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Friday, December 11, 2015

[2011] [Colombiana] English Transcripts

(1) I can't believe this. Why not?
(2) Because I love you, Fabio, like a son.
(3) And I love you, Don Luis, like a father.
(4) I'm going to miss you.
(5) And I'm going to miss you.
(6) Okay,
(7) enough of this sentimental bullshit.
(8) One last drink? Next, we'll be crying like two old women!
(9) Come on.
(10) To the future.
(11) Good health and life!
(12) So, business is all clear?
(13) It's all here.
(14) No other copies? You have to ask? -Hey!
(15) Come on.
(16) I'm going to miss you.
(17) Bye, Marco.
(18) Kill this motherfucker.
(19) I cannot believe this.
(20) Not okay, boss?
(21) The bastard thinks I'm an idiot, playing it all mellow and shit.
(22) If he would have yelled and screamed and threatened to kill my whole family...
(23) it would've been better.
(24) We have about an hour to get outta here at the most! Let's go!
(25) We've got ten minutes.
(26) Cataleya, go pack. I'm packed Mamma.
(27) Cataleya.
(28) Listen to me. In case anything happens...
(29) this is your passport.
(30) If you find yourself alone, you go to this address on this card.
(31) Show it to the man at the gate.
(32) I don't understand, Papa. You don't have to understand.
(33) You just have to listen and remember.
(34) Take the bus and go here.
(35) And this... this will keep you safe.
(36) The cataleya orchid. My mother, your grandmother...
(37) used to grow them. Every morning I'd wake up to the sight of them. The smell of them.
(38) That's why I named you 'Cataleya'.
(39) Never forget where you came from.
(40) Hi. We want to see Don Fabio.
(41) He's not home.
(42) I'm ready. It's time! Come! Come!
(43) Let's go! Come on.
(44) Back, back, back.
(45) They say he is not home yet.
(46) Wait a minute.
(47) It's too late. Get ready.
(48) I love you very much.
(49) I love you too, Papa.
(50) Do it now.
(51) Change of plans.
(52) Do you remember me, Cataleya?
(53) I was at your confirmation.
(54) My name is Marco and I was a very good friend of your father.
(55) You know who Don Luis is, right?
(56) He was like a father to your father.
(57) That makes you family too.
(58) But... when... someone... is good to you...
(59) and you're not good to them back, then bad things happen.
(60) You do very well in school,
(61) so I know this is not too complicated for you to understand. Am I Right?
(62) Excellent.
(63) Now, your father had something that belonged to Don Luis. It's a small thing.
(64) Not bigger than this.
(65) Do you know where it is?
(66) Well,
(67) if you give it to me, Don Luis will be very happy and very grateful.
(68) So... why don't you just give me that little thing, which belongs to him.
(69) Would you do that?
(70) You're a smart girl.
(71) And in this life smart girls always get what they want.
(72) Just tell me, sweetheart...
(73) What do you want?
(74) To kill Don Luis!
(75) Grab that little bitch.
(76) We need her alive.
(77) Find her! Find the little bitch.
(78) Do not stop.
(79) Got you.
(80) Excuse me.
(81) And you said you... you have something for us, sweetie?
(82) Well, may I see it?
(83) Okay, everybody, take a five-minute coffee break.
(84) Jim, we're gonna have to record this.
(85) Where did you get this? My Papa.
(86) where is your Papa?
(87) Dead.
(88) Do you know what this is?
(89) Yes.
(90) My passport.
(91) We're about to arrive in Miami.
(92) I'll buckle you up.
(93) Welcome to America.
(94) Go ahead, I'll wait right here.
(95) Hello, young lady, where are we wanting to go today?
(96) Chicago? That's not just down the street, you know?
(97) How much?
(98) Hey, kid, what are you doing here?
(99) Emilio.
(100) There's a girl looking for you.

(101) It does not matter.
(102) Her name is Cataleya.
(103) Cataleya... Tio?
(104) I thought you were dead.
(105) You're safe.
(106) It's okay. You're safe now.
