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Monday, January 25, 2016

[2015] [Fantastic Four] English Transcripts

(1) BOY: Ever since I was three,
(2) I wanted to play quarterback for the New York Giants...
(3) like my personal hero, Eli Manning.
(4) Annual salary is between 10 and 20 million dollars a year.
(5) MR. KENNY: Thank you.
(6) Next up... Reed.
(7) Mr. Richards?
(8) Earth to Richards.
(9) (SIMULATES STATIC) Beam me up, Scotty.
(11) MR. KENNY: Okay, come on, guys. Oh, I'm sorry.
(12) When I grow up...
(13) I want to be the first person in human history
(14) to teleport himself.
(17) I'm sorry, what?
(18) It's already possible to transport
(19) quantum information from one location to another.
(20) Right now, there are supercomputers
(21) that can transport
(22) Quantum information through space.
(23) So why not a machine that can send people through space?
(24) Well, even if you could build the thing, which you can't...
(25) I've already built it.
(26) Well, I'm building it.
(27) In my garage.
(28) Is it next to your flying car?
(30) I'm not working on that anymore.
(31) Just this now.
(32) I call it a "Biomatter Shuttle."
(33) "Biomatter..."?
(34) Technically, I'm shuttling matter from one place to another.
(35) Well, first matter.
(36) But once I test on biological
(37) materials, I can... All right, look...
(38) Thank you, Mr. Richards.
(39) This is all very interesting
(40) but the assignment was to pick a real career
(41) in the real world.
(42) Redo the report, and I'll let you try again tomorrow.
(44) Ben?
(47) JIMMY: Anyway, I tell him...
(48) "Bro, I ain't looking at your girl.
(49) "Girl's looking at me.
(50) "What you want me to do about it?"
(51) Know what I'm saying?
(52) Hey, where you going?
(53) I got homework. What?
(54) Look at that fridge pile.
(55) (SOFTLY) Idiot.
(56) What'd you say?
(57) Hey! Clobbering time.
(58) (GROANS) What'd you think?
(59) Think you can talk to me like that, huh?
(60) You think you can talk to me like that, punk?
(61) BEN'S MOTHER: What the hell is the matter with you?
(62) Shh! Huh? Huh? Ma!
(63) I didn't do nothing! Huh? Huh?
(64) Ma, I swear to God! You didn't do nothing?
(65) (DOGS BARKING) Go check on that fuss.
(66) You didn't do nothing? I watched you!
(67) What's the matter with you?
(68) How many times do I have to tell you, you don't hit a kid!
(71) Hey! (WHINING)
(72) Hello?
(73) Who's in there?
(74) Please don't kill me.
(75) Take that off.
(76) I know you. From school.
(77) I'm just looking for a power converter.
(78) I'm building something.
(79) BEN'S MOTHER: Ben! What's going on out there?
(80) Hold on!
(81) That teleporting thing?
(82) I can show it to you. I just need the converter.
(83) All right.
(84) MR. RICHARDS: Come on, throw him the ball!
(85) MR. RICHARDS: Throw the ball, throw the ball!
(87) Come on, he's open! Throw the ball!
(89) MR. RICHARDS: That's what I'm talking about. Yeah!
(90) Is that it? Yeah.
(91) Help.
(92) (GRUNTS)
(94) Here you go.
(95) REED: Your family owns a junkyard?
(96) BEN: Mmm-hmm.
(97) REED: That place is awesome.
(98) Here. You're stripping the head.
(99) So, uh, who else lives here?
(100) Just my mom and step-dad.

(101) They don't care about all this?
(102) They don't understand it.
(103) You might want to cover your ears.
(104) Stand back a little.
(105) What the hell?
(106) Damn it.
(107) It's all right. All right, come on.
(108) Don't blow up.
(109) Don't blow up.
(110) Come on, man! Guy's open!
(111) (RATTLING) Whoa!
(112) Reed! What did you do?
(114) Now!
(115) (GROANS)
(117) MR. RICHARDS: Reed!
(118) BEN: Did it work?
(119) MR. RICHARDS: (SHOUTING) Hey, Reed!
(120) BEN: Where'd the rocks come from?
(121) REED: From the same place the car went to.
(122) Where is that?
(123) I don't know yet.
(124) Reed?
(125) What?
(126) You're insane.
(127) Thanks.
(129) MR. KENNY: Mr. Richards.
(130) Shall I alert the fire department?
(131) (CHUCKLES)
(132) What is this?
(133) Uh, this is a Cymatic Matter Shuttle.
(134) Me and my associate Ben
(135) have been working on it every day since 5th grade
(136) when we launched the beta version in my garage.
(137) And today is our first public demonstration.
(138) What does it do?
(139) It modulates the frequency of matter
(140) from one location to another and back again.
(141) It's a teleporter.
(142) A teleporter.
(143) Model car, please?
(144) The model... The model car, please, Ben.
(145) I don't have the model car.
(146) Why don't you have the model car?
(147) I brought everything else. I specifically...
(148) But... Mr. Richards?
(149) Okay, I will use this model plane.
(150) Hey, I just need to use this for one second.
(151) But I'll give it back, I promise. Thanks.
(152) Here we go.
(153) Ben? Please?
(154) You may want to cover your ears.
(157) Great. Now, Ben, bring it on back.
(158) Yeah.
(159) Oh, keep 'em covered.
(160) BEN: (MUTTERS) Oh, come on. No. Come on, come on.
(161) Don't do this. (LOW FREQUENCY EXPLOSION)
(164) Oh, okay.
(165) Now if I can have your attention, please.
(166) What you're looking at is sand,
(167) presumably from the Gansu Desert in China.
(168) Or perhaps even from the Sahara.
(169) You're disqualified.
(170) We're not entirely sure where it's from...
(171) Mr. Richards, you're disqualified.
(172) Wait, what?
(173) This is a science fair, not a magic competition.
(174) I don't see any real science here.
(175) And you're paying for the backboard.
(176) Did you put it on 6 or 8?
(177) BEN: Everything was the same.
(178) REED: I know, but you're smashing the buttons.
(179) It's delicate. You can't smash it.
(180) Hey, kid, I'm really sorry about your plane.
(181) You're a dick.
(183) You cranked it up too high.
(184) I didn't crank it up too high.
(185) It was on the same setting as last time.
