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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[2005] [Aeon Flux] English Transcript

(1) Some call Bregna the perfect society.
(2) Some call it the height of human civilization.
(3) But others know better.
(4) The Goodchilds built Bregna to ensure us a future.
(5) They built the Relical...
(6) a memorial to remind us of what we've survived.
(7) They built walls to protect us.
(8) They tell us that outside, nature has retaken the world.
(9) But the real problems lie within.
(10) We are haunted by sorrows we cannot name.
(11) People disappear...
(12) and our government denies these crimes.
(13) The Goodchild regime provides for us, as long as we stay quiet.
(14) So we trade freedom for a gilded cage.
(15) But there are rebels who refuse to make that trade...
(16) who fight to overthrow a government that silences us...
(17) who fight in the name of the disappeared.
(18) They call themselves the Monicans.
(19) I am one of them.
(20) Handler.
(21) Aeon.
(22) We have an assignment.
(23) We want you to sabotage Goodchild's central surveillance facility.
(24) Your entry will be noticed, but we will briefly disrupt their interior alarms.
(25) Surveillance is their greatest tool against us.
(26) As long as Monicans can be seen, we can be targeted.
(27) We need you to blind them.
(28) Each mission brings us closer to defeating the Goodchild regime.
(29) This is my daughter. Have you seen her?
(30) She disappeared two months ago.
(31) Help me, please, miss. Have you seen this girl?
(32) She disappeared two months ago.
(33) Losing sleep? Having bad dreams?
(34) Visit our sleep center for help.
(35) Losing sleep? Having bad dreams? Visit our sleep...
(36) Shopping for me, Una?
(37) Haven't you heard? It's a special occasion.
(38) My sister's finally coming to dinner.
(39) Claudius and I are looking forward to tonight.
(40) For once, you'll be in the house long enough to sit down.
(41) That's why I wanted to meet with you here.
(42) Aeon.
(43) I may not make it tonight, I'm sorry.
(44) Don't be upset.
(45) It's not that you can't come to dinner.
(46) It's why.
(47) You know, I used to imagine you'd come with me.
(48) We have different ways of solving problems.
(49) Yes. You ignore them.
(50) How could I possibly ignore them?
(51) Excuse me. This is my daughter.
(52) I see the problems. I feel them.
(53) And I'm trying to make something good out of it.
(54) A life. What kind of life is it?
(55) There are good things here.
(56) There's one.
(57) So I have a surprise for you. Tell me.
(58) Tonight.
(59) So be careful.
(60) And come back.
(61) Losing sleep? Having bad dreams?
(62) Visit our sleep center for help.
(63) Losing sleep? Having bad dreams?
(64) Visit our sleep center for help.
(65) Possible Monican consort. Three subjects.
(66) Identification requested.
(67) Possible Monican activity suspected.
(68) It's not that you can't come to dinner.
(69) It's why.
(70) You know, I used to imagine you'd come with me.
(71) I think we have different ways of solving problems.
(72) This is the way things are and I'm trying...
(73) to make something good out of it. A life.
(74) You're early, Claudius.
(75) But they're everywhere.
(76) We need to protect you from them.
(77) This is how Chairman Goodchild deals with Monicans.
(78) But she wasn't...
(79) She wasn't a Monican.
(80) I had a family once.
(81) I had a life.
(82) Now all I have is a mission.
(83) Una.
(84) Aeon.
(85) Aeon, Una.
(86) Aeon.
(87) Come back.
(88) Yes.
(89) She will see you now.
(90) Handler.
(91) Aeon.
(92) We have an assignment.
(93) One you've been waiting for.
(94) Goodchild.
(95) We've intercepted information that will allow us to penetrate his security.
(96) We want you to eliminate him.
(97) You should've sent me in earlier.
(98) That would've been suicide. Not for me.
(99) Patience, Aeon.
(100) It has taken a year to get the information we need.

(101) I know you want to do this for Una.
(102) But you must remember, this is larger than you.
(103) She's not the only innocent person who's been killed.
(104) This is our moment.
(105) We have never been stronger.
(106) People are frightened, yes...
(107) but if we show them the way...
(108) they will rise behind us when he's gone.
(109) I'm ready.
(110) Tomorrow, Goodchild will be preparing his address to the Council.
(111) To reach the government zone, you will need to cross the frontier garden.
(112) Once you are through the garden, you must move quickly to the Citadel.
(113) The underground interior has been built to be confusing.
