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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[2014] [Airplane vs Volcano] English Transcript

(1) Sensor buried. Stand by for incoming readings.
(2) It's beautiful Lisa.
(3) Is beautiful even in your vocabulary?
(4) Seism-sensor readings are coming in now.
(5) We're definitely getting some activity,
(6) but Joseph, how is it possible... Ka'ula hasn't shown
(7) volcanic activity in five million years.
(8) How is this possible so far from the hotspot?
(9) Joseph?
(10) Joseph?
(11) Lisa, I think a submerged volcanic shelf has surfaced.
(12) There are new islands out here.
(13) When does Landon arrive?
(14) He's flying in soon.
(15) We'll need his help running some tests.
(16) Lisa I got tremors here!
(17) Joseph it's right on top of you!
(18) Go! Now!
(19) Lisa!
(20) Joseph?
(21) Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign
(22) as we make our descent to Ka'ula. Please put your tray
(23) tables and seats in their upright and full position.
(24) Excuse me. Oh!
(25) Um, I'm so sorry sir. We're preparing to land. Do you mind
(26) bringing your seat forward and putting your tray table up.
(27) Thank you. I'll take this.
(28) How could you sleep through this noise?
(29) Practice.
(30) Don't you know it isn't polite to stare?
(31) Tony! Sit down.
(32) Please. I'm sorry about that.
(33) It's alright. No harm.
(34) Hank right?
(35) You look like a Hank.
(36) Actually is uh...
(37) it's Jim.
(38) Jim Kirkland.
(39) Jennifer.
(40) And you've already met Tony.
(41) Yeah.
(42) How long have you been married?
(43) Oh. We're not yet.
(44) I just like to wear it.
(45) Feel like we are anyway.
(46) I took time my auto body shop to meet her for a little pre-wedding vacation.
(47) That's nice. You've know each other a long time then?
(48) Six months.
(49) I know it's a little crazy...
(50) There's nothing crazy about it. If you don't know it within the
(51) first month that she's the one then you'll never know.
(52) Control, this is 7389.
(53) We may be experiencing some technical difficulties,
(54) as our radar shows we're closing in on what seems to be a heavy storm cloud...
(55) but our reports show very little turbulence. Can you confirm?
(56) Control, can you confirm?
(57) Radio is malfunctioning.
(58) Control this is 7389 do you copy?
(59) Guess we missed it.
(60) Sir.
(61) Oh. Great um...
(62) My Wi-Fi is acting a little janky. Would you mind checking it out? See if they can fix it?
(63) No I'm sorry. You actually have to turn it off and put your tray up for landing.
(64) Oh. Sorry.
(65) It's OK.
(66) Can I take that for you?
(67) Sure thanks.
(68) No problem.
(69) Here.
(70) Please, do you have any aspirin?
(71) No. I'm sorry sir we're out.
(72) Oh god... my head. I hate flying!
(73) My apologies. It's the altitude.
(74) We will be descending soon.
(75) Control?
(76) Captain.
(77) Radio's down.
(78) Down?
(79) That's not what scares me.
(80) What's that?
(81) How long it's been down.
(82) Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some light... turbulence.
(83) It's OK. It's just an air pocket.
(84) That wasn't an air pocket.
(85) That's not the runway. Where are we?
(86) Our compass is wrong. There must be some magnetic interference out there.
(87) Loss of altitude control. The auto-pilot isn't compensating.
(88) Hold on Spair.
(89) Damn auto-pilot thinks we're descending on course.
(90) Hey, could you lean back?
(91) What the hell is that?
(92) It's ash.
(93) Auto-Pilot disabled
(94) Now when I tell you...
(95) I need you to lay down the throttle.
(96) On when I tell you!
(97) I hear ya Captain.
(98) Spair, maximum velocity!
(99) Come on. I'm pushing her.
(100) Come on!

(101) Holly sh...
(102) I can't breathe!
(103) Everyone hang on!
(104) Listen...
(105) Look out!
(106) I see it!
(107) I need you to be on the radio.
(108) Auto-Pilot Engaged
(109) Is everything OK?
(110) Dan!
(111) The code! The code!
(112) For the auto-pilot?
(113) Zero...
(114) Dan!
(115) Zero, Nine...
(116) Dan. Dan!
(117) Dan what is the passcode?
(118) Dan what is the passcode?!
(119) Dan!
(120) Dan come on...
(121) Hey is everything alright?
(122) He-he's not breathing.
(123) Can you help me out...
(124) Oh he's gone.
(125) OK it's on auto-pilot.
(126) Um Rita? Yes.
(127) Rita, get on the radio right there and get a hold of anybody. Anybody at all.
(128) My name is Rick Pierce. Do it! Just do it!
(129) Hello?
(130) Can anybody here me?
(131) Hello?
(132) Please help. It's out.
(133) OK yeah. We've been hit.
(134) You can fly? Wait one second. I'll be right back.
(135) You, what's your name? Me? Frank.
(136) Frank come here. I need your help please.
(137) United States Air Marshall Kirkland.
(138) You mind telling me what's going on? Yeah, someone's hurt upfront.
(139) Are they dead?
(140) Unconscious. That's all anybody needs to know right now.
(141) We need the pilot out of his seat.
(142) You OK?
(143) Don't touch me.
(144) I'm sorry. I just thought you were hurt.
