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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[2013] [Dead in Tombstone] English Transcripts

(1) The West...
(2) People call it "The New Frontier."
(3) It sounds almost nice.
(4) They'll tell you it's built on the backs of God fearing folks
(5) with true grit in their hands and the American Dream in their hearts.
(6) Well, whoever wrote that's sellin' snake oil, sure as shit.
(7) The real West is a heartless, lawless viper pit.
(8) An American nightmare, forged by the flames of hell...
(9) and the hammer of the beast.
(10) I already know.
(11) I am Lucifer...
(12) and I devour the souls of men.
(13) In the West, I never go hungry.
(14) Red Cavanaugh. Murdering son of a bitch.
(15) Open up!
(16) Do you renounce the evil powers of this world
(17) that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God?
(18) Do you renounce the sinful desires
(19) that draw you from the love of God?
(20) I got the beast in me, Father.
(21) In His name, I will spill the blood of every bull in this yard,
(22) before that sun rises.
(23) Guerrero!
(24) Guerrero!
(25) Guerrero!
(26) Yeah!
(27) His six months in hell are over.
(28) Gracias.
(29) De nada.
(30) Hey, Baptiste,
(31) I don't know what smells worse, you or that shit you're making.
(32) Thought you were French.
(33) You want me to shovel it up your cul?
(34) Hey, hey, enough, eat it!
(35) Do you want some?/ Fuck, no.
(36) Still having them nightmares?
(37) I seen him.
(38) Seen who?
(39) The demon that haunts my dreams.
(40) Sure it was him?
(41) It's my penance.
(42) Hermano, I got us a big score.
(43) Could set us up for life.
(44) Get us off this hand to-mouth shit we been doing.
(45) I'm listening.
(46) It's a Colorado town.
(47) They got 'em a stone and quartz quarry.
(48) Devil stones from Yuma prison come from there.
(49) Town called Edendale.
(50) God's country.
(51) Turns out, they struck a vein of gold.
(52) Big one.
(53) When?
(54) Few months ago.
(55) What else?
(56) Well...
(57) They been banking the gold up
(58) because they got a little mineral rights dispute happening.
(59) You got no right, Judah Clark, you got no right!
(60) Mineral rights on the deed are plain as day!
(61) They belong to Edendale and its founding members.
(62) And you're staring at the first one!
(63) If you could read, you would see that they say
(64) you have the right to pull gypsum from the quarry.
(65) That is all.
(66) Mineral rights is mineral rights!
(67) And everybody's gettin' greedy.
(68) Goddamned limey bastard!
(69) And I suggest you hold your tongue when it comes to Mother England,
(70) you tin pan mongrel! Hey!
(71) God damn it, Jack! Do you want to spend the night in the hole?
(72) Guy on the inside says the sheriff's getting real cagey, right?
(73) I am sworn to uphold the law.
(74) And the law says all mineral disputes
(75) gotta be settled by the federal judge in Denver.
(76) He's so stupid.
(77) He didn't wanna move the land transport to Denver.
(78) He didn't wanna hire personal security.
(79) Till then, said goddamned minerals will be impounded by local authorities.
(80) That's me.
(81) Take it to the vault.
(82) And the sheriff's keepin' the gold vaulted till they all settle.
(83) In the bank?
(84) That's stupid.
(85) Now, personally, I don't care who owns the gold.
(86) What I care about is this town.
(87) And I will be goddamned if I let it burn on account of greed and graft.
(88) Who else knows?
(89) Far as I know, just me.
(90) You sure about this?
(91) Never more, hermano.
(92) It's two hard days ride to Colorado.
(93) We ride at first light.
(94) Rojo.
(95) About your stretch...
(96) No hard feelings?/ Forgive and forget.
(97) Shit, I know things ain't panned out in the past.
(98) This is different, hermano.
(99) This is different.
(100) We're square.

(101) Bueno.
(102) Come on... Let's go!
(103) What men?
(104) Have you seen them before?
(105) You should go get your husband That's a good idea Yeah.
(106) Afternoon, boys.
(107) Honey, we're a little busy, here, right now.
