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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

[2014] [A Good Man] English Transcript

A Good Man
(1) There is no darkness without light
(2) and yet there is light without darkness
(3) I have both within me
(4) Flyby to Ghost
(5) you're about 20 miles out from target
(6) There are no bogies visible from above
(7) Roger that, Flyby
(8) So tell me, is there any good restaurants around here
(9) Nobody told me Movie Star can't cook
(10) Yeah, that's a negative on the restaurants, Ghost
(11) Ghost, this is Director Styles
(12) Reaper-1 is now online
(13) We're maintaining a safe and invisible distance to target
(14) We're getting a good image of what's going on down there
(15) Ready to bring Hellfire down on your command
(16) Look, I'm sorry about cutting your team
(17) This is a mission we need to keep quiet
(18) You're operating as a two-man team now
(19) Target name: Abu Alwaki Khan
(20) The ground-branch comedians called him Abu Normal
(21) Your primary target remains Abdul Normal
(22) We have new information on the secondary target
(23) an arms dealer
(24) Hey, Ghost
(25) We gotta go
(26) Our secondary target is a Chicom arms dealer
(27) an Islamic fundamentalist who finances terrorist activities
(28) We go by call signs
(29) We never know a team member's real name
(30) You're now five miles out, Ghost
(31) Switching to radio silence Over and out
(32) I don't feel good about them splintering our team
(33) We a 12-man team, minimum of six
(34) We down to fucking two cause they had to go kill
(35) some fucking high-value target up in the north
(36) 50 minutes from here What the fuck is that
(37) Well, it's a small camp
(38) VICD confirmed target's there, that right
(39) UAV followed him in there about 45 minutes ago
(40) He's got a protection detail of three shooters
(41) We've had eyes on that target ever since
(42) and there's been nobody in and nobody out
(43) Since when a guy like that got three security detail
(44) He got 15 motherfuckers in there with guns and you know it
(45) This intel is fucked up
(46) Well, we don't know how many shooters
(47) he could have already in that building
(48) Look, before we stick our dick in anything
(49) we're gonna sneak up and take a good look before we commit
(50) Here's to dead enemies and live friends
(51) and all y'all motherfuckers going home
(52) Roger that
(53) Let me tack up
(54) How it look out there
(55) Looks good. Good conditions, bro
(56) Nice and quiet Yeah, I like it
(57) I wonder how much pussy he get
(58) Do you think he get more than, like
(59) Osama bin Laden got
(60) I'm... I'm gonna be sorry to kill his ass
(61) A lot of virgins are gonna be happy though
(62) That's true, once he go up there Yeah
(63) Okay. Take a look at this here
(64) That's our route in
(65) Let's get positioned in this building here, but we gotta clear this first
(66) before we get into the hornets' nest over here
(67) Try to figure out we make a decision in here
(68) Oh, fuck me, man
(69) What you got
(70) Ghost to nest, ghost to nest
(71) you're getting too close, man, back off
(72) You're gonna give my position away
(73) Roger that, Ghost
(74) Once Abu Normal is confirmed to be in there
(75) you can take him out but wait for my word
(76) Standing by. Over and out
(77) We got the chickenshit sandwich now, boy
(78) Well, let's go get this bastard
(79) Come on
(80) Clear
(81) Whoa. Thank you, bro
(82) Looks good. Compound clear
(83) Okay, Ghost, got eyes on, settled in
(84) You're good to go
(85) Oh. Check that. We got a rover
(86) Be advised: one rover
(87) Okay, that rover... he is up
(88) He's on top
(89) Looks like he's walking off into the woods, bro
(90) You're clear. Go ahead, make your move
(91) Looking good. Six is clear
(92) Movie Star, can you see anything inside the hooch
(93) Negative. Hang on
(94) I see four
(95) Four Haj... check that check that, six
(96) six Hajis, all got AKs
(97) Ghost, a man in a white coat
(98) could be our second target
(99) Okay, confirmation on target, stand by
(100) Ghost to nest, visual confirmation on the target

