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Monday, January 25, 2016

[2015] [Final Girl] English Transcripts

(1) Hello.
(2) Hello.
(3) My name is William.
(4) Did they tell you what happened?
(5) My Mom and Daddy died.
(6) That's right.
(7) Does that bother you?
(8) People die all the time.
(9) That's a good way to look at it.
(10) Do you know what that is?
(11) Can you do it?
(12) Wonderful.
(13) Veronica.
(14) Can you remember the first house you ever lived in?
(15) Close your eyes.
(16) I want you to take me there.
(17) Can you picture the outside of the house?
(18) Picture going to the front door.
(19) How many steps is it from there to your bedroom?
(20) Stay there for me.
(21) How many steps is it from your bed to your bathroom?
(22) Okay.
(23) Keep your eyes closed.
(24) Are you standing in your bathroom right now?
(25) What do you see?
(26) Toothbrush.
(27) What color is it? Green.
(28) Anything else? Toothpaste with baking soda peroxide whitening.
(29) And?
(30) A mirror, a hairbrush, floss, a blue towel and a yellow bath mat.
(31) That's enough.
(32) You can open your eyes now.
(33) How did I do?
(34) Well, you were perfect.
(35) Veronica, would you like to come with me?
(36) Where?
(37) To a place where I would teach you things. You like learning things, don't you?
(38) What kind of things?
(39) I would be training you for a very important job.
(40) What kind of job?
(41) That kind most people can't handle.
(42) You have to be very special to do it.
(43) How did you get your job?
(44) Well, I volunteered. Why?
(45) Because a very bad man
(46) killed my wife and my daughter.
(47) Can I have ice cream?
(48) You can have all you can eat.
(49) 12 Years Later
(50) Keep standing there.
(51) You need to know what it's like to not be able to feel your feet.
(52) You will be chasing these boys through the woods
(53) in the middle of the night with no shoes on.
(54) Cold and wet.
(55) You must avoid the water.
(56) If you get into a fight in the water,
(57) doesn't matter how tough you are.
(58) Why can't I just shoot them?
(59) You want to shoot them?
(60) Yeah. It seems easier.
(61) Yeah, okay.
(62) Shoot me.
(63) I'm not going to shoot you.
(64) Come on, shoot me.
(65) Are you scared?
(66) I don't want to kill you.
(67) Then wound me.
(68) That's an order.
(69) You see, the problem with guns are
(70) you run out of bullets.
(71) Whoa! What are you gonna do?
(72) I got all this. What do you got ?
(73) You know what a gun is without bullets?
(74) It's just a paper weight.
(75) Come on.
(76) No, I'm good.
(77) It's 8 miles back to the car.
(78) If you run, you might it back before dark.
(79) Who's that girl? Ah. It's the new waitress.
(80) Her name is Gwen.
(81) She's not bad.
(82) And a blonde.
(83) What's his obsession with blondes?
(84) It's just his type.
(85) What'd I missed?
(86) As human beings, we are free.
(87) Free to love, to hate, to fight.
(88) To kill.
(89) This freedom is found in every living person on this planet.
(90) There is no one person more powerful than the other.
(91) Only the one with the most will is the strongest.
(92) Height, weight, physical appearance.
(93) None of these things matter.
(94) The only thing that matters is your mind.
(95) The question then becomes.
(96) Are you the type of person who can summon their power at will?
(97) This is a ranger choke hold. You will lose consciousness in 20 seconds.
(98) Defend yourself.
(99) Defend yourself!
(100) What did you do wrong?

(101) Didn't-Didn't defended myself.
(102) No. Once that happens, it's too late to defend yourself.
(103) Stand up.
(104) Move.
(105) Now.
(106) Choke me.
(107) How hard? As hard as you can.
(108) Once you get a hold of me, do not let go, not for a second,
(109) until you feel the life leave my body.
(110) Go.
(111) Harder.
(112) William? William?
(113) Hey hey hey. William!
(114) Oh. Thank god.
(115) That was perfect.
(116) These boys know how to fight. And they know how to kill.
(117) They will be bigger than you. They will outnumber you.
(118) They will be armed.
(119) They will know the terrain and you will not.
(120) You must to smarter than them. And faster.
(121) And when the moment comes, you must not hesitate.
