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Monday, December 21, 2015

[2012] [Death Race: Inferno] English Transcripts

(1) Death Race, the number one sport in the world,
(2) located on Terminal Island.
(3) Convicts race over the course of three grueling days
(4) for the chance at the ultimate prize.
(5) Win five races, win your freedom.
(6) Preorder the next Death Race now
(7) and you'll not only get 20% off,
(8) but you'll also receive limited edition Frankenstein merchandise.
(9) Frankenstein, the four-time Death Race champion,
(10) has taken the world by storm.
(11) The most unlikely of heroes
(12) who has come out of nowhere
(13) and is now just one win away from freedom.
(14) Death Race.
(15) Now streaming live.
(16) Death Race is the trademark of Weyland International.
(17) Your safety's our top priority.
(18) The notorious Death Racer known only as Frankensten
(19) won his fourth race toda.
(20) One more victory and the masked killer gains his freedom.
(21) Frankenstein fears nothing.
(22) Anything in his way, he destroys.
(23) Under my watch, Terminal Island and Death Race have thrived.
(24) Rumors have been going around that Weyland International,
(25) the organization behiDeath Race,
(26) has been targeted for hostile takeover.
(27) As a businessman, takeover talk is common.
(28) You have something of value, naturally, people want to take it away.
(29) British billionaire, Niles York,
(30) has placed himself in the center of a firestorm.
(31) Well, I've got nothing to say about that at the moment.
(32) But I will say this.
(33) When I want something, no one can stop me from taking it.
(34) I'm not too concerned. I've won more battles than I've lost.
(35) I feel bad for Weyland, I really do.
(36) But Father Time, he's caught up with the old man.
(37) He never really stood a chance.
(38) Good morning, Mr. Weyland.
(39) Wasn't so bad, was it?
(40) I built this business.
(41) I didn't have to steal it.
(42) What you left vulnerable, I seized. I stole nothing.
(43) You lacked vision, Weyland. That was your undoing.
(44) Vision.
(45) Is that why you're investing millions in dilapidated prisons all around the globe?
(46) Vision?
(47) You're so far over your head, you might as well be six feet under the ground.
(48) The prison business is not what made this company profitable.
(49) So the conclusion to draw,
(50) you're trying to franchise Death Race.
(51) It's not going to work.
(52) Because you couldn't make it work.
(53) Let me show you what true vision really looks like.
(54) You started something beautiful, Weyland.
(55) But you only scratched at the surface.
(56) And you're right. I'm taking Death Race global.
(57) By this time next year, there will be a different race every two weeks
(58) at a different exotic hellhole with different drivers, tracks and challenges.
(59) I will have a monopoly on the most profitable sport in the history of the planet.
(60) More cars. More cons. More guns.
(61) More death. The sky's the limit.
(62) Well, you forgot one thing.
(63) Frankenstein.
(64) It's a man in a mask.
(65) I could have 20 Frankensteins around the globe.
(66) How would the fans know which one was real?
(67) Frankenstein won his fourth race today.
(68) One more win, he goes free.
(69) That's a fact that every fan knows.
(70) Now, if you suddenly change the rules of the game,
(71) you're going to lose your audience.
(72) And if you're hoping that Frankenstein loses,
(73) well, son, I guess there's a first time.
(74) Now, how would your little copycat event play
(75) without the game's marquee star?
(76) That's why you're going to fail.
(77) What kind of cigars you smoke, Weyland?
(78) I'll be sure to send you a box when Death Race becomes a global success.
(79) It'll be the second time I've beaten you. The second time you've lost.
(80) Well, you enjoy your moment while you can.
(81) Payback's a bitch, son.
(82) Weyland's right.
(83) Find out who the man behind the mask really is.
(84) What he loves, what he hates, what he covets most.
(85) And find out what Weyland was planning next.
(86) What do you mean?
(87) The company's banking nearly eight million quid a week
(88) hawking Frankenstein merchandise.
(89) He wasn't just gonna let it go.
(90) Anything else?
(91) Yeah. Get yourself some decent clothes. You look like a bag lady.
(92) I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have done all this unless I absolutely loved Death Race.
(93) So I'm speaking to the millions of fans around the globe.
(94) Fear not. I am like you.
(95) I seek not to destroy nor to compromise what we've all come to revere.
(96) The Death Race that we all know and love will not change.
(97) It will grow bigger and better. This, I promise.
(98) Thank you.
(99) Overall, I have to say I'm very happy.
(100) You wanna take a look?