(101) They're using human shields. No joy, no joy
(102) This is Nest. We have a lock on your position
(103) We have orders to initiate Hellfire now. Stand down
(104) I repeat, they're using human shields
(105) No joy, no joy
(106) Okay, be advised, our rover is returning
(107) He's 30 yards out
(108) You're gonna have to take this guy out
(109) I can't crack him there He'll create a hornets' nest
(110) You've got him. He's 10 yards out
(111) 10 yards. He's on your six
(112) Five, four
(113) three, two
(114) two steps. He's there
(115) I'm going in now repeat, going in now
(116) On my way to you I'm on my way to you
(117) Move
(118) Call off the strike. Abu Normal's on the move. Call off the strike
(119) We've got women and children in here Papa! Papi
(120) Target locked, sequence initiated
(121) Direct hit on Abu Normal
(122) No joy on the secondary target
(123) Call off the air-strike We've got kids in here
(124) Negative, Ghost Hellfire is initiated
(125) Come with me! We gotta get out of here
(126) Flyby, this is command
(127) We have a direct hit
(128) Ghost! Ghost, how you doing
(129) It's my right... right side
(130) Check the girl
(131) Nothing's broke Check the girl
(132) Hey. You okay
(133) She's not moving
(134) Some things never change
(135) Mya, do you have the keys
(136) You hungry? Come here
(137) Don't tell me I lost them again
(138) Hey What's happening? Are you locked out
(139) You want some help This would be great
(140) The second time I've lost my keys
(141) I think I can fix that
(142) My name's Lena Nice to meet you
(143) And she's my sister, Mya
(144) What's happening What's his name
(145) You know, I just never named him
(146) You can name him
(147) Roman
(148) Roman Roman
(149) Roman it is
(150) Come on, doggy
(151) Pretty
(152) Good boy
(153) Okay, there you go Thank you. Wow
(154) That was easy
(155) Thanks Alexander
(156) Thanks, Alexander
(157) Mya
(158) Go inside and say goodbye
(159) Bye Bye, Roman
(160) Go, go, go, go
(161) I'll come by later and drop off a new lock
(162) Any time
(163) Nice to finally meet you, neighbor
(164) Nice to meet you
(165) Come here, boy
(166) Where do you think you're going
(167) Catch him
(168) Pick him up
(169) Let's go
(170) I have already paid
(171) I swear it
(172) Hey, Amerikansky
(173) He says he already paid
(174) When you speak to me
(175) you speak in English
(176) You know that
(177) This is not fair
(178) I work hard for this money
(179) I understand. We work hard
(180) to provide you protection
(181) But it comes at a price
(182) I think I need protection from Mr. Vladimir
(183) Hey
(184) You don't pay up next week
(185) I'm taking your fucking tongue
(186) Don't
(187) Okay okay. Okay
(188) Just give me a second
(189) How much are you short
(190) Watch the door
(191) Don't mistake this act of kindness
(192) as weakness
(193) Are we clear
(194) Are we clear Yeah
(195) He's square. I'm gonna grab a bite
(196) Da
(197) Da. Wait
(198) Vladimir says there's a problem
(199) He wants you to check it out
(200) Same as others
(201) Da, sliced and diced
(202) Identical MO
(203) Gangs killing rival gangs I guess
(204) But why leave incense
(205) It's Chinese
(206) They believe incense to be associated with the "yin" energies of the dead
(207) Burning joss sticks attracts ghosts
(208) who consume the smoke and destroy the fortunes of the family
(209) It's symbolic
(210) Googled it
(211) These guys... look very Russian
(212) Yeah. The cross signifies prison time
(213) and the ring finger indicates rank
(214) This arm belongs to a lieutenant
(215) Okay. So
(216) let's find out which Russian gangs
(217) are missing a lieutenant
(218) and has a beef with the Chinaman assassins
(219) Hey, Sasha, I don't suppose
(220) you'd know anything about this mess, would you
(221) You know me better than that, Constable
(222) I'm just getting a bite
(223) Afternoon, Father
(224) Alexander. I've seen you pass by many many times
(225) First time you actually came inside
(226) Yeah, just looking around
(227) Of course. Feel free
(228) Thanks
(229) You must be Mya's brother
