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Thursday, January 7, 2016

[1994] [Double Dragon] English Transcripts

(1) MAN: Thousands of years ago in ancient China,
(2) an evil army of shadow warriors...
(3) terrorized the great city of Shang-sa.
(4) To save his people,
(5) the good king sacrificed himself to create a mystical medallion.
(6) Realizing the ultimate powers of the medallion,
(7) the king split it in half.
(8) To one son, he gave the power over body;
(9) to the other, power over the soul.
(10) This is the legend of the Double Dragon.
(11) Come on! Hyah!
(12) [People screaming]
(13) [Speaking Chinese]
(14) Shuko, Lash. We found it.
(15) MAN: The king knew that together his sons would be triumphant...
(16) and return peace to the land.
(17) After their victory, the princes hid the medallions...
(18) to prevent them from ever being used...for evil.
(19) [Rumbling]
(20) [Rattling]
(21) Afraid of a little aftershock? Don't be.
(22) They're a...prophecy.
(23) Seven years ago, the quake heralded my arrival.
(24) Over the centuries, many lives have been spent...
(25) searching for the legendary Double Dragon.
(26) Now...
(27) it's mine.
(28) This is only half of it. Where is the second dragon?
(29) Find me the other half now!
(30) ANNOUNCER: Three points! Defend!
(31) [Crowd cheering]
(32) Come on, Jimmy. Jimmy, watch his spin kick!
(33) MAN: Come on, Jim. Watch it!
(34) Yeah!
(35) [Rumbling]
(36) ANNOUNCER: Remain calm.
(37) This is an aftershock, not a quake.
(38) MAN: Yeah!
(39) Yeah, Jimmy!
(40) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Lee.
(41) MAN: Watch his spinning round kick!
(42) Save some for me. ln a minute.
(43) JlMMY: Billy! BlLLY: You're tagged, bro!
(44) Woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! You!
(45) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Lee.
(46) Dragonfly, l tell you when you tag me.
(47) Don't call me Dragonfly.
(48) Call him dragon dropping! Come on!
(49) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Red.
(50) REFEREE: All right, neutral positions!
(51) Three points Red. Three points Red. Go!
(52) All right, 10 points for us. What? Wha
(53) Get him off! Billy!
(54) Get him off! Ah! Get off!
(55) MAN: Stay down where you belong! REFEREE: Neutral corner!
(56) REFEREE: Neutral corner! BlLLY: Come on!
(57) BlLLY: Come on! MAN: You want some? No way!
(58) ANNOUNCER: Team Lee has been disqualified.
(59) Team Red has won the Southwest Championship.
(60) JlMMY: History repeats itself.
(61) Congratulations, Billy. You lost the prize money.
(62) BlLLY: You were playing it safe. l was having fun.
(63) Have fun out of the ring! What a buzz kill!
(64) Better luck next time...losers.
(65) [Man laughing]
(66) East some fist, buttheads! Billy, no!
(67) You're dead, loser! Aah!
(68) MAN: Look out!
(69) lt's Sunday. You're watching the Raiders-Gladiators game.
(70) Suddenly the house collapses.
(71) How embarrassing. lt's not your fault.
(72) lt's everybody's fault. Go to Jack City.
(73) You can choose from hundreds of colors.
(74) Remember, if you didn't buy from us...
(75) you don't know Jack [Clap] City.
(76) WOMAN: From Hollywood Harbor to the Tijuana border,
(77) this is New Angeles' number one nightly news,
(78) with George Hamilton and Vanna White.
(79) lt's daylight savings time again.
(80) Set your clocks one hour ahead,
(81) or tomorrow, you may find yourself out after curfew.
(82) VANNA: l get them mixed up,
(83) whether to go forward or backward.
(84) Ha ha ha! That's great, Vanna.
(85) Andy, how's it look out there?
(86) Oh, you two are crazy.
(87) We don't want our viewers playing beat the clock...
(88) with the city gangs.
(89) Our ratings might go down. Ha ha! Boom ! OK! Oh, boy!
(90) Pack your oxygen masks tomorrow. We're in for some black rain.
(91) All the smog fans won't blow this away.
(92) lf you have a smog fan, stay near it.
(93) lf you don't, get a job.
(94) Our live pictures are beamed from police headquarters...
(95) as Chief Delario reels his officers in for the night.
(96) As the police reclaim the streets tomorrow morning,
(97) expect balmy temperatures throughout New Angeles.
(98) We got everybody in? Yes, sir.
(99) Good. See you tomorrow.
(100) ANDY DlCK: ...precipitation in Lake Pasadena,

