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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2013] [Assassins Run] English Transcript

(1) You promise?
(2) I promise.
(3) Nyet!
(4) You promise? I promise.
(5) I promise.
(6) You promise?
(7) I promise.
(8) You promise? I promise.
(9) Yeah, three dead bodies.
(10) At least two suspects fleeing the scene.
(11) It was Eli who called it in. He heard gunshots.
(12) Mmm.
(13) Yeah, his farm's right next door to that old warehouse.
(14) Yeah. We got to the scene right away.
(15) No no, she hasn't talked yet.
(16) Your name is...
(17) Maja Latin...
(18) La..." Maya Letinskaya.
(19) Here are the files. Thank you.
(20) Why are you in America?
(21) I came for Nina.
(22) What do you do for a living?
(23) I am a swan.
(24) I'm gonna take this call
(25) and when I get back, I don't wanna hear any shit about birds, you got it?
(26) Excuse me.
(27) Yeah.
(28) He wants to come over here?
(29) I am a swan.
(30) In an hour? Well, that's fast.
(31) I was a swan.
(32) Ah, we're screwed!
(33) Totally late.
(34) Sasha, isn't there anything you can do?
(35) It's hopeless, boss.
(36) You know they say Russia is a country of drunks, fools and bad roads.
(37) Your country is a land of opportunity, Sasha.
(38) Anything is possible here.
(39) She is so elegant and beautiful.
(40) She is only there because of her rich husband.
(41) Maya was always the best dancer.
(42) Long before she met Mr. Mason.
(43) Hello, who's this?
(44) It would be such a shame if you were late
(45) on the night your pretty wife becomes a swan.
(46) Who is this? How'd you get this number?
(47) I am only taking back what you stole from Russia.
(48) I stole nothing.
(49) You have raped our natural resources,
(50) sucking our oil fields dry,
(51) and taking the very best of our women for your own wife, blyad.
(52) I've got nothing to say to you.
(53) If you want to find what's at the end of this line,
(54) follow the missing money.
(55) What missing money?
(56) Do you want me to get rid of him, boss?
(57) He fought for your country, Sasha.
(58) It's not his fault it took more than he had to give.
(59) Mommy, Mommy! Look out behind you!
(60) See you later.
(61) Yes?
(62) Mr. Mason, it's Usov.
(63) Usov, I'm headed into the theater.
(64) Um, I just got a call from our partners
(65) and they haven't received any payment yet from our oil refinery.
(66) Well, the bank credit was granted two weeks ago.
(67) I know. The contract has penalty clauses
(68) and if we don't pay it now, we could lose tens of millions of dollars.
(69) Okay, I hear you. I'll get to the bottom of it.
(70) Good evening, Mr. Mason. Hi.
(71) Nina. Hi.
(72) Shh. You're late. I know, I know.
(73) I got stuck in traffic.
(74) Look at your mom. She's gorgeous.
(75) That's fast, huh?
(76) Nina, Nina, it is time.
(77) Good luck.
(78) Enjoy. Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
(79) Hello, ladies.
(80) I'll see you inside.
(81) Roman! Hey. How are you, sir?
(82) Excuse me. Did you enjoy the show?
(83) Maya was amazing, as always.
(84) Well, I'll tell you, it was a wonderful introduction.
(85) To the greatest thing you've ever done.
(86) Except for make you rich, right?
(87) Michael, let me talk to you for a second.
(88) Somebody's buying up our debts.
(89) What? Who? I don't know yet.
(90) But they're using front companies.
(91) Those bonds are secured against our shares,
(92) and if we don't pay on time we could lose a lot of money.
(93) Bravo!
(94) By the way, uh,
(95) have you heard anything from our oil refinery?
(96) No.
(97) Well, they... they received the bank credit,
(98) but they're delaying payment.
(99) What? Yeah.
(100) All right, I'll go up there tomorrow. I'll take care of it.

