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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[1972] [Across 110th Street] English Transcript

(1) I was the third brother of five
(2) Doing whatever I had to do to survive
(3) I'm not saying what I did was all right
(4) Trying to break out of the ghetto
(5) Was a day-to-day fight
(6) Been down so long, getting up didn't cross my mind
(7) But I knew there was a better way of life that I was just trying to find
(8) You don't know what you'll do until you're put under pressure
(9) Across 110th Street is a hell of a tester
(10) Across 110th Street
(11) Pimps trying to catch a woman that's weak
(12) Across 110th Street
(13) The pushers won't let the junkie go free
(14) Across 110th Street
(15) A woman trying to catch a trick on the street
(16) Across 110th Street
(17) You can find it all, yeah
(18) Find it all in the street
(19) Oh, yeah, yeah
(20) Brother, there's a better way out
(21) Snorting that coke, shooting that dope, man
(22) You're copping out
(23) Take my advice, it's either live or die
(24) You've gotta be strong if you wanna survive
(25) The family on the other side of town
(26) Would catch hell without a ghetto around
(27) In every city you find the same thing going down
(28) Harlem is the capital of every ghetto town
(29) Look around you
(30) Oh, look around you
(31) Look around you
(32) Ooh, look around you, yeah
(33) Ooh, yeah
(34) That's them.
(35) We had an OK week. Why wouldn't we?
(36) Get Monday's stuff together.
(37) Now, what have we got here?
(38) All right, gentlemen, let's go. All right.
(39) First one's 20 from St Nicholas, second 108.
(40) 625, yeah?
(41) 590, check.
(42) 575, check.
(43) OK.
(44) Under the table.
(45) Is anybody in there driving a '68 Caddy?
(46) It's two cops. Give the assholes a couple of dollars.
(47) Give them 20 dollars.
(48) Everybody back against the window. What's going on?
(49) Hey, I know him. That's Jim Harris.
(50) Where's your gun? I don't have any.
(51) What's up, man? What the hell does it look like?
(52) Up with those hands. Thought you were still in the joint.
(53) Harris, you can't jive in here and take money. Shut it.
(54) Come on, baby.
(55) No! For God's sake!
(56) Come on.
(57) Not so goddamn fast.
(58) OK, let's go. Let's go.
(59) Come on.
(60) Hey, Joe, you all right? I'm all right.
(61) Come on, you can't crap out on me now.
(62) What the hell's going on?
(63) Drive, man. Drive.
(64) What happened up there? Shit, the truck.
(65) What's the matter, Henry? Can't you drive?
(66) It's stalled! Then get it going!
(67) Let's get out of here. Hey, Jim, cop! Cop!
(68) Drive. Drive!
(69) Here, Tony, give him a kiss, give him a kiss.
(70) That's it. Remember Grandpa? He gave you the bicycle last Christmas.
(71) You wanna hold him, Grandpa? What?
(72) You remember my Uncle Charlie? Who?
(73) Uncle Charlie! It's good to see you.
(74) What are you going outside for? Nick! Take the kid.
(75) Take the kid!
(76) Sure. Anything else? No, that's all right.
(77) You sure? That's all right.
(78) Hey, Theresa, take the kids.
(79) God, they're always running all over the hall.
(80) I love it. You like this?
(81) Compare mio, da quanto tempo! Come e bello.
(82) Nicky, get Mamma some champagne. Un pochettino, huh?
(83) You get it for her, Theresa, I'm busy. You get it.
(84) Hello, Nick. How are you? Good to see you.
(85) Hi. Excuse me. Excuse me.
(86) What is it? Nick, look.
(87) What do you see?
(88) Central Park.
(89) Central Park, si.
(90) But there's also no-man's-land
(91) that separates us from the black in Harlem.
(92) Yeah. Nick.
(93) Today they took our bank in Harlem
(94) for over 300,000 dollar.
(95) What?
(96) They killed two of the family,
(97) two cops, and two of their own.
(98) Nick, it ain't for the money, it ain't for the men,
(99) but we have to teach them a lesson
(100) or we'll lose Harlem.

(101) Yes.
(102) If we lose Harlem,
(103) we lose a lot more than the money.
(104) We lose il prestigio, I'onore.
(105) Nick, chi controlla la giocata
(106) controlla la citta e forse tutto lo Stato.
(107) They're trying to push us out of Harlem.
(108) We worked too hard to get it.
(109) This may be your last chance.
(110) It may be mine to do something for you.
(111) Take care of yourself, Nick. They're rough, those niggers.
(112) All right?
(113) Now, Nick, say the truth.
(114) Can you handle it? ' Sure, I can handle it.
(115) What? Yeah, sure you can.
(116) Captain Mattelli, it's been a bitch. World War Two.
(117) So I heard. It's a real beaut, huh? Where's Reilly?
(118) Last time I saw him he was on the ambulance.
