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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[1982] [First Blood] English Transcripts

(1) Excuse me, can you tell me this, where Delmare Berry lives?
(2) He ain't here.
(3) Go on inside, baby.
(4) He's a friend of mine...
(5) Well in fact, he wrote his address down... right here.
(6) Here.
(7) You can see that's Delmare's writing.
(8) I sure had a hard time finding this place!
(9) That's his writin'. Like I said, he's a friend.
(10) My name is John Rambo. We served on the same team together in Nam.
(11) I don't know if he ever talked about me...
(12) I've got a picture of us together.
(13) Somewhere...
(14) This junk in my pocket!
(15) Here... here it is.
(16) That's me, that's Danforth, Westmore, Bronson, Ortega,
(17) and there's Delmare, right in the back.
(18) We had to put him in the back because he's so big,
(19) if we didn't, he'd take up the whole picture!
(20) Delmare's gone.
(21) What time will he be back? He died.
(22) What?
(23) Died last summer.
(24) Died how?
(25) Cancer. Brought it back from Nam.
(26) All that orange stuff they spread it around.
(27) Cut him down to nothing. I couldn't lift him off the sheet.
(28) I'm very sorry.
(29) Morning Amy! How are you doing, girls?
(30) Great, thanks. Alright this morning?
(31) Andy! Howdy, Will!
(32) Good morning, Dave! Hi, Sheriff!
(33) Gonna take a bath this week?!
(34) Morning!
(35) You... you visiting someone around here?
(36) No.
(37) You know, wearing that flag on that jacket, looking the way you do...
(38) you're askin' for trouble around here, friend!
(39) Headed North or South? North.
(40) Jump in, I'll make sure you head in the right direction, huh!
(41) Where you heading? Portland.
(42) Portland is South, you said you were headed North.
(43) You got some place I can eat around here?
(44) There's a diner about 30 miles up the highway.
(45) Is there a law against me getting something to eat here?
(46) Yeah, me.
(47) Why are you pushin' me?
(48) What did you say?
(49) I said why are you pushing me, I haven't done anything to you.
(50) First of all, you don't ask the questions around here, I do. Understand?
(51) Secondly... we don't want guys like you in this town.
(52) Drifters.
(53) First thing you know we got a whole bunch
(54) of guys like you in this town. That's why!
(55) Besides, you wouldn't like it here...
(56) It's a quiet little town.
(57) In fact, you might say it's boring!
(58) But that's the way we like it.
(59) And I get paid to keep it that way.
(60) Boring...
(61) Portland, straight ahead!
(62) If you want some friendly advice...
(63) Get your hair cut and take a bath. You wouldn't get hassled so much!
(64) Hope this ride helped you out!
(65) Have a nice day, huh!
(66) Where the hell do you think you're going?
(67) Hey, I'm talkin' to you, goddammit!
(68) Let's see some I.D.!
(69) All right, you're under arrest!
(70) You hear me? You put your hands on the car.
(71) Now you put your hands on the car, and you spread'em.
(72) Are you gonna put your hands on that car?
(73) How you do it, you decide, right now!
(74) Put your legs back.
(75) Back!
(76) You try to be nice to some people!
(77) Well, what do we have here, huh?
(78) What would you be carrying a knife like this?
(79) Hunting.
(80) Don't be a wise guy! What do you hunt with a knife?
(81) Name it.
(82) Hi, Will. Lester.
(83) Harry, buzz us in, will ya?
(84) Hey, talk about your sorry looking humanity!
(85) Just another smartass drifter.
(86) Morning, Arthur. Morning, Will. What do you got?
(87) I want you to book this gentleman for
(88) vagrancy, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed weapon.
(89) He says he uses it for hunting.
(90) Huntin'? What do you hunt, elephants?
(91) See if you can clean him up a little. He smells like an animal!
(92) Hey, Mitch... Mitch!
(93) Yo!
(94) Escort this young man downstairs.
(95) Yes, sir.
(96) Right this way, partner.
(97) Right here.
(98) That's it.
(99) OK, here we go.
(100) You know, it looks like it'll take old Leroy

(101) about 10 years to paint this hall!
(102) Why don't you paint it your damned self?
(103) Come on Leroy, sling that paint, boy!
(104) Mr. Ward!
(105) Would you take this for me, please?
(106) Name?
