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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

[2011] [A Lonely Place to Die] English Transcript

A Lonely Place to Die
(1) Man exhales
(2) wind whistles
(3) exhales
(4) Safe
(5) Off belay
(6) Right, can you get my camera out please
(7) Chuckles) Say it
(8) Come on Don't take a picture
(9) Give us a smile. I'm sure there's a pretty face under that frown somewhere
(10) Is that the best you got Afraid so
(11) OK, get one of me No, I'll take it at the top
(12) Yeah, but I wanna get some of this background in
(13) Pass it over
(14) Try and get some of that exposure in Show how high up we are
(15) Is that a golden eagle
(16) Woman) Beautiful
(17) It's a golden eagle Buzzard. I don't know
(18) woman Nah, it's way too big to be a buzzard
(19) Bird screeches
(20) Alright, that's enough of the bird Point the camera at the money
(21) Alison, come on
(22) Stop pouting What
(23) Alison) It was a golden eagle
(24) He yells
(25) Alison! Help me Ed
(26) Ed) Jesus Christ, Alison
(27) Shit Alison) Rob, throw the rope
(28) Guys Ed) Alison
(29) Alison) Ed Alison, please! It's slipping
(30) Ed) It's gonna go
(31) Ed) I can't... I can't I can't get up! (yells
(32) Ed) Help me Alison) Rob
(33) Rob
(34) Ed yells Alison) Ed, just breathe
(35) Ed) It's not gonna hold Alison) Ed! Ed
(36) Ed, you have to listen to me Just breathe
(37) Ed yells
(38) Alison) It's OK, but stop moving Keep it together
(39) Rob) Alright, alright
(40) Easy. OK, OK. Get your breath
(41) Get your breath Jesus Christ, what happened, guys
(42) Alison, are you alright Don't ask. Yeah, I'm fine
(43) Rob) Alright, mate, you're alright OK. Can you just pull yourself up
(44) Ed) Thank God Rob) Alison, you OK
(45) Alison) I'm fine Rob) Alright
(46) It's OK, keep going Just get your breath
(47) Sighs
(48) The Burning of Auchindoun by Sophie Ramsay
(49) As I came in by Fiddichside
(50) On a May morning
(51) I spied Willie Macintosh
(52) An hour before the dawning
(53) Turn again, turn again, turn again
(54) I bid ye
(55) If ye burn Auchindoun
(56) Huntly he will heid ye
(57) Heid me or hang me
(58) That shall never fear me
(59) I'll burn Auchindoun
(60) Though the life leaves me
(61) As I came in by Auchindoun on a May morning
(62) Auchindoun was in a bleeze an hour before the dawning
(63) Crawing, crawing
(64) For all your crouse crawing
(65) Ye burnt yer crop an' tint your wings
(66) An hour before the dawning
(67) Ed) I lost my bloody camera
(68) I feel sick and my hands won't stop shaking
(69) Rob) It's the adrenaline lag, mate Always hits you afterwards
(70) Hey, Ed
(71) Don't ever have a concentration lapse like that again, OK
(72) You wanna climb with me you need to up your game
(73) Methodical, every step. I mean it
(74) Complacency is a killer out here
(75) We got away with cuts and bruises Yeah
(76) Remind me why we do this again
(77) Because we don't surf
(78) Rob) Hey Hey
(79) Hey Hey. How you doing, honey
(80) Rob) What time did you get here About an hour ago. Just unpacking
(81) Yeah, we took the double room with the en suite. If that's OK
(82) Fine. I'm not sleeping with him, am I
(83) Neither am I
(84) Woman laughs I'm Ed, by the way
(85) Oh, Ed. I'm sorry, mate Ed, Jenny. Jenny, this is Ed
(86) Hi, Ed
(87) Sighs
(88) No, after you
(89) Rob) OK
(90) Oh, right
(91) Oh, honey, can you bring me the cutlery, please, babe
(92) It's in the jug on the dresser
(93) Smells like someone's died in here
(94) Yeah, it is a little stinky I'll open a window, let some air in
(95) That's just what Fred West would have said
(96) In future, you should bury your relatives outdoors
(97) Think patio
(98) If we had a phone in here, mate, you could call up the landlord and complain
(99) There's no phone No
(100) Great

(101) And the window... is bust
(102) Any joy
(103) We've had a right result
(104) Hey, don't worry about her
(105) You know, with a bit of luck, she'll be tucked up and fast asleep by now
(106) Your parents are such a pushover
(107) She runs rings round them She's such a little monkey
(108) I miss her
(109) It's only been two days, Jen
(110) Hmm
(111) Beeping
(112) Bollocks
(113) Thunder
(114) You take the high road
(115) And I'll take the low road And I'll be in Scotland
(116) Afore you No, no, no
(117) It's horrible. Girls, girls, stop Seriously, it's horrible
(118) Rob) Please, cards, go OK. OK
(119) But, erm
(120) Right, I need to know how much one of these fellas is worth
(121) Five matchsticks. Er
(122) Er, no sex for you Alex laughs
