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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2014] [As the Light Goes Out] English Transcript

(1) Thick smoke"
(2) has high mobility but extremely low visibility."
(3) it contains CO, CO2, carbon particulates, hydrogen, sulphur and toxic gases."
(4) Smoke inhalation can 'cause a coma, shock and illusion"
(5) and can kill in 3 minutes."
(6) In a fire,"
(7) thick smoke is a fire fighter's true enemy."
(8) it is much more deadly than the fire itself."
(9) File No. CCR28974, 40 Wong Chu Road, Tuen Mun,
(10) four-alarm fire at a factory.
(11) Chief Fire Officer Tam Chi-Kong
(12) ordered you, Yip Chi-fai and Yau Bong-chill
(13) to search-and-rescue, but 4th floor was off-limit.
(14) Did Tarn Sir made himself clear?
(15) Yes!
(16) Yes!
(17) Yes!
(18) Tarn Sir knew the volatile chemicals could explode.
(19) He ordered us to pull out immediately.
(20) I reported to Tarn Sir when I reached the stairs.
(21) Get them out!
(22) Tarn Sir wanted me to go upstairs to get them back.
(23) I got up there and saw them helping 2 victims.
(24) We have to go now.
(25) As fire-fighters,
(26) you should know a food factory,
(27) with flour particles scattered in the air
(28) trapped in a heated and enclosed environment,
(29) would lead to a huge dust explosion
(30) powerful enough to blow up the entire building.
(31) The explosion led to fatalities,
(32) Ho and Yau, you were both injured.
(33) So who gave that order?
(34) I know the guidelines.
(35) We don't trade one life for another.
(36) Our only intention is
(37) to save as many as we can.
(38) I graduated from the same class with them.
(39) I never agreed with the way they do things.
(40) Does it matter who made the call?
(41) Or are you just looking for a scapegoat?
(42) This situation warrants straight answers from you.
(43) Or it will have an impact on your careers.
(44) Sam, Chill, I hear somebody upstairs.
(45) I said pull out! Don't go, do you copy?
(46) Tarn Sir, copy! We need to get out of here now!
(47) Chill...
(48) Someone is up there! Shall we go up?
(49) Save as many as we can.
(50) You guys sure about this?
(51) Forget it! Let's go!
(52) Wait... wait a second.
(53) Come on, Sam? We're running out of time!
(54) Go! We'll take the rap together.
(55) It wasn't my decision.
(56) Who gave that order?
(57) If you must blame someone, blame me!
(58) You've anything to add?
(59) No!
(60) Station Officer Yau Bong-chill,
(61) adjudged to have violated the Fire Dept's code and so noted.
(62) How's the wound?
(63) OK.
(64) Everyone has their eye on us.
(65) Our bosses need to be seen doing something. I'll see what I can do.
(66) Relax, Chill took the fall all by himself.
(67) He won't be demoted, only under monitoring for few years.
(68) You're not smart like Yip,
(69) but you're my pick as the future Assistant Divisional Officer, OK?
(70) Be aware of him.
(71) Don't let him step on you to get ahead.
(72) Time to smoke.
(73) December 24, 2013,
(74) is the hottest December in the history of Hong Kong.
(75) With a temperature of 34 degrees
(76) and 95% relative humidity,
(77) with a tropical depression approaching.
(78) The extremely unusual weather had people speculating
(79) the real Doomsday
(80) is actually in 2013.
(81) Don't be scared... take them to somewhere safe.
(82) Get up...
(83) Go check it out!
(84) Disaster warning!
(85) Send in firemen, the smoke squad,
(86) Hazmat Task Force and Special Rescue Squad
(87) to the scene.
(88) All disasters
(89) are unpredictable.
(90) Protecting your lives and property is our mission.
(91) Enlist with the HKFSD, take on a new challenge.
(92) The Fire Department needs you!"
(93) Isn't Jackie Chan from Police Story!
(94) This promo is too exaggerating!
(95) The SFX is too much even for a movie!
(96) Sir called for morning drill now.
(97) Cut the crap and let's move!
(98) Come on, let's go!
(99) Veteran firemen told us
(100) for those of us who live by the fire,

(101) our hearts are always enshrouded in smoke.
(102) Those who can put it away will move on.
(103) Those who can't will choose to escape.
(104) Today is my First day on duty at LKT Fire Station.
(105) I feel relieved.
(106) Another tangled colleague is going to leave today.
(107) Fn15342 Ocean reporting to duty, Sir!
(108) Check the duty roster later.
(109) Take the rear position on the pump truck.
(110) The Non-Commissioned Officer will show you your locker
(111) and give you a tour of the station.
(112) Any questions?
(113) No, Sir!
(114) Sorry, Sir!
(115) Fn 15237 Cheung Man-kin reporting to duty, Sir!
(116) I'm late because of a traffic jam.
(117) It won't happen again, Sir!
(118) Why didn't you leave home earlier?
(119) You're late on the first day on the job,
(120) wearing an earring and shades. You think that's cool?
(121) Sorry, Sir!
(122) Report back here in one minute, in full uniform!
(123) Yes Sir!
(124) Why didn't you tell me you're not the duty officer?
(125) Run!
(126) Run!
(127) Faster...
(128) Look at you! Gasping? Run!
(129) Run!
(130) The fire burning inside you is dead!
(131) I want you to light it up again!
(132) You'll be reprimanded for standing there.
(133) I know him, Lee Pui-tao
(134) the King of Ladder in the 80s and a super fireman.
(135) He was an SRS instructor and served in Wenchuan.
(136) Someone went to the hospital in one of his drills.
(137) Get up! A fireman's helmet is like a soldier's helmet.
(138) You must look your part in the battlefield.
(139) Yes Sir!
(140) One-alarm fire, LKT Fire Station.
(141) Who reported to Control?
(142) A new guy.
(143) It's just burnt soup.
(144) I've already turned down the heat.
(145) No need to spray that...
(146) What are you doing, Sam Sir?
(147) Today is my last day,
(148) I want to make soup for everyone.
(149) Just tell the kitchen staff to do it.
(150) It's easy.
(151) You're new?
(152) Sir! I'm Ocean.
(153) Nice name. You're destined to be a fireman.
(154) Go easy on the CO2 next time,
(155) you ruined a nice pot of soup.
(156) Sir!
(157) He made it to ADO at 35,
(158) he's a rising star.