(107) Your name?
(108) Your name!
(109) Name!
(110) Hey... you're lookin' to trouble?
(111) You came at the right place, buddy!
(112) Oh, wait a second.
(113) You got three seconds before I break your face in!
(114) He means it.
(115) Yeah, I do.
(116) What do you know about that? Old Harry here is a soldier!
(117) Rambo...
(118) John J.?
(119) You're gonna talk to me.
(120) I promise you're gonna talk to me, soldier.
(121) I'm starting to dislike you.
(122) A lot.
(123) I'm gonna run a make on him.
(124) Put his name in the Teletype.
(125) Just roll it across.
(126) Roll it across!
(127) Push it.
(128) It won't work that way, it'll only smear. Roll it across!
(129) Look, you son of a bitch, if you don't put your
(130) goddamned hand down there, I'm gonna break it off!
(131) Put it down, goddammit! Art, what the hell's going on down here?
(132) Nothing I can't handle.
(133) He won't let us print him well.
(134) Leave the ink on your hand!
(135) Just what is your problem, huh?
(136) Listen, hardass! As things stand right now,
(137) you're facing the ass end of a 90 day incarceration!
(138) Plus a 250 dollars fine, which you don't look to me like you can pay!
(139) At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, you're going up in front of that judge.
(140) And you think we're tough!
(141) We're gonna make you look more presentable
(142) for your courtroom appearance.
(143) Between now and then, you can just impress the hell outta me
(144) by doing exactly as you're told.
(145) Clean him up.
(146) All right, Preston, I want you to go
(147) over there and get that hose ready, alright?
(148) Holy shit, look at this! What the hell's he been into?
(149) Who gives a shit?
(150) All right, put your hands on top of your head and turn around.
(151) Oh, Christ! We should report this to Teasle, Gault! Look at that!
(152) You just do what I tell you.
(153) Gault, what the fuck was that?
(154) Well, the Man said "clean him up".
(155) Clean him up!
(156) Hey, Preston, don't forget to get him behind the ears!
(157) How'd you like that, huh?
(158) What's the matter, Mitch? Don't you like water sports?
(159) All right, hurry it up, it's time for my coffee break. Alright, sit down!
(160) Sit down!
(161) Damn it, that boy's hard to get a hold of!
(162) That's OK, Ward, don't worry about the soap, he's tough.
(163) Just shave him. Dry!
(164) All right...
(165) How blind are you? Can't you see this guy's crazy?
(166) Can't you see I don't give a shit?
(167) Yeah, I can see that. Yeah, that's better.
(168) See there, I knew that you...
(169) We're just going to shave you partner, take it easy!
(170) Take this, Mitch.
(171) Don't move...
(172) I don't want you to cut your own throat!
(173) You son of a bitch! Come on!
(174) What the hell is...
(175) Art! Art!
(176) Hey, you can't...
(177) I'm gonna kill this asshole!
(178) Art, don't shoot!
(179) Don't shoot, there's people down there!
(180) All right, get help! I'll go after him!
(181) Get outta the way!
(182) Son of a bitch!
(183) Lester, this is Will. I'm right on his tail.
(184) He's just east of Smith's farm, headed towards Chapman Creek.
(185) I know you can hear me!
(186) You're finished!
(187) You've gone as far as you're gonna go!
(188) D'you hear me?
(189) Mitch!
(190) Lester!
(191) He's up there behind the draw.
(192) Mitch, get Orval on the radio.
(193) Tell him to get out here with his damned dogs right away.
(194) And tell him to bring the Dobermen!
(195) It's gonna rain, we'll need dogs that can hunt on sight.
(196) Lester, tell Paul to get out to the lumber camp
(197) to get the helicopter up here.
(198) If they give him any shit, tell him to
(199) site him for obstruction right on the spot.
(200) We'll get him!
(201) No problem.
(202) Go on, Hooch! Thunder, lets get him!
(203) Come on, sweethearts!
(204) Let's go get him, babies!
(205) Won't be long before he's stuffed and mounted, huh Will?
(206) Make him into a bear rug!
(207) Didn't we go hunting here up last year?
(208) Yeah, I got a couple of bucks last year!
(209) Hey Mitch, up the hill!
(210) Get those hounds away from me, Orval! I don't trust those bastards!
(211) Keep moving, my dogs can eat and run at the same time!
