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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[2013] [Charlie Countryman] English Transcripts

(1) Hi, Bill.
(2) I knocked. You know, there's no answer.
(3) I thought, you know, you drowned or something.
(4) Sorry, I...
(5) I didn't drown. I'm just having a bath.
(6) Charlie, it's time. Your morn, she
(7) They called? Yeah.
(8) It's Sambuca.
(9) Put this in your pocket.
(10) We switched to a manual apparatus
(11) which enables us to ease her out.
(12) Out where?
(13) Mr. Green, I honestly think you're doing the right thing here.
(14) Can I have one of those?
(15) They're for my back.
(16) Can we say for now that my back hurts too, Bill?
(17) Two is the ticket if it hurts as much as mine does.
(18) This is what happens. Are you ready?
(19) Took a powder, eh, Charlie?
(20) I'm sorry, it's just that-that I feel horrible now.
(21) I blame myself, Charlie. I was never very good at it.
(22) At what? Being a mom.
(23) No, mom. That's not true. You were good. You were great.
(24) Weren't you?
(25) I was always so wrapped up in my own crap.
(26) Meeting Greg and leaving your dad.
(27) And meeting Bill and leaving Greg.
(28) I could never get the sequences right.
(29) You are a complicated lady.
(30) I didn't mean to be.
(31) Were. I know, I know.
(32) And I sure didn't mean for you to be running out on death scenes.
(33) And just floating through your entire existence, Charlie.
(34) I'm the one who's sorry, kiddo.
(35) What do I do now? I still got a whole life to go now, you know?
(36) Did we not just say that was never my thing?
(37) Please, Mom. I need you to be specific now.
(38) Just this once. Tell me what to do.
(39) I got it.
(40) Go to Bucharest.
(41) Bucharest?
(42) Yeah. Go to Bucharest.
(43) Why, Mom?
(44) I don't know. It seems specific.
(45) Just do it, Charlie.
(46) Say you promise.
(47) I promise.
(48) Good.
(49) I have to go now, Charlie.
(50) Mom, wait a second, I got this
(51) I have this horrible visual in my head of you.
(52) I need something nicer, something fun...
(53) Oh, Charlie... oh, you goof.
(54) Come here.
(55) Better?
(56) God.
(57) Okay, good.
(58) Charles?
(59) It's okay. Just give us a minute.
(60) We're not together anymore. Go home.
(61) Oh, no. Ted. Oh, my God. Ted.
(62) Yeah, you're not funny. Go home. Yeah.
(63) Yo, Ashley, everything cool?
(64) It's fine, just give us a minute.
(65) What are you gonna do, Chuck Norris?
(66) Go fuck yourself. Asshole.
(67) I'm moving to Bucharest.
(68) Yeah? Are you sure you're not thinking of Budapest?
(69) It's supposed to be really nice there.
(70) My mother just died so...
(71) You Okay?
(72) Yeah.
(73) Just take care of yourself, Charles.
(74) Sir.
(75) What do you mean with touching me?
(76) I didn't. You fell asleep on my shoulder, sir. Sorry.
(77) What is wrong with your face?
(78) What's that? Your eyes. Here.
(79) You look bad.
(80) My mother just died.
(81) I'm sorry for you.
(82) My wife died many years time ago.
(83) I never loved another woman since.
(84) Well, I'm sorry for you also.
(85) I make sex with many of them, sure, but never with love. Yeah.
(86) I am Victor Ibanescu.
(87) Charlie Countryman. Nice to meet you. Romanian.
(88) American.
(89) Charlie... Yeah?
(90) Why are you going to Bucharest? Tell me.
(91) I don't really know, to be honest with you.
(92) You didn't want to go to Budapest?
(93) No, I was just kinda...
(94) Yeah, Bucharest. Just spur of the moment kind of thing, you know?
(95) I understand this kind of thing.
(96) I see, you don't want to speak with me.
(97) No, I just No trouble for me. No.
(98) I didn't know if you wanted to keep speaking or if you wanted your own time.
(99) I speak with you first and you're not sure I want to speak with you?
(100) Strange way of a mind to be working, no?

(101) Yeah, I'm sorry. That's sort of why I'm going on this trip.
(102) Work things out in my mind.
(103) Yes, yes. Bafta acolo, Charlie.
(104) Good luck in there!
(105) Thank you.
(106) Bafta acolo.
(107) If you don't mind me asking, how do you wind
(108) up in Chicago when you're from Romania?
(109) Me? Yeah.
(110) I want to see the Cubbies at Wrigley's Field.
(111) Cubbies.
(112) I want to sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame one time before I die.
(113) And one, and two, and three strikes and you are an out for the old ballgame.
(114) Wow.
(115) Why the Cubs, though? I mean, there's other better teams.
(116) The Cubs are pretty It's a shitty team.
(117) Yes! The Cubbies will never win the Worlds Championship Series.
(118) Of course not. Never, never, never. No.
(119) But Romania, my country, there's many problems in history, too.
(120) Invasions, occupations, dictators.
(121) It is problems which make us who were are...
(122) which give us character.
(123) Same as the Cubbies!
(124) Yes. Yes!
(125) You make a lot of sense, Victor.
(126) My pleasure.
(127) Yeah, my pleasure.
(128) My pleasure.
(129) Yeah.
(130) May I show you something very, very, very incredible?
