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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2014] [American Sniper] English Transcript

(1) It's a fucking hotbox.
(2) Man, the fucking dirt here tastes like dog shit.
(3) Oh, well, you'd know, wouldn't you? Shut the fuck up.
(4) I got a military-age male that's on a cell phone watching the convoy, over.
(5) If you think he's reporting troop movement, you have a green light. Your call. Over.
(6) Maybe he's just calling his old lady.
(7) He stepped off.
(8) Hold on. I got a woman and a kid, 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy.
(9) Her arms aren't swinging. She's carrying something.
(10) Yeah, she's got a grenade.
(11) She's got an RKG Russian grenade she just handed to the kid.
(12) You say a woman and a kid?
(13) You got eyes on this? Can you confirm? Negative. You know the R.O.E. Your call.
(14) Man, they fry you if you're wrong. They send your ass to Leavenworth.
(15) You got him.
(16) Hey, get back here!
(17) You don't ever leave your rifle in the dirt. Yes, sir.
(18) That was a hell of a shot, son. You got a gift.
(19) You're gonna make a fine hunter someday.
(20) Here in the book of acts,
(21) several times, Paul stands in judgment
(22) for what he believes.
(23) And at times, we all have to do that.
(24) I mean, we don't see with his eyes,
(25) so we don't know the glory of his plan.
(26) Our lives unfold before us like puzzling reflections in a mirror.
(27) What are you doing? And on the day we rise...
(28) we will see with clarity and understand the mystery of his ways.
(29) Let us pray.
(30) There are three types of people in this world...
(31) sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.
(32) Now, some people prefer to believe that evil doesn't exist in the world.
(33) And if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn't know how to protect themselves.
(34) Those are the sheep.
(35) And then you got predators.
(36) They use violence to prey on the weak. They're the wolves.
(37) And then there are those who've been blessed with the gift of aggression
(38) and the overpowering need to protect the flock.
(39) These men are the rare breed that live to confront the wolf.
(40) They are the sheepdog.
(41) Now, we're not raising any sheep in this family.
(42) And I will whup your ass if you turn into a wolf.
(43) Wayne.
(44) But we protect our own.
(45) Now, if someone tries to fight you
(46) or tries to bully your little brother, you have my permission to finish it.
(47) The guy was picking on Jeff.
(48) Is that true? Yes, sir. Yes, he was.
(49) Did you finish it?
(50) Well, then you know who you are.
(51) You know your purpose.
(52) Chris Kyle is on the horse Big Mistress here this evening.
(53) You're all right.
(54) Now, get ready.
(55) That's good.
(56) So, tonight, he needs to beat the leading score of 86.
(57) Hey, Jeff. Looks like your brother did it again.
(58) Chris Kyle.
(59) Man, wasn't nobody there. You come out with a belt buckle.
(60) What are you supposed to do with it? Supposed to get laid with it.
(61) I'm gonna wear it and see if it puts Sarah in the mood.
(62) Shit, a strong wind'll put Sarah in the mood.
(63) Oh, is that what they say?
(64) Man, you know what they called her in high school.
(65) All right. Don't say it. Sarah sucks-a-lotta...
(66) What'd I say? Shit, Chris.
(67) Goddamn it.
(68) That was bucking money, those two girls. And that's why... no.
(69) He kept looking... he had his eyes on her, and that's why, the last time...
(70) Wait till you see what this does. Yeah.
(71) Let's see him go!
(72) Hey, baby. Who wants to fuck a rodeo star? What the fuck?
(73) You said you wasn't coming home until tomorrow.
(74) I said what? No, I just didn't...
(75) Chris, just leave him alone, all right? He didn't do anything!
(76) I didn't know shit, man. Help! Chris, leave him alone!
(77) Fucking Chris, leave him alone! Goddamn it! What is wrong with you?
(78) He didn't know, all right? Oh, he didn't know? What didn't you know?
(79) Just give me my hat. Get his hat, baby.
(80) He didn't know what? Whose rifles did you think those were?
(81) Those clothes, them men's clothes weren't hers? Is that what you didn't know?
(82) What the fuck is wrong with you?! You don't have to fucking punch everyone!
(83) Put that fucking hat on and get the fuck out.
(84) What the fuck is wrong with you?
(85) Get out.
(86) You know what? I don't know what you expect from me.
(87) You drag me out here and then you run off with your brother every damn weekend.
(88) Why do you think I did this?
(89) I do this to get attention! Don't you get that?
(90) Get your stuff and get out.
(91) Fine. Fine. You know what? Fuck you. Fine.
(92) You think you're a cowboy cause you rodeo.
(93) You're not a cowboy. You're just a lousy ranch hand.
(94) And you're a shitty fucking lay.
(95) Don't say it.
(96) When's the wedding?
(97) I understand what you're saying, but...
(98) you know, we get to travel over the whole state.
(99) Different city every weekend.
(100) Broncs and steers.

(101) I don't know. Maybe she's right, though. She's right?
(102) Right about what, Chris? She's not right, man. We're cowboys.
(103) We're living the dream. This is a special report.
(104) Those explosions set to go off at the U.S. embassies
(105) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya,
(106) were clearly a part of someone's war against the United States.
(107) More than 80 dead, more than 1,700 injured in two bomb blasts today...
(108) Hey, Jeff. Jeff. Hey.
(109) 250 miles apart. Look at this.
(110) It is still unclear at this hour who our enemy is.
(111) Although the embassies were obviously the targets...
(112) Look what they did to us. and injured are not Americans.
(113) Still, eight Americans, including one child, are dead, and five are still missing.
(114) So, you're from Texas. Yes, sir.
(115) You're a patriot. Yes, sir.
(116) And you're pissed off. I'm looking to be of service.
(117) You like to fight? Yes, sir.
(118) You like to fight. Okay. Well... Why don't you meet the warrior elite?
(119) SEALs. Yep. Sea, air, and land.
(120) Well, I'm not much for the water, sir.
(121) No? Well, this ain't for the faint-a heart. Most men, they wash out, they quit.
(122) But I'm not most men, sir. I don't quit.
(123) This is where the fun stops, guys! Take it, girls! Take it!
(124) That's it, girls. Take it. Take it. Only hurts the first time.
(125) What we got here? You a quitter, boy? Hooyah, no, instructor Rolle.
(126) Bullshit! Yo ass is fleet meat if I ever did see it!
(127) Don't turn away from me, son. You look at me and you take this shit.
(128) Hooyah, sir! Damn, you old as fuck!
(129) You join the Navy 'cause you had such a good goddamn time on Noah's ark?
(130) How old are you, boy? Hooyah, 30!
(131) 30? Your fart dust could have fathered half these boys.
(132) We gonna weed through the quitters.
(133) Yeah, we gonna find us a goddamn warrior or two today.
(134) Dauber, are you sure you're from Connecticut?
(135) I ain't never met no hick from Hartford before.
(136) Hooyah, instructor Friday! Country's countrywide. I came here to kill terrorists.
(137) Who the fuck told your ass to giggle?
(138) Hooyah, no one, instructor Rolle!
(139) Did I ask you to open up your mouth? Hooyah, no, instructor Rolle.
(140) Look at your fat, pasty, giggly ass.
(141) Damn, son! You a big Dr. pepper, cheeto-eating motherfucker.
(142) Yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
(143) Biggles. That's your name from now on, sunshine. And that's your ticket home.
(144) D"! What are you still doing in my line, trying to make this team?
(145) Everybody knows black guys don't swim. It's all right, sir. I'm not black.
(146) No? No. I'm the new black.
(147) We run slow, we jump low, we swim good, and we shop at gap.
(148) And I make the white folk proud when I hose down their ladies. I dick 'em down!
(149) Hooyah!
(150) There it is! That is a quitter.
(151) You say goodbye, I say good riddance.
(152) He quits on you here, he's gonna quit in the field of battle.
(153) When shit gets hairy, he won't step up. Your ass gets shot, he won't pull you out.
(154) I'm looking for warriors!
(155) Seven! Keep counting!
(156) Eight! Nine! I can't hear you!
(157) You want me to call your mama, old man? Maybe she could come and take your place.
(158) This is foreplay! I'm about to turn on some Marvin Gaye and get in that ass!
(159) That's what I'm talking about!
(160) Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, where the fuck are your nuts?
(161) Oh, they're gone for good, sir. They crawled back up inside.
(162) But they are warm.
(163) Big talk from a little man!
(164) Now you. How about you, old man?
(165) How you feeling?