(159) Fire Station on fire", we'll make tomorrow's headline!
(160) Sam, clean up this shit and come to my office.
(161) What's wrong with you two?
(162) You reported this to Control?
(163) You know how much work you just gave us?
(164) Sorry, Sir! I didn't know.
(165) I know you! A fireman in China for 12 years,
(166) moved to Hong Kong 9 years ago.
(167) Because of the Equal Opportunities Ordinance,
(168) you set the precedent of being recruited at age 42.
(169) Scored 1000 on your fitness test! Come do the drill!
(170) First day on the job,
(171) I sense something odd in the air.
(172) Come in!
(173) Sir.
(174) Sit.
(175) Sorry, Sir!
(176) Are you alright?
(177) Allergy.
(178) What's matter with you?
(179) You used to be a better cook.
(180) What happened?
(181) You used to be a barber officer, giving the staffs good haircuts.
(182) What happened?
(183) You think I cut my own hair?
(184) My son did this.
(185) I was no longer a barber officer.
(186) And you haven't made soup either.
(187) My wife wants to know
(188) when you and Emily have time.
(189) Next week.
(190) Next week?
(191) That's you! You say that every time.
(192) Here's your transfer papers.
(193) Thank you, Sir.
(194) You need a half day off?
(195) It's Christmas Eve, I've lots of parties.
(196) I'll leave if that's all.
(197) Yes! Please!
(198) Thank you, Sir!
(199) Sam...
(200) Good luck!
(201) Thank you, Sir!
(202) Use a different cologne.
(203) This one stinks!
(204) Stand it for one more day.
(205) Hang in there, Major!
(206) Hang in there, Major!
(207) Hong Kong spirit, Major! Go! Go!
(208) Ocean!
(209) You look bad. Take a break.
(210) Take a break.
(211) Go down! Take the bottles...
(212) Sorry, Sir!
(213) What?
(214) US$500.00
(215) Later, I have no change.
(216) No wonder he kicked your ass.
(217) I thought you quit.
(218) The key is to hold it in your hand, but not in your heart.
(219) Can I do it? Of course I can!
(220) But the key is I chose not to.
(221) You haven't been in a fire for a year.
(222) Time to put away the post trauma.
(223) I'm the officer in charge, I don't have to go in.
(224) I'm counting on you and Chill.
(225) It's like when you quit smoking.
(226) Don't panic, don't run away.
(227) Even it is tempting, just be yourself.
(228) Don't let Yip mess you up.
(229) I can't take this any more.
(230) One-alarm fire, LKT Fire Station.
(231) Hydraulic platform, ladder and small rescue truck.
(232) 45 On Shing Road,
(233) Sam Sir, where's Chill and the ladder truck?
(234) He took it to the shop.
(235) That's against regulations! You both want to get fired?
(236) Scared?
(237) The bags are for you, hang onto them.
(238) This is huge! Are you nuts?
(239) You think I'm going to camp?
(240) Just take it.
(241) Or share it with your classmates.
(242) You expect me to carry this bottle?
(243) Drink more water, you've bad breath.
(244) Look who's talking! Just keep driving.
(245) If you crash, firemen will come for you.
(246) When they realize you took this truck,
(247) you'll get fired.
(248) I'm doing this for you, brat!
(249) Why else would I bring this?
(250) How dare you curse me!
(251) If I get fired,
(252) I'll chop off your arms and legs and make you a beggar.
(253) What a creep!
(254) No wonder your wife left you.
(255) If she hears you, she'll think I taught you
(256) and smack you for it.
(257) Morn loves me so much.
(258) She'll only smack you.
(259) A Paper jet plane?
(260) The head is bent and the tail is crooked.
(261) How can it fly! Look!
(262) My plane!
(263) As a kid, I'd free soda in visit the Coca Cola factory.
(264) But a power station will bore you to death.
(265) Please don't be so corny.
(266) When you see my classmates,
(267) make sure you call me Vincent.
(268) I don't get it.
(269) I call you Water Yau,
(270) it sounds not better than Vincent?
(271) Precisely because you gave me that name,
(272) I had to call myself Vincent.
(273) Hey, you forgot this!
(274) It's for you, Station Officer!
(275) Don't forget your date with Morn tonight.
(276) Merry Christmas!
(277) Be careful!
(278) You can look but no pictures.
(279) Sir, my husband spent the night in the winery,
(280) he didn't come home. He must be inside.
(281) Please save him or he'll die!
(282) It'll be dark soon.
(283) Calm down, Granny. He's dead for sure!
(284) Calm down, Granny. Help him!
(285) Let's go.
(286) Go where?
(287) The hydrant is over there, Ocean.
(288) Sam Sir, someone is trapped inside.
(289) There's smoke, but no source.
(290) The thick smoke seems rather unusual.
(291) Didn't you read the guidelines?
(292) Going in alone will get you killed!
(293) The smoke has spread to the stairs and corridors of 3
(294) I've searched around the premises once.
(295) But the smoke is too thick to locate the source.
(296) I didn't find anyone trapped inside.
(297) I told you turn on the hydrant, not go inside.
(298) Are you crazy?
(299) Sorry, Sir! When I saw the thick smoke,
(300) I wanted to start the rescue.
(301) Never mind! Where's the water?
(302) Where's the water?
(303) On the way!
(304) We go in with CO2.
(305) Put on your BA and bust the front door.
(306) Put on your BA! Yes Sir!
(307) Sam Sir, Sam Sir!
(308) Today is your last day, let's go in together.
(309) Leave the bad luck behind.
(310) Ocean is just like you.
(311) Back off! Break it down!
(312) The thick smoke is rather unusual.
(313) Are you scared, kid?
(314) An old backyard factory like this
(315) can be rather spooky, stay alert.
(316) Or you won't get out. Cut the crap and keep moving!
(317) If you did nothing wrong,
(318) what to fear? Move on!
(319) Sir, it's a dead end up ahead.
(320) We must turn right,
(321) and you'll see a door.
(322) Go pass the door and you'll see the stairs
(323) leading up to the 2.
(324) Ocean, are you sure?
(325) Lead the way. Yes, Sir!
(326) On the left is the engine room,
(327) on the right is the depot for wine.
(328) We'll split up into 2 teams.
(329) Ocean, come with me.
(330) All the rest come with me.
