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Thursday, January 7, 2016

[1994] [Double Dragon] English Transcripts

(1) MAN: Thousands of years ago in ancient China,
(2) an evil army of shadow warriors...
(3) terrorized the great city of Shang-sa.
(4) To save his people,
(5) the good king sacrificed himself to create a mystical medallion.
(6) Realizing the ultimate powers of the medallion,
(7) the king split it in half.
(8) To one son, he gave the power over body;
(9) to the other, power over the soul.
(10) This is the legend of the Double Dragon.
(11) Come on! Hyah!
(12) [People screaming]
(13) [Speaking Chinese]
(14) Shuko, Lash. We found it.
(15) MAN: The king knew that together his sons would be triumphant...
(16) and return peace to the land.
(17) After their victory, the princes hid the medallions...
(18) to prevent them from ever being used...for evil.
(19) [Rumbling]
(20) [Rattling]
(21) Afraid of a little aftershock? Don't be.
(22) They're a...prophecy.
(23) Seven years ago, the quake heralded my arrival.
(24) Over the centuries, many lives have been spent...
(25) searching for the legendary Double Dragon.
(26) Now...
(27) it's mine.
(28) This is only half of it. Where is the second dragon?
(29) Find me the other half now!
(30) ANNOUNCER: Three points! Defend!
(31) [Crowd cheering]
(32) Come on, Jimmy. Jimmy, watch his spin kick!
(33) MAN: Come on, Jim. Watch it!
(34) Yeah!
(35) [Rumbling]
(36) ANNOUNCER: Remain calm.
(37) This is an aftershock, not a quake.
(38) MAN: Yeah!
(39) Yeah, Jimmy!
(40) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Lee.
(41) MAN: Watch his spinning round kick!
(42) Save some for me. ln a minute.
(43) JlMMY: Billy! BlLLY: You're tagged, bro!
(44) Woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! You!
(45) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Lee.
(46) Dragonfly, l tell you when you tag me.
(47) Don't call me Dragonfly.
(48) Call him dragon dropping! Come on!
(49) ANNOUNCER: Three points, team Red.
(50) REFEREE: All right, neutral positions!
(51) Three points Red. Three points Red. Go!
(52) All right, 10 points for us. What? Wha
(53) Get him off! Billy!
(54) Get him off! Ah! Get off!
(55) MAN: Stay down where you belong! REFEREE: Neutral corner!
(56) REFEREE: Neutral corner! BlLLY: Come on!
(57) BlLLY: Come on! MAN: You want some? No way!
(58) ANNOUNCER: Team Lee has been disqualified.
(59) Team Red has won the Southwest Championship.
(60) JlMMY: History repeats itself.
(61) Congratulations, Billy. You lost the prize money.
(62) BlLLY: You were playing it safe. l was having fun.
(63) Have fun out of the ring! What a buzz kill!
(64) Better luck next time...losers.
(65) [Man laughing]
(66) East some fist, buttheads! Billy, no!
(67) You're dead, loser! Aah!
(68) MAN: Look out!
(69) lt's Sunday. You're watching the Raiders-Gladiators game.
(70) Suddenly the house collapses.
(71) How embarrassing. lt's not your fault.
(72) lt's everybody's fault. Go to Jack City.
(73) You can choose from hundreds of colors.
(74) Remember, if you didn't buy from us...
(75) you don't know Jack [Clap] City.
(76) WOMAN: From Hollywood Harbor to the Tijuana border,
(77) this is New Angeles' number one nightly news,
(78) with George Hamilton and Vanna White.
(79) lt's daylight savings time again.
(80) Set your clocks one hour ahead,
(81) or tomorrow, you may find yourself out after curfew.
(82) VANNA: l get them mixed up,
(83) whether to go forward or backward.
(84) Ha ha ha! That's great, Vanna.
(85) Andy, how's it look out there?
(86) Oh, you two are crazy.
(87) We don't want our viewers playing beat the clock...
(88) with the city gangs.
(89) Our ratings might go down. Ha ha! Boom ! OK! Oh, boy!
(90) Pack your oxygen masks tomorrow. We're in for some black rain.
(91) All the smog fans won't blow this away.
(92) lf you have a smog fan, stay near it.
(93) lf you don't, get a job.
(94) Our live pictures are beamed from police headquarters...
(95) as Chief Delario reels his officers in for the night.
(96) As the police reclaim the streets tomorrow morning,
(97) expect balmy temperatures throughout New Angeles.
(98) We got everybody in? Yes, sir.
(99) Good. See you tomorrow.
(100) ANDY DlCK: ...precipitation in Lake Pasadena,

(101) eighty percent in New Angeles City,
(102) and the same thing in New Tokyo City.
(103) The high tide tomorrow will be at 11:05 a.m.
(104) The water's gonna go all the way up to Hollywood and Vine.
(105) Looks great.
(106) Perfect. We're out after curfew.
(107) We'll be gang bait because you fought those jerks.
(108) We needed the practice.
(109) You might be getting much more.
(110) BlLLY: Hey, clowns.
(111) They're gnarly.
(112) BlLLY: Chick at two o'clock. She is my type.