(108) Well, I guess Greedy and Seedy, over here,
(109) can't handle their affairs like a couple of men.
(110) And, speakin' of which, a gang of gunfighters just rode into town.
(111) Reckon they're headed for the saloon.
(112) How you know they're gunfighters?
(113) Just a hunch, really.
(114) Seein' as they're all splattered in blood and bristling with Blue steel.
(115) That is rather disquieting, Sheriff.
(116) Perhaps you should go and talk to them.
(117) About what, Judah? Ain't it legal to pack iron in this county?
(118) Now, we got laws, here in Edendale.
(119) Soon as you see one of them James Gang in the saloon breaking one,
(120) you come and tell me.
(121) Until that moment, we've got business we need to settle here.
(122) Home, sweet home, brother.
(123) Darko, whiskey.
(124) Good afternoon. What're you havin'?
(125) Whiskey!
(126) Come here, come here.
(127) Well, it doesn't look like a town laden with gold, Red.
(128) I told you boys, they're havin' a land dispute in this town.
(129) Gold's all locked up till the judge makes a decision.
(130) I can't believe they stored it all in that shit box of a bank.
(131) The bank is easy either way, you know?
(132) Even if they don't have any gold, we could use the cash.
(133) Maybe stick around. Get some putas.
(134) Hey...
(135) We do the job and that's it.
(136) But we hit the bank tonight Yeah.
(137) Yeah, cheers.
(138) You make sure the sheriff and his men don't get in our way.
(139) Darko, Baptiste, you watch our back on Saloon Street.
(140) We don't want no surprises.
(141) Rojo Yeah, brother.
(142) Come for the gold, nothing more.
(143) Nobody dies, unless they're asking for it.
(144) Now, I don't want your temper making heroes out of folks...
(145) that would otherwise just let it be.
(146) Si Vamonos.
(147) I was talking with the girls about it this afternoon.
(148) Yeah, what did they say?
(149) Well, let me get you a strong drink Wait, give me a kiss, first.
(150) Love you, baby Love you, sweetie.
(151) Smells good.
(152) Evening.
(153) Hey...
(154) Deputies.../ Cheers.
(155) And, Sheriff One more.
(156) I told you, it's not... It's not the stove that's gonna be...
(157) You got enough dynamite?
(158) Never enough dynamite.
(159) This is gonna get loud Got it, got it.
(160) Get down!/ Calathea!
(161) No need to be a hero, Sheriff!
(162) Hey, just stay put. Boys and I are gonna take care of this.
(163) Just stay inside, with your little wife!
(164) If anyone tries to come in through that door that ain't us,
(165) you shoot 'em.
(166) Washington, go get the wagon.
(167) Go on!/ All right.
(168) Look at all the gold.
(169) You doubted me?
(170) Nicely done, little brother.
(171) Sheriff, you okay?
(172) Ramos.
(173) Save your positions!
(174) Hold your fire!
(175) Hold your fire!
(176) Jack!
(177) Let's get over to the bank, we can still save the gold!
(178) I don't care if they get the gold.
(179) You gotta protect the families.
(180) I am deputizing you, as of now.
(181) You and your boys are to position yourself behind Saloon Street,
(182) near them houses, okay? Now, go!
(183) Go get 'em.
(184) Lord protect us.
(185) Okay.
(186) Two... One... Go!
(187) Ah, surprise, cabrones!
(188) Fucking bitch!
(189) You wanna play with the big boys, huh?
(190) Out of bullets.
(191) Keep your eyes open! Where are they?
(192) Baptiste!/ There they are!
(193) Come on, take a shot!
(194) This is the sheriff!
(195) Stop where you are and put your hands up!
(196) Put it down!
(197) Didn't I tell you to stay inside?
(198) Slowly...
(199) If you wanna live.
(200) Rojo, vamonos.
(201) Hermano, what's the hurry?
(202) To the Victor go the spoils, huh?
(203) What are you talking about?
(204) Ow, ah, ah, ah!
(205) Okay, okay!
(206) Ow, ah!
(207) Rojo!/ You're hurting me!
