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Monday, November 9, 2015

[2014] [3 Days to Kill] English Transcript

3 Days to Kill

(1) Mr. Director, this is Agent Vivian Delay
(2) For the last ten years, the Central Intelligence Agency
(3) has been after Wolfgang Braun The Wolf
(4) As you know, we have no positive identification on what the Wolf looks like
(5) What we do know is he's a former German national
(6) who sells atomic material to terrorists all over the world
(7) Intelligence confirms that a transaction is to take place
(8) next week in Belgrade
(9) The Wolf's number one man, the Albino
(10) will be selling a dirty bomb to Syrian buyers
(11) We've already dispatched a team to eliminate the buyers
(12) secure the bomb, and apprehend the Albino
(13) How may I be of service, sir
(14) Your target is the Wolf
(15) We have reason to believe he'll be present
(16) Find him and eliminate him
(17) Yes, sir
(18) Let them get the Albino you get the Wolf
(19) Oh, sir, if I may
(20) who is our agent on the ground
(21) Ethan Renner
(22) He's a lifer
(23) He'll get the job done
(24) The buyers have been neutralized
(25) Well done, Ethan. Well done
(26) Going down
(27) Maid service. I have your extra towels
(28) This cold is killing me
(29) Yeah Where are you
(30) You left a big mess Yeah, well
(31) I'm thinking about calling in sick
(32) Come on, you haven't had a sick day in 32 years
(33) Here's the scanner Thank you, Yasmin
(34) Uh... be sure to stock my bedroom with those little shampoo bottles, I like them
(35) All teams in position
(36) Excuse me
(37) Nice work in there, my man
(38) Oh... it's Zooey's birthday
(39) I need a second to make a call
(40) Cell phones aren't secure, Ethan
(41) Yeah, well, it's my daughter
(42) You've got a payphone outside you've got five minutes
(43) Let's see the scan
(44) Hey, hey, listen I'm trying to make a phone call over there and
(45) I don't have any change so if I could borrow some out of this money
(46) I can come back and I can pay you back
(47) Come on, come on
(48) Son of a bitch
(49) All right, this is worth a lot
(50) I take some of this
(51) I'm coming back for that
(52) Excuse me
(53) Have we met before
(54) You would remember me, no
(55) Karachi
(56) Yasmin's been compromised We need to move now, Axel
(57) No one moves on the Albino
(58) until we have cleared what's in the box. Come on
(59) Yeah, yeah, yeah. We met in Karachi last April exactly
(60) But then you were working as a cocktail waitress
(61) if I remember it correctly
(62) Oh, shit We got confirmation
(63) That's a dirty bomb
(64) Boss
(65) Abort
(66) Hey Hi sweetie, it's your father
(67) You didn't forget, which means you probably love me
(68) Of course I do, Zooey
(69) You can prove it by singing me Happy Birthday, " loudly
(70) Well, I could sweetheart but, uh, I'm at work
(71) You can leave a message after the beep
(72) What the f
(73) All right
(74) Happy birthday to you
(75) Happy birth
(76) Go, go! Get in position! Cover me
(77) to you
(78) Happy birthday, dear Zooey
(79) Cover Ethan now
(80) We're going in! We're going in
(81) Cover Ethan! Cover Ethan
(82) All right, that's enough
(83) Put it down
(84) Now
(85) Now slide it over here
(86) You're not going to kill me, are you
(87) Not unless I have to, all right
(88) But I'm not running after you anymore, fucker
(89) Ohh
(90) I see you've read the report
(91) It's called Glioblastoma Yeah
(92) It's a type of brain cancer and it's spread to your lungs
(93) It doesn't say how much time I have left
(94) Three months, possibly five
(95) Yeah
(96) So, no Christmas this year, huh
(97) I'm afraid not
(98) I suggest you put your affairs in order
(99) Thank you, doctor
(100) Well done securing the bomb, Ethan

(101) But now that you're no longer operational
(102) we need to terminate our relationship
(103) We've wired your pension into your account
(104) The CIA thanks you for your service
(105) What the
(106) What are you doing in my place You do not speak French
(107) No, I'm American. I
(108) I live here Which floor
(109) No, I mean, I live here
(110) You? You are the owner
(111) I'm so happy to finally meet you
(112) Bonjour, mon ami
(113) This is my wife, Teresa My son Abbate
(114) My daughter Sumia is in the kitchen, she's pregnant
(115) These are my cousins They are visiting us from Mali
(116) Until they go to stay with my brother in Saint-Denis
(117) Do you know Saint Denis No, I don't know Saint Denis
(118) What are you doing in my apartment We were without a home
(119) We were seeking shelter You are lucky we're here
(120) Bad spirit fill empty spaces Yeah, but now I'm back
(121) And it is good that you are finally back. My name is Jules
(122) Ethan
(123) Where's all my stuff
(124) I also started to paint the room
(125) My wife think it is best to have a cheerful color
(126) Is yellow good for you? I'm happy to do the work. It's not a problem, Ethan
(127) Actually, Jules there is a problem
(128) That's months from now
(129) Then I guess I need to throw them out myself
(130) No, no, no, hey, ho
(131) I'll go to... Hey! I'll go to jail
(132) All right, what exactly then am I supposed to do
(133) Did you really just say that to me
(134) Ethan, Ethan
(135) I need to talk to your dad
(136) Psst
(137) Please give me a minute to finish my call
(138) I'm sorry, Ethan Let's talk in private, Jules, in my room
(139) I can assure you, we have not touched any of your things
(140) I'm not saying you did, but I think it's time you and I
(141) got to know each other just a little better
(142) Cause you're not just crashing at some guy's house
(143) No problem, Ethan. We will pack and leave now