[1995] [Assassins] English Transcript

(1) Son of a bitch.
(2) When I first saw you, I wasn't scared.
(3) I was just wondering why you wore those boots.
(4) Now I know.
(5) Shit.
(6) We've both played this game, Rath.
(7) What kind of shoes will you be wearing...
(8) when your day comes?
(9) Whatever the contract is, I'll double it.
(10) Just say you couldn't find me.
(11) Listen to me.
(12) I'm talking like a mark.
(13) Oh, God. Don't pull yet. Not yet.
(14) Christ. I've killed a few innocents in my time.
(15) You're so high and mighty. You and your principles.
(16) Someone had to do the jobs you wouldn't do.
(17) I can't die like this.
(18) I'm not a mark.
(19) Not like a mark.
(20) It's chambered.
(21) Thanks, Rath.
(22) Goodbye, old friend.
(23) I don't care what you believe. I've had it.
(24) I want out. I quit.
(25) Go away, you son of a bitch.
(26) You should be.
(27) and army of press, police and the private security.
(28) Today.
(29) However, the attention is not for the man...
(30) being laid to rest, but rather, for one of the mourners.
(31) We're just witnessing the arrival of recluse billionaire Alan Branch...
(32) here attending the funeral of his brother, who died in an automobile accident.
(33) Alan Branch was last seen testifying before a Senate hearing 10 years ago.
(34) He was questioned for his alleged financing of right-wing death squads...
(35) throughout South and Central America.
(36) Branch was born in Queens. Get over there.
(37) As you can see from the use of the wheelchair...
(38) he is the victim of a hitman's bullet.
(39) It was 10 years ago that Alan Branch was brought before Senate hearings...
(40) where he was questioned about his involvement...
(41) in money laundering, drug-trafficking. And right-wing death squad financing.
(42) Those hearings went on for several weeks...
(43) Let us pray.
(44) Lord Jesus Christ...
(45) by the three days you lay in the tomb...
(46) they, like you, will rise again.
(47) Bless this grave, O Lord, and give Samuel peaceful rest...
(48) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
(49) Aah! He's been shot.
(50) Come on, you little bastard, be brave.
(51) Run for it.
(52) Ooh-ooh-ooh.
(53) Ay, yi-yi-yi.
(54) Put it down. Put it down.
(55) Fuck. Put it down.
(56) Throw the gun away.
(57) On the ground. Face down.
(58) All right. Throw the gun away.
(59) All right, all right. Throw the gun away.
(60) Throw it away. Get down. Get down, don't move.
(61) Don't move. Don't even-
(62) Hands behind your back.
(63) What the hell is he doing?
(64) Hold on. Take it easy. Shut up.
(65) Just give me your hands. Shut up.
(66) Check him for more weapons. Where is it?
(67) Easy. My pocket.
(68) Don't worry. I'm not worried.
(69) There it is. Here.
(70) Silencer, right? Get up.
(71) Pistol? Okay.
(72) What do we have here? The area's secure. Come on. Let's go.
(73) Nice to meet you.
(74) Hey, wait a minute, buddy. Ambulance, let's go.
(75) Come on. Come on. In there. In there.
(76) Hold it. Number one, move it out.
(77) Number two, come on.
(78) Go.
(79) All right, get out of there. Go.
(80) Go.
(81) Three-Charlie-four. All units in the vicinity.
(82) A robbery at the liquor store. Madison and 28th
(83) One-Bravo-Five, What is the disposition of your suspect?
(84) This is one-Bravo-five. We're proceeding to the 7th Precinct.
(85) We have the suspect in custody, over. One-Bravo-five, roger.
(86) I show you en route to the precinct with one suspect.
(87) Look. Watch where you're pointing that.
(88) No. Look at this.
(89) Look out.
(90) No.
(91) Oh, my God.
(92) Hey.
(93) Don't fucking try it.
(94) This is one-Bravo-three, officers down. Victoria Ave. 2700 block.
(95) Repeat, officers down.
(96) One-Bravo-three, what's your status?
(97) One-Bravo-three, what's your status?
(98) One-Bravo-three, please respond.
(99) One-Bravo-three, please respond.
(100) All units, officers down, 2700 Victoria Avenue.

[2012] [Assassin's Bullet] English Transcript

(1) As you can see,
(2) our Cultural Attache Department has extended our ESL program
(3) to the rest of Bulgaria with extraordinary results.
(4) Sofia Private School has the best scores in the country.
(5) I think you should give each and every one of yourselves
(6) a round of applause for this extraordinary accomplishment.
(7) Aah!
(8) No witnesses.
(9) So how's the good doctor this evening?
(10) Happy to have the company of my old friend.
(11) Attractive, huh?
(12) Yes, very.
(13) So what's it been now, Robert, hmm?
(14) Three years? Four?
(15) It's been four years today, actually.
(16) Look around, my friend.
(17) If you wanted to,
(18) you could go home with a different one every night.
(19) It's not exactly my style, you know that.
(20) What, then?
(21) Ah, you're still punishing yourself
(22) about the accident, are you?
(23) Oh, Robert, you need to deal with it, my friend.
(24) I know what carrying that kind of burden around can do to you.
(25) I appreciate your concern as always,
(26) but as long as I stay here in Eastern Europe,
(27) all of that stays back in New York. Out of sight, out of mind.
(28) Well, that's..
(29) It doesn't work that way, my friend.
(30) I think you need therapy.
(31) I'll tell you what I do need. I need a drink.
(32) Where's our waitress?
(33) So, Vicki, how are we today, hmm?
(34) I'm okay.
(35) Good.
(36) Any more memory lapses, hmm?
(37) Any more bad dreams?
(38) I sense that you're avoiding conversation today.
(39) Perhaps you'll indulge me in a brief activity, hmm?
(40) It's a hypnotic technique we use to open a patient's senses,
(41) to tap into the imagination.
(42) It's really quite harmless. You can trust me.
(43) You're not afraid of a simple little blindfold, are you?
(44) You can remove it whenever you want to.
(45) I promise.
(46) And just relax.
(47) Breathe and relax.
(48) Now, I asked you about your dreams.
(49) Any recently that you recall?
(50) Yes, one.
(51) Go on.
(52) It's embarrassing, actually.
(53) It's like a re-creation from something I read long ago.
(54) Have you read Hubert Selby, Jr., Last Exit to Brooklyn?
(55) No, I can't say I have.
(56) There is this part at the end
(57) where this junkie chick climbs into an abandoned car
(58) and lets every guy in the neighborhood screw her.
(59) Every scumbag and lowlife for miles around get in this line,
(60) and the line goes around the block.
(61) How did it affect you, the scene, when you read it?
(62) At the time, it was disturbing.
(63) But in this dream..
(64) I'm the girl in the abandoned car.
(65) I can never see their faces.
(66) They're hidden by keffiyehs,
(67) you know, those Arabic scarves.
(68) They're pulled over their faces,
(69) and every one of those men..
(70) Go on.
(71) They're all the same man.
(72) Have you thought who he might be..
(73) the man wearing the keffiyeh?
(74) Vicki?
(75) Vicki?
(76) Vicki? What?
(77) You blanked out there.
(78) Went somewhere else as you answered my questions.
(79) I did?
(80) Answered your questions?
(81) What questions? What did I say?
(82) Well, you were away for several moments.
(83) You don't remember what we were talking about?
(84) No, I don't remember.
(85) One moment, please.
(86) Oh, here she is now.
(87) This is the man from the embassy, Vicki.
(88) Robert Diggs.
(89) Please meet my wife, Vicki Denov.
(90) Pleased to meet you. Call me Vicki.
(91) Sure.
(92) So you'll be spending some time with us today then?
(93) Yes, that's correct.
(94) Your English is excellent, by the way.
(95) It better be.
(96) Shall we? I'm running late.
(97) Sure. It's a pleasure.
(98) Bye.
(99) Proper nouns includes words like Sofia and Bulgaria.
(100) When writing proper nouns, you capitalize the first letter.