(107) You're safe.
(108) You have your mother's beautiful eyes.
(109) Don't be afraid.
(110) This is your home.
(111) How long has it been since you sleep?
(112) I don't know. A long time ago.
(113) Well, good. A young body needs to sleep.
(114) When I was your age, I would sleep half the day.
(115) I don't know if it helps with your growing pattern,
(116) but I was always ready for what came after.
(117) Whose room did I sleep in?
(118) My son.
(119) Your cousin.
(120) Where is he?
(121) He's dead.
(122) Killed?
(123) Yes.
(124) By whom?
(125) No one who is still alive.
(126) You are very talented.
(127) Is this what you want to be, an artist? I used to want to be like Xena.
(128) A Warrior Princess.
(129) Not any more?
(130) No?
(131) I want to be a killer.
(132) Can you help?
(133) Sure.
(134) Normally we don't accept students in the middle of the academic year.
(135) But under these circumstances, losing her parents in a tragic car accident.
(136) Here you are. These are... the school supplies you'll need.
(137) Sorry...
(138) She's a little traumatized.
(139) Of course.
(140) See you Monday, Cataleya.
(141) Such a pretty name.
(142) Thanks.
(143) After we get all this stuff, we go over to Maxwell Street...
(144) to get hot dogs from those Polish people here.
(145) You like hot dog?
(146) What is it now?
(147) That school has nothing to teach me.
(148) I told you what I want.
(149) You don't want to help me? Fine.
(150) I'll do it myself.
(151) Look.
(152) See that? Is that what you want?
(153) You want me to teach you how to be a killer? Sure, no problema, I'll teach you.
(154) But you'll be dead in five years.
(155) If you want to be a killer and survive, you got to be a smart one.
(156) You have to know things besides how to pull a trigger.
(157) You have to know how the world works, how people think...
(158) You gotta learn how to stand, how to be psychological.
(159) And I cannot teach you that unless you learn the basics out of school.
(160) You got that? Hmm?
(161) Come on. What's it going to be? Cataleya? You choose.
(162) Come on.
(163) Now. Choose.
(164) What you want? Choose.
(165) Better.
(166) Hey, buddy. I got the good stuff.
(167) So, might I suggest... Yeah?
(168) Let's buy some things. You know,
(169) spice it up a bit, like we talked about.
(170) Some of those stockings...
(171) that come up to the thigh. Right, nice.
(172) It's been fourteen years, you know what I mean?
(173) No matter how much you like steak...
(174) sometimes a lamb chop isn't a bad thing, right?
(175) Exactly.
(176) Son of a bitch!
(177) Put your hands on the car! Hands on the vehicle, right now!
(178) Oooh, back...
(179) Stupid, crazy bitch. I'm really sorry.
(180) This is not... it's not even my car.
(181) You think this is funny? No, sir!
(182) I'm gonna give you something to laugh about.
(183) I'm sorry, officer. I'm sorry, I don't drink...
(184) There's nothing here.
(185) No license, no registration, No ID...
(186) except for a library card.
(187) Miss Valerie Philips.
(188) In addition to all that, you are being charged with,
(189) D.U.I. driving on the wrong side of the road and...
(190) the destruction of police property.
(191) Miss Philips!
(192) Do I have your full attention?
(193) Yeah... That's it?
(194) Unless there's anything else you can think of?
(195) I have to throw up. Oh, no, no, no. Get her out of here.
(196) And a cup of coffee too. We can book her tomorrow.
(197) Let her sleep it off, for Christ's sake...
(198) Alright, big step. Down you come.
(199) Alright, stretch those legs. Come on, move!
(200) McGee just checked downstairs.
(201) She's from Rome, okay? And she says to the other...
(202) Excuse me. U.S. Marshall Warren.
(203) We're here with Gennaro Rizzo on an overnight.
(204) Wait, wait, wait... hold on a second.
(205) You know, it says here that you're not expected until tomorrow.
(206) Yeah, well, never expect the expected, sergeant.
(207) Is that coffee there? Is that fresh?