[2008] [Doomsday] English Transcripts

(1) Like so many epidemics before,
(2) the loss of so many lives began with a single microscopic organism.
(3) It's human nature to seek even the smallest comfort in reason
(4) or logic for events as catastrophic as these.
(5) But a virus doesn't choose a time or place.
(6) It doesn't hate or even care.
(7) It just happens.
(8) Go back to your homes!
(9) The Reaper virus spread among the population of Glasgow
(10) like a common cold.
(11) There was no stopping it.
(12) No cure. No vaccine.
(13) It claimed the lives of thousands in the first week.
(14) This is the end of the world!
(15) In an attempt to quell the outbreak, martial law was implemented.
(16) Roadblocks set up. Curfews enforced.
(17) Come on, darling. We have to walk now.
(18) The airports, seaports and borders were closed.
(19) Scotland was placed under quarantine.
(20) The people were ordered to stay in their homes, to avoid travel, avoid contact,
(21) to sit it out and wait for help that did not come.
(22) Stay back!
(23) You got to let us through!
(24) Get out of the way! Move! Move! Get out of the way! Walk on, will you?
(25) Hey, you! You! I'm talking at you!
(26) Get down on the floor now!
(27) Everybody, down!
(28) Don't shoot!
(29) You fucker!
(30) Fall back! Fall back!
(31) Get out of the way!
(32) Please let us go!
(33) Onward!
(34) Are you all right?
(35) You bastard!
(36) Look at me, darling. Look at...
(37) Go! Go! Go!
(38) Hold the line!
(39) Gas!
(40) Easy, girl. Come here.
(41) Help me!
(42) Please! Take us with you!
(43) Get back!
(44) We're too heavy! We have to get off now!
(45) Step away from the helicopter!
(46) Give her a chance!
(47) No, wait! What are you doing?
(48) Get back in the helicopter! Now!
(49) Take the girl!
(50) We have to go now!
(51) Hold tight, sweetheart! Everything's going to be okay!
(52) Come on!
(53) Stay back!
(54) Take this!
(55) So she'll know!
(56) Hold on tight, sweetheart!
(57) Eden!
(58) The wall stood 30 feet high, clad in steel armor plating.
(59) It followed the line of the ancient Roman frontier, 2,000 years before,
(60) spanning 18 miles, east coast to west, cutting Britain in half.
(61) Coastal waters were mined and patrolled. The skies were declared a no-fly zone,
(62) and orders were given to shoot down any aircraft in violation of the quarantine.
(63) The idea was simple. Nobody came out, and nobody went in.
(64) They needn't have worried about the second part.
(65) Those abandoned within the quarantine zone were left to die.
(66) Social order decayed along with the corpses.
(67) The streets ran with blood as the people fought to stay alive.
(68) The bodies burned in their thousands. Looting, rape and murder became rife.
(69) Fire spread as the cities were plundered, and the last to die
(70) became primal savages, feeding on dogs, rats
(71) and finally, on each other.
(72) As the weeks turned to months, the funeral pyres faded and died.
(73) In time, all the lights burned out,
(74) consigning the country north of the wall first to memory and eventually to history.
(75) But just as the government had turned its back on the hot zone,
(76) so the rest of the world turned its back on Britain.
(77) With hundreds of thousands unemployed, homeless and destitute,
(78) the situation has reached breaking point.
(79) It now remains only a matter of time
(80) before the laws of nature seek to redress the balance.
(81) Targets are in play. Start recording.
(82) Sinclair, Richter is the biggest slave trader in the city.
(83) I want him alive.
(84) Your call.
(85) Me and my boat, marooned on this fucking island 25 years.
(86) It's a full-time job, trying to prevent it falling apart.
(87) Come. Mind your head.
(88) Best I could find. Straight from the ghetto. Cheap. Clean.
(89) Happy?
(90) Very.
(91) Shh.
(92) What the fuck is this?
(93) You prick!
(94) Get the case.
(95) Drop the gun!
(96) Fucking nancy-boy! Where's your partner? Tell me!
(97) I'm getting off this boat alive. You go to hell.
(98) Get back! Don't you come any closer,
(99) or I'll blow his fucking brains all over this boat!

[2005] [Doom] English Transcripts

(1) In the year 2026...
(2) archaeologists working in the Nevada desert...
(3) discovered a portal to an ancient city on Mars.
(4) They called this portal the Ark.
(5) Twenty years later, we're still struggling to understand...
(6) why it was built...
(7) and what happened to the civilization that built it.
(8) Dr. Carmack!
(9) Dr. Carmack!
(10) Dr. Carmack!
(11) Dr. Carmack!
(12) This is Dr. Carmack, Classified Research, Olduvai, ID 6627.
(13) We've had a Level 5 breach.
(14) Implement quarantine procedures immediately.
(15) Implement quarantine procedures now.
(16) Reading you loud and clear, General.
(17) Union Aerospace has requested assistance to contain...
(18) a Level 5 breach at their Olduvai facility.
(19) How many personnel involved?
(20) Six scientists are under lockdown in a high-security lab...
(21) where the breach occurred.
(22) Another 79 UAC employees are on site.
(23) Ark travel has been suspended. What's the objective?
(24) Code red. Assess level of threat. Assess level of threat.
(25) Protect and retrieve UAC property.
(26) Maintain quarantine at both Ark portals by any means necessary.
(27) Use extreme prejudice? Extreme prejudice.
(28) If necessary, search and destroy. Over.
(29) Search and destroy.
(30) Orders received and understood. Out.
(31) Oh, you're trying to get nasty now, huh?
(32) Now you dead. You dead, sucker. All right, all right.
(33) You wanna bring your boys? You wanna bring your boys?
(34) I don't believe this.
(35) I confess to God the father.
(36) Oh, yeah!
(37) I need help. The wall, man.
(38) I don't believe this shit.
(39) Six months without a weekend...
(40) the goddamned transporters are five minutes late.
(41) And that's five minutes of R and R I ain't never gonna get back.
(42) Hey, relax, baby. We're on vacation.
(43) Yo. This game's layered, man.
(44) Where you going, Portman? I'm going down to El Honto...
(45) and I'm gonna lock myself in a motel room...
(46) with a bottle of tequila and three she-boys.
(47) You're sick, man.
(48) I'm sick of your filth, Portman. He speaks.
(49) What's it gonna be, Reaps?
(50) An armed conflict someplace quiet?
(51) Yeah, a little relaxing jungle warfare?
(52) Or maybe you're just gonna stay right here.
(53) Spending my time doing pushups.
(54) Listen up, men.
(55) Leave is canceled.
(56) Oh, man. I just... I don't believe this shit.
(57) Fuck! Got a problem with that, Duke?
(58) Me, Sarge? Hell, no, I love my job.
(59) What's up, Sarge? We got us a game.
(60) Kid!
(61) Son, you are now in the Rapid Response Tactical Squad...
(62) the RRTS.
(63) Fall in.
(64) All dressed up and nowhere to go, huh, Portman?
(65) Kid, don't forget your rattle. Shut up, Portman.
(66) Not this time, John. What?
(67) We can handle this one. You're bullshitting me.
(68) No, I'm not bullshitting. We're going to Olduvai.
(69) Olduvai?
(70) Take the leave. Is that an order?
(71) It's a recommendation.
(72) See you when I get back.
(73) Aircraft ready to load. Copy that.
(74) Great vacation. Damn, they go quick.
(75) Almost like we've never been away.
(76) We're a go.
(77) All systems are green. Prepare for takeoff.
(78) Okay, Sarge, roger.
(79) RRTS Special Ops clearance verified.
(80) Handle ID: Destroyer.
(81) Daddy's home. Handle ID: Mac.
(82) Handle ID: Portman. Handle ID: Goat.
(83) Handle ID: The Kid.
(84) "The Kid"? Handle ID: Duke.
(85) Say my name, baby.
(86) RRTS Special Ops clearance verified.
(87) Handle ID: Sarge.
(88) I can't believe we're going through the Ark.
(89) Don't worry, Kid. You're gonna love it.
(90) All set? Yes, sir.
(91) RRTS Special Ops clearance verified. Handle ID: Reaper.
(92) Take us up!
(93) RRTS air 6, we're airborne and en route.
(94) You know, Kid, it's funny.
(95) A couple of days ago I asked Sarge for a little pussy.
(96) The next day he brought you onto the team.
(97) Don't give me an excuse, Portman.
(98) No one here will miss you.
(99) Men, look in.
(100) This is what we got from Simcon.