(119) Reilly. Why the hell wasn't I called before?
(120) Frank, you were off duty, we got to you as soon as we could.
(121) OK, brief me. Brief me. Seven dead.
(122) Seven? I heard six.
(123) Patrolman Hanratty on the way to the hospital, doesn't stand a chance.
(124) Anything else? Right now, just bodies.
(125) Three white, four black, all dead.
(126) Where were the boys hit?
(127) Hanratty about 30 yards down, about where that prowl car is.
(128) Patrolman Adams was coming around that corner.
(129) Where did it happen? Upstairs? Yeah.
(130) How's this car involved? Checking the registration.
(131) It must have brought some of them here.
(132) Hi, Dick. Captain.
(133) New York car? Yeah, it's local.
(134) Where's the brass? Chief of detectives is upstairs.
(135) Mayor's busy upstate, he's running for governor.
(136) Commissioner's telling a convention in San Francisco
(137) how beautifully we do things in New York.
(138) That's fine, that's great.
(139) Anything on the canvass? Not a damn thing.
(140) Nobody saw, nobody heard, huh? No.
(141) It figures. Yeah.
(142) You didn't hear anything? No. It was just terrible.
(143) The dude they took out before was cut in two.
(144) Machine gun. They've found them halfway down the block.
(145) Nine millimetre. Lots of them.
(146) Jimmy, take a few frontal shots.
(147) Hello, Frank. Hiya, Charlie.
(148) Got yourself a handful now. Things don't add up.
(149) Two whites, three blacks. How do you figure it?
(150) What else brings whites to Harlem but business?
(151) Who are you?
(152) You must be Captain Mattelli. That's right.
(153) I'm Lieutenant William Aylesworth Pope. I'm in charge here.
(154) Excuse me.
(155) What did you say? I said I'm Lieutenant Pope. I'm in charge here.
(156) Meaning what? Meaning, Captain,
(157) I'm Lieutenant Pope, I'm in charge here. Frank.
(158) Hey, Jack. Can I talk to you a minute?
(159) We got the big brass, huh? Come on in a minute, I wanna talk to you.
(160) Yeah? Er, shut the door.
(161) Yeah, Jack? Frank, this one's gonna be a bitch.
(162) Downtown's afraid it's gonna hit the fan.
(163) Did you bring me in here to make a speech?
(164) No I didn't. You're not gonna like it. Stop dancing around. Tell me.
(165) Politicians feel that this other guy here should carry the ball.
(166) Who? Him. The black guy.
(167) Why, because he's black? Because he's black, yeah.
(168) Jack, here in Harlem he's gonna get the same flak I do. He's still a cop.
(169) What the hell do you care?
(170) Can he stop a race riot because he's black? Last year I stopped it myself, Jack.
(171) It's just politics, Frank. Screw politics.
(172) Look, I'm not gonna listen to any of this.
(173) You've got to get it through your head, Frank. It's his baby.
(174) Get that through your head. You force this on me and I'll resign.
(175) I'll give it to you straight. They'd like that.
(176) They're pushing out everybody over 50.
(177) How old are you? You know damn well I'm 55 just like you.
(178) What do we do because we're 55? Eat shit?
(179) I don't know, Frank.
(180) I made peace with my reality.
(181) You're gonna have to make it with yours.
(182) What's his name?
(183) Son of a bitch, we're in for trouble - it's the old man's son-in-law.
(184) Hey, Nick. What do you say, Nick?
(185) Long time no see.
(186) Come on. I wanna talk to you.
(187) You didn't have any guard downstairs?
(188) You didn't have a lookout, huh?
(189) 15 years, we never been hit.
(190) We change apartments.
(191) We never used that one before, we thought we were OK.
(192) You thought?
(193) Your ass must've been thinking because now we're out $300,000.
(194) Do you hear me good? We're out $300,000.
(195) Now what do we do?
(196) I don't blame the old man for being mad but anybody can get ripped off.
(197) Not when you work for us.
(198) Harlem is ours. We found it, we made it, and we're gonna keep it.
(199) This shit ain't ever gonna happen again. You hear me? Ever.
(200) Now, who did it?
(201) Three black guys. Two dressed as policemen.
(202) I got a reward out for information. A grand.
(203) Shevvy here's in charge. A grand?
(204) What... What are you trying to do? You trying?
(205) You telling me you really want to find these guys?
(206) What are you talking about?
(207) Five. Five grand.
(208) Five grand.
(209) That's good. Now find them. But don't touch, they're mine.
(210) I'm gonna teach these guys a lesson.
(211) Goddamn it, D'Salvio.
(212) I've been in charge here 15 years and nobody tells me how to run my business.
(213) Hey, hey! Your business is running our business. Do you understand that?
(214) You may be a big shot around here up in Harlem
(215) but below 110th Street you're nothing but a hired nigger.
(216) That's all.
(217) It's not smart for three dagos to run around killing brothers up here.
