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Thursday, November 19, 2015

[2011] [Arena] English Transcript

(1) We’re dark. What the fuck?
(2) What just happened? What are you looking at me for?
(3) I don't know. Come on! Do it! Fix it!
(4) Seriously. You are not doing it.
(5) Fix it. You're the computer whiz. Come on, do it!
(6) Well, what happened?
(7) Hong Kong server was just hacked.
(8) Rerouting to Dubai, Iceland,
(9) Johannesburg, Rio.
(10) And Barcelona.
(11) Quadruple redundancy, plus a spare.
(12) Excellent work, my precious ones.
(13) Okay, it's on.
(14) Did you see that one?
(15) Oh, my God!
(16) Hey! What? That is so gross.
(17) I so just me a little. Right, yeah.
(18) Dude! Follow him.
(19) Closer.
(20) Ready camera four.
(21) Go.
(22) Did you see that? Oh, my gosh.
(23) Right in the back! That was fantastic. Right in the back, are you kidding me?
(24) I'm not betting against Ripper anymore.
(25) Now it gets really fucked up.
(26) Are you kidding me? Like it hasn't been already?
(27) Live or die. Live or die.
(28) All right, kill or stay?
(29) Kill him. Kill him. Kill him.
(30) Why not, right?
(31) I mean, dude, he's lost us 100 bucks. Let's do it.
(32) Kill. Kill, I guess.
(33) Survey says...
(34) Mr. Executioner, come on down!
(35) Finish him.
(36) Now!
(37) He didn't even cut it off with the first one!
(38) He didn't even cut it off! God, this is so gross, you guys!
(39) This is so gross. God. It makes me giddy in my underpants.
(40) Come on.
(41) This isn't real, is it?
(42) No, no, it's like the movies. It's special effects and stuff.
(43) Smoke and mirrors, yeah, it's...
(44) No, no, no. No, I heard it was real. I mean, if it was fake, it'd be on TV.
(45) What? You're so stupid. Yeah, right.
(46) There's no way. Seriously.
(47) My brother-in-law's friend works for the FBI.
(48) Says they're looking for the guy that runs this thing.
(49) Hey.
(50) Sorry.
(51) That's better.
(52) How did my gallant warrior do?
(53) Total slaughter.
(54) No mercy given?
(55) None taken.
(56) What was the score?
(57) A lot to a little.
(58) Defensive struggle?
(59) Always. You ready?
(60) Yeah.
(61) Thank you.
(62) I was watching, to be honest.
(63) You're gonna miss these moments.
(64) Waves of nausea followed by crippling cramps?
(65) Somehow I doubt that.
(66) Okay, but when you're 50,
(67) don't get all teary-eyed reminiscing about those pregnant days
(68) and how you miss them.
(69) You're such a man.
(70) You think you know everything,
(71) but you know nothing of the inner workings of the female body.
(72) But you still have to give your opinion.
(73) And expect everyone to accept it as fact.
(74) I know to bail on this conversation.
(75) Yeah. Good thinking.
(76) David!
(77) You all right? Yeah.
(78) Lori.
(79) Baby?
(80) David, I'm sorry.
(81) I don't speak Mexican, senorita.
(82) No sleeping in the bar. You understand that?
(83) Just give me another bottle of...
(84) Whatever it is I'm drinking, okay?
(85) Okay.
(86) It's for you.
(87) Where’s the head at?
(88) It's over there.
(89) Yeah.
(90) One more, please.
(91) Hello.
(92) Hey.
(93) Where's my drink?
(94) I don't smoke.
(95) But you do speak French.
(96) What happened to your face?
(97) Life sucks. Scars happen.
(98) You know, this is the third bar I've seen you in.
(99) You like to flash those big bills or perhaps you have a Mexican death wish.
(100) You traveling alone?

(101) What business is it to you?
(102) None, really.
(103) But from what I saw in there, I thought we could make ourselves
(104) not so lonely.
(105) I hope you have e nicer place than this shithole to fuck your wife.
(106) Not that I'm complaining.
(107) I'm not married.
(108) What? She leave you?
(109) She's dead.
(110) Then I guess she won't be missing you.
(111) I've got something for you here.
(112) Check him for tracking devices. If you find anything, dump his corpse.
(113) Make sure you're not followed.
(114) Hello?
(115) Hello?
(116) Don't draw attention.
(117) Who's there?
(118) Over here.
(119) Where am I?
(120) Hell.
(121) What is the one thing we all have in common?