(122) I want you to look them in the eyes, Veronica.
(123) Make your face
(124) the last thing they see.
(125) 16 and a half.
(126) Yeah!
(127) Are you ready?
(128) For what?
(129) The time of your life.
(130) Let's go.
(131) So, who is it going to be?
(132) Brown sweater at the corner of the bar.
(133) Hello.
(134) How are you doing? I'm well, are you?
(135) I'm alright. Could you show me where the restroom is?
(136) You like it rough? You have no idea.
(137) Not bad. Not bad?
(138) You need to get some control over yourself.
(139) What did I end up on the... On the floor?
(140) You followed my girlfriend here into the bathroom.
(141) You tried to kiss her and she fought you off.
(142) And you fell.
(143) Sorry.
(144) Nooo!
(145) My head hurts. Can I take an aspirin or something?
(146) No.
(147) Can I lay down next to you?
(148) You have your own bed.
(149) I know but I'm cold.
(150) There.
(151) Is that better? Much.
(152) We can't do this.
(153) But, you're my trainer. That's right.
(154) So train me.
(155) Don't you find me attractive?
(156) Who wouldn't?
(157) So?
(158) No.
(159) Fine.
(160) What's that?
(161) It's my own little chaos cocktail.
(162) It's 1 part sodium pentothal.
(163) Truth serum.
(164) What else?
(165) 1 part DMT.
(166) Dimethyltryptamine.
(167) Very good.
(168) Isn't that the shit that makes LSD look like kool-aid?
(169) What will this do to me?
(170) You will come face to face with your greatest deepest fears.
(171) I'm not afraid of anything. Oh really?
(172) That would make you... not human.
(173) And um.
(174) I think you're ... Okay. Okay. Okay.
(175) Oh yeah. Okay. Okay.
(176) Well look. You are human.
(177) How long does it last? This dose, about an hour.
(178) But it will feel more like a day to you.
(179) In about half hour, you are going to start to feel superhuman.
(180) Is this for my protection or yours?
(181) My.
(182) You will see the truth.
(183) William?
(184) Ever since I met you I knew this day would come.
(185) What are you talking about?
(186) You failed, Veronica.
(187) What?
(188) You will not make it.
(189) All these years, all the money, resources spent
(190) wasted.
(191) What can I do?
(192) Nothing. It's too late.
(193) No. Please William, don't do this. I have no choice.
(194) Just let me go!
(195) I wish I could.
(196) Good bye, Veronica.
(197) But I love you.
(198) Where did you go?
(199) A man was attacking me.
(200) You shot him and then ...
(201) I was here on the table.
(202) Then I woke up.
(203) I failed the program.
(204) Then... Then what?
(205) And then you killed me.
(206) Would you really? If you had to?
(207) You know the answer.
(208) Don't make me say it.
(209) I gave this to you for 2 reasons. What are they?
(210) To know how scared I am of you?
(211) No.
(212) You have to remain sharp and focused at all times under any condition.
(213) You have to know how to fight
(214) when you are tired, cold, hot, sleep deprived
(215) and hallucinating.
(216) You are now ready for the final test, Veronica.
(217) I wanted you to know how it would feel if your opponent has had this cocktail and you hadn't.
(218) When am I ever going to be facing someone who is on this shit?
(219) How many?
(220) How many what?
(221) How many girls have they killed?
(222) Maybe a dozen.
(223) And another local girl, Gwen Thomas, went missing a few days ago.
(224) One of them has a girlfriend.
(225) Why does that surprise you?
(226) They just don't seem to like women.
(227) They don't like anybody, really.
(228) They're incapable of empathy.
(229) But they can fake it.
(230) A girlfriend is a perfect cover.
(231) I think she smelled it on them?
(232) Love is also base on deception. Yeah.
(233) Tells her he loves her and buys her lunch every once in a while.
(234) It's different with her. The other girls are just trophies.
(235) They've been together since they were 14.
(236) Some marriages don't last that long.
(237) My didn't.
(238) Where are you going?
(239) The fact finding mission.
(240) With french fries.
(241) Is this seat taken?
(242) Hel-Help yourself.
(243) How are the shakes here?
(244) They are delicious.
(245) Vanilla or chocolate?
(246) I'm a vanilla girl.