(331) Go this way. Yes, Sir!
(332) The horror about the scene of a fire is...
(333) amidst the thick smoke,
(334) you never know where danger is lurking.
(335) You only hear your own breathing,
(336) and see complete darkness ahead
(337) as if you have gone to ghost town.
(338) You may have gone in as a team,
(339) but you're always alone in the dark.
(340) Enable you to vision
(341) the state of your mind.
(342) Whose decision was it to go up to 4.
(343) Whose decision was it go to up to 4
(344) I understood guidelines,
(345) and remember what I learned in training school.
(346) We save as many as we can.
(347) The gravity of the situation
(348) warrants straight answers from you.
(349) Or it'll have an impact on your careers.
(350) It wasn't my decision.
(351) Let's go! We'll take the rap together.
(352) Ocean!
(353) Major, Ocean is gone!
(354) Jesus, look for him.
(355) The source is not down this way.
(356) The smoke probably came through the ventilation shafts.
(357) Daddy! Hurry...
(358) The source is here, pry and open the door.
(359) Don't go in! The ground is electrified.
(360) Ocean is up there, get him down!
(361) Stop! Don't go in!
(362) The water is all electrified.
(363) If there's a hole in our boots,
(364) we'll be electrocuted.
(365) The generator is the source of the fire.
(366) When I came in,
(367) I found a victim up there.
(368) I suppose there was an accident during maintenance.
(369) Do something, I can't hang on much longer.
(370) Find something to make a bridge.
(371) Give us a hand, kin. Yes, Sir!
(372) Hang in there! Hurry...
(373) Here's the second plank! Here's the ladder!
(374) Where is the ladder? Hurry!
(375) Ocean, swing him over!
(376) We'll catch him!
(377) 1, 2, 3...
(378) Take him outside!
(379) Give me your hand.
(380) Hang on, Ocean! Hang in there!
(381) Sorry I'm late!
(382) That's awesome, Sir!
(383) Are you alright?
(384) What took you so long?
(385) What?
(386) What took you so long?
(387) I took the truck to the shop.
(388) Pull out.
(389) Give me 2 more hoses. Yes, Sir!
(390) I don't care what you have done before.
(391) Now that you're on my team, you follow my orders.
(392) Or you'll get someone killed.
(393) Major!
(394) Forget it, we saved a life!
(395) You're quite something!
(396) You've my vote, cool!
(397) Underground Oil Tank."
(398) Still pissed?
(399) I've a feeling this is not over yet.
(400) The septic tank is connected to the winery,
(401) and is above an underground oil tank. I smell trouble.
(402) Sam Sir, please come over.
(403) I found a pipe on the hillside.
(404) It's alright if it's a water pipe,
(405) but if it's for oil,
(406) it's too close to the fire.
(407) And the ground temperature is too high.
(408) Spray water to lower the temperature.
(409) I'll go back and check what's going on.
(410) I'll connect the hose.
(411) Sam Sir, Control got a call
(412) about someone trapped inside.
(413) No way! We just came out!
(414) Yip Sir called to ask if we called for backup.
(415) The Command Car is on the way, so?
(416) Cut it out. Let's go and check.
(417) According to the guidelines, we should call for backup first.
(418) OK, call back up.
(419) Fire Control, LKT platform
(420) from Senior Station Office Ho Wing-Sam at Menford Street winery,
(421) calling for backup.
(422) Sam, did you call for backup?
(423) Yes!
(424) See the white smoke?
(425) Control called about someone trapped inside.
(426) Sir, we found the man who made the call.
(427) The fire only reached his neighbour,
(428) he was scared then he called.
(429) Fire Control, LKT platform station commander
(430) duty ADO Yip Chi-fai
(431) I took over command.
(432) Cancel rescue team. Fire engines can go.
(433) Sam Sir, the hose is ready, when do we start spraying?
(434) What for?
(435) Yip Sir, here's the case...
(436) The on-site temperature is too high,
(437) we're spraying water to cool it down.
(438) You weren't even there,
(439) how do you know what happened?
(440) I asked if you called for backup,
(441) because I want to know Sam's decision.
(442) A decision based on the on-site situation.
(443) Spraying water this close to a residential area
(444) is not necessary. The fire is already put out.
(445) Sam, you're the officer in charge, it's your call.
(446) Pull out! Sam Sir!
(447) Pack up and pull out!
(448) Pack up and pull out.
(449) The number you've dialled cannot be connected,
(450) please try again later.
(451) The Pillar Point and Castle Peak power stations
(452) provide for 80% of power in Kowloon.
(453) The natural gas pipe stretches from the sea under Hainan Island,
(454) to HK and then to the power station.
(455) Total 92km long.
(456) Only the section on Menford Highway is above ground.
(457) The latest smart grid monitoring system
(458) is perfectly safe.
(459) Why a scout uniform?
(460) Cool!
(461) This is our control room.
(462) From here, we can monitor
(463) the power supply in different stations throughout HK.
(464) The display screen in the back
(465) is the main building powered by natural gas.
(466) The radiator is next to the main building.
(467) Smoke from the gas heater
(468) will go out through the 110m smokestack.
(469) The entire process is monitored by computers.
(470) This is probably the most sophisticated power station in SE Asia.
(471) Definitely!
(472) Will major blackouts in New York and Japan
(473) a few years ago,
(474) happen in Hong Kong?
(475) No way! Our system has a safety
(476) and stability rating of 99%.
(477) It may have been impossible in the past.
(478) But in recent years, with abnormal weather conditions,
(479) simultaneous accidents in 2 main power stations
(480) can bring down the system.
(481) The chance of that happening
(482) is virtually impossible, don't worry!
(483) Why did you shoot off your mouth in front of the boss?
(484) I already sent you the report,
(485) asking you to install
(486) a new pipe from the Mainland.
(487) Miss Yang, I hired you to keep an eye on the machines,
(488) not on me.
(489) Also, next time when you talk to me,
(490) Watch your attitude!
(491) Safety first, or you'll be in danger.
(492) What do you mean?
(493) Earlier there was a fire at Menford Street
(494) very close to our pipe, should we...
(495) How close? Did the alarm go on?
(496) I know you're going back to Shanghai.
(497) Relax! It's Christmas Eve, OK?
(498) It's Christmas Eve, 2013, the unusual weather
(499) the hottest December in Hong Kong's history.