(113) Pull over. Pull over!
(114) WOMAN: That's a bad idea.
(115) You're right. She's your type.
(116) Trap! Go! Go!
(117) lt's the Mohawks.
(118) Ha ha!
(119) Moby Dick over there is Bo Abobo,
(120) a steroid freak.
(121) Says he can bench press 800 pounds.
(122) The toll is 50 bucks.
(123) Good evening, gentlemen. May l see some identification?
(124) l left it in my other pants.
(125) ABOBO: Handle it, Hawk.
(126) Fifty bucks. We accept major credit cards...
(127) including American Express.
(128) Any problem?
(129) Hey, what's that? Ah!
(130) JlMMY: Satori, give it to him !
(131) lt's got sentimental value. Ah.
(132) Aah! Ha ha!
(133) Drive!
(134) Get us going faster! Like l'm just sitting here!
(135) HAWK: We know these guys.
(136) lt's the Lee brothers Ug and Home.
(137) Who?
(138) Right on Wilshire.
(139) Oh, l get it--Ug Lee, Home Lee. Ha ha!
(140) Uh! Ha ha!
(141) Come on!
(142) SATORl: They'll cut us off! JlMMY: Stoke the fire!
(143) BlLLY: l'm stoking it!
(144) Floor it, Jimmy!
(145) JlMMY: Go! BlLLY: They need a map!
(146) Yes! Whoo!
(147) HAWK: We can't see! How can you drive?
(148) No problem.
(149) Let's have some fun.
(150) BlLLY: Come on, lose them.
(151) Let's see them handle this.
(152) We lost them.
(153) HAWK: Whoa!
(154) Dude, you must suck at video games.
(155) Give me that! Ha! l got it.
(156) ABOBO: Get them !
(157) [Beeping]
(158) BOTH: Shortcut!
(159) lncoming!
(160) What else can we burn?
(161) BlLLY: Uh...what is this?
(162) "Nitrate, sulfate." What could happen?
(163) HAWK: Whoa! ABOBO: Buttheads! Argh!
(164) Whoa!
(165) Woo-hoo!
(166) Look out! Aah!
(167) [Tires screech]
(168) Game over, Ug Lee.
(169) [Screaming]
(170) My whole life just flashed before my eyes.
(171) Dude, l sleep a lot.
(172) JlMMY: Are you crazy? We almost wrecked.
(173) Look at his rig.
(174) They'll need a can opener.
(175) JlMMY: l hope he has insurance.
(176) [Abobo growling and screaming]
(177) He looks really mad.
(178) Uh, you go ahead. l'll watch the truck.
(179) So what's the plan? l'm working out the details.
(180) Hey, broomhead!
(181) We'll sweep the floor with your skull!
(182) [Growling]
(183) ABOBO: Huh? HAWK: Oh, oh.
(184) Let's get out of here.
(185) Ha! Last of the Mohicans. Oh.
(186) BlLLY: Run, you little Tontos. Go on. Shoo! Shoo!
(187) BlLLY: Oh, great. The Power Corp.
(188) Team Lee. Need any help?
(189) Not from you, Marian. Yeah, Marian.
(190) ls that so?
(191) BlLLY: Yeah. JlMMY: Yeah.
(192) [Murmuring]
(193) MARlAN: Always the tough guy, huh, Jimmy?
(194) You're not worth saving.
(195) We came for this.
(196) lt's a Gangnet link-up.
(197) lt gives us data on the gangs that are destroying our city.
(198) Marian, the mother of all quakes did most of the destroying.
(199) The Power Corp could use you guys.
(200) We could help each other. What do you say?
(201) JlMMY: You break curfew nightly.
(202) You're as law-abiding as the gangs. Right?
(203) Wha...heck, no.
(204) Marian's doing a tremendous service for our city.
(205) What a butt-kiss.
(206) Hey, guys, let's fly.
(207) They'll be back with reinforcements.
(208) [Yelling]
(209) JlMMY: lt's time you told us about the dragon.
(210) SATORl: Your father was in the excavation when it collapsed.
(211) He gave this to me in Shang-sa...with a warning.
(212) He said the powers of the dragon are too dangerous...
(213) for one person to possess.
(214) When he died, l made a promise to myself.
(215) That l'd look after you two and the medallion.
(216) Doesn't look dangerous.
(217) l broke it in half.
(218) l kept one piece with me and hid the other.
(219) Jimmy's underwear?
(220) Listen to me.
(221) The medallion acts as a spiritual amplifier.
(222) lt magnifies the power inside you.
(223) This half gives power over the body.
(224) The other half gives power over the soul.
(225) Legend says it can transform a man into a ghost...
(226) and give him strength of steel.
(227) Power of body... and strength of steel?
(228) Where's the "on" button?
(229) To use it now would put us in danger.
(230) Dark forces know of its existence.
(231) lt's been the source of much death and destruction.
(232) lt is our responsibility to protect the dragon.
(233) lt's best to let it sleep.
(234) COMPUTER: Billy Lee, age 17.
(235) Parents deceased.
(236) Legal guardian Satori lmada.
(237) Last known address Deville Theater.
(238) Fourth-degree black...