(247) You should give yourself more credit.
(248) Hi. 2 vanilla shakes please and a large fry to go.
(249) Thanks.
(250) Do you often have milkshakes with strangers?
(251) Actually no, but I saw you in here and I figure, why not.
(252) 'Cos I didn't have anyone to talk to, and you didn't look like you did either.
(253) Unless I'm interrupting something?
(254) No.
(255) Not at all.
(256) Thanks.
(257) You know. It maybe none of my business, but.
(258) You look a little sad.
(259) I'm fine, really.
(260) You know this little new law
(261) that it's a crime to be sad while having a milkshake.
(262) You know that. Yeah.
(263) I don't-I wouldn't want to break any obscure milkshake laws.
(264) Would this milkshake proves sadness be in anyway
(265) boy related?
(266) I am a 17 year old girl.
(267) Of course it's boy related.
(268) Tell my about it. No,  you don't want to hear about that.
(269) No, I do. Really. I'm all ears.
(270) You know it's a torture. What?
(271) Knowing you could love someone if they just let you.
(272) Sometimes I feel like such a fool.
(273) Why is that?
(274) He's just so...
(275) unavailable.
(276) Sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend loves me or his friends more.
(277) What are they like?
(278) Like...
(279) Like a pack of wolves.
(280) One mistake away from tearing each other to shreds.
(281) Do you ever wished you could just take off?
(282) You know.
(283) Leaving behind everything and everyone you ever knew?
(284) Yeah, once or twice.
(285) If I went...
(286) I'd never come back. Then what's stopping you?
(287) You know what it is? Him.
(288) No.
(289) It's you.
(290) Thanks.
(291) Here. Keep the change.
(292) Look. I'm... really not big on rules,
(293) but I do have one.
(294) What's that?
(295) Live today like you're going to die tomorrow.
(296) Things just work out a lot better that way.
(297) Well. It was lovely to meet you.
(298) Hey!
(299) Thank you.
(300) Really!
(301) It's just a shake.
(302) Well?
(303) Well, that place makes a damn good shake.
(304) I meant what did you find out new about your targets?
(305) They’re falling apart.
(306) I'm going to enjoy this.
(307) When do we get started?
(308) It's not like that this time.
(309) You're going to have to do this mission alone.
(310) Is this seat taken?
(311) Just by you.
(312) My god. You're beautiful.
(313) How is it that I haven't seen you before?
(314) And because I just moved to town.
(315) Is that right?
(316) Did you know anybody? Just you.
(317) And the lady who brought me my shake.
(318) She's a bitch. Is she?
(319) But it looks delicious.
(320) Up to your standards? I've had better.
(321) Well, please. I love to know where.
(322) What are you doing Saturday night?
(323) Washing my hair. No. You're doing that Friday night.
(324) Oh, am I?
(325) Saturday night, you're gonna meet me here at 8 o'clock.
(326) With... clean hair
(327) and red lipstick.
(328) And where exactly are we going
(329) that I need to have
(330) clean hair and red lipstick?
(331) You promise not to tell anybody?
(332) Maybe.
(333) We're going to another world.
(334) Good.
(335) 'Cause I'm very bored of this one.
(336) Me too.
(337) Don't be late.
(338) Here.
(339) What do you guys do out there?
(340) Nothing special.
(341) Dress like that?
(342) We hunt.
(343) How do I look?
(344) Incredible.
(345) I love you.
(346) Jenny giving you shit? Yeah, like always.
(347) Story of your life.
(348) Did you get enough steak, my darling?
(349) I did Mama. It's was wonderful.
(350) I'm so glad. Well, you're such a good cook.
(351) I bet Dad misses your food.
(352) I sure it's better than what they served in the mess hall.
(353) Are the boys picking you up?
(354) Any minute now.
(355) Do you have time for ice cream?
(356) There's always time for ice cream.
(357) Damn.
(358) Sorry. I was enjoying this.
(359) You know the best part about an ice cream cone?
(360) What's that?
(361) You can take it any where.
(362) Your Mom not coming?
(363) Woo-hoo!
(364) Mm. Who's this beautiful broad piece of tits now
(365) you got hooked up for us this time, man?
(366) Huh? She prettier than the last time?
(367) Well. I know how you like surprises, Danny.