(208) Yes, it is. Do you mind?
(209) My treat.
(210) Appreciate it. You know, uh...
(211) Officer Doyle is gonna show you where the cell blocks are.
(212) Oh, come on.
(213) Home, sweet home.
(214) After you, sir.
(215) I'm going to miss you, Rizzo.
(216) I gonna leave that just there, just in case you get hungry in the night.
(217) Sleep well.
(218) This'll be a caffeine kinda night, Joe. Keep your eyes open.
(219) Two...
(220) Three...
(221) Not again.
(222) Hey, Doyle, go check on the ventilation system, will you?
(223) As in today, please?
(224) Yeah? Yeah, I gotta pee...?
(225) Unbutton your shirt... Now. What?
(226) Who are you?
(227) Go! Come on!
(228) We have a security threat.
(229) Come!
(230) Get inside. Somebody open the fucking door!
(231) Look at me, Joe, look at me. Give me the gun.
(232) Just give it to me, OK. It's good.
(233) Hold on, hold on. I didn't do it.
(234) I didn't do it!.
(235) Get him out of here. I didn't do it!
(236) Call it in. Call it in!
(237) Damn.
(238) Check on the other side.
(239) It's clear here.
(240) I'm outta here.
(241) Agent Ross.
(242) Where is he? He's in the morgue.
(243) Let's go.
(244) This is just how he came in.
(245) It's the same handwriting.
(246) Same drawing, right?
(247) That's him.
(248) I want to see the location, please.
(249) Thank you.
(250) Oh, I shouldn't drink. No, you shouldn't.
(251) Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
(252) Yeah, you can tell that to the Judge in ten days' time, at your hearing.
(253) What's going on down there?
(254) Nothing. You can sign this form, and then you can go.
(255) Really? Yeah, really,
(256) but I'm quite sure the judge will send you back here.
(257) I'd probably deserve it. Oh, you're just lucky no one got hurt.
(258) Okay, now, back up.
(259) You're gonna have to lock it down.
(260) Hey, it was after the fact, I didn't think anybody would...
(261) You gotta do it, okay? Nobody in, nobody out, please.
(262) You heard that man. Lock it down. Nobody in or nobody out.
(263) I wanna see paper, on everybody in and outta this station in the last 24 hours.
(264) And I want the tapes.
(265) From all the security cameras.
(266) All of them.
(267) It's all okay? We're good.
(268) When you're back? The day after tomorrow.
(269) Look, I have something for you.
(270) Give me a day.
(271) Okay.
(272) We can't wait to see you back.
(273) Give mama a kiss for me. I will.
(274) Twenty-two murders in the last four years all with the same MO.
(275) I think I'm right, he is sending a message...
(276) but I'm beginning to believe it's not meant for us.
(277) Well, we're the only ones with that information.
(278) Well, we're not getting anywhere with it, are we?
(279) Put it out to the press. It's time.
(280) The word, this lipstick drawing,
(281) I want it splashed over every newspaper, every magazine, front page, national.
(282) The message ain't meant for us.
(283) Let's make sure it gets to who it's intended for.
(284) Mr. Richard.
(285) Marco. It's been a long time.
(286) Yes, it has. How is the hand?
(287) It only hurts... when it's humid.
(288) Well, you should've let us relocate you to Arizona instead of New Orleans.
(289) Yeah, right, but the boss likes it humid.
(290) He's waiting for you.
(291) What do you think?
(292) Hm?
(293) Coincidence. Twenty-two times?
(294) A flower that only grows in one place on earth?
(295) Couldn't it be the calling card of... shoot, I forgot his name.
(296) What's his name, your former partner,
(297) you know, the one who used to do your wetwork?
(298) Fabio. Fabio.
(299) Fabio Restrepo.
(300) May I?
(301) The CIA is not an amusement park.
(302) When the agency extracted your ass from Colombia 15 years ago...
(303) and set you up here, we allowed you to resume you little business,
(304) but what we should've done was lock you away for life.
(305) Now, in exchange, you should've kept the information flowing.
(306) And I have. Not much.