(145) You sure you're gonna be... No.
(146) Well not yet.
(147) He's not really unconscious is he?
(148) He's dead.
(149) Don't let the passengers see these guys like that.
(150) Gotta get the co-pilot out too.
(151) OK. You got it. I'll keep it quiet.
(152) What's going on?
(153) It's alright.
(154) OK, everybody. I'm Air Marshall Jim Kirkland.
(155) The pilot is knocked unconscious but,
(156) everything's OK... If there's anybody able to give us a hand
(157) with medical training please help each other out...
(158) That's a volcano!
(159) Hey... I need to know what you know. I can help.
(160) Show 'em.
(161) Oh my god.
(162) You ever fly anything this big?
(163) No, the largest I've ever flow is a king air.
(164) 9 seater.
(165) Great.
(166) It's stuck on auto-pilot in a constant loop.
(167) Yeah to prevent terrorist takeovers they installed an encoded auto-pilot system.
(168) And of course he knew all the codes.
(169) No Mr. Spair knew them too.
(170) Great.
(171) I study volcanoes and uh... I doubt this is the worst.
(172) In fact I think she's just waking up.
(173) Keep your distance and don't fly us too close or you'll cook us.
(174) No chance of that cause of the auto-pilot loop, right?
(175) Hope so...
(176) Can you move that thing?
(177) There's a little bit of movement in the wheel. I might be able to force it to maneuver.
(178) No chance of flying over that thick ash cloud.
(179) That will destroy our engines.
(180) We're gonna have to ride it out.
(181) Yeah.
(182) And pray we don't get any aftershocks.
(183) Hey Tully! Wait up.
(184) Thatch, what happened to you?
(185) Breakfast in the mess hall happened.
(186) Yeah and what do I say? I said don't eat the gravy.
(187) It's biscuits and gravy. You can't have one without the other.
(188) Just don't let the old man see you like this.
(189) Look alive Tully! They're calling all hands.
(190) I overheard colonel Rhyker mention a vulcanologist.
(191) That doesn't make sense. What does Rhyker want with a vulcanologist?
(192) Guess will find out.
(193) Do we have radar reading for 0600?
(194) Not yet.
(195) Well your input and information will be useful Doctor.
(196) If you can please fill in my Executive Officer Livingston. We can send you on your way.
(197) Aah-ten-hut!
(198) As you were.
(199) Sir,
(200) Doctor Lisa Whitmore called in the disaster.
(201) Listen doc, if there were any volcanic activity. We would already know all about it.
(202) Sir, we are picking up reading out there... It's big.
(203) Is it a storm?
(204) Excuse me Colonel but you are not looking at a storm.
(205) You are looking at an eruption column.
(206) What?
(207) Kaula has been a dead volcanic island for millions of years until now.
(208) Colonel, my colleague was on that island when it erupted.
(209) Please let me help.
(210) If you want to help, you can fill in my XO with everything you know. Starting with...
(211) How did this dead island suddenly wake up?
(212) My colleague had a similar theory.
(213) Mt. Kilauea has not shown activity for over a year.
(214) But after thirty years of activity that pressure has to go somewhere.
(215) Sometimes there are connecting passages where heat and pressure travel along the crust.
(216) Massive amounts of pressure are forcing submerged volcanoes to come to the surface.
(217) Colonel. This is only the beginning.
(218) And it's only gonna get worse.
(219) I am the best that you have. You need me here.
(220) Get set up. Keep me informed.
(221) Thank you Sir.
(222) Sir, ten minutes ago I was notified the Lihue Airport lost contact with
(223) one of their airliners coming in from LAX forty miles off course.
(224) This would put it minutes after the eruptions.
(225) They overshot their destination. They're flying blind into a disaster.
(226) They need immediate rescue assistance.
(227) I cannot initiate an air rescue over erupting volcanoes and risk my men.
(228) As of now, this island is in a state of emergency.
(229) Understood, I can notify the island. Evacuation can be under
(230) way as soon as you give the order Sir.
(231) Get on it! Get Johnson on the ground to handle the evac.
(232) Sir, with your permission I'd like to assist in the evac.
(233) Specialist, I admire your ambition, but you're not ready son. Get back to your radio.
(234) Yes sir.
(235) What are you waiting for?
(236) Make your calls.
(237) Yes sir. Yes sir.
(238) OK.
(239) Come on.
(240) Everybody hang on!
(241) Come on.
(242) Pull up! Pull up!
(243) Hey somebody come up here and help us. He's hurt!
(244) Is everybody OK?
(245) No.
(246) OK do we have a first aid kit on board?
(247) Yeah. Yeah.
(248) Where's the intercom?
(249) It's right there.
(250) Uh everybody, Just remain calm.
(251) Alright first aid is gonna come around to those who need it.
(252) The best way to get through this is to
(253) relax and try to work together..
(254) Good luck.
(255) Oh my arm!
(256) Can you help me to move this out of the way?
(257) Aah! It's broken.
(258) Hang in there.
(259) Do it. Do it! Do it! OK.
(260) 1. 2. 3.
(261) Breathe. Breathe.
(262) Just breathe. Just breathe.
(263) You're OK.
(264) Can you use this as a splint?
(265) You're OK. You get me the ace.
(266) You're OK. You're alright.
(267) We got it.
(268) Who's flying this plane?
(269) Sure ain't a pilot.