(230) Yeah, how'd you know Hey, where's your dog
(231) You mean Roman He's at my apartment
(232) I'll bring him by later
(233) That's the man I've been telling you about
(234) our new neighbor with the dog
(235) Okay. I gotta get out of here
(236) Just in case
(237) you get hungry, here's a little
(238) whoa. Hey. No, you can't have all that
(239) There you go Thank you
(240) You're coming by tonight
(241) I can't. I gotta work
(242) but I'll call
(243) You still have it Have what
(244) The key
(245) What key
(246) I give you... on the neck
(247) I don't know what you're talking about
(248) The neck
(249) Yeah. Yeah This key. This key
(250) Yeah Of course I have
(251) I never leave home without it
(252) Good All right
(253) I'll see you later
(254) No. But whoever it was
(255) left joss sticks on the bodies again
(256) Yeah, he's sending a message
(257) And the money
(258) One last thing. Vladimir
(259) who is she
(260) Just a girl
(261) Feels light
(262) It's all in there, sir
(263) If you like, I could
(264) at least you and your men made it here alive tonight
(265) Let's keep it that way I can't afford to do business
(266) with some Chinese ninja out hunting us
(267) Give this to Chen... clean
(268) And before you go, enjoy the girls
(269) Tonight, it's on the house
(270) Hey
(271) Try Lena, the girl behind the bar
(272) Leave the girl alone
(273) It's all there
(274) My sister working here was not part of our deal
(275) You are telling me what to do now
(276) Your sister is here so I can keep an eye on her
(277) to keep her safe If she works here
(278) I say she's for sale
(279) like the rest of the bitches
(280) You promised my family protection
(281) if I came here to work off my father's debt
(282) I am upholding my part of the deal
(283) Yes, and you are very good at what you do
(284) That makes you valuable to me
(285) You want out, no
(286) That's why you are here
(287) to rescue your family
(288) Noble, truly
(289) But Lena is beautiful
(290) She could make me a lot of money
(291) But Aleksey is right
(292) Lena here is nothing more to me than a pretty girl
(293) behind the bar, and until the debt is paid
(294) she is my girl, not yours
(295) Remember that
(296) Who is it Alexander
(297) Wait a minute
(298) I brought you a new lock
(299) unless you and your sister want to keep using a screwdriver
(300) Wait a minute
(301) Hey
(302) Hi, Roman. Come on
(303) Come on
(304) Okay, so you're an American
(305) What are you doing here
(306) Sasha's an American
(307) What's he doing here He's... kind of over there
(308) with a guy who's not a very good human being
(309) What's your relation to him Vladimir
(310) In business with him
(311) Yes, you could say that
(312) I only come here to drink
(313) This is kind of a bad neighborhood you're walking through
(314) I thought I'd walk you home
(315) Hey, bitch
(316) Are you work here or what Hey, where are you going, honey
(317) I want a lap dance
(318) You know, it takes the IQ of a mature caterpillar
(319) to know the difference
(320) between the staff and the dancers
(321) You understand I want that bar bitch to dance for me
(322) so fuck you
(323) Shall we go Are you for real
(324) Not really. It's all fake
(325) Well, Mya was worried
(326) Yeah, poor thing She's alone so much
(327) It was worse... a lot worse before Sasha came back
(328) And And
(329) Our father owed money to the Russian mob
(330) he died and the debt fell onto me and my sister
(331) And how is it you got mixed up with Vladimir
(332) With Vladimir
(333) Sasha... Sasha is my half-brother
(334) He grew up in the states He was in the military
(335) and was stationed over here
(336) So when he heard about our problem
(337) he came to help us out
(338) Hey, asshole, do you know who that ho belongs to
(339) Yeah, she belongs to me
(340) Why? Vladimir sent you
(341) Tell Vladimir Piteras if he has something to say, say it to me
(342) Take this. I'm gonna talk to these guys
(343) Okay Can you do that for me
(344) Lock yourself out again
(345) No, just worried about you
(346) Why don't you come in
(347) Thanks