(307) I have nothing to do with this. Then find out who did.
(308) She's talking to us.
(309) Could be anyone.
(310) You idiot. I told you, everyone dead, down to the dog.
(311) You screwed it up the first time.
(312) Now, go fix it.
(313) Each and every one of the victims was a professional bad apple.
(314) As for motive, I'm narrowing it down to, uh...
(315) payback, but, um... not much else.
(316) My best guess, Alexa Milshinova,
(317) she made a career out of getting intimate with high stake gamblers out of Vegas.
(318) She would, uh... rip 'em off and then send them to meet their maker.
(319) Here. D'Angelo James.
(320) He tried to take over the heroin trade from Houston
(321) From the, uh... Gemini Cartel.
(322) If you do not know, all there is to know about these twins...
(323) you should not be in this room.
(324) Now you see,
(325) he tilts the camera just enough, so he won't be seen going into the cell.
(326) The Time: 1:55 am.
(327) That means that our perp was in that station, that...
(328) I don't have to spell it out for you, do I?
(329) Excuse me. Hand these out, please.
(330) These are the names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone...
(331) with a pulse who was in that station before 1:55 am.
(332) Everyone. Which means one of them was our target.
(333) I want you to locate the ten people in the folder you've just been handed.
(334) I want a detailed dossier on each of them for the last ten years of their lives.
(335) I want you to run down every lead, we will check every story.
(336) 'Coz our killer, ladies and gentleman, is in those folders...
(337) and I mean to catch him before he kills again.
(338) Don't move.
(339) Hello, Jennifer.
(340) Hello, Danny.
(341) You haven't finished painting.
(342) Never really finished painting, I just stopped working on it.
(343) I know something you're gonna finish.
(344) Tell me something.
(345) Are we ever gonna go on a normal date together?
(346) What's a normal date?
(347) Well, you know. Go out, have dinner, drink wine, get drunk.
(348) Hm... Dessert?
(349) Safe? From my end. And you?
(350) Safe. How's Mama?
(351) She... is missing you. Well, tell her I miss her back.
(352) I think she would love to hear that from you.
(353) I know.
(354) What do we got?
(355) Remember the guy on the news for running a Ponzi scheme about a year ago?
(356) Mh-hm.
(357) Made 50 million dollars and vanished into thin air. Clever guy.
(358) Now he's living in the Caribbean.
(359) No. Mh...
(360) So, he left a lot of people very upset. Want to give him a break, permanently.
(361) There's something else.
(362) How long has this been going on?
(363) Not long. The newspaper says, 22.
(364) Why? You know why.
(365) You think this is going to smoke Don Luis out? You think he's that stupid?
(366) It's not just about you, okay? Cataleya?
(367) There's me, Mama, and my family.
(368) Familia? Okay.
(369) Tio, please.
(370) You're clean. You book the work, you collect the money...
(371) The problem is, I watch your back, that's why.
(372) Each and every job, I make a dollar with, if I give you a job,
(373) I turn down five, ten, because I made a promise to keep you safe.
(374) I'll keep you safe. Cataleya, that is a full-time job, no matter what you think.
(375) But this is not a professional, it's not what I do...
(376) I don't care, about what's professional and what's safe. I'm doing this my way.
(377) That is your way? Yeah.
(378) A dead killer, is stupid.
(379) Please, start listen...
(380) I should never have let you do this.
(381) You didn't let me do anything. I chose this, remember? I chose this...
(382) From the first moment I walked in your door,
(383) I had already made my decision. By yourself?
(384) Yes.
(385) Not you, or anybody, are gonna change that.
(386) We love you, Cataleya.
(387) Then watch my back until it's done.
(388) Cataleya.
(389) Excuse me? It's an orchid.
(390) That's what this is? Sure does.
(391) It grows in Colombia. How do you know that?
(392) My wife, she's Colombian.
(393) Uh, uh... Cataleya? That's right.
(394) AMAZON
(395) Let's try 'organization'.
(396) What's this shit?
(397) Hi, boys. Did you miss me?