[2014] [As the Light Goes Out] English Transcript

(1) Thick smoke"
(2) has high mobility but extremely low visibility."
(3) it contains CO, CO2, carbon particulates, hydrogen, sulphur and toxic gases."
(4) Smoke inhalation can 'cause a coma, shock and illusion"
(5) and can kill in 3 minutes."
(6) In a fire,"
(7) thick smoke is a fire fighter's true enemy."
(8) it is much more deadly than the fire itself."
(9) File No. CCR28974, 40 Wong Chu Road, Tuen Mun,
(10) four-alarm fire at a factory.
(11) Chief Fire Officer Tam Chi-Kong
(12) ordered you, Yip Chi-fai and Yau Bong-chill
(13) to search-and-rescue, but 4th floor was off-limit.
(14) Did Tarn Sir made himself clear?
(15) Yes!
(16) Yes!
(17) Yes!
(18) Tarn Sir knew the volatile chemicals could explode.
(19) He ordered us to pull out immediately.
(20) I reported to Tarn Sir when I reached the stairs.
(21) Get them out!
(22) Tarn Sir wanted me to go upstairs to get them back.
(23) I got up there and saw them helping 2 victims.
(24) We have to go now.
(25) As fire-fighters,
(26) you should know a food factory,
(27) with flour particles scattered in the air
(28) trapped in a heated and enclosed environment,
(29) would lead to a huge dust explosion
(30) powerful enough to blow up the entire building.
(31) The explosion led to fatalities,
(32) Ho and Yau, you were both injured.
(33) So who gave that order?
(34) I know the guidelines.
(35) We don't trade one life for another.
(36) Our only intention is
(37) to save as many as we can.
(38) I graduated from the same class with them.
(39) I never agreed with the way they do things.
(40) Does it matter who made the call?
(41) Or are you just looking for a scapegoat?
(42) This situation warrants straight answers from you.
(43) Or it will have an impact on your careers.
(44) Sam, Chill, I hear somebody upstairs.
(45) I said pull out! Don't go, do you copy?
(46) Tarn Sir, copy! We need to get out of here now!
(47) Chill...
(48) Someone is up there! Shall we go up?
(49) Save as many as we can.
(50) You guys sure about this?
(51) Forget it! Let's go!
(52) Wait... wait a second.
(53) Come on, Sam? We're running out of time!
(54) Go! We'll take the rap together.
(55) It wasn't my decision.
(56) Who gave that order?
(57) If you must blame someone, blame me!
(58) You've anything to add?
(59) No!
(60) Station Officer Yau Bong-chill,
(61) adjudged to have violated the Fire Dept's code and so noted.
(62) How's the wound?
(63) OK.
(64) Everyone has their eye on us.
(65) Our bosses need to be seen doing something. I'll see what I can do.
(66) Relax, Chill took the fall all by himself.
(67) He won't be demoted, only under monitoring for few years.
(68) You're not smart like Yip,
(69) but you're my pick as the future Assistant Divisional Officer, OK?
(70) Be aware of him.
(71) Don't let him step on you to get ahead.
(72) Time to smoke.
(73) December 24, 2013,
(74) is the hottest December in the history of Hong Kong.
(75) With a temperature of 34 degrees
(76) and 95% relative humidity,
(77) with a tropical depression approaching.
(78) The extremely unusual weather had people speculating
(79) the real Doomsday
(80) is actually in 2013.
(81) Don't be scared... take them to somewhere safe.
(82) Get up...
(83) Go check it out!
(84) Disaster warning!
(85) Send in firemen, the smoke squad,
(86) Hazmat Task Force and Special Rescue Squad
(87) to the scene.
(88) All disasters
(89) are unpredictable.
(90) Protecting your lives and property is our mission.
(91) Enlist with the HKFSD, take on a new challenge.
(92) The Fire Department needs you!"
(93) Isn't Jackie Chan from Police Story!
(94) This promo is too exaggerating!
(95) The SFX is too much even for a movie!
(96) Sir called for morning drill now.
(97) Cut the crap and let's move!
(98) Come on, let's go!
(99) Veteran firemen told us
(100) for those of us who live by the fire,

