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Thursday, December 10, 2015

[2010] [Clash of the Titans] English Transcripts

(1) The oldest stories ever told are written in the stars.
(2) Stories of time before man and gods, when Titans ruled the earth.
(3) The Titans were powerful...
(4) But their reign was ended by their own sons...
(5) Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.
(6) Zeus convinced his brother Hades...
(7) To create a beast so strong it could defeat their parents.
(8) And from his own flesh...
(9) Hades gave birth to an unspeakable horror...
(10) The Kraken.
(11) Zeus became king of the heavens.
(12) Poseidon, king of the seas.
(13) And Hades, tricked by Zeus...
(14) Was left to rule the underworld in darkness and in misery.
(15) It was Zeus who created man...
(16) And man's prayers fed the gods' immortality.
(17) But in time, mankind grew restless.
(18) They began to question the gods...
(19) And, finally, rise up against them.
(20) Into this world, a child was born.
(21) A boy who would change everything.
(22) Shh. Shh.
(23) Perseus.
(24) What is it, son?
(25) I'll have a brother or a sister soon.
(26) Think we're gonna love this child differently to the way we love you? We won't.
(27) This child will be yours.
(28) Me...
(29) I'm no one's son.
(30) I am your father, Perseus. Marmara is your mother.
(31) And you'll always be our son.
(32) The bond between us is much more than flesh and bone.
(33) The love we have for you...
(34) It's that love that gods and kings fight over.
(35) I've never understood the gods.
(36) But even I don't question that you were saved for a reason.
(37) And some day...
(38) That reason is gonna take you far away from here.
(39) But not tonight, eh?
(40) Perseus. Perseus!
(41) Getting frail, old man.
(42) Marmara! Marmara!
(43) Another day, nothing.
(44) Caught on the reef.
(45) To whom do I direct our gratitude for this glorious bounty?
(46) Spyros, please.
(47) Poseidon, Zeus? Who do I thank, Marmara?
(48) Thank the men who provoke them. They crush my island.
(49) They put a plague on yours.
(50) They take from us what they want. We're their slaves.
(51) The gods gave us life.
(52) For that, we should be thankful. I'm tired of being thankful for scraps.
(53) I'm a fisherman. Perseus is a fisherman.
(54) They've even taken that away from us. What we are.
(55) Still they want us to love them anyway.
(56) One day...
(57) Somebody's gonna have to make a stand.
(58) "Enough."
(59) Just like the day you came to me.
(60) The storm brought me right to you.
(61) I know you have questions, son.
(62) I wish I had the answers.
(63) I have everything I need...
(64) Right here.
(65) Good night, son.
(66) Hold her steady!
(67) Tekla, the wreath.
(68) Fetch the wreath.
(69) The statue of Zeus. Magnificent.
(70) Something isn't right.
(71) The soldiers, what are they doing?
(72) Come on!
(73) Lift it!
(74) Hang on!
(75) In the name of the king and queen!
(76) Who are they?
(77) Soldiers from Argos.
(78) What have they done?
(79) They've declared war. War against the gods.
(80) Let's turn the boat around. No.
(81) Do nothing.
(82) Behind you!
(83) Hold on!
(84) Tekla.
(85) Where's the boy?
(86) Tekla!
(87) No!
(88) Go! No!
(89) No!
(90) Zeus, you must bring an end to this. They attack our temples!
(91) Now they dare to desecrate Zeus' image.
(92) We could reach out to them.
(93) An accommodation could be made. A truce!
(94) No!
(95) I created them...
(96) And they reward my love with defiance?
(97) There will be no truce.
(98) Finally.
(99) Some rage from you.
(100) How long has it been?

(101) How long, brother...
(102) Since you've seen my face?
(103) Hades.
(104) Endless years, I've watched from the underworld...
(105) And saw your wrath tempered with love.
(106) You created them for one reason...
(107) So their prayers would fuel our immortality.
(108) But you love them too well.
(109) They've grown strong.
(110) And now I am forced to rise because we are all threatened.
(111) What do you want, brother?
(112) Let me loose upon them.
(113) They will pray again...
(114) And you will bathe in their awe and fear.
(115) And we will grow strong again.
