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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

[2011] [Cowboys & Aliens] English Transcripts

(1) (GASPS)
(5) We're riding towards Absolution.
(6) You know how far west we are?
(7) Maybe he's a dummy.
(8) Is there a reason you're not answering my question?
(9) Look here, Pa. He's got iron on his wrist.
(10) He's been shot.
(11) Could be done broke out of the hoosegow.
(12) Might be worth bounty money.
(13) Might could be.
(14) It's not your lucky day, stranger.
(15) Turn around and start walking.
(16) I said turn around and start walking !
(18) (GUN FIRES)
(20) Get out.
(22) Hey! Stay there. Stay!
(23) Hello?
(27) (GUN COCKS)
(28) Palms to heaven, friend.
(29) Easy now.
(30) All right. Turn around, nice and slow.
(31) I've been shot.
(32) Only two kinds of men get shot,
(33) criminals and victims.
(34) Which one are you?
(35) I don't know.
(36) You got a name, friend?
(37) I don't know that either.
(38) Just what do you know?
(39) English.
(40) Sit down there. Right there.
(41) This your place?
(42) Six days a week it is.
(43) Seventh belongs to the Almighty.
(44) Where'd you ride in from, son?
(45) West.
(46) West?
(47) Mmm-hmm.
(48) Well, that's a big place, the west.
(49) Everybody out west as talkative as you?
(50) There we go.
(51) Come on into the light here, son.
(52) Take a pull of that whiskey,
(53) then lay down here and make yourself comfortable.
(54) (GRUNTS)
(55) Well, that is a right odd-looking wound there.
(56) Looks almost cauterized.
(57) All right, this might sting a bit.
(58) (GRUNTS)
(59) Is this a mining town?
(60) Yeah. Well, that was the notion.
(61) People moved on, though. No gold.
(62) All right now, try and hold still.
(63) (WINCES)
(64) There we go.
(65) This is no gunshot.
(66) Where'd you get this, son?
(67) I don't know.
(68) I can't rightly absolve you of your sins
(69) if you don't recall 'em, can I?
(70) That being said, I've seen good men do bad things
(71) and bad men do good things.
(72) Whether you're gonna end up in heaven or hell,
(73) it's not God's plan, it's your own.
(74) You just got to remember what it was.
(75) All right, put me a finger right here.
(76) Come on.
(77) There you go.
(78) There.
(79) Thank you.
(80) Well, not bad for a country preacher.
(82) It's that damn fool Dolarhyde kid.
(83) Hey! What are you doing?
(84) What are you doing, Percy? There's people up there!
(85) No one's up there. It's fine.
(86) It's not fine. It's bad enough he drinks for free.
(87) Now he has to shoot up the place?
(88) What was that, Doc?
(89) Nothing. He didn't say anything. Everything's okay.
(90) Please, please, go back inside.
(91) Shut up.
(92) I want to hear what you said.
(93) "It's bad enough" what?
(94) You ungrateful for our business?
(95) 'Cause if it wasn't for my pa's cattle,
(96) there'd be no money going through this town !
(97) There'd be no meat on your tables!
(98) And your doors would be closed !
(99) I don't mean no disrespect to your father, Percy. You know that.
(100) Of course not.

(101) But you're asking me to pay.
(102) Come here, let's settle up.
(103) Come here.
(104) Hey, kid, I don't want any trouble. I'm just trying to. . .
(105) Better pick up your glasses, Doc,
(106) before someone steps on them.
(107) Huh?
(108) (SHRIEKS) Stop!
(109) I'll pay the goddamn bill !
(110) All right, son ! He said he meant no disrespect.
(111) We're just trying to make a livin' now. Come on.
(112) (LAUGHS)
(113) You know what, preacher? You just gave me an idea.
(114) I know it ain't Sunday, folks,
(115) but what say we take up a collection for the poor man?
(116) Huh?
(117) Now, who's got money?
(118) Come on. In the hat.
(119) Much obliged.
(120) Now, I'm sorry Doc's bad fortune
(121) has to be taken out on you good people. In the hat.
(122) That's mighty Christian of you.
(123) Hey.
(124) You, too.
(125) You want to watch where you point that thing before you get hurt.
(126) (LAUGHS)
(127) Listen. . .
(128) I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, because
(129) maybe you don't know who I am.
(130) (THUDS)
(131) (GROANING)
(132) Come on. Get off of me!
(133) Hey, you !
(134) (GUN COCKS)
(135) I'm warning you.
(138) Are you all right?
(139) Where the hell did he come from?
(140) What the hell is going on here?
(141) (STUTTERS) It was an accident.
(142) He came out of nowhere.
(143) And he dry-gulched me. He tried to make me look like a fool.
(144) It wasn't my fault, Sheriff.
(145) Damn it, Percy.
(146) You crossed the line this time. I gotta lock you up.
(147) Taggart.
(148) You know that's not a good idea.
(149) Well, I'm afraid I got no choice, Nat.
(150) Nat?
(151) Nat, you son of a bitch, where you going?
(152) Don't worry.
(153) I'll tell your father about what happened today.
(154) (MOOING)
(155) You burned the coffee again, Mickey.
