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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[1942] [Flying Tigers] English Transcripts

(1) Attention, flight "A"! Flight "A"!
(2) Japanese aircraft sighted over Kunsing area.
(3) Aggie blue from aggie blue one. Go ahead.
(4) Blue two okay, skipper. Blue three, check.
(5) Blue four receiving you r5-s5, sir.
(6) Blue five, okay. Blue six, okay.
(7) Eighteen attack bombers, three points to your right. About 15,000.
(8) What do you know, only three to one. That won't even wake me up.
(9) Gordon to Dale, over. Go ahead, sir.
(10) Listen, Dale, this is your first time up.
(11) Don't try to win this war all by yourself.
(12) Stick close. Tail them in formation. Yes, sir.
(13) What time is it?
(14) 11:27. Those boozers are overdue.
(15) All safe and accounted for? Of course.
(16) Of course.
(17) Look, captain Jim! Looky! Wham, wham!
(18) Termites.
(19) Better get a new oxygen tank. She only registers 500.
(20) Hap.
(21) You got something on your mind? Me?
(22) Nothing but japs. Why?
(23) You're not pulling out of your dives fast enough.
(24) I'll watch it.
(25) It only takes one. I know, Jim.
(26) Hate to look around one day and find out you're the little man who wasn't there.
(27) You and reardon better go up this afternoon and simulate a diving attack.
(28) Mustn't get rusty.
(29) Okay, Jim.
(30) A little rough in spots, Dale, but I think when you iron a few things out
(31) Dale?
(32) Dale?
(33) Bill, take care of Dale.
(34) Mike? Yes, sir?
(35) Did that box of instruments come up from rangoon?
(36) Yes, sir. Fix the panel in Dale's ship.
(37) This belonged to Dale too.
(38) Come in.
(39) Quite a collection.
(40) He should have stayed in college where he came from,
(41) but he begged for a chance.
(42) Begged for it like some kid asking to go to the circus,
(43) and I gave it to him.
(44) What happened?
(45) He didn't watch his tail. And outnumbered, as usual.
(46) He did bring his ship back.
(47) Yeah... he did.
(48) But tomorrow or the next day,
(49) there will be somebody else in it...
(50) With three of them on his tail.
(51) Or six or ten Jim.
(52) How's Miller? Just a flesh wound in the shoulder.
(53) I'll give him back to you in a week.
(54) How are you?
(55) You can have me back anytime.
(56) Why don't you go home?
(57) You need a nurse.
(58) Suppose you cut yourself shaving?
(59) When did you sleep last?
(60) Monday. It was a very good day for it.
(61) Well, try Thursdays. They're good days too. Excuse me.
(62) Larry?
(63) Get me the weather on m5, and check on those oil drums.
(64) Find out what's holding them up. As if I didn't already know.
(65) Think hap could run this show for a couple of days? Yes. Why?
(66) I've got to run down to rangoon. The colonel promised me some replacements.
(67) I'm gonna need them now that Dale when will you be back?
(68) Oh, I don't know.
(69) Might keep right on going till I get to San Francisco.
(70) Nice town, San Francisco.
(71) Yeah.
(72) There's a place on Fisherman's wharf
(73) they serve oysters you have to cut with a knife.
(74) Ever try Simpsons in London?
(75) Roast beef you can cut with a fork.
(76) No floor show though.
(77) No floor show.
(78) Take me with you.
(79) No, Brooke, we can't do anything like that.
(80) I know. I couldn't leave anyway.
(81) There's a new batch of evacuee children coming this afternoon.
(82) Wanted to see me, Jim?
(83) Yeah, I want you to take care of the store while I'm away.
(84) Got to go to rangoon. Sure.
(85) Larry, have the station wagon brought around and put my things in it.
(86) Got to catch a plane for rangoon.
(87) Did that gasoline shipment arrive yet?
(88) I wish somebody would figure out a ship that would fly on rice.
(89) Want to check the scoreboard?
(90) Mccurdy will fly number two while you're in charge.
(91) Make sure that second-string pitcher does some work on his guns.
(92) Zero. Two."
(93) I thought you and Jim
(94) didn't I tell you to credit my ship only to Dale?
(95) Look, Jim, I got nobody back in the states.
(96) I thought Dale's folks would find that 1,000 bonus handy around the farm.
(97) Or is it a gas station?
(98) You got your halo on crooked, pal.
(99) Car's ready. Right.
(100) Start working on Selby and mcintosh as a team.

