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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[1989] [American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt] English Transcript

(1) Re-Synced YRB
(2) LOS ANGELES 1979
(3) cheering and whistling)
(4) Come on!
(5) Yeah... yeah! Come on!
(6) Let's try and do this nice and easy, without any bIood.
(7) Like a cobra, huh?
(8) And if we can't?
(9) I said we can try, Andreas.
(10) Here in America, there's aIways some smartass who tries to be a hero.
(11) We'II soon be out of America. We'II have money to buiId my new pIant.
(12) We've got a great future together. Don't bIow it.
(13) Hey, Sean. When's your dad coming on?
(14) One more fight and they'II start the main event.
(15) Where's Sean?
(16) I don't know. This kid's never around when you want him.
(17) Come on!
(18) Yo, work this shouIder.
(19) Now breathe.
(20) Go, go! Go!
(21) Hey, Sean! Sean, where you going? I'II be right back.
(22) Wait! I'II come with you. No. I'II be back before the next.
(23) Go.
(24) Use the crowd noise to cover our move.
(25) screams)
(26) Get up! Get up against the waII! If they move, kiII them.
(27) alarm bell clangs) screaming)
(28) Come here, boy. Sean!
(29) Stand back! Don't shoot my son!
(30) No!
(31) Sean, Iook out! Dad!
(32) Dad...
(33) HeIp him, Izumo. HeIp him!
(34) I'm bIeeding. The IittIe brat bit me!
(35) Sean) Izumo? Is he...? I'm afraid he is.
(36) Sean, in the Iast months you have proven yourseIf a worthy student.
(37) Thank you, Master.
(38) Now it is time to continue your training
(39) in the art of mikkyo, the secret doctrine.
(40) First position.
(41) Second position.
(42) Third position.
(43) Fourth position.
(44) Fifth position.
(45) Very good, Sean. First position.
(46) First strike. Second position.
(47) Third position.
(48) AngIe the sword down.
(49) Fourth position.
(50) Fifth position. WeII done, Sean.
(51) sighs) That's OK.
(52) Four, five.
(53) One, two.
(54) One, two... Ow!
(55) lzumo) Your body is merely the vehicle of your soul.
(56) Ultimate physical power can be achieved only by way of spiritual power.
(57) Your mind and soul over your body. Remember that, Sean.
(58) Mind and soul over your body.
(59) Sean?
(60) Do you remember the first technique?
(61) It's been a Iong time.
(62) Hai!
(63) lzumo) We have overcome your tragedy and turned it into opportunity.
(64) My doubts and fears of bringing you here are at rest.
(65) Your ability shows that a greater destiny awaits you.
(66) Now you must seek out this destiny alone.
(67) Your training is at last complete, Sean.
(68) Now you are a ninja.
(70) GentIemen, may I have your attention?
(71) Thank you for coming. PIease be seated.
(72) Today is reaIIy a great day.
(73) This project has been over ten years in research.
(74) But I'm gIad that I can teII you that there wiII be no more inefficient hijackings.
(75) No more bungIed kidnappings or mistimed bombings.
(76) Now terrorism can be scientificaIIy focused to be totaIIy effective.
(77) It aII sounds quite impressive, Doctor.
(78) But untiI you prove its abiIity to defeat any human -
(79) or shouId I say even the strongest human? - they're not buying.
(80) Very good, GeneraI Andreas. That's a good chaIIenge. I'II accept it, too.
(81) We'II find a superhuman and show you the power of our new experiment.
(82) We'd be ready to strike within a month, if not sooner.
(83) Things seem to be going niceIy.
(84) Except for GeneraI Andreas. I don't know how you toIerate his incessant demands.
(85) His dissatisfaction can work to our advantage.
(86) UntiI he's outIived his usefuIness, Iet him think he runs the isIand. It doesn't matter.
(87) man) Air Triana announces the departure of its flight...
(88) Excuse me. You're Sean Davidson, right?
(89) Yeah.
(90) Curtis. Curtis Jackson! That's right.
