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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[2012] [Chinese Zodiac] English Transcripts

(1) Hey, you cannot pass!
(2) Hi. I want to pee-pee.
(3) She's gorgeous!
(4) Please.
(5) Come. This way. Here.
(6) Thank you.
(7) What's going on?
(8) I don't get this.
(9) Attention! Attention!
(10) What's happening?
(11) There's a breach. Be alert!
(12) What is it?
(13) We're being attacked! Hurry!
(14) Get ready!
(15) What's going on?
(16) Stop him!
(17) Stop him! Stop, or we will shoot!
(18) Get him!
(19) Get him!
(20) This way!
(21) He's under the truck! Get him!
(22) He's here!
(23) He's here!
(24) Get him!
(25) Shoot!
(26) Hurry!
(27) There's a breach! Don't let him get away!
(28) Where are the keys?
(29) I can't see him. He's faster than a car!
(30) I can see our cars, but nothing else.
(31) Where is he? You haven't caught him? What are you busy with'?
(32) What is this?
(33) Kill him!
(34) What's that?
(35) He's there!
(36) Oh, my poor backside!
(37) Shoot!
(38) JC, Okay?
(39) Go!
(40) Take her up!
(41) Hello?
(42) Hey, JC, it's Jonathan.
(43) Did you find the Roses?
(44) I'm on holiday!
(45) I have a new assignment. You interested?
(46) What's the pay?
(47) Twelve bronze heads from the Old Summer Palace. You know them?
(48) Chinese zodiac?
(49) Going twice.
(50) Sold!
(51) Congratulations, Mr Morgan.
(52) MP is now the proud owner of the world's four rarest stamps.
(53) You're wrong. Not four.
(54) Now there is only one in the world.
(55) Hey, check it out! MP is all over the news today.
(56) The boss. He's back.
(57) It's the only one of its kind left.
(58) Its value goes triple overnight.
(59) Father's idea. Genius!
(60) You want a priceless antique? I'll make it for you.
(61) Next!
(62) The fifth bronze head did exceptionally well. It was a surprise to us.
(63) Recent buyers, this auction season, were all businessmen,
(64) who just love their country.
(65) That's because they'll do anything for their own relics, won't they?
(66) Their patriotism equals our profit.
(67) Genius!
(68) These bronzes,
(69) each one higher than the last.
(70) Yes, sir. In 2000, the Ox head sold for more than 7 million.
(71) Next item...
(72) Same year, the Monkey head goes for over 8 million.
(73) Tiger, over 15 million...
(74) And 6 for the Pig.
(75) How am I getting my hands on those bad boys?
(76) What about JC?
(77) He hasn't even found the Roses painting yet.
(78) Roses? Don't worry about the Roses.
(79) You tell JC if he can get me all the remaining heads,
(80) there's a massive bonus in it for him.
(81) As long as the money is right, JC will get you anything.
(82) Well, then, you tell him it's €1 million each.
(83) And if he gets us the dragon as well, I'll add another zero.
(84) Genius!
(85) Professor Guan? Martin's from National Geographic.
(86) This is Professor Guan.
(87) Hi, Professor. How do you do?
(88) National Geographic is very well-respected.
(89) Our work needs plenty of support from friends.
(90) Especially from credible and respected media sources such as yours.
(91) I'm writing about the 12 bronze heads right now.
(92) You are the expert.
(93) We want to learn from you.
(94) The Pyramids of Egypt,
(95) the Parthenon in Greece,
(96) and Cambodia's Angkor Wat,
(97) are just like China's Old Summer Palace.
(98) The building of the Old Summer Palace began in 1709.
(99) It took over 150 years.
(100) They say its magnificence stunned the world.

(101) Envoys called it "The Garden of Gardens".
(102) Haiyan Hall was its largest Western mansion.
(103) This is where the 12 Chinese zodiac statues stood,
(104) each majestically spouting water at noon.
(105) In July, 1860,
(106) foreign armies breached Fort Dagu,
(107) and shattered the Empire's feeble defences.
(108) On October 6th,
(109) the invaders stormed the Old Summer Palace.
(110) Many imperial treasures, including the 12 bronze zodiac statues,
(111) were ruthlessly pillaged, or burned.
(112) The fire lasted three nights and days.
(113) This 150 year old architectural masterpiece was razed to the ground.
(114) Everybody!
(115) One, two, three!
(116) These students come from all over.
(117) They've been working here for years.
(118) Repatriating relics to their own countries.
(119) We need everyone to work hard.
(120) It takes centuries to create a miracle.
(121) But a bomb or fire can destroy it in an instant.
(122) After much detailed research,
(123) we came up with almost exact replicas of the statues.
(124) And you are the first reporter to see them.
(125) No pictures! Oh.
(126) Sorry.
(127) Five have been auctioned. And the rest?
(128) There are many rumours of their whereabouts.
(129) One of my students in Paris is an expert on ancient antiquities.
(130) She recently examined two of the auctioned heads.
(131) Which two?
(132) Rabbit head and the Rat head.
(133) How can I contact her?
(134) I'll contact her for you now.
(135) Thanks.
(136) Can I touch? Of course.
(137) Thank you.
(138) Oh. Don't worry about doing that.
(139) But I should.
(140) It's here!
(141) The Rat head is finished. Is it very valuable?
(142) Depends on what you think is valuable.
(143) For '£19, you can have them both.
(144) This is your document.
(145) Welcome to Paris!
(146) Thank you.
(147) We are here for peace.
(148) Peace! Peace in your heart!
(149) Peace!
(150) Everybody! Okay?
(151) We will voice our concerns peacefully.
(152) Guan's student lives here?
(153) GPS says so.
(154) Wait here.
(155) Ooh! Paris!
(156) Are you Shangguan Ma-ding?
(157) Ah! Yes.
(158) But my research says
(159) that Shangguan Ma-ding passed away several years ago.
(160) Ah, my cousin. I'm Martin Shangguan.
(161) Oh, really?
(162) Follow me.
(163) Everyone. Everyone.
(164) This is Martin, he's here from National Geographic.
(165) He's here to do a feature on the bronze heads that we examined.
(166) We need all the help we can get from mainstream media,
(167) like National Geographic.
(168) I'll do my best.
(169) A common goal among us young people who work here
(170) is to retrieve lost relics from various countries.
(171) Of course, that includes the 12 bronze heads.
(172) Oh.
(173) So these must be the two bronze heads that are here in France?
(174) Yes. They belong to Count Marceau now.
(175) I authenticated them, and Professor Guan verified the data.
(176) They are authentic.
(177) Wow, he lives in that chéteau?
(178) Sorry.
(179) Job habit.
(180) Guys, guys! Here.
(181) What's going on?
(182) What's wrong, guys?
(183) I was walking with Wu Qing... We were keeping surveillance on the cargo.
(184) No batteries. Stupid!