(212) He's going straight to the top.
(213) Isn't that supposed to be dangerous?
(214) He's just dumb!
(215) Hey, you're spoiling the scent. Let my babies do their job!
(216) This is no good. Why?
(217) There were three of us in the cell block down there!
(218) He went through us like we weren't even there!
(219) Oh, come on!
(220) We've got him, go ahead, he's trapped!
(221) Art, Art! This is Teasle, he's heading for Chapman's gorge.
(222) Chapman's gorge! Head him off!
(223) There he is! On the cliff!
(224) Son of a bitch!
(225) What the hell's going on?
(226) What are you doing? We're just supposed to spot him!
(227) Hold it steady. I can't! We're in a thermal draft!
(228) He's stuck there, he can't go any place.
(229) If you don't ride this thing right, I swear to God, I'll kill you!
(230) Sheriff to Galt! Come in Galt.
(231) Hold it steady, you son of a bitch!
(232) Galt, come in, goddamn it!
(233) Get closer and hold it steady!
(234) Galt, talk to me, damn it! I want to know what's going on!
(235) I got him... easy now.
(236) There he is!
(237) Over there, dummy! Come on!
(238) Hey, soldier boy!
(239) Galt, I'm tellin' you to get on this radio! What's going on up there?
(240) I don't want him dead, Galt, I want him alive! You hear me?
(241) Art, come in!
(242) Art Galt, come in! Helicopter, come in, goddamn it!
(243) Christ, look!
(244) Jesus Christ, gimme the binoculars!
(245) Oh no, no, no! Shit!
(246) I can't figure it... How did he fall out?
(247) Does it matter?
(248) Let's nail this sucker's ass... He can't be far!
(249) Will!
(250) Looks like he wants to turn himself in!
(251) There's one man dead. It's not my fault. I don't want any more hurt.
(252) Freeze!
(253) Stay right where you are and give yourself up!
(254) But I didn't do anything!
(255) I'm warning you, boy, don't make a move, I'll blow your head off!
(256) I didn't do anything!
(257) Cease fire! Cease fire!
(258) Ward, goddamn it, cease fire!
(259) I think we hit him. Let us get down there. Move!
(260) Sheriff to base, come in.
(261) Go ahead, Will.
(262) Lester, we're down in the gorge.
(263) Galt's dead, alright? Where the hell is that goddamned chopper?
(264) He won't come, Will. Says there's a storm heading your way.
(265) I don't give a goddamned what's on its way.
(266) I want that chopper back here right now!
(267) I don't want Gault's body out here all night.
(268) Listen, Will. You sure picked one hell of a guy to mess around with!
(269) Just came over the Teletype a few minutes ago.
(270) John Rambo is a Vietnam vet.
(271) He's a Green Beret, Congressional Medal of Honor! Guy's a war hero!
(272) Jesus, that freak?!
(273) I knew there was something about that guy!
(274) I double checked it, Will. What do you want me to do?
(275) I want you to do what I told you to do, goddamn it!
(276) Get that chopper back here now! Out.
(277) Green Beret!
(278) War hero!
(279) That's great! That's just great! Shut your mouth!
(280) What the hell's the matter with you guys?
(281) He's one man... wounded!
(282) Those Green Berets... they're real bad asses.
(283) Why don't you let the State Police handle this?
(284) Look. Look at him... look at him! That's Art Gault, boy!
(285) He and I were friends when your
(286) momma was still wiping your nose!
(287) Now he's dead. He's dead! Because of that psycho out there!
(288) Now you listen boy, you listen to me good:
(289) I'm gonna get that son of a bitch...
(290) and I'm gonna pin that Congressional Medal of Honor to his liver!
(291) And I'm gonna do it,
(292) with you, or without you!
(293) We're closin' in, the scent's getting stronger.
(294) All right, keep your eyes open!
(295) It's gonna storm... it's all we need now!
(296) Will, c'mon, let's get out of here before it gets too dark.
(297) What's the matter, you afraid of the boogie man?
(298) You goddamned pansy!
(299) Put your gun down, I'll show you who the pansy is!
(300) Knock it off! Ward! Ward, move out!
(301) The fight is out here! He's out there waiting for you.
(302) Mitch, get on your feet and move!
(303) Go find this guy for Chrissakes! Keep your eyes open!