(368) Just got to wait and see.
(369) Let's go hunting, boys.
(370) I Love You
(371) Are you ready?
(372) More than I'll ever be.
(373) Boys.
(374) Are you guys an a cappella group?
(375) Something like that. No, we don't sing together.
(376) You should.
(377) This is Shane,
(378) Daniel, or Danny boy.
(379) Nelson. Hello boys.
(380) I'm Veronica.
(381) Veronica,
(382) Do your eyes hurt? No.
(383) Because they are killing me.
(384) Now, no sense letting a pretty girl like this get wet.
(385) Come on. Let's get you Veronica. Right here inside this car.
(386) Here you go, sweetheart.
(387) Just sit right there. Make yourself comfortable.
(388) Watch your head. Okay.
(389) (Oh wow!)
(390) What. You trying to creep her out before we get there?
(391) Cool it, man.
(392) So, where are we going?
(393) I already told you.
(394) To another world. Will there be other girls there?
(395) Lots.
(396) Please introduce me.
(397) You're gonna love my friend, Annabelle. She is to die for.
(398) Ha ha.
(399) I can't wait to meet her.
(400) She's great but she can get under your skin.
(401) Yeah. She can be edgy at times.
(402) She's straight to the point, sharp.
(403) Veronica is new in town. She doesn't know anybody.
(404) So you boys play nice.
(405) Hey Veronica. You ever played baseball?
(406) Softball. Years ago though.
(407) So you know how to hold a bat then?
(408) Not very well, but yes.
(409) Just remember to line up your knuckles and choke up.
(410) Alright, batters up.
(411) Woo!
(412) Swing bada bada swing that.
(413) You get it. You get it, son.
(414) Whoa-ho-ho Yeah!
(415) Woo-hoo!
(416) Get that shit. Get that shit. Get it.
(417) Impressive.
(418) Alright, boys. Who's next?
(419) So, what do you think? Can she handle it?
(420) I don't know. Can you?
(421) Alright, you ready?
(422) Here we go!
(423) Oh. Strike 1.
(424) I wasn't ready.
(425) Try it again, base is load! Let's do it. Let's do it this time, sweetheart!
(426) One more try.
(427) Alright, right there. Hold on tight.
(428) Go go go... Ready? 1, 2, 3.
(429) Swing!
(430) Whoa! Whoa! Ha-ha-ha.
(431) Well played, sweetheart! Well played!
(432) Some lucky bench is going over the letter!
(433) Or a baseball.
(434) But, you're right.
(435) The letter, that makes more sense. See. it was a mailbox!
(436) I'm impressed.
(437) Thank you.
(438) What's the verdict, boys? Huh?
(439) One hell of a woman.
(440) She can swing a bat, that's for sure.
(441) Yeah. I guess we keep her around a little longer.
(442) I suppose.
(443) Thank you.
(444) Are we almost there?
(445) Just about.
(446) I hope it's worth the wait.
(447) It will be.
(448) Trust me.
(449) Are we the first ones here?
(450) We always are.
(451) I'm a little under dress. I mean it's
(452) pretty cold outside.
(453) You're perfect.
(454) Come on!
(455) Wow!
(456) Veronica.
(457) Veronica!
(458) Ha. Relax.
(459) You'll love it here.
(460) You sit right there.
(461) So, what now?
(462) What do you mean?
(463) What do you guys normally do out here?
(464) We talk,
(465) tell stories, play games.
(466) Veronica.
(467) Wouldn't you, like to play a game? Absolutely.
(468) But first, does anyone want a drink?
(469) So. Are you ready for a game?
(470) Depends on the game. Truth or Dare.
(471) It's my favorite.
(472) Well, we play this game a little differently.
(473) You pick a 'dare' out of the bag that Daniel has.
(474) You choose truth or you do the dare.
(475) But if you pick the same 'dare' twice, you have to do it.
(476) Okay.
(477) Truth.
(478) The worst thing you've ever done.
(479) First time I went hunting.
(480) What were you after? Rabbits.
(481) I was 10 when my Dad gave me my first .22 .
(482) It was a big deal.
(483) Our first hunt together.
(484) I was already a pretty good shot, so when I saw the rabbit, I nailed it.
(485) But I hadn't quite finished the job.