(123) And, OK, a bottle top Rob) Two pasta swirls to a top
(124) Right. So then, ten matchsticks makes one bottle top
(125) Ed) Yeah
(126) Great. OK, thanks, guys It's a bit confusing, is all
(127) It really isn't
(128) Be nice Alex) What are you doing, Jen
(129) Ladies and gentlemen, I fold
(130) What have you got that's so special Erm
(131) A pasta swirl and two tops is what I'm gonna raise by
(132) I fold Me, too
(133) I'm gonna keep him honest. All in
(134) The water's warm. Jump on in
(135) Yeah, right. Erm, all in
(136) Three kings Whoa
(137) Oh, damn, I've only got three tens A-ha! Get in, yer dancer
(138) Come here, you lovely, lovely little
(139) Oh, look at his wee face
(140) I've got a pair of queens as well if that helps
(141) Oh, come on, sit down, Alex. Shock's best absorbed with the knees bent
(142) Full house. Let him take it
(143) Don't spend it all in one pub
(144) I can retire to the Bahamas like Roger Moore
(145) You mean Sean Connery I'm in the Roger Moore camp
(146) Mimics Roger Moore) There's nothing wrong with a little bit of camp
(147) That's a horrible impression
(148) Rob) It isn't Ed) It is
(149) Rob) It's not
(150) Alex, what is this? Where's the Queen
(151) That's legal tender It's a Scottish tenner
(152) It's worse than Monopoly money I can't buy anything with this
(153) Alex) I've only got two words for you
(154) Yeah, do they involve sex and travel Possibly
(155) Well, don't say them
(156) Jenny) That's our cue to leave Goodnight, everybody
(157) Fuck off Leave it. Goodnight
(158) Another round
(159) Look, baby, I'm sorry I'm pissed. It was just banter
(160) Yeah. I know. But it's not very sexy I'm not trying to be sexy
(161) Why not? You're not on a promise
(162) Deal Will do
(163) Stick with me we'll climb that this time next year
(164) The Eiger? Yeah, let's do it The north face
(165) It killed 70 people
(166) Alison) If you fall from the summit it'll take 30 seconds to hit the ground
(167) Ed) That's cheery 30 seconds to recall your life
(168) say your goodbyes conscious the whole way down
(169) Just enough time to say the Lord's Prayer
(170) If you believe that's gonna save you You're really gonna need something
(171) Wind howls
(172) It's blowing a bastard out there Yeah, I know
(173) It's, er, supposed to clear up through the night, though
(174) But tomorrow is gonna be tricky
(175) Drink
(176) Fill her up
(177) No, you can't mix gin and whisky It's called a gisky
(178) Is it I just invented it
(179) Right Gisky
(180) Alison) Gisky. Would you like one No, I'll pass
(181) Thunder
(182) Alright, folks slight change of plan, I think
(183) There are 40mph winds on that peak but they're gusting 60
(184) It's supposed to die down tonight, so I think we'll do the west face tomorrow
(185) and just tackle the north ridge today
(186) It's nothing more than a diff You know, V diff
(187) So don't worry about rock shoes, helmets or anything that'll weigh you down
(188) We've got a lot of ground to cover
(189) How's the exposure on the ridge
(190) A bit thought provoking but keep hold of your harness
(191) I've got mine and we'll take the rope OK, good
(192) Got all your gear Don't leave anything
(193) The only thing I left is for a fully qualified plumber
(194) Charming
(195) Good morning Hey, how's the head
(196) Two cups of coffee and three aspirin I'm almost human again
(197) OK
(198) So I guess it's a no-go on the west face, hmm
(199) No. This isn't Yosemite. The weather up here does exactly what it wants
(200) Yeah
(201) Got the lunch, Jen Yeah, that's all under control
(202) What are we having Sandwiches
(203) Ah. The pinnacle of British cuisine No wonder the French hate us
(204) I make a pretty good sandwich Well, what's in them
(205) Just wait and see The surprise is half the fun
(206) Just as long as it's not fish
(207) Jenny) You should try one They're yummy
(208) Ed) Smoked mackerel and egg I'd rather eat my own shit
(209) No one's stopping you
(210) You could always scrape out the mackerel and just eat the bread
(211) No, I can't do that. It's been tainted
(212) You remind me of my daughter
(213) She's clearly a lady of impeccable taste
(214) She's two
(215) Jenny) You're such a fussy eater It's so surprising at your age
(216) Surprise is half the fun, right
(217) Thank fuck I brought chocolate
(218) Five minutes and we're off Everybody OK with that
(219) Sounds good
(220) It's beautiful
(221) I know. Scenery like this makes me wish I could paint
(222) I'm gonna take a piss
(223) Rob) Yeah, good to know Thought you might be interested
