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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2013] [Assassins Run] English Transcript

(1) You promise?
(2) I promise.
(3) Nyet!
(4) You promise? I promise.
(5) I promise.
(6) You promise?
(7) I promise.
(8) You promise? I promise.
(9) Yeah, three dead bodies.
(10) At least two suspects fleeing the scene.
(11) It was Eli who called it in. He heard gunshots.
(12) Mmm.
(13) Yeah, his farm's right next door to that old warehouse.
(14) Yeah. We got to the scene right away.
(15) No no, she hasn't talked yet.
(16) Your name is...
(17) Maja Latin...
(18) La..." Maya Letinskaya.
(19) Here are the files. Thank you.
(20) Why are you in America?
(21) I came for Nina.
(22) What do you do for a living?
(23) I am a swan.
(24) I'm gonna take this call
(25) and when I get back, I don't wanna hear any shit about birds, you got it?
(26) Excuse me.
(27) Yeah.
(28) He wants to come over here?
(29) I am a swan.
(30) In an hour? Well, that's fast.
(31) I was a swan.
(32) Ah, we're screwed!
(33) Totally late.
(34) Sasha, isn't there anything you can do?
(35) It's hopeless, boss.
(36) You know they say Russia is a country of drunks, fools and bad roads.
(37) Your country is a land of opportunity, Sasha.
(38) Anything is possible here.
(39) She is so elegant and beautiful.
(40) She is only there because of her rich husband.
(41) Maya was always the best dancer.
(42) Long before she met Mr. Mason.
(43) Hello, who's this?
(44) It would be such a shame if you were late
(45) on the night your pretty wife becomes a swan.
(46) Who is this? How'd you get this number?
(47) I am only taking back what you stole from Russia.
(48) I stole nothing.
(49) You have raped our natural resources,
(50) sucking our oil fields dry,
(51) and taking the very best of our women for your own wife, blyad.
(52) I've got nothing to say to you.
(53) If you want to find what's at the end of this line,
(54) follow the missing money.
(55) What missing money?
(56) Do you want me to get rid of him, boss?
(57) He fought for your country, Sasha.
(58) It's not his fault it took more than he had to give.
(59) Mommy, Mommy! Look out behind you!
(60) See you later.
(61) Yes?
(62) Mr. Mason, it's Usov.
(63) Usov, I'm headed into the theater.
(64) Um, I just got a call from our partners
(65) and they haven't received any payment yet from our oil refinery.
(66) Well, the bank credit was granted two weeks ago.
(67) I know. The contract has penalty clauses
(68) and if we don't pay it now, we could lose tens of millions of dollars.
(69) Okay, I hear you. I'll get to the bottom of it.
(70) Good evening, Mr. Mason. Hi.
(71) Nina. Hi.
(72) Shh. You're late. I know, I know.
(73) I got stuck in traffic.
(74) Look at your mom. She's gorgeous.
(75) That's fast, huh?
(76) Nina, Nina, it is time.
(77) Good luck.
(78) Enjoy. Okay. I'll talk to you soon.
(79) Hello, ladies.
(80) I'll see you inside.
(81) Roman! Hey. How are you, sir?
(82) Excuse me. Did you enjoy the show?
(83) Maya was amazing, as always.
(84) Well, I'll tell you, it was a wonderful introduction.
(85) To the greatest thing you've ever done.
(86) Except for make you rich, right?
(87) Michael, let me talk to you for a second.
(88) Somebody's buying up our debts.
(89) What? Who? I don't know yet.
(90) But they're using front companies.
(91) Those bonds are secured against our shares,
(92) and if we don't pay on time we could lose a lot of money.
(93) Bravo!
(94) By the way, uh,
(95) have you heard anything from our oil refinery?
(96) No.
(97) Well, they... they received the bank credit,
(98) but they're delaying payment.
(99) What? Yeah.
(100) All right, I'll go up there tomorrow. I'll take care of it.

(101) I'll handle it myself.
(102) You sure? Yeah.
(103) Now you are our swan. Thank you.
(104) Yes, oh! Daddy, Daddy!
(105) Sweetie! Daddy, Daddy!
(106) Oh God, you're gorgeous.
(107) Isn't your mommy amazing? Gorgeous!
(108) Gorgeous gorgeous!
(109) Ah, now here's a man,
(110) you definitely must meet.