(500) The Observatory reports that
(501) typhoon Henry is getting closer to Hong Kong.
(502) Should it hit,
(503) it'll be an unprecedented Christmas Eve.
(504) HEY
(505) Yip obviously set you up this afternoon.
(506) You can dodge him. But if he pisses you off,
(507) you should fight back.
(508) I'm not dodging! If we spray water without double checking,
(509) the residents are sure to complain.
(510) I get complaints all the time,
(511) and we're still here.
(512) Be the way, about this morning...
(513) Thanks for letting me take the truck.
(514) Water was so happy.
(515) Good.
(516) Oh yes, please help.
(517) Water will be in high school next year.
(518) I want him in an international school.
(519) Do it yourself!
(520) Just take a look.
(521) See if someone can give him a recommendation,
(522) and get cheaper.
(523) Come on, just do it.
(524) Thanks! Bye!
(525) Yang Lin, take a look.
(526) The pressure in the gas pipe of.
(527) Menford Street is so unstable.
(528) I bet the earlier fire
(529) raised the nearby temperature.
(530) What did Mr. Man say?
(531) He wants to wait for the report.
(532) Winery on Menford Street."
(533) Winery warehouse."
(534) Natural Gas Pipe."
(535) Underground Oil Tank Danger Natural Gas Pipe."
(536) Sam, I'm off to the CFO's party.
(537) I'll be back in an hour with him.
(538) Make this place nice.
(539) Sir, may I take another look
(540) at the winery on Menford Street.
(541) Why?
(542) It's too close to the natural gas pipe.
(543) I'm worried. I found data you should take a look at...
(544) Fine!
(545) You can go.
(546) Yes, Sir!
(547) In 2 hours,
(548) after the CFO is gone.
(549) We can't wait.
(550) You gave the order to pull out just now.
(551) You must think carefully before you do.
(552) You can't behave like that at your new station.
(553) Or else no one would respect you.
(554) I'll take care of you.
(555) Sir.
(556) The power station called
(557) about the situation at Menford Street.
(558) Sam Sir, it's a natural gas pipe
(559) directly connected to the power station.
(560) If anything goes wrong, there's big trouble.
(561) We found out the winery's sewage drain
(562) is too close to the gas pipe and underground oil tank.
(563) I'm worried.
(564) Yip will be back in 2 hours,
(565) that gives us an hour.
(566) If anyone finds out, we're acting on our own.
(567) I'm in! I'm retiring anyway.
(568) Good! Sam Sir, we're ready to go.
(569) Kau, they rescued you from the fire,
(570) why can't they save you in the hospital?
(571) There's no justice, no mercy...
(572) The winery is gone,
(573) I'm stuck with this bloody warehouse.
(574) What am I going to do?
(575) Kau...
(576) Beer is on me when we get off work.
(577) Ocean, I'll beat you in drinking beer.
(578) Impossible!
(579) I'm quite a drinker.
(580) Hello?
(581) You're still at the power station?
(582) Yes, we're ready to go.
(583) Are you having dinner with Morn?
(584) How? I'm on duty.
(585) Same excuse!
(586) If you don't show up, Morn and I will leave you for sure.
(587) We agreed this morning it's a maybe.
(588) Why get mad on me now?
(589) Do whatever you want!
(590) Be careful! Hello?
(591) Don't push!
(592) Keep moving, stay in line.
(593) Look at the long queue.
(594) How long will it take?
(595) Let's take the stairs.
(596) Sure! No sweat!
(597) I go first.
(598) Come on! Let's go.
(599) Wait!
(600) It's locked! Can you open it?
(601) No!
(602) Call the teacher.
(603) No signal!
(604) Hello, yes.
(605) I'm putting the kids on the bus right now.
(606) Be patient, don't start without me.
(607) Prefect, count and see.
(608) Is everyone here?
(609) Yes!
(610) Shall we go?
(611) Yes!
(612) Sam Sir, you're right.
(613) Smoke is coming from the warehouse.
(614) Kin, Ocean, connect the hose.
(615) I called the Fire Department.
(616) Talk to the officer in the back.
(617) Who made the call?
(618) I did. I'm the Chief Engineer at the power station.
(619) I think the warehouse is on fire.
(620) It's too close to the gas pipe.
(621) Hurry! Get the fire hose!
(622) How long can the gas pipe hold out?
(623) There's an automatic gas release valve over there.
(624) When you see white smoke,
(625) it means it's going to bust.
(626) Can you shut it down?
(627) I can try.
(628) Water!
(629) Water! Yes, Sir!
(630) Ocean!
(631) Go with her to the power station,
(632) and keep me posted.
(633) OK! Thanks.
(634) Ocean, see if you can shut it down faster
(635) than we can put out the fire. Loser buys the beer.
(636) Fire Control, LKT platform,
(637) SSO Ho Wing-Sam, on the hill side behind Menford Street winery,
(638) We see smoke, fire and explosion.
(639) Three-alarm fire, LKT Fire Station, send pump truck.
(640) Ben!
(641) Sir!
(642) Where is Sam?
(643) He's already on the scene.
(644) Luckily he caught on soon enough
(645) and took the platform with him.
(646) We're moving out right now.
(647) What is wrong?
(648) You don't know what's going on in your station?
(649) Sorry, Sir! I'll give you a ride.
(650) Don't bother! I'll find my way back.
(651) Go do your job.
(652) I'll come by later.
(653) Yes, Sir!
(654) Even the most hi-tech place
(655) must have a manual override.
(656) You know where it is?
(657) The router station has an emergency override.
(658) No! That's crazy!
(659) Kiu, let's split up.
(660) You go back to the power station,
(661) keep us posted what's going on.
(662) Hey, you!
(663) I'm worried you can't handle it.
(664) Sam Sir!
(665) There's no time! Tackle the source!
(666) Hurry! I'll give you both cover.
(667) Kid, look and learn on your first day.
(668) Nipping the fire, few knows it nowadays.
(669) Forward...
(670) Ho Wing-Sam, this is ADO Yip Chi-fai.
(671) Where is your current location?
(672) Forward!
(673) I want to know your current situation, do you copy?
(674) Sam, do you copy? Damn it!
(675) Here's the router station. Hurry!
(676) Over here.
(677) The manual valve is over here.
(678) Sam!
(679) OK, Sam Sir. The white smoke is dissipating.
(680) Well?