(398) I've missed you too.
(399) Hi. Come!
(400) Have you guys been good? Hm?
(401) Alright. Stay.
(402) Sirloin... Juicy.
(403) Delicious. Want one?
(404) Good.
(405) Eat.
(406) I know that song.
(407) I guess the boys gave me away, huh? You spoil them.
(408) I train them.
(409) Fishie, fishie... Willy, why are they ignoring me?
(410) What? Baby, you put one drop of blood in there,
(411) and they'll be your biggest admirers. Really?
(412) Oh yeah, baby. All the way down to your clean, stripped bones.
(413) Cool...
(414) Alejandro, you bring in extra security for tonight.
(415) Yes, sir.
(416) And make sure that we are shut down, tight.
(417) Yes, sir.
(418) Girls, come to papa, huh?
(419) There already guys in the garden and guys out back.
(420) I want you three upstairs. Yes, sir.
(421) Two on the roof.
(422) Hurry!
(423) Jesus, what is this?
(424) Come back to bed. Shh...
(425) Who the fuck is here?
(426) Turn around.
(427) Who are you? It doesn't matter who I am.
(428) Damn it!
(429) Okay. What do you want? I want you exactly where you are.
(430) Whatever they pay, I'll double it.
(431) Please... please don't kill me. I'm not gonna kill you.
(432) Oh, no, no, please.
(433) Yeah.
(434) Mr. Steven Richard? Who is this?
(435) This is FBI special agent James Ross.
(436) Look, I'm the lead agent on a case,
(437) it's a serial we call the tag killer. You might've heard of him?
(438) I've seen the publicity. He mocks his victims with a flower.
(439) It's from Colombia. A cataleya orchid.
(440) Each time I try to access information I get stuck...
(441) with a CIA "Access Denied" tag...
(442) I'm at the end of a very long road, Mr. Richard,
(443) and I believe that you are the man I need...
(444) Listen, Agent Ross, I can't give any information out over the phone,
(445) but what I suggest is you file a formal request with the agency...
(446) for any information you might want.
(447) And I'll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I can.
(448) Thank you.
(449) Stop bullshitting me, Marco. I got the FBI on my ass now.
(450) And I want that problem taken care of yesterday, do you hear me?
(451) Loud and clear. Good.
(452) Where to? Downtown.
(453) And we question every Colombian we meet...
(454) until we find an address to get her family. Okay?
(455) In case you show up,
(456) I want to let you know that I went to New York to meet the galleries.
(457) I'll be back tomorrow night,
(458) but if you're already here, make yourself at home.
(459) What have we got?
(460) We do have the surveillance tapes from a few angles.
(461) Few angles.
(462) That's it? That's it.
(463) I mean, it's not a lot to go on... Oh, come on...
(464) but run it through the database, see what happens.
(465) We're not looking for a woman. It's not possible.
(466) And wine. Thank you.
(467) Come on. I'm impressed.
(468) I got you something.
(469) You did? Yeah.
(470) A stuffed alligator? Yeah.
(471) Exactly what I've always wanted.
(472) Wait, wait.
(473) Let's just, uh... let's just sit,
(474) have a little of this food and talk for a little bit first.
(475) What you wanna talk about?
(476) I don't know. Anything. Ask me something.
(477) How was your trip? Actually it was great.
(478) The gallery liked my new paintings, they're gonna put up a show in October.
(479) And that's a good thing, right? Yeah.
(480) My turn. How was your trip?
(481) Hot. Did you do anything exciting?
(482) I went swimming. Anything else?
(483) Come on. Talk to me. What do you wanna know?
(484) Anything. Something about you. Something...
(485) Where are you from?
(486) Are your parents from here in the city?
(487) Okay...
(488) let's start with something a little more simple.
(489) What do you like to eat for breakfast?
(490) I don't eat breakfast.
(491) I'm not gonna hurt you.
(492) I just wanna know a little bit more about you.
(493) About what you feel inside. What you feel about me, anything.
(494) Just a little.
(495) I feel lonely sometimes.