(116) He belongs in the underworld, not here.
(117) You do not tell me where I belong.
(118) You say it is love that feeds us.
(119) But you depend on their love.
(120) I've only learned to live on their fear...
(121) Their pain.
(122) Zeus, our brother speaks the truth. Hear him.
(123) Go. Do what you will.
(124) Father, we need the mortals.
(125) No, Apollo.
(126) Hades is right.
(127) Their insolence has a price.
(128) Like children, they need to be reminded of the order of things.
(129) Set an example, brother.
(130) Turn them on each other...
(131) And back into our arms.
(132) Are we the last boat to come in? No, captain.
(133) You're the only one.
(134) Is he one of ours?
(135) No. We found him off Paxos amongst our dead.
(136) He was the only survivor.
(137) Let the palace figure out what to do with him.
(138) Squad by four!
(139) Go on.
(140) Because if we show the gods our love...
(141) They shall show us love in return. They shall.
(142) They gave us the corn in the fields, the sun in the sky.
(143) These are all gifts given to us.
(144) Gifts can be taken away. This will be taken away...
(145) If we do not pay love to our gods.
(146) If we do not, we stay in filth and misery, which we have brought upon ourselves.
(147) Move. Out of the way. Our gods, we beg for the whip...
(148) The beauty and clarity of servitude.
(149) Man cannot rule man. You defy the gods and you will be punished.
(150) Is this all there is?
(151) We lost many men, Your Majesty...
(152) But we have victory.
(153) To King Kepheus! To Queen Cassiopeia!
(154) No.
(155) To you...
(156) Our mighty legion.
(157) Our heroes who have dared to strike a blow at the heart of Zeus!
(158) The temples are burning.
(159) The statues have fallen.
(160) We have starved them of our prayers.
(161) Tonight...
(162) After a generation of struggle...
(163) The sun does not set over the ocean.
(164) It sets on Olympus itself.
(165) A new era has begun.
(166) The era of man!
(167) That frown doesn't suit you, Andromeda.
(168) Have something to drink. You'll feel more lively.
(169) Andromeda.
(170) What's your name?
(171) Perseus.
(172) Take this.
(173) Please drink.
(174) Hands off. Enough.
(175) Our daughter, the missionary.
(176) Have you seen what's happening out there?
(177) Have you even bothered to look?
(178) We serve as an inspiration.
(179) Hundreds of our men have lost their lives...
(180) Yet we celebrate.
(181) You provoke the gods and you act as if there will be no consequence.
(182) Well, what do you want? Should we be afraid?
(183) Should we be trembling and soiling ourselves in fear?
(184) The gods need us.
(185) They need our worship.
(186) What do we need of them?
(187) Look at my daughter. Don't.
(188) What could be more divine than her face?
(189) More beautiful than all the women of Greece.
(190) More beautiful than Aphrodite herself. The Olympians should envy her.
(191) We are the gods now. My queen. You're making a spectacle.
(192) Interesting.
(193) You!
(194) You are specks of dust beneath our fingernails.
(195) Your very breath is a gift from Olympus.
(196) You have insulted powers beyond your comprehension.
(197) Who are you?
(198) I am Hades.
(199) Kneel.
(200) Not now, Perseus.
(201) You will have your chance.
(202) What do you know of beauty?
(203) What is more beautiful than death?
(204) Gaze upon me, mortal queen.
(205) Mother. Princess.
(206) In 10 days...
(207) When the sun is eclipsed...
(208) I will unleash the Kraken.
(209) Argos will be swept from the earth...
(210) And all of you with it.
(211) Unless...
(212) You sacrifice the princess...
(213) You so foolishly compare to the gods.
(214) Only her blood will sate the Kraken...
(215) And Zeus...
(216) Who you have so offended.
(217) Choose your penance, Argos.
(218) Destruction or sacrifice.
(219) This is the will of Zeus.
(220) The will of your father.
(221) There is a demigod in Argos.
(222) That is impossible.
(223) He's yours.
(224) His name is Perseus.
(225) We could offer him sanctuary.
(226) Have I heard his prayers?
(227) This son knows no love for me.
(228) He's no different from any of the others who have turned their backs on us.
(229) For the last time, demigod, speak!