(681) Mr. Man, something wrong with the Lung Mun Rd station.
(682) The pipe from Aishan to Lung Kwu Tan
(683) section A100 to C311 has been shut down.
(684) Show me the latest situation.
(685) Turn on the 6 backup generators.
(686) Please log in, Mr. Man.
(687) Turn on the water energy storage if necessary.
(688) Yes, Sir.
(689) We can't have a blackout tonight.
(690) Hello?
(691) You turned off the natural gas pipe,
(692) and we have partial blackouts.
(693) Mr. Man wanted to turn on the backup generators.
(694) Don't let him restart the natural gas,
(695) I'm on my way back.
(696) Didn't we shut it down?
(697) Just for the time being.
(698) If they reboot with the computer,
(699) there's no way we can stop them.
(700) We must stop them. I'll go with you.
(701) I'm going to the power station with Miss Yang,
(702) to stop them restarting.
(703) I may not convince them, can you come over right now?
(704) OK! Be careful!
(705) So, he's not on your nerves any more?
(706) Precisely he's on my nerves,
(707) I've to keep an eye on him.
(708) Yip Sir is on his way, be careful!
(709) So what? I'm not scared of him!
(710) If you can go back into a fire,
(711) nothing faze you any more.
(712) Mr. Man.
(713) Did the natural gas pipe check out OK?
(714) OK. It's just about.
(715) But the Menford Street section needs time to repair.
(716) Call all the engineers.
(717) Turn back on all the natural gas pipes, understand?
(718) Yes!
(719) Yes!
(720) Hello? Hurry back!
(721) There's a building behind the pipe?
(722) Let's go in.
(723) I'm going upstairs.
(724) Sir!
(725) Where's Sam?
(726) We just put out the fire. Sam Sir went inside with Yau Sir.
(727) Sam, why didn't you answer me?
(728) We'll talk later at the station.
(729) Tarn Sir is on his way.
(730) I want you to get your ass outside,
(731) listen to what I say, I'll do the talking.
(732) No!
(733) I told you we've a problem here, but you didn't care.
(734) What? I didn't care?
(735) I told you to wait!
(736) Didn't I tell you to wait?
(737) You can't wait two hours? You gotta be a hero?
(738) Ever since I got promoted, I've been trying to help you.
(739) And you've been doing your best
(740) to screw up my life!
(741) How long have we been friends for? 10 years?
(742) Is that how you treat your friends?
(743) Cut it out!
(744) Unlike you,
(745) I want to fight fires.
(746) You held me back and transferred me.
(747) Remember how to fire fight?
(748) You only remember to put on cologne for a party.
(749) That's right, we're different.
(750) I succeeded and you can't.
(751) But I'll tell you what we do have in common.
(752) We both made Chill take the rap for us.
(753) You said we're in it together, but you dodged.
(754) You hung Chill out to dry, so now it's my turn?
(755) You want me dead?
(756) OK, let's go...
(757) Stay where you are!
(758) There's something wrong down here.
(759) I can get up by myself.
(760) Call for an ambulance.
(761) Get an ambulance!
(762) Mrs. Yip? The patient sustained multiple bone fractures
(763) causing internal haemorrhaging.
(764) Uncle Sam...
(765) I'm sorry, we did the best we could.
(766) You smell like Daddy.
(767) Why didn't you take care of him?
(768) Mrs. Yip...
(769) You were like a brother to him!
(770) You have 10 messages.
(771) Sam,
(772) I know when you're on duty,
(773) you won't pick up the phone, but...
(774) I really want to see you
(775) to tell you I'm leaving.
(776) I never felt like we were actually together.
(777) I chose to work on Christmas Eve,
(778) it makes me feel like we're celebrating together.
(779) I left the keys, I'm not coming back. Goodbye.
(780) Sir!
(781) I can't send someone over tonight.
(782) I'm putting you in charge of LKT station.
(783) Go and standby. We need a peaceful silent night.
(784) Pray that there's nothing else tonight, OK?
(785) OK, Mr. Man, they're ready downstairs.
(786) Turn them on!
(787) My staff card can't open the gate!
(788) Do you have blueprints of the station?
(789) Yes, but what's the use?
(790) When you know a place too well, you overlook details.
(791) There must be other ways to get in.
(792) Here!
(793) I'm too tired, I can't move!
(794) Me too!
(795) Come on! You want to spend the night here?
(796) Hey!
(797) There you are!
(798) My God! Why didn't you take the front door?
(799) You're here just in time.
(800) No, don't turn it on!
(801) Shit!
(802) Get out of here! Hurry!
(803) Run!
(804) The power is out!
(805) Ben, go to the power station.
(806) Yes, Sir!
(807) Hurry! Before the traffic jam.
(808) Our station is the closest,
(809) tell everyone to get moving!
(810) Five-alarm fire, LKT Fire Station.
(811) Special news bulletin.
(812) Due to a fire
(813) at China-Kowloon Power's natural gas pipe,
(814) power supply by natural gas will be temporarily suspended,
(815) pending emergency repairs The shortfall of power supply 80% in Kowloon,
(816) will be siphoning off from other sub-stations.
(817) The EMSD is calling for citizens
(818) to stop using electricity from now to 11 P.M.
(819) to avoid overloading.
(820) Communications via land lines and cell phones.
(821) Limited networks have overloaded.
(822) Completely paralysing the MTR,
(823) and causing traffic jams in every major roads.
(824) Citizens are urged to proceed on foot if possible.
(825) Please try to stay calm,
(826) and wait for help.
(827) The Fire Department has issued an emergency order,
(828) all firemen will cancel their leave and report to duty.
(829) City traffic is at a complete standstill.
(830) Before any rescue team arrive at the scene,
(831) citizens are urged to stay calm
(832) and not to light candles indoors.
(833) Little Miao!
(834) Play with me, Dad!
(835) Little Miao!
(836) Guess where I am? Dad!
(837) Miss Yang, are you hurt?
(838) My leg is stuck!
(839) Major Pui!
(840) Get me out! Get me out! Calm down!
(841) I'll get you out! Stay calm!
(842) Wake up!
(843) 1, 2, 3...
(844) Get her out! Hurry!
(845) Run! Hurry!
(846) Tarn Sir, all public services are
(847) on backup generators to maintain operations.
(848) What's up out there?