(131) Yeah, of course!
(132) For my daughter.
(133) Oh, my God.
(134) Wow.
(135) You think she will love it?
(136) Yeah, well, who wouldn't?
(137) Yeah? Who wouldn't? This is what I thought. Who wouldn't?
(138) Hello?
(139) Please, champagne, for my friend and me.
(140) And perhaps you'll bring another glass for yourself too, my darling?
(141) Look, it's nice this hat.
(142) It's very nice.
(143) Yeah, that's really nice.
(144) Buddy?
(145) Victor?
(146) Victor, Victor, Victor?
(147) Oh, fuck!
(148) Oh, boy!
(149) Can I help you, sir? ls there a doctor here?
(150) Why, you unwell?
(151) You should just take his pulse.
(152) I don't know what I'm supposed to do here.
(153) What do we do?
(154) What do we do with a dead man on the plane?
(155) Just be quiet. You're going to alarm the others, okay?
(156) He's a dead man so I need to move seats now.
(157) I'll be back in a second, okay?
(158) Excuse me!
(159) Excuse me! Excuse me!
(160) No, I can't-- I can't sit. I'm terribly sorry, sir
(161) but you have no choice but to continue on to Bucharest.
(162) You can't even move seats, I'm afraid, because it's totally fully booked.
(163) This is a dead man.
(164) Look, why don't you just enjoy your complimentary beverage, okay?
(165) Listen. Listen, I can't sit here! Put me in a jump seat!
(166) Put me in the bathroom! In the lavatory! We will keep them coming, all right.
(167) Just put me in the lavatory. And I need
(168) I suggest you calm down, sir.
(169) My hands! Listen! I need a wet nap! Can you get me...
(170) Psst!
(171) Charlie.
(172) Charlie?
(173) Yes?
(174) Come into here.
(175) Okay.
(176) Charlie...
(177) Yes?
(178) I saw your mother. Yes?
(179) I told her you are going to Bucharest.
(180) She smiles for you.
(181) I'm sorry you're dead, Victor.
(182) Oh, nevermind! I see also my wife.
(183) She made some love with me.
(184) And Charlie, I ask you a special thing.
(185) Yes?
(186) It is my daughter.
(187) Perhaps you'll give her my gift? Yes.
(188) And please, tell her she is...
(189) "fetita mea cu picioare de catel."
(190) Say again?
(191) I don't speak... What'd you say?
(192) He wants to know if the funny hat is belonging to you.
(193) Belonging to me? Yes. My funny hat.
(194) No, this is my hat, my friend!
(195) What'd you say to him?
(196) I told him it's not your funny hat, man.
(197) Why? Because it's not your funny hat.
(198) So, you're an asshole? How do you say asshole in Romanian?
(199) To an American, I say you're an asshole.
(200) Sir, this hat belonged to a friend of mine. He was
(201) Okay.
(202) Charlie Countryman.
(203) That's you. Hi. I'm Radu.
(204) Radu? Or Mr. Radu?
(205) No, I'm the one who's asking the questions today, my friend.
(206) Victor Ibanescu. You knew this guy?
(207) I met him on the plane. You know, very, very brief.
(208) Can you tell me why does a guy want a guy he doesn't know
(209) to take a hat to his daughter?
(210) Why can't the guy take the hat
(211) to his daughter by himself?
(212) I'm sorry. It's a lot for me
(213) to process because I just got tazed.
(214) Is this something you guys normally do? You just tase
(215) Charlie, questions me. Answers you.
(216) Yes. Okay.
(217) Nice and slow.
(218) Do you think Victor Ibanescu knew he was going to die?
(219) Or perhaps, he said it to you after he was dead.
(220) Maybe you talk to the dead people?
(221) Like that boy in the Bruce Willis film?
(222) I talk to dead people.
(223) I think he sees the dead people.
(224) What?
(225) You do drugs, Charlie?
(226) No! No.
(227) Da.
(228) Hi. I'm Charlie Countryman.
(229) Eu sint Gabriela Ibanescu.
(230) Can you tell me what happened with my father?
(231) He fell asleep and uh
(232) that was it. He just didn't wake up.
(233) On me, actually. He was...
(234) If you still look here, his drool is right here.
(235) Your father wanted me to tell you something.
(236) I don't understand how could he know we would meet?
(237) Well, he said something about you to me.
(238) If you want to hear it.
(239) Please.
(240) He said that you were his f-f fatate
(241) Fuck.
(242) Fetita catel picante
(243) fetita mea cu picioare de catel. Yes.
(244) Yes.
(245) He said that? Really?
(246) What does that mean?
(247) She has feet of a childish dog woman.
(248) Puppy feet girl.
(249) Would you allow me?
(250) Anything. Yes.
(251) Thank you.
(252) You could have this shirt if you want to.
(253) You could just take it.
(254) I mean, I have other shirts in my bag.
(255) Here.
(256) Thank you, Charlie.
(257) You're welcome, Gabi.
(258) It's nice to meet you.
(259) Robert Redford!
(260) What's that?
(261) Robert Redford!
(262) Me Robert Redford? No, you Robert Redford, man!
(263) No, no, no, no. Hubble Gardner!
(264) Yeah?
(265) I don't speak...
(266) Pull over.
(267) Stop the car! Stop...
(268) Ca bit
(269) Charlie! From the airport.