(208) We need to get out of here!/ No!
(209) Leave these people alone!
(210) Calathea!/ Bob, no!
(211) Calathea!/ Bob!
(212) Ah!
(213) No! No!
(214) Rojo, what is wrong with you?/ No!
(215) What are you doing? We've got the gold, vamonos!
(216) No!
(217) Maybe I want to stay.
(218) And go back to prison? Federal marshals will be here.
(219) Marshals ain't comin', Hermano.
(220) I ain't goin' back to prison.
(221) The wagons are loaded. And we're leaving, now!
(222) Brother, I got a better idea now.
(223) I'm gonna stay here and I'm gonna take over this town.
(224) And you can go to hell.
(225) Put your guns down, boys.
(226) Unless you got something against being rich.
(227) I raised you, Rojo.
(228) You're my brother.
(229) I'm your half brother.
(230) The only blood we share is from a whore in Juarez.
(231) Shoot him!
(232) Shoot him!
(233) Go ahead. Pull that iron, boys.
(234) You wanna take orders from a dead man?
(235) Or you can take orders from me.
(236) What the fuck is that?
(237) This here's the deed...
(238) The deed that says that I own the gold mine now.
(239) It was signed over to me. I'm gonna own it all.
(240) Why don't you read it to 'em, Snake?
(241) Yeah...
(242) Tell 'em how it looks Hmm.
(243) Looks legit.
(244) You think money's gonna make you a man?
(245) I'm man enough to take out Guerrero De La Cruz, right?
(246) You're getting soft, brother.
(247) This gang needs a new leader.
(248) You been King long enough.
(249) Now I'm mayor.
(250) I'm sheriff.
(251) I'm Jesus H. Christ in this town.
(252) From now on, people will know the name Red Cavanaugh.
(253) You boys are gonna be the richest goddamned deputies
(254) in the history of law enforcement.
(255) There is no honor among you.
(256) Backstabbing traitor.
(257) Boys, what do you say we give my big brother here a nice retirement party?
(258) I'll see you again, Rojo.
(259) I'll see all of you.
(260) In hell!
(261) Gentlemen, there will be men like us
(262) who're gonna think... that they can take this town.
(263) So, the name's gotta remind 'em...
(264) just what's waitin' for 'em if they try.
(265) From now on, the name of this town is Tombstone.
(266) Guerrero.
(267) Guerrero.
(268) You're mine.
(269) There is never a sound so sweet as that of the pitiful sufferer.
(270) The demon from my dreams, I've seen you.
(271) Oh, I've been waiting for you.
(272) I've been waiting for you.
(273) Where am I?
(274) Somewhere...
(275) South of heaven.
(276) I was shot.
(277) Struck down by your own flesh and blood.
(278) I'm dead?
(279) I'm dead.
(280) This is hell!
(281) I don't belong here!/ Uh, excuse me?
(282) You don't belong here?
(283) That's what they all say.
(284) But you're still of the flesh, hmm?
(285) Until I burn it away.
(286) If it's true that men like me feed the fires of hell,
(287) I will bring you more fuel for your fire than my soul alone could ever supply.
(288) Are you trying to make a deal with me?
(289) It's been a pleasure.
(290) Wait, wait, wait... A trade!
(291) My soul for the soul of my half brother and the cabrones that betrayed me,
(292) the Blackwater Gang!
(293) Well, that is an interesting proposition.
(294) One day, 24 hours.
(295) What's that, compared to eternity?
(296) I'll give it some thought.
(297) One day! One day, 24 hours!
(298) What's that, compared to eternity?
(299) Why should I accept it? I already have you.
(300) They are six. I am one.
(301) They are thieves, killers and traitors,
(302) who will sell their own mother for a sack of gold.
(303) Give me just one day and I'll deliver all six of their souls,
(304) including that no good, lowlife brother of mine,
(305) Red Cavanaugh.
(306) You get all six of them, in exchange for my own soul.
(307) Their souls will feed the fires of hell higher
(308) and give you great pleasure, right now.
(309) Hmm.
(310) An intriguing wager.