(224) No, no, mate, you feel free to keep us updated at all times
(225) Ed) Will do
(226) I've found a cracking spot I'm unbuttoning my fly
(227) I'm getting it out Fucking hell, it weighs a ton
(228) Shut up, wanker
(229) Girl shouts in the distance
(230) girl shouts in the distance
(231) Hey, guys! I heard something
(232) Oh, yeah, what
(233) I dunno. Something Come here and check it out
(234) Mate, you think I'm falling for that
(235) I'm serious
(236) Girl shouts in the distance
(237) What is it
(238) What's going on up there Hold on a sec
(239) Just listen
(240) Girl shouts in the distance
(241) D'you hear that
(242) I heard it
(243) What is it then An animal
(244) No way Then what
(245) Sounds to me like Like what
(246) A person
(247) Guys, get over here What is it
(248) Ed) Just get over here
(249) What is it Alison) Shh. Listen
(250) Girl shouts in the distance
(251) I hear it Yeah, me too
(252) Bird flaps past
(253) girl shouts in the distance
(254) Alex) What is that
(255) I've no idea
(256) Rob) shit what
(257) It's a breathing tube
(258) There's someone down there
(259) Just wait here, guys. Wait
(260) Hello
(261) Girl shouts Jesus Christ
(262) Jesus Christ What the hell is that
(263) Don't you mean who
(264) Alex) What do we do
(265) Ed
(266) Wait a sec, guys
(267) Hello
(268) If you can hear us, say something
(269) Girl shouts
(270) Oh, Jesus
(271) This was dug recently The earth's still soft
(272) Why would somebody be down there
(273) Ed) I told you I heard something girl shouts
(274) We're gonna help you Just sit tight for a moment
(275) What are you doing We don't know what's down there
(276) It sounds like a child I think so, too
(277) We can think, but we don't fucking know
(278) Rob) Whoa, whoa, whoa Guys, it's made of wood
(279) See if we can find the corners This is insane. What are you doing
(280) Get down here! Help us Fucking kneel down and help
(281) Come on girl yells
(282) Rob) Right, we're gonna try and lift it, OK? On three
(283) One, two, three
(284) Rob) Fuck
(285) Jenny) Oh, my God Rob) Jesus
(286) Alright. Hello
(287) Now don't be afraid. We're gonna get you out of there. Alright
(288) Ed
(289) Come on girl whimpers
(290) No, no, no. Don't worry we're not gonna hurt you
(291) OK, darling? We're not gonna hurt you Come on
(292) Rob screams
(293) For fuck's sake, you're scaring her Leave her alone
(294) It's OK, sweetie
(295) Alright. Alright
(296) It's OK
(297) It's alright. I'm not gonna hurt you
(298) It's OK We're gonna get you out of here
(299) Come on, sweetie
(300) It's alright
(301) It's OK. Good girl. It's OK
(302) It’s OK
(303) OK, honey. Help OK
(304) Jenny) OK
(305) Let's get you out of here Come up. Come up
(306) Can you get me some water
(307) Sit down It's alright, it's alright. OK
(308) OK. OK. Here you go. There you go
(309) Slowly. Drink slowly Slowly, slowly, slowly
(310) Alright. Good girl
(311) Oh. Alright. lt's OK
(312) It's alright, it's alright. It's OK
(313) Sweetie, can you tell
(314) Can you tell me your name? Your name
(315) I'm Jenny. Jenny
(316) What's your name
(317) Anna Anna
(318) OK, Anna
(319) Anna, where are you from speaks foreign language
(320) OK. Alright
(321) Anna, do you speak English
(322) Anna? English? Does anyone know what language that is
(323) I dunno. Is it Russian, maybe
(324) Might be Croatian How do you know that
(325) Well, I had an ex-girlfriend from Zagreb and she'd swear at me in Croat
(326) You're sure that's what it is She used to swear at me a lot
(327) Can you understand what she's saying No. The accent sounds familiar
(328) Well, do you speak any Croat
(329) I could score an eighth ask for a threesome
(330) Ah, Jesus Oh, for God's sake
(331) Dick Sorry
(332) Jenny) Why would someone do this Alison) They didn't want her to die
(333) Otherwise there wouldn't be an air pipe
(334) Alex) I don't want to know who put her down there or why they did it
(335) I just want to get out of here before they come back
(336) Listen, listen She's our responsibility now
(337) We've got to get help
(338) We've got to get her off these mountains as soon as possible
(339) OK. Right, we're here, 12 miles south-southwest of Alltnacaillich
(340) The nearest village is Annan Mor, so
(341) Yeah
(342) We could go east along the Scimitar Ridge until we get to the river
(343) then double back to the village It's about 15, 20 miles all in
(344) I found this in the hole She must've been down there for days
(345) Did she have any food Didn't look like it