(122) Dead
(123) The only questions are how and when the Grim Reaper will visit.
(124) A problem you need not worry about any longer
(125) This point forward,
(126) your life isn't yours anymore.
(127) It belongs to me.
(128) You are no longer David Lord.
(129) He ceases to exist.
(130) Your name is Death Dealer.
(131) You were bred to fight.
(132) To kill.
(133) And to die.
(134) Who are you?
(135) and your demise will be on of glory.
(136) Resist,
(137) and I promise you pain in the likes of which you never could conceive imaginable.
(138) What do you want?
(139) Help! Hello?
(140) Somebody help me!
(141) Let me out!
(142) Your name is Death Dealer.
(143) What are you doing?
(144) You were bred to fight.
(145) To kill. To die.
(146) Your name is Death Dealer You were bred to fight.
(147) Kill. Death Dealer. To die. To kill.
(148) Your name is Death Dealer. You were bred to fight.
(149) Kill, kill, kill. Your name is... Die.
(150) So, what do we know about him?
(151) He's a fireman from Denver.
(152) I thought he was a doctor.
(153) He has a paramedic license. He's not a doctor.
(154) Family?
(155) Wife, deceased.
(156) He's a fucking doctor.
(157) At least the last guy she grabbed was a competitive Kendo artist.
(158) Well, this guy is a fireman, okay?
(159) Have you seen him? He's, like, 85 kilograms.
(160) 186... Milla.
(161) He'll flight. He's fucking useless. He's a piece of shit.
(162) It's so typical of you, Milla.
(163) My dear Kaden.
(164) He's been in your care for three days and he's yet to give you the time of day.
(165) Maybe Kaden's tired old shtick won't break him.
(166) I'll guarantee you he'll respond to a little honey instead.
(167) Dirty, fucking whore.
(168) He's my fighter. I recruited him.
(169) It's my risk, my responsibility.
(170) May I remind both of you they are all my fighters.
(171) And this is my world.
(172) But you're absolutely right, Milla.
(173) It's your risk.
(174) It's also your ass.
(175) Well, he'll fight and he'll win.
(176) Do whatever it takes.
(177) Just make sure he fights.
(178) What's your name?
(179) You went my reel name or the one they gave me?
(180) The real one.
(181) Mori. Taiga Mori.
(182) I'm from Osaka.
(183) You don't sound Japanese.
(184) I studied architecture at Harvard.
(185) I'm... David Lord.
(186) Firefighter/paramedic from Denver.
(187) You hurt?
(188) We’re going to die here, David Lord.
(189) Nah, nah, don't talk like that.
(190) My wife, Akiko,
(191) she used to say that I was the strong one.
(192) The survivor. But I'm not. I'm weak.
(193) I'm tired.
(194) And I'm angry.
(195) And all I went to do is kill those motherfuckers!
(196) Showtime.
(197) Hold your breath! Hold!
(198) Tough it up! Tough it up!
(199) You look like shit.
(200) The magic cocktail is already whispering in your ear.
(201) Why are you doing this?
(202) What's your name?
(203) David Lord.
(204) What were you going to name your child?
(205) Leave my family out of this.
(206) Your wife, she's pretty.
(207) Such a pity she's gone.
(208) In the Marines, how many men, women and children did you kill?
(209) No matter.
(210) Cause you aren't prepared for what’s about to happen.
(211) Whether you live or die.
(212) How will you live or die?
(213) It's your choice.
(214) What?
(215) You want me? I'd love to get my hands on you.
(216) That's the spirit.
(217) No, no, no, no!
(218) New guy doesn't stand a chance.
(219) Yoshi.
(220) We need to talk about your TPS reports.
(221) Yeah. The cover sheets.
(222) I know. I know.
(223) Home again, home again.
(224) And how are my two beauties this fine day?
(225) Ready to go. Ready to go.
(226) Magnificent.
(227) Let's make something special, shall we?
(228) What is your name?
(229) David Lord.
(230) No. Your name is Death Dealer.
(231) Now I'm gonna ask you again.
(232) What is your name?
(233) Input a six-second delay.
(234) Link the video screen.
(235) Ladies, if you will.
(236) Lights.
(237) Lay in graphics.
(238) Marvelous!
(239) Outstanding. You've outdone yourselves, my little pearls.
(240) We are going live in three, two, one. Cue music.
(241) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm not gonna fight!
(242) Boring.
(243) What a coward.
(244) If I was a betting man, Milla, and I am,
(245) I'd say you're going to lose this one.