[2006] [Flyboys] English Transcripts

(1) With over a million casualties from the Battle of Verdun alone,
(2) the death toll continues to climb.
(3) Never before has the battlefield been so vast
(4) and never before has the fighting been so gruesome.
(5) Whether on the ground in brutal trench warfare
(6) or high, high in the skies above them,
(7) millions of young soldiers continue to die with no end in sight.
(8) It seems as though the German aggressors cannot be stopped as the Allied nations
(9) valiantly fight to survive.
(10) The Great War rages on.
(11) Hello, Blaine.
(12) You're not gonna give me any problems, are you?
(13) Got no quarrel with you. Just that banker.
(14) You broke up Sandford's face pretty good. He's looking to see you in jail.
(15) He had it coming.
(16) I got a bench warrant for your arrest.
(17) I'm gonna give you half an hour before I serve it.
(18) If I were you, I'd get out of town. Way out of town.
(19) NARRATOR: Fear continues to grow that without the United States' intervention,
(20) France could soon fall.
(21) Despite President Wilson's refusal to enter the conflict,
(22) some determined young Americans have volunteered to join the fray anyway.
(23) Using the latest in flying war machines,
(24) the French have created a new airborne combat unit just for these Yanks.
(25) From all over, American boys are making their way
(26) across the Atlantic to learn how to fly.
(27) Good luck, son.
(28) I'll try to bring home a couple of medals like you and Grandpa.
(29) We'll march together in the 4th of July parade,
(30) you'll see.
(32) Don't worry, Mom. I got the Jensen blood.
(33) Haven't made the bullet yet that's stronger than that.
(34) I'm gonna miss you so much. Write me every day, okay?
(35) CONDUCTOR: All aboard!
(36) I will.
(37) I'll be fine. Don't worry.
(38) I love you, Laura.
(41) I'm gonna learn to fly airplanes.
(42) SAILOR: Come on, now.
(44) Thank you so much.
(45) Please take great care of them. Yes, sir.
(46) Well, you should have everything you need.
(47) Thank you, Father.
(48) I've made arrangements to come to Paris in the fall.
(49) I may come and see you then. Yes, Father.
(50) Buck up, my boy.
(51) This noble conflict you're about to enter
(52) is the kind of adventure that can set one above the herd.
(53) I suppose so.
(54) Damn it, Briggs, have you no enthusiasm for anything that might distinguish you?
(55) It's quite enough you've been dismissed from Harvard,
(56) but your continuing lack of direction has become an embarrassment.
(57) It's time to do something worthy of your name.
(58) Have you nothing to say?
(59) No, Father.
(62) They said we're supposed to go to a place on 228 Rue Brion.
(63) That's where we can buy all our aviator clothes.
(64) I can't understand a word on this map.
(65) Hello? Does anybody here speak English?
(67) Okay.
(68) Brion. Rue Brion.
(70) Right there. Yeah.
(71) Rue Brion. Do you see it?
(72) Excuse me, sir? We're a little lost, and...
(74) Never mind.
(76) Oh, good Lord.
(79) On your right, you've got the English squadron.
(80) They fly the Bristol, the Sopwith and the SE5As.
(81) This place is really something. Have you ever seen anything...
(82) And here is the French detachment.
(83) They fly Nieuport 11s.
(85) How many of you speak French?
(87) Our country has been at war since we were first attacked three years ago,
(88) and we have lost more than a million of our young men.
(90) Your country turned its back on this conflict,
(91) but you have bravely volunteered to join the fight to preserve freedom.
(92) All right, there is not much more to see, so let's have eyes forward.
(93) We do not expect you to win the war,
(94) only to do what your conscience commands and your courage allows.
(95) You will train for two months, then we'll see which one of you
(96) becomes your squadron's first ace.
(97) That'll be me.
(98) Who are you? Blaine Rawlings.
(99) We arrive in uniform, Mr. Rawlings.
(100) Yeah, I wasn't quite sure how it all went together.