(144) Where are you gonna go with a pregnant kid
(145) I don't know, but we'll leave without packing
(146) Sit down
(147) You don't have to go yet, Jules, at least
(148) not until your daughter has her baby
(149) But you stay under my rules
(150) I am also a believer in rules Rule #1, no one steps in this room again
(151) No one. Absolutely I'll put a bigger sign
(152) That's right, you put a bigger sign
(153) Rule #2, you always do what I say, no questions asked
(154) Yes, of course
(155) And rule #3, you don't ever paint my room again
(156) You don't like the color No
(157) I told my wife yellow is not a man's color
(158) No, yellow is not a man's color
(159) So you also have a daughter Yes
(160) Like Sumia
(161) OK, OK, no more yellow
(162) Who is the most beautiful girl in the world
(163) Is that you Look, Daddy
(164) That is so cute
(165) Run, run, run
(166) Hey, salut, Christine
(167) Hi, you
(168) Hey
(169) This is Christine Hello, Tina. It's me
(170) I'm in town
(171) I'm in a meeting right now, so this is not a good time to talk
(172) I don't want to talk I want to see you
(173) Yeah, I'm exceptionally busy
(174) so, uh... unless it's urgent
(175) I've got some legal stuff I need you to look at before I leave town
(176) Why
(177) Are you getting married No, why, are you
(178) No, not today
(179) All right, I'll meet you outside
(180) OK, see ya
(181) Why are we really here, Ethan
(182) I wanted to see you
(183) And our daughter, you want to see her too
(184) Yes. Yes
(185) I started a college fund
(186) Why the sudden interest
(187) It's not sudden, Tina I try to stay in touch
(188) I left her a message on her birthday
(189) Yes, and now she'll have to wait another year to hear from you again
(190) I'm dying, Tina
(191) You think this is easy for me No, I'm
(192) I'm sick
(193) I mean, I'm dying
(194) Sorry it took so long but I'm afraid your will
(195) must be signed in both French and English
(196) I don't want Zooey to know at least not right away
(197) Come on in
(198) It's nice
(199) The place looks better than before
(200) Don't look too hard It's falling apart
(201) I know I haven't done right by you and Zooey
(202) I want to see her before I go
(203) You have to make me a promise
(204) I'll let you see her under one condition
(205) Are you done
(206) Are you really done working for them
(207) Yes Promise me
(208) Yes. I missed a lot
(209) I should have left a long time ago
(210) I'm gonna be fine
(211) I've got the whole day planned. First
(212) Oh, no, no, sweetheart, no She has her own plans
(213) You'll just have to catch up Hi, sweetie
(214) Hi
(215) Hi, Zooey
(216) How are you
(217) I'm good, how are you
(218) I'm good, thank you
(219) OK Mom, please don't cry. I'm fine
(220) No, I'm just... I'll be back home at 8:30. Yeah
(221) What are we supposed to do
(222) All right, how about I cook
(223) You're on
(224) So you want me to call you Dad or should I just call you Ethan
(225) I think I like Dad
(226) Favorite place to go after school
(227) I didn't know we had a favorite place
(228) Flying chairs, remember
(229) Look, Ethan, we don't need to do this, all right
(230) I know you probably want to talk and get to know each other
(231) That's why I transferred back here to Paris
(232) Look, I'm not mad at you, all right
(233) I don't need you to explain any of this, all right? It's not a big deal
(234) Come on, Zoe, let's go to the cafe
(235) Hugh, I want you to meet Ethan
(236) Who
(237) I'm Zooey's father Oh! Hello
(238) No
(239) Well, great to meet you Ethan... Mr. Renner
(240) Sorry, sometimes I just get a bit nervous
(241) when I see American cowboys
(242) Yee-haw
(243) OK
(244) He's older than you
(245) Yeah, he's a senior
(246) Is there something wrong with that
(247) Back when I was growing up if you
(248) Hugh is so different than you
(249) Look, I know I'm blowing it here, Zooey, I
(250) Look, I
(251) thought you might want to ride this home
(252) Wow, is this for me Yeah
(253) It's... so purple
(254) Yeah, it's your favorite color
(255) Right, when I was like nine
(256) I'm taking the metro with my friends
(257) All right, so I'll see you at home for dinner
(258) Zooey, I'll see you at home for dinner
(259) How are these Fresh
(260) They're fresh? I just need to steam them, right
(261) Don't forget to soak it in milk
(262) Milk
(263) Only if you plan to fry it
(264) Haven't got that far
(265) I like a man that doesn't pretend to know his way around the kitchen
(266) Yeah, well, you're talking to the right guy
(267) Yes
(268) I think I am
(269) Well, I'm soaking tuna in milk and
(270) thanks to you, frying it for my daughter
(271) So today is Zooey's lucky day
(272) What did you say your name was
(273) You can call me Vivi
(274) Nice running into you Vivi, but not interested
(275) Maybe we could talk
(276) My wife gave me this
(277) Come on, cheri let's go for a drive
(278) All right, but my bike's coming with me
(279) The bike's going with me
(280) Who exactly do you work for, Vivi
(281) I work for the director of the CIA
(282) Wouldn't know about the top shelf
(283) Serbia was my operation
(284) I was looking for the Wolf
(285) We believe he was at the hotel that day
(286) and I believe that you may have seen him
(287) Wait a minute And I'm willing to bet
(288) that when you see him again you'll recognize him
(289) I want you to come work for me
(290) Not a chance I've already got plans
(291) Don't you think Zooey deserves to have her daddy around
(292) for more than just a few measly months
(293) Jesus
(294) That was really close
(295) In exchange for your cleaning services I could offer you an experimental drug
(296) Interested
(297) This, Ethan could extend your life
