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Monday, January 25, 2016

[2010] [Faster] English Transcripts

(1) GUARD: Turn around.
(3) MAN 1: I'll bite your head off.
(4) [YELLS]
(5) I'll see you out there. Yeah.
(6) Yeah, motherfuckers. MAN 2: We'll fuck your ass up, man.
(7) WARDEN: In The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran writes about good and evil.
(8) "Of the good in you, I can speak,
(9) but not of the evil."
(10) You are only good when you are at one with yourself.
(11) What you went through in here I wouldn't wish on any man.
(12) But you survived.
(13) You didn't ask for trouble.
(14) But you didn't back down from it either.
(15) It was as if you were born to the darkness in this place.
(17) I hope to God
(18) that this day, you put that darkness behind you.
(20) I want you to know there is help on the outside.
(21) So if you get to thinking it's too much and you can't handle the pressure,
(22) please call one of these numbers.
(23) Do you have any questions?
(24) Where's the exit?
(25) [SIGHS]
(30) MAN 1: Oh, what are you doing? MAN 2: Hey!
(31) MAN 3: Hey, what the hell?
(32) RECEPTIONIST: May I help you?
(33) Sir? Sir?
(34) Now, that happens, we'll be
(35) [#]
(37) MAN: Jesus.
(39) MAN 1: How's it going, man?
(41) You know how it is. One day good, the next not so good.
(42) Just have to go with the flow, you know?
(43) So, uh...
(44) You don't trust me.
(45) All right.
(47) Man, what did I tell you about that hairy change?
(48) Okay, if you don't want my business, I'll take it elsewhere.
(49) It's your jones, holmes.
(50) MAN 1: Wait a minute. Please.
(51) I'm sorry. I was just messing with you, okay?
(52) It's me. You know me.
(53) Please.
(54) [#]
(55) Okay, okay.
(58) Oh, no.
(59) Hey.
(60) Will you look at that?
(61) Looks like somebody got lost.
(62) What do we got?
(63) Wha--? What do we got?
(64) Yeah, I caught the case. CICERO: No, you didn't.
(65) Yeah. You couldn't have.
(66) Why is that?
(67) Because Mallory would never put you on my case.
(68) I don't like this any more than you do.
(69) I'm weeks away from retirement, got paperwork up my ass.
(70) So when the supervising sergeant tells me to jump,
(71) I just go with the flow, baby.
(72) You can't smoke in here. Sorry.
(73) CICERO: Get me a good tight shot of that exit wound.
(74) MAN [ON TV]: It is being reported that a gunman entered
(75) a downtown Bakersfield building this afternoon and opened fire,
(76) killing an employee. The suspect remains at large.
(78) Stop! He is described as a male in his 30s,
(79) approximately 6'3" tall with closely cropped hair.
(80) Police have not yet released the name of the victim.
(81) [#]
(82) MAN [ON TV]: The gunman was described as armed and extremely dangerous.
(83) Let me call you right back.
(84) Well, well.
(85) You've been a bad boy.
(86) It's a nice set of wheels I got you out there.
(87) You got my money?
(88) Hm.
(89) Now, how'd you smuggle that much money out of prison?
(90) You don't wanna know.
(91) [GROANS]
(92) I want the other names.
(93) The price just went up.
(94) It took me 10 years to track down these people for you.
(95) And it cost a lot of money.
(96) And now I wants to re-negotiate.
(97) Okay.
(98) That's what I thought. You're playing ball now.
(99) The price just went down.
(100) Kenny?

(101) Kenny.
(102) This here is my Samoan friend.
(103) Ultimate Fighting champion over in Guam.
(104) You don't know half the sick shit they do over there just to win a title.
(106) [#]
(107) I know what that is.
(108) I know who you are. Who is he?
(109) Brother, I ain't got no beef with you.
(110) Do what I pay you to do.
(111) What are you doing? This dude's a ghost.
(112) I can't mess with no ghost. You better get back.
(113) KENNY: I ain't messing with a ghost. Bald-headed Precious. Get your
(114) Here, I owe you a refund. Here you go.
(115) CICERO: He looks so familiar.
(116) I have seen him somewhere, I know it.
(117) Really?
(118) [GRUNTS]
(119) All right, here it comes.
(120) Look at his face.
(121) He knew his number was up.
(122) Wait a minute.
(123) That's not just fear, that's recognition.
(124) He can't see where the gun is.
(125) It's blocked by the partition.
(126) He knew him.
(127) Maybe.
(128) [#]
(129) WOMAN [OVER PHONE]: Hello? Marina.
(130) Hey, it's me. Do you know what time it is?
(131) Yes, I know it's late, I'm sorry.
