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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[2012] [Aftermath] English Transcript

(3) MALE ANCHOR 1: We have reports coming in from Israel that the Prime...
(4) STATIC) Netanyahu has been assassinated.
(5) These are preliminary...
(8) MALE ANCHOR 2: Increasing hostilities reported
(9) along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border... STATIC)
(10) MALE ANCHOR 3: (IN BRITISH ACCENT) are advancing upon
(11) greatly outnumbered American troops
(12) in western Afghanistan. STATIC)
(13) MALE REPORTER 1: Casualties are mounting in a scene
(14) that was not supposed to happen.
(15) MALE ANCHOR 3: reports of a possible military coup in Pakistan...
(16) STATIC)
(17) MALE REPORTER 2: Al Jazeera has broadcast the alleged decapitation
(18) of the Prime Minister... STATIC)
(19) STATIC)
(20) PENTAGON SPOKESMAN: cannot and will not confirm reports
(21) that Prime Minister Zardari has been executed.
(22) STATIC)
(24) MALE ANCHOR 4: Beijing has confirmed a mobilization of force
(25) to protect its western border. RADIO CLICKING)
(26) MALE ANCHOR 1: We have received an unsubstantiated,
(27) and I repeat, an unsubstantiated broadcast from Al Jazeera TV.
(28) STATIC)
(29) MALE TRANSLATOR: call for jihad
(30) for that, uh, this transgression against all of Allah.
(31) PENTAGON SPOKESMAN: At 11:53 a.m.,
(32) American forces air-burst a tactical nuclear device
(33) over advancing terrorist troops in the... STATIC)
(34) MALE ANCHOR 5: can confirm a nuclear explosion
(35) in the city of New Delhi, India, leaving what authorities...
(36) STATIC)
(37) MAN: a 10-megaton explosion in a densely populated...
(38) undoubtedly causing almost instantaneous death...
(39) MALE ANCHOR 3: Pentagon has confirmed that three nuclear warheads
(40) have been detonated above Islamabad and...
(41) MALE ANCHOR 2: world leaders call for restraint
(42) as nuclear explosions riddle the Asian continent.
(43) MALE ANCHOR 1: reports of detonations in Japan and Taiwan...
(44) MALE ANCHOR 3: Tel Aviv is gone.
(45) Iranian missiles today... BIRD SCREECHING)
(46) FEMALE ANCHOR 1: Israel has confirmed they have launched nuclear warheads
(47) against Saudi Arabia and Iran.
(48) In a statement, the government said...
(49) FEMALE ANCHOR 2: that India, in their confusion or haste...
(50) FEMALE ANCHOR 1: "Israel reserves the right to defend herself from those
(51) who seek to harm..." after the destruction of New Delhi,
(52) MALE ANCHOR 6: have lost all communication with the West Coast...
(53) MALE ANCHOR 4: can confirm that the CNN broadcast from Atlanta
(54) has gone down. We now go to...
(55) STATIC)
(56) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: This is the Emergency Alert System.
(57) Authorities are coordinating with federal agencies and will provide
(58) the most updated medical information and evacuation instructions
(59) at the top of the hour. Citizens are advised... (VOICE FADES)
(62) Get out of the car! Get out! Satchel, come on, we have to go.
(63) We have to move. Come on.
(64) HUNTER: Get down! EXPLOSION)
(65) Go! Go, go, go! WHOOSHING)
(66) JENNIFER: Satchel? Are you okay?
(67) Are you okay? Oh, my God.
(68) Come here. CRYING) Oh, my God.
(69) I can't see.
(70) JENNIFER: What? Satchel? I can't see!
(71) Oh, Satchel... Is he okay?
(72) Keep your eyes closed, all right?
(73) Don't look at anything. It's just gonna hurt your eyes.
(74) Okay. Satchel?
(75) Come here.
(76) It's okay. I've got you. We need to get off the road and find shelter.
(77) We can't do that on foot.
(78) JENNIFER: I need to call our family, let them know we're okay.
(79) HUNTER: Cell phones won't work.
(80) Nothing electronic will. Why did this happen?
(81) HUNTER: That's not important now.
(82) We only have an hour or so before the radiation starts coming in.
(83) Food, water, supplies, a diesel vehicle are the priority.
(84) JENNIFER: Well, what about the Interstate? We could, uh, find someone to help us.
(85) HUNTER: No. We need to stay away from populated areas
(86) until we know what's going on.
(87) JENNIFER: Oh, fine.
(88) Come here. Here, hold this, okay? Just stay right here.
(89) All right.
(90) Hold this, right there.
(91) SOFTLY) All right. Oh, shit!
(92) SIGHS) No keys.
(93) Hey, see if you can find me a screwdriver. Okay. All right.
(94) Perfect.
(95) Hopefully this works, Jennifer and Satchel.
(96) Let's see if this thing has some gas.
(98) Hop on in. JENNIFER: Great.
(99) Here. Follow me, okay?

(101) I... I still can't see.
(102) Is, uh... Is this normal?
(103) Yeah, you'll be all right.
(104) Come on, come on.
(105) SATCHEL: Where you going? Okay, okay.
(106) All right, I need you to find bottled water, tuna, peanut butter, um,
(107) beef jerky. Anything high in protein, all right?
(108) No junk food, no empty calories.
(109) No, stay in the car. Stay in the car.
(110) Find any kind of batteries you can. Um, baby wipes. We need baby wipes.
(111) Okay... Okay. Okay, okay. Okay? Let's go.
(112) Where are you headed? Waco. My car won't start.
(113) How many did you see go off?
(114) There were two to the east,
(115) by the Dyess air base in Abilene.
(116) One to the north. Uh, I don't know, maybe Oklahoma City...
(117) And a whole bunch of huge ones to the south. Probably Dallas, Fort Worth.
(118) They really got us this time, didn't they?
(119) Look, we need to get somewhere safe. You can hop in the back.
(120) Okay.
(121) Hello? (POUNDING)
(122) Hello?