(298) Where's the literature
(299) You know, the test results
(300) How come no one's told me about this before
(301) Because you weren't worth the cost of treatment
(302) Wow. You make me feel so special
(303) You weren't. But now you are Why
(304) Because you're sick and dead men have nothing to lose
(305) I have access to many things, Ethan
(306) but only you can give me access to the Wolf
(307) I need you to find him
(308) and I need you to kill him
(309) So I buy back my life by killing for you
(310) When did you become so self-righteous
(311) Jesus Christ, I just wanna be sure that we're talking about the same thing here
(312) You know, killing
(313) There's a man inside that works for the Wolf's accountant
(314) I'm gonna need you to start right away
(315) Well, I got a fish to fry and I'm late
(316) I can get you in home in time for dinner, Ethan
(317) Question is
(318) do you want your bike back
(319) Pretty public place Meaning
(320) Meaning a silencer would
(321) be handy
(322) So, how many guys are we talking about
(323) One
(324) Knock 'em dead
(325) Yeah, well, that's the point, isn't it
(326) Allo
(327) Grenade
(328) Pretty good for a jobber
(329) You said there'd be one guy, not five
(330) Oops
(331) But I did say keep the young man with the mustache alive
(332) What do you think this guy looks like
(333) Middle-aged Not a chance
(334) Tell her how old you are I am
(335) Make an effort, all right I'm trying to save your life
(336) Now tell her how old you are I'm 32
(337) Middle-aged Jesus Christ
(338) Now this
(339) is a young man with a mustache
(340) No, that's a goatee
(341) That's a mustache and some stubble
(342) That's a goatee That's a goatee
(343) That's a mustache, all right This is a goatee
(344) That's a shadow It looks French
(345) Since when That's a goatee
(346) What, from your century, grandpa
(347) Look at that, that's a mustache
(348) All right, so what about the rest of these guys
(349) Hmm Oh, my
(350) Who are all these other guys here
(351) I don't know And that doesn't bother you
(352) Nope
(353) Because I usually like to know the person I'm killing needs to be dead
(354) And that's why you never made it to the top shelf, my friend
(355) Goatee, you're up
(356) I'm looking for the accountant When does he get back to Paris
(357) I don't know, I swear
(358) Kill him
(359) Hold on, I can get this guy to talk
(360) He didn't know
(361) Goddamn it
(362) Do you even have a line that can't be crossed
(363) I'm gonna need a significant raise
(364) I wanna leave my daughter more than just my shit pension
(365) Look, I'll close at 25 but I'm gonna cap you to half a dozen kills
(366) Half a dozen
(367) I'm already halfway there
(368) We've all been asked to tighten our belts
(369) Don't take this the wrong way Viv, but you're not my type
(370) I'm everybody's type
(371) You... Are you sure this works No
(372) But I am sure that if you don't try it, you'll be dead in two months
(373) It's 50 thousand, not 25
(374) And you're giving me credit for those three guys upstairs
(375) And I'm also gonna want a
(376) I'm gonna need a million dollar life insurance policy
(377) Take it or leave it
(378) I'll take it
(379) I like the package
(380) All right, now do it
(381) Breathe, Ethan
(382) It will hit you morphine-quick
(383) One way or another
(384) I will make you feel better
(385) Don't forget to soak the fish
(386) You promised me my bike
(387) Zooey
(388) Zooey! Are you OK No, I'm not OK
(389) Look at this
(390) This looks terrible
(391) I think your... Your hair
(392) No, no. Yes. Yes, my hair
(393) I look like a freaking Chia Pet
(394) It looks, uh, awesome
(395) Really Yeah
(396) You think this can go to prom
(397) Well, if you're going you might as well take it with you
(398) Oh, is that some kind of joke No, no, I mean
(399) All these times, now's the time to say a joke
(400) No, I mean, maybe
(401) Maybe we can fix your hair Fix it? You can fix this
(402) No, you can... You could wash it
(403) You could sleep on it and look, tomorrow it will be
(404) It'll be back to normal all right? Maybe
(405) You really think so Yeah
(406) Why don't we pick up some dinner
(407) Hey. Don't offer to cook dinner if you're going to be three hours late
(408) Look, I'm sorry, Tina, but I was
(409) Save it. I was crazy to think I could count on you
(410) I was gonna ask you to look after Zooey while I go to London for work
(411) Then, go
(412) Really, you should go, I can handle it
(413) You can't handle dinner. How are you gonna handle a teenager
(414) How about I just diffused a major meltdown. Her hair, OK
(415) I have to take the first flight out tomorrow morning
(416) I'm calling a sitter
(417) I was late because I found a doctor who can help me
(418) What There's, um
(419) There's a specialist here in Paris who has
(420) a experimental drug she's willing to test on me
(421) Experimental
(422) What exactly does that mean
(423) It means I might be able to spend a little more time with you and Zooey
(424) You should have called, Ethan because I was going to kill you
(425) Can we just, like, maybe quit fighting for a second
(426) Maybe not talk about killing someone? Me
(427) I could grill us up some of this tuna
(428) Tuna Yeah
(429) Tuna With all that mercury
(430) No way
(431) You're gonna fix that door, right
(432) Oh. Um
(433) Yeah, that was a mistake
(434) You haven't been here 24 hours
(435) I hope the sofa is going to be comfortable
(436) Yeah. Better than a cot in Karachi
(437) Do you need something to help you sleep
(438) Yeah, I'm gonna need it now
(439) You're terrible
(440) I knew you would call
(441) What the hell did you give me