(246) No. Get up, get up, get up!
(247) Ladies, please, do something.
(248) My lids are getting heavy. I'm falling asleep here.
(249) Yeah! Dude.
(250) He's shit.
(251) What?
(252) Well, I'll be damned.
(253) Oh, my God!
(254) It is now time for the Fan-atics to vote.
(255) Survey says...
(256) Mr. Executioner, come on down!
(257) I'm a paramedic. I'm gonna stop the bleeding.
(258) What's he doing?
(259) I've got a child.
(260) I'm David Lord and I've been kidnapped!
(261) Cut the audio. Cue music.
(262) Can you smell it? It's just like sweetness.
(263) Naughty boy.
(264) Get him out of there, please.
(265) And we are out in three, two, one.
(266) Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant show.
(267) You were marvelous. And you were marvelous.
(268) Hey!
(269) Stop right there!
(270) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing?
(271) He's an embarrassment. I should have cut him in half there and then.
(272) No, no, no, no!
(273) You are not going to kill him!
(274) Yes, I am.
(275) Kaden, be reasonable.
(276) Reasonable? This cunt deserves to die.
(277) Yes he does, but not this way.
(278) It's wasted if he dies off camera.
(279) Fuck the cameras!
(280) Kaden, where's your sense of adventure?
(281) He wronged me.
(282) He wronged us!
(283) Look, I want to hold his head on tho chopping block for you.
(284) But we can break him. We can make him fight.
(285) We can make him fight for us.
(286) On our stage.
(287) And if he won't?
(288) Then you get your wish. Fuck the cameras.
(289) So, there we were.
(290) Akiko got a headache from the flight, so she went out to get some Aspirin.
(291) That was the last time I ever saw her.
(292) Searched the city for days.
(293) Contacted the authorities, the embassy. Nothing.
(294) There was no trace of her.
(295) And than I got a phone call.
(296) It was the first time I ever heard that voice.
(297) And she said
(298) if I ever wanted to see my wife alive,
(299) I should do exactly what she says.
(300) It's so fucking cliche!
(301) I should have known something was up when she never asked for a ransom.
(302) She told me to go to this bar outside the city.
(303) To go alone.
(304) But when I got there,
(305) there was no Akiko.
(306) Only that woman.
(307) She's the same woman that brought you.
(308) Then I woke up here.
(309) How long has it been?
(310) A month. Six weeks maybe.
(311) When you never see the sun rise or set, how do you knew?
(312) Why'd they choose you?
(313) Because I trained with weapons all my life.
(314) Have you fought?
(315) Yeah.
(316) It was either him or me.
(317) We're all already dead anyway.
(318) I brought you something to eat.
(319) Why?
(320) It's simple.
(321) Satisfied?
(322) You were lucky. You won't be next time.
(323) Why do you care?
(324) I can help you. I don't need your help.
(325) Without me, you'd be dead very soon.
(326) What's in it for you, huh?
(327) I recruited you.
(328) You win, I win.
(329) I know it must be maddening for you, but your situation is hopeless.
(330) Can't escape.
(331) You can only hope to survive.
(332) Who the hell are you?
(333) I am that man behind the curtain.
(334) You're sick.
(335) When I was growing up, my father used to stage these brutal,
(336) bare-knuckle fights in the backyard.
(337) All these assholes would come over and drink and gamble
(338) and cheer the winners and spit on the losers.
(339) Well, in my mind,
(340) just watching those poor fools lose wasn't enough.
(341) So I've upped the ante, as it were.
(342) I'm gonna kill you. You know that?
(343) What we have here is a failure to communicate.
(344) I have always wanted to say that!
(345) I love Strother Martin.
(346) Where were we?
(347) Yes.
(348) The paradox.
(349) You won't fight,
(350) but you don't want to die.
(351) But you will die,
(352) if you won't fight.
(353) You see our dilemma?
(354) I won't fight. Not for you.
(355) Well, who would you fight for? Your wife?
(356) That's right. She's dead.
(357) Well, what would you fight for?
(358) Your freedom?
(359) No, no, seriously. I'll make you a proposition.
(360) You give me, say, 10 fights.
(361) One down, nine to go. I didn't kill that man.
(362) Horribly mutilated and left for dead?
(363) Knowing he was going to be killed, huh? Shades of gray, David.
(364) Shades of gray.
(365) You give me an all-out effort,
(366) nine more times and win,
(367) and I'll let you go.
(368) I'm witness to kidnapping, torture and murder.