(186) I know, but it's very precise.
(187) Excuse me, guys? Just pack it up.
(188) Yeah?
(189) Did you really build this in your garage?
(190) Mmm-hmm.
(191) DR. STORM: Now, this is elegant.
(192) What are these?
(193) REED: Uh, Sonic projectors,
(194) using cymatics to modulate the field.
(195) That's why we can't bring the matter back
(196) from the other dimension.
(197) Uh... What?
(198) We've gone so far as to send matter to another dimension
(199) but we haven't been able to maintain a field
(200) long enough to bring that matter back.
(201) You just did.
(202) (CHUCKLES)
(203) Oh, you're serious.
(204) I think you've cracked inter-dimensional travel.
(205) I mean, we're not sending anything to another dimension.
(206) We sent something, we think,
(207) to another part of the planet
(208) but I don't know about another dimension.
(209) We found the same thing you did.
(210) We've had it analyzed repeatedly,
(211) but no one's ever seen anything like it.
(212) Oh, wow.
(213) I'm sorry. We're from the Baxter Foundation.
(214) This is my daughter, Sue.
(215) Hi. Hi.
(216) DR. STORM: We'd like to give you a full scholarship.
(217) Uh, where did you say you were from again?
(218) Hey. You could fit the whole neighborhood in there.
(219) SECURITY GUARD: What's your name?
(220) Uh, Reed.
(221) Richards.
(222) Yes, of course. We've been expecting you.
(223) They actually wear lab coats here.
(225) This is you, sir.
(226) BEN: Here.
(227) What?
(229) What is this? It's a going-away present.
(230) I'm not going away.
(231) I'm, like, a 40-minute train ride from Oyster Bay.
(232) Reed, look at this place.
(233) You belong here.
(234) I've been here two minutes and I already know that.
(235) I'm just going to school here.
(236) It's where I'm gonna be working.
(237) It looks like you're home, buddy.
(239) Hey.
(240) This place is pretty incredible.
(241) They have molecular chem books from the 1950s.
(242) Oh, hey. Sorry, did you say something?
(243) Yeah, I was just asking, what are you listening to?
(244) Portishead.
(245) Never heard of him.
(246) "Them."
(247) I'll have to check them out.
(248) I love this book.
(249) It's about this guy, Captain Nemo.
(250) He invents a submarine that goes deeper
(251) than anything in history.
(252) Yeah, I know. I've read it.
(253) So, you like music?
(254) Is that kind of like your thing?
(255) Pattern recognition.
(256) Pattern recognition?
(257) Music is just a series of altered patterns.
(258) The musician creates the pattern
(259) and makes us anticipate a resolution...
(260) ...then holds back. Makes you wait for it.
(261) There's patterns in everything and everyone.
(262) Hmm.
(263) What's mine?
(264) You wanna be famous.
(265) Your parents, teachers
(266) all told you one thing, one way to be,
(267) and you ignored them.
(268) And now I'm here.
(269) So you are.
(270) Am I that predictable?
(271) Everybody is.
(272) Well, you're wrong.
(273) I don't wanna be famous.
(274) I just want my work to make a difference.
(275) Well, here you are, Captain Nemo.
(276) Go for it.
(277) Bye.
(278) DR. ALLEN: Let me guess. Some kid from the Internet.
(279) DR. STORM: Science fair.
(280) DR. ALLEN: Franklin, this board has invested
(281) a great deal in your little orphanage.
(282) We need real world applications.
(283) This has real world applications.
(284) I truly believe that there is an entire...
(285) "An entirely new universe,
(286) "just beyond our ability to see."
(287) Yes, I've read your paper.
(288) Once we get there... If we get there.
(289) ...we'll be able to discover new resources.
(290) Energy sources which will revitalize our own.
(291) This is our chance to learn more
(292) about our planet and maybe even save it.
(293) And I'm sure you all would agree that even if...
(294) Wait. What is this? Victor Von Doom is on here.
(295) He started this project
(296) and devoted a decade of his life to it.
(297) He deserves to be in jail.
(298) He deserves another chance.
(299) He set fire to your data servers before he left.
(300) I'm going to personally supervise him.
(301) I need his talent.
(302) I believe he and Reed can finally get us there.
(303) We want to support you, Franklin,
(304) but you put a lot of faith in these kids.
(305) I put all my faith in them.
(309) So someone stole my design.
(310) DR. STORM: No one stole anything, Victor.
(311) Someone else figured out your idea...
(312) and made it work.
(313) That's what happens when you drop out of the world.
(314) Other people finish what you started.
(315) Well, if you came to ask for help,
(316) be better you didn't insult both of us...
(317) and turn back around.
(318) Don't you wanna even look at the designs?
(319) I told you I'm done working for you and your employers.
(320) They're not my employers.
(321) You can't do a thing without their permission, yes?
(322) Wake up. You're an employee.
(323) They'll stay out of my way this time. Trust me.
(324) It's not you I don't trust.
(325) Yeah.
(326) (SIGHS) Well...
(327) I hate to interfere with all of your important work.
(328) Guess we'll just have to make history without you.
(329) Is Sue gonna be there?
(330) I trust her.
(331) Yes, Victor, she'll be there.
(333) Clean yourself up, son.
(335) (BUZZING)
(336) Holy shit.
(339) Amazing.
(340) Oh, thanks.
(341) Amazing you didn't black out the entire Western Hemisphere.
(342) Hmm?
(343) You basically ripped a hole in the fabric of space-time
(344) with unspec'd components and no supervision.
(345) Yeah, that was, uh, an accident.
(346) And if, by accident, you upped the power...
(347) you would have created a runaway reaction
(348) that opened a black hole...
(349) and swallowed the entire planet.
(350) Well, I'm glad that didn't happen.
(351) Are you helping on this?
(352) I'm making the environment suits.
(353) Based on the soil samples from our experiments...
(354) anyone who goes to the other dimension
(355) is gonna need to be protected.
(356) REED: Who's that?
(357) Victor. Who's Victor?
(358) He started this whole project.
(359) Oh. Does he go here, too?
(360) It's complicated.
(361) Rudimentary.
(363) Elementary.
(364) This is basically a child's drawing.
(365) You know what Albert Einstein said.
(366) "If you can't explain it simply,
(367) "you don't understand it well enough."