(849) Complete chaos. All the stations are understaffed,
(850) we can't confirm when backup will arrive.
(851) At the scene is a power plant,
(852) due to possible electricity leakage and explosion,
(853) we cannot use water to put out the fire.
(854) GFS choppers cannot land
(855) due to gust winds.
(856) Because traffic is at a standstill,
(857) backup teams cannot reach the site.
(858) Also because it's holiday,
(859) limited staff are on duty at the power station.
(860) Majority of them have escaped after the explosion.
(861) Please give us the status ASAP.
(862) Evacuate everyone!
(863) Yes, Sir!
(864) Leung! Ben! Yes, Sir!
(865) Go and find a way in.
(866) Yes, Sir!
(867) Follow me, this way...
(868) This is PFn Lee Pui-tao, can anyone hear me?
(869) LKT station PFn Lee Pui-tao.
(870) Does anyone COPY?
(871) Major, it's Sam! What's the situation inside?
(872) Ocean and I are bringing out two wounded.
(873) It's a mess in here and very unstable.
(874) Hurry up and send backup!
(875) We're alright for the moment.
(876) How long is that?
(877) You must hurry, we have no equipment,
(878) we don't have a BA with us.
(879) Hang in there, we're on our way!
(880) Major, do you copy? Major?
(881) Tarn Sir!
(882) Sam, it's CK!
(883) There's a big explosion. When the backup arrives?
(884) Traffic is at a standstill.
(885) It'll take at least 40 minutes.
(886) They won't last even 10 minutes!
(887) Sam, we're on our way.
(888) You're the top officer on the scene. I'm putting you in charge.
(889) Unless backup arrives and conditions are safe,
(890) no one is allowed to enter the disaster area.
(891) Think of the big picture.
(892) Just hurry!
(893) Hang in there!
(894) This is the blueprint of the power station.
(895) Entrances are over here.
(896) Sam Sir, structural walls have collapsed.
(897) Both entrances are blocked.
(898) East and South wings are on fire,
(899) even side doors are blocked after the explosion,
(900) and there's thick smoke inside.
(901) Is there any other entrance?
(902) There's an underground passage over here,
(903) but it's not viable because of all the cables.
(904) Right here!
(905) No, Sir! There's just room for one person,
(906) and there are all electric cables.
(907) Find another entry point.
(908) Hello?
(909) Mr. Yau? I'm sorry,
(910) We couldn't find Water and two other boys on the bus.
(911) I'm afraid they're still at the power station.
(912) Are you sure?
(913) I believe so.
(914) Sam! My son is inside.
(915) Let me try, I think I can get in.
(916) You know it won't work.
(917) It's not your first day on the job.
(918) People are dead by the time you dig your way in.
(919) Major and Ocean are still inside,
(920) I'm just as worried as you are.
(921) You're the ADO, you call the shots.
(922) You don't want to be held accountable.
(923) It's not about accountability.
(924) I don't want you to die in there and had to carry your body out!
(925) I don't want to lose another buddy.
(926) Do you care more for your comrades, or for your own reputation?
(927) Chill!
(928) Listen to me,
(929) I can take the rap for you before,
(930) but not this time.
(931) Then maybe you should leave!
(932) Come out!
(933) Chill!
(934) Chill!
(935) I memorized the blueprint by heart.
(936) Follow me, I'll get you out.
(937) Keep moving...
(938) Wait!
(939) This way,
(940) hurry...
(941) Help!
(942) Anyone out there?
(943) In here! Help!
(944) Wait outside! Wait outside!
(945) Don't go anywhere! Wait for me outside!
(946) Help!
(947) Hang on!
(948) Help!
(949) The smoke is coming!
(950) Hurry!
(951) Ladies first! Hurry!
(952) Hang in there...
(953) MY leg...
(954) I can't hold it much longer...
(955) Hang in there...
(956) Wait outside!
(957) Come on!
(958) Ocean, the smoke is coming!
(959) Hurry!
(960) I'll do it! Lead the Way!
(961) OK! Hurry up now!
(962) We're going to die! How do we get out?
(963) We won't die!
(964) My Dad is a fireman, he'll save us.
(965) Here...
(966) Sam Sir, this is the structural pillar.
(967) The wall up there should be the thinnest.
(968) If there's nothing blocking the way, we can get in.
(969) But if we dig from here, it may collapse.
(970) I already sent the data to Tam Sir.
(971) Sam Sir, the entrance Yau Sir took is now blocked up.
(972) Blocked up.
(973) Sam, do you copy? It's CK.
(974) Go ahead, Sir!
(975) I've gone over the data. It's too dangerous.
(976) Do not try to dig in.
(977) Wait for Urban Search and Rescue.
(978) Yes, Sir. How long before they get here?
(979) Hard to tell! Because of the blackout,
(980) the highway is jammed and they're short-handed.
(981) Sam Sir, the Observatory confirmed the typhoon will hit.
(982) The No. 8 signal will be hoisted soon.
(983) The rain will force the smoke back into the building.
(984) The exit is over there.
(985) If we get across this bridge, we'll reach the exit.
(986) Through the door, we'll find the computer room.
(987) Past the computer room is a smokestack
(988) that'll lead us outside.
(989) No way, I can't get cross.
(990) Go back...
(991) No, where we came is filled with smoke. Without a BA,
(992) we'll be dead in 10 minutes! Go this way.
(993) Yes, we must get across.
(994) The landscape is too complicated.
(995) I'll carry him over first, the rest of you follow me.
(996) OK, you go first.
(997) Water! Water!
(998) An exit! Bring our tools!
(999) Yes, Sir!
(1000) Yes, Sir!
(1001) Give me a hand!
(1002) Grab the BA and blasting tools! Hurry!
(1003) Yes, Sir!
(1004) Hurry!
(1005) Back up... it may collapse again.
(1006) Bring the platform so we can take a look.
(1007) Yes, Sir!
(1008) The entrance is blocked.
(1009) The team can't get in, let's go to find the others.
(1010) Don't use the BA unless in need.
(1011) Yes, Sir!
(1012) Paper jet plane?
(1013) Water!
(1014) Watch out! Keep your feet in!
(1015) My leg... let me go first.
(1016) I'll go first.
(1017) Get moving! Hurry up!
(1018) Don't touch the rail!
(1019) Be careful!
(1020) Help me.
(1021) Help me watch him.
(1022) Help and watch for falling objects, kid.