(270) Hey what's your problem man?
(271) The pilot has been unconscious for a while.
(272) It doesn't take much to realize that he's dead.
(273) The pilot's dead?
(274) Hey! Stop it.
(275) Just ignore him.
(276) What about the co-pilot? Is he OK?
(277) Don't waste your breath. They are dead. Aren't they Rita?
(278) Listen Crieger, do yourself a favor.
(279) Shut up. Sit down or I'll put you down.
(280) OK.
(281) Hey. My buddy.
(282) You OK?
(283) I need a favor from you. I need you to hold on to this for me.
(284) Cool.
(285) And I need you to protect mama.
(286) You do that? I'm counting on you. Tony macaroni.
(287) Boo-yah.
(288) Thank you.
(289) You're welcome.
(290) You're gonna want to get your people to Oahu.
(291) You need to get them out of volcanoes range.
(292) It seems like a good place to start.
(293) Evac is within the hour.
(294) Good. Secondly, we're going to need to shoot probe into one of the volcanoes...
(295) If you think I'm going to send one of my men near those...
(296) All I'm suggesting is to launch a probe into one of the volcanoes.
(297) So I can better understand them.
(298) What exactly can we learn from the probe?
(299) Oceanic temperature, Aerial temperatures, and seismic disturbances.
(300) I may be able to predict what they'll do next.
(301) That's a go people.
(302) 15 minutes to airborne.
(303) Sir. What about the commercial airline sir?
(304) We may get a visual of it. If we do that will better help us coordinate a rescue.
(305) Until you get someone on the comm, focus on your current mission soldier.
(306) Yes, sir.
(307) Work.
(308) Come on.
(309) Of course.
(310) Alright. What exactly are you doing to that phone?
(311) I'm gutting it... gonna try to call for help.
(312) Wait wait wait wait a minute.
(313) The phones or the Wi-Fi they don't work up here.
(314) Well, not entirely.
(315) See all these lines are connected to a link, which is routed to a satellite,
(316) down to a designated target.
(317) Right now that link is being rejected because the communications are down.
(318) It's kinda like an unregistered user trying to get in access, you know?
(319) But if I can by pass that link to the satellite, I might allow ourselves access.
(320) This will work?
(321) Well, I'll let you know.
(322) OK.
(323) Specialist Tully, What's the status on the evac of Niihau?
(324) Not great sir. They're running in to a few snags. The locals
(325) think they can handle it themselves.
(326) I don't care if they have to drag people by their feet. Get it taken care of
(327) and get their asses back to base. Understood?
(328) Sir.
(329) The bird is in-bound.
(330) Niihau control, this is Delta 2-1, approaching targets.
(331) I have visual.
(332) Sir, we have picture.
(333) Delta 2-1 prepared to launch.
(334) Roger that, Delta 2-1.
(335) Interesting...
(336) What?
(337) The lava is superheated and not very dense.
(338) The lighter the density the most likely is to stay airborne.
(339) Delta 2-1. You are clear to launch when you are ready.
(340) Roger. Delta 2-1, Launching probe in...
(341) 3-2-1 Fire!
(342) Direct hit.
(343) Good.
(344) Get him back to base.
(345) Roger that, Delta 2...
(346) Wait! Niihau Control, I have a visual of...
(347) Delta 2-1 say again.
(348) A thick cloud moving fast!
(349) That cloud isn't just moving fast, it's clocking in at three hundred knots!
(350) Tell him to get out of there now!
(351) Delta 2-1, return to base! I repeat, return to base!
(352) Niihau Control... come in. Come in...
(353) Delta 2-1, get out of there now! Do you read me?!
(354) Oh my g...
(355) We've lost Captain Elby.
(356) It's still coming! It's thirty thousand meters from Niihau and closing!
(357) Twenty thousand meters. Who's on the shore?
(358) We need to send out our boys! Evacuate the coastal areas!
(359) It's too late! Call the beach patrol and have everyone leave now!
(360) Do it!
(361) Sir, what about everyone living on shore?
(362) Everyone must evacuate the beach quickly and calmly! This is an emergency!
(363) Everyone must evacuate the beach quickly and calmly! This is an emergency!
(364) Colonel.
(365) You're shores are the new Pompeii.
(366) All civilians that are still alive, get them to safety. Evacuate.
(367) Rita.
(368) Top gun needs you. He has an idea.
(369) Dammit.
(370) Are you OK?
(371) I need you to come inside for a second.
(372) Alright, I need you to reach underneath that panel... okay.
(373) Does your hand fit inside there?
(374) Uh, I think so.
(375) OK, look in there tell me what you see.
(376) Their's a mess in here.
(377) Their's gonna be a circuit breaker, in there somewhere.
(378) OK. their is like two ways to over ride this auto pilot, and we lost one.
(379) That is the other one.
(380) Rick, I don't think I can do this.
(381) You can OK. Just reach in there and feel around.
(382) Careful. careful, careful!
(383) Ah! OK. OK, I think I found the circuit breaker.
(384) OK.
(385) Oh my God Their's so many switches. Which one is it?
(386) OK, it's going to look different than the other switches.
(387) It's gonna either be color coated or its going to
(388) be a totally different switch all together.
(389) Do you see anything like that?
(390) Yea, yea... I see it!
(391) OK. I'm gonna do it.
(392) Now!
