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Thursday, January 7, 2016

[2007] [Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard] English Transcripts

(1) Well?
(2) I'm sending you the code. Yes, I see that. Thank you.
(3) What about my account? Delivering.
(4) I just sent it. You should have it.
(5) Yes. Thank you. Are you sure this is legal?
(6) We're just running a test on our security system, sir. It's fine.
(7) You've got a sexy voice. Is there anything else I can do for you?
(8) To you? We have all we need.
(9) We're ready.
(10) Yo, guess who just made 50 Gs today.
(11) What'd you do to my drive? I didn't touch it.
(12) This isn't cool. Don't ever, ever touch my computer.
(14) Diagnostics show no damage, but this was an intentional breach.
(15) We were hacked? It wasn't "Denial of Service" level,
(16) but they definitely cracked our door.
(17) OK. Open the Black Hat files.
(18) I want every hacker in the country who could have done this interviewed now.
(19) Sir, that's close to 1,000 names. This holiday weekend we're short-staffed as it is.
(20) We're the ones supposed to keep this from happening, and it happened to us. Do it.
(21) Sir, it's night. They're all over the country.
(22) Get local law enforcement help.
(23) Somebody out there thinks they can screw with us. I wanna find out who.
(24) Jim. I said no. Lucy, you're killin' me, all right?
(25) Get out. What?
(26) Get out of the car now. Don't touch me.
(27) No means no. What are you doin'
(28) John, stop it. Don't call me that. I hate it when you do.
(29) You know this guy? Just shut your mouth right now.
(30) Dad. Stop it. I mean it.
(31) "Dad"? You said your dad was dead. What?
(32) You told this jerk-off I was dead? You actually said that?
(33) I may have exaggerated a little bit.
(34) And this guy's what? Your boyfriend?
(35) No. Yeah.
(36) I don't know, OK? I'm sorry. We'll see.
(37) What are you doing here?
(38) You don't answer your phone, return calls. Because I'm not talking to you.
(39) Why aren't we talking this time, Lucy? Why not? What? You want a list?
(40) How about stuff like this: You spy on me, you drag my boyfriend out of the car...
(41) You said he's not your boyfriend. He's not.
(42) I thought you said I just was. Shut up.
(43) You are such an asshole.
(44) OK. I'm sorry I pulled your "not-boyfriend" out of the car, OK?
(45) Lucy, baby, get in the car. Let's go. No, no.
(46) Will both of you go away? Just talk to me.
(47) I'm tired. I'm going to bed... alone.
(48) Damn right you're going to bed alone.
(49) Lucy, honey, wait a minute. I wanna talk to you. Just wait.
(50) Dad, when I wanna talk to you
(51) if I wanna talk to you
(52) I'll call you.
(53) Lucy. Wait, Lucy. Lucy.
(54) Lucy McClane. It's not McClane. It's Gennero.
(55) Chicks, right?
(56) I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go.
(57) John?
(58) John? It's Sclavino.
(59) Go for McClane. What are you doing at Rutgers?
(60) How do you know where I am? Our cars were LoJacked four years ago.
(61) I'm staring at exactly where you are. Sir, that's not something I would turn on.
(62) Yeah, we did that. John, we turned them on.
(63) Listen, the feds have called in a favour.
(64) They're doing a sweep. They want us to pick up some computer hacker in Camden.
(65) Last name: Farrell. First name: Matthew.
(66) Whoa, whoa. Camden? What are you telling me this for?
(67) Just came in. Vino, it's 3am. I was on my way home.
(68) Send ajughead from the Academy. They'd be happy to do it.
(69) I can't just send in a uniform. The feds demanded a senior detective.
(70) The kid's a high-value subject I don't know.
(71) Just pick him up, escort him to the Hoover Building in DC.
(72) They had some kind of a computer breach there this morning.
(73) Great.
(74) All right, give me that information. Give me that name again. What is it?
(75) You owe me one, Jack.
(76) What?
(77) Aw, come on.
(78) Goddammit.
(80) Who is it? NYPD. Open the door, please.
(81) Hi. NYPD?
(82) OK. I get it. Don't worry, everyone gets lost around here. Glad to help. Take...
(83) I'm not lost. Are you Matthew Farrell?
(84) No. He actually does not live here any more.
(85) Course not. Who are you? My name is Daisy Duke.
(86) Got a lot of shit for it when I was a kid. Please don't add to it.
(87) Can I see some identification, please? Yeah, sure.
(88) "Detective". Yeah, that looks real. You get that at Toys "R" Us? Looks great.
(89) Then of course... Yeah. That actually looks pretty good.
(90) Farrell. Sully PDL-ed the new copy of the Kill Zone Nine. Wanna check it out?
(91) No. Thanks, though, man. And good luck at the Bad Timing Awards.
(92) Open the door.
(93) Shit.
(94) Can I get you something? Coffee? A warrant?
(95) What's this about? I don't know. Some computer thing.
(96) DC feds wanna talk to you, so let's go.
(97) Feds? Yeah. The feds.
(98) I've been White Hat for four years, but once you're on that goddamn list...
(99) Such a pain in the ass.
(100) You play with dolls?

(101) Could you not touch that? Like a GI Joe?
(102) No, it's not. It's a limited edition,
(103) and...
(104) That supposed to come off? No, but it's more valuable broken,
(105) so thanks for that. Krazy Glue. I'm sure it's very important.
(106) I got some other cool shit you can break.
(107) Let's go, OK? Come on. I gotta power down my gear, OK?
(108) More dolls. Not spending a whole lot of time with the girls.
(109) Are you really trying to escape?
(110) Jesus, don't shoot.
(111) Get down.
(112) Jesus Christ. Stay right there.
(113) Go.
(114) Let's go. Come on. Low, low. Stay down.
(115) Come on.
(116) It's all right. Stay low, all right? Stay down.
(117) You stay with me, all right? Here we go. OK.
(118) OK.
(119) That'll wake the neighbours.
(120) Get down. Get inside.
(121) They're back in the room. They're back in the room.
(122) Are you nuts? Get outta there right now.
(123) I'm trying to... Now.
(124) Get back in there.
(125) Get ready to run.
(126) What the hell was that? What?
(127) Did you do that? No.
(128) Shit. I didn't do that. Come on.
(129) Shit. Stay close. The whole apartment's on fire.
(130) Come on. Let's go. Come on, let's go, goddammit.
(131) Come on.
(132) Watch it. Slow it down.
(133) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
(134) Let's go. Come on.
(135) Come on, come on. Stay close.
(136) Stay with me. Stay with me.
(137) Come on, let's go. Stay close.
(138) Get in the car. Go, go.
(139) Kid, can you reload a gun? What? Me?
(140) Can you reload a gun? I...
(141) Open the glove box and get a magazine out right now.
(142) Grab the gun from the back seat.
(143) You OK?
(144) Get your head down.
(145) Jesus! Is the circus in town?
(146) Did you see that? Yeah, I saw it. I did it.
(147) Camden base, 10077. Come back. Camden base, 10077.
(148) Go ahead.
(149) I need to speak to your chief of your detectives. Police emergency, asap.
(150) Stand by.
(151) This is Chief Detective Wiesman. This is Detective John McClane, NYPD.
(152) Police emergency. I wanna report a police shooting in yourjurisdiction.