(1023) Come on, give me a hand.
(1024) Listen, step over me to go! Hurry!
(1025) I'll go first, hang onto me.
(1026) I can't!
(1027) Come on! Go!
(1028) Hurry!
(1029) Come on!
(1030) Hurry, the smoke is coming!
(1031) Come on!
(1032) Hurry up!
(1033) Don't look down! Look at me!
(1034) Come on!
(1035) The machine is going to blow!
(1036) We must hurry!
(1037) Come and help me!
(1038) Be careful!
(1039) Don't look down!
(1040) Hurry! It's going to blow!
(1041) Wait for everyone before we move on.
(1042) Ocean, above you!
(1043) Be careful! Hold on tight...
(1044) 90 up!
(1045) Hold on tight!
(1046) Hang in there!
(1047) Hang fast!
(1048) Ouch...
(1049) Up!
(1050) Cover up your mouth and nose! Let's go.
(1051) Hurry! Get down!
(1052) Hurry! Come on,
(1053) keep moving!
(1054) You're finally here!
(1055) Sam Sir, the black smoke comes too quick.
(1056) Don't mind me! Save them!
(1057) Hold on!
(1058) Give them the BA!
(1059) The exit is that way!
(1060) Kin, the rope!
(1061) Get over here...
(1062) Help them get across.
(1063) Is there any support?
(1064) Yes! Corning!
(1065) Major!
(1066) GO up!
(1067) Step UP!
(1068) Step UP!
(1069) Don't fall asleep!
(1070) Take my helmet first.
(1071) I'll come back for it.
(1072) Come on, Ocean!
(1073) Ocean!
(1074) Hang in there! Give me your hand!
(1075) Send him over!
(1076) Don't be scared!
(1077) OK, go down!
(1078) Take it easy...
(1079) Don't move!
(1080) Come on!
(1081) Don't move!
(1082) Help...
(1083) Help...
(1084) Don't move...
(1085) Give me your hand!
(1086) Come on!
(1087) Major! Tie it up... come on!
(1088) The exit is down there!
(1089) Come on! Major!
(1090) Ventilation shaft."
(1091) Tight it and get over here, Major!
(1092) The door is stuck! Give us a hand!
(1093) Get over here!
(1094) Sam Sir,
(1095) get the door!
(1096) No, get over here!
(1097) I'll come for my helmet.
(1098) We must go.
(1099) If we don't get the door open,
(1100) we'll all die! Let's go!
(1101) I can stand it, just get the door!
(1102) Let's go!
(1103) Ocean,
(1104) the round of beer is not on me yet!
(1105) Come on!
(1106) Let me...
(1107) Sam don't be afraid! I trust you.
(1108) You will get them out.
(1109) The fire will burn out eventually.
(1110) As fire-fighters
(1111) we fight not just a fire, but to save lives.
(1112) But to save lives
(1113) we must first overcome the smoke.
(1114) Sam Sir, the smoke dissipated.
(1115) What a shame I quit smoking!
(1116) Or else I'd suck it up in one breath!
(1117) Sam, I'm coming!
(1118) Hang in there! I'm working on the door!
(1119) Chill!
(1120) Over here! Hurry...
(1121) Hang in there, Major!
(1122) Sir, No. 8 signal is hoisted.
(1123) Ben Sir,
(1124) we can't go in.
(1125) It's raining, the soil is wet and soft,
(1126) it's too dangerous for digging.
(1127) I don't care how,
(1128) we must find a way in to save them!
(1129) Keep digging! Give me a hand! Yes, Sir!
(1130) He's not breathing!
(1131) Stand back!
(1132) Hang in there!
(1133) Sam Sir...
(1134) Ocean!
(1135) Are you alright?
(1136) Okay?
(1137) Are you alright? I was injured in the explosion.
(1138) I'll manage. I'm OK.
(1139) We're dead!
(1140) We're dead!
(1141) There's no way out!
(1142) We're finished! We're dead!
(1143) It's your fault!
(1144) Yang Lin already told you
(1145) not to turn on the gas but you wouldn't listen.
(1146) Just drop it!
(1147) What's the use of bringing that up now?
(1148) Blame me?
(1149) You think I want this?
(1150) I have orders from the boss.
(1151) All eyes are on me!
(1152) It's Christmas Eve! What can I do?
(1153) If I don't turn it on, Hong Kong is finished!
(1154) Can you feel the pressure I was under?
(1155) They're fire-fighters,
(1156) they can't even save themselves!
(1157) What could I have done?
(1158) Chill! Chill! Where are you going?
(1159) Where? To find my son.
(1160) You can't just leave them.
(1161) They'd fall apart!
(1162) I understand you want to save your son.
(1163) But how? Where is he?
(1164) Nobody knows.
(1165) We only know we have lives to save.
(1166) Trust me, once we get these people out,
(1167) I'll come with you to look for your son.
(1168) You?
(1169) After what happened today
(1170) still expect me to trust you?
(1171) Don't lecture me.
(1172) That's the responsibility why I came back for you!
(1173) At least these people are still alive.
(1174) And my son?
(1175) I don't even know if he's dead or alive.
(1176) My duty is...
(1177) even if my son died in the fire,
(1178) I must carry his body out.
(1179) This is my duty as a father!
(1180) My son died in a fire.
(1181) But I couldn't get him out.
(1182) I'm telling you, if you go back in,
(1183) you won't be able to save your son,
(1184) you'll only get yourself killed.
(1185) Trust me.
(1186) Keep going forward
(1187) is the only chance to find your son.
(1188) A fireman's helmet is like a soldier's helmet.
(1189) You must look your part in the battlefield.
(1190) I'll come back for mine.
(1191) I trust you. You will get them out.
(1192) Break the glass, keep going forward.
(1193) Sam! Yellow smoke!"
(1194) Get up! Go over there!
(1195) But 4th floor was off-limit.
(1196) Over here as well!
(1197) The yellow smoke is poisonous, get the BA.
(1198) Go over there...
(1199) breathe from the BA, hurry!
(1200) No enough air in the BA!
(1201) Listen. Take a deep breath and hold it,
(1202) pass it to the next person and run.
(1203) Before the yellow smoke fills in, let's get out of here.
(1204) Back up!
(1205) Use Mr. Man's card to open this door.
(1206) Where's the door card?
(1207) Mr. Man has it.