(185) Yeah, it's suspected of being stolen antiques.
(186) Suddenly, out of nowhere, all these guys started beating us up!
(187) That was too risky! I've told you we only protest in peace.
(188) And you, you should have stopped him. No, listen...
(189) No, no, no, guys. Listen to me.
(190) I'd like to remind all of you about the principles of our organisation.
(191) Producer of the National Geographic channel.
(192) Reporter? Yes.
(193) Chinese? Yes.
(194) You must help us expose MP's crime.
(195) Make them look bad!
(196) I took photos. Take a look, here. Sit down!
(197) Be careful.
(198) I'm sorry this happened on your first visit.
(199) Anyway, we got nothing else for you. Goodbye.
(200) Uh, can I have a word? Of course.
(201) Come. Come over here.
(202) What's the matter?
(203) These people, and big companies, you and your students must be...
(204) Very good. Nothing. Bye-bye.
(205) What was that about?
(206) He'll crack the code. Okay.
(207) By then, I may be here.
(208) You will be my escape.
(209) The ground is flat, and there's only one lower area.
(210) So pick me up there.
(211) Follow me.
(212) Monsieur Pierre, during our phone conversation,
(213) you said you wanted more information about our bronze heads.
(214) We've brought you this portfolio.
(215) I'm sure you'll find everything inside of it.
(216) I'm begging you to pick up the phone, I'm begging you.
(217) Are you certain about their authenticity? Yes, of course.
(218) Indeed, there are many replicas on the market now.
(219) And even experienced collectors have been fooled.
(220) But if you have any doubts, you're free to get them tested.
(221) Okay, let me keep this book.
(222) And I will contact you soon. Call me back.
(223) Count Marceau has used his hands to flip through the album.
(224) I believe he's going to the secret room right now.
(225) Their surveillance systems are installed outside.
(226) Maybe they're afraid of damaging the relics.
(227) Our research was correct.
(228) The owner is obsessed with tidiness.
(229) He's mysophobic just like you.
(230) So now, we wait.
(231) Let's wait.
(232) Mmm. They're all seeing their boss off.
(233) I see.
(234) Tell me when you're ready!
(235) We're ready!
(236) Five seconds.
(237) I see them.
(238) Hurry up. Looks like they're coming back to you.
(239) Found it. The bookshelf.
(240) Hmm. Same old trick.
(241) Oh, no.
(242) What's wrong? What's wrong?
(243) Three sets of 46-letter combinations.
(244) Even with eight computers, it'll take two days.
(245) Weird!
(246) What has the boss been up to?
(247) Hmm?
(248) JC". Why would a person so tidy misplace his books?
(249) "14 "
(250) should be put
(251) over there.
(252) Three...
(253) Ah! That's how he remembers the password.
(254) I know how to open it.
(255) A, 4, HI, V, 1966,
(256) A, 1982, XI...
(257) Voilà ! Genius me!
(258) You found them yet?
(259) No rush.
(260) Rat head.
(261) Rabbit head.
(262) They look like our replicas?
(263) To me, they look the same.
(264) Is there anything else worth taking?
(265) All junk!
(266) You know what I see?
(267) What? What?
(268) Pharaoh's sceptre, Czarina's staff.
(269) Golden Eagle Box,
(270) Star of Arabia!
(271) Those are all lost national relics!
(272) And now, they belong to us.
(273) Yeah!
(274) Guess what else I found?
(275) What? What?
(276) A painting we dreamt of stealing.
(277) Did you say the Roses?
(278) You got it!
(279) Been looking for you, and here you are.
(280) Lucky son of a gun.
(281) Just look at this photo.
(282) Who are you?
(283) Who are you?
(284) What are you doing?
(285) Guards!
(286) Hey! Stop!
(287) Hey, guys!
(288) He's upstairs! Go get him!
(289) They saw me!
(290) What's going on?
(291) Inside chased by dogs!
(292) Need directions!
(293) There he is!
(294) Look! He's on the roof!
(295) Go get him!
(296) Go that way.
(297) Bet you can't do that!
(298) More dogs!
(299) Outside the castle. Southeast. Which way?
(300) There's a maze ahead of you. Don't go in!
(301) I think I'm already in it.
(302) Can you fly out?
(303) No room for a take-off.
(304) I got to try, anyway
(305) Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, that's the way I got to go!
(306) Come on, there's no time for rhymes.
(307) Just find me an exit!
(308) We can't see you until you're airborne!
(309) Why are they stopping?
(310) Are they short-sighted?
(311) Look, he's airborne!
(312) He's down again.
(313) It's too short!
(314) Dead end!
(315) What are you doing? I'm acting like a dog!
(316) Bite me?
(317) Lie down!
(318) Good!
(319) Be good.
(320) Stay put!
(321) Good dog.
(322) Go!
(323) You spoke English to a French dog?
(324) Surprised he could understand.
(325) Thanks I'll call you later.
(326) Okay
(327) Guards.
(328) Go check it out right now!
(329) Finally, lam out!
(330) Simon will handle the rest. You call him.
(331) He doesn't like talking to me. You better call him.
(332) Martin?
(333) Martin!
(334) What are you doing?
(335) Don't know you!
(336) Was that you in the chéteau just now?
(337) Coco, it wasn't me.
(338) Someone else? Impossible!
(339) It was you! Hey, hey! Watch out!
(340) It was you! Hey, let go! Don't grab me! Let go!
(341) How could you steal?
(342) What you're talking about?
(343) We've been had! They knew each other!
(344) Shit!
(345) GO, go:
(346) Let go of me! Keep your eyes on the road!
(347) Are you still denying it? Fine, fine, it was me!
(348) Why did you do that?
(349) It's hard to explain right now.
(350) Watch out!
(351) Are you okay? Meet you at the boat!
(352) Simon. Your 6 o'clock, 9 o'clock above!
(353) Perfect!
(354) Where is the other? Coco's got it.
(355) You're no reporter. Who are you really?
(356) I have two identities.
(357) I am president of a non-profit.
(358) International Foundation of Relics, Medals and Paintings.
(359) What's that? I've never heard of that before.
(360) You know every organisation in the world?
(361) What about the head?
(362) Give it back to the Chinese government. Okay!
(363) Be careful, guys. Let's go!
(364) It's here! Let's go!
(365) Go, go! Let's go!
(366) Hello.
(367) Oh, no. Not this.
(368) Hello, is this the police?
(369) This is the one I authenticated.
(370) What's going on? Stay here!
(371) My power cable!
(372) Police! Don't move!
(373) Police! Police! Don't move!
(374) I swear that they are accomplices!
(375) It's not true!
(376) The Marceau family's reputation is impeccable...
(377) Had an impeccable reputation.
(378) We've watched these tapes, and we saw nothing.
(379) There are customs documents,
(380) and a witness who saw nothing at the chéteau.
(381) She was estranged after her uncle rejected a loan request.