(91) Good to see you again, man. Good to see you.
(92) Fighting Iightweight? I'm just gonna do the sword competition.
(93) Excuse me. Sorry. You made the cover of lnside Karate this month.
(94) Dex. Hi, Dex. Sean Davidson.
(95) Good to meet you, man. It's a pIeasure. It reaIIy is.
(96) Hey, this is Curtis Jackson. Curtis) Dex.
(97) Of course. The sword man. That's right.
(98) Boy. The EngIish Iook, uh... posh) very paIe, wouIdn't you say?
(99) That's Joe Simpson there. He's tough.
(100) I see Tom Wright from AustraIia's here aIso.

(101) I ain't worried. I mean, uh... we're Americans, right? (chuckles)
(102) This your first time? Yeah.
(103) Come on. please board immediately.
(104) steel drum music)
(105) woman) Triana lsland Air is pleased to announce
(106) the flight from the mainland has now arrived at Gate 3.
(107) men chatter happily)
(108) Oh.
(109) seabirds cry)
(110) WeII, they've aII arrived. Great. PIease, sit down.
(111) WouId you Iike a drink? No, thanks.
(112) Arranging that tournament was actuaIIy a fabuIous idea. ReaIIy fabuIous.
(113) WeII, onIy if the right one is here.
(114) Remember, GeneraI Andreas asked for a superhuman.
(115) Yes. That is the question.
(116) I saw the American team at the airport. I think the guy we're after is one of them.
(117) ReaIIy?
(118) Very good. Watch the tournament. If you think he's the one, Iet me know.
(119) AbsoIuteIy. I wiII. Thank you.
(120) woman) WeIcome to the opening
(121) of the 1989 IsIand Games InternationaI Karate Championship.
(122) East Bay Labs is proud to sponsor these games.
(123) As their representative,
(124) I wouId now Iike to introduce the honorary host of this marveIIous event,
(125) the distinguished Ieader of Triana, GeneraI Andreas.
(126) cheering and whistling)
(127) Thank you.
(128) Ladies and gentIemen,
(129) over the next few days you wiII see the battIes of modern-day warriors,
(130) courageous men who wiII prove their strength and skiIIs
(131) in the spirit of internationaI competition.
(132) Let the games begin.
(133) man) And now, from America, Sean Davidson,
(134) three times black belt karate champion.
(135) And his opponent, from Great Britain,
(136) the European karate champion, Joe Simpson.
(137) Sean Davidson is on the white line and Joe Simpson is on the red line.
(138) GentIemen, here. Bow.
(139) To each other, bow. Fighting stance.
(140) referee shouts command)
(141) Sean Davidson appears to be taunting Joe Simpson by remaining still.
(142) Good blocks and quick reactions from Davidson has averted any contact hits.
(143) Continue.
(144) A nice combination by Davidson gives him a first point.
(145) Ready?
(146) cheering) A solid hit by Simpson ties the match.
(147) Whoever gets the next point will be the winner.
(148) No point.
(149) Despite Davidson's contact hit, it was a no point. Simpson was out of bounds.
(150) referee) Continue.
(151) Strike point. Winner.
(152) Sean Davidson wasn't going to leave anything to chance.
(153) He defeated Simpson with a fast kick to win the match.
(154) Wow, wouId you Iook at those two! I'm gonna get us a tabIe with them, OK?
(155) If he introduces me again as the karate champion...
(156) May we join you, my friends and I? Yeah.
(157) Guys, come on over for a beer.
(158) Let me introduce you. My buddy Sean.
(159) Hi. Karate champion.
(160) Hi, I'm Susanna.
(161) And this is Powerhouse Jackson. Oh, Powerhouse!
(162) Nice to meet you. Powerhouse.
(163) I'm Dex. Kind of the... heartthrob of the group.
(164) Your best one yet! Can we have three beers, pIease?
(165) No. Make mine a Coke, if you wiII. Make that two.
(166) Are you with the tournament? Curtis) We represent the United States.
(167) Who do you represent? MyseIf.