(114) We've implanted a route for you. Follow it.
(115) I want Sithandra with me for the crossing.
(116) Of course. Get to the Forum.
(117) That's where Chairman Goodchild will be.
(118) You know what to do from there.
(119) Yes.
(120) Do this and you will have your revenge.
(121) And we will all have our victory.
(122) Hello, Sithandra.
(123) Still can't surprise you. Not yet.
(124) How are the modifications?
(125) Useful.
(126) You should have it done.
(127) I like my shoes.
(128) Warning. End of civilian zone. Do not proceed.
(129) Warning. Do not proceed.
(130) Ready?
(131) Always.
(132) Warning. Do not proceed.
(133) Sithandra. Let's keep moving.
(134) We understand these now? Completely.
(135) I'd keep off the grass.
(136) Rendezvous at 1620. I'll be waiting.
(137) I agree with the policy of targeting proven Monican threats.
(138) But I'm afraid we're going too far.
(139) We can't go too far with them.
(140) There are advantages to showing a degree of leniency.
(141) We can't allow them the luxury of hope. Not even one of them.
(142) Brute force isn't the only option.
(143) It's an effective one.
(144) The Monicans are growing strong. Soon, force won't be enough.
(145) So you want to compromise? Negotiate?
(146) The policy should be reconsidered.
(147) Put to a vote. The policy is not up for debate!
(148) I'm debating it!
(149) I'd encourage you to look at this with a little more detachment, Giroux.
(150) Here, we must be impersonal.
(151) You wouldn't want me to take your outburst personally, would you?
(152) That is all.
(153) Oren?
(154) I'm getting worried about you, Oren. This edge you've taken.
(155) Displays like that aren't helpful to us.
(156) I believe in protecting what we've created. I won't apologize for that.
(157) This was created to allow me to do my work.
(158) I can't do that if you can't control yourself.
(159) Understood. Is it?
(160) Yes.
(161) And what about the test results? All negative.
(162) Sorry.
(163) Find me a new test group by morning.
(164) Maybe it's time to give up on the tests, Trevor.
(165) We're living the solution already. This is perfection.
(166) Why can't you just embrace it? You see what's happening to people.
(167) You know how desperate this has become.
(168) It can be contained. Controlled.
(169) I think you're forgetting that this was all meant to be temporary.
(170) We've always said that, but why should it be?
(171) Because it's wrong.
(172) Things change.
(173) But I know you won't.
(174) You know me.
(175) I've been your brother a long time.
(176) You're right about that.
(177) Trevor, your speech.
(178) Trevor...
(179) Useless.
(180) State destination. Forum.
(181) Proceed forward.
(182) Proceed left.
(183) I know you have fears.
(184) You have sorrows that shake your belief and try your patience.
(185) But now more than ever, we must stand together...
(186) because there are those among us...
(187) who would tear down what we have built.
(188) The Monicans seek to divide us.
(189) We must never forget who we are...
(190) a lonely outpost, a tiny band.
(191) We're all that remains of a people that once covered the Earth.
(192) We must adapt together to these new challenges.
(193) Remember what we have faced, what we have survived.
(194) We will adapt.
(195) We have always adapted.
(196) It's the fabric of who we are.
(197) Katherine.
(198) It's you.
(199) Katherine.
(200) Wait outside.
(201) Aeon.
(202) You called me by another name earlier.
(203) I did, and you let me live.
(204) Give me my gun. We'll try it again.
(205) Maybe later.
(206) What was that name?
(207) You know me, don't you?
(208) No.
(209) Do you know who you are?
(210) I know I came here to kill you. That's why you're in a cell.
(211) But we're both still alive for a reason.
(212) I don't know what this is...
(213) but it's good to see you.
(214) Amateurs.
(215) Good boys.
(216) Aeon. Little busy, Sithandra.
(217) Is it done?
(218) I need more time.
(219) Our information on him may be wrong.
(220) I don't understand this. We have to move. I hope you...
(221) Don't question me, Sithandra.
(222) I'll contact you soon.
(223) Aeon, you know there will be consequences to this.
(224) I know what I'm doing.
(225) This is outrageous.
(226) One Monican eluding all of our defenses?
(227) The problem will be taken care of.
(228) The problem is Trevor's concept of security.
(229) He needs to learn to accept more traditional...
(230) He needs to learn to accept our input.
(231) Another example of him pursuing his own agenda, no matter what we think.