(218) Fuck you and your brothers.
(219) Hey, D'Salvio! Yeah?
(220) You ain't never gonna make it. You know that? What are you, 45 years old?
(221) You were a punk errand boy when you married the boss's daughter
(222) and you're still a punk errand boy.
(223) You motherfucker. No, Nick!
(224) Nick, no. All right, all right, all right.
(225) I would've liked to seen Doc's face when he heard his bank was knocked over.
(226) Hey, Shevvy. Welcome to the 7/11. What's your pleasure?
(227) You got a chick here named Gloria Roberts?
(228) Yeah, she shills here. Down there.
(229) You know who I am? Yeah.
(230) You work for Poppa Bear. I used to see you around.
(231) You're in a position to see a whole lot of things.
(232) A hundred bucks for anything interesting.
(233) There's the number.
(234) Hey, Glo.
(235) You losing all your baby fat, you looking good.
(236) It's the big hit today. That's it. The big hit.
(237) You looking real good.
(238) Next time we give a party, you gonna be there.
(239) Yeah.
(240) You got a gangster, what you need's a pimp.
(241) Late this afternoon...
(242) broke into a Harlem apartment and gunned down five occupants.'
(243) Goddamn it, Joe. You couldn't come by two minutes early?
(244) I doubt that.
(245) Timothy Hanratty, cut down both with machine-gun fire.
(246) Officer Adams died instantly from multiple wounds.
(247) Officer Hanratty passed away on the operating table... '
(248) How 'bout that? Couple of idiots killed two more cops and one of them's a brother.
(249) Goddamn.
(250) It is assumed that Mattelli will handle the investigation.'
(251) If you don't want my love
(252) If you don't need my love
(253) Baby, give...
(254) Mm!
(255) Hey.
(256) Oh, I'd like to have it now
(257) If you don't need my love...
(258) Mm! Shazam! Goddamn.
(259) All you gotta do is
(260) Give it back
(261) I believe some lonely heart could use it
(262) Oh, don't let temptation
(263) Don't let it get the best of you
(264) See you can't have your cake, baby
(265) Hey. I've got a problem.
(266) Damn. You got a problem? How does he feel?
(267) He didn't have them on at the time. Can you fix them?
(268) Yeah. Hold on a minute.
(269) Hyme's Cleaners.
(270) Joe. Hey, this is me. Is that you?
(271) Hold the phone, will you? Hey, look, the lady who fixes these is out.
(272) Why don't you bring them back in the morning and pick them up at night, OK?
(273) What's happening, man? H-H-Hey, man, I just had to say,
(274) we did it, man, we did it.
(275) Hey, look, you smoking? Course not.'
(276) Look, we are on fire.
(277) Ooh.
(278) Mm.
(279) Yeah? Henry J is getting highed-up, man.
(280) Who's it for? Son of a bitch.
(281) What are we gonna do? '
(282) Nothing. Stay loose.
(283) Hey Harris, the goddamn toilet's flushing into the sink again. Can't you fix it right?
(284) I did what I can without a new valve.
(285) What we gonna do tonight?
(286) Why don't you call the owner in Mexico?
(287) He's usually there this time of the year.
(288) You're lucky, I think it's water.
(289) There's a law against withholding information.
(290) But I tell you, we had the radio on.
(291) You live directly across the street and over a hundred rounds were fired.
(292) They play the radio loud. Jesus Christ.
(293) Sorry, Officer, we can't be of more help.
(294) We didn't hear or see anything.
(295) Cool it, Jessup.
(296) That's a hundred-dollar bill, brother, and it be yours if you want it.
(297) Honest man work hard for a hundred dollars.
(298) I'm a brother asking for help and willing to pay.
(299) Go on, take it, Jessup, and let me in,
(300) or you'd better never go out again.
(301) I'm opening.
(302) You know, you done real good not to say anything to the man.
(303) What the hell you expect me to say? I don't know a damn thing.
(304) I don't know nothing, man. You mean you didn't hear a goddamn noise?
(305) Most men don't rap much when I'm copping their joint. Want to try me?
(306) Hey, what kind of talk is that? Reilly!
(307) I don't know nothing.
(308) What the hell's going on? He's hauling in a lot of garbage.
(309) Just came in for you. Male Caucasian, armed robbery.
(310) Five Asians, huh? Listen, Frank, this just came in too.
(311) We got a make on the getaway car - chequered sedan, '66, '67,
(312) crumpled right fender, painted black, lot of rust.
(313) Does the lieutenant have this? No. I thought it'd be better...
(314) I appreciate what you're trying to do. Why let him take the credit?
(315) Dave, this is his operation. But thanks.
(316) The Captain will be here shortly.
(317) Captain. Hi, Charley. Why are you here?
(318) Sidney's here? Who brought him in? Yeah.
(319) All right. Marti, ma che fai qua? Sto vigliacco m'ha arrestato per niente!