(132) Call me right Okay, okay.
(133) You're taking him to the game. Yes, I'll be there tomorrow.
(134) I'll pick him up tomorrow. Yes, I'll be on time.
(135) Don't let him down. Promise. Yes, I promise.
(136) But listen-- Listen.
(139) [#]
(140) Morning.
(141) KILLER: I did a sequence of poses this morning
(142) that only 10 people on the planet can do.
(143) Ending with the corpse pose.
(144) But you know what, I'm done with yoga.
(145) I beat it.
(146) You beat yoga? Yeah.
(148) It's time to move on.
(149) To what?
(150) I don't know.
(151) Something more ultimate.
(152) I worry that a real corpse pose is the only thing that's gonna satisfy you.
(153) No, come on, not death.
(154) Life.
(155) Oh, I've never felt so alive.
(156) Really? Yeah.
(158) MAN [OVER PHONE]: Got a new client for you. I know you like a challenge.
(159) We're gathering information on locations.
(160) I'll send you the target spec now.
(161) The client thinks the target's coming after him.
(162) He needs the job done fast. Okay.
(164) LILY: Who's he?
(165) [#]
(166) It's not a question I ever ask.
(167) Sure you don't wanna stay a while? Hold that thought.
(169) KILLER: It's my work.
(170) It's getting harder and harder to go on these jobs.
(171) WOMAN [OVER HEADSET]: You mentioned this before at our last session.
(172) Can you take some time off? KILLER: No, no, that's not an option.
(173) My business is important.
(174) You haven't told me what it is you do now.
(175) I'm a surgeon. I remove cancer.
(176) Well, I'll have to take you at your word.
(177) You know, I have other patients in the medical field.
(178) They find it hard to handle the stress associated with their jobs.
(179) There's a lot of pressure when you have someone's life in your hands.
(180) [SIGHS]
(181) Morning, Detective Cicero.
(182) Sergeant Mallory.
(183) Don't be mad.
(184) You should've told me.
(185) MALLORY: You're right, you should've heard it from me. I'm sorry.
(186) I should've told you.
(187) Let him help you with the case though.
(188) [#]
(189) COP: So, what do we got?
(190) You play fast and loose with that "we" shit, cowboy.
(191) We got our shooter.
(192) We?
(193) I got a call from the warden at Murdoch.
(194) He recognized our guy in the news.
(195) Apparently, he made a lot of money running contraband in prison.
(196) Any gang affiliations? Nope, did his whole 10.
(197) No protection. A walk-alone. They kept coming after him.
(198) He kept knocking them down.
(199) I see he kept score.
(200) All he had to do was flash that and no one would screw with him.
(201) He got popped for a bank job. Ten years ago, Bakersfield First.
(202) ROBBER 1: Don't be a hero, you got me? Stay down.
(203) Shooter was a bank robber He was the driver.
(204) ROBBER 1: Go, go. DRIVER: Get in.
(205) [#]
(206) Go, go, go!
(208) ROBBER 2: Look out.
(210) What are you doing?
(211) You're gonna get us killed. He knows what he's doing.
(212) Do your thing, little brother.
(213) Go, go, go.
(214) ROBBER 3: Damn it, what's he doing?
(215) ROBBER 2: Where you going?
(216) They passed. They passed. Do it.
(217) I don't see anyone. Think we're clear. ROBBER 3: Slow down.
(218) Slow down!
(219) [SCREAMS]
(220) ROBBER 3: Turn it around. Turn it around. You son of a
(221) ROBBER 2: Watch it, watch it, watch it!
(222) Cops, man! ROBBER 3: They're right there!
(223) BROTHER: You're good. Go. Cops, cops.
(224) BROTHER: You're good, you're good.
(225) Whoa, whoa, whoa. Rip it. Rip it.
(226) [LAUGHS]
(227) Now, he made a clean getaway. So who collared him?
(228) Good, this is where it gets really interesting.
(229) I wanna show you something.
(230) Check this out.
(231) OLD MAN: Oh, my.
(232) This is such a big help.
(233) It takes me a long time to get up those stairs.
(234) You can put the things anywhere. Okay.
(235) [#]
(236) [GROANS]
(237) You okay? Yes.
(238) Thank you for your concern.
(239) You're very kind to help an old man. Sure.
(240) I'm gonna go. Can I offer you something to drink?
(241) I should be going. No, let me get you something.
(242) Please, it's the least I can do.
(243) Be nice to have a little company for a change.
(244) KILLER: You see, I changed careers because I
(245) Well, I had some issues I needed to resolve.
(246) You know, I needed to test myself.
(247) Mentally and physically. Really re-create myself.