(123) BOY: Please go away. Go away. No, no, no. We just need to find a basement.
(124) GUN FIRING) Oh, my God!
(125) Oh, God! Oh, my God! Holy shit! HUNTER: Go, go, go!
(126) ELIZABETH: Are you okay? Are you shot?
(127) HUNTER: Just go! Come on. We got to get out of here!
(128) Hey! ELIZABETH: I know what you're looking for.
(129) ELIZABETH: What about this place?
(130) HUNTER: We're running out of time. It'll have to do.
(131) Where are we? It's okay, it's okay. It's gonna be all right.
(132) Hello?
(133) Hey.
(134) Hey.
(135) Don't shoot. Get the fuck out of here.
(136) I'm a fucking doctor. Okay?
(137) Come on, Mr. Franklins. He said he was a doctor.
(140) Now, I've been shot once today and I'm not gonna be shot again!
(141) Now, we have our own food and we have a lot of water.
(142) We just need a place to stay. And I'm a doctor.
(143) I can help you. Brad, just let him in!
(144) He said he had food.
(145) We got our own water.
(146) We got a water pump!
(147) If you have a water pump, it's well water.
(148) It will be irradiated soon. It's not gonna be safe.
(149) Look,
(150) I got a sick kid and his sister in the truck. You have a cellar, right?
(151) HESITATING) Yeah, uh-huh. That's where we've been staying
(152) since the nukes went off.
(153) Get them down there and stay. Okay.
(154) My name's Jonathan.
(155) Okay.
(156) Is your cellar over there? Look, Elizabeth, come here.
(157) PANTING)
(158) All right, we need to cover this with dirt. Pull the truck around back.
(159) Anything else around there, all right?
(160) Just get the shovels out and cover them.
(161) Can you do that? Yeah.
(162) Look, all the food and water I have is in the truck.
(163) It needs to be in the cellar, now.
(164) What's your name? Angie. Angie.
(165) I need you to go upstairs, like, go in the bathrooms,
(166) get all the towels, all the clothes. Get them down into the cellar, all right?
(167) Okay. I'll get everything.
(168) HUNTER: Hey. JONATHAN: Yeah.
(169) We need more shovels, all right?
(170) Okay, yeah, I have one in the cellar.
(171) Whose house is this?
(172) It's my grandma and grandpa's house.
(173) Where are they? Oh, uh, my grandpa has leukemia,
(174) so he's at Dallas at the hospital.
(175) Grandma's with him, but...
(176) They're probably dead by now. BRAD TITTERING) I'm sorry.
(177) I'm just kidding. They're dead! That's for sure.
(178) Could you stop being an asshole and dig?
(179) Bitch.
(180) Charming.
(181) Who's the moron?
(182) He's our neighbor.
(183) They don't have a cellar, because a lot of people around here don't have cellars.
(184) But we have a cellar, so...
(185) ELIZABETH: Great.
(186) Angie, right? I got all the towels.
(187) I don't think there's any more up here.
(188) How far along are you?
(189) About seven months.
(190) A little more than that. Like eleven days or so.
(191) Hey, hold on.
(192) Let me see that.
(193) That's fine.
(194) All right, give the, uh...
(195) Give the medicine to the blonde woman I came with. The calm one.
(196) PANTING)
(197) Hey, do you think he's gonna be okay... Yeah, he's fine.
(198) Is that everything?
(199) Truck's empty. What?
(200) LOUD THUDDING) Relax.
(201) SIGHS)
(203) GROANS)
(211) Thank God I'm in Texas.
(215) This is my granduncle, Wendell.
(216) He lives with us now
(217) because we couldn't afford a home for him after the VA cuts.
(218) WENDELL: Pleased to meet you, sir.
(219) Listen, Doc, uh, he's a diabetic.
(220) COUGHING) We have insulin, but we might...
(221) Don't worry about it. Here.
(222) We got all the food and water down.
(223) HUNTER: You have some more kerosene lamps upstairs.
(224) We need them down here.
(225) Those are Grandma's. She's really into that antique stuff.
(226) But we gotta make sure that we don't break any of it
(227) cause if she comes back, then, um... BRAD: Doc...
(229) I got a question. You, uh, took my pistol, remember?
(230) Yeah, don't worry about it. I still got it.
(231) Yeah, so do I get a gun?
(232) Tell you what, you go a week without shooting at me again and I'll think about it.
(234) Well! That's real nice.
(235) Sure good to be able to see everybody's faces.
(236) Yeah, but there's only, uh, three car batteries, so we have to conserve.
(237) How long do we have to stay down here?
(238) We are never gettin' out of here, honey.
(239) At least a month.
(240) Depends how widespread all this is.
(241) The, uh, blast radiation isn't good, but the fallout is a bigger problem.
(242) When a nuclear bomb goes off, it sucks up dirt and debris into the air
(243) that falls back down like snow.
(244) It's really radioactive, and it's a particulate.
(245) You... You breathe it in.
(246) BRAD: (LAUGHS) Oh, my God, dude!
(247) Watch out, guys! We can't even fucking breathe in here now!
(248) JONATHAN: I was watching Fox News and
(249) it sounded like it was pretty widespread.
(250) Well, I knew about that magnopulse thing, so I...
(251) I put my mp3 player in the safe so that we at least have some music to listen to.
(252) I know these things went off all over Asia and North America.
(253) A lot in Europe, too, but I don't know how widespread the radiation is.
(254) I saw at least five of them go off.
(255) But there's no way of knowing how many megatons the bombs were...
(256) Uh, the wind direction at the time of blast...
(257) I have a shortwave right here that I'm working on.
(258) But...
(259) It might be broken, though. SIGHS)
(260) EXHALES DEEPLY) Grandpa's a pretty big military collector.
(261) I don't know what all's in there.
(262) He never really lets me mess with any of that stuff.
(263) Start nailing up the cellar doors shut.
(264) And if you have any tape, seal up the cracks.
(265) BRAD: God damn it, man!