(156) Yeah. Tell you what, Ed. Next time, you can make the coffee.
(157) Okay. All right.
(158) Why don't you take it easy on that Taos Lightnin', Murphy?
(159) Mr. Dolarhyde don't like drinking on the job.
(160) (SLURRING) Mr. Dolarhyde don't like drinking on the job?
(161) I don't give a rat's ass what the high and mighty Colonel Dolarhyde don't like!
(162) I don't care how many Indians he put under neither.
(163) You sure do flap your gums a lot when the boss ain't around.
(164) I'd say it to his face if he was here!
(165) Colonel Dolarhyde.
(166) I'm gonna tell you something, boys.
(167) Money makes you soft.
(170) (GASPING)
(171) Where the hell's that coach?
(172) Coach? What coach?
(173) You shot a deputy, Percy.
(174) Federal Marshal's bringing you to Santa Fe.
(175) Federal Marshal?
(176) Sheriff, have you lost your mind?
(177) My pa is on his way down here.
(178) You better let me out of here before things get out of hand.
(179) Sheriff, it was an accident!
(180) It's not like I'm Jesse James!
(181) Son of a bitch.
(182) PERCY: Sheriff!
(183) Hey. More whiskey?
(184) Could you put that on Percy's tab?
(185) (LAUGHING)
(186) Fifty cents.
(187) Just kidding with you, there, Doc.
(188) Hey. Why is there no soap in here?
(189) Why do you put the dirty dishes over here?
(190) I like 'em over here.
(191) I can take over if you. . .
(192) Why don't you rest?
(193) I don't need to rest.
(194) I got customers.
(195) I got no respect in this town.
(196) That's not true, okay?
(197) It's not. . . I just didn't want you to get shot, that's all.
(198) You want to leave?
(199) No. This is your dream. I'd follow you anywhere.
(200) I thought it was our dream.
(201) (GLASS SHATTERS) God damn it!
(202) Hey, Charlie, why don't you play something festive?
(203) It's like a funeral in here!
(205) What are you doing with me, anyway?
(206) Why don't. . . Why don't you be with somebody who can protect you?
(207) I can't even protect myself.
(208) Hey, you don't have to prove anything, okay?
(209) Okay? I love you.
(210) I'm not a child.
(211) Whiskey.
(212) On the house, for what you did.
(214) I'm just here to drink.
(215) Do I know you?
(216) No.
(217) My name's Ella.
(218) Where'd you get your bracelet?
(219) There something you know about me, lady?
(220) You don't remember anything, do you?
(221) What do you want?
(222) I know you're looking for something.
(223) So am I.
(224) Well, good luck to you.
(225) Move away.
(226) Jake Lonergan.
(228) You mind following me over to the office,
(229) so we can have us a little chat?
(230) I think you've got the wrong man.
(231) Well, I'm gonna need you to come with us all the same.
(232) Wouldn't do that if I was you.
(234) (GUN FIRES)
(235) No!
(236) I don't want any trouble.
(237) (THUDS)
(238) (SPITTING)
(239) Rise and shine.
(241) You're in trouble now.
(242) You're gonna burn.
(243) My pa is coming for me.
(244) He learned how to kill a man good and slow in the war.
(245) I am going to watch you suffer
(246) for a long,
(247) long,
(248) long time.
(249) You thought that cheap shot in the pecker hurt?
(250) (PANTING) Please! I didn't kill your cattle.
(251) Colonel Dolarhyde. You got to believe me!
(252) You only been riding for my brand for what, two weeks?
(253) You don't maybe know who you're dealing with, Roy.
(254) (GROANING)
(255) Nobody calls me "Colonel."
(256) Them that did are mostly dead.
(258) Please.
(259) So you, Ed and Little Mickey is picking up strays.
(260) How many did you get?
(261) Got 24 of 'em, boss.
(262) You been drinking, ain't you? I can smell it on you.
(263) I ain't been drinking. It's them other two's that drinked.
(264) What kind of man goes around blowing up other people's cows
(265) then tells a bullshit story like this? You couldn't do no better?
(266) You got to believe me. There was white lights!
(267) There was bright lights!
(268) So there was this big light, and you fell in the river
(269) and when you come back, two of my best hands has just disappeared.
(272) There weren't no storm. There weren't no lightning this evening.
(273) You don't respect me, do you, Roy?
(274) Boss!
(275) Where's Percy?
(276) Taggart locked him up, boss.
(277) Why? What'd he do now?
(278) Shot a deputy.
(279) God damn it!
(280) What the hell does Taggart think he's doing?
(281) He wouldn't even have a job if I. . .
(282) Now I got to go in there and reason with him !
(283) 'Cause you failed to look after my boy!
(285) (CRYING) Thank you. Thank you.
(288) All right. Everybody, saddle up.
(289) Boss, we ought to get more hands.
(290) Why?
(291) You're not gonna believe this,
(292) but I think Jake Lonergan's in town.
(293) What happened to him?
(294) I couldn't say.
(295) (SIGHS)
(296) I'm turning you over to the Federal Marshal.
(297) You're gonna tell me what I am charged with?
(298) Arson. Assault.
(299) Mayhem. Hijacking.