(111) A good friend of mine, Richard Valentine.
(112) Richard is very busy
(113) turning Moscow into a giant casino.
(114) I love you.
(115) Richard, please behave yourself.
(116) I'm reinventing Russia in Sin City... Excuse me.
(117) in an empty lot between Paris, Venice,
(118) New York and the Pyramids.
(119) And I'm gonna kidnap you and I'm gonna make you a star.
(120) You'd still be a swan
(121) in a mystical lake over there in the neon sands.
(122) Come and dance in America, Maya.
(123) Why would I need your fake when I have this theater for real?
(124) All right. Who's this?
(125) There you are! Oh honey.
(126) Oh God. You were spectacular.
(127) Thank you. I see our show as
(128) Tchaikovsky meets "Pretty Woman."
(129) Listen, we're going to have Zhivago-style snow storms.
(130) A... uh... it's kind of... she's a pole-dancing waif
(131) in a swan suit that she discards
(132) feather by feather until he comes along... the man she loves.
(133) Sounds kinda tired to me. Oh, I get it. Wait a minute.
(134) How much for your trophy wife, pal?
(135) One, two, three... Oh ho ho.
(136) One, two, three, four...
(137) What are we talking about? She's not for sale.
(138) Come on.
(139) Everyone's for sale. We're just negotiating a price here.
(140) How much?
(141) Hey, Dick! Ha ha ha! How are you, man?
(142) Hey hey hey! It's good to see you!
(143) Mikey! You still wearing that $10,000 watch,
(144) you Cartier commie? Oh yeah!
(145) Still plundering the wild wild East, eh? You casino capitalist.
(146) Say hello to my daughter, huh?
(147) Hello! An innocent... from your loins?
(148) Wow.
(149) This... show...
(150) business.
(151) Huh? Pretty good, huh? Pretty good, huh?
(152) Wait, whoop, what's that?
(153) Look at that. Don't spend it all in one place now.
(154) You know that Richard is a strange guy.
(155) Yeah, he is a little strange.
(156) But we grew up together, used to chase the same girls,
(157) all that nonsense.
(158) He called me, wanted me to take a stake in his new casino,
(159) but I kinda feel like one Russia is plenty.
(160) But for all his antics, Richard is someone we can trust.
(161) Should anything ever happen to me, I want you to know that.
(162) Okay?
(163) Darling, I've gotta go to the oil refinery tomorrow.
(164) Something is not right.
(165) If you have any problems, just call Roman as usual, okay?
(166) I'm sorry.
(167) Oh, I just had a fantastic idea.
(168) Why don't we go for a little boat ride, just the two of us?
(169) I mean, White Nights only come once a year, yeah?
(170) Sasha will be more than happy to take our little angel home.
(171) Won't you, Sasha?
(172) Step to the little boat.
(173) It's nice. We'll take a nice little trip.
(174) Thank you.
(175) Okay. Thank you, man.
(176) Are you okay?
(177) Yeah yeah. Everything is...
(178) it's perfect. Don't worry.
(179) But of course I worry. You seem distracted.
(180) Sometimes I feel scared
(181) that I've been too lucky
(182) and all this happiness is just a dream.
(183) Don't imagine things.
(184) I'll keep you safe.
(185) Now, then,
(186) always and forever.
(187) That's a pretty picture of you.
(188) Where did you get that?
(189) I may be a small-town sheriff,
(190) but I know how to use the Internet.
(191) We've been contacted by the Russian State Department.
(192) We're expecting an agent within the hour.
(193) Does that worry you?
(194) Because if deportation worries you,
(195) you have about an hour to convince me
(196) not to hand you over. I'm cooperating.
(197) You said your husband was in the oil-refinery industry.
(198) He must have been away a lot on business.
(199) All the time.
(200) But I have my darling Nina. She's everything to me.
(201) Why do we bake cookies? You never eat them anyways.
(202) I bake them for Daddy. And for you.
(203) Don't you like cookies? No, I love cookies.
(204) But...
(205) but if I eat as many as you do,
(206) I won't be allowed to dance in the theater.
(207) What else do you have to do to be a dancer?
(208) You have to practice every day, eat little,
(209) and work a lot.
(210) Why did you pick ballet if you can't eat cookies?
(211) Oh, because I had to.
(212) When I was eight,
(213) my mom got very sick
(214) and she couldn't take care of me.