(368) Ten years searching for something
(369) that is basically runner-up for a baking soda volcano.
(370) We were actually disqualified. The potato clock got second.
(371) Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom.
(372) Victor started the Quantum Gate project
(373) when he was younger than you.
(374) Wow. It's great to meet you.
(375) Hi, Susan.
(376) Hey, Victor.
(377) Do you prefer "Susan"? No.
(378) It's been a while.
(379) Didn't expect to see you back here.
(380) Yeah, well, I couldn't resist.
(381) When I heard about the design,
(382) I needed to see it with my own eyes.
(383) I gotta say, it's pretty impressive...
(384) Thank you.
(385) ...that you nearly destroyed our entire planet
(386) with speaker cable and aluminum foil.
(387) Yeah, that was an accident.
(388) He did get it to work.
(389) What is this?
(390) This is where your little, uh, accident leads to.
(391) SUE: We put a camera on a drone we sent over there.
(392) The drone didn't come back, but those images did.
(393) Wow. It's beautiful.
(394) Yes, it is.
(395) New energy, resources. It's a whole new world.
(396) Which can help save this one.
(397) Not that it deserves to be saved.
(398) I mean, think about it.
(399) The people running the Earth
(400) are the same ones running it into the ground.
(401) So, maybe it deserves what it's got coming to it.
(402) Dr. Doom, over here.
(403) The failures of my generation
(404) are the opportunities for yours.
(405) There are no greater minds than the ones in this room.
(406) Is he gonna give a speech? He's gonna give a speech.
(407) But you're gonna have to all come together.
(408) Each of you working together
(409) with a level of commitment and collaboration...
(410) putting aside petty squabbles...
(411) if you want to fix what my generation broke.
(412) If you can do that, work together...
(413) then you can change the course of history.
(414) That's a pretty good speech.
(415) I'm in.
(416) Me, too. I'm here, right?
(417) First, design.
(418) We figure out what went wrong and correct it.
(419) Then we build, then we send organic matter over there.
(420) But, more importantly, we bring it back.
(421) VICTOR: And then...
(422) most importantly, they send us.
(423) "Us"?
(424) Us, us?
(425) We're going over there?
(426) Not unless you get to work.
(427) So, get to work. (CELL PHONE RINGING)
(429) DRIVER: Johnny Storm.
(430) So that's the piece of shit Toyota
(431) you been talking about.
(432) Why, yes, it is.
(433) Now you promise me we'll still be cool
(434) after I dust your ass.
(437) No. Come on.
(439) Rookie!
(440) (KISSES)
(441) Bye-bye.
(442) (CHUCKLES)
(443) Oh, shit.
(445) (GRUNTING)
(446) (GROANS)
(447) DR. STORM: I cannot believe you're out here
(448) doing this nonsense again.
(449) I told you.
(450) What?
(451) I told you I was doing 45 when I spun out.
(452) Yeah. (SIGHS)
(453) The ground was wet and I hydroplaned.
(454) Funny, I don't seem to remember any rain today.
(455) You were probably too busy to notice.
(456) Johnny, I thought you were turning things around.
(457) What is this? What are you talking about?
(458) This! This!
(459) Is this the way you want the rest of your life to be?
(460) You keep acting out.
(461) You have the potential and the IQ to do so much more.
(462) Oh, you mean like Sue?
(463) I know you think you know what's best for you,
(464) but trust me, son, you do not.
(465) Can you stop that? What? Stop what?
(466) Stop talking to me like I'm one of your students.
(467) Well, you're not getting the car back.
(468) Excuse me?
(469) You're not getting the car back.
(470) I built that thing from scratch
(471) with my own two hands.
(472) With my money.
(473) My money, my car.
(474) You want it back, you're gonna have to earn it.
(475) You're gonna have to come work for me.
(476) I'm not wearing a lab coat.
(477) JOHNNY: Appreciate your work, miss.
(478) Oh, you gotta untuck that shirt, man.
(479) Is that Adolf? Long time.
(480) Still not German. And we don't need any more help.
(481) Yes, you do.
(482) With what, his boundless enthusiasm?
(483) Oh, why, thank you, Victor.
(484) He can build anything.
(485) With a broken arm?
(486) What exactly happened? What?
(487) Were you racing again?
(488) I don't know what you're talking about.
(489) I could use some help, actually.
(490) Oh, this guy doesn't take orders well.
(491) Yeah, especially from people who say shit like,
(492) "I don't take orders well."
(493) What you need, buddy?
(494) Oh, that's brilliant.
(495) Hey. What's up? Johnny.
(496) Reed. Nice to meet you. Have you welded before?
(497) Of course.
(500) Keeps overheating.
(502) Hey.
(503) What's up?
(504) I got to say, it's fun having you here.
(505) Mmm-hmm.
(506) You kind of look like you're in your element.
(507) Look, don't get used to this.
(508) I'm just here to get my car back.
(509) Right.
(510) It's good seeing you too.
(513) (GASPING)
(514) Sorry. Oh, whoa!
(515) Oh, my God.
(516) Why would you do that? Sorry. (CHUCKLES)
(517) I freaked out. Oh, my gosh. Sorry.
(518) You were sort of sleeping.
(519) Was I? Is that what that was?
(520) It's okay if you need to take a nap or something.
(521) I'm good, thanks.
(522) Uh, so, that must have been cool
(523) with Dr. Storm as your dad.
(524) Yeah.
(525) Did he adopt you?
(526) Mmm-hmm.
(527) Yeah, I know what that's like.
(528) You were adopted?
(529) No, I just wish that I was.
(530) Why?
(531) I don't know. We don't really understand each other.
(532) Mmm.
(533) Where were you born?
(534) Kosovo.
(535) You don't have an accent.
(538) Hey, Reed. Can I have a word?
(539) Okay, yeah.
(540) Hey.
(541) You're being unprofessional.
(542) You're supposed to be down here, working.
(543) Yeah, I am. That's what we've been doing.
(544) That's not what it looks like.
(545) We're finished.
(546) What?
(547) Yeah, we finished it. Do you want to see?
(548) Yeah.
(549) Hey, Sue.
(550) Can you show him?
(551) I'm really tired. I'm gonna go take a nap.
(552) Can you tell Dr. Storm for me? We did it, Victor.
(553) DR. STORM: Harvey. DR. ALLEN: Franklin.
(554) Big day.