[2004] [Flight of the Phoenix] English Transcripts

(1) Hey, guys. What do y'all think the deal is with those clowns?
(2) I don't know, but we're not expecting supplies.
(3) Hey, Rod. Where you goin', man?
(4) To pack. We're done here.
(5) This is bullshit. You knew about this.
(6) Kelly. What can I do for you?
(7) You're closing me down.
(8) I am not closing you down. Atlanta is closing you down.
(9) You said you'd back me all the way.
(10) And you said you'd find oil here.
(11) Frank Towns, right?
(12) Hi. I'm Kelly Johnson.
(13) Hi, Kelly. It's my rig.
(14) Oh. So, how long we got?
(15) Just as long as it takes to cap that well and get your crew on the plane.
(16) This is bullshit!
(17) You can't just show up and shut us down.
(18) Yeah? Well, just watch me.
(19) Yeah, yeah. I've heard your reputation. "Shut It Down" Towns.
(20) I thought it was inflated.
(21) You know, you screw up...
(22) you pay the price.
(23) Nobody here screwed up.
(24) Really? Well, somebody somewhere thinks that you did.
(25) You owe me 10 bucks. She's a redhead.
(26) You really enjoy your job, don't you, Towns?
(27) Kelly, right?
(28) Kelly, there are few things I do enjoy...
(29) but getting my balls broken while I'm trying to do my job isn't one of them.
(30) Now, get your shit packed, get your crew together and load this airplane.
(31) And by the way, when we reach Beijing, you're off the clock.
(32) Have a nice day.
(33) Thanks very much. A.J.
(34) Yeah. Let's get this garbage out of here.
(35) Nice. Good job. Nice one.
(36) These oil rigs...
(37) they attract the sorriest bunch of zeroes ever.
(38) Who tied that up? Need a little help, man?
(39) Yeah, right. We're gonna be fine. Thanks.
(40) Come on. Let's clear this shit up, man.
(41) Help me out. I just finished loading this thing up!
(42) What a team.
(43) Oh, man! Hold up, man.
(44) Davis, what are you doing? You know I do this when I get on a plane.
(45) It's good luck, all right? I ain't crashed yet. Come on. Move it.
(46) You keep talking like that, you're gonna jinx us.
(47) I ain't jinxin' us. This is for good luck. Settle down.
(48) Hey!
(49) You ladies calm down. You want to try pushing me into my seat?
(50) You must be Rodney. Mm-hmm.
(51) I knew this guy that worked with you out in Kuwait.
(52) Didn't that rig get shut down too?
(53) What's your problem? We're the ones losing our jobs.
(54) We're the ones who had to fly to this shit hole and pick up all the garbage.
(55) Okay, guys. Knock it off.
(56) You ladies have a safe flight.
(57) Lucky he walked away.
(58) Yes, I... I think you may find it more comfortable back there...
(59) with the rest of them.
(60) Sure.
(61) Ticktock, Liddle.
(62) Yeah. Don't get too attached to it. I'm gonna want it back.
(63) We're all set? Looks like we got one more.
(64) That can't be. Everybody's here.
(65) I'll let him know he's walkin'.
(66) I guess I need a ride to Beijing.
(67) Not on this flight, Goober.
(68) Anybody know who this guy is?
(69) It's a long story.
(70) Get on board. A.J., start us up.
(71) You're the boss, Frank.
(72) Okay. All set, Mr. President.
(73) I think it's about that time that we do the checklist as the two Bills.
(74) What do you say, buddy?
(75) Well, why change a good thing? Go ahead, good buddy.
(76) Allow me to grab my bulletin. Seat belts.
(77) I always like to have a little something strapped to my lap.
(78) Check.
(79) Windows, doors and hatches.
(80) Closed and secured so no one can disturb us.
(81) Water injection.
(82) That's what she said.
(83) Check.
(84) Gyros.
(85) Set and uncaged, just like yours truly.
(86) And last, but not least, cow flaps.
(87) Till the cows come home.
(88) I think we're ready to go. You gonna kiss your lucky man?
(89) I'll make it happen right now. Clear left.
(90) Clear right. All right. Here we go.
(91) My wife was pregnant with this little guy when I left.
(92) I haven't even met him yet.
(93) That's nice. You must really be looking forward to getting home.
(94) You have no idea.
(95) You wanna see my family, bro? Yeah.
(96) Check her out, man. She's my whole life.
(97) When I get back home, I'm gonna open up a restaurant.
(98) Yeah? Yeah. Sammi and Sandra's Sweet Salsa Shop.
(99) That's tight, right? You like that?
(100) How do I know her though? She look familiar.

[1980] [Flash Gordon] English Transcripts

(1) Klytus, I'm bored.
(2) What plaything can you offer me today?
(3) An obscure body in the SK system. The inhabitants call it Earth.
(4) How peaceful it looks.
(6) Most effective, Your Majesty. Will you destroy this Earth?
(7) Later. I like to play with things... before annihilation.
(10) Green Mountain Airways 123 requesting instructions.
(11) I hope Flash Gordon's had a great vacation after last season.
(12) Any problem, fellas? Just turbulence. Nothing serious.
(13) Nothing you'd want to toss a third-down pass through either.
(14) Would you like to autograph this for my kid, Mr. Gordon?
(15) Call Boston approach. It may be smoother higher up.
(16) Do us a favor and leave them alone. They're busy driving the bus.
(17) It's just a little turbulence.
(18) My name's Flash. I know.
(19) I'm sorry if I seemed rude. I'm just a little scared.
(20) It's kind of nice. A travel agent who's scared in planes.
(21) I asked the Maître D' who you were.
(22) Talk to me. Get my mind off this. I couldn't believe you were alone.
(23) You're just saying that. No, I mean it.
(24) What were you doing there, alone? Trying to get my head together.
(25) By myself, you know? I sure do.
(26) It's okay. Honestly, it's nothing.
(27) Famous last words. I take flying lessons.
(28) Sometimes air rises above clouds and you get a...
(29) What's the matter?
(30) What's happening, Flash?
(31) Dr. Zarkov! There's no sun. It's 8:24 in the morning.
(32) No sun? No.
(33) Check the angular vector of the moon.
(34) There seems to be no reason for these intergalactic upsets.
(35) Only Dr. Hans Zarkov, formerly of NASA, provided an explanation.
(36) His ideas, however, have been rejected as irrational.
(37) According to NASA, today's solar eclipse is no cause for alarm.
(38) A team of scientists has been in conference with the President.
(39) What do you find? The moon out of orbit?
(40) By more than twelve degrees. It must be a mistake.
(41) That's no mistake. It's an attack.
(42) I've been right all these years.
(43) Fragments of moon rock. Our moon is subjected to some enormous force.
(44) A kind of energy beam.
(45) Time to go, Munson. I've got the coordinates
(46) the direction it's coming from.
(47) This is what we've been waiting for.
(48) We'll go up and counter-attack.
(49) You're crazy. I'm not going up in that.
(50) I can't handle the capsule alone. You'd better try.
(51) Get your toothbrush and whatever. Right, chief.
(52) Munson! Why are you running away?
(53) All the frequencies are dead.
(54) Get a look at the V.O.R. Holy cow!
(55) John, ten o'clock!
(56) I'll put this baby down right here.
(57) What the hell?
(58) My God, where are the pilots? Help me pull her up.
(59) Are we coming up? I can't see.
(60) Me neither. Look for landing lights.
(61) This isn't my scene. Look where? Hit the switches over there.
(62) Did your flying lessons get as far as landing?
(63) I was afraid you'd ask that. No.
(64) Hang on, here we go.
(65) Munson!
(66) I swear, Munson, I'll shoot!
(67) Get shot, go up, what's the difference?
(68) You'll give your life to save Earth.
(69) Haven't you any spirit at all? No!
(70) Dr. Zarkov, listen! You're back.
(71) Dale, you all right? I'm terrific.
(72) Let's get out of here before she blows.
(73) Hold me for a second, then drop me, I'll kiss the ground.
(74) You sure you're okay? Fine. But no more flying.
(75) Good morning! Are you injured? It seems not.
(76) A miracle. I expect you'd like to use my phone?
(77) I would. I'm sure the insurance...
(78) Please, don't mention it. What happened to the sun?
(79) Looks like an eclipse. There was nothing about it on TV.
(80) The phone is right in there.
(81) Sorry, Munson. Missed your opportunity.
(82) Where's the telephone? I'm sure that's Dr. Zarkov.
(83) He's a crazy scientist I saw on TV.
(84) He kept talking about an attack. They kicked him out of NASA...
(85) Dr. Zarkov. Enough!
(86) Are you crazy? Unfortunately not.
(87) The attack has begun. We have eleven days before the moon crashes down.
(88) I need aid in taking off. Taking off where?
(89) Up there. I need one person to keep a foot on that red pedal
(90) During blast-off. You're the lighter. Sit down.
(91) You may leave. Tell the world what Hans Zarkov has done.
(92) I guess I'll be running along now. You lunatic!
(93) Flash, the doors!
(94) Sit down! Keep a foot on the pedal, or the G-forces will kill us all.
(95) My God, we're moving.
(96) For God's sake, strap yourselves down! Quick!
(97) The red pedal!
(98) Friendship. Built this to send in friendship...
(99) The end, now...
(100) Unless we three can... Unless we can...

