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Monday, January 25, 2016

[2011] [Fast Five] English Transcripts

(1) Dominic Toretto.
(2) You are hereby sentenced to serve 25 years to life
(3) at the Lompoc Maximum Security Prison system
(4) without the possibility of early parole.
(5) Here's what we know so far.
(6) This is all the aftermath of a daring, daylight breakout.
(7) There were 26 high-risk inmates being transferred...
(8) A daring midday breakout where everyone onboard has been accounted for,
(9) except for one, Dominic Toretto.
(10) Police have just released the identity
(11) of the man they believe to have orchestrated the shocking escape
(12) that amazingly resulted in no fatalities this afternoon.
(13) He is former federal agent, Brian O'Conner.
(14) A fierce manhunt is underway for three fugitives tonight.
(15) Multiple federal and local agencies have joined forces
(16) in the search for Dominic Toretto
(17) and his accomplices Brian O'Conner and Mia Toretto.
(18) But despite every eye in the country looking for them
(19) where Toretto and O'Conner are now is anyone's guess.
(20) It's got to be it, right?
(21) Let's get out of here. Whoa, whoa.
(22) Easy, friends.
(23) She's with me.
(24) Mia.
(25) Vince.
(26) Buster.
(27) Come on.
(28) Dom here yet?
(29) No.
(30) When was the last time you heard from him?
(31) A couple of weeks ago. Up in Ecuador somewhere.
(32) How does it feel? What's that?
(33) To be on the other side of a wanted poster?
(34) He will show up.
(35) Yeah.
(36) Dom's?
(37) Yeah.
(38) Time for bed little one.
(39) Can I bring him?
(40) Of course.
(41) Aw.
(42) Good night.
(43) Excuse me, sorry.
(44) Why Rio, Vince?
(45) You mean after you screwed everything up in LA?
(46) Ended up free-falling through South America, you know,
(47) hitting every hellhole on the way down.
(48) Would have kept on going if not for Rosa.
(49) Does he know?
(50) So, listen.
(51) There is a job coming up.
(52) I was hoping Dom was going to be here by now
(53) but this one is clean enough we can do it without him.
(54) It's a good gig. Couple of high-end cars, easy targets.
(55) Guy I know is putting together a team to swipe them.
(56) Just need a few more willing bodies.
(57) I don't know.
(58) Look, the way the car scene is down here
(59) we can unload them quick and get top dollar.
(60) It's easy money.
(61) And from where I am sitting,
(62) it looks like you both could use the payday.
(63) What are you reading?
(64) Travel guide.
(65) Yeah?
(66) Tokyo.
(67) Moscow.
(68) Goa.
(69) You want to know what all of these places have in common?
(70) Huh?
(71) No extradition.
(72) Here we go.
(73) Excuse me, buddy.
(74) Okay.
(75) Hey, we have found them.
(76) Yeah, second-to-the-last freighter.
(77) What is it?
(78) DEA tags. These cars have been seized.
(79) Look who showed up.
(80) God, I am so happy you're okay.
(81) I thought I told you to lay low.
(82) Been running on fumes. Had to make a call.
(83) Hey. Quit talking. We only got the two-minute window.
(84) Let's go, Vince.
(85) I am taking the GT40.
(86) Ladies first.
(87) Hey.
(88) Hey.
(89) This car suits me better.
(90) See you, baby.
(91) It's okay... we're all going to the same place.
(92) We will get the car there.
(93) Change of plans. Wait for my call.
(94) Let's go.
(95) Where is she going?
(96) Where is she going? Hey.
(97) Hey.
(98) We're being robbed. Whatever happens, don't stop the train.
(99) Go after the girl.
(100) Hurry up.

(101) Access card. Get the access card.
(102) Shit.
(103) Bridge. There is a bridge.
(104) Luggage car is clear.
(105) Freeze.
(106) Oh, shit.
(107) You had to make a call, huh?
(108) Shitty call, O'Conner.
(109) Shitty call.
(110) You two stirred up quite a bit of trouble today.
(111) Three of my men dead.
(112) Three DEA agents along with them.
(113) Of course, this is business
(114) and sometimes things go astray.
(115) All I care about is the car.
(116) Tell me where it is, and I will let you go.
(117) This roofing plastic says you're full of shit.
(118) I don't know how you guys do business in your part of the world,
(119) but here in Rio,
(120) I like it when all parties know what they're up against.
(121) That's funny.
(122) Because it goes both ways.
(123) You know,
(124) I hear your sister is very beautiful.
(125) Wherever she hides
(126) I will find her.
(127) The American fugitives killed three DEA agents during a train robbery...
(128) ...police warn they are armed and extremely dangerous.
(129) Anyone with information should contact law enforcement immediately...
(130) Mia?
(131) Hey.
(132) You okay?
(133) Yeah, you all right?
(134) Hey.
(135) Hey, yeah.
(136) Just like a Toretto.
(137) Where's Vince?
(138) That's a good question.
(139) He will be here.
(140) Guys, we're all over the news.
(141) They're blaming us for the killing of those DEA agents on the train.
(142) Which means we just jumped to the top of the wanted list.
(143) The feds have got to show everyone their agents are off limits
(144) and they're going to send their best guys. We got to get out of here.
(145) One thing we know for sure
(146) is that they wanted this car.
(147) Because something is in it.
(148) If we find out what it is, we will know what we're up against.
(149) All right, listen up. The men we're after are professional runners.
(150) They like speed and are guaranteed to go down the hardest possible way
(151) so make sure you got your funderwear on.
(152) We find them, we take them as a team, and we bring them back.
(153) And above all else, we don't ever, ever let them get into cars.
(154) Crime scene is 10 hours old and counting, men. Let's go hunting.
(155) Agente Hobbs. Chief of Police, Joao Alemeida.
(156) Luke.
(157) Sorry to hear about the loss of your men.
(158) Is all this really necessary to apprehend two men?
