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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2009] [Armored] English Transcript

(1) Rise and shine. Let's go. Gonna miss the bus. Get up.
(2) Please stop acting like Dad.
(3) Boy, I don't got time for this. Get up. I'm gonna be late.
(4) Your lunch is in the kitchen.
(5) Come on, man.
(6) Negative on that, Control. We're short-handed already.
(7) Now, that's what I'm talking about. M4 Benelli scattergun.
(8) State of the art.
(9) Yeah, boys.
(10) I wish somebody would mess with us on the-- What?
(11) Looks like the devil made that.
(12) Cut the shit, Palmer.
(13) You and the devil was real tight not too long ago, huh?
(14) God saved my life, yes...
(15) and he could still save yours.
(16) What's up? Good morning.
(17) Good morning. Yo, yo, little Mike.
(18) Check this baby out.
(19) What do you think of that?
(20) Looks like you're overcompensating.
(21) What are you talking about?
(22) What am I talking about? What you talking about?
(23) You know what they say. Bigger the gun, smaller the pistol.
(24) Okay, okay. Good one, good one, good one.
(25) Oh, you know. Shit, I'm gonna remember that shit. That's all right.
(26) Next Monday, Teams 1, 3, 5 and 7...
(27) will commence training on the new 425X7 ACTs.
(28) Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the modern age.
(29) All new trucks will be equipped with GPS.
(30) This is mandatory training...
(31) and I will accept no excuses.
(32) No hall passes.
(33) Ten-four, Control.
(34) Eagle Shield 32, check in on your next job.
(35) Yeah, Eagle Shield 32.
(36) Yeah, we're 10-5 on that drop.
(37) Twenty minutes, 32.
(38) Yeah, 10-4, thanks.
(39) Your next scheduled check-in after drop will be in 30 minutes. Stand by.
(40) Eagle 24, we're 2400 block, Madison.
(41) Two-four, stand by. Tow is en route to 24.
(42) What's going on?
(43) I got a black van. He circled us twice.
(44) All right, eyes and ears open.
(45) Ten-four.
(46) I wish they would try something.
(47) Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
(48) What's going on? I don't know.
(49) Ty, keep your eyes open.
(50) I don't know. She just cut out on me. Check your gauges.
(51) Everything looks good.
(52) Hey, wait, whoa, whoa.
(53) You smell that? Anybody smell that?
(54) Sm-- Smell-- Smell what? I don't smell nothing, Baines.
(55) I smell it. Burnt sugar. Somebody got to the fuel line.
(56) No, this ain't good. Team 12 to Base.
(57) This ain't good. Team 12 to Base, come in.
(58) Keep keying that thing. Keep keying it.
(59) Team 12 to Base, come in, goddamn it. Where are you?
(60) We got a code black here. Come on. What's going on?
(61) Keep keying the thing. I am, I am, I'm trying.
(62) Come on.
(63) Team 12 to Base, come in.
(64) Where the hell are you? We got a code black.
(65) We're in a dead zone. Damn.
(66) Holy shit.
(67) Holy shit, holy shit. Holy shit!
(68) Seat belt's stuck. Hit the deep locks.
(69) My seat belt's stuck.
(70) Keep keying it! Keep keying it! She won't turn over!
(71) Bomb!
(72) Come on.
(73) She won't turn over. She won't turn over!
(74) I can't take it. Bomb!"
(75) We got you, man. We got you, man.
(76) We got you.
(77) Oh, buddy, you did great.
(78) You were quiet in the crisis, man. Jesus.
(79) Oh, no, can't get his belt off!
(80) You should have seen the look on your face.
(81) Don't worry. Dobbsie was crying when we did it to him.
(82) No, no, no. Don't-- Don't--
(83) We had to change your diaper. What the hell--?
(84) Hey, hey, hey.
(85) I tried to stop them, bro, all right?
(86) You're supposed to have my back.
(87) Hold on. Hold on.