(248) WOMAN [OVER HEADSET]: And now it's all become too easy.
(249) Yes. Yes.
(250) I'm bored, but I mean, that's only part of it.
(251) I mean, it's Lily.
(252) She's a distraction.
(253) Distractions can be a problem in my work.
(254) WOMAN: You were going to talk to her about marriage and having a family.
(255) Is that still something you want?
(256) You know what? You're right.
(257) I mean, she's the woman I wanna spend the rest of my life with.
(258) Are you gonna ask her to marry you?
(259) That's what I'll do.
(260) I'll pop the question. Heh, heh.
(261) Are you off your meds? Yes.
(262) As your therapist, I have to advise against that.
(263) Gotta go.
(264) MAN 1: All right, look, there's two cars.
(265) MAN 2: Quiet.
(266) MAN 3: All right, you're good.
(267) MAN 2: All right, you guys. Here we go.
(268) MAN 3: Be quiet.
(269) MAN 2: Back, back, back!
(270) Hands up!
(271) Back up. Tell me what's going on here?
(272) After the bank job, they got ambushed by another crew.
(273) Somebody set him up.
(274) And somebody taped it?
(275) Sick bastard made his own personal snuff film.
(276) MAN 2: Where's the money? MAN 3: Tell them.
(277) CICERO: I knew I remembered this guy from somewhere.
(278) Where did you get this?
(279) First week I made detective, Vice busted this porn operation.
(280) I walked into the bullpen, they were watching this.
(281) I pretended I got a phone call, had to walk out.
(282) Didn't have the stomach for it.
(283) MAN 2: Bank robbers, huh?
(284) Tough guys. BROTHER: Don't tell them.
(285) I flipped it to Homicide, but never went anywhere.
(286) Why is that? Never see the killers' faces, not once.
(287) MAN 2: Where's the money? Don't tell, bro.
(288) MAN 3: Brothers? MAN 2: Your brother?
(289) MAN 3: I don't see the resemblance. MAN 4: Yeah.
(290) MAN 2: You want me to shoot him, huh? Like the others?
(291) He's not gonna kill me, he's bluffing.
(292) MAN 2: Bluffing? Two down and I'm bluffing?
(293) You want me to shoot him? MAN 3: Think twice.
(294) MAN 2: You want me to shoot him, huh? Like the others?
(295) [MAN 4 LAUGHS]
(296) BROTHER: Don't tell him. DRIVER: Don't shoot him.
(297) BROTHER: He's not gonna shoot. Let's tell him where it is.
(298) But it's our only leverage.
(300) I'm sorry I got you into this, bro.
(301) MAN 2: Just tell me where the money is.
(302) OLD MAN: I bet you're a good student.
(303) Yeah.
(304) Thanks for the drink. Sure.
(305) I should get going.
(306) BROTHER: Sorry I got you into this, bro.
(307) Sorry I dragged you into this.
(308) MAN 2: Last chance. BROTHER: Don't tell him, bro.
(309) Please, don't shoot him. BROTHER: Don't do it.
(310) MAN 2: It's up to you.
(311) BROTHER: Don't you tell him, bro. Don't tell him.
(312) Under the floorboards in the kitchen.
(313) MAN 2: There you go.
(314) DRIVER: Gary, I'm sorry. BROTHER: It's okay.
(315) I'm sorry. It's gonna be okay, bro.
(316) It's gonna be okay.
(317) No!
(318) MAN 1: Oh, Jesus, man, no.
(319) DRIVER: No!
(321) MAN 3: Gotta get that money. Jesus, man.
(322) DRIVER: Gary!
(323) Told you wouldn't shoot him.
(324) Watch him. MAN 4: Okay.
(325) TELEMARKETER: See if he's lying.
(326) MAN 3: I got it.
(328) TELEMARKETER: Lift this up in the bag.
(329) MAN 4: Hey. Hey.
(330) Smile for the camera.
(331) Smile for the camera.
(332) [#]
(334) I didn't know.
(335) I didn't know that was gonna happen.
(336) Don't, please. He made us do it.
(337) Please don't hurt me.
(338) I'm not gonna hurt you.
(339) [DOOR OPENS]
(340) [GASPS]
(341) [#]
(345) OLD MAN: Smile for the camera.
(346) I'm gonna kill you all.
(347) CICERO: They killed him.
(348) What do you mean they killed him? He was dead.
(349) At least for a little while anyway. The hospital pronounced him DO A.
(350) [#]
(351) DOCTOR: Can you hear me?
(352) Bullet hit, ricocheted around his skull, came out his cheek.
(353) He's got a plate holding the back of his head together.