(320) Arrestato perch�? Per niente.
(321) What's the charge? Making a book.
(322) Book? He can't even read! Let him go.
(323) Macch� tuo padre! Quante volte ti ho detto, eh? Allora vai via.
(324) Let him go. Chief, I gotta talk to you.
(325) I'm not taking any stuff, they just dragged me in here.
(326) Really? OK, I'll take care of it. Yeah.
(327) Honey, will you cover your tits?
(328) Listen, I've been straight. I warned you.
(329) He was lying, man. You got any shit on you?
(330) Hell no, man. I said I'm straight.
(331) Charley, can't you see I'm busy?
(332) But nobody... I'll take care of it.
(333) Just stay clean. I'll take care of it, Charley.
(334) I swear, I didn't see anything.
(335) There's a machine gun going and you heard nothing?
(336) No. Man, you must be new around here.
(337) How you doing, Lieutenant?
(338) I'm getting there. That's good.
(339) How are you, Sidney? How are you, Captain?
(340) I've known this man for years, he's harmless. I'll vouch for him.
(341) Go on, Sidney. Charley's hysterical.
(342) Thank God.
(343) Pope, I know this punk. Can I be of any help?
(344) No, thank you, Captain.
(345) Chink, we've tangled before. Answer this man's questions.
(346) Captain, please.
(347) I'm just trying to help you both.
(348) At 3:47,
(349) more than 150 rounds of ammunition were fired into your apartment 200 yards away.
(350) A few moments later, another 50 to 75 rounds were fired in the street
(351) in a direct sightline from your newsstand.
(352) Two policemen were killed.
(353) A car drove down the street and passed ten feet from where you were,
(354) turned to the right and went in front of you,
(355) and you're gonna tell me you didn't see a thing?
(356) Brother, I'd rather talk to you than a racist honky pig, man.
(357) Why won't you believe me, man?
(358) Don't give me that brother crap. I asked you a question.
(359) How can you be deaf, dumb and blind for five hours?
(360) I didn't see anything.
(361) I'll break every bone in your body if you don't answer this man.
(362) You'd better answer this man's questions.
(363) I said I didn't need your help and I meant it. OK. OK.
(364) We'll play it your way, Pope.
(365) What have you come up with, huh?
(366) We're getting there. Oh, you are?
(367) My boys came up with this.
(368) Thank you. You're welcome.
(369) Here, put out an all-units on this. Yes, sir.
(370) Goodbye, Captain.
(371) OK, Mr Pope.
(372) Money, baby!
(373) Money!
(374) Tell me something, Henry, tell me something.
(375) What? Where'd you get all that?
(376) I won first prize in a beauty contest.
(377) Money!
(378) You must've gone crazy.
(379) Crazy?
(380) Maybe.
(381) But we won, Gloria.
(382) We won.
(383) I didn't wanna kill nobody. It wasn't in the plan.
(384) Give it back.
(385) I'd rather see you in jail than dead.
(386) At least I could see you. They ain't executed nobody in ten years.
(387) Give the mob back the money.
(388) I can't give the mob back the five men I shot. Or the cops back their two.
(389) They don't make deals. Money talks.
(390) The dead are dead but you can deal with it. Gloria.
(391) I always figured you a step and a half ahead of the pack
(392) but you sound like all the other dumb broads.
(393) You don't stand a chance. I ain't giving nothing back.
(394) Not one dime.
(395) You don't stand a chance of living out the week.
(396) What do you mean, we don't stand a chance of living out the week?
(397) We didn't stand a chance of spotting that Cadillac but we did.
(398) We didn't stand a chance of it being the same fat-faced accountant but it was.
(399) You see, like, not a chance in hell of walking into that room and coming out alive,
(400) much less with 300,000,
(401) but we did.
(402) And now you're talking about we don't have a chance of living out the week.
(403) No chance at all?
(404) Well, I'm rolling.
(405) You see? I made my point, ten times today,
(406) and I've still got the dice.
(407) And I'm gonna keep on rolling.
(408) Yeah, all right, then.
(409) At first, you told me not to try it, but you was wrong, bad wrong.
(410) Until six o'clock this evening, what was sure for me?
(411) I'll tell you what - prison.
(412) Back in the joint again, beating my pud.
(413) Or outside in some asshole job
(414) like a janitor or a porter.
(415) You know, cleaning up after some goddamn white man.
(416) That was sure. That was dead sure.
(417) You would've gotten a job.
(418) Look at me.
(419) Look at me!
(420) You're looking at a 42-year-old ex-con nigger,
(421) with no schooling, no trade, and a medical problem.
(422) Who would want me for anything but washing cars or swinging a pick?
(423) You've gotta get your mind out of that white woman's dream.
(424) It was gonna be one nothing job after another.
(425) And you'd be working in that club,
(426) still being propositioned every night.
(427) How long would it be before we...
(428) we needed the bread so bad that I'd tell you to do it?