(88) I got something I'd like to say.
(89) Hold on a second.
(90) You know, when your old man asked me to be your godfather...
(91) that was a big moment in my life.
(92) He was a great mentor to me...
(93) and he was-- He was my best friend.
(94) I don't know how much of this he expressed to you...
(95) how deeply proud he was of you when you joined the service.
(96) And I know both he and your mom would be proud...
(97) to see the way that you stepped up for your brother, Jimmy.
(98) Real proud. Yeah.
(99) And I'm proud of you too.
(100) So let's take a moment to lift up our glasses to Ty.

(101) To Ty, Jr. To Ty.
(102) Ty. Ty.
(103) You passed your probation.
(104) Starting tomorrow...
(105) you're a full-fledged guard with Eagle Shield Security.
(106) To Eagle Shield. Eagle Shield!
(107) Eagle Shield Security.
(108) Ty. Here's to it.
(109) They dropped a power line on the truck.
(110) Fifty thousand volts.
(111) Fried everybody inside.
(112) They were lucky they went fast.
(113) Remember Omaha? Oh, man.
(114) Yeah, they tried to use a demolition charge to blow the door.
(115) The door held...
(116) but the fuel tank went up in flames.
(117) They were cooked alive.
(118) So has Eagle Shield ever got jacked?
(119) Once. A couple of guards got killed in a five-man ambush.
(120) How much they get?
(121) Not one dollar. The last guard in the crew dropped all five of them.
(122) One guard? Yes.
(123) Ashcroft.
(124) Ashcroft? Our Ashcroft?
(125) That's why he's got the cane. No.
(126) Still carrying a couple of slugs in his back.
(127) I got an even better one. Back in October of '88...
(128) a crew making a $4-million cash transfer to Abilene...
(129) stopped at a car accident.
(130) Only it wasn't an accident, it was a setup.
(131) The guard who got out of the truck, well, they just grabbed him...
(132) put a sawed-off shotgun to the back of his head.
(133) Then what happened?
(134) Crew just gave up the money and they let the guard go.
(135) The guards just gave up the money?
(136) It was either that or sacrifice one of their brothers.
(137) The funny thing about it is...
(138) they still never caught up with those hijackers.
(139) Right? Nope.
(140) And they never found that money either.
(141) See...
(142) not everybody's a hero, soldier boy.
(143) So when are you gonna tell us about all them kills...
(144) you got over there in Baghdad?
(145) We'd like to hear about that.
(146) I gotta take a leak.
(147) You're out of line, man.
(148) You should be proud of what you did over there.
(149) I'm not.
(150) A lot of innocent people died out there.
(151) Right, right. But you were just trying to protect the guys in your unit.
(152) Those guys were your brothers.
(153) Anybody would've done the same thing.
(154) So you'd think. That's what you'd think.
(155) We're not gonna let the bank take your house.
(156) I got that under control. Hey, don't bullshit me, Ty.
(157) Don't worry about it. We're gonna think of something.
(158) All right.
(159) Say hi to Jimmy.
(160) Drive safe, man. All right.
(161) Jimmy.
(162) Jimmy?
(163) Jimmy, let's eat.
(164) Jimmy.
(165) Jimmy!
(166) What are you doing?
(167) Your bedroom is one thing. You know this is the kitchen, right?
(168) What's for dinner?
(169) I'm starved.
(170) I'm starved."
(171) You're really testing me, bro.
(172) Every day.
(173) Every day, it's something with you. What took you so long?
(174) What took--? No, Jimmy.
(175) Where'd you get the supplies?
(176) You ain't getting no money from me, so where are you getting it, Jimmy?
(177) You better not be stealing it from the store. Where'd you get them?
(178) No, man. I'm not stealing them from the store.
(179) Okay, tell me something.
(180) But school has a real nice supply.
(181) School.
(182) Boy.
(183) At least you're going to school, man.
(184) In the kitchen.