[2004] [Around the World in 80 Days] English Transcript

(1) To the Bank of England! Quickly!
(2) Surround the building!
(3) You go that way! You go this way!
(4) There he is!
(5) Come on! After him, men!
(6) That way!
(7) He came this way. I'm sure of it. Come on!
(8) Come on, mates! Keep up!
(9) Sorry, sir.
(10) Today is the day I will finally achieve what has been deemed impossible.
(11) Man can break the 50-mile-per-hour speed barrier.
(12) And you're lucky to be a part of it, Pierre.
(13) It's Jean Michel, sir. Yes.
(14) We will make history. Or we will die trying.
(15) Die? This is very exciting.
(16) That's it! I refuse to be catapulted,
(17) electrocuted, or have my internal organs disrupted any longer!
(18) I quit!
(19) He is a very sick man!
(20) The electrocution was not my fault!
(21) You refused to wear the rubber underpants!
(22) We're looking for a bank robber.
(23) Is there no man brave enough to be my valet?
(24) Oh... Aah!
(25) I'm your new valet.
(26) Uh... I must commend the valet service
(27) on their impeccable foresight.
(28) But they know I only accept French valets.
(29) Yes. Oh! Oui! Oui!
(30) I come from a long line of French valets.
(31) On my father's side. Very, very French.
(32) But your accent. My father French. Never speak.
(33) My mother Chinese and never shuts up. All the children pick up her accent.
(34) Very well.
(35) Will you be willing to risk your life to challenge the laws of physics?
(36) Yes. Uh, and I can sing, too. Excellent. Pop this little hat on.
(37) He's got to be in here. He's this way!
(38) And the throttle in your right hand controls the speed.
(39) How do I stop? Godspeed!
(40) Uh-uh-uh...
(41) Twenty-five miles per hour. Yes, the pressure's stable-ish.
(42) We need more speed, man.
(43) Waah! Wee-yoo!
(44) Forty miles per hour. Hang on in there, my good man.
(45) Forty-seven.
(46) Forty-eight.
(47) Forty-nine.
(48) Eureka! We've done it!
(49) Uh...
(50) Waaah!
(51) I say, I say. Uh, good morning.
(52) I'm looking for a man with... Over here!
(53) There he is. There's my valet.
(54) Sorry! New valet.
(55) Whoa!
(56) Whoa!
(57) Good morning. Good morning.
(58) You'll be able to let go any second.
(59) The pack will run out of steam
(60) in exactly three, two, one.
(61) Now.
(62) Look out!
(63) That was incredible! We've broken the human speed barrier.
(64) Good-bye, sir.
(65) It's been very nice valeting for you.
(66) Let's... do it again soon.
(67) Please, wait!
(68) With you as my brave valet, I can test all my inventions.
(69) No!
(70) Spread out!
(71) Cover that... Yes, yes.
(72) I take the job. Splendid!
(73) I can't wait to present my results to the Academy.
(74) Too kind. Too kind. Thank you.
(75) And with this grant to develop new applications for copper wire,
(76) Dr. Ramsey invented this.
(77) Needless to say, the Royal Academy of Science
(78) declared this crackpot mentally incompetent,
(79) and he was duly dispatched to a lunatic asylum.
(80) Sir. I have an urgent announcement for you. Here.
(81) Don't just stand there. Read it.
(82) Oh. Um...
(83) It is with great distress
(84) that Scotland Yard announces
(85) that the Bank of England... has been robbed."
(86) My stolen Jade Buddha stolen? You blighter!
(87) You gave me every assurance that the Bank of England was impenetrable!
(88) Sir, sir, I said, "lmpregnable."
(89) It's the same thing, you idiot!
(90) Please, please, not the quills!
(91) Lord Salisbury!
(92) Please contact General Fang and inform her, no Buddha, no deal.
(93) To forgo your obligation would be dishonorable, Lord Kelvin.
(94) A woman in the Royal Academy?
(95) The Jade Buddha was delivered by us to the Bank of England.
(96) What happens while in British hands... Is absolutely your concern.
(97) Colonel Kitchner, chief of Scotland Yard,
(98) please inform General Fang
(99) what other items were stolen from the bank.
(100) Nothing else.