[1982] [First Blood] English Transcripts

(1) Excuse me, can you tell me this, where Delmare Berry lives?
(2) He ain't here.
(3) Go on inside, baby.
(4) He's a friend of mine...
(5) Well in fact, he wrote his address down... right here.
(6) Here.
(7) You can see that's Delmare's writing.
(8) I sure had a hard time finding this place!
(9) That's his writin'. Like I said, he's a friend.
(10) My name is John Rambo. We served on the same team together in Nam.
(11) I don't know if he ever talked about me...
(12) I've got a picture of us together.
(13) Somewhere...
(14) This junk in my pocket!
(15) Here... here it is.
(16) That's me, that's Danforth, Westmore, Bronson, Ortega,
(17) and there's Delmare, right in the back.
(18) We had to put him in the back because he's so big,
(19) if we didn't, he'd take up the whole picture!
(20) Delmare's gone.
(21) What time will he be back? He died.
(22) What?
(23) Died last summer.
(24) Died how?
(25) Cancer. Brought it back from Nam.
(26) All that orange stuff they spread it around.
(27) Cut him down to nothing. I couldn't lift him off the sheet.
(28) I'm very sorry.
(29) Morning Amy! How are you doing, girls?
(30) Great, thanks. Alright this morning?
(31) Andy! Howdy, Will!
(32) Good morning, Dave! Hi, Sheriff!
(33) Gonna take a bath this week?!
(34) Morning!
(35) You... you visiting someone around here?
(36) No.
(37) You know, wearing that flag on that jacket, looking the way you do...
(38) you're askin' for trouble around here, friend!
(39) Headed North or South? North.
(40) Jump in, I'll make sure you head in the right direction, huh!
(41) Where you heading? Portland.
(42) Portland is South, you said you were headed North.
(43) You got some place I can eat around here?
(44) There's a diner about 30 miles up the highway.
(45) Is there a law against me getting something to eat here?
(46) Yeah, me.
(47) Why are you pushin' me?
(48) What did you say?
(49) I said why are you pushing me, I haven't done anything to you.
(50) First of all, you don't ask the questions around here, I do. Understand?
(51) Secondly... we don't want guys like you in this town.
(52) Drifters.
(53) First thing you know we got a whole bunch
(54) of guys like you in this town. That's why!
(55) Besides, you wouldn't like it here...
(56) It's a quiet little town.
(57) In fact, you might say it's boring!
(58) But that's the way we like it.
(59) And I get paid to keep it that way.
(60) Boring...
(61) Portland, straight ahead!
(62) If you want some friendly advice...
(63) Get your hair cut and take a bath. You wouldn't get hassled so much!
(64) Hope this ride helped you out!
(65) Have a nice day, huh!
(66) Where the hell do you think you're going?
(67) Hey, I'm talkin' to you, goddammit!
(68) Let's see some I.D.!
(69) All right, you're under arrest!
(70) You hear me? You put your hands on the car.
(71) Now you put your hands on the car, and you spread'em.
(72) Are you gonna put your hands on that car?
(73) How you do it, you decide, right now!
(74) Put your legs back.
(75) Back!
(76) You try to be nice to some people!
(77) Well, what do we have here, huh?
(78) What would you be carrying a knife like this?
(79) Hunting.
(80) Don't be a wise guy! What do you hunt with a knife?
(81) Name it.
(82) Hi, Will. Lester.
(83) Harry, buzz us in, will ya?
(84) Hey, talk about your sorry looking humanity!
(85) Just another smartass drifter.
(86) Morning, Arthur. Morning, Will. What do you got?
(87) I want you to book this gentleman for
(88) vagrancy, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed weapon.
(89) He says he uses it for hunting.
(90) Huntin'? What do you hunt, elephants?
(91) See if you can clean him up a little. He smells like an animal!
(92) Hey, Mitch... Mitch!
(93) Yo!
(94) Escort this young man downstairs.
(95) Yes, sir.
(96) Right this way, partner.
(97) Right here.
(98) That's it.
(99) OK, here we go.
(100) You know, it looks like it'll take old Leroy