(185) Remember how Dad used to always freak Mom out...
(186) and tell her all those stories?
(187) Yeah, I remember.
(188) Like there was an owl living in the attic.
(189) There was an owl up there.
(190) Come on. What?
(191) A real owl? A real owl.
(192) You think it's gone too?
(193) You got skills, man.
(194) Thanks.
(195) All right, listen up.
(196) One more thing.
(197) As I was getting the collections together for Freddy's widow...
(198) I found this.
(199) For a good time, call 555-0125."
(200) You're sick, Baines. You need help.
(201) How you know it was me? Did you call the number, chief?
(202) I can't believe you let your sister marry this pig.
(203) She was always bringing home strays.
(204) You know, maybe she's got a thing for sick animals.
(205) That's you, that's you. All right, settle down, settle down.
(206) Tomorrow begins the CCD cycle...
(207) so if you can't be here on time, be early.
(208) And I expect each of you to pay extra special attention to detail.
(209) Half our ACTs will be carrying HC priority loads.
(210) Yeah, I got his priority load.
(211) Keep your eyes open out there. Open out there.
(212) Hey, you got a second, Top? What is it, Hackett?
(213) Hey, I was wondering if you could throw a few more shifts my way.
(214) Yeah, I know. I know it's a problem. But I just need some help, man.
(215) Getting letters from the bank, some real ugly letters.
(216) I'm sorry, kid. Not enough to go around.
(217) All right. Thanks, Top.
(218) Eagle 12 to Control.
(219) We're code five and en route.
(220) Copy, Truck 12. Next radio check-in in 15 minutes.
(221) Eagle 12, out.
(222) I think I know what happened to that money.
(223) The Abilene job.
(224) They never caught those guys because they don't exist.
(225) Crew hid the 4 million.
(226) And then they just made up that story about getting jacked.
(227) Hide the money, fake being jacked. That's classic.
(228) That's pretty good, huh?
(229) The only thing is, they made one big mistake.
(230) What's that?
(231) They didn't take enough.
(232) This is the bank.
(233) What?
(234) It's trying to take the house.
(235) You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
(236) Shit, I don't know what that means. Well...
(237) your dad worked two jobs, barely made ends meet, right?
(238) And then, God bless them, but he and your mother die...
(239) and they leave you with a house with two mortgages...
(240) and a pile of hospital bills.
(241) That's not what they wanted for you.
(242) They wanted you to get out of this place...
(243) and have the life that they never had.
(244) And now look at you.
(245) Here you are in the same old shit.
(246) Guys like your old man used to bust their hump...
(247) working in places like this.
(248) Then you go off to Iraq, you serve your country...
(249) and you earn a Silver Star.
(250) For what?
(251) Don't get me started.
(252) Come on, let's get something to eat.
(253) I'd get you another one, but you usually stop at four.
(254) Thanks, Joe. Take another Coke.
(255) You got it. Thanks.
(256) You really love them, don't you?
(257) My father used to take me to ball games when I was a kid.
(258) We'd put away four of those things apiece.
(259) Every time I eat those, I'm-- Any available unit...
(260) we have reported gunshots in the vicinity of Franklin and Durango.
(261) Unit 8, show en route. Ten-four, 8.
(262) Thanks, Joe. Get me next time.
(263) I'll get you this time.
(264) You be safe.
(265) This is one spot in the old 'hood that's gonna be here forever.
(266) Hey, Joe. What's up, Joe?
(267) Two regulars, one with cheese.
(268) And get me another one to go. Another one to go.
(269) For Jimmy. Thanks, man.
(270) How's he doing?
(271) Driving me crazy.
(272) It's hard for him, you know? Yeah.
(273) I hear you.
(274) You know...
(275) I really appreciate everything you do, man.
(276) What, are you kidding me? Well, you do a lot, man.
(277) You're like family to me, man.
(278) You and Jimmy. You'll always be family to me.