(232) I'm beginning to question his agenda. Meaning?
(233) The Monican tries to kill him and he lets her live?
(234) An unusual choice.
(235) And now she's escaped.
(236) Does anyone believe this is a coincidence?
(237) Do you really think that I'm a sympathetic ear...
(238) for your complaints about Trevor?
(239) You don't have the right to question what he does.
(240) You must be concerned, Oren.
(241) This is hardly routine.
(242) I think I should talk with Trevor.
(243) And I think all of you should be more discreet.
(244) Inari?
(245) Image retrieval commencing.
(246) What happened?
(247) My sources were clear on this.
(248) Aeon Flux is the best the Monicans have.
(249) She failed. It's the first time she has.
(250) I wanted this done cleanly.
(251) My brother... Will be vulnerable.
(252) Preparing his speech...
(253) Tomorrow, 1300...
(254) It can't be traced to you, in any case.
(255) That's comforting.
(256) We did everything correctly.
(257) She had her opportunity. And she stopped.
(258) Why?
(259) I don't know. Image retrieval underway.
(260) It'll be too risky to call another hit.
(261) The Monicans may suspect they are being used.
(262) Stop.
(263) Oren?
(264) No.
(265) That's impossible.
(266) Claudius.
(267) Why are you still here? It's not as simple as you think.
(268) Una is murdered and you keep working for the people who did it?
(269) What should I be thinking? You don't know.
(270) What don't I know?
(271) They killed her.
(272) And you're still alive. You killed her, Aeon.
(273) They thought she was a Monican, that's why she died.
(274) Una's life was worth more than that. She was all I had.
(275) You're not the only one.
(276) What are you really doing here, Claudius?
(277) Working.
(278) It's all that's left.
(279) Working. For Trevor Goodchild.
(280) I blamed him, too.
(281) But now I don't think it was Trevor's fault.
(282) Trevor's trying to help.
(283) Something is wrong with us, Aeon. With everybody.
(284) You have the dreams, don't you?
(285) Memories of things that never happened to you?
(286) Una had them. I have them.
(287) It's happening all across Bregna.
(288) What is it? I don't know.
(289) They only tell us what we need to know.
(290) My work is a small part of a larger experiment.
(291) Whose experiment? Trevor's.
(292) We're studying what's growing outside the wall.
(293) Something happened when they cured the industrial disease.
(294) Something else sprung up in its place.
(295) We're sick.
(296) And Trevor's trying to cure us. That's all I know.
(297) Trevor tried to dope me.
(298) Tell me what's in this.
(299) It's a message.
(300) Well, what does it say?
(301) You have to drink it. That's how it works.
(302) I loved her.
(303) You know that.
(304) Aeon.
(305) I'm sorry for the pain, but it's not safe to talk in the open.
(306) Nothing is as it seems.
(307) You had your chance. Why did you hesitate?
(308) You know where to find me.
(309) Why am I here? I needed to see you again.
(310) You killed my sister.
(311) I didn't know anything about it.
(312) I'm sorry.
(313) And that excuses you? No.
(314) But this is a war. People on all sides die.
(315) She shouldn't have. She had nothing to do with this.
(316) Everyone is involved in this. She wasn't.
(317) I don't need that to kill you.
(318) But it would be easier, wouldn't it?
(319) Everything changed when I saw you.
(320) I know you. And you know me.
(321) Why do I know you? Why?
(322) Why did you come back?
(323) What do you want from me? What do I want?
(324) I want my sister back.
(325) I want to remember what it feels like to be a person.
(326) Aeon.
(327) Why do I feel this way around you?
(328) Katherine...
(329) You know me.
(330) I want you to eliminate him.
(331) Come back.
(332) I'm not who you think I am, Aeon.
(333) Something is missing here.
(334) We identified the variables that compromised test group 7A.
(335) Schedule a Relical visit regarding 7B and make sure we isolate them.
(336) It's just a matter of time...
(337) before people look up and question what's happening here.
(338) Found you.
(339) No permanent damage here, Chairman.
(340) You may leave.
(341) She's escaped.
(342) Why am I not surprised?
(343) I found her in the library.
(344) I think I wounded her, but... You attacked her?
(345) She's a Monican agent who tried to kill you.
(346) I assumed it was obvious what I should do.
(347) Freya, I want her alive. Do you understand?
(348) Is Oren aware of this?
(349) I can't find him.
(350) Stay close.