(393) That's not good.
(394) We're losing fuel.
(395) What, what. I'm sorry.
(396) Grab the wheel.
(397) I can't! Yes you can.
(398) Grab that. Yes you can. You can do it OK.
(399) Just relax. Hold on.
(400) What is that?
(401) I don't know what I'm doing?
(402) It's OK, just... Ahh! God.
(403) Uh, I'm sorry.
(404) Just if something get's in your way, then you turn, OK?
(405) OK.
(406) Rick!
(407) Their flying all around us.
(408) As long as you don't flying in them, I don't care what their doing.
(409) Rick!
(410) OK! OK OK OK.
(411) Rick!
(412) It's getting closer.
(413) Ahh!
(414) OK. I got it.
(415) No more switches for you.
(416) That means that the other switch has got to be...
(417) Ugh! Great.
(418) What?
(419) Was that not it?
(420) No, no, no. That was it.. But all the circuit are fried now.
(421) So that means that no way in fixing this. We're stuck in auto-pilot.
(422) Rick, your hand.
(423) I'll be fine.
(424) That was close.
(425) Yea, It's just the beginning. Look.
(426) And more good news.
(427) How long do we have?
(428) I'd say an hour, at best.
(429) Well what do we do?
(430) We need to check on landing. See if their's any progress.
(431) Hey genius, how's it going?
(432) Well, I minored in genius but majored in awesome. It's ready to transmit.
(433) So it works.
(434) Only one way to find out.
(435) Uh, Mayday. Mayday:
(436) Mayday. Mayday. This is flight 7389.
(437) Flight 7389 requesting immediate emergency assistance.
(438) I repeat this is fight 7389, requesting emergency assistance.
(439) This is good.
(440) Do you really want to impress me? Get somebody on the line.
(441) OK.
(442) Honey, Honey are you OK?
(443) OK. OK.
(444) He'll be OK.
(445) Hey, little buddy. I'll get you some water, Alright?
(446) Their should be something for motion sickness, I'll go see.
(447) Oh, OK.
(448) I think our new pilot is not fit to fly.
(449) Where are you getting at man?
(450) Our pilots are dead.
(451) Rick has endangered us all.
(452) He dumped the fuel and who know if we have enough.
(453) I say let the auto-pilot do what it's made to do. Not him!
(454) How does it feel?
(455) Better thank you.
(456) Yeah, let's get 'em!
(457) What the hell is that?
(458) I don't know.
(459) You want some air?
(460) What?
(461) Hey
(462) What the hell are you doing?!
(463) What are you doing?
(464) You bastard!
(465) What the hell is going on here? What is this?
(466) Your ejection.
(467) My what?
(468) Open It.
(469) No!
(470) This man has endangered us all. Open it!
(471) I am not gonna throw him off a plane.
(472) You are not with me then... you will join him. Open the door!
(473) Crieger!!
(474) Drop... it!
(475) Everybody!
(476) Back in the cabin! Move!
(477) Rick... Fly.
(478) Yes sir.
(479) That man has repeatedly saved lives and you're gonna attack him?
(480) He's killed us all.
(481) Just give me on reason and I'll blow your head right now.
(482) There are children watching.
(483) You're right.
(484) You want to throw a man out the door?
(485) Good role model.
(486) I know where exactly where to shut you down.
(487) Sit.
(488) What did you think was going to happen when you open the door,
(489) when the cabin wasn't depressurized?
(490) Think about that.
(491) And don't mind the smell.
(492) Watch Rick.
(493) What?
(494) I said watch Rick.
(495) And watch him close.
(496) Keeping me in here isn't gonna stop him from killing us all Marshall.
(497) You have a beautiful family.
(498) Where are they now?
(499) He's detained.
(500) Good.
(501) You OK?
(502) Yeah. Thank you for that.
(503) My pleasure.
(504) I'ma ask you this only once...
(505) And you tell me the truth.
(506) Can - you - fly - this - plane?
(507) Yes.
(508) I can.
(509) I don't care about anything else.
(510) Just don't get us killed.
(511) Someone should have heard the distress call by now, right?
(512) The kid's trying.
(513) No doubt about that.
(514) Mayday. Mayday this is flight 7389 requesting immediate emergency assistance.
(515) Do you copy?
(516) Mayday. Mayday. This is flight 7-3-8-9.
(517) Requesting immediate emergency assistance. Is there anybody out there?
(518) Mayday. Mayday this is flight 7389 requesting immediate emergency assistance.
(519) Do you copy?
(520) Please somebody pick up.
(521) Tully?
(522) Mayday. Mayday this is flight 7389 requesting immediate emergency assistance.
(523) Do you copy?
(524) Tully, what was the Flight number on that lost airliner again?
(525) Flight 7389. Why?
(526) I think I just found them.
(527) Colonel Rhyker, sir.
(528) The airliner, we've made contact.
(529) Sir!
(530) You're gonna wanna hear this.
(531) Mayday, mayday. This is Flight 7389 requesting emergency assistance.
(532) That's Landon! That's his flight.
(533) You know him?
(534) He's a friend. Was supposed to fly in today and meet us.
(535) Vaughn, get a hold of them! Yes sir!
(536) Where are they?
(537) That's the thing, sir...
(538) Thatch.
(539) Yes sir.
(540) They're in the 7th circle of hell.