(555) Didn't think we'd make it here, but well done.
(556) I told you these kids could do it.
(557) (WHISPERING) Harvey's here.
(558) MAN: (ON PA) Organic test commencing.
(560) Clear for launch.
(561) Goggles up.
(562) Ten...
(563) nine...
(564) eight...
(565) seven...
(566) six...
(567) five...
(568) four...
(569) three...
(570) two...
(571) one.
(573) Standing by for video acquisition.
(574) Status unknown. Stand by.
(575) Trying an alternate frequency.
(576) We've got signal.
(577) (CHUCKLES)
(578) Look at the plates. It's almost primordial.
(579) Unformed, like Earth over a billion years ago.
(580) DR. STORM: That place could explain
(581) the origin of our species.
(582) The evolution of our planet.
(583) Answers to questions we don't even know to ask yet.
(584) BPS, body temp, ventilation rates are all elevated.
(585) Let's bring him back.
(587) MAN: (ON PA) Goggles up.
(588) In five...
(589) four...
(590) three...
(591) two...
(592) one.
(594) How is he?
(595) The vitals are good.
(596) They're really good.
(597) He made it.
(598) It's safe.
(599) (LAUGHING)
(600) JOHNNY: All right! Looks like we're next.
(601) Gentlemen. Everyone.
(602) You all deserve an enormous pat on the back.
(603) I think it's time to start coordinating
(604) with our friends at NASA.
(605) What?
(606) It works. We have to start thinking about sending men.
(607) Yeah.
(608) Us.
(609) Look, I won't deny that
(610) what you've created here is incredible.
(611) But this isn't the school science fair anymore.
(612) We have to bring in help now.
(613) Why just NASA? Why not the Army or the CIA?
(614) We could send our political prisoners there.
(615) Waterboarding in the fourth dimension
(616) could prove very effective.
(617) Why don't we discussthe details of this someplace else?
(618) In the meantime...
(619) we appreciate your service.
(620) Oh. Hey, thank you.
(621) I won't let this go, I promise you.
(622) SUE: Just give him a second to figure this out.
(623) Look, I don't know about you guys, but I could use some...
(624) (WHISTLES)
(625) Want a drink?
(626) Ethanol kills brain cells.
(628) VICTOR: You are a lightweight!
(629) (LAUGHING)
(630) REED: Looks like we need another refill.
(631) Here you go, Johnny.
(632) Yep.
(633) Yep. (SIGHS)
(634) Hey, Vic.
(635) You guys know who built the Apollo spacecraft,
(636) went to the moon?
(637) Yeah. Your mama.
(639) So, the answer's no.
(640) But you know who Neil Armstrong is, right?
(641) Yeah, of course. Of course.
(642) VICTOR: Buzz Aldrin? REED: Yeah.
(643) First men to walk on the moon.
(644) Famous faces hired to conquer dreams
(645) that weren't even theirs.
(646) Dreams that someone else, some other scientist...
(647) who probably died penniless and alone...
(648) and sat in a bar, telling people
(649) he sent men to the moon.
(650) That's gonna be me.
(651) That's gonna be me.
(652) Think it's all of us.
(653) Unless we go first.
(654) Why don't we go first? God, this thing works, okay?
(655) We can go up there, take five minutes.
(656) We can take a flag and plant it down,
(657) get our footprints down there.
(658) We're gonna be the first people over there. Okay?
(659) Screw those guys!
(660) My dad might actually kill me this time.
(661) Johnny, by the time your dad finds out,
(662) we'll already be back.
(663) Think about it.
(664) Just the three of us?
(666) Hello?
(667) I'm not going without you.
(668) What time is it?
(669) Look, we started this thing together,
(670) we're going together.
(671) I'm not taking no for an answer, okay?
(672) Forget Neil Armstrong! Come on.
(673) Neil Armstrong?
(674) You drunk?
(675) Yeah, I am a little drunk.
(676) It doesn't matter! Look, the machine works.
(677) The machine works, Ben,
(678) and I need you to come with me.
(679) Now?
(680) Yeah. Look, Ben...
(681) I need you to come because we're going tonight.
(682) I told the guys that I'm not going without you.
(683) Okay? Who's gonna have my back?
(684) All right, fine.
(685) (STAMMERS) Just give me a second, all right?
(686) Okay.
(687) Please? All right, buddy.
(688) Thank you, thank you.
(689) (DOOR OPENS)
(690) REED: He's with me.
(691) What's up, man? What's up, buddy?
(692) How you doing? It's good to see you.
(693) Thanks, Panno. No problem, Mr. Richards.
(694) Why are we doing this tonight?
(695) Huh?
(696) Why are we doing this tonight?
(697) You trust me, right?
(698) Ta-da!
(699) It's just like ours, but expensive.
(701) Guys, this is Ben.
(702) How you doing? What's up?
(703) Are you his lucky charm?
(704) I'm sorry, this is Borat. Borat's a dick.
(705) Are you guys sure you're in
(706) the best shape to be doing this?
(707) Oh, yeah. Yeah.
(708) We're good.
(709) REED: Let's do this.
(710) So, I guess I should come up with
(711) something better than "One small step for man..."?
(712) VICTOR: Strap in and get comfy, kids.
(713) We're about to make history.
(714) BEN: Yeah, or die. Either/Or.
(715) REED: Wow, that's great, Ben. Thanks.
(716) JOHNNY: All right, gentlemen.
(717) Hands and feet must remain inside the ride at all times.
(720) Oh, shit.
(721) Dad, you need to come to the lab.
(722) AUTOMATED VOICE: Remote launch initiated.
(723) Ten...
(724) Don't blow up. Please, don't blow up.
(725) Oh, yeah, that's what I wanna hear
(726) before going into another dimension.
(727) Yeah, don't worry. He does that.
(728) ...five...
(729) four...
(730) (BREATHING HEAVILY) three...
(731) two...
(732) one.
(733) Initiate launch.
(734) What happened? Did we abort?
(735) Uh...
(736) I don't think that we went anywhere.
(737) God damn it.
(738) Johnny?
(739) Guys, can you hear me?
(740) Wow.
(742) VICTOR: I made it.
(743) REED: Ben, look at this place.
(744) It's amazing.
(745) We did it.
(746) BEN: I think we did.
(748) BEN: Here, give me a hand. Give me a hand.