(230) I'm not a demigod. Who are you? Why were you sent?
(231) I don't know.
(232) I advise against this, sire.
(233) He's not to be trusted. What would you have me do? Draco.
(234) Leave him.
(235) Is it possible?
(236) If it's true you are the son of Zeus...
(237) You can save us.
(238) You must save us.
(239) I can't save you. I'm just a man.
(240) My lord, as terrible as it is to utter the words...
(241) A sacrifice is the only way.
(242) Don't even say the word.
(243) He's right.
(244) No one should have to die for me.
(245) Let Perseus go.
(246) Sire, we need to get the princess out of the city now.
(247) I'll find a place to hide her. You can't hide from Hades.
(248) So says the bastard son of a god.
(249) My father...
(250) Was killed by a god.
(251) My mother, sister...
(252) Everyone I loved was killed by a god.
(253) I mend nets...
(254) Not wield a sword.
(255) So, demigod, you have a visitor.
(256) She says she knows you.
(257) My name is lo, Perseus.
(258) And how do you know me?
(259) I've watched you all your life.
(260) I guided you to your family.
(261) Are you a god?
(262) There are gods and there are men...
(263) And there are those of us who are in between.
(264) Many years ago...
(265) I refused a god's advance.
(266) I was cursed with agelessness.
(267) That's not much of a curse.
(268) I've lived for years watching my loved ones die.
(269) I imagine you're sympathetic to that plight.
(270) Is it true?
(271) Am I the son of Zeus?
(272) Yes.
(273) The story of your birth began with the rebellion of King Acrisius.
(274) Mankind had grown tired of the gods' mistreatment and cruelty.
(275) Acrisius led a siege on Olympus.
(276) It is said the other gods...
(277) Wanted to simply lay waste to Acrisius and his army...
(278) But Zeus loved man too much.
(279) Instead, he chose to make an example of Acrisius.
(280) He disguised himself as the king...
(281) And visited the chamber where the king's wife was sleeping.
(282) My king.
(283) Zeus?
(284) Acrisius grew mad with rage.
(285) He ordered the execution of his wife...
(286) And Zeus' newborn son.
(287) I curse you, Zeus.
(288) I deny you the body you soiled...
(289) And the bastard child with it!
(290) No!
(291) The queen and her child were cast into the sea.
(292) Your mother was killed, but you...
(293) Part man, part god, you lived.
(294) I've watched over you ever since...
(295) Waiting for the day when you will help bring an end to the tyranny of the gods.
(296) You were born to kill the Kraken.
(297) I don't know why I was born...
(298) Or what I am.
(299) But I know it's not the Kraken I wanna kill.
(300) How do I get to Hades?
(301) If the Kraken falls...
(302) Hades will be weak enough for you to strike a deathly blow.
(303) Only then will you have the revenge you seek.
(304) Then they better release me.
(305) If the Kraken can be killed...
(306) The Stygian witches will know how.
(307) The witches are further away than the legion has ever been.
(308) No man can go there.
(309) No man.
(310) Keep your distance, lo.
(311) Zeus, forgive us for these affronts and protect us.
(312) And you still believe they're going to help?
(313) This is suicide.
(314) And the shields. Come on, boys.
(315) It's a lost cause.
(316) We've no chance, and you know it.
(317) Here's who you drew into this, Perseus. An honor guard.
(318) Young men who look good on a reviewing stand...
(319) And old soldiers, heading towards retirement.
(320) Do you know what the Kraken is?
(321) The Kraken is the end of us. A colossal, elemental beast.
(322) It doesn't think. It doesn't feel. Even the gods fear it.
(323) And you, you're going to kill it? Don't come.
(324) I don't need your help. Of course not.
(325) You're the son of Zeus.
(326) But we have orders. Come, we need to leave!
(327) Gentlemen, may our journey be long, filled with agony and torment...
(328) And may we all complain about it bitterly as old men.
(329) So what should we bring? Bring everything.
(330) What makes you think the witches will tell us anything?
(331) Oh, they'll tell us, or I'll kill them too.
(332) Come on. Let's go, boys.
(333) What is this? Just leave it.
(334) Don't leave us to the mercy of the gods! Please.
(335) Don't go. Please stay!