(348) I can't believe those assholes
(349) Thanks for helping me
(350) again I didn't do nothing, ma'am
(351) I'm just a handyman I work with saws
(352) and screwdrivers and hammers, and
(353) simple stuff like that
(354) They were Vladimir's men
(355) You said earlier that Sasha was working with some dangerous men
(356) You know all about them, don't you
(357) I do
(358) Then you know once there is a debt
(359) there's no getting away
(360) So, as long as Vladimir needs Sasha, here we are
(361) But it will come a day when Vladimir doesn't need him anymore
(362) and when that day come When that day comes
(363) you go away to a nice, safe place
(364) and you have to never think about them again. You hear
(365) I'm glad you made it home safe
(366) So am I
(367) Ooh, the rate this guy's going
(368) we're going to be out of Russians soon
(369) Again with the incense
(370) And the Chinese writing... Gwai Lo
(371) it means "white ghost
(372) But not a derogatory sense, you know
(373) Like he sa... he's saying it with pride
(374) You know
(375) A vendetta. So he's not Chinese
(376) Maybe
(377) Ah... okay
(378) Oh, I googled the tats
(379) You were right about the last victims
(380) These guys
(381) have the same ink
(382) Yeah, but they're low level
(383) Foot soldiers So
(384) Messengers Bag men
(385) They were transporting something
(386) Something our assailant has taken, probably money
(387) The way they are cut up
(388) the killer obviously is very skilled with a knife
(389) Short sword. I'm guessing our man is sending a message
(390) A warning Yeah
(391) But the question is a warning to whom
(392) But the question is a warning to whom
(393) Keep your mouth shut
(394) and do what I do
(395) My buyer
(396) a very good customer
(397) he likes big weapons
(398) dangerous weapons
(399) expensive weapons
(400) All you had to do was launder this money through your club
(401) Now the money's gone missing
(402) I cannot honor my deal with my buyer
(403) Mr. Chen, I would never
(404) never... steal from you
(405) But these murders, they are disrupting my ability
(406) to do bus Oh
(407) You were short last month
(408) This is your way of saying you're short yet again
(409) No, Mr. Chen, I just need more time
(410) Li Wei just confirmed that you have this Russian girl at your club
(411) You are very fortunate
(412) that my buyer has this proclivity
(413) for beautiful Russian girls
(414) The younger, the better
(415) Maybe I can... repair the situation
(416) with the help of your Russian beauty
(417) You know, I am reminded of this old proverb
(418) that if you stand by the river's edge long enough
(419) eventually
(420) you will see your dead enemy's body floating past
(421) The money or
(422) Your choice
(423) Why didn't you call me
(424) I told you, Alexander took care of it
(425) It wasn't any problem It wasn't a problem
(426) No Right
(427) Lena, do you have any idea what's going on right now
(428) You don't. You call me
(429) Alexander How can I help you
(430) Replacing the lock
(431) Oh, yeah
(432) What do you think I am man? Put that away
(433) And I also wanted to say thanks for what you did for my sister last night
(434) I didn't do nothing
(435) Look, I do the best that I can
(436) to take care of my family
(437) but I can't be all places all the time
(438) So what you did last night
(439) I appreciate it
(440) Look, man, I have a rope around here
(441) on the Russians, with the Chinese
(442) There's bad guys that live by a code of ethics and follow the rules
(443) and there are those who don't
(444) You're running with those who don't
(445) You're right
(446) It's still none of your business
(447) Keep that in mind My family, my business
(448) All right
(449) We're not gonna be here much longer, anyway
(450) You can count on that
(451) I gotta go
(452) Oh, and I sincerely hope that you didn't have anything to do with what happened
(453) to Vladimir's men last night
(454) Not me
(455) Hello
(456) Amerikansky
(457) Hey, Why'd you call me at a payphone
(458) I was downstairs at the club
(459) So I would be able to speak with you
