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Monday, December 7, 2015

[2013] [Captain Phillips] English Transcripts

(3) ANDREA: Okay.
(4) You all right?
(5) PHILLIPS: Yeah.
(6) ANDREA: You'd think these trips would get easier, but it's just the opposite.
(7) PHILLIPS: Well, I feel the same way, Ange.
(8) ANDREA: I know this is what we do. This is our life.
(9) But it just seems like the world is moving so fast,
(10) and right now things are changing so much.
(11) They sure are.
(12) I'll tell you something. It's not gonna be easy for our kids.
(13) They're going into a different world than the one you and I came into.
(14) Yeah.
(15) You know, both our kids are doing great.
(16) But it worries me when Danny doesn't take school seriously.
(17) Him missing class. That could come out
(18) It might hurt him when he's out looking for a job, you know?
(19) The competition out there. When I was starting out,
(20) you could make captain if you put your head down and did your work.
(21) But young guys coming up now...
(22) Companies want things faster and cheaper.
(23) And 50 guys compete for every job.
(24) Everything's different, and big wheels are turning.
(25) You gotta be strong to survive out there.
(26) Mm.
(27) I hear what you're saying.
(28) It's gonna be okay, right?
(29) Oh, yeah.
(30) Gonna be okay.
(31) MAN: (OVER PA) This is a special security announcement.
(32) Please maintain control of your personal belongings at all times.
(33) Unattended baggage is subject to search, inspection and removal.
(34) I love you. Love you too.
(35) Have a safe trip. I'll call you from there.
(40) (IN SOMALI) They're here!
(41) Hurry, Muse!
(42) MAN: (IN SOMALI) What the hell are you doing? Why aren't you out on the water?
(43) You know what you're supposed to do!
(44) You should be out there earning money!
(45) (IN SOMALI) But we caught a ship last week.
(46) That was last week!
(47) The boss wants money today!
(48) Bring Garaad another ship soon
(49) or you will answer for it!
(51) Everybody, get back to work now!
(53) (IN SOMALI) Stay out of my way today.
(54) ASAD: (IN SOMALI) Hufan!
(55) I'm going to get us something big!
(56) HUFAN: Those who want to make money, come.
(57) (IN SOMALI) Muse, take me with you.
(58) (IN SOMALI) Does your sister know you're here?
(59) She's selling khat up there.
(60) This is her best stuff.
(64) ASAD: When we get a big ship, you will be well paid.
(65) You want to work?
(66) Do you know how to steer a boat?
(67) Go, go.
(68) (IN SOMALI) I'm ready.
(69) What do you have for me? Money.
(70) When are you gonna give it to me? As soon as we're paid.
(71) HUFAN: Spread out!
(72) Let my other man choose his crew.
(73) ASAD: Next time bring me something if you want to work.
(75) MUSE: Come on, Bilal.
(76) (IN SOMALI) Hey, Skinny, I can steer your boat.
(77) If you choose me, you won't regret it.
(78) Okay, Elmi.
(80) I need somebody strong.
(81) Somebody like this?
(82) I want him.
(83) (IN SOMALI) Get out of my way!
(84) (IN SOMALI) Why did he pick him?
(85) He's from another village.
(87) (♪♪♪)
(89) ASAD: Move!
(90) Faster, move faster!
(92) See if you can get more power.
(93) Okay.
(94) ASAD: You!
(95) Get over here!
(96) Come help us!
(97) (♪♪♪)
(100) WORKER: Okay, pull it in!

(101) Sign right there, sir.
(102) You have a good day.
(103) Hello, Cap. Let me get that for you. Morning.
(104) MAN 1: (OVER PA) Attention, all crew. All crew.
(105) 1500 departure three out.
(106) Hey, good to see you, Cap. Shane. Good to see you.
(107) Good to see you. Hey. Carry on.
(108) SHANE: Hey, bos? MAN 2: Yeah?
(109) SHANE: Get on that safety rail, huh?
(110) Kenny. KENNY: Yeah?
(111) I want you to go down to the deck office, grab Jimmy, get on the Lodestar.
(112) Mm-hm. That ballast, move it five points.
(113) Take care of that now. You got it.
(114) SHANE: How's the family, Cap'?
(115) Oh, you know.
(116) Andrea's a champ, one kid gone, another kid going.
(117) How are the boxes?
(118) SHANE: Oh, you know. Just putting a few last containers on.
(119) Twenty-four hundred tons of commercial cargo, 200 tons of food aid,
(120) 166 tons of freshwater, 250 metric tons of fuel bunkered.
(121) PHILLIPS: Walk me through the plan.
(122) So here we are in Salalah.
(123) Travel down the coalition corridor to Djibouti.
(124) Then we exit the shipping lane
(125) south of Socotra.
(126) Socotra, okay.
(127) SHANE: Then we're on our own down the coast through the Somali Basin,
(128) all the way down to Mombasa.
(129) MAN 1: (OVER RADIO) We need five minutes on that reefer bow.
(130) We should be able to unload the containers around 0800.
(131) Well, let's tighten up security.
(132) We are going around the Horn of Africa, right?
(133) We got pirate cages. They were all open. All the doors are unlocked.
(134) I want everything closed, locked, even in port.
(135) Right. Fine. Ready to leave. 1500.
(136) Absolutely, Cap. You got it.
(137) (♪♪♪)
(138) Stow the gangway.
(139) Last lines in.
(140) Okay. Lower it.
(141) WORKER 1: Sixteen-B ready. Take it up.
(142) WORKER 2: Tighten it up.
(143) Hey, slow down.
(144) Bow clear.
(145) WORKER 3: Stern lines are clear.
(146) Bow thruster full starboard.
(147) SHANE: Bow thruster on.
(148) WORKER 4: All lines clear. Ship is under way.
(149) Dead slow ahead. Dead slow ahead.
(150) (♪♪♪)
(151) MAN 1: Keep those hatches locked down.
(152) MAN 2: Cap. Morning.
(153) MAN 3: Check that rigging.
(155) PHILLIPS: Shane. SHANE: Yeah?
(156) We need those time sheets.
(157) She's winking at me. But it turns out that's what they do.
(158) I'll show you this place. I'll take you.
(159) I'll have two beers and a bucketful of sin, please.
(161) Yeah. About done with that coffee?
(162) Yeah. CRONAN: Yeah, we're done.
(163) SHANE: That's 15, guys.
(164) Back to work. Come on, let's go.
(165) Jesus. MAN: See you down there, Mike.
(167) HUFAN: Their main route is packed with ships
(168) but we can't attack a herd.
(169) This one is alone.
(171) She puts on her makeup
(172) And brushes her long blonde hair
(173) And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
(174) And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight
(175) (SIGHS)
(176) Morning.
(177) Hey, Cap
(178) KENNY: Cap Morning, Cap
(179) Shane, I want to do some security drills, unannounced.
(180) Starting now.
(181) Uh, what? Fire, man overboard?
(182) Everything. Ken, you're the duty officer?
(183) Yeah, Can Right.
(184) Boat with two armed men is approaching on your starboard beam.
(185) No, no. Whistle first. SHANE: Let's go.
(187) That way the pirates know we're aware of them and are ready to defend the ship.
(188) Hustle up. Let's go.
(190) Attention, all crew.
(191) (OVER PA) All crew. All men to your stations on deck.
(192) Repeat, all men to your deck stations now.
(193) Let's do this.
(195) Come on-- Get those keys off your hip. Put them in your pocket. Come on, guys.
(196) Pirates capture you and find those keys,
(197) they'll have access to every door on this ship.
(198) MAN 1: Get those hoses on.
(199) Bring it around, bring around, bring around.
(200) MAN 2: Watch it, man. MAN 1: Ready with number six.
(201) SHANE: All right.
(202) You tied up?
(203) MAN 3: All done here, Shane.
(204) Hey, Cap, this is Shane. Do you read? Yeah, Shane, go ahead.
(205) Things are looking good down here. We're getting close with the hoses.
(206) All right. Let me know when you're ready down there.
(207) Copy that.
(209) (BEEPING)
(210) (♪♪♪)
(211) Shane, come up to the bridge.
(212) SHANE: Okay.
(213) (♪♪♪)
(214) What's up, Cap'? Everything okay?
(215) I don't like the look of that.
(216) (DIALING)
(217) Yeah, Cap. Chief, I want all your guys on station.
(218) Still in the drill?
(219) This is real-world. Someone coming up on our starboard quarter.
(220) Got it.
(221) (♪♪♪)
(222) Port, 5 degrees. Let's see if they follow us.
(223) Port, 5.
(224) (♪♪♪)
(226) Get the crew back to their muster stations.
(227) Right.
(228) Attention, all crew. Return to your muster stations.
(229) (OVER PA) Repeat, return to your muster stations.
(230) This is not a drill. This is a real-world situation.
(231) Yeah, Cap. I want to come up to 122.
(232) Second mate and helmsman to the bridge.
(233) You're good. Bring her on up.
(234) (♪♪♪)
(235) Now get me U.S. Maritime Emergency.
(236) (DIALING)
(237) Two skiffs. Can't tell how many they're carrying.
(238) SHANE: Copy that.
(239) There's no answer at the U.S. Maritime Emergency line.