(304) I'll see you later, Ward! Shut up, Mitch.
(305) There he is!
(306) Let them dogs loose, Orval!
(307) Go get him sweethearts! Here's your dinner!
(308) Cease fire!
(309) Goddammit, I'm hit!
(310) Jesus, he's got a gun..
(311) It's not him, it's a goddamned scarecrow!
(312) No scarecrow that shot Orville, he's close.
(313) Kill him! Go get him!
(314) Go get him, Maggie!
(315) Mitch, Ward, come here! Shingleton, you cover us.
(316) Look at his leg!
(317) Mitch, get your belt. Make a tourniquet around that.
(318) We got to get this guy to a doctor!
(319) Goddamnit, get your belt on that fast! Where's the first-aid kit?
(320) I left it in the car.
(321) Shit!
(322) Where did he get that gun? It's gotta be Art Gault's gun.
(323) He's outta ammo... How do you know that?
(324) Because whatever killed Orval's dog was no bullet, that's how!
(325) Hurry up! Orval, listen to me, now listen!
(326) You have to stay awake, all right?
(327) You have to release that tourniquet every 15 minutes.
(328) We'll be right back! We go get him now, he's outta ammo.
(329) Get him! He had no right to shoot my babies. Get the son of a bitch!
(330) Let's go! Go get him!
(331) All right, now listen up!
(332) We're right on top of him.
(333) We're gonna form a skirmish line, 50 feet apart.
(334) Keep moving, there's no way outta here, except through us.
(335) OK, let's do some huntin'...
(336) Huntin'? We ain't huntin' him, he's huntin' us!
(337) Spread out. Spread out, dammit! I said 50 feet!
(338) I hate this!
(339) Will, it's Mitch!
(340) Who is it?
(341) What's goin' on? Shut up!
(342) He's got Ward. Spread out, I'll go this way.
(343) Will! Over here!
(344) Who's firing?
(345) Who's firing?
(346) I got him!
(347) Shingleton, follow me!
(348) Will, help me!
(349) Help me, Will!
(350) Balford? Where the hell are you?!
(351) Shingleton, over here!
(352) Shingleton, where the hell are you?!
(353) I could have killed'em all. I could have killed you.
(354) In town you're the law, out here, it's me!
(355) Don't push it! Don't push it, or I'll give you a war you won't believe!
(356) Let it go.
(357) Let it go.
(358) Move back, you guys, move back!
(359) How bad is the situation? Captain, we need some...
(360) That's the only good thing about this,
(361) is the business you're doing in town!
(362) Reporters are drinking the place dry.
(363) You look like you're ready to keel over, Will.
(364) Why don't you go home? It's my problem now.
(365) Your problem? Listen Dave, don't give me any of your
(366) horsehit about jurisdiction in this one, you understand?
(367) Should I step outside? Just finish up what you're doing.
(368) Somewhere in this rugged mountain countryside, possibly above the snow line,
(369) shrouded in mist, the fugitive John Rambo, is hiding.
(370) Units of the state police along with local
(371) members of the National Guard are now being mobilized.
(372) What still remains unexplained by local authorities
(373) is just how and where the former Green Beret
(374) came into possession of the weapons
(375) with which he allegedly killed one deputy sheriff,
(376) and tried to kill 6 others.
(377) Only their skilled training in police enforcement
(378) techniques saved their lives.
(379) And word now is that the fugitive will be
(380) in custody in a matter of hours.
(381) Maps, Will.
(382) Will, there's something I think you oughta know.
(383) I'll talk to you later, OK?
(384) What is it, Lester? What is it for Christ sake, spit it out!
(385) Well, I was just talkin' to Mitch, and he was sayin' that
(386) Gault and a couple of deputies were... a little hard on the guy.
(387) Assholes!
(388) It doesn't make one goddammed bit of difference, Dave, and you know it!
(389) If one of my deputies... gets outta line with a prisoner,
(390) then the prisoner comes to me with it!
(391) And if I find out it's like he says, I kick the deputy's ass!
(392) Me, the law! That's the way it's gotta be.
(393) People start fuckin' around with the law, and all hell breaks loose.
(394) Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?
(395) God didn't make Rambo.
(396) I made him.
(397) Who the hell are you?
(398) Sam Trautman. Colonel Samuel Trautman.
(399) We're a little busy this morning, Colonel, what can I do for ya?