[1986] [Firewalker] English Transcripts

(1) 'Cause I want to find out where we are, that's why!
(2) You're driving. You oughta know where we are!
(3) Take a left.
(4) No, I said left!
(5) It's a desert, Leo. What difference does it make?
(6) Just once, can't you do like I ask?
(7) Relax, we're losing 'em.
(8) Maybe they'll run out of gas.
(9) I wish you hadn't said that.
(10) I said left!
(11) Two hundred stinkin' miles of stinkin' desert,
(12) and you gotta drive us into a stinkin' pool of stinkin' water!
(13) What do you figure the odds are on this?
(14) And I say they're bandits.
(15) Nah, they couldn't be.
(16) They would have killed us by now.
(17) Oh, no. The General.
(18) Watch, he'll probably say something stupid like,
(19) "So, gentlemen, we meet again."
(20) So, gentlemen, we meet again.
(21) See?
(22) You are responsible for this!
(23) Hey, I can't take all the credit. I mean, Leo here, he...
(24) Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
(25) Splendid!
(26) A moment frozen in time.
(27) It occurred to me that to leave you gentlemen
(28) here in this wretched heat, with nothing to drink,
(29) would be a cruel and merciless act.
(30) In three hours, your flesh will begin to blister.
(31) Two hours later, your tongues will swell.
(32) And all that time, you will be holding the liquid of life
(33) in your very own hand.
(34) And you'll still be bald.
(35) Should you need anything, gentlemen, just scream!
(36) Max, there's something I want to tell you.
(37) What?
(38) I really want you to know...
(39) that I blame you for this.
(40) Oh, Max.
(41) Hurry up, Max.
(42) Something is crawling up my legs!
(43) Leo, there's only so much I can do!
(44) Quick!
(45) They're crawling all over me!
(46) Oh, quit bellyaching.
(47) I'm getting us out of it, aren't I?
(48) Got us into it, too.
(49) Geez.
(50) I'd like to see the look on the General's face
(51) when he sees us gone.
(52) The only water we had, and you had to break it.
(53) Geez, that's gratitude for ya.
(54) All I can think of is a beer from Tubbs Bar.
(55) But that's in Arizona... 5,000 miles from here.
(56) Max, I'm quitting.
(57) Again?
(58) How many expeditions have we been on together?
(59) Hundreds. Fifteen.
(60) Fifteen, Max. In ten years.
(61) And how many have we made money on?
(62) Three, Max. Only three.
(63) That's not such a good average.
(64) Our average income... Leo...
(65) you're being a teacher again.
(66) It's a side of you I've never liked.
(67) Max, we keep sticking our necks out, and sooner or later,
(68) somebody's gonna chop our heads off.
(69) What'll it be, sister?
(70) May... may I have... see your wine list, please?
(71) I got it memorized. You want white or red?
(72) Red. Thank you.
(73) My sources inform me that this place is frequented by men of...
(74) shall we say, questionable character.
(75) No, here? Yes.
(76) I need men of undying loyalty...
(77) brave, not too smart.
(78) Two men, end of the bar.
(79) Tell 'em I said you was okay.
(80) Come on, Leo.
(81) You don't want to go back to being cooped up in a classroom again, do ya?
(82) The bartender says I'm okay.
(83) That's good enough for me.
(84) Good.
(85) This is gonna be easier than I thought.
(86) Hello, I'm Patricia Goodwin. Max Donigan, Leo Porter.
(87) Hello.
(88) Gentlemen, I have a business proposition for you.
(89) But I must warn you,
(90) the men I hire need to be very brave.
(91) Well, we...
(92) laugh in the face of death, right, Leo?
(93) Now it won't be easy. It might even be dangerous.
(94) But it could be worth a lot of money.
(95) Money?
(96) Money.
(97) You see, I've recently acquired a map,
(98) and I'm convinced it leads to a great amount of gold.
(99) What's the location?
(100) An Indian reservation not far from here near the border.