(279) I'm really starting to feel it, Mike.
(280) The whole damn world, bro.
(281) Have you talked to Jimmy about the situation?
(282) He knows the bank wants the house, but he thinks I'll figure it out.
(283) Good dog, Joe. Thanks.
(284) Listen.
(285) Let's take a walk.
(286) There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.
(287) Thanks, Joe. All right. See you around.
(288) Tomorrow's the start of a new CCD cycle.
(289) It only happens twice a year.
(290) Yeah, I heard this morning. Can't be on time, be early."
(291) Yeah.
(292) The banks will be looking to crown their vault reserves...
(293) which means we'll be transporting something in the neighborhood of...
(294) 42 million.
(295) Damn. That's a lot of money.
(296) Damn straight.
(297) So....
(298) So think about it.
(299) Think we might get jacked?
(300) As a matter of fact, I do.
(301) We're gonna take that money, Ty.
(302) You, me, Baines, Quinn, Palmer and Dobbs.
(303) What?
(304) It's gonna be just like the Abilene job...
(305) only we don't make the same mistake they did.
(306) We're going big.
(307) Come on.
(308) What, you think last week was a joke?
(309) It was a test run.
(310) Because that's exactly the way this robbery's gonna play out.
(311) It's our alibi. We stash the money...
(312) and we tell them we got jacked.
(313) You're planning to yank $42 million?
(314) No. We're planning on yanking $42 million.
(315) Because I need you in this.
(316) Are you crazy? It's gonna work. Think about it.
(317) The cops are gonna be all over you. Forget the cops.
(318) Of course they'll be all over us in the beginning.
(319) But we got a rock-solid alibi, and all we gotta do is stick with it.
(320) The trucks, Mike. We're gonna torch the trucks.
(321) No evidence. We're gonna torch the trucks"?
(322) Are you listening to yourself? Ty, it's clean.
(323) It's clean.
(324) Come on, man. There's no bad guys.
(325) Look, there's just us. Nobody's gonna get hurt.
(326) Think about it.
(327) There's nothing to think about. I'm not doing it.
(328) All right. Me and Jimmy, we gonna be all right.
(329) Look, look, I understand. You're a little bit worked up about this.
(330) I don't blame you. It's a little last-minute, I understand.
(331) I want you to go home, sleep on it.
(332) And if you want in, be at the bus stop in the morning.
(333) I won't be there.
(334) All right. Where you going? I'm walking.
(335) I'll drive you. I need the fresh air.
(336) Ty, come on.
(337) Promise me you're gonna think about it.
(338) Ty!
(339) Come on, man.
(340) Look.
(341) All right, I know I can trust you with this.
(342) Ty.
(343) This lady came here to see you. She's from Child Welfare.
(344) Sir, are you Mr. Tyler Hackett?
(345) Child Welfare, Ty. Yeah, yeah, wait, wait, wait.
(346) What's going on? What's going on? Kept telling her we ain't on welfare...
(347) but she didn't wanna listen.
(348) And I've tried to explain it's not that kind of welfare.
(349) Child Supervision and Services. Whatever, lady. Whatever.
(350) My brother got a job, okay? We don't need no welfare.
(351) Jimmy, shut up!
(352) Okay?
(353) Come in.
(354) In the past 10 months...
(355) during the little time he's actually appeared at school...
(356) James has had two suspensions, four arrests.
(357) For tagging. He's artsy.
(358) Look at that. Tell me that's not art.
(359) Okay. Come on, lady.
(360) He's a good kid.
(361) When I was his age, I was hot-wiring cars.
(362) Okay.
(363) That came out wrong.
(364) Your brother's school has notified us...
(365) he's missed more days than he's attended this year.
(366) What's she talking about, Jimmy?
(367) I asked you a question, boy.
(368) I was looking for a job so we could keep the house.
(369) You're losing your house? No, we're not losing the house.