(400) I've come to get my boy. Your boy?
(401) I recruited him, I trained him, I commanded him in Vietnam for 3 years.
(402) I'd say that makes him mine.
(403) I wonder why the Pentagon would
(404) send a full bird Colonel to handle this?
(405) The army thought I might be able to help.
(406) I don't know in what way.
(407) Rambo's a civilian now, he's my problem.
(408) I don't think you understand. I didn't come here to rescue Rambo from you.
(409) I came here to rescue you from him.
(410) Well, we all appreciate your concern, Colonel.
(411) We'll try to be extra careful!
(412) I'm just amazed he allowed any of your posse to live.
(413) Is that right?
(414) Strictly speaking, he slipped up. You're lucky to be breathing!
(415) That's just great!
(416) Colonel, you came out here
(417) to find out why one of your machines blew a gasket!
(418) You don't seem to want to accept the fact that you're
(419) dealing with an expert in guerilla warfare.
(420) With a man who's the best.
(421) With guns, with knives, with his bare hands.
(422) A man who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather.
(423) To live off the land...
(424) To eat things that would make a billy goat puke.
(425) In Vietnam, his job was to dispose of enemy personnel, to kill... period!
(426) Win by attrition. Well, Rambo was the best!
(427) OK, Colonel, now you've got us all scared to death.
(428) What do you and the Special Forces think
(429) I oughta do about your psycho out there?
(430) Let him go.
(431) Do what? For now.
(432) Defuse the whole situation, defuse him.
(433) Provide a little gap and let him slip through it.
(434) Then put out a nation wide APB. In a couple of weeks,
(435) you'll pick him up in Seattle or someplace, working in a car wash.
(436) There'll be no fight and nobody else will get hurt.
(437) I do my own work. I don't figure the best way to do that is
(438) to close my eyes and then hope he gets picked up in Seattle!
(439) If you send your people in there after him, they'll get killed!
(440) You know, we're just a small hick town Sheriff's department,
(441) Colonel, but we're expected to do our duty
(442) just like our heroes in the Special Forces.
(443) In Special Forces, we teach our people to stay alive in the line of duty.
(444) No shit, I never thought of that!
(445) You want a war you can't win?
(446) Are you tellin' me that 200 men against your boy is a no win situation for us?
(447) You send that many, don't forget one thing.
(448) What?
(449) A good supply of body-bags!
(450) Trautman!
(451) I don't know which side you're on, Trautman...
(452) I still think you came out here just to cover your ass.
(453) But if you're serious about taking Rambo out clean, follow me...
(454) State police calling John Rambo. Acknowledge.
(455) State police calling John Rambo. Come in please. Acknowledge!
(456) If you're listening, Rambo, here's your situation: you are surrounded.
(457) Every possible exit has been blocked,
(458) every highway, every road, every fire break.
(459) You have our word that your services to your
(460) country will be taken into consideration.
(461) And you'll receive fair treatment.
(462) Just respond, we can work everything out... over.
(463) Anything?
(464) He took a radio off one of my deputies. Then he has to be listening.
(465) If I was in his position, I'd try to pick up
(466) some information. Maybe catch some cross talk.
(467) Of course, he's listening.
(468) He's not gonna break radio silence.
(469) No, not for us, but he might do it for you, Colonel.
(470) He's your boy, isn't he?
(471) Maybe you can talk him into sparing all our lives by giving himself up.
(472) I can try.
(473) At least, we'd get a radio fix on his position,
(474) if you don't mind setting him up for us...
(475) Setting him up for you?
(476) It's like bringing the pigeons to the cat!
(477) Thanks for bringing your people out.
(478) Any time, Will.
(479) C'mon, Bobby, put the magazine away, will ya?
(480) Pay attention. I mean we may only get one crack at this.
(481) Company leader calling Raven. Come on Raven.
(482) Company leader calling Raven.
(483) Company leader to Raven. Talk to me, Johnny.
(484) Company leader to identify Baker Team:
(485) Rambo, Messner, Ortega, Coletta,
(486) Jorgensen, Danforth, Berry, Krakauer.
(487) Confirm.
(488) This is Colonel Trautman.
(489) Talk to me, Johnny.
(490) They're all gone, Sir.
(491) That's him, get on it. Rambo. Are you alright? Over.