(541) They're lucky to be alive.
(542) You've gotta do something!
(543) We are in the middle of evacuating everyone off the island. That's our priority.
(544) With all due respect sir, this is how we make it right. We save as many as we possibly can.
(545) Even if we initiate an evac rescue mission...
(546) the probability that we'll even penetrate that wall of fire is unlike.
(547) Honestly, we're talking about a random erupting wall. It's risky.
(548) But I'm not saying it's impossible.
(549) Flight 7-3-8-9. come in - 89.
(550) This is the Niihau Joint Task Force Operations Center, do you read?
(551) I've got someone... I've got someone!
(552) Someone's transmitting to us.
(553) Uh, yes, hello? Come in. This is flight 7389!
(554) You're alive! Who is this, is this Landon?
(555) Yes. This is Landon. How do you know me? You know me?
(556) That's right. Your colleague Dr. Whitmore is here.
(557) Lisa. Boy do I owe you.
(558) OK Listen. My name is Private Vaugh. Can you tell me what your situation status is?
(559) Uh sure. Situation status.
(560) Uh... We lost both our pilots.
(561) Uh, we nearly crashed.
(562) We nearly blew up, and there's this guys up here who's is
(563) super close to a psychotic melt down.
(564) Oh! And we're flying in the middle of a ring of volcanoes.
(565) You have thoughts?
(566) Roger that. What's your altitude and your fuel like?
(567) Uh, what's our altitude?
(568) Uh, around 10,000 feet.
(569) We're around 10,000 feet... but we have lost a lot of fuel.
(570) OK. Roger that Landon. Sit tight for a second.
(571) OK sure.
(572) Tully Sir.
(573) They're outta fuel.
(574) Patch 'em through.
(575) Landon? It's Lisa.
(576) Lisa, It's good to hear your voice.
(577) Just hang in OK?
(578) Your gonna be fine.
(579) OK, we'll do our best.
(580) And Landon...
(581) Who rocks?
(582) You rock.
(583) Landon, you're outta fuel?
(584) Not yet but uh, we don't have a lot left. I'd say probably less then an hour.
(585) OK Landon. This is colonel Rhyker...
(586) He's gonna tell you what to do.
(587) Son...
(588) Just relax.
(589) Keep everyone calm and sit tight.
(590) We're gonna do everything in our power to get you out of there safe.
(591) OK just one thing I...
(592) Based on my readings of the quake I don't think we have a
(593) Landon?
(594) Landon?
(595) We've lost comm. Sir.
(596) Dammit!
(597) The ash cloud is causing interference.
(598) Sir!
(599) I am urging you to reconsider the rescue.
(600) Stand Special.
(601) Those people will die up there if you don't do something!
(602) Then they're dead in the air!
(603) I give the orders around here.
(604) And my men are not dying today.
(605) Colonel do you think...
(606) Speak out of line one more time.
(607) And you will be begging me for a court-Martial when I'm done with you.
(608) Yes...
(609) Sir!
(610) If you boys are done, I've got something.
(611) Our probe is picking up rising sea temperatures
(612) and seismic activity in ascending intervals.
(613) What does that mean?
(614) Meaning it's counting down.
(615) Counting down to what?
(616) Well considering the quake's source, duration, and magnitude...
(617) The crust can only take so much pressure before magma builds and punches through.
(618) You mean another eruption?
(619) Yeah. Yeah more massive than all the others.
(620) And then what?
(621) We lose.
(622) Colonel could I talk to you over here for a second.
(623) Come with me.
(624) We are saving those people.
(625) Period.
(626) But we don't have authorization from Colonel Rhyker.
(627) We do now.
(628) Besides, Rhyker's busy with the island.
(629) That looks like the real thing.
(630) Rhyker can't save them but we can.
(631) I am not letting anybody else die today understood?
(632) The people I care about are on that plane. So you can't do this without my help.
(633) OK.
(634) First...
(635) We get that tanker.
(636) That's not good.
(637) The engine is jammed.
(638) Something is lodged inside.
(639) I'm gonna talk to Rick.
(640) Wait. What?
(641) Everything's OK.
(642) It's OK.
(643) Tell me right now...
(644) Can you level this plane with that engine clogged?
(645) No. Not unless...
(646) We fix it.
(647) Yeah but how?
(648) You send me out there.
(649) I can unclog that and get it going.
(650) Can we even open that door?
(651) Well we're at 10,000 feet and if I ease back on the throttle, Yeah we can.
(652) What? Are you serious?
(653) You have a better idea?
(654) I need my bag. It has my tools in it.
(655) Even if you do unclog it, that engine will immediately try to suck you right back in.
(656) I'm seeing my wife.
(657) And going on vacation.
(658) I took time of my job, where I'm more likely to get flattened, working on a car, she says.
(659) This isn't any different.
(660) You sure about this?
(661) What choice do we have?
(662) Ready?
(663) Go.
(664) Lift it up like this.
(665) OK.
(666) OK here we go! Steady! Easy easy. Hold steady!
(667) I'm on my way baby.
(668) Hold on tight.
(669) Easy!
(670) Alright.
(671) Hold it!
(672) Come on!
(673) Come on.
(674) Come on!
(675) I got it!
(676) I got it!
(677) Pull 'em in!
(678) Easy does it.
(679) OK! Easy!
(680) It's OK. It's OK.