(311) I'll deliver all six of their souls.
(312) Give me just one day.
(313) I will grant you one day.
(314) One day...
(315) But all six men must die by your hand
(316) and by your hand, alone.
(317) If you succeed,
(318) I will give you your wretched life.
(319) And if you fail,
(320) then the misery that awaits you will be a thousandfold.
(321) Do we have a deal?
(322) Whoa!
(323) Nobody touches the tables!
(324) One turn of the clock.
(325) Not a second longer.
(326) You take your revenge and deliver my souls.
(327) Now you will go the same way you came.
(328) Liza?
(329) Why would Sully fix the goddamn clock and then leave the hole in it?
(330) He didn't.
(331) Baby, he must've fixed it Couldn't have.
(332) Mama, if you're so damn set on keepin' that pie hole open,
(333) why don't you go upstairs and take Daddy up there
(334) and let me give you somethin' to do with it?
(335) Come on, bubba, come on, now.
(336) Go get her, Red.
(337) It's been one year.
(338) It's been one year to the day.
(339) Boo!
(340) Did he get scared?
(341) Ain't got a Chinaman's chance of working.
(342) Come on.
(343) Come on.
(344) Go put my horse in the barn. Go!/ Yes, sir.
(345) Ah!
(346) Puta madre, get out of my sight!/ Yes, sir Go!
(347) Clean that again Yes, sir.
(348) Red wants it by dawn.
(349) One year to the day.
(350) Impossible.
(351) It's completely impossible.
(352) Do you hear that?
(353) What is it, boss?
(354) Ramos.
(355) Huh?
(356) Who's there?
(357) Get the pistola. Come with me.
(358) Duke?/ Yeah?
(359) What's going on?
(360) Who is there?
(361) Who's there?
(362) Hey. Who is it?
(363) What the fuck?
(364) Ah!
(365) Who the hell are you?
(366) Are you pretty fast with that pistola?
(367) I don't have to be fast, senor.
(368) Unless you're gonna shoot me with your pecker. Hmm?
(369) I have a pretty nice gun right here.
(370) There are two people in this world that know how to put that gun together.
(371) One of them is dead.
(372) What the hell?
(373) Now you're talking.
(374) You remember me...
(375) The Lord told me about you in a dream.
(376) Said I'd be... tempted by a demon from hell.
(377) Lord, please, remove this cup from me, your humble servant.
(378) Amen.
(379) I'm still here, padre.
(380) I'm not a demon.
(381) What are you, then?
(382) A customer.
(383) A drink...
(384) to soften the revelation.
(385) Shit.
(386) Mister, if you threaten the reverend again,
(387) I will shame this holy place with your blood.
(388) Now, if you two wanna keep breathing,
(389) you'd better do as I say.
(390) What's your business here, stranger?
(391) Do you have any pine boxes in your stores?
(392) Why? Are you an undertaker?
(393) Somethin' like that.
(394) How many do you need?
(395) Six.
(396) God ain't gonna help you, amigo.
(397) Just leave a little silver in the collection box.
(398) Come on, give me some.
(399) Come on.
(400) Viens ici! Viens!
(401) What is it, boss?/ What is it?
(402) Shooter's probably around here somewhere.
(403) Probably still here.
(404) Whoever is inside, get out here now!
(405) Cover me Got it.
(406) Get your lollygagging... Get in there.
(407) Come on, I've got a fistful of lead for you, right now. Come on.
(408) Come on. Let's go.
(409) Watch it.
(410) Got anything, boys?
(411) No. Nope.
(412) Let's go.
(413) This is for Ramos.
(414) All that money
(415) and you still can't take a bath.
(416) How do you know my...
(417) Can't be!
(418) It is.
(419) We killed you.
(420) No, this is how you kill someone.
(421) For the great day of his wrath is come
(422) and who shall be left to stand?
(423) Reverend Paul, you can't go in there.
(424) I have heard tales of black angels,
(425) come back to destroy the evils of the Earth.
(426) No soy angel, padre,
(427) but I suggest you leave till my business is through.
(428) The church is my place.
