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Monday, January 25, 2016

[2012] [Fire with Fire] English Transcripts

(1) What's he doing in there?
(2) I thought he was right behind us?
(3) He's getting something for the bar owner.
(4) He's getting something for the bar owner?
(5) I think I see him.
(6) Mission accomplished.
(7) Here you go, sir. No no no.
(8) Are you sure? Yeah.
(9) That's an expensive case of Scotch.
(10) Merry Christmas, guys. Merry Christmas to you.
(11) Thank you very much. Thanks, man, thanks.
(12) So what do you guys say? Happy hour my place 6:00 a.m.?
(13) Let's go!
(14) Yeah. Thanks.
(15) Let's do this.
(16) I'm gonna throw this up front.
(17) I'm sorry your night got ruined.
(18) Hopefully this makes you feel a little better.
(19) She was cute! Look at you.
(20) Jeremy Coleman... one-man community outreach program.
(21) Don't say it! Okay, I don't want to hear it.
(22) Let's just try and give this one more than a couple weeks.
(23) Just because you've been domesticated doesn't mean I want to be domesticated.
(24) I need you to get domesticated. We need another couple to hang out with.
(25) Another exciting night of Pictionary? No thank you, I'm good.
(26) Pictionary, Charades, some fuckin' Boggle...
(27) Your jabbering is delaying my drinking. Let's get mobile.
(28) I'm right behind you. Let's do this.
(29) We gotta stop by the store, get provisions.
(30) Hey, what are you doing for Christmas?
(31) What do I do every Christmas? I'm picking up a shift.
(32) We're having dinner with Maria's family. You're invited.
(33) She insists. Thank you, really, but I like
(34) Working the holidays. Let's go. Of course.
(35) Hey hey hey. Grab me some...
(36) Stop! Before you ask for whatever shit you're about to ask for,
(37) remember, 15-year-old Scotch. That means it's good, Craig.
(38) I understand now, fellows. Thank you.
(39) Grab me a double bag of Funyuns. Fuck.
(40) Are you kidding me? Come on.
(41) If I'm not mistaken, we're about to drink this upscale booze
(42) in plastic cups in your shitty apartment at 7:00 in the morning,
(43) so ease up off the sommelier shit
(44) and grab me some fucking Funyuns!
(45) You're disgusting.
(46) Hey, we'll be across the street getting gas. All right?
(47) And some black licorice, Jeremy!
(48) I like my licorice like I like my women.
(49) Don't discriminate, Jeremy!
(50) Yo, Jeremy!
(51) What's up, man? Morning, fellas!
(52) You don't have to straighten up for me, Calvin, that's all right.
(53) You know I'm playing in that holiday tournament tomorrow night.
(54) You better show up this time. I'll be there, hey, I'll be there.
(55) I promise. Hey, Pringles 3-pointer... hit me.
(56) Look at that kid.
(57) And that's why the college scouts keep calling.
(58) It's looking like a full ride now.
(59) Hell, they might even take me.
(60) Yeah right, Dad. Keep dreaming.
(61) So you've been out rescuing cats from trees?
(62) Yeah, something like that. Hey, when are you gonna join up?
(63) Yeah right, maybe the Second Coming.
(64) How you doing, fellas?
(65) La-di-da.
(66) Help you with something?
(67) Keep your nose on the floor, you fucker!
(68) Settle down.
(69) Now! Okay
(70) Don't you do nothin'.
(71) Okay.
(72) Why don't you come out from around the counter?
(73) Get on your knees right here!
(74) Get your nose on the fuckin' ground.
(75) Get on your knees!
(76) Kneel down.
(77) Now my man that came in here last week,
(78) he told you I wanted your store.
(79) Now you told him that
(80) you weren't gonna give up the lease.
(81) I told him I was sorry,
(82) but this is a good location for us.
(83) Yeah, I know it's a good location.
(84) It's got freeways. Yeah.
(85) Easy to move packages in and out.
(86) I know it.
(87) This whole neighborhood
(88) belongs to the Eastside Crips.
(89) Eastside Crips.
(90) Look, I have to pay them every month.
(91) I'm under their protection.
(92) So it's no disrespect to you,
(93) but that's the reason you can't do business here.
(94) If you want me to, I can call them for you.
(95) I mean you can talk to 'em for yourself.
(96) Look, I'll get my phone.
(97) Hey, put your chin up!
(98) I was just gettin' my phone.
(99) I mean if you want to, you can talk to 'em.
(100) I'd like that, yeah. Yeah, get your phone.

(101) Don't fucking tempt me! I want to!
(102) Here.
(103) Hey, what's up, cuz?
(104) My name is David Hagan.
(105) I don't care much what yours is.
(106) Listen, you gonna go up against me, I'll kill you.
(107) I'll kill you and everyone close to you.
(108) Jesus! Calvin!
(109) No. Yeah yeah!
(110) Oh Jesus, oh Jesus Christ. Shut the fuck up.
(111) Tell him I shot your son. What did you kill him for?
(112) Come on, Dennis. Tell him I shot your son.
(113) Come on, Dennis. Oh my God.
(114) Tell him to prove a point I shot your son.
(115) It'll mean more if you do it.
(116) Shit. Come on, baby, come on.
(117) Come on, come on. Nah.
(118) No, Dennis! Now we're talking.
(119) Hi, I'm back.
(120) Listen, if I want your territory,
(121) I'll take your territory.
(122) It's been nice talking to you.
(123) What about him?
(124) I don't know, genius. Figure it out.
(125) Fuck.
(126) Oh God damn it!
(127) Jeremy!
(128) Jeremy! Jeremy!
(129) Oh shit. What is it, man?
(130) Jeremy. Call 911.
(131) Jeremy, are you all right? Call 911. They shot Calvin.
(132) Who? They shot Dennis.
(133) Who who who? Who shot Dennis?
(134) Mike? Mike?