(429) Huh?
(430) Got any numbers on it? Not a number on it anywhere.
(431) What have you found? I can't find a thing, Lieutenant.
(432) Get over here, come on.
(433) Listen, you know where the NYPD garage is on Centre Street?
(434) That's a 40-dollar tow job.
(435) I ain't going on no 40-dollar tow without a written paper from somebody in charge.
(436) I'm somebody in charge.
(437) I'm taking it down the precinct garage, no further.
(438) You son of a bitch! Come back here!
(439) Hey, Shevvy. Guy on the phone, says his name is Howard Jello.
(440) Yeah, I know him. He's a cop with a big mouth.
(441) Shevvy. Hey, man, I hear you been missing me.
(442) When you coming back uptown? Soon as I get reassigned.
(443) I'm starving to death downtown.
(444) I work at headquarters. We got the make on the getaway car.
(445) And we got the make on the owners.
(446) I hear you'd pay pretty good for this.' One bill for name of owner.
(447) Well, a bill's better than what I've been doing down here.
(448) Mr and Mrs...
(449) Glenn W Fears.
(450) Is your name Glenn Fears? Yep.
(451) Do you own a 1966 chequered sedan?
(452) I got rid of that car last week.
(453) Seven men were killed. I had nothing to do with that.
(454) Glenn, you drove that getaway car, didn't you?
(455) No, I didn't drive it. I know you drove that car.
(456) Your ass, I did.
(457) Mattelli!
(458) What the hell are you doing?
(459) This junkie drove the getaway car. I swear to God I didn't.
(460) Fears.
(461) You don't have to answer any questions without a lawyer.
(462) You're entitled to an attorney.
(463) I'm-a get me a lawyer and sic him dead on your ass.
(464) I'll give you lawyer! Yelping.
(465) This kind of thing went out with Prohibition. Look...
(466) I'm sick and tired of your liberal bullshit.
(467) Make up your mind - are you a cop or one of them social workers?
(468) All right, Captain.
(469) Go back to 1940.
(470) Pull out the powder keg, blow up the whole goddamn community.
(471) Look, the way I work gets results.
(472) I don't hear him saying a goddamn thing.
(473) No shit.
(474) Now he didn't tell them nothing, right?
(475) Told me he didn't say a thing.
(476) Mrs Fears, this is our friend, Nick.
(477) Mrs Fears, it's a real pleasure to see you here.
(478) How do you do? How do you do?
(479) Now, Mrs Fears, Doc is gonna show his gratefulness real good.
(480) Now, who did your husband sell the car to?
(481) Get me some gin and some champagne over there.
(482) Get me some champagne. Oh, Lord have mercy!
(483) Champagne.
(484) Yeah. Give me another glass, too.
(485) Whoa. Easy.
(486) Whoo!
(487) Ah, how you doing?
(488) Hey, nigger!
(489) Is that the man? Don't make me no never mind.
(490) You want your brains all over that wall, brother?
(491) Are you talking to me, white man?
(492) That's right, nigger, I'm talking to you.
(493) I answer to the name of Mr Jackson. And that's all I answer to.
(494) No shit. M-hm.
(495) Hey, look at that.
(496) Ain't that cute? That's a cutie. It's nice.
(497) That's a beauty. You gonna buy us a couple of snorts?
(498) I hear you've been acting like a real big man around here.
(499) He is. Ain't that right, boy?
(500) Who are you boying?
(501) He's a cutie, ain't he? Ain't he a cutie? He's a doll.
(502) Aah! Aah!
(503) Now!
(504) Let him go. Let him go.
(505) Get up. Head up.
(506) Get up. Get up, you dirty bastard. Get up.
(507) Get me my coat, Frank.
(508) All right, get him out of here.
(509) We'll take care of him some more. Get him out of here.
(510) Anybody here... seen anything?
(511) Can you hear me? He needs plasma. Hold that.
(512) Tell me your name, brother.
(513) Tell me, who done this to you? Boy, I'm trying to help you.
(514) Will he make it? I'm doing my best.
(515) Was it a brother or was he white? Tell me, boy, cos I'm trying to help you.
(516) Tell me, was it a brother or was it a whitey?
(517) Help me! Help me, Jimbo!
(518) Jim?
(519) Wait a minute. Boy, tell me. Jim.
(520) Jim who?
(521) You gotta tell me, boy, cos you're dying.
(522) You dumb bastard, I tell you...
(523) There's no pulse now.
(524) No more crucifixions.
(525) My people don't crucify anybody, Frank.
(526) Crucifying's wop shit.
(527) Doc...
(528) no more crucifixions.
(529) Am I hearing you right?
(530) Are you giving me orders? You're goddamn right I am.
(531) Show him out, Shevvy. Who the fuck do you?
(532) No, Captain, or I'll blow your brains...
(533) Two against two. That's fair.
(534) You be happy, Frank.