(496) Thank you. Me too.
(497) Let me this time.
(498) Good morning.
(499) I know you say you don't eat breakfast, so I thought I'd make us some lunch.
(500) Shit.
(501) Wait. Where you going? I shouldn't have done this.
(502) Shouldn't have done what? Any of it.
(503) I don't understand. Why? What're you talking about? Why?
(504) Because... Because...? Look...
(505) can you just hold on a second? Can we just talk about this?
(506) No, no, Danny. We've talked too much.
(507) Jennifer, just stay for a minute. I'm sorry. I have to go.
(508) Jennifer!
(509) I'm sorry I'm late.
(510) Look!
(511) Eight people, slaughtered in Miami. One of them is my friend.
(512) So what? You know exactly what.
(513) It's getting too close. Ay, Tio, please. Again, with that?
(514) They are looking for you. Don't play with me.
(515) You'll bring me in for sure. I know how your twisted little mind works.
(516) Do you think this is a game? I'm a fucking joke to you?
(517) Hm?
(518) But you scare me, Cataleya.
(519) I won't deal with your shit anymore.
(520) I won't give you work, or anything, anymore.
(521) You are retired.
(522) You can't do that. Quiet!
(523) How many people did you kill when your boy died?
(524) How many? What you know my son?
(525) You know fucking nothing about my son.
(526) Tell me.
(527) But it changed nothing.
(528) When I lose my son, I lose my life.
(529) Everything is important to me, is gone.
(530) And I want to believe in you, Cataleya.
(531) Why? I still pray that you find a life, away from this.
(532) Because no one in our entire family has a chance for one.
(533) Listen. Never come to the house, never come to the church.
(534) Don't bother. I don't wanna wait for your phone call no more.
(535) I don't want you to break my mother's heart.
(536) Maybe this will help you to understand...
(537) what I'm trying to tell you.
(538) Oh, poor daddy.
(539) Well, hazel, actually.
(540) Dark hair. Thick, shiny.
(541) Incredible body. Killer smile.
(542) I think about her all day long. Dude, you're in love.
(543) You're so smart.
(544) Okay, seriously, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart,
(545) you're nuts.
(546) I haven't had anyone important in my life for at least ten years.
(547) I finally find someone that I really, really like,
(548) that I... that I wanna be with all the time.
(549) I've got nothing. I've got a stuffed animal and a picture.
(550) You got a picture? Give it up.
(551) It's not even really a whole picture. I took of her while she was sleeping, so...
(552) Oh, myGod... Jesus, relax.
(553) When do I get to meet the future Mrs. Delanay?
(554) You? Never.
(555) Excuse me, excuse me, why are you writing a ticket?
(556) Third Precinct. You got that picture?
(557) Hello, skinny face, lying on my computer.
(558) Oooh, she is beautiful. Clearly out of your league.
(559) It's not for me, it's for Danny. Remember, the painter?
(560) Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Much better match.
(561) It's a perfect match. How long is this gonna take?
(562) Slow down, tiger. You're my brother-in-law, not my boss.
(563) And besides, I'm not supposed to be doing this.
(564) Sorry, sorry.
(565) You are gonna be the fairy godmother in the most beautiful love story ever.
(566) Okay? Think about it.
(567) You get the honor of saying you were the one, who made this all happen.
(568) And I get to lose my job if I get caught.
(569) Brian, it's done. I'll call you when I got something, okay?
(570) Thank you, babe.
(571) You'll thank me later.
(572) Hey, I want a trace put on an incoming transmission.
(573) Chicago, third precinct. Get somebody down there now.
(574) That was such a nice surprise.
(575) Everyone grows up sometime. She's gonna be okay.
(576) Yes, Mama. I think so.
(577) Uh... excuse me? Come with me, please.
(578) That's my computer! Why is she... why are you all up on my computer?
(579) You have the right to remain... You better not mess up my favorites!
(580) We have a base, sir... Let's try size.
(581) Good. Now... Let's see hands.
(582) Looking good. Now...
(583) Hm... nice nose.