(154) Yeah? What's the status?
(157) Wait one.
(158) Thomas. We had a problem in New Jersey. Farrell's still alive.
(159) So he got away. Yeah.
(160) I did send five of you, is that right?
(161) I'm sending a chopper. Get airborne and we'll track 'em down. Think you can handle that?
(162) Oh, my God. Just breathe.
(163) I am breathing. I can't stop shaking.
(164) It's the adrenaline. You're just scared. It'll pass.
(165) Yeah, I'm scared. Weren't you scared, back there?
(166) Yeah. I was scared.
(167) Really? This is you being scared? I don't know, cos you seem really calm.
(168) Have you done stuff like that before?
(169) Stuff like what? Like killing people.
(170) Yeah. But not for a long time.
(171) So who were those guys? Why were they trying to kill you?
(172) Why did they blow up my goddamn apartment?
(173) They were there to kill you.
(174) Why would they want to kill me? You tell me, kid. You're the criminal.
(175) We got seven dead hackers so far, none of whom were high on our list.
(176) Get the hard drives, start sweepin' 'em. Yes, sir.
(177) Trey. Matthew Farrell - find him for me.
(178) On it.
(179) What's with all the guns?
(180) Operational prudence.
(181) Think of them as hardware to your software.
(182) Good morning, DC. It's shaping up to be a beautiful Fourth of July weekend.
(183) If you've got any big plans, get started early, cos the traffic is ramping up.
(184) So here's another golden oldie for all the commuters out there.
(185) What? What... What...
(186) What are you doing? What is that?
(187) It's Creedence. Creedence?
(188) Creedence. Creedence Clearwater Revival? Classic rock?
(189) I know who it is. It's old rock. Doesn't make it classic.
(190) What sucked then sucks now. You don't like Creedence?
(191) This is like having a pine cone shoved in my ass.
(192) OK. Really? Wow, that's mature.
(193) Come on. I'm cooperating with you.
(194) We're at a heading of 060. Making another pass.
(195) Listen up, everyone. Are we ready?
(196) Transportation hubs are prepped and set.
(197) Begin stage one.
(198) What? Nothing.
(199) When'd you last turn on the radio and listen to popular music? Just give me a decade.
(200) The '70s? I'm guessing. Was Michael Jackson still black?
(201) Pearl Jam. I'll go back ten years with you. Ten years.
(202) 20 years. The Cure? Nothin'
(203) It's called news radio. I want to see if your friends from Camden made the headlines.
(204) Hold on. You listen to the news?
(205) You got a problem with the news now?
(206) Yeah. I got a big goddamn problem with the news.
(207) Ready for this? The news is completely manipulated.
(208) Everything you hear, every single day,
(209) is designed by corporate media to do one thing only: To keep you living in fear.
(210) Fear? Total fear.
(211) So you'll go out and spend money on things you probably don't even need,
(212) so advertisers keep buying ads on their stations.
(213) I'll tell you one more thing. I'll do this all day. I got days of data at home...
(214) I'll drop a bomb on you...
(215) What? Shut up.
(216) That's good. Be dismissive instead of...
(217) You all right? No, I'm not all right.
(218) Just stay in the car. You'll be all right.
(219) Hey, man. Hey.
(220) You all right? Don't move. Just call 911, all right?
(221) OK.
(222) Jesus Christ.
(223) All the lights are green.
(224) All the lights are green. Let's go. Right now.
(225) We gotta go? Get your bag, hack-boy. Let's go.
(226) Let's go. I've never been in a car accident.
(227) Well, it's very exciting. This way, come on.
(228) You been in a car accident? Yeah.
(229) What are we doing?
(230) It's a little thing they invented in the '60s called jogging. You're gonna love it.
(231) Sir, Chicago's reporting a systems crash on the el train network.
(232) Amtrak is flashing a level-one crash in their com system.
(233) FAAjust issued a critical alert. Their ATC net just went down.
(234) We're under attack.
(235) OK, let's get 'em outside for a little fresh air.
(236) That's the anthrax alarm.
(237) All right, everyone out. Now. Now.
(238) Taylor, move. Go. Move.
(239) All personnel must evacuate and proceed to the transportation shuttles immediately.
(240) This is not a drill.
(241) All personnel must evacuate and proceed to the transportation shuttles immediately.
(242) We need you inside, sir.
(243) Take your team. I want men on the fourth floor, got it? Masks on.
(244) We gotta know what's there.
(245) Run a trunk search on these data crashes, try to ID the point of origin.
(246) Begin stage two.
(247) What's going on?
(248) They're already starting to panic.
(249) Of course they are.
(250) They think that someone's taking their money.
(251) All those nickels and dimes they saved had meaning.
(252) "Useful idiots", as Lenin would say.
(253) Prep the video package.
(254) DC transportation system's crashing and they just hit the financial sector. All of it.
(255) Get me the secretary for trans and treasury on the line and the chairman of the SEC.
(256) Let's go, people. Somewhere somebody left a digital fingerprint. Find it.
(257) Deputy Director Bowman in here? Not now. It'll have to wait.
(258) Not today. This is Matthew Farrell. I brought him here on orders from Bowman.
(259) If you don't know what's goin' on, find somebody that does.
(260) I'm Bowman.
(261) Video package is ready for upload.
(262) John, I appreciate your bringing Farrell,
(263) but we are neck-deep in damage control right now.
(264) Excuse me. I'm sorry, sir. Do you have anything to eat, any snacks around?
(265) I'd love... I've got really low blood sugar...
(266) Sir? No?
(267) As if the transportation breakdown and anthrax scares weren't enough for one day,
(268) the stock market found itself in a selling frenzy.
(269) The FTC believes this panic might have been triggered
(270) by a computer malfunction in the stock exchange.
(271) Man, that is all bad.
(272) It's not as bad as it looks. We run drills to prepare for things like this.
(273) These your suspects? Were.
(274) All seven were killed in the last 24 hours.
(275) Recognise any of these people?
(276) No.
(277) Not one?
(278) Sir, we got a system error.
(279) My fellow Americans... is time to...
(280) strike... fear... into... the hearts of... citizenry.
(281) Ask not... That's an unauthorised broadcast.
(282) ...what your country can do... to avert... this... crisis.
(283) The answer is... ...nothing whatsoever.
(284) Our military... strength... is... in this case...
(285) ...useless.
(286) Read my lips.
(287) The... great... confident... roar... of... American... progress... and... growth...
(288) has come to... an end.
(289) All the... vital... technology... that... this nation... holds dear...
(290) all... communications... transportation... the internet... connectivity...
(291) electrical... power... critical... utilities...
(292) their... fate... now... rests... in... our... hands.
(293) We will not tire, we will not falter,
(294) and we will not fail.
(295) I don't know how they're getting in.
(296) Thank you.
(297) And a... happy Independence Day... to everyone.
(298) That was creepy.
(299) I tried to find more Nixon.
(300) Think they bought it?
(301) Absolutely.
(302) OK, I want telecom, transportation...
(303) Jesus Christ, it's a fire sale. What?
(304) It's a fire sale.
(305) We don't know that yet. It's a myth, anyway.
(306) It's a myth? Really? Please tell me she's actually not in charge of anything.
(307) What's a fire sale?
(308) It's a three-step systematic attack on the entire national infrastructure.