(460) Knowing that our conversation will remain in private
(461) Sasha
(462) I'm afraid we suspect
(463) one of our own stealing from Mr. Chen
(464) Are you talking about the murders
(465) Yes, Sasha, the murders
(466) Okay. Just wait a second
(467) Vladimir, I would never steal from you or Mr. Chen
(468) let alone kill one of our own
(469) I may believe that, Sasha
(470) But Mr. Chen is not the sort that is comforted
(471) by panicked assurances
(472) But if it makes you feel any better
(473) he will continue to care for your lovely sister
(474) long after you are dead and buried
(475) I didn't kill anyone
(476) I swear to you! You have to tell him that
(477) Wait! Andrei
(478) And try your call again
(479) Please hang up
(480) Oh... fuck
(481) Mya
(482) What's going on
(483) Where is Sasha
(484) Did something happen to him
(485) Yes, something happened to Sasha What
(486) Your brother was a thief
(487) so he had to pay with his life, I'm afraid
(488) No, that's impossible I'm afraid it's possible and finished
(489) But this is not the reason I'm here
(490) I'm here for you
(491) You're a smart and very attractive girl
(492) Now I can see why Mr. Chen had decided
(493) to keep you for himself
(494) Don't touch me
(495) Now be smart and watch your tongue
(496) I don't want to mess up that lovely mouth of yours
(497) No Go in that room
(498) Mya
(499) Keep her quiet
(500) Mya
(501) Lena
(502) Mr. Chen is willing to take her over money
(503) I'd be a fool to turn her over so easily
(504) Okay
(505) Slight change of plans
(506) Keep her safe. Let's go Mya! No
(507) Stop
(508) Mya
(509) No
(510) Do that again and your sister is dead
(511) Do you understand me
(512) Now be a good girl and get in the car
(513) Oh Shit
(514) Quit staring at me, bitch
(515) Go on. Test me
(516) I dare you
(517) Give us a minute
(518) What's going on We got trouble
(519) Come on
(520) Stay here
(521) Go back to your room
(522) Back to my room
(523) Uh-huh
(524) You want some
(525) You're gonna die, motherfucker
(526) Alexander
(527) Are you hurt No
(528) They took Mya. Sasha's dead
(529) This can't be happening Well, he... he's not dead
(530) That's for sure
(531) Why do you think Vladimir took Mya
(532) He said he was taking her to Mr. Chen
(533) Mr. Chen wanted me but he took Mya instead
(534) I don't even know who Mr. Chen is
(535) Well, I do. Come on
(536) Sir, I know who took your money
(537) I don't care who took my money
(538) We made a deal
(539) The cash, the girl
(540) or I'll kill you and your entire family
(541) This is the thief's sister
(542) I brought her to you for collateral
(543) Are you gaming me
(544) Or do you have the biggest pair of balls on earth
(545) You're running out of time
(546) and excuses, Vladimir
(547) Hi
(548) What is your name
(549) Mya
(550) Oh, your name is Mya
(551) She's the little sister of the one you asked for
(552) I will have her soon again, but until then
(553) I am Mr. Chen
(554) Take her to the safe house
(555) The money is one thing
(556) but when people start to die around me
(557) with frequency and ferocity
(558) it usually means that someone is trying to take
(559) what is rightfully mine
(560) Is this what you're trying to do
(561) Mr. Chen, please, I'm getting your money
(562) I just thought
(563) no. No, no, no, no, no
(564) No, no, no! No
(565) No
(566) No! No
(567) You think too much, Vladimir
(568) I'm gonna keep the girl
(569) I would start going if I were you
(570) Where are we going To see your brother
(571) My friend told me he's hiding out here
(572) Follow me
(573) Sasha
(574) Are you trying to kill me
(575) Okay, okay, it's good to see you, too. Yeah
(576) Thank God you're alive
(577) Vladimir said that you're dead
(578) and I thought you were Sorry to disappoint you
(579) Sasha, Vladimir and Aleksey took Mya to someone called Mr. Chen
(580) What Yeah
(581) So I know you don't trust me
(582) but you're gonna have to trust me
(583) Otherwise, I can't help you
(584) You know, there is an old adage from Sun Tzu that says
(585) When one first sets out for war
(586) first dig two graves
(587) And I'm hoping that you feel that way about your family