(159) Let me tell you something about these two men.
(160) One is a former federal officer, been in deep cover for five years.
(161) He knows every way you're going to come for him.
(162) The other one is a professional criminal, escaped prison twice,
(163) spent half his life on the run avoiding folks like you.
(164) Well, if there's anything we can do to help the DSS...
(165) Two things. One, I need a translator.
(166) We have plenty in the public relations department.
(167) Elena Neves.
(168) A patrol officer? You heard me.
(169) But why? We have many more experienced people.
(170) I like her smile.
(171) What's the second thing?
(172) Stay the fuck out of my way.
(173) Brian. Hm?
(174) I have something I have to tell you.
(175) God damn.
(176) What a mess.
(177) Where you been, man?
(178) You better check that tone.
(179) And you just better answer the goddamn question.
(180) Stop it. Both of you.
(181) Where were you, Vince?
(182) Guys all over the favelas asking about you.
(183) Couldn't get out of there without leading them straight to you.
(184) Had to wait them out.
(185) That is such horseshit.
(186) That was your job, and those were your guys. Hey.
(187) Hey. Enough, O'Conner.
(188) If he said he didn't do it, he didn't do it.
(189) Go walk it off.
(190) Look, I would love to expand my operations into your countries
(191) but, quite frankly, your business methods are too violent.
(192) Let me tell you a true story.
(193) Five hundred years ago, the Portuguese and the Spanish came here,
(194) each trying to get the country from their natives.
(195) The Spaniards arrived, guns blazing, determined to prove who was boss.
(196) The natives killed every single Spaniard.
(197) Personally, I prefer the methods of the Portuguese.
(198) They came bearing gifts.
(199) Mirrors, scissors, trinkets.
(200) Things that the natives couldn't get on their own,
(201) but to continue receiving them, they had to work for the Portuguese.
(202) And that's why all Brazilians speak Portuguese today.
(203) Now, if you dominate the people with violence,
(204) they will eventually fight back because they have nothing to lose.
(205) And that's the key.
(206) I go into the favelas and give them something to lose.
(207) Electricity, running water,
(208) school rooms for their kids.
(209) And for that taste of a better life,
(210) I own them.
(211) Gentlemen.
(212) I apologize for the interruption.
(213) Senor Reyes, may I speak with you?
(214) We have found them.
(215) Pardon me, gentlemen.
(216) Almost wish I didn't see that.
(217) Almost.
(218) Wait, Dom.
(219) Mia was on that train.
(220) My sister.
(221) I didn't know. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her.
(222) You set up the deal.
(223) I thought the job was for the cars.
(224) I didn't know.
(225) All they want is the chip.
(226) Damn.
(227) You should have come clean.
(228) What's going on out here?
(229) Nothing.
(230) Please, Dom, just let me have the chip. I can take this to them.
(231) They will give it to Reyes and set things right.
(232) Get out.
(233) What?
(234) Get out.
(235) You never listen to me.
(236) Not when I told you he was a cop, and not now.
(237) You never trust me and look where it's gotten us.
(238) Look at our family now.
(239) I can't go home. Your sister is stuck in this life.
(240) Where's Letty, Dom?
(241) Where's Letty?
(242) Plasma cutter.
(243) Wilkes, I want a list of every place within 50 miles
(244) that distributes compressed gas tanks.
(245) Pass me that manifest.
(246) Officer Neves. Been waiting for you.
(247) You asked for me? I did.
(248) May I ask why?
(249) My smile is not that great.
(250) Your husband was an officer who was gunned down in the favela.
(251) Six months later, you upped and joined the force.
(252) You're motivated.
(253) Plus, I figure you're the only one in Rio who can't be bought.
(254) Am I right?
(255) Yes. Of course I am.
(256) Good news, bad news.
(257) You know I like my dessert first.
(258) Back-checked the rail line like you asked.
(259) Found a couple of spots where they unloaded the cars.
(260) One set of tracks headed west
(261) until it hit the main highway, then disappeared.
(262) But another set of tracks headed east.
(263) A 107-inch wheelbase, eight-and-a-half-inch tread.
(264) The GT40 that was missing from the manifest.
(265) Followed the trail a couple of miles.
(266) Pretty easy in this scrub.
(267) Can't move without leaving a sign.
(268) Give me the damn veggies.
(269) The ground rolls into a hardpack and we lost that track, too.
(270) Not necessarily.
(271) That road heads up through the hills into the favelas.
(272) Couple of years ago, it was washed out by a storm.
(273) It's all dirt a mile from where you were.
(274) If they headed that way, we will pick up their tracks there.
(275) You come prepared.
(276) I am motivated.
(277) All right, then.
(278) Let's find ourselves a car.
(279) What do you think?
(280) Well, it's definitely a custom chip.
(281) Look at all these side menus here for data entry.
(282) Let's check this one.
(283) Look at that.
(284) Same building, same order every week.
(285) It's a delivery schedule.
(286) What's this?
(287) Drugs?
(288) No. That's a dealer pack.
(289) See, most major players, they weigh their money
(290) so they don't have to constantly count it.
(291) Right there, that's 49 kilos.
(292) 49 kilos is a million in twenties.
(293) You're saying each one of these shipments is worth 10 million dollars?
(294) Yeah.
(295) I thought so.
(296) So what is that?
(297) A 100-million plus in cash houses?
(298) That's how he keeps it off the grid.
(299) I think it's safe to say that Reyes is smart to want this back.
(300) It's his whole network right there, just laid out on a chip.
(301) Wilkes, Fusco, up the middle.
(302) Mac, Chato, flank north.
(303) What about me?
(304) Stay here.
(305) Go that way.
(306) The other two went over the wall.
(307) Come on, go. Go.
(308) Get on the ground.
(309) I got Toretto. Four blocks north of your...
(310) They already know who you are.
(311) Let's go.
(312) You okay here?
(313) Yeah. I am good. Thank you.
(314) They're going to be looking for the three of us together now.