(270) No, keep it. It was a gift.
(271) You okay?
(272) I meant to follow the ambulance, but
(273) it was driving like some kind of idiot and I lost him.
(274) Look, there's a bunch of traffic. I bet we can still catch it if we go now?
(275) We? We, yes, yes.
(276) Listen, I know you don't know me, okay?
(277) I have a feeling about this. And I don't get a lot of feelings.
(278) Not clear ones anyway,
(279) so when I do get a feeling like this one,
(280) I try to trust it.
(281) I'm super nervous right now 'cause this is a wild experience for me.
(282) Scoot over. Scoot over. What?
(283) Hubble!
(284) Your cab.
(285) Sorry, my friend. How much?
(286) Three? Three. Yes? Yes.
(287) There's second out, third, fourth. Yeah?
(288) Yep.
(289) You play cello?
(290) What gives you this idea?
(291) There's a cello in your trunk.
(292) Maybe you have some kind of fantasy about helping a sad woman
(293) in a far away land happens to play the cello?
(294) I am making a joke.
(295) You're making a joke?
(296) You did not understand?
(297) No, I just didn't hear 'cause a tram just went by right
(298) when you were saying probably saying the punch line!
(299) You have punch lines here, yes?
(300) The joke is to imply that you are making this up in your mind.
(301) Right.
(302) 'Cause I am pretty, I'm vulnerable, I play the cello.
(303) It's a boy's dream, no?
(304) Well, you're pretty enough, you know,
(305) But I'm more of a tuba guy myself.
(306) I play the cello in the orchestra of the Bucharest Opera House.
(307) Really?
(308) My father was my teacher.
(309) For my darling Gabi.
(310) Love, Nigel.
(311) Oh, come on!
(312) Thank you!
(313) Thank you!
(314) Excuse me! North Golescu?
(315) Excuse me. Opera house?
(316) You don't know? That way?
(317) Hey!
(318) Excuse me!
(319) Excuse me!
(320) Excuse me, friend!
(321) Hi, I'm looking for Gabriela Iban
(322) Sorry. Sorry!
(323) Sorry!
(324) Hi, Gabi's phone.
(325) Charlie, it is me, Gabi.
(326) Gabi. Hi! How are you? Where are you.
(327) Where are you?
(328) I came to the Opera. I didn't know where else to go,
(329) so I just came here.
(330) I have your car and your cello and everything.
(331) I will come there soon.
(332) I want you to wait for me, okay?
(333) Okay. Really like a nice place to work. Like, incredible.
(334) Think I'm about to audition.
(335) Do you see a man who looks like his face is in pain?
(336) Face is in pain? Yes.
(337) He yelled at me.
(338) Can you give him the phone?
(339) Give him the phone?
(340) Please. Okay.
(341) Tempo! Tempo!
(342) Just a second.
(343) Hi. Hi. Gabi.
(344) Gabi?
(345) Gabi.
(346) Sorry.
(347) Hello?
(348) Stop, stop, stop!
(349) Wait at the door.
(350) Which door? Because there's also
(351) Wait at the fucking door!
(352) I can carry this, if you want.
(353) Do you want me to carry it? Sorry.
(354) Follow me.
(355) Okay.
(356) Wait here.
(357) Hello, gorgeous.
(358) What are you doing here, Nigel?
(359) Partaking of the arts.
(360) Care of the soul.
(361) Listen, I happened to hear about Old Victor's
(362) spectacular and horrible passing.
(363) I came back to pay my respects.
(364) How could you have heard? It only just happened.
(365) Now you know me.
(366) Always an ear to the ground when it comes
(367) to the disposition of my darling Gabi.
(368) Who's this then?
(369) Who are you?
(370) I'm Nigel. Who the fuck are you?
(371) Charlie.
(372) Who the fuck is Charlie, Gabi?
(373) Charlie is an American tuba player.
(374) Here to observe the company.
(375) He's homosexual.
(376) Is he now?
(377) Must make you quite the star cocksucker around here, Charlie?
(378) Nigel, what do you want? Charlie, you should leave.
(379) Charlie, you should stay. Definitely.
(380) As you know, darling, Victor and I had some unfinished business between us.
(381) What are you talking about?
(382) My father hated you.
(383) How do you guys know each other?
(384) Sorry.
(385) Nigel was my husband.
(386) I beg your pardon, Gabi. Did you say was?
(387) Honestly? Fucking was?
(388) Gabi...
(389) No, Charlie, not fucking was. Fucking is.
(390) Fucking meaning I currently fucking am 'til death do us fucking part.
(391) You!
(392) If it isn't the shrieking cunt himself. Hello, Bela.
(393) You will go immediately or I will call the police!
(394) Go!
(395) Gabi, darling, we do need to have a catch-up rather soon.
(396) Say, sometime in the next 24 hours?
(397) Bela, nice meeting you again.
(398) Charlie, I'll catch you later.
(399) You should go.
(400) Where's a good place for me to go, you think?
(401) Marco Polo Youth Hostel.
(402) It is nearby. Any taxi driver will know it.
(403) Okay. And I just say Marco Polo, like if I was in the States?
(404) What the fuck.
(405) This is it?
(406) Thank you.
(407) Marco Polo, yeah?
(408) Yeah.
(409) Marco Polo?
(410) This way?