(681) Frank's gone.
(682) I know.
(683) And we're loosing altitude.
(684) They're taking a beating up there.
(685) Sir, we've got an inbound bogey... multiple bogeys heading right for us.
(686) Hello?
(687) Is anyone there?
(688) We just lost someone and 2 of our engines are out.
(689) Do you copy?
(690) Is anyone there?
(691) Dammit. Why isn't anyone answering?
(692) Hello? Is anyone there?
(693) We read you!
(694) It's possible for a 747 to fly on two engines but you may be too heavy.
(695) You lose another one and you'll glide down and eventually crash.
(696) What about the luggage? We can dump all that.
(697) Do it! We're getting hit hard over here.
(698) All hands. Get those injured inside!
(699) Code Red! Take cover!
(700) Incoming!
(701) This is never gonna work.
(702) What do people put in their luggage?
(703) Get the wounded inside! Get inside now!
(704) Thatch come here!
(705) Grab him from the other side. Get him up!
(706) Aah!
(707) Get him inside! I'm on my way now!
(708) I'm not going anywhere.
(709) Tully! Tully we need your help! Come with me.
(710) That should do it.
(711) Everything's gone.
(712) Did it do anything?
(713) Nope. We're still too heavy.
(714) Hey.
(715) No word from base yet.
(716) We're still too heavy.
(717) If I were a plane what could I get rid of?
(718) Something that's useless and we no longer need.
(719) Crieger would be nice.
(720) Look out!
(721) Sit down. Buckle up.
(722) Ladies and gentlemen take your seats and buckle up.
(723) This is about to get very interesting.
(724) What are you doing?
(725) Getting rid of some unwanted equipment.
(726) What?
(727) Rick, listen to me! You can't do this! You're gonna get us killed!
(728) Not today!
(729) I have a lot of things that I want to do with my life.
(730) I'm begging you please. Do not this! Here it comes.
(731) No no no no no!
(732) You are going to kill us!
(733) How do you not do this professionally?!
(734) I buckle under official status.
(735) We stopped descending at 4,000 ft.
(736) Whoo!
(737) Excuse me Colonel?
(738) May I ask you something?
(739) Over here?
(740) Let's make it quick.
(741) Hey are you there?
(742) Yeah. I've been trying to reach you.
(743) We managed to level the plane out.
(744) How did you do that?
(745) Uh, we took off 2 of the engines?
(746) Uh, Wow! Uh,...
(747) OK what's you altitude?
(748) 4,000 ft.
(749) That's cutting it a little too close for our tanker. We're calling him off.
(750) Don't worry. We still have rescue coming.
(751) Call of the tanker. It's way too dangerous.
(752) Hope you're getting some one equally crazy.
(753) Don't worry. We're getting our best.
(754) Alright. What's your ETA? When can I expect ya?
(755) Give me 15 minutes.
(756) 15 minutes? OK that's cutting it a little close.
(757) I think we've only got about 30.
(758) Roger that.
(759) Tully out.
(760) Please let me be wrong.
(761) This is Ronald 2-5 inbound.
(762) Roger that bravo 2-5.
(763) Boys be careful out there huh?
(764) Roger control.
(765) Targets in sight, Niihau control.
(766) Roger that, Bravo 2-5. Tread lightly once inside.
(767) Walk in the park.
(768) I see an opening, control. Bravo 2- 5 going in.
(769) Control, we're in.
(770) Roger that, Bravo 2-5. Do you have visual of the package?
(771) Roger, control. We have visual.
(772) Roger that. Good luck.
(773) Bravo 2-5 setting her under the cargo hold.
(774) Landon?
(775) A rescue plane is right blow you. You're gonna have to
(776) lower passengers from your cargo hold understand?
(777) OK I'm getting everyone together right now.
(778) Help's here. They want us in the cargo hold.
(779) You're kidding?
(780) No. I don't joke about rescues.
(781) Alright, I'll catch up.
(782) Bravo 2-5. Collecting the package.
(783) Roger that.
(784) Let's go let's go let's go!
(785) OK, ready?
(786) Alright.
(787) We are receiving our first passenger.
(788) Roger that Bravo 2-5.
(789) Are you good?
(790) Stay right here alright?
(791) Control, we're losing daylight out here.
(792) You'll be alright. You got it.
(793) Man.
(794) We're experiencing some lighting over here control.
(795) Roger that Bravo 2-5. What do you got?
(796) The ash cloud's giving off some heavy electrical activity.
(797) Bravo 2-5 double time it. Copy?
(798) You!
(799) Sir! We're getting the passengers on the rescue plane. Vaughn pull up on screen.
(800) Double-time it.
(801) Alright, ready buddy?
(802) Give us two minutes, sir, please!
(803) Alright at the count of 3. 1...
(804) 2...
(805) Control, we are hit!
(806) We're going down! We're going down!
(807) Explain yourself specialist.
(808) Sir...
(809) You really thought this could work? By deliberately disobeying me?
(810) And by forging orders to issue this mission?
(811) You and your team are relieved of duty.
(812) Sir...
(813) You will be court martialed.
(814) Now get to your station and wait there.
(815) The MP's are on their way.
(816) And get that off the screen.
(817) Get it off!
(818) Hey everyone.
(819) Umm...
(820) I got this thing to transmit and uh...
(821) If you have something that you want to say to someone,
(822) Feel free.