(442) You're not coming over No. I'm dizzy
(443) My head... My head's dizzy
(444) Vivi
(445) Read the manual Wait! I'm hallucinating
(446) I'm hallucinating
(447) Take a shot of vodka What
(448) Vodka. It'll take the edge off
(449) Is everything OK
(450) Yeah
(451) I had a little trouble finding the vodka Huh
(452) Listen, you can call me anytime you want
(453) It's only a one hour difference between Paris and London
(454) There you are And you can call me, too
(455) I love you All right
(456) I'll be back in a couple of days, I'm running late
(457) Your daddy has a list Kind of a big list
(458) Washing powder I'll see you guys
(459) Have fun for black clothes
(460) Zooey, come on, breakfast
(461) Look at me. Come on
(462) Just one time up here. One time
(463) Atta girl
(464) Zooey
(465) Oh
(466) What
(467) Wow, it's
(468) It's what Geez
(469) So, what, Ethan It's
(470) It's so red
(471) Vivi
(472) Are you going to get that
(473) Sorry. Nobody important just my boss, Vivi
(474) Was she the one calling you in the middle of the night
(475) We talk a lot because we sell internationally
(476) It's always daytime somewhere
(477) All right, so now we've got three days to kill
(478) What are you doing
(479) It's called a ringtone, Ethan
(480) I'm giving you mine
(481) Maybe we can talk more than once a year
(482) There. Welcome to this century
(483) Zooey. Zooey
(484) Don't you want to ride your bike to school
(485) You think Hugh's gonna like my hair color
(486) Yes, I do
(487) Really Yes
(488) You think he'll really love it Well, if he cares about you he will
(489) So you don't love it
(490) No
(491) No, I mean, yes, Zooey
(492) Zooey, I really love it
(493) Awesome
(494) I can see you don't believe in the customary
(495) forty-eight-hour window between kills
(496) Well, you only have three days left
(497) I'm not getting into your car, Vivi
(498) Not until I get a second opinion on that whatever it was you gave me
(499) I told you it's kosher No, it's not
(500) Aw The manual says
(501) if you'd bothered to read it
(502) you'd find out if I can't keep my heart rate lower
(503) that shit's gonna act like a hallucinogen
(504) So keep your heart rate low
(505) Yeah, well, it's kind of hard with the job you got me doing
(506) Get in the car already
(507) I need you to locate the Italian accountant
(508) who cooks the books for your old friend the Albino
(509) How am I supposed to locate this guy
(510) With the help of this man His name is Mitat Yilmaz
(511) He runs a limo service that caters to the Albino
(512) Get to know him, he'll lead you straight to the accountant
(513) All right
(514) And, Ethan Yeah
(515) Lose the bike
(516) Buy a suit Why
(517) So, you understand we are a luxury car service, right
(518) Yeah How did you come to hear of us
(519) An Albino told me
(520) Did he also tell you that we offer discreet luxury
(521) He told me not to talk to the hired help, to talk to the boss
(522) We're not the help, OK? We are the executive vice president of sales
(523) Ooohh
(524) You're a couple of turds
(525) Listen, asshole
(526) little piece of turd you're nobody to us
(527) And you will never meet the boss. Understand
(528) All right, I'm sorry
(529) Yeah
(530) I had a really weird night, you know
(531) a couple of weird nights Jetlagged
(532) I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot. My fault
(533) Yeah
(534) Can we start again
(535) Let's start again
(536) Jesus Christ, I'm starting to think you can see the Eiffel Tower from
(537) everywhere in this town
(538) You are a very rude man to sit behind my desk
(539) without an invitation, Mr
(540) Why are names important right now
(541) Because I don't want to kill a total stranger
(542) What do you want to kill me for, Mitat
(543) You are sitting in my chair
(544) I'm just waiting for you
(545) The Albino sent you, huh? Bastard
(546) I've always been loyal. Please
(547) These your girls in the picture How dare you look at them
(548) Sit down. I also have a pretty teenage daughter
(549) Father to father, your girls ever
(550) lock themselves in their room, you know
(551) Cut their hair paint it red, you know
(552) Put wigs on and shit like that
(553) No. Never
(554) I knew it! I'm in trouble
(555) So the Albino didn't send you to kill me No
(556) Then who are you
(557) Ethan. Come on
(558) Soul searching
(559) Ain't no finer groove
(560) Soul searching
(561) Gonna make you move
(562) Well
(563) I'm gonna have a conversation with this man in the bathroom
(564) I do not want to be disturbed
(565) Yes. Rule #2: Do whatever you say
(566) That's right, Rule #2
(567) He's a bad guy Something like that
(568) And you are a good guy
(569) You are a professional, huh
(570) Why have I never seen you in Paris before
(571) I've been away on business for about five years
(572) What is so important that you'd leave your daughter so long
(573) Well, I was never good at balancing work and family
(574) You know, when I go home
(575) this life, the killing, the rest it all disappears
(576) I made the wrong choice leaving
(577) Everyday I bring my girls to school and I have dinner with my family
(578) That's the key
(579) Oh, good for you, Mitat
(580) So let's not miss dinner tonight, hmm
(581) When is the accountant arriving in Paris
(582) Please remind me, who is he again
(583) Hello Hello, Mrs. Driskal here
(584) I'd like to have a word with Zooey's father
(585) I'm Zooey's father Is she all right
(586) Zooey's fine, but we need to meet
(587) We need to have a conversation about Zooey's behavior
(588) I can be there right away
(589) Well, do hurry
(590) We're going to school
(591) As I was saying to Zooey
(592) study after study has shown that