[2010] [Death Race 2] English Transcripts

(4) Hey, are you gooks almost done?
(5) Faggot.
(7) You are big motherfucker, yes? Yeah.
(12) Just moments ago, a full-scale riot broke out at Terminal lsland Penitentiary.
(13) As far as l can tell, there has been no action taken
(14) by Terminal Island Prison correction officers.
(15) Lock down the bridge, keep the tower guards.
(16) l want everyone else down here now.
(18) Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(19) (GRUNTlNG)
(20) Of course l'm serious! Patch me live right fucking now!
(21) Either you take me live or l tell your wife everything.
(22) (SCREAMlNG)
(23) You got that, right?
(24) What a shit match.
(25) l would never have bet if l knew Spiro was injured.
(26) But you did, huh? Yeah. Take your winnings.
(27) The whole world's falling apart, and Manchester United with it.
(28) When l came over here,
(29) that clip was the first thing l ever bought with my own money, you know?
(30) So, you take care of it. You look after it.
(31) Look at you, profiting off football. He's never watched a match in his life.
(32) That's 'cause it's fucking boring, that's why.
(33) The world's greatest game.
(34) l think it's the third world's greatest game, right?
(35) (LAUGHS)
(36) What the fuck are you laughing at?
(37) Excuse us, please.
(38) About the bank,
(39) it's important to me.
(40) l know it is.
(41) That's why l want to handle it my way, with my guys.
(42) Well, Vinnie brought me this score.
(43) My stipulation is that you're in charge, which is the way l want it.
(44) Can l count on you? What do you think?
(45) Yeah.
(46) l know Vinnie and his boys are a bit green,
(47) but what my nephew lacks in experience, he makes up for with enthusiasm.
(48) Exactly what l'm worried about.
(50) Look, he fucks up, Mr. Kane, he answers to me, okay?
(51) lt's going to be all right, Luke. Trust me.
(52) Always do.
(53) l know you do.
(54) Come on. l've got something to show you.
(55) What do you think?
(56) This is for me?
(57) You don't like it? l think it's beautiful.
(58) l just think, maybe, you know, based on the kind of work l do,
(59) you don't think it's a bit orange?
(60) You don't fucking like it. Are you kidding me?
(61) She's stunning.
(62) l just wonder, you think l might stand out in this thing?
(63) No, the more obvious you are, the less suspicious you appear.
(64) So, like, hiding in plain sight kind of thing.
(65) Precisely.
(67) Okay.
(68) Don't fuck it up.
(69) (LAUGHlNG)
(71) Thank you both for coming.
(72) PARKS: Mr. Weyland, l'm not exactly sure why she's here,
(73) but l know why l am, sir. l've failed you and l've disgraced the corporation.
(74) WEYLAND: Relax.
(75) l'm surprised those animals don't kill each other with more regularity.
(76) You're both here because this incident has created
(77) a public relations nightmare for me.
(79) Was something l said funny?
(80) Well, you had a 48 share.
(81) Your network's previous high was a seven.
(82) What you call a nightmare l'd call a wet dream.
(83) Mr. Weyland, l know that the network isn't your prime moneymaker.
(84) But l can't believe that you don't realise what a gold mine you're sitting on.
(85) Humour me, Miss Jones.
(86) People are tired of fake violence
(87) and fights staged by Vegas promoters.
(88) The hatred that your inmates have
(89) is pure. Can't be duplicated.
(90) (LAUGHS)
(91) You're calling what happened today entertainment?
(92) Ah!
(93) What exactly do you have in mind?
(94) VlNNlE: No, seriously, l gotta tell you,
(95) this motherfucker's never carried a gun in 20 years working for my uncle.
(96) That right, Luke? LUKE: Vinnie, pay attention.
(97) You got 60 seconds. You get in, you get out.
(98) No one gets hurt. We know. Don't worry.
(100) (SlREN SOUNDlNG)