(336) Stay here. Please? Please? Help us.
(337) You're just going to make the gods angrier. Please.
(338) Just sacrifice the princess!
(339) Watch your mouth! Stay back. Stay back!
(340) You'd think they might be thankful.
(341) You cannot desert us!
(342) Maybe they're tired of being thankful.
(343) Good news!
(344) My brother and I have decided...
(345) To accompany you on your journey. We have enough strangers here.
(346) We can be of great help to you, trust me. You'll need us.
(347) I need soldiers, not hunters.
(348) Which one of your soldiers knows how to cut the impenetrable skin...
(349) Of the Nemean lion?
(350) Which one of them knows the soft points on a centaur's armor?
(351) Which one of them knows which jugular to slice on a five-headed Hydra?
(352) The middle one. The middle one. Good guess.
(353) My brother and I, we know how to kill.
(354) We enjoy it. If you can keep up...
(355) And you don't mind dying, come along.
(356) It is death who should be afraid of us.
(357) King Acrisius.
(358) There is no Acrisius.
(359) Just Calibos.
(360) We have an enemy in common.
(361) Zeus. Zeus.
(362) My brother.
(363) What do you want from me?
(364) Zeus' seed in your wife survived.
(365) The child of your shame.
(366) Perseus.
(367) He lives?
(368) You murdered your wife for nothing.
(369) Now Perseus hurls himself from Argos to destroy me.
(370) He must die.
(371) What would you have me do? Zeus must think I serve him...
(372) But I am growing stronger.
(373) Until I possess my full power...
(374) You will be my weapon.
(375) Come.
(376) Use this.
(377) Kill Perseus for me.
(378) And l'll destroy Zeus for you.
(379) I serve you.
(380) The boy will die.
(381) How far is it?
(382) Four days to the witches.
(383) Four days? I'm tired already.
(384) Here, use this.
(385) Would you like us to wait?
(386) Oops.
(387) You really are a fisherman.
(388) You should've seen my father.
(389) You.
(390) Bring your weapon.
(391) Have you handled a sword before?
(392) There's been no need. I see.
(393) Left foot forward.
(394) Your motions should be fluid.
(395) The weapon is a part of you.
(396) Like the sting on a wasp.
(397) Stay focused.
(398) Know what's around you.
(399) Keep your balance at all times.
(400) You fall...
(401) You die.
(402) Get up.
(403) Don't...
(404) There is a god in you.
(405) Be sure to bring it.
(406) End of lesson.
(407) Perseus.
(408) A gift from the gods.
(409) Forged on Olympus. Why?
(410) Just accept it.
(411) I can do this as a man.
(412) So it's yours.
(413) Gentlemen, retrieve our savior.
(414) Shh.
(415) The Pegasus.
(416) No man has ever ridden one.
(417) It's a message.
(418) They're watching us.
(419) Perseus!
(420) Perseus!
(421) Perseus!
(422) Why does it always have to be...? Shh!
(423) Listen.
(424) Help me!
(425) Help me!
(426) You reek of your father.
(427) Who was that? I don't know. Let's ask him.
(428) Let it go.
(429) No. We split up.
(430) Just follow the blood.
(431) Come on!
(432) Look! His blood.
(433) Are you happy now?
(434) Attack!
(435) Wait! Wait!
(436) What is that?
(437) Come on!
(438) Lxas!
(439) Spear!
(440) Draco!
(441) Faster!
(442) Let's go, let's go!
(443) Go, jump!
(444) Run!
(445) Back up! Back up! Back up! There's more!
(446) Run! Everyone. Back to back!
(447) Stand your ground.
(448) Three more! In the name of the gods, they're bigger.
(449) What are they?
(450) Djinn.
(451) I fought them in the legion.
(452) This is their desert.
(453) Enemies? I thought so.
(454) They aren't human. Not anymore. Desert conJurers, cutthroats.
(455) Well, somebody should thank them. What?
(456) What is it? Venom. From Hades.
(457) Pray. Pray to Zeus for strength. No. No.
(458) Pray to your damn father.
(459) Hear my prayer. Protect and heal your son.
(460) No. Please, Zeus, hear me.
(461) Would you like some bread?