(309) Step one: Take out transportation. Step two: The financial base and telecoms.
(310) Step three: Get rid of all the utilities gas, water electric, nuclear...
(311) Anything that's run by computers, which today is almost everything.
(312) That's why they call it a fire sale everything must go.
(313) Listen. What's your name? Farrell?
(314) Keep your voice down, OK? No one here's talking about a fire sale.
(315) Not unless you're telling me you helped plan one.
(316) No, man. I'm just saying...
(317) Appreciate your concern. We're on it. Thank you.
(318) You've done a bang-up job so far. What? What?
(319) Nothing. I said I understand.
(320) They didn't send the girl scouts out to get this kid. They sent professionals, full tactical gear.
(321) They blew the joint up. I don't know this kid, and frankly I don't give a shit - no offence
(322) but somebody wants this kid dead,
(323) and obviously it's got something to do with whatever's going on here.
(324) OK. Homeland's interrogating the hackers we're bringing in.
(325) I'll get you an escort over there. All right?
(326) Molina, get this kid to the front of the line. I wanna know what he knows.
(327) If he knew half the shit I know, his head would explode.
(328) Special Agent Johnson. We'll take the sedan.
(329) Agent Johnson? That's right. Right this way.
(330) Great. So is any of that actually possible, what you were saying back there?
(331) Is it possible? Look, you take out any one thing, the system can recover.
(332) If you take it all down at once, the system crashes and... Look around, man.
(333) Come on. Government's gotta have dozens of departments dedicated to that shit.
(334) It took FEMA five days to get water to the Superdome.
(335) How long till we get to DHS?
(336) Laughlin, get on the DC police band and get 'em to clear a route to DHS for us.
(337) DC Metro, this is the FBI requesting you to clear a route...
(338) Farrell just resurfaced on the grid.
(339) Feds are taking him to Homeland. Good.
(340) Close that loop, now. Isolate the frequency.
(341) Get us a location on the vehicles and pull me up a file on this John McClane.
(342) Rand, we just found Farrell. Stand by for a location.
(343) I don't mean to harp, but we just passed another Arby's, and I'm starving.
(344) I could eat a wrapper. Shut up.
(345) I could just get some ketchup packets. Shut up.
(346) You got about 14 minutes to tell me why you lied to me.
(347) Lied to you? What are you talking about?
(348) The pictures on the wall you knew those guys.
(349) I don't... Kid, don't lie to me.
(350) I'm a cop. I can tell you're lying. Who were they?
(351) OK. OK, OK.
(352) They were my competition.
(353) Make the next right onto Concord.
(354) They said they'd developed a mutating encryption algorithm
(355) and they wanted to see if it could be cracked.
(356) That's what I do. I do math-based security.
(357) Here's the thing. To pull off something as massive and crazy as a fire sale,
(358) you need tons of guys to write programs, but only a few Black Hats to implement it.
(359) At that point the start-up guys, who haven't really done anything wrong, like me...
(360) Would end up as pictures on some guy's wall.
(361) I swear to God, McClane, I swear to you I had no idea I was gonna be...
(362) an accessory to Armageddon.
(363) Take the next left at Lexington.
(364) And that's a sexy voice. What's she taking us this way for?
(365) Unit 510. Oh, my God.
(366) Clear a route for two FBI vehicles approaching on Concord.
(367) Copy, dispatch.
(368) That's her.
(369) Her who? What are you talking about?
(370) It's them. You're saying it's "them" them?
(371) I swear to you I know her. I would know her voice anywhere.
(372) No, don't say anything... Just keep your mouth shut for a minute.
(373) Hey, Metro, how's your day goin' over there?
(374) Gotta be pretty crazy over there, what with all those 587s.
(375) Yes, sir. We've had to dispatch all units.
(376) You had to dispatch all units for all the naked people walking around?
(377) Cut the bullshit, honey, and just put your boss on.
(378) Laughlin, we're getting off this route. Turn left on 14th Street.
(379) Officer McClane. It's Detective McClane, asshole.
(380) Don't worry. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other when I visit you in prison.
(381) But, John, I already know so much about you.
(382) Your address in Brooklyn,
(383) the payments on your mortgage, how long you've been a member of the NYPD.
(384) And how's Holly?
(385) That's sad. You're divorced. Was that tough on little Jack and Lucy?
(386) Now, this is sad. After 30 years I thought you'd have a better pension plan annuity.
(387) And it gets worse.
(388) Your 401k no longer exists.
(389) Tell you what. Let me make it up to you. Box them in at that intersection.
(390) Shoot Mr Farrell in the head and drive away,
(391) and by the time you reach the end of the next block
(392) all your debts will be wiped clean and your children will be set for life.
(393) Now, that really is tempting, especially that last part,
(394) but I think I'm gonna have to pass, jerk-off.
(395) John, you're a Timex watch in a digital age.
(396) You're gonna lose.
(397) Yeah, well, the other thing that could happen is I could come and find you,
(398) kick your ass and throw you out of your own party. What about that?
(399) Hold your position.
(400) He's not responding.
(401) Get down. Get right down.
(402) Just stay down.
(403) Officers down at the corner of Main and Constitution. Officers down.
(404) Come on, come on, get out. Let's go.
(405) Goddammit. Just stay down!
(406) Get down. Just hang on.
(407) Base, we've got a squad car under fire. We need backup.
(408) This is base. We're sending backup.
(409) Just brace yourself.
(410) Hang on.
(411) Hang on.
(412) Yeah!
(413) We lost the tail. Stay with them.
(414) They're back. I know.
(415) Take the tunnel. Left.
(416) God, what are you... Oh, God!
(417) Bring up the schematics on that tunnel.
(418) The tunnel!
(419) Open the gates on the north side entrance.
(420) Redirect traffic to occupy all lanes.
(421) Now open the other side. What?
(422) Move.
(423) Hang onto something.
(424) Don't get out of the car. Don't...
(425) Just stay there. Stand still.
(426) Run. Run.
(427) Oh, God.
(428) Don't hesitate like that again.
(429) Can you help me get my wife...
(430) You all right? Yeah, yeah.
(431) You OK? I can't move my arms.
(432) Just stay here. Stay right here for a minute. What?
(433) "It can't be a uniform, John. No."
(434) Get over to the wall, sir. "Feds called in a favour."
(435) "All you gotta do is go pick up a kid down in Jersey, drive him down to DC."
(436) "How hard can that be? It can't be that hard, can it?"
(437) "No, gotta be a senior detective."
(438) Think a traffic jam, throwing a car at me's gonna stop me?
(439) Rand, get in there and get it done.
(441) This is not a good idea.
(442) Don't touch me, don't touch me. OK, sorry, sorry.
(443) Are you OK? Oh, my God.
(444) Pretty lucky shot. Yeah, lucky. That was...
(445) You just killed a helicopter with a car.
(446) I was out of bullets.
(447) How you doin' I skinned my knee, my asthma's acting up...
(448) Whatever. Yeah, I'm fine. Give me a hand. Don't jump outta cars.
(449) Rand, check in.
(451) What about Farrell and McClane?
(453) Come back in.
(454) OK, we're moving on. Begin stage three.
(455) I just spoke to Emerson. The team's arriving at Woodlawn now.
(456) Very good. Mai, get ready for the downloads.
(457) ID, sir.