(382) No, I was three when I last visited him. Do you really think I'd remember?
(383) I swear to God that... Shut up!
(384) We will keep the statue for two weeks.
(385) If no one claims it, you can have it back.
(386) If they bother you again, let us know.
(387) Now, you're free to go. Thank you.
(388) But that's not true! Shut up!
(389) I swear they stole the heads!
(390) You've other things to worry about!
(391) Hey, how did it go?
(392) Yeah, it went well.
(393) Hello! And now that we have... Oh.
(394) I still want to thank this honest and beautiful citizen of France.
(395) You're welcome. All I did was tell the truth.
(396) My name is Catherine.
(397) You seem very interested in those bronze heads.
(398) I have something at my house you might be interested in.
(399) Well, think about it.
(400) Drive on, Bruno.
(401) Chéteau Sichel. Bye!
(402) I've always wanted to see it!
(403) Welcome! I'm sorry.
(404) There are some routine security measures here.
(405) The bank has taken possession of everything.
(406) Nothing of value is permitted to be taken out.
(407) It's okay. Beautiful castle.
(408) Please, follow me.
(409) Let's go.
(410) Because our family went bankrupt in a financial crisis.
(411) Well, still nice to be able to live here.
(412) Thank you.
(413) Your ancestors may have been
(414) the last people to see these beautiful creatures.
(415) Yes, I know what you mean.
(416) Things are only treasured by people after they have disappeared.
(417) Yeah, you are right!
(418) Rooster?
(419) It's the reason I invited you here.
(420) Is that real?
(421) It's been here since I was born.
(422) This is stolen property, right?
(423) What did she say?
(424) Uh, she said, "Beautiful staircase."
(425) Oh, thank you.
(426) Let's go.
(427) This is my great-great grandfather.
(428) Her grandfather.
(429) Years ago, he came back from overseas.
(430) Later, his son, my grandma's father, put together an expedition
(431) and went to sea 'm search of the ship, Indestructible.
(432) But he never returned. He just disappeared mysteriously.
(433) I've heard you have the animals' heads.
(434) Maybe you would have clues about my great grandfather?
(435) This is stolen property, right?
(436) The value of what they've stolen is over a billion dollars!
(437) If you'd installed an infrared security system, things would have been much better.
(438) So it's my fault, then?
(439) No, no, no...
(440) I'll make you a promise.
(441) If you don't recover that painting, I will have you killed!
(442) Oh, it's a rocking horse I had when I was a child.
(443) Oh. And my great-great grandfather had these painted after his return from overseas.
(444) It's the view he saw after his ship was damaged.
(445) Why don't you have a look around? I'll go get some tea.
(446) Thank you.
(447) Go, go, go!
(448) Okay. How can we steal it?
(449) It's best if we stay two days, steal it and go.
(450) Can't. We'll need a replica.
(451) But we need data.
(452) Professor Guan has that.
(453) Ask Coco.
(454) Don't use the word "steal" with her, or she won't help us.
(455) What do you want to do?
(456) Look, guys!
(457) It's Castiglione's Emperor Qianlong's Autumn Hunt!
(458) Is it valuable? All antiquities are valuable.
(459) So my grandpa's chamber pot is priceless?
(460) So this painting does exist.
(461) Wasn't it destroyed already?
(462) In 1860, my great-great grandfather sailed to China
(463) on the ship called Indestructible, and won a great victory.
(464) This was one of the spoils of war he brought back.
(465) What are you doing?
(466) I'm taking it back to China!
(467) This is my home. You can't just take anything you want!
(468) Just like over 100 years ago.
(469) It's not like your ancestor asked anyone before taking this painting.
(470) Coco.
(471) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa!
(472) Coco.
(473) These things happened so long ago.
(474) Back then, if a woman wore too little clothes,
(475) someone might throw a stone at you.
(476) No, her.
(477) Sorry.
(478) Sorry for what?
(479) Don't be a bleeding heart.
(480) She should be the one apologising.
(481) What did she say?
(482) Did she say something?
(483) I don't need you to translate.
(484) Did you all forget?
(485) They came to our country a century ago, burnt, raped, murdered and pillaged.
(486) It's you who should apologise.
(487) Over a century ago, your ancestors came to our country to rape, pillage and murder.
(488) Even 100 years later, these memories still hurt the Chinese.
(489) It's true.
(490) I studied history. Whatever the excuses...
(491) I studied history.
(492) Whatever the excuses used,
(493) these things did indeed happen.
(494) Sorry.
(495) But at the end of the day, all of these now belong to the bank.
(496) This is worthless to me.
(497) I would give it to you.
(498) Yeah, Coco, let's have some tea first.
(499) I'm going outside, I need some air.
(500) Coco...
(501) What is it? Look at this.
(502) Sorry, sorry. I forgot something.
(503) Catherine! Yes?
(504) Your one great grandfather's ship? Yes?
(505) Did it sink, or was it grounded?
(506) Who knows?
(507) You know what? We're getting very interested
(508) about finding your one great grandfather back.
(509) If we stay another couple of days,
(510) get an investigation, more information, we might be able to help.
(511) Thank you! Thank you so much! It's wonderful.
(512) We have plenty of rooms here.
(513) You can stay as long as you wish. I'm going to make the preparations.
(514) But not alive.
(515) It's okay.
(516) Coco.
(517) Thank you. I'll call you later.
(518) Thanks again.
(519) Thank you.
(520) Let's stay longer and steal the Rooster head. Come on.
(521) No stealing.
(522) We're guests here. We mustn't do that.
(523) Who says we can't?
(524) They stole it from us first.
(525) If we take it, we're retrieving it, not stealing.
(526) A good point!
(527) We need to make a replica, see? But we don't have the data.
(528) Professor Guan has it! I'll ask him.
(529) Good! Quick!
(530) Here! Data?
(531) Hello.
(532) Thank you.
(533) I have to go pee-pee.
(534) This way, Madame. Thank you!
(535) Hi!
(536) Have some cake! Have a balloon!
(537) Bye!
(538) Genius!
(539) What are these fools doing here, huh? Lunch picnic?
(540) They're now our lunch.
(541) Mom and dad, can we go on vacation?
(542) Look!
(543) This is what we picked up from before.
(544) What do you think?
(545) Eh! Ho!
(546) No wonder it's not on the map.
(547) Bingo!
(548) He was here when he drew this painting.
(549) You guys are amazing!
(550) No, technology is.
(551) So then what should we do next?
(552) We'll camp down there.
(553) I won't talk to your voice-mail.
(554) Martin, the news said those three heads were auctioned.
(555) Huh? Impossible!
(556) What do you mean? I'll show you.
(557) No signal.
(558) They must be fakes!
(559) We're keeping the real ones safe. All right?
(560) So you're saying that fakes could fetch a fortune?
(561) What about the real ones?
(562) They're priceless!