(462) Thank you. Thank you.
(463) Please. Have some bread.
(464) Over here. Over here.
(465) For you. Please.
(466) No.
(467) We must turn our hearts to Hades!
(468) It is the only way!
(469) Brothers and sisters!
(470) Come to me! Come!
(471) I have the way out of our misery.
(472) Hades has asked for the princess.
(473) Sacrifice one for the life of the city.
(474) Why do they remain silent while we suffer?
(475) Why do they guard the woman whose death will save us?
(476) Is she better than any one of you?
(477) We have long worshiped Zeus in Argos.
(478) But it is Hades who now offers us salvation.
(479) We must pray to the one who showed us our sin...
(480) And who offers us redemption...
(481) Through blood.
(482) A bribe for the ferryman.
(483) When they get injured in battle...
(484) They replace their limbs with charwood and black magic.
(485) They feel no pain.
(486) Live hundreds of years.
(487) So how old is that one?
(488) I don't care. I don't trust them.
(489) You're burning.
(490) Drink this.
(491) I'll get more water.
(492) Come on!
(493) Look out!
(494) What?
(495) What's he saying?
(496) The Djinn have waited many years for the one who will free them from the gods.
(497) He says he is no friend of the humans. You don't say.
(498) But the only way we can help Perseus is together.
(499) Draco.
(500) Look.
(501) Together.
(502) He's not ready to travel. Time is slipping away, lo.
(503) He may be a demigod, but he's still mortal. Feeling better?
(504) Yeah, a bit. Good.
(505) Your pride is killing my men.
(506) You were given gifts. Use them. Those gifts are a trap!
(507) I don't care what they are. Use them. No.
(508) I will not use that sword or anything that they give me!
(509) So we'll just continue to die.
(510) I can't become like them.
(511) If I do this, I do it as a man.
(512) But you are not just a man.
(513) I choose to be.
(514) A man cannot do this, Perseus.
(515) According to who?
(516) The gods?
(517) If I had your gifts...
(518) When you need your sword, it's in my bag.
(519) They're riding them.
(520) They tried to kill us. I'm not getting on it.
(521) Magnificent.
(522) What are you waiting for?
(523) Well, we need to make up for lost time.
(524) We're making good time.
(525) Not good enough. The eclipse is drawing near.
(526) How close are we to the Norn Mountains?
(527) It'll be two days before we reach the witches.
(528) This thing is making me feel sick.
(529) Trust me, it's better to be on one than in one.
(530) What, don't you ever smile?
(531) When I spit in the eyes of the gods...
(532) Then l'll smile.
(533) What is this place? The Garden of Stygia.
(534) This is where the Kraken defeated the Titans.
(535) It's what Argos will look like when we fail.
(536) Every step we take is an insult to the gods.
(537) Good. Perseus.
(538) Only ask what you need to know. Nothing more.
(539) Of course.
(540) Visitors.
(541) Who is it? Visitors.
(542) Got the eye.
(543) Give it to me. Who is it?
(544) Who is it? Who is it?
(545) The eye. Give it to me.
(546) Perseus, no.
(547) We didn't come here to fight.
(548) We just have one question. Young Perseus.
(549) Son of Zeus. So fresh.
(550) Perseus. Closer.
(551) A little nibble.
(552) Flesh of a god. Flesh of a god.
(553) Witch. Don't. Easy.
(554) Stale meat, ladies.
(555) So which one's gonna answer my question?
(556) You want to know about the Kraken. Kraken?
(557) Do it. Kill it.
(558) That's right. A wasted journey.
(559) The Kraken fears no weapon.
(560) It must have a weakness.
(561) Maybe.
(562) But knowledge demands payment.
(563) Sacrifice. Sacrifice.
(564) Eusebios! Watch out!
(565) Look out! Lxas, shoot!
(566) Help! The eye!
(567) Let him go! Do it! You wouldn't dare.
(568) We cannot see the answers without the eye!
(569) Let him go!
(570) Now answer the question.
(571) How do we kill the Kraken?
(572) There is a solution. Solution.
(573) But it is an impossible one.
(574) Yeah? The Gorgon, Medusa.
(575) Medusa.
(576) Anything of flesh is killed by her gaze.