(168) YourseIf? I'm very gIad. Perhaps there is a God.
(169) Thank you. You're very charming.
(170) Dex) Hey, Sean, what's up?
(171) Can you keep up with him? OK.
(172) Go.
(173) honks horn)
(174) dog barks)
(175) Hey. An orientaI man, oIder guy, and a coupIe of other guys. What room?
(176) grunts) What room?
(177) Upstairs on the right.
(178) dog barks)
(179) Izumo.
(180) Sean.
(181) It's you.
(182) Izumo, what's going on?
(183) What are you doing here? Who are those peopIe?
(184) lzumo) Sean! HeIp me!
(185) Sean!
(186) Sean!
(187) HeIp, Sean!
(188) ninja yells)
(189) gristly crunch)
(190) screams)
(191) lzumo) Sean!
(192) indistinct shout)
(193) This way, Sean!
(194) Izumo!
(195) bicycle bell rings)
(196) What the heII?
(197) ninja yells)
(198) ninjas yell)
(199) This comb has history. Yeah, it's...
(200) Jackson! Jackson.
(201) I've got to taIk to you. Sure. Excuse me.
(202) Come here, man. Yeah. How you doin'?
(203) Later, girIs! What happened to you?
(204) I'm not sure.
(205) You're a mess.
(206) Look...
(207) I have a master, Izumo.
(208) He raised me since my father's kiIIing
(209) in the way of ninja.
(210) You're a ninja? Yes.
(211) So that expIains a few things.
(212) I saw Izumo here.
(213) He was being kidnapped by the ninja.
(214) The ninja. Not again.
(215) I thought ninja onIy hung out in Japan.
(216) No, they were here.
(217) Look... I don't want you guys to get invoIved.
(218) I'm in, buddy.
(219) OK, but what about the tournament?
(220) To me, Izumo is much more important.
(221) Dr Saxon, sorry for barging in. How are we doing, my dear?
(222) He feII for the Izumo disguise.
(223) But he's so good he got away from us.
(224) Perhaps we shouId use more direct methods.
(225) No, no, no. Chan Lee is right in her pursuaI.
(226) If she hasn't ensnared him yet it's because he's doubIy powerfuI,
(227) in body and mind.
(228) I have every confidence in you, Chan Lee. Bring him back, OK?
(229) Thank you.
(230) You guys hungry? Dex) I don't think I want any of this here.
(231) Let's go grab some of that Caribbean food. Maybe a gIass or two of wine, huh?
(232) We couId get some dates. What do you say, guys, huh?
(233) Sounds good, huh, guy?
(234) Wait.
(235) What is it? I don't know.
(236) A feeIing.
(237) Dex) Who the heII are these guys?
(238) You gotta be kidding.
(239) WeII, got no choice.
(240) OK. Let's spread out. Hm.
(241) Right. OK.
(242) Can't beIieve I'm Iooking for ninjas.
(243) I thought I stopped doing this when I Ieft Joe back in the army.
(244) roars)
(245) ninja grunts and shrieks)
(246) What a damn day.
(247) Where's Izumo? TeII me!
(248) Sean. Jackson. You aII right?
(249) Yeah. Hey, guys. I got one. Guess what?
(250) What are you doing up there? I saw where some went. There.
(251) OK, come on down. Let's go.
(252) Right this way.
(253) Sean) They're doing something in there they want nobody to know about.
(254) We're being watched. Curtis) Yep.
(255) Like they've been waiting for us.
(256) It's aII too convenient.
(257) WouId someone mind teIIing me what's going on?
(258) It's saiminjutsu. Huh?
(259) Way of the mind game.
(260) Which is? We're being manipuIated.
(261) I'm here to see the minister's secretary.
(262) Right through there, pIease. There?
(263) Sir. May I heIp you?
(264) Yes. Hi, uh... I'm Sean Davidson. I caIIed your office about Mr Izumo.
(265) Yes, they toId me. PIease take a seat. Thank you.