(593) aggression is exacerbated by violent images in popular culture
(594) Well, Zooey's mother raised her to be a pacifist
(595) Hm
(596) Hitting a classmate in the face is hardly a passive response
(597) With an open hand or a clenched fist
(598) What difference does that make Well, from my experience
(599) anger, frustration, insult they all call for
(600) they all call for different responses
(601) Mr. Renner it's extremely important
(602) that you send your daughter a clear message
(603) that no matter what she has to confront in life
(604) violence is not an acceptable answer
(605) Ru try
(606) If that wasn't so weird, it would have been really embarrassing, Ethan
(607) Let me see your hand What
(608) Let me see your hand, Zooey
(609) Ow, my thumb
(610) If you're gonna hit someone with a clenched fist
(611) be sure to not tuck your thumb in
(612) You've been gone for five years and this is what you say to me
(613) Oh, God
(614) Are you Muslim No
(615) I told you this is my boss's car
(616) Oh, so Vivi's Muslim No
(617) I'm plugging in my phone. This stuff sucks I know
(618) I like this, who are these guys
(619) Do you even care why I got into a fight Let me out
(620) Why can't you just listen to me and try to understand
(621) OK, why don't you tell me all about it
(622) I have a new friend from Pakistan
(623) and there's this British girl who keeps calling her Paki
(624) Today she put bacon in her locker so I hit her in the face
(625) Well, she won't do that again, will she
(626) Just a second, sweetie, sounds like the spare's loose in the trunk
(627) Hey
(628) I'm trying to have a conversation with my daughter
(629) I'm... I'm sorry, sweetie now where were we
(630) Punching the girl, right I feel really bad
(631) Well, don't, because sometimes it's the only way to stop a bad guy
(632) So you're not mad at me No, I'm not mad at you
(633) I'm proud of you, you stuck up for your friend
(634) Whatever. I'm taking the metro
(635) And, Ethan Yeah
(636) You might want to take something for that cough. It's really annoying
(637) Jesus Christ
(638) Let's see if we can jump start your memory, Mitat
(639) It's my daughter
(640) Zooey Hey. Sorry about earlier
(641) That's OK, honey. I'm sorry, too
(642) Favorite place to hang out after school
(643) I'll wrap my sales meeting and meet you at 3:30, sweetie
(644) She just invited me to hang out What do you think about that
(645) A girl like this will keep you running in circles
(646) You must draw the line, not be so soft
(647) You're right, Mitat
(648) I have been way too soft
(649) Now, where do I find the Albino's accountant, hmm
(650) Hi, Zooey
(651) It's 3:40, Ethan. Where are you
(652) I'm on my bike, sweetie
(653) Forget it, you're always late. I'm leaving
(654) No, no, no, I'm almost there, honestly, Zooey
(655) Give me
(656) Give me five minutes
(657) Fine, five minutes I have homework
(658) Wow
(659) Kids
(660) Sorry I freaked out earlier
(661) It's just Hugh and the prom and you came into town
(662) This is really new for both of us. I get it
(663) So, favorite place to go after Flying Chairs, you remember
(664) I remember Kind of
(665) Yeah OK
(666) Gosh, the bike
(667) What's going on, Ethan
(668) It's just some flu I picked up
(669) Can't seem to shake it off
(670) What if it's something worse
(671) No, it's, uh
(672) It's nothing worse
(673) You remember when we'd drink hot chocolate at the beach house
(674) Sort of
(675) It's the one place I wouldn't mind calling home
(676) More than Pittsburgh, really Yeah, more than Pittsburgh
(677) You know, I kept all our home movies in a box
(678) How about we make dinner and watch them tonight
(679) Yeah, that'd be awesome Good
(680) Oh, shoot, I forgot. I have to go to Karina's tonight
(681) Who Karina, she's my lab partner
(682) We're doing a science project together I'm going to spend the night
(683) On a school night Yeah. I'm sorry, Ethan, I'm really sorry
(684) No, it's OK. It's just
(685) Don't I need to call her parents first
(686) Yeah, if you speak Russian
(687) That's all her parents understand
(688) Look, call Mom She'll tell you it's cool
(689) I don't need to call your mom
(690) Can we watch those movies tomorrow Yeah, sure
(691) See you later
(692) Hi, this is Christine, I'm not here, so please leave a message
(693) Tina, it's me
(694) Can you believe Zooey and I hung out on flying chairs
(695) and we had hot chocolate and it was her idea
(696) Thanks for all this, Tina You're a really great mom
(697) Hi, I'm thrilled everything's going so well
(698) But, uh, who is this friend
(699) Well, I've never heard of her nor her Russian parents
(700) Anyways, give me a call
(701) Zooey
(702) Non, non
(703) Son of a bitch
(704) Is this your car
(705) Pardon... Is this your car
(706) Whoa No
(707) Hey! You know the rule
(708) Never involve family
(709) This isn't a business meeting, Mitat, this is
(710) This is more of a father-to-father type of visit
(711) It's dinner time Mitat
(712) Do you know this man, Mitat Yeah, we work together
(713) Never seen him before It's an American
(714) OK. Come, come with us
(715) Thanks for that
(716) This is Rachelle, Sarah
(717) I have a serious problem with my daughter, Zooey
(718) You've been gone for five years and you did not expect trouble
(719) We cannot help you That's right, you probably can't
(720) But your girls might be able to tell me where
(721) a 16-year-old would go to party on a school night
(722) What does this "spider" mean
(723) They are good girls they do not party
(724) What does this "spider" mean
(725) La Soiree House
(726) How do you know that Thank you
(727) I have a daughter in there
(728) Zooey
(729) Oui