(166) Hooyah, dangerous. Feeling dangerous.
(167) Hooyah! Kyle's feeling dangerous.
(168) Move!
(169) Take seats!
(170) Damn! 56 degrees, so fresh, so clean.
(171) Only a few more hours, and you're Navy SEALs!
(172) I'm the only one who's hit one, so... Yeah.
(173) Boom!
(174) Oh, yeah. Chris, your turn, man.
(175) No, you got one more. I got one more? All right.
(176) All right. One more. Here we go. Here we go.
(177) Hey, we want a smaller target, we'll use your arm, man.
(178) Hello. Hi.
(179) How you doing?
(180) Good. Thank you.
(181) Can I... get you a drink?
(182) Will a drink make you six inches taller and charming?
(183) Will it make you not married? I'm not...
(184) Yeah. I just watched you take your ring off, okay?
(185) Don't be a scumbag. Go home.
(186) Oh, my God.
(187) It may have been the leather pants. Oh, yeah?
(188) What kind of pants does a girl have to wear to be left alone?
(189) Well, maybe corduroy.
(190) I mean, is that how it is with you guys?
(191) You're, like, suddenly single after three beers?
(192) Oh, no. After three beers, all I know is to get a fourth.
(193) Oh, that's great. That's great. Real redneck.
(194) Oh, I'm not a redneck. I'm from Texas.
(195) What's the difference?
(196) Well, we ride horses and they ride their cousins.
(197) What do you do for work? You're obviously military.
(198) I polish dolphins. They're in captivity.
(199) What I do is just sort of scrape off the crustaceans.
(200) Do I look stupid to you? No. Honestly, you look a little sad.
(201) Am I... tall enough to buy you a drink? Not until you tell me what you do.
(202) Okay. How about this? Hey, Greg?
(203) Get two shots. How 'bout we do a shot for a question?
(204) Every time you ask me a question and I answer, you got to do a shot. Same, vice versa.
(205) Game on.
(206) You can leave the bottle, too. Okay, shoot.
(207) All right. You're obviously military. What branch?
(208) I just finished BUD/S, heading to sniper school.
(209) Are you kidding me? You're a SEAL? Yes, ma'am.
(210) That's two questions. Shit.
(211) Really?
(212) Oh, I didn't really mean you had to do that.
(213) Okay. Shit.
(214) I know all about you guys. My sister was engaged to a SEAL.
(215) Oh, was she? Yeah.
(216) Hold on. How you know all about us? What do you mean?
(217) What I mean is, you're a bunch of arrogant, self-centered pricks who think you can lie
(218) and cheat and do whatever the fuck you want. I'd never date a SEAL.
(219) Wait. Why would you say I'm self-centered? I'd lay down my life for my country.
(220) Why?
(221) Cause it's the greatest country on earth, and I'd do everything I can to protect it.
(222) Look, I'm sorry what happened to your sister, but that's not me.
(223) It's nice to meet you. Where are you going?
(224) Well, I was just gonna go home because you said you wouldn't date a SEAL, so...
(225) I said I'd never marry one.
(226) Oh, okay. Well, then maybe, hello. Nice to meet you. What's your name?
(227) Taya. Taya.
(228) Chris. I'm Chris Kyle. Nice to meet you. Pleasure.
(229) I mean, it's pretty egotistical of you to think you can protect us all. Isn't it, Chris?
(230) Well, our BUD/S officer commander said that it's three...
(231) Okay. He said there's three things we got to worry about: Ego, booze, and women.
(232) Well, sounds like you're under attack.
(233) You're pretty.
(234) You're so cute.
(235) I got you.
(236) I'm not going home with you, so don't even think about it.
(237) Feel breath filling every cell in your body.
(238) This is our ritual.
(239) We master our breath, we master our mind.
(240) Pulling the trigger will become an unconscious effort.
(241) You will be aware of it, but not directing it.
(242) And as you exhale, find your natural respiratory pause
(243) and the space between heartbeats.
(244) Hey. This is Taya. I can't get to the phone. Leave a message. I'll call you back.
(245) Hey, it's me again. The guy whose shoes you puked on.
(246) So... yeah, I was thinking maybe you didn't get that last message,
(247) the last message I left, or... the one before that. So I figured that...
(248) You figured what? Hey. How are you? How've you been?
(249) Good.
(250) Good. Wow. What are you up to?
(251) Not a lot. You?
(252) No, just... excited to talk to you.
(253) Aim small, miss small.
(254) If you aim for a shirt button, you might miss by 2 inches.
(255) If you aim for his shirt, you might miss by 2 feet.
(256) You better close those groupings, Kyle. Yes, sir.
(257) God.
(258) Not bad. What do we get for that? Top shelf.
(259) I like that one. Brown one. Sure. Here you go.
(260) Great. Thank you, sir. Have a good day. Oh, look! Thank you.
(261) Hello. Oh, good. That looks good on you.
(262) So, did you always want to be a soldier?
(263) No. I wanted to be a cowboy, but...
(264) I don't know. I did that. Thought I was meant for something more.
(265) So you started rescuing girls from bars?
(266) I think I rescued that bar from you.
(267) You like country music? Only when I'm depressed.
(268) How about kids? You want kids? Yeah, someday.
(269) My mom says I have a nose for picking the wrong men.
(270) Well, that's a shitty thing to say to a girl.
(271) Well, I've proven her right.
(272) Them wrong picks put you here,
(273) made you who you are. I like who you are.
(274) You ever think about what happens when there's a real person on the end of that gun?
(275) I don't know. I just hope I can do my job when that day comes.
(276) Are we looking at the same target? You're spitting dust.
(277) And don't worry. We can always use corpsmen for the guys who can't shoot.
(278) Oh, fuck.
(279) You're trembling. I know it.
(280) We don't have to do this if you don't... No, I want to. I do.
(281) Yeah? You just feel real and it scares me.
(282) You got your off-eye shut?
(283) Well, if I close my off-eye, then I can't see what's out there.
(284) There's nothing out there but the target. Negative. Sir, there is something out there.
(285) Punch it.
(286) Will push-ups help? Give me 50, Kyle. Clear and safe.
(287) I'm better when it's breathing.
(288) what appears to be another... Oh, my God. Chris!
(289) What's wrong? No!
(290) Here's the tape. You see the first plane coming in from what looks like the east side.
(291) And it goes into the building with the flames
(292) and the smoke billowing out the other side of the tower.
(293) It's hard for me to tell exactly which is the north side and which is the south side.
(294) But it appears it's coming out of the north side there.
(295) And then, moments ago, these incredible images.
(296) I believe that's the first one. That's the south tower collapsing.
(297) It almost looks like one of those implosions of buildings that you see,
(298) except there is nothing controlled about this. This is devastation.
(299) You don't even know me.
(300) I know enough. You are a package deal, babe.
(301) What are you so afraid of? Nothing.
(302) Everything. I don't know. What if it doesn't work out?
(303) We're gonna get married and then we're gonna start a family.
(304) You got it all planned out, don't you?
(305) I'm done.
(306) I love you.
(307) Well, you're gonna need a ring if you want to talk all tough like that.
(308) Okay.
(309) Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kyle!
(310) What the hell is on your neck?
(311) Your neck. You've got, like, green paint all over you.
(312) Would you believe me, babe, if I told you I had an I.V.
(313) and I was all green about two hours ago?
(314) What are you... what?
(315) It's a package deal, babe. Oh, my God.
(316) Come here, you.
(317) Cheers to that.
(318) What's the word, chief?
(319) Just got the call, boys. It's on!
(320) Hooyah!
(321) Shots!
(322) Yes!
(323) Five shots.
(324) Yeah!
(325) It's only gonna be six weeks, baby. I'm so afraid, baby.
(326) That's what they say. You got nothing to be afraid of.
(327) What are you... It's all part of the plan.
(328) Your heart is beating out of your chest.
(329) That's just 'cause I'm not the only one that's going to war. That's all.
(330) Cheers!
(331) Welcome to Fallujah. The new wild west of the old Middle East.
(332) AQI put a price on your heads, and now extremists from around the globe
(333) are flooding the borders to collect on it. You snipers...
(334) you're gonna be paired with a marine to watch your back and inserted along the main road
(335) to do overwatch for 1st marines going door to door.
(336) Your job is to protect those marines at all costs.
(337) This city has been evacuated.
(338) Any military-age male who is still here... is here to kill you.
(339) Let's bring these boys in safe and get our asses back home.
(340) Out, out, out!
(341) I'd keep that head down, Tex.