(266) You haven't gotten this shit all off the fucking shelf? Man, Jesus!
(267) Gotta take boxes off it! Sorry.
(268) Fucking Poindexter, man! Get this fucking thing off!
(269) Fuck!
(270) What are you doing, man? Get a hammer! JONATHAN: I'm sorry. Here.
(271) Hey. Here.
(272) What is that?
(273) It's a Geiger counter. It measures radiation.
(274) Well, the door's boarded tight. Shh!
(277) The fallout.
(281) Are you fucking crazy?
(282) You're gonna make my wife piss in a goddamn bucket?
(283) Come on, Mr. Franklins. You know we can't go upstairs.
(284) Hey, Professor Oppenheimer, this is the best we can do.
(285) I don't know if you've noticed, but we don't have a toilet.
(286) Kerosene is less dense than water, urine, or shit, so it'll stay on top.
(287) All right, you can go in.
(289) And thank you. You're welcome.
(290) HUNTER: (EXHALES) Maybe you should try fixing the, uh, shortwave radio.
(291) JONATHAN: Okay.
(292) ELIZABETH: (SOFTLY) Is he gonna be okay?
(293) His retinas were too badly burned in the blast. He was looking directly at it.
(295) Do you think we should tell him? I mean, he's been asking me.
(296) I'm gonna go check on Angie.
(298) Here, baby.
(299) I'm tired. Oh, shit.
(301) Hey.
(302) How you doing? I'm okay.
(303) Do you mind if I listen for a heartbeat? Yeah, sure.
(304) Okay.
(305) You mind taking a deep breath for me? INHALES DEEPLY)
(306) There we go.
(307) BRAD: She's cool, right?
(308) Right?
(309) You look a little young to be a M.D.
(310) What are you doing around here?
(311) I was finishing my residency at New York University.
(312) Wow!
(313) New York!
(314) LAUGHS) What?
(315) I'm not doing anything? I'm just curious.
(316) What are you doing around these parts? You... I saw your backpack.
(317) You on a walkabout or something?
(318) Yeah, something like that.
(319) Jesus.
(320) All right, stay... Stay warm, honey.
(321) ANGIE: Thank you.
(323) We need to drink a bottle of water and try to get some sleep.
(324) And cover up as much as possible. SCOFFS) That's...
(325) Brad, please.
(326) Can we just go to sleep? I don't feel very well.
(328) Hey, Jonathan. Should I be worried about those two?
(329) I don't know.
(330) Sometimes, she'll come over here to talk to Grandma...
(331) And she's always, like, crying.
(332) Oh...
(333) Oh, um, I got the, um, shortwave working. Well, kind of.
(334) You can use my earphones, but you can only just listen.
(335) The microphone's not connected yet.
(336) Uh, I'm gonna go tuck in Grand Unc.
(337) Night. Good night.
(339) Here you go, Grand Unc. Hmm...
(340) Thank you, Jon.
(341) Are you gonna be okay, Grand Unc?
(342) I sure hope my brother's okay out there.
(343) Ah, he'll be all right. He's a war hero. (LAUGHS)
(345) You should've seen him. Grandpa, Jonathan.
(346) He was the reason I volunteered for Korea.
(347) That was a different war.
(348) I'm gonna be sleeping behind you, okay? Hmm... Hmm...
(349) So if you need anything...
(350) ELIZABETH: Brad's gonna be a problem.
(352) STATIC)
(353) MAN ON RADIO: "We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men...
(354) You gotta listen to this.
(355) Leaning together Headpiece filled with...
(356) Jonathan said we can just hear.
(357) over broken glass In our dry cellar.
(358) Shape without form, shade without... BEEPING AND STATIC)
(359) the world ends
(360) This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends
(361) Not with a bang, but a whimper."
(362) STATIC)
(363) RADIO CLICKS) MAN: This is Shenandoah, Oklahoma.
(364) Is there anybody out there?
(365) This is Shenandoah, Oklahoma. Is there anybody even out there?
(366) STATIC)
(368) GASPING)
(369) PANTING)
(372) Satchel? Hmm?
(373) You okay? Mmm-hmm. Where are we?
(374) What?
(375) JENNIFER: Drink some more, okay? SATCHEL: Okay.
(376) It's right here. It's a bottle.
(377) What time is it? Does anybody know?
(378) JONATHAN: Uh, yeah, it's 11:23 a.m.
(379) Shit. That's what I have, too.
(380) What do you mean, "shit"?
(381) It's almost completely dark outside.
(382) BRAD: What?
(383) It's, like, noon.
(384) HUNTER: Yeah. Look for yourself.
(385) That doesn't make any sense.
(386) It's the end of the world.
(387) What did you say?
(388) I said, "It's the end of the world."
(389) You know what?
(390) You shut the fuck up with that shit!
(391) My fucking pregnant wife is right here. COUGHING)
(392) Stop with all this fucking "left for us" bullshit, all right?
(393) You leave that to your own psycho head, all right?
(395) SATCHEL: Don't talk to my sister like that! HUNTER: Hey, enough.
(396) All right? We're not gonna get anywhere like that.
(397) It's not gonna help this day be any better.
(398) Hey, Doc.
(399) How you doing, Wendell? You doing all right?
(400) Ah, I'm all right.
(401) Just a little tired from all of the excitement. Let me check something out.
(402) I can't complain.
(403) You're doing all right.
(404) Ah...
(405) HUNTER: What have you got there?
(406) Um, when this all started, I was talking to my best friend Barry
(407) in Minnesota over IM.
(408) And he's the one who told me about the magnetic pulse thing.
(409) He said I might be able to save some of my stuff
(410) if I put it in a metal safe or something.
(411) I don't know, man. Maybe if it was lead.
(412) STATIC) This radio still works.
(413) And, um, I put some of my grandpa's .38 lead rounds in here.
(415) Here's the best part.
(416) STATIC)
(417) Still works.
(418) Well, that should help you pass the time.
(420) Really, uh...
(421) It just doesn't make any sense, though. I mean...