(240) Raise the UKMTO. Right.
(241) What's up?
(242) We got two skiffs approaching. Get on the radar.
(243) Yeah, this is the Maersk Alabama. Here's the captain.
(244) UKMTO.
(245) Operations? WOMAN: Receiving.
(246) This is the Maersk Alabama.
(247) Our position is 2 degrees 2 north by 49 degrees 19 east.
(248) Our course is 180. Our speed is 17 knots.
(249) We have two skiffs approaching at a distance of 1.5 miles
(250) with a possible mothership following.
(251) Potential piracy situation. WOMAN: Copy, Alabama.
(252) Alert your crew, get your fire hoses ready
(253) and follow lockdown procedures.
(254) Uh-- Yeah. Is that it?
(255) I'm relaying your transmission now, but chances are it's just fishermen.
(256) They're not here to fish.
(257) (♪♪♪)
(258) She's really big! Get ready!
(259) You worry about yourself, skinny rat!
(260) Both skiffs carrying armed men.
(261) Distance? One and a quarter miles and closing.
(262) (DIALING)
(264) Yeah, Cap. I wanna bring it up to 125.
(265) You're still good. One twenty-five.
(266) MUSE: Brothers, we're going to make a lot of money!
(267) Slow down! The waves are too big!
(268) They're at one mile now, Cap. Only one mile.
(269) Coalition Warship 237, this is Maersk Alabama.
(270) Coalition Warship 237, Maersk Alabama.
(271) (IN DEEP VOICE) Go, Alabama.
(272) (IN NORMAL VOICE) Our position is 2 degrees 2 north by 49 degrees 19 east.
(273) (OVER RADIO) Our course is 180. Our speed is 18.5 knots.
(274) We are being approached by two pirate skiffs
(275) with a possible mothership following.
(276) We require immediate assistance.
(277) We have a crew of 20.
(278) We are preparing our weapons now but request air support if possible.
(279) Copy?
(280) (IN DEEP VOICE) Copy, Alabama.
(281) Be aware, a gunship is in the air. ETA your position, five minutes.
(282) (IN NORMAL VOICE) Five minutes. Thank you, 237.
(283) (♪♪♪)
(285) ASAD: Did you hear that? Did you hear that?
(286) We've got to get out of here!
(287) Turn back, turn back!
(288) What are you doing?
(290) Where are you going?
(291) Come on! Keep going!
(292) SHANE: Yeah, we got one down.
(293) But the other one's still coming. Half a mile out.
(294) PHILLIPS: We need to make a bigger wake.
(296) Yeah. Cancel the limits. One two nine.
(297) Yeah, you're on the edge with Cylinder Number 5.
(298) Do it.
(299) Port, 5 degrees. MAN: Port, 5 degrees.
(301) Faster, faster!
(302) They're at a quarter mile now.
(303) Starboard, 5 degrees. MAN: Starboard, 5 degrees.
(304) MUSE: Hurry, hurry! Go!
(305) ELMI: We're pushing this engine too hard!
(306) Faster, faster!
(310) Come on, let's go!
(312) This thing is busted.
(313) Then fix it! I'm trying!
(314) (♪♪♪)
(316) KENNY: They're not messing around. Lit us up from miles away.
(317) MAN 1: Must've been tracking us.
(318) MAN 2: Why doesn't the company give us armed guards?
(319) SHANE: Move it in. The captain's here.
(320) Blips on the radar that are clocking at 27 knots.
(321) They were moving. We cannot outrun these guys.
(322) Obviously, we all just went through a dangerous situation.
(323) Two skiffs, both with armed intruders.
(324) Now, we all know that's a hazard in these waters, but you performed well.
(325) The ship performed well.
(326) The authorities have been made aware
(327) so I think we have the situation well in hand.
(328) From now on, we just follow our normal duties.
(329) Mate, what do you got?
(330) Yeah. We're all on double shifts until we make it through these waters.
(331) All right. Chief, can you keep your engineers on roster?
(332) We'll keep a guy in the ECR around the clock.
(333) All right. Enjoy your coffee.
(334) CRONAN: Cap.
(335) They're coming back.
(336) MAN 3: Amen. Yeah, that's right. They're coming back.
(337) If they come back, we'll follow procedure. They worked today, they'll work again.
(338) We got the speed, we got the height, we got hoses that can sink those skiffs.
(339) We will follow the procedures even if we have to shut down, lock down,
(340) go dead in the water and wait for help.
(342) Now, wait. I'm a u Okay, I'm a union guy, okay?
(343) Twenty-five years, all right?
(344) I'm telling you now that they're not paying me enough to fight pirates.
(345) You all signed up for a route around the Horn of Africa.
(346) What did you expect? I didn't sign up for the Navy over here.
(347) You signed up for the route.
(348) For a cargo ship. SHANE: What did you expect?
(349) MAN 4: Not getting attacked without weapons.
(350) Why don't we get out of here? Put room between us.
(351) Go where? In eight hours,
(352) we could be a hundred miles from here. KENNY: Hundred to a 150.
(353) There's five pirate bands in this part of the world.
(354) You go out 300 miles, you run into one, go 6, you run into another.
(355) Our job is to move the cargo as fast as possible. That's the job
(356) If anybody doesn't like it, if anybody wants off,
(357) if anybody doesn't like this route
(358) between Salalah, Djibouti and Mombasa,
(359) come to my office and sign the paperwork per the union,
(360) and you'll be on the first flight home out of Mombasa.
(361) Enjoy your coffee. Let's get back to work.
(362) KENNY: Go get those guys squared away, will you?
(364) ASAD: The ocean was rough. Really rough.
(365) Hufan, I'm telling you, our boat couldn't take it.
(366) Nothing was working for us.
(367) MUSE: Hurry up.
(368) We need a bigger one for that ship.
(369) I want this welded by the morning
(370) by tomorrow, got it?
(372) Elmi.
(373) When will that engine be ready?
(374) We've gotta fix it.
(375) This thing is old and weak.
(376) It's a piece of shit.
(377) Shut up and fix it for your crew of women.
(378) (LAUGHS)
(379) Why don't you give me your engine?
(380) Shut up, Skinny. You talk too much.
(381) I may be skinny, but I'm not a coward.
(382) What did you say?
(383) (GUN COCKS)
(384) Say it again!
(386) You think you're somebody?
(387) Say it again!
(390) The coward is the first one in the grave.
(391) (SIGHS)
(392) SHANE: (OVER RADIO) Captain, this is Shane.
(393) Yeah, go ahead.
(394) I think you better get up here.
(395) Coming.
(396) (♪♪♪)
(397) Where are they? Port quarter.
(398) One-point-seven miles, captain.
(399) Guy's coming on his own.
(400) PHILLIPS: Sound the alarm.
(401) Get U.S. Maritime Emergency for me.
(404) Muster stations. This is not a drill. Everyone to muster stations.
(405) (OVER PA) This is not a drill. Come on.
(406) MAN 1: Shit.
(407) MAN 2: Come on. Let's go. Go.
(409) Yeah, Cap. They're coming back.
(410) I want max revs. Take the limits off.
(411) Copy that. Canceling all limits.
(412) Five degrees starboard. Starboard, 5 degrees.
(413) (♪♪♪)
(414) Get ready.
(415) U.S. Maritime Emergency line.
(416) This is the Maersk Alabama. We are under pirate attack at a...
(417) What's happening? SHANE: Ken, get out here.
(418) I need eyes on the wing. Skiff coming in. I'm on it.
(419) PHILLIPS: Our course is 166. Our speed is 19 knots.
(420) Copy that, Alabama. Relaying to military channels now.
(421) Copy that.
(422) SHANE: They're coming in fast, Cap.
(425) Alabama ship.
(426) Somali coast guard. This is a routine check.
(427) Stop your ship now.
(428) We are coming aboard. We're here to help you.
(429) Shane, they're dead astern. Jesus Christ.
(430) MIKE: Yeah, Cap. We're gonna need the hoses.
(431) Yeah, your pumps are good.
(432) Count it down for me, Shane. SHANE: Yeah. They're at 800 yards.
(433) Prepare for hard turns. MUSE: Stop now!
(434) SHANE: Standing by.
(435) MUSE: Alabama, this is your final warning.
(436) Stop the ship.
(437) They're not stopping.
(438) Show them who we are, Muse.
(439) (IN SOMALI) Shoot at them!
(440) (GUNFIRE)
(441) Shots fired! Shots fired! Hit the hoses.
(443) Turn!
(445) KENNY: Coming in close, Cap.
(446) (GRUNTING)
(448) Shane! Hose seven has slipped.
(449) Bay 17. I'm on it. Shit.
(450) Be careful. I'm on Channel 3.
(451) It's clear over there!
(452) KENNY: They're coming back in.
(453) MUSE: Untie the ladder.
(454) Give me the other one.
(456) Shoot him!
(457) Let's go, let's go!
(458) Hurry up, Bilal.
(459) Move your ass, kid.
(460) (GRUNTING)
(462) Channel 3. Shane, get out of there.
(463) Get everybody down to the engine room.
(464) I need you in command there.
(465) MUSE: Stop him!
(466) (GROANS)
(467) All crew! All crew!