(429) You... You bleed.
(430) You are of flesh and blood.
(431) You were a part of the Blackwater Gang, when they took the town.
(432) I watched them bury you.
(433) It's a long story.
(434) And my time is short.
(435) Are you here to kill Red and his men?
(436) Unless they kill me first.
(437) Well, I don't care if you are the spawn of hell.
(438) I'll ride with you.
(439) It's personal.
(440) Red Cavanaugh murdered my husband in cold blood.
(441) Ain't nothin' more personal than that.
(442) You can dance on his grave.
(443) But until I'm through,
(444) stay out of my way.
(445) Look, you may be good, but they've got numbers.
(446) Red hired up a lot of guns since he took the town.
(447) Let us help.
(448) Us?
(449) We've been praying for someone to bring justice.
(450) Been a year. Nobody's come.
(451) No marshals,
(452) no law of any kind.
(453) And trust me, we've sent letters,
(454) telegrams, we even went to Denver.
(455) Seems like Red's got himself some friends in high places.
(456) So you see,
(457) we gotta stick together.
(458) You don't hear too good, do you, lady?
(459) Nobody can kill them but me.
(460) Now,
(461) I suggest you clear out, 'cause they'll be back sooner or later.
(462) Where the hell is Baptiste?
(463) Was he a part of that ruckus this morning?
(464) That man loves a fight.
(465) Dead, boss.
(466) Ramos, too.
(467) What the hell are you talking about?
(468) I seen 'em boxed up.
(469) All right, boys.
(470) Let's go pay our respects, huh?
(471) Come on. Come on.
(472) Whiskey.
(473) You from around here?
(474) Not exactly.
(475) Can I help you with somethin'?/ Leave the bottle.
(476) Yes, sir.
(477) Well, you know what they say,
(478) "If you're looking for someone..."
(479) "Just head to the saloon."
(480) Expect it'll be getting lively around here in a while.
(481) Who're the empty ones for?
(482) Are you fucking stupid?
(483) Son of a bitch!
(484) We can't just let them rot.
(485) Ain't good for business.
(486) No.
(487) That's exactly what we're gonna do.
(488) We're gonna kill this man tonight.
(489) I don't give a shit who's with him.
(490) Listen better,
(491) if you boys fuck this up, I'm gonna put you in these caskets myself.
(492) Who you think did it?
(493) Who gives a shit?
(494) He's a dead man.
(495) Washington,
(496) get up to the mine and crack the whip,
(497) we got a delivery tonight come hell or high water,
(498) and we better be even, boy.
(499) All right.
(500) We're gonna get payback.
(501) Shut the fuck up.
(502) Hey.
(503) What the hell are you doing here?
(504) You know, I always loved that expression.
(505) I still had time.
(506) Hmm...
(507) Oh, brother, let me tell you something.
(508) Time is half gone. Yet your quarry is still half alive.
(509) Yeah, I'm wasting it talking to you.
(510) Listen, hombre,
(511) I want that little maricon.
(512) I want that Red Cavanaugh's ass and I want it now.
(513) I want his blood and you're gonna bring it to me.
(514) Now, I don't want nothing...
(515) Not a goddamn thing to distract you, okay?
(516) None of your pussy, none of your whores, none of all these preacher friends, all these...
(517) All these fuckers that are gonna be talkin' about all this righteous shit...
(518) "His goodness" and all that, you know?
(519) I know you better than you know yourself
(520) and I can smell your conscience.
(521) Makes me wanna puke.
(522) Ah!
(523) Jesus Christ.
(524) Hey, hey, hombre.
(525) Hey, I'm watching everything.
(526) Everything, okay?
(527) Can't pull the wool over my eyes, boy.
(528) Never forget why I brought you here.
(529) High noon, hombre.
(530) Right up to the saloon, boys.
(531) Come on, move it.
(532) You better be right about this, son.
(533) Get out! Move out!
(534) Move out. Put them up.
(535) Shh...
(536) I don't know who you think you are, stranger,
(537) but if you've come to my town, lookin' for trouble?
(538) You just found plenty.