(315) We need to split up.
(316) You and Mia head south, I will lead them away.
(317) No.
(318) Dom is right.
(319) Look how lucky we just got. What happens next time?
(320) We have no choice but to split up.
(321) I am pregnant.
(322) I already lost my family once.
(323) I am not going through that again.
(324) Are you kidding me? No.
(325) I am not going anywhere. Okay?
(326) Dom?
(327) Promise me we stick together.
(328) I promise.
(329) Our family just got bigger.
(330) Something doesn't add up.
(331) Toretto and O'Conner.
(332) They stay when they're supposed to run, they steal gas then give it away?
(333) Now they're killing federal agents?
(334) It doesn't make any sense.
(335) Here's what makes sense.
(336) All these guys are is names on a list.
(337) They come up, we take them down.
(338) Not a phone call more, not a bullet less.
(339) Wilkes, we get anything?
(340) Standard forensics.
(341) Shoe prints. Hair and fiber.
(342) Prints are all over the car.
(343) Anything else?
(344) Yeah, we tracked the owner off the vehicle ID.
(345) There are a couple of shell companies in between,
(346) but we finally traced it back to a corporation
(347) owned by an investor down here named Hernan Reyes.
(348) Investor?
(349) If there's anything illegal happening in Rio, Reyes is involved.
(350) Okay, then so are we.
(351) If he could get us any closer to our guys, I want everything on him.
(352) Chato, you're on the roof.
(353) I want you on overwatch in case somebody comes back for something.
(354) Mac, give me a cross-check on Reyes, full specs.
(355) If he goes to the john, I want to know how many times he shakes it.
(356) You got it, boss. Wilkes, Fusco.
(357) Let's put all this mess back together.
(358) That's going to take a while.
(359) Then you better get started.
(360) They were taking this car apart for a reason.
(361) Let's put it back together and find out what's missing.
(362) Hey, Dom, what do you remember about your father?
(363) My father.
(364) He used to...
(365) He used to have a barbecue every Sunday after church.
(366) For anybody in the neighborhood.
(367) If you didn't go to church, you didn't get any barbecue.
(368) Every single day he was in the shop, and every single night,
(369) he was at the kitchen table with Mia, helping her with her homework.
(370) Even after she went to sleep,
(371) he'd stay up for a few more hours
(372) so he could learn the next chapter and help her the next day.
(373) I remember everything about my father.
(374) Everything.
(375) That's just it.
(376) I don't remember shit about my dad.
(377) I don't remember him yelling.
(378) I don't remember him smiling.
(379) To be honest with you, I don't even remember what the hell he looked like.
(380) I don't remember. He just...
(381) He was just never there.
(382) You ain't going to be like that, Brian.
(383) We can't keep running, Dom.
(384) We got to get out.
(385) We got to get out now.
(386) You're right.
(387) Here's how we're going to do it.
(388) We're going to use this.
(389) We're going do one last job.
(390) We're going to take all of Reyes' money.
(391) Every dime of it,
(392) and disappear.
(393) Forever.
(394) New passports.
(395) New lives with no more looking over our shoulder.
(396) And we're just going to buy our freedom.
(397) That's right.
(398) You realize we're talking about going up against
(399) the most powerful guy in all of Rio?
(400) Yes, we are.
(401) Then we're going to need a team.
(402) Let's run through the bases real quick. Who do we got?
(403) First we're going to need a chameleon.
(404) Someone who can blend in anywhere.
(405) What else?
(406) A fast talker.
(407) Someone who can bullshit their way out of anything.
(408) I got that.
(409) This guy is going to have a lot of surveillance.
(410) We're going to need someone who's good with circuits.
(411) And with those circuits, Reyes is going to have walls.
(412) We're going to need guys to punch through those walls.
(413) What else?
(414) Utilities and weapons.
(415) Someone who ain't afraid to throw down.
(416) Someone to back up every position.
(417) Yeah, what else do we need?
(418) Most importantly,
(419) we're going to need two precision drivers.
(420) Guys that don't crack under pressure.
(421) Guys that never lose.
(422) You know we got that.
(423) Aw, hell, no.
(424) I see they really scraped the bottom of the barrel, huh?
(425) I guess they did, since your ass is here.
(426) When are you going to give Martin Luther King his car back?
(427) As soon as you give Rick James his jacket back.
(428) What's up, man? What's up?
(429) Hmm.
(430) Sexy legs, baby girl.
(431) What time do they open?
(432) They open the same time as I pull this trigger.
(433) Want me to open them?
(434) I told you the skinny chick had balls.
(435) Looks like she started the party without us.
(436) Hey, anybody can talk shit in Spanish, homie.
(437) What's this guy saying?
(438) Ugly is still ugly in Spanish or in English.
(439) Who are these clowns, man? Circus clowns.
(440) I thought cockfights were illegal in Brazil.
(441) I see you all have met.
(442) You know when you called me to come to Rio
(443) I assumed it would be for something more exciting than this.
(444) Look at this guy.
(445) Long time. I missed you, man.
(446) Good to see you.
(447) Brother. What's up?
(448) Yo, check this out. This is Tej.
(449) Best circuit man on the East Coast.
(450) And this is my boy, Roman Pearce.
(451) We go way back, I met this guy in juvie.
(452) I pulled that job with him in Miami.
(453) I have heard about you.
(454) Nice digs.
(455) Yeah, well, the Ritz was sold out.
(456) So what's this all about, Dom?
(457) Yeah, man, why did you drag us halfmay around the world?
(458) Because we got a job.
(459) All right, so our target's name is Hernan Reyes.
(460) And he runs the drug scene down here.
(461) He's never been busted because he doesn't leave a paper trail.
(462) No paper trail means no banks.
(463) And no banks means cash houses.
(464) That's right. Ten of them, to be exact.
(465) Spread throughout the city.
(466) And we're going to hit them all.
(467) All of them?
(468) All of them.
(469) That sounds crazy.