(563) But now... Now, let me advise you.
(564) Don't change with the lights on.
(565) Why not? See that?
(566) So I... We don't look.
(567) Honest!
(568) Seriously, we didn't see anything.
(569) Don't turn on the satellite receiver.
(570) Here.
(571) What's with you two?
(572) Still a standoff.
(573) If it weren't for my little girl, I'd left him long ago.
(574) Hey, what about you?
(575) Not answering.
(576) Her birthday was three days ago. We still can celebrate.
(577) Why is she so mad?
(578) You know how hard I'd been trying?
(579) And you? You sure you won't reconsider?
(580) With her temper? It's intolerable. It's whoever leaves first.
(581) I don't get who came up with Valentine's Day and all those holidays.
(582) Does it matter whose idea they were?
(583) What's most important is that you were there when she needs you.
(584) If I'm home every day, who'll earn money?
(585) You men just don't understand women!
(586) There!
(587) It's Coco.
(588) I told them to stay put. JC!
(589) Catherine!
(590) Coming! We're coming! Help us!
(591) Hold on!
(592) Don't move! Help us!
(593) I told you to stay put!
(594) Hold on!
(595) JC!
(596) JC?
(597) We got trouble!
(598) What happened? What's wrong?
(599) They fell down a hole!
(600) Didn't I tell you to stay put!
(601) It's her fault!
(602) Say something I understand in English!
(603) Purple
(604) panties!
(605) Purple is my favourite colour!
(606) You came dressed for a picnic.
(607) Girls, we haven't landed yet!
(608) JC?
(609) Where's your hand?
(610) Under your purple.
(611) Let go! You sure?
(612) Yeah, I'm sure!
(613) Okay
(614) Madam, you're on the ground.
(615) JC!
(616) We're okay!
(617) But Coco's missing!
(618) JC's fine. Coco's missing.
(619) Send the coordinates.
(620) This way. Yeah.
(621) Coco!
(622) Coco!
(623) I'm over here.
(624) I found Coco!
(625) Tell Captain to get the medicine box.
(626) Okay, got it!
(627) You all right?
(628) My foot! Which foot?
(629) Don't move!
(630) What? What's wrong? Nothing, nothing.
(631) Your foot!
(632) Shh!
(633) Uh, nothing, nothing.
(634) Snake!
(635) Where? Okay.
(636) My foot.
(637) It just dislocated.
(638) Simon.
(639) Look at these trees!
(640) Cut down by loggers.
(641) I see cannons and cannonballs!
(642) This ship looks like it's from that era!
(643) Did we just stumble upon the Indestructible?
(644) I think so.
(645) What have you got there?
(646) Check out this chain.
(647) What's it doing here?
(648) it goes all the way into that tree!
(649) The Indestructible!
(650) You've found it!
(651) No, we fell on it.
(652) No way!
(653) No, it's for real!
(654) Ah, it's okay. It's just a tarantula.
(655) JC! "Huh?
(656) I found my great grandfather!
(657) What?
(658) You can tell from the bones?
(659) No, no. This ring. It's my family's crest. I found it here.
(660) There are two! Which one?
(661) Instinct!
(662) Quick. This one!
(663) Good! Are you sure?
(664) Sure. That's what you said.
(665) I'll stuff your great grandfather in my backpack.
(666) His arm. Oops. Sorry!
(667) JC!
(668) We found it!
(669) Who could've imagined? And in a place like this!
(670) How did you find it?
(671) Amazing!
(672) We stumbled on it. And broke her foot.
(673) Bonnie, I have the medical kit!
(674) Go around! There's a known path! Just follow the marks we left!
(675) Okay, on my Way!
(676) This is the Indestructible? Yeah.
(677) How did it end up here?
(678) Typhoon? Are typhoons that powerful?
(679) Tsunami? Possibly.
(680) On our way here, we come across graves and a few skeletons.
(681) The ones outside must belong to the ship's crew.
(682) But judging from the decomposition of those inside,
(683) they're different from the others.
(684) Some of them were stabbed as well.
(685) They must have fought before they died.
(686) Probably men who came with her great grandfather.
(687) They didn't die from natural causes.
(688) I think they killed each other.
(689) They killed each other?
(690) So his son came back to look for the spoils of war his father left behind?
(691) Is that right?
(692) Correct? Right.
(693) We need to take a leak!
(694) Right. Right.
(695) Where are you going?
(696) Bathroom! All of you?
(697) Yeah ! Pee-pee.
(698) Hey, it goes downhill.
(699) And the path is lined with logs. No wonder they cut so many trees.
(700) Hey! Don't do that! Hey, there's more.
(701) Hey, look up there!
(702) That's a huge anchor!
(703) Weird. Why's it hung up there?
(704) It's a clever lever device.
(705) As the anchor descends, the chain rod will ascend,
(706) and it sends the trunk downhill via the pulley.
(707) No wonder I couldn't find a single pulley on the ship.
(708) This is how we benefit from our ancestors' wisdom!
(709) You don't seem excited.
(710) I'm thinking about how to take this trunk back with us.
(711) If it's really filled with...
(712) It's not an "if".
(713) Money! Money! Money!
(714) JC, the medical kit.
(715) And your friend is here.
(716) Hey. JC!
(717) I'm very happy to see you again.
(718) My friend, it's a big surprise.
(719) Pierre?
(720) Catherine.
(721) Address me as "miss". You're ridiculous!
(722) Shut up!
(723) You're not in our castle an more. Y
(724) Okay
(725) I knew you were working together.
(726) Give me the painting and all the things you stole.
(727) You think I would bring everything to this island?
(728) Ready!
(729) Pierre!
(730) You Okay?
(731) Idiots! I told you not to load the guns!
(732) Don't move!
(733) Or I'll blow your heads off!
(734) We've been watching you.
(735) They pirates? Yup!
(736) Must be.
(737) If you don't do what I say, I'll kill you all!
(738) If we work together, we can beat them.
(739) We've been here for a long time.
(740) Only now do we know this place.
(741) Welcome to our island, friends!
(742) We're reasonable men. All we want is your money.
(743) Squat! Hurry up! Understand?
(744) Don't do anything stupid, and no one gets hurt!
(745) The ransom is $500,000 each.
(746) Do what you need to do.
(747) Bravo!
(748) Or we can feed you to the sharks!
(749) Bravo!
(750) I don't mind keeping the women, though.
(751) Bravo!
(752) Let me tell you something.
(753) We are not with them.
(754) And my boss would be very happy to get you any money you want.
(755) He's very rich.
(756) Those guys want to fight you, but I said, "No"!
(757) Take them away! Go!
(758) Thank you!
(759) So, fellas, what are you doing on my island?
(760) We do not understand English.
(761) It's my hat!
(762) Hey!
(763) Tell me, what are you doing here?
(764) Don't understand.
(765) Mandarin? Mmm.