(342) Muj got snipers, too, you know.
(343) A sniper won't aim for your head.
(344) Man, they got this one sniper that's been hitting head shots from 500 yards out.
(345) They call him Mustafa.
(346) He's in the Olympics.
(347) They got sniping in the Olympics now?
(348) Hold on. I got a woman and a kid, 200 yards out, moving towards the convoy.
(349) Her arms aren't swinging. She's carrying something.
(350) She's got a grenade. She's got an RKG Russian grenade she just handed to the kid.
(351) You say a woman and a kid?
(352) You got eyes on this? Can you confirm? Negative. You know the R.O.E. Your call.
(353) Man, they fry you if you're wrong. They send your ass to Leavenworth.
(354) Fuck, that was gnarly.
(355) Fucking evil bitch.
(356) Get up. Keep moving.
(357) Nice shooting, Tex. Hell of a call. Roger that. Good looking out, Navy.
(358) Fuck, did you hear that, man? Get the fuck off me.
(359) Where is everybody?
(360) We're just checking our dicks here, man. We're training those fucking Hajji soldiers.
(361) Yeah, why aren't you out there?
(362) Well, I have the shits. What, reading a comic book?
(363) It's a fucking graphic novel, man. There's a big difference.
(364) I heard you were on fucking fire out there.
(365) Marc Lee came in, said you popped your cherry. Is that right?
(366) There was a kid who... barely had any hair on his balls.
(367) Mother gives him a grenade,
(368) sends him out there to kill marines.
(369) Dude, that's evil like I never seen before.
(370) Yeah. But, hey, man,
(371) you know that kid could have taken out like 10 fucking marines, right?
(372) Yeah, but I killed him.
(373) You did your job. That's the end of the story.
(374) Yeah, it's just not how I envisioned that first one to go down.
(375) Riley, it's okay. Don't have the actuals.
(376) Fuck, man! What the hell?
(377) That was your overwatch, Einstein. You can thank him later.
(378) Let's move!
(379) Keep going.
(380) Hurry up.
(381) Disperse!
(382) Cease fire! Cease fire!
(383) Eyes on the rooftop! Keep your eyes up there!
(384) Man down! Man down! We need a corpsman over here now!
(385) Enemy sniper located. Approximate grid, Quebec-Romeo,
(386) 1-5-5-6-0-4.
(387) Smells like piss in here. Yeah, well...
(388) You covered our asses out there, man. Some ballsy shots.
(389) Fuck. They were clean, right? Hell yeah, they were.
(390) That fucking sniper went right up our ass!
(391) Yeah, I already chewed out security detail. It ain't gonna happen again.
(392) It better not happen again.
(393) There's a hot spot 400 meters out. All right.
(394) I'm gonna go write up some shooter statements.
(395) How many'd you get? I got six... oh. No, that's not true.
(396) I got eight, but they dragged two off.
(397) You got six? Yeah. Why? What's wrong?
(398) Nothing. You just got more than the rest of the snipers combined.
(399) Yeah, but they got one of us. You can't shoot what you can't see.
(400) His wife said he was carrying a Koran.
(401) Look, I don't know what a Koran looks like, but I can tell you what he was carrying.
(402) It was pressed metal, shot 7.62s,
(403) and it looked just like an AK-47. So you tell me what he was carrying.
(404) Oh, here he comes. Here he comes.
(405) Ladies and genitals, listen up! We have a legend in our midst!
(406) Round of applause for The Legend!
(407) There we go. We're so proud of you back home on the range, boy.
(408) Now, it's been... it's been said that The Legend here
(409) can kill 100 men with one blow.
(410) Or, no, it was... what was... nah, it was... fuck. What was it?
(411) It was one... one blow from a single man. He blew 100... men.
(412) And he's single. And... Goddamn it! Shit!
(413) Oh, shit!
(414) Damn, man. Oh, fuck.
(415) You want a food fight? Come on.
(416) Shit. Only way to shut you up.
(417) Have you killed anyone yet?
(418) That is not the way the call home is supposed to go, babe.
(419) Don't be weird with me. Seriously. I want you to tell me everything.
(420) Well, there's certain things you just can't say over the phone.
(421) Okay, you knocked me up, right?
(422) And I'm sitting here by myself literally assembling baby cribs,
(423) and you can't talk to me? That's your big plan?
(424) You guys almost done over there yet?
(425) I can't stop thinking about that little pink number you wore on our honeymoon.
(426) Yeah, it's called a nightgown.
(427) Yeah.
(428) And three days...
(429) three days is not a honeymoon.
(430) Well, it was a good three days.
(431) I miss you real bad.
(432) I miss you, too.
(433) Hey, you want me to talk dirty to you? Yeah.
(434) Hold on. Hold on a second. Let me just...
(435) I got... a phone in one hand and a gun in the other,
(436) so I don't know what I'm gonna do.
(437) Well, you're gonna have to decide what's more important, baby.
(438) Oh, you're a horny preggers.
(439) Fat and horny. It's fucking disgusting.
(440) If you were 300 pounds, I'd still do you.
(441) So romantic.
(442) How's my boy? Nobody said it's a boy.
(443) I can't wait to see the way you're gonna be with him.
(444) How do you know?
(445) I just know.
(446) I can sense it.
(447) I hope you're right. Baby, I am right.
(448) Hey, did your dad get ahold of you? I haven't checked my e-mails.
(449) Shit! Okay, you need to hang up and call him, all right?
(450) Why? What's wrong? Fuck. I'm so selfish. I wasn't even thinking.
(451) Taya, what's wrong? What happened?
(452) Your little brother deployed.
(453) What do you mean? What happened to jump school?
(454) No, he didn't get in. You just hang up and call your dad, okay?
(455) Wait. What do you mean? Deployed where? Where is he?
(456) Over there.
(457) He's headed to Iraq.
(458) I'm sorry, honey.
(459) The man with the blade, he's a Jordanian militant.
(460) He's funded by bin Laden. He's trained by bin Laden.
(461) He is loyal to bin Laden.
(462) His name is Zarqawi.
(463) Now, this asshole is right now the crown prince of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
(464) His mercenary army, AQI, they're 5,000 strong.
(465) Now, these guys are not your average shit-kickers.
(466) These guys are well trained, they are well paid.
(467) And right now, they are waging the largest urban assault since Vietnam.
(468) Zarqawi and his lieutenants, these are our top priority.
(469) Now, there is only one way to root these guys out,
(470) and that is to go door to door, house to house,
(471) until we find them or we find someone who will give us their whereabouts.
(472) So, we are going to need to clear 10 structures an hour,
(473) which, I know, is a lot. It's aggressive.
(474) We're gonna be loosening things up with air support.
(475) This is the highest priority target we have to date.
(476) I want this asshole dead or captured. Do you understand?
(477) Are there any questions?
(478) I'll tell you something. These marines keep rushing in like they're doing,
(479) they're gonna have their asses shot off. Well, they're marines.
(480) They don't get the training we do. Half these guys were civilians six months ago.
(481) Well, let's coach them up. I'll show them how team guys do it.
(482) I'll lead the unit on the street. No, can't do that. We need you on overwatch.
(483) Oh, come on. If I'm on the street, Marc, I could...
(484) House-to-house is the deadliest job here. You got some sort of savior complex?
(485) No, I just want to get the bad guys. But if I can't see them, I can't shoot them.
(486) Look, all these guys, they know your name. And they feel invincible with you up there.
(487) They're not. They are if they think they are.
(488) Why don't you keep banging on the long gun? We'll let these dogs sniff out Zarqawi.
(489) You said AQI has a sniper in the Olympics,
(490) but Iraq hasn't qualified a shooter in three games.
(491) Well, that's 'cause Mustafa's not Iraqi.
(492) He's from Syria.
(493) Regroup!
(494) Hey, once you all gain entry, I can't see shit.
(495) So take it slow and move through your target.
(496) Understood. Fire in the hole!
(497) Go, go, go!
(498) Fuck this.
(499) I'm gonna go clear houses with marines.
(500) You coming? Fuck no, I'm not coming.
(501) No, man. I like my life. I'd actually like to make it home alive.
(502) Look, it's not my job to go fucking knocking down doors, all right?
(503) Those guys picked the wrong fucking job. I'm not doing that shit.
(504) All right, well, if I don't see you down there,
(505) you make sure I don't see you again.
(506) Hey. Y'all mind if I roll with you?
(507) Hey, man. Any SEAL is cool by me.