(135) You're gonna want to see this.
(136) What's the charge? Murder in the first.
(137) Who caught the case? Paxson.
(138) I know... there was no evidence at the scene,
(139) but there was an eyewitness, and he's solid...
(140) he was like three feet away from Hagan.
(141) Please tell me they didn't fuck this up.
(142) It's a slam dunk even for him.
(143) It's done. Tell Paxson I'm taking over the case.
(144) When are they making the arrest? He's already in the box.
(145) David Hagan, line up. Let's go.
(146) Lieutenant.
(147) How are you doing, Mike?
(148) Great.
(149) Lieutenant.
(150) Jeremy, hey.
(151) I'm Detective Mike Cella, District Attorney Sharon Westlake.
(152) Harold Gethers, criminal attorney.
(153) When you see the man you saw at the store,
(154) say his number and he'll step forward and repeat
(155) one of the phrases you heard. What he claims to have heard.
(156) It's number four.
(157) Number four, step forward and repeat the phrase.
(158) Number four, please step forward.
(159) Yeah.
(160) Jeremy Thomas Coleman.
(161) Oh my God.
(162) 434-60-5119. He lives at...
(163) Okay, for the record I knew nothing about that.
(164) And what he just said does not constitute an actual threat.
(165) Your client just read... I believe my client has not
(166) been formally identified.
(167) That's him.
(168) We have a responsibility to our witness
(169) and I don't mean procedurally. Obviously.
(170) I mean emotionally, morally.
(171) He ID'd Hagan. Jeremy needs to know
(172) who he's testifying against and he needs to know your end of it.
(173) I'm telling you we're gonna have to play good cop, bad cop here.
(174) All right, tell me about him.
(175) Local, born and bred; parents died in a fire when he was eight;
(176) Couple of group homes, some juvie stuff;
(177) Entered the fire academy, only job he's ever had.
(178) No other family?
(179) Good. Makes it easier for us.
(180) See you in a minute.
(181) Hello, Jeremy, thanks for waiting.
(182) Before Detective Cella gets here,
(183) I'd like to give you some background information, okay?
(184) Okay.
(185) Okay. A few years ago,
(186) after David Hagan turned his Aryan following
(187) in San Quentin into a street crew,
(188) Detective Cella and his partner decided
(189) to go after his organization.
(190) They made cases against some of these guys.
(191) They wanted them to flip, to testify for the state.
(192) That didn't work out.
(193) Hagan killed Detective Celia's partner
(194) and his partner's wife.
(195) You gonna tell him how the DA's office
(196) gave up on the case? Stop.
(197) That had nothing to do with this case.
(198) Yeah, and neither does a half a dozen or so crimes
(199) on Hagan's rap sheet.
(200) Tell him the truth! The truth is...
(201) we can't get Hagan unless you testify.
(202) The truth is Hagan is a sociopath.
(203) He is a stone-cold killer. He doesn't give a fuck.
(204) I will put you in witness protection.
(205) The feds will keep you safe.
(206) So my whole life just...
(207) lust goes away?
(208) You get to keep your first name.
(209) You... you gotta be fucking kidding me.
(210) Fucking witness protection.
(211) All right.
(212) I'll do it.
(213) Thank you. Thank you.
(214) I'll do it.
(215) Your driver's license, Mr. Coleman.
(216) Put your bag on the side please.
(217) Step on through.
(218) Thank you.
(219) You're late. Come on.
(220) Right through here.
(221) Hey, Mullen. Mullen, they're here.
(222) Go ahead and patch it in.
(223) Come on in and sit down.
(224) This is Mike Cella. Hey, Lieutenant.
(225) I'm gonna be seeing you soon.
(226) The judge moved the case up. We go to trial in two weeks.
(227) Oh! Thank God!
(228) I gotta tell you, man, I am so ready to go home.
(229) I'll be the first to buy you a beer... the first of many.
(230) And listen, thank you. Really thank you, man.
(231) Take care of yourself, all right?
(232) Okay.
(233) Congratulations, son. That's it.
(234) Thank you so much.
(235) Thank you very much.
(236) Yes!
(237) Thank you.
(238) Taxi taxi!
(239) What the hell do you think you're doing?
(240) We're US Marshals, not amateurs.
(241) I know you've been sneaking out of the apartment we got you
(242) and coming to this motel. I've been...
(243) I've been seeing someone. What, you couldn't wait till you got
(244) back home to start hooking up with random girls?
(245) It... it's not like that, okay?
(246) Oh.
(247) Is she special?
(248) Yeah.
(249) Very.
(250) Now I'm curious.
(251) So tell me about her.
(252) I said tell me about her!
(253) She's kind of a smartass.
(254) So far I like her. Yeah?
(255) She likes to run her mouth a lot.
(256) She's beautiful.
(257) She forgets that sometimes.
(258) And when this whole thing is over,
(259) she's coming back to Long Beach with me.
(260) She's thinking about it.
(261) It wouldn't be dating in secret any more.
(262) You'd finally get to meet all my idiot friends.
(263) It'd be like a real couple.
(264) Maybe you feel a certain way about this girl right now,
(265) then when you get back home...
(266) Nah. I know how I feel about her.
(267) Yeah?
(268) Prove it.
(269) Hiya.
(270) Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
(271) All I have are crossed fingers.
(272) Well, I'll see what I can do for you.
(273) Good golly, you got some pretty looking nails there, girl.
(274) Thank you. Some people say they match my eyes.
(275) That they do.
(276) Well, it looks like you're in luck. We have vacancies.
(277) It will run you $89...
(278) ...which includes tax. It includes tax?
(279) All right.
(280) Will it just be you by yourself? Actually me and my buddy.
(281) Okay. One room, two beds.
(282) Non-smoking, a couple of nights.
(283) All right, farther back today.
(284) All right.
(285) All right, go.
(286) Good good.