(422) It's just dark, you know? This is...
(423) This is Texas, man! It's, like...
(424) It's, like, 55 degrees in this shit. (SIGHS)
(425) You know what I think?
(426) The government, man... They've gotta have, like...
(427) There is no government. something up their sleeve.
(428) There is no government anymore, Brad!
(429) So many of those things have gone off
(430) that we can't even fucking see the sun anymore!
(431) Look, there's always a government, all right?
(432) Somebody did this to us!
(433) I wanna find out if we did anything back to them!
(434) Who the fuck cares?
(435) Hunter and I were on the shortwave last night,
(436) and everybody is going through the exact same thing we are, okay?
(437) Fucking bitch! I wanna know what the President did!
(438) I wanna know. I wanna know what we're doing... Fuck! Ouch!
(439) Get off of me! Hey, listen...
(440) Listen. Listen, all right? CHATTERING ON RADIO)
(441) We're not gonna get anywhere by yelling at each other. Listen.
(442) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: will provide the most updated medical information...
(443) What? You didn't tell us we had a radio.
(444) At the top of the hour.
(445) Citizens are advised to remain underground until that time.
(446) This is the Emergency Alert System.
(447) Local authorities are coordinating with federal agencies
(448) and will provide the most updated...
(449) You gonna be all right, Grand Unc? Yeah, I'm doing great.
(450) Hey, remember those Astros games against the Mets I took you to last year?
(451) Yeah. LAUGHS) New York bastards!
(452) It was a good trip. That was really fun.
(453) Hey.
(454) He's okay?
(455) WENDELL LAUGHS) WHISPERS) You're okay.
(457) Astros, huh? I was always a Royals fan, myself.
(459) Don't hold it against me.
(460) Hey, Wendell, you know the best part about backing a losing team?
(461) What's that?
(462) Nowhere to go but up.
(463) You're pretty right, there, Doc. LAUGHS)
(464) JONATHAN: Oh, Hunter, the shortwave works now.
(465) I mean, uh... I mean, the microphone's connected, and the speaker works, too.
(466) Shenandoah, this is Cameron. Are you there? Over.
(467) STATIC) ELIZABETH: Hunter?
(468) SIGHS)
(469) Trying to find those fellows from Shenandoah.
(470) Hunter, come on. TURNS RADIO OFF)
(471) Come on.
(473) STATIC)
(474) Shenandoah, this is Cameron, Texas. Are you there? Over.
(475) STATIC)
(476) MAN: This is Shenandoah, Oklahoma. Is there anybody out there?
(477) Shenandoah, this is Cameron. We are here. Over.
(478) What did I tell ya?
(479) SHENANDOAH PEOPLE CHEERING) MAN: What... What? Whoa! Okay.
(480) Okay, hold on. Hold on. We're not alone.
(481) Hell, man! We didn't think we'd ever raise nobody!
(482) This is Shane Baxter of Baxter Motors, Shenandoah, Oklahoma.
(483) LAUGHS) How the hell are you, man? How you doing?
(484) LAUGHS) Doing a lot better now, Shane. Over.
(485) Well, that's... That's great, man!
(486) I got 11 people down here in this basement trying to get along.
(487) STATIC)
(488) SHANE TALKING INDISTINCTLY) HUNTER: Shenandoah, come in. Over.
(489) Shit, I'm losing him.
(490) Shenandoah, come in. STATIC)
(491) Can you hear me, Shenandoah? Over. STATIC CONTINUES)
(492) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: This is the Emergency Alert System.
(493) GRUNTING) Local authorities are coordinating
(494) with federal agencies and will provide
(495) the most updated medical information and evacuation instructions
(496) at the top of the hour. Citizens are advised to remain...
(497) JONATHAN: Do y'all think that's even worth listening to anymore?
(498) I mean, because they've...
(499) They've been promising an update for an hour for, like, the past day.
(500) Local authorities are coordinating...
(501) I just figure...
(502) They're just trying to figure out
(503) how to get people into evacuation centers, you know?
(504) WENDELL COUGHING) HUNTER: Hey, Jonathan.
(505) Just another minute with this battery.
(506) We're already on our second one. After this, we only have one left.
(507) This is the Emergency... It's brighter outside today.
(508) Local authorities are coordinating... That's good.
(509) with federal agencies and will provide... Right?
(510) SARCASTIC) Yeah, that's, uh... That's great. (LAUGHS)
(511) Why don't we just all get in our bathing suits and go play in the sprinklers.
(512) Brad. Stop.
(513) Sorry.
(514) Hey, Jonathan, turn off the radio.
(515) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Local authorities are coordinating with federal agencies...
(518) Give me my gun. Shh!
(519) MAN: Hey!
(522) ANGIE CRYING) It's okay. It's okay.
(523) No! Hey! We have a gun!
(524) JONATHAN: Hey, motherfucker!
(525) Hey, this is my grandparents' house, you motherfucker!
(529) CRYING)
(530) MAN: Shit! I'm sorry...
(531) I'm sorry, Jonathan! I didn't mean to be a...
(532) GROANS) I'm fucking hit!
(533) He said your fucking name! How does he know you?
(534) STUTTERING) I don't know. Get up there! Get up there! Come on!
(535) Hey, hey... Hello... MAN GROANING)
(536) Rob?
(537) Rob! Rob! MAN: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
(538) It's Rob! What's going on up there?
(539) Hunter. Brad, get up here with a hammer.
(540) BRAD: What? Brad, hammer! Now!
(541) JONATHAN: I didn't know it was you. HUNTER: Brad, hammer!
(542) ROB: Please, open the door!
(543) We're coming, Rob! Open the door.
(544) HUNTER: Let us in here. BRAD: Are you fucking crazy?
(545) Coming, Rob! ROB GROANING)
(547) HUNTER: Elizabeth, grab me a blanket and a pillow and set it up here.
(548) ELIZABETH: Jennifer, get me a pillow ready.
(549) Move. Move! Move!
(550) God damn it! JONATHAN: Come on, Rob.