(351) No matter what Trevor's done for us in the past, he's not above reproach.
(352) This is treason.
(353) Oren?
(354) Trevor has been moving away from us for a long time.
(355) What we've built here is larger than him.
(356) I never thought it would come to this, but we have to face the truth.
(357) He chose that Monican and he knew what that would mean.
(358) He must be removed.
(359) And Oren is next in line.
(360) Isn't that right?
(361) Yes.
(362) It's done, then.
(363) Mr. Chairman.
(364) Trevor has betrayed all of us.
(365) He's a criminal.
(366) We'll treat him as one.
(367) test group 7A.
(368) Schedule a Relical visit regarding 7B and make sure we isolate them.
(369) It's just a matter of time...
(370) before people look up and question what's happening here.
(371) Review progress of subjects from test group 7B...
(372) Sandrin Veems, Greta Salk, Una Flux.
(373) Schedule a Relical visit to retrieve new data.
(374) 8.26, 7.19.
(375) Greta Salk, Una Flux.
(376) Schedule a Relical visit to retrieve new data.
(377) 8.26, 7.19.
(378) Collect additional samples from Relical strands 5.88.
(379) You're certainly killing him kindly.
(380) The situation has changed.
(381) Our orders haven't.
(382) I'm not following orders anymore.
(383) Why are you doing this, Aeon?
(384) Everything has become more complicated.
(385) No, it's simple.
(386) Trevor may not be responsible for Una's death.
(387) Trevor? I'm trying to find out who is.
(388) Your mission was to kill Goodchild and you can't or won't do that. So...
(389) Give me your weapon and return across the frontier.
(390) Didn't I teach you to think for yourself? You taught me a lot more than that.
(391) Please!
(392) I can hurt you if I have to.
(393) Don't you feel something wrong inside you?
(394) Sithandra, I'm...
(395) I don't know who I am.
(396) You feel it, too, don't you?
(397) Come with me.
(398) We'll finish the mission together.
(399) I can't.
(400) This sort of thing used to be fun.
(401) Now what do I do with you?
(402) Katherine.
(403) Come back.
(404) 07.4.872.
(405) Noted. Returned to stream.
(406) Gregor Plitzen.
(407) 70.5.872.
(408) Noted. Returned to stream.
(409) Suki Denali.
(410) 02.4.875.
(411) Noted. Returned to stream.
(412) Welcome back.
(413) Una Flux.
(414) 32.4.870.
(415) Collected.
(416) Successfully reassigned as Sasha Prillo.
(417) Repeat.
(418) Una Flux. Reassigned as Sasha Prillo.
(419) Sasha Prillo. Address.
(420) Sasha Prillo. Address.
(421) Handler.
(422) Sithandra.
(423) Goodchild is still alive.
(424) Aeon failed?
(425) She let him live.
(426) There's something between them.
(427) Something personal.
(428) Explain.
(429) She abandoned the mission.
(430) I tried to stop her, and she attacked me and left me here.
(431) Are you secure where you are?
(432) Fairly.
(433) Help is coming.
(434) Aeon Flux is now considered a fugitive.
(435) She has betrayed the resistance and must be considered a threat.
(436) She has aligned herself with Goodchild and is with him now.
(437) We must move quickly.
(438) You will eliminate her.
(439) Kill her and then complete her mission.
(440) Sithandra, show them where you are.
(441) Do you see?
(442) Yes. Yes.
(443) Yes.
(444) Extricate her and proceed from there.
(445) Trevor?
(446) It's her.
(447) Yes.
(448) She was here. What was she looking for?
(449) Her sister.
(450) Una.
(451) Una Flux.
(452) Scroll down.
(453) Member of test group 7B.
(454) Show me all of 7B.
(455) Sandrin Veems.
(456) Member of 7B.
(457) Killed in police action.
(458) Where is she?
(459) Greta Salk.
(460) Member of 7B.
(461) Killed in police action.
(462) There's nobody here.
(463) Camille Abdi.
(464) Member of 7B.
(465) Killed in police action.
(466) Una Flux.
(467) Member of 7B.
(468) Killed in police action.
(469) Who did this?
(470) All actions authorized by Adjunct Chairman Oren Goodchild.
(471) Freya, go to my lab, find the notes from group 7B.
(472) You need to get to a safe place. They're moving against you.
(473) Meet me there in two hours. Where are you going?
(474) I have to find her before they do. Trevor...