(766) Boss asked what you were doing here.
(767) Barbecue.
(768) What did you say?
(769) This is a metal detector.
(770) Barbecue? With this?
(771) What are you doing with this?
(772) Mini microwave.
(773) Do you think I'm stupid?
(774) This is a metal detector.
(775) What are you looking for?
(776) Okay. You don't want to tell me?
(777) I'll find out.
(778) Take the girls.
(779) Hands off!
(780) Lie down!
(781) What the...
(782) I didn't pull the trigger!
(783) One o'clock!
(784) Boss! Are you okay?
(785) Don't move!
(786) I forgot to tell you. No bullets.
(787) Don't let him get a gun! Right!
(788) Captain!
(789) Hurry! This way!
(790) Twelve o'clock!
(791) What should we do now, boss? Let's get out of here!
(792) Mother of Mercy, I'm scared!
(793) Snake head?
(794) Heads up!
(795) My foot!
(796) Ow! My foot!
(797) That's my great grandfather! No!
(798) No, no, no!
(799) No! My great grandfather! No, no, no!
(800) Sorry!
(801) It's okay.
(802) My great grandfather! Thank you.
(803) Girls, let's go!
(804) My foot! My shoe!
(805) Come on! Okay.
(806) Hurry! Go!
(807) Don't worry. What are you doing?
(808) it's okay. It's safe. What are you doing?
(809) Jump. Here. Come on!
(810) It's safe. Here, don't be frightened.
(811) My foot...
(812) I got you. Go!
(813) You first. Okay.
(814) Gol Wait! My shoe'
(815) It's okay.
(816) Here.
(817) Come on!
(818) It hurts! JC! Get the head!
(819) Catch the head!
(820) Take them and go! What about you?
(821) Meet you at the trunk! Right!
(822) There's something in my shoe.
(823) Take it!
(824) Catch!
(825) Any more?
(826) Don't move!
(827) This gun has bullets.
(828) Quick!
(829) Help me!
(830) Oh, come on! Count to three!
(831) One, two... Hey!
(832) No! No!
(833) Just one? I have only one life!
(834) Are they all dead?
(835) Run!
(836) Don't move! Hands up!
(837) I'm done being reasonable!
(838) Barbecue this, smart guy!
(839) Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move!
(840) You okay? What do you care?
(841) 'Go, 90, go! This Way!
(842) Got her. Let's go! Go, go, go! Are you all right?
(843) Take this!
(844) JC. This?
(845) Oh!
(846) Come on!
(847) Catch this!
(848) We are so lucky!
(849) My foot! It really hurts!
(850) A bone!
(851) Coco! You okay?
(852) Gold! How'd you know there's gold?
(853) It fell out. You know that there's gold in the trunk?
(854) I didn't say it was from the trunk.
(855) Let me see. It's from my shoe.
(856) Is there gold inside the trunk? No, no.
(857) Pack it up! It's changed!
(858) The Snake head? JC!
(859) The Dragon head must be back in there!
(860) You go! You go!
(861) Never mind! How do we get out of here?
(862) One way! One way!
(863) Wait!
(864) Watch my hand. I got it, no problem!
(865) "Got it", my ass. My turn!
(866) Watch my hand.
(867) Captain, Captain! Go southeast!
(868) The road ends here!
(869) This way!
(870) Get ready!
(871) One, two, three! One, two, three!
(872) It's stuck!
(873) What's going on? No time to explain!
(874) You've got nowhere to go!
(875) Come. Don't shoot! Come on!
(876) Scarf! Scarf! Quick! Right.
(877) Hurry!
(878) Put it on them. Here.
(879) Put it on!
(880) Simon! Yeah?
(881) Here. Put it on!
(882) Have some honey!
(883) I told you!
(884) Fire in the hole!
(885) Can you do it? You do it!
(886) You do it! What? No!
(887) The bees are coming!
(888) Smoke bombs! Hurry!
(889) It's moving. Go!
(890) Stop! You stupid!
(891) It doesn't matter! Let them go!
(892) We still have five.
(893) The bees are not so friendly.
(894) One of you guys I'll kill. No! No! No!
(895) Call your boss! Yes! Yes! Yes!
(896) Everybody okay? "Okay!
(897) Money!
(898) Everybody okay? "Okay!
(899) Anybody hurt?
(900) Yeah, okay! You lost your great grandfather.
(901) It's okay. It's okay. He loved the sea.
(902) Hey! Here! Here!
(903) Hey. guys! Here!
(904) Inside this trunk, there are 2,900 pieces of gold.
(905) Multiply that by the density of the gold, and that means that...
(906) There are 8 tons? So much!
(907) A ton each.
(908) What's the result'? Eight tons! Maybe more!
(909) Let's celebrate! Let's go outside!
(910) One word for this journey, romantic!
(911) Thrilling!
(912) Rewarding!
(913) Intriguing!
(914) Satisfying!
(915) Leave your message after the tone.
(916) I know you're next to the phone.
(917) Stop sulking and pick up the phone and yell at me.
(918) Fine then!
(919) Can't you two ever have a proper conversation?
(920) We start off nice and calm every time, but we always end up having a fight.
(921) Morning! Morning!
(922) Thank you for last night! Sure. So, do you guys...
(923) Hey, your medicine. Thank you.
(924) Do you guys have something you want to tell me?
(925) Like what? Good morning, everybody!
(926) What are you trying to say?
(927) You always meant to look for that gold. You even brought metal detectors.
(928) Gold or bronze, we need metal detectors.
(929) Still lying!
(930) You wanted to find this gold, didn't you?
(931) How could you go through my stuff?
(932) Stop being a jerk.
(933) After he threw up, I helped you back to your room and saw it.
(934) Hey, check it out! Dolphins.
(935) Ah! Whales, too!
(936) Crocodiles!
(937) There's no crocodiles in the sea. There are?
(938) They can swim over.
(939) You work well together.
(940) Since you know, fire away.
(941) You're not even Shangguan Martin, Martin Shangguan.
(942) Yeah.
(943) You weren't looking for Catherine's great grandfather.
(944) You came for the gold and the bronze heads!
(945) You could say that.
(946) Whenever you recover a bronze head, you end up auctioning it.
(947) True. What do you plan to do with these two?
(948) They will be picked up at the port.
(949) I thought you were doing this for the Chinese people.
(950) But you're just a mercenary!
(951) There are antiques everywhere. Why can't we profit a little from them?
(952) You feel no shame?
(953) What about national dignity?
(954) These battered heads have nothing to do with dignity.
(955) They represent centuries of our cultural heritage!
(956) Centuries are nothing! China is thousands of years old.
(957) What we could achieve then, we can do better now.
(958) What's going on? Boy-girl problem. Come on.
(959) I'll get someone to make you a dozen, from every dynasty.
(960) Scoundrel!
(961) What, me?