(551) ROB: You should see... ELIZABETH: Give me.
(552) JONATHAN: I got you. I got you.
(553) Lay him down. BRAD: Fuck!
(554) JONATHAN: I'm so sorry we shot you. I'm so sorry, Rob. I didn't know...
(555) Who the fuck is this guy? Who the fuck are you, huh?
(556) I'm so sorry, Rob!
(557) Huh? HUNTER: Okay, just let me deal with him!
(559) HUNTER: Jonathan, get out of here. Let me deal with him.
(560) I didn't know it was you. I'm so sorry.
(561) HUNTER: Everybody stop apologizing!
(562) Rob, you're in shock. WHIMPERING)
(563) I need you to just look at me right here, okay? Let me see this.
(564) BRAD: Who is this guy? HUNTER: Let me see this.
(565) Elizabeth, can you hold this? Thank you. Who is he?
(566) I asked you a fucking question! Huh? Get off of him!
(567) HUNTER: I need to look at your wrist.
(568) He's my friend. He works at the comic book shop on Redford.
(569) HUNTER: Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up!
(570) GROANING) HUNTER: Rob...
(571) Hey, Rob, Listen to me, all right? The bullet went through your wrist.
(572) That's good. That means I'm not gonna have to remove a bullet.
(573) I'm just gonna have to dress your wound and clean it.
(574) ROB: They're shooting people...
(575) RAMBLING) They're shooting people. They're shooting people!
(576) Hey... Hey! They're shooting people!
(577) Hold him down! Hold him down! ALL CLAMORING)
(578) Fuck!
(580) Thanks.
(581) Here, Rob. Drink this slowly, okay?
(582) ROB: (MEEKLY) I don't want it.
(583) Have they... Uh, the town, have they set up any, um,
(584) evacuation centers or anything like that?
(585) They tried.
(586) They used the old, uh,
(587) fallout shelter under the library,
(588) but it didn't fit everybody.
(589) There was a lot of fighting.
(590) BRAD: What about the Guard?
(591) ELIZABETH: The National Guard?
(592) They're all overseas.
(593) Isn't good out there.
(594) Started with a lot of looting.
(595) Then the bubbas took over
(596) cause they had the guns.
(597) Second night, there was a string of rapes.
(598) And they're not letting the old people have any food.
(599) A lot of people are in bad shape, all burnt up.
(600) A lot of people getting really drunk.
(601) Others are going crazy looking for alcohol and drugs because they ran out.
(602) When did the bruises first appear, Rob?
(603) They shot all the migrants.
(604) That's when I ran.
(605) They just lined them up and shot 'em.
(606) Everybody's going crazy and...
(607) That's why I came here.
(608) I was so worried about you, Rob.
(609) You know, with Grandpa and Grandma and Barry...
(610) all dead.
(611) Please, you gotta let me stay.
(612) I'm...
(613) All the real sick people, they're... They're straggling around the town,
(614) looking for food and water, but...
(615) I got my own bottle of water and peanut butter in my backpack upstairs, okay?
(616) I won't even use your food, I promise.
(617) Please?
(618) I don't wanna go back out there.
(619) This is Jonathan's home, and if he says you can stay, you can stay.
(620) ELIZABETH: Okay? Thank you.
(621) There are wars and rumors of wars,
(622) but be not troubled for these things must pass."
(625) ELIZABETH SHUSHING) It's okay, it's okay.
(626) BRAD: Shut up! SHUSHING)
(627) HUNTER: It's just the radiation setting in.
(628) I'm gonna give you two amoxicillins. It should help you fight it off.
(629) HUNTER: Hey, Brad. What?
(630) Is she okay? She's... She's fine.
(631) She's just got a little morning sickness.
(633) Angie, have you been able to eat anything? ANGIE: Not much.
(634) BRAD: Man, she's fine. It's just harder for her. She's gotta eat for two.
(635) Right, sweetheart? ANGIE STILL COUGHING)
(636) BRAD: Hey, honey!
(637) She's okay.
(638) What the fuck! Hey... Hey, sweetheart. Sweetheart, come on.
(639) Come on. You're okay! Just breathe!
(640) Angie, breathe. Come on! You're hurting the baby! Stop!
(641) ANGIE: (CRYING) Stop.
(642) BRAD: All right? Please!
(643) It's okay! Just breathe!
(644) Breathe! You're hurting the fucking baby! Just breathe, okay?
(645) CRYING) Stop! Stop it! Please!
(646) BRAD: (SOFTLY) Oh, my God! ANGIE: What?
(647) What? What are you guys looking at? Ange...
(648) What?
(649) Stop. What's wrong with my face?
(650) BRAD: Ange...
(651) Stop, Brad! You're freaking me out!
(652) What is wrong with my face? What? It's okay, it's okay.
(653) BRAD: It's okay, it's okay. I'm sorry. ANGIE CRYING)
(654) Ange, God, I'm so sorry. ANGIE: What happened?
(656) Jennifer?
(657) Jennifer, calm down.
(658) Jennifer, breathe. Just breathe.
(659) Give me your hand. Stay calm. Jennifer?
(660) Jennifer! Get out of the way!
(664) JONATHAN: Oh, my God! (WHIMPERING)
(665) PANTING)
(666) I'm keeping the gun.
(667) JONATHAN: Am I gonna die because she bit me?
(668) She was scared, okay?
(669) She was scared of blast burn and radiation poisoning,
(670) and she was dying and...
(671) She's a refugee of this war. She's not a movie zombie, okay?
(673) Could have fooled me. HUNTER: Let me see this.
(674) What are we gonna do about her?
(675) Well, Brad and I are gonna take her upstairs to the top floor.
(676) But I'm gonna wait for the radiation to die down a little bit
(677) before we do that.
(678) ELIZABETH: (READING) "The soldier now blew upon a green whistle,
(679) and at once, a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room.
(680) She had lovely green hair and green eyes,
(681) and she bowed low before Dorothy as she said,
(682) Follow me and I will show you your room."'