(411) Polo.
(412) Polo!
(413) Which way?
(414) My friend, my friend, my friend. Marco Polo, yeah?
(415) What?
(416) This the Marco Polo Youth Hostel? Sorry.
(417) Yes, my friend! Come on in!
(418) What's your name? Charlie.
(419) Charlie, everybody. Hi Charlie!
(420) What can I give you? Just a room.
(421) No passports in my kingdom, baby.
(422) No bags? No.
(423) I have the perfect room for you, Mr. No Bags! Thirty-four.
(424) Do you want some gum, Charlie?
(425) Yeah, sure. Okay. Take it.
(426) Thank you.
(427) Top floor. Enjoy.
(428) Hi.
(429) Where the fuck have you been, man?
(430) You were supposed to be here, like, yesterday!
(431) They said 34 downstairs?
(432) Come in, come in! Thank you.
(433) I'm Luke. This is Carl.
(434) That's your bed there. Just make yourself at home.
(435) My name's Charlie.
(436) Charlie. Nice to meet you.
(437) Don't worry about him too much, Charlie. He's on a program.
(438) Really?
(439) Carl, tell Charlie about your program.
(440) Please, Luke, don't take the piss.
(441) Listen to that, he's just a little bit shy at first.
(442) But trust me, that onion is worth peeling.
(443) He's a crazy motherfucker! He's a party animal!
(444) You're gonna love him, I promise. Come in, come in!
(445) Do you want some crisps? They'll make your bullocks tingle.
(446) Yeah, sure. Yeah, take a seat.
(447) So, you guys been here for a while or...?
(448) I've been here... let me think...
(449) Week? Few weeks?
(450) Couple of months? I don't know.
(451) It's been a bit of a blur, I got to be honest, Charlie.
(452) Been here six days, Charlie.
(453) Oh, you're not together?
(454) You know, like traveling together, I meant.
(455) Relax, okay? Look, he's not my type, with him being ginger.
(456) Not having a pussy. You get what I mean?
(457) Right, right, right.
(458) You just get in today? Yes. Today.
(459) Yeah? Where you come from? Chicago.
(460) Chicago? Hey, Chi-ca-go!
(461) That's my kind of town. Is it?
(462) Yeah, well, I've never been.
(463) You like ecstasy, Charlie?
(464) In answer to your silent question, Charlie, this is why I love this guy.
(465) He's fucking crazy! He's a party animal! Yes.
(466) We should go and get a few beers or something. You up for that?
(467) Beer? Yeah. Yeah?
(468) Great. Well, first round's on you. Come, let's go!
(469) Three beers for the three queers.
(470) Thank you, sir.
(471) Did Carl tell you? He's auditioning to become a porn star.
(472) Porn star? Actor. You know.
(473) I have no aspirations to star. I simply want to act.
(474) That is funny.
(475) Tell him what your nom de porn is going to be.
(476) Boris Pecker.
(477) Can you fucking There is no other name?
(478) Boris! Boris Pecker.
(479) It could be nowhere else!
(480) It's just like
(481) I feel fucking weird right now, man.
(482) Charlie, Charlie. I feel fucked right now, man.
(483) How's your beer, how's your beer?
(484) I just feel fucked right now. I mean...
(485) Can I tell you my story? Yeah.
(486) So, this guy Victor, he died on my fucking plane right next to me.
(487) Oh, yeah?
(488) And he gives me a hat, and it's a gift for his daughter.
(489) Her name's Gabi. Gabriela. Right.
(490) And she plays the cello.
(491) Cello! Yeah.
(492) When you hear her talk, your fucking heart stops.
(493) Fucking amazing. This beer's weird as shit, but
(494) Having a good time? 'Cause it looks like
(495) you're having a motherfucking good time.
(496) Amazing. I felt like I love her.
(497) I do, I do, I do! I feel like I love her.
(498) I have to make you aware, Charlie.
(499) Luke put Carpathian ecstasy in your beer.
(500) You did? Who did? Yeah, yeah!
(501) I did. Come on, listen...
(502) Well, fuck, man!
(503) No, no, no, no, no, no!
(504) No, no, it's fine, though!
(505) It's fine. Mine and Carl's are laced too.
(506) We all have fucking trolley's at the moment.
(507) We're all in a zone of mutuality.
(508) We're all together, rising sun.
(509) There's a naked girl!
(510) Listen, your experience is your own, yeah?
(511) But we vote on shared hallucinations, okay?
(512) Any hallucinations in the zone of mutuality must be voted on.
(513) Who here among us would like all the women to be naked or semi-naked right now?
(514) All right.
(515) There is. Oh, my God. Having a good time?
(516) These women are naked.
(517) This is my gift to you. Merry Christmas.
(518) Oh, my Go oh, my God!
(519) Hello, Charlie.
(520) Are you in the zone of individuality also?
(521) Sure.
(522) Sure. Why not?
(523) Okay.
(524) Listen, I'm glad we bumped into each other like this.
(525) I want to apologize for my behavior.
(526) Charlie. The fucking love, Charlie. The fucking love.
(527) Yeah, sure.
(528) Turns me somewhat insane, if I'm being honest with you.
(529) Can I tell you that?
(530) Be honest with me.
(531) Regardless, I do apologize.
(532) But I didn't wash my hands.
(533) What's a little piss among friends?