(962) From your first day with Professor Guan and then meeting me, you've been using us!
(963) Young lady, don't pretend you're holier than me.
(964) We didn't ask you to come.
(965) If a fish doesn't open its mouth, it can't take a bite.
(966) It's, "Take the bait"!
(967) Being a cheat is nothing to be proud of.
(968) Your victims trusted you.
(969) Come on! We did this long before we met you.
(970) Doesn't matter what you do.
(971) But if you wrong your family and your countrymen,
(972) your children and grandchildren will live in shame!
(973) Stop the boat!
(974) What's wrong?
(975) The gold!
(976) What's wrong? Nothing! Just stay in the boat.
(977) What happened?
(978) It was fine just now.
(979) The gold was heavy, and it had been soaking for too long. it sunk.
(980) Didn't you calculate?
(981) You're the one who didn't do it right! You only tied the rope to one end!
(982) No, it's not. It's all your fault! Me?
(983) Shut up! Hey! You're the one who messed it up!
(984) It's no one's fault. Talk on the boat!
(985) We can return and salvage it.
(986) Yeah. "Right", my ass!
(987) It all belongs to the pirates around here, now.
(988) Consider it a fee. We're sharing it.
(989) The seas here have pirates from seven nations. How do we share it?
(990) Enough! Knock it off!
(991) If it's any consolation to you, I still have one.
(992) Whoever needs money, can have it.
(993) You are luckier than her great grandfather. At least you won't go home empty-handed.
(994) True.
(995) Someone did try to take the gold back to their country once,
(996) but no matter what, it will never leave the Earth.
(997) Pirates from seven nations now guard it.
(998) More safe put in the bank.
(999) We'll leave it all here undisturbed.
(1000) Mark the coordinates. Hurry!
(1001) Professor Guan.
(1002) Professor Guan, your help is needed on the theft of the bronze heads.
(1003) Carry on, and follow my instructions.
(1004) REPORTER". Today, the sale of a bronze Ram's head and a bronze Snake's head
(1005) has set a new record at an art auction in London.
(1006) The last one, the Dragon, is expected to sell for even more.
(1007) The sale of the bronze heads has provoked much controversy.
(1008) Calls for repatriation of relics are intensifying.
(1009) We don't want our patriotic sentiment to be hijacked.
(1010) Thanks to these young people who try hard in expressing their views.
(1011) Yes!
(1012) The golden mask of a pharaoh's concubine
(1013) and the sacred smiling Buddha were passed in an auction today,
(1014) affected by the increasing international uproar.
(1015) Police.
(1016) Do you know these people?
(1017) In breaking news, MP Corporation has announced
(1018) it has won the right to auction off the bronze Dragon head.
(1019) The piece will go to market as soon as possible.
(1020) From now on, forever and ever, I will never bother you again.
(1021) We found it! We found it!
(1022) You found what?
(1023) The Dragon head. MP will put it up for auction next week.
(1024) Yeah, and they've had it all along. That bonus, we could've never gotten it.
(1025) So we've been conned. Yeah, we behaved like amateurs.
(1026) And Jonathan lied to us.
(1027) He's been working with MP. I think they beat up those students, too.
(1028) ...profit has just released its new sales catalogue, causing concern...
(1030) In time for the Chinese Year of the Dragon, I present the bronze Dragon head.
(1031) Starting price, €6O million.
(1032) National Heritage not for sale!
(1033) Cultural relics from many countries were pillaged and ended up abroad.
(1034) They include the renowned bronze Dragon head,
(1035) one of the 12 zodiac bronze heads.
(1036) Ladies and gentlemen, are there any bids?
(1037) Pass!
(1038) REPORTERS: Any comment on the unsold Dragon head?
(1039) Will the Dragon head be re-auctioned again?
(1040) Do you think not selling this piece will affect the reputation of MP Corporation?
(1041) Get different angles!
(1042) Michelle, send this to Coco, quick!
(1043) Hey, take a few more with this.
(1044) What interview? I do not give interviews.
(1045) Hello? Boss,
(1046) we caught three students. What now?
(1047) They took photos. Just lock them up for now.
(1048) There's really no other solution? Why let it drag on?
(1049) Thought about it all morning. Thanks!
(1050) Joni, Tommy, Jeffrey, Shirley... Would you please give this letter to her?
(1051) Take it easy with women. Be cool, like me.
(1052) Hello! Ah? Ah?
(1053) Yes, yes! I know, I know it's you.
(1054) Finally returning his calls! No, no, no, not busy.
(1055) Those two idiots were leaving. Yeah.
(1056) Whatever you want. You pick.
(1057) Chinese, Italian, French.
(1058) Yeah. Whatever you want.
(1059) Right.
(1060) Okay
(1061) I agree.
(1062) Good choice!
(1063) So true.
(1064) Great. Yeah, I'll wait for you. Till the end of time.
(1065) Yes. Yes. Bye-bye!
(1066) Yes! Yes!
(1067) I got her wrapped around my finger.
(1068) Like they say, "As a man sows, so shall he reap".
(1069) "God helps those who help themselves". Coco's here.
(1070) Who? Coco, outside. Wants you.
(1071) What does she want?
(1072) For me?
(1073) Are those students okay?
(1074) Three more are missing now.
(1075) What?
(1076) COCO". My brother, Lily and Michelle.
(1077) Before my father passed away,
(1078) he asked me to always look after him.
(1079) He's my only family now.
(1080) He is our family's future.
(1081) We're all passionate about each making our own contributions to our countries.
(1082) But now, two of us are lying in hospital beds, and three of us are missing.
(1083) And we don't even know if they are alive or dead.
(1084) I beg you.
(1085) Did you call the police?
(1086) I've tried everything.
(1087) There's nothing else to do. You're my last resort.
(1088) Of course if I can help you, I will.
(1089) But these people...
(1090) I'm sorry for disturbing you.
(1091) And because Professor Guan gave me the data,
(1092) he's been detained by the police.
(1093) Why are you crying?
(1094) Mom and Dad, do you really have to do this?
(1095) Coco said her brother disappeared
(1096) while spying on the MP after the Dragon head auction.
(1097) MP must have something to do with this.
(1098) There are trees, nothing else. Where's the proof'?
(1099) Find it! Aren't you a compassionate person?
(1100) I feel more for you. Is this what you want?
(1101) We can't even tolerate each other. What, tolerate each other?
(1102) Do you stink? Does he embarrass you in public?
(1103) Don't just give up until you've really tried.
(1104) Stop patronising me and go and save them, or it will be too late!
(1105) Promising to help them is easy. But how?
(1106) You're the one who said you mustn't give up until you've tried!
(1107) Hey, JC! Hey! Jonathan!
(1108) What's up?
(1109) You won't believe it. I just found the Roses painting.
(1110) Great, I'll come right over!
(1111) See, that's the way!
(1112) Speak!