(749) JOHNNY: Oh, yeah. This one is definitely going on Instagram.
(750) REED: Let's do this. Ready? After three.
(751) (BEN AND REED IN UNISON) One, two, three!
(752) JOHNNY: Whoa, look at that. Whoa!
(753) REED: Hey, Victor, I think you should see this.
(754) The energy seems to be converging over there.
(755) Come on. Let's check it out.
(756) All right. Let's do it quickly so we can get out of here.
(757) JOHNNY: (CHUCKLES) Nope. Uh-uh.
(758) I'm good.
(759) BEN: Reed, what's he doing?
(760) We need to climb down there so we can get a better look.
(761) Oh, you guys go on without me.
(762) VICTOR: Stay here.
(763) We need an anchor.
(764) (CHUCKLES) Yeah, yeah. I'll be a great anchor.
(765) (GRUNTING)
(766) REED: Okay.
(767) Easy does it.
(768) Just a little further.
(769) Right behind you.
(770) Okay.
(771) VICTOR: It's responding to physical stimulus.
(772) Almost like a nerve impulse.
(773) I can feel it.
(774) The energy, it's alive.
(776) REED: It's incredible.
(777) There's no expenditure.
(778) Reed. What?
(779) I think we should go back.
(780) This is important, Ben. Come take a look.
(781) (SIGHS)
(783) VICTOR: Go, go, go! Oh, shit!
(785) BEN: (SHOUTING) Come on!
(786) JOHNNY: Come on, come on! Hurry up!
(787) BEN: Come on, Reed! Come on!
(788) REED: Victor!
(789) Reed! Hold on!
(790) Reed! Pull me up!
(791) Victor!
(792) Grab my hand!
(793) Reed, pull me up!
(794) Come on! Come on!
(796) Victor, hold on!
(797) Reed! I can't hold him!
(798) Don't let go!
(799) Help me!
(800) Victor!
(801) Victor! No!
(803) Reed, let's go! Come on!
(804) Victor! Come on!
(805) We can't leave him!
(806) Reed, we gotta go now! Come on!
(807) Come on, come on!
(808) Come on!
(809) JOHNNY: Move, let's move!
(810) BEN: Move your ass, Reed!
(811) JOHNNY: Move it! Keep moving!
(812) Oh, my God.
(813) Let's go, let's go, let's go!
(814) Reed, let's go!
(815) Okay.
(816) Reed, come on!
(817) The re-entry's not working!
(818) I don't know what to do!
(819) BEN: Get us out of here!
(820) BEN: (DISTORTED) Reed! Do something! We gotta go!
(821) Guys, can you hear me?
(822) JOHNNY: Sue! Can you hear me?
(823) Johnny!
(824) Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?
(825) Yes, yes, I do!
(826) Sue, I need you to manually override the re-entry, okay?
(827) Okay, I got it.
(828) Manually override the re-entry!
(829) I'm trying!
(830) Sue, just do it!
(831) Reed! The door! I can't close the door!
(832) Ben!
(833) The door won't close!
(834) (GRUNTING)
(836) (GROANS)
(837) (PANTING)
(838) (SHOUTS) Ben!
(839) Ben!
(840) (YELLS)
(841) Johnny!
(842) (GROANING)
(844) BEN: Reed!
(845) (WEAKLY) Ben.
(846) BEN: Oh, God!
(847) Ben! Help me!
(848) I'm coming!
(849) BEN: Reed, help me!
(850) Can't move!
(851) Ben!
(852) Where are you?
(853) BEN: Reed?
(854) Help me.
(855) Ben. Reed.
(856) Ben!
(857) Reed, help me. I can't move!
(858) I'll get you out of there.
(859) (GRUNTS)
(860) Oh, my God. What the...? What?
(861) (GASPING)
(863) MALE DOCTOR #1: Can we get a BP reading?
(864) MALE DOCTOR #2: BP 128 over 72.
(865) MALE DOCTOR #1: Bone density?
(866) MALE DOCTOR #2: Bone density rates are normal.
(867) MALE DOCTOR #3: (OVER P A.) Reed, can you move your hand?
(868) Where's Ben?
(869) Keep trying, Reed.
(870) Hey, do you guys know where my friends are?
(871) Can you lift your index finger?
(872) (STAMMERING) I...
(873) I'm trying.
(874) (GROANS)
(875) Where's Ben?
(876) Did you see him? He was covered in the rocks.
(877) Why won't you answer me?
(878) (SHOUTING) Where are my friends?
(879) Help me!
(880) Increase sedative. 50 cc's.
(881) REED: What have you guys done to me?
(882) So, just for the record...
(883) this program was under your supervision, was it not?
(884) I already told you it was,
(885) but I wasn't there when it happened.
(886) All I want to know is, where are my children?
(887) I need to know if they're alive.
(888) FEMALE DOCTOR: She's unconscious.
(889) Somehow, she's shifting in and out of the visible spectrum.
(890) We don't know how.
(891) Her vitals are stable.
(892) She doesn't seem to be able to control it.
(893) MALE DOCTOR #4: Looks like we have some activity.
(894) (GROANING)
(895) (MOANING)
(896) (GRUNTING)
(897) Son. Oh, my God.
(899) (EXHALES)
(901) (EXCLAIMS)
(902) BEN: (FAINTLY) Can anyone hear me?
(903) Please, help me!
(904) Somebody, please!
(905) Is anybody there?
(906) Ben?
(907) Somebody answer me!
(908) (GRUNTING)
(909) BEN: (SHOUTING) Somebody, please!
(910) Help me!
(911) Can anyone hear me?
(912) Please, help me!
(913) Hello?
(914) Somebody answer me!
(915) Anybody?
(916) (GRUNTING)
(917) Ben?
(918) Ben! (SCREAMING)
(919) Reed?
(920) REED: Oh, my God.
(921) Ben?
(922) Reed, what happened to me?
(923) I don't know. But I'm gonna figure this out.
(925) Ben! (GRUNTS)
(926) Please help me, Reed!
(927) MAN: (OVER PA) Subject One has escaped containment.
(928) Oh, shit! Shit!
(929) Ben, I'm coming back for you, I promise!
(930) No, no, no! Reed, help me!
(931) Please don't leave me! I'm sorry.
(932) Reed, do something, please!
(933) Where is he? Where is Reed?