(508) You're that guy, the one they're calling The Legend. You got like 24 confirmed kills.
(509) Well, who's counting? That's fucking bad-ass.
(510) Yeah, I heard some motherfucker in Bravo's catching up, yo.
(511) Listen. I know y'all are meat-eaters, for sure, but I know a couple things,
(512) some simple shit I could show you. Maybe keep us above ground. What do you say?
(513) Yeah. All right.
(514) Right on.
(515) Hey, what's that mean, bro? Breacher up.
(516) Moving. Get down! Get down on the ground right now!
(517) Get your fucking ass down! No, no!
(518) He no understand! Get down!
(519) Why are you here? You're supposed to be evacuating this area. Why are you still here?
(520) I am Sheikh Al-Obeidi. Sheik Alla-who?! Who the fuck are you?!
(521) This is my home! I stay! I don't give a fuck it's your home!
(522) This is a war zone, sir! Sir, please!
(523) Get that kid down! No! No!
(524) You, sir. Let me help you. Found these bitches in the back closet.
(525) You are welcome here. You are my guest.
(526) How many more you have here?! But tell the soldiers to come in.
(527) No. This Hajji just wants us all in here so he can blow us up.
(528) Go check his ass for a... If he see American, he know we speak.
(529) Who? Who? Who saw you talking to us? It's very dangerous. Please come in.
(530) Who knows we're talking to you? Who?! He come. He come.
(531) He... he come. He...
(532) Very bad. Please.
(533) This target's secure? Target secure.
(534) Bring them in. Get your head down on the ground. Put your hands behind your back.
(535) Now! Move now!
(536) Please! Please! You talk, we'll talk to you.
(537) Bring him in the other room.
(538) If he talks to U.S. soldiers, they will come to his house and make examples of them.
(539) He? Who's he? Who's he?
(540) The man who comes, they call "The Butcher." He's the despaired one.
(541) Son of Shaytan, son of... son of devil.
(542) Oh, he's like an enforcer?
(543) Yes, enforcer.
(544) Number-one soldier Zarqawi. Zarqawi?
(545) Zarqawi. Yeah, we'd like to know where Zarqawi is.
(546) You know where he is? You tell us where he is right now.
(547) How can we get him?
(548) Do you have information for us about Zarqawi? Tell us right now.
(549) You find the Butcher, you find Zarqawi. He reports to him.
(550) Okay, well, how do we find him?
(551) All right, look at me when I'm talking to you. Where do we find him?
(552) We must understand the risk to them, but he will ask for money.
(553) You need $100,000?
(554) I have no proof this guy exists.
(555) Fatima!
(556) Howdy.
(557) Hello.
(558) This is the proof.
(559) All right, look, I wanna help you out. I do. But I need something.
(560) I need phone numbers, address, names. You have to give me something.
(561) Sir. First platoon's pinned down. Let's move out!
(562) Sheikh, look at me when I'm talking to you. Hey! Look at me! I need something.
(563) I can help you out, Sheikh.
(564) You give me a name, and we will take care of it.
(565) I can promise you that. We will give you safety.
(566) Tell me right now! Amir Khalaf Fanus!
(567) Emile Anafanoos? Amir Khalaf Fanus.
(568) This is the given name of the Butcher.
(569) We believe that the Butcher is Zarqawi's number two man.
(570) This is your guy right here.
(571) Yeah, but you don't know his real name. Otherwise, you'd have written it up there.
(572) We got several aliases.
(573) Now, if "Fanus" is legit...
(574) We'll... we'll go see the Sheikh. He's asking for 100,000.
(575) Figures. But if he delivers the Butcher, he's gonna get it.
(576) This is agent Snead, DIA. I need a name check on an Amir Khalaf Fanus.
(577) Yeah, I'll wait.
(578) If we're gonna go back out there, team 3 can pull security.
(579) That's not gonna happen. Head shed's gonna want contractors on it if we're humping money.
(580) Yeah, I'm here. What do you got?
(581) All right. Okay.
(582) Let's go see the Sheikh.
(583) Roadkill.
(584) You know the Butcher is Zarqawi's enforcer?
(585) They say his weapon of choice is a fucking drill.
(586) Went to seminary school before I joined the Navy.
(587) Was close to being a preacher.
(588) And why didn't you?
(589) I love to gamble, man.
(590) Love those dice.
(591) That's my kind of preacher.
(592) It's like that now?
(593) Oh, haven't you heard? I'm The Legend.
(594) Hey, babe.
(595) You were right. The doctor says it's a boy.
(596) What?
(597) It's a boy!
(598) It's a boy?!
(599) Hell, yeah, man. Congratulations!
(600) Chris?!
(601) Grab the money! Get to the drop!
(602) Go! Go! Grab the bag! Grab the bag!
(603) Chris!
(604) Go! Go! Get the fuck outta here! We'll come back for them.
(605) Baby?
(606) I heard one shot. Check.
(607) Came in at an angle. Be 300 or more yards out.
(608) Oh, my God.
(609) You got a bead on him? I got a tiny little window.
(610) Shit! I got eyes on the Butcher. He's got the Sheikh's kid on the avenue.
(611) Requesting QRF.
(612) We're being pinned down by sniper fire on approach of high value target.
(613) Grid 04536236. Over.
(614) I wanna pop a smoke 'em and secure this building. I'm going to the roof.
(615) Hold up!
(616) Hold. Holding.
(617) Go!
(618) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
(619) Come on, you fucking son of a bitch!
(620) Fuck you!
(621) Jesus Christ, what a fucking mess.
(622) You're one dumb son of a bitch, you know that? What the hell were you thinking?
(623) You completely failed to secure the battlefield.
(624) I'm shutting this whole thing down pending an inquiry. Get back to base!
(625) Hey, we gotta set up a squad and pursue him. Nope, they're shutting us down.
(626) What do you mean?
(627) Can't leave the wire till they figure this shit out.
(628) Well, he can't just leave us like that. Hey! I go home in three weeks!
(629) Man, that's gonna be a long three weeks.
(630) How are you? What's going on, pop?
(631) Hey.
(632) Hey, baby.
(633) I thought you were dead.
(634) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(635) I thought you were dead. Well, I'm right here.
(636) Look at me.
(637) You all right? Yeah.
(638) You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
(639) I have an alien growing inside me.
(640) And there's a strange man in my bedroom. Well, it's our bedroom.
(641) Your hands feel different.
(642) Oh, no. They're... they're my hands.
(643) Why am I so fucking nervous? Well, I am, too.
(644) No, you're not. You're lying. Yes, I am. I swear.
(645) How do I know some alien in there is not gonna come out and grab me?
(646) In the middle of the night.
(647) Then I'm gonna have to...
(648) choke him out.
(649) It's gonna be okay.
(650) Promise? Yeah, of course.
(651) Why're you so good with me?
(652) Hey, babe. It might be nice to get out.
(653) You listening to me?
(654) Chris.
(655) What do you wanna do today, hon?
(656) I thought we could just relax here.
(657) Okay, we do that.
(658) Let's relax.
(659) What're you doing? Putting my foot on you.
(660) Well, you know that's... that's the way to my heart.
(661) I'm coming over.
(662) And that looks great.
(663) Look. He's touching his nose.
(664) How are you feeling? I'm all right. I just want him out. I'm tired.
(665) Well, it's gonna be any day now. I hope so.
(666) How 'bout you, Mr. Kyle? How're you feeling?
(667) I'm feeling good. Thank you, ma'am.
(668) I imagine it's hard to decompress.
(669) Not really. No.
(670) This is the first time we've left the house.
(671) I'm happy to be home. Yeah.
(672) Here, put this on for me, would ya?
(673) I think if you wanna check anything out, you may wanna check out these knees.
(674) Are you a smoker? No, ma'am.
(675) You drink? Only when I'm thirsty.
(676) That's 170/110.
(677) Jesus Christ, Chris. Is that high?
(678) Not if you've just had 14 cups of coffee. But for someone who is sitting down...
(679) Oh, I appreciate you... taking a look at that. I'll look into it.
(680) Thank you. Will you look into it?
(681) Yeah.
(682) You sabotaged me back there.
(683) What am I supposed to do? You're not talking. You act like it's all okay.
(684) It is okay. I'm fine. You're not fine, Chris, all right?
(685) Your blood pressure is, like, fucking 170/110. It's like...
(686) I'm driving down the freeway. It's sunny. It's 72 degrees.
(687) I'm fine. There's a war going on. There's people dying.
(688) No one's even talking about that. It's like it's not even happening.