(300) It says you robbed the stage last month
(301) with Pat Dolan and Bull McCade.
(302) Which makes you accessory to every law they broke, too.
(303) That it?
(304) Murder.
(305) Prostitute out of Cottonwood Grove, next county over.
(306) Name of Alice Wills.
(307) You saying I killed this woman?
(308) You tell me.
(309) Now, I will treat you with respect,
(310) but make no mistake,
(311) if you try to escape,
(312) I will put a bullet in you.
(313) Oh, damn.
(314) Give me your wrist.
(315) Taggart, what are you doing?
(316) Sheriff.
(317) Sheriff, this is going too far.
(318) I was just fooling around.
(319) Look, I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
(320) Go away.
(321) Listen, I'm sorry, but I had no choice.
(322) I couldn't let you leave.
(323) Oh. Well, I'm leaving now.
(324) I need you.
(325) You got something to say, say it.
(326) I need to know where you came from.
(327) So do I.
(328) Ma'am.
(329) You two lovebirds have a nice trip now.
(330) PERCY: Taggart! Taggart, let me out of here!
(331) Sheriff!
(332) What are you doing?
(333) You get back home. Go to bed.
(334) Please don't go.
(335) I have to, Emmett. It's my job.
(336) I don't like it here.
(337) Your pa's getting things in order.
(338) When he does he'll send for you.
(339) It's been a year.
(340) Don't worry, he will.
(341) And your mom's buried here.
(342) You know I can't leave my little girl.
(343) Taggart?
(344) Yeah, I see them.
(345) Emmett, you go inside. Now.
(346) I want my boy, John.
(347) PERCY: Pa?
(348) Pa!
(349) I knew you'd come for me, Pa.
(350) Shut up! I'll deal with you later.
(351) Yeah, that's Lonergan, boss.
(352) That's the son of a bitch stole my gold off the bullion coach.
(353) I want that man.
(354) You're gonna have to take it up with the judge in Santa Fe.
(355) I ain't going to Santa Fe.
(356) You give him to me now
(357) or I'm gonna take him.
(358) What about me, Pa?
(359) I said, shut up, boy!
(361) (BEEPING)
(363) What the hell is that?
(364) What the hell?
(365) (SHOUTING)
(366) (WHIMPERS)
(368) They're coming back! They're coming around again.
(369) They're coming back! Dismount!
(370) MAN: Get out of the way! DOC: Maria!
(371) Oh, God !
(372) Don't move! Don't move!
(373) Stay right there! I'm coming !
(375) Give me your hand.
(376) Give me your hand. What the hell for?
(377) I can get us free. Just give me your hand. Give me, give me your hand.
(378) Hold still.
(380) (SHRIEKS)
(382) Emmett!
(383) Grandpa!
(384) Emmett!
(385) It's all right. I got you, son.
(387) Give me your hand. No!
(388) Come on. Give me your hand ! No!
(390) (BEEPING) What is that?
(392) (BEEPING)
(393) Come on, get up, boss. Come on, we got to get out of here.
(394) Where's Percy?
(395) (GASPING)
(396) Come on out of there!
(397) I can't, Pa. You can't? Coward !
(398) (SCREAMS IN PAIN) He broke my fingers!
(399) Pa!
(400) Let's go! We got to go!
(401) This way!
(402) What is that thing?
(403) Why are you asking me?
(404) Because you shot it!
(405) With that thing. Where'd you get that thing?
(406) I don't know.
(407) What do you mean, you don't know?
(408) What the hell is that?
(409) (SOBBING) They took my wife.
(410) Hey.
(411) Is anyone in there?
(412) No.
(413) Is my wife in there?
(414) No!
(415) GREAVY: Is it dead?
(417) Is it demons?
(418) Demons?
(419) I can't rightly say. Sure does fit the description, but. . .
(420) Demons? What are you talking about?
(421) You talking about Bible stuff? Demons?
(422) I'm not talking about anything.
(423) What the hell are you talking about?
(424) You got to calm down, Doc.
(425) Calm down? You're scaring the boy.
(426) You're telling me a bunch of demons took my wife.
(427) I didn't say any such thing. Took our people!
(428) Get a hold of yourself. You're telling me to calm down !
(431) (CRASHING)
(433) (GUN FIRING)
(435) NAT: Boss!
(436) Boss!
(437) It went this way.
(438) I don't know what it is, but it's bleeding.
(439) That's the same direction those machines went with our kin.
(440) We ain't gonna be able to track it in the dark.
(441) Round up the horses, get some supplies!
(442) We set off at first light!
(443) You.
(444) You're going with us.
(445) I need that weapon. It's the only thing that counts.
(446) And I figure you owe me.
(447) I don't see it that way.
(448) MEACHAM: Recall the Book of Numbers,
(449) wherein God commanded Moses into the promised land of Canaan.
(450) But Moses was unsure, so he sent his spies into that land to survey it.
(451) And they came back with terrible stories.
(452) Stories of evil beings,
(453) monsters the likes of which they had never seen before.
(454) "Giants," they said.
(455) "And they were as grasshoppers in their eyes," they said.
(456) And the people of Israel became afraid.
(457) "How can we survive against them?"