(266) I've done some checking for you,
(267) but there's been nothing on anyone named Izumo
(268) or any Japanese gentIeman entering the country.
(269) No, but I saw him here.
(270) I have reason to beIieve that he's being heId at East Bay Laboratories.
(271) PIease understand. East Bay is a scientific research centre. It's Iow-profiIe.
(272) Dr Saxon is doing some very vaIuabIe work there.
(273) What kind of work? They deveIop and manufacture drugs.
(274) Drugs? Yes.
(275) The kind that cure peopIe. The kind that can't be made in the United States.
(276) Is there a probIem? No, sir. No probIem, everything's fine.
(277) WouId you bring me the fiIe on East Bay Labs, pIease?
(278) Excuse me... Oh, I'm sorry. I reaIIy am very busy.
(279) I have to attend to the minister's business.
(280) CouId you just teII me... I am busy. I hope I've been of some heIp.
(281) Fine. Thank you.
(282) seagull cries)
(283) You know, I keep getting the feeIing they're aII around us.
(284) Who?
(285) What's up?
(286) I got nowhere with the minister's secretary today.
(287) Hm. TeII me something new.
(288) Sean, how about if we spoke to the IocaI poIice?
(289) No, we're gonna need a more aggressive approach.
(290) Hm. I'II give it a crack anyway.
(291) Who knows? Maybe they speak my Ianguage.
(292) Thanks. Appreciate it. OK.
(293) Excuse me. Address?
(294) Excuse me.
(295) Excuse me. What?
(296) Who can I see about a missing person?
(297) Captain.
(298) Inside.
(299) So none of you guys have ever seen this man?
(300) Perhaps he doesn't want to be found.
(301) PeopIe come here to get away,
(302) from other peopIe, from financiaI probIems, to get married.
(303) Yeah, yeah. Captain, I think you're starting to jerk me around.
(304) What makes him so speciaI?
(305) Number one, my friend saw him kidnapped.
(306) And number two, we think he's being heId in East Bay Labs.
(307) East Bay Labs is one of this community's strongest supporters.
(308) Their business is making drugs, not troubIe.
(309) WeII, Captain, baby, that's kind of a contradiction.
(310) If they're not Iooking for troubIe, why aII the high security over there, hm?
(311) To protect their work from thieves and prying eyes.
(312) And... I resembIe that remark.
(313) Look, LanceIot, here's some money.
(314) Now go see a movie. Cheer up!
(315) Look, my man... I'm not your man.
(316) Now, Iook. The Iess straight answers I get, the more curious I'm gonna be.
(317) I wouIdn't foIIow that route if I were you.
(318) Are you threatening me? Not yet.
(319) Remember, you and your friends were invited as guests to this isIand.
(320) Don't abuse your priviIege. Or what?
(321) Good day, sir.
(322) You're breathing my air.
(323) Give me back my money.
(324) Doctor) Invading bacteriaI phages, penetrating and destroying ceIIs.
(325) Mutating viruses change form so quickIy.
(326) Before a vaccine can be invented, they've changed form and become immune.
(327) This is the basis for the most potentiaIIy dangerous warfare known to mankind.
(328) Germ warfare.
(329) When wiII you show us your experiment and stop Iecturing?
(330) Excuse me, GeneraI Andreas. This is not a miIitary sideshow.
(331) This is a precise scientific exercise.
(332) AII I'm asking of you is just three more days.
(333) Then I'II show you the most fantastic scientific advancement
(334) ever known to mankind.
(335) Three more days. That's not too much to ask.
(336) The other guests seem content to wait for your demonstration.
(337) But I have never been a patient man.
(338) Listen, my impatient man. I've given you your power and I can take it away.
(339) These nice peopIe seem content to wait. So you be content.
(340) ReIax. Have a nice day.
(341) AII right.
(342) Drive.
(343) Chan Lee. How are we doing?
(344) I have never faiIed you.
(345) He's not Iike the others. He's ninja. Why have you chosen him?
(346) He's gonna show peopIe who Iive off the miseries of others
(347) that they're vuInerabIe Iike anybody eIse.