(239) How was l supposed to know? lt looked like cheap jewelry.
(240) COMPUTER: Jimmy Lee...
(241) SHUKO: The power of the second dragon calls me.
(242) They'll surrender it or die.
(243) Lash!
(244) COMPUTER: Satori lmada
(245) You know better than that.
(246) Not until l have my shades on.
(247) Once the medallions are mine, so then will be New Angeles.
(248) l've always wanted my own city.
(249) for you, Mr. Abobo
(250) Lash should have put out an APB on that medallion.
(251) lt's her fault.
(252) Nobody likes a tattletale.
(253) SHUKO: Your incompetence sticks needles...
(254) in the flesh of my honor.
(255) Think of this as similar punishment.
(256) My engineering firm created this, my pin cushion.
(257) Sudden molecular steroids.
(258) You'll have the strength of 10 men.
(259) l have the strength of 10 men. This will kill me.
(260) Perhaps. l consider you like a son, Abobo.
(261) Like a son, l can always have another.
(262) However, there's only one Double Dragon.
(263) Please, have a seat.
(264) Yah!
(265) Once again, Madonna's in the news.
(266) She held a press conference in Old York.
(267) She said her marriage to Tom Arnold is finished.
(268) She's moving to Paris.
(269) The ex-pop superstar said simply, she wants to be alone.
(270) lt's tragic, isn't it?
(271) Vice president Jerry Brown was in Bangladesh this week...
(272) attending the funeral of Chairman Khan.
(273) Next week, he'll attend the funeral of ambassador...
(274) [Door opens]
(275) ln the NBA finals once again...
(276) MARlAN: Hey. What's up?
(277) Give me $100, or l'll tell Dad about your hair.
(278) OK, just five bucks, but you owe me.
(279) MARlAN: Get lost. BOY: You're gonna get busted.
(280) WHlTE: ...two playgrounds.
(281) CHlEF: Morning. BOY: Morning.
(282) HAMlLTON: A plane containing medical supplies...
(283) exploded last night.
(284) Authorities believe it's the work of the Power Corp.
(285) Damn Power Corp.
(286) MARlAN: Setup. The plane was probably filled with drugs.
(287) What do you know? l know that the Power Corp...
(288) doesn't go around at night terrorizing the city.
(289) That's what l know. Marian, don't start.
(290) At least l got the guns off the street.
(291) You should have seen it when everybody had an Uzi.
(292) Dad, please. Not the Uzi story again.
(293) Marian, you were too young to remember...
(294) what it was like after the quakes.
(295) Floods, power outages, gas leaks all over,
(296) and no help from the Feds.
(297) When we looked up from the debris, ahh...
(298) the gangs ran the city.
(299) Yeah. They still do, Dad, every night!
(300) One thing l learned from Mom...
(301) is to fight for what you believe in.
(302) At least the days are safe, Marian.
(303) lf that's not enough for you, try being a cop sometime.
(304) So l could learn to compromise with thugs? No, thanks.
(305) The Power Corp doesn't just clean the mess in the morning;
(306) they fight.
(307) CHlEF: The Power Corp are terrorists.
(308) BlLLY: That was pretty good.
(309) The problem with you is you don't understand physics.
(310) Two hands! Hang on to me!
(311) They call it martial arts, not martial science.
(312) Like you'd know the difference. l would.
(313) SATORl: You guys are doing great...just great.
(314) See what you did?
(315) [Knock on door]
(316) Do it right. l did it right.
(317) [Knock knock]
(318) l've missed you, lotus flower.
(319) Geisman.
(320) No one has called me Geisman for many years.
(321) But like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
(322) l have ascended.
(323) l've taken a new name,
(324) that of the great, ancient Japanese warlord.
(325) l am Koga Shuko.
(326) SATORl:'re Shuko?
(327) l'm afraid so.
(328) You see, Satori, no one wants to party with Victor Geisman.
(329) Now, l believe you have something that belongs to me.
(330) You ask so politely...Geisman.
(331) Just give me the medallion. l think not.
(332) l put continents between the medallions...
(333) to keep them away from you.
(334) l'd hoped you wouldn't find me.
(335) lt hardly matters.
(336) You'll never find the dragons. Really?
(337) [Gasps]
(338) SHUKO: Now, give me the other half.
(339) BlLLY: What's going on? Nice hair, dude.
(340) Jimmy, Billy, run!
(341) Stop them !
(342) BlLLY: What about Satori? JlMMY: Like she needs our help.
(343) BlLLY: Good point.
(344) So, divide and conquer? You got it.
(345) Professor Lee was wrong. You've lost yourself.
(346) Ha ha ha!
(347) BlLLY: Oh, Romeo...
(348) Ha!
(349) Who wants gum?
(350) What a head case. Let's get out of here.
(351) SHUKO: When the excavation collapsed, l thought you died.
(352) l mourned for you.
(353) lt wasn't until years later...
(354) that l realized you'd stolen what is rightfully mine.
(355) Hyah! Uh!
(356) lt was never yours.
(357) Ha ha!
(358) Ahh...
(359) Lotus flower, l've missed your sense of peasant justice.
(360) We've been apart for far too long.