(458) They lost their faith.
(459) They forgot that there is nothing to fear under heaven and earth
(460) as long as we walk in the path of righteousness.
(461) MAN: Hold him still. Hold him still !
(462) MEACHAM: That He created man by blowing His breath into the mud,
(463) and so there is in each of us a little breath of God.
(464) See if you can stop the bleeding. Use this.
(465) MEACHAM: "Thou shalt not be afraid of the terrors of the night,
(466) "nor the arrow that flieth by day,
(467) "nor the pestilence that walketh in darkness."
(468) God is testing us, friends. He's testing our faith.
(469) So we're goin' after our kin.
(470) (GRUNTS)
(471) What do you want?
(472) You come clean right now, or I'll kill you.
(473) They took my people, too. I've been looking for them a long time.
(474) I know you can help me find them.
(475) You stay away from me.
(476) I can help you !
(477) You know, some of these boys think they might already all be dead, boss.
(478) If they wanted 'em dead, they'd be dead.
(479) They was ropin' people. That was a round-up.
(480) Where do you think you're goin'?
(481) I'm comin' with you.
(482) You're dead weight.
(483) They took my wife, I'm comin'.
(484) Besides, I'm a doctor. You need me.
(485) Suit yourself.
(486) MEACHAM: You stop right there.
(487) I'm sorry, son, you can't go. It's too dangerous.
(488) I'll watch him on the ride.
(489) He can water the horses.
(490) He ain't got nobody.
(491) All right, then. Make sure your canteen's full.
(492) It's heading north.
(493) Its tracks are still fresh.
(494) If it's all the same, I'd like to ride along, too.
(495) Yes, ma'am.
(496) Got a kid and a dog, why not a woman?
(497) You're back.
(498) What's that?
(499) You have to take it back.
(500) Like hell I will.
(501) That's blood money.
(502) Well, I goddamned earned it.
(503) By robbing and killing.
(504) That's gonna get us what we need !
(506) (SHRIEKS)
(507) Jake! Stay there!
(508) Jake!
(510) I don't even know why we're doing this.
(511) You know they're all dead.
(512) Well, I think if they wanted to kill them, I think they would have.
(513) Only if the boss is right and they was roping them.
(514) Bet it's to eat them.
(515) If it was me, I'd start with your wife.
(517) You gonna be like this the whole trip? 'Cause if you are,
(518) we ain't gonna have too many long conversations, are we?
(519) Why don't you sing a song or something?
(520) Cook some beans. Do something useful.
(521) Take some friendly advice?
(522) Get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.
(523) Well, well, well.
(524) Look who's back.
(525) I see you, but I don't see my gold.
(526) Let's say we find those people first,
(527) and then you can take your best shot at collecting.
(528) Maybe that reward on your head
(529) would be a more attractive proposition.
(530) Or I could just shoot you in the chest and cut that thing off your arm.
(531) Can't we just be happy the guy with the big gun's back?
(532) Much obliged to you, Mr. Lonergan.
(533) Yeah, well,
(534) I ain't done nothin' yet.
(535) I appreciate it, all the same.
(536) (BARKING)
(537) NAT: The tracks are washed away.
(538) I don't know much about boats,
(539) but I'd say that one's upside-down.
(540) WOODROW: We're 500 miles from any river big enough to hold it.
(541) Well, let's get inside, get out of the rain !
(542) I'm not going anywhere near that thing.
(543) Suit yourself. Sleep in the rain.
(545) (THUDDING)
(546) How you gentlemen doin'?
(547) All right. How are you? Good.
(548) I'm gonna take first watch.
(549) Thank you, Deputy.
(550) (GRUNTS) You want a seat, preacher?
(551) No, no, no. Make yourself comfortable.
(552) You know, Doc, this here is a Spencer 56-50.
(553) You ever shot one of these? No.
(554) No time like the present.
(555) How's that feel?
(556) It's heavy. It's a heavy gun, yeah.
(557) I swear to God, it's raining harder in here than it is outside.
(558) I'm soaked through.
(559) What in the hell are we sittin' around here for?
(560) We need to be five miles and a long trot
(561) headin' in the opposite direction of those things.
(562) (CHUCKLES) If we tried that, the old man would shoot us himself.
(563) Ain't that right, Wes?
(564) Yeah, he would.
(565) You fixin' to say something?
(566) Maybe. . .
(567) Maybe we should have called in the Army?
(568) I ain't gonna turn this over to no West Pointers
(569) who got to get on the telegraph to ask Washington
(570) which hand to wipe with.
(571) I waited around at Antietam for 'em to tell me what to do.
(572) And lost 328 men
(573) over a cornfield.
(574) I remember those stories.
(575) I don't recollect telling you any stories.
(576) I'd listen when you'd tell them to Percy.
(577) You get this through your thick Indian skull.
(578) Them stories weren't for you.
(579) They were for my son.
(580) Get out of here.
(581) Go look after the horses.
(582) Do your job.
(583) You've been looking at this knife. You like this knife?
(584) You look after that.
(585) Don't lose it.
(586) All right. Just align your sights,
(587) and when that target peeks up over the top, just squeeze the trigger.