(588) I'm hoping you're willing to die
(589) in order to save your family
(590) How you feel about that
(591) Whatever it takes
(592) This I call
(593) It means "the Devil's Butcher Knife
(594) I use it a lot. It's the perfect weapon
(595) Very quiet
(596) Why'd you kill Vladimir's men
(597) Two years ago I was given an assignment
(598) to terminate a couple terrorists
(599) One in particular, he was working with am arms dealer
(600) and
(601) I got the terrorist and the arms dealer got away
(602) Mr. Chen That's right
(603) So the last two years I've been tracking Chen
(604) through Asia, and went to Hong Kong and
(605) killed all of his men, triad style
(606) just to flush out Chen
(607) What's in it I wanted him to think
(608) that it was inside-the-family job
(609) so I get in there and kill the bad guys with a sword
(610) and leave joss sticks on the body
(611) You drew the w... the writing on the wall. Gwai Lo
(612) I'm the one that's gonna save your sister
(613) and I'm the one that's gonna kill Chen
(614) Good. Let me help
(615) Open it
(616) It's the money from the drops
(617) It's... it's Vladimir's money
(618) All right, let me tell you what you can do
(619) You go to Vladimir and find out how much money
(620) it's gonna take to buy her back
(621) So you just want me to stroll in
(622) and talk to the guy that tried to kill me
(623) Well, he's not gonna kill you
(624) cause he knows you're a part of how he's gonna get the money
(625) You wait for me here
(626) You said you were just a regular man
(627) Yeah, that's true
(628) I'm a regular man who does bad things to bad people
(629) If Vladimir sees you here, he will kill you
(630) You know that, right Yeah
(631) Just let him know I'm here
(632) Hi, Sasha
(633) I'm supposed to give you a dance
(634) Of course you are
(635) So why did he send you and not one of his goons
(636) I don't ask questions, Sasha
(637) You know that
(638) I just do as I'm told
(639) Look, why don't you just sit back
(640) and enjoy the dance
(641) Okay. Passion
(642) I need to speak with Vladimir
(643) Thank you, Passion. That's enough
(644) I didn't think I would see you again, Sasha
(645) Easy
(646) I'll give you whatever you want for Mya
(647) The price is 300,000
(648) This is what I owe to Mr. Chen
(649) Pay it and you can have your sister back
(650) Sounds reasonable
(651) 300,000
(652) Yeah, reasonable as hell
(653) Finally
(654) Hey, look, there's our friend
(655) Think he might talk either
(656) I don't know. Let's find out
(657) Hey, Sasha
(658) Yo, man Let's have a word
(659) Come. Come, come
(660) No no
(661) What? No, no, no, no, no
(662) No
(663) Just a second
(664) Yeah
(665) I got it under control
(666) He said he would be back soon
(667) Best to relax
(668) and not to work yourself up any more than you are, Lena
(669) I know Sasha would do anything for me and my sister
(670) but Alexander Is just like your brother
(671) A military man A good man
(672) Mr. Wei
(673) Yes, our buyer will be arriving tomorrow morning
(674) He'll be terribly disappointed
(675) when I tell him there's problems with our deal
(676) Won't the little one be enough
(677) Scratch Roberta's itch
(678) I'm not sure if his interest would dip so low
(679) Perhaps not, but... if they do
(680) We'll decide in the morning
(681) Okay. So
(682) I'll bring her in the morning
(683) Yes
(684) Tell me the truth and I won't hurt you
(685) Where is Mya
(686) I don't know
(687) You don't know
(688) You want to take me to her
(689) Okay, where can I find Chen
(690) I can't tell you
(691) If he finds out I sent you to him, he'll kill me
(692) Okay, well, I'll kill you a lot fucking worse
(693) And I'm a lot better at it than he is
(694) If I'm dead, you're dead
(695) Those girls are dead
(696) I don't mind
(697) I don't mind if everybody dies
(698) but I will kill you really slowly
(699) Now where is Mya
(700) I guess it's gonna be a long, painful night
(701) This is a very very special compound
(702) but it's gonna be slow and fucking painful
(703) There will be no more fucking around with you