(361) [Tires screech]
(362) [Thud]
(363) [Heavy footsteps]
(364) [Growling]
(365) [Roaring]
(366) Ha ha!
(367) [Screaming]
(368) What was that? No idea.
(369) [Ripping]
(370) [Screaming]
(371) [Roaring]
(372) JlMMY: Bricks. The bricks.
(373) Ha ha ha!
(374) [Rushing gas]
(375) Home Lee.
(376) Ug Lee.
(377) Stan Lee! Ha ha! Whoa!
(378) [Thud]
(379) BlLLY: All right! Nothing but net.
(380) ABOBO: Daddy.
(381) Satori, you OK? Yes. Yes.
(382) SATORl: There's no time to waste.
(383) The big one will free himself soon.
(384) Give me the medallion. You can escape.
(385) What about you?
(386) With the dragon, l can stay behind and protect you.
(387) l'll stay behind. How do l turn this on?
(388) SHUKO: Give it! JlMMY: That's not Satori!
(389) Here.
(390) Where's Satori? Ah...
(391) You've made a fatal mistake.
(392) Not from where we're standing.
(393) SATORl: Uh!
(394) [Trills piano keys]
(395) [Shuko laughing]
(396) This is getting weird.
(397) Tsk, tsk.
(398) You boys had better learn to respect your elders.
(399) Now you've locked Satori in this dangerous old theater.
(400) Oh, yeah? What's so dangerous about it?
(401) Huh. lt's a firetrap.
(402) [Snap]
(403) The choice is yours:
(404) Satori...or your half of the Double Dragon.
(405) Very well.
(406) That's the power of the soul.
(407) LASH: ls it just me, or is it hot in here?
(408) l'll be outside.
(409) [Rushing gas]
(410) The gas line is broken. The place is gonna blow.
(411) BlLLY: Get Satori free! SATORl: Go!
(412) Shuko mustn't get both pieces of the dragon.
(413) We're not leaving without you.
(414) SATORl: Come on.
(415) SATORl: Run!
(416) BlLLY: Satori!
(417) [Pounding on door]
(418) Satori!
(419) They may still have the medallion...
(420) but they'll no longer have you.
(421) Open up! Satori!
(422) Satori! Satori!
(423) Satori, open the door! Let's go around front!
(424) Satori! No!
(425) Satori.
(426) Where's Shuko?
(427) Lash, set a meeting with the gangs.
(428) Why?
(429) SHUKO: Through them, the medallion will be mine.
(430) Whew! Aah!
(431) Oh, this is cool. Aah!
(432) MARlAN: Hey. BOY: Aah!
(433) Hey! Aah!
(434) MARlAN: Hello? BOY: Huh?
(435) Tell Dad l'm sleeping over at Kim's.
(436) Yeah, right.
(437) [Cheering]
(438) So who is the Hungus Bogassi says he's gonna unite the gangs?
(439) MAN: Nobody knows who he is. He's totally hollow.
(440) But he's spreading the goods around.
(441) lf we don't jack in, we'll all be vapor!
(442) What is he, nuts?
(443) Maniacs don't take orders from anybody!
(444) Do we mind-share? No! No! No!
(445) Bring him to me.
(446) l am Koga Shuko.
(447) From now on, you'll do as l say.
(448) You say? You little snarf!
(449) Since when did you even have a say?
(450) Since now.
(451) [Choking]
(452) [Pounding and stamping rhythmically]
(453) [Cheering]
(454) [Raucous cheering]
(455) MAN: ls he all right?
(456) Let's get him up.
(457) WOMAN: Oh, God. ABOBO: Boss.
(458) Boss. Uh!
(459) WOMAN: What is it?
(460) ABOBO: Boss. MAN: We'll take you to the boss.
(461) Great. A grilled cheese engine.
(462) Way to go, Billy. We're officially pedestrians.
(463) So what?
(464) Jimmy, Satori's gone.
(465) l know. What can l do?
(466) l don't know! You could act like you care.
(467) Get over it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!
(468) JlMMY: l'm sorry. Billy, wait up.
(469) l said wait a second! Satori's gone!
(470) We can't bring her back.
(471) She should have told us about the dragon.
(472) She dumped it on us as usual.
(473) How could she know this would happen?
(474) She did the best she could.
(475) She was the only family we had.
(476) Nobody would take care of us after Dad died.
(477) What have l been doing? We need a plan!
(478) No! No more plans!
(479) You're always planning, and l'm sick of it!
(480) Don't fly off the handle! This isn't some tournament!
(481) We have to think about this.
(482) What matters now is that we work together.
(483) We ain't got nobody else.
(484) That's how Satori would want it.
(485) You look like hell.
(486) Look who's talking, Ug Lee.
(487) Get it straight: You're Ug Lee; l'm Home Lee.
(488) Oh, OK.
(489) Hooked something. All right.
(490) Go. How's that?
(491) JlMMY: Even if Satori's book burned in the fire,
(492) it probably wouldn't work anyway.
(493) BlLLY: You're such a downer.
(494) BlLLY: So what's the deal?
(495) JlMMY: This is what we'll do. We have eight hours of daylight.