(588) (GUN FIRES)
(589) Don't yank on it, it's not your pecker. Now, here.
(590) You're holding onto this thing like you're hanging from it.
(591) (YELLS)
(592) What the hell am I doing?
(593) It's my fault she got took.
(594) I never should have taken her to that town.
(595) No, no, no. Not your fault.
(596) You'll get her back. You're setting things right.
(597) Just got to have faith. That's all.
(598) Faith. Yeah. Mmm-hmm.
(599) God's been real swell to me.
(600) I don't mean no disrespect, preacher,
(601) but either he ain't up there, or he don't like me very much.
(602) Surely you don't expect the Lord
(603) to do everything for you, do you, Doc?
(604) You got to earn His presence.
(605) Then you got to recognize it,
(606) and then you have to act on it.
(607) Now, keep your eye on the target.
(608) And shoot.
(609) That's better. Better. Come on. Let's reload.
(610) You been there long?
(611) Yes.
(612) There something you need?
(613) Who is she?
(614) She's the only one who knows who I am.
(615) No, you know who you are.
(616) You just have to remember.
(617) Well, I can't.
(618) Yes, you can.
(619) (SIGHS)
(620) Does it hurt?
(621) It's fine.
(622) (BEEPING)
(623) It's here.
(626) Jesus! Goddamn it!
(627) Sit down ! Ain't nothin' but a bunch of damn rats.
(628) Damn it! I ain't getting' paid enough
(629) to chase Dolarhyde's idiot son halfway across the country.
(630) (CREAKING)
(631) (ROARING)
(632) (GROANS)
(634) Easy, hey! Easy!
(635) What's wrong, boy?
(636) Hello?
(642) (GROWLS)
(643) Get away from that boy!
(646) (PAINFUL GURGLE) The boy. The boy.
(647) He's fine. He's fine.
(648) It's okay. It's okay.
(649) You got to go get our people back.
(650) God don't care who you were, son.
(651) Only who you are.
(652) (COUGHS)
(653) EMMETT: Dog?
(654) Come on, boy!
(655) Where are you?
(656) Come on, boy!
(657) Tracks are good. It's headed north.
(658) I can't find the dog.
(659) We ain't waiting for him. He's run off or dead.
(660) Let's go.
(661) Hey. Hey. Wait. Aren't we gonna say some words over him?
(662) Only one who knows what to say is in the ground.
(663) Ain't it enough we took the time to put him there?
(664) No. No, it's not enough.
(665) You go ahead.
(666) Uh. . .
(667) Lord. . .
(668) If there is such a thing as a soul this man had a good one.
(669) Please protect it.
(670) Made me feel better. World was a better place for having him.
(671) Dust to dust, amen. How was that?
(672) Good words.
(673) What are you all choked up about?
(674) I'm worried about my grandpa.
(675) Look. When I was only just a little bit older than you are now
(676) all this was Mexico.
(677) Word come that the Apaches was riding towards a settlement called Arivaca.
(678) My father wanted me to be a man,
(679) so he made me ride out with the garrison, banging on a drum.
(680) Boy, was I scared.
(681) Well, we got there, it was too late. They were all dead
(682) and the place was all burnt down.
(683) This one settler fella
(684) came crawling out of a burning cabin.
(685) He was bad.
(686) He knew he was gonna die.
(687) Burnt bad.
(688) He rolled over,
(689) looked up into my eyes,
(690) and he said, "Kill me."
(691) What did you do?
(692) I took this knife off his belt
(693) and I slit his throat.
(694) Take it.
(695) Be a man.
(696) That's a little rough, isn't it?
(697) He means well.
(698) Whoa.
(699) I got him. The tracks are closer together.
(700) He's slowing down, headed to that canyon.
(701) Put your hands up in the air!
(702) That means you, too, pretty lady.
(703) This is what they call a hold-up.
(704) Welcome, everybody. Welcome.
(705) Boss?
(706) Boss, is that you?
(707) Lonergan?
(708) What the hell are you doing here?
(710) (AWKWARD CHUCKLE) Who are your amigos?
(711) Is this your new gang, Jake?
(712) (SOFTLY) I never thought I'd see you again, Jake.
(713) You were always my favorite.
(714) Shut up.
(716) Damn it.
(717) Jake? Did you break my tooth?
(718) Would you shut up? I'm thinking.
(719) How many boys we got left?
(720) About the same.
(721) Which is?
(722) Thirty?
(723) That's right. Thirty.
(724) Good.
(725) That's good. Yeah.
(726) You're gonna bring me to the camp.
(727) It's time to set things straight.
(728) We're gonna go to the camp!
(730) Lonergan's back.
(732) DOLAN: Lay off that whiskey!
(733) Coach is on its way, and we best damn be sober for it.
(734) Red?
(735) How's the haul?
(736) Vulture Mine gold. Looking pretty rich.
(737) How much dynamite we get?
(738) We got 50 sticks or so.
(739) HUNT: Dolan !
(740) It's about time you got back.
(741) What the hell happened to you?
(742) He did.
(743) Well, shit.
(744) You got some balls
(745) riding back in here like nothing ever happened.
(746) Boys! Grab your guns. We're riding out.