(689) We're all on our cell phones, living our simple, simplistic lives.
(690) It's not even on the news. No one cares. Chris.
(691) There's a war going on and I'm headed to the mall.
(692) Chris. It's happening. I'm not supposed to be here.
(693) What's wrong? You okay? It's happening.
(694) Shit. Okay. I'm gonna go back.
(695) You're fucking crazy! You know that? It's okay. Hey! Baby, baby.
(696) Oh, my God. Baby. You look beautiful.
(697) It's fucking happening.
(698) Oh, my baby.
(699) Look at your mama.
(700) Hey. Hi, baby.
(701) Hey, little guy. Hey, baby.
(702) Hey, little guy. Look what we did.
(703) Look what we did. Look what we made.
(704) Look what we made.
(705) The baby's crying. I thought you were gonna get him.
(706) No, don't bother turning it off. I already watched it.
(707) Had to make sure you didn't have an Iraqi girlfriend sending you sexy videos.
(708) That's a sniper recording his kills. That's Mustafa.
(709) He sells that shit on the street. Those are American soldiers.
(710) That day that we were on the phone, was that him? Was it?
(711) Chris, just talk about it. You're not protecting me by not talking about it.
(712) No, I don't want you getting that in your head, ya understand?
(713) Well, my imagination is so much worse than anything you could tell me.
(714) Chris. Babe, They're fucking savages.
(715) It's not about them.
(716) It's about us.
(717) What?
(718) You have to make it back to us.
(719) Okay?
(720) Welcome home, chief. Colonel Jones is waiting. How was the flight?
(721) Damn longer than Christmas. I bet.
(722) Hey. Can you wait a second? All right. Hurry up.
(723) Hey, grunt!
(724) Chris? Hey, brother!
(725) Hi.
(726) You all right? You in one piece?
(727) I heard you been kicking ass out here, man. All the guys, that's what they've been saying.
(728) Yeah, that's what they say? Yeah.
(729) How ya doing? You okay? Oh, shit, it's good to see you.
(730) You're my hero, bro. Okay? You always have been.
(731) Let's go, Kyle! Colonel's waiting!
(732) The Legend?
(733) What happened? You all right? Man, I'm gonna miss my ride.
(734) Hey, what happened?
(735) I'm just tired, man. I'm... I'm going home.
(736) I'm proud of you.
(737) Dad is, too. Dad's proud of you.
(738) Fuck this place.
(739) What'd you say? Fuck this place.
(740) Chief, we got to move! Let's go!
(741) You made chief. Congratulations. Thank you, sir.
(742) Gronski's gone. A lot of the top brass are. Running off a new playbook now.
(743) I've studied insurgencies for the last decade.
(744) I know every stone thrown since before the first century.
(745) These wars are won and lost in the minds of our enemy.
(746) Yes, sir.
(747) That you?
(748) That's a crusader cross. Yes, sir.
(749) Yeah.
(750) You're now the most wanted man in Iraq.
(751) There's 180,000 on your head. Congrats.
(752) Well, don't tell my wife. She might take that number right now.
(753) I understand you wanna put together a direct action squad to hunt the Butcher.
(754) Yes, sir.
(755) We got some Intel indicating his area of operations.
(756) I want you to put the fear of God into these savages...
(757) and find his ass.
(758) Yes, sir.
(759) All right, let's go get this motherfucker.
(760) Gonna be a pop quiz before we leave.
(761) Small words next time, big legend. What'd you say?
(762) Small words next time.
(763) I'll tell you those stories if you want 'em.
(764) One hell of a PowerPoint, man. Oh, thanks, Biggles.
(765) Always gotta say something, motherfucker.
(766) That Bible of yours, is that bulletproof? What, the one I put in here?
(767) Yeah. I just... I never saw you open it. I assumed...
(768) God, country, family, right?
(769) You got a God?
(770) I got a God? You getting weird on me?
(771) You know, growing up in Oregon, we had this electric fence around our property.
(772) Us kids'd grab onto it and see who could hold on the longest.
(773) War feels kinda like that.
(774) Puts lightning in your bones and makes it hard to hold on to anything else.
(775) Hey, man, you need to sit this one out?
(776) I just wanna believe in what we're doing here.
(777) Oh, there's evil here. We've seen it.
(778) Yeah. There's evil everywhere.
(779) Oh, you want these motherfuckers to come to San Diego or New York?
(780) We're protecting more than just this dirt.
(781) All right.
(782) Let's go kill this fucker.
(783) Bingo. It's the building right here.
(784) Any apartment on the east side faces the restaurant.
(785) Go in, sir. Go, go, go.
(786) Clear.
(787) Other door.
(788) Okay, okay. Okay. Get down on the ground right now.
(789) Put your hands behind your back. Okay.
(790) Target secure.
(791) I got the window, Chris.
(792) Set security, boys. All right, let's get set up.
(793) Corner.
(794) Let's move them into the other room.
(795) Y'all ask if he knows him. You recognize this guy?
(796) He says he does not.
(797) How 'bout you, son? You recognize this face?
(798) You sure?
(799) Well, you know, you make sure you tell 'em they're not gonna go anywhere until we do.
(800) Hey, you keep eyes on that window.
(801) Make sure you take pictures of anybody coming and going.
(802) What do we got?
(803) 16 military-aged males have gone in. 16?
(804) Yeah, they serve more customers than a fucking McDonald's.
(805) Here, check this out.
(806) Is he still in there?
(807) I clocked one point of entry. He's in there, but it's not gonna be an easy breach.
(808) Oh, I don't know about that, man.
(809) Probably see The Legend and just let him right in, you know, big-time celebrity.
(810) Ask him to sign their burka. Appear at their child's birthday parties.
(811) Hey, what is your problem? I didn't... I didn't promote myself.
(812) Yeah, no shit, motherfucker. I did that for you.
(813) You woulda never made chief if I hadn't nicknamed you the fucking myth or some shit.
(814) He invites you to join him for an Eid Al Adha supper.
(815) He says, "on this day, everyone has a seat at my table."
(816) Oh, that's pretty generous of him.
(817) That was, like, close, man.
(818) Take a cucumber. Take cucumber and put it in a tub with vinegar.
(819) Yeah.
(820) Stick in cayenne pepper and a lemon... and let it soak overnight.
(821) It's that, and just add vodka. That's the idea. You wanna get in on it?
(822) Let's do it, dude. I'm a ground-floor investor.
(823) Biggles, you never cooked a day in your life.
(824) Dude, that was the real question.
(825) That was super real. All these random people getting behind us.
(826) Oh, my God, I fell in behind the myth.
(827) Holy shit.
(828) Come on, man. Get some brains. I gotta wash my hands.
(829) Hey, hey, hey!
(830) Go check that out. Stay right here. Stay here.
(831) Hey, what the fuck?! Biggles, help me out.
(832) See that, Muj?
(833) You see that?
(834) What the fuck's going on? Bring the terp in.
(835) Oh, shit.
(836) All right. Now you tell him that he's gonna be sent off to detention
(837) and the Iraqi courts can decide what to do with him.
(838) Or he can help us get inside of that restaurant downstairs.
(839) You tell him. Say it's his choice.
(840) That's it.
(841) All clear.
(842) Good, good. Moving.
(843) Assault team set.
(844) We're in tight. Security set. Package is moving.
(845) 15 meters out.
(846) 10 meters.
(847) 5 meters.
(848) He's knocking.
(849) Hold.
(850) They're vetting him.
(851) Lights out, Muj.
(852) Execute. Execute.
(853) Frag out! Frag out!
(854) Biggles, anything coming out the back? Negative. No movement.
(855) Oh, shit.
(856) D," take him down. Got him.
(857) Get him down.
(858) Oh, shit!
(859) We found a tunnel. Watch your back. Keep your eyes open.
(860) Contact! Contact!
(861) Contact! Drop back!
(862) White-side! RPG on the white-side!
(863) Butcher's on the move.
(864) Repeat, Butcher's on the move. I'm in pursuit.
(865) Butcher's down. Move in your position.
(866) I mean, I offered him detention. It was his choice.
(867) Picked the wrong side. It's all there is to it. Fog of war.
(868) Yo, Chris! Fuck it, man. Let's go. Shit's getting hairy.
(869) Sir, we have armed insurgents moving this way. We need to make tracks.
(870) Heck of a job there, chief.
(871) You want another one, or are you good? Look. What is this?
(872) No. Well, you get what it gives you. That's how this thing works.
(873) You don't get that one, if that's the one you want.