(496) We'll be safe while the cops are on the streets.
(497) That gives us time to get
(498) [Metal clanging]
(499) Don't you guys own a watch? Yeah, l own a watch.
(500) lt's time to skin you guys, compliments of Koga Shuko.
(501) Oh! Ow!
(502) Jimbo?
(503) Billy?
(504) Look out!
(505) Come on! Ha ha ha!
(506) BlLLY: Let's go!
(507) MAN: Hey, punks, special delivery!
(508) Airmail!
(509) Never seen a postman move that fast.
(510) MAN: Get them out!
(511) Come on out of there!
(512) Come on out of there!
(513) Let's swim.
(514) ln that sludge? We'll melt. That's liquid death, man.
(515) MAN: Open the door!
(516) Ah, sweet!
(517) JlMMY: Where you going on that?
(518) Aw, man, look at this baby. You can't even start it!
(519) Oh, yeah? Watch this.
(520) [Alarm sounds] Whoa!
(521) MAN: Break the door down!
(522) HAWK: l can see you.
(523) No, you can't. Aah!
(524) Come here. Cry on my shoulder.
(525) Quit screwing around. Better get us out of here.
(526) [Screaming]
(527) Woo!
(528) Yeah! Yes!
(529) l think it worked.
(530) Whoa!
(531) Whoa!
(532) Faster!
(533) MAN ON P.A.: ...on the corner of Sunset and Vine.
(534) Now for the highlight of your Hollywood river tour,
(535) we're now approaching the world famous Mann's Chinese Theatre!
(536) BlLLY: l think we lost one.
(537) This river's flammable!
(538) We're cooked!
(539) Whoa!
(540) Yeah, come on, Jimmy!
(541) Send in the divers for the medallion.
(542) Blech! Yuck!
(543) [Coughing and gagging]
(544) This water's gross. Needs a seat and lid over it.
(545) lf it gets in your mouth,
(546) you get diarrhea and your hair falls out.
(547) [Spitting]
(548) l'll bet those stooges think we're dead.
(549) Exactly. lt's time to take the fight to Shuko.
(550) The Hollywood river caught fire once again today.
(551) When the police went to investigate,
(552) they were attacked in broad daylight by gang members.
(553) Here we see footage from our cop-cams,
(554) as gangs attacked the police, chanting, "The truce is over."
(555) This is the first daylight gang attack in seven years.
(556) Let's go now live to police headquarters.
(557) Chief Delario, Sam Gilespi, 102 News.
(558) Why aggravate the gangs?
(559) WOMAN: What will you do? They have rights, too.
(560) GlLESPl: Maybe the gang members are misunderstood.
(561) MAN: Maybe they need a hug.
(562) GlLESPl: Why did gangs break the truce?
(563) You realize that it's 23 minutes till sundown?
(564) MAN: l'm gone. GlLESPl: That's a wrap.
(565) SHUKO: OK, how hard can it be to pull my dragon from the river?
(566) l mean, it's down there!
(567) The river's really deep.
(568) Damn kids!
(569) Huey, Lewis, any news?
(570) [Mumbling]
(571) Huh? Huh?
(572) l just want total domination of one major American city!
(573) ls that too much to ask for?
(574) Huh?
(575) lt's a bad career move, boys. Bad career move.
(576) Time for plan B.
(577) He who cannot adapt shall perish.
(578) Get out of here. You disgust me!
(579) Now! Leave!
(580) Except for you.
(581) SHUKO: Lash. You stay.
(582) [Ring]
(583) No comment.
(584) He wants to meet?
(585) When?
(586) BlLLY: We can't take Shuko by ourselves. We need help.
(587) JlMMY: The Power Corp?
(588) l can't believe you'd ask Marian for help.
(589) BlLLY: We'll go to the police.
(590) They'll believe this medallion thing.
(591) "You see, Officer, we've got this magic medallion.
(592) "This 600-pound mutant, a chick with a whip...
(593) "and this rich guy want to waste us. Send help."
(594) l don't think so.
(595) The way to stop Shuko is to get his half of the medallion.
(596) For that, we need help.
(597) JlMMY: l won't ask Marian.
(598) Fine. Then l'll ask her. Ask her.
(599) l'm gonna. Ask her.
(600) Don't you want to stop Shuko?
(601) This is it.
(602) Yeah, you're right. For once.
(603) [Belch]
(604) Open up. Here comes another airplane.
(605) ABOBO: No more spinach! Ugh!
(606) Abobo--ls that French?
(607) [Belch]
(608) l'm gonna barf.
(609) [Machinery slowing]
(610) Damn it! Hit the generator!
(611) MAN: l got it!
(612) [Generator starts]
(613) Ahh...
(614) Now for the last time, why is Shuko uniting them?
(615) l told you everything l
(616) He used you! Why are you protecting him?
(617) l need to get into Shuko's headquarters, OK?
(618) What's he got up there? Heat sensors?
(619) lnfrared? What? What?
(620) lnfra what?
(621) Don't act dumb! l'm not acting!
(622) Well...maybe another week of my special spinach diet...
(623) will help you to remember.
(624) [Fart]
(625) Spinach is supposed to be very good for you.