(535) The last sucker that put his hands on me lost.
(536) Hi. You're new here, ain't you?
(537) College boy?
(538) Two years. Right on, baby.
(539) Yeah.
(540) I could get you his job.
(541) They're looking for bright black boys on the force.
(542) How much are we paying this dude, Shevvy?
(543) He's the guy that sent back the Christmas present.
(544) Yeah? Mr Mattelli don't do that.
(545) We've been giving him 2,500 a month for the past two years.
(546) And he come in here, giving me orders. Shit.
(547) He works for me.
(548) He works for me, the same as the whores and the dealers.
(549) I only took gambling money. Yeah, they all say that.
(550) No. No, you don't take whoring money, you don't take dirty junkie money.
(551) You only take nice, clean numbers money.
(552) Where do you think it comes from? The men below us.
(553) Dirty money or clean money, it's all the same. Now get the hell out of here.
(554) Look, I came to give you a message.
(555) If you're too dumb to understand, that's your business.
(556) Any more bodies, I'm coming after you. You hear me?
(557) You watch your motherfucking mouth, white boy.
(558) You might be something big to those booty-butts at the station
(559) but, goddamn it, this is me.
(560) Doc motherfucking Johnson.
(561) You come running in here because a couple of your cops got nined.
(562) Especially because one was white.
(563) Your friend is a racist son of a bitch.
(564) He always has been. They all are.
(565) If you're smart, you'll stick with me.
(566) Hey, Shevvy,
(567) give him a taste.
(568) Hey, come on.
(569) Don't waste your career on the force, my boy.
(570) Take the money, brother.
(571) You stick it up your ass, brother.
(572) Ah, well, OK.
(573) Take the old man home.
(574) Stand up, you bastard. I'll show you how old I am.
(575) Go on, pull it. Pull it, you motherfucking Johnson.
(576) Go on, pull it.
(577) You're crazy, Mattelli.
(578) You don't wanna keep on living. You wanna die.
(579) I'm not gonna help you.
(580) Hey, boy, see where my hands are.
(581) Shevvy, show him out.
(582) Look, Doc... So long, Mattelli.
(583) Been nice knowing you.
(584) Captain.
(585) Let's go.
(586) Goddamn clown.
(587) OK, Mr Pope.
(588) Now we can go.
(589) I don't know why I bother keeping them clean.
(590) Pride of service. Some wino will puke on this by midnight.
(591) Do you hear they found some poor bastard crucified?
(592) They think it's one of the guys that did the hit today.
(593) How do they know who it was? Fingerprints.
(594) Guy named Jackson.
(595) Hey, come on, come on, huh?
(596) How much? A dollar seven, with tax.
(597) Screw the tax - here's a buck.
(598) Yeah. Even cut his balls off. Wow.
(599) 57 persons aboard. An airport spokesman said... '
(600) How would you like to live in this toilet, Mattelli?
(601) I did, Mr Pope. I did.
(602) Yes? Mrs Jackson?
(603) Yes? We're police officers, Mrs Jackson.
(604) What? Police.
(605) Mrs Henry J Jackson?
(606) We don't have any trouble here. Can we come in?
(607) Please.
(608) Came to ask about a friend of your husband's.
(609) His name is Jim.
(610) Ask Henry J. You must know somebody named Jim.
(611) Henry J is at his garage on 137th Street and St Nick. Ask him.
(612) I don't know nothing about no Jim.
(613) Mrs Jackson, are you and your husband separated?
(614) We haven't been together for a couple of months but we're not separated.
(615) Mrs Jackson, I don't know how to tell you this but...
(616) your husband is dead.
(617) I'm... I'm very sorry.
(618) How did he die? The fact is that...
(619) It was an automobile accident.
(620) Hit and run.
(621) Her husband is dead. Yes, I know.
(622) Mrs Jackson,
(623) now about this fella, Jim.
(624) Can you tell us anything about him?
(625) You kids have an uncle named Jim, huh? The kid doesn't have anything to do with this.
(626) He used to call him "big fella".
(627) Big fella. I didn't know him.
(628) Uh,
(629) I didn't know him.
(630) He said he was over six foot, though.
(631) Henry J, he called him... His name was Jim Harris.
(632) Jim...
(633) Um...
(634) He used to visit him in jail, even.
(635) He gonna be in there for years and years.
(636) Mrs Jackson.
(637) The coroner's office will be getting in contact with you.
(638) Will they make a fuss when I go downtown?
(639) We didn't have no paper. We were common-law.
(640) They want you to identify and claim the body. That's all.
(641) That won't be necessary.
(642) If you have any trouble, just go to the 27th precinct and ask for Frank Mattelli.
(643) You want me to write it down for you?
(644) No, I can remember. Thank you.
(645) Jim Harris, huh?
(646) Look, this was in your husband's pocket when we found him.
(647) I guess it belongs to you now.
(648) His name's Logart. Joe Logart.