(730) Zooey
(731) Stop, please, please
(732) Stop, please
(733) Ethan
(734) Ethan
(735) Ethan! Please
(736) Come on, Zooey. Come on
(737) I got you, honey
(738) What are you doing here
(739) Better question, Zooey, is what were you doing last night
(740) God, this is so embarrassing. They'll never let me in there again
(741) Why would you ever want to go back to a place like that
(742) Because I like being with my friends
(743) Your friends
(744) Do you even remember what happened
(745) In the bathroom
(746) Zooey What
(747) In the bathroom, do you remember what happened
(748) Look, Karina and I aced the practice test, OK
(749) No, you didn't Yes, we did
(750) So we decided to go hang out with some friends
(751) I've gotta go catch the metro I'm gonna be late for school
(752) You're not going to the metro What
(753) You're not going to school today Not dressed like that
(754) You're putting this on and we're going home
(755) We're gonna have a talk How exactly am I supposed to get home
(756) Gonna ride this bike I don't think so, Ethan
(757) You're getting on this bike and I'm gonna follow you every step of the way
(758) No, you're not Stop talking and get on the bike
(759) I thought that's what you wanted to do, Ethan, talk
(760) Get on this bike
(761) Or what Now
(762) I don't even know how to ride a bike, OK
(763) What kind of kid doesn't know how to ride a bike
(764) The kind of kid who never had a father to teach her
(765) Goddamn it
(766) This is the flattest spot, so let's just try it right here
(767) Gosh, did you have to get the biggest bike there
(768) It's not the biggest bike Zooey, it's a girl's bike
(769) Right, you picked it 'cause it had the big bow on it
(770) No. I can explain the big bow, I got it. Get on
(771) There's too many people. Look can we go somewhere private
(772) Gosh There's not too many people
(773) But it's purple
(774) It is purple. Get on
(775) How do you even get on it Just get on
(776) Wow, we did it. We're halfway there. We're on it
(777) Give yourself time to push here, OK It's right here then. All right
(778) Zooey, all right
(779) Whoa. OK OK
(780) Good Easy, please
(781) OK, I have you. Now, just kinda, you know how to pedal
(782) Yes. I'm right here Why is it so high
(783) Don't let go. I'm gonna
(784) Why did you leave us, Ethan
(785) Why did you leave me and Mom
(786) Look, I traveled a lot, sweetheart and your mother and I
(787) What
(788) There is no easy
(789) There's no good answer, honey
(790) All right
(791) Do you have another family No. No, sweetheart. I didn't. Come on
(792) Do you have another family
(793) Is that what it is No
(794) Do you have another perfect daughter somewhere
(795) Did you see me and not want me
(796) Do you not love me No, sweetheart, no, that's not it
(797) Well, why did it take so long for you to come back
(798) Look
(799) The longer I was gone
(800) it felt like the harder it was to come back
(801) OK, OK, all right
(802) That's all. It's nothing to do with you
(803) Would you still care about me if I did horrible things
(804) Yes, of course
(805) Absolutely
(806) I lie a lot. Like, all the time about everything
(807) Even when I don't need to I don't know why
(808) Well, you know, sometimes that's easier than telling the truth
(809) That girl I hit at school, she wasn't teasing a Pakistani friend
(810) She was hitting on Hugh
(811) It's all right, he prefers soccer Yeah
(812) Hugh
(813) These are so beautiful, thank you
(814) Give me one sec I'll be right back
(815) Ethan, don't say anything weird
(816) You rave, Hugh What
(817) You rave No, no way, Mr. Zoe
(818) I'm an athlete. I'm a striker
(819) Last game I scored two goals, by the way
(820) So you like to score Yeah, yeah, definitely, yeah
(821) No! Well, I... I... I mean on the field
(822) Yeah On the field only, yeah
(823) Soccer Yeah
(824) Not a fan. I'm from Pittsburgh where we play real football
(825) Oh yeah, American football No
(826) Real football
(827) OK
(828) Nice bike
(829) You like the bike Yeah
(830) You're the only one
(831) I won't be home late, Ethan
(832) Where are you two going School
(833) Great, well, I'm headed that direction myself
(834) No, you're not
(835) Yeah, well, I could be I'm going to the market
(836) Oh, OK, well, I'm gonna
(837) OK, see you later, Mr. Zooey
(838) I don't like being called that
(839) You don't like Hugh
(840) I'm in, uh, sales, sweetie
(841) It's my business to read people
(842) You know, a lot of my friends dads are in sales, Ethan
(843) and not one of them dresses like you
(844) What are you saying
(845) I'm saying they wear suits That's what they wear to work
(846) Hey, I love you
(847) Haven't I helped you enough You know the drill
(848) The accountant checked out. I need you to tell me where he is now
(849) I gave him to you yesterday I know you did
(850) And now you're back I thought you were a pro
(851) I'm suddenly a single dad It's getting complicated
(852) Is it my fault if your daughter is out of control
(853) and affecting your work and judgment
(854) You're right, Mitat. It is affecting my judgment
(855) Cause you should have been dead a long time ago
(856) Hey, my wife works late. I need to pick up my girls at 4:30
(857) I can't promise, but I'll make an effort
(858) Open up
(859) I can't get around your mirror
(860) Fine, asshole
(861) Yes
(862) Ethan! Ethan
(863) That briefcase has the routing codes to the Albino's accounts, doesn't it
(864) Yeah
(865) Do not open! The lock has an explosive trigger
(866) I got the codes to the briefcase. Give me the codes to the trigger, Guido
(867) But after I give it to you, you will kill me
(868) No, but I swear to God I'm gonna really torture you