(468) All crew to the engine room! All crew to the engine room now!
(469) MAN 1: Come on, let's go. Move it.
(470) MAN 2: Come on, men.
(472) MUSE: Higher. Get it higher.
(473) Port, 30 degrees. KENNY: Port, 30 degrees.
(474) Hook it on!
(475) They got the ladder up. Starboard, 30 degrees.
(476) KENNY: Starboard, 30 degrees.
(477) Get out of my way.
(479) Port, 30 degrees. KENNY: Port, 30 degrees.
(480) Starboard, 30 degrees. Starboard, 30.
(481) MAN: Someone's shooting at us.
(482) CRONAN: Hang on. Just get together against the wall.
(483) Cronan. Cronan. CRONAN: Yeah.
(484) SHANE: Hold them by the door. We'll get a head count.
(485) Go down to the door.
(486) Mike? MIKE: Yeah.
(487) How long till you can shut her down? Five minutes.
(489) Four pirates on board.
(490) (OVER PA) Four pirates, coming towards us down the main deck.
(491) Lock down the bridge. SHANE: Yeah.
(492) PHILLIPS: Listen up. We have been boarded by four armed pirates.
(493) You know the drill.
(494) We stay hidden no matter what. I don't want any hostages.
(496) We stay locked down until help arrives.
(497) No one comes out until you hear the nonduress password, "suppertime."
(499) Jesus.
(500) If the pirates find you, remember, you know the ship.
(501) They don't. Make them feel like they're in charge
(502) but keep them away from the generator and the engine controls.
(503) (GUNSHOT)
(505) Stick together,
(506) and we'll be all right.
(507) Good luck.
(508) SHANE: Take everybody to the bottom of the engine room.
(509) Hide them behind the cylinders.
(510) Try to split them into groups of threes and fours.
(511) (♪♪♪)
(513) (GUNFIRE)
(514) (IN ENGLISH) Hey! Don't move! Don't move!
(515) KENNY: Okay, okay.
(516) NAJEE: Don't move, I said! Don't move! All right. All right.
(517) Okay.
(518) Okay. All right. Okay.
(519) NAJEE: Don't move! We have four!
(520) All right, all right. NAJEE: Don't move! We have four! Four!
(522) ELMI: (IN ENGLISH) No, no.
(523) (IN SOMALI) Get away. Get over there.
(525) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Captain.
(526) Relax. Nobody get hurt.
(527) No Al Qaeda here.
(528) Just business. We want money.
(529) When we get paid, everything gonna be okay.
(530) The ship.
(531) Where from'?
(532) The ship? Uh, America. It's an American ship.
(533) America? Ha-ha-ha. Yes! Yes!
(534) You?
(535) Yankee?
(536) Me? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yankee-Irish. Yeah.
(537) (IN SOMALI) From now on this one is called Irish, okay?
(538) Irish. Irish.
(540) (IN ENGLISH) Okay, Irish. What else you carrying?
(541) What do you mean?
(542) TV? Car?
(543) TV and car--? No, no. We just got the food
(544) Dollars? Uh...
(545) We do. Kenny? Kenny, what do we have in the safe?
(546) We got like, what, $30,000 in the safe? KENNY: Uh... Uh...
(547) Yeah, we got like-- We have In the safe, we got $30,000.
(548) It's yours.
(549) Thirty thousand dollars?
(550) What am I? Do I look like a beggar?
(553) ELMI: What's that?
(555) PHILLIPS: It's all right.
(556) (IN SOMALI) Hey, calm down! Calm down.
(557) CRONAN: Get back there.
(558) SHANE: Yeah, yeah, over here.
(559) (♪♪♪)
(560) We got a problem.
(561) We pushed the ship too hard. We're off the grid.
(562) That means the computer's now off-line.
(563) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Captain. Captain. The ship's broken.
(564) No one get hurt if you don't play no game.
(565) Uh-- it's-- The ship's broken. We had to go
(566) Nobody gets hurt. Easy. Hey!
(567) Look at me. Sure.
(568) Look at me. Sure.
(569) I'm the captain now.
(570) (♪♪♪)
(571) (IN SOMALI) Watch this ugly one.
(574) NAJEE: (IN SOMALI) What are you doing?
(575) MUSE: I'm going to fix it.
(576) Do you know how?
(577) Hold the gun on him.
(578) NAJEE: I've got him, don't worry.
(581) Don't mess with anything you don't know.
(582) Come on, man.
(583) What are you doing? Just take care of that guy.
(584) BILAL: Stop the games.
(585) (♪♪♪)
(586) (IN ENGLISH) Where is the crew?
(587) I don't know. I don't know. I'm here with you.
(588) Where is your crew? I don't know. Here, I'll call them up.
(589) I'll get them up here, all right?
(590) This is the captain speaking.
(591) The pirates demand all crew members to the bridge. All
(592) Every crew,
(593) one minute, I will kill someone. One minute.
(594) Another minute, I kill somebody.
(595) I kill all your friends. One minute.
(596) I will no call again.
(597) (IN SOMALI) Get that one and put him against the wall.
(598) I'm trying (IN ENGLISH) You think we playing?
(599) No, I'm doing the best No play. No play.
(600) PHILLIPS: I'm doing the best I can. Easy, I kill you. Easy.
(602) No, no. Look. You don't have to do that.
(603) PHILLIPS: Come on. (IN ENGLISH) You play? You play?
(604) Take it easy, take it easy. No, no, no.
(605) No, look, look. Stop play!
(606) Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him. You're gonna shoot somebody, shoot me.
(607) Where is the crew, Irish? Forty seconds!
(608) I don't know. I'm here with you.
(609) MUSE: No. Where is the crew?
(610) I see nobody.
(611) I'm the captain. I'm the captain. Thirty second!
(612) If you're gonna shoot somebody, you shoot me.
(613) You killing him. PHILLIPS: It's my ship.
(614) Listen to me. You killing him.
(615) I'm the captain. I'm the captain, not them.
(616) NAJEE: Twenty second! PHILLIPS: This is between us.
(617) I'm trying to straighten this out. Are you? This is how you solve your problems?
(618) You said you just wanted money.
(619) You said this was just business. Is this business?
(620) Is this how you do business? NAJEE: Ten seconds.
(621) Die right now.
(622) (♪♪♪)
(624) (IN SOMALI) Wait.
(625) (IN ENGLISH) I want to search the ship.
(626) You wanna search the ship?
(627) I want to search every lock and hold of the ship now.
(628) You wanna search the ship? Now.
(629) All right. We'll search the ship.
(630) We'll start on the nav deck and work our way down.
(631) We better hope the emergency power stays on.
(632) We won '1' be able to see if it goes off. I'll take you. We'll search the ship.
(633) But you stop threatening my men.
(634) No game.
(635) PHILLIPS: No game. Let's go.
(637) PHILLIPS: All right? All right, good.
(638) (IN SOMALI) Take his radio.
(640) All right. Okay.
(641) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Go.
(642) Gotta get these lights off. They're gonna see us.
(643) We need to shut down the generator on the main deck.
(644) You think you can get up there? Yeah.
(645) SHANE: I'm gonna go to the mess, get water. Get everyone on the lower level.
(646) All right. I'm on 2.
(647) Just start at the very top.
(648) This is E deck.
(649) And we'll just work our way down one by one, huh?
(650) Cargo hold is probably where they are. There's a lot of places to hide.
(651) And I'm not trying to trick you.
(652) I wanna find these guys just as much as you do.
(653) (IN SOMALI) Take his flashlight.
(654) PHILLIPS: We should just move on, because we're wasting time here.
(655) Like I say, the cargo deck's the best place to look.
(656) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Somebody messing with ship.
(657) Engine room.
(658) If we're going about this systematically, we started at the top,
(659) we're working our way down, so we should try the cargo deck.
(660) Problem from engine room.
(661) We go there now.
(662) All right. Engine room.
(663) It's gonna be really hot down there.
(664) Without the power on, there's no ventilation, no air.
(665) Maybe we should get some water from the mess down on A deck?
(666) Then engine room. Go. Okay.
(667) (♪♪♪)
(668) PHILLIPS: This is A deck.
(669) PHILLIPS: So here we are.
(670) This is the galley.
(671) This is where we make the food.
(672) All right. Here, some water.
(673) (IN SOMALI) Check this room.
(675) PHILLIPS: Oh, you wanna see in here? This is cold storage.
(676) It's a vegetable room.
(677) Careful in here in the bare feet.
(678) You could cut them on almost anything.
(679) Want some of this melon? It's left over from breakfast.
(680) It's just gonna go bad. It's just gonna spoil.
(681) It's usually left out for the first meal of the day.
(682) Maybe we should Go ahead, help yourself. Here you go.
(683) Help yourself. It's usually for breakfast, but...
(684) Enough. Engine room.
(685) All right.
(686) Cronan. Cronan. Do you read? Yeah, I got you.
(687) They're on their way to you. They're on their way to you.
(688) One is barefoot.
(689) Is there glass you can break, leave on the floor by the door?
(690) I'll do it. Come on, let's go. Come on.
(691) (♪♪♪)
(692) PHILLIPS: Here's the engine room.
(693) (YELLS)
(694) Oh, my God.