(458) Park behind the transpo. We'll lead you in.
(459) Man the gate. You're with me.
(460) Anthrax alarms only went off on five floors. Below that you'll need DOD clearance.
(461) I don't know why you'd need to go further. There's nothin' down there but servers.
(462) Go again. Rodriguez. I didn't copy.
(463) Gate secured. Copy.
(464) OK, we are in.
(465) This is insane.
(466) This is absurd.
(467) Man, there's tough and there's stupid. You gotta go to a hospital. Look at you.
(468) I'm not a doctor, but you're hurt.
(469) Yeah. Sexy, right? No.
(470) Come on.
(471) We don't need a doctor. We need the cops.
(472) He's in.
(473) Get outta the way. Make a hole, please. Come on.
(474) Watch out. Excuse me. Excuse me. Come on.
(475) NYPD. All right? I got this kid. Come on. Let's go, kid.
(476) Excuse me. Thanks.
(477) NYPD. NYPD.
(478) Coming through.
(479) Sergeant?
(480) Sergeant. I need to speak to you.
(481) The medic's in the back. I'm all right. NYPD. I need to talk to you.
(482) Just give me a minute.
(483) Sergeant.
(484) Oh, my God.
(485) Let's get outta here.
(486) We're a go.
(487) Launch the downloads.
(488) Nothing's happening. Be patient.
(489) I don't know. It's not responding. Wait for it.
(490) See? There you go.
(491) Tell me when the download reaches 20%. OK.
(492) I need you to please remain calm.
(493) Excuse me.
(494) Excuse me. Thank you. Holy shit.
(495) Kid? Kid, hey. Yeah, yeah.
(496) You got a phone in that bag? Yeah.
(497) Come on. Let's go.
(498) And here you go, Agent Tovarek. Guess that's you.
(499) Download's at 20%. Time to move.
(500) Let's keep them chasing their tails.
(501) Due to recent activity, law enforcement agencies are being cautious.
(502) They are telling drivers to abandon their vehicles until they are searched.
(503) And, as you can see, canine units are checking each vehicle.
(504) Whether this is connected to the anthrax reports we heard earlier
(505) or a new terrorist threat, we do not know...
(506) FAAjust grounded all flights. Good.
(507) We have complete access over networks phones, power grids, water, nuclear.
(508) Excuse me. Jack Parry, NSA.
(509) Chuck Summer, DHS liaison. White House made the call.
(510) Anything you need, we're here to help. Help? Wow, that's great.
(511) We're gonna need some work space for our people. What can you do for us?
(512) As you can see, we're using the space, so you guys can stand in the corner and liaise.
(513) If I need something, I'll just wave to you.
(514) Wait. No, don't call. What are you talkin' about?
(515) They probably cracked that hours ago. They could trace us. Put it away.
(516) You sure? Yes.
(517) Or smash it. You didn't have to smash it.
(518) Excuse me. It's a police emergency.
(519) He'll call you right back.
(520) Here, right in here. Come here.
(521) You got a signal? Yeah.
(522) Yeah. This is John McClane for Agent Bowman.
(523) Sir, John McClane is on the line.
(524) McClane, go. We never made it to DHS.
(525) They came after the kid again. All your men are down.
(526) What about Farrell? I got him with me right now.
(527) Sir? Hang on, John.
(528) Yeah, I'll hold on.
(529) Another day in paradise.
(530) They just swarmed into everything the telecom system, phones, cells, satellites.
(531) They're blanketing every station.
(532) Can you put the news back on? This is the news. It's on every channel.
(533) Been this way for a few minutes now.
(534) Oh, my God.
(535) McClane.
(536) Look out.
(537) Look out.
(538) Look out.
(539) Bowman? Bowman, do you see that?
(540) Bowman, it's a fake.
(541) I see it.
(542) Thank God.
(543) Shit.
(544) McClane? Bowman.
(545) Satellite's down. Get me a land line.
(546) I wrote one little piece of code and the world falls apart. This is virtual terrorism.
(547) What? You know, it's crazy.
(548) The first time I heard of the concept of a fire sale
(549) I actually thought it would be cool if anyone ever really did it.
(550) Just hit the reset button and melt the system just for fun.
(551) It's not a system. It's a country.
(552) You're talkin' about people, a whole country full of people,
(553) sitting at home alone, scared to death in their houses, all right?
(554) So finish your nostalgic moment and think a little bit and help me catch these guys.
(555) Just help me. Just put yourself in their shoes.
(556) Come on. If this were your fire sale, what would be your next move?
(557) OK, well, the whole point of a fire sale is that it's mostly done by remote, right?
(558) But not everything is run completely online. Major utilities aren't.
(559) They're run by closed circuits, so you could breach the security,
(560) but to shut it down you'd have to physically go there. You'd have to show up.
(561) And...
(562) Give me that guy's PDA. Phones are all dead.
(563) No, it's the network that's dead. I've just gotta reprogram it and link it into the old Satcoms.
(564) Hackers surf 'em all the time. Probably what these guys are using to talk to each other.
(565) How do you know all this stuff?
(566) Dude, I don't know. There's a lot rattling around up there. I couldn't tell you.
(567) OK. National power grid.
(568) Gas and electric is divided into three zones Eastern, Central, Western
(569) each with a primary hub.
(570) Here it is.
(571) What are we looking at? That is the Eastern hub.
(572) Now, they take this out, wipes out all the power for the entire Eastern Corridor.
(573) But, again, you'd have to do it manually.
(574) OK. Come on. Let's go. What? To West Virginia?
(575) I honestly don't think I can handle any more people trying to kill me. McClane.
(576) You get used to it. McClane. Shit.
(577) Sir, wireless networks are down and I think they're hitting the land lines, too.
(578) I don't care how, you find me a line.
(579) Come on, what you got? We swept the building. Seems clean.
(580) We can sweep it again... Don't bother. Don't bother.
(581) It's a fake. This guy's playin' us.
(582) OK, get everyone back inside the crisis centre now.
(583) OK, let's open it up.
(584) Come on, get in. Door's locked.
(585) Unless you have an extra gun I can use to unlock it.
(586) Don't do that. You're gonna disable it.
(587) Jesus Christ!
(588) That was crazy. Did you see that?
(589) Sorry about that, man. I didn't know it'd come out so fast.
(590) Man, this is a pain in the ass. How'd you do yours?
(591) You all right? What? Did it hit you a little bit?
(592) Sorry.
(593) No, please don't touch those, OK? I know what I'm doing. I've done this before.
(594) I mean, I've read about it.
(595) RoadAssist. We've detected an air-bag deployment.
(596) Yes. Please, we just hit a tree and my dad is having a heart attack.
(597) I think he's gonna die. You need to help us.
(598) Hold while we contact emergency services.
(599) No, no. He's dying. I can get him to a hospital. I can drive. I'm fine.
(600) But I can't really turn the key, so you gotta start the car for us, OK? Please, Dad...
(601) Your name, please? I'm...
(602) My name is... Frank,
(603) and my dad's name is... is...
(604) Dvorak Tsajanski.
(605) Please... Please, just help us. We need your help. Please.
(606) Emergency services are on their way.
(607) No, no, listen to me. Ma'am, what is your name?
(608) Dolores. Dolores?
(609) OK, Dolores, I don't know if you have a dad, but I do,
(610) and I wanna be able to say that a year from now.