(934) I don't know.
(935) He's scared, Harvey. They're all just scared kids.
(936) We don't know what they are right now.
(937) All we know is that they are dangerous and powerful.
(938) Which makes them extremely valuable
(939) to the guys who run this place.
(940) If you think for a minute that I'm going to allow you
(941) to turn these kids into some kind of...
(942) You don't have a choice, Franklin. And neither do I.
(943) Either we play ball with the government
(944) or who knows what happens to those kids.
(945) Now...
(946) Here's how this is gonna go.
(947) So you're Ben Grimm.
(948) Where's Reed?
(949) I can't begin to imagine what you are going through.
(950) He said he'll fix it.
(951) Where is Reed?
(952) Reed's gone. Your friend isn't coming back.
(953) Look, I know you're scared.
(954) You should be.
(955) But we can help you.
(956) You wanna find a cure?
(957) We have resources here, the best in the world.
(958) We're analyzing what happened to you.
(959) Whatever it is, we can find a way to reverse it.
(960) We can help you, Ben.
(961) But you need to help us, too.
(962) (GRUNTS)
(963) (GRUNTING)
(964) What do you want me to do?
(965) DR. ALLEN: His combat effectiveness this past year
(966) has been unprecedented.
(967) In terms of potential,
(968) you already know what he's accomplished in the field.
(969) He's been active in covert operations
(970) with a 100% success rate.
(971) Protecting our men and women in battle
(972) and saving countless lives.
(973) Ladies and gentlemen, this is only the beginning.
(974) The other survivors of the "Baxter Incident"
(975) all exhibited unique physical conditions.
(976) We developed suits which allow them
(977) to contain and control these conditions.
(978) This subject's suit controls her spectral flares
(979) and refractive visibility.
(980) With intense concentration
(981) she has also developed the ability
(982) to render other objects invisible.
(983) And, to neuropathically produce force fields.
(984) (SUE GRUNTS)
(985) All these abilities come from one place.
(986) Another dimension that our scientists
(987) have taken to calling "Planet Zero."
(988) A planet infused with the same energy
(989) that transformed these survivors
(990) and potentially could transform
(991) our military capabilities.
(992) We have the direct link.
(993) With your continued support,
(994) once the Quantum Gate 2 project is finished,
(995) we'll have control over more than that world.
(996) We'll have control over ours.
(997) Everyone, have a look.
(998) What the hell is that?
(999) Subject Number Two.
(1000) (GRUNTS)
(1001) (CHUCKLES)
(1002) (EXHALES)
(1003) 2,000 meters in six seconds. New record.
(1004) Just need to work on my take off.
(1005) I can make it in five.
(1006) TECHNICIAN #1: All target drones neutralized.
(1007) TECHNICIAN #2: Keep holding your breath, Susan.
(1008) As long as you can.
(1009) Directional stability is 33 over 10.
(1010) Rise is steady. Pitch is eight degrees.
(1011) Your balance is getting better.
(1012) (PANTING)
(1013) Hey.
(1014) They're gonna send me on a project.
(1015) Like Ben?
(1016) We should use these powers to do something.
(1017) They're not powers.
(1018) They're aggressively abnormal physical conditions that we're gonna fix.
(1019) Can you turn that off?
(1020) And what if they can't?
(1021) What if it takes more time to get it right?
(1022) We could be talking years.
(1023) I am not going to be a tool.
(1024) Johnny... Stan, you ready?
(1025) Yes, we are.
(1026) Flame on.
(1027) Okay, Johnny. Thank you, Sue.
(1028) Don't forget...
(1029) We're here to get our lives back.
(1030) The subjects have agreed to cooperate with us
(1031) until we find the source of their powers
(1032) and, potentially, a cure.
(1033) Why don't we go see the big guy?
(1034) DR. ALLEN: (OVER SPEAKER) Hi, Ben.
(1035) I got some friends of mine here,
(1036) from Washington D.C., visiting.
(1037) Got a second to say hello?
(1038) It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Grimm.
(1039) We appreciate all you're doing for us.
(1040) That was the deal. Right?
(1041) And there she is, the Quantum Gate herself.
(1042) The, uh, star of the show. (CHUCKLES)
(1043) Franklin.
(1044) I'd like for you all to meet Franklin Storm...
(1045) who is our supervisor here on the floor.
(1046) How do you do, sir? Good morning.
(1047) Good morning.
(1048) How long until it's ready?
(1049) Well, we've had a few issues, but we're getting closer.
(1050) Closer every day.
(1051) All right, Dr. Allen. We'll give you what you need.
(1052) In the meantime, we'd like to put
(1053) more of your subjects in the field.
(1054) Subject Two is ready to go.
(1055) Get him ready for combat.
(1056) DR. STORM: Susan!
(1057) Can I have a word with you?
(1058) They're sending Johnny into the field.
(1059) You mean he's sending himself into the field.
(1060) The only way to stop him is to cure him.
(1061) And that means finishing the Gate.
(1062) I can't finish it without Reed.
(1063) Reed's not coming back. He abandoned us, left us here.
(1064) He was afraid. He didn't know what this place was.
(1065) I can't believe you're still defending him.
(1066) Help me track him down, Suzu. He'll listen to you.
(1067) We'll reopen the Gate, find a cure, end this.
(1068) Johnny's your brother.
(1069) It's never been as easy for him as it has for you.
(1070) But, like it or not, he's family.
(1071) And family means we take care of each other.
(1072) What can I do?
(1073) The FBI, CIA, and NSA
(1074) have blips of Reed here and there...
(1075) but they can't seem to see...
(1076) A pattern.
(1077) A pattern.
(1078) Where was he last seen?
(1079) Three months ago, in Panama.
(1080) SUE: Did you get an IP?
(1081) MILITARY TECH: Early on, he was using some old, buried e-mail accounts.
(1082) Bouncing off satellites.
(1083) He's keeping himself pretty well hidden.
(1084) For a short while, we were able
(1085) to ping him, here and there.
(1086) Caught him on a few sites.
(1087) He was looking for scrap metal, buying parts.
(1088) Never stayed online that long.
(1089) Was he looking for anything else?
(1090) He was searching for him.
(1091) I'm gonna need some music.
(1092) MILITARY TECH: Excuse me?
(1093) I need music. It helps me think.
(1096) The valve is worn, it's not worth twenty.