[2005] [Domino] English Transcripts

(1) Heads, you live.
(2) Tails, you die.
(3) Tails, you die.
(4) My name is Domino Harvey.
(5) I am a bounty hunter.
(6) What I say over the next several hours
(7) will determine whether or not I spend the rest of my life in prison.
(8) Tails, you die.
(9) Miss Harvey, my name is Taryn Mills.
(10) I'm a criminal psychologist working for the FBI.
(11) I'm here to ask you a few questions.
(12) Here's the part
(13) where I'm supposed to get all defensive
(14) and say, "Not until I speak with my attorney."
(15) I'll tell you everything I know.
(16) 36 hours ago, 10 million was stolen
(17) from an armoured car that was subsequently found
(18) abandoned at the Hoover Dam.
(19) The driver's name was Locus Fender.
(20) We know that he was in on the heist.
(21) We know that he was in on the heist.
(22) Is it true that you were hired
(23) to track down and capture the thieves
(24) and then deliver them to Drake Bishop,
(25) owner of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino?
(26) Yes.
(27) You then learned
(28) where the thieves had hidden the money.
(29) And at the instructions of your employer,
(30) went to retrieve the money yourself.
(31) We were sent out to the Fender Compound...
(32) in the desert near the chicken ranch.
(33) This way.
(34) All right, on my go.
(35) Watch your ass on this one.
(36) Go.
(37) Sic 'em, boy! Sic 'em!
(38) Fuck!
(39) Chi Chi?
(40) That's my best friend.
(41) His name is Choco. He's always fancied me,
(42) but too shy to ever do anything about it.
(43) Chi Chi!
(44) Edna, Chi Chi's in doggie hell.
(45) All we want is the money.
(46) That's Ed Moseby,
(47) the most legendary bounty hunter in all of Los Angeles.
(48) He's my boss, my mentor,
(49) the father I never had.
(50) Chi Chi!
(51) My poor Chi Chi!
(52) The Manchurian Candidate, eh, Edna?
(53) Is that you, Domino?
(54) Nice to see you, darling.
(55) Your father must be so proud
(56) of what's become of his little angel.
(57) Listen, bitch, we've got your son!
(58) If you don't give us the money, we're gonna wax his fucking ass!
(59) You don’t have shit!
(60) Hey, Choco.
(61) Show her.
(62) He's still alive, Edna!
(63) Prove it!
(64) Choco, go get him.
(65) Last question for £20.
(66) Start the clock. Zack, in anatomy,
(67) a human being is usually born with how many toes?
(68) We got to show Edna her son.
(69) That's our driver Alf.
(70) He's from Afghanistan.
(71) He once ate a cat.
(72) We can’t understand how to pronounce his fucking name,
(73) so we just call him the cat eating alien.
(74) What does that mean?
(75) Shut the fuck up.
(76) How did Locus Fender lose his arm?
(77) He had the combination to the safe tattooed on it.
(78) Mama! Mama!
(79) Locus!
(80) Mama. Mama.
(81) Baby, I'm here!
(82) Please. Please.
(83) You got to do as I say.
(84) Now, the combination is on my arm.
(85) Mama, you got to get the decoder.
(86) Please, Mama.
(87) Put your weapon down!
(88) Put it down, Mama!
(89) Put your fucking weapon down!
(90) Time to start at the beginning.
(91) Time to start at the beginning.
(92) I'm the boss.
(93) I'm already a cool motherfucker, you know?
(94) I employ bounty hunters.
(95) I'm here today to speak
(96) for all the women of mixed race in America.
(97) I'm sorry?
(98) I will knock you out! Number one!
(99) Where's my money?
(100) I fuckin' love that show.