(370) You have to understand, if James doesn't have the proper lodging--
(371) I didn't know he was missing school.
(372) As a result, the Department of Child Welfare...
(373) is legally obligated to intervene on James' behalf...
(374) to determine if he's a candidate for state-funded care.
(375) Foster care.
(376) No, foster care, that must be a mistake.
(377) I'm Jimmy's legal guardian. I take care of him.
(378) Okay, all right.
(379) I admit it's been tough.
(380) He lost both-- We lost both our parents this year.
(381) I understand, Mr. Hackett-- Nobody's splitting us up, lady.
(382) He's my brother. You know what that means, huh?
(383) I'm all he's got. He's all I got.
(384) Nobody's splitting us up.
(385) Period.
(386) No one gets hurt, right?
(387) How?
(388) There's no bad guys.
(389) Only good guys.
(390) Jimmy needs me.
(391) I cannot go to jail.
(392) You hear me?
(393) No more blood on my hands.
(394) Promise me nobody gets hurt.
(395) Nobody gets hurt. That's a promise.
(396) Hackett, hold up a minute.
(397) Came in today.
(398) It's official, kid. Now you've got the tin to prove it.
(399) I want you to know it's an honor having a decorated veteran on my crew.
(400) I mean that.
(401) Come on, let's roll out.
(402) Gentlemen.
(403) Courtesy transport 3489. Copy that.
(404) Reserves, Federal Reserve Bank. It's fine.
(405) Yeah, that's right, that's right. We all done? All right.
(406) All right, gentlemen.
(407) All right.
(408) We're all good. Let's roll out.
(409) It's time to check in.
(410) Eagle 12, Control.
(411) Go ahead, 12.
(412) Twelve is--
(413) Code five.
(414) Situation normal. We're on Jefferson headed back to the barn.
(415) Copy, 12.
(416) Next check-in in 58 minutes.
(417) Copy that. Eagle 12, out.
(418) That's beautiful. See what I mean?
(419) You smell that? Yes. The smell of freedom.
(420) No. Smells like ours.
(421) Baines, stop that. You want the cops smelling booze on you?
(422) Come on, put it away. Put it away. Okay, okay, okay.
(423) All right, look, we got 51 minutes...
(424) to stash this money and then get jacked. Let's go. Come on.
(425) Come on.
(426) Take that gear off. I got a job for you. Let's go. Let's go.
(427) Now is not the time to pray.
(428) Come on, Hackett. All right, keep it moving.
(429) Come on, come on, come on. Keep it moving.
(430) That's it.
(431) Put the money in these bags. Put them in the hole, all right?
(432) Keep it moving. Let's go.
(433) Come on, guys. Let's move, let's move.
(434) All right, let's go.
(435) Keep it coming. Come on. All this money.
(436) Yeah, yeah. Come on.
(437) Here it comes, here it comes.
(438) Come on, come on. All right, keep it coming.
(439) That's it. This one's empty. All right.
(440) Last one, let's go.
(441) Someone's here.
(442) Easy, Grandpa.
(443) Easy.
(444) Mike. Mike. Mike.
(445) Wait, wait. Wait one sec. Let's just put the money back.
(446) I don't like this, Mike. Shit!
(447) Everybody, okay, let's stay calm.
(448) He saw our faces, man! We let him go!
(449) He saw our freaking faces, man!
(450) Shit. Are you out of your mind?
(451) Hey, calm down! Calm down right now!
(452) Jesus Christ! Are you all right?
(453) Come on, chief. You wanna go? Just calm down.
(454) Let him go.
(455) Let him go. You're crazy.
(456) Come on! Come on, chief! Ty, where you going?
(457) Ty, he's not gonna make it.
(458) Ty, stop!
(459) I had to do it.
(460) I had no choice.
(461) I do.
(462) No, you don't.
(463) Mike.
(464) Come on, Ty.
(465) Open up.
(466) We gotta figure this thing out.