[2009] [Armored] English Transcript

(1) Rise and shine. Let's go. Gonna miss the bus. Get up.
(2) Please stop acting like Dad.
(3) Boy, I don't got time for this. Get up. I'm gonna be late.
(4) Your lunch is in the kitchen.
(5) Come on, man.
(6) Negative on that, Control. We're short-handed already.
(7) Now, that's what I'm talking about. M4 Benelli scattergun.
(8) State of the art.
(9) Yeah, boys.
(10) I wish somebody would mess with us on the-- What?
(11) Looks like the devil made that.
(12) Cut the shit, Palmer.
(13) You and the devil was real tight not too long ago, huh?
(14) God saved my life, yes...
(15) and he could still save yours.
(16) What's up? Good morning.
(17) Good morning. Yo, yo, little Mike.
(18) Check this baby out.
(19) What do you think of that?
(20) Looks like you're overcompensating.
(21) What are you talking about?
(22) What am I talking about? What you talking about?
(23) You know what they say. Bigger the gun, smaller the pistol.
(24) Okay, okay. Good one, good one, good one.
(25) Oh, you know. Shit, I'm gonna remember that shit. That's all right.
(26) Next Monday, Teams 1, 3, 5 and 7...
(27) will commence training on the new 425X7 ACTs.
(28) Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the modern age.
(29) All new trucks will be equipped with GPS.
(30) This is mandatory training...
(31) and I will accept no excuses.
(32) No hall passes.
(33) Ten-four, Control.
(34) Eagle Shield 32, check in on your next job.
(35) Yeah, Eagle Shield 32.
(36) Yeah, we're 10-5 on that drop.
(37) Twenty minutes, 32.
(38) Yeah, 10-4, thanks.
(39) Your next scheduled check-in after drop will be in 30 minutes. Stand by.
(40) Eagle 24, we're 2400 block, Madison.
(41) Two-four, stand by. Tow is en route to 24.
(42) What's going on?
(43) I got a black van. He circled us twice.
(44) All right, eyes and ears open.
(45) Ten-four.
(46) I wish they would try something.
(47) Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
(48) What's going on? I don't know.
(49) Ty, keep your eyes open.
(50) I don't know. She just cut out on me. Check your gauges.
(51) Everything looks good.
(52) Hey, wait, whoa, whoa.
(53) You smell that? Anybody smell that?
(54) Sm-- Smell-- Smell what? I don't smell nothing, Baines.
(55) I smell it. Burnt sugar. Somebody got to the fuel line.
(56) No, this ain't good. Team 12 to Base.
(57) This ain't good. Team 12 to Base, come in.
(58) Keep keying that thing. Keep keying it.
(59) Team 12 to Base, come in, goddamn it. Where are you?
(60) We got a code black here. Come on. What's going on?
(61) Keep keying the thing. I am, I am, I'm trying.
(62) Come on.
(63) Team 12 to Base, come in.
(64) Where the hell are you? We got a code black.
(65) We're in a dead zone. Damn.
(66) Holy shit.
(67) Holy shit, holy shit. Holy shit!
(68) Seat belt's stuck. Hit the deep locks.
(69) My seat belt's stuck.
(70) Keep keying it! Keep keying it! She won't turn over!
(71) Bomb!
(72) Come on.
(73) She won't turn over. She won't turn over!
(74) I can't take it. Bomb!"
(75) We got you, man. We got you, man.
(76) We got you.
(77) Oh, buddy, you did great.
(78) You were quiet in the crisis, man. Jesus.
(79) Oh, no, can't get his belt off!
(80) You should have seen the look on your face.
(81) Don't worry. Dobbsie was crying when we did it to him.
(82) No, no, no. Don't-- Don't--
(83) We had to change your diaper. What the hell--?
(84) Hey, hey, hey.
(85) I tried to stop them, bro, all right?
(86) You're supposed to have my back.
(87) Hold on. Hold on.
(88) I got something I'd like to say.
(89) Hold on a second.
(90) You know, when your old man asked me to be your godfather...
(91) that was a big moment in my life.
(92) He was a great mentor to me...
(93) and he was-- He was my best friend.
(94) I don't know how much of this he expressed to you...
(95) how deeply proud he was of you when you joined the service.
(96) And I know both he and your mom would be proud...
(97) to see the way that you stepped up for your brother, Jimmy.
(98) Real proud. Yeah.
(99) And I'm proud of you too.
(100) So let's take a moment to lift up our glasses to Ty.