(823) Is there anyone that you want to say something to?
(824) It's not over! I don't understand how you can stand there and think that!
(825) How could you not?
(826) Just let me fly.
(827) OK.
(828) MP!
(829) Remove that man!
(830) Colonel...
(831) You can't do this! I don't want to hear it.
(832) No. No! You don't understand!
(833) Something within the ring of the volcano is growing rapidly.
(834) I'm warning you doctor. Colonel just... just look.
(835) The pressure... is all congregating in one spot.
(836) And it's only a matter of time before this thing rises. And it's big!
(837) Roughly 3 miles in diameter. Just look! Take a look.
(838) You're done! MP?
(839) You need to hear this! Take 'em both away.
(840) No! Wait! You don't understand! Just look!
(841) Vaughn patch it through!
(842) Hi my name is Landon Todd.
(843) I hope somebody's listening to this.
(844) I never got to see my dad much...
(845) Not a day goes by that I wish I just spent more time being with him.
(846) Dad if you could hear this I just want you to know that I
(847) never thought you were a bad father.
(848) And I wish we could make up for lost time...
(849) But I guess this is what we got.
(850) I love you pops!
(851) Not a day goes by that I feel differently.
(852) Do you hear them Colonel?
(853) I don't know what to say...
(854) My name is Shirley Jones...
(855) And I'm 67 years old.
(856) I's like to believe that my husband George can hear this but he can't... he's gone.
(857) I see you when I close my eyes.
(858) And you are so beautiful.
(859) I'll be with you soon.
(860) We can save them.
(861) You can save them.
(862) Please...
(863) Please...
(864) If anyone can hear this please help us!
(865) I have my child...
(866) a little boy.
(867) I have my little boy.
(868) Please...
(869) He's only 8 years old for Christ Sake!
(870) Please!
(871) Please if anyone can hear this, please help us...
(872) Help us.
(873) We can't just let them die.
(874) I don't think you can either.
(875) Help me!
(876) Help them.
(877) Men...
(878) We have a duty.
(879) And that is to protect our people.
(880) No matter how dangerous.
(881) Sergeant Graham?
(882) Ready the jets.
(883) Yes Sir!
(884) Sir, by doing this you will be disobeying state orders.
(885) Besides, what you are talking about is suicide.
(886) Are these people really worth the risk?
(887) We're not only saving them...
(888) We're saving all of us.
(889) And you...
(890) Back to your post, Specialist.
(891) Yes Sir!
(892) This bitch is heating up.
(893) Giving us a hell of a lot of turbulence.
(894) They're scared. And so am I.
(895) Don't be.
(896) Sit.
(897) Listen...
(898) You're going to make it to you families.
(899) We're all gonna make it through this.
(900) The only thing I love in this world is a picture of my wife and kids.
(901) After I was told they were taken from me...
(902) I kept flying.
(903) S-Somehow I could turn back time and they'd be waiting for me...
(904) when I landed...
(905) I'm gonna keep on flying.
(906) Not for my family... but for us.
(907) For all of us.
(908) This is not the time to say your goodbyes or your prayers...
(909) This is the time to gather your courage!
(910) We're gonna face thing head on!
(911) I can still fly.
(912) I can still fly.
(913) The only way we beat them is if we relieve pressure from their magma chamber here.
(914) This is where we focus our attack.
(915) Easier said than done, Doctor. We won't stand a chance.
(916) Several direct hits to their core will rupture enough passages to release the magma
(917) From its base in to the ocean, killing the eruptions.
(918) We just might have a chance. Questions?
(919) Good Luck.
(920) You don't have to do this Sir.
(921) We have plenty of our guys suited up and ready to go.
(922) Soldier, these are my men and I'll lead them how I see fit.
(923) Yes Sir!
(924) Now get your ass back to BDOC.
(925) Sir...
(926) I got us a rescue team.
(927) The plane is a little bulky
(928) But it flies on props so they won't have any problems flying through the ash in the air.
(929) It's perfect.
(930) Yes they are.
(931) They practically jumped at the opportunity. But they are a little extreme though.
(932) We're did you get these guys?
(933) Few of our boys, a couple I know personally,
(934) They have a knack for extreme skydiving, so they just called in a favor for the prop.
(935) Excellent Private. Excellent!
(936) Thank you Sir!
(937) This is red wing leader. 2 minutes out.
(938) Roger that.
(939) Okie dokie.
(940) I found this parachute and this raft.
(941) We're gonna take this parachute...
(942) connect it to the raft and then we're all gonna ride down to the ocean.
(943) And then we're gonna paddle like hell to safety.
(944) Not everybody can fit on that raft Jim.
(945) We're gonna get women and kid off first.
(946) OK.
(947) I want all the women, and little Tony follow me to the cargo. We're getting off this bird!
(948) You sure this is gonna work?
(949) I'll let you know.
(950) I don't think so.
(951) If anybody is getting off this plane... it's me!
(952) Crieger! Crieger! Stop it!
(953) Stop!
(954) Everybody get down!
(955) One more step...
(956) You never could see things my way right?
(957) Tony Macaroni.
(958) You're still taking care of mommy?
(959) We don't want anything to happen to her, right?
(960) I...I have a grandson...
(961) about the same age as you.
(962) He always holds my hand... even when I go to sleep.
(963) I don't know why, but he always does.