(354) I mean, this guy refused to die.
(355) And now, he must be going after everyone in that video.
(356) [#]
(357) You said you wouldn't be late. Where have you been?
(358) I caught a case.
(359) You're supposed to take Tommy to his game. You made me late for my class.
(360) I'm sorry, it's a big deal, this case.
(361) I saw it on TV. I do not wanna hear about it.
(362) You want me to have full custody? I will take custody.
(363) COP: You know I don't want that.
(364) Then take him to his baseball game. Okay. All right.
(365) What's up, champ?
(366) What position they got you playing? Don't play much.
(367) Well, you got an arm like a cannon.
(368) I don't know why they wouldn't let you.
(369) I know.
(370) Maybe I should have a talk with that coach.
(371) Maybe pinch-hit or something. What do you say?
(373) Hello? CICERO: Hey, it's Cicero.
(374) There's been another shooting. This could be our guy.
(375) Yeah.
(376) Mallory wants you down at the scene.
(377) Okay, I'll be there in a little bit. 4045 Danson Road. Got it?
(378) I'll be there in an hour.
(380) Hey, you know what, I'm not gonna make it in today.
(381) I'm taking my son to a baseball game. It's really important that I be there.
(382) Well, you know what? That's just too bad.
(383) All right, bye.
(384) Good grief. Can you imagine that?
(385) I already told them I had a ball game to go to today.
(386) [#]
(388) Incredible. You're a full two hours late.
(389) John, did you--? So, what do we got?
(390) What do you got?
(391) Guy did the world a favor on this one.
(392) Found out who shot our snuff films.
(393) Excuse me.
(394) So we got a telemarketer, a sex offender. What's next, a lawyer?
(395) Whole shebang just got a lot weirder.
(396) Witnesses placed a second shooter at the scene.
(397) After our suspect whacked Mr. Rogers,
(398) he had a little shootout in the hall.
(399) Maybe an armed neighbor. Uh-uh.
(400) No one recognized this dude.
(401) They exchanged gunfire then disappeared. Both of them.
(402) COP: The second shooter, any description?
(403) The word "beautiful" came up.
(404) Beautiful? Like a movie star.
(405) KILLER: He punked me.
(406) He's really that good?
(407) KILLER [OVER HEADSET]: Good's not even the right word.
(408) I mean, you know, the dude's completely artless.
(409) I mean, there's no sophistication to him whatsoever.
(410) But he's pure, you know?
(411) No fear, no hesitation. There's nothing.
(412) He as fast as you? No, he's faster.
(413) You'll get him.
(414) How can you be so sure, hey?
(415) Because you always do.
(416) KILLER: Baby. Yeah?
(417) Marry me.
(418) MAN: Hey, mister.
(420) Goddamn it. Shit.
(421) [LAUGHING]
(422) Is that what I think it is?
(423) Oh, the tattoo?
(424) Yeah. Tattoo.
(425) Yeah, I was in the L.A. Crash Unit before I got transferred up here.
(426) Guns blazing, ass-kicking cops with porno mustaches?
(427) That Crash?
(428) Yeah, is it so hard for you to believe?
(429) Yeah.
(430) Can I get in there?
(431) That's where I met Marina, actually. She was my Cl.
(432) You married your snitch?
(433) Dude, that is wrong on so many levels.
(434) Well, she was in really bad shape.
(435) Got in rehab and we fell in love and there you go.
(436) Was she the only one in rehab?
(437) That's ancient history.
(438) You sure about that, Hoss?
(439) Listen, I got 10 days to retirement.
(440) Full benefits for me and my family, so why would I screw that up?
(441) It's all I got.
(442) COP: All right. Let's go.
(443) How long you been clean?
(444) Since my son was born.
(445) Good for you.
(446) [DOOR OPENS]
(447) MAN: David, come on.
(448) WOMAN: David, did you forget something?
(449) You forgot my hug. BO Y: Love you, Mommy.
(450) [#]
(452) Good job.
(456) Oh, my God.
(457) You can't do this.
(458) Why did you come?
(459) There's nothing for you here.
(460) Why did you make me stop coming to see you in prison?
(461) I didn't see any sense of three wasted lives.
(462) Three?
(463) Was that him?
(464) The boy?
(465) David?
(466) You shouldn't think...
(467) You did a dime.
(468) David's 8. Do the math.
(469) When you cut me off, I gave the baby up.
(470) Did you find a good family?
(471) I had an abortion.
(472) I'm sorry.
(473) [SOBBING]
(474) [#]
(475) [BAB Y CRYING]
(476) All right.
(477) They know what you're doing. I saw it on TV.
(478) I hope you kill them all.