(215) That's why I went to a ballet academy.
(216) I remember she said, If you dance really well,
(217) the academy will take care of you."
(218) And I promised I would.
(219) Our teachers were strict.
(220) But I had to take it for my mom's sake.
(221) Mamochka?
(222) When she died,
(223) I had no one left but ballet...
(224) and my promise.
(225) Mamochka?
(226) Mama!
(227) So I jumped like a grasshopper
(228) and walked on my tippy toes
(229) and watched everyone else eat their cookies.
(230) You remember
(231) what this oil refinery was like when I bought it?
(232) Like a tomb. And now look.
(233) So tell me, why don't you want to modernize the plant now?
(234) Of course I do.
(235) Then why do you imagine that the Americans will give you technology
(236) when you haven't paid them? What? Not pay?
(237) I think maybe
(238) you do not understand.
(239) The bank credit was not granted to the refinery itself.
(240) We only offered our assets
(241) as security.
(242) Half a billion dollars is a lot of money.
(243) It doesn't just vanish into thin air.
(244) The bank credit was received
(245) by an offshore company.
(246) What?
(247) Please call your own office.
(248) They handle all the contracts.
(249) Hi. What are you doing here?
(250) I thought I'd wait for you, like the old days.
(251) How are you, beautiful?
(252) How did two Americans end up in the Russian oil business?
(253) When the Soviet Union collapsed,
(254) all the rules went out the window.
(255) If you had a little bit of money and you were daring,
(256) you could make millions really quickly.
(257) And Michael took a chance at the right time.
(258) But it's dangerous too.
(259) Russian mafia is everywhere.
(260) Hello? Mr. Mason?
(261) It's me, Usov.
(262) We're... we don't have a great signal here.
(263) I can't hear you. It's Usov.
(264) Why aren't you calling me from your usual company number?
(265) I'm worried about my safety.
(266) Some money has suddenly appeared in the bank account
(267) of one of your offshore companies.
(268) A lot of money.
(269) So you suspect someone is
(270) siphoning off money from our main business.
(271) The company's controlled by bearer shares.
(272) Whoever holds the company's shares has the money.
(273) Per your instructions,
(274) I've instituted confidential emergency protocol Nikita.
(275) There's still time to access these shares.
(276) Whoever did this... Usov?
(277) Usov?!
(278) Protocol Nikita.
(279) Mr. Mason, what can we do for you?
(280) Hello, I'd like to order some flowers...
(281) for my wife.
(282) Miss Maya Letinskaya?
(283) Going up?
(284) Top floor.
(285) Hello, it's Usov. Hello, it's Usov.
(286) Hello? Hello?
(287) Mommy, Mommy!
(288) Hey. Mommy!
(289) How come you're not sleeping?
(290) I had a nightmare about daddy.
(291) Come on.
(292) Hello? Usov?
(293) Usov is lying in a pool of his own blood.
(294) Don't worry, Michael.
(295) You will soon be joining him.
(296) I will make sure you leave Maya and little Nina penniless.
(297) Do you hear that sound, Michael? What's going on?
(298) I asked you before to find the end of the line.
(299) It is the end of the line, Michael.
(300) Sasha, get us out of here.
(301) Sasha?!
(302) What the hell are you doing?!
(303) Don't kill him!
(304) Your concern for your men is touching.
(305) But you should rather worry about yourself,
(306) sitting inside a bomb on wheels.
(307) Listen. Listen to me.
(308) Oh, Jesus Christ.
(309) Listen, let's... let's meet. Let's talk, all right?
(310) Let's... let's talk about this!
(311) I have a wife. I have a family.
(312) You don't need to do this.
(313) I want your last thought to be of Nina growing up an orphan
(314) while your pretty wife is stabbed to death in prison.
(315) Bye-bye, Mikhail.
(316) Hello?
(317) I'm so sorry.
(318) What's wrong, Maya? Is everything okay?
(319) I don't know, I just... this stupid dream last night.
(320) Get 'em out of here now. Let's just do it again.
(321) Okay, yeah. Excuse me, people.
(322) Can everybody leave, please?
(323) Now.
(324) Maya.
(325) I'm sorry to tell you this, Maya.
(326) Michael is dead.
(327) A generous friend, a selfless humanitarian,
(328) a devoted father and a beloved husband...