(1208) Watch them. I'll go find him!
(1209) Hang on... it's OK! Come on!
(1210) Hang on, I'll do it.
(1211) Get out! Hurry!
(1212) Hang in there!
(1213) Hey, hang in there!
(1214) 1, 2, 3!
(1215) It's OK...
(1216) It's OK...
(1217) Sam, let's go!
(1218) The stairs have fallen apart!
(1219) Stay back!
(1220) This is the smoke stack... if we get across,
(1221) there should be an exit down there.
(1222) Chill, hold the stairs.
(1223) Ben Sir!
(1224) We found an opening buried in the rubble.
(1225) That should lead to the smoke stack inside.
(1226) But be careful, it may collapse.
(1227) Come on!
(1228) USAR is here!
(1229) Tell them to start stabilization now.
(1230) We need to go in ASAP.
(1231) Kin, give us a hand.
(1232) Coming!
(1233) Come over here!
(1234) I'll hold this end, but not for long. Hurry!
(1235) Paper jet plane?
(1236) Paper jet plane?
(1237) We are in the canteen."
(1238) Be careful!
(1239) Be careful!
(1240) Steady...
(1241) Sam Sir, there's an exit!
(1242) Come on!
(1243) Chill! Let's go!
(1244) Hurry!
(1245) Send more men in!
(1246) Tarn Sir!
(1247) We found an underground passage under the rubble.
(1248) Stabilization will be done in 15 minutes and we can go in.
(1249) What's the situation with Sam?
(1250) We lost contact with him.
(1251) Follow me!
(1252) Are you OK? Can you walk?
(1253) I'm fine!
(1254) Sam, do you copy?
(1255) Sam!
(1256) Tarn Sir, this is Sam.
(1257) We're coming out with injured parties
(1258) from underneath the C3 smoke stack, over!
(1259) Good job, Sam!
(1260) There's light! Maybe this is the way out.
(1261) Tam Sir, I see the exit!
(1262) We've your location.
(1263) But there's still a danger of collapse.
(1264) Urban Search and Rescue is working to stabilize it, just hang on!
(1265) Can't Wait! Chill is still inside!
(1266) Throw me a few BAs!
(1267) BAs, please!
(1268) Just wait 15 minutes for backup.
(1269) We're fire-fighters, we don't trade one life for another.
(1270) Please, Sir!
(1271) No!
(1272) Sir, give me a BA.
(1273) Wait for backup!
(1274) Give me a BA!
(1275) Sir, I promised Chill I'll go back.
(1276) Kin, grab the BA!
(1277) Kin, take them out.
(1278) Yes, Sir!
(1279) Don't ever believe
(1280) what you see
(1281) in the smoke and darkness.
(1282) It will confuse you.
(1283) When you're least sure of what to do,
(1284) you must try the hardest to stay calm.
(1285) Only on a calm heart
(1286) can give you guidance.
(1287) Sam Sir, I trust you.
(1288) You? After what happened today
(1289) still expect me to trust you?
(1290) Just like quit smoking,
(1291) don't panic, don't run away.
(1292) Just be yourself.
(1293) You'll get everyone out.
(1294) But to save lives, we must first overcome the smoke!
(1295) Where is Water?
(1296) Have you seen Water?
(1297) Water! Water!
(1298) Water! Water!
(1299) Water!
(1300) Dad!
(1301) You scared Dad to death!
(1302) OK?
(1303) OK OK?
(1304) Where were you?
(1305) I tried to contact you...
(1306) Smart kid!
(1307) Thank you!
(1308) No, thank your son.
(1309) I was lost,
(1310) he brought me here.
(1311) There's no return, we must find another way out.
(1312) Anyone here?
(1313) Yes! Over here!
(1314) Slowly... Come on.
(1315) Over here! Help them...
(1316) Hurry! It's collapsing!
(1317) Be careful, buddy!
(1318) Help people behind me.
(1319) Hurry up and get them out!
(1320) Leave that to us.
(1321) Sam!
(1322) It's falling! Get out!
(1323) Tarn Sir, the last entry point has caved in.
(1324) There's no other way.
(1325) Why no other way?
(1326) I can't watch Sam die. There must be a way.
(1327) I know.
(1328) But the stack effect has spread inside.
(1329) Without air, they only have a few minutes.
(1330) Well?
(1331) No exit, just a store room.
(1332) There are the sound of rain and wind,
(1333) we must be very close to the outside.
(1334) Dad, there's no more air.
(1335) The BA has no air, we've no time.
(1336) Let's hack our way out!
(1337) Chill! That'll take time.
(1338) Sooner, we're out of air.
(1339) Remember the flour factory a year ago?
(1340) Dust explosion.
(1341) Let's try
(1342) to blast our way out.
(1343) We're in a heated and enclosed area.
(1344) If we scatter flour all over the room,
(1345) let the powder particles react with oxygen,
(1346) then find a way to ignite it,
(1347) it'll 'cause a dust explosion.
(1348) Get in!
(1349) Open the door!
(1350) You know what you're doing?
(1351) I don't know! Open the door!
(1352) I'm not even sure if this is right or wrong.
(1353) Like in the thick smoke, I was scared.
(1354) Until I made it through the smoke today,
(1355) I realized the things I see inside
(1356) are much clearer.
(1357) Sometimes,
(1358) I really admire you.
(1359) A simple life.
(1360) I picked out a school for you.
(1361) This one is good.
(1362) After that, take care of it yourself.
(1363) Sam! Come back!
(1364) Come back!
(1365) Come back!
(1366) Voices...
(1367) There's someone inside save them, hurry!
(1368) Let me help you, Sir.
(1369) Where's Sam?
(1370) People like us who are in and out of a fire,
(1371) our hearts are enshrouded in thick smoke.
(1372) You think you can get out,
(1373) but you really can't.
(1374) Whether you're saving someone or being saved,
(1375) All the same.
(1376) The only way
(1377) is to coexist with the smoke.
(1378) Even in darkness, you must have faith,
(1379) there will be light always.
(1380) Only then, regardless of the situation,
(1381) we can overcome fear.
(1382) Special news report...
(1383) Hong Kong was hit by the largest blackout in the territory's history.
(1384) But the typhoon and the blackout did not 'cause
(1385) any social disorder or major disaster.
(1386) As the strong wind fade down,
(1387) emergency repair continues,

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