(479) [#]
(480) PRIEST: Shall we begin?
(481) [GUNSHOTS]
(482) [LAUGHING]
(483) Fair enough. Fair enough.
(484) [LAUGHING]
(485) Let's start a family.
(486) Family? Yeah.
(487) What's gotten into you?
(488) We'll sell the house by the lake,
(489) and we'll get a Craftsman in Pasadena.
(490) Fresh start.
(491) You're serious about this, aren't you?
(492) Yes.
(493) And what about your work?
(494) Oh, um...
(495) Well, what about it?
(496) Would you quit before this job? Absolutely.
(497) I will quit absolutely.
(498) Just like that?
(499) Just like that.
(500) Marina.
(501) Let me in for a second, I need to talk.
(502) I'm gonna stand here all day, so you may as well.
(503) Marina.
(505) WOMAN [ON TV]: killed, the first victim was gunned down less than an hour
(506) after the suspected gunman was released from prison.
(507) While the second victim was shot
(508) What are you doing here?
(509) Thought you didn't care about my case.
(510) REPORTER: to a bank robbery at Bakersfield 10 years ago.
(511) Look, I do not need you coming here and dragging us down again.
(512) Marina, if you just No.
(513) I am getting my associate's degree.
(514) I am trying to make something better for Tommy and me.
(515) Please take me back.
(516) It'll be okay.
(517) It's not okay. Marina, I'm begging you.
(518) I'm begging you, please. God. Get off your knees.
(519) Marina, please. Just please Don't touch me.
(520) Do not touch me.
(521) Give me the dope. I don't have any dope.
(522) Give it to me.
(523) Okay. Here.
(524) It's all I got.
(525) Look, I'll go to rehab. I swear to God I will.
(526) Let's go. Let's go right now.
(527) After the case, I gotta finish the case. Well, I can't just walk out on that.
(528) I just wanna be with you for one night.
(529) I mean, you know, with Tommy and
(530) Please.
(531) Just one night.
(533) MAN 1 [ON RADIO]: Radio MAN 2: Twenty-five dollar gift cert
(534) EVANGELIST: Brother, put down that bottle.
(535) Put down that cocaine, that methamphetamine.
(536) Put down that .45, that .38 and that .357 Magnum.
(537) EVANGELIST [ON RADIO]: So precious to each one of us.
(538) Why?
(539) The night is far gone,
(540) the day is at hand.
(541) Those that live by the sword will die by the sword,
(542) unless they learn to forgive.
(543) God made life so fragile and so precious for each one of us.
(544) You will never truly be free unless you learn to
(545) BOUNCER 1: Yo, I gotta take a leak. I'll be right back.
(546) BOUNCER 2: Hold up, big man, I gotta check you. Arms up.
(548) BOUNCER 2: Got any weapons on you besides these guns here?
(549) I'm only kidding, man. Go on, have a good time.
(550) CASHIER: Welcome to the gentlemen's club.
(551) It's a two-drink minimum tonight, baby.
(553) My man.
(554) Hey, what's up, big dog?
(555) I'm great.
(556) Right.
(558) Wake up, Joe. Huh?
(559) [#]
(560) BOUNCER: I've been expecting you.
(561) Joe.
(562) Joe. Huh?
(563) Oh, Shelly.
(564) Go outside and watch the door.
(565) Only one of us is gonna make it out of here.
(566) No matter who it is, Joe, you didn't see a damn thing.
(567) Go on.
(568) All right, then.
(569) [GRUNTING]
(570) [GASPING]
(571) I got a son.
(572) Tell him I said I'm sorry.
(573) I'm begging you.
(574) He's speed dial number three.
(575) I'm sorry. He made us take you down.
(576) [LINE RINGS]
(577) BO Y [OVER PHONE]: Hello? Hello?
(578) Your father's sorry.
(579) Who is this? Is he okay?
(580) Did something happen?
(581) Yeah.
(582) Something happened.
(583) [#]
(584) I thought you said you were done.
(585) I have to finish this one first.
(586) You promised me you were quitting. And I will. I will quit.
(587) But after this one.
(588) No, this isn't fair.
(589) I didn't ask you to marry me.
(590) I'm sorry. You're sorry?
(591) Mm-hm.
(592) What if I told you you had to choose? Don't.
(593) You used to be attracted to what I do.
(594) I'm your wife now.
(595) What if he kills you? Lily.
(596) [SOBS]
(597) Daddy?
(598) Yeah?
(599) I know I suck at baseball. You don't have to pretend like I'm good.
(600) You'll get better.
(601) You just need to practice.
(602) Maybe you and I can throw the ball around one day. How's that?
(603) Okay. I gotta tell you a secret first, though.