(470) You bring us to a whole other country
(471) so we can rob the dude who runs it?
(472) I thought this was business.
(473) Sounds personal to me.
(474) Is that what this is?
(475) I got love for you all, but personal ain't good business.
(476) I can't do this, homie.
(477) So what we're talking about is $100 million.
(478) You say what?
(479) Hundred... See, sometimes I be over thinking, man,
(480) and I know we just met, but you just, kind of, got to...
(481) That's right, $100 million, and everything we take,
(482) we split even.
(483) That's a little over $11 million apiece.
(484) I am down.
(485) I am in.
(486) Eleven million.
(487) Sounds like a whole lot of vaginal activity to me.
(488) You can't pull off 10 heists on the same mark.
(489) You just can't.
(490) As soon as we hit the first one,
(491) they're going to do everything they can to protect the rest.
(492) Exactly.
(493) Nobody move.
(494) That's all of it.
(495) You a dead man.
(496) You're all dead men.
(497) You don't have a place to hide.
(498) Who's hiding?
(499) Are you crazy?
(500) Do you know whose house this is? Whose money are you stealing?
(501) We ain't stealing it.
(502) You tell your boss exactly who did this.
(503) Tell him there's more coming.
(504) Voila.
(505) Turn it over.
(506) She's running on all eight. Checks out fine.
(507) Keep looking.
(508) Boss, if something was missing, we'd know.
(509) It's a goddamn shame putting bullshit like that on a classic.
(510) You may as well slap neon lights on it.
(511) They took the chip.
(512) We got a hit on the police scanner. Armed robbery at a house in Leblon.
(513) Address cross-checks against property
(514) owned by one of Hernan Reyes' corporations.
(515) All right, if that's our guys
(516) then whatever was on that chip led them directly to that house.
(517) It's them, for sure.
(518) How do you know that?
(519) Because no one else in Rio is stupid enough to rob Reyes.
(520) Explain.
(521) They invaded the Leblon house.
(522) Who invaded?
(523) The men from the train.
(524) How much did they take?
(525) They didn't take anything.
(526) They burned it.
(527) They burned my money?
(528) Yes. And said there's more coming.
(529) Okay...
(530) Then this...
(531) what we're going to do.
(532) Clean the houses.
(533) I want that money under lock and key...
(534) ...within an hour.
(535) Understand?
(536) Understood.
(537) Number one is on the move, man.
(538) Two is on the move.
(539) I got mine.
(540) I got eyes on Five.
(541) I know you all said they were consolidating the money somewhere, but,
(542) you all ain't going to believe this.
(543) Well, this job just got a lot harder.
(544) If he's moving it into a police station
(545) he's got some serious brass in his pocket.
(546) Looks like this is going to be a shorter trip than I thought...
(547) Hell, yeah, we can't do this.
(548) "Can't"? You mean, "shouldn't. "
(549) I think this doesn't change a thing.
(550) I say we stick to the plan.
(551) You say what?
(552) This just went from Mission: Impossible
(553) to Mission: In-freaking-sanity.
(554) Whatever, man.
(555) I ain't scared, I am just letting you all know, going in that building is crazy.
(556) I got this.
(557) What time was the robbery?
(558) Around 11:00.
(559) Here we go.
(560) Enhance it.
(561) Their faces are covered.
(562) Run it through FRS.
(563) Well, hello, you son of a bitch.
(564) Wilkes. Run the photos of known associates of Toretto and O'Conner
(565) against customs entries into Brazil in the last two weeks.
(566) Check planes, trains, boats, everything short of the goddamn space shuttle.
(567) They can change their names but they can't change their faces.
(568) Something big is going down.
(569) That's a 1970 Charger.
(570) Fusco. Upload these specs into the database.
(571) Have the computer cross-check it with overhead satellites
(572) every 15 minutes, the van behind it, too.
(573) If these vehicles move in the streets of Rio, I want to know about it.
(574) Everything okay?
(575) Everything is okay.
(576) Who is this Hobbs? This Federal Agent running around town?
(577) Some American cowboy.
(578) He's handled.
(579) He killed sixteen of our men.
(580) Handle him better.
(581) Look... He requested a rookie patrol officer as his assistant.
(582) They won't be a problem.
(583) It's all here? Yes.
(584) What about Toretto and O'Conner? Where are they?
(585) Nothing yet.
(586) But I have all our officers searching.
(587) Not good enough.
(588) Put a price on their heads.
(589) High enough...
(590) get every pair of eyes in the city searching for them.
(591) The beauty of public offices?
(592) Public records.
(593) This is where he's keeping the money. The vault in the evidence room.
(594) Um. Uh, yeah. Can I get everyone's attention, right here, for a second?
(595) We're talking about breaking into a police station.
(596) Is anyone listening to those words?
(597) Anybody? Popo?
(598) Five-O. One-time. Pigs.
(599) People we don't like.
(600) You know, police stations are designed to keep people in, not out.
(601) That's why it's a stealth mission.
(602) We will be in and out before they even know we were there.
(603) Well, we will need to get eyes in there.
(604) At least to find out the make and model of that vault.
(605) So the vault and then, so...
(606) It's crazy.
(607) Who's supposed to do all this?
(608) What do you mean?
(609) Why me?
(610) Because you got the biggest mouth.
(611) That's for damn sure.
(612) Ooh.
(613) Hello, beautiful.
(614) Look at those dimples. Sexy, sexy.
(615) Love those glasses. Where did you get them from?
(616) Are those like Gucci frames or something?
(617) No English?
(618) No, no, no. Damn.
(619) How are you, sir?
(620) Special Agent O'Conner. US Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(621) It says Caucasian.
(622) That's a tan. You know, a tan?
(623) Look, I am working this case and I got some evidence here to be held.
(624) But I need to get in and check your storage facility first.
(625) Nope.
(626) Look, I know you're a true professional, and I respect you, I promise.
(627) You know, it looks like you work out a little bit, too.