(287) Better. You're still doing one thing wrong.
(288) It's what everyone does. You're anticipating the recoil.
(289) Okay, you're expecting the gun to kick up,
(290) so you're compensating by pulling down.
(291) Okay. By the time the gun kicks up,
(292) the bullet's long gone.
(293) Okay, so just forget about the recoil. It doesn't matter
(294) every single time you pull the trigger. Put your cans on.
(295) You'd be surprised by how accurate you can get.
(296) Oh, look at you. Very cute.
(297) Thank you.
(298) You're right though. I do hesitate.
(299) It's like every time I get my target between the crosshairs
(300) I wait a second and then I start shaking, you know?
(301) You see, but you're not hitting the target.
(302) The gun is. So you have to trust the gun.
(303) Okay. Breathe, line up your target
(304) and squeeze. That's all you do.
(305) Look at that.
(306) Okay, you are now officially even hotter.
(307) What?
(308) Kiss me. No no no no.
(309) Wait a minute... another free lesson and you haven't taught me
(310) anything about firefighting. Gimme my gun.
(311) Here you go.
(312) Well, I don't have my equipment.
(313) And I need a fire, of course.
(314) Come on, tell me something.
(315) I wanna know... what's your favorite part about the job,
(316) besides scoring hot chicks, of course?
(317) That's ridiculous. I don't know what you're talking about.
(318) Yeah right.
(319) You know, I just love being part of that group.
(320) Going through all the things you go through just to become a fireman.
(321) Those guys are my brothers. I consider them family.
(322) So what's it really like?
(323) I don't know, most calls are routine.
(324) Every once in a while you get that...
(325) that call where all hell's breaking loose
(326) and you got a structure going up with people inside.
(327) To most people it looks like a blazing monster, but I understand
(328) how it behaves, how it progresses,
(329) the airflow, the ventilation, materials, flashpoints,
(330) construction styles.
(331) I know how to get in, I know how to get out.
(332) I know where I can go. I know where I can't go. Things like that.
(333) But to the people inside, all they see is fire and smoke.
(334) You know? Just heat and blackness.
(335) And sometimes it happens where that person who's trapped inside...
(336) they don't wanna go. They panic, they freeze.
(337) Because where I need to take them
(338) seems a hell of a lot worse than the spot where they're still alive.
(339) So what do you do? I get them to focus on me.
(340) I try to get their eyes. I try to get their full attention,
(341) even through the mask and the ventilator.
(342) I say the same thing every time, no matter what,
(343) because it always works. Kind of like what you taught me back there.
(344) What do you say?
(345) I say "Trust me."
(346) Do everything that I ask and I promise you'll stay alive today."
(347) I miss it.
(348) So how long do I have to be in Long Beach
(349) before I can start calling myself a California girl?
(350) Oh, here we go. Parking karma.
(351) Yeah.
(352) Jeremy, get down!
(353) Stay down, stay down.
(354) No-ooo!
(355) No!
(356) No! Please please!
(357) Two is down, one is up.
(358) It's okay, it's okay.
(359) You'll be okay. Hold on.
(360) I do not have a shot.
(361) Stay with me, stay with me.
(362) Move back. We're gonna move back, come on.
(363) Come on, come on.
(364) Darren.
(365) I'm hit, I'm hit. Stay down.
(366) Hey hey hey. It's okay.
(367) Oh shit.
(368) Hey hey hey!...
(369) Stay with me, come on. Stay here.
(370) Somebody call 911!
(371) Take a deep breath.
(372) What?
(373) The bullet's in deep.
(374) I'm gonna give you more anesthetic.
(375) What's in the shot?
(376) I can't help you. You need a trauma surgeon,
(377) a full OR with an anesthesiologist.
(378) We're too far from home. I can't get you those things.
(379) You emptied it, right? Of course I did.
(380) You wanna talk?
(381) No.
(382) You want the light?
(383) No.
(384) Hey, where is she?
(385) Is she okay? The wounds are superficial.
(386) She's fine. I need you to have a seat. Have a seat and listen.
(387) Three days ago, a case manager
(388) at WITSEC headquarters in DC was killed.
(389) It looked like a mugging.
(390) They took his watch, took his wedding ring,
(391) wallet, cash.
(392) But as it turns out, four hours before he died
(393) he accessed your file.
(394) So they paid him for your location
(395) and then they killed him to tie it up.
(396) Now, son, this will never happen again.
(397) Access to your records will be restricted
(398) to the executive office of WITSEC.
(399) All your communications will be double blind.
(400) Full black box. Go ahead.
(401) These were found in the shooter's van.
(402) Oh my God. You gotta be fucking kidding.
(403) Now I'm not judging anybody,
(404) not tonight.
(405) I mean, you're only human.
(406) But why do you think they went after the both of you?
(407) Hell, you're the witness. Why not go after you alone?
(408) Because you cared for her.
(409) So the safest thing for both of you is to be nowhere near one another.
(410) No. No, you need to let me be with her.
(411) I need to make sure that she's safe.
(412) No, she is safe. How do you know she's gonna be safe?
(413) She is safe. She's under guard and wherever she's going...
(414) She's going with me, God damn it! I need to see her!
(415) Marshal Durham is on a plane and in the air.
(416) Hell, I don't even know where it's heading.
(417) And that's for her safety and for yours!
(418) What do you mean? She's gone? She's gone.
(419) Your new identity is already being arranged.
(420) When it's done, we'll take you out of New Orleans.
(421) You've been erased.
(422) You don't exist.
(423) You're a ghost.
(424) But you'll be safe.
(425) When do I get to see her?
(426) Not till after the trial.
(427) You just sit tight.
(428) Hang on to yourself. The case just bled out all over the street.
(429) There was a hit out on Jeremy, a federal agent was shot.
(430) Jeremy Coleman? Jeremy's off the grid.
(431) What federal agent was shot? That's all the information I have.