Monday, January 25, 2016

[2012] [Fire with Fire] English Transcripts

(1) What's he doing in there?
(2) I thought he was right behind us?
(3) He's getting something for the bar owner.
(4) He's getting something for the bar owner?
(5) I think I see him.
(6) Mission accomplished.
(7) Here you go, sir. No no no.
(8) Are you sure? Yeah.
(9) That's an expensive case of Scotch.
(10) Merry Christmas, guys. Merry Christmas to you.
(11) Thank you very much. Thanks, man, thanks.
(12) So what do you guys say? Happy hour my place 6:00 a.m.?
(13) Let's go!
(14) Yeah. Thanks.
(15) Let's do this.
(16) I'm gonna throw this up front.
(17) I'm sorry your night got ruined.
(18) Hopefully this makes you feel a little better.
(19) She was cute! Look at you.
(20) Jeremy Coleman... one-man community outreach program.
(21) Don't say it! Okay, I don't want to hear it.
(22) Let's just try and give this one more than a couple weeks.
(23) Just because you've been domesticated doesn't mean I want to be domesticated.
(24) I need you to get domesticated. We need another couple to hang out with.
(25) Another exciting night of Pictionary? No thank you, I'm good.
(26) Pictionary, Charades, some fuckin' Boggle...
(27) Your jabbering is delaying my drinking. Let's get mobile.
(28) I'm right behind you. Let's do this.
(29) We gotta stop by the store, get provisions.
(30) Hey, what are you doing for Christmas?
(31) What do I do every Christmas? I'm picking up a shift.
(32) We're having dinner with Maria's family. You're invited.
(33) She insists. Thank you, really, but I like
(34) Working the holidays. Let's go. Of course.
(35) Hey hey hey. Grab me some...
(36) Stop! Before you ask for whatever shit you're about to ask for,
(37) remember, 15-year-old Scotch. That means it's good, Craig.
(38) I understand now, fellows. Thank you.
(39) Grab me a double bag of Funyuns. Fuck.
(40) Are you kidding me? Come on.
(41) If I'm not mistaken, we're about to drink this upscale booze
(42) in plastic cups in your shitty apartment at 7:00 in the morning,
(43) so ease up off the sommelier shit
(44) and grab me some fucking Funyuns!
(45) You're disgusting.
(46) Hey, we'll be across the street getting gas. All right?
(47) And some black licorice, Jeremy!
(48) I like my licorice like I like my women.
(49) Don't discriminate, Jeremy!
(50) Yo, Jeremy!
(51) What's up, man? Morning, fellas!
(52) You don't have to straighten up for me, Calvin, that's all right.
(53) You know I'm playing in that holiday tournament tomorrow night.
(54) You better show up this time. I'll be there, hey, I'll be there.
(55) I promise. Hey, Pringles 3-pointer... hit me.
(56) Look at that kid.
(57) And that's why the college scouts keep calling.
(58) It's looking like a full ride now.
(59) Hell, they might even take me.
(60) Yeah right, Dad. Keep dreaming.
(61) So you've been out rescuing cats from trees?
(62) Yeah, something like that. Hey, when are you gonna join up?
(63) Yeah right, maybe the Second Coming.
(64) How you doing, fellas?
(65) La-di-da.
(66) Help you with something?
(67) Keep your nose on the floor, you fucker!
(68) Settle down.
(69) Now! Okay
(70) Don't you do nothin'.
(71) Okay.
(72) Why don't you come out from around the counter?
(73) Get on your knees right here!
(74) Get your nose on the fuckin' ground.
(75) Get on your knees!
(76) Kneel down.
(77) Now my man that came in here last week,
(78) he told you I wanted your store.
(79) Now you told him that
(80) you weren't gonna give up the lease.
(81) I told him I was sorry,
(82) but this is a good location for us.
(83) Yeah, I know it's a good location.
(84) It's got freeways. Yeah.
(85) Easy to move packages in and out.
(86) I know it.
(87) This whole neighborhood
(88) belongs to the Eastside Crips.
(89) Eastside Crips.
(90) Look, I have to pay them every month.
(91) I'm under their protection.
(92) So it's no disrespect to you,
(93) but that's the reason you can't do business here.
(94) If you want me to, I can call them for you.
(95) I mean you can talk to 'em for yourself.
(96) Look, I'll get my phone.
(97) Hey, put your chin up!
(98) I was just gettin' my phone.
(99) I mean if you want to, you can talk to 'em.
(100) I'd like that, yeah. Yeah, get your phone.

