened.
(828) Gary saw Tim and Marley near Avery Wood,
(829) but then he yelled and...
(830) We're heading that way.
(831) Faye, I need you to listen to me.
(832) This thing is spreading and it is cold.
(833) Arctic storm cold.
(834) Barricade yourselves inside. Build fires.
(835) Any heat source that can survive a blackout.
(836) Do not go outside.
(837) We have a plan to stop this.
(838) We?
(839) Ben, me, and Alex Novak, an astrophysicist.
(840) Faye, I'm serious. Do not try to evacuate.
(841) Build up as much heat as you possibly can inside. That's your only protection.
(842) I understand.
(843) Charlie, the kids.
(844) Faye, I'll find them. I swear.
(845) We got this.
(846) Marley.
(847) Marley.
(848) Are you okay?
(849) My leg, it's stuck.
(850) God, I'm so cold.
(851) The helicopter, it's gone.
(852) Tim, it's over.
(853) We'll never make it out here. We'll freeze to death.
(854) Just put this on.
(855) Get up.
(856) Look at me. Stamp your feet.
(857) Do anything to stay warm. All right, trust me.
(858) Look at me. Look at me.
(859) We are going to make it, okay?
(860) We are going to make it out of this, all right?
(861) We are. Just think warm thoughts.
(862) I'm going to be right back.
(863) Where are you going?
(864) I'm going to go start a fire.
(865) I'll get the radio in just a minute.
(866) I've got to go outside and deal with something
(867) before they board this place up.
(868) Oops, here you go.
(869) Faye.
(870) We're going to Billings. What?
(871) I've got a four-wheel drive, We'll be okay.
(872) You don't understand. Highway 5 is blocked, so is the pass.
(873) There is no way out. We'll take our chances.
(874) Don't do this.
(875) Charlie said to stay inside. He was adamant.
(876) Look, we made our decision.
(877) I know those roads like the back of my hand.
(878) We've got to get help. Rob, don't.
(879) Don't worry. We'll be back with help.
(880) See anything? No.
(881) Cole, what's wrong?
(882) The cold makes everything a little bit sticky.
(883) Wait, over there on the right.
(884) Now all we need are the chestnuts.
(885) I think I prefer some hot cocoa.
(886) With marshmallows.
(887) Did you hear something?
(888) Maybe it was just Santa on a dry run.
(889) Everything's freezing up.
(890) What?
(891) God.
(892) We're going down. Everything's freezing up.
(893) Mayday. Mayday. We're going down.
(894) Hello? Hello? Come on. Hello?
(895) My latlong is north 45:47:12 west 1:08:32:14.
(896) Brace yourselves.
(897) Tim?
(898) Yeah?
(899) Thank you.
(900) For coming back for me.
(901) Of course.
(902) I love you.
(903) I love you, too.
(904) Marley, Tannen is right over that pass.
(905) Okay, now, if we make it there, it's hot cocoa for real. I promise.
(906) You're serious?
(907) We can't miss Christmas morning, can we?
(908) Come on.
(909) Charlie?
(910) Is everybody okay?
(911) Cole.
(912) Cole.
(913) What about Cole?
(914) He's gone.
(915) We need to get out of here.
(916) You okay?
(917) Yeah.
(918) Hello? Ben?
(919) Cole?
(920) Hello? Ben?
(921) I can't see a thing.
(922) Come on.
(923) My God, look at that thing.
(924) We got to keep moving.
(925) The dynamite is that way and Gary said that the kids went that way.
(926) So we got to split up.
(927) Well, I'm going to destroy that thing.
(928) You're going to lose your evidence.
(929) I know. I'll go after the kids.
(930) You're the explosives expert, anyway.
(931) Try not to blow yourself up.
(932) That's funny. It's what I keep telling Tim.
(933) I'll see you guys in Tannen.
(934) Good luck.
(935) You, too.
(936) Let's go.
(937) Okay, good job guys.
(938) Help, let us in.
(939) Open it.
(940) Okay.
(941) Open up.
(942) Here he comes. Just a minute.
(943) Okay.
(944) Crystal. Come quick.
(945) Crystal.
(946) Watch your step.
(947) Okay, here you go.
(948) Faye.
(949) Marley.
(950) My God, I was so worried.
(951) What happened?
(952) He saved me.
(953) Tim saved me.
(954) Where's... Where's Scott?
(955) Mom.
(956) What?
(957) Where... Where's...
(958) Where...
(959) I'm sorry.
(960) No.
(961) I'm sorry.
(962) No. No.