(329) In sure and certain hope of resurrection into eternal life
(330) through our Lord Jesus Christ,
(331) we commend to Almighty Lord God our brother Michael Mason.
(332) And the Lord said unto Adam,
(333) In the sweat of thy face shall thou eat thy bread,
(334) till thou return unto the ground;
(335) for out of it thou was taken:
(336) For dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return."
(337) Maya, I'll find out who did this.
(338) Please do.
(339) I promise.
(340) Usov is dead.
(341) Murdered. What?
(342) Yeah, they found his body this morning.
(343) What's going on?
(344) There's some money missing. A lot of money.
(345) Did Michael ever mention anything to you
(346) about documents or anything like that?
(347) No, Michael never brought business home.
(348) Hmm.
(349) Maya, let me see if I can explain this to you.
(350) They're the bearer shares of an offshore account
(351) controlled by a blind trust, and they're missing.
(352) Those shares are like cash.
(353) A half a billion dollars in cash.
(354) I've lost control of the oil refinery.
(355) The banks...
(356) have frozen all your assets.
(357) You could lose this home. You could lose everything.
(358) I have no idea, but I'll look everywhere.
(359) Okay.
(360) Let me know.
(361) Mamochka?
(362) Nina, please, let's not stop speaking English.
(363) What will happen to me if you leave like Daddy?
(364) Nina, I will never leave you.
(365) You promise?
(366) Of course I promise.
(367) Let's go to the theater, hmm?
(368) Hello, Nina. Maya, can you give me a lift?
(369) My mama is sick.
(370) Yeah, I'll take you. Do you want to come?
(371) Can I go and play?
(372) Yes, but don't disturb anybody.
(373) And don't go outside the theater, okay?
(374) Okay.
(375) What a nice dress.
(376) Did I do something wrong?
(377) That's for you to confess and us to find out.
(378) You have the wrong person.
(379) You are Maya Letinskaya.
(380) You can call your husband's friends later.
(381) I'm seizing your phone as evidence.
(382) Cocaine.
(383) How original.
(384) I don't know how it got there.
(385) Get in our car.
(386) I can't go. My daughter is at the theater.
(387) How convenient. That's where we're going.
(388) Are you lost?
(389) That's right, I'm lost,
(390) and I have lost something too.
(391) Will you help me find it?
(392) What is it? Some papers
(393) that are worth a lot of money, just like you.
(394) Hey!
(395) Hey!
(396) So drug possession is part of this rap sheet.
(397) I was set up. The drugs in the car and the dressing room were planted.
(398) What's going on?
(399) Nina! Mom!
(400) Richard is someone we can trust.
(401) I want you to know that.
(402) Okay?
(403) Richard! Richard! Mom!
(404) Take her to Michael's parents! I will.
(405) She will be safe there. I'll look after her.
(406) Baby, I love you!
(407) You gave your daughter to an almost complete stranger.
(408) Someone killed Michael and now they got to me.
(409) I had no choice. If Richard could take her to Las Vegas
(410) to Michael's parents, she would be safe there.
(411) I had to take Nina out of Russia.
(412) Then what happened?
(413) Things got worse.
(414) Put your jewelry in here.
(415) One minute.
(416) Hello? Roman?
(417) Maya. Where is Nina? Is she okay?
(418) She's on a plane with Richard right now to America.
(419) They took off so quickly
(420) I didn't even get a chance to see them off.
(421) Maya, I hope you know what you're doing trusting Nina with this guy.
(422) Maya?
(423) Roman, get me out of this prison, please.
(424) Maya, it's not that easy. But I've been set up!
(425) I didn't do anything! I... I know. Just listen to me.
(426) The police are at your house right now.
(427) They claim they're looking for drugs,
(428) but I think they're looking for those documents.
(429) But I've looked everywhere. I don't know where they are.
(430) Maya?
(431) Too good for our food?
(432) What's your name?
(433) Maya.
(434) Welcome to our little world.
(435) Though you don't look like you like it.
(436) There is no man to protect you here.
(437) What do you do?
(438) I'm a dancer.
(439) Marsha here was a whore too.
(440) What are you in for?
(441) Cocaine.
(442) That's seven years.
(443) But I'm innocent.
(444) I'm innocent.
(445) I'm innocent too.
(446) In here we're all innocent but proven guilty.
(447) And guilty until proven rich.