(348) I can't see why anyone wouId want to stop a cure for disease.
(349) I've seen men do a Iot worse things than that. AII right? Just beIieve me.
(350) We must find out what they've done with Izumo.
(351) Dex) There's a Iot of cIues. We need to put it together, make sense out of it.
(352) It's time to pay a visit to East Bay Labs.
(353) How do we get in? Nobody's afraid of fIying, are they?
(354) OK. Do your thing. Piece of cake. I'II take care of it.
(355) Sean) Come on, Dexter.
(356) Let's go, Junior.
(357) You're mine.
(358) Can he reaIIy do this? I hope so.
(359) Junior, come on.
(360) I'II teII you one thing. What?
(361) It has nothing to do with what you hear. OK, come on, do it.
(362) It's about time. Good.
(363) Here we go.
(364) Dex) Wow. Sean) Boy, there they are.
(365) Two of us have got a ride.
(366) I'm gonna try and get this truck started. OK. We'II get this.
(367) Sean) Curtis wiII wait and get us out with the truck, aII right?
(368) You still with me, Dex? Right behind you, Ace.
(369) Ever flown one of these before, Dexter?
(370) Lots of times.
(371) Whoa... Aah! Whoa...!
(372) Sean) When we hit the lab, l'll find lzumo. You get Curtis inside with the truck.
(373) Sean) Any sign of Curtis? Yeah. There he is. And he's cooking.
(374) Dex) Sean, is it OK if l go down and give Mr Jackson a little hello?
(375) l think we'd better keep our minds on the mission, Dex.
(376) No problem, Sean. lt's all under control.
(377) engine sputters)
(378) Sean, l've got a problem! Don't panic. Try the gas pump.
(379) The line's burst. l'm going down!
(380) Pull the engine cord.
(381) lt's not catching. Keep trying, Dexter.
(382) Come on, baby. Don't do this to me.
(383) OK, you got it.
(384) Sean, l'm losing control.
(385) Push up on the bar and level off.
(386) Now try the engine again.
(387) Sean, l'm gonna hit! Don't quit, Dex. Start that engine.
(388) You did it, Dex.
(389) The engine will never make it. l've got to try to land on that road.
(390) That road's too rough. You'll smash that thing apart.
(391) l've got to do something right now.
(392) You're gonna land on the back of the truck.
(393) No way! l'll never make it. lt's your only chance. You've got to try.
(394) But, Sean... Do it, Dexter.
(395) Just relax, Dex. Let the controls flow.
(396) All right. Here l go.
(397) l don't like this, Sean. Careful, Dex. You're going too fast.
(398) That was too close. This is crazy. l can't do it.
(399) Try again, Dex. This time l'll talk you through it. Circle around.
(400) Last chance, Sean. The engine's gonna go any second.
(401) Keep your front wheel up.
(402) Steady. Now cut your speed.
(403) Steady. Steady.
(404) Now take her in.
(405) Yeah!
(406) exhales) Way to go, Dex.
(407) Thanks, Sean. Wouldn't have made it without you.
(408) Sean) l gotta get to lzumo. Wait for me outside the lab.
(409) You guys be careful.
(410) Some Ianding! Was I good or what? Yeah, great.
(411) Sky King, Iet's dump that baby. We've got to meet Sean and Izumo outside the Iab.
(412) CIose the door quietIy.
(413) Let's go.
(414) muffled martial-arts drilling)
(415) master shouts) students shout in reply)
(416) they shout rhythmically)
(417) Dex) He must have got in OK by now.
(418) Maybe. Let's just hope he found Izumo.
(419) So, shaII we go?
(420) Mm-mm. No.
(421) machinery hums)
(422) crunch)
(423) ninja cries out)
(424) screams)
(425) Aaah! ninjas snarl)
(426) crackling)
(427) So, you came here as I pIanned.
(428) Who are you?
(429) Why'd your men attack me? To get you here.
(430) To tickIe my fancy.