[1998] [Armageddon] English Transcript

(1) Man Narrating ] This is the Earth at a time...
(2) when the dinosaurs roamed a lush and fertile planet.
(3) A piece of rock just six miles wide...
(4) changed all that.
(5) It hit with the force of 10,000 nuclear weapons.
(6) A trillion tons of dirt and rock hurtled into the atmosphere,
(7) creating a suffocating blanket of dust...
(8) the sun was powerless to penetrate...
(9) for a thousand years.
(10) It happened before.
(11) It will happen again.
(12) It's just a question of when.
(13) Man Chattering ]
(14) Man ] Houston, affirmative.
(15) Now try again.
(16) Man On Radio Chattering ]
(17) Almost got it. Grunts ]
(18) Dennis, I'm almost there. Houston, Pete's lookin' real strong.
(19) Okay, Pete, we got that coupling on the board here now.
(20) We'll give you the go-ahead from down here when it's in alignment.
(21) Sounds good. Give me ten seconds.
(22) Sighs ]
(23) His heart rate's racing. Hey, Pete.
(24) It's Truman. Hey.
(25) How you doing up there, hoss? Pretty good.
(26) Listen, Pete, we got an eye on your meds here. I'll give you a buffalo nickel...
(27) if you'll calm down just a little bit.
(28) Can you do that for me ? Whatever you say.
(29) Okay, now, we got plenty of time, buddy, so don't you worry.
(30) Looking good here.
(31) He'll be all right.
(32) Go ahead, Atlantis. Roger that, Houston.
(33) Suggest we start reeling Pete in.
(34) Buzzing ] What the hell is that ?
(35) My Lord.
(36) Screaming ]
(37) We're down !
(38) Houston !
(39) We've lost all contact.
(40) Stewart, play that tape back!
(41) Screaming ] Houston !
(42) Multiple bogies! Multiple bogies!
(43) Sector five, niner. I have three. Now five.
(44) Unidentified tracks. My screen's full.
(45) Multiple tracks headed toward the Atlantic seaboard !
(46) This could be a surprise missile attack.
(47) Alarm Blaring ]
(48) Mr President, the shuttle Atlantis just exploded in space.
(49) Okay, I want three groups! One: internal malfunction.
(50) Get the log tape. Start working back. Maybe it's a glitch.
(51) Two: I want NORAD, Space Command and the 50th tactical,
(52) comparing all the space junk you tracked in every orbit.
(53) I want you to check, recheck and then do it all over again.
(54) Number three: wild cards. Anything and everything.
(55) All right ? Now, Big Ross, get on the telephone. Wake up 11,000 people.
(56) Walt, get 'em going. Let's go!
(57) Karl. Karl! Karl.
(58) Karl! Your Stouffer's pot pie's...
(59) been on the table almost ten hours.
(60) I want a divorce. Dottie, I'm on to something big here.
(61) I-l don't know what this is, but it looks like something's burnin' up there.
(62) Go get my phone book, will you ? Get my phone book. Get those names of those guys from NASA.
(63) Excuse me ! Am I wearing a sign that says, "Karl's Slave" ?
(64) Go get my goddamn phone book !
(65) Get the book! Get the book! Get the book!
(66) Space Command is reporting negative. That is zero global launches.
(67) It might just be a piece of the shuttle breaking up as it comes in.
(68) It might be Santa Claus. Until we get definitive, reliable confirmation, General,
(69) we go to DEFCON Three.
(70) I'm gettin' ready for the big time *
(71) Someday you're gonna say I'm big time too *
(72) Hey, little man! Little Richard!
(73) Me and you, man! We're going to the top, baby!
(74) Big time! I ain't gonna be ridin' this bike for the rest of my life.
(75) You know what I'm sayin'? I'm gettin' a motorcycle, baby.
(76) We're gonna travel in style.
(77) I'm gettin' ready for the big time *
(78) Someday I'm gonna be in big time news *
(79) Watch where you're goin'. I bet you, none of you all stop for brothers.
(80) Slow down, Little Richard. You've been ridin' all morning. You gotta take a dump?
(81) We interrupt our regularly scheduled programme... What happened ?
(82) to bring you this special report. Shh, shh, shh.
(83) The shuttle Atlantis exploded in space at 3:47 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.
(84) Growling ] Squeaking ]
(85) Hey! Get, get.
(86) Chattering ]
(87) That's my Godzilla. Come on, now. Yo, fool !
(88) Don't be kickin' Little Richard. What the hell your problem ?
(89) That dog's eatin' my Godzilla. What's a little runt like you gonna do about it ?
(90) Get him, Richard. Sic him. If I wasn't no Christian,
(91) I'd be throwin' your fat pineapple-eatin' ass through the window.
(92) Screaming ]
(93) Why we not going ? You know why ? Cause this is New York City.
(94) Anything could happen. Let's see. Could've been a terrorist bomb.
(95) Could've been a dead body. Somebody shot, stabbed, and it's Friday, payday.
(96) Dude, somebody probably didn't get their paycheck. Yes ? I want to go shopping.
(97) Me, too, but we ain't goin' nowhere cause this is a traffic jam.
(98) Little Richard! Right over there!
(99) Screaming ] Little Richard!
(100) Hang on, Little Richard. I'm comin'!

[2011] [Arena] English Transcript

(1) We’re dark. What the fuck?
(2) What just happened? What are you looking at me for?
(3) I don't know. Come on! Do it! Fix it!
(4) Seriously. You are not doing it.
(5) Fix it. You're the computer whiz. Come on, do it!
(6) Well, what happened?
(7) Hong Kong server was just hacked.
(8) Rerouting to Dubai, Iceland,
(9) Johannesburg, Rio.
(10) And Barcelona.
(11) Quadruple redundancy, plus a spare.
(12) Excellent work, my precious ones.
(13) Okay, it's on.
(14) Did you see that one?
(15) Oh, my God!
(16) Hey! What? That is so gross.
(17) I so just me a little. Right, yeah.
(18) Dude! Follow him.
(19) Closer.
(20) Ready camera four.
(21) Go.
(22) Did you see that? Oh, my gosh.
(23) Right in the back! That was fantastic. Right in the back, are you kidding me?
(24) I'm not betting against Ripper anymore.
(25) Now it gets really fucked up.
(26) Are you kidding me? Like it hasn't been already?
(27) Live or die. Live or die.
(28) All right, kill or stay?
(29) Kill him. Kill him. Kill him.
(30) Why not, right?
(31) I mean, dude, he's lost us 100 bucks. Let's do it.
(32) Kill. Kill, I guess.
(33) Survey says...
(34) Mr. Executioner, come on down!
(35) Finish him.
(36) Now!
(37) He didn't even cut it off with the first one!
(38) He didn't even cut it off! God, this is so gross, you guys!
(39) This is so gross. God. It makes me giddy in my underpants.
(40) Come on.
(41) This isn't real, is it?
(42) No, no, it's like the movies. It's special effects and stuff.
(43) Smoke and mirrors, yeah, it's...
(44) No, no, no. No, I heard it was real. I mean, if it was fake, it'd be on TV.
(45) What? You're so stupid. Yeah, right.
(46) There's no way. Seriously.
(47) My brother-in-law's friend works for the FBI.
(48) Says they're looking for the guy that runs this thing.
(49) Hey.
(50) Sorry.
(51) That's better.
(52) How did my gallant warrior do?
(53) Total slaughter.
(54) No mercy given?
(55) None taken.
(56) What was the score?
(57) A lot to a little.
(58) Defensive struggle?
(59) Always. You ready?
(60) Yeah.
(61) Thank you.
(62) I was watching, to be honest.
(63) You're gonna miss these moments.
(64) Waves of nausea followed by crippling cramps?
(65) Somehow I doubt that.
(66) Okay, but when you're 50,
(67) don't get all teary-eyed reminiscing about those pregnant days
(68) and how you miss them.
(69) You're such a man.
(70) You think you know everything,
(71) but you know nothing of the inner workings of the female body.
(72) But you still have to give your opinion.
(73) And expect everyone to accept it as fact.
(74) I know to bail on this conversation.
(75) Yeah. Good thinking.
(76) David!
(77) You all right? Yeah.
(78) Lori.
(79) Baby?
(80) David, I'm sorry.
(81) I don't speak Mexican, senorita.
(82) No sleeping in the bar. You understand that?
(83) Just give me another bottle of...
(84) Whatever it is I'm drinking, okay?
(85) Okay.
(86) It's for you.
(87) Where’s the head at?
(88) It's over there.
(89) Yeah.
(90) One more, please.
(91) Hello.
(92) Hey.
(93) Where's my drink?
(94) I don't smoke.
(95) But you do speak French.
(96) What happened to your face?
(97) Life sucks. Scars happen.
(98) You know, this is the third bar I've seen you in.
(99) You like to flash those big bills or perhaps you have a Mexican death wish.
(100) You traveling alone?