(611) Because my dad is my hero, and right now he is in my arms dying,
(612) and his only hope is to get to a hospital right now. We can't wait.
(613) So please start the goddamn car.
(614) Thank you, Dolores.
(615) Pass the PDA. I gotta call the Warlock.
(616) The what? The Warlock. A digital Jedi. He's amazing.
(617) Ma'am, you're not authorised to be here. FBI. We suspect a security breach.
(618) You can't land here without authorisa...
(619) That was pretty good back there, kid.
(620) Thanks.
(621) What's the matter with you? Nothing else to complain about?
(622) No. I'm just...
(623) Well, what? What's the matter with you? I'm not like you. I can't do this shit.
(624) What's that mean? Like what?
(625) I'm not, like, heroic and everything. I'm not brave like you are.
(626) I'm not that guy. I'm nobody's hero, kid.
(627) You've saved my life, like, ten times in six hours.
(628) Just doing my job, that's all.
(629) Know what you get for being a hero? Nothing. You get shot at.
(630) You get a little pat on the back, blah-blah-blah. Attaboy.
(631) You get divorced.
(632) A wife that can't remember your last name.
(633) Your kids don't wanna talk to you.
(634) You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself.
(635) Trust me, kid, nobody wants to be that guy.
(636) Then why are you doin' this? Cos there's nobody else to do it right now.
(637) If there was somebody else to do it, I would let them do it.
(638) But there's not. So we're doin' it.
(639) And that's what makes you that guy.
(640) Thing's flying now.
(641) Contact Emerson. Tell him we'll be there soon.
(642) What the hell are you doing? This whole floor's restricted acc...
(643) Stay here.
(644) All right, come on.
(645) We're in. Good. Shut it down.
(646) Guess you were right, kid.
(647) OK, that's awful.
(648) We got company.
(649) How would they shut down a power grid? What?
(650) Come on. Central control room. OK...
(651) Fourth floor. Fourth floor. Come on.
(652) You take the right.
(653) Shit.
(654) Can we stop for... Try to keep up.
(655) I am. I just wanna stop for two seconds to catch our breath.
(656) You know, they have these things called gymnasiums.
(657) Come on, let's go. Let's go.
(658) Intel's fairly certain the terrorists are mobile.
(659) It's the only way to avoid signal triangulation.
(660) With the amount of hardware they're running,
(661) we're probably looking for a large vehicle, most likely a semitrailer rig.
(662) All right. Tell the guys at Homeland Security
(663) we need every agent, satellite and functioning network they got. Now.
(664) Play time's over, sweetheart.
(665) Don't.
(666) Take your hand off the gun. Hands up.
(667) Stand up.
(668) Go on. Now.
(669) Let's go, kid. You're up.
(670) OK...
(671) As fast as you can.
(672) Jesus!
(673) That's enough of this kung fu shit.
(674) I've known some bitches in my day, but you are maybe the...
(675) Still awake?
(676) Just keep doin' what you're doin' OK.
(677) How much time do you need? Not much.
(678) Are you done? I...
(679) Are you done? No, not quite.
(680) What? I'm not exactly checking my email here.
(681) They used VM mode, so I'm isolating their API and booting the host.
(682) What? It means about 30 seconds, OK?
(683) Not the easiest thing to do when...
(684) OK...
(685) Undo everything you just did. Now.
(686) OK. OK, OK.
(687) I'm a righty, I'm a righty. I need my other hand, I really do.
(688) I'm a righty.
(689) One last door to open.
(690) Do you know what you're doing? Do you realise what this'll do to the country?
(691) Yes, I do. Now open the door.
(692) OK, good. Glad we're on the same page.
(693) You do? I'm glad you know.
(694) How you doin'
(695) Hang on.
(696) Listen, let's just talk about this for one second.
(697) How you doin' That's not too tight, is it?
(698) Damn it.
(699) Smile pretty.
(700) McClane!
(701) Shit.
(702) McClane, get out of there.
(703) Come on, man. Come on.
(704) Come on, man.
(705) Did you see that?
(706) So you stopped it, right?
(707) You know, a gun to your head makes it harder to do this kind of work.
(708) What? I know that comes as a surprise.
(709) Can't you just turn it off? Lock 'em out? I'm not sure.
(710) I might be able to slow 'em down, though.
(711) Western and Central hubs are ours. We're just waiting on Mai's end.
(712) Hang on. Something's up. All the security's reactivating.
(713) I think someone might be in the market for some cheap Viagra.
(714) Now your girlfriend's dead, why don't you check out our sexy singles?
(715) It's an e-bomb.
(716) All right, wait, wait.
(717) Mai, talk to me. What's going on? Mai?
(718) Yeah - little Asian chick, likes to kick people?
(719) I don't think she's gonna be talking to anybody for a really long time.
(720) Last time I saw her, she was at the bottom of an elevator shaft with an SUV up her ass.
(721) What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
(722) Listen, jackass. Your fire sale is over.
(723) Just pack up your little circus or I'm gonna come and I'm gonna kick your ass.
(724) You have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of.
(725) When I'm finished here and I promise it'll be soon
(726) I will focus all my attention on you.
(727) You wanna make things personal, fine.
(728) Reroute every cubic foot of natural gas in the pipelines to that station.
(729) Can you get Bowman on this thing? Sure. I can get anyone on it.
(730) Do it.
(731) Now? Yeah, now.
(732) Please, no.
(733) It's Thomas Gabriel. Shit.
(734) You know this guy? I worked with him.
(735) He was DOD's chief programmer for infrastructure security.
(736) After 9/11, he's the guy that told Joint Chiefs the system was vulnerable.
(737) He wanted an overhaul, but they wouldn't listen. Gabriel's not people-friendly.
(738) You think so?
(739) When he tried to go public, they crucified him.
(740) Destroyed his reputation, froze assets. After that he disappeared.
(741) We got a pretty serious problem.
(742) Hold on one minute. What?
(743) I think we need to get out of here right now.
(744) They're sending the gas lines here. Gas lines? What gas lines?
(745) Christ.
(746) All of them. See that, those flashing arrows? That's not good.
(747) All that's coming here? Yeah. I think we gotta go.
(748) Listen, I gotta go. Just find Thomas Gabriel.
(749) McClane? McClane?
(750) Let's go. Finish this up.
(751) Right now. Finish it up, come on. Let's go.
(752) Get in there.
(753) You OK?
(754) Let's go. We gotta get outta here. What is the point? Man, what is the point?
(755) Knock that off, come on.
(756) This has something to do with that code you wrote for them. Think. Come on, help us win.
(757) Win? When do we start winning?
(758) Look around. Are you out of your mind? Does it look like we're close to winning?
(759) We just got the shit kicked out of us.
(760) You think I'm holding out on you?
(761) If I knew what they wanted, I would tell you. I would happily tell you.
(762) Jesus.
(763) The Warlock. The Warlock.
(764) Great. There goes the cellphone.
(765) They knocked satellites out of the skies? No, your battery ran out.
(766) We should go see him. Who?
(767) The Warlock. We should drive to his house in Baltimore.
(768) Can't go to the Warlock's house now. This is me helping you.
(769) OK? Trust me. We gotta go see the Warlock. That's our only hope.
(770) How do you feel about flying? About what? Like, with a pilot?