(534) Oh, Charlie.
(535) Enjoy your new mates and your recreational drugs
(536) and the rest of it while you can.
(537) God knows it can all turn into blood in a blink of an eye.
(538) Yes.
(539) Your bag was in my car, Charlie.
(540) I left it at the hostel for you, okay?
(541) You're married? What's up with that?
(542) Walking with me? It could get you killed.
(543) Charlie! I'll just walk across the street.
(544) I'll walk right here in the street.
(545) I'm going to help you. It's good. What are doing?
(546) You want to share a cavalla?
(547) Maybe on our second date.
(548) You like it?
(549) It's my mother's favorite song.
(550) This was my father's favorite restaurant.
(551) I used to play cello right here when I was young.
(552) My father hated that he put me in the place where I met Nigel.
(553) He once ran through here cursing and throwing candles at the curtains.
(554) It didn't work. He was very drunk.
(555) Good place to be drunk.
(556) Good sober food. I mean, these are great doughnuts.
(557) The best.
(558) Gabi, can I say something?
(559) I understand.
(560) When you lose someone who's
(561) your home, you know, you're only home in the world.
(562) And when that happens, you think,
(563) "Oh, fuck, I should have had a back-up home."
(564) Another person, a place, a thing, something
(565) to make me feel safe, and I don't have that.
(566) And now I'm lost.
(567) I am not lost.
(568) It's a process.
(569) I am angry.
(570) That's why I'm scared for you.
(571) You know, for that picture in your head.
(572) Close your eyes.
(573) Get rid of that one. That one's gone.
(574) That's gone. Blank slate.
(575) Pick a good one, a really good one. One that's so good
(576) it'll keep the bad one unstuck.
(577) See?
(578) Thank you, Charlie.
(579) What are you doing?
(580) I'm going to show you all these that I know.
(581) I know all these positions.
(582) It's ballet.
(583) This is the motherfucker right here.
(584) This is the one I know.
(585) I'm not going to laugh.
(586) Fucking, balance!
(587) That's a fucker. That's a motherfucker.
(588) Time for goodbye, Charlie.
(589) No! We should go walk some more.
(590) Let's do it again. Let's just do the whole path again.
(591) It's a full moon! We get bikes, we go ride around.
(592) We can do anything. We'll get pancakes.
(593) No, I am sorry. Why?
(594) It's like they say, another time, another place. Right?
(595) Who's they? You got friends that tell you what to do?
(596) Fuck them, fuck they, fuck all that.
(597) 'Cause this is, this is important.
(598) This. This, all this. This is
(599) This is big to us.
(600) To us?
(601) Us. Two letters, whole world.
(602) Whole world like an oyster that you can put the future and the past into, right?
(603) And the middle is this "us" thing.
(604) Which is a pearl, which is us.
(605) Goodbye, Charlie.
(606) Stay. Okay?
(607) Yeah.
(608) Charlie, please!
(609) Yeah. I can't do that. I don't know how to do that. I'm sorry.
(610) Remember, Charlie, it can all turn to blood in a blink of an eye.
(611) Hey, man.
(612) Did you see a man here? A man standing here?
(613) Okay. Okay.
(614) Watch it, watch it, watch it.
(615) What the fuck, man? Please!
(616) You need help, man. You're all bloody.
(617) Yeah, I got hit by a car, Luke.
(618) You need to see this.
(619) Carl! Come out! Charlie's back! Show him what you've done!
(620) Can't I just see it in the morning? No, you've got to see this now.
(621) I'm not coming out!
(622) Stop being a baby and just get out here, will you?
(623) He's a bit embarrassed. so just be cool and don't make a big deal out of this.
(624) He doesn't want to come out.
(625) Come on, come on! It's fine, it's fine!
(626) It's fine.
(627) Holy shit. Right?
(628) Goes for his job interview, comes back looking like that!
(629) I don't feel well, Charlie.
(630) One Viagra, I told him to take. Two tops.
(631) Tell Charlie how many Viagra you took.
(632) Five.
(633) Fuck off.
(634) Six.
(635) Five or six!
(636) These are Romanian Viagra.
(637) Carl, why don't you sit down, man?
(638) Let's go to a titty bar. It's my only hope.
(639) No, relieve the pressure! Take him to a hospital, Luke.
(640) I'm not going out with you to a titty bar. You've got to come with us.
(641) Carl needs you. He's in crisis!
(642) I just got hit by a car, right? Yeah.
(643) Take a couple of codeine. You'll be fine, all right?
(644) They let you travel with this?
(645) If I can't travel freely with my drum of drugs,
(646) then the terrorists have won. Five minutes, Charlie.
(647) There we go. There we go. Don't let it touch me though.
(648) There we go. Come on. Easy. Easy out the door.
(649) You speak Romanian, Luke?
(650) Romanian?
(651) Yeah, my grandparents are Romanian.
(652) How do you say I love you?
(653) I like to send a single wildflower.
(654) No, no, no. You got to say that from the heart, Charlie.
(655) You can't fuck around with that shit. No, how do I say I love you in Romanian?
(656) Oh, it's easy! It's easy.
(657) Te iubesc. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Te iubesc?
(658) So if I'm saying it to a girl, I say
(659) "Te iubesc, Gabi" or "Gabi, Te iubesc." or
(660) Te iubesc, Gabi. She'll love it.