[2015] [Final Girl] English Transcripts

(1) Hello.
(2) Hello.
(3) My name is William.
(4) Did they tell you what happened?
(5) My Mom and Daddy died.
(6) That's right.
(7) Does that bother you?
(8) People die all the time.
(9) That's a good way to look at it.
(10) Do you know what that is?
(11) Can you do it?
(12) Wonderful.
(13) Veronica.
(14) Can you remember the first house you ever lived in?
(15) Close your eyes.
(16) I want you to take me there.
(17) Can you picture the outside of the house?
(18) Picture going to the front door.
(19) How many steps is it from there to your bedroom?
(20) Stay there for me.
(21) How many steps is it from your bed to your bathroom?
(22) Okay.
(23) Keep your eyes closed.
(24) Are you standing in your bathroom right now?
(25) What do you see?
(26) Toothbrush.
(27) What color is it? Green.
(28) Anything else? Toothpaste with baking soda peroxide whitening.
(29) And?
(30) A mirror, a hairbrush, floss, a blue towel and a yellow bath mat.
(31) That's enough.
(32) You can open your eyes now.
(33) How did I do?
(34) Well, you were perfect.
(35) Veronica, would you like to come with me?
(36) Where?
(37) To a place where I would teach you things. You like learning things, don't you?
(38) What kind of things?
(39) I would be training you for a very important job.
(40) What kind of job?
(41) That kind most people can't handle.
(42) You have to be very special to do it.
(43) How did you get your job?
(44) Well, I volunteered. Why?
(45) Because a very bad man
(46) killed my wife and my daughter.
(47) Can I have ice cream?
(48) You can have all you can eat.
(49) 12 Years Later
(50) Keep standing there.
(51) You need to know what it's like to not be able to feel your feet.
(52) You will be chasing these boys through the woods
(53) in the middle of the night with no shoes on.
(54) Cold and wet.
(55) You must avoid the water.
(56) If you get into a fight in the water,
(57) doesn't matter how tough you are.
(58) Why can't I just shoot them?
(59) You want to shoot them?
(60) Yeah. It seems easier.
(61) Yeah, okay.
(62) Shoot me.
(63) I'm not going to shoot you.
(64) Come on, shoot me.
(65) Are you scared?
(66) I don't want to kill you.
(67) Then wound me.
(68) That's an order.
(69) You see, the problem with guns are
(70) you run out of bullets.
(71) Whoa! What are you gonna do?
(72) I got all this. What do you got ?
(73) You know what a gun is without bullets?
(74) It's just a paper weight.
(75) Come on.
(76) No, I'm good.
(77) It's 8 miles back to the car.
(78) If you run, you might it back before dark.
(79) Who's that girl? Ah. It's the new waitress.
(80) Her name is Gwen.
(81) She's not bad.
(82) And a blonde.
(83) What's his obsession with blondes?
(84) It's just his type.
(85) What'd I missed?
(86) As human beings, we are free.
(87) Free to love, to hate, to fight.
(88) To kill.
(89) This freedom is found in every living person on this planet.
(90) There is no one person more powerful than the other.
(91) Only the one with the most will is the strongest.
(92) Height, weight, physical appearance.
(93) None of these things matter.
(94) The only thing that matters is your mind.
(95) The question then becomes.
(96) Are you the type of person who can summon their power at will?
(97) This is a ranger choke hold. You will lose consciousness in 20 seconds.
(98) Defend yourself.
(99) Defend yourself!
(100) What did you do wrong?

[2001] [Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within] English Transcripts

(1) Every night, the same dream.
(2) The same strange planet.
(3) But why?
(4) What are they trying to tell me?
(5) It's been 34 years since they arrived on this planet.
(6) And now the days passes,
(7) the survivors forced to live in barrier cities,
(8) do not live in fear.
(9) I have vowed to end that fear.
(10) I believe my dreams hold the key.
(11) The question is,
(12) Will I be in time to save the Earth?
(13) Where are you?
(14) This is a restricted area.
(15) Do not move!
(16) What is she doing here, captain?
(17) I don't know, but we are getting her out.
(18) You're coming with us.
(19) Behind you!
(20) Hold it right there!
(21) Damn it!
(22) Let's move, people.
(23) Two, coming through the wall.
(24) Alright, hold your fire.
(25) Ryan, Neil, let's go.
(26) Just what the hell do you think you are doing?
(27) There is a life form in here.
(28) There hasn't been life here in years.
(29) Well, there is now.
(30) Life form or not,I'm taking you in
(31) Fine, arrest me, but I'm not leaving without that life form.
(32) Gonna be one of those days.
(33) Captain, principal is not going to wait for us much longer.
(34) I understand that.
(35) It's in bad shape.
(36) Please. Tell me when I risk my next for this plant.
(37) I won't even call it a plant. It's wheat.
(38) I won't even call it a wheat.
(39) I need a minute to extract it.
(40) Miss, that's the minute we do not have.
(41) I'm afraid he is right about that, ma'am.
(42) Captain, we have incomings.
(43) Captain, we need to get out from here.
(44) Understood, sergeant.
(45) Could you hurry please, miss?
(46) Done, captain.
(47) Yes, Neil.
(48) Just all you know, I agree with. Let's get out from here.
(49) Can I have this please? Thank you.
(50) We're surrounded.
(51) No! Shit!
(52) Alright, everybody. Just relax.
(53) Captain, we got to get to higher ground.
(54) Everyone, up to top.
(55) Go! Go! Go!
(56) Transport requesting immediately evac.
(57) Confirmative.
(58) Up here!
(59) Captain!
(60) We are right behind you.
(61) I got you.
(62) Are you okay? Yeah.
(63) Alright, everybody. Here they come.
(64) Are you okay?
(65) Can you give me one good reason why I shouldn't arrest you?
(66) I am Dr. Aki Ross.
(67) I have clearance to be here.
(68) Not unlimited clearance. And not without authorization.
(69) Captain, I don't have time for this.
(70) Do you realize you've just risk the lives at my squad and me?
(71) Look. I don't want to talk about it.
(72) The fact of the matter is, it was worth the lives of you and your men.
(73) You and your men?
(74) She thinks you are a man.
(75) I think she's an idiot.
(76) I know you are not a man.
(77) I think you're an idiot too.
(78) Very funny.
(79) But I do want to talk about it.
(80) Did it ever occur to you that maybe we would volunteer to risk our lives?
(81) Have we been given a choice?
(82) Nobody asked you to save me.
(83) I don't believe this. You have not changed a bit.
(84) Gray?
(85) Yeah, nice to see you too.
(86) Welcome back, captain.
(87) We're cleaned.
(88) Let's make sure of this, shall we?
(89) I hate getting scanned.
(90) Sir, this scan is probably worse for us than the phantoms.
(91) I'll probably about it, captain.
(92) These machines are suspected of causing sterility.
(93) And I want to have a little new junior calling me daddy someday.
(94) That's a spooky thought.
(95) Why are you always busting my chop?
(96) People, let's just do this thing. Alright.
(97) Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
(98) Okay, next.
(99) Looks like you gain some weight.
(100) It's called body strength, Neil. Get a girlfriend.