(771) Just stick it in the round thing. What brown thing?
(772) Here, put these on.
(773) Just stick it in there. That'll work.
(774) You OK? Yeah, I'm just kind of afraid of flying.
(775) I used to be terrified of flying. Really?
(776) Yeah. I took some lessons. Face your fears, that kind of thing.
(777) Yeah? Did it help? Not really.
(778) Is it supposed to make that sound? Yeah.
(779) Maybe we should just drive. Take it easy. Taking off's the hardest part.
(780) Really? I heard...
(781) To be honest, I missed a couple of classes. Ha, ha, ha. You did? Really?
(782) But you have your licence, right? I mean, you can fly one of these things?
(783) Oh, God. Here we go. We're up.
(784) Oh, God.
(785) That's good. That's pretty good.
(786) Jesus, look at that. This whole area's blacked out.
(787) How we gonna find Warlock's house?
(788) It's probably gonna be the one with the lights still on.
(789) Power outage keeps spreading. About half the East Coast has already gone down.
(790) All right. Put everything on emergency generators.
(791) How the hell are they getting past us?
(792) OK. Down there, down there. I see it.
(793) Down there? Left. Down.
(794) What? Are we gonna land down there?
(795) All right, hang on. OK, OK.
(796) Fence. Fence. Fence.
(797) Fence. Fence. I see it.
(798) Watch...
(799) Oh, Jesus. Come on.
(800) Yeah, yeah. "Taking off's the hardest part."
(801) Let's go.
(802) Now, there's something you need to know about Warlock. He hates cops, OK?
(803) So just let me do all the talking, OK?
(804) Shit.
(805) Hey, Mrs Kaludis.
(806) Is Freddy home?
(807) I'm Matt Farrell and this is...
(808) Billy.
(809) We're friends from Space Camp. I went to Space Camp with Freddy.
(810) Freddy!
(811) Freddy? You got company.
(812) Frederick. Didn't you hear me?
(813) All Baltimore heard you, Ma.
(814) Your friends are here. Friends? What the?
(815) Come on, Ma. How many times I gotta tell you, don't bring people down here?
(816) I can't see too good. Is that a young, bearded Han Solo? You've lost so much weight.
(817) No, I gained 30 pounds. Who is that? Know what? Doesn't matter.
(818) Dude, what are you doin' here? Cos of you, I'm rocking five generators to stay online.
(819) And since you're being hunted by assassins, this visit is not a healthy use of my time.
(820) And don't touch that, all right?
(821) CB radio? A little low-tech for you guys, isn't it?
(822) That, my friend, is an end-of-the-world insurance system, OK?
(823) So when the last microchip goes down, I can contact whoever's there,
(824) whether they be zombies or not.
(825) What'd you bring your dad here for? He's cool. He's into the gaming culture.
(826) Nice poster.
(827) What? Like, you a big fan of the Fett? No. I was always more of a Star Wars guy.
(828) Star Wars guy. Who is this man? He's my...
(829) Dump truck. I'm not his dad.
(830) I'm a cop. How 'bout that? A cop. I'm sorry. Thank you.
(831) Why'd you bring a cop into my command centre?
(832) Command centre. It's a basement.
(833) It's a command centre. I can explain.
(834) Just tell us about Thomas Gabriel, all right? That's why we came here.
(835) Thomas Gabriel. I didn't know. Sorry.
(836) Get out. I want you outta here, right now.
(837) Calm down. Just calm down, big boy.
(838) You calm down. It's my house.
(839) You're gonna tell me what I wanna know, or I'll beat you to death in your own house.
(840) Four years ago, the DOD recruits Thomas Gabriel to be a cyberspook for 'em, OK?
(841) First day on the job, tells his bosses
(842) this nation's security infrastructure is open to compromise.
(843) They say, "We'll take it under advisement." But he don't ease up cos he is committed.
(844) So he breaks into a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
(845) and, with just a laptop, hacks into NORAD and shuts down our defence network.
(846) So they put a gun to the man's head and forced him to stop the hack.
(847) Thomas Gabriel's the guy who shut down NORAD with a laptop just to prove a point.
(848) You think I'm scared of you? Tell us how to find him.
(849) How do I know? He's a ghost, man. He just fell off the grid.
(850) Another dead end. Come on. Wait.
(851) Listen, Warlock, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a...
(852) A mutating algorithmic security code, that's probably being used by Thomas Gabriel now.
(853) No, we know that. Yes. Can you tell us what he's using it for?
(854) I don't know. I've been trying to figure that out. Here, look.
(855) The only security system in the country that I can find
(856) currently employing that template is the Social Security Administration.
(857) But they don't use it in the main facility. Look. They use it in this building, in Woodlawn.
(858) Whoa. What the hell? God. I know, right?
(859) What are you talkin' about? The power consumption's off the charts.
(860) It's hot. It's on fire. Why are there chilling towers?
(861) Hello.
(862) What's a chilling tower?
(863) See what I've been dealing with?
(864) Large server farms generate a lot of heat and need to be cooled.
(865) But why there?
(866) I don't know what's in that building, but it's not Social Security numbers.
(867) I got a red flag over here. Someone's hackin' into Woodlawn.
(868) Honing in on the host server right now.
(869) "Frederick Kaludis."
(870) Let's have a look at him. Fat bastard.
(871) McClane.
(872) Where is his daughter? We just got a trace on her cell.
(873) You'll love this.
(874) All right. Let's get a better look at you.
(875) Freddy? What?
(876) What the hell are you doing dickin' around inside my network?
(877) McClane?
(878) I thought I killed you already.
(879) I get that sometimes.
(880) You think you can try to track where he is? Dude, yeah.
(881) Detective, covering the camera with your hand does not turn off the microphone.
(882) Yeah, I know I'm not as smart as you guys with all this computer shit,
(883) but I'm still alive, ain't I?
(884) I mean, you got to be runnin' out of bad guys by now, right?
(885) Gabriel?
(886) Honestly, you can tell me. How does that work?
(887) You got some kind of service? Some kinda 800 number? 1-800-HENCHMEN?
(888) And I bet you're still on hold with,
(889) "Can I get another dead Asian hooker bitch over here right away?"
(890) But seriously, all that kicking aside, that skinny little ninja chick, she was smokin' hot.
(891) One of those gotta be real hard to come by, right?
(892) You're impressed with yourself, aren't you? I have my moments.
(893) Yeah?
(894) Is this one of them?
(895) Hello? Yes, this is Emergency Services.
(896) Thank God. Can she hear me?
(897) My name is Lucy Gennero. I'm stuck in here. My cell's not working.
(898) Can she hear this? Lucy, hang up that phone.
(899) Yes, calm down, miss. We know exactly where you are.
(900) Everything is gonna be all right.
(901) Lucy, hang up the phone. John, I'm trying to have a conversation.
(902) We're a bit overloaded tonight, as you may imagine,
(903) but I assure you we're gonna get you out of there.
(904) Even if I have to come down there myself. Thank you.
(905) In the meantime, is there anyone we can contact for you?
(906) Yeah.
(907) My dad.
(908) His name is John McClane. He's a New York City cop.
(909) We'll find him. Just hang in there, miss, and we'll get to you, very soon.
(910) Thank you.
(911) Wow. That's a great girl you got there. Can't wait to meet her.