(432) Who are you talking to? The marshals in charge.
(433) All right. Get me on the phone with them right now.
(434) Lieutenant Cella, all due respect,
(435) this water's a fair bit deeper than what you're used to.
(436) You're absolutely right.
(437) I'm just a small-town cop,
(438) so if you could help me and pick out some small words
(439) and explain to me exactly how you're gonna protect this guy.
(440) You know I can't provide you with any details.
(441) Just tell me what kind of protection you have.
(442) Well, the full weight and resources
(443) of the United States Marshals Service
(444) is being brought to bear.
(445) Yes, I can almost feel it right now.
(446) How about this? Why don't you just give me the boy?
(447) All right? He can sleep on my couch.
(448) I got cold beer in the fridge. I have ESPN on the TV.
(449) I have a 9mm Beretta.
(450) I have a Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum,
(451) a Remington 86 tactical shotgun.
(452) So you tell Hagan's men if they wanna get this boy,
(453) they're gonna have to go through me!
(454) Do you understand that, you third-grade motherfuckers?
(455) Lieutenant, I realize how much this case means to you.
(456) How's he doing?
(457) Well, he's better than I expected.
(458) He's a tough kid.
(459) I want you to tell him something for me, please.
(460) I want you to tell him that I said I'm sorry.
(461) Did you hear that?
(462) Tell him I said I'm sorry.
(463) You should tell him you're sorry, too.
(464) I'm sorry to take up so much of your time, Marshal.
(465) I know that the federal government really doesn't...
(466) That's what we're doing.
(467) The unit's open, it's all clear. All right.
(468) Why don't you go grab what you need
(469) and then we'll get you out of town.
(470) Hello.
(471) My man pulled your girl's phone records.
(472) Now she dials this number late at night,
(473) you talk for hours.
(474) See, now you and I,
(475) we never got to talk, you know, just us.
(476) Yeah, that's a shame.
(477) I'm guessing
(478) you're with the police.
(479) You see,
(480) I can talk to you in an honest way.
(481) See, in a way they can't.
(482) So let's just...
(483) let's just talk. Just us, come on.
(484) All right.
(485) It's so simple.
(486) Don't testify
(487) and this will all be over with.
(488) No, it'll be over once you're sentenced.
(489) You... you've got...
(490) you've got that all wrong, see, Jeremy.
(491) See, I go to prison
(492) and I keep running my crew.
(493) I'm gonna keep a contract out on you and your girlfriend
(494) for as long as it takes.
(495) And this won't be over until the both of you are dead.
(496) Now... now that can happen anywhere.
(497) Yeah.
(498) Let me see.
(499) How about
(500) Monticello, Indiana?
(501) At the lake house,
(502) where your girl's family has reunions.
(503) I think the next one's in July. I can't wait to go to that one.
(504) Hey, when are the two of you getting married?
(505) I bet that's gonna be a special day?
(506) You gonna invite all your family and friends...
(507) Craig, Adam,
(508) Trey!
(509) Carlos...
(510) and how about a couple of my guys?
(511) Or maybe I'll just wait.
(512) You know,
(513) maybe I'll just wait for years
(514) until you and your girl,
(515) you got some kids of your own.
(516) Then my men...
(517) they'll come and kill them while you watch.
(518) You see, what you don't understand, Jeremy, is...
(519) prison time
(520) ain't nothing but time.
(521) Now you wanna live the rest of your life
(522) knowing that one day...
(523) one day, son,
(524) I will find you?
(525) No, you're not gonna touch her.
(526) I'll kill you before I let that happen.
(527) Look,
(528) testify, don't testify,
(529) you're both dead anyway.
(530) That's just for talking back.
(531) No, you listen to me, you son of a bitch, you're dead.
(532) You hear me?
(533) You are fucking dead.
(534) You tell me exactly how someone like you's gonna kill me.
(535) Because I'm a ghost. I don't exist.
(536) I'm gonna find you. I'm gonna kill you.
(537) I'm gonna disappear and nobody will ever know.
(538) To hell with witness protection.
(539) You're gonna need protection from me.
(540) I'm gonna need protection from you?
(541) Oh shit!
(542) I'm gonna need protection from you.
(543) Shit.
(544) Fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck.
(545) Why don't you go hurry him up?
(546) How we doing?
(547) Jeremy?
(548) Hey! He's running!
(549) Hey!
(550) He's running! Stay off the radios!
(551) Find him, but we've gotta keep this quiet
(552) for his own protection!
(553) Shit!
(554) That's truly horrifying.
(555) Thank God Mr. Coleman
(556) survived these hideous acts of random violence.
(557) How do you say that shit with a straight face?
(558) Your Honor?
(559) The police are executing search warrants right now,
(560) on Hagan and all of his people.
(561) I'm confident those warrants will prove fruitless.
(562) Come on, physical proof or not,
(563) basic common sense says that Hagan needs to be locked up.
(564) Your Honor, I'm asking you to revoke that bail order.
(565) Your Honor, may I speak plainly?
(566) If there was someone out there,
(567) operating independently of my client,
(568) attempting to bring harm to Mr. Coleman,
(569) incarcerating my client will do nothing to prevent that.
(570) In the absence of actual evidence of any sort,
(571) all you'd be doing, with due respect, Your Honor,
(572) is demonstrating extreme prejudice
(573) and providing me with grounds for appeal
(574) of any future conviction, not to mention
(575) grounds for a complete dismissal. Now in regards to that,
(576) I welcome such an action.
(577) By all means, lock him up.
(578) Man, who's this Wonder-Bread-lookin' motherfucker walkin' around?
(579) Hey, can I talk to you guys for a second?
(580) You in the wrong neighborhood, cuz.
(581) I'm not looking for trouble. Nah, fuck that, man.
(582) You ought to get you a hat that says "Undercover Cop."