(747) Boys aren't going anywhere with you, Jake.
(748) We're fixing to rob us a coach.
(749) And that's exactly what we're gonna do.
(750) Are you her?
(751) Am I who?
(752) The whore that Jake quit this gang for.
(753) You watch your mouth.
(754) Or what?
(755) I run this outfit now.
(756) Put your guns on the whore!
(757) If he so much as twitches,
(758) blow her brains out of her ear.
(759) He said the whore.
(760) You call her a whore again,
(761) it'll be the last word you ever say.
(762) You ain't in no position to make threats, boyo.
(763) Hunt, take his gun.
(764) Take his gun !
(765) Sorry, Jake.
(766) (GROANS)
(767) Where's our gold, Jake?
(768) I don't remember.
(769) Well, I do remember
(770) you telling us you was leaving us high and dry
(771) because of some woman.
(772) I guess you just left out the part
(773) about taking all our gold from that last job, huh?
(774) So I'm gonna ask you one last time.
(775) Where is it, Jake?
(776) Demons.
(777) What's that?
(778) Demons took your gold.
(779) When you get to hell
(780) you can ask for it back.
(781) Kill the whore.
(782) (BEEPING)
(783) I told you not to call her that.
(784) Everybody!
(785) Drop 'em !
(786) I said drop 'em !
(787) Not fun, is it?
(788) You know, that wasn't very nice.
(790) On your horses!
(791) Go!
(792) (WHISPERING) Jake, Jake, Jake. Don't forget your gun.
(793) You'll always be my favorite.
(794) Mount up! Ride!
(795) (YELLING)
(797) Whoa!
(798) They're here!
(799) Move out!
(800) Come on !
(801) (SCREAMS)
(803) Okay. I got you !
(804) I got you !
(805) Can you swim?
(806) Oh, God.
(807) Turn your head !
(808) You all right?
(809) Let's get in.
(810) (PANTING)
(811) We were flying.
(812) Yeah !
(813) I don't want to do that again.
(814) No.
(815) (GROANS)
(816) (GASPING)
(818) (GROANING)
(819) Hey.
(820) Hey, you stay with me.
(821) Keep talking.
(822) You remember now, don't you?
(823) What?
(824) The woman.
(825) Did you love her?
(826) You can tell me.
(827) I can't remember.
(828) I must've.
(829) All I know is I owe it to her
(830) to find her.
(831) (GRUNTS)
(832) Watch out. I'm sorry.
(833) I'm sorry.
(834) I got you.
(835) It's not far now.
(836) You and me,
(837) we're gonna be just fine.
(838) DOC: Is that them?
(839) Boss?
(840) I got her.
(841) Give her to me, Nat. Bring her here.
(842) (PANTING)
(843) Here. Drink.
(844) No. Give it to her. Give it to her.
(845) Doc?
(846) How is she?
(847) She's gone, pal.
(848) No. No, she's not gone.
(849) She's not. She's not gone!
(850) Jake.
(851) She's gone.
(852) (WHOOPING)
(853) Doc! Don't touch him !
(854) Doc!
(856) This is Black Knife.
(857) The last of his people.
(858) There's no reasoning with them.
(859) We're all gonna die anyway.
(860) This is what's left of the Chiricahuas.
(861) Good riddance to 'em !
(862) He's saying the white people,
(863) they brought all this evil to his people.
(864) We brought evil? Evil was here! You're the evil one!
(865) He's saying we brought the monsters.
(866) We didn't bring the monsters. Tell him they took our people, too!
(867) Tell him they took my wife!
(868) Shut up! There's no reasoning with them !
(869) Tell him what I said, Nat!
(870) Kill us now!
(873) I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell you.
(874) Are you one of them?
(875) No. I'm from a different place.
(876) I took this form so I could walk among you.
(877) You should have told me.
(878) I didn't know if I could heal this body,
(879) if I would wake up.
(881) He wants to know where you're from.
(883) What'd she say?
(884) She says she came from a place above the stars.
(885) What does that mean? Another world? What do you mean?
(886) What does that mean? What?
(887) He says you shouldn't talk.
(888) What do you mean I shouldn't talk? I got questions. . .
(890) You're a guest of the chief.
(891) Now I'm a guest? I thought I was a prisoner!
(892) Enough ! All right. You're both big men ! Great warriors!
(893) Can we listen to the woman tell her story?
(894) Or whatever she is? What are they doing here?
(895) They want gold.
(896) Well, that's just ridiculous.
(897) What are they gonna do, buy something?
(898) It's as rare to them as it is to you.
(899) What about my grandpa?
(900) What about my wife? What about the other people?
(901) Are they still alive?
(902) If they are, they won't be for long.
(903) They're studying your weaknesses.
(904) These are just scouts.
(905) If we let them leave, they'll come back with more
(906) and there will be no survivors.
(907) That's what they did to my people.
(908) I came here to make sure it would not happen again,
(909) but we have to work together.
(910) NAT: He says his people will join her.
(911) Join her? What's she going to do? Where you going to go?
(912) We can find them. He knows where they are.
(913) No, I don't.
(914) I can't remember anything.
(915) I couldn't even remember my own name.
(916) He says they will take care of that.