(912) What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
(913) Come on, John.
(914) Make ajoke.
(915) Say somethin' funny.
(916) Where? Where you goin'
(917) McClane. Hold on. Where you goin' What are you gonna do?
(918) What do you think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go kill this guy and get my daughter.
(919) But she can be anywhere... Listen. It's gonna get messy. Stay here.
(920) I think I... I'm doing you a favour.
(921) I wouldn't bet on me, all right?
(922) I'll take it from here.
(923) Thanks for your help.
(924) I wouldn't bet on you either, so I figured I'd lend a hand.
(925) Buckle up.
(926) FBI, ma'am. Jersey field office.
(927) Mind if I see your ID?
(928) Not at all.
(929) My dad's a cop. Force of habit.
(930) Your father sounds like a very smart man.
(931) Kid, can you get Bowman?
(932) Yeah.
(933) It's completely dead.
(934) Gabriel must have shut down all the satellite links. Shit.
(935) I'm sorry about Lucy, man.
(936) About all of it.
(937) It was my fault you got into this. This wasn't your fight.
(938) You got nothin' to be sorry about.
(939) Let go of me, you bastard. This bitch is a handful.
(940) Are you gonna be all right?
(941) Behave or I will hurt you.
(942) Yeah? Let's step outside, just you and me. We'll see who hurts who.
(943) You really are his daughter.
(944) Tie her wrists.
(945) Trey, Gabriel wants to see you.
(946) Is it that time already? Yeah.
(947) OK.
(948) I'll be back in a second.
(949) No, no, no, please.
(950) We're showing a breach on an exterior vent.
(951) Go take a look.
(952) Don't be long. We're packing up soon.
(953) McClane, do we have anything resembling a plan?
(954) Find Lucy and kill everybody else.
(955) No, I mean more like a plan. Like, a way to do that.
(956) Come on.
(957) OK, according to the layout, the chilling towers are kept on the bottom level.
(958) I think mine's locked.
(959) OK. Now it looks like we're gettin' somewhere.
(960) OK, this looks like it controls the cooling system for the mainframe, which should be...
(961) If I can just hack in,
(962) and trip the alarm, it might alert Bowman.
(963) Someone set off the alarms.
(964) Yes. Thank you, detective. I can hear that. Find a way to turn it off.
(965) What have you got?
(966) We got a problem. The alarms went off at Woodlawn.
(967) It's gotta be him.
(968) And what's Woodlawn?
(969) It's NSA - a secure facility outside of Baltimore.
(970) It's a fail-safe we built after 9/11 to back up all financial information.
(971) The moment networks were hit, all financial data began downloading to those servers.
(972) Banks, Wall Street, corporate records, government funds - all of it.
(973) Basically, a backup for the accumulated wealth of America.
(974) All in one location?
(975) What could Gabriel do with it?
(976) If he could get in, he might try to transfer the data to a portable hard drive.
(977) Then he'd have access to those accounts from anywhere. Siphon off billions for himself.
(978) We couldn't trace it.
(979) Or, knowing him, he could erase it all and send us all back to the Stone Age.
(980) Why the hell wasn't I told about this? Frankly, it's above your pay grade.
(981) My pay grade?
(982) How the hell did Gabriel find out about this when even I didn't know about it?
(983) He designed it.
(984) It was his program.
(985) He knew that hacking your system last night would trigger the download.
(986) That's brilliant.
(987) You two geniuses, stay out of my way.
(988) Let me see if I can get a floor plan of this place.
(989) Don't move.
(990) You, get away from the bag. Now.
(991) OK, OK.
(992) We've been waiting for you.
(993) Yeah? I've been waiting for you, too.
(994) McClane!
(995) McClane!
(996) Kid?
(997) Matt?
(998) Kid.
(999) Emerson.
(1000) We have a problem in one of the cooling towers.
(1001) Tower seven. Tower seven.
(1002) Find out what's going on.
(1003) Sir?
(1004) Get the HR team to stand by. We need to get to Woodlawn.
(1005) The roads out are blocked. DC's in total gridlock.
(1006) Then get us some helicopters.
(1007) They were all pulled by the Pentagon for search and rescue.
(1008) Molina, find me some goddamn helicopters immediately.
(1009) Look, the Pentagon has jets flying CAP over DC.
(1010) Have them send one to Woodlawn and keep an eye on things.
(1011) Let's go.
(1012) Where's my daughter?
(1013) Russo, check in.
(1014) Yeah, I think Russo's on his way down to meet your girlfriend, dickhead.
(1015) Hold on a minute. Looks like he's coming around.
(1016) It's McClane. He's on the third floor.
(1017) Get all that? That's right.
(1018) I'm on the third floor. But I'm coming to get you.
(1019) Don't move now. I'll send a doctor.
(1020) Kill this guy and I'll give you Mai's cut.
(1021) My algorithm.
(1022) OK, please, God.
(1023) Please, God...
(1024) Jesus, they're going after the money.
(1025) You coming to get me, John? Is that the plan?
(1026) Yep, that's my plan.
(1027) What makes you think I won't put a bullet in your daughter's head?
(1028) Cos you're scared of me. You think I'm afraid of you?
(1029) Otherwise she'd be dead already. You need a bargaining chip.
(1030) Stop there. Hands up.
(1031) If you kill me, you'll never get it open.
(1032) Move away. Move.
(1033) You know, John, I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot.
(1034) And because of that, you think I'm the bad guy.
(1035) Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm the good guy.
(1036) I told them this could happen if they didn't prepare.
(1037) Did I get a thank-you? No, I got crucified. But they wouldn't listen.
(1038) You got their attention now, don't you? That's right.
(1039) I am doing the country a favour. By tearing it apart.
(1040) Better me than some outsider. Some religious nut-job bent on Armageddon.
(1041) Nobody wants to see that happen.
(1042) Everything I've broken can be fixed if the country is willing to pay for it.
(1043) Bullshit. It's always been about the money.
(1044) What? I shouldn't get paid for my work? I'm working my ass off here, John.
(1045) Well, just sit tight, asshole. I got a cheque for you.
(1046) I can't talk to this guy. You talk to him, see if you can get him to focus.
(1047) Dad?
(1048) Hi, baby.
(1049) Now there are only five of them.
(1050) Hang on, Lucy. I'm comin'
(1051) Would somebody please kill this son of a bitch?
(1052) We have a problem.
(1053) There's actually no problem. I just got off on the wrong floor.
(1054) This is a mess.
(1055) Wow. I'm truly impressed, man. Hacking every byte of financial data
(1056) for the entire country'd take weeks unless you eliminated the congestion.
(1057) That's what this fire sale is about, isn't it?
(1058) That's brilliant. Yes, it is. Please be quiet.
(1059) Asshole. Who are you?
(1060) Matt Farrell.
(1061) Lucy McClane.
(1062) I thought your name was Gennero. Lucy Gennero.
(1063) Not today.
(1064) Can you crack the code? Maybe. I mean, if I had enough time.
(1065) That's encouraging.
(1066) Take them with us.
(1067) Let's go. Let's go.
(1068) Gabriel, Pentagon just sent an F-35 towards us.
(1069) Keep an eye on it.
(1070) Pulling down the "go" codes now.
(1071) You might wanna think about what you want on your headstone, asshole.
(1072) Christ! Goddamn hamster.