[2008] [Death Race] English Transcripts

(5) CASE: Damn it!
(6) Rear armor? Shot to hell.
(8) You better drop back...
(9) It's the last lap. We can win this.
(10) Why don't this son of a bitch just die?
(11) Oil.
(12) Out.
(13) Smoke.
(14) Finished.
(15) Give me the napalm!
(16) Nothing works!
(17) Drop the tombstone.
(18) On my mark. Three,
(19) two,
(20) one.
(21) I got you now, motherfucker.
(22) Mark!
(23) Shit!
(24) Fuck!
(25) That's how you want to do it? Okay.
(27) He's still coming. Our tank is exposed.
(28) He's got us, Frank. You have to drop back.
(29) It's a quarter mile to the line. I can make it.
(30) Sayonara, Frankie.
(31) Punch out. I'm sorry.
(32) Forty years. Longer than my marriage.
(33) Sounds like you're gonna miss this place.
(34) MAN 1: I still can't believe they closed it down. Just like that.
(35) The only thing I'm gonna miss is my paycheck.
(36) Well, it was honest work for honest men.
(37) MAN 2: I got a family to feed, and there's no work out there.
(38) I hear they might be hiring down at the docks.
(39) Five men, maybe.
(40) Hey, thanks, man. Thanks, Jensen.
(41) MAN OVER P.A.: CoIIect your finaI paycheck and Ieave.
(42) The main gate will be locked in 15 minutes.
(44) Get ready to be ripped off, boys.
(45) CoIIect your paycheck and Ieave the premises in an orderly manner.
(46) The main gate will be locked in 15 minutes.
(47) Cash or check?
(48) Better make it cash.
(49) I worked 120 hours the last two weeks.
(50) Cash fee. Next! Cash fee?
(51) You wanted cash, there's a fee. You want a check instead?
(52) Seeing as the company's out of business, not exactly.
(53) You don't like it, there's the complaint box. Next!
(55) They never get it.
(56) SeIf-fuIfilling prophecy.
(57) We're honest workers. We're just like you guys!
(58) What the hell are you doing here?
(59) You bastards!
(60) (GROANS)
(61) Shit! Shit! Ross!
(62) You okay, Ross? Rubber bullets, the assholes!
(63) Come on!
(64) Come on!
(65) Hi, honey. Hi. Sorry I'm so late.
(66) Nice day at work?
(67) Yeah. Just fine.
(68) Give me that shirt.
(69) They called the riot police. It got ugly.
(70) I don't deserve you.
(71) You're a good man, Jensen Ames.
(72) And it doesn't matter what anyone eIse thinks but me.
(73) So, $300. That's all they gave us.
(74) We'll make it last. We always do.
(75) I'll start looking tomorrow.
(76) I think you're forgetting that I married you for your non-financial assets.
(77) Did you now?
(80) Shh.
(81) (SOFTLY) Daddy's home. Is it you who was making all that noise?
(82) JENSEN: What does little Piper want? Want a story?
(83) You know you won't understand it.
(84) But it will be good practice for me. But it will be good practice for me.
(85) What the hell.
(86) Let's go crazy.
(87) Something smells good.
(88) Honey?
(89) Suzy?
(91) OFFICER 1: Stay on the ground! Stay on the ground.
(92) OFFICER 2: Drop the knife!
(93) Do not resist! Stay on the ground!
(94) Stay where you are! Stay on the ground!
(95) Don't move!
(96) Move.
(97) Get up against the wall.
(99) Scrub yourseIf.
(100) Stop.