[2005] [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] English Transcripts

(1) To those who loved this world...
(2) ...and knew friendly company therein:
(3) This Reunion is for you.
(4) 498 Years Earlier
(5) Why did humankind even bothered.
(6) You rack everything you've ever made, and start over.
(7) Like there'll be any different after that.
(8) I supposed we're not good at facing our memories,
(9) We'd rather kill the past .
(10) Find something worthwile among the rubble and build the future with that.
(11) And that's the reason why you hide Mother?
(12) To kill the past?
(13) We were trying to rid ourselves of a more immediate problem.
(14) You don't mean the stigma?
(15) But you're the one who brought that on yourself in the first place.
(16) I see.
(17) I guess you really do have a short memory.
(18) No, not me.
(19) You see, it is my choice to forget.
(20) 2 Weeks Ago
(21) Tseng! Look at this.
(22) Hm?
(23) Found it.
(24) Not a pretty sight, is it?
(25) Who cares? Just get the damn thing.
(26) Reno, I'm counting on you.
(27) You got it.
(28) Whoa!
(29) Senpai, hurry!
(30) Senpai!
(31) Who the hell is that?
(32) Elena!
(33) Go! Get out!
(34) Tseng-san!
(35) You are going to give her back eventually.
(36) The Lifestream.
(37) That's what we call the river of life that circles our planet...
(38) ... giving life to the world and everything in it.
(39) The Shinra Electric Power Company discovered a way...
(40) ... to use the Lifestream as an energy source.
(41) Because of Shinra's energy, we were able to live very comfortable lives.
(42) But wasn't that because we were taking away from the planet's life?
(43) A lot of people thought so.
(44) Shinra used their power to try and stop anybody who got in their way.
(45) Shinra had a special group of warriors called SOLDIER.
(46) And all the SOLDIERs had Jenova cells put inside them.
(47) Jenova was a calamity that fell from the sky a long, long time ago...
(48) ... and tried to destroy the planet.
(49) Anyway, there was one SOLDIER named Sephiroth...
(50) ... who was better than the rest.
(51) But when he found out about the terrible experiments that made him...
(52) ... he began to hate Shinra.
(53) And then, over time, he began to hate everything.
(54) Shinra and the people against them.
(55) Sephiroth, who hated the planet so much...
(56) ... he wanted to make it go away.
(57) And the people who tried to stop him.
(58) There were a lot of battles.
(59) For every battle, there was more sadness.
(60) Someone I love went back to the Lifestream too.
(61) And then, it came.
(62) The chosen day.
(63) In the end, the planet itself had to make the battles stop for good.
(64) The planet used the Lifestream as a weapon...
(65) ... and when it burst out of the earth...
(66) ... all the fighting, all the greed and sadness...
(67) ... everything was washed away.
(68) "Sadness was the price to see it end. "
(69) It's been two years since they told me that.
(70) Move it, move it.
(71) Whoa.
(72) Sis, let's go.
(73) Yeah.
(74) But it looks like the planet is a lot angrier than we thought.
(75) They call it geostigma.
(76) Well, Marlene? How does it look?
(77) Please. Please don't take Denzel away.
(78) "The commission report release this morning has reveal"
(79) "That lifestream concentration at the atmosphere"
(80) "Has been drop to a mere hundred of a levels 2 years ago."
(81) "However, the concentration remains toxic"
(82) "Around the Shinra Company main building as well as the company's mako reactors." He's not here anymore.
(83) "To prevent the onset of Geostigma"
(84) "The commission does advice that you stay away from these facilities"
(85) "And the surrounding areas."
(86) "Next up. Should Shinra be held financial responsible for the crisis?"
(87) Cloud, where is he now?
(88) Strife Delivery Service. You name it, we ship...
(89) May I ask who's calling?
(90) Yeah, I remember you.
(91) You got a call from Reno. He's in Healin.
(92) Says he's got work for you.
(93) Cloud, how have you been?
(94) You have no more messages...
(95) Hey, Kadaj? Is that where Big Brother lives?
(96) Yeah.
(97) Think he'll be happy to see us?
(98) Not a chance. Don't cry, Yazoo.
(99) But Mother's with him?
(100) Maybe not.