(431) Curiosity is a reaI dangerous drug, you know.
(432) So the tournament was a scam to Iure me here.
(433) No. To Iure the best one here.
(434) That just turned out to be you.
(435) A ninja.
(436) Is that why you have my master Izumo?
(437) Yes, I guess you might say that. So he's here?
(438) Let's just say that reaIIy doesn't count right now.
(439) What's important is your usefuIness to me,
(440) proving the power and the effectiveness of my new disease.
(441) Boys.
(442) Curtis) WeII, no news is good news.
(443) OK, Curtis. What now? We wait, Junior.
(444) soft footfaIIs)
(445) tapping on metaI)
(446) Who are you?
(447) I need some answers. I know you are ninja.
(448) So? Listen, your Iife is in terribIe danger.
(449) Who eIse knows about Izumo?
(450) Why shouId I teII you? I'm here to heIp.
(451) PIease.
(452) My two friends know,
(453) the poIice and the minister's secretary.
(454) Now everyone's invoIved. What is going on here?
(455) I'm not sure yet.
(456) But I'm gonna find out. Wait.
(457) Dr Saxon, the minister's secretary is here.
(458) Nice of you to see me at short notice.
(459) We Iike to heIp peopIe of the community.
(460) Dr HoIger, couId you see to it that our mouse is fed?
(461) It's breakfast time in the Iab, you know.
(462) What can I do for you this fine morning?
(463) Doctor, you probabIy don't reaIise,
(464) but the minister has concerns about you and your operation.
(465) He doubts your sincerity.
(466) My sincerity? My dear girI, my whoIe Iife's work is tied up in this project.
(467) Yes, but the question is, what exactIy is that work?
(468) WeII, if you don't understand the nature of my experiment,
(469) one of my scientists couId expIain it.
(470) No, that's not the point. We've done some checking.
(471) Er... A certain GeneraI Andreas
(472) was known to InterpoI as a notorious terrorist, missing for severaI years.
(473) I don't think we couId be taIking about the same man.
(474) These deadIy virus strains you've been working with...
(475) With minor modifications, couId they not be usefuI to a man in his Iine of work?
(476) What is it exactIy that you want?
(477) WeII, my position has some prestige to it,
(478) but the burdens are enormous and the saIary unfortunateIy is Iess so.
(479) Ah. I see.
(480) It's funny you mention it.
(481) Dr HoIger and I were discussing the need for an assistant
(482) to heIp us further our operations.
(483) CouId I put my name up for consideration?
(484) AbsoIuteIy. I can't think of anyone who'd be more quaIified.
(485) I'II just, uh... send you over a retainer cheque tomorrow.
(486) That'd be fine. Great.
(487) Now, if you'II excuse me.
(488) Give my regards to the minister, wiII you?
(489) And thank you so much for coming.
(490) You're a great woman and I appreciate your advice.
(491) Thank you.
(492) Bye.
(493) She knows.
(494) I warned you. She's excessiveIy ambitious.
(495) My dear boy, we'II just have to do what we have to do.
(496) ReIieve her of that unfortunate aiIment.
(497) I'II see to it myseIf.
(498) Curtis) It's the minister's secretary. What has she been doing here?
(499) Let's get back to the truck. OK.
(500) Everything in order. Thank you.
(501) tyres squeal)
(502) CaIm down.
(503) That'II do for now.
(504) Go. ReIax.
(505) EIectronarcosis. A IittIe something we deveIoped in the Iab. Works weII.
(506) What do you want from me? Nothing personaI, my dear boy.
(507) You're just a victim for this experiment.
(508) By the time this gun's effect wears off,
(509) you wiII have outIived your usefuIness. We'II see.
(510) Ah, impatient one, how are you? I trust this subject meets with your approvaI.
(511) Yes.
(512) Perfect.
(513) Very good. Come, reIax.
(514) I'II show you the uItimate test in designer death.
(515) I'm reaIIy worried about Sean.
(516) Me too, but Iet's give him more time.
(517) Time? Man, he's had enough.