(874) I like that.
(875) That's good. That's strong.
(876) Chris Kyle, come on. Your truck's ready. You can move that all you want.
(877) Your truck's ready. Im... impossible.
(878) Give me your credit card. Okay. Interesting.
(879) I already gave it to ya, I think. Oh, right.
(880) What? Hey, just pick that up off the floor.
(881) Make sure you get all of them up. Well, you got one back here.
(882) Excuse me, sir?
(883) Are you chief Chris Kyle? Yes, sir.
(884) My name is Mads. We met in Fallujah. You saved my life.
(885) I did? Yes, sir.
(886) We were stuck in a house until you came in with the 1st marines.
(887) You were the one that carried me out.
(888) Oh, wow. Well, the marines saved our ass plenty of times.
(889) How are you? You all right? You holding up? Great. Yeah.
(890) I'm... I'm just grateful to be alive. It hasn't been...
(891) Colt. It hasn't been easy.
(892) Well, you know.
(893) A lot of guys lost more than just a leg.
(894) Did you lose some friends?
(895) Well, that, too. But I'm talking 'bout the guys that lived.
(896) That made it back, but they're just not... they're just not back, you know?
(897) They can't seem to get right. Yeah.
(898) Why don't you come down to the V.A. sometime? The guys would love it.
(899) They all know who The Legend is.
(900) Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Hey, buddy.
(901) Can I tell you something?
(902) Your dad? He's a hero.
(903) That's right. He saved my life, and he...
(904) he helped me get back to my little girl.
(905) So, thank you for lending him to us. Okay.
(906) I wouldn't be here without him.
(907) My family thanks you for your service.
(908) Okay, thank you. All right. Take care of yourself.
(909) It's great to see you again. All right.
(910) Come down to the V.A. sometime. Okay. Yeah.
(911) Grab your little lizard up there.
(912) Thank you.
(913) You're welcome. Have a good day.
(914) You have a good day. Okay.
(915) All right, let's go meet your sister, bubba.
(916) Hey. Some help here? My daughter's crying.
(917) That's my daughter over there. I think she's crying.
(918) Can you help tend to her, please? Excuse me.
(919) Hey! Hey, where you going?
(920) Hey!
(921) Hey, will you tend to my daughter, please?
(922) Hey!
(923) Hey! Tend to my daughter, please! Right now!
(924) I'm making memories by myself.
(925) I have no one to share them with.
(926) Yeah, well, we got our whole lives for that.
(927) When does that start?
(928) Even when you're here, you're not here.
(929) I see you. I feel you.
(930) But you're not here.
(931) I hate the teams for it.
(932) I do.
(933) You're my husband.
(934) You're the father of my children, but they're the ones that pull you back.
(935) Yeah, but, you see, they... they can't wait, and we can.
(936) If you think this war isn't changing you, you're wrong.
(937) You can only circle the flame so long.
(938) It's true.
(939) Cadillac 31 actual,
(940) we're tailing the Butcher's courier currently on Maryland street. Over.
(941) Hey! Got the ring.
(942) From where? From here?
(943) Yeah, man. Fuck, yeah. It's so much cheaper here.
(944) Dude, you bought it from savages? How do you know it's not a blood diamond?
(945) Oh, what the fuck do you care, man?
(946) You've spilled so much blood over here. You're The Legend.
(947) Oh, that's not for a rock.
(948) What the fuck ever, man.
(949) That's just hypocritical.
(950) Hey, ease up on that. No, don't get too close.
(951) All right. Hey, I know. Did you tell her where you bought it from?
(952) Fuck no. I'm gonna tell her I got that shit from Zales.
(953) Hey, you still with us, cookie?
(954) Just a half block back, baby. We are wet and ready, big giggles.
(955) You know, "D"...
(956) I predict in 20 years, we're gonna have a reunion...
(957) and you'll be married to a dude.
(958) As long as you cook and clean.
(959) Now, there they are. Oh, shit.
(960) Mustafa's got his peepers out.
(961) This motherfucker is Keyser fucking Soze, bro.
(962) Hey, next time you get a clear shot, you try not to miss him, all right?
(963) Well, I would've gotten him in the alleyway if I didn't have to save your ass.
(964) So you gonna be my best man?
(965) Oh, just me? Or is it gonna be everybody else, too?
(966) There's only gonna be one best man, dude.
(967) Vehicle 1 taking fire.
(968) Come on, give me a shot. All right.
(969) Biggles, move.
(970) Clear.
(971) One on me.
(972) We got him.
(973) Vehicle is secure.
(974) Set security, Chris.
(975) Nope.
(976) Rooftop secure.
(977) Aren't you worried that she's gonna take that thing to Zales,
(978) find out how much you spent?
(979) Well, no, I wasn't. Set security.
(980) Now I'm a little worried about it. You should be.
(981) What do you mean, she can trace the diamond to Zales?
(982) I don't think that's gonna...
(983) You okay, buddy? You're all right.
(984) Got a man down. Biggles is down. Northwest corner, rooftop!
(985) Hang in there, bud.
(986) I need a corpsman right now!
(987) Okay, bubba. We're gonna pick you up and take you downstairs.
(988) I can walk.
(989) Get him in the Humvee. Get him in the Humvee.
(990) Breaking off.
(991) I got him. I got him.
(992) Come on. Get in. Hang in there, Biggles. Fuck.
(993) Hang in there, Biggles.
(994) Hang in, Biggles.
(995) It's okay. Shit, I'm sorry, man.
(996) For what? What are you sorry for? It's my fault we went on that roof.
(997) Am I gonna die?
(998) Fuck no, Biggles. You're a fucking frogman. Frogmen don't fucking die.
(999) Gonna put some sand in this fucking cut. We'll get you a fucking canteen of water.
(1000) You're gonna be fucking fine, Biggles. Hang in there.
(1001) Hey, Chris. You make sure she gets that ring, all right?
(1002) Sure will.
(1003) All right, let's decrease suction. The retractor, please.
(1004) More blood. How long before we get film on him?
(1005) We need another unit of blood. Give me a 3 only.
(1006) All right, saline... now. More suction.
(1007) Hold your hands right here. Okay.
(1008) Type and cross. I need those numbers now.
(1009) Did you see where it came from?
(1010) Yeah, it was more than 1,000 meters out.
(1011) Only one enemy sniper coulda made that shot.
(1012) Will he make it?
(1013) Took a round off the feed tray cover. Was 48.
(1014) Doesn't look good.
(1015) That's the first SEAL hit, sir.
(1016) Fuck!
(1017) Shi'a cab driver we source is saying there's a stronghold seven doors down.
(1018) Marine units covered your exfil are still engaged there.
(1019) I can understand if you want to stand down and regroup. It's up to you.
(1020) Lex talionis.
(1021) Eye for an eye.
(1022) We're going back out.
(1023) Fucking "A." Fuck, yes.
(1024) Let's go.
(1025) It's on.
(1026) Hey!
(1027) Two klicks out.
(1028) Hallway clear.
(1029) On the left. Bumping.
(1030) Hallway.
(1031) Hallway clear. On the left.
(1032) Clear.
(1033) All clear.
(1034) All clear.
(1035) Hey, Marc. Looks like someone left in a hurry.
(1036) Man down! Cover the window!
(1037) Man down!
(1038) Cut that window! Cut that window!
(1039) Come on, Marc.
(1040) Let's go, buddy. I got you, man. I got you. Look at me. Look at me.
(1041) I got you.
(1042) Marc's gone, bro.
(1043) I got one SEAL down. I need cabs back immediately.
(1044) We gotta fucking move him.
(1045) Glory is something some men chase,
(1046) and others find themselves stumbling upon
(1047) not expecting to find it.
(1048) Either way, it is a noble gesture that one...
(1049) finds bestowed upon them.
(1050) My question is, when does glory fade away and become a wrongful crusade?
(1051) Or an unjustified means by which consumes one...
(1052) completely? I've...
(1053) seen war...
(1054) and I've seen... death."
(1055) Detail. Ten-hut!
(1056) Port arms!
(1057) Ready!
(1058) Aim.
(1059) Fire!
(1060) Ready.
(1061) Aim.
(1062) Fire!
(1063) Ready.
(1064) Aim. Fire!
(1065) Present arms!
(1066) Marc wrote that letter two weeks ago.
(1067) Did he say any of that to you?
(1068) Chris, I wanna know what you thought of his letter.
(1069) An AQI informant had called in a tip, and... Biggles had just been shot.