(369) I know your faces.
(370) You really want me to believe you'll just let me go?
(371) Well, you'll be drugged and dropped on some desolate road in a Third World country,
(372) yeah, but you'll be free.
(373) And as far as you knowing who we are,
(374) you don't know shit.
(375) Look, the FBI, MI5, Interpol, all kinds of motherfuckers are looking for us.
(376) I don't fear a fireman from Denver.
(377) I give you my word.
(378) Give me nine more fights and win,
(379) and, in the words of Abraham Lincoln,
(380) I'll set you free!"
(381) Fuck you! I'll die before I kill for you.
(382) I am sorely disappointed. Crushed, really.
(383) But I haven't lost my appetite.
(384) What is your name?
(385) You expecting a different answer?
(386) Death Dealer.
(387) How lovely it would be.
(388) But first,
(389) you must fight for me.
(390) Or what?
(391) You gonna kill me?
(392) No. I'm gonna kill her.
(393) Your friend's wife. Akiko.
(394) You have three minutes
(395) to kill your opponent.
(396) And by kill, I mean...
(397) Off with his head.
(398) You do that in the allotted amount of time,
(399) she goes free.
(400) But you lose,
(401) or you're one second over three minutes,
(402) I will slice her throat,
(403) and bleed her like a little fucking piggy.
(404) You know, they say
(405) you drown in your own blood.
(406) Sounds like a horrible way to go.
(407) I'll take it that you accept my offer.
(408) Hey, dude, come here.
(409) You're retarded. Come on. Line up's up.
(410) White Samurai"? Yeah.
(411) He's only fought once. He's kind of a pussy.
(412) You're kind of a pussy.
(413) I like the Dealer of Death. Death Dealer.
(414) Whatever. No, not whatever.
(415) His name is Death Dealer, that's what you should call him.
(416) Shut up, okay?
(417) Oh, my gosh, a damsel in distress.
(418) Classic. I love samurais.
(419) Who doesn't?
(420) Bring up the music.
(421) Gently. Gently.
(422) Now give me a breeze.
(423) Lovely!
(424) Ninjas don't like samurais.
(425) That's not true. Ninjas and samurais are like cousins.
(426) Yeah. Yeah!
(427) That is disgusting. I love it when they get gruesome.
(428) Do you think he's gonna make it? Yeah.
(429) No, he's done. He's done. No, he's hurt.
(430) What? Awesome!
(431) David. Taiga. Taiga.
(432) Taiga, no, no, no.
(433) They told me they would kill her.
(434) I'm sorry.
(435) Safe. That was Insane.
(436) I'm sorry.
(437) The White Samurai fought with with bravery.
(438) But was unable to defeat his opponent
(439) And unable to save his princess.
(440) That was a little gross.
(441) I'm sorry.
(442) There's nothing I can do.
(443) Why are you letting this man suffer?
(444) End it. Kill him.
(445) Kill him now.
(446) Awesome!
(447) Fade music.
(448) Fade graphics.
(449) And we're out.
(450) That was astounding!
(451) Kudos to us all.
(452) You said he would fight, Milla, and fight he did.
(453) My money, please.
(454) Ladies, will you please wire Milla's winnings.
(455) Kawaii.
(456) A little something extra.
(457) You've done exceedingly well, Milla.
(458) Your fireman from Denver may turn out to be a rainmaker.
(459) Hey
(460) You.
(461) The one behind the curtain.
(462) Yes.
(463) I accept your offer.
(464) I will give my absolute best for another eight fights.
(465) On one condition.
(466) And that is?
(467) The last fight,
(468) I want him.
(469) Those are my terms.
(470) You don't like them,
(471) then we're done with this bullshit right now.
(472) You are not going to kill yourself. You're bluffing.
(473) You don't think I could beat him.
(474) Please, it's a nonissue.
(475) No one's ever survived five contests, let alone 10.
(476) People want to see me fight.
(477) I want to fight.
(478) Well?
(479) What's it gonna be?
(480) That's up to you, Kaden.
(481) And what if he wins?
(482) You know I'd never allow that to happen.
(483) We accept your offer,
(484) Death Dealer.
(485) They're moving you into another room.
(486) I'd rather have antibiotics.
(487) I can get you those.
(488) What changed?
(489) You fought.
(490) You mean, I won.
(491) So what? Now I'm your prize pig?
(492) How much is your cut
(493) of the death of another innocent life, huh?
(494) Do you want the antibiotics or not?
(495) Yeah, I want the antibiotics.