(475) Freya, I'll see you at the lab.
(476) Take care of yourself.
(477) Una.
(478) You're right.
(479) Please don't hurt my baby. She's safe.
(480) You cloned her?
(481) I cloned everybody.
(482) There was a complication when we cured the industrial disease.
(483) The vaccine had an unintended side effect.
(484) Sterility.
(485) Only one more generation of our species could survive.
(486) It was a desperate time.
(487) It's our responsibility...
(488) Cloning had never been used on humans successfully.
(489) But we succeeded.
(490) Now, when a person dies, their DNA is recycled.
(491) Oren and I built the Relical to store the DNA...
(492) and conceal the cloning process.
(493) The Keeper finds a suitable couple...
(494) and, using food additives, we induce a chemical pregnancy.
(495) When the woman comes in for an exam, we implant a cloned embryo.
(496) From there, things happen naturally.
(497) In nine months, a citizen who died is reborn.
(498) For seven generations, Oren and I have cloned ourselves...
(499) taught ourselves, so that I could keep trying to find a cure...
(500) while we all live on.
(501) That's what we are?
(502) Copies?
(503) We're more than that.
(504) It wasn't supposed to be permanent.
(505) I've been trying to cure the infertility.
(506) Una was part of one of my test groups.
(507) Oren lied to me.
(508) He told me her test had failed like the others.
(509) But she had become pregnant.
(510) He killed all of the subjects.
(511) Your sister included.
(512) He killed her because she was pregnant.
(513) Una didn't know it...
(514) but her baby would've been one of the first new children in 400 years.
(515) Oren's changed.
(516) He doesn't want to go back. He doesn't want a cure.
(517) He wants to live forever.
(518) You must've been expecting this after helping that Monican.
(519) Your loyalty to Trevor can't protect you anymore.
(520) I'm loyal to something deeper than any of this.
(521) I don't understand people like you and Trevor.
(522) Your sentimentality, your devotion to the past...
(523) to things that are gone.
(524) I couldn't live without those things.
(525) How can you?
(526) Sasha.
(527) We should go. It won't take long for Oren to find us.
(528) She's gonna be a handful.
(529) Go. They don't want you.
(530) Go!
(531) Down!
(532) No. You need to stay conscious.
(533) Please remain calm.
(534) We are experiencing a technical malfunction.
(535) Please remain calm.
(536) We are experiencing a technical malfunction.
(537) Please remain calm.
(538) We are experiencing...
(539) We can't go to a Monican safe house.
(540) Nowhere's going to be safe for us.
(541) We need to get the bullets out.
(542) Are you hit anywhere else?
(543) Did any of them manage to miss you?
(544) We might have to go outside the wall.
(545) I know.
(546) First, I have to end this.
(547) I need to go back in.
(548) I have to get my notes from Una's test group.
(549) Oren will find the lab and destroy it, everything I've done.
(550) All military units should report to their stations...
(551) and wait for further instructions.
(552) Who's in charge here?
(553) We need your help.
(554) We have orders to shoot you on sight. There's been a coup.
(555) Your orders are coming from an illegitimate government.
(556) Stay where you are, sir! What's your name?
(557) Sir? I want to know your name.
(558) It's Ord. Garret Ord.
(559) I can't command you anymore, Garret. But neither can they.
(560) You're free.
(561) You need to make a decision.
(562) Shoot us or help us, but do it quickly.
(563) Lieutenant?
(564) How can I help you, Chairman Goodchild?
(565) We need weapons. We need to get back into the Citadel.
(566) Yes, sir.
(567) Attention. Please return to your home and wait for further instructions.
(568) You will be updated frequently.
(569) This is an announcement from the Council and Chairman Oren Goodchild.
(570) Attention. Please return to your home and wait for further instructions.
(571) We're getting closer. Wait.
(572) Trevor.
(573) The name you called me...
(574) Katherine.
(575) That was my name.
(576) You were my wife.
(577) We had a life together, just like anybody else.
(578) Wait.
(579) You need to tell me.
(580) I lost you during the disease, and you couldn't be brought back.
(581) I've lived and died seven times since then.
(582) And each time I taught myself about you.
(583) You were an idea I kept alive.
(584) Something I had to imagine.
(585) But when I saw you...
(586) what I felt was real.
(587) I knew you.
(588) I remembered you.
(589) What we had then survived in us past death, past everything.
(590) I was looking for you.
(591) I've been waiting.
(592) We were different people.