(704) You want to tell me or you wanna die
(705) Either way is fine with me at this point
(706) I really don't give a fuck
(707) Okay, I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll talk
(708) Talk
(709) I'll bring you there
(710) I'll bring you to Mr. Chen You'll bring me there? Perfect
(711) Get ready. We're going now
(712) Hey
(713) Dude, what do you want
(714) I already said everything I gotta say to the cops
(715) Am I under arrest
(716) My friend
(717) what for
(718) Chess
(719) What is your name Alexander
(720) And you're here for the little girl
(721) Yeah
(722) What is your business
(723) When you say, "what is my business
(724) you mean, what do I do for a living
(725) Yes I'm a handyman
(726) A handyman
(727) Well, Mr. Handyman
(728) I have good news and bad news
(729) The good news is I do have the girl
(730) The bad news is I need her
(731) for another business transaction
(732) Well, that's a shame, because
(733) I came here to make a deal with you
(734) and any good businessman would always hear
(735) what another man has to say
(736) I'm prepared to throw money down
(737) How much money are we talking about
(738) How much you want How about a million
(739) A million? How about 300,000 cash, right now
(740) That's a good number
(741) I tell you what: you come back tomorrow
(742) bring your money and we can do some business
(743) What happened
(744) They took her
(745) Well, I'm sorry to hear that
(746) Cause now
(747) I will snatch every motherfucker birthday
(748) Oh, fuck
(749) Shit
(750) Camera 4 is not working
(751) I don't get a signal too
(752) No signal
(753) Reboot the system
(754) Three men
(755) two getting out of a limo
(756) one guarding the gate that's in the driveway
(757) Looks like your tip might actually be worth the trip
(758) Still down
(759) Pavel will be pissed if something's wrong
(760) Okay, let me hear your theory again
(761) cause you're drawing a lot of conclusions here
(762) Okay, so what do we know so far
(763) Chinese guy with a sword
(764) Gwai Lo." "White ghost
(765) Maybe not
(766) Dead Russians
(767) And who's the big dog in town these days
(768) Mr. Chen, the Chinese arms dealer
(769) Okay
(770) And we got nothing connecting Mr. Chen to the murders
(771) Hear me out. What if Vladimir is laundering money
(772) for a deal for Mr. Chen No. No
(773) You have nothing to prove that
(774) What if our killer is taking out Vladimir's men
(775) Okay. Why
(776) In order to prevent Mister
(777) to prevent Vladimir from paying Mr. Chen
(778) Lena
(779) Sasha
(780) Are you okay? Are you okay Did they hurt you
(781) No Okay
(782) Come on
(783) This way, this way Let's go
(784) Easy
(785) Easy easy
(786) You really didn't give me a choice, you know
(787) Pavel I tried to steer you away
(788) but you wouldn't listen Talking all the time
(789) Talking all the time You work for Vladimir
(790) Are you kidding me? Huh
(791) I work for Mr. Chen
(792) What No, they're cops
(793) Look, stay here until I come back and get you, all right
(794) Okay Don't move
(795) Okay
(796) Partner, you are
(797) a real pain in the ass
(798) but not anymore. Not anymore
(799) No
(800) Watch out
(801) Li Wei, go! Warn Mr. Chen
(802) Sasha
(803) Go, go, go. I'm okay, I'm okay
(804) Go, I'm good, I'm good
(805) Too bad you are unarmed now
(806) I am, too. Come on. Come here
(807) You know what? Let's make this a fair fight
(808) Roberto. See, unteachable
(809) You're early, my friend
(810) Bongiorno, Mr. Chen
(811) You have caused me much trouble, Sasha. Much trouble
(812) I guess that's the cost of doing business
(813) You should have never come back
(814) Sasha, be careful
(815) Shoot him
(816) Okay. Okay. Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa. Stop, stop, stop
(817) Give it to me. Give it to me
(818) Lena. Lena. Come on
(819) It's okay. It's okay
(820) It's okay
(821) I've got you. I've got you
(822) My squad car is over there
(823) I'll call it in, make sure she's safe
(824) Go. Finish this
(825) I'll be back No
(826) I'm gonna finish this I'm gonna finish this
(827) I'll be back
(828) It's okay. It's okay