(346) Jenny) She must have been starving down there all by herself in the dark
(347) Let's not kill her with a smoked mackerel sandwich
(348) Can we use your phone? Phone for help
(349) What, in these mountains
(350) Won't get anything approaching a signal till you get near the A9
(351) That's about 30 miles away
(352) You said it was 15 miles to the village
(353) Sighs
(354) There is a faster route We're only two miles from Devil's Drop
(355) Jenny) What's Devil's Drop The only way to breach the ridge
(356) It's a sheer cliff face 500 foot straight down
(357) but from there, it is only a four-mile hike to Annan Mor
(358) How do we get a child down Devil's Drop
(359) We don't. Two of us abseil down and run to the village for help
(360) alert the police and get the Highland Rescue to pick up the rest of you
(361) Who are you gonna take with you Alison
(362) Sorry, Ed, no arguments, mate I need the best
(363) It's a massive face, Rob I mean, we don't have enough rope
(364) I've got 20 metres of seven mil if that helps
(365) No, no, you keep that with you
(366) There's some rough terrain You might need it. We'll manage
(367) We'll multi pitch it. it'll be fine Do you want us to wait here
(368) No. There's no way we're staying here
(369) Follow the route on the map. I'll make sure they get the helicopter out to you
(370) As long as you stick to that route they'll find you easily
(371) Yeah, that's it. There it is. See Where
(372) That's the Hasten Step It's the first belay point
(373) You wanna go first Yeah
(374) Rob
(375) Fuck! Rob, there's no more rope
(376) Can you make it
(377) Easy Shit. Shit
(378) Easy
(379) Alison! How is it
(380) Fucking scary, Rob
(381) There's no footholds for five feet You be careful, OK
(382) Rope snaps
(383) Rob
(384) Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God
(385) Pants) Oh, my God! Oh, my God
(386) Look, why don't we carry her Me and Ed could take it in turns
(387) Makes sense OK
(388) Alex) Come on Here you go
(389) Anna screams Jenny) Be gentle
(390) Anna
(391) Come on Jesus Christ
(392) Put her down Whoa
(393) Ed) Right, so what do we do now You won't be able to carry her
(394) I can try Ed) You'll collapse after 100 yards
(395) Then we'll go at Anna's pace
(396) That's pretty fucking slow Watch your language
(397) She can't understand Hardly the point
(398) For fuck's sake We've gotta keep moving. Come on
(399) Do you have any idea what she's been through
(400) I get it, OK Can we just go now? Please
(401) Come on OK
(402) Come on, sweetie. We have to go
(403) Fuck
(404) Jesus
(405) Fuck. Fuck it. Fuck
(406) Gasps
(407) Fuck! Fuck! Fuck
(408) Gasps
(409) Hey
(410) Hey
(411) Help
(412) Fuck you
(413) Fuck you
(414) Gasps
(415) it's been cut
(416) Alex) I think it's about a mile away to the river
(417) There they are
(418) I see them How far
(419) 400 yards, maybe more
(420) You got a shot At this range
(421) Don't waste it Let's get over that next ridge
(422) There they are
(423) Chuck us over your hip flask and give me a nip
(424) What is this filthy Shit
(425) It's spirit drink Spirit drink
(426) I got it at the petrol garage. it's so cheap they can't even call it vodka
(427) It's pish It gets the job done
(428) Hello there
(429) Good afternoon
(430) What are you fellas doing out here
(431) Hiking
(432) Long way from civilisation
(433) That's the idea
(434) You stalking
(435) Yeah
(436) You know the hunting season's been over for three months
(437) What do you care
(438) It's just if you're hunting out of season, we're gonna have to report you
(439) That's a pretty big gun
(440) It's a 308. it'll put a dent in just about anything
(441) You think the deer have a fighting chance
(442) I think everything's got a fighting chance
(443) Do you
(444) You boys a pair of animal rights wankers, are you
(445) You're a long way from anywhere
(446) Me and him don't take kindly to left-wing bastards coming out here
(447) Please. Oh, please, don't do it I'll stop hunting
(448) But everything's got a fighting chance right
(449) Thunder
(450) He said that
(451) Please. Please don't kill me
(452) Take a step back
(453) Oh, God, please. Please, no Hey
(454) Do it
(455) Hunted Jesus Christ Keep going
(456) Oh, God, no
(457) That's it
(458) And another Please. Oh, fuck
(459) Don't stop Oh, dear God
(460) And that's that
(461) You still with me
(462) Whatever it takes
(463) I think it might take a bit more than we thought
(464) Aye. It might
(465) Man) How did they sound
(466) Practiced. In control. Like they knew exactly what they were doing
(467) That's usually a good sign