(593) We were.
(594) Those people are gone.
(595) But something in them came back.
(596) Yes.
(597) I remember.
(598) It's chaos out there.
(599) There's a coup against Goodchild.
(600) Made it easier to slip in.
(601) Did you bring a way to find her?
(602) As long as there's a trace of the pill in her, we can track her.
(603) No.
(604) Freya.
(605) It's gone.
(606) I had cured it.
(607) I'd found the answer.
(608) It's all gone.
(609) We have to keep moving.
(610) There's still one more thing to do.
(611) There's nothing left to do. You and I need to get out of here.
(612) We go outside the wall. We'll find a way to live.
(613) There's one more thing to do. I need to destroy it.
(614) No.
(615) This isn't the answer, Aeon.
(616) There's no guarantee I can find the cure again.
(617) The cloning is all we have. It's not enough.
(618) Our minds are unraveling, and every time you bring us back it gets worse.
(619) If you do this, we end.
(620) We're meant to die.
(621) It's what makes anything about us matter.
(622) Living like this is torture.
(623) We're just ghosts.
(624) That's not how I feel.
(625) Not now.
(626) Let's be careful.
(627) You know who we're up against.
(628) This is an empty gesture. It's a leap of faith.
(629) It's not for you to decide.
(630) Aeon, I don't want to lose you again.
(631) You don't have to.
(632) You'll find the cure again.
(633) It's over, Trevor.
(634) Moving into position on the south spire.
(635) It goes so much deeper than your cure.
(636) Other women have been getting pregnant naturally...
(637) outside of your experiments.
(638) More and more of them.
(639) They healed themselves.
(640) And you killed them, too? I had to stop it.
(641) How many?
(642) How many, Oren?
(643) It doesn't matter. Nature's finally found a way.
(644) In position. In position.
(645) Position acquired.
(646) Nature's the one who's obsolete, not us.
(647) How can you not understand the beauty of what you made? I do.
(648) Situation's getting complicated.
(649) You told me she was gone.
(650) There was nothing that they could do.
(651) I ordered her DNA destroyed.
(652) You were a different man with her, Trevor.
(653) She would've stopped you from doing what needed to be done.
(654) Like she's stopping you now. No, Oren.
(655) Yes.
(656) Waiting for the go. On my signal.
(657) This world, our world, is beautiful.
(658) Worth preserving at any cost.
(659) It can't last. It's falling apart.
(660) Sithandra, give us the signal.
(661) Sithandra. Take Flux down first.
(662) You're wrong in this, Oren.
(663) We've beaten death, beaten nature.
(664) We've gone beyond you.
(665) And now I need to be free of you.
(666) Wait.
(667) Sithandra.
(668) You chose this, Aeon. It's too late.
(669) You know how much we're all suffering.
(670) I'm trying to end it, and so is Trevor.
(671) I would never betray you.
(672) Help me.
(673) Sithandra.
(674) You still know me.
(675) Finish it.
(676) You can choose to trust me.
(677) Finish it.
(678) I'm sorry, Oren.
(679) I'm sorry.
(680) I am, too.
(681) Orders have changed. Cover Aeon. Cover Goodchild.
(682) Goodchild's been hit.
(683) Flux is headed to the courtyard.
(684) Cover Aeon.
(685) Sithandra!
(686) Oren.
(687) They're coming.
(688) Aeon.
(689) We're waiting for your orders.
(690) You're not part of this?
(691) Whatever we are, we're not anarchists.
(692) There have to be rules. Thank you.
(693) You're the one.
(694) You saved me.
(695) Yes.
(696) I knew you then.
(697) This one was corrupted. Destroy it.
(698) I knew you were important.
(699) The DNA is good.
(700) Destroy it.
(701) I knew that I needed to protect you.
(702) I kept your DNA hidden here, dormant.
(703) I've waited until now to bring you back.
(704) Why?
(705) I knew that your strength would survive with you.
(706) I thought that if I brought you back, you could reach Trevor.
(707) You always could.
(708) I have to end it. Yes.
(709) Start over.
(710) What about you?
(711) I've waited 400 years for this day.
(712) I'm tired.
(713) Stay alive, Aeon.
(714) You are needed.
(715) Look!
(716) Now we can move forward...
(717) to live once for real...
(718) and then give way to people who might do it better.
(719) Hey, Katherine.
(720) Will I see you again?
(721) To live only once...
(722) but with hope.

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