(583) I'm not a cop. You better not be, motherfucker,
(584) 'cause you fucking suck at it.
(585) Keep on walking, cuz,
(586) you gonna scare off my customers and shit.
(587) I am a customer.
(588) All right? I want a gun.
(589) Gun store, homie.
(590) I want a gun that can't be traced.
(591) Look here, cuz.
(592) We don't sell steel to white boys. I'm not looking for any...
(593) Jesus.
(594) God, oh!
(595) See what the fuck you did?
(596) Trying to tell your ass. Now you done fuck with the muscle.
(597) Put your teeth on the curb, man.
(598) Hey, cuz, let me "American History X" this boy.
(599) I always wanted to do that.
(600) I'm not a cop! Shut the fuck up!
(601) I... I need the gun to kill David Hagan.
(602) I wanna kill David Hagan.
(603) Don't fuck with me, boy.
(604) Let's take a ride, cuz.
(605) Hey, Wonder Bread, get your ass up.
(606) I got it.
(607) Get your ass in the car.
(608) No, fool, not the back seat.
(609) Get your ass in the trunk.
(610) I can ride in the back fucking seat, man.
(611) Get your ass in the motherfucking trunk!
(612) Put this on.
(613) You'll get there safe... just in the dark.
(614) Lamar!
(615) Lamar! We got company.
(616) Welcome to the Eastside.
(617) Yeah. Why you ain't up in Bixby Knolls?
(618) Problems at the country club? I ain't from Bixby Knolls.
(619) You sure as fuck ain't from here either.
(620) So we got a white boy
(621) who wants to smoke Hagan.
(622) Ain't this a bitch? It's a long story, but it's him or me.
(623) And who are you? Nobody, cuz.
(624) That's right. Nobody, literally nobody.
(625) But if I do pull this off, Hagan'll be gone,
(626) and you guys can take the credit.
(627) I know that he's competition for you.
(628) I could be doing you guys a favor.
(629) Stone cold Bixby!
(630) Man, fuck this shit, man. He wasting your fuckin' time, nigga.
(631) Let us take him out the back, cuz. Trust me.
(632) Naw. He's a customer.
(633) C'mon.
(634) What a selection.
(635) Now what you trying to do, man, you gonna need
(636) some motherfuckin' weight. Trust me. The Glock 21.
(637) The Glock 21? Yeah.
(638) You hear this white motherfucker?
(639) Glock 21, man, you could've got this shit from Kmart, man!
(640) From aisle one next to the Pampers!
(641) Look at this motherfucker, take a look at that shit.
(642) We got AK-47s over here, dawg.
(643) I don't know how to shoot the AK-47. Check this shit out, man.
(644) You tryin' to be the motherfucking Grim Reaper and shit?
(645) You gonna have to get grim. I learned how to shoot on this gun.
(646) Fuck that. I learned how to fuck
(647) on this dumb bitch at the rec center.
(648) Her grill all fucked up, teeth sideways,
(649) throwing gang signs and titties hanging 'em out.
(650) Man, I'm hard bangin' that shit, man, but then I upgraded.
(651) You know what I'm sayin? Hey, shut the fuck up!
(652) Enough of that shit, all right?
(653) Can I?
(654) Can this be traced?
(655) No, it can't be motherfuckin' traced.
(656) The shit ain't even been fired.
(657) The serial number's been filed out. That's virgin steel.
(658) Hey, look, now you wondering if I think you can kill Hagan?
(659) I don't know what the fuck you can do.
(660) But I think you could be trouble.
(661) You could occupy some of his time.
(662) Even if it's only 30 minutes when he goin' somewhere to drop off your body.
(663) 500 for the piece, man. Bullets are on the house.
(664) Give it to him.
(665) I hope you got some gas money left
(666) in them motherfuckin' pockets of yours, motherfucker.
(667) Jeremy?
(668) Yeah, I had a feeling you'd answer this phone.
(669) I wasn't supposed to, but...
(670) I knew you'd call.
(671) How are you?
(672) I'm a little woozy, a little tired, but...
(673) I'm fine.
(674) I'm just sad I missed all your heroics.
(675) That's all right.
(676) It'll give me a chance to exaggerate it later.
(677) Jeremy?
(678) You have to come back in.
(679) I know that things got bad,
(680) but you can't be out there on your own.
(681) So wherever it is that you are, please just go to a police station
(682) and tell them to call the marshals.
(683) Okay? You're not safe.
(684) But you are safe.
(685) That's the only thing that matters to me.
(686) Whatever happens, I want you to know that.
(687) Please don't do this to me.
(688) Jeremy?
(689) I love you.
(690) Get rid of this phone.
(691) I'm not gonna call you again.
(692) No, Jeremy...
(693) What'd I fucking tell you? Oh shit.
(694) For fuck's sake! Talk to him tomorrow.
(695) He's working at the Obispo.
(696) Right there. Hands up!
(697) Jeremy fucking Coleman.
(698) You throw it away.
(699) Throw your fuckin' gun!
(700) Calm down. Calm yourself down.
(701) Around the corner. What?
(702) Get around the fucking corner!
(703) It's Gethers. Hold on.
(704) All right. Later.
(705) What's up?
(706) He wants to talk about your plea bargain.
(707) Oh, he does?
(708) Let's go run an errand.
(709) Go to the fuckin' corner! This is a fuckin' big mistake.
(710) Shut the fuck up and get against the wall.
(711) All right. Sit down.
(712) Back against the wall!
(713) Okay, now what?
(714) I'm gonna kill Hagan.
(715) Is that so? That's right.
(716) What's "Obispo"? Who's gonna be there?
(717) Throw me your phone.
(718) When I was a kid, I wanted to be a boxer.
(719) I worked and worked,
(720) but then I realized it wasn't gonna happen,
(721) because I didn't have it in me.
(722) You tell me how to get to Hagan.
(723) Now you wanna be some badass assassin,
(724) but you haven't got it in you.