(486) I hit it in it's hindquarters,
(487) so it was limping and it kept going.
(488) So, my Dad
(489) pulls out his buck knife,
(490) tells me to go finish the job.
(491) I must have followed that thing a quarter mile before I found it.
(492) He looked up at me,
(493) and I made the stupid mistake of looking back in his eyes.
(494) I couldn't do it.
(495) Put my Dad's knife back in my pocket,
(496) I went and left him there.
(497) Told my Dad I lost the rabbit in the woods and I wanted to go home.
(498) What did he say?
(499) Never come home empty-handed.
(500) I don't know.
(501) That's the worst thing you've ever done? Yeah. I am with Veronica on that one.
(502) The rabbit either died of starvation,
(503) or some nasty infection,
(504) or was eaten by a wolf.
(505) Because I wasn't man enough to finish what I started.
(506) That creature suffered needlessly.
(507) Just because you kill something doesn't mean it has to suffer.
(508) Your turn.
(509) Truth.
(510) The worst thing you’ve done.
(511) I once had the chance to save someone's life,
(512) and I didn't.
(513) Details.
(514) Then drink.
(515) So? I'm not drinking out the truth.
(516) Then read your dare.
(517) Kill something.
(518) That's easy.
(519) Oh. Do you really have to?
(520) A dare is a dare.
(521) Oh.
(522) Yummy.
(523) That guy! That guy, man. This guy right here!
(524) God damn. Did you see that?
(525) Delicious.
(526) Oh.
(527) Are you religious, Veronica?
(528) No.
(529) I asked a lot of people that question.
(530) Some say, "Yes, very."
(531) Others, like you, say "No."
(532) Of the people in your group,
(533) I would bet anything that
(534) when death is coming,
(535) and their final moments of life were
(536) evaporating,
(537) every last one of them will ask God to help.
(538) Then I'll probably disappoint you.
(539) Have you ever heard of... Pisaruk,
(540) Veronica?
(541) No.
(542) He's a-He's a 16th century political satirist.
(543) And he said
(544) that you could never
(545) truly experience pleasure
(546) without going through pain.
(547) Could you please.
(548) Hit me.
(549) Ha! Come on, baby!
(550) You got to do a little better than that!
(551) Blackjack.
(552) Woo! Heh!
(553) So. When do the other girls get here?
(554) I've already told you.
(555) Is something wrong?
(556) No. I just don't like to be outnumbered.
(557) Oh, don't worry. You will be in good company soon enough, honey.
(558) We're having fun, aren't we?
(559) Yeah.
(560) Kiss someone.
(561) Don't look at me .
(562) Please. I'm not that type of a girl.
(563) Rules are rules.
(564) Your turn.
(565) (Get Tied)
(566) Truth or dare?
(567) It's the second time I drew this.
(568) Well. In that case, you have to do the dare.
(569) Nelson, your belt. Why does it have to be my?
(570) Oh, I've had Manhattan and I've had Old Fashioneds
(571) but these are some strong libations you brought, Veronica.
(572) Nothing but the best.
(573) So many choices.
(574) Truth.
(575) Again? You're so honest.
(576) I bet I can get you to drink.
(577) Try me.
(578) What happened to Gwen Thomas?
(579) I don't know the girl.
(580) Did you?
(581) Not in the least.
(582) I was so sad when she went missing.
(583) Didn't she go to your school?
(584) Your turn.
(585) Don't you have to drink? I spoke the truth.
(586) I've no idea what happened to her.
(587) Your turn.
(588) I just went.
(589) I'm out.
(590) Me too. Me too.
(591) Oh. A little help?
(592) (Die)
(593) I'd like to go home. No.
(594) Can you just take me home? No, we just got here.
(595) I don't care.
(596) Why. Is this game not fun?
(597) Okay, we'll play a new one.
(598) I know what you're thinking.
(599) Don't worry about that. Women don't run very well
(600) after a sexual assault.
(601) And I want you to run, Veronica.
(602) You have 5 minutes.
(603) And then what?
(604) We...
(605) hunt you down.
(606) Help! Help me! Help me!
(607) Aww!
(608) Oh no! Please god, save me!
(609) Is anybody going to save me?
(610) Aww!
(611) Danny, stop! Please, help!
(612) Can anyone save me.