(577) Killed by her. Her prison lies across the River Styx...
(578) At the edge of the underworld. A Titan against a Titan.
(579) She's no use against the Kraken. We can't control her.
(580) Then we take her head.
(581) Clever boy. Now the eye. Give us the eye.
(582) The eye. The eye.
(583) Where is it?
(584) But wait. There's more. Don't you want to know more?
(585) Perseus, no.
(586) Tell him. Tell him.
(587) What?
(588) Your journey does not end well.
(589) Fate has spoken.
(590) You will die, son of Zeus!
(591) It's a lie. Come.
(592) Written as history.
(593) Perseus.
(594) You will die.
(595) Why are the Djinn leaving us?
(596) They believe we will all die. It's the prophecy.
(597) Who are you?
(598) Well, you can call me ''Father''...
(599) If you wish. My father's dead.
(600) He was killed by a god.
(601) An unfortunate casualty in a war men brought on themselves.
(602) Men didn't murder my family. Your brother did.
(603) You heard the witches' prophesy.
(604) You will not defeat the Kraken, much less Hades.
(605) If you continue this journey, you will die, and Argos will still fall.
(606) If you're so sure, why are you here?
(607) To offer you sanctuary.
(608) Your blood is mine, Perseus, and that makes you a god.
(609) It's time you came to Olympus and started living like one.
(610) Rather die in the mud with those men than live forever as a god.
(611) You foolish boy.
(612) Man's entire existence is a gift of my grace.
(613) For someone who created man...
(614) You don't know much about us.
(615) We live...
(616) We fight and we die...
(617) For each other, not for you.
(618) Tell Hades I'll see him soon.
(619) I will not make this offer again. Good.
(620) Because I'd hate to refuse you twice.
(621) Perseus.
(622) Wait.
(623) It's expensive where you're going.
(624) Kucuk fashioned this shield from the Scorpioch.
(625) Stronger and lighter than any metal.
(626) Very rare and high-quality item.
(627) We can fight anywhere...
(628) But not in the underworld.
(629) Yeah.
(630) Good luck, fisherman.
(631) We all heard what the witches said.
(632) But we can prove them wrong.
(633) I need your help.
(634) It wasn't the gods that saved me up there.
(635) If you believe that we have a chance.
(636) I never liked Argos much anyway.
(637) I know the way.
(638) Then we go to the underworld. We kill Medusa.
(639) Now what? We wait for Charon.
(640) Charon only ferries the dead.
(641) Any volunteers?
(642) Heads we swim.
(643) A bribe for the ferryman.
(644) So, what happens when we get there?
(645) Just another beast to kill.
(646) A beast?
(647) Medusa was beautiful once.
(648) So beautiful as to tempt Poseidon.
(649) When he came for her...
(650) She ran to Athena's temple thinking that the goddess would protect her.
(651) She didn't.
(652) Poseidon took her on the cold floor.
(653) She prayed to Athena for comfort...
(654) But the goddess felt nothing but disgust.
(655) She made sure no one would ever want Medusa again.
(656) One look at the creature she has become will turn any living thing to stone.
(657) I cannot assist you there. A curse prevents me.
(658) It was Athena's one bit of solace to Medusa so that Medusa would never harm a woman.
(659) Only men are allowed in the temple.
(660) Though no man has ever made it out.
(661) Medusa's got a tail and that's how she'll use it.
(662) Listen.
(663) Hear her muscles coil.
(664) Smell her skin.
(665) Feel her hunger in your gut.
(666) Medusa's killed you twice now.
(667) Do you think she'll hand you her head? She won't be gracious about it.
(668) One look in her eyes and you'll turn to stone.
(669) Good.
(670) Try not to enjoy this so much. I'm trying to help you live.
(671) Don't look at me.
(672) Ease your storm.
(673) We're nearing Medusa's lair.
(674) I never thought I could reach this place.
(675) Who'd you lose?
(676) My daughter.
(677) Taken away on her 16th birthday.
(678) Dragged down here.
(679) I have a feeling l'll see her soon.
(680) You brought us this far. Let's go the rest of the way.
(681) How many coins did you get, Perseus? Just the one.
(682) I only knew one great man in my life.
(683) My father.