(626) Lock him up.
(627) OK, so where is it?
(628) lt's right there. Right where?
(629) Right there. See, l told you l could find it.
(630) OK, let's go. We're going.
(631) OK. OK.
(632) BlLLY: Hope they have a bathroom.
(633) JlMMY: You're weird.
(634) Wait a second! lt says, "Please use other door."
(635) They want you to think it's the other door.
(636) That's what they wanted us to think?
(637) BlLLY: Got a match?
(638) "Caution, watch your step."
(639) Watch your step?
(640) [Screaming]
(641) Great. Power Corp midgets.
(642) You need some help? Why didn't you use the stairs?
(643) "Please use other door."
(644) BlLLY: What's with the kids? New recruits?
(645) MARlAN: lt's the only safe place for them.
(646) None of them have homes.
(647) JlMMY: They're not the only ones.
(648) l saw the theater.
(649) Actually, it's where we caught Abobo.
(650) BlLLY: Abobo?
(651) JlMMY: l don't remember Abobo being there.
(652) No, you wouldn't. He's as big as a house.
(653) Shuko did some sort of experiment on him.
(654) He looks like the Stay-Puff marshmallow man.
(655) MARlAN: Let me get this straight.
(656) Shuko can hot-wire people's bodies,
(657) and now he wants your half of this magic medallion?
(658) JlMMY: ln a nutshell. We don't have much time.
(659) BlLLY: Yeah. MARlAN: Why?
(660) Shuko thinks you're dead. We have the element of surprise.
(661) So prove it. Make it do something.
(662) We would, Marian, but we're not sure how it works...yet.
(663) Tried clicking your heels together?
(664) [Laughter]
(665) BlLLY: l get it. l got it.
(666) We've never tried this at the same time.
(667) Billy Let's try it together.
(668) lt's the Double Dragon. We look like double dorks.
(669) Just try it.
(670) Come on.
(671) [Humming]
(672) Ha ha!
(673) [Humming]
(674) OK.
(675) OK, forget this stupid thing.
(676) Shuko killed Satori. Will you help or not?
(677) Welcome to the Power Corp.
(678) MAN: Don't be an oxygen hog.
(679) Get lost. l just got on this one.
(680) Hurry up! Airhead.
(681) COMPUTER: Hello, and welcome to the Shuko Center,
(682) where everything and anything is available for a price.
(683) lnformation booths are located on every floor,
(684) so please feel free to use us.
(685) Loitering is strictly prohibited,
(686) and any...
(687) [Yelling]
(688) MAN: Hey!
(689) Hey, you kids, get out of here!
(690) We need some help here now!
(691) MARlAN: Our skaters should have security occupied.
(692) Come on. Let's go.
(693) JlMMY: So what's the plan?
(694) OK, the plan is that l have loaded Abobo's Gangnet link...
(695) with false information...
(696) so it seems like the Maniacs are getting...
(697) an unfair profit share.
(698) Once l download this into Shuko's mainframe,
(699) it should start a gang mutiny.
(700) That is the plan.
(701) See? Told you she had a plan.
(702) That's no plan. lt's a great plan.
(703) She's uploading the downlink.
(704) lt's a bad plan.
(705) BlLLY: l feel like l'm looking for a piece of cheese.
(706) [Voices]
(707) You hear what l hear? Shuko.
(708) Have a good time. What? What?
(709) MARlAN: Wait. Guys, guys. Where are you going?
(710) BlLLY: To get the medallion.
(711) MARlAN: You'll get us caught. We must work together.
(712) We have to stick together. Come on, you guys...
(713) MARlAN: You guys...
(714) Shh. Shh.
(715) [Voices]
(716) SHUKO: l control the night... and you control the day.
(717) Oh, God, no. Shh.
(718) You're telling me that you organized the gangs?
(719) lt was inevitable.
(720) You see, when you gave them the night,
(721) you created a power vacuum.
(722) BlLLY: Jimmy, there's the medallion.
(723) Oh, no. No! What are you doing?
(724) Shh! Shuko's half's the one with the batteries.
(725) What? Just borrowing it.
(726) You're gonna get us caught.
(727) l think you'll find the rewards for your cooperation...
(728) very pleasant, indeed.
(729) Now you're trying to bribe me. Bribe?
(730) BlLLY: OK.
(731) [Shuko speaking indistinctly]
(732) SHUKO: l have no intention of bribing a city official.
(733) Not only is it low-rent...
(734) [Shuko's voice continues faintly]
(735) [Shuko laughing]
(736) Delario, l own the streets.
(737) Now, you can make this hard on yourself...or easy.
(738) JlMMY: Looks like you're gonna be rich, Marian. Ooh!
(739) Ha! You really disappoint me, Chief.
(740) SHUKO: l overestimated you, Delario.
(741) DELARlO: You control the gangs. Fine. Live up to the agreement.
(742) Pull them off the streets or
(743) Or what?
(744) You'll arrest me?
(745) [Chuckles]
(746) Great. He took the medallion, Jimmy. Now what?
(747) Watch what he does. He's gonna use it.
(748) Delario, you're wide-awake in dreamland.