(448) The question you should be asking is...
(449) who benefits by setting you up.
(450) We searched all the ballerina's assets.
(451) I'm not lifting another finger for some imaginary reward.
(452) I need compensation now.
(453) You don't say much but you're well funded.
(454) Get out of my house.
(455) Look for the papers.
(456) Hello, little girl.
(457) Ah! Nyet!
(458) What is it?
(459) Bad news from America.
(460) What is it?
(461) Maya, Nina has been kidnapped.
(462) I'm sorry.
(463) I'm sorry, I don't... God!
(464) Hey hey hey!
(465) Please no! Not Nina!
(466) Oh God!
(467) Nina, I will never leave you.
(468) You promise?
(469) You promise?
(470) I promise.
(471) You promise?
(472) I promise.
(473) When I grow up,
(474) I wanna be a ballerina. Nina...
(475) Just like you, Mommy.
(476) It's your favorite thing in the world.
(477) It's not my favorite.
(478) You are.
(479) I promise I will find you.
(480) I will get out of here somehow.
(481) Even if I have to break out of this prison,
(482) I will find you.
(483) And I will get you back.
(484) I promise.
(485) You promise? I promise.
(486) Get up!
(487) The ring.
(488) Give it to me.
(489) I ask you, where are those papers?
(490) Search them!
(491) Contraband.
(492) You're the ballerina.
(493) You were told jewelry is forbidden in here.
(494) Now you know why.
(495) Back to the isolation cell.
(496) She can practice her dance there.
(497) Don't be stupid.
(498) It must look like suicide.
(499) The boss is not gonna like this.
(500) I don't care.
(501) The bitch made me bleed.
(502) That's her coffin.
(503) Medic!
(504) Turn down that racket.
(505) Is it the monitor or the whore?
(506) I think it's the whore.
(507) So do something about it!
(508) Watch how you're driving!
(509) Mommy, wake up.
(510) Wake up. Don't die, Mommy.
(511) Mommy!
(512) I love you, Mommy.
(513) You totally fell on your ass.
(514) Fell on my ass?!
(515) I was trying to remove the bra.
(516) You should have done that yourself.
(517) The boy is shy.
(518) Right.
(519) He's never seen a naked woman before.
(520) Are you saying I'm a faggot?!
(521) Only a homo would not take advantage.
(522) Usually these whores are ugly.
(523) I'll do her right now!
(524) Yeah, show us your dick!
(525) That's right, get your dick inside here!
(526) Leave some for me!
(527) Did he finish? It's my turn now!
(528) Dream on.
(529) Hello? Roman?
(530) Maya, is that you?
(531) Maya?
(532) Maya?
(533) Because the police were searching for me,
(534) Roman took me to a safe place.
(535) Roman sounds like a good friend.
(536) I knew Roman before I met Michael.
(537) What exactly does that mean?
(538) Whatever it was, it was a long time ago.
(539) It felt like weeks passed,
(540) but later I realized it was only a few days.
(541) Now when I needed him, Roman saved my life.
(542) Nina.
(543) Maya.
(544) Shh, it's okay.
(545) We contacted Richard Valentine in Las Vegas.
(546) He promised to help me search for Nina.
(547) Richard's gonna help you find Nina.
(548) Then Roman went back to the city so it didn't look so suspicious.
(549) He said the police were watching him.
(550) I'll see you in a couple days.
(551) Staring down that clock is not going to stop
(552) the Russians from taking custody of you.
(553) So you haven't found the papers.
(554) I was so sure Michael had sent me a message.
(555) I just didn't know how.
(556) It had to be somewhere.
(557) It had to be.
(558) All dancers to the stage. All dancers to the stage.
(559) Maya, can you give me a lift? My mama is sick.
(560) Cocaine.
(561) Katya, if you're gonna be prima ballerina...
(562) get your ass to the stage.
(563) God damn rush.
(564) There's no toilet paper!
(565) Katya, how nice of you to finally join us.
(566) I would replace you in a second.
(567) To my lovely swan,
(568) Ladozhsky train station, St. Petersburg,
(569) clock chamber 35C.
(570) The code is Nina's birthday.
(571) Tell no one.
(572) I love you now, then,
(573) always, forever."
(574) Hello?
(575) Maya. Hey, it's Roman.
(576) How're you doing? Is everything okay? Yeah.