(604) What, Daddy? I suck at baseball too.
(605) [BOTH LAUGH]
(607) You go to sleep, okay? I'll be back.
(608) Jesus Christ.
(609) [GROANS]
(610) Oh, Jesus.
(611) Are you okay? Look at me, look at me. Why did you do this?
(612) I'm afraid.
(613) What are you afraid of, honey?
(614) We're going to hell for what we did.
(615) Do you know what hell is?
(616) It's not fire and devils.
(617) All that stuff they taught you when you was little.
(618) We make our heaven and our hell while we're alive,
(619) [#]
(620) every time we cause pain,
(621) every time we cause suffering.
(623) CICERO [OVER PHONE]: Cicero. Hey, it's me. Did I wake you up?
(624) No.
(625) You said on your message to give you a call, so...
(626) Okay, here's the deal.
(627) Both of our victims were informants.
(628) Could be something there, right? COP: Yeah, could be.
(629) Nice work.
(630) CICERO: Okay, I need you to follow up on it.
(631) I gotta be in court, but I really think we're getting close.
(632) It's gotta have something to do with how they got set up.
(633) Did you hear about that stabbing in Henderson?
(634) Yeah, yeah, what about it? I got a hunch it might be our guy.
(635) It's not his m.o. Our guy's a shooter, not a stabber.
(636) Like I said, I got a hunch. Yeah, so did Quasimodo.
(637) Look where it got him. I'm gonna go ask a few questions.
(638) After you do the follow-up, right?
(639) Got it cleared with the Henderson IC. I'm headed up there now.
(640) I have to be in court all day. I am asking you to do this. It's my case.
(642) [SIGHS]
(643) WOMAN [ON RADIO]: bring us nothing but the same politics as usual.
(644) I have fought to keep government honest,
(645) save you money and to lower your taxes.
(646) Above all, I will be someone who listens to you.
(647) The choice is simple, vote Margie Pageant.
(648) MAN 1: In local news, a Henderson man is fighting for his life
(649) after being brutally attacked at a gentlemen's club.
(650) The man is suffering from stab wounds.
(651) Doctors describe his condition as critical.
(652) MAN 2 [OVER PHONE]: Hello?
(653) [#]
(655) DOCTOR: Sponge. NURSE: Sponge.
(656) MAN [OVER HEADSET]: We think he'll be heading back. Your position?
(657) Tehachapi. Try the hospital in Clark County.
(658) His third victim survived the hit. He'll be wanting to finish the job.
(659) Where are you?
(660) MAN: Good night.
(661) NURSE: Doctor.
(663) MAN: What the hell is that?
(665) COP: Back in the room, back in the room. Police officer, get back.
(666) Police. NURSE: He went that way.
(667) COP: I'm a cop. Where'd he go? He went downstairs, officer.
(668) [SIGHS]
(670) [DOOR SLAMS]
(672) BO Y [OVER PHONE]: How do you have my dad's phone?
(673) He asked me to call you.
(674) Are you the one who killed him?
(675) Yes.
(676) I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna kill you.
(677) Do what you need to do.
(678) But you better be sure,
(679) because it's a long, dark road you're headed down.
(680) [#]
(683) [GROANING]
(684) [GUNSHOT]
(685) [GUNSHOTS]
(687) I lost him.
(688) MAN [OVER HEADSET]: Client wants to pull the job.
(689) No. No way. You tell him to back off.
(690) I've got this under control. All right? You're running out of time.
(691) Where's the old man?
(692) Dead.
(693) Don't lie to me. I'll show you the damn grave.
(694) How long ago? I don't know.
(695) Three or four years.
(696) WOMAN: Hold still.
(697) [#]
(698) Okay.
(699) MOTHER: How long you been out?
(700) Couple of days.
(701) And why are you here?
(702) Came here to kill the old man.
(703) Why?
(704) Because he set us up.
(705) What makes you think that?
(706) Gary went to him for advice on the bank job and he wanted full share.
(707) Gary wouldn't give it to him.
(708) So do you think the old man was capable of murdering his own son?
(709) Yeah. No.
(710) Mm-mm.
(711) Nope.
(712) He couldn't have.
(713) What makes you so sure?
(714) I just... I just know.
(715) Tell me.
(716) Say it.
(717) Mom.
(718) Because...
(719) he loved your brother too much.
(720) I'm sorry.
(721) And that's the truth and that's not your fault.
(722) It wasn't like I could pretend you were his.
(723) He was reminded of that every time he looked at you.
(724) You never stood a chance.
(725) Sorry that I couldn't...
(726) That I didn't protect you.
(727) The beatings and...