[2006] [DOA: Dead or Alive] English Transcripts

(1) Princess Kasumi.
(2) Your brother is dead. Your destiny is to lead your people.
(3) I will not believe he is dead until I see his body.
(4) There is no body.
(5) Then he is not dead.
(6) I am going to find him. The guards won't let you leave.
(7) I am not a cricket in a box. I alone determine my destiny.
(8) But, Princess, as your brother's best friend you must let me help you.
(9) If my brother is really dead then you are no longer his best friend.
(10) Princess Kasumi, if you leave you suffer the same fate as your brother.
(11) You will become an outcast,
(12) a shinobi.
(13) So be it.
(14) Princess, the guards will kill you.
(15) Ayane, I know of your love for my brother.
(16) I will find Hayate and bring him home.
(17) Princess Kasumi,
(18) I beg you, do not leave the clan.
(19) I am your servant. But if you leave, I am honor-bound to kill you.
(20) Miss Armstrong, I am sorry to interrupt, but it's your father again.
(21) I told you I am busy.
(22) But, Miss Armstrong, he just... Okay, put him on speaker. Very good.
(23) Hi, Dad, what's up?
(24) Sweetheart, I just hope you know what you're giving up.
(25) Dad, we already talked about this.
(26) But if you get the afternoon flight, you can still make it
(27) to the Tag Team Championship in Des Moines.
(28) Dad, I already told you, I am done wrestling. I am done being fake. I am done.
(29) Sweetheart?
(30) Are you there?
(31) Hey, Dad. I am going to have to call you back in a minute, okay?
(32) Miss Armstrong.
(33) Miss Armstrong!
(34) Here's the deal, lady. We want the yacht.
(35) If you do exactly as we say, you will live.
(36) If you don't, then you will pay with excruciating... No deal, boys.
(37) You boys get off my yacht now, and y'all will avoid excruciating pain.
(38) You need some help, buddy?
(39) It's okay. Come on. Come on. It's okay.
(40) I will give you a hand. Yeah.
(41) Yeah.
(42) What do you know? Looks like I am going to the ball after all.
(43) May I help you? You're under arrest.
(44) Someone broke into the safe at the Hotel Peking last night.
(45) Stole cash and diamonds. We received an anonymous tip it was you.
(46) It was Max. He said it was you.
(47) You just said your tip was anonymous.
(48) Tell me about the diamonds.
(49) Well, they're a girl's best friend.
(50) Made from carbon subjected to high pressure. Traditionally a 60th wedding anniversary gift.
(51) And they're forever.
(52) Well, perhaps spending a few hours in a cold cell under some hot lights
(53) will make you a little more agreeable.
(54) Could I at least get dressed first? Be my guest.
(55) Would you hand me my bra, please?
(56) Do me up.
(57) Evening.
(58) Hey, you okay?
(59) Kasumi has abandoned the temple.
(60) She has become shinobi, an outcast.
(61) A disgrace to the clan like her brother before her.
(62) You must follow her.
(63) Find her and kill her.
(64) Welcome to the world's greatest martial arts tournament, DOA.
(65) I am Helena Douglas and I want to thank you for accepting our invitation.
(66) Each of you has been individually selected
(67) because you represent the best fighting style in your specialized field.
(68) Soon you will get a chance to prove that you are the best fighter in the world.
(69) And at the same time, pick up a $10 million prize.
(70) In the meantime, relax before the real fun begins.
(71) God, this is so embarrassing, Dad. I cannot believe you're here.
(72) What? I got an invitation just like you.
(73) Tina Armstrong. Baby.
(74) So, how come you're here?
(75) That lady just said, "The best in your fighting style."
(76) Now if I recall, you're a wrestler. Wrestling ain't really fighting, now is it?
(77) Don't worry, Tina, he's beneath you. I sure would like to be.
(78) Son of a... Dad.
(79) Whatever.
(80) God, I cannot wait to kick his ass.
(81) Why do you follow me? I was invited to DOA.
(82) I promise not to harm you. Unless we meet in a match.
(83) Max. Oh, no.
(84) Max!
(85) Listen, I don't know who you're pretending to be
(86) or how you got yourself invited to DOA,
(87) but what I do know is you left me alone in my Hong Kong hotel room.
(88) I would never leave such a woman as you alone.
(89) Especially not in a hotel room.
(90) I am winning the $10 million prize money.
(91) And if I get to put your double-dealing arse in the "D" column of "Dead or Alive",
(92) so much the better.
(93) Let me help you with that.
(94) Hey, everybody. I hope you're enjoying the flight.
(95) My welcome gift to you is this.
(96) To get to DOA Island you have to bail out now.
(97) Parachutes are under your seats.
(98) Just aim for the Buddha on your left. Have fun.
(99) Oh, and one more thing.
(100) Whoever doesn't make it to the compound by sundown is disqualified.