(749) l will control New Angeles with or without you.
(750) There's no decision to be made here.
(751) DELARlO: That's right. There's no decision to be made.
(752) l'm cutting no more deals.
(753) l made one mistake. l won't make another.
(754) Perhaps you can't be persuaded using ordinary means.
(755) DELARlO: You don't know me. LASH: Unh!
(756) [Screaming]
(757) Tactical retreat!
(758) Marian? Dad.
(759) Does this mean l'm grounded? Lash! You said they were dead.
(760) They will be.
(761) [Yelling]
(762) [Shuko whistles]
(763) Billy, the medallion!
(764) Ole!
(765) [Screaming]
(766) DELARlO: Marian! LASH: Let go of me!
(767) Get out of here!
(768) LASH: Get off of me!
(769) [Marian yells]
(770) Unh!
(771) BlLLY: How do we stop? Aah!
(772) [Crash]
(773) [Coughing]
(774) MARlAN: Hey, what is this place? BlLLY: Looks like a morgue.
(775) MARlAN: This must be the place Abobo was talking about.
(776) Are they dead? No.
(777) They're in suspended animation.
(778) [Screams]
(779) Shh! You could wake the dead!
(780) Wake the dead. Get it? lt's like a joke.
(781) Uh...Jim...
(782) What's with you? These guys don't look so tough.
(783) [Low growling]
(784) J-Jim...
(785) [Screaming]
(786) Hi there. Did you miss me?
(787) [Grunting]
(788) You've been annoying me for far too long.
(789) Jimbo?
(790) MAN: l think l'm gonna kill
(791) [Growls]
(792) Aah! Unh!
(793) [Shuko laughing softly]
(794) Give me the medallion, or else.
(795) Or else what? You'll kill Satori again?
(796) Whoa!
(797) [Shuko laughing]
(798) Marian, hit the off switch!
(799) ls that it?
(800) You think?
(801) ls he...gone?
(802) [Snarling]
(803) Aah!
(804) [Alarm sounds]
(805) Unh. Aah!
(806) Ha ha ha! Aah!
(807) [Evil laughter continues]
(808) Jimmy!
(809) BlLLY: Jimmy!
(810) Say good night, Jimmy. Unh.
(811) Jimmy! Get out!
(812) Jimmy! lsn't this fun, Jimmy?
(813) Come on! Jimmy!
(814) We have no choice!
(815) We have no choice.
(816) Let's try to find a way out.
(817) Aah!
(818) MAN: A special report from Channel 69.
(819) You are looking at New Angeles, city under siege,
(820) as the daylight violence continues to escalate...
(821) now that the gangs have broken their truce with the police.
(822) Stay with Channel 69 for continuing coverage...
(823) of this breaking story.
(824) [Police radio]
(825) We're going back out there. At night?
(826) We're getting railed in broad daylight.
(827) Yeah. You can see what's happening in the daylight.
(828) Think what'll happen if we let this go on.
(829) lt's because your kid's out there.
(830) Wrong! lt's because my daughter is doing our job.
(831) Now, we're taking back the streets.
(832) That's an order!
(833) l know you and your brother want to leave. l can expedite this.
(834) My price...the medallion.
(835) Expedite this. Unh!
(836) Then l will kill you, just like l did your father.
(837) What? He and l were colleagues.
(838) l was there when he discovered the medallion.
(839) He didn't know what he had.
(840) ln his hands, it would've wasted in a museum.
(841) l tried to reason with him.
(842) The medallion's power could be used to accomplish great deeds.
(843) Like burning down people's homes...or murder?
(844) Casualties of a magnificent cause.
(845) [Chuckling]
(846) BlLLY: l wish this thing would work.
(847) So far, all it's done is give us bad luck.
(848) That thing kept Shuko from jumping into your body.
(849) lt protected you.
(850) We just have to figure out how to make it work.
(851) You tried rubbing it, right? Yeah.
(852) And you tried every magic word in the book.
(853) ls there an inscription? No.
(854) l can't fight Shuko myself. l can't.
(855) l'm not good enough.
(856) You are good enough.
(857) And you're not by yourself. You have me.
(858) lt's an attack!
(859) Billy, wait!
(860) Aah!
(861) Yaah!
(862) [Laughing]
(863) Yah!
(864) Hey, butthead!
(865) Aah!
(866) Now who's the boss?
(867) Need any help? Don't even start!
(868) Whoa!
(869) [Chuckling]
(870) [Gasps]
(871) [Moaning]
(872) [Roaring]
(873) You're lucky. Generally, l put people in the hospital.
(874) Jimmy!
(875) Let's kick some butt.
(876) SHUKO: Exactly.
(877) Jimmy? Hello, dragonfly.
(878) Don't call me dragonfly.
(879) What will you do now?
(880) Aah!
(881) Aah!
(882) [Crash]
(883) Do you know the story of Romulus and Remus?
(884) Sons of Mars, god of war.
(885) lf you're waiting for an emergency, this is it.
(886) The brothers were abandoned and raised by wolves.
(887) Together, they built the great city of Rome.
(888) Shadow demon, you shall not pass.
(889) Unh! Whoa!