(725) Dude, I will shoot you in the fucking knee
(726) if you don't tell me how to get to Hagan. Do you understand me?
(727) Henry Cooper had 4% body fat.
(728) Now do I look like I've got 4% body fat?
(729) No. And you ain't gonna pull that fucking trigger!
(730) Fuck!
(731) Wait wait! Fuck!
(732) So you're one of those?
(733) Wait please.
(734) Come on. What you got there? What you got?
(735) Oh shit. Fuck.
(736) Fuck.
(737) The Aryan brother
(738) is without care.
(739) He walks where the weak
(740) and the heartless won't dare.
(741) For the Aryan brother, death holds
(742) no fear.
(743) Vengeance will be his...
(744) through his brothers
(745) still there.
(746) Oh shit, oh shit.
(747) Throw your weapons out!
(748) If you're hurt, I can help you,
(749) but you gotta throw out your weapons!
(750) George, please tell me that's not a dead guy.
(751) It's a dead guy. Are you fucking kidding me?
(752) It's a terrible tragedy?
(753) It's a fucked up weekend is what it is.
(754) Fuck. Who is this?
(755) Looks like he got jumped and his buddies in the SUV down there,
(756) they came riding to the rescue,
(757) but I'm pretty sure it didn't work out.
(758) What is that shit carved in his face? It's EC, Eastside Crips.
(759) This is gang retaliation.
(760) Yeah.
(761) Yeah yeah, what do you got for me?
(762) Hey, Lieutenant? Hey, what's up?
(763) I thought you should see this. What is it?
(764) Partial print. It's not much, but I think
(765) we can get a hit off of it. All right.
(766) Take this to the lab. Get the results back to me.
(767) Only me. Only you.
(768) Thanks, Paul.
(769) Hello? Lieutenant Cella.
(770) Who is this? I think it's time we met
(771) face to face.
(772) This just in, breaking news out of Long Beach:
(773) A man nearly beaten to death. Let's go now to our field reporter at the scene.
(774) The victim, Craig Tucker, is listed in critical condition.
(775) Those injuries are described as being very severe,
(776) and it is not immediately clear whether or not he will recover.
(777) A police spokesman says the search for suspects is ongoing.
(778) But they have no further comment. Back to you.
(779) In other news, citizens are outraged...
(780) Wait for me. Come on, slowpoke.
(781) No no, I'm heading to the hospital before my shift.
(782) Shut it off.
(783) Yeah. Look, I'll see you there.
(784) No questions,
(785) just listen to me.
(786) I need you to do exactly what I tell you to do, okay?
(787) Okay. Yeah. I need you to let everybody know
(788) that they gotta be very careful right now. Nobody stays at their place.
(789) Call the police and say that threats have been made against the firehouse.
(790) Get a police detail, not only on the station, but on all your runs.
(791) You kidding me? You know it's not that easy.
(792) Just do it! Okay? Just fucking do it!
(793) And don't tell anybody that you've seen me.
(794) Nobody... not the guys, not Maria, nobody.
(795) I can't see fucking Craig and he's sitting in the fucking hospital!
(796) Is he gonna be okay? Have they heard?
(797) I don't know, man. It's not looking good.
(798) Jeremy, talk to me, dude. What are you doing?
(799) Just no questions, please!
(800) So how's Maria? Is she good?
(801) You met somebody.
(802) Yeah.
(803) I just hope to God you guys get a chance to meet her someday.
(804) I need you to do me a favor.
(805) All my fire gear is over at the fire house.
(806) Before your shift, I need you to go drop my duffel bag off
(807) over in the park behind those benches, okay?
(808) And one more thing.
(809) If you don't hear from me in the next few days,
(810) I need you to take this. There's a letter next to the bed.
(811) Take it to the US Marshals' Service, all right?
(812) They'll know how to get it to her. Who is she?
(813) Just...
(814) just do it for me.
(815) Yeah. All right.
(816) Okay.
(817) Hello. Hey, what's up, Paul?
(818) So I ran that print.
(819) It came back with a hit.
(820) It's in the system, this person,
(821) the only problem is it's coming back with no ID.
(822) No name, no nothing? No.
(823) I figure it must have been in there,
(824) but for some reason
(825) it got taken out? You ever heard of that?
(826) No.
(827) Thank you.
(828) This is dispatch. Mike Cella.
(829) Lieutenant? I need to put out an APB on a suspect.
(830) Go ahead with your description.
(831) Lieutenant?
(832) I'm gonna have to call you back. Sir?
(833) No no, I don't have the right information yet.
(834) This is Talia Durham. Badge 4382.
(835) I need an override on a blocked number
(836) incoming to my old cell last night around 12:00.
(837) Area code 562? That's...
(838) that's Long Beach, California, right?
(839) It's a cell. Great.
(840) Thank... thank you.
(841) Hi, yes. I need a cab to the airport.
(842) No, right now. Thank you.
(843) Welcome to the party, motherfucker!
(844) God damn. Jeremy Coleman!
(845) Hagan's gonna love me. I'm bringing you back alive!
(846) Hell, he just might make me employee of the motherfucking week!
(847) What? You want that?
(848) Do you want this gun? Is this what you want?
(849) You ain't gettin' it, motherfucker.
(850) You in my house now, you hear me?
(851) You don't bring no gun to my fuckin' party.
(852) Who do you think you are, comin' in here?
(853) Act like you own this fuckin' place. I'm gonna stick
(854) this gun right up your ass.
(855) God damn it!
(856) My fuckin' leg!
(857) Get up and crawl, you son of a bitch.
(858) Right here. Sit right there.
(859) You caught me at a bad time. I'm about to kill some Crips.
(860) I put a trace on the marshal's credit cards.
(861) Nothing since New Orleans.
(862) Today she bought a last-minute plane ticket.
(863) I'm already here in Long Beach.