(577) Good good. I was just worried about you.
(578) Wrong place, idiots.
(579) Hey!
(580) Go next door.
(581) Give it to me!
(582) Shit! Hello?
(583) Maya? Richard!
(584) I have that flight for you.
(585) The ticket is waiting for you at the check-in counter.
(586) I'll pick you up when you get here.
(587) If you're a fugitive, how did you get out of the country?
(588) It's Russia, not the Soviet Union.
(589) I flew through Latvia. It took longer, but I made it through.
(590) Where are the bonds now?
(591) All right then, let's talk about this guy... Richard Valentine.
(592) We can't get a hold of him to corroborate your story.
(593) His office doesn't know where he is.
(594) A guy like Valentine doesn't just disappear.
(595) I came to Las Vegas so he can help me find Nina.
(596) When I first met him, I thought he was strange,
(597) but Michael said I could trust him.
(598) Hi.
(599) Thank you.
(600) Where are we?
(601) Where are we?
(602) This is Richard Valentine. Please leave me a message.
(603) And viva Las Vegas.
(604) Where is Richard?
(605) I put him down in the desert.
(606) Nina?! Mama!
(607) Watch out.
(608) She can kick behind her own head.
(609) Use the silencer.
(610) Are we going to die now?
(611) No, sweetie. We're not going to die.
(612) Only bad guys gonna die.
(613) Can you really kick behind your head?
(614) I told you to use the silencer.
(615) Mama!
(616) You came back for me.
(617) Of course I came back for you.
(618) I promised I would.
(619) Well, that's quite a story you've got there.
(620) But there's one thing you haven't told me that I have to know.
(621) Where are the bonds?
(622) I have them.
(623) Does that mean you're not going to hand me over?
(624) That must be the Russian-embassy guy now.
(625) This doesn't mean that I'm going to let you go.
(626) Thank you.
(627) It just means that I trust you're not gonna run out on me.
(628) Mama, Mama.
(629) The man from the theater is lost again.
(630) Sheriff? Yeah.
(631) How did you know I was a fugitive? I didn't.
(632) The Russian Consulate contacted me.
(633) Please don't tell them about the documents.
(634) Why?
(635) Because if they're really from the embassy,
(636) they would not know about them. You trust me, don't you?
(637) Sheriff. Ivanko, Russian State Department.
(638) Jim Nash, glad to meet you. I'm sorry for the inconvenience,
(639) but we're gonna have to keep Miss Letinskaya here
(640) pending our homicide investigation.
(641) I understand.
(642) Perhaps I could trouble you to keep us notified of how the case proceeds.
(643) The safety and well-being of our citizens is our primary concern.
(644) Sure.
(645) Did she have any documents
(646) when you arrested her?
(647) Give me the documents.
(648) Your husband begged for his life.
(649) But you won't beg, will you?
(650) Jesus, it took you long enough.
(651) Just tell me the bitch is dead.
(652) The bitch is alive, Roman.
(653) Maya?
(654) And she's coming for you.
(655) I have only a question
(656) Only one question and that's why
(657) But I can't think of an answer
(658) There isn't an answer that won't make me cry
(659) It has to be a lie
(660) That the story ends
(661) Without you by my side
(662) Hope I gave you
(663) Everything you wanted
(664) Hope I gave you
(665) Everything you needed
(666) I'd give anything to anyone
(667) Just to hold you one more day
(668) I should have loved you more
(669) Before you slipped away
(670) If I had only a reason
(671) Just give me a reason
(672) So I understand
(673) Cause the silence is louder than thunder
(674) And dark as the night falls on a lovers' dance
(675) It has to be a lie
(676) That this story ends
(677) Without you by my side
(678) Hope I gave you
(679) Everything you wanted
(680) Hope I gave you
(681) Everything you needed
(682) I'd give anything to anyone
(683) Just to hold you one more day
(684) I should have loved you more
(685) Before you slipped away
(686) I know that I'll see you again
(687) I don't know where
(688) I don't know when
(689) Cause forever has no end
(690) Did I give you
(691) Everything?
(692) Hope I gave you
(693) Everything you wanted
(694) Hope I gave you
(695) Everything you needed
(696) I'd give anything to anyone
(697) Just to hold you one more day
(698) I should have loved you more
(699) Before you slipped away
(700) I should have loved you more

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