(613) We're in the woods. Nobody can hear you.
(614) Scream all you want.
(615) Please. Please, this isn't funny.
(616) Oh. It will be.
(617) When you're begging for your life.
(618) Ha-ha-ha. Eh ha ha...
(619) Alright, boys. Shut your eyes until I say so.
(620) Now, Veronica.
(621) What's 360 degrees divided by 4?
(622) Unless I know which direction you go,
(623) which means each of us will have 90 degrees of ground to cover.
(624) The further you go, the more land we have to track.
(625) Personally, I like your chances.
(626) But, you have to keep running.
(627) 5 minutes.
(628) Ha-ha-ha...
(629) Run, rabbit.
(630) Run!
(631) Ha-ha-ha...
(632) We give her what? 4 more minutes?
(633) Aww!
(634) Woo. Someone's a little handsy.
(635) If he's not waiting, I'm not.
(636) Don't forget the booze.
(637) Let the games begin.
(638) There is no one person more powerful than the other.
(639) Only the one with the most will is the strongest.
(640) Come on, you Babylonian whore!
(641) You Babylonian whore!
(642) AWWW!
(643) Any luck?
(644) I'm going this way.
(645) Mom?
(646) Mom?
(647) Mom!
(648) Nelson.
(649) Mom?
(650) Come on.
(651) Come on, you cowards.
(652) I knew this day would come.
(653) I knew you would all turn on me.
(654) You think you are so smart.
(655) Well, I'm smarter.
(656) Come on!
(657) Come on, you cowards!
(658) Come on!
(659) I'll fucking kill you!
(660) Come on!
(661) Show yourself!
(662) Where are you?
(663) This is it? This is all you got?
(664) Come on!
(665) No. Please.
(666) Don't.
(667) That's a really big rock.
(668) Nelson?
(669) Veronica!
(670) Veronica!
(671) You are an interesting girl.
(672) Jameson?
(673) What is this?
(674) Nothing.
(675) Just a silly joke Nelson and Danny play.
(676) What are you doing here?
(677) Looking for Shane.
(678) Have you seen him?
(679) He's hunting. In a tuxedo?
(680) It's important to look you best.
(681) What do you guys do out here?
(682) How do I look?
(683) Good. You look good. Just good?
(684) Come on. You used to be better than that.
(685) Jameson, you look great, but I'm not- I'm not gonna...
(686) But what? You feel differently.
(687) No?
(688) Yes.
(689) Do you? Yes.
(690) I've moved on.
(691) And now you're happy with Shane?
(692) He's a good guy.
(693) But is he a good
(694) boyfriend?
(695) I wouldn't make that mistake.
(696) You had your shot.
(697) We were kids. We still are.
(698) That was years ago. I have evolved.
(699) So have I. In another direction.
(700) Jenny.
(701) You're forgetting something very important that I used to tell you.
(702) What?
(703) We're all just animals.
(704) And we don't change.
(705) Jen.
(706) Shane.
(707) How could you do this?
(708) She's compromised.
(709) I'm so sorry, I just lost ... Shut your mouth!
(710) And you!
(711) I grandfather you in.
(712) I was her first.
(713) You slept with him? It was so long ago
(714) I didn't even know what we were doing.
(715) I beg to differ.
(716) I suppose I deserve that.
(717) Shane, stop!
(718) That make you feel better, buddy? No!
(719) Okay. I know I can't control what you two did
(720) before we started dating.
(721) But why now?
(722) To expose the truth. What truth?
(723) The one you've been running from. Shane.
(724) People like us cannot love.
(725) You've been fooling the world for so long, you're starting to believe it.
(726) I do love her.
(727) No, you can't.
(728) What does he mean people like you?
(729) Nothing.
(730) Don't listen to a word this asshole has to say.
(731) She should know, Shane. Know what?
(732) What we do here.
(733) Go home. We'll talk in the morning. I want to know!
(734) It's time, Shane.
(735) What do you do out here?
(736) We get drunk and tell stories. And then?
(737) Hunt girls like...
(738) you.
(739) Shane?
(740) He's lying.
(741) I'm a lot of things, Jennifer, but one thing I'm not
(742) is a liar.
(743) You know Gwen Thomas?
(744) She was in my homeroom. Yeah.