(695) Look out. There's broken glass. Be careful.
(696) MUSE: Put your hand up. Up your hands. Up.
(697) Okay, all right. MUSE: Up.
(699) There's a first-aid kit Put your hands up! Who did this?
(700) PHILLIPS: Nobody. It was just a dumb accident.
(701) We should get that looked at. There's a kit in the control room.
(702) Quiet, Irish. You think I am stupid?
(703) I know what's going on.
(704) We're going to search this whole room. All of it. Now go.
(705) Go.
(706) (♪♪♪)
(708) (♪♪♪)
(709) ELMI: I heard something!
(710) (GROANS)
(711) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) Check the other side.
(712) There's no one here.
(713) Please, let's go back.
(715) (IN ENGLISH) Go. Right down to the bottom. Now.
(716) They're coming. Get ready.
(717) (♪♪♪)
(719) Keep going. Move.
(722) MUSE: Wait. Stop here.
(723) What? What'd you do?
(724) PHILLIPS: We just Look at me, Irish. Look at me.
(725) What's wrong with your ship?
(726) Was that you? I don't know.
(727) I don't know what went wrong. No.
(728) PHILLIPS: You'll never find this crew, not without any power on the ship.
(729) You'll never find them. We'll never find them.
(730) Irish,
(731) I Will find.
(732) Not with him.
(733) Look. He's gonna bleed to death.
(734) BILAL: Look, man, get us out of here.
(735) BILAL: Aah! You got a man injured.
(736) Let's take care of his foot,
(737) take the money out of the safe and call it a day. All right?
(739) (PANTING)
(740) You're bad luck, Irish.
(741) (IN SOMALI) Hey, take him upstairs.
(742) I can't move.
(743) Take him upstairs and tell Najee to come.
(744) (IN ENGLISH) You go with him. We're gonna go?
(745) MUSE: Go!
(746) BILAL: (IN ENGLISH) Hey.
(747) Wait. Aah!
(748) You're not gonna find anybody.
(749) Don't talk. Go.
(750) (IN ENGLISH) Your friend make fool of us? Make us run around?
(751) (IN SOMALI) If one of them moves, send them to their graves.
(752) Here.
(753) (THUDDING)
(754) MAN: Hey.
(756) (♪♪♪)
(758) We got a problem.
(759) Your buddy's hurt real bad.
(760) (GROANING)
(761) We better get this dressed. We got a sick bay here on board, and this guy knows what to do.
(762) NAJEE: What happened to you?
(763) (IN SOMALI) They put glass down for me. They got me.
(764) Where is Muse?
(765) In the engine room.
(766) He wants Najee to come down.
(767) SHANE: (OVER RADIO) Bridge. Bridge, come in.
(768) Alabama bridge, come in. Do you read?
(769) This is the crew of the Maersk Alabama. We have your captain.
(770) Put your hand over his mouth.
(771) (IN ENGLISH) Hey. (IN ENGLISH) No.
(772) SHANE: We have your leader.
(773) We have your captain and his weapon. We wanna trade.
(774) Captain for captain. We want a deal.
(775) Take that off of his head. Cronan, take that off his head now.
(776) I no kill.
(777) Talk. Talk to your friends so they know it's you.
(778) Talk to your friends. Come on, asshole. Say something.
(779) I love America.
(780) (IN SOMALI) Hey! Get me out of here!
(781) Listen to what these guys have to say.
(782) (IN SOMALI) What happened?
(783) MUSE: They cut my hand, bad.
(784) We'll straighten everything out later. Just get me out of here.
(785) Give Irish the radio.
(786) I'll give it to him now.
(787) (IN ENGLISH) Talk.
(789) Uh-- Uh-- Captain, you know, if you wanna get off this ship,
(790) you don't have a skiff any more, but you could get into our lifeboat.
(791) You could take off off our stern,
(792) and you can go with the $30,000, and you could get off this ship right now.
(793) Do we have a deal?
(794) Say we have a deal. Say we have a deal.
(795) (IN ENGLISH) Okay, Irish. Deal.
(796) Deal, Irish, deal. Okay, then.
(797) Listen, we could NAJEE: Hey.
(798) (IN SOMALI) Thirty thousand is nothing.
(799) I want millions!
(800) (♪♪♪)
(801) There. All right, there's the lifeboat.
(802) Hey, Bilal, check it out.
(803) If anyone moves, kill them.
(804) Kill them!
(805) (IN ENGLISH) Where is our captain? Where is our guy?
(806) (GROANS)
(807) SHANE: Hey, Cap. Cap, it's Shane.
(808) I'm not armed. I'm not armed. No weapons. No. Hey, easy.
(809) There's no weapons. There's no weapons. No weapons.
(811) Hey, Shane. Do you have the captain? Where is he?
(812) In the engine room. Bring him up so they can see him.
(813) I wanna see. You will.
(814) Bring him up so they can see him. He's on his way.
(816) Where? Here he is. Yeah, there he is.
(817) NAJEE: Where?! PHILLIPS: See? There he is. There.
(818) (IN SOMALI) What's going on, Skinny?
(819) (IN SOMALI) Do what they say and get me out of here.
(820) Be strong, man.
(821) Now let's do this. We'll bring up your guy. You get in, you buckle up.
(822) We drop you in, and then you're on your way. Okay? Okay?
(823) (IN ENGLISH) No. You come with us. Till we get our guy back.
(824) No, no, no. You'll get your guy back. No way!
(825) Hey! Hey! MAN: Get in!
(827) Listen! Hey!
(828) You come, or I kill everybody! I don't care!
(829) It's your choice!
(830) All right! All right! You go! You go! You're going!
(831) PHILLIPS: Chief, bring the guy up now. It's gonna be okay. Bring him up.
(832) Shane, you got the crew. Don't go, Cap. Don't get in there.
(833) We gotta get them off the ship. SHANE: Not like this.
(834) Cap, you can't do this. Goddamn it, Cap!
(835) All right, who's driving this thing?
(837) NAJEE: (IN SOMALI) Watch him.
(838) Bilal, hold the gun on him.
(839) PHILLIPS: Now, look, it's very simple to operate.
(840) On, off, start, stop.
(841) Compass to follow your heading.
(842) You see your throttle there. You got a squawk box.
(843) Gas, gas. Enough gas?
(844) Plenty of fuel to get you to Somalia.
(845) SHANE: (OVER RADIO) Cap, we got the guy.
(846) All right. Send him on in. I'm coming out.
(847) Okay, send him in. Let him go.
(849) (IN ENGLISH) Let him go!
(850) Go. Send the captain out.
(851) All right, now, that handle, see? You're gonna move that up and down.
(852) You gotta pump it, one, two, three, four, five, and then you drop.
(853) SHANE: Cap, come on out.
(854) Cap? Cap, what's going on in there?
(855) Just however many times it takes,
(856) pump it, then you're in the water, and off you go.
(857) Go!
(858) Go back!
(859) (GUNFIRE)
(860) SHANE: Hey, Cap!
(862) CRONAN: Goddamn it! No!
(863) No!
(864) NAJEE: Sit! Sit!
(865) Here!
(866) Go.
(867) Irish, it's only us now.
(868) (♪♪♪)
(869) (♪♪♪)
(870) MAN 1: Stand clear. MAN 2: Make a hole.
(871) CASTELLANO: Make way.
(872) COPY
(874) Captain's in Combat. MAN 3: Captain's in Combat.
(875) CTF 151, this is Bainbridge Charlie-Oscar. Over.
(876) HOWARD: Captain, this is Admiral Howard.
(877) A U. S.-flagged cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama,
(878) has been hijacked 820 nautical mi/es west of your current position.
(879) Four men have taken the ship's captain hostage in a lifeboat.
(880) Presumed Somali pirates. Over.
(881) Roger, ma'am. Do we have any other information? Over.
(882) Not at this time, but best guess is they're heading for the Somali coast.
(883) Your orders are to proceed and intercept.
(884) Further to follow. This is CTF 151 out.
(885) Ops, prep ScanEagle. Need aerial surveillance.
(886) Aye, sir.
(887) CCS, this is the captain. Come to full power.
(888) TAO, get position. MAN 4: TAO, aye.
(889) Bridge, captain, full left rudder. Come to course 285.
(890) (♪♪♪)
(891) Hufan, do you read me?
(893) Hufan, can you hear me?
(894) (IN SOMALI) Where's your boss? He should be with us by now.
(895) Don't worry. He's coming.
(896) (HISSES)
(897) Stupid hand.
(899) Stop whining. You sound like a little girl.
(900) You wanted to come with us. You asked for this.
(901) BILAL: I didn't think this would happen.
(902) I could lose my foot.
(903) MUSE: You have to be ready for anything.
(904) This game isn't for the weak.
(905) (IN ENGLISH) You okay, Irish?
(906) Yeah.
(907) Your face looks scared.
(908) But everything gonna be okay.
(909) I'm not gonna hurt you.
(910) In two days we'll be eating in Somalia.
(911) Rice. Goat meat. You'll like.
(912) My boss talk to ship company.
(913) Insurance man come, bag of dollars,
(914) you go home.
(916) ELMI: (IN SOMALI) What is it?
(917) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) It's a gift.