(661) After that? Yeah, yeah.
(662) I can make you happy. No, thank you.
(663) It's impossible. It's like Sophie's Choice!
(664) You guys have got to help me.
(665) Come on, guys! We can have a good time
(666) without objectifying these women, surely!
(667) Luke, it's a titty bar!
(668) Look! She's perfect.
(669) Yeah.
(670) Come on, let's get you a drink. What do you want?
(671) One beer. Beer.
(672) Hey, hello!
(673) Hi.
(674) Excuse me, madam.
(675) I've got a medical situation.
(676) Please let me introduces ourselves. I'm John, this is Kevin.
(677) We're here on business, you see. We're looking at the club.
(678) We think we might buy it! How are your talking skills?
(679) We definitely could do with a couple of admin girls in the
(680) in the Romanian district of our office.
(681) No.
(682) Look over there. See?
(683) What's wrong?
(684) I came in my pants.
(685) All right!
(686) Hi, I'm Darko.
(687) Darko? Really?
(688) Really. There's a problem?
(689) We have this bill here. It seems pretty extravagant.
(690) Me and my friends had a couple of beers. He got a lap dance
(691) and it says 9,900 lei.
(692) Which is... It's crazy.
(693) I see this is correct due to your friend shooting his load.
(694) His load? Are you serious?
(695) How do I look to you currently? Serious or unserious?
(696) Yeah, serious.
(697) Excuse me, Dorko.
(698) My name is Darko. Darko.
(699) And maybe if I put this pen right into your asshole
(700) then write my name inside, you will remember?
(701) Something is funny?
(702) Yeah. What you just said with the pen-in-the-asshole thing.
(703) I mean you can't actually write inside someone's asshole.
(704) It wouldn't actually help me remember.
(705) How can you read inside your own asshole?
(706) You wouldn't be able to read it.
(707) A guy's who's head is cut off and then stuck up inside.
(708) That's not possible, is it?
(709) If you cut his head off, he's not going to be able to read anything,
(710) because he'll be dead and you're not going to do that, are you?
(711) Come here. What?
(712) Come here.
(713) Darko, we're all staying at a youth hostel
(714) and they've been there for some time, they've made some friends.
(715) So they would obviously, they would notice if we didn't show up.
(716) And so if we can just
(717) So if we were to come up with a dollar figure
(718) Is this photo making you stop talking a lot?
(719) Do you know the man who I am with?
(720) Because how you look now is people
(721) who know this man look like when they see him.
(722) Or is it the girl that you know?
(723) Beautiful Gabriela?
(724) Listen, boy.
(725) Listen.
(726) In my mind, this man is not in Bucharest
(727) but it would be good for me to know if my mind is wrong and he is in Bucharest.
(728) Would it help our situation with you if I did know?
(729) Stay within yourself now and try to breathe.
(730) Okay.
(731) Now tell me, what do you know about this man?
(732) I'm going to have to call you with that information after we leave here.
(733) I really like your guts. I really do.
(734) Come here.
(735) I will look into this question by myself.
(736) However, if I don't hear from you tonight, latest tomorrow
(737) your boyhood faces will be made into pork rind to be eaten by my dogs.
(738) And try to realize, my friend...
(739) no matter where you go now...
(740) this is how close I'm going to be to you.
(741) Here. Take it.
(742) What the fuck was all that shit back there, Charlie?
(743) Are you in some Three Days of the Condor shit or something?
(744) No. It's Three Days of Condor... It's nothing.
(745) I'll see you guys later, yeah?
(746) Yeah, all right.
(747) What's his problem?
(748) Well, he's just found out that the girl that he loves
(749) could possibly be a skank stripper, mate.
(750) Genuine ho bag.
(751) Hey!
(752) You cannot sleep here, sir.
(753) Hey!
(754) Bela!
(755) Oh, hey!
(756) Good morning. Listen, I'm looking
(757) It's evening, idiot.
(758) Is it evening? It is evening, it's evening.
(759) You must leave Gabriela be. She grieves for her father.
(760) She has suffered enough at the hands of rogues such as yourself.
(761) Rogues open doors, Bela?
(762) Bela, do rogues open doors? Please.
(763) Get in.
(764) I said if you find me, I would kiss you.
(765) Are you drunk?
(766) What is it?
(767) Charlie, tell me.
(768) I met Darko at his club.
(769) Let's just talk about it another time. I'm sorry I brought it up.
(770) Darko? Fucking Darko?
(771) Charlie, do you have any idea what kind of a man he is?
(772) Yes, of course. Yeah, I have a very clear idea.
(773) What happened? You tell me now.
(774) There was an incident and my friend had an erection, and so
(775) And they took you to the office.
(776) They took me to the office.
(777) I played it cool.
(778) You played it cool?
(779) Fuck yeah.
(780) I'm sorry. I find that hard to believe.
(781) Well, I did.
(782) Gabi?
(783) You, sir. You cannot be here!
(784) Charlie? You seen Gabi of late?
(785) Um, she's not here.
(786) She's not here, is she?
(787) No.
(788) Listen, I meant to ask you this before.
(789) Okay, how can I put this?
(790) Can you do that Dizzy Gillespie thing with your cheeks?
(791) You know, where he goes all puffy-fish like?
(792) Being the champion tubaist-cocksucker you are reputed to be?