[2007] [Death Proof] English Transcripts

(1) Hold on. I gotta come up.
(2) I gotta take the world's biggest fucking piss.
(3) We can't be late.
(4) We won't!
(5) Who's holding? If you're not, then nobody.
(6) We were kind of hoping you were.
(7) Yeah. How are you not holding? Jesus Christ, Shanna.
(8) It is not my fucking job to supply y'all with weed when we go out.
(9) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, little lady.
(10) You're getting angry kind of quick, don't you think?
(11) I was just teasing you. I'm not angry.
(12) It just would be nice if y'all didn't just count on me all the fucking time,
(13) and surprise me every once in a while with pot.
(14) Okay, mean girl in a high school movie. Are you through having a tantrum?
(15) I'm not having a tantrum. Yes, you are.
(16) You've been in the car all of two seconds, and you're already cursing at me.
(17) I am not cursing at you. You said, "Jesus Christ, Shanna."
(18) And then, before the sentence was over,
(19) you threw a "fucking" in there to emphasize your "irritatance."
(20) All right. Come on, guys. Don't fight. I'll pay for it when we get some.
(21) One: It is not about the money.
(22) It is about the pain in the ass of scoring.
(23) And two: We're not really fighting.
(24) Arlene, have you forgotten what hanging out with Jungle Julia's like?
(25) That wasn't a fight.
(26) That was Julia acting like a grumpy bitch,
(27) and me calling her on it and indulging her at the same time.
(28) That's how we tolerate each other after all these years.
(29) Oh, billboard.
(30) So, what's the plan, man?
(31) Margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's.
(32) Did you call Rafael and tell him we're coming?
(33) Of course. You're so good.
(34) I know.
(35) Okay, is Christian Simonson gonna be there?
(36) You bet your ass he is. He's gonna be there with Jesse Letterman.
(37) Christian Simonson, the filmmaker, is in town.
(38) He's got a big thing for Julia.
(39) If he had a big thing for me, he'd fucking call me
(40) as opposed to disappearing for six months,
(41) and he'd get his ass down here more often than he does,
(42) and on my birthday, give me a fucking phone call.
(43) Oh, billboard.
(44) Yeah, but you get those legs of yours around him, and it's all over.
(45) Yeah, well, when I'm redecorating his house in the hills
(46) that I am also living in, I'll let you know it worked.
(47) So, margaritas and Mexican food at Guero's, touch base with Chris and Jesse,
(48) tell them about later, and make damn sure they come.
(49) Those other guys will be waiting for us to join them at the Texas Chili Parlor.
(50) Oh, shit.
(51) Speaking of which, what happened with you and Nate last night?
(52) Well, you know, not mu... We just fucking met each other.
(53) I mean, if you don't bust their balls a little bit, they're never gonna respect you.
(54) Okay, we're pretty clear on what it is you didn't do.
(55) How about enlightening us on what it is you did do?
(56) Nothing to write home about.
(57) We just made out on the couch for about 20 minutes.
(58) Dressed, half-dressed or naked?
(59) Dressed. I said we made out.
(60) We didn't do the thing.
(61) Excuse me for living, but what is "the thing"?
(62) You know, it's everything but.
(63) They call it "the thing"?
(64) I call it "the thing."
(65) Do guys like the thing?
(66) They like it better than no thing.
(67) Okay, I wanna get back to what it is you did do.
(68) So, you're making out on the couch with Nate, right?
(69) Correct. Whose couch?
(70) His or the one in your hotel room? What am I, stupid over here? Mine.
(71) Were you making out sitting up or lying down?
(72) We started sitting up. We worked our way to lying down.
(73) Mmm, the plot thickens. Who was on top?
(74) I was straddling him.
(75) What else? That was it.
(76) So we made out for a little while on the couch,
(77) and I said, "Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now, so it's time for you to leave."
(78) And then he starts to whine, "Oh, right now?"
(79) And I said, "Yep, right now. Let's go."
(80) And he says, "well, wait. what about this?"
(81) And I said, "No."
(82) He said, "What do you mean, no? You don't even know what I'm gonna say."
(83) I said, "I already know what you're gonna say,
(84) and the answer's no."
(85) He said, "How can you say you know what I'm gonna say?"
(86) I said, "Because you're gonna say, 'let's just go to sleep together.
(87) "'We don't gotta do nothing.
(88) "'Just cuddle, sleep next to each other, wake up in the morning together.'
(89) No, you're gonna leave, but I'll see you tomorrow."
(90) Yeah, fuck Nate.
(91) I mean, he's cute and all,
(92) but Jesse Letterman's gonna be all over her.
(93) Jesse Letterman... Remember, no hooking up tonight.
(94) You can hang out with him, you can make out with him,
(95) but no hooking up with him, because we are driving to Lake LBJ tonight,
(96) and my daddy's pretty clear about one thing.
(97) He said, "I am letting you and your girlfriends stay at my lake house,
(98) not you and a bunch of horny boys trying to get their fuck on with my daughter."
(99) Your dad talks like that? Hell, yeah!
(100) It's not like he ain't gonna know, either,