(467) You just shot that-- You just killed that man.
(468) He was gonna die before you got him to a hospital.
(469) You don't know that. You don't! Yes, I do, and so do you.
(470) Look. Ty, he was gonna land us in jail anyway.
(471) Don't you understand?
(472) Ty, open this door so we can figure this thing out together like a team.
(473) You just want me to walk out there, huh?
(474) Baines just tried to kill me!
(475) Forget Baines. I'll deal with Baines, I promise.
(476) Your promises don't mean shit. Look, I admit Baines screwed up.
(477) You're absolutely right about that.
(478) But I didn't want us to all go down for his mistake.
(479) We gotta clean this up.
(480) If we keep our cool, this thing could still work.
(481) Think about Jimmy.
(482) He needs you.
(483) Control?
(484) Control, Eagle 12, this is Eagle....
(485) Come on, Ty. Come on, we can still make this work.
(486) Open the door.
(487) Open this door!
(488) Hear that, Joe? Hear what?
(489) Pop the hood.
(490) Get out of the truck. Come on.
(491) We're dead, man. No, it's gonna be okay.
(492) Just be cool. We stick to the plan. Stick to the plan?
(493) Shooting that guy part of the plan? Stop whining.
(494) Maybe he's right, we should leave.
(495) And go where? I don't know.
(496) You guys can sit here and you can wait for the cops. I am done.
(497) You're not going anywhere. Dobbs is right.
(498) In 40 minutes, when we fail to check in with Ashcroft...
(499) this whole area is gonna be crawling with cops.
(500) Here's what we can do. We can forget about the money in my truck...
(501) and take the 21 mil from Quinn's truck and split it up five ways.
(502) Still a lot of money.
(503) It's a lot of money. But then what?
(504) Cat's out of the bag now.
(505) This changes everything.
(506) Well, what do we do? Yeah, what do you wanna do, Mike?
(507) We get the kid out of the truck.
(508) How?
(509) The hinges. Hinges?
(510) Those hinges are tempered steel.
(511) Yeah, but the pins aren't.
(512) If we can drive the pins through, the hinges will come undone.
(513) We got less than 40 minutes to do this.
(514) And then what? And then...
(515) when the cops arrive...
(516) we tell them that Ty died saving our lives.
(517) That he died a hero. That'll work.
(518) All you had to do was open the door.
(519) Come on, let's get something to open this goddamn hinge.
(520) I would've protected you.
(521) Jesus!
(522) All right, well, let's go. We got 36 minutes.
(523) Eagle 24, what's your 10-20?
(524) Request for 500,000 CTO from WLH Trust.
(525) Hold for 12 and 17. You got it, boss.
(526) They're due in 30.
(527) Come on, give it to me. Okay.
(528) All right, you and me. Let's go.
(529) Mike. Come on, this is taking too long.
(530) You got a better idea? Keep going.
(531) Dobbs.
(532) What?
(533) Help me, man.
(534) I can't.
(535) You should've stuck with us. Come on, Dobbs.
(536) We're not murderers.
(537) Just help me out, man. You gotta help me out.
(538) No.
(539) No, I don't.
(540) Gonna come out now? What are you doing?
(541) What's it look like I'm doing?
(542) Hey, come on, Baines.
(543) Are you out of your mind?
(544) You want some?
(545) Come on.
(546) Hey!
(547) Hey! Hey!
(548) Let him go! Come on!
(549) Come on!
(550) Come on! Come on! Come on!
(551) Goddamn it! You broke my tooth, you damn moron.
(552) Next time I'll break your head.
(553) You burn the truck, you burn the money, you idiot.
(554) I'm gonna tell your sister you called me that.
(555) Unit 8 to Dispatch.
(556) Dispatch.
(557) Sorry.
(558) Okay, keep going.
(559) Cops! There's a cop car coming.
(560) He stopped. I can take care of it.
(561) Wait a minute, wait a minute. No, he's not here for us.