(539) It's been a while, huh, Rojo?
(540) Only one man's ever called me that.
(541) And he's dead and buried.
(542) Some things don't stay buried, Rojo.
(543) My brother is dead.
(544) I seen the blood drain out of him,
(545) when I put the bullet in his heart.
(546) I killed you once.
(547) Never again.
(548) We don't have to do this, brother.
(549) There's plenty of gold to go round.
(550) I prefer lead.
(551) I'll tell you what,
(552) come on out...
(553) and I'll cut you in on your fair share.
(554) We'd be square. Deal?
(555) I already made a deal. All I gotta do now is collect.
(556) Take him down!
(557) Take him down!
(558) I'll take him down.
(559) I ain't gonna miss the next one.
(560) Just wanted you to know who killed you.
(561) Are you out of your mind, woman?
(562) You're goddamn right.
(563) You with my brother?/ Not exactly.
(564) But he is my inspiration.
(565) You killed my husband...
(566) Huh?
(567) And now you're gonna die for your sins.
(568) No!
(569) The law man's wench, she will be the end of you.
(570) So stay sharp, Guerrero.
(571) This is the work of the devil.
(572) Son of a bitch.
(573) Why did you let Red go?
(574) I had him dead to rights.
(575) I have to kill him.
(576) Why?
(577) Mister, after what we just witnessed, there ain't no tale too tall that can explain it.
(578) It's my only escape from damnation.
(579) Deliver the souls of Red and the Blackwater Gang
(580) to the devil... to save mine.
(581) And I have to kill him myself,
(582) and I have till midnight to do it.
(583) Well, maybe you have to kill them,
(584) but I got a dog in this fight,
(585) and there ain't nothin' that says I can't help.
(586) You're casting your lot in with a killer
(587) knowing full well that the devil is his keeper?
(588) This is about justice being served, Reverend.
(589) I don't care who's serving it.
(590) Your soul is at stake here, young lady.
(591) Reverend, the fires of hell are a Sunday picnic compared to my pain.
(592) Come on. I wanna show you something.
(593) You're stronger than you look.
(594) I had some help Cal.
(595) Reverend Paul...
(596) We spotted Red Cavanaugh on our way into town.
(597) Headed to the mines, more than likely.
(598) We'd like you to know we're here to help.
(599) Please, Jack. There are eternal consequences to your actions.
(600) Lest we be damned.
(601) Give this town back to us
(602) and you'll have the rest of your life to atone for the sins
(603) of the life that you left behind.
(604) Defend yourselves.
(605) Protect your town.
(606) But any of the Blackwater boys, you leave to me.
(607) Show me the way to the mines.
(608) All right, all right, all right.
(609) How we doing down here, boys?
(610) I don't think we can hit 100.
(611) No, you gotta get to 200, Washington,
(612) or you're gonna have a large size problem here.
(613) All right, everybody listen up,
(614) we're three months behind on deliveries
(615) and he's coming to collect.
(616) He can help us hack it out of the goddamned walls if he wants.
(617) We have nothing to hide.
(618) Washington, he's the least of our problems at this point.
(619) You tellin' me the stranger's still breathin'?
(620) Yeah, what I'm telling you is he ain't no damn stranger.
(621) Who is he?
(622) He's my brother.
(623) Yeah, right.
(624) Close your mouth, you're drawing flies.
(625) Someone's coming up the road.
(626) You better identify yourselves.
(627) You've got three seconds.
(628) One,
(629) two,
(630) three.
(631) All right, he's here.
(632) All right. Let's go, guys. Grab your pistols.
(633) Let's go, boys. Let's move.
(634) Come on, fall in.
(635) Time to kill my brother. Again.
(636) Back up. Back the fuck up or I'll kill you.
(637) Back up.
(638) Now what's all this then?
(639) Are we having a spot of trouble?
(640) Judah Clark?
(641) And you brought marshals. Thank God.
(642) No, thank me Get down!
(643) Hello, Cal.
(644) Yes,
(645) I think you should stay down until all this gets sorted out.
(646) Hey, limey! I just came for Red.