(628) What do you bench, about 350?
(629) Ah, shit.
(630) Look, I am just trying to do my job, man.
(631) My boss sent me here to just make sure that everything was safe.
(632) It will be safe.
(633) Let me just come in and take a quick peek.
(634) Nope.
(635) Come on, man. Hook a brother up, please?
(636) Nope. And you're not my brother.
(637) Brother from another mother?
(638) Look. No one enters the facility but authorized evidence personnel.
(639) Now stop wasting my time.
(640) I am going to call the embassy.
(641) No, no, no. No, we're good.
(642) We don't need to call them. For what? We're good.
(643) Here, I got the box. We're all good.
(644) I promise you. Thank you so much for your time.
(645) Swear to God, if you were on the other side of that glass
(646) I'd bust your damn face in. Now translate that.
(647) It's done. See, I think I make a better special agent than you ever did.
(648) Well, that depends on how you define "special. "
(649) Come on, now. Let's see what we got.
(650) Not funny.
(651) All right, come on.
(652) Dawg, you still can't drive.
(653) Now, I see why you're always getting into accidents.
(654) You can't even drive a damn remote control car.
(655) I am going to need you to shut up right now.
(656) I am not going to shut up. Shut up.
(657) Strap him in his safety belt, man.
(658) Give me the remote, dawg. Go left.
(659) It looks like something right over there to the left. What is that?
(660) What is that?
(661) Bingo.
(662) What is that, six-by-six?
(663) Eight-by-twelve.
(664) Seven-by-twelve.
(665) Fitted with 18-inch-thick steel reinforced walls...
(666) ...with a insulated copper core to protect against thermal lance.
(667) A Class-3 electronic lock with a surefire Griffin retumbler
(668) and a biometric palm scanner.
(669) Ten tons of top-of-the-line security.
(670) Do I want to know how you know all that?
(671) I had a life before you knew me, O'Conner.
(672) Let's just leave it at that, all right?
(673) She is a beauty, though, man.
(674) A "beauty" as in "good"?
(675) "Beauty" as in, she's going to start off playing hard to get.
(676) Then, no matter how much I caress her, no matter how much I love her,
(677) in the end, she still ain't going to give up that ass.
(678) Two to one says you blow the wrong pipe.
(679) Yo, why you got to be so negative all the time, man?
(680) I ain't negative.
(681) I am just positive you're going to mess it up.
(682) I am telling you, man, you got issues.
(683) Next time if there's no elevator, I am not coming.
(684) You need to learn to relax, loco.
(685) You better hurry up, we got less than a minute.
(686) Why do you always set the timer so short?
(687) I hope you know where you're going.
(688) I got this. Relax, man.
(689) Relax.
(690) ...a police station.
(691) Relax.
(692) You used too much explosive. Again.
(693) Too much, too little...
(694) It's all the same.
(695) That's some Buddha shit you learned from a book in the prison library, isn't it?
(696) And what you're doing there on the wall...
(697) You got that from the same book, huh?
(698) You're so negative, bro.
(699) Can I have some light?
(700) Got it. We got it.
(701) Yeah, we're looking at four cameras.
(702) Yo, that's some high-end shit, too.
(703) Marker optics.
(704) Hundred-degree field-of-view.
(705) Ten seconds oscillation.
(706) Yeah, that's a narrow window, man.
(707) Can't we just tap in and replace the image?
(708) No, it's hooked into a digital sync.
(709) They would know we were in the system.
(710) The best we can do is peek.
(711) We're going to need some real fast cars to get through this.
(712) Not just fast.
(713) You got a hard right and a hairpin.
(714) We're going to need something agile.
(715) You guys mock up a track.
(716) O'Conner.
(717) Let's go get some cars.
(718) Nice.
(719) Home sweet home.
(720) Or that.
(721) How about that? All motor, no tuning issues.
(722) I always wanted one of those.
(723) Held the record on the Avenida three years running.
(724) Damn, bro...
(725) You got a lot of balls to bring your problems here, Toretto.
(726) Not to mention a cop.
(727) Yeah, we can keep that on the low.
(728) Word on the street is a lot of people are looking for you two.
(729) What?
(730) You didn't think we'd recognize you?
(731) No, we're kind of counting on it.
(732) That little coupe may run the streets around here,
(733) but that monster has never seen a set of tail lights.
(734) Ever. Well, she's about to.
(735) Dominic Toretto's ride in my garage.
(736) Now that... will be a nice trophy.
(737) Let's go, legend.
(738) Car for car.
(739) Car for car?
(740) You want it, come and get it.
(741) Let's see what they got.
(742) Really?
(743) Where did you get that from? Papa Smurf?
(744) Okay, O'Conner, give it your best shot.
(745) How was that one?
(746) Camera caught you.
(747) What? Yeah, it still caught you.
(748) Man, I was milking the hell out of that thing, too.
(749) We're going to need a faster car.
(750) I want my money. Come on, man.
(751) Yeah.
(752) Let's get it. Watch this.
(753) That's exactly why your ass ain't been driving.
(754) I think I am in love.
(755) That was real solid work.
(756) I think Camera 3 still caught you, though.
(757) Let's do it again.
(758) That's the piggy bank you ordered.
(759) You're kidding me. Yep.
(760) Where in the hell did you all get one of these?
(761) Well, we had a life before you met us.
(762) All right, I will get to work on the electronic tumbler
(763) but there's still another problem.
(764) Palm scanner.
(765) And without Reyes' handprint,
(766) Houdini himself couldn't open this bitch.
(767) How do you know it's Reyes' handprint?
(768) You got $100 million in a safe.
(769) You going to put somebody else's handprint on it?
(770) Now there you go with that negativity, man.
(771) That shit is eating you alive.
(772) You check that.
(773) Yo, check that. Shut up.
(774) How are we supposed to get Reyes' handprint?
(775) Han.
(776) You're up.
(777) Sure. Nothing like the easy stuff.