(468) Satnav) Follow the road
(469) Remind me of the name of this place Annan Mor. Southwest of Inverness
(470) Still a good 80 miles
(471) Water gushes loudly
(472) Alison) Hey
(473) Hey
(474) Look. Look. Look. Alison
(475) Alison coughs
(476) The rope was cut
(477) The rope was cut Someone cut the rope
(478) Can you hear her She's smashed her legs up
(479) You can see it in her leg and her arms Something's wrong, Jen
(480) It's alright, sweetheart don't be scared
(481) Don't be scared. It's OK
(482) Someone cut the rope. Rob was murdered
(483) Can you hear what she's saying Look at her leg
(484) We can't understand a word you're saying
(485) I need to get across to you further down the river
(486) Alison! Alison you're gonna have to shout louder
(487) We need to find a crossing further downstream
(488) She wants us to go down the river OK, OK. Where's Rob
(489) Rob, where is he
(490) Where is he
(491) Mouths) Fuck
(492) Echoes) What are we gonna do, Jen
(493) What do we do
(494) Mouths) No
(495) Gunshot
(496) Jen! Jenny Alex
(497) Anna screams Jenny! Jenny
(498) Alex, Alex, Alex, no
(499) Alex) Jenny! Jenny! Jenny
(500) Listen to me. Alex Jenny, give me your hand
(501) Alex, she's gone
(502) We can't get her from here We've gotta go down there
(503) Anna screams
(504) Ed, Ed, I can see her
(505) Hold on to the rocks, Jen Hold on to the rocks
(506) Hold on to the rocks Alex, listen to me
(507) You have to follow me I know what I'm doing. Follow me
(508) Anna screams
(509) Alison
(510) Alison
(511) Come on, come on
(512) Anna yells
(513) Anna
(514) Anna
(515) Anna
(516) No. Gone
(517) There
(518) Anna
(519) Anna! Anna
(520) Anna
(521) Come on, Anna
(522) Come on, Anna. Come on
(523) Coughs
(524) OK. Anna
(525) It's OK, Anna
(526) Rifle clicks
(527) Anna! Anna
(528) Alison) Alex. Alex
(529) Are you alright
(530) Look at me
(531) We have to find the others, OK Right
(532) Ed
(533) Anna
(534) Alison) Ed
(535) Bird squawks
(536) Anna screams Here
(537) Loud crack
(538) yells
(539) loud crack I screams
(540) breathes heavily
(541) whispers) Ed
(542) Anna
(543) Ed
(544) Anna. Thank God. Shh. Shh
(545) Groans
(546) What happened
(547) I fell. It might be broken I don't know
(548) They're coming
(549) How many Two
(550) Shit
(551) OK, let's go No. He can't run
(552) I can try That won't be enough
(553) Look, listen. You, me, Ed we don't mean a thing to these people
(554) She's the only one with any value She's what they want
(555) That's her
(556) What about the others Follow the money
(557) Chuckles
(558) Are you gonna finish him or do you want me to do it
(559) After what he's just put us through No, I wanna watch him breathe out
(560) You feel that
(561) That's the price of your nobility
(562) Hurts, doesn't it
(563) Satnav) In 200 metres, bear left
(564) In 150 metres, bear left
(565) In one
(566) Well done
(567) How will we know where to go Maybe we should just bear left
(568) People have been finding their way for years without fucking computers
(569) There is no equal to a map and a bit of nous
(570) How are we doing back there I'm almost done
(571) Just gotta check the frequency
(572) If this briefcase moves so much as an inch, we're gonna know about it
(573) Driver) Well, that's reassuring
(574) I may as well wipe my arse on that money if we can't find the girl
(575) Groans
(576) OK
(577) OK, Anna, I'm gonna need you to lean back
(578) Just take a step
(579) It's OK, sweetheart Just, just lean back
(580) Speaks Serbo-Croat
(581) You gotta trust me. It's OK, I promise Just take a step back and lean
(582) No, Alison. Alison
(583) Jesus Christ, Anna There's no other way down
(584) OK
(585) Look at me. Look at me. I've got you
(586) You have to trust me, sweetheart
(587) OK
(588) Put your shoulders back. Lean back
(589) There you go
(590) Good girl. Good girl
(591) It's OK, Anna. Keep coming Anna screams
(592) Oops. Keep coming. Steady, steady
(593) OK. Alright. I've got you. I've got you
(594) This is no time for a rest. Let's go Just give me a moment, please
(595) If Alex made it he'd have called the police
(596) They could already be looking for us
(597) You heard the shots, Alison
(598) He's dead
(599) Let's go. Get up
(600) Get up
(601) Leave me here
(602) I'm slowing you down as it is Just leave me here
(603) You don't want that I've broken my leg
(604) What more do you want It's not broken. You're walking on it
(605) What if we've done the wrong thing What do you mean
(606) Maybe we should have left her there
(607) What Hear me out. Please