(793) He was a trumpet player.
(794) Come on, Charlie. Go on.
(795) What?
(796) If that's not the most woeful bit of puffy-fishery I ever did see.
(797) You know, it occurs to me, Charlie, that maybe you're not a tubaist.
(798) Maybe you're not even an actual faggot.
(799) Maybe the truth of it is that you've got designs on my wife.
(800) What do you think, Gabi?
(801) You were meant to ring me, darling.
(802) You need to leave, Nigel.
(803) Now.
(804) The ass of an angel
(805) the brain of a man, the aim of Annie Oakley?
(806) Ever the total package, my Gabi is.
(807) Let's say I give you 'til tomorrow to seek me out
(808) but that's the best I can do. Agreed?
(809) Guess I'm off then, Charlie.
(810) But we'll get a funny face out of you yet, right?
(811) Bela knows something?
(812) Bela will always know something.
(813) He's telling me that it was my father who made Nigel leave. How?
(814) There is some kind of tape of Nigel doing something
(815) and my father used it to make Nigel leave Bucharest.
(816) This is the unfinished business.
(817) With my father gone, Nigel and Darko want to find the tape.
(818) How does this happen? How do you meet a man like this? How?
(819) When I was a little girl, my life was music.
(820) Only music.
(821) And my father tried to introduce me to other things,
(822) but there was nothing else for me.
(823) To me it made no difference where I was
(824) as long as I was playing.
(825) What I did not know
(826) was that above the café, there was a small flat.
(827) And in this flat was Nigel.
(828) Ana' he listen to my playing as he struggled with his injuries.
(829) Every day he would hear me.
(830) And every day he would became stronger.
(831) One day, he approached me.
(832) He said my playing saved his life.
(833) And he was...
(834) the mast beautiful man I had ever seen
(835) with his scars and eyes.
(836) It's like some kind of wounded animal.
(837) And I had no idea who he was or what he did.
(838) All I knew was that he said my playing saved his life.
(839) I learned a lot from Nigel.
(840) You know, things I otherwise would not have learned.
(841) Over time, I learned what he was.
(842) By then it was too late.
(843) I loved him.
(844) What is this?
(845) There was minimal violence and sex.
(846) Too much love.
(847) Nigel was the wrong person for me.
(848) And wrong is wrong.
(849) What about Darko?
(850) What about Darko?
(851) I saw a picture of you at his club.
(852) You were in your work outfit or some other fancy
(853) So you live here, yeah?
(854) I thought this was Victor's house, right?
(855) My father wanted me home after Nigel left.
(856) Thank you.
(857) I was happy to do it.
(858) Welcome to Bucharest, Charlie.
(859) Wow. It's like...
(860) a Romanian grain alcohol, like a rice wine?
(861) Shut up and drink.
(862) You're nervous. That's why we're drinking this shit.
(863) Drink.
(864) I'm nervous.
(865) So you think I danced for Darko?
(866) Or maybe I was a whore.
(867) I'm sorry I brought it up.
(868) I really don't care. It doesn't matter.
(869) I was a bartender, Charlie.
(870) My job was to give drinks to people.
(871) I'm sorry I brought it up.
(872) Forget I said anything. I don't care.
(873) You think you love me?
(874) Yes.
(875) Do you think things like this happen to people?
(876) Some people, yes.
(877) What people?
(878) Us.
(879) Us.
(880) I remember all the things you said to me.
(881) Every word.
(882) My mother died.
(883) Before I left, she died.
(884) You did not tell me.
(885) You've had a lot on your plate.
(886) Finally we have something in common.
(887) What brings you here, Charlie?
(888) You look a little bit pink, Charlie-boy. ls everything all right?
(889) Nothing amiss, is it?
(890) I thought you were coming back.
(891) What? What? You thought what?
(892) That a runty cunt such as you are ever stood a chance?
(893) Come on, son. This is reality when you don't fucking register.
(894) I register fine, you greasy fuck!
(895) What's this now?
(896) Suddenly found the hard man within our self, Charlie, haven't we?
(897) Charlie, get out of here! Let's listen to her.
(898) The clock's ticking on my benevolence. I saw the tape.
(899) What tape, Charlie? You know what tape.
(900) Gabi, darling...
(901) you just finished telling me you had no idea about any of this.
(902) Because I have no fucking idea what Charlie is talking about.
(903) Nigel! Nigel, let him go!
(904) Where is it, Charlie? Where's what?
(905) Nigel, open the door!
(906) The tape!
(907) Surely, this is not what you left home to find?
(908) Your head in a plastic bag, choking on your own fucking blood!
(909) I'm in charge, not you, fucker!
(910) Nigel. stop!
(911) Charlie's in charge! Charlie has the tape.
(912) I got you, Charlie. The only explanation for the behavior
(913) that you're exhibiting is that-- Are you in love?
(914) Are you in love, Charlie?
(915) That's between me and your wife.
(916) Nigel please!
(917) Gabi, Charlie's in love.
(918) Any idea who with? But something tells me his name
(919) is not Kevin or Phillip or fucking Andre.
(920) It's a she, fucker.
(921) Okay. Let's put a pin in the fucking love story for now, shall we?
(922) I'd like to get back to my primary agenda item.
(923) Where's the tape? Her name's Gabi.
(924) No! Stop! Nigel, I told you, he means nothing to me, okay?