(518) We've got to do something.
(519) I'm beginning to Iike your attitude. No more wine, women and song?
(520) That was before.
(521) Time is running out. We can't afford to waste any more.
(522) And who are you?
(523) The onIy one who can heIp you. AII right, start expIaining.
(524) Your friend has been caught by the head of East Bay Labs.
(525) He's known as the Cobra and he pIans to kiII your friend. He must be stopped.
(526) UnfortunateIy, my ninja are no Ionger IoyaI to me. I need your heIp.
(527) Now we got ninjettes.
(528) Let's taIk, sweetheart.
(529) Not so strong, huh, ninja?
(530) Take our soon-to-be-dead friend to the ship.
(531) If Cobra kiIIs Sean with his virus,
(532) he wiII prove to Andreas how powerfuI they can be.
(533) Let me get this straight.
(534) He's seIIing out to a terrorist?
(535) ExactIy.
(536) That's whoIesaIe sIaughter.
(537) That sounds Iike reaI bad news to me.
(538) Hey, don't underestimate that man.
(539) He's not caIIed the Cobra for nothing.
(540) It's your caII, Curtis.
(541) OK, darIing.
(542) Let's go kick some ass.
(543) We need to head for the docks.
(544) Chan Lee) The Cobra wiII have injected Sean with the virus.
(545) He'II be taking him to his ship.
(546) Chan Lee) Good. He's onIy just arrived.
(547) Curtis) But Iook at the state he's in. He can hardIy waIk.
(548) Where are they gonna take him?
(549) Out of here, so no one wiII know what Cobra's up to.
(550) Time to do it. Wait.
(551) I go first. No sIip-ups. Cobra's not the forgiving type.
(552) You just get there, ninjette baby. We'II do the rest.
(553) gives battle yell)
(554) Curtis!
(555) Get out of my way.
(556) Jerk.
(557) Curtis) WeII done, ninjette baby.
(558) whispers) This way.
(559) ninja yells)
(560) Junior! Thanks.
(561) Wait... No time to expIain.
(562) On the contrary. There's pIenty of time to expIain.
(563) Who's this? Cobra's partner.
(564) Shut your mouth. Get away from him.
(565) He's the onIy one of vaIue.
(566) I said move!
(567) So it's me you want. Uh-huh.
(568) And no sudden moves. You got it.
(569) AII right.
(570) No! Sean!
(571) We don't have much time. For what?
(572) To get you the antidote.
(573) No. That eIectronarcosis stuff has about worn off.
(574) He zapped you with a virus.
(575) We've got to get Izumo. Sean...
(576) You are a kunoichi?
(577) Yes.
(578) Hensojutsu? I am a master.
(579) Now I see.
(580) Izumo... Izumo was you.
(581) Yes.
(582) I thought I was doing the right thing. I did not know that they were eviI.
(583) It's time for action. Let's go.
(584) OK.
(585) The minister's secretary is here to see Dr Saxon.
(586) How can she make herseIf into different peopIe so perfectIy?
(587) Disguise and iIIusion. Hensojutsu.
(588) Hensojutsu? It's the ancient art of impersonation.
(589) The kunoichi, the femaIe ninja, they're masters at it.
(590) Where'd she go?
(591) Machine-gun work?
(592) Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
(593) I'm OK. Good.
(594) Look, if we don't get that vaccine in time, you've got to kiII me.
(595) What? If it doesn't work...
(596) It wiII. If it doesn't, and I Iose it,
(597) you gotta kiII me.
(598) You or Jackson.
(599) Do you understand?
(600) You know what we're up against here.
(601) I have your word?
(602) Yeah. You got it.
(603) OK.
(604) Let's go.
(605) alarm whoops)
(606) alarms whoop)
(607) What's going on? Sirens are bIazing.
(608) The minister's unhappy. It's aII going crazy.
(609) The Americans escaped... and GeneraI Andreas is dead.
(610) Andreas is dead. This couId ruin us, you know.
(611) Get me Chan Lee.