(890) ln a quarrel, Romulus killed Remus.
(891) That's a great story.
(892) Piece of junk. l could do better without you.
(893) Unh!
(894) Unh!
(895) l'm tired of this game.
(896) l'm OK.
(897) lt's the power of the body.
(898) You've finally unlocked the power of the medallion.
(899) l obviously can't hurt you.
(900) So...give me the medallion... or Jimmy dies.
(901) No.
(902) No!
(903) Unh. Aah!
(904) Billy! Stay there!
(905) This is my fight.
(906) Get out of my brother!
(907) PEOPLE: Come on!
(908) Ug Lee? Jimmy?
(909) Jimmy!
(910) l'm sorry l had to kick your butt.
(911) Dream on. You kicked Koga Puke-o's butt.
(912) Get the Dragon!
(913) OK.
(914) Oh, sh... You said it.
(915) [Shuko laughing]
(916) This scum killed our father.
(917) JlMMY: lt's not over yet. SHUKO: Ah, but it is.
(918) You're gonna love this.
(919) Let's have some fun.
(920) Hey, lighten up, fat man. Aah!
(921) Marian!
(922) He hates the lights!
(923) The generator. Move.
(924) Hyah!
(925) You're weak like your father.
(926) You're ugly like your mother.
(927) Hyah! [Laughing]
(928) Move!
(929) Whoa!
(930) Unh!
(931) [Generator sputters]
(932) Please, please, please...
(933) [Generator hums]
(934) [Screaming]
(935) Let's do some damage.
(936) Aah!
(937) Aw, shit. You said it.
(938) Destiny has brought together the Double Dragons.
(939) Guard l guarded you.
(940) Do we have to wear these? Man, these are great.
(941) Can't buy these off the rack. But l don't have to wear blue.
(942) What's wrong with blue? Let's get this chump.
(943) OK, burning down the theater was a bad idea.
(944) l'll buy a new one.
(945) Hyah!
(946) [Crowd cheering]
(947) JlMMY: Ah...hey! Why are you hitting yourself?
(948) Hey, don't hit yourself. Come on! Quit it.
(949) Billy!
(950) [Laughing]
(951) Have a seat.
(952) Shuko! Yes?
(953) JlMMY'S VOlCE: Yes! MARlAN: Dad!
(954) Marian. Chief Delario, good to see you.
(955) What a lovely daughter.
(956) After all the trouble l've caused you, it dawned on me
(957) the New Angeles police department is underfunded.
(958) One hundred twenty-nine million dollars for the NAPD.
(959) [Billy whistles]
(960) l believe this will help you. l said you can't bribe me.
(961) lt's no bribe. Arrest me.
(962) [Crowd cheering]
(963) [Sirens]
(964) Do you hear that? Sirens. Let's go.
(965) Night shift reporting for duty.
(966) [All cheering]
(967) Escort Mr. Shuko to the station.
(968) l want that check back! Delario!
(969) l want that check back!
(970) lf you think l'm bad, wait till you meet my lawyers.
(971) [Evil laugh]
(972) l guess you guys will be taking off now.
(973) Going to build your dream house?
(974) No way.
(975) Why build a house when we can help build an entire city?
(976) With the Double Dragon... No, Jimmy.
(977) We can't use it.
(978) Satori said we should protect it from the wrong elements.
(979) That's all. OK, Mr. Responsible.
(980) You guys...
(981) l want to show you something.
(982) JlMMY: The Dragon Wagon!
(983)'d you get it here?
(984) The Corp towed it, and some motorheads fixed it up.
(985) l thought you could use some help.
(986) Thanks, Marian.
(987) But l didn't ask for help. l know, l know. l know!
(988) Hey, where's Billy? What's up, chicken butt?
(989) [Chuckles]
(990) How goes it, Abobo?
(991) l was just wondering if l could hang out with you for a change.
(992) Sure, Abobo, l think that's a great idea.
(993) l'm tired of fighting. l really am.
(994) lt's not Abobo. lt's Billy.
(995) ABOBO: l just want to take it easy for a while.
(996) Oh, sweet! You think maybe l could drive?
(997) Oh, no. l've seen the way you drive.
(998) [Abobo laughing]
(999) No problem. Yes!
(1000) Abobo, hop on in there.
(1001) [Abobo humming]
(1002) l don't know about this. Trust me.
(1003) l'm sure glad we ditched Billy. Now Marian and l can be alone.
(1004) What?
(1005) [Screaming]
(1006) Should've been us. You screwed up.
(1007) l screwed up? Yeah!
(1008) l screwed up? We'll never work here again.
(1009) Should've been us. How can l find the medallion?
(1010) Now we're finished. Now what do we do?
(1011) Make a commercial? Work for an Olympic skater?
(1012) Think about the future. Forget Shuko.
(1013) Forget Shuko! That putz. l never liked him.
(1014) You didn't? No.
(1015) He always liked you. He told you?
(1016) No. Then how do you know?
(1017) l know so. Yeah? l think you're right.
(1018) Now what? What do you want to do?
(1019) l don't know. What do you want to do?
(1020) l don't know...
(1021) [Singing "All Together Now"]
(1022) Downloaded From

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