(864) There's only one reason she'd leave protection and come here.
(865) He's here.
(866) God damn it.
(867) I need you to tell me how to get to Hagan.
(868) Where does he go?
(869) When is he alone? Blood in, blood out.
(870) What is that supposed to mean?
(871) To get in with Hagan, you gotta kill somebody...
(872) blood in. Once you're in,
(873) the only way out's if you're dead... blood out.
(874) So fuck you!
(875) Mr. Hagan, your men were killed by Jeremy Coleman.
(876) Well, it looks like I misjudged him.
(877) It's a good thing. He's coming right to us.
(878) I didn't wanna have to do this. Didn't...
(879) You have any idea who you're fucking with?
(880) I read your rap sheet... all the things you've done,
(881) all the people you've done them to.
(882) It's gonna make this part a little bit easier.
(883) Let me the fuck up outta here!
(884) I guess you didn't do your job. I guess I will.
(885) I'm gonna hunt him down.
(886) How will you hunt him down?
(887) Stake out his house? He doesn't live anywhere.
(888) Storm his office?
(889) He doesn't work anywhere. You have no point of access.
(890) I'm gonna take your fingers off.
(891) You ain't got the balls.
(892) Love will make you do some fucked up things.
(893) Fuck!
(894) Look, I just wanna know one thing.
(895) Are you gonna earn your money?
(896) Jeremy is a ghost, but so am I.
(897) Just tell me! Fuck you!
(898) She's gonna die slow!
(899) God, no! God damn it!
(900) I'll fucking tell you!
(901) I'll find him. Until then...
(902) I'd watch your back.
(903) Fucking talk! Gethers.
(904) Gethers keeps the list.
(905) You get to Gethers and that's how you get to fuckin' Hagan.
(906) Now cut me the fuck lose, man! I told you what you wanted to know.
(907) Blood out, motherfucker. No.
(908) Mike Cella.
(909) This is Talia Durham.
(910) I just got your email. Can you talk?
(911) You bet. I'm just trying to figure out a gang war.
(912) It doesn't look like either side started it.
(913) Do you have any evidence that's leading you in another direction?
(914) Marshal,
(915) we should be careful what we talk about on the phone.
(916) Have you told anyone? No.
(917) Jeremy told me what happened to your partner. I'm sorry.
(918) Listen,
(919) I want him dead and buried as much as you do,
(920) but I'm still a cop. You understand that?
(921) I came to stop what's happening.
(922) You can stop it, Marshal? As soon as I can find him, yeah.
(923) You have until 6:00.
(924) After that he goes out on NCIC as a suspect.
(925) Thanks, Lieutenant.
(926) Detective Cella. I just got off with CSU.
(927) They found more blood in the alley from the other night,
(928) might be from one of our perps, but...
(929) But you didn't get a match from CODIS.
(930) Yeah, that's right.
(931) Keep trying
(932) Call me if you get something.
(933) Hey!
(934) Mr. Coleman, just stay right there, don't move.
(935) I'm just guessing, but I think the fire department
(936) is probably not on its way, yeah?
(937) I turned off the call signal.
(938) You know, I don't know who's worse...
(939) a man who kills a son in front of his own father
(940) or a man who gets paid to make sure he gets to kill some more.
(941) Just for the record,
(942) I never wanted to become the man that you think I am.
(943) I happen to believe in this adversarial system of justice of ours.
(944) I happen to believe in it with my whole heart.
(945) The prosecutor and defendant go at it,
(946) the best advocate wins. It's an excellent system.
(947) It just leads to a bizarre world sometimes,
(948) where someone like me...
(949) reputable and legitimate...
(950) finds himself fighting on behalf
(951) of the worst scum of the earth like David Hagan.
(952) Why do you represent him?
(953) Why do I represent him?
(954) I drop a man like David Hagan,
(955) and he kills me, then he kills my whole family
(956) and then he kills my dog just for the heck of it!
(957) I didn't come here to harm you.
(958) I never wanted to kill anybody.
(959) Even Hagan.
(960) But I cannot let him take the lives of the people
(961) that I love. Do you understand that?
(962) What are you gonna do?
(963) How are you gonna get to him? He's got a whole army around him at all times.
(964) I got to you, didn't I?
(965) Look, I've come this far, I can finish this.
(966) Just tell me where he's gonna be.
(967) I know where he goes some nights.
(968) Tonight.
(969) I bet you're wishing you hadn't come alone.
(970) That's not what I wish.
(971) I'm gonna tell you why I brought you here.
(972) It's 'cause I'm confused.
(973) You know, I'm wondering why you didn't do anything
(974) about those friends I lost.
(975) That's one of the seven deadly sins:
(976) Sloth,
(977) failure to utilize your talents and gifts.
(978) The news says
(979) it's looking like homicide.
(980) Yeah, it was homicide.
(981) I just haven't gotten around to it.
(982) I've been a little busy with the trial.
(983) Oh.
(984) Have you heard from your witness?
(985) Yeah.
(986) Looks like he's been a little busy too.
(987) We oughta skip the trial. You'll save some time,
(988) kill me.
(989) Come on. I won't blame you.
(990) Every man's got his dark side.
(991) Just shoot me.
(992) Come on.
(993) What's the matter? Your gun broke?
(994) No.
(995) It works just fine.
(996) Justice. You see,
(997) there ain't enough of that going around for the white man.
(998) Yes.
(999) Not enough of that going around for murderers either.
(1000) I'm gonna kill that boy.
(1001) I'm gonna
(1002) bleed him out like a sow.
(1003) I lost a lot of good people.
(1004) And that hurts me. It does. It really does.
(1005) And you know what that's like 'cause,
(1006) as I recall, you...
(1007) you lost some good people, too, some friends
(1008) I've been told.
(1009) Yeah.
(1010) Close friends.
(1011) You're not gonna kill anyone else.
(1012) Hey, cry baby.