(918) (♪♪♪)
(919) (IN ENGLISH) Hey.
(921) (IN ENGLISH) Irish. You lie, Irish. Your ship no broke.
(922) They come Somalia too.
(923) More money.
(924) (♪♪♪)
(925) (BEEPING)
(926) Looks like they're heading north to the closest point of land.
(927) MIKE: And that's only gonna take them 36 hours at the most?
(928) SHANE: Just gotta stay with them till the Navy gets here.
(929) NAJEE: Give me some khat.
(930) ELMI: Why? You've had more than your share.
(931) NAJEE: Says who? Give me some more!
(932) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) Shut up!
(933) Both of you, shut up.
(934) ELMI: Just take it.
(935) This is it?
(936) That's all I have.
(937) Where is the rest? BILAL: I don't have any.
(938) It's all gone.
(939) NAJEE: You are useless. I should have taken it from you.
(940) (IN ENGLISH) Irish, it's taxes.
(941) This money, taking you, that's all it is.
(942) You come to our waters, you got to pay.
(943) We were in international waters.
(944) Not your waters, international waters.
(945) We were carrying food for starving people in Africa.
(946) Even Somalis.
(947) Yeah, sure. Rich countries like to help Somalis.
(948) Big ships come to our water,
(949) take all the fish out.
(950) What's left for us to fish? So you're fishermen?
(951) Yeah, we're all fishermen.
(953) Hey, let me clean out that cut.
(954) Let me get the first-aid kit, clean that out. It's gonna get infected.
(955) No.
(956) How about the kid? Can I look at his foot?
(958) (IN SOMALI) They'll fix him when we get back.
(959) Come on, he's barefoot. You three got sandals.
(960) He's got bare feet.
(961) Go ahead, go.
(962) All right.
(963) Just gonna get the kit.
(964) Go ahead, come here. It's all right. Your foot. Give me your foot.
(965) Come on.
(966) Let me see it. It's all right.
(967) (GROANING)
(968) How old are you, anyway? What are you, 16, 17?
(969) (GRUNTS)
(970) You're too young to be out here doing this.
(971) (IN ENGLISH) No talking.
(972) No talking.
(973) Hey! Hey!
(974) (IN SOMALI) He's got a knife!
(975) (IN ENGLISH) Hey! What you gonna do with this?
(976) (IN SOMALI) Go back. Get back there.
(978) (♪♪♪)
(979) CASTELLANO: UAV ScanEagle shows the lifeboat is currently
(980) 126 nautical miles off the Somali coast,
(981) moving on course 305 at five knots,
(982) with the mothership dead in the water at 60 miles to the northeast.
(983) We have any idea who these guys are?
(984) SEAL COMMANDER: The mothership is a Taiwanese fishing trawler that was hijacked last year.
(985) According to ONI, that vessel's under the control of Somali warlord Garaad.
(986) We're working on getting the IDs of the kidnappers.
(987) If this is Garaad's guys, they're looking for a payday, which means they'll talk.
(988) If we can get them talking, we can wear them down. Over.
(989) HOWARD: Frank, this thing is running big here, and there's a lot of pressure building.
(990) The White House hopes this can be resolved peacefully
(991) but whatever happens, Captain Phillips does not reach Somalia.
(992) I understand, admiral, but we're gonna need some time.
(993) I think if we press too hard, we put the hostage at risk.
(994) We're gonna need to use some tactical patience. Over.
(995) HOWARD: Do your best to talk them down, Frank, but you're on the clock.
(996) We're deploying a SEAL team with USS Boxer and USS Halyburton as support.
(997) If you haven't gotten Phillips back by the time they arrive,
(998) the SEALs will take care of it.
(999) I understand all, admiral.
(1000) (♪♪♪)
(1002) (SIGHS)
(1003) Can I have some water, please?
(1004) Water?
(1005) (GROANS)
(1006) Drive this thing right!
(1007) Calm down. We're on the ocean.
(1008) I should throw you off this boat right now!
(1009) ELMI: You need to sit down and relax.
(1010) BILAL: (IN ENGLISH) Hey, water.
(1012) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) Hey. Hey.
(1013) (IN SOMALI) That's enough.
(1014) Take it away.
(1015) From now on this water is only for us.
(1016) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) Stop being such an asshole.
(1017) ELMI: You've got to control him.
(1018) MUSE: Just drive and shut up.
(1020) Hufan, can you hear me?
(1022) PHILLIPS: Are you having trouble?
(1023) (IN ENGLISH) No trouble, Irish. Slow piece of shit.
(1024) Yeah, yeah. Shallow-draft.
(1025) And you're fighting the current. Gotta take that into account.
(1026) I know what I'm doing.
(1027) Yeah, yeah, sure, you do. Of course. You're the captain now.
(1028) Oh, hey, captain,
(1029) why don't we open up that hatch and get a little more air in here?
(1030) (IN SOMALI) What's wrong with you?
(1031) Don't talk to me.
(1032) A little air might do him some good.
(1033) (IN ENGLISH) Yeah, open the hatch so your crew...
(1034) No tricks. No. No tricks, Irish.
(1035) (IN SOMALI) Hufan, can you hear me?
(1036) Hufan, can you hear me?
(1037) MUSE: We should be heading northwest.
(1038) We've got to get to Garaad's port.
(1039) I am, but there's a lot of wind.
(1040) Just go! Okay, then let me do it.
(1042) HUFAN: (OVER RADIO) Muse? Are you there?
(1043) Are you there?
(1044) Hufan, where are you?
(1045) HUFAN: I'm having trouble with the engine.
(1046) Head home. I'll be there as soon as I can.
(1047) Hey, we're alone out here.
(1048) We need you to pick us up.
(1049) We've got to get out of this lifeboat.
(1050) Shut up and listen to me.
(1051) You screwed up getting the ship
(1052) so Garaad says bring back that captain
(1053) or don't come back at all.
(1054) Sounds like there's a problem. ls there a problem?
(1055) (IN ENGLISH) Problem.
(1056) No problem, Irish.
(1057) Everything gonna be okay.
(1058) (♪♪♪)
(1060) Yes, sir.
(1061) MAN : Here's the latest from SOCOM.
(1062) Bainbridge CO has until your arrival to negotiate a surrender.
(1063) But upon boarding, you will assume command.
(1064) The White House has authorized any means necessary to resolve this.
(1065) Roger that.
(1066) Boss, we're setting up comms in the bird right now.
(1067) I need air.
(1069) When are we going to be home?
(1070) I can't feel my foot any more.
(1071) It's like hell in here.
(1072) (GRUNTING)
(1073) You wanna tell him maybe not to do that?
(1074) He wants air.
(1075) Well, that thing is still loaded. He's got the clip in it.
(1078) (IN ENGLISH) Talk too much. Too much.
(1081) Gonna need some more water
(1082) When we get home,
(1083) you'll get a million bottles of it.
(1084) All the water you want. Really?
(1085) Last year I took a Greek ship.
(1086) Six million dollars.
(1087) Six million dollars?
(1088) So, what are you doing here?
(1089) Shut up, Irish.
(1090) Too much talk.
(1091) Your problem isn't me talking to you. Your problem is you not listening.
(1092) NAJEE: You think you have any power here?
(1093) (IN ENGLISH) Let him go. I should shoot you and be done.
(1094) Take your gun off him.
(1095) I'm the captain. Who do you think you are?
(1096) You're taking his side?
(1097) You let the American do whatever he wants!
(1100) (IN SOMALI) I'm losing control!
(1101) (♪♪♪)
(1103) (HORN BLARES)
(1104) It's the Americans.
(1105) Get something to tie the doors.
(1106) Alabama lifeboat, this is Frank Castellano, commander of the USS Bainbridge.
(1107) We wanna get Captain Phillips back safely and end this thing peacefully.
(1109) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) No move! All right.
(1111) CASTELLANO: (OVER RADIO) Alabama lifeboat, come in.
(1112) No military action. No military action. No Al Qaeda.
(1113) We are just fishermen.
(1114) MAN: (IN SOMALI) Calm down, brother.
(1115) We're here for the captain, not for you.
(1116) They have a spy with them.
(1117) (IN SOMALI) Hey, you. Who are you?
(1118) My name is Nemo.
(1119) I work with the U.S. Navy.
(1120) We just want to talk.
(1121) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) I talk English.
(1122) I want 10 million dollars.
(1123) It's not that easy
(1124) but we'll work on it.
(1125) In the meantime, what if I bring you some food and water?
(1126) No tricks, or your captain dead.
(1127) (♪♪♪)
(1130) MAN: (OVER RADIO) Request to have pilot ladder lowered and someone standing by.
(1131) HICKS: Shane Murphy? Yeah, that's me.
(1132) Lieutenant Hicks. You're entering a military engagement zone, sir.
(1133) Need you to bring the ship left to 210. We are here to escort you to Mombasa.
(1134) Your captain'll be in good hands.
(1135) All right. You heard him, guys.
(1136) MAN 1: OSS, keep the camera on the lifeboat.
(1137) MAN 2: (OVER RADIO) ASTAC, aye.
(1138) MAN 1: Sir, the boat deck is manned and ready.
(1139) VBSS is on station. Request permission to lower the RHIBs.