(778) Let's go. I will drive.
(779) I make six bodyguards. Seven.
(780) You think that guy with a fanny pack is a tourist?
(781) So, how long were you in the army?
(782) That gun you pulled the other day was a Jericho 941.
(783) Thumb-racking the slide?
(784) That was straight-up Mossad.
(785) I got out of the military
(786) probably the same time you quit smoking.
(787) The amount of chips you eat,
(788) the way you always have to keep your hands and mouth busy,
(789) you were a two-pack-a-day man for sure.
(790) Unfiltered.
(791) Well, this is a bust.
(792) We're not going to be able to get his fingerprints out here.
(793) We need to do some more recon, call in a couple of extra guys.
(794) Or
(795) you don't send a man to do a woman's job.
(796) We're going to figure this out, I promise you.
(797) What's up?
(798) I thought you were more of a thong man.
(799) We got the print.
(800) Where?
(801) Okay, that's crazy.
(802) So, did he just slap that ass or did he grab and hold on to it?
(803) Hey, this will work.
(804) I am impressed.
(805) Got it? Got it.
(806) But you still didn't answer the question.
(807) Oh, no. Guys, guys. Guys, we have a problem.
(808) The whole team just got burnt.
(809) Now we're all wanted.
(810) How did this happen?
(811) US Diplomatic Security Service issued the warrants.
(812) Agent L. Hobbs.
(813) Hold on one second.
(814) Hey, Dom.
(815) Is that the guy you saw in the favela?
(816) Yeah.
(817) Hobbs is the leader of the elite task force for the DSS.
(818) So he's good.
(819) When the FBI wants to find somebody, that's who they call.
(820) Because he never misses his mark.
(821) This guy is Old Testament.
(822) Blood, bullets, wrath of God. That's his style.
(823) And right now he's hunting us?
(824) Dom, we got to move up our timeline.
(825) Yeah, but how?
(826) This thing's already been difficult without Wyatt Earp on our asses.
(827) If anything, we need more room to breathe.
(828) Roman's right.
(829) Think we need to get some fresh air.
(830) We have got a hit. '70s Charger.
(831) Let's get a move on.
(832) Eastbound on Avenida Atlantica.
(833) Move, move, move, move.
(834) It stopped about a block ahead.
(835) Park it. We're going on foot.
(836) Hey, Toretto.
(837) You're under arrest.
(838) Arrest?
(839) I don't feel like I am under arrest.
(840) How about you, Brian?
(841) No, not a bit.
(842) Not even a little bit.
(843) Just give it a minute. It will sink in.
(844) We didn't kill those feds. That was Reyes.
(845) I don't give a shit.
(846) I am just here to bring in two assholes whose names hit my desk.
(847) Yeah, that sounds like a real hero.
(848) That's funny.
(849) From a guy who took the oath of a cop, then went against everything it stood for.
(850) Or some wannabe tough guy prick
(851) who beat a man half to death with a socket wrench.
(852) Yeah, real tough.
(853) You turn around and put your hands behind your back.
(854) I don't think so.
(855) Your mistake is thinking you got a goddamn choice, boy.
(856) And your mistake?
(857) Thinking you're in America.
(858) You're a long way from home.
(859) This is Brazil.
(860) Come on, boss. Another day.
(861) Come on, H, it's a lot of heat.
(862) I will see you soon, Toretto.
(863) I look forward to it, cop.
(864) Yep.
(865) Tracker's on.
(866) Got them.
(867) I don't understand. Why come here?
(868) Why risk it all for $20 worth of silver?
(869) Because it's worth it.
(870) You should run, you know.
(871) Hobbs will find you.
(872) You have every reason to leave. Why stay?
(873) Why do you?
(874) My husband was a good police officer.
(875) An honest man.
(876) We both grew up here.
(877) Two years ago he was murdered in the street...
(878) ...right outside our door.
(879) Reyes owns this favela now. He gives things to people.
(880) But everything has a price.
(881) The people here need a new start.
(882) They need to be free.
(883) You didn't kill those men in the train,
(884) did you?
(885) Now, why would you believe anything I would tell you?
(886) Hey.
(887) Was she so special to you?
(888) I never thought anyone could understand how much.
(889) But you do.
(890) Yeah.
(891) Close, but not enough.
(892) Dom, the window is too small, man.
(893) Only way we're going to beat the cameras is with invisible cars.
(894) And I know just where to get them.
(895) Let's take a ride, boys.
(896) Don't hurt yourself.
(897) It's been a while since I have been behind the wheel of one of these.
(898) First time I have ever been in the front seat.
(899) Rome, what took you so long?
(900) I thought for sure you'd be showing up with some chrome spinners or something.
(901) Real funny.
(902) I got $100,000 that says I can take you all in the next quarter-mile.
(903) Yeah, your broke ass has got a hundred grand.
(904) If we pull off this job, I will.
(905) The next two lights.
(906) Hundred thousand.
(907) We don't pull this job off, we're probably dead anyway.
(908) Let's make it a million.
(909) I like that. All right, a million-dollar quarter-mile.
(910) All right, then.
(911) You only live once. Let's do it.
(912) What do you say, Dom?
(913) We talking or we racing?
(914) Just don't cheat this time.
(915) Got to let that go.
(916) Yeah.
(917) Typical, Roman.
(918) I am going to get this money. I am hungry.
(919) Don't make it too easy for me, boys.
(920) No.
(921) Not this time, Dom.
(922) You got to want it, Brian.
(923) Yeah. Owned you. Owned you.
(924) Good race, O'Conner. Thanks, Dom.
(925) Do you know how long I have been waiting for that shit?
(926) I told you he didn't see it.
(927) Your man right there?
(928) He let off the throttle at the line.
(929) You didn't do nothing. He let you win.
(930) Bullshit.
(931) Vince, what are you doing? Quiet. They have been tracking you.
(932) I know she's here.
(933) Find her.
(934) Go. Go. Go.