(612) The ninjas say that she heIped them get away.
(613) Stupid incompetent idiot!
(614) WeII... they're turning against me.
(615) It's happened before,
(616) and I must say to no avaiI.
(617) AIert the ninja. I think we'II be having company.
(618) And don't screw it up this time! Shut off those sirens.
(619) siren dies)
(620) Good evening.
(621) I, er... I thought I might meet you here. Ah.
(622) WeII, it appears that you're after much more than just a meeting.
(623) Not at aII, Doctor.
(624) Come on. Your disguise is quite apparent, Chan Lee.
(625) You said your cause was for the good of mankind.
(626) My cause is a good one. For those possessed by eviI.
(627) I was taking the antidote to the American.
(628) Oh, reaIIy? Do what you have to do.
(629) But I'm teIIing you, you are deIuded.
(630) I'm not going to Iisten to you any more. You are the snake.
(631) click)
(632) yells)
(633) yells)
(634) shrieks)
(635) splattering)
(636) Die!
(637) Take these. I'II meet you at the car.
(638) Is there...? No, just get the heII out of here!
(639) Is everything aII right?
(640) AII right, Cobra.
(641) Your turn to die.
(642) Curtis snarls)
(643) One answer. Where's the Iab? Why?
(644) Just be carefuI of this stuff, wiII you? It's dangerous. It's gIass.
(645) What is it?
(646) What is it?
(647) Uh... It's a urine sampIe. Jesus, don't piss me off!
(648) What is it?
(649) It's viraI antidote. Be carefuI, wiII you?
(650) Very good, Stretch. Now, again - the Iab?
(651) Up those stairs. Up there.
(652) AII right.
(653) clicks) Oh, shit.
(654) Right here, Stretch.
(655) sirens whoop) guards shout)
(656) shouting)
(657) breathes raggedly)
(658) Oh, no.
(659) Oh, Chan...
(660) Oh, God...
(661) Another iIIusion you beIieved in shattered?
(662) There's no cure for your disease. Give me the damn antidote.
(663) Sure. I've got aII the formuIas. You won't get away with it.
(664) ReaIIy?
(665) But I am getting away with it.
(666) Like I said, you've outIived your usefuIness.
(667) lzumo) Your mind and soul over your body.
(668) Remember that, Sean. Mind and soul over your body.
(669) inhales deeply)
(670) Cobra.
(671) running footsteps)
(672) Hey, Sean. Here's the antidote, man.
(673) I don't need it any more. glass shatters)
(674) Hey, you OK? Yeah.
(675) You know what I went through to get this for you?
(676) Let's go home.
(677) snarls)
(678) Hai... ya!
(679) sizzling)
(680) I think you're finished. Let's go, paI.
(681) Look, if we're gonna remain friends,
(682) can't we fight other bad guys, Iike robbers, thieves and muggers?
(683) Does it have to be ninjas? You know how Iong I've been fighting ninjas?
(684) The Cobra Strikes'' by George S Clinton)
(685) There's a shadow Falling over you and me
(686) And there's a serpent Crawling but we cannot see
(687) You can feel it in the air Hear it in the night
(688) There's something out there Shrinking from the light
(689) He who hesitates Will be the first to feel the bite
(690) ln the blinking of an eye
(691) The cobra strikes
(692) Strike out against the foe
(693) Strike out even though you know
(694) The price you pay May be your life
(695) You've got to strike out While you still can
(696) Strike out There'll be no second chance
(697) Even as we love
(698) The cobra strikes
(699) Go to the mirror Take a look into your eyes
(700) Can you see it The fear that keeps you paralysed
(701) You're afraid to make a move But you feel it in your soul
(702) That something out there Has taken your control
(703) The longer you delay The stronger is its might
(704) And while you turn away
(705) The cobra strikes
(706) Strike out against the foe
(707) Strike out even though you know
(708) The price you pay may be your life
(709) You've got to strike out While you still can
(710) Strike out There'll be no second chance
(711) Even as we love
(712) The cobra strikes... #

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