(647) Why don't you come and get your boy?/ Red,
(648) is this the fellow that's been putting your men on display at the chapel?
(649) Yeah, but me and the boys are taking care of it, obviously.
(650) Really? Because just the opposite appears to be the case.
(651) I pay you to run this operation and keep our interests secure,
(652) which clearly they are not. Which begs the question,
(653) where's my gold?
(654) Oh, you're gonna get it, Judah.
(655) You're gonna get it.
(656) You're the one protecting him?
(657) The federal courts were going to let the mining rights revert to Edendale.
(658) So if I wanted control of the mine,
(659) I simply needed control of the town.
(660) Mr. Cavanaugh here provides that control.
(661) And I...
(662) I pay off all the right people.
(663) So,
(664) if I don't see every ounce of my gold,
(665) I'll take my men
(666) and leave you in the predicament in which I found you.
(667) Snake,
(668) come on down here.
(669) It's here.
(670) It's here.
(671) Well, gentlemen, we seem to finally have got our accounts in order.
(672) Red, my apologies.
(673) Please allow me to take care of this for you.
(674) Kill them both.
(675) Fire!
(676) Hold on a second.
(677) Bob, Jim, check it out.
(678) I guess you get what you pay for.
(679) Can I?
(680) Hell, no.
(681) We got good equipment down there.
(682) Do better.
(683) Fuck!
(684) Do it.
(685) About time.
(686) Let's see you get out of that.
(687) Let them rot in there.
(688) Washington?
(689) Let's go, come on.
(690) There's only five hours left. We need to hurry.
(691) What are you doing?
(692) A cigar?
(693) Only way I'll get rid of them.
(694) That's it!
(695) We're almost back in town.
(696) Okay, keep it steady.
(697) Yah!
(698) Cut him off!
(699) Dynamite!
(700) Ah!
(701) Oh, oh, oh!
(702) No!/ Come on!
(703) No!
(704) Yah!
(705) Come on and get me!
(706) Guerrero!
(707) Come here.
(708) Let her go, Red.
(709) You want this? You want this, huh?
(710) Come and get me.
(711) Come and get me!
(712) Ah!
(713) Hold on!
(714) I'm coming for you, Red.
(715) Get up.
(716) Move it.
(717) Cover me!
(718) Hey, boss,
(719) okay if I still call you that?
(720) I got the girl.
(721) She's a pretty one.
(722) I'm gonna have to kill her now.
(723) Unless you come on out.
(724) Girl's dead either way.
(725) If I come out and somebody kills me,
(726) who's gonna kill you?
(727) He ain't coming back for you.
(728) He doesn't give a shit about you or your town.
(729) Yeah.
(730) I assure you.
(731) I won't kill her if you give yourself up.
(732) I'll kill you for certain.
(733) But I swear,
(734) I won't kill her.
(735) And you know I'm good for it.
(736) You'd even laugh about that, remember?
(737) A man that's good for his word with a name like Snake.
(738) You even had a word for it.
(739) What was it?
(740) Irony.
(741) Snake eyes.
(742) And now it looks like it's your turn to roll the bones, shooter.
(743) We want our town back!
(744) Payback time!
(745) We want revenge!
(746) Move up!
(747) Move up! Come on!
(748) You stay here.
(749) All right.
(750) But I'm afraid the odds favor the house.
(751) Ah!
(752) Your priority was simple,
(753) even if the task was not.
(754) The law man's wench, she's a distraction.
(755) And you could have done it if you weren't such a pathetic coward.
(756) I don't regret what I did.
(757) I don't give a fuck.
(758) It matters to me.
(759) Let's cross that bridge when the time comes.
(760) Honey...
(761) Oh, yee haw.
(762) Must be real lonely being a widow and all, huh?
(763) Huh?
(764) We can do this the hard way
(765) if you want.
(766) I always did like breakin' ponies.
(767) You're gonna have to kill me
(768) and conjugate your putrid fantasy with my corpse,
(769) you horse's ass.
(770) Why don't you untie me?
(771) Why don't you come fight me like a real man?
(772) Red, come down here!