(608) Please listen to me
(609) Why was she even there
(610) Why in Scotland She clearly sounds Eastern European
(611) I don't know, Ed I don't know. You tell me
(612) Maybe she was kidnapped She's still in her school uniform
(613) She was probably snatched right outside the school
(614) Kidnappers usually demand a ransom don't they
(615) In which case there's probably another party involved, police
(616) And what if we've come along and trampled on a delicate situation
(617) We might have blown her chances of a safe handover
(618) What if we've killed her
(619) What if this is all our fault
(620) Look at her I'm just
(621) Just fucking look at her
(622) Could you leave her in the ground Could you
(623) No
(624) Then there's your answer
(625) Did her family do this to her Was she kidnapped? I don't know
(626) And you don't know But if we've done the wrong thing
(627) then I'll fucking live with it Now get up! Find a way
(628) They'll be heading up to Annan Mor
(629) Bearded man) And here we are empty fucking handed
(630) Look, you remember that Japanese kid last winter? Remember him
(631) Rats crawled through the pipe ate him alive
(632) What about him Parents still paid up
(633) Bluffed our way out of that. Maybe we can't bluff our way out of this
(634) You do it your way. I'll try mine
(635) Chuckles
(636) distorted voice You're probably wondering
(637) why your daughter has not come home
(638) We have dug a hole four feet by three. She's down there
(639) She has enough water for a week maybe less. She has no food
(640) There's no chance you can find her
(641) Her location is as remote as it is inaccessible
(642) You're being watched
(643) If you try and contact the police we will leave her where she is
(644) She will die there. In the dark. Alone
(645) You will never find her body
(646) We want money. Six million euros
(647) Clean, non-sequential. No marked money transponders or dye packs
(648) More instructions regarding the hand-off will follow
(649) Stay by the phone
(650) Who taped the call
(651) My employer records everything That includes his ex-wife's telephone
(652) Well, these bastards aren't stupid are they
(653) If you call the police and they get nicked, they just gotta deny everything
(654) Since the girl's in the ground there's no connection to us
(655) She dies about the same time
(656) that the police release them due to lack of evidence
(657) There's no body no murder investigation
(658) That is about as sweet a hustle as I've ever seen
(659) The only time they expose themselves is at the hand-off
(660) Do you know where the pub is
(661) It's not a big village. I'll find it
(662) When you get there you grab a table by the window
(663) If you can't find one you stand by the bar and you wait
(664) No one will approach you until you sit down
(665) Don't try and guess who it's gonna be
(666) Think about nothing except that table Understand
(667) Yeah
(668) Don't look too confident Don't look too nervous either
(669) You find a middle ground. You let 'em know that it's strictly business
(670) If they've got the girl they're gonna get paid
(671) Let's hope they bring her They will. They have to
(672) They'll keep her out of sight until they see the money. That's where you come in
(673) You demand to see her before you hand it over
(674) If they can get away without making a trade, they will
(675) Leaving a body behind is a lot easier than making a full exchange
(676) No one makes a move until we see the girl. If I return without her
(677) Have you met her father
(678) I've heard of him by reputation
(679) So you know that He's got a pretty bad reputation
(680) Have a jolly up in Kosovo, did he Little bit of an ethnic spring clean
(681) Same as the rest of the Serbian wankers that we slotted back in '99
(682) So trust me, yes I know who I'm dealing with
(683) Really
(684) Black man) When we make our move it's gonna be quick and loud
(685) Throw yourself on the floor cos he's gonna go like fucking Christian Bale
(686) Stay down till me or him picks you up
(687) All I care about is the girl We get her safe and quick
(688) Then we worry about her captors
(689) Your employers they wanna keep 'em alive
(690) If possible We'll see
(691) No shotguns I can't risk you hitting the girl
(692) It's loaded with solid shot, no spread
(693) We're English, Darko We leave friendly fire to the Yanks
(694) Vehicle approaches
(695) Alison) Hey
(696) Hey. Hey
(697) Music / cheering
(698) Hi. We, erm... We need to
(699) We need to report a kidnapping and three murders