[2009] [District 9] English Transcripts

(1) Attention, Mr. Hayes, your wife is waiting at the station.
(2) Oh, it was after -- You know, after last year's corporate ...
(3) my wife was always encouraging me, you know?
(4) She said, "No, you did fine in the corporate." I was a bit nervous.
(5) This little guy. Hello? Sorry.
(6) That's nice, eh? Yeah.
(7) Nice background with the people.
(8) We are here at -- Must I look in there? Look into the lens.
(9) We are here at MNU head office, "Department of Alien Affairs".
(10) My name is Wikus van de Merwe.
(11) And behind me you can see other Alien Affairs workers.
(12) And what we do here at this department is ...
(13) we try to engage with the prawn on behalf of MNU ...
(14) and on behalf of humans.
(15) To everyone's surprise, the ship didn't come to a stop ...
(16) over Manhattan or Washington or Chicago ...
(17) but instead coasted to a halt directly over the city of Johannesburg.
(18) The doors didn't open for months. Nobody could get in.
(19) They eventually decided, after much deliberation, that the best thing to do ...
(20) would be to physically cut their way in.
(21) We're gonna need a drill down here.
(22) We were on the verge of first contact.
(23) The whole world was watching.
(24) We need some more light.
(25) Expecting, I don't know, music from heaven and bright shining lights.
(26) Got a lot of moisture in here.
(27) Yeah, just go slowly.
(28) Oh, my God.
(29) The creatures were extremely malnourished.
(30) They were very unhealthy. They seemed to be aimless.
(31) There was a lot of international pressure on us at the time.
(32) The world was looking at Johannesburg ...
(33) so we had to do the right thing.
(34) The government then established an aid group ...
(35) that started to ferry the aliens to a temporary camp that was set up ...
(36) just beneath the ship.
(37) We didn't have a plan.
(38) There was a million of them.
(39) So, what was a temporary holding zone ...
(40) soon became fenced, became militarized.
(41) And before we knew it, it was a slum.
(42) Well, the truth is nobody really knew what this place was.
(43) There's a lot of secrets in District 9.
(44) At first, a lot of attention was given to giving the aliens ...
(45) proper status and protection.
(46) They're spending so much money to keep them here ...
(47) when they could be spending it on other things. But at least
(48) At least they're keeping them separate from us.
(49) I wanna be realistic with everyone.
(50) The aliens will not be able to go home. The aliens are here to stay.
(51) There were literally thousands of theories as to why ...
(52) the ship seemed inoperable.
(53) And what was speculated was that a command module had detached itself ...
(54) from the main ship and then somehow mysteriously become lost.
(55) Did it fall by itself or was it programmed?
(56) I don't know.
(57) Examination of the old video footage ...
(58) shows very clearly that a piece falls from the ship.
(59) We looked everywhere. There's pieces falling off that vessel for months.
(60) More energy weapon caches found.
(61) The special task force conducted raids in District 9 ...
(62) Where there's a weapon, there's crime. Tensions rose and rose.
(63) People became more and more fed up, and eventually the rioting started.
(64) Residents in Tembisa rioted for the third consecutive night ...
(65) in an attempt to remove all the aliens from their township.
(66) I think they must fix that ship and they must go.
(67) A virus, a selective virus.
(68) Release it near the aliens.
(69) They must just go. I don't know where, but they must just go!
(70) If they were from another country, we might understand ...
(71) but they are not even from this planet at all.
(72) The government have enforced a nationwide curfew.
(73) These aliens -- Prawns. they take my wife away.
(74) The derogatory term "prawn" is used.
(75) Obviously, it implies something that is a bottom feeder ...
(76) that scavenges the leftovers.
(77) You can't say they don't look like that. They look like prawns.
(78) Aliens made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.
(79) One bystander was hurt.
(80) What for an alien might be seen as something recreational ...
(81) setting fire to a truck, derailing a train ...
(82) is for us, obviously, an extremely destructive act.
(83) They can take the sneakers you are wearing off you.
(84) They check the brand and take them. They take whatever you have on you.
(85) Your cell phone or anything.
(86) After that, they kill you.
(87) After 20 years, public pressure forced the government ...
(88) to ship the aliens out of Johannesburg.
(89) They had had enough, and they wanted District 9 to be moved ...
(90) and more intensively policed and controlled.
(91) To enforce eviction, the government turned to Multi-National United.
(92) Welcome all, and thank you for coming.
(93) Please listen very closely to this briefing.
(94) Today we start a very complex and delicate operation.
(95) This is the largest operation that MNU has ever undertaken ...
(96) and we believe that it is going to be undertaken successfully.
(97) It is to move 1.8 million prawns ...
(98) from their present home in District 9 to a safer and better location ...
(99) 200 kilometers outside of Johannesburg city.
(100) We've built a nice, new facility where the prawn can go.