[1942] [Arabian Nights] English Transcript

(1) What was that?
(2) It was yourself, O Guardian of the Harem.
(3) You... burped.
(4) Silence... daughters of foolishness.
(5) I was but paying tribute to the generosity of our lord and master.
(6) Let us to the improvement of your minds, what there is of them.
(7) For today's reading, we will take the story of the dancing girl and the two brothers.
(8) Now, all together. When the noble and beloved Haroun-Al-Raschid...
(9) When the noble and beloved Haroun-Al-Raschid...
(10) ascended to the throne of the Caliphs,
(11) he had many secret enemies, not least among them,
(12) being his elder brother,
(13) the passionate and cruel Kamar-Al-Zaman,
(14) born of a slave of the harem...
(15) and barred, therefore, from the succession to the throne."
(16) Very good, very good.
(17) Continue alone, O my little Dunya.
(18) Now, it happened that in Bagdad at this time,
(19) there was a dancing girl named Sherazade...
(20) whose skill and beauty...
(21) had made her the idol of the people."
(22) The story, the story! Now you, Ayesha.
(23) Yet Sherazade, because of the poverty of her childhood,
(24) was as avid of power and riches as a shipwrecked mariner of water.
(25) Kamar had seen the beauteous maid...
(26) and like many others, had fallen madly in love with her."
(27) Enough, enough. Be silent and listen.
(28) But Sherazade had spurned his love,
(29) saying half in jest and half in earnest,
(30) Return to me, O Kamar, when you are Caliph of Bagdad and I will listen to you."
(31) But Kamar, besotted by love, had taken the jest in earnest.
(32) And rebelling against his brother, had been defeated and captured,
(33) thereafter being condemned to suffer the punishment of the slow death...
(34) even as the law provides.
(35) Haroun-Al-Raschid! Salaam, O Mighty Caliph.
(36) Is he dead? Not yet.
(37) They will tell us when.
(38) Seven days and seven nights and still he lives.
(39) Nadan, this is no end for one of Allah's creatures.
(40) You must not relent, my lord.
(41) It is the law. It is man's law, not Allah's.
(42) He was a great warrior, Nadan. And a great rebel, my lord.
(43) Were he in your place and you in his, he would be merciless.
(44) He always hated me, even when we were children.
(45) Yet, now you pity him. Why not?
(46) He's cursed with an ambition he could never fulfill.
(47) Is that not to be pitied?
(48) You mistake, my lord.
(49) It was not ambition alone that prompted your brother to rebel.
(50) There is a dancing girl, Sherazade.
(51) Sherazade?
(52) It was to win her love that he dared to seek your throne.
(53) A slow death for love of a woman.
(54) Sherazade! Let us see Sherazade!
(55) We want Sherazade!
(56) Let us see Sherazade, the dancing girl.
(57) All right, hurry! Change into your acrobat costumes.
(58) Ali? Where is Ali?
(59) That boy is always late. He will be the death of me. Hurry!
(60) Love of Allah, Sinbad! You're in a hurry, are you?
(61) Yes, I...
(62) A great hurry. A terrible hurry.
(63) The day of reckoning will come!
(64) We want Sherazade. We want Sherazade!
(65) Listen to them.
(66) The crowd is hungry for you tonight, mistress. You'd better hurry.
(67) Let them wait, the fools. I detest them!
(68) I'm their servant, their slave.
(69) But one day, one day when I'm above them all...
(70) But the day never seems to come.
(71) And there may never be another Kamar to risk his life to make you a queen.
(72) Silence! How dare you, you...
(73) Sherazade, my sweet!
(74) What is this? They are calling for you.
(75) Let them call. I'll come when I'm ready!
(76) Get out! Get out! Do you hear? Allah, defend me.
(77) First it is that son of Satan, Ali, and now...
(78) I'm going. Look, I'm going. Good-bye. I'm going.
(79) The madness of his desire for Sherazade has brought him to this torture.
(80) It is the law.
(81) Law or no law. He's suffered enough.
(82) Wait!
(83) Kamar's men!
(84) Stop him! Stop Haroun.
(85) Free him.
(86) By the mighty Valda, who will perform an unheard of feat...
(87) of supporting six men at the same time, unaided.
(88) You are about to witness a most phenomenal performance of all times,
(89) including that world-famous Ali Ben Ali.
(90) Pull in your neck, O brother, to the wine barrel.
(91) O you grateful son of infamy!
(92) And this is Ali, Ali the wonderful,
(93) Ali the magnificent, Ali, the world's greatest acrobat...
(94) who is the son of an acrobat,
(95) who himself was the son of a son of a son of a son of an acrobat.
(96) Go!
(97) Watch him as he climbs high above the blessed earth.
(98) Watch Ali defying death in that death-defying feat...
(99) of standing his head upon the head of Sinbad.
(100) Now, my noble friends, watch closely...