(700) Whooping
(701) music / chatter
(702) We'll get you up to Inverness as quick as we can
(703) Constable Stewart will drive you He shouldn't be a minute
(704) They can take your statements give you medical attention
(705) I'll be just past the kitchen So don't worry, I'm not going anywhere
(706) You said kitchen Aye
(707) She could do with something to eat
(708) I can't get through to Inverness Why not
(709) It's a big country It all needs policing
(710) So call another station
(711) I've left a message. I'm sure the desk sergeant will call back in a minute
(712) Chocolate cake. My wife's recipe I think you might just love it
(713) You Darko
(714) Yes
(715) You got something for me
(716) That depends Does it
(717) I've got the more valuable merchandise. What have you got
(718) Money
(719) There'll always be money in the world mate. Plenty of that to go round
(720) But this little girl? Unique
(721) One of a kind
(722) What are you trying to say That we do things my way
(723) You brought the money
(724) Yeah
(725) Then this is how we're gonna do it
(726) I leave here now with the case and check it with my associates
(727) All being well and good
(728) you'll receive a call telling you where you can find the girl
(729) No
(730) Then I'm gonna leave Go
(731) You sure
(732) You're not gonna walk out of here empty handed
(733) without listening to what I have to say
(734) I wouldn't fucking bet on that, mate I stake six million euros on it
(735) That's what you've got in the case
(736) We both know only fools fill cases with counterfeit money
(737) fools who don't care to see their children again. I'm no fool
(738) I'm glad to hear it. Because the same thing happened to me a few years back
(739) I took a boy from his family in Marseilles
(740) Well, it was a long negotiation to say the least
(741) Went on for so long I made a mistake
(742) I bonded with the boy
(743) We became close
(744) He kept saying he wanted to come and visit me when it was all over
(745) His parents decided to hand off a bag full of shredded newspaper
(746) Police thought they were gonna catch us during the drop-off
(747) Oh, no
(748) I took the boy out in the garden to play a game of football
(749) I remember because he went in goal
(750) When he bent down to pick up the ball I shot him in the back of the head
(751) Quick. Painless
(752) Least I could do
(753) I buried him somewhere in the southwest of France
(754) Parents are still looking for him last I heard
(755) Well done
(756) Like I said, I'm no fool
(757) Good
(758) Because that's a true story
(759) You see? Nothing to worry about
(760) Anyone fancy a cup of tea Tea
(761) Aye. Nothing like a brew to set you straight
(762) No. No, I don't reckon a brew's gonna do it this time
(763) You said you were gonna get us to Inverness
(764) We wanna get out of here as quickly as possible
(765) Understood
(766) Let me just get on to PC Stewart and we'll see where he's got to
(767) You don't have to be so rude Fuck rude! People are dead
(768) I wanna get out of this village out of this fucking country
(769) And we will. Relax. We're safe now
(770) How long's he gonna take And where's this other officer
(771) Sure I can't tempt anyone with a cuppa
(772) We were supposed to be in a police car 15 minutes ago
(773) No, thanks! You're being paranoid
(774) Well, did you actually see him call for help? Did you hear it
(775) Why haven't they returned his call It's only been ten minutes
(776) A lot can happen in ten minutes, Alison
(777) Are you ready to trust someone we've just met after what we've been through
(778) What if he's keeping us busy while he waits for his mates to finish us off
(779) Shit
(780) What do we do We should go
(781) Let's wait five minutes, see if How much longer do you wanna wait for
(782) Even if he's not in on it what good's he gonna do
(783) What can he protect us from? He's a fat man with a badge armed with a biro
(784) No, I say we leave now We take our chances in the crowd
(785) OK
(786) Anna, we're just gonna go for a walk sweetheart
(787) What's going on? Where are you going
(788) We're just
(789) We're leaving It's not safe
(790) Well, we're going Absolutely not
(791) You're my responsibility I'm not letting you out of my sight
(792) You can't keep us here If we wanna go, we'll go
(793) You want to walk out of here? Fine But I can't let you take the girl
(794) I mean it. You leave you leave without her
(795) Alison) Ed
(796) Don't come any closer officer) Easy, lad, easy
(797) Don't do something you'll have to pay for later