(683) So Dorothy said goodbye to all her friends except for Toto,
(684) taking the dog in her arms, followed the green girl
(685) through seven passages and up three flights of stairs
(686) until they came to a room at the front of the palace.
(687) It was the sweetest little room in the world,
(688) with a soft, comfortable bed... RADIO STATIC)
(689) that had all sheets of green silk..."
(690) Shenandoah?
(691) This is Cameron, Texas.
(692) Shenandoah, come in.
(693) This is Cameron, Texas. Shenandoah, come in.
(694) Hey! The story's not over yet.
(695) that shot a spray of green perfume into the air...
(696) SHANE: Doc?
(697) I'm here, Shane.
(698) to fall back into a beautifully carved..." There's something upstairs.
(699) People moving around. HUNTER: Come again?
(700) They can hear us.
(701) TEARFULLY) A man in an army uniform came yesterday.
(702) He said it was for the sake of the nation.
(703) He took my sweet daughter. INDISTINCT)
(704) I don't really think he was from the army.
(706) They're outside now. COUGHING)
(707) They're outside, Cameron.
(708) Christ, they're outside! Crazy son of a bitch! Cameron!
(710) Shane?
(711) Shane, are you there?
(714) WOMAN SCREAMING) Close the door! Get the door!
(715) Get down, now! No! No! God! No, Cameron, no!
(716) STATIC)
(719) It won't be much longer now.
(720) Hey, Grand...
(721) Just...
(722) Just go.
(723) CRYING)
(724) Just go.
(727) ROB: You keep trying to be the savior, Doc, and all that guilt,
(728) it's gonna eat up your soul.
(729) You kept the man as comfortable as you could.
(730) You better accept what's gonna happen to us all.
(731) You keep swinging from the rafters like that,
(732) you're liable to dirty up your spirit for when you meet your Maker.
(733) I'll keep that in mind.
(735) Jonathan is insisting that we bury Wendell.
(737) Absolutely not.
(738) The radiation is falling a little bit, but it's still off the charts.
(740) That's what I'm talking about, Doc.
(741) That boy just wants to do right by his kin.
(742) He's gonna join him soon enough.
(743) It'd be best if you just let him do it.
(744) Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling a little lightheaded.
(745) I'm gonna take a little nap.
(746) Then I'm gonna help that boy bury his granduncle.
(748) HUNTER: Hurry, guys, we gotta be quick.
(749) Let's go. Hurry. EXHALES)
(750) WHISPERING) We should've just left him up in the fucking attic!
(751) Brad!
(752) Quiet! They can hear us.
(753) You know what?
(754) Remember in the back? There's, like, a water pump...
(755) HUNTER: No, no, the water's the most contaminated thing around.
(756) It wouldn't be safe.
(757) Hey, Jonathan. I'm sorry.
(758) If you wanna say something...
(759) ELIZABETH: Oh, no, no, no. Oh, boy... Oh, boy, we gotta go!
(760) Go, go, go! Oh, shit! Oh, God! You guys...
(761) HUNTER: Get out of the way! Get out of the way!
(762) YELLING)
(763) HUNTER: Watch out! GUN FIRING)
(764) Hey! MAN GROANING)
(765) ROB: Jonathan!
(766) HUNTER: Go! Everyone, back in the house, now!
(767) Shit!
(768) Jonathan! GUN FIRING)
(769) BRAD: Fuck! I'm shot! Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
(770) HUNTER: Get in the house now! ELIZABETH: Everybody, get inside!
(771) Go! Go! ELIZABETH: Get inside now!
(772) Move! Jonathan! Jonathan!
(773) ELIZABETH AND ROB: Jonathan! What...
(774) Come on! We gotta go! We gotta finish burying him!
(775) ELIZABETH: Jesus Christ! Just run! Run!
(776) Close the door!
(777) Oh, damn! Rob!
(778) What happened?
(782) Go, go, go!
(784) BANGING ON DOOR) Elizabeth, get me a clean rag.
(785) I don't think the door's gonna hold.
(786) Let's just go up there and fucking kill 'em all!
(787) No, they're just paper tigers.
(788) BANGING ON DOOR) Radiation sickness fucks up your strength
(789) as much as it does your... Angie!
(790) HUNTER: Shit!
(791) Oh, shit! ANGIE GROANING)
(792) Hey! Hey! Hey, what's the matter? What's wrong?
(793) What's wrong with her? She miscarried.
(794) BRAD: What? No! Hey. Hey! Come on!
(795) SNAPPING FINGERS) Snap out of it! Please! God! Fucking help me!
(796) HUNTER: We gotta get her to a table. Get her to the fucking table!
(797) ELIZABETH: I got it. I got it! HUNTER: Grab her head.
(798) Jonathan, bring me a pillow.
(799) You're okay. She's okay, right?
(800) Honey. Honey. Look... (SHUSHING)
(801) Everything's gonna be fine, right? I need to get in here.
(802) ELIZABETH: I need some towels or something.
(803) She's losing way too much blood. I need to do a transfusion.
(804) BRAD: Help her, man! I don't have a way of doing a trans...
(805) There's nothing I can do. She needs a transfusion, Brad.
(806) There's nothing I can do!
(807) What are you saying there's nothing you can do? Come on, man.
(808) Fucking help her, man. Please!
(809) Brad, no, you're not listening. There's nothing I can do!
(810) No, no, no! She needs a transfusion!
(811) No... No. No! Jennifer!
(812) There is something you can do! OTHERS YELLING)
(813) I'm gonna kill this motherfucker. ANGIE: Brad!
(814) All right. Stop. No, no stop! You fucking operate on my wife!
(815) HUNTER: Get me... Get me... Do you have a sewing kit?
(816) Yeah, my grandma's. Get me a sewing kit. I need a pot.
(817) All right, I got this.
(818) If you don't save her, I'll kill you! Get alcohol.
(819) I'll kill you! I'll kill you! HUNTER: Okay.
(820) Brad, you don't wanna do this, Brad. Yeah, I wanna do this!