(1097) I'll give you ten.
(1098) I got people who work for me.
(1099) Twenty or no deal.
(1100) I'll give you five and I'll fix your register for free.
(1101) (RINGS)
(1102) Gracias.
(1103) (GRUNTING)
(1105) SUE: Captain Nemo.
(1106) That's him.
(1107) He's routing his e-mails through this relay.
(1108) Got him.
(1109) You did what you had to do.
(1110) Hi, Ben.
(1111) We've got another project for you.
(1112) I think you're gonna like this one.
(1115) Freeze! Do not move!
(1116) Get down on the ground!
(1117) SOLDIER: Freeze!
(1118) (GRUNTS)
(1119) Oh, my God. Ben!
(1120) So, this is where you've been hiding out.
(1121) Wait, stop. Okay, let me explain.
(1122) (GRUNTS)
(1123) Why?
(1124) I'm no good to you, to anyone. This is all my fault.
(1125) That, we can agree on.
(1126) (GRUNTS) (GROANS)
(1127) REED: Does it hurt?
(1128) I'm used to it.
(1129) I'm sorry.
(1130) That's what you said when you left.
(1131) I'm going to fix this.
(1132) You can't fix this.
(1133) Nobody can.
(1134) I promise you, I'm going to fix this.
(1135) I stopped believing in your bullshit a long time ago.
(1136) You were my best friend.
(1137) Look at me.
(1138) I'm not your friend.
(1139) You turned me into something else.
(1140) Nice work, Ben!
(1141) (GRUNTS)
(1142) (SIGHS)
(1143) Hey, Reed.
(1144) Look, I'm sorry, but I didn't have a choice.
(1145) We need your help to finish the Gate.
(1146) It's the only chance we have to figure out
(1147) what happened to us, and reverse it.
(1148) You really think that they care about us?
(1149) You know how they've used Ben.
(1150) Yeah. I do.
(1151) And they're gonna do the same thing
(1152) to Johnny if we don't stop them.
(1153) The only shot we've got is on the other side of that Gate.
(1154) Do you ever wonder what life would have been like...
(1155) if you hadn't come to the science fair that day?
(1156) We can't change the past.
(1157) But we can change the future.
(1158) You said you wanted your work to make a difference.
(1159) This is it.
(1160) This is your chance.
(1161) Are you ready?
(1162) You made it ugly.
(1163) It's good to see you again, son.
(1165) I'm gonna need ten minutes.
(1166) To do what?
(1167) I need to make a couple adjustments to the source code.
(1168) You have a few steps that are out of order.
(1169) It can't be that simple.
(1170) It might not be ten minutes. It could be a little less.
(1171) Come on. Let's go.
(1172) I got a good feeling, Stan. I'm gonna crack five seconds.
(1173) Hey, could I take a couple of minutes with my son?
(1174) Sure, no problem.
(1175) Guys, can you give us five minutes?
(1176) What's going on?
(1177) Reed is back.
(1178) We're closer than we've ever been before.
(1179) Closer to what?
(1180) Our old lives.
(1181) Oh, you mean your life?
(1182) No, son.
(1183) You always said I had the potential
(1184) to do something important.
(1185) Who's to say this isn't it?
(1186) Sometimes things just happen for a reason.
(1187) Johnny, you have no idea
(1188) what they are planning to do to you.
(1189) They're not doing anything to me.
(1190) I'm doing this with them.
(1191) Johnny, you need to listen to me...
(1192) I did listen to you, and that's what
(1193) got me here in the first place.
(1194) I'm an adult.
(1195) I'm old enough to make my own decisions.
(1196) MAN: (OVER PA) Clear for launch.
(1197) Stand by.
(1198) Look who it is.
(1199) Hey.
(1200) It's good seeing you, man.
(1201) Good to see you, too.
(1202) MAN: (OVER PA) Sonic projectors engaged.
(1203) Goggles up.
(1204) Initiate launch.
(1205) SCIENTIST: Systems check complete.
(1206) We have a visual.
(1207) QUANTUM GATE EXPLORER: Roger that, Control.
(1208) Are you receiving atmospheric data?
(1209) Copy that.
(1210) Checking configuration.
(1211) Data transmission looks good.
(1212) The landscape's changed.
(1213) How?
(1214) I don't know, it's just different.
(1215) Commencing element and geological test series.
(1216) SCIENTIST: Copy.
(1217) Hey, Control, I'm picking up a heat signature
(1218) about 60 yards away.
(1219) Now, what could that be?
(1220) Hard to make out.
(1221) The signal keeps fluctuating.
(1222) It's moving.
(1223) Heading towards us.
(1224) SCIENTIST: Copy that. Proceed with caution.
(1225) Do you have a visual?
(1226) It appears to be a human form...
(1227) with some sort of foreign element around it.
(1228) (WEAKLY) I knew you'd come back.
(1229) Victor?
(1230) Not possible.
(1232) Subject appears injured.
(1233) Get the med kit.
(1234) Let's get him to the shuttle.
(1235) Grab him. Come on. Easy, guys.
(1236) Abort. Bring him back.
(1237) SCIENTIST: Aborting mission.
(1238) Stabilize the subject and prepare for transport.
(1239) Oh, shit.
(1240) Preparing for launch.
(1241) Transfer the subject to Containment Room One.
(1242) EXPLORER: Copy that.
(1243) His thermal signature is barely registering.
(1244) His biochemistry is off the charts.
(1245) I want to talk to him.
(1246) Nobody talks to him until I do.
(1247) Confine the others to their quarters.
(1248) Victor?
(1249) We don't know how you survived over there
(1250) but we're still analyzing the data.
(1251) It appears that your
(1252) environment suit fused with your body...
(1253) but we're working on that.
(1254) We're going to help you, Victor.
(1255) We're working with the government now.
(1256) We're going to send more
(1257) expeditions to the other side
(1258) but first you need to tell us everything
(1259) you know about that place.
(1260) VICTOR: You want to know how I survived?
(1261) That place kept me alive.
(1262) Gave me strength.
(1263) Power.
(1264) What kind of power?
(1265) The kind men like you must never possess.
(1267) You couldn't resist coming back.
(1268) It's not enough to ruin your world.
(1269) Now you want to ruin mine.
(1270) Victor.
(1271) If this world must die so that mine may live...