(584) Congratulations. You have a girl.
(585) Print it. Get it out to all stations.
(586) And get the mobile unit ready. Yes, sir.
(587) It's me. Jen?
(588) Are you busy?
(589) No, no I'm not.
(590) Now we do a name.
(591) Positioning in progress...
(592) I was just looking out the window and thinking,
(593) where are you? I'm... I'm at home.
(594) I was looking out the window too.
(595) So we're looking at the same star right now, huh?
(596) Almost there. You have a sexy voice on the phone.
(597) Yeah, you do too. We've got it.
(598) Okay, we've got. Give SWAT the location.
(599) Go!
(600) I'm really glad you called me. Me too.
(601) I was literally just looking at a picture of you, thinking of you,
(602) when the phone rang.
(603) What picture? I took a picture of you...
(604) while you were sleeping with my phone.
(605) It's really bad, but I just wanted to have something to remind me of you.
(606) Did you show it to anybody, Danny? No. Well actually, to my friend Ryan.
(607) Who else saw the picture, Danny? Nobody. Why?
(608) Danny, who else? Nobody.
(609) I didn't show it to anybody, what's the big deal?
(610) Look, I just took a stupid picture of you with my phone. I'm sorry.
(611) I'm sorry too.
(612) Let's see what we got Special Agent Williams, FBI.
(613) It's clear.
(614) No, ma'am, everything's under control.
(615) I just need you to come with us, we're evacuating the building.
(616) Charges.
(617) Blow it.
(618) She's not here. Lock down this building. ASAP!
(619) Anything? Naw, nothing.
(620) No, wait, wait, wait, one security camera down.
(621) A second one down. Where?
(622) The garage!
(623) All units, get to the garage. Let's go, let's go!
(624) Cover all the damn exits.
(625) She's here!
(626) Look everywhere!
(627) Under every car, look in every room. She's here. Find her!
(628) Anything?
(629) Come on, check that booth, she's here.
(630) Tio! Mama.
(631) Mama.
(632) Oh, shit...
(633) Emilio!
(634) Emilio!
(635) This won't take long. Please. Sit. You think you've been smart.
(636) Have you covered all your bases? 'Coz this... this is already over.
(637) This whole place is wired with webcams. You mean these?
(638) Talk about covering all my bases: Your chair is pressure-wired.
(639) You move a single inch, and that'll be the last move you ever make.
(640) And given what you know about me, you know I don't bluff.
(641) I don't know about you. So I'm just gonna ask...
(642) what happened to you, that you could kill 23 people?
(643) Would you believe me if I told you this wasn't the life I had imagined?
(644) When I was a child, I wanted to be like you,
(645) on the other side. Really?
(646) So what happened?
(647) This how it all went...
(648) I was nine when he had my parents killed,
(649) in front of me.
(650) So all this... the tag killer?
(651) The clues... weren't for us at all, they were all for him?
(652) It was the only way I could track him down.
(653) And you needed us to put it all in the press?
(654) Yes, but it took you so fucking long.
(655) Goddamn.
(656) You had to be really determined, very focused, huh?
(657) Not focused enough.
(658) This morning he took the last piece of me.
(659) You sent the man a message, he sent you one right back.
(660) And now I'm gonna finish it.
(661) Oh, I can't help you. Yes you can,
(662) he is protected by your government.
(663) By a part of my government that I cannot reach. It's CIA...
(664) and I don't know why, but I can't get under it,
(665) I can't get over it, you have to believe me...
(666) I have tried. Try harder, Agent Ross.
(667) You have a beautiful family.
(668) If you go anywhere near my family,
(669) I swear to God, I'll... Shhh...
(670) Now you know what you have to do. Get me Luis Sandoval.
(671) Because if you don't, you're gonna go to a funeral, every week.
(672) And I will not stop, until you begin to feel what I've felt all these years.
(673) I'm sorry.
(674) Cataleya.
(675) When your dinner's ready,
(676) the timer in your chair will have expired.
(677) Don't get up before.
(678) Wait!