(684) Now I know four more.
(685) And a woman.
(686) And whatever the hell you are.
(687) I know we're all afraid.
(688) Someday someone was gonna have to take a stand.
(689) Someday someone was gonna have to say, "Enough"
(690) This could be that day.
(691) Trust your senses.
(692) And don't look this bitch in the eye.
(693) Doesn't really inspire confidence. Quiet.
(694) Listen. Eusebios.
(695) Keep your eyes down.
(696) Here we go.
(697) Solon!
(698) Keep going!
(699) Flank her.
(700) Draco. Go!
(701) Eusebios, follow me.
(702) Hang on!
(703) Eusebios.
(704) Remember what Perseus said.
(705) Eyes down.
(706) Lxas, no.
(707) Eyes down.
(708) Where are you?
(709) Eusebios.
(710) Go!
(711) Wait here.
(712) I'll lure her out.
(713) Get ready.
(714) Now!
(715) Together.
(716) Let them know men did this.
(717) Just you and me, son of Zeus.
(718) Perseus.
(719) Don't become one of them.
(720) Io, l'm here.
(721) There's no time.
(722) The eclipse.
(723) Perseus, you must go before it's too late.
(724) I'm not going anywhere.
(725) My fate is certain.
(726) But the fate of Argos is still in your hands.
(727) All my life you've been there.
(728) You never left me.
(729) I can't leave you.
(730) This part of the Journey you must do alone.
(731) Perseus...
(732) You're not just part man, part god...
(733) You're the best of both.
(734) Everything will be all right.
(735) Brother.
(736) It is time for the mortals to pay.
(737) My child waits to do your will.
(738) Leave us.
(739) Release the Kraken!
(740) The Kraken comes now!
(741) Our suffering ends when the beast is sated!
(742) Will it take us...
(743) Or will it take Andromeda?
(744) Andromeda!
(745) It's my name they're calling.
(746) This cannot continue.
(747) Stay back! Stay back!
(748) Look! The Kraken! Help us!
(749) Andromeda!
(750) Hades, we sacrifice our princess in your name.
(751) It comes, brothers and sisters!
(752) Argos has fallen.
(753) Do you feel stronger, brother?
(754) You thought the Kraken would bring you their prayers.
(755) But the Kraken is my child. It feeds only me.
(756) I command Olympus. Remember who you serve.
(757) I serve myself.
(758) I have since you cheated me.
(759) You sent me to the underworld to be hated...
(760) While you basked in their love.
(761) We need the love of humans.
(762) No, you need it.
(763) I survive on their fear.
(764) Your reign is over, brother Zeus.
(765) You'll watch while my blessed avenger devours their hopes.
(766) And then finally you'll know my pain.
(767) There is still a demigod in Argos...
(768) Brother.
(769) Perseus.
(770) The bag! Come on!
(771) Hyah!
(772) Hey, fisherman!
(773) Come on!
(774) No!
(775) I'm a god.
(776) I will live forever.
(777) But not here.
(778) The boats are coming for us.
(779) For you. Not for me.
(780) You won't stay, will you?
(781) Perseus, Argos needs a ruler.
(782) I cannot be a king.
(783) I serve you better as a man.
(784) You'll make a fine queen for them.
(785) Olympus owes you a debt of gratitude.
(786) As do I.
(787) Hades lives.
(788) He's just sent back to the underworld.
(789) Biding his time, no doubt.
(790) Waiting for men to grow weak, and in their weakness, he grows stronger.
(791) It's mankind who holds the key to Hades' rise.
(792) It always was.
(793) So we'll see him again.
(794) Yes.
(795) But now the world knows a man can stop him.
(796) Of course, you had some help.
(797) A sword, the Pegasus...
(798) I wanted men to worship us again, but I didn't want it to cost me a son.
(799) That's almost human of you.
(800) I don't suppose you'll reconsider my offer to take your place as one of us.
(801) I've got everything I need right here.
(802) You may not want to be a god, Perseus...
(803) But after feats like yours, men will worship you.
(804) Be good to them.
(805) Be better than we were.
(806) And if you insist on continuing this mundane human existence...
(807) I won't have you do it alone.
(808) You're the son of Zeus, after all.

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