(562) Don't do anything stupid. I'm gonna get rid of him.
(563) Hey there. Hey!
(564) Hey. I'm a good guy. I'm a good guy.
(565) Is everything okay?
(566) What are you doing here? I'm a security guard. Yeah.
(567) Yeah, I also do some maintenance work as well.
(568) Yeah. Is everything okay?
(569) I thought I heard a siren.
(570) Siren? No, no sirens here. At least to the best of my knowledge.
(571) What do they need security at an abandoned building for?
(572) Well, it's for insurance purposes.
(573) They've got vagrants running around here.
(574) They're stealing copper and just stripping the place clean.
(575) It's really terrible.
(576) I heard some banging too.
(577) Where?
(578) Couldn't tell you where from.
(579) I've had to chase them out of here numerous times.
(580) They're mostly bums, but if one of them gets hurt, the owner's still liable.
(581) Everybody wants a piece of the pie. Yeah.
(582) So...
(583) there's nothing over here in this particular unit.
(584) Sounded like it was coming from in there.
(585) Yeah, I just came from in there and I didn't see anything.
(586) Of course, I don't like going in there much, you know.
(587) I can show you around, but you might wanna cover your nose.
(588) Why's that?
(589) An old dog crawled in there and died.
(590) The rats have eaten most of him. The stench is so bad, it'll make you puke.
(591) They've got these rats, they're the size of a big old fat cat.
(592) Come on in, I'll show you the dog.
(593) I'll take your word for it. You sure?
(594) Yeah.
(595) Well, thanks for stopping by.
(596) If I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you know.
(597) Come on. Help me get him inside.
(598) Should've never trusted you. He was coming inside!
(599) He heard the siren!
(600) What was I supposed to do? Damn it.
(601) What the hell was that?
(602) I didn't know what else to do! What else did you want me to do?
(603) He was coming inside! Damn it!
(604) Come on.
(605) No, no, no!
(606) What the hell is wrong with you?
(607) Well, what was I supposed to do? He was coming inside!
(608) He was coming inside!
(609) Oh, shit.
(610) Don't look at me like that.
(611) What did you want me to do? You did this, man.
(612) Yeah, yeah, he's alive. Move your head!
(613) What's going on? I don't know.
(614) Fuck!
(615) No!
(616) No, no, no.
(617) Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.
(618) Okay, okay, okay, hang on.
(619) God. What's happening to me?
(620) You're just going into shock. Okay? All right.
(621) I need you to stay with me. What's happening to me?
(622) Okay, okay, all right.
(623) Just look at me, look at me, look at me.
(624) Okay, I need you to breathe. Breathe, breathe.
(625) There we go. Slow and steady. That's better.
(626) I'm gonna have to clean this up and stop the bleeding. All right? Okay.
(627) Fuck!
(628) All right.
(629) I got an idea.
(630) Pressure, pressure, pressure. Keep pressure on the wound.
(631) Can you do that, huh? Can you hear me? All right. All right.
(632) Okay, I'm gonna call-- I'm gonna call in and report you.
(633) Officer down. Officer down.
(634) Okay, all right. We just stop the bleeding...
(635) we can wait this out. Me and you. Okay?
(636) You're not dying today. Okay.
(637) What's your name, man?
(638) Eckehart. Jake Eckehart.
(639) Jake. How long until your backup comes?
(640) I don't know, an hour maybe.
(641) There was a glitch. I'm bleeding again, man.
(642) I know, I know. Keep pressure on it, keep pressure on it.
(643) Okay? All right? Okay.
(644) You gotta breathe, though.
(645) Breathe. The more you breathe, the less it hurts.
(646) Come on, Palmer.
(647) You watch my hand.
(648) Ty?
(649) Are you home?
(650) Ty?
(651) Is he still alive?
(652) He's not gonna be if we don't get help soon.
(653) Okay, listen to me.
(654) Cochrane pulled the main fuse from the engine.