[1976] [Dirty Harry: The Enforcer] English Transcripts

(1) Where are you headed, little lady?
(2) Nowhere with you, numb-nuts. Buzz off!
(3) See you Thursday, you gorgeous thing.
(4) You picked a beautiful day to hitchhike.
(5) Well, I've got a nice little VW back at Stenson's Beach with a cracked block.
(6) You guys wouldn't be going up to Mill Valley, would you?
(7) Andy, aren't we going up to Mill Valley?
(8) I got a couple of bottles of ice-cold beer up there, if you're interested.
(9) You son of a bitch.
(10) Okay, pile in.
(11) How long you been in the Western Gas and Electric Company business?
(12) I can't remember how long I've been in it. How long have I been in it?
(13) Turn in, right here.
(14) Climb up this road here.
(15) Yeah, I'll be right with you.
(16) Better hang a left here, Harry. There's a jam up on Bay.
(17) What's with the citizen?
(18) Police officer, what's the problem?
(19) Thank God. He's inside.
(20) Come on, it's a heart attack.
(21) Wait here.
(22) Make some room, please. Please, move aside.
(23) Please, move aside. This is an emergency.
(24) Excuse us. Would you please move over.
(25) Would you please give us room. He's a police officer.
(26) Police? Where's the ambulance? This poor man's had a heart attack.
(27) I think he's still breathing, though.
(28) Come on, get up.
(29) Get up. Come on. What are you doing?
(30) I say.
(31) Party's over. Thanks a lot, Harry.
(32) What are you squawking about?
(33) You got the free meal, didn't you?
(34) Yeah, but I always enjoy the ride in the ambulance.
(35) Get out of here.
(36) All units, be advised that this is a 406.
(37) Harry, it's an ''all units.''
(38) Marvelous.
(39) My old lady's gonna kill me.
(40) She's doing a nine-church novena tonight and I told her I'd be home early for supper.
(41) Suspects are armed.
(42) Code 33. Code 33.
(43) Inspector 71 responding to your 406.
(44) What's going on?
(45) A couple of bastards held up that liquor store.
(46) One of our guys stumbled in on it and they shot him up.
(47) They grabbed four hostages.
(48) They said they'll start shooting them one by one unless we give them a car.
(49) Then what are you waiting on?
(50) Lieutenant Brannigan of Robbery.
(51) He said to stall them until he gets here.
(52) God, don't let him kill me. We want the goddamn car, right now.
(53) All right. But you don't get anything till I come in and talk.
(54) All right, you bastard, lay your piece on the hood of that car.
(55) What about me? I'm your partner.
(56) I may have to move fast and I don't need too much linguini to hold me back.
(57) You got a lot of class, Harry.
(58) You get cute, I blow this nice lady all over you. Let's go.
(59) On the floor, motherfucker.
(60) For God's sakes, mister, do like he says!
(61) This is my best sports jacket.
(62) I said, get your ass on the floor, you dirty son of a bitch!
(63) Spread eagle. Move it!
(64) Get down there.
(65) San Francisco's finest.
(66) Mitch.
(67) Roll him over.
(68) He's clean.
(69) Here's the story.
(70) First, we want all the pigs out of here.
(71) Second, we want a car...
(72) ...with a police radio.
(73) Deliver it right out there in front.
(74) We're taking two hostages:
(75) Both the women.
(76) If you don't do exactly what I tell you, we blow their fucking heads off!
(77) You got the picture? Yeah.
(78) What are you waiting for?
(79) Run, you jive-ass bastard.
(80) What do they want? They want a car.
(81) What are you going to do?
(82) Give them one.
(83) You son of a bitch!
(84) Tell me, what makes a man crazy enough to join the cops?
(85) If you find out, you let me know, huh?
(86) How can that be? You want an itemized account?
(87) You took out two front doors, one front window, 12 feet of counter.
(88) Plus damages to the stock. Plus one city vehicle totaled.
(89) As well as three hostages in the hospital, all of whom will probably sue the city.
(90) For what? Excessive use of force.
(91) For your information, Callahan...
(92) ...the minority community has just about had it with this kind of police work.
(93) By the ''minority community,'' you're talking about the hoods?
(94) It so happens that they are American citizens, too.
(95) What about the lady with the shotgun in her ear?
(96) I'm not going to debate this with you.
(97) I've been on the phone to the Mayor twice this morning.
(98) He went right through the ceiling over this.
(99) Did you tell him about the meeting?
(100) What meeting? The meeting right here, two months ago...

[1988] [Dirty Harry: The Dead Pool] English Transcripts

(1) A fire that claimed three lives in a South Bay warehouse yesterday...
(2) ... is believed to have been deliberately set.
(3) South Bay has been plagued by a series of fires...
(4) ... all of a similar nature.
(5) Authorities believe arson is involved.
(6) They have no suspects at this time.
(7) Jazz composer Edward Barla was eulogized today in a private ceremony.
(8) Barla was best known for the tunes "Midnight Hearts" and "Just For You."
(9) Edward Barla, dead at the age of 56.
(10) The murder trial of Lou Janero ended today. Samantha Walker has the story.
(11) After four days of deliberation...
(12) ... the jury found Lou Janero guilty of the murder of Paul Cirela.
(13) Cirela, part of Janero's organization, was set to testify against Janero...
(14) ... in an upcoming trial on charges of bookmaking and tax evasion.
(15) Assistant D.A., Thomas McSherry, credited Inspector Harry Callahan...
(16) ... for his part in the successful prosecution of Lou Janero.
(17) A great deal of the credit should go to Inspector Callahan.
(18) He put Lou Janero out of business.
(19) The inspector's evidence not only implicated Janero in the murder...
(20) ... but also provided the means to file additional charges against Janero...
(21) ... for bookmaking and illegal gambling.
(22) I'm Samantha Walker for Channel 8. Back to you, Pat.
(23) Get off my ass.
(24) He's going.
(25) Did you recognize any of the attackers?
(26) Is this attack connected to your testimony at the Janero trial?
(27) Has Janero put out a contract on your life?
(28) Were these Janero's men?
(29) Have you received death threats?
(30) Has the department offered any extra protection?
(31) The department will issue a complete statement...
(32) soon as we've conducted our own investigation.
(33) 13,453.63.
(34) That's how much an unmarked squad car costs.
(35) That's the third car you've trashed this month.
(36) Lou Janero. What?
(37) His men shot up the car. Send him the bill.
(38) Very funny.
(39) See how funny it is behind a desk, because you're off the street.
(40) All this for a car?
(41) At Lieutenant Ackerman's request.
(42) The chief approved. It's for your own good.
(43) If you think I'm gonna... Just until we handle Janero.
(44) He may be in prison, but it's clear he's calling the shots. Literally.
(45) Can't have our newest hero turned to Swiss cheese before the commendation.
(46) See? You're getting a commendation.
(47) Swell.
(48) It's time we took advantage of the press you're getting.
(49) How do you propose to do that?
(50) It's my opinion that you should work with me in public relations.
(51) Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.
(52) You don't realize what you've done for the department's image.
(53) You just put a major crime figure in prison.
(54) You've got an extremely high visibility right now.
(55) And for once, it's positive.
(56) You know what that means in terms of recruitment?
(57) Look at this. Look at this copy we're getting.
(58) We've never been this swamped for interviews.
(59) I'm not some dog-and-pony act.
(60) It's important we maximize your public relations value while we can.
(61) Getting close and personal with reporters isn't my job.
(62) Your job is to promote the department.
(63) How positive would it be if I resigned...
(64) ...lieutenant?
(65) Don't misunderstand me.
(66) Harry, all I'm asking for is a little cooperation.
(67) All right, we don't have to pull you off the street completely.
(68) If you'd just be more cooperative with the press.
(69) Anything else?
(70) Yeah.
(71) Quan, will you come in here?
(72) Quan's moving over from the youth gang task force to Homicide.
(73) Good, Homicide can always use a cop with Al's experience.
(74) I'm glad you agree.
(75) If you want to stay on the street, you take Quan to watch your back.
(76) Now hold on. That's final.
(77) That's swell, being that most of my partners end up hurt or dead.
(78) Ask Al how he feels about that.
(79) Well, Quan? Any objections to working with Callahan?
(80) I think I can handle it.
(81) Get a bulletproof vest, kid.
(82) Teaming Harry with a Chinese-American will be good for the department image.
(83) You have any kids?
(84) Me? No.
(85) Lucky for them.
(86) Cut. Cut!
(87) You're out of sync, Johnny. What's the problem here?
(88) Where is that fool?
(89) Jeff!
(90) Jeff!
(91) We've had a short, Peter.
(92) You had all the bugs out. "Trust me," you said.
(93) Right? Did he say that? "Trust me."
(94) That means "fuck you" in this business.
(95) I checked it.
(96) I've got a backup head. Give me 20 minutes and we'll be ready.
(97) All right, do it. And no cock-ups this time.
(98) And that goes for the rest of you morons.
(99) This sucks, man.
(100) How can I sing with shit exploding all over?