(821) I... I need my bag.
(822) Come on! All right, I got this.
(823) Angie's gonna be fine!
(824) Brad! Brad, come here! Brad! Brad, get in here!
(825) Brad!
(826) CRYING) Brad... There's no future for our child.
(827) Look around. I don't want him to see this world.
(828) Just make us proud, okay?
(829) Please don't do this to me. Okay?
(830) Move!
(832) CRYING) Angie... Angie, Angie, Angie.
(834) HUNTER: Fuck! ELIZABETH: It's okay.
(835) MAN ON RADIO: 50% probability at two Sv with occasional vomiting
(836) beginning three to six hours after irradiation, and lasting for up to one day,
(837) after which light symptoms like general illness and fatigue appear.
(838) GROANS) 50% probability at two Sv.
(839) The immune system is depressed, with convalescence unlikely...
(840) COUGHING) and increased risk of infection.
(841) Temporary male sterility is common. JENNIFER SHUSHING)
(842) Spontaneous abortion or stillbirth will appear in pregnant women.
(843) I'm sorry.
(844) Don't be sorry. Look at me. 10 to 50 Sv,
(845) 1,000 to 5,000 rem. Acute radiation poisoning...
(846) HUNTER: Jonathan, can you turn this shit off?
(847) After irradiation exposure. After that, there is a seven-day anastasis.
(850) Hey...
(851) You read the last Green Lantern?
(852) Yeah.
(853) It was good, but...
(854) Hal Jordan, he's no Alan Scott.
(855) In brightest day, in blackest night,
(856) No evil shall pass my sight
(857) Those who worship evil's might,
(858) Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!" Green Lantern's light."
(861) You can't touch that space. I know, okay, I know.
(862) I'm going to get your flag.
(864) CHUCKLING) I'm saying you can't cheat.
(865) Yeah, I taught you how to play this game.
(866) You got your pieces half in other squares.
(867) As long as they don't fall in the volcano, I'm okay.
(869) You know, um...
(870) What did you do before all of this?
(871) Well, actually, uh...
(872) I'm a nurse.
(873) I'm a doctor. (LAUGHS) I know.
(874) I guessed. I guessed you were a nurse. Really?
(875) ROB: Think about it. (GROWLS)
(876) That didn't scare you? The growl didn't scare you?
(877) Turn it around. LAUGHS)
(878) I got it. ROB COUGHING)
(879) JONATHAN: I got you five games in a row.
(880) HUNTER: He's got moves.
(881) Yeah. HUNTER LAUGHS)
(882) Play again? No. No, I won't play again. You got me.
(883) JONATHAN: Come on. Let's go. Best out of nine.
(884) Set it up. RADIO SQUEAKING)
(885) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: This is the Emergency Alert System.
(886) Local authorities are coordinating with federal agencies
(887) and will provide the most updated medical information
(888) and evacuation instructions... GUN FIRING)
(889) at the top of the hour.
(890) Citizens are advised to remain underground until that time.
(891) This is the Emergency Alert System.
(892) Local authorities are coordinating with federal agencies
(893) and will provide the most updated medical information and evacuation instructions
(894) at the top of the hour.
(895) Citizens are advised to remain underground until that time.
(897) MAN: Hello, this is Interim Press Secretary Collins.
(898) The following is a message that the President of the United States has written
(899) and requested I deliver to all citizens of America.
(900) Good morning, my fellow Americans.
(901) The past week has been one of challenge and tragedy.
(902) But like all great moments in our nation's history,
(903) we have risen to the challenge.
(904) My friends, I promise you that I will lead us home.
(905) Now, I assure you that casualties have been high,
(906) and our prayers are with those who grieve, but rest assured...
(907) I cannot believe this bullshit.
(908) our enemy casualties have been higher,
(909) and we will defeat those who despise our freedom.
(910) What about evacuation? My God! There will be further losses
(911) but in the end, we will prevail.
(912) And I ask all Americans to remain strong and vigilant, for God is with us."
(913) STATIC)
(914) He isn't saying anything.
(915) HUNTER: He doesn't even have the courage to say it himself.
(916) He's just having some flunky
(917) read this bullshit statement.
(918) COLLINS: "Our military is still partially functional,
(919) and will triumph over those who would destroy us.
(920) I am honored to be your President, and I thank you for your prayers.
(921) Thank you all, and God bless America."
(922) FEMALE ANNOUNCER: This is the Emergency Alert System.
(923) Local authorities are coordinating with federal agencies...
(925) He thinks he's a national hero, and we're all dying here.
(926) Presidential legacy! (LAUGHS)
(927) How did I let her get this far?
(928) I don't know what's wrong with me.
(929) I'm so stupid.
(930) I'm so stupid. Dumb.
(931) HUNTER: Let me see your hands, Brad.
(932) I'm sorry. Let me see your feet, Brad.
(933) I'm sorry.
(934) ELIZABETH: (READING) "She threw her arms around the Lion's neck
(935) and kissed him, patting his big head tenderly.
(936) Then she kissed the Tin Woodman
(937) who was weeping in a way most dangerous to his joints.
(939) But she hugged the soft, stuffed body of the Scarecrow in her arms
(940) and instead of kissing his painted face, she found she was crying herself
(941) at this sorrowful parting from all of her loving comrades."
(942) SATCHEL: I'm okay.
(944) ELIZABETH: "Glinda the Good stepped down from her ruby throne
(945) to give the little girl a goodbye kiss.
(946) And Dorothy thanked her for all the kindness she had shown
(947) to her friends and herself.
(948) Dorothy now took up Toto solemnly in her arms,
(949) and having said one last goodbye,
(950) she clapped the heels of her shoes together three times, saying,
(951) Take me home to Aunt Em. Take me home to Aunt Em.
(952) Take me home to Aunt Em."'
(954) What's wrong with him, Hunter?
(955) He has pneumonia.
(957) Satchel... Satchel?
(959) HUNTER: Jennifer...
(960) I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Jennifer, come here.