[1966] [Arabesque] English Transcript

(1) Professor Ragheeb. Send him in, will you?
(2) Good afternoon. Mr. Saeed?
(3) Mr. Saeed's away, I'm afraid. My name's Sloane.
(4) Away? Why is he away?
(5) Flu, Professor.
(6) Medical men aren't immune. He asked me to look after his appointments.
(7) I'm only checking your glasses. You look as though I want to drill your teeth.
(8) Do sit down, Professor.
(9) Ragheeb. That doesn't sound English. Are you English, Professor Ragheeb?
(10) Why do you ask? Oh, small talk, merely small talk.
(11) The weather's too dull and politics too explosive.
(12) I certainly didn't mean to pry.
(13) May I see your glasses? I can't see anything without them.
(14) Yes. Yes, indeed. Please.
(15) Have you been exposed to flu recently? Does that weaken the eyes?
(16) No, merely the eye doctors.
(17) There's so much close personal contact in our line, we can't be too careful.
(18) Now...
(19) let's just try these.
(20) There.
(21) Read those letters in the mirror. A."
(22) N, D."
(23) A, O, H, T."
(24) Not bad. Now the other eye.
(25) H, C, U."
(26) D, H, L, E."
(27) M." No. "N." Jolly good.
(28) Look up at me, Professor. I want to put some drops in your eyes.
(29) Why? To dilate the pupil.
(30) It's quite all right, Professor. You won't feel anything.
(31) There. That didn't hurt, did it? No, it was...
(32) Here on the final slide
(33) is an example of a more cursive form of hieroglyphs,
(34) probably from the reign of the great Pharaoh Ramses II.
(35) Now we can still recognize what many of the signs represent.
(36) Here, for example, is the word for "heart",
(37) written simply with the picture of the heart.
(38) But here, above the monster Amensit,
(39) who, as you can see, is part crocodile, part lion and part hippo,
(40) and who waits to devour the heart of the dead man
(41) is the glyph for a house.
(42) Below it is a mouth. These signs have phonetic value only.
(43) They are followed by a drawing of a pair of legs,
(44) which, in this case, has no phonetic value.
(45) As an ideogram, it does give us the clue to the meaning of the word
(46) to go forth".
(47) Sex.
(48) I thought there must be some way of attracting your attention, Mr. Fanshaw.
(49) I seem to have been talking in your sleep.
(50) That will be all for today. Professor Ragheeb will be back tomorrow.
(51) Good morning.
(52) May I have a word, Professor Pollock?
(53) If it's about that outstanding bill at the bookstore,
(54) there's a simple explanation: poverty.
(55) No, it's nothing like that. In that case, how do you do?
(56) My name is Sloane. Major Sylvester Pennington Sloane
(57) of Her Majesty's 42nd Highland Fusiliers, retired.
(58) Marvelous. Yes, quite.
(59) I'm private secretary to Mr. Nejim Beshraavi of the shipping lines.
(60) The Nejim Beshraavi. I didn't think there could be two.
(61) Mr. Beshraavi would like to see you in London,
(62) so if you'll follow me, please, the car is waiting.
(63) Mr. Sloane, this is Wednesday. Shall I tell you about my Wednesdays?
(64) Right now: a healthy jog and a couple of tutorials,
(65) an indescribable lunch with the faculty at 12:45...
(66) Mr. Beshraavi will pay you well for your time.
(67) And I could use it, I don't mind telling you.
(68) But, as I said, not on Wednesdays.
(69) Good morning, Mr. Sloane.
(70) You people really can't take no for an answer, can you?
(71) What do you think you're doing?
(72) Let me go!
(73) Good Lord, a-aren't you...
(74) Mr. Pollock, may I present His Excellency, Mr. Hassan Jena?
(75) Well... Mr. Prime Minister. Good morning, Mr. Pollock.
(76) I am Mr. Jena's Ambassador to Great Britain, Mohammed Lufti.
(77) Mr. Ambassador.
(78) Please forgive this unorthodox method of making your acquaintance.
(79) Please, don't mention it.
(80) There's nothing like a kidnapping now and then to keep the circulation going.
(81) The fact is that there are very few men on this Earth
(82) whom I admire more than you.
(83) You're a very great man.
(84) No man is greater than the people he serves. Your respect must be for them.
(85) Yes, sir. I... I didn't know that you were in England.
(86) You are quite right. I am not. You have not seen me.
(87) The first favor I would ask of you is to help keep my visit here a secret.
(88) Of course, sir. And... And the second?
(89) You know a fellow countryman of mine, Mr. Nejim Beshraavi.
(90) The Nejim Beshraavi.
(91) Yes, our richest and most powerful citizen.
(92) We have every reason to believe
(93) he intends approaching you with a business proposition.
(94) He already has, sir, but I turned him down.
(95) Oh, dear. Wrong?
(96) Your association with him could have been valuable to the cause of freedom.
(97) How?
(98) All we know is that Beshraavi is opposed to our programmes
(99) and plans some violent exercise of that opposition in the near future.
(100) We have to find out what he intends doing and when.