(963) Scott!
(964) Marley.
(965) Tim.
(966) Well, I was hoping for a white Christmas.
(967) Be careful what you wish for.
(968) Yeah, no kidding.
(969) What do you know about dynamite?
(970) Boom.
(971) Come on.
(972) Marley.
(973) Marley!
(974) Scott.
(975) Come on.
(976) I'm here.
(977) You're freezing. Let's get you in front of the fire.
(978) Okay.
(979) Are you okay? Let's warm you up.
(980) That sounded close. Yeah, come on.
(981) Excuse us, guys. Sit here.
(982) Thank you.
(983) We got to go. Not without my gear.
(984) Let's move. Leave it.
(985) Get on! Come on.
(986) Hang on.
(987) It's right behind us!
(988) Hand me a stick of dynamite.
(989) Here.
(990) Are you insane?
(991) Yes. Now, throw it.
(992) Did you see that?
(993) It knocked it back.
(994) Hang on.
(995) Grab another one.
(996) It's working. Yes.
(997) We've got this.
(998) Let's go blow up that meteorite.
(999) No!
(1000) The dynamite. What do we do?
(1001) We haul ass.
(1002) It's right behind us. We're not going to make it.
(1003) What is that?
(1004) I don't know. Just go.
(1005) Hold on.
(1006) Okay.
(1007) Okay, now this is a magic donkey.
(1008) He is going to keep you safe.
(1009) Okay?
(1010) This is incredible.
(1011) I've never seen anything like this before.
(1012) Yesterday, this entire area was covered in snow,
(1013) and the town was green and now it's reversed.
(1014) There's definitely something crazy going on.
(1015) Crap, Charlie, look at that.
(1016) What?
(1017) Something is affecting the storm.
(1018) The meteor.
(1019) What about it?
(1020) My son said he saw the meteor split in two before it hit town.
(1021) He said one of the pieces was headed in this direction.
(1022) Right.
(1023) I saw this weird heat shift
(1024) when I was tracking the meteor through space.
(1025) One piece gives off uncontrollable cold, the other heat.
(1026) Together they make up a normal meteor, but split them apart...
(1027) We are screwed.
(1028) We got to get them back together again.
(1029) What are you doing?
(1030) I'm finding that missing piece.
(1031) Look.
(1032) We're trapped.
(1033) That's a strange crater.
(1034) If elves could show up on flying reindeer right now,
(1035) it would be the strangest thing I'd seen today.
(1036) Shouldn't we...
(1037) Shouldn't we what?
(1038) This isn't an archaeological expedition. Let's get it and go.
(1039) Hot? Yeah, it's a little toasty.
(1040) These gloves are heat resistant.
(1041) That's more than a little heat.
(1042) How are we going to transport it?
(1043) That should help.
(1044) That's amazing.
(1045) Take a look.
(1046) It's okay.
(1047) Jingle bells Jingle bells
(1048) Jingle all the way
(1049) What fun It is to ride
(1050) In a one horse Open sleigh, hey
(1051) Jingle bells Jingle bells
(1052) Jingle all the way
(1053) Hey, you good?
(1054) Yeah, okay.
(1055) It's huge.
(1056) Right. There it is.
(1057) Okay, now be careful.
(1058) I plan on it.
(1059) Wait.
(1060) No one's going to believe me.
(1061) This is the scientific discovery of the century
(1062) and no one's going to believe me.
(1063) Well, if it's any consolation, I believe you.
(1064) Just think, you've done enough good deeds for the day
(1065) that you won't be on Santa's naughty list for the rest of your life.
(1066) You should get out of here.
(1067) Are you kidding? I'm not going to miss this.
(1068) Merry Christmas.
(1069) It's stuck.
(1070) Charlie.
(1071) I'm stuck.
(1072) Alex.
(1073) Hey, are you okay?
(1074) Okay.
(1075) Are you okay?
(1076) We need to get out of here.
(1077) Come on.
(1078) How did this happen?
(1079) Marley.
(1080) Dad.
(1081) Ben.
(1082) Crystal.
(1083) Mr. Crooge.
(1084) Did you see my dad out there?
(1085) We were together for a while.
(1086) We split up.
(1087) Dad.
(1088) Dad. It's Dad. It's him.
(1089) Dad.
(1090) Are you okay?
(1091) I'm fine, fine.
(1092) This is Alex, the scientist I told you about.
(1093) This is my son, Tim, and Faye.
(1094) Hi. Nice to meet you.
(1095) Ben.
(1096) It's good to see you.
(1097) You, too.

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