(1070) We were operating out of emotion, and we just walked right into an ambush.
(1071) But that's not what killed him.
(1072) That letter did. That letter killed Marc.
(1073) He just... he let go, and he paid the price for it.
(1074) Sign in here?
(1075) Hey, buddy.
(1076) Hey, Chris? Yeah.
(1077) Where you at, man? I'm right here. I'm right here.
(1078) Shit, you're blind as a bat. Yeah, it fucking blows.
(1079) They say they're gonna fix my face, though. Oh, thank God.
(1080) About time. Your face needs some fixing. It's too soon, man.
(1081) It is too soon? Way too soon.
(1082) Hey, I heard you proposed. Yeah.
(1083) Well, good for you. You didn't tell her you bought that diamond...
(1084) you told her you bought it at Zales, right? No.
(1085) You didn't? No. No, got a new one.
(1086) It's a smaller one. Her dad helped me out with it.
(1087) Oh, nice. Yeah.
(1088) Oh, good.
(1089) She wouldn't leave me, bro.
(1090) I told her to go, and she wouldn't leave.
(1091) She's getting a raw fucking deal.
(1092) Why would you say that? Don't say that. She's got you.
(1093) All two inches of you. Two inches.
(1094) Yeah, you know, I'm glad this happened to me and not you.
(1095) Ain't no way you coulda handled it. Yeah, you're probably right.
(1096) So they say you're the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history.
(1097) Oh, is that right? That's what I heard.
(1098) The bad guys ended up in Sadr City. You're not going back.
(1099) Yeah, we are. We're gonna wall 'em in and hunt 'em down.
(1100) Nah, come on, man. You don't have to do that.
(1101) Oh, we have to do that. You're my brother.
(1102) And they're gonna fucking pay for what they did to you.
(1103) Hooyah, Legend.
(1104) Fucking hooyah.
(1105) Something happens to me, you'd be all right.
(1106) You'd find someone else.
(1107) Do you wanna die?
(1108) Is that what it is?
(1109) No.
(1110) Then just tell me.
(1111) Tell me why you do it.
(1112) Oh, come on. I wanna understand.
(1113) Babe, I do it for you. You know that. I do it to protect you.
(1114) No, you don't. Yes, I do.
(1115) I'm here.
(1116) Your family is here. Your children have no father.
(1117) Well, I have to serve my country. That is such fucking bullshit!
(1118) No, it's not. You don't know when to quit.
(1119) You did your part. We've sacrificed enough. You let somebody else go.
(1120) Let somebody else go? Yeah.
(1121) I couldn't live with myself. Yeah, well, you find a way.
(1122) You have to.
(1123) Okay, I need you to be human again.
(1124) I need you here.
(1125) Baby, I need you here.
(1126) If you leave again...
(1127) I don't think we'll be here when you get back.
(1128) Come here.
(1129) Chris. Oh, man.
(1130) We've been shot off position three nights in a row, man.
(1131) Fallujah was bad. Ramadi was worse.
(1132) This shit is fucking biblical, Chris. Is there any other punishers here?
(1133) Squirrel cycled out. And Dauber was coming back, but his wife knocked him up.
(1134) And if I bring home another rug, my wife'll murder my motherfucking ass, Chris.
(1135) Teams and shit, right? Teams and shit.
(1136) Man, that Biggles news hit hard, man.
(1137) I went to see him in the hospital before I left. Motherfucker can't see shit.
(1138) Biggles is gone, Chris.
(1139) He was in surgery yesterday, and... he died on that table.
(1140) Hey, this is Taya. I can't get to the phone, so please leave a message.
(1141) It's me... Just calling to hear your voice.
(1142) I'm missing you guys. Been thinking about some things you said.
(1143) Tell the kids I love 'em. I love you, too.
(1144) Don't pick it up.
(1145) Don't you fucking pick it up.
(1146) Son of a bitch.
(1147) Fucking drop it.
(1148) Drop it, you little cocksucker.
(1149) All right, listen up. The head-shed believe this T-wall here will help win the war
(1150) by trapping remaining AQI behind it.
(1151) Problem is the engineers building the goddamn things
(1152) are getting picked off by one single sniper from deep behind the wall.
(1153) How deep?
(1154) Roughly 1,000 meters. Is it Mustafa?
(1155) Mu-who? I don't know, dude.
(1156) The sniper who killed our fucking friend Biggles, man.
(1157) He can be whoever the fuck you need him to be. We just need him dead.
(1158) We'll shuttle you six blocks north into enemy territory,
(1159) which will put you right up under the sniper's nose when he takes his shot, okay?
(1160) In the middle of a fucking sandstorm? Bring your fucking goggles, Bambi.
(1161) We need to shut this shooter down. Understood? Gear up.
(1162) Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
(1163) It's clear. Move out.
(1164) Clear.
(1165) We're maneuver. You're base. Yep.
(1166) Go.
(1167) Go!
(1168) Clear. Moving.
(1169) Go! Go!
(1170) All clear.
(1171) Set security.
(1172) The streets are crawling. Hold your fire.
(1173) Enter the fucking sandman.
(1174) Man down! Man back!
(1175) Shit!
(1176) Shot came from the east!
(1177) We set up in the wrong fucking direction.
(1178) Doesn't matter. Hold your fire. We got uglies right below us.
(1179) I got something 1,900 yards out.
(1180) Fuck, you can't even see that far out. Hold your fire. You'll expose us all.
(1181) He's right, Legend. No bueno.
(1182) Correction. It's 2,100 yards out.
(1183) That's more than a mile. Impossible shot, Chris.
(1184) It's him.
(1185) This is task unit bruiser. I got eyes on target. Initiate QRF. Over.
(1186) Copy that. ET on quick reaction force is 20 minutes out.
(1187) He has eyes on our guys. Can you confirm it's him?
(1188) It's him.
(1189) Oh, it's him. It's your call, Chris.
(1190) Quick reaction force is 20 minutes out. You'll stand the fuck down!
(1191) If you got it, take it, man.
(1192) Aim small, miss small.
(1193) Do it for Biggles.
(1194) You just fucked us, Legend.
(1195) Tango down.
(1196) We need QRF asap!
(1197) Mission accomplished.
(1198) He had eyes on our guys.
(1199) And I took him out. Yeah. Now we're fucked like a football bat.
(1200) Biggles would be proud.
(1201) You did it, Chris.
(1202) Echo 7 kilo, be advised you have enemy approaching all directions of your pos.
(1203) White-side! Goddamn it, Legend. Fuck!
(1204) Yeah, let's go. Come on.
(1205) All right, I see two ways up onto the roof. We wanna lock both staircases.
(1206) Conserve ammo.
(1207) Get some, motherfuckers.
(1208) Echo 7 kilo, you have tango-heavy gun on your green-side.
(1209) We're taking effective fire, white-side! Effective fire, white-side!
(1210) D", I'm down to two mags! We gotta move! Don't stop fucking shooting, man!
(1211) QRF's stuck three blocks out.
(1212) I'm out! 3 o'clock. Loading last mag.
(1213) I've only got one mag left!
(1214) I'm black! I'm black! Anybody got a mag?!
(1215) We can't hold 'em any longer! We gotta move!
(1216) Those guys are sitting ducks.
(1217) I don't wanna get dragged in the street. That's it. Do it.
(1218) Call it in.
(1219) This is Rio 2 Bravo requesting ordnance drop.
(1220) Grid number 04837959. That target location is your position.
(1221) I know my fucking position! They're right on top of us. Just drop it!
(1222) Viper 34, move to final attack heading.
(1223) Viper 34. Roger. 30 seconds out.
(1224) Hello?
(1225) Baby?
(1226) Chris? Baby, I ca... baby, I can't hear you. Hello?
(1227) I'm ready.
(1228) I'm ready to come home. What?
(1229) I have the building in sight.
(1230) What's happening?
(1231) I'm ready to come home, baby.
(1232) Chris?
(1233) It's pretty bad air up here. I can't hold this much longer.
(1234) Tell the pilot "turn it loose."
(1235) Viper 34. Fire away.
(1236) Target missed.
(1237) Shit.
(1238) We need to exfil now! Let's go! Let's move!
(1239) We gotta move!
(1240) Echo 7 kilo, green-side is clear for exit.
(1241) I got the out. Green-side pole on my go!
(1242) They're on the roof.
(1243) Let's go!
(1244) Last man!
(1245) Get to the back!
(1246) Go! Go! Go!
(1247) Come on! Inside, inside!
(1248) Get in the truck! Get in the truck now! We got to go!