(655) It's in his coat pocket.
(656) I'm scared, Ty. Dobbs.
(657) I need you to get it.
(658) It's our only way out of here.
(659) Get it, Dobbs.
(660) Get it.
(661) He's doing it.
(662) He's doing it. Nice. Nice and easy now.
(663) I don't know what we're doing here...
(664) anymore, man. I know.
(665) This is not what we agreed to, Mike. I mean....
(666) Palmer.
(667) Don't let them do anything to me, man, please?
(668) I won't.
(669) Okay.
(670) Okay. All right, man.
(671) I'm sorry, man.
(672) It's okay. I'm sorry.
(673) It's okay. I can't do it.
(674) I know, I know. I know. I can't do it.
(675) I just wanna go home.
(676) I wanna go home, man. I wanna see my kid and....
(677) It's gonna be okay. I'm sorry, man. I'm really sorry.
(678) No one was supposed to get hurt.
(679) I'm gonna bleed to death.
(680) I need your radio. It's right here.
(681) What are you doing? I'm getting us some cover.
(682) Hey, Palmer.
(683) Palmer. Hold up.
(684) Palmer? You with us?
(685) Let's go. Get back to work.
(686) What are you doing?
(687) They can't see us, they don't know what we're doing. Right?
(688) You with me? You with me? Yeah.
(689) All right. Hang tight, hang tight. Yeah.
(690) Hurry up.
(691) Keep talking. Keep breathing.
(692) Talk to me, talk to me. I'm fine. I'm all right.
(693) Yeah. Yeah.
(694) Okay. I'm going up to the roof. I'm gonna try to get a signal.
(695) Okay? You just keep pressure on that thing. I'll be back.
(696) Why would you come back?
(697) Because I'm the reason you're in this mess, Jake.
(698) Just stay put. Yeah.
(699) Come on.
(700) I think I heard something. What?
(701) Palmer.
(702) Go check it out.
(703) Let's go.
(704) Come on. Unit 8, what's your 20?
(705) Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have-- We have an officer down.
(706) We have an officer down. I need help.
(707) What is your location?
(708) We're at the Steele-- Steele Industry Center.
(709) State your name, please. Just--
(710) Just get here, please.
(711) Units en route, code three.
(712) It's done.
(713) It's over.
(714) You stupid kid.
(715) Just put the gun down.
(716) Okay?
(717) Don't make it-- Don't make it worse. Just put the gun down.
(718) Why couldn't you just go along?
(719) Palmer, listen to me, just....
(720) Just put the gun down.
(721) Okay, okay.
(722) You didn't hurt anybody. Shut up!
(723) Shut your fucking mouth!
(724) Okay.
(725) You don't know a thing.
(726) You don't want-- You don't wanna do this.
(727) You don't wanna do this.
(728) Just put the gun--
(729) Just put the gun down and we both go home.
(730) We could go home. It's a bad day. Shut up! Shut up!
(731) Shut the hell up!
(732) You think God will forgive me?
(733) No, you can't go to sleep. You can't go to sleep.
(734) Jake, you can't go to sleep.
(735) They're coming. I got through. I got through.
(736) Jimmy. Don't you touch him!
(737) Get out of the truck.
(738) I'm not messing around.
(739) Get out of the truck.
(740) Ty.
(741) You got three seconds, Ty. Ty, help me.
(742) Come on, soldier boy.
(743) One, two....
(744) Ty? Ty? Ty?
(745) All right. Are you okay? Are you okay?
(746) Are you okay?
(747) Come on, Jimmy, let's move!
(748) Move!
(749) You okay? You hurt?
(750) Okay, I'm gonna make sure the cops know how to find us. I'll be back.
(751) No, no, no, Ty. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
(752) I'll be back.
(753) All right?
(754) Cop told us what you did.
(755) There's talk of a reward.
(756) Hey.
(757) We going home?
(758) Yeah.

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