(869) if you make me count to three No
(870) OK, one Oh, no
(871) two No
(872) No
(873) Zooey Ethan, so listen
(874) I was thinking about tonight
(875) Sweetie, I'm gonna be home on time for dinner, all right? I promise. Now, can I
(876) Can I call you back I want to make dinner for Hugh tonight
(877) Just the two of you, like a
(878) romantic dinner Something like that
(879) And I want to make him real spaghetti sauce
(880) but I don't know what I need besides tomatoes
(881) I can't find Mom so I need your help
(882) Just a sec, sweetie
(883) Guido, are you a real Italian
(884) What
(885) I mean, are you a real Italian I mean, were you born there
(886) Yes. Catania, Sicily
(887) Could she have a recipe for sauce
(888) Sauce
(889) Yeah, sauce, you know, sauce
(890) Is that code No, it's not code
(891) You just said you're a real Italian, right Si
(892) Si, so you must know a little something about spaghetti sauce
(893) Ah! Spaghetti sauce! Red or white
(894) Red or white Red, vegetable, not too spicy
(895) Vegetarian, not too spicy
(896) OK, I know what to tell her
(897) Sweetie, it just so happens I'm in a meeting here with a real live Italian
(898) His mama has a great recipe
(899) He wants to give it to you His name is Guido
(900) Why don't you say hello to my daughter
(901) Hello. I am Guido
(902) Hi, Guido, this will only take a second
(903) No, no
(904) Please take all the time you want Who's Guido
(905) No, no, no
(906) So, this is my mama's favorite reduction sauce
(907) You will need tomatoes capers and garlic
(908) She always uses tomatoes from her garden
(909) Your mom has a garden That is so cool
(910) Yes, she worked all her life so I could go to school
(911) and now I am the only one left to take care of her
(912) What else, Guido
(913) Heat the olive oil crush the garlic
(914) Then you peel the tomatoes
(915) After ten minutes, no more
(916) add capers and parsley
(917) And my mama's secret is a cup of red wine
(918) and a teaspoon of sugar
(919) Boy, that Guido's a real mama's boy, huh
(920) I think it's sweet that he loves his mother. Thanks, Ethan
(921) Remember, don't get home too early OK
(922) No, wait
(923) Oh, please call her back
(924) I wanted to give her my mama's favorite recipe for cannoli
(925) You know how to tell time
(926) Where's the one
(927) Where's the three
(928) That's two hours
(929) You cut this guy loose in two hours
(930) Guido, remind me where you're going after this kid lets you go
(931) I'm going back home to live with Mama
(932) You're late
(933) I'm in the middle of a training session
(934) Yeah, I... I can see that
(935) Job's done
(936) You're no fun Not really
(937) Sit down
(938) Or did you forget why you came
(939) Champagne I don't think so
(940) You're just an American girl having a good time in Paris, aren't you
(941) Who doesn't love Paris
(942) Now that we've bankrupted the Albino
(943) he'll come running back to Paris with his tail between his legs
(944) leading us straight to the Wolf
(945) When
(946) Very soon
(947) You can't go dressed like that
(948) What's wrong with how I dress
(949) What are you, cheri, 42 long
(950) Yes
(951) Take it off Excuse me
(952) Shoes, everything. Let's go
(953) What's going on Baby
(954) Baby
(955) You let that guy go, right You didn't hurt him
(956) No, you keep that that's yours now
(957) My God
(958) This is not the first time for you, after all
(959) Actually, it is
(960) What about your daughter
(961) I wasn't there
(962) I was working far away in Africa to be precise
(963) You were doing good
(964) I don't even remember
(965) The baby is coming
(966) It is a girl
(967) Before the baby leaves the house for the first time
(968) it is our custom to have the family offer a blessing
(969) Leave Yes
(970) We are keeping our word to you Word
(971) What word? I mean, I just I brought Chinese, OK
(972) I've got a 100 fortune cookies
(973) It's OK. Everything is as it should be
(974) Look, I didn't mean for you to have to leave right after the child was born
(975) I mean, there's plenty of room for everyone
(976) Maybe it's too much room
(977) My wife wants a smaller place out of the city. No guests
(978) Just us and the children
(979) It is good as long as we are together
(980) Sumia wants to call the baby Ethan
(981) It's a boy's name No
(982) It's the name of a great man who didn't shoot us when he could
(983) And instead gave us his home
(984) She has chosen carefully
(985) The name is perfect
(986) Hey, how did it go
(987) Hugh asked me to go to the prom
(988) Good
(989) So dinner was a success
(990) Wow. You look nice
(991) Did you wear that for me today
(992) Uh... no. I had to
(993) I had to give a speech
(994) Are you coming to the pre-party tomorrow
(995) Well, I am if you're asking
(996) It's on Hugh's father's rooftop
(997) You know Hugh comes from a really cultured family
(998) Yeah
(999) Don't forget you've got Steelers blood running through your veins
(1000) They sent Hugh to a special school to learn how to dance when he was like eight
(1001) So
(1002) So that means he's probably a really good dancer
(1003) So
(1004) So I don't know how to dance like that, Ethan
(1005) No Come on
(1006) I'm not gonna dance You can stand on my feet
(1007) I'm too big for this You're not too big
(1008) Now, stand on my feet
(1009) I'm gonna teach you how to dance to your mother's favorite song
(1010) OK
(1011) There and back
(1012) Pretty easy, huh Not too bad
(1013) Now get off
(1014) Would you wear this suit tomorrow for me
(1015) Of course I would
(1016) Mom
(1017) Sweetie
(1018) You haven't coughed Not since I've been back
(1019) How are you feeling