(1249) Come on! We got to get out now!
(1250) Let me up.
(1251) Come on, let me up. Come on.
(1252) Where's Chris?
(1253) He was just behind me. Where is Chris, man?
(1254) Open the fucking door.
(1255) Stop the goddamn rig!
(1256) Where is he?! Chris!
(1257) Chris, come on!
(1258) Come on! Hold the fucking vehicle, man!
(1259) We can't leave you! Come on, Chris! Grab my hand! Come on, Chris!
(1260) Pull him in now!
(1261) Come on, Chris!
(1262) Yeah? Hey, it's me.
(1263) I just... I got this weird message that you were on a plane or something?
(1264) Yeah. Yeah, I got out early.
(1265) You did?
(1266) So, what, are you in Germany, or... where?
(1267) No, I'm here. I'm...
(1268) I'm stateside.
(1269) You're home?
(1270) What... what are you doing?
(1271) I guess I just needed a minute.
(1272) Chris, the... the kids are dying to see you. It's been nine months.
(1273) I'm coming home.
(1274) Are you all right?
(1275) Yeah, I'm good.
(1276) Babe, come home. Okay?
(1277) You know, we... we miss you.
(1278) Okay.
(1279) Hey, Chris?
(1280) Babe.
(1281) Hon, I'm... I'm going outside.
(1282) Get it. Higher.
(1283) Look at you. I can see your face again, babe. Looks good.
(1284) Oh, good. Looks different.
(1285) So the game's this Saturday.
(1286) You know, he's the tallest kid on the team. Doctor said he could be 6'4".
(1287) Isn't that insane?
(1288) I can't wait for you to see him play. I go so crazy, though,
(1289) when the other kids jump on him. Like, I need you there as, like, a leveler,
(1290) you know what I mean?
(1291) Hey, maybe you could even coach, you know?
(1292) Kenna's gonna lose that tooth, and I'm so worried she's gonna swallow it,
(1293) like, in her sleep or something. And she said she'd let you pull it, but only you.
(1294) Would you do that?
(1295) Chris!
(1296) I got a very interesting phone call. It's from your wife.
(1297) She told me about the barbecue.
(1298) Yeah, that was unfortunate. Yeah.
(1299) Things seem like they got a little out of hand.
(1300) Are you worried? No, sir.
(1301) So you're not worried about what happened, or what might happen?
(1302) No, sir, I'm not worried about that.
(1303) Let me ask you a question, Chris.
(1304) How much time did you spend in-country?
(1305) Well, four tours, so... That's like, what, 1,000 days?
(1306) Yeah, sounds about right.
(1307) Would you be surprised if I told you
(1308) that the Navy has credited you with over 160 kills?
(1309) Do you ever think that...
(1310) you might have seen things or done some things over there that you wish you hadn't?
(1311) Oh, that's not me. No.
(1312) What's not you? I was just protecting my guys.
(1313) They were trying to kill our soldiers, and...
(1314) I'm willing to meet my creator and answer for every shot that I took.
(1315) The thing that...
(1316) haunts me are all the guys that I couldn't save.
(1317) You know, I'm willing and able to be there, but I'm not. I'm here. I quit.
(1318) So you wish you could've saved more guys?
(1319) Yes, sir.
(1320) You know, you can walk down any hall in this hospital.
(1321) We got plenty of soldiers need saving.
(1322) Wanna take a walk?
(1323) Sure.
(1324) All right. I wanna show you something.
(1325) I still smoke.
(1326) Can't be too mad at it cause it kinda saved my right hand.
(1327) How so?
(1328) When I got blown up, I had both of my hands on the bottom of the steering wheel.
(1329) And right before the explosion went off, I took my hand off,
(1330) grabbed a cigarette, stuck it in my mouth.
(1331) And when I went to go light it, the explosion happened.
(1332) And it took the whole bottom of the steering wheel and my left hand off.
(1333) And I was lucky that I had this. I mean, it still fucked up my right hand, but...
(1334) Yeah. I still got it.
(1335) And you still smoke? Yeah, I still smoke.
(1336) Miss. Three inches to the right. Come on, Wynn. You can do better than that.
(1337) Bring this to the right.
(1338) Make sure you keep both eyes open. Let that trigger surprise you.
(1339) We're not shooting bad guys. We're shooting paper.
(1340) How about The Legend stops trying to fuck up my shot?
(1341) How about that? How about you hit one?
(1342) Hit! There you go.
(1343) Bull's eye, boy. Damn, if that don't feel like I got my balls back.
(1344) Why you spending all this time with us, man?
(1345) I know you got a family.
(1346) I heard you had a boot collection before the war?
(1347) So I was thinking, I saw we were about the same size.
(1348) Seriously, man. Why do you do it?
(1349) Well, we take care of each other, right?
(1350) Let's see if you can't hit two in a row.
(1351) Come on, man. You got this.
(1352) Hit! Nice.
(1353) Hit! Goddamn.
(1354) Who's the legend now?
(1355) That's a title you don't want. Trust me.
(1356) Yo, will you hop down? I'll give 'em to you.
(1357) You add one more? Yeah.
(1358) All right, take 'em inside. All right.
(1359) Come here.
(1360) It's not a bad life out here, is it?
(1361) Got a smile on his face.
(1362) Looks cheery to me.
(1363) Just doing his thing.
(1364) Wave goodbye to him.
(1365) Oh! Fuck, who is that?!
(1366) Oh! Babe, is that you? Yep-A-Doo-Dee!
(1367) Baby, I fucking hurt myself. Shit. What?
(1368) No, I'm all right. I'm all right! I'm all right. Fuck.
(1369) Baby, I'm sorry. It's okay.
(1370) What happened? Don't...
(1371) You know that it's a heck of a thing to stop a beating heart.
(1372) Yeah.
(1373) That's why we're gonna do it together for your first time.
(1374) All right.
(1375) Now, remember, you gotta be calm...
(1376) confident...
(1377) and you never hesitate.
(1378) All right. You got it, bubba?
(1379) I got it. You feel good?
(1380) Yeah.
(1381) Hands in the air, little lady.
(1382) Hands in the air.
(1383) Now, you drop them drawers.
(1384) But you drop 'em nice and easy.
(1385) Oh, baby, look at you.
(1386) Look at you. Look at you.
(1387) Can I tell you something?
(1388) Tell it to the judge. Stop it.
(1389) No. I am so proud of you, and I don't tell you enough.
(1390) I'm so proud of you. And you're such a great father.
(1391) And I am so happy that I've got my husband back.
(1392) And I also know how hard you fought to get here.
(1393) You're worth fighting for.
(1394) Now tell me one other thing. Did you... did you pleat those jeans?
(1395) Yes, ma'am. I believe they're right down the middle.
(1396) Oh, you're just a regular old cowboy again.
(1397) That's right. Now, why don't you... why don't you really drop them drawers?
(1398) I'm not wearing any drawers, baby.
(1399) I got four minutes.
(1400) Is that all it takes?
(1401) No, it takes two minutes. But then again I want two minutes to look at you.
(1402) Aren't you going to the range?
(1403) Who are you taking out?
(1404) This marine. His mama kept asking me.
(1405) She parks cars at the elementary school, and she said, "can you help out my son?"
(1406) And I just thought... today's the only day I can really do it, so...
(1407) It's gonna be just a little bit of the afternoon. I'll be back.
(1408) Yes!
(1409) You make sure you keep them drawers... Daddy.
(1410) What's up? What's up? Dad, you wanna play Skylanders?
(1411) No, I can't play right now. I'll do it when I get back, boy.
(1412) But, see, you're on level 8, and that doesn't work.
(1413) I gotta be on level 4. And I don't want... I wanna win. You gotta let me win.
(1414) No way!
(1415) Poke the bear! Poke the what?
(1416) Poke the bear! Poke the what?!
(1417) Poke the bear!
(1418) No! You're supposed to roar, like...
(1419) Like what? Like a beast, right? Like what?
(1420) All right, bubba. Y'all look after our women, okay?
(1421) Yeah. Okay. It's a big responsibility.
(1422) You up for it?
(1423) All right. See you later, baby.
(1424) I love you. I love you back.
(1425) How are you? You good? Good.
(1426) We're gonna go about a two-hour drive and shoot some guns
(1427) and maybe have a little conversation along the way. What you say?
(1428) Yeah. All right. Let's go.
(1429) Thank you. Yep.
(1430) Hey, you eat yet? You hungry? You wanna get something on the way?

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