(829) Okay, I'll take her
(830) I'll find another to clean my money
(831) Excellent
(832) Not very spirited
(833) Roberto, she's still young
(834) Ah. This is true
(835) Make her a Shirley Temple
(836) What do you want
(837) I have an appointment with Chen
(838) I got some stuff in here for him
(839) Show me
(840) He's clean. Mr. Chen is expecting him
(841) Alexander, I've got Lena She's safe
(842) Stay on the perimeter
(843) Wait for my signal
(844) All right, copy that
(845) Well, Mr. Alexander
(846) Oh, you could just call me "Alexander
(847) As you wish
(848) But addressing someone in the formal
(849) is much more
(850) polite. Don't you think
(851) Yeah, it's impressive. Yeah
(852) Listen, the deal was $300,000 and I brought the money
(853) You know, it astounds me
(854) how a handyman got $300,000
(855) How did you get so much
(856) Well, that's kind of none of your business
(857) but the fact of the matter is I got it
(858) and we have a deal
(859) 300,000 for Mya
(860) She's right there
(861) I'm here to take you home
(862) Oh, about that
(863) I changed my mind
(864) I thought you were a man of honor
(865) I thought you were gonna keep your word
(866) I thought we had a deal
(867) No, no, no, no, no, we had business... not yet a deal
(868) But it's time to make a deal
(869) I already told you she's for another buyer
(870) but her sister, however
(871) how much would you pay for her
(872) Let's say 300,000 maybe
(873) But you see, the deal was for Mya
(874) Then I guess we have no deal
(875) Yeah, well, I got all this money here
(876) What you want me to do with all this money
(877) 300,000, all right here
(878) You know, may I say
(879) either you are very brave
(880) or very naive for you to come back here
(881) Now, you didn't bring no firepower
(882) If you did, we would've honored our word
(883) But you're nothing but a handyman
(884) It'd be stupid for us
(885) just not to take that money and kill you
(886) I'm gonna give you one last chance
(887) to keep your word
(888) You're gonna give me one last chance
(889) That's what I said In my house
(890) With my people and my guns
(891) Yeah
(892) I lied, but that's what I do
(893) I lie for a living
(894) I got some bad news for you
(895) See, I lie for a living, too
(896) And guess what
(897) I'm not a handyman
(898) I'm a professional killer
(899) I came here to kill you
(900) You're Gwai Lo
(901) That's the way it is
(902) Sasha
(903) Is this how you wanna go out
(904) A man of war
(905) A son of Guan Gong
(906) Like this
(907) Killing a child? This is not you
(908) You look at the total summation
(909) of your whole life
(910) and see your last breath
(911) Is this it
(912) Well said
(913) All my life, I try to take care of my han dais
(914) honor Guan Gong
(915) amassed wealth and power
(916) but no one close would tell me
(917) it's by trickery and deceit
(918) It took an adversary
(919) to show me the significance of life and death
(920) If we can resolve this
(921) by the code of Gong
(922) as han dai
(923) men of honor
(924) by the sword
(925) would you
(926) Come here, come here Mya, Mya, get over here
(927) Come here
(928) Now I can die in peace
(929) Yes
(930) Come here
(931) Are you okay Yeah
(932) Are you sure Yeah
(933) Are you sure this is what you want
(934) There's nothing here for her anymore
(935) I don't want to lose you again
(936) I don't want to lose you either, squirt
(937) I'm gonna give you this dog
(938) He's a good dope dog That's where I got him
(939) Are you sure you don't wanna come with
(940) Yeah, I'm sure. I'm retired
(941) And if you're retired, you're gonna need some company
(942) You got any ideas
(943) Yes
(944) It's finally over. Hear me, kiddo
(945) Don't forget to call me, yes
(946) Yes
(947) It's good to see you Take care, okay
(948) Mm-hmm Talk to you soon
(949) Thanks for coming home Of course
(950) Oh, let me give this to you
(951) It's good luck... from Mya
(952) Never leave home without it
(953) Okay. Thank you
(954) Bye
(955) Bye
(956) All right
(957) Help me walk him

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