[1973] [Dirty Harry: Magnum Force] English Transcripts

(1) This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world.
(2) And it could blow your head clean off.
(3) Do you feel lucky?
(4) Mr. Ricca! How do you feel about your acquittal?
(5) It proves what I always said, I had nothing to do with Scarza's murder.
(6) Who could have killed Anthony Scarza and his family?
(7) That's a stupid question. Get off my back!
(8) Mr. Weinstein, explain the technicality involving the lack of admissible evidence.
(9) That's a legality that can't be explained at this time.
(10) Mr. Weinstein, you don't seem surprised about the decision.
(11) I don't know why they waste the taxpayers' money.
(12) This whole thing is an arbitrary attack on a legitimate businessman.
(13) Do you have any comments? What, dear?
(14) Do you have any other comments?
(15) I'll give you a comment: Their minds are dead.
(16) What do you mean by that? Their minds are dead.
(17) Mr. Ricca means he is very pleased with the decision.
(18) There's a big crowd. Do you fear for your life?
(19) No, of course not.
(20) Mr. Estabrook.
(21) As the prosecutor, how do you feel about the court's decision?
(22) It's happened before, it'll probably happen again.
(23) I have no more comments.
(24) I'm sorry, no comments. No comments!
(25) I have no comments.
(26) You know what I think? I'll tell you what I think!
(27) Fuck the courts, that's what I think!
(28) They've already wasted too much time worrying about the rights of killers!
(29) Ricca, you're a killer!
(30) Get in the car! Go on!
(31) Murderer!
(32) Today the noted labor leader Carmine Ricca...
(33) ... was acquitted on a technicality: The lack of admissible evidence.
(34) Ricca had been charged with complicity...
(35) the murders of labor reformer Anthony Scarza and his family.
(36) When he appeared outside the courthouse this afternoon, a free man...
(37) ... it touched off a wild, mob-like demonstration.
(38) But the police were finally able to bring it under control...
(39) ... and there have been no reports of injuries.
(40) But one can expect an uproar from an angry and alarmed crowd...
(41) ... which fully expected Ricca to be convicted.
(42) And I'm sure we haven't heard the last of the Ricca case.
(43) Art Brown reporting from city hall.
(44) Cop.
(45) Gino, for Christ's sake.
(46) Come on, Carmine. I'm driving this thing like a baby carriage.
(47) Could I see your driver's license, please?
(48) Do you know who that is sitting back there?
(49) I'll still have to see your driver's license, please.
(50) I'll have to find it.
(51) Do you know why you're being stopped?
(52) Yes, we know, Officer, and you're making a big mistake.
(53) You crossed a double line back there. A double line?
(54) Take it easy.
(55) Whatever you say, Officer.
(56) I just happened to find it, sir.
(57) That's right, Simple Simon.
(58) Check, see if it's stolen.
(59) I want this bastard busted out of his job.
(60) We'll take care of this guy. You fellas, just take it easy.
(61) This car registered to you? To him.
(62) I'll have to see the registration. Come on, give me that license.
(63) That's okay.
(64) Hi, Harry. Is this your case?
(65) Walter?
(66) Hello, Harry. What are you doing here?
(67) This couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch.
(68) Ricca, Weinstein, his attorney. James Cantina, the driver.
(69) What about the bodyguard?
(70) We're checking that out now, Lieutenant.
(71) Looks like somebody saved the taxpayers a lot of money, doesn't it?
(72) Callahan, what're you doing here? You're on loan to stakeout.
(73) We had nothing hot on, besides, we were close.
(74) Callahan, you get your lying ass in gear and get back to that stake-out squad.
(75) Anything else, you call it in.
(76) Who do you think did this, Briggs? You're on loan to stakeout, Callahan.
(77) That's right, Lieutenant, you saw to that.
(78) I've got nothing personal against you, Callahan.
(79) But we can't have the public crying, "police brutality"...
(80) ...every time you're on the street.
(81) You just might need me on a job like this.
(82) Whoever did this was very good at it.
(83) You'd sure be the one to know, Harry.
(84) Well, I just work for this city, Briggs. So do I.
(85) Longer than you.
(86) And I never had to take my gun out of its holster, once. I'm proud of that.
(87) Well, you're a good man, Lieutenant.
(88) A good man always knows his limitations.
(89) Lt. Briggs? Yeah?
(90) What did you get?
(91) Well, it looks like they were killed with a Magnum.
(92) The boys now are checking the blood types and for fingerprints.
(93) What do you have?
(94) Driver's license. Doesn't look at all like the usual gangster crap, does it?
(95) Briggs has his nose up his ass today.
(96) I guess he thinks that's where his promotion is.
(97) See you later, Harry.
(98) What's with you and Briggs anyway?
(99) Jealousy.
(100) He knows this is the kind of case I should be on. It's just a matter of time.