(492) Baker team, they're all dead, Sir.
(493) Not Delmare Berry, he made it.
(494) Berry's gone too, Sir.
(495) How?
(496) Got himself killed in Nam...
(497) Didn't even know it. Cancer ate him down to the bone.
(498) I'm sorry, I didn't know.
(499) I'm the last one, Sir.
(500) It's good to hear your voice, Johnny. It's been a long time!
(501) Look, John, you've done some damage here,
(502) but they don't want any more trouble.
(503) He's north-west!
(504) That's why I've come.
(505) I'm gonna come in and fly you the hell out.
(506) Just you and me. We'll work this out together. Is that fair enough?
(507) Where'd you come from, Sir?
(508) Bragg.
(509) I tried to get in touch with you,
(510) but the guys at Bragg never knew where to find you.
(511) Well, I haven't been spending much time there lately,
(512) they've got me down in DC. I'm shining a seat with my ass.
(513) I wish I was back in Bragg now.
(514) We'll talk about that when you come in.
(515) I can't do that, Sir.
(516) Well, look, John, we can't have you running around out there,
(517) wasting friendly civilians.
(518) There are no friendly civilians. I'm your friend, Johnny.
(519) I was there with you, knee deep in blood and guts.
(520) I covered your ass more than once!
(521) Seems like bailing you out of trouble
(522) is becoming a lifetime job for me!
(523) There wouldn't be no trouble except for that king shit cop!
(524) All I wanted was something to eat.
(525) But the man kept pushin', Sir.
(526) Well, you did some pushin' on your own, John!
(527) They drew first blood, not me.
(528) Look Johnny...
(529) Let me come in, and get you the hell outta there.
(530) They drew first blood...
(531) Rambo! Are you still reading me?
(532) Company leader to Raven!
(533) Rambo, acknowledge!
(534) He's all finished, Colonel!
(535) We've got a real good fix on him now.
(536) Come first light, I'm gonna put every man I got upon that ridge.
(537) Then we'll get him my way!
(538) Goddammit.
(539) Goddammit!
(540) Come on, move it!
(541) Let's go!
(542) Does this guy got a gun?
(543) There's the guy the cops are shootin' at!
(544) I see him over there, I'll get him, I'll get him!
(545) Don't shoot!
(546) This way! Let's go!
(547) There he is! Come on!
(548) Now we got him!
(549) Yes, I know exactly where it is. Now listen to me very carefully.
(550) Surround the area with every man you've got, but don't move in.
(551) I repeat: don't move in!
(552) Don't do anything till I get there! And no shooting!
(553) I don't want him dead, I want him alive!
(554) Keep firing!
(555) Come on guys, shoot!
(556) Come on!
(557) You guys are great!
(558) All right, Steve. Yo!
(559) I want you and Bruce, head around these trees,
(560) go to the front of that mine.
(561) Screw that Clint, but I ain't goin' up there!
(562) No way!
(563) Brandon? What?
(564) I want you to go into that mine. No, not me!
(565) What do you mean, not me?!
(566) Look, I do this part time, I didn't come here to get killed.
(567) He's probably just waitin' for us!
(568) What's wrong with you, Clinton?
(569) Rambo! This is Lieutenant Clinton Morgan.
(570) National Guard leader.
(571) And I'm giving you just 3.0 seconds to come on out.
(572) Who's got the rocket launcher?
(573) I do. Come here, Earl.
(574) Right!
(575) Rambo! This is your last chance to come out.
(576) Maybe we should wait.
(577) Earl, this creep is a killer!
(578) Besides, I'm in charge and I say we blow it up!
(579) Now fire that thing! Just let me get outta the way first.
(580) Give that man a cigar!
(581) Bull's eye!
(582) Where the hell are they? Up the hill about 500 yards.
(583) Move in a little closer, just like Iwa Jima.
(584) I don't believe it! Idiots!
(585) All right, one more for "Soldier of Fortune"!
(586) Soldier of Fortune?!
(587) Dammit, what the hell do you think this is, some kind of a circus?
(588) Get the hell outta here!
(589) Clinton, Jesus!
(590) Didn't you get the word, Clinton?
(591) I told you people to wait until I got up here!
(592) Well, he was shooting at us, Will!
(593) Come on! I wasn't taking any chances.
(594) What a mess!
(595) We have to dig his body out of there right away.