(935) It's okay. Wait.
(936) Reyes' guys were waiting for me at the market.
(937) Vince saved my life.
(938) You hungry?
(939) Yeah, sure. Good.
(940) Because you're saying grace.
(941) Thanks, Vince.
(942) Yo, you burned it.
(943) Yo, this is how my momma does it. Relax.
(944) Yeah, but your mom is the worst cook in the world.
(945) Yo, don't you be talking about my momma.
(946) Yeah, come on, baby. Who's good living?
(947) To you, bro. Cheers, cheers, cheers.
(948) So, we in Brazil. It's the good life.
(949) Yeah.
(950) So, you got a little more than 10 or $11 million coming.
(951) What you going to do with your money?
(952) Me? Yeah.
(953) Actually, man, I been thinking about opening up a garage back home.
(954) Place where people can bring their cars and not get completely ripped off.
(955) You know what I mean?
(956) Really? Yeah.
(957) So, your dream is to start a day job?
(958) That's stupid. Like, why would...
(959) No, it's not stupid at all. I love what I do.
(960) That don't make no sense to me.
(961) I know what I am going to do with my money.
(962) Buying some cooking lessons for my man.
(963) See? See?
(964) There you go with that negativity, man.
(965) You know me. Money ain't a goddamn thing.
(966) It's going to take a little more than money to learn how to cook.
(967) That's horrible.
(968) But I heard they was looking for a chef down at this animal shelter.
(969) You might want to...
(970) I know the manager.
(971) Hey, Dom.
(972) Listen.
(973) I know that you're all set for this job tomorrow,
(974) but if you need an extra man, I could...
(975) You're in.
(976) There's always room for family.
(977) Thank you.
(978) Get something to eat.
(979) Yeah.
(980) Can you believe Mia calls this a curse?
(981) She might be right.
(982) You really like doing that stuff, huh?
(983) When your life is on the line that's when you learn about yourself.
(984) That's a fair deal.
(985) We're less than 24 hours from the biggest celebration of our life.
(986) You all need a refill. This is serious stuff.
(987) No, I am good. Cheers, baby.
(988) I am good. No, thank you.
(989) No, she can't.
(990) What do you mean? She can't.
(991) What do you mean she can't? What is...
(992) Are you serious right now?
(993) Is that the reason you let him beat you in the quarter-mile?
(994) That was a baby gift. No, that's messed up.
(995) No, you're not taking that from me.
(996) Wait, wait, hold on a second.
(997) So, did he just smack the ass or did he grab and hold on to it?
(998) Which one was it?
(999) Congratulations. Thank you.
(1000) How can you keep this a secret?
(1001) Crazy, huh? It's your boy.
(1002) Why would you keep something like that away from me?
(1003) Baby gift, huh?
(1004) I have no idea what they're talking about. Oh?
(1005) What happened to the pull-out method, man?
(1006) Toast. Toast.
(1007) Money will come and go. We know that.
(1008) But the most important thing in life will always be the people in this room.
(1009) Right here.
(1010) Right now.
(1011) I am all set.
(1012) Yo, Santos. Van good?
(1013) You know we're always good, bro.
(1014) Hobbs is on the other side of the city.
(1015) We're not going to get a better window.
(1016) Okay, guys, it's show time.
(1017) First team in position, let's go.
(1018) Come on, let's do this.
(1019) Hey, Dom.
(1020) I got eyes on Mia.
(1021) Moscow, Bali, Goa, Hong Kong.
(1022) And what do they all have in common?
(1023) No extradition.
(1024) We're one hour away from the rest of our lives.
(1025) Yeah.
(1026) Cops.
(1027) Come on. Go.
(1028) You just made a big mistake.
(1029) Took me a while to find that tracking chip.
(1030) But not as long to flip the receiver.
(1031) You're going down, Toretto.
(1032) I am right here.
(1033) Dom. Stand back. I got this.
(1034) Pull off. Dom. Please, stop.
(1035) Dom.
(1036) Dom.
(1037) Yeah.
(1038) We're coming in now.
(1039) Have the marshals meet us at the airport when we land.
(1040) Ambush.
(1041) Wilkes, suppression fire. Shut them down.
(1042) Stagger-step. Cover me.
(1043) Watch them.
(1044) Cut us loose.
(1045) Come on. Cut us loose.
(1046) We're good? Yeah, let's go, let's go.
(1047) Hey, Dom.
(1048) You have got to meet my son.
(1049) Nico.
(1050) I will.
(1051) He's a good kid.
(1052) You know, we named him after you.
(1053) "Dominic. "
(1054) You have got my word, Vince.
(1055) You were always my brother.
(1056) I got eyes on Nico now.
(1057) We need to move. We don't have that much time.
(1058) I got us a flight out.
(1059) We can leave Rio in the rearview in the next five hours.
(1060) Not to run away.
(1061) To finish the job.
(1062) Are you crazy, Dom? We can't.
(1063) It's a suicide mission.
(1064) That's your man over there on the table.
(1065) The plan is busted.
(1066) This is bullshit, man. Reyes knows we're coming.
(1067) He's right.
(1068) They tripled the detail at the police station.
(1069) It's going to be a wall of gunfire.
(1070) Reyes doesn't get away with this.
(1071) It's a trap, man.
(1072) You know that.
(1073) Dom, listen to them.
(1074) Run, before it's too late. Leave Rio.
(1075) You can be free.
(1076) Running ain't freedom.
(1077) You should know that.
(1078) You know you're all free to make your own choices.
(1079) I am in.
(1080) I will ride with you, Toretto.
(1081) At least until we kill that son of a bitch.
(1082) So what's the plan, Dom?
(1083) We can't just go sneaking around anymore.
(1084) We don't sneak.
(1085) The only thing he cares about is his money.
(1086) We pull that,
(1087) we pull him.
(1088) See?
(1089) I called in every cop on our payroll.
(1090) We're covered.