(964) Boo-ya.
(965) I... I'm going to rest for... for a little while, OK?
(966) Holy mother of...
(967) They're huge!
(968) This is red wing leader. All fighters check in.
(969) Red Wing 1, standing by.
(970) Red Wing 3, standing by.
(971) Red Wing 5, standing by.
(972) OK. Gotta get in gotta move fast!
(973) It's your party Red wing leader.
(974) Roger that. Men... lock on their cores. Red Wings, going in hot!
(975) Crieger's taken the raft.
(976) Let him.
(977) Look!
(978) Yes!
(979) Ladies and Gentlemen help has arrived!
(980) Everybody hand on! This is going to get really bumpy.
(981) Strap in.
(982) You good?
(983) Bring it on.
(984) Red Wings, engage!
(985) They're everywhere.
(986) I'm going in.
(987) Come on! Open wide!
(988) Dammit Red Wings, lay down the fire!
(989) Roger that! Red Wing 3, box 1!
(990) Red Wing 5, box 2!
(991) Dammit!
(992) I can't get a clear shot at it.
(993) The target is set!
(994) I can't see 'em.
(995) We're losing men left and right.
(996) Wider missiles. Wider Missiles.
(997) Red Wing leader, lady down cover fire for that plane.
(998) I'm sending evac with a few firecrackers.
(999) Get on the comm and tell those guys to ready explosives to be stuffed in to that plane.
(1000) What are you nuts?
(1001) Yeah.
(1002) Alright, I'm on it.
(1003) You head him, let's plow the road!
(1004) Fly & Tow, Fly & Tow! This is base, come in?
(1005) Read you, Base.
(1006) Do you have any explosives on board?
(1007) That's an affirmative! Never leave home with out them.
(1008) Good! I think they may come in handy.
(1009) This is gonna be close!
(1010) Look out!
(1011) I'm hit! I'm hit! Red Wing 3, ejecting!
(1012) I'm hit! I'm going down! I'm going down!
(1013) Eject, dammit, eject!
(1014) Oh I miss Los Angeles.
(1015) We're that damn Evac?
(1016) There're getting killed out there!
(1017) Fly & Tow, Fly & Tow! Get your asses in there now! What's your eta?
(1018) ETA is 1 minute, Control, ready and packing!
(1019) Roger that!
(1020) Red Wing Leader, you have less than one minute!
(1021) Times up.
(1022) Oh... my...
(1023) You are a big bitch.
(1024) Yudo time to fly!
(1025) Help is here! But what are they doing?
(1026) They're towing you out of there!
(1027) What?
(1028) Is that safe?
(1029) We have the package! Towing now!
(1030) There's too much wind resistance on that plane.
(1031) We're gonna have to drop it.
(1032) Hurry you asses up!
(1033) Yes Sir!
(1034) We're going in again!
(1035) Get every soul of that plane!
(1036) Hey! Hey! take my son!
(1037) Go go go!
(1038) Receiving our 1st 2 passengers.
(1039) Go! Go! Go! Get them out now!
(1040) Control! We can't stay here much longer!
(1041) Go go go!
(1042) Get back on board now!
(1043) What's in the bag?
(1044) Enough explosives to blow this bastard back to where it came from!
(1045) Are you guys crazy?
(1046) We've been told! That's everybody come on!
(1047) No we're not leaving without Rick. Rick!
(1048) We have to go ma'am.
(1049) I'll be right back!
(1050) Rita!
(1051) Rick, we need to go...
(1052) It's not that bad.
(1053) We need to go. They're getting us out of here.
(1054) Come on, you two, we need to go now!
(1055) We're taking him with us!
(1056) We're taking him with us!
(1057) You don't have to. You don't have to. It's OK.
(1058) It's OK.
(1059) Go.
(1060) You've got a plane to catch.
(1061) I'm sorry.
(1062) I'm sorry It's OK.
(1063) I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry.
(1064) We've loaded the plane with 200 pounds of explosives.
(1065) You have to hit the center of the volcano.
(1066) OK.
(1067) Good Luck.
(1068) I'm a pilot.
(1069) I can fly.
(1070) It's time to go! Come on!
(1071) It's time to go!
(1072) Where's Rick?
(1073) Get him out of here! Ready?
(1074) Yeah yeah yeah.
(1075) The plane is cleared.
(1076) I'm not going anywhere.
(1077) Good Luck son.
(1078) Red Wings, pull out.
(1079) Control, I've got an incoming bogey. He's not gonna make it.
(1080) I'm going in.
(1081) Come on!
(1082) Come on!!!
(1083) He did it!
(1084) He did it!
(1085) Yes!
(1086) Blow it up! No blow it up.
(1087) That's enough explosions for today.
(1088) I'm sorry I'm excited.
(1089) Sergeant congratulations!
(1090) Yeah. We did it!
(1091) We did it.
(1092) Hawaii wasn't alone experiencing volcanic activity.
(1093) Mt. Vesuvius has reportedly erupted wiping out Pompeii for good.
(1094) Tully.
(1095) Hell of a job soldier.
(1096) Hell of a job.
(1097) Colonel Rhyker would be proud.
(1098) Thank you sir.
(1099) No.
(1100) Thank you... Sergeant.
(1101) Carry on sergeant.
(1102) Yes, sir.
(1103) I'll never forget him.

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