(1140) Execute. MAN 1: Aye, sir.
(1141) Bridge TAO, launch the RHIBs.
(1142) (♪♪♪)
(1143) (IN SOMALI) They're coming.
(1144) Bilal, watch him.
(1145) Watch him closely.
(1146) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Irish, your crew,
(1147) FUD.
(1148) Ship go.
(1149) PHILLIPS: It's the Navy clearing the area.
(1150) You better think about what you're doing.
(1151) Navy good. They protect us. Back to Somalia.
(1152) The Navy's not here to protect you.
(1153) They're not here to negotiate either.
(1154) No choice.
(1155) L90tyou.
(1156) NEMO: Open your door! We are here with your supplies.
(1158) Guns down! America, guns down!
(1159) NEMO: Calm down, brother. We're just here to help you.
(1160) Put your guns down now!
(1161) MAN 1: One outside and one in the hatch.
(1162) MAN 2: Push the track on the link.
(1163) Listen, we need to see our guy.
(1164) We've got supplies, food, water for you
(1165) but we need to see our captain.
(1166) Okay. Wait.
(1167) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) They want to see him.
(1168) Bring him out.
(1170) All right. All right. All right. Okay, okay. All right. I'm coming.
(1171) (IN ENGLISH) Down.
(1172) MAN 3: Visual confirmation.
(1173) NEMO: (IN ENGLISH) You all right, captain?
(1174) Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Yeah, yeah.
(1175) Listen. Does my family know where I am?
(1176) Yes, sir. We're keeping them updated.
(1177) PHILLIPS: It's important they know where I am.
(1178) I'm in Seat 15.
(1179) You understand?
(1180) I'm in Seat 15.
(1181) All stations, TAO, log it: Seat 15.
(1182) Break, CICWO. TAO. Send that to CTF 151 and SOCOM.
(1183) Don't worry, sir. We'll handle it.
(1184) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) Get him back inside.
(1185) NAJEE: Shut up and don't move.
(1186) NEMO: (IN SOMALI) Calm down, we just want to talk.
(1187) We've got your supplies here. Food, water.
(1188) (IN ENGLISH) Where's the money?
(1189) I don't want your food. I want your money.
(1190) MAN 1: We got another on top. OSS, maintain camera footage.
(1191) MAN: Hold on a second. MUSE: No tricks, sahib.
(1192) Ten million dollars, sahib.
(1193) Ten million dollars.
(1194) Listen, you're hurt.
(1195) We've got doctors on board.
(1196) Let us take care of you. Hurry up!
(1197) They're treating us like children.
(1198) Ten million dollars, when?
(1199) It's not that easy
(1200) so we need time.
(1201) We've got to talk about this.
(1202) Hurry up, I said!
(1204) No camera! No camera!
(1206) Gunfire, take cover!
(1207) Aah! Who fired? TAO, who fired?
(1208) Get the RHIBs out of there. Scram the RHIBs, scram the RHIBs.
(1209) Are you crazy? What are you doing?
(1210) You'll get us all killed! Do you have to talk all day?
(1211) (IN SOMALI) You're crazy. What do you think you're doing?
(1212) All you do is talk!
(1213) CASTELLANO: (OVER RADIO) Alabama lifeboat, come in.
(1214) Move.
(1215) You have to be strong to get what you want.
(1216) CASTELLANO: We have to talk.
(1217) (IN ENGLISH) Just an accident. Just an accident.
(1218) Is anyone hurt?
(1219) No, American fine. American okay.
(1220) I need to hear it from him.
(1221) I say he okay. I need to hear it from him.
(1223) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) Get up! Get up!
(1224) Move. Move.
(1225) MUSE: Talk. Yeah, yeah, it's me.
(1226) Are you okay?
(1227) It's falling apart in here. He just fired off a round next to my head.
(1228) Is the leader there? Yeah, he can hear you.
(1229) CASTELLANO: Captain, listen to me. We will not tolerate this.
(1230) As captain, you're responsible for the lives of everyone on board.
(1231) Right now you are putting them in jeopardy.
(1232) We wanna resolve this thing peacefully.
(1233) Let's find a way out of this together before someone gets hurt.
(1234) Alabama lifeboat, respond.
(1235) I talk when I go Somalia.
(1236) NAJEE: Sit down.
(1237) MUSE: Sit down!
(1239) MAN: (OVER RADIO) TAO, lifeboat is under way.
(1240) TAO, aye.
(1241) Captain, sir, the lifeboat's 12 hours from the Somali coast.
(1242) Boxer and Halyburton have arrived.
(1243) ETA on the SEAL team is 0400.
(1244) (♪♪♪)
(1245) MUSE: Irish, no worry.
(1246) Everything gonna be okay.
(1247) After this, I go America.
(1248) I always wanted to go America.
(1249) Go to New York, buy a car...
(1250) (COUGHING)
(1252) (IN SOMALI) Hey, this situation has gotten bad.
(1253) There are two more ships, one on either side.
(1254) ELMI: That one is huge.
(1256) PHILLIPS: Oh, God.
(1257) ELMI: (IN ENGLISH) Sit down! Sit down!
(1258) (IN ENGLISH) Sit down! MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Down! Down!
(1259) (IN SOMALI) Bilal, get the ropes.
(1260) Hey, captain, it's all over. It's all over, captain.
(1261) The other ropes.
(1262) There's a reason your boss took off and isn't coming back.
(1263) He didn't wanna take on the Navy. He's gone. He's left you alone.
(1264) You had a plan to take my ship. That didn't work, so you thought you could take me?
(1265) (IN ENGLISH) Shut up. PHILLIPS: Make a run to Somalia?
(1266) They got the Navy out there. You gotta give up. You gotta stop.
(1267) I can't stop, Irish.
(1268) The Navy is not gonna let you win. They can't let you win.
(1269) They would rather sink this boat than let you get me back to Somalia.
(1270) It's over.
(1271) I come too far, Irish.
(1272) I can't give up. No.
(1273) (♪♪♪)
(1275) Hello?
(1276) MAN: The SEALs are inbound, deploying three miles off our stern
(1277) Roger that.
(1279) (♪♪♪)
(1280) (GRUNTING)
(1281) (♪♪♪)
(1282) (♪♪♪)
(1283) I need to piss.
(1284) Fast.
(1285) Saltwater would be good for your foot.
(1286) (YELLS)
(1287) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) He got out!
(1288) Turn the boat around!
(1289) Bilal, you idiot!
(1291) (♪♪♪)
(1292) MUSE: Turn it! Faster, faster!
(1293) Move, or we'll leave you!
(1294) MAN 1: Captain's in Combat.
(1295) MAN 2: Cap. We got two in the water. Two in the water.
(1296) WOMAN: Starboard side, I see them both.
(1297) Two guys in the water.
(1298) CASTELLANO: ls one of them Phillips? MAN 3: We don't know. We can't tell.
(1299) MAN 4: They're in the water. In the water.
(1300) One may be Phillips and probably one pirate. We don't know.
(1301) CASTELLANO: We've gotta be sure.
(1302) Let's get a flare in the air.
(1303) Find him. Don't kill him.
(1305) MUSE: Don't shoot!
(1306) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) I'll shoot you!
(1307) Stop! What are you doing?
(1308) NAJEE: (IN SOMALI) He's getting away!
(1309) Don't kill him! Better to kill him than let him escape!
(1310) (GASPS)
(1311) MUSE: There he is!
(1312) I'm ordering you. Don't kill him.
(1313) MAN 1: (OVER RADIO) Bainbridge, this is RHIB 3. We have SEALs inbound.
(1314) Flare's up, captain. Target angle 020 on the lifeboat right now.
(1315) CASTELLANO: Can't tell who's in the water.
(1316) No clear shot at the Tangos.
(1317) Nobody shoots unless there's a clear shot.
(1318) MUSE: Where is he?
(1319) (GASPS)
(1320) Here he is! Here he is!
(1323) MUSE: He's here!
(1324) MAN: One more in the water. We've got one more in the water.
(1325) PHILLIPS: Help!
(1326) Help!
(1327) (GUNFIRE)
(1329) PHILLIPS: All right!
(1330) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) Come! PHILLIPS: All right!
(1331) Come! Forward! PHILLIPS: All right!
(1332) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Got him.
(1333) NAJEE: Come!
(1334) PHILLIPS: Okay, okay.
(1335) Go in, Irish! Go! Go, Irish!
(1336) MAN 1: Sir, the SEALS are coming aboard.
(1337) MAN 2: (OVER RADIO) Prepare to board the SEALs.
(1339) Where are you go? Tell me! Tell me!
(1340) Are you crazy?
(1341) Where's the captain? Waiting for you on the bridge, sir.
(1343) NAJEE: Not today!
(1344) Stop him!
(1345) (IN SOMALI) That's enough!
(1346) MUSE: Don't kill him!
(1347) If you kill him, We'll all die!
(1348) What do you want me to do with him? What is he doing?
(1351) (♪♪♪)
(1352) Bainbridge to lifeboat, you must surrender.
(1353) (OVER RADIO) You will not be permitted to go further.
(1354) It's a helicopter!
(1355) MUSE: Get to the other side!
(1357) CASTELLANO: Alabama lifeboat, respond.