(496) And something to sew it up!
(497) Watch the muscle, watch the muscle.
(498) Right there.
(499) Wider stitches, okay?
(500) Very good. Pull the skin.
(501) Pull the skin. Pull it tight.
(502) Fuck.
(503) Yeah, yeah.
(504) Looks like you're getting better.
(505) Better enough to fight.
(506) Exactly.
(507) Thank you.
(508) Really.
(509) Yeah, we sure do like a whipping. But nothing
(510) like a pussy-whipping.
(511) Hey, check this out.
(512) What's up?
(513) Dude. Yeah.
(514) Hell, yeah, Death Dealer will be all over him.
(515) You think so? Definitely.
(516) He's gonna kill him. The Executioner's a big guy.
(517) What'd you do to your hair?
(518) Just trying something a little different.
(519) I am David Lord.
(520) Yeah!Yeah!
(521) Oh, my goodness!
(522) He is every bit as good as you were in your prime.
(523) You know, just say the word, partner.
(524) We can call this off.
(525) My name is David Lord. And in one more fight, I'm gonna kill you.
(526) That was amazing, my man.
(527) Bravo! Bravo!
(528) Better watch your back.
(529) He may have found himself a new favorite.
(530) We've got a situation up here.
(531) Brutus Jackson, who terrorized South Africa 12 months ago
(532) by going on e drug-induced rampage, killing 14 people, has escaped.
(533) Jackson was being transferred to the death row facility at Pollsmoor
(534) when the transport carrying him was brazenly ambhushed
(535) just outside the Robben Island Prison gate.
(536) The three guards escorting Jackson were found dead at the scene.
(537) Local authorities have no further information at this time.
(538) Are you out of your fucking mind?
(539) I don't see the problem.
(540) The whole universe is looking for us and you pull a stunt like this!
(541) You kidnap a world-famous serial killer?
(542) Spree killer.
(543) You might as well drop a trail of bread crumbs
(544) leading law enforcement to our door!
(545) Come on. The deadbeats are boring.
(546) All the mind fucking in the world can't help someone who's physically weak.
(547) Listen, and this guy,
(548) he is a monster.
(549) He is ready to kill again.
(550) Think of the added revenue when our audience sees that it's him.
(551) No longer will anyone be able to claim that our fights aren’t reel.
(552) You're afraid of him.
(553) Yeah, and you will be, too, once you get up close and personal.
(554) No, no, no, no. Not the serial killer.
(555) You're afraid of the fireman.
(556) You are hurting me!
(557) What?
(558) How did you come to be their hostage?
(559) That's funny.
(560) Let's just say my family wasn't as pleasant as they are.
(561) Certainly with less reward.
(562) Kaden's afraid of you.
(563) He brought in some professional,
(564) some maniac from South Africa.
(565) Come back alive. Please.
(566) Just two more and at least one of us will be free.
(567) You know they won't let me live.
(568) I have a brother, Sam.
(569) We haven't spoken since the accident.
(570) I tuned out everyone I ever loved.
(571) He probably doesn't even know I'm missing.
(572) Or that I'll soon be dead.
(573) Wish I had been a better brother.
(574) Now I want closure, you know?
(575) So have you guys done that whole, you know,
(576) college threesome thing yet or... Dude.
(577) You're never gonna believe who Death Dealer is fighting.
(578) Remember that South African serial killer guy?
(579) Yeah. The one who escaped?
(580) Yeah. Yeah. Him.
(581) Tonight? Now.
(582) It was nice meeting you guys. Have fun.
(583) Death Dealer! Death Dealer!
(584) Oh, my God. Sacagawea!
(585) Kill the man! Yeah!
(586) God damn!
(587) Where'd he go?
(588) Kaneko, Kawaii, can one of you find him?
(589) Having a little bit of fun now, aren't we? Yeah?
(590) Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.
(591) Yes! All day long, yeah! God, this is so awesome!
(592) Yeah!Yeah!
(593) Got a lot of fight in ya.
(594) It's pointless, although it's noble.
(595) That's nice. Very nice.
(596) Very, very nice.
(597) Payback's a bitch, huh?
(598) It's been nice knowing you.
(599) Yeah! Oh, my God!
(600) That was frickin' awesome.
(601) Fade music.
(602) Titles.
(603) And we are out.
(604) Hello.
(605) Talk or I hang up.
(606) HI, I'm looking for Sam Lord.
(607) Who’s calling?
(608) I have a message for you from your brother, David.
(609) From my brother, David? David Lord?