(745) We did her just over the rise back there.
(746) One shot, right to the chest.
(747) Don't.
(748) Don't believe him. We don't always use firearms,
(749) we like to mix up our techniques, it throws off authorities.
(750) This is all one big tasteless joke.
(751) Shane. I said, go!
(752) Well, she's not going anywhere.
(753) She already knows too much. Shane.
(754) No.
(755) If you're gonna shoot her, you'll have to shoot me.
(756) Fine.
(757) I'm so
(758) sorry.
(759) Not everything Jameson said was true.
(760) I do-I do love you.
(761) I always will.
(762) Shane.
(763) Fuck.
(764) Bravo!
(765) Bravo.
(766) Relax. Relax I'm just
(767) admiring your work.
(768) Daniel, Nelson, now Shane.
(769) It's very impressive indeed.
(770) No no no. Relax. Catch your breath.
(771) Take a sit. I won't touch you until you're ready.
(772) Shall we play a game?
(773) You and the games.
(774) So, here's how this works.
(775) I ask you a question, you answer it,
(776) you ask me a question and I answer it, got it?
(777) Yeah, I think so.
(778) So.
(779) Why are my friends tripping their balls off?
(780) Dimethyltryptamine, mixed with sodium pentothal.
(781) Okay.
(782) Wow.
(783) Your turn.
(784) Woo. This is exciting.
(785) How many girls have you killed? Boring.
(786) You said I ask the question and you have to answer it.
(787) 21 including you. Oh.
(788) Well,
(789) I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves now.
(790) How did it feel when you killed my friends.
(791) Fantastic. Oh god, I'm in love!
(792) Shane's girlfriend?
(793) What about her?
(794) Jennifer, right?
(795) Yes. Do you know her?
(796) My question.
(797) Have you ever slept with her?
(798) Indeed I have. Many times.
(799) It was lovely.
(800) Why do you ask?
(801) I was just wondering.
(802) Why do you ask?
(803) It was his deepest darkest fear.
(804) Kind of a not deep.
(805) Most people's biggest fears are on their surface, just waiting to pop out.
(806) What's waiting to pop out of you, Jameson?
(807) What's your deepest darkest fear?
(808) Have you got your breath?
(809) Yes.
(810) I have, thank you.
(811) Alright.
(812) My deepest darkest...
(813) You take that well.
(814) That was for my friends.
(815) And we don't have to keep doing this.
(816) Heh-oh-oh.
(817) I think we do.
(818) Or...
(819) We could get married?
(820) Yeah, I don't see that happening. Oh, but I do.
(821) We'll be so happy together.
(822) Going town to town
(823) just killing people? Exactly!
(824) So, I'm just enjoying myself.
(825) Alright, let's fight.
(826) Jesus, you smell good.
(827) Careful!
(828) You don't want to hang yourself, do you?
(829) Let me down.
(830) Now. Why would I do that?
(831) I'll never do this again, I promise.
(832) Do what exactly?
(833) Hunt girls.
(834) I highly doubt that.
(835) I'll give you anything you want.
(836) You know. This is starting to feel like a game, Jameson.
(837) And I know how much you love games.
(838) So, let's call this game
(839) "1 question."
(840) Because there is only one thing that you have that I want.
(841) Can you guess what that is?
(842) Fuck.
(843) Be careful.
(844) What?
(845) I have no idea, but name it, and it's yours.
(846) Your life.
(847) No.
(848) Please don't.
(849) Please don't.
(850) Have you ever noticed how people try to strike bargains with you,
(851) instead of just accepting their fate?
(852) Are you religious, Jameson?
(853) No.
(854) Are you gonna beg God to help you? NO!
(855) Maybe you should. FUCK YOU!
(856) Holy shit.
(857) No.
(858) No, please stop.
(859) Oh!
(860) No-no-no... NO!
(861) Get away. Get away. Get away.
(862) Please make it stop.
(863) Make it stop!
(864) Stop.
(865) Stop-stop-stop...
(866) Get away. Get away from me.
(867) Get away from me! Get away.
(868) PLEASE! Stop it. Stop.
(869) STOP!
(870) Well done.
(871) Thank you.
(872) You okay?
(873) Never better.
(874) So, how's your pancakes?
(875) Terrible.
(876) My too.

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