(1113) I didn't lie about MP's address. Why would I lie about it?
(1114) I believe you.
(1115) But you knew that MP had the Dragon head. And we'll never get the bonus, would we?
(1116) How would I know'? We're old partners. Why would I lie to you?
(1117) You never lied to me? No way! Why would I lie to you?
(1118) What are you doing?
(1119) This is the world's most powerful acid. I made it just for you.
(1120) And don't move! Have you lied to me?
(1121) Yes. I lied to you from day one. From day one!
(1122) I told the truth, so why'd you do that?
(1123) Fruity salts.
(1124) Genius!
(1125) Did you find Simon and David? Probably on a date.
(1126) You came all the way out here to see me, or is this visit just to cut out the middleman?
(1127) They are blood-suckers. Jonathan lied about the Dragon head.
(1128) Can't really blame him. We've had the Dragon head for ages.
(1129) Even I forgot about it.
(1130) Never mind.
(1131) In our business, we all cheat each other. I'm used to it.
(1132) Where's the Roses?
(1133) We wouldn't have brought it here if it was a fake.
(1134) I still have to examine it.
(1135) But it can't leave our sight. Fine.
(1136) Just go ahead.
(1137) Check this out for me.
(1138) I can't clone one so quickly.
(1139) Verify this, please.
(1140) Wait here.
(1141) Can we look around, too?
(1142) Be my guest.
(1143) Who'd have thought they could hide a huge lab under a vineyard?
(1144) Actually, it's a hub for counterfeiting.
(1145) They make billions every year. They control everything.
(1146) Hey! What are those guys doing there?
(1147) They're sandblasting a porcelain vase, which will then be chemically treated.
(1148) After that, it will end up looking like an old antique.
(1149) Chinese Xuan paper is layered and can be separated.
(1150) This is an original. Peel it apart, get two originals.
(1151) Can't you make five or six? They'd be too thin.
(1152) What about that? That one's silk, no layers.
(1153) So they slice it up into eight parts for sale.
(1154) I'm impressed they thought of it.
(1155) See? The pieces of old relics can be perfectly restored.
(1156) They just combine the parts with replicas.
(1157) So it's partly real, partly fake?
(1158) After exposure to X-ray, a brand new vase can gain 1,000 years of history.
(1159) They're very resourceful. How much on the market is real?
(1160) 90% are fakes now.
(1161) I pity those rich people.
(1162) Hey. This way.
(1163) Wow. What is this?
(1164) This is a special furnace to emulate carbon emissions.
(1165) Designed to fool antique experts.
(1166) But is not perfect yet.
(1167) So the fuel and the catalyst still have to be added by hand.
(1168) I can't believe they'd try this.
(1169) Well, it looks very crude. Is it dangerous?
(1170) Anything involving deception is dangerous.
(1171) Hey! Nice to see you, JC!
(1172) Did you lose your tongue?
(1173) I don't want to see you. Come on, man.
(1174) Who's this guy? This is JC.
(1175) A big name in the business.
(1176) Reputations can be deceiving.
(1177) Competitor?
(1178) We are not the same. We will never do what he does.
(1179) Hey, don't be so cocksure, all right?
(1180) Whatever you do, I can do better.
(1181) Vulture, you stole a Buddha from a Southeast Asian temple.
(1182) That's right. And those people still think
(1183) that it was the work of a neighbouring country.
(1184) It sparked a border war, killing thousands of people.
(1185) People die.
(1186) That's their business.
(1187) You're the scumbag of our business.
(1188) You know, the last person who called me that is no longer breathing.
(1189) Oh, yeah?
(1190) S-C-U-M-B-A-G.
(1191) Scumbag.
(1192) I can kick your ass without leaving this couch.
(1193) Show me.
(1194) You lose!
(1195) Still touching.
(1196) Hey!
(1197) Touching.
(1198) Stop!
(1199) You can all go now. Have a good vacation.
(1200) Good night!
(1201) What are you guys doing?
(1202) Just checking the furniture.
(1203) Cheap imitation.
(1204) Hey, boys, take it outside. Not here. Okay?
(1205) It's real. The Roses!
(1206) Eleven o'clock.
(1207) Leave them here when you're done. We'll clear them later, okay?
(1208) You'll be paid tomorrow. As usual.
(1209) Your price is very high. I think we should wait for Dad.
(1210) I can give you a discount.
(1211) But I want three people.
(1212) What?
(1213) The students you have up there.
(1214) I don't quite understand.
(1215) Let me show you.
(1216) That confirms I'm right.
(1217) Fine, then. Prove it if you can.
(1218) Hey.
(1219) I will then.
(1220) Stop him!
(1221) I said stop!
(1222) Don't move!
(1223) Don't let him get away!
(1224) Stop!
(1225) Stop him!
(1226) There he is, let's go!
(1227) Go down! He's getting away!
(1228) Open the door! Hurry!
(1229) JC, so, now, what have you proved?
(1230) Ooh!
(1231) Stop him! Don't let him run away!
(1232) I've been looking for a punching bag all day.
(1233) You hit the jackpot.
(1234) Vulture, do something. No, no, no. It's girl-on-girl time.
(1235) Oh, yeah!
(1236) Show me what you got!
(1237) He's over there! Get him!
(1238) Is he still going?
(1239) Hmm!
(1240) Vulture, take him out!
(1241) Five against one, man.
(1242) Only cowards with no guts fight like that.
(1243) Now, that is a fair game.
(1244) So ugly!
(1245) What are you waiting for? Get him, go!
(1246) It's gonna blow!
(1247) "Run! Go!
(1248) Get out of there, it's gonna blow!
(1249) Run! Quick!
(1250) Wu, you okay?
(1251) Martin?
(1252) Michael!
(1253) Dad!
(1254) Bonnie! Here. I'm fine.
(1255) Lawrence.
(1256) JC, finally we meet.
(1257) Daddy!
(1258) JC did it! Shut up!
(1259) You idiot.
(1260) I'm going to kill you!
(1261) What did I teach you?
(1262) We don't kidnap people! We make fake things!
(1263) Boss, I think we need to leave as soon as possible.
(1264) Is that real? It is real.
(1265) You got it tested? Yes, I've tested it.
(1266) JCS.
(1267) I wish we could've met under different circumstances.
(1268) I wish you'd make real things.
(1269) Well, you certainly took care of that.
(1270) And for your trouble, I'm going to keep this free of charge.
(1271) Now, I certainly hope you'll escort these nice young people home safely,
(1272) and then you and I can resume our relationship.
(1273) Is that a deal?
(1274) Oh!
(1275) Sorry about the Dragon. I guess it just disappeared. No extra zero.
(1276) Enjoy your Roses.
(1277) Dad, you're letting him off too easy. lnterpol's onto this place.
(1278) We have to destroy it anyway. He just saved us the trouble.
(1279) I have a job for you. Yes, sir.