(649) Hey, Jim, it's me.
(650) Jim, you in there?
(651) Jim, it's Joe.
(652) They got Henry J.
(653) They castrated his balls.
(654) You taking off?
(655) You gotta figure he talked.
(656) Maybe.
(657) We always figured, if they got one of us, you know?
(658) Anybody start fucking with my balls, I'd talk.
(659) Yeah.
(660) I figure they'd be looking hardest in the ghettos.
(661) I'm getting out, man.
(662) I got a friend in New Jersey... I don't want to know.
(663) Yeah.
(664) You OK?
(665) I kind of went to pieces on you up there, didn't I?
(666) Thanks for pulling me out of it, man.
(667) I just didn't think it'd be that rough. Forget it, Joe. It's over.
(668) We got what we went after, and we're still alive.
(669) It didn't start hitting me until we started to climb them stairs, man.
(670) Everything seemed so shaky, you know?
(671) And those shots, man.
(672) Those shots.
(673) And my legs, Jimbo.
(674) My legs feel like the floor's started moving from under me.
(675) I said forget it. It's over and done with.
(676) Yeah, well...
(677) Whatever happens, man, we gonna end up rich.
(678) But dead, man.
(679) There ain't no better way.
(680) You take care, brother.
(681) Hiya, boys.
(682) Hiya, Stenner. Captain, how are you?
(683) How you doing? I'm checking the Harrises.
(684) There are over 300. 300 Jim Harrises?
(685) So what have you come up with?
(686) That's Pope, Lieutenant Pope.
(687) According to the stuff you told me, I've got it narrowed down to three.
(688) Here's their pictures. I'm just getting ready now to pull their files.
(689) You know any of these cats?
(690) No, I haven't seen any guy like this.
(691) Thought they might be friends of yours. No.
(692) They all look alike to me.
(693) Yeah, I thought you'd say that.
(694) OK, now.
(695) B 256-107.
(696) B 256-107.
(697) Give it to him.
(698) B 412-378.
(699) Harris, James, burglary, three years Attica.
(700) Serving now.
(701) And then we have B 143-671.
(702) James "Fingers" Harris, alias Harrison.
(703) Assault with deadly weapon...
(704) This guy died three months ago!
(705) Captain, there's no way of knowing... Get the next one.
(706) Mr Pope.
(707) James Harris, 42, armed robbery.
(708) Concealed weapons, aggravated assault, larceny by trick.
(709) First juvenile charge, attempted to hold up candy store aged 12. Jesus Christ.
(710) Number runner, convicted. Out on parole.
(711) Got epilepsy to boot.
(712) Last case handled by Thompson, assistant DA, worked for Doc Johnson.
(713) Let me see that.
(714) He could be our man. What?
(715) I said he could be our man. Yeah, could be.
(716) Run some yellows, get some pictures.
(717) Ho!
(718) Port Authority bus terminal, 40-41st on 8th Avenue.
(719) Got you. Bus terminal.
(720) This is cab 14 reporting.
(721) This is my last trip tonight.
(722) I'm going across 110th Street.
(723) Read me? I'm going across 110th to the Port Authority.'
(724) Shevvy, we got a bite 110th and Central Park.
(725) Let's go. 110th and Central Park.
(726) You running, too?
(727) Hell, no, I ain't running.
(728) Just that this place ain't too safe any more.
(729) I got me a place all staked out.
(730) Nobody'll ever find me.
(731) It's where I used to live.
(732) You know?
(733) Where we first...
(734) Look, erm...
(735) I'll call you. I don't know when but...
(736) I'll call you. OK?
(737) My medicine.
(738) My pills.
(739) Son of a bitch.
(740) Damn. My medicine.
(741) I gotta find my medicine, my pills.
(742) OK, Nick, we got him. OK.
(743) Get him up.
(744) Get him up. Get him up, bring him over there.
(745) Aah!
(746) What's this, huh? What's this?
(747) Let's see what else you've got, huh?
(748) Logart, Joseph. 311 West 141st.
(749) Let's see what's in the bag, pretty boy.
(750) Let's see what's in the bag.
(751) You know what we done to that friend of yours, Henry J Jackson?
(752) You know what we done to that nigger creep, huh?
(753) Kiss my ass. Kiss your ass? Sure.
(754) Who was the other spade with you?
(755) Who was the other spade with you, huh?
(756) What's his name? Sammy Davis Jr.
(757) Look at this, we got a funny nigger with us. Give me that arm.
(758) OK, nigger,
(759) let's see you laugh.
(760) Are you laughing?
(761) Come over here. I wanna talk to you.
(762) You're not talking, are you?
(763) Hey, you wanna see a pretty picture? You wanna see a pretty scene, huh?
(764) You wanna see some pretty scenery? Take him over here. Here!
(765) Put him over the edge.
(766) That's it.
(767) Stay right there. Stay right there.
(768) Now who was it? Tell me who it was.