(919) (RETCHING)
(920) (COUGHING)
(921) (GRUNTS)
(923) (EXHALES)
(924) (WHIMPERS)
(925) (GASPS)
(926) I brought the gold.
(927) Into the house.
(928) That's why she died.
(929) It's not your fault.
(930) (PANTING)
(933) (PANTING)
(934) I know where they are.
(935) Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
(936) How did they build something like that?
(937) They arrived in it. It's their vessel.
(938) That's only the top. The rest is underground.
(939) It's how they mine for gold.
(940) So there is gold here.
(941) Can they see out of there?
(942) They don't see well in daylight.
(943) They stay underground in caverns where it's dark.
(944) We'll never even get close.
(945) Those flying machines will just pick us off before we get anywhere near it.
(946) There is another way in.
(947) Down there.
(948) The way I came out.
(949) We got to get those creatures out of there
(950) and out in the open, where we can get at them.
(951) So you can go in with that arm gun, get our people out.
(952) We have one advantage, they underestimate you.
(953) You're like insects to them.
(954) They're not planning on defending themselves, so they'll be vulnerable.
(955) We haven't got enough men.
(956) This ain't gonna work.
(957) He says he wants to use your spyglass.
(959) The Apaches are mountain warriors.
(960) He says it's better to fight from high ground.
(961) Tell him he's a fool.
(962) There is no high ground while they got those flying machines.
(963) Jake's leaving !
(964) That's just dandy.
(965) The son of a bitch.
(966) Quit stalling. How much gold we had left?
(968) It's about $1 ,000. Maybe more.
(969) Well, I'm just gonna need to know how much gold is mine,
(970) so I can best be on my way.
(971) On your way?
(972) Dolan's dead.
(973) I run this gang now.
(974) Now, you might be in charge,
(975) but some of that gold's mine, fair.
(976) After what we saw yesterday,
(977) I'm gonna need every little bit of it I can
(978) to get as far away from here as I can.
(979) The gold goes where I go.
(981) What's fair is fair.
(982) Red?
(983) I got 'em, Bull.
(984) You ain't goin' anywhere.
(985) (DOG BARKS)
(986) Hey, there, dog.
(987) I had one hell of a job finding you boys.
(988) You planning a trip?
(989) We're going as far away as we can go.
(990) You remember la playa in Puerto Vallarta?
(991) HUNT: They got good fishing.
(992) Good tequila. You want to come with us?
(993) Don't make no difference.
(994) It's not far enough.
(995) What the hell were those things, Jake?
(996) JAKE: It doesn't matter.
(997) They're gonna find us and they're gonna wipe us out.
(998) What in the hell are you saying?
(999) What I'm saying is you got a choice.
(1000) You can drink your last few hours away on a beach,
(1001) which by the way, is not a bad idea
(1002) or you can follow me one last time.
(1003) Why the hell would we do that?
(1004) Same reason you always have, Bull.
(1005) I'll make you rich.
(1006) WOODROW: We got to make the best use of our resources.
(1007) We got to have a strict. . . Listen to me, damn it!
(1008) He doesn't understand tactics. You got to explain to him.
(1009) Look, we can't just run around hollering
(1010) and throwing spears and shooting arrows at the damn thing.
(1011) We got to draw them out of there onto open ground
(1012) where we can surround them, attack them on all sides.
(1013) Flank them. Explain to him.
(1014) He said he's not going to let you lead his people.
(1016) What's he saying?
(1017) He's saying they need to open their hearts and see in you what he has seen.
(1018) That his parents died in the Mexican War
(1019) and you took him in when he was only a boy.
(1020) That you gave him purpose.
(1021) Taught him how to take care of himself
(1022) even though you were not blood.
(1023) That you despise battle but would never run from it.
(1024) That you're a fierce warrior worthy of any fight.
(1025) He says if you're such a great warrior,
(1026) why do you only have a man and a boy to follow you into battle?
(1028) Dog ! Dog !
(1029) Boy!
(1030) How are you?
(1031) Woodrow.
(1032) Hot damn.
(1033) (CHANTING)
(1034) (WHISPERING) Emmett. (GASPS)
(1035) You shouldn't be here. Let's go.
(1037) (CHANTING)
(1038) Do you have a woman? A lady, a wife?
(1039) No. I'm always working.
(1040) I see.
(1041) You work. . . You work hard?
(1042) (CHUCKLES)
(1043) Yeah.
(1044) Lot of killing? Huh?
(1045) Killing?
(1046) A little bit. Sí, sí.
(1047) Yeah.
(1048) My wife, you know, she's a Mexicano. Mexicana.
(1050) You should know. . . I'm not gonna be here very long.
(1051) None of us are here very long.
(1052) Don't ever do that to me again.
(1053) Give me that. Okay.
(1054) Matches.
(1055) I don't have any more matches. We're gonna have to go down.
(1056) I don't know what we're going to do.
(1057) Go. Go!
(1059) Go. Go!
(1060) I think we destroyed it.
(1061) (SHOUTING)
(1062) WOODROW: Demons are coming out.
(1063) Take this. Go up where I showed you.
(1064) You see our people, wave your arms. Yes, sir.