(1280) The antique market has tanked because of these whiny hippies and all their protests.
(1281) I want to teach the world a lesson, starting with the Dragon head.
(1282) How? Time for the Dragon to fly.
(1283) Vulture!
(1284) What a pity
(1285) Auction houses have come under pressure after protests broke out around the world
(1286) calling for the return of national treasures.
(1287) Let's begin our private auction for the precious Dragon Head.
(1288) All right. Thank you so much!
(1289) Hey! Good news, good news!
(1290) Chinese businesses worldwide donated 50 million.
(1291) Well, it's useless.
(1292) The Chinese government won't accept any relics that are acquired at an auction.
(1293) Well, tell them we'll buy it first and keep it in trust for them.
(1294) We can't. Whoever buys it becomes the enemy.
(1295) The second and last time it will be up for auction, with no starting price.
(1296) Do I have any opening bids?
(1297) With the international press waiting for answers,
(1298) MP Corporation has threatened to dump the Dragon head into a volcano
(1299) if no bids are received before noon today.
(1300) You can see the volcano behind me. The Dragon head might be consumed by it.
(1301) Ladies and gentlemen, our mid-day deadline is fast approaching,
(1302) and I have yet to receive an opening bid.
(1303) If the auction is aborted,
(1304) MP will dump the bronze Dragon head into the active volcano in front of us.
(1305) Will the Dragon Head be Thrown into the Volcano?
(1306) At this stage, I haven't received any opening bids.
(1307) Fair warning.
(1308) Fair warning.
(1309) Last chance.
(1310) This item is unsold!
(1311) Boss! The Dragon head's been taken off the auction block.
(1312) Dump it!
(1313) All right, guys! Let's do this!
(1314) It's really happened. They've started the mission.
(1315) Looking at the three skydivers,
(1316) we can clearly see one of them is holding the Dragon head.
(1317) They're dumping it! They're dumping it! Look!
(1318) NEWS ANCHOR". For the whole process,
(1319) the MP Corporation has named this mission "Let the Dragon Fly".
(1320) What is this? A fourth diver has appeared.
(1321) Over there! Look over there!
(1322) Wake up!
(1323) Wake up! Wake up!
(1324) Hey! Save her!
(1325) Thank you!
(1326) He dropped the Dragon's head. It's falling towards the volcano!
(1327) All that's left to do is open their parachutes! Oh, no, they're still freefalling!
(1328) You are a condor without wings.
(1329) Don't even think you can beat me.
(1330) No! You're crazy!
(1331) Young skydiver is falling. He does not have parachute.
(1332) What will he do with Dragon head?
(1333) It's yours!
(1334) You're really something else, brother.
(1335) In our special report, MP Corporation chief,
(1336) Lawrence Morgan, and his son, Michael, were arrested
(1337) after a priceless stolen painting, the Roses' was found on MP property.
(1338) Yes!
(1339) And here's a special story.
(1340) Today, four foreign consuls each received unmarked packages
(1341) containing long lost national treasures.
(1342) They include an Egyptian pharaoh's golden sceptre
(1343) and Czarina Catherine of Russia's staff.
(1344) And an lncan jewellery box decorated with a golden eagle.
(1345) And don't forget the Star of Arabia.
(1346) Now nobody knows who this mystery sender is.
(1347) Quite amazing, isn't it?
(1348) In similar news, Japan has just announced
(1349) that it will return five ancient Korean books to South Korea.
(1350) Next up. . .
(1351) Yeah!
(1352) Hey! My name is Anna.
(1353) On behalf of the Association of Cultural Preservation,
(1354) I give you this as a token of our appreciation.
(1355) Thank you very much.
(1356) No need. He's sold more than he's given back.
(1357) Look, Professor Guan's been freed.
(1358) Mr Liao, your wife has just given birth! I'm coming!
(1359) I got to go! Just go. Go. See you.
(1360) I'll go see. JC.
(1361) You're the man!
(1362) You asked me out, and you're still not here!
(1363) This voicemail's really loud. Listen. See ya.
(1364) I've eaten every cuisine and I had dessert! Don't call me any more!
(1365) Coco! Coco! Goodbye!
(1366) Catherine! Catherine.
(1367) I have something for you. See you.
(1368) Emperor Qianlong's Autumn Hunt?
(1369) I learned from you. I stole it!
(1370) Bankers won't know how to appreciate it anyway.
(1371) You...
(1372) Since we parted, I've been learning Chinese.
(1373) A present from my sister. Thank you.
(1374) "Purple! "Purple!
(1375) HOW is JC?
(1376) He's awake. You can go and see him.
(1377) I'll go to see him now.
(1378) Okay
(1379) Emperor Qianlong's Autumn Hunt! Let's see it!
(1380) Go and try to settle it.
(1381) Mama!
(1382) Only the efforts of two half-decent people
(1383) can give her a decent environment to grow up in.
(1384) 30"'!
(1385) If you're willing, we can start this over.
(1386) Hey! It's a girl! Come and see! Come and see!
(1387) Congratulations! What's her name?
(1388) Pax. It's Latin for "peace". Pax?
(1389) JC gave me four names, and I...
(1390) Sister? Sister?
(1391) Who's she? She's the woman from the voice-mail.
(1392) Let's see. I'll be right back.
(1393) Come here. Come here. Here.
(1394) Who is she?
(1395) He's going to be fine. In fact, he is healing quickly.
(1396) Well, you should be able to check him out of here within a week or two.
(1397) Thank you.
(1398) I was just thinking... it's okay.
(1399) That was an old message. Now that I know what you've been up to...
(1400) Get up!
(1401) Action!
(1402) I burned my hand.
(1403) Get the dogs! Control them!
(1404) Trainer! Trainer!
(1405) Jackie! Don't stand too close to the edge! It's dangerous!
(1406) I just saw the volcano explode next to me.
(1407) Don't worry. Volcanoes are scared of me.
(1408) You really slapped me!
(1409) NG, stupid!
(1410) Was it okay?
(1411) We were not the same. We are...
(1412) "We are not the same.
(1413) "We will never do what he does."
(1414) Stay clear.
(1415) Chubby, let's have some smoke!
(1416) Three, two...
(1417) Even machines understand me.
(1418) Everybody, hold!
(1419) Every time I do a dangerous action scene, I get really, really scared.
(1420) A lot goes through my mind,
(1421) like, "Maybe this is my last scene", or "Maybe this is my last shot in my life."
(1422) One day, I can proudly tell my grandchildren that this was me,
(1423) this was Jackie Chan.
(1424) I am so proud of myself.
(1425) I want to take this time
(1426) to thank my fans from all of the world, for your continuous support,
(1427) positive or negative,
(1428) I've learnt a lot from your feedback. It makes me who I am today.
(1429) I would love to keep making movies that the whole world will enjoy.
(1430) I am Jackie Chan.
(1431) Thank you.

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