(773) Hold on, now.
(774) I got a little bit of business to square.
(775) Then I'm gonna be back up here with spurs on.
(776) Boys?
(777) Tie her back up and do not fuck it up this time.
(778) Got it, boss.
(779) If you boys are good, I'll give you a shot after mine, right?
(780) No!
(781) I should like to propose a toast.
(782) To an excellent partnership.
(783) I'll drink to that.
(784) You're looking a little the worse for wear, Red.
(785) Have you finally got Tombstone under control?
(786) Never was out of control.
(787) I lost some men,
(788) won't be the first time,
(789) and sure as shit won't be the last.
(790) Red Cavanaugh?
(791) Judah Clark?
(792) Where are you?
(793) Is this your idea of control...
(794) Shut your fucking mouth.
(795) Look outside, Judah Clark.
(796) The folk that you betrayed.
(797) Easy, Jack.
(798) I'm sure we can settle this like civilized men.
(799) Your greed...
(800) Greed of both of you mongrels
(801) brought all the evil on this town.
(802) Here's where it ends.
(803) Please, Jack.
(804) Don't mix me in with these heathens.
(805) I'm just a man of business.
(806) Heathens, huh?
(807) Heathens?
(808) Don't fucking move, boy.
(809) You think I'm fucking around with you, boy?
(810) Looks like this business is closed.
(811) Come on, I need you now, bitch.
(812) Let's go Where?
(813) Let's go, princess! I need you out.
(814) Come on, get up. Let's go. Get!
(815) If it is your desire to pay penance for your despicable life,
(816) brother, let me tell you,
(817) you will pay dearly.
(818) Your debt to me remains unpaid.
(819) But this wager amuses me.
(820) You have one hour.
(821) One hour.
(822) Back up, boy, back up, right now!
(823) I gave you all life in this goddamn town.
(824) Back up! Back up!
(825) I told you to back up!
(826) Stop right there, Red Cavanaugh.
(827) You ain't going no place.
(828) I made this town. I put money in all your pockets!
(829) I made you all rich! Now get the fuck off me!
(830) I own all of you.
(831) Nice night for hanging, Red.
(832) You're going straight to hell.
(833) Now you're a hero, huh?
(834) Is that it?
(835) No, Rojo,
(836) not a hero.
(837) Just an outlaw, like you.
(838) Let's get this settled...
(839) once and for all.
(840) Stop hiding behind the girl.
(841) Let her go.
(842) And we'll let the good people of Edendale make sure it's a fair fight this time.
(843) Put it down, Jack.
(844) Put it down.
(845) You once said you had huevos big enough to take out Guerrero De La Cruz.
(846) You don't, hermanito,
(847) and you never will.
(848) There's one box left...
(849) and it's for you.
(850) You just called your mother a whore.
(851) All right, Guerrero,
(852) only two minutes left.
(853) Why?
(854) Guerrero!
(855) Ah!
(856) You think I'm fucking around with you, brother?
(857) This time, stay dead.
(858) Tell Mama I died like a man.
(859) Guerrero, you're mine.
(860) Guerrero is my soul.
(861) It's two minutes after.
(862) I really wanna thank you.
(863) Thank you.
(864) Oh, boy.
(865) You got what you wanted.
(866) Now leave me alone.
(867) Hey, listen, Red Cavanaugh expired two minutes past midnight.
(868) You failed.
(869) And you of all people should know what the fuck I want.
(870) There is no end to what I want, brother.
(871) Then why am I still above ground?
(872) Well, let's look at it this way, I have come to enjoy your partnership.
(873) What can I say?
(874) I gorge myself on the souls of evil men,
(875) and you breathe the air of life.
(876) When will my debt be paid?
(877) Well, when every last fucking outlaw is dead, huh?
(878) How does that sound?
(879) This is the West.
(880) There's no shortage of bad guys.
(881) What can I say, partner?
(882) You're my devil's outlaw.
(883) They say God made man in his own image.
(884) Unfortunately, you were made in mine.
(885) Guerrero!
(886) Guerrero!
(887) Guerrero!

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