(728) [SOBBING]
(729) Gary was the only one who ever cared for me.
(730) Why'd he pull you in on that job?
(731) You were never a part of what they did.
(732) When his driver fell out, I volunteered.
(733) Why?
(734) He owed the wrong people a lot of money.
(735) And he needed me.
(736) If it wasn't the old man, then who set us up?
(737) [#]
(739) EVANGELIST [ON RADIO]: Driven by his passions and desires.
(740) You will never truly be free unless you freely forgive.
(741) Hate is like a chain around your neck
(742) that leads you to places you don't wanna go.
(743) It'll lead you into darkness and desolation.
(744) You become a slave to that hatred,
(745) and it'll only lead to your own destruction.
(746) You must break free.
(747) WOMAN: Hey, cowboy. You okay, man?
(748) COP: Yeah. MAN 1: You laid eyes on him at least.
(749) Hey, well done. Thanks, man.
(750) I gotta call you back.
(751) MAN 2: Still in one piece. MAN 3: Good job.
(752) Good lead, cowboy. You almost got him.
(753) We got close. Yeah.
(754) It was a good hunch.
(755) Well, even Quasimodo has his day.
(756) And don't ever hang up on me again. Roger that.
(757) I hate to spoil your moment. Got something I wanna show you.
(758) I think we may have caught a break. You said "we" again.
(759) I did.
(760) CICERO: Our latest victim was a Cl too.
(761) COP: So all three are informants.
(762) CICERO: Mm-hm. All got records, armed robbery, rape, assault.
(763) But none did any serious time.
(764) They all snitched their way out of the joint over and over.
(765) What are the odds of that? Slim and none.
(766) I'm waiting on the informant logs now.
(767) COP: Who are these? Former accomplices of the victims.
(768) Let's split them up, check them out. I'll take these.
(769) EVANGELIST [ON RADIO]: And I know there's not a man, woman or child in this church today
(770) that has not sinned.
(771) But God did not bring you down on this Earth to be perfect. No.
(772) God wants you down here to be saved.
(774) And when you're down with God, God is eternally down with you.
(775) [#]
(776) EVANGELIST [ON RADIO]: When Jesus knew his time was near, when he knew he was gonna die,
(777) when he knew they would not take that cup from his lips,
(778) his thoughts were not upon his own.
(779) His thoughts were for those that he loved.
(780) WOMAN: Amen. EVANGELIST: That's right.
(781) His thoughts were for those that he loved, preparing them.
(782) EVANGELIST: Why is that? He used the example of his birth.
(783) That's right. Here it is. Jesus told them how a woman
(784) goes through pain and sorrow in the throes of childbirth.
(785) But then as soon as she has delivered, there is no more anguish.
(786) [CHEERING]
(787) After all the screaming, after all the pushing,
(788) after all the blood and the tears,
(789) there's only joy that a new child has been born.
(790) WOMAN 1: Hallelujah!
(791) And I'll tell you my WOMAN 2: Amen! Amen!
(793) WOMAN 3: Amen.
(794) WOMAN 4: Amen. Amen. Amen.
(795) WOMAN 5: Hallelujah! Amen!
(796) MAN: Amen! Sing me a song!
(797) [CHEERING]
(801) EVANGELIST: I was wondering when you were gonna show up.
(802) You've been the subject of many of my sermons these past few days.
(803) I heard.
(804) You heard. But did you listen?
(805) Everything okay, baby?
(806) Everything's just fine, honey.
(807) I was just catching up with
(808) an old acquaintance.
(809) You go on home now.
(810) Let's take a walk.
(811) [#]
(812) Was that your son? Adopted.
(813) One of five.
(814) Wayward boys.
(815) Not unlike me or you at that age.
(816) You turned your life around.
(817) Doesn't change what you did.
(818) I wouldn't want it to.
(819) I know it sounds cold,
(820) but every good I've done hinged on the evil I did.
(821) Who set us up? I don't know.
(822) I never did find out how they knew about your safe house.
(823) When I got the call, "Easy money," they said.
(824) All I had to do was guard the door, be the lookout.
(825) I was in a dark place in my life.
(826) Numb to the chaos and Right here.
(827) But when they cut that boy's throat...
(828) Oh, Jesus, man. No.
(829) That boy they killed was my brother.
(830) I can't bring him back.
(831) And in my heart I'm sorry.
(832) I still took my cut, spent it on drugs and women.
(833) Ended up in prison.
(834) But it was there that I found my calling.
(835) To save and help boys like me.
(836) And like you.
(837) It was there that I gave my life to God.
(838) God can't save you from me.
(839) But maybe he could save you from yourself.
(840) I know there's good You don't know me.