(1091) We have got every entrance covered with weapons teams.
(1092) God Himself couldn't get at your money if He wanted to.
(1093) God isn't my worry.
(1094) You ready?
(1095) I am ready.
(1096) What's happening?
(1097) They're taking the vault.
(1098) What? The vault.
(1099) Follow me. Quickly.
(1100) Let me through.
(1101) Don't move.
(1102) Stay down.
(1103) Call it out, Mia.
(1104) You have got a straight shot for two blocks.
(1105) Go right. Got it.
(1106) Well, the plan is working.
(1107) You guys have every corrupt cop in Rio on your tail. You have to move fast.
(1108) What's the best route?
(1109) Okay, keep going straight another half-mile onto Rua Fonseca,
(1110) and then go left.
(1111) That ain't going to work.
(1112) Spikes ahead, Dom. We got spikes.
(1113) We're going right.
(1114) No, it's too tight, we're not going to fit.
(1115) We have got no choice. Now.
(1116) Shit.
(1117) Holy shit.
(1118) Guys, I am hearing all this chatter. Did you just take out a bank?
(1119) Two inbound.
(1120) All right, there's an alley coming up on your left.
(1121) Yeah, I got it.
(1122) You little bastard.
(1123) All right, good job, Dom. Right-hander, right here, right-hander.
(1124) Guys, there's a big group coming at you from the south.
(1125) You have to do something now.
(1126) Hey, go wide.
(1127) Yeah.
(1128) You're all clear on the left.
(1129) Good afternoon, officer.
(1130) License and registration, please.
(1131) Yes. This is big-boy stuff.
(1132) We're clear on the right.
(1133) Oh, man.
(1134) Thanks, guys.
(1135) Any time.
(1136) I will see you on the other side.
(1137) You guys just carved out a 10-second window.
(1138) Make it count.
(1139) Zizi, stay on them.
(1140) They can't outrun us on the bridge.
(1141) Shit.
(1142) They have no way out.
(1143) No.
(1144) There's too many of them.
(1145) Hey, there's too many of them. We're not going to make it.
(1146) You're right, we aren't.
(1147) You are.
(1148) What are you talking about?
(1149) Just let the vault go. Get out of there.
(1150) You're a father now, Brian.
(1151) No, I am not leaving you. Now you stick with the plan.
(1152) It was always the plan.
(1153) Take care of Mia.
(1154) Dom, you listen to me now. Okay?
(1155) You cut loose right now.
(1156) Hey, what is he doing?
(1157) We have got him.
(1158) Close down the bridge.
(1159) Do something, asshole.
(1160) Kill him, damn it.
(1161) Kill him now.
(1162) I thought I told you to go on.
(1163) Yeah, I had to make a call.
(1164) Help me.
(1165) That's for my team, you son of a bitch.
(1166) It's a hell of a mess.
(1167) Yeah, it is.
(1168) You know I can't let you two go.
(1169) I ain't made that way.
(1170) The way I see it, you have earned yourselves 24 hours.
(1171) The money stays, though.
(1172) If I were you, I'd use the time.
(1173) Make peace with whatever demons you got left.
(1174) Because come tomorrow,
(1175) I will find you.
(1176) Toretto.
(1177) I will see you soon.
(1178) No, you won't.
(1179) Thanks, guys.
(1180) I will see you on the other side.
(1181) You guys just carved out a 10 second window.
(1182) Make it count.
(1183) Come on, baby.
(1184) Don't be mean.
(1185) Come on.
(1186) "For Rosa and Nico. See you soon, Uncle Dom"
(1187) You sure about this?
(1188) You know I am.
(1189) You don't need to do this.
(1190) Just leave me alone.
(1191) Bro, I am not trying to be negative, but casinos...
(1192) ...are the kinds of places designed to take money from guys like you and me.
(1193) When I win here I am buying you a lifetime supply of antidepressants.
(1194) You don't put ten million on red.
(1195) Enough already.
(1196) You put it on black.
(1197) No more bets.
(1198) Right this way, my dear.
(1199) You stay right here, I will be right back.
(1200) So, this is your dream, huh?
(1201) It's enough for me, man.
(1202) I take it that's your dream.
(1203) Absolutely. What up, boy? What's going on?
(1204) You good? Yes, yes.
(1205) You know what's crazy?
(1206) There's only four of those cars in the whole world.
(1207) Yeah, I got the only one in the Western Hemisphere.
(1208) I made a sheikh in Abu Dhabi an offer he could not refuse.
(1209) Huh. That's a nice lady you got there, too.
(1210) Absolutely. What's happening?
(1211) We got to go, man. Let's do this.
(1212) Okay, I will drive.
(1213) In that? Come on, man, no way.
(1214) No, no. Not in this.
(1215) In that.
(1216) Are you serious right now?
(1217) Man, this is crazy.
(1218) Yes, I guess that means there are two in the Western Hemisphere, huh?
(1219) What's your smart ass got to say now?
(1220) You know what? We can always shine together, baby.
(1221) Get dressed, man, we got things to do.
(1222) So, where to now?
(1223) I don't know.
(1224) Never been to Madrid.
(1225) I thought you wanted to go to Tokyo.
(1226) We will get there.
(1227) Eventually.
(1228) Nice surprise.
(1229) Crazy, right?
(1230) This is the happiest I have ever seen my sister.
(1231) It's because we're free.
(1232) You know, I want another shot.
(1233) Yeah?
(1234) Yeah.
(1235) No wagers, nobody else.
(1236) Just you and me, once and for all.
(1237) You sure you can handle the disappointment?
(1238) Are you?
(1239) All right, O'Conner.
(1240) Let's see what you got.
(1241) You need to look at that.
(1242) Berlin, 3:00 a. m. this morning.
(1243) A team of drivers hijacked a military convoy.
(1244) Toretto? Nope.
(1245) I ain't interested.
(1246) Yes, you are. Keep looking.
(1247) Do you believe in ghosts?

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