(1013) Come on, get up.
(1014) Get up off your ass! Get up! Get up off your ass, go!
(1015) As you can see, it has been a bloody day in Long Beach.
(1016) A long simmering feud between the Eastside Crips
(1017) and a rival white-power gang has now exploded
(1018) into all-out warfare.
(1019) It began last night with the slaying
(1020) of three soldiers of Aryan crime boss
(1021) David Hagan, and there have been multiple...
(1022) Adam, you've got a Marshal Durham here to see you.
(1023) So really a horrific bloody crime scene out here.
(1024) Now back to you in the studio.
(1025) Has anyone approached you recently about Jeremy Coleman?
(1026) Look, it'd be weird if I had heard from him, right?
(1027) It happens. Witnesses get distraught,
(1028) they make mistakes.
(1029) I keep them safe from everyone,
(1030) including themselves.
(1031) You know Jeremy lost his folks when he was young?
(1032) That was one of the things he loved about this job.
(1033) You know, it feels like a family.
(1034) But I worry about him
(1035) because even though this feels like a family, it's not really.
(1036) Now you gotta have more in your life.
(1037) Look, if he... if he did find someone
(1038) that he really cared about...
(1039) I think he would do anything for her.
(1040) Things that might even be hard to accept.
(1041) Where is he, Adam?
(1042) Look, if I do hear from him, do you have a card or something?
(1043) Yeah, I do and normally I would give you one
(1044) and tell you to call our field office,
(1045) but I'm not here officially.
(1046) I'm trying to keep this off the books.
(1047) And I have until the end of the day
(1048) and then no one can help him.
(1049) There.
(1050) Thank you. Thank you.
(1051) Thanks so much for waiting.
(1052) Do you know where the Loam Motel is?
(1053) You bet.
(1054) Talia.
(1055) You wrote this in case you died.
(1056) And when I read it, I thought you already had.
(1057) So now I know exactly how it feels!
(1058) Look, I had to do this. Now you have to stop.
(1059) Hagan will never stop, do you hear me?
(1060) He's never gonna stop. He's gonna keep coming for you and for me
(1061) and your family. My best friend in the world
(1062) is in the hospital right now.
(1063) Hey, look at me.
(1064) I love you.
(1065) And this is what it's gonna take for us to be together, do you hear me?
(1066) Yes.
(1067) I've had to do some awful things the last couple of days,
(1068) but you're worth it.
(1069) Do you understand me?
(1070) The police know that it's you!
(1071) Lieutenant Cella, he figured it out.
(1072) And if I don't get you out of Long Beach by 6:00 p.m.,
(1073) he's gonna put your face on the wire.
(1074) Look, I let you in.
(1075) I can't go back to no one.
(1076) We can have a life together, but...
(1077) I can finish this. No.
(1078) Just let me finish this. This isn't you.
(1079) Please, tell me this isn't you.
(1080) Leave with me.
(1081) Please.
(1082) What what what what?
(1083) Oh my God, what did you do?
(1084) Stay here, okay? Just stay right here, I'll be right back.
(1085) No no no no! Jeremy!
(1086) Jeremy!
(1087) Think!
(1088) Cella. It's quitting time.
(1089) You should go home.
(1090) You really think so, Jeremy?
(1091) You think it's quitting time?
(1092) Look, just one more night.
(1093) All right? Let it play out.
(1094) Kid, you left a fingerprint.
(1095) Lieutenant, if I don't finish this, she'll never be safe.
(1096) They found a fingerprint.
(1097) Do you understand what that means?
(1098) That means they're gonna find more forensic evidence.
(1099) They're gonna put you away.
(1100) You can't do this by yourself.
(1101) Yes, I can.
(1102) I have no choice. What the hell am I supposed to do?
(1103) Just let it happen?
(1104) You've reached the voice-mail for Lieutenant Michael Cella,
(1105) Gang and Narcotics Division.
(1106) Please leave a message after the tone.
(1107) Hey, I'm coming to you.
(1108) I'll be at your office as soon as I can find a cab...
(1109) You do what you have to do, but tonight David Hagan
(1110) is going in the ground.
(1111) Wait! Wait!
(1112) I'm over here.
(1113) Where is he? Where is he?
(1114) Yeah?
(1115) David Hagan, current location
(1116) 1124 Oxholm Street.
(1117) Hey, do me a favor and leave your phone on.
(1118) I wanna hear this. Jeremy?
(1119) Jeremy!
(1120) Listen, boy, you should not want what you cannot have.
(1121) Oh shit!
(1122) Oh shit!
(1123) Jeremy!
(1124) I'm in here!
(1125) I'm in here! Damn it! Talia!
(1126) Talia!
(1127) No!
(1128) Jeremy!
(1129) Talia!
(1130) We gotta get out of here.
(1131) Okay, come on!
(1132) Stay with me. Okay, come on.
(1133) Come on, stay low! Stay low!
(1134) Okay, come on. Let's go.
(1135) Stay with me. Come on, let's go.
(1136) Let's go. Let's keep moving.
(1137) Jeremy!
(1138) Jeremy!
(1139) Come here, boy!
(1140) I'm over here!
(1141) Almost, boy.
(1142) Almost.
(1143) You were almost strong enough to pull it off.
(1144) But your girlfriend Talia, she's gonna die.
(1145) Die, bay!
(1146) You know what I think?
(1147) You know what I think?
(1148) I think you just didn't love her enough.
(1149) No.
(1150) Son of a bitch!
(1151) Die, boy!
(1152) He's gone. Come on.
(1153) Let's go, let's go. Yeah.
(1154) I need you to trust me.
(1155) Do everything that I ask and I promise we'll survive this.
(1156) Do you trust me?
(1157) Yeah.
(1158) Did they find anything at all in that building?
(1159) The entire building was torched.
(1160) Nothing useful.
(1161) I'll see you tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow.

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