(610) Who is this?
(611) I'm just a friend.
(612) Is this a joke?
(613) No, no, he wanted me to tell you something.
(614) My brother's dead.
(615) Not yet, but soon.
(616) He's dead to me.
(617) Can you help me?
(618) He just owned that, you knew? Game's on in 10 minutes.
(619) You can't just, like...
(620) If you hold it too long, it's like sitting on the pot and not shitting.
(621) Well, well, well, the Wizard himself.
(622) To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprise visit?
(623) Well, fireman, you got your wish.
(624) Any thoughts to what you're gonna do when you're free?
(625) So how's it gonna come?
(626) How's what gonna come?
(627) All right, okay, so you know.
(628) Here I had this speech prepared I was gonna give, but...
(629) I had the lab whip this up.
(630) Genius little concoction.
(631) Takes about 20 minutes to kick in.
(632) It won't kill you.
(633) Just throw you off your game. Teeny bit.
(634) Can't have our fans feeling like they got ripped off, now can we?
(635) They’ve come to expect great things from you.
(636) You and Kaden, you're both just cowards.
(637) No. No, only me.
(638) Kaden may be a lot of things, but he's not a coward.
(639) You are really great in there.
(640) It's like you were born to do this.
(641) You know, there is another way.
(642) You could stay and achieve true greatness.
(643) Let's just get this over with.
(644) May I?
(645) I told you I'd kill you.
(646) After I'm done with Kaden.
(647) Good luck with that.
(648) Your boyfriend dies tonight.
(649) So gonna whup his ass. Here we go, here we go.
(650) Run for it!
(651) Come on, Kaden.
(652) Come on.
(653) These guys are horrible. God, stop.
(654) Lori. Lori. Lori!
(655) I don't know how it happened, but your cover was blown.
(656) Probably a retaliation for the Korean sanction.
(657) Hi, I'm looking for Sam Lord.
(658) Who's calling?
(659) I have a message for you from your brother, David.
(660) From my brother David? David Lord?
(661) Ready the men. We have a location on Agent Searle.
(662) Come on.
(663) Come here, you.
(664) You ready to die, Death Dealer, huh? Ready to die?
(665) They've got a website. Death Games.
(666) Real fucked up shit.
(667) But they're no two-bit operation. Their online security is flawless.
(668) So their origins are unknown and so far untraceable.
(669) So is the money trail.
(670) Dead end every time.
(671) I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that this is the closest thing there is to e suicide mission.
(672) Are you sure? I want this assignment.
(673) Give it!
(674) Kill him.
(675) That's quality action right there.
(676) Who are you? My name is David Lord.
(677) David Lord. David Lord.
(678) Your cover name will be David Lord.
(679) You're a firefighter and a paramedic from Denver, Colorado.
(680) My name is Death Dealer.
(681) No. I was bred to fight. To kill.
(682) I made you.
(683) And I will end you!
(684) No.
(685) Why and how in the fuck is he still standing?
(686) Can you help me?
(687) Why are you smiling, you conniving bitch?
(688) Do you realize what you... Logan!
(689) You know what to do.
(690) Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!
(691) Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!
(692) Going somewhere?
(693) I could have killed you months ago! I protected you!
(694) Somehow I don't feel protected.
(695) Look, I can give you more money than you could ever spend!
(696) I'm sure you could.
(697) Here, take it!
(698) On the ground, on the ground, get on the ground!
(699) Room's clear.
(700) I never murdered anyone! It was Kaden, he's the one!
(701) And your hands are clean?
(702) Cleaner than yours!
(703) You can't make somebody change, David!
(704) You murdered those people be use you wanted to do it!
(705) All that bullshit about brainwashing You didn't have to do it! You wanted to do it!
(706) It's who you are, it's who you've always been!
(707) We’re the same, you're just like me!
(708) So tell me,
(709) since we're the same, what am I about to do?
(710) No!No!No!
(711) Drop your weapon and get on your knees! Drop your weapon!
(712) Drop your weapon!
(713) Agent Searle?
(714) Agent Searle?
(715) Agent Searle, it's good to see you made it.
(716) I'd almost given up hope.
(717) I killed all those men.
(718) It's okay, son.
(719) They were already dead.
(720) The important thing to remember is that you saved countless others.
(721) One of them is still alive.
(722) Find him. We will.
(723) We'll find him. I promise you that.
(724) She's the only reason I'm alive.
(725) Don't worry about her, David. She's in good hands.
(726) Her kind,

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