(1272) so be it.
(1273) (GROANING)
(1275) (CHOKING)
(1276) AUTOMATED VOICE: Code Red. Code Red.
(1277) There is an emergency in this building.
(1278) Follow standard emergency protocols.
(1279) Proceed to the nearest exit
(1280) and leave the building immediately.
(1281) Code Red. Code Red.
(1283) There is an emergency in this building.
(1284) Follow standard emergency protocols.
(1286) (GUNFIRE)
(1287) Code Red. Code Red.
(1288) There is an emergency in this building.
(1289) Follow standard emergency protocols.
(1290) Proceed to the nearest exit
(1291) and leave the building immediately.
(1292) Running away again?
(1293) No.
(1294) Sue!
(1295) (COUGHING)
(1296) My bad! Are you okay?
(1297) Yeah, I'm all right.
(1298) Where's Dad?
(1299) DR. STORM: Victor, no.
(1300) Just stop!
(1301) Out of my way, Franklin. I'm going home.
(1302) This is your home, son.
(1303) Not anymore.
(1304) There is nothing for you over there.
(1305) Only the power to create a new world.
(1306) Victor, we're not gods. We're just people.
(1307) And we are stronger together than we are apart.
(1308) What good is it if you're alone?
(1309) I have always been alone.
(1310) SUE: Victor, stop!
(1311) Just stop!
(1313) It's too late, Susan.
(1314) The Earth is dying.
(1315) Humanity had its chance.
(1316) (GROANING)
(1317) No! Dad!
(1318) JOHNNY: Dad! No! Dad, no, I'm sorry!
(1319) SUE: Dad, no!
(1320) Dad!
(1321) Dad! Dad, move!
(1322) Victor, no!
(1323) (GROANS)
(1324) (WEAKLY) Promise me.
(1325) What?
(1326) Look after each other.
(1327) Dad, I'm sorry! Dad, I'm sorry.
(1328) Dad, please.
(1329) No!
(1330) (GRUNTS)
(1331) He's overloading the system to create a runaway reaction.
(1332) It's not gonna stop!
(1333) It'll create a black hole that'll swallow the Earth!
(1334) He's pulling everything into the other dimension!
(1335) Hold on!
(1336) Johnny!
(1337) Got it!
(1339) REED: The matter from Earth is being converted to energy!
(1340) We need to stop Victor! He's the source!
(1341) He's mine!
(1342) SUE: I have an idea.
(1343) This is what I do.
(1344) (GRUNTS)
(1345) (ROARS)
(1347) (CLAMORING)
(1348) Where are you, Susan?
(1349) (GROANS)
(1350) Victor, don't do this!
(1351) There is no Victor.
(1352) There is only Doom.
(1353) (GROANING)
(1354) (GRUNTS)
(1355) I saw a different future for us, Susan.
(1356) BEN: Help me!
(1357) Reed!
(1358) Ben!
(1359) (STRAINING)
(1360) Goodbye, Susan.
(1361) Ah!
(1362) (GASPING)
(1363) (GROANING)
(1364) (GRUNTS)
(1365) (GRUNTING)
(1366) Reed!
(1367) Is he dead?
(1368) If that thing's still active, so is he.
(1369) We can't beat him. He's stronger than any of us.
(1370) Yeah, he is.
(1371) But he's not stronger than all of us.
(1372) Look, this place gave him his powers...
(1373) but it gave us all of ours, too.
(1374) It's who we are now.
(1375) Maybe it's who we're meant to be.
(1376) We opened this door, we're gonna close it.
(1377) So, what's the plan?
(1378) Enough!
(1379) When your world is destroyed, and I'm all that's left...
(1380) then it will be enough.
(1381) (GROANING)
(1382) (GROANS)
(1383) Always so smug,
(1384) thinking you were smarter than me.
(1385) I am smarter than you.
(1386) Now!
(1387) Hey! It's clobbering time!
(1388) This better work.
(1389) No.
(1390) (SCREAMING)
(1391) JOHNNY: Let's get the hell out of here!
(1392) GENERAL: While the world may not know
(1393) what you did to save it...
(1394) The men and the women in this room do.
(1395) And so does the President.
(1396) That said,
(1397) we'd like to continue our existing relationship.
(1398) So, if we're all in agreement...
(1399) We're not.
(1400) Excuse me?
(1401) We're not remotely "all in agreement."
(1402) We don't need you or anybody else to keep an eye on us.
(1403) We just want a place where we can work.
(1404) And whatever we come up with belongs to us.
(1405) And what if we say no?
(1407) Say yes.
(1408) How much space are we talking about?
(1409) A lot.
(1410) Whoa. Hey.
(1411) So, uh, I thought there were gonna be four of you?
(1412) Oh, there is.
(1413) Labs are upstairs.
(1414) Engineering's on the south side
(1415) and Assembly's downstairs.
(1416) We've been operating out of here for over 12 years, now.
(1417) Well, officially, that is.
(1418) But you still won't find our name
(1419) on any government books.
(1420) Most people just refer to this as, uh, Central City.
(1421) But call it whatever you want. We work for you now.
(1422) JOHNNY: Oh, wow.
(1423) Now, that's what I'm talking about.
(1424) That's pretty nice. (SUE CHUCKLES)
(1425) I'm taking that area over there.
(1426) REED: I could get used to this.
(1427) I got it.
(1428) The "Franklin Storm Research Center."
(1429) Dad was kind of allergic to his name in big letters.
(1430) Which reminds me, I think that the four of us
(1431) should have a name.
(1432) Why would we need a name?
(1433) Because we're a team now, and there's four of us
(1434) so we should come up with a name for it.
(1435) Like, "The Human Torch and the Torchettes."
(1436) Ugh. No.
(1437) BEN: Are you kidding me?
(1438) How about "The Big Brain and His Neurons"?
(1439) How about "The Big Brain and Her Neurons"?
(1440) How about "Two Guys, a Girl,
(1441) "and the Thing that Nobody Wanted"?
(1442) (GROWLS)
(1443) Hey, we both know that you could take him.
(1444) Hey. Hey. What?
(1445) We've come a long way since the garage.
(1446) Gotta say, it's fantastic.
(1447) Say that again.
(1448) It's fantastic.
(1449) Yes, it is.
(1450) Guys, I got it.
(1451) Ready? Yeah.

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