(1065) Move out!
(1066) Good job.
(1067) If your people are in there, I'll get them out.
(1068) Godspeed.
(1069) Let's get them !
(1072) This is how they get the gold out.
(1073) BRONC: Doc!
(1074) Doc!
(1076) What do we got?
(1077) I'm hurt. (GROANS)
(1078) You'll be all right.
(1079) How bad is it, Doc?
(1080) Just a flesh wound. You'll be all right.
(1081) Compadre, you'll be all right. Maybe not point the gun at me.
(1082) Put some weight and see how it feels. Get on out there.
(1083) They're not going down !
(1084) They will ! Keep at it till we get our people out!
(1087) (SCREAMING)
(1088) (CLICKS)
(1089) Doc!
(1090) Doc, get down here!
(1091) Jesus.
(1092) Doc!
(1093) Did we get one?
(1094) Yeah, we got one.
(1095) I always dreamed of riding into battle with you.
(1096) I always dreamed of having a son like you.
(1097) Go.
(1098) Get Percy.
(1099) Get your son.
(1100) (WHOOPING)
(1101) Don't look into the light.
(1102) I told you not to look into the light.
(1103) Yeah, right.
(1104) How long are they gonna be like this?
(1105) Each one's different.
(1107) Hold them off.
(1108) You'd better hurry.
(1109) There's more of them coming !
(1111) ELLA: Go!
(1112) Everybody's out.
(1113) Right.
(1114) Hey! Where are you going?
(1115) It's this way!
(1116) (SCREAMS)
(1117) (SCREAMING)
(1118) (DOG BARKING)
(1119) Go. Go!
(1120) (SHRIEKS)
(1122) (GRUNTING)
(1123) (YELLS)
(1124) (WHISPERING) What the hell are you doing? We have to get out of here!
(1125) No!
(1126) I came here to destroy that thing.
(1127) How?
(1128) With the bracelet. Take it off.
(1129) Wait, I can't take it off.
(1130) Yes, you can. You can control it.
(1131) How? Same way you shoot it. With your mind.
(1132) You have to stop thinking.
(1133) This isn't working.
(1134) It fell off.
(1135) If I can get it to its core, I can stop them.
(1136) Let's go.
(1137) Take this.
(1138) Throw it!
(1139) Good-bye, Jake. What?
(1140) Wait! Ella!
(1141) No!
(1143) I see them ! I see them !
(1144) They got out. They're coming out the other side!
(1145) You see Percy?
(1146) Yeah, I see him !
(1147) What about Jake and Ella?
(1148) No. They're not there.
(1151) (GRUNTING)
(1152) (YELLS)
(1153) (GUN FIRES)
(1155) (GASPING)
(1156) You all right, old man?
(1158) Where's the girl? She's still inside.
(1159) Go, go!
(1160) (EXHALES)
(1161) (BEEPS)
(1163) Grandpa!
(1164) It's me.
(1165) Emmett.
(1166) You're all grown up.
(1167) (SOBBING)
(1168) Percy.
(1169) Don't you remember me, boy?
(1170) I'm sorry. I don't remember much.
(1171) I'm your father.
(1172) Oh, Pa.
(1173) Do you remember me?
(1174) I thought you were dead. I thought you were dead.
(1177) Hey, bartender!
(1178) How many more songs we gotta listen to before we get another drink?
(1179) Hey, simmer down there, cowboy!
(1180) I'm just glad to see my wife.
(1182) (WHOOPS)
(1183) One more shot of whiskey right here.
(1184) Oh, yeah? What do you got there?
(1185) Demon gold.
(1186) This ain't Wells Fargo.
(1187) I need some coin.
(1188) PERCY: Hey, Doc.
(1189) Yeah !
(1190) Doc, a drink for me and my friend here.
(1191) Ain't he a little young?
(1192) What, after what he's been through, Doc?
(1193) Two sarsaparillas, please!
(1194) And this
(1195) should take care of any outstanding debt.
(1196) Well, thank you, Percy. Thank you kindly. Appreciate it.
(1197) (MUSIC STOPS)
(1198) Percy.
(1199) Yes, comin', Pa.
(1200) Doc?
(1201) Next round's on the Dolarhydes.
(1204) All this gold's gonna make things different.
(1205) We're gonna have a railroad in here soon.
(1206) That'll change the cattle business.
(1207) Run these ledgers back to the bank for me, will you?
(1208) Tell them I need some new checks.
(1209) Okay.
(1210) I want the new ones to read "Dolarhyde and Son."
(1211) (COUGHS)
(1212) That sound good to you?
(1213) Yes. Yes, sir.
(1214) John.
(1215) Woodrow.
(1216) It appears our town is about to get a whole lot bigger.
(1217) You weren't gonna leave without saying good-bye, were you?
(1218) I'm a wanted man.
(1219) I could have sworn I saw Jake Lonergan die in those caves,
(1220) didn't you, Sheriff?
(1221) Damn shame. I was looking forward to hanging him myself.
(1222) I could use a good man around here.
(1223) Yes, you could.
(1224) Jake.
(1225) She's in a better place.
(1226) I'll see you around, Colonel.
(1227) (WHINES)

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