(679) Now, you do understand that I only took this meeting...
(680) out of professional courtesy?
(681) Well, the truth is,
(682) I really can't help you at all. Can't, or won't?
(683) It's the same thing, really. But in the, uh, spirit of reaching out...
(684) Let me put my cards on the table. I have met this woman.
(685) This tag killer. It's a woman?
(686) Yeah. Is she pretty?
(687) She got the drop on me in my home
(688) and she told me, that if I don't bring her the whereabouts of this man, she says...
(689) she's gonna kill a member of my family every week until I have none left.
(690) Are you kidding me? Does it seem to you...
(691) that I would make something like this up?
(692) So why don't you just... tell me what I should do.
(693) Call 911. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting.
(694) It starts now.
(695) Ross.
(696) It's her.
(697) She says, if you don't give her exactly what she wants,
(698) she's gonna redecorate your whole office, with you.
(699) Can you please tell her that glass is temperative resistant...
(700) to a direct hit by a 57mm ordinance?
(701) Ten seconds to give up that address.
(702) How can I be sure that if I give her the address, she won't kill me anyway?
(703) She says you can't, but you can trust me,
(704) if you do not give her what she wants,
(705) you will be the 24th victim on the hit parade.
(706) She asks that you keep this coversation strictly confidential.
(707) With pleasure. What about my family?
(708) Good morning. Who are you?
(709) That's not important. What's important is...
(710) I need the floor plants to 8-6-7 Magnolia Terrace.
(711) If you don't leave my office immediately, I will call the police.
(712) I really need those floor plans.
(713) You will take positions here... here... and here.
(714) You must expect the unexpected.
(715) She's like mist under a door. Like a mouse on the wall.
(716) She will never attack straight on...
(717) and you will not see her until it's too late.
(718) She's that invisible.
(719) Let's go!
(720) Don Luis... Don Luis, are you okay?
(721) Get the Mercedes. What happened?
(722) You need to get out of here. Leave me alone.
(723) Come on! Come on, come on.
(724) Everybody in! Let's go! Quick!
(725) We have to move. Hurry!
(726) Come on. You hide here.
(727) And wait for my call. Okay.
(728) Did you get her? We're checking.
(729) I think we got her.
(730) Marco.
(731) Marco!
(732) Marco!
(733) What the hell is going on? I will hold here.
(734) Marco!
(735) You've been waiting for this moment for a very long time, right?
(736) Yes.
(737) Hurry.
(738) Marco? No. It's Cataleya.
(739) What were you expecting?
(740) You have ruined your whole life trying to kill me, someone like me?
(741) I cannot be killed. I do the killing! And now, it's your turn to be hunted.
(742) You will never find me. But as the day follows night, believe me,
(743) I will find you. And I will kill you. And you know why?
(744) Because I will never be...
(745) where you want me to be. Actually...
(746) you're exactly where I want you to be.
(747) Eat.
(748) You should think very carefully. Is there anything else?
(749) I've already told you everything.
(750) Okay? She... she'd come by for a couple of hours,
(751) and then she'd leave, that's it.
(752) Look, it's really late, I'm really tired. If you are not gonna arrest me...
(753) We don't actually have anything to charge you with.
(754) So, can I leave? No.
(755) I got a few more questions. Can I at least get a cup of coffee?
(756) Yeah.
(757) Cream and sugar? Yes, please.
(758) Hello. Hello.
(759) Jen? Thank God. Look, I... I had no idea, I'm so sorry, are you okay?
(760) I'm fine. Where are you? The FBI.
(761) Danny, you know that they... Yeah.
(762) How much time do we have? Forty seconds.
(763) Gives us time for 3 more questions. What's your real name?
(764) Cataleya. Like the flower?
(765) Yes, like the flower. Twenty Seconds.
(766) Will my little bird come back one day?
(767) Leave your window open and you'll see.
(768) Hey, Ross? Yeah.
(769) We're picking something up off that guy's phone.
(770) Last question. I love you.
(771) Give me that phone. Give it! Hello? Hello?!
(772) You can go.

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