(596) You can't get a dozer up here,
(597) you're gonna have to find somebody to dig him out!
(598) It's your mess, Clinton! You clean it up.
(599) Will, come on... I gotta be back at the drug store tomorrow!
(600) You'd better get started right away, Clinton!
(601) Shit!
(602) Buried in a hole by a bunch of goddamned weekend warriors!
(603) Thought you said he was the best you ever trained!
(604) However he may have ended up,
(605) there was a time when he was very special.
(606) 'Special', my ass! He was just another drifter that broke the law.
(607) Vagrancy, wasn't it?
(608) That's gonna look real good on his gravestone in Arlington:
(609) "Here lies John Rambo, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
(610) Survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines.
(611) Killed for vagrancy, in 'Jerkwater', USA.
(612) Don't give me any of that crap, Trautman!
(613) You think Rambo was the only guy who had a tough time in Vietnam?
(614) He killed a police officer, for Christ sake!
(615) You're goddamned lucky he didn't kill all of you...
(616) This character! He comes waltzing in here,
(617) full of all kinds of good advice.
(618) And wished we'd let that goddamned maniac go on the loose,
(619) so we could save our own asses!
(620) Well, we saved our asses, Colonel! And we didn't let him go on the loose.
(621) The best man lost! And he doesn't like it!
(622) How you doin', Will? Hold my calls.
(623) Colonel?
(624) Have a seat.
(625) Oh miss, can you do this again, please?
(626) Oh sure! And for my friend...?
(627) A shot of wild turkey.
(628) If I was out of line before, I just want to apologize.
(629) None of that makes much difference now, does it?
(630) No, I guess not.
(631) I suppose...
(632) I just feel...
(633) Like you were... cheated outta your chance?
(634) I wanted to kill that kid.
(635) I wanted to kill him so bad, I could taste it.
(636) Doesn't sit well with that badge.
(637) It can get confusing sometimes...
(638) In Vietnam, you can bet that Rambo and
(639) I got pretty confused. But we had orders.
(640) When in doubt... kill!
(641) But what the hell, you're a civilian.
(642) You can go home to your wife,
(643) and your house and your little flower garden.
(644) You're under no pressure to figure all this out.
(645) And what about you, Colonel?
(646) What did you figure out from all of this, huh?
(647) I mean what would you have done with him if he came in?
(648) Would you wrap your arms around him to give a big sloppy kiss?
(649) Or would you have blown his brains out?
(650) I couldn't answer that until I met him face to face.
(651) Well, there it is.
(652) Just as well we never got a chance to find out.
(653) Drive!
(654) Don't look at me, look at the road. That's how accidents happen!
(655) What's your name? Cathcart, Robert A.
(656) All right, what do you got in the back, Robert A.?
(657) M60.
(658) OK, Robert A., get out of the truck. I don't got no beef with you!
(659) Go home! Move, go home!
(660) Want to turn that up?
(661) What's your story, Steamboat?
(662) Looks like somebody pulled the plug too soon...
(663) That Rambo guy? He's on the loose again!
(664) Shit!
(665) Hey Will, it's Rambo! He's still around!
(666) Holy fuck! Get out there right away. Move!
(667) What the hell is going on?!
(668) Watch yourselves! They're all gonna blow!
(669) Attention, all civilians!
(670) For your own safety, please evacuate the streets immediately.
(671) Remain indoors until you receive further instructions.
(672) I repeat: this is a police emergency.
(673) Please evacuate the streets immediately.
(674) They found Rambo's body...
(675) As a matter of fact, he stole an army truck
(676) and blew up a gas station on the other side of town.
(677) The kid is resilient.
(678) Why don't you forget what you're thinking and clear out while you can?
(679) Get the fuck outta here, Trautman! You take your advice with you.
(680) When I talked to you earlier this afternoon,
(681) you knew he was still alive, didn't you?
(682) I suspected it.
(683) Sure... Sure, that's why you stuck around. You trained him.
(684) You taught him how to get out of places like that cave.
(685) But he's not gonna get out of this place!
(686) Teasle, you and all your men couldn't handle him before,
(687) what makes you think you can handle him now?
(688) Because God knows what damage he's prepared to do.
(689) You're gonna die, Teasle.
(690) Everybody dies!
(691) There's only one man in this room that has half a chance.