(798) Put the knife down. Right now
(799) What the
(800) Get down
(801) Stay low, stay low. Keep down
(802) Anna screams
(803) PC Stewart. Come in, over
(804) Police radio) Shots fired. I'm under attack. I need you back at the station
(805) Ed) Get back against the wall
(806) Hey, hey. Is there a back door Yes. You'll need keys
(807) Where bullet thuds
(808) Ed) Follow me
(809) Down! Get down
(810) Alison) Anna, quick
(811) Now what we have here is a situation based on trust
(812) I trust you when you say that you've brought the money
(813) And you have to trust me when I say the girl is safe and somewhere nearby
(814) I can't even walk into to a newsagent
(815) and buy a pack of cigarettes on trust my friend
(816) Now, if I can't do that
(817) how do you expect me to let a man like you
(818) walk out of here with a fucking retirement plan in a briefcase? Hmm
(819) Man like me
(820) A kidnapper and a child murderer, yes
(821) That's a bit personal
(822) You're a grown man, you can take it And this is business
(823) Like the man in the newsagent
(824) I hand him the money because I can see what I'm buying
(825) It even comes with a government health warning
(826) He gives me what I want and we both walk away happy
(827) So, no
(828) This is not based on trust
(829) This is based on what I can see in front of me
(830) And you're getting nothing
(831) until I see the girl. Nothing
(832) Alison) He's got a gun! Run
(833) growls
(834) Alison) Hurry, hurry
(835) Fuck
(836) growls
(837) coughs
(838) They don't have the girl They don't have the girl
(839) They've lost the girl
(840) It's a bluff
(841) screaming
(842) Where are you
(843) growls
(844) Hey, hey, I love you
(845) Screaming
(846) woman screams
(847) How am I doing, mate
(848) Never mind the bollocks Give it me straight
(849) It's gone straight through the vest and made a wreck of you. You're dying
(850) You don't have long and there's nothing I can do
(851) Just bad luck, mate
(852) Gun
(853) Gun
(854) Speaks Serbo-Croat
(855) Anna calls out
(856) Hey! What's going on
(857) Get down
(858) Yells
(859) roars
(860) You should have just given us the girl
(861) Where has your compassion gotten you today
(862) Screams
(863) You fucking bitch
(864) Hello again
(865) Loud crack
(866) grunts
(867) Darko, you're a man of your word
(868) Beeping
(869) beeping speeds up
(870) chatter over radio
(871) siren
(872) It's OK
(873) It's OK, Anna. It's OK
(874) It's OK
(875) Men talk in Serbo-Croat
(876) What the hell is this This is her father. Now you get paid
(877) If this starts to feel like an ambush
(878) I will take the top of your fucking head off
(879) Just so we're clear Stay in the car until I call for you
(880) Let me do the talking Don't talk yourself out of a life
(881) My employer is a businessman
(882) Last I heard he was a fucking war criminal
(883) Nice
(884) Speaks Serbo-Croat
(885) 500,000
(886) I can get it for you in an hour
(887) No
(888) It was worth a try
(889) My daughter must have looked like a good payday to you
(890) Divorce has made my ex-wife rich
(891) There is very little she could not afford
(892) But behind every woman with money is a man with deep pockets
(893) You should have concerned yourself with how he lined them
(894) Strip that piece of shit
(895) Darko tells me you lost a man
(896) That's right
(897) Don't cry too hard Now you won't have to split your fee
(898) My daughter is safe
(899) I am in debt to you
(900) There's a way to fix that
(901) Your account has already been credited
(902) You can keep the car. A parting gift
(903) Put him in the ground. Prepare my tools
(904) Mutters
(905) Do you understand what she said
(906) I think she said "thank you
(907) By Yon Castle Wa' by Sophie Ramsay
(908) woman) Are you alright, sweetheart
(909) Sobs
(910) Yeah
(911) There'll never be peace till Jamie comes hame
(912) The Church is in ruins the State is in jars
(913) Delusions, oppressions and murderous wars
(914) We dare na weel say't but we ken wha's to blame
(915) There'll never be peace till Jamie comes hame
(916) My seven braw sons for Jamie drew sword
(917) And now I greet round their green beds in the yerd
(918) It brak the sweet heart o' my faithful auld dame
(919) There'll never be peace till Jamie comes hame
(920) Now life is a burden that bows me down
(921) Sin' I tint my bairns and he tint his crown
(922) But till my last moments my words are the same
(923) There'll never be peace till Jamie comes hame

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