(1358) Hurry! Go!
(1359) I'm trying.
(1360) Go!
(1361) CASTELLANO: You have a choice to make, captain. Surrender now and this ends peacefully.
(1362) Beyond that, I cannot help you. You must surrender.
(1363) (IN SOMALI) They think you are playing games.
(1364) Do something!
(1365) You cannot win this.
(1366) CASTELLANO: Make the right decision here.
(1367) You are running out of time. Do you understand me?
(1368) Do you want to go to an American prison?
(1369) CASTELLANO: This is your last chance.
(1370) Is that what you want?
(1371) I know how to handle America.
(1372) Give me the pistol.
(1373) They think I'm playing games, huh?
(1375) MUSE: (IN ENGLISH) Go!
(1376) Go!
(1377) Up ladder.
(1378) Make a hole.
(1379) MAN: Target in the hatch. This is Bainbridge out.
(1380) They're holding a gun to Phillips' head.
(1381) He's kind of yelling and waving his pistol back and forth.
(1382) I kill him! I kill him! Now! I kill him!
(1383) MAN 1: We got shots fired, captain.
(1384) MAN 2: How many shots? MAN 1: Who fired? Who fired?
(1385) We're losing this.
(1386) Now what?
(1387) NAJEE: They have no respect for us.
(1388) We have to play games?
(1389) (IN SOMALI) Give me the radio.
(1390) NAJEE: The helicopter is coming back.
(1391) (IN ENGLISH) America, I kill hostage now!
(1392) I kill hostage now! I'm gonna put him in a body bag!
(1394) Talk. Talk.
(1395) They got a gun to my throat, and they're gonna use a survival suit as a body bag.
(1396) You're not just a fisherman.
(1397) You're not just a fisherman.
(1398) SEAL COMMANDER: (OVER RADIO) Men of the Alabama lifeboat, I'm here to talk about your money.
(1399) Repeat, I'm here to discuss your money.
(1400) Who is this?
(1401) I'm the negotiator. I'm authorized to negotiate with you.
(1402) Insurance man?
(1403) Now, you are Abduwali Muse, right? From Jariban, Puntland?
(1404) From the clans of the Hawiye and the Daarood?
(1405) Your friends are Adan Bilal
(1406) Walid Elmi and Nour Najee.
(1407) But you are Muse. You're in command. Is that correct?
(1408) (♪♪♪)
(1409) They know us.
(1410) We spoke with the elders of your tribe.
(1411) They are coming here to negotiate a deal, an exchange.
(1412) We get our man, you get your money. But this has to be done in confidence.
(1413) We don't want anyone to see the exchange. Neither do the elders.
(1414) It's a lie.
(1415) SEAL COMMANDER: You're low on fuel. We got some weather coming in,
(1416) so I'm suggesting that we tow you out to the exchange point.
(1417) But we need someone to come aboard and negotiate the deal.
(1418) It's an ambush.
(1419) SEAL COMMANDER: Captain.
(1420) Okay.
(1421) It's an ambush.
(1422) (♪♪♪)
(1424) MAN 1: Keep me posted on status.
(1425) MAN 2: Roger. Comms test radio check.
(1426) OSS, TAO, I need eyes on the RHIB. I need eyes on the RHIB.
(1427) Captain's in Combat.
(1428) CASTELLANO: Tactical command is now with the SEAL team.
(1429) SEAL COMMANDER: TAO, where we at?
(1430) MAN: RHIBs are headed inbound to the lifeboat.
(1431) Halyburton and Boxer are standing by for your orders.
(1432) ASTAC, TAO, I need a status at Halyburton's helo.
(1434) (♪♪♪)
(1435) MUSE: (IN SOMALI) You need to be strong.
(1436) Don't let anyone in.
(1437) Whatever happens, don't stop.
(1438) ELMI: It's my job.
(1439) (IN ENGLISH) Everything good, Irish.
(1440) Everything gonna be okay.
(1441) I go Navy ship,
(1442) get dollars,
(1443) you go home.
(1444) It was supposed to be easy.
(1445) I take ship...
(1446) ransom
(1447) nobody get hurt.
(1448) You had $30,000 and a way to Somalia.
(1449) It wasn't enough?
(1450) I got bosses.
(1451) They got rules.
(1452) We all got bosses.
(1453) There's gotta be something other than being a fisherman
(1454) and kidnapping people.
(1455) Maybe in America, Irish.
(1456) Maybe in America.
(1459) SEAL 1: Alabama lifeboat, this is the U.S. Navy. Open the hatch.
(1460) Gun down. Put the gun down.
(1461) Relax. I need to see the captain.
(1462) MUSE: I show you captain. Back. SEAL 1: Relax.
(1463) I show you captain. Back.
(1464) SEAL 1: Come on up. MUSE: Back.
(1465) SEAL 1: Listen. We gotta move our other boat closer.
(1466) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) Up.
(1467) SEAL 1: We gotta hook up a towline.
(1468) MUSE: No tricks. SEAL 1: No tricks. No tricks.
(1469) SEAL 2: We just wanna see the captain
(1470) and then get you to the ship for the meeting with the elders.
(1471) MUSE: Anything happen, he die.
(1472) MUSE: (OVER RADIO) Anything happen, he die. I tell you.
(1473) Sir, we have ears on the boat. Check.
(1474) SEAL 1: Okay, here he comes.
(1475) Be advised, I have eyes on the package.
(1476) Captain, are you okay?
(1477) Yeah, yeah. Are you taking care of this? SEAL 1: This'll be over soon.
(1478) Hey, captain, I got a uniform, a clean uniform.
(1479) I need you to wear this.
(1480) And stay in the seat you've been sitting in.
(1481) Put this on, captain. We need to keep you healthy.
(1482) It's very important that we keep you healthy.
(1483) Stay calm. It's going to be okay.
(1484) MUSE: Go back. SEAL 1: Just relax.
(1485) MUSE: Here, take it.
(1487) Inside. Go.
(1488) Go.
(1489) MUSE: Where are the elders? SEAL 1: The elders are being flown in.
(1490) Put the gun inside. We'll take you to your elders.
(1491) Anything happen, he die.
(1492) SEAL 1: I give you my word. Everything will be fine.
(1493) Put the gun down.
(1494) Gun down.
(1495) Wait.
(1497) SEAL 1: Come on aboard. Just relax.
(1498) Take my hand. SEAL 2: Relax.
(1499) SEAL 1: We're almost there. Relax.
(1500) We got you. Come on. Nice and easy. Okay.
(1501) SEAL 3: Everything's gonna be okay.
(1503) Captain, it'll be over soon. Hang tough.
(1504) Stay in the same seat you've been sitting in.
(1505) MAN 1 : Two-two-four feet.
(1506) Stern seas.
(1507) MAN 2: Okay, the wind shouldn't be a factor.
(1508) Where do we need to be?
(1509) She's at 235 meters. Ninety-one's gonna be optimal.
(1510) Sir, one Somali is extracted. RHIB is headed inbound. Towline is attached.
(1511) TAO, let's initiate high-speed maneuver. Aye, sir.
(1512) Halyburton, Boxer. This is Bainbridge.
(1513) Commence high-speed maneuvers. Over.
(1514) MAN 1: Bring him over here.
(1515) Here.
(1516) Okay, get it off of him.
(1517) Come up this way. Up this way.
(1518) Hey, go right here.
(1519) O'BRIEN: I'm Chief O'Brien. Let's get you taken care of inside.
(1520) MAN 2: Take him inside. Get him looked at.
(1521) O'BRIEN: Can I see your hand? MUSE: No. Where elders?
(1522) We'll talk about that later. We're going this way.
(1523) SEAL: Through this door. Watch your head. This way. Let's go.
(1524) Stand over here.
(1525) MAN 1: One suspected pirate on board in the starboard hangar.
(1526) MAN 3: (OVER RADIO) Copy that. Hold it.
(1527) Right there.
(1528) Where are the elders?
(1529) The elders will be here soon. Relax. We're gonna take care of you.
(1530) (♪♪♪)
(1531) Your captain knows what he's doing. You're gonna get your money now.
(1532) What's going on?
(1533) I can't see.
(1534) Give me the radio.
(1535) NAJEE: (IN ENGLISH) Too much light. We no see.
(1536) We're going to initiate the tow.
(1537) I repeat, we are going to initiate the tow.
(1538) You need to tell your driver that he needs to stay in his seat
(1539) and continue steering.
(1540) (GRUNTING)
(1541) (♪♪♪)
(1542) Alpha team is green at this time. One green, two red.
(1543) Lifeboat's under tow. We're at five knots.
(1544) Copy that. We need three targets green.
(1545) NAJEE: (IN SOMALI) Keep it steady. Keep it steady.
(1546) (IN ENGLISH) Hey. Hey. I'm just putting on the shirt like they said.
(1548) (IN SOMALI) If he moves again, shoot him.
(1549) Sir, the pirates have just issued a threat.
(1550) SEAL COMMANDER: What's the translation?
(1551) "If he moves again, shoot him."
(1552) (♪♪♪)
(1553) ELMI: It's getting rough.
(1554) Keep it straight.
(1555) TAO, aye.
(1556) High-speed maneuvers are creating big waves headed inbound on the lifeboat.