(925) That was mean! We don't believe you!
(926) Nigel, he's not important!
(927) Last chance for petrol, boy. The tape?
(928) I'm in charge. I'm in charge.
(929) Welcome to limbo, Charlie.
(930) Don't get too comfortable. It's not your final destination.
(931) I'll be along soon enough to hasten you there.
(932) What the fuck? He's up there!
(933) Let me go. We didn't do anything!
(934) Hey. It's time to go.
(935) You know, sir. Gabi doesn't want to see you again.
(936) She didn't say that to you.
(937) I choose Budapest for you. A very nice place.
(938) Safe and pretty. I'm not going to Budapest.
(939) No, Bela!
(940) You are going there, okay?
(941) Bela! Hey!
(942) Bela, Bela, Bela! Hey!
(943) Here we go, baby.
(944) What do you mean, here we go, baby. Where are we going?
(945) Bags and Budapest.
(946) I'm not going to Budapest.
(947) Good boy, aren't we? Okay.
(948) Sorry?
(949) Go get your bags!
(950) Get my stuff?
(951) Do you want me to come with you? Okay.
(952) Go! Five minutes.
(953) What?
(954) What's wrong?
(955) Evil guys are in the house.
(956) They left this for you.
(957) Who?
(958) Oh, fuck.
(959) I think you should run away.
(960) Yeah, run, run, run! Run away!
(961) Oh, fuck!
(962) Thank you.
(963) Whoa!
(964) Gabi!
(965) Long time no see, right?
(966) I think it's a good idea if you tell me now everything that you know.
(967) Have a peek.
(968) Oh, God!
(969) See there's no ropes and tape or anything? You know why?
(970) Because I used the super crazy glue on them.
(971) If they move, rip! Off goes the skin.
(972) Nice, right?
(973) What the fuck do you want to know?
(974) The fucking tape? I don't have the tape!
(975) The tape was here, the tape is gone! That's all I know.
(976) Hello?
(977) Gabriela.
(978) Give me the phone.
(979) You sit your ass down.
(980) I'm here with this Charlie guy.
(981) Let me ask him. Are you all right, Charlie?
(982) I'm fine.
(983) He's okay for now.
(984) But we need to speak about this tape.
(985) I hope this is why you're calling me.
(986) Sure. Sure.
(987) I like this plan.
(988) Hug. hug. Bye, bye.
(989) What's happening?
(990) Where is she?
(991) Charlie.
(992) I'd love to sit down with you and explain it all
(993) like in a fucking James Bond movie
(994) but I get bored so fast.
(995) And I have things to do.
(996) You look so fucked up.
(997) Does this hurt?
(998) Gabi, oh, fuck.
(999) The tape? The tape.
(1000) I went to the apartment to get the tape and it wasn't there.
(1001) I'm sorry. Forget about the tape, Charlie.
(1002) What?
(1003) Forget about all of it.
(1004) This is the last time you will see me. Do you understand?
(1005) No. No, I fucking don't understand.
(1006) Gabi, it's us.
(1007) There is no us.
(1008) It's us, right? No.
(1009) None of this happened until you came along talking about us.
(1010) Your mommy dies and you think you can go on a big adventure
(1011) to feel something different than what you're supposed to feel!
(1012) No! Gabi, Gabi, Gabi.
(1013) I know you're confused. I'm fucking confused also.
(1014) Hey! I'm confused also. But it's us.
(1015) It's the pearl, right? The rest is oyster.
(1016) I belong with Nigel.
(1017) You said it was wrong. You said it was wrong!
(1018) Wrong is wrong!
(1019) I was out of my head over my father.
(1020) No, we are right, us! It was real!
(1021) You did not think I could go
(1022) from loving someone like Nigel
(1023) to loving someone like you.
(1024) Go away!
(1025) Go away, little boy.
(1026) Are you sure Darko understood?
(1027) We meet, we destroy the tape.
(1028) Life goes on.
(1029) Did you want some more advice?
(1030) No advice. I'm good.
(1031) You were a great mom.
(1032) Solid B-plus.
(1033) B-plus?
(1034) You bring me all this friggin' way for a B-plus?
(1035) I'm joking with you, Mom. You were an A.
(1036) You are an A.
(1037) You know what's funny?
(1038) When I told you to go to Bucharest, I meant Budapest.
(1039) I got them all mixed up.
(1040) It's classic me, right?
(1041) It is you.
(1042) I'm so proud of you, Charlie.
(1043) I can see you've come exactly as far as you needed to go.
(1044) Not quite.
(1045) I hope you don't die, kiddo.
(1046) Yeah, well, if I do, I die for love.
(1047) Pretty fucking cool way to go.
(1048) Charlie!
(1049) You said everything I said was in your heart. What?
(1050) Everything, I know that means something.
(1051) Do you have your gun? Where's the gun?
(1052) I don't know! I don't have it here handy!
(1053) Wish me luck.
(1054) Oh, no, no, no! Charlie!
(1055) Gabi, Gabi!
(1056) Is it true what they say, Charlie?
(1057) Better to have loved and lost and all that?
(1058) Oh, please...
(1059) You think you love me? Yes.
(1060) Gabi, Gabi...
(1061) Well...
(1062) Shot poor Charlie for love did you, gorgeous?
(1063) Charlie!
(1064) Christ!

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