(841) I know the devil got your heart twisted
(842) with vengeance and hate.
(843) The Lord is merciful. He sees in your soul.
(844) Fragile, ain't it?
(845) That moment, that sets us on our road to Damascus.
(846) Sermon's over.
(847) Can you at least find it in your heart to forgive me for what I did?
(848) I can't.
(849) That's all right.
(850) That's all right.
(851) Because I forgive you for what you're about to do.
(853) Lord, see into this man's heart. He's good inside.
(854) Oh, Lord, save this man's soul.
(855) I know you see his heart.
(857) Release him from the bondage of hatred and vengeance, Lord.
(860) Go back to your family.
(861) [#]
(862) That's one hell of a peashooter you got there.
(863) How's the recoil?
(864) [#]
(865) [RINGING]
(866) Yeah. CICERO: Where are you?
(867) Inyo County at the reservoir. They're here. Both of them.
(868) What? Did you call for backup?
(869) There's no time for that. Okay, don't do this.
(870) I'm sorry I keep stepping on your case.
(871) CICERO: I don't care about that. Want you to do me a favor.
(872) If I don't make it out of this,
(873) tell my son that his daddy went out like a man.
(874) I am on my way. Please, just wait for me.
(875) I'm just going with the flow.
(876) Damn.
(878) Aren't you gonna reach for it?
(879) Come on.
(880) Sporting chance.
(881) I've got nothing against you.
(882) I've been trying to kill you for days and you've got nothing against me?
(883) I'm starting to think you don't take me very seriously, friend.
(884) DRIVER: What do you want from me?
(885) How about a little respect? Hey?
(886) A little professional courtesy from a peer.
(887) Some acknowledgment of my skills.
(888) You've got issues.
(889) Screw you.
(890) I win.
(892) You think you're done?
(893) You can't put it together, can you?
(894) There must be one more.
(895) The one who hired me.
(896) He's still alive.
(897) I'm gonna kill you all.
(898) Drop the gun.
(899) Don't move.
(900) Slowly.
(901) Put the gun down.
(902) No. Put the goddamn gun down.
(903) No! This is my job!
(904) I finish my job.
(905) How you gonna finish this when you're dead?
(906) So you're the guy that hired me.
(907) You shouldn't have done that.
(908) I had to finish what I started.
(909) Why'd you hire me then?
(910) I didn't think I was up to it.
(911) After you missed him, I figured I should get involved
(912) before he came gunning for me.
(913) He didn't even know about you.
(914) I figured that out when he didn't finish me off at the hospital.
(915) His brother's girlfriend was my informant down in L.A.
(916) She told me about the job.
(917) Hired some more of my informants down there.
(918) They helped me take down their score.
(919) So, what now?
(920) Now?
(921) I ride off into the sunset.
(922) Hey.
(923) I forgot to pay you.
(924) You know, I don't get you.
(925) Why do you put yourself through all this shit for one lousy dollar?
(926) It's my price. Call it a hobby.
(927) You know what, keep it.
(928) I didn't earn it.
(929) Don't contact me again, I'm done.
(930) Yeah, me too.
(932) MALLORY [OVER HEADSET]: Detective Cicero?
(933) CICERO: Yeah, I can't reach him.
(934) Okay, hopefully he'll turn up.
(935) We've got units en route, we'll see you shortly.
(936) CICERO: Wait a minute.
(937) You didn't flip him this case, did you?
(938) I didn't flip him the case.
(939) Is that what you thought?
(940) He asked for it, right?
(941) He begged for it.
(942) And I felt sorry for him, so I caved.
(943) Is there a reason why we're talking about this right now?
(944) No. No reason. Okay, I'll see you shortly.
(945) "Go with the flow," my ass.
(946) Marina? Hey, it's me, honey. Well, I got him, I closed the case.
(947) Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
(948) As a matter of fact, I feel perfect.
(949) Better than I ever have. MARINA: Yeah?
(950) Yeah, and I'm gonna get rid of the other stuff too.
(951) Don't you worry, I promise.
(952) I'll be home in a couple hours.
(953) Listen, you're not gonna believe this.
(954) I've been reading up on women, and I think I got you figured out.
(955) We're gonna be fine.
(956) Yeah, honey, it's over.
(957) I wanna start brand-new, honey.
(958) [GUNSHOT]
(959) [COUGHING]
(961) How?
(962) Metal plate.
(963) I can't feel anything.
(964) I created my own hell.
(965) And I'm the demon who crawled up out of it.
(968) KILLER: Baby.
(969) LILY: Where are you? KILLER: I'm coming home.
(972) Today, I wanna talk to you about forgiveness.

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