(1557) (GRUNTING)
(1558) (IN ENGLISH) Slow down! You make waves!
(1559) (IN SOMALI) What kind of games are they playing?
(1560) ELMI: I can't hold it straight.
(1562) NAJEE: Be a man. Just shut up and steer.
(1563) (IN ENGLISH) American ship, answer me.
(1564) U.S.A., answer me!
(1565) Alpha's green. Bravo and Charlie are red.
(1566) NAJEE: Too much waves!
(1567) U. S. Navy. Too much waves!
(1568) Alabama lifeboat, this is negotiator. We'll pull you into our wake.
(1569) If you ride in our wake, it'll be smoother. Negotiator out.
(1570) (WHISPERING IN ENGLISH) Irish. Irish. What you doing?
(1571) What you doing?
(1572) (♪♪♪)
(1573) Alpha team green. One green, two red.
(1574) Give me a distance.
(1575) MAN: Two twenty. Still 129 out.
(1576) BILAL: Stop writing, Irish.
(1577) If he sees you, he kill me and you both.
(1578) American ship.
(1579) Answer me.
(1580) U. S. Navy, answer!
(1581) I speak to Muse!
(1582) I want to speak with him!
(1583) Alpha and Charlie teams green. Bravo red.
(1584) Alabama lifeboat, this is the negotiator.
(1585) Your leader is in the helo hangar waiting for the elders.
(1586) Where are the elders?
(1587) Where are elders?
(1588) American ship, answer!
(1589) Hey.
(1590) Hey! What is this? What is this you writing? Tell me!
(1591) (GRUNTING)
(1592) They've got something going on. I think it's a fight.
(1593) ELMI: (IN ENGLISH) Stop! Stop!
(1594) Pull up the audio.
(1595) TAO, give me Screen 3 on the left.
(1597) (IN SOMALI) Stop him.
(1598) Bilal, stop him.
(1599) (GROANS)
(1600) Stop Irish! Stop Irish!
(1601) (IN SOMALI) Bring the rope!
(1602) MAN: Alpha and Charlie are red. We are three red.
(1603) Alabama lifeboat, this is the negotiator.
(1604) If you harm the hostage, we do not have a deal.
(1605) Do you copy?
(1606) NAJEE: Tie him!
(1608) Alabama lifeboat, if you harm the hostage, we do not have a deal.
(1609) Do you understand?
(1611) (IN SOMALI) What are you doing?
(1612) Captain Phillips, can you hear me?
(1613) Captain Phillips, can you hear me? MAN: He's screaming, sir.
(1614) One fifty-five. They're 64 meters out. One fifty-five, check. Speed up the tow.
(1616) (SCREAMING)
(1617) Shut up!
(1618) Get a blindfold!
(1619) PHILLIPS: Can you see this?
(1620) Can you see it?
(1621) Let's reacquire targets, weapons release on my command.
(1622) MAN: One thirty-five meters. That's 44 out from optimal.
(1623) Alpha green. Bravo and Charlie are still red. Two red.
(1624) NAJEE: Blindfold him.
(1625) Kid, just put your hands up. You're just a kid.
(1626) Put your weapons down and put your hands up.
(1627) Put your hands up!
(1628) Is anybody hearing this?
(1629) Tell my family I love them.
(1630) Andrea, I love you.
(1631) I love you, Ange.
(1632) Honey, I love you.
(1633) I love you, Danny. I'm sorry.
(1634) I'm sorry I'm here and not there with you.
(1635) Can anybody hear this? I can't stand this any more.
(1636) One thirty meters. That's 39 out from optimal.
(1637) Two red. No shot. Still at two red.
(1638) I need sights on targets. I need three targets green.
(1639) Don't kill him!
(1640) The elders are coming.
(1641) We will get our money.
(1642) You are both idiots.
(1643) No one is coming.
(1644) (♪♪♪)
(1645) Alpha green, Bravo green. Two green, one red.
(1646) One twenty-one. Thirty meters out. PHILLIPS: I can't take any more.
(1647) I'm all done.
(1648) That's it. We Will all die if you kill him.
(1649) Everything they told you was a lie!
(1650) They Will kill us all,
(1651) and he is behind everything!
(1652) One seventeen meters. Two green, one red.
(1653) We do not have a shot. MAN 1: I need eyes on.
(1654) MAN 2: Sir, they're gonna shoot him.
(1655) (GRUNTS)
(1656) MAN 2: Gun drawn. Gun drawn. Stop the tow.
(1657) MAN 3: Roger. Stop the tow.
(1658) Execute.
(1659) (GRUNTS)
(1660) What was that?
(1661) (GRUNTING)
(1664) Oh, no!
(1665) (SCREAMS)
(1666) (PANTING)
(1667) (DOOR OPENS)
(1668) SEAL 1: We're gonna get you out of here and get you home.
(1669) MAN 1: (OVER RADIO) Take him down.
(1670) The hostage is safe. SEAL 2: Get down.
(1671) SEAL 3: Put your head down. MUSE: What?
(1672) Good job, guys. We got them. MAN 2: Three Tangos down.
(1673) Captain Phillips is safe and en route. Bainbridge, over.
(1674) MAN 3: Well done, everybody.
(1675) Right here. Go to this guy right here. Come with me, captain.
(1676) You just sit down.
(1677) Are you okay? Are you okay?
(1678) (♪♪♪)
(1679) SEAL 4: This way.
(1680) Watch your step. SEAL 5: Step.
(1681) MAN: Careful, sir.
(1682) Welcome aboard. These guys are gonna take you to medical, get you checked out.
(1683) SEAL 6: HM 1, he has impact injuries. He's in shock.
(1684) Okay. Are you able to walk okay, sir?
(1685) Are you okay? What's your name?
(1686) PHILLIPS: Um, Rich. Rich Phillips.
(1687) We're gonna turn you over to the Department of Justice.
(1688) You're going to America to face trial.
(1689) You shoot my friends?
(1690) Uh, Captain Phillips is free. All of your friends are dead.
(1691) It's over. You're going to America now.
(1692) You have been suspected of piracy.
(1693) I am now gonna read you your rights.
(1694) You have the right to remain silent and make no statement.
(1695) Any statement can be used against you in judicial proceedings.
(1696) Captain Phillips, please come in.
(1697) Have a seat.
(1698) Trauma shears.
(1699) I'm Chief O'Brien. I'll be your corpsman today.
(1700) Can you please tell me what's going on?
(1701) Can you talk?
(1702) Can you tell me what's going on? Yeah. Uh... Uh...
(1703) I'm okay.
(1704) Are you okay? Because you don't look okay.
(1705) Are you in any pain right now?
(1706) Are you in pain right now? Uh... Uh...
(1707) Right there, on your side.
(1708) Okay. Let me see it really quick.
(1709) Can you lift up your arm? Does that hurt?
(1710) Little bit? (VOICE BREAKING) Little bit.
(1711) Is it tender? Go ahead and put your arm down.
(1712) I need you to look at me. Calm down,
(1713) and I need you to breathe. Deep breaths.
(1714) There you go. Very good.
(1715) Awesome. Now I want you to relax your arm.
(1716) We're gonna put this on, get your heart rate and oxygen level,
(1717) make sure you're breathing. Okay.
(1718) I want you to keep doing that, okay?
(1719) Gonna put this on your finger.
(1720) O'BRIEN: Can you tell me what happened to your head?
(1721) MAN: Put it on your finger.
(1722) Uh... They, uh...
(1724) O'BRIEN: It's okay, take your time.
(1725) There's a 2-centimeter laceration on the left eyebrow.
(1726) (SOBBING)
(1727) It's okay. It's all right.
(1728) Okay. Okay. I want you to look at me and breathe.
(1729) Understand? PHILLIPS: (IN NORMAL VOICE) Yeah.
(1730) Okay, all right.
(1731) He's got a 4-centimeter gap. Little laceration there on the left temple.
(1732) MAN: Got it. O'BRIEN: Okay. Very good.
(1733) All right. You're doing great, okay?
(1734) Did all this blood come from your eyebrow and your head?
(1735) What?
(1736) Did the blood come from your eyebrow and your head?
(1737) All of this. Well, no, not all of it.
(1738) O'BRIEN: Okay. That's not mine.
(1739) O'BRIEN: Okay, all right, all right. Look at me.
(1740) We're gonna lay you down. Okay.
(1741) O'BRIEN: All right. Yeah.
(1742) I want you to lay down nice and gently. Nice and gently.
(1743) Aah. You're okay. I got you.
(1744) There you go. Very good. Unh.
(1745) Captain, you're safe now, okay?
(1746) Thank you. O'BRIEN: You're welcome.
(1747) You're okay. (VOICE BREAKING) Thank you.
(1748) You're welcome.
(1749) Does my family know? Your family knows you're safe.
(1750) You'll be able to call them as soon as you are taken care of.
(1751) (♪♪♪)
(1752) Sir, I need you to breathe, okay?
(1753) You are safe and you are fine.
(1754) It's gonna be okay.
(1755) Everything's gonna be okay.
(1756) It's gonna be okay.
(1757) (♪♪♪)
(1758) (♪♪♪)
(1759) (♪♪♪)

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