(961) Oh, my God!
(962) Jennifer... Jennifer, we've gotta cover him up. Come here.
(963) Jennifer, come here.
(964) CRYING) I'm sorry! Guys.
(965) JENNIFER: I'm so sorry.
(966) HUNTER: Jonathan, come here.
(968) I'm sorry. Elizabeth. WEEPING LOUDLY)
(969) He didn't even complain.
(970) He kept saying he was okay. Hunter, it's all around us.
(971) It's killing us.
(972) Yeah, but if we'd had more antibiotics...
(973) I used most of them on my shoulder.
(974) On Rob's blast burns... Hunter, this isn't your fault, okay?
(975) We would all be dead if you weren't here.
(976) Look what happened to those guys in Shenandoah.
(977) CLEARS THROAT) Hey, man, are you all right?
(978) Yeah.
(979) BRAD: I don't know. You're looking pretty fucked up.
(980) How are we gonna get his body out of here?
(981) I mean, there's just more and more of those people out there.
(982) No, we... We can't take him outside.
(983) We'll just have to bury him up in the attic with Angie.
(984) No.
(985) I'll take him up.
(986) Sorry, Rob. You don't have the strength to carry him. I'm not gonna let you.
(987) No, Doc, I...
(988) Let me do this.
(989) Okay, I owe you. I owe all of you.
(990) If someone's gonna risk themselves, it should be me.
(991) Now, you always...
(992) You've always kept us sensible. This is the sensible thing.
(993) I mean, look at me. I'm not gonna last much longer.
(994) It should be me.
(995) How's your ear feeling?
(996) I don't know.
(997) Can you, like, hear out of it or anything?
(998) I can't really feel them.
(999) God, it's bleeding, dude.
(1001) Rob.
(1002) All right.
(1003) If there's anybody out there,
(1004) put the body down and get back to the basement.
(1005) Okay.
(1006) Here. Take this.
(1007) No.
(1008) You need it down there more.
(1009) I'll be all right.
(1010) Hey, Rob. What?
(1011) Good luck.
(1012) You, too.
(1013) GRUNTS)
(1015) BRAD: Rob's been out there a long time, you guys.
(1016) He hasn't come back. So...
(1017) What do you think? Think those guys got to him?
(1019) HUNTER: Jonathan, I know you and Rob were close.
(1020) I'm sorry.
(1022) You think they're in the house?
(1023) Jesus Christ!
(1024) Why do we still listen to this shit? What...
(1025) What is this guy even broadcasting about?
(1026) Why can't he just talk to us?
(1027) Maybe he's just always accepted what's happened.
(1028) JENNIFER: Let's face it. We never had a chance.
(1029) This all was over before we even got here. Great.
(1030) So what are we even doing?
(1031) Why are we even still here? Why don't we just give up?
(1032) I ain't killing myself. Are you psychotic?
(1033) Cause that's what we do.
(1034) We try to survive. So that we can go home.
(1035) Like Dorothy and Toto.
(1036) Yeah, like Dorothy and Toto.
(1041) Can't sleep either, huh?
(1042) EXHALES)
(1043) SIGHS) I hear them, too.
(1044) And they'll, uh...
(1045) They'll definitely be coming down here soon.
(1046) Yep.
(1047) God! Why do you think they've waited so long?
(1048) So how's your shoulder?
(1049) The arm should probably come off.
(1050) BRAD: Yeah, well...
(1051) You're doing a lot better than the rest of us right now.
(1052) So, you ready for this?
(1053) THUMPING)
(1054) Yep.
(1055) We should probably let them sleep as long as they can.
(1056) BRAD SIGHS)
(1057) THUMPING)
(1058) They're coming.
(1059) Brad.
(1060) I'm gonna go get everyone.
(1061) Elizabeth, wake up. Wake up. Get the guns out. Give them to everybody.
(1062) Oh, shit!
(1063) Jonathan, come on. Oh... Okay.
(1065) Oh, shit!
(1066) Fuck! Oh, shit!
(1068) God!
(1069) PANTING) Are you all right?
(1070) What? Fuck you!
(1071) We are cornered down here. We gotta go.
(1072) Okay. Let's go. Go.
(1074) YELLS) Hey! No, no, no, no, no!
(1075) What? It's my friend.
(1076) I know him.
(1077) Do it.
(1078) I'm sorry.
(1080) GRUNTING)
(1081) Get out of my grandparents' house!
(1084) Think we're about to die?
(1086) We're not dead yet.
(1088) GRUNTING)
(1090) YELLING)
(1091) GASPING)
(1093) Argh!
(1094) PANTING)
(1095) GRUNTING)
(1096) GUN FIRING)
(1098) HUNTER: Get up!
(1099) Let's go!
(1100) Shit!

(1101) YELLS) Hey!
(1102) HUNTER: Put her down. BRAD: Oh, shit!
(1103) STAMMERING) What happened?
(1104) HUNTER: Get the door! Get the door! BRAD: Aw, fuck!
(1105) GRUNTING)
(1106) Aw, shit! ELIZABETH GROANING)
(1107) HUNTER: Her lung is collapsing. BRAD: I can't hold it, man!
(1108) Her chest cavity is filling up with air. Please, man! Hunter!
(1109) Shit! Fuck! God, please! Fuck!
(1110) WHIMPERING) Please...
(1111) Just let me go.
(1112) BANGING ON DOOR) I'm sorry.
(1113) Fuck! CRYING) Let me go.
(1114) MOUTHING)
(1115) Let me...
(1116) go. Elizabeth... Elizabeth.
(1117) GASPING)
(1118) Elizabeth...
(1119) Argh!
(1120) BANGING ON DOOR) BRAD: Son of a bitch!
(1121) Fuck! You motherfucker!
(1122) GUN FIRING)
(1123) YELLS)
(1126) LAUGHS) Stupid fuck! GUN COCKING)
(1127) GUN CLICKS)
(1132) Jonathan...
(1133) We won.
(1136) CRYING)

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