[1983] [Dirty Harry: Sudden Impact] English Transcripts

(1) All rise, please.
(2) The Court of California is now in session.
(3) The Honorable Judge Lundstrom, presiding.
(4) Please be seated.
(5) Mr. D'Ambrosia? This case is a travesty!
(6) You have no evidence whatsoever linking the accused to the murder.
(7) The gun found in his car was obtained as the result of an illegal search.
(8) In the eyes of the court it does not exist.
(9) The search was illegal because Inspector Callahan...
(10) ...and this is an old story...
(11) ...did not have sufficient probable cause for detaining Mr. Hawkins.
(12) The gun is inadmissible and the charges against the defendant...
(13) ...are dismissed!
(14) Mr. D'Ambrosia...
(15) assured that I will discuss your case-preparation techniques...
(16) ...with the district attorney.
(17) Bailiff, next!
(18) How many times, Callahan?
(19) You can't bust them because you think they're dirty.
(20) "Psychic" don't cut it.
(21) Hey, Callahan.
(22) Don't look so puked-out. Better luck next time, fool.
(23) Listen, punk.
(24) To me, you're just dog shit, you understand?
(25) Many things can happen to dog shit.
(26) It can be scraped up with a shovel.
(27) It can dry up and blow away, or be stepped on and squashed.
(28) My advice: Be careful where the dog shits you.
(29) Class act, Callahan.
(30) A real class act.
(31) Loretta.
(32) You did real good with that cop!
(33) Now, I want everything. Money, watches, rings, everything!
(34) Quick! Move!
(35) Come with me. We'll have a little party!
(36) What are you doing, you pig-head sucker?
(37) Every day for the last 10 years, Loretta gives me a black coffee.
(38) Today she gives me a black coffee, but with sugar in it.
(39) A lot of sugar.
(40) I just came back to complain.
(41) Now, you boys put those guns down.
(42) Say what?
(43) We're not just going to let you walk out of here.
(44) Who is "we," sucker?
(45) Smith and Wesson...
(46) ...and me.
(47) Go ahead...
(48) ...make my day.
(49) Call D'Ambrosia in the D.A.'s office, ask him if coffee is psychic.
(50) Ernie. What?
(51) Look who's going into the hotel. Is that who I think it is?
(52) Shit!
(53) Why me?
(54) A nothing detail! A lousy peeper tour!
(55) So, what do we do now?
(56) Call Captain Briggs, let him decide.
(57) May I have your invitation, sir?
(58) I don't understand, Inspector Callahan.
(59) You know the number for San Francisco General?
(60) Yes, I do.
(61) Why don't you call, have them send an ambulance?
(62) Tell them there's two assholes...
(63) ...with multiple contusions and sundry broken bones.
(64) Inspector Callahan. I want to talk to Threlkis.
(65) At his granddaughter's wedding? On what business?
(66) To help him catch the bouquet. They have harassment laws.
(67) Sit down. Please.
(68) Champagne? It's imported.
(69) Men, like wine, should grow finer, more civilized.
(70) They should mellow, become more worldly.
(71) But not Callahan.
(72) Callahan is the one constant in an ever-changing universe.
(73) Linda Doker?
(74) Fished out of the bay a month ago.
(75) Her breasts were slashed. Her feet burned.
(76) Her face smashed to a pulp.
(77) I read about it. A hooker.
(78) A very expensive one.
(79) In fact, her specialty was making old scumbags mellow and worldly.
(80) She had a special customer who said lots of things.
(81) You are a fool, Callahan.
(82) She may have been clever and written them down.
(83) Maybe she made a copy of it.
(84) Maybe she didn't tell when she was being tortured.
(85) What will the scumbag's bosses say when they find out?
(86) Or his family?
(87) Maybe his ass is in a wringer.
(88) You fucking...
(89) Someone help us.
(90) Call an ambulance.
(91) Sorry, inspector, but captain...
(92) What happened?
(93) Someone grabbed their chest. Must've seen the bill.
(94) Oh, my God.
(95) Stand back, please.
(96) Harry, wait till you see this.
(97) Some stiff got himself a.38-caliber vasectomy.
(98) Harry, you don't look so hot.
(99) Bad night? All nookied out?
(100) Gang hit? Screwed-up drug score? Unlucky john?