(692) That's not because I'm better than he is.
(693) But it's because he trusts me.
(694) See, I'm the closest thing to family that he has left,
(695) and that may be all the edge I need.
(696) Jesus Christ, where do you people come from?
(697) This is my job Trautman, this is my town!
(698) And I'm not giving it up to you, or to Rambo or anybody else!
(699) Now you just stay the hell outta my way!
(700) Get a little closer! I can't!
(701) It's too goddamned hot!
(702) Will, it's Lester, do you copy, over?
(703) Come on, let's go! Will, this is Lester, do you copy, over?
(704) Listen Will, we've got some serious problems. The highway's been cut off.
(705) The truck's out here, but we couldn't find the body.
(706) I repeat: no body, it's totally burnt out.
(707) Preston, get those people outta here!
(708) Move them back to the south side.
(709) We don't know how many gas tanks there are under the pumps...
(710) Go ahead... go ahead!
(711) Go ahead, you crazy son of a bitch, finish me!
(712) Rambo!
(713) Rambo, don't do it!
(714) Listen to me, Rambo!
(715) You have no chance.
(716) Drop your weapon.
(717) We're gonna order a chopper in and fly you back to Bragg.
(718) Hold your fire!
(719) Hold your fire!
(720) Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
(721) Think about what you're doin'.
(722) The building's perimeter's covered. No exits.
(723) There's nearly 200 men out there and a lot of M16s!
(724) You did everything to make this private war happen.
(725) You've done enough damage!
(726) This mission is over, Rambo. Do you understand me?
(727) This mission is over!
(728) Look at 'em out there.
(729) Look at 'em!
(730) If you won't end this happen, they'll kill you!
(731) Is that what you want?
(732) It's over, Johnny. It's OVER!
(733) Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off!
(734) It wasn't my war. You asked me, I didn't ask you!
(735) And I did what I had to do to win, but someone wouldn't let us win.
(736) And I come back to the world, and I see all
(737) those maggots at the airport, protestin' me, spittin'.
(738) Callin' me baby killer and all kinds of vile crap!
(739) Who are they to protest me, huh? Who are they?
(740) Unless they've been me and been there,
(741) and know what the hell they're yellin' about?
(742) It was a bad time for everyone, Rambo. It's all in the past now.
(743) FOR YOU! For me, civilian life is nothing.
(744) In the field, we had a code of honor.
(745) You watch my back, I watch yours. Back here, there's nothing!
(746) You're the last of an elite group... don't end it like this.
(747) Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank,
(748) I was in charge of a million dollar equipment!
(749) Back here, I can't even hold a job parking cars!
(750) Where is everybody?
(751) I had a friend, who was in the Air Force.
(752) There were all these guys, man. Back there were all these fuckin guys!
(753) Who were my friends!
(754) Back here, there's nothing! Remember Dan Forest?
(755) Wore this black headband.
(756) I took one of his magic markers, and I said:
(757) "If found, you mail this to Las Vegas",
(758) 'cause we were always talkin' about Vegas,
(759) and this fuckin' car. This so great '58 Chevy convertible!
(760) He was talkin' about his car,
(761) he said we'd get cruised till the tires fell off!
(762) We were in this bar in Saigon, and this kid comes up,
(763) this kid carrying a shoe shine box.
(764) And there, he says: "Shine please, shine!"
(765) I said no, and he kept askin', yeah, and Joe would say 'yeah'.
(766) And... I went to get a couple of beers.
(767) And the box was wired. He opened up the box...
(768) Fucking blew his body all over the place.
(769) He's laying there and he's fucking screaming,
(770) there's pieces of him all over me!
(771) And I'm trying to pull them off, you know... my friend! It's all over me!
(772) I got blood and everything and...
(773) I'm trying to hold him together, I put him together
(774) the fucking entrails keep coming out!
(775) And nobody would help!
(776) He's saying, sayin', "I want to go home!" just calling my name.
(777) "I wanna go home, Johnny, I wanna drive my Chevy!"
(778) I said: "Why I can't find your fuckin' legs. "
(779) "I can't find your legs!"
(780) I can't get it out of my head. It was seven years.
(781) Every day it hurts.
(782) Sometimes I wake up and don't know where I am. I don't talk to anybody.
(783) Sometimes a day.
(784) Sometimes a week.
(785) I can't put it outta my mind...

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