(1073) There you go.
(1074) Stay still, spider-boy.
(1075) That's right.
(1076) Goddammit!
(1077) Oh, no.
(1078) You probably shouldn't antagonise them, since they have all the loaded guns.
(1079) Take a minute and dig deep for a bigger set of balls, cos you're gonna need 'em.
(1080) Wow. I know that tone. It's just weird hearing it from someone... with hair.
(1081) Sir.
(1082) ETA 15 minutes.
(1083) There we go.
(1084) Fix it.
(1085) Why? You're just gonna kill me if I fix it. I know that.
(1086) Oh, shit!
(1087) I'm not gonna do it.
(1088) No, no, no. Shit. Robinson is coming pretty fast.
(1089) I'm sorry, what? Something's wrong.
(1090) Robinson is coming too fast.
(1091) It's not Robinson.
(1092) That would be my dad.
(1093) Freddy?
(1094) Freddy?
(1095) It's John McClane.
(1096) Look, I know you can hear me. This is your frequency, right? 666.
(1097) Come on, pick up the mic, Freddy.
(1098) Nobody here by that name. Sorry.
(1099) Hackerjerk-off.
(1100) Warlock...

(1101) I need you to do whatever it is you do to patch me through to the FBI.
(1102) To Deputy Director Bowman.
(1103) You hear me? Are you serious?
(1104) You want me to intentionally open up a com line
(1105) to the head of the FBI's cyber division? I don't think so.
(1106) Freddy, goddammit, they have my daughter.
(1107) I can do that. Hold on.
(1108) Thank you.
(1109) This is Central. We have a patch for Director Bowman.
(1110) Sir. Central's trying to reach you.
(1111) Go.
(1112) Bowman, it's McClane. McClane.
(1113) Listen to me. Gabriel is on the 695 headed north in a Hazmat truck.
(1114) Wait, Gabriel's left Woodlawn? We're headed there right now.
(1115) Bowman. He's got my daughter.
(1116) Listen, this Hazmat truck is a government vehicle, so it should be LoJacked, right?
(1117) Track that down, it should take you to him.
(1118) Give me the tag number. All right. Hang on. Here it comes.
(1119) Golf... Tango...
(1120) five... niner... two... November.
(1121) Got it. McClane, where is Farrell?
(1122) He's with them.
(1123) Listen to me.
(1124) I'm gonna go in there and get Lucy out, but if something happens to me,
(1125) you gotta send the cavalry in, you hear me? I mean everybody.
(1126) Don't let that maniac get my daughter.
(1127) John, don't worry. I want your word, Bowman.
(1128) Yeah, you have it.
(1129) McClane out.
(1130) There's the F-35.
(1131) Did you get the "go" codes?
(1132) Trey. Did you get the "go" codes? Yes.
(1133) Can you connect me to the pilot?
(1134) Isolating his radio.
(1135) Sending him the "go" codes.
(1136) AV-81.
(1137) AV-81, this is Marine Air Wing ATC. Go for AV-81.
(1138) Confirmed terrorist vehicle located in your sector. A big rig truck.
(1139) Currently in pursuit of a Hazmat vehicle. I see them.
(1140) You are authorised to engage and destroy.
(1141) Copy that. AV-81 engaging.
(1142) What?
(1143) Jesus Christ! Goddammit!
(1144) You're shooting at the wrong guy.
(1145) I don't think Daddy's coming, honey.
(1146) Jackass!
(1147) Is that it?
(1148) Is that your best shot?
(1149) Come on!
(1150) Damn.
(1151) Come on.
(1152) Let's go. Come on.
(1153) That way. It's that way. Go.
(1154) We are leaving in three minutes.
(1155) You have one.
(1156) The rules haven't changed. You'll kill me the minute I unlock it.
(1157) Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Matthew?
(1158) Matthew.
(1159) I really need you to pay attention.
(1160) The rules can always change. OK, wait.
(1161) I'm gonna shoot her in ten seconds. Wait.
(1162) Nine.
(1163) I can't.
(1164) Eight.
(1165) I can't.
(1166) Oh, God.
(1167) OK.
(1168) OK, OK, OK.
(1169) Six.
(1170) OK, stop. Stop, stop. I'm doing it. I'm doing it.
(1171) Oh, God. Oh, my God.
(1172) Feds are headed this way.
(1173) Get everything on the plane. Yep.
(1174) Dad. Careful.
(1175) Don't worry, baby. Everything's gonna be all right.
(1176) Daddy!
(1177) No.
(1178) Hold this.
(1179) No.
(1180) Jesus Christ.
(1181) You got her?
(1182) You're sure?
(1183) Nice effort, though.
(1184) Matthew. Oh, shit. All right, OK.
(1185) OK. I'm doin' it. I know.
(1186) McClane.
(1187) Would you do me a favour?
(1188) I know the lights are beginning to dim, but if you could just hang on for a second,
(1189) when Matt's finished, I'm gonna kill him and your daughter,
(1190) and I would love for you to see that.
(1191) Goddammit. Matthew?
(1192) Ten seconds, OK? You'll have all your money.
(1193) You just leave. No one has to get hurt, OK? A few seconds. Stay with me.
(1194) McClane.
(1195) Stay with me. Dad?
(1196) On your tombstone it should read, " Always in the wrong place at the wrong time."
(1197) How 'bout, "Yippee-ki-yay, motherf..."
(1198) Daddy... Daddy... Daddy...
(1199) Are you OK? Yes, baby, I'm fine.
(1200) I knew you'd come for me.
(1201) Of course I'd come for you, honey. Sorry it took me so long. It's OK.
(1202) Move, move.
(1203) Freeze!
(1204) Hold, hold. He's OK.
(1205) Get that vehicle. Come around.
(1206) Here, help Daddy up. OK.
(1207) Wait, wait. I think I'll just stay here for a minute.
(1208) OK. Daddy, you're outta your mind. What are you talkin' about?
(1209) You shot yourself. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
(1210) Don't tell these guys that I did that.
(1211) Thanks for all your help, John. Thank you.
(1212) Is he OK?
(1213) Should I put my hands up? No, don't put your hands up.
(1214) Put 'em down further?
(1215) Might die of shock on the way to the hospital.
(1216) All right.
(1217) I'll be right back.
(1218) Hey. Hey.
(1219) How's it feel to be shot? It actually feels great.
(1220) He gave me some... What's it called? Morphine.
(1221) Well, you got your merit badge now. Yeah. I don't know what that means.
(1222) Plus, you know, chicks dig scars. Really?
(1223) Not that one.
(1224) What? Don't even think about it.
(1225) How did you know what I was thinking? Did she say something to you?
(1226) I felt like we had kind of a vibe. Easy. That's just the morphine kickin' in.
(1227) Yeah.
(1228) Besides, after all we've been through, I'd hate to have to beat you to death.
(1229) That would suck.
(1230) Good to go? Yeah, all set.
(1231) Take care of yourself. I'll see you at the hospital.
(1232) Thanks for saving my daughter's life.
(1233) What was I gonna do?
(1234) That's what makes you that guy.
(1235) Yeah.
(1236) So, did he say anything about me?
(1237) Jesus, Lucy.
(1238) What? I'm sorry. I'm just asking.
(1239) I'm in enough pain already.
(1240) Hospital.

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