(769) You think I get any kicks out of wiping you out?
(770) You see any horns up here? There are no horns. We're not animals.
(771) Tie his legs, tie his legs good.
(772) We're trying to be friends, that's all.
(773) If you don't tell me who it was, you're gonna make me do something that I don't like.
(774) You're gonna make me feel very bad.
(775) You're not gonna tell me? You're not gonna tell me?
(776) Hoist him.
(777) No!
(778) Look at that. Can you fly? Huh?
(779) Yeah. Yeah, Look at that, look at that.
(780) Why should you take a drop 20 storeys...
(781) when we're gonna find out anyway?
(782) We're gonna find out. We found Henry J. We found you here.
(783) Who was it, Joe? Or you drop.
(784) Hold it. Wait a minute!
(785) Come here. No, it's all right.
(786) Just tell me, baby, and everything will be all right.
(787) That's all right, just tell me. Who was it?
(788) Who? Jim... Harris.
(789) Who? Harris? Jim Harris?
(790) All right, sweetheart. All right, sweetheart.
(791) Jim Harris.
(792) Hello?
(793) My medicine. Where the hell did I put my pills?
(794) I remember. Go back to the room. I'm coming.
(795) There goes Harris's broad. She's gonna take us right to him.
(796) Jim?
(797) Gloria.
(798) Glori...
(799) It's all right. After all that planning...
(800) I forgot my medicine.
(801) It's all right. Gloria...
(802) Darling, it's all right, don't talk.
(803) I ain't never gonna leave you alone again.
(804) Right there.
(805) 637 Lennox Avenue.
(806) He's holed up on the fifth floor of the empty tenement.
(807) Is the girl still in there? Right.
(808) Lucky son of a bitch.
(809) Hey, Pope, can I see you a second?
(810) Come in, will you?
(811) It's been a long goddamn night.
(812) Pope, I want to talk to you.
(813) I want you to understand...
(814) Do you want a drink?
(815) No, I don't drink.
(816) You will, Pope. You will.
(817) Monday I'll give you all the facts, names and figures.
(818) I just don't... Wait a minute. Why?
(819) Cos I'm 55.
(820) Put in 33 years, and...
(821) I think it's time to quit.
(822) I want to retire. And I don't want you to use anything...
(823) I want you to stop patronising me. What are you talking about?
(824) You really are a racist son of a bitch.
(825) Will you cut out that racist crap?
(826) Because I'm black, I'm gonna blow the whistle on you?
(827) You want my job, don't you? Yes!
(828) Yes.
(829) Not like that, Mattelli.
(830) I want it on my terms.
(831) I just thought that... When are you gonna start looking at me as a cop?
(832) Mattelli here.
(833) Hey, hey, Pope. Hold it.
(834) It's for you.
(835) Pope here.
(836) If you use this right what I'm gonna tell you,
(837) you can be detective first grade in a month.
(838) You've got five seconds. Say it.
(839) Move fast and you can get Harris.
(840) He's holed up in the fifth floor of the empty tenement at 637 Lennox Avenue.
(841) He's trying to suck us into something.
(842) He's telling you you're in and I'm out.
(843) Pope, the bill comes later.
(844) Screw him. I won't pay it.
(845) Branco, Jeffries, Brooks, let's go!
(846) Harris is holed up at 637 Lennox Avenue. I guess that's TPF.
(847) Get flak vests, sharpshooters, tear gas, the whole goddamn thing.
(848) All right...
(849) Captain.
(850) Are you coming?
(851) Jim? Jim, are you asleep?
(852) Jim?
(853) Dead men hate soup.
(854) Faker. Need love.
(855) Make love with me. No.
(856) I'll keep in touch.
(857) Save your dime. I'm going to bed.
(858) I already know how it's gonna turn out.
(859) We are gonna make it, ain't we?
(860) Yeah.
(861) We're gonna make it.
(862) If we only could. We will.
(863) Maybe we still can.
(864) Jamaica.
(865) Jamaica? That's where we're going.
(866) I don't even have my bathing suit. But that's OK.
(867) We're gonna find us a place high in the mountains,
(868) near a stream of water.
(869) Maybe a lake.
(870) Then I'm gonna cut my own logs
(871) and build us a little hut with my own two hands.
(872) We'll have a cow,
(873) a couple of pigs, and some wild turkeys.
(874) Baby turtles? I've always wanted a pet turtle. Mm?
(875) I'll grow carrots in my garden for them. What?
(876) Carrots in my garden for them.
(877) All right, Harris, this is the police!
(878) Come out with your hands up and there won't be any trouble.
(879) I'm gonna give you three seconds!
(880) Harris, you got three seconds!
(881) One...
(882) two...
(883) three!
(884) Aah!
(885) Aah!
(886) Start the car! Start the car!
(887) Aah!
(888) Keep your cover and hold your fire.
(889) Mattelli, get down.

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