(1020) Remember when I'd bring Zooey to school in the first grade
(1021) She had that stuffed rabbit
(1022) Lamby the lamb
(1023) Right, Lamby the lamb
(1024) I remember the day she never took him to school again
(1025) My stomach hurt that day That's how I feel now
(1026) Like you lost something Yeah
(1027) Have you told her yet No
(1028) You're gonna have to I know
(1029) Just tell her you love her
(1030) She knows
(1031) She needs to hear it from you
(1032) Of course I love her. I mean I love her the same way
(1033) the same way I love you
(1034) Good morning
(1035) Oh, God
(1036) You're not on the couch No, Tina, I'm not on the couch
(1037) Good morning, parents
(1038) Wow, sweetheart What a good idea. Here
(1039) Bring that orange juice right here
(1040) Sweetie, just put down the tray I'll meet you in the kitchen. OK
(1041) Come on, I squeezed the oranges all by myself
(1042) Now, please
(1043) What's wrong, Mom You're acting really weird
(1044) Nothing, sweetie. Just go finish getting dressed and I'll take you to school
(1045) Come on, let's go. Go
(1046) Love you, Mom
(1047) I love you, sweetie
(1048) What's wrong with her seeing us
(1049) Really
(1050) What happens when you're gone
(1051) Yeah
(1052) The Albino is staying at the Grand Hotel
(1053) All right
(1054) Hey. I'm not going anywhere
(1055) Hello You spotted me
(1056) I'd have to be blind not to Don't do anything stupid, Mitat
(1057) Your girls are expecting you home tonight
(1058) So is your beautiful wife
(1059) Who were you talking to
(1060) Come on, accelerate
(1061) Come on
(1062) Come on, faster
(1063) Have we lost him
(1064) This kind of guy he'd never give up
(1065) Why you don't kill me already
(1066) Because you're the father who knows best
(1067) Just kill him
(1068) Vivi
(1069) Welcome back
(1070) You let the Wolf slip through your hands again
(1071) Where am I
(1072) A safe place
(1073) We got your lab results back today, Ethan
(1074) I was actually pretty curious myself. And as it turns out
(1075) it looks like the treatment's having a positive effect on you
(1076) It's my wife. Hello
(1077) Hi. Where are you
(1078) Um
(1079) I'm leaving the doctor's office now
(1080) Hurry up and get home. We're gonna be late for Zooey's party
(1081) OK
(1082) I don't want to spend the rest of my life killing for you, Vivi
(1083) You're almost there, Ethan
(1084) Kill the Wolf
(1085) I'm gonna need a new suit
(1086) You heard him
(1087) There has been a change in plans We're leaving tonight
(1088) Take me to my partner's house
(1089) He will help me to get out of Paris
(1090) Mom, don't ruin my night Why don't you try them on
(1091) No
(1092) Listen, just at least try them on No
(1093) Whoa
(1094) Just smile and have fun
(1095) Why? I hate these shoes I look like Little Miss Sunshine
(1096) You look great, honey No, I don't
(1097) Zoe Hugh
(1098) You look great Really, I do
(1099) Yeah, of course
(1100) Oh, Mr. Renner, Mrs. Renner
(1101) these are my parents
(1102) Nice to see you again Thanks for inviting us
(1103) You're welcome
(1104) This is Ethan, Zooey's dad
(1105) Hi. And this is my partner
(1106) Pleasure to meet you
(1107) And you
(1108) If it wasn't for this party we might never have met
(1109) How do you do
(1110) Enchant
(1111) Wow
(1112) Yeah, wow
(1113) Kids
(1114) Wow
(1115) May I take this? Thank you, sir Yeah
(1116) Isn't this great
(1117) Yeah
(1118) Zooey, do me a favor
(1119) Try and use your best judgment with Hugh tonight
(1120) Cheers
(1121) You're working again
(1122) Yeah. There's a problem here
(1123) That's why you came back to Paris
(1124) No. I came back to see you and Zooey
(1125) It was all a lie
(1126) You promised you'd keep your work away from us
(1127) You're probably not even sick It's not a lie, Tina
(1128) Right now I don't have the time to explain
(1129) How many guys do we have
(1130) The police will be here in ten minutes
(1131) You all right No
(1132) No, I'm not so good I've gotta go
(1133) If we go now, there is enough time
(1134) OK. This party's over
(1135) You used us both No, I would never do that
(1136) I'll get my funds bring everyone in
(1137) Make sure the street's blocked
(1138) At least have the decency to look at me
(1139) Kill him
(1140) It's just bad luck
(1141) You're sick, Ethan
(1142) Wow, this is unbelievable
(1143) Yeah. I know. It's crazy
(1144) I'm gonna be sick
(1145) Come with me
(1146) Did you scratch yourself
(1147) No, please don't go Come home with me
(1148) Just leave it to someone else
(1149) Just please stay here
(1150) Zooey What
(1151) Get down
(1152) You hear me in there
(1153) I'm sending you down
(1154) Oh, shit
(1155) Wheel's turning
(1156) No, stay, you fuckers
(1157) Don't
(1158) I gotta
(1159) Don't
(1160) I wouldn't mind killing you
(1161) You scared a lot of people up there
(1162) This is my daughter's party
(1163) Yes
(1164) Yes, come on
(1165) Viv
(1166) Oh, my God
(1167) Am I in hell
(1168) So that's what it looks like to you, Ethan
(1169) Figures
(1170) Finish it What
(1171) You'll do what I tell you to
(1172) No Finish it
(1173) I passed my quota, Vivi
(1174) Ethan
(1175) Jesus Christ
(1176) Are you really done working for them
(1177) A killer is a killer He'll never change
(1178) I know I haven't done right by you and Zooey
(1179) Kill him
(1180) I should've left a long time ago
(1181) What about your daughter I wasn't there
(1182) Do it
(1183) What kind of kid doesn't know how to ride a bike
(1184) The kind of kid who never had a father to teach her
(1185) Ethan Ethan
(1186) Do it
(1187) Promise you'll never lie to me again
(1188) You have no choice
(1189) I don't think so
(1190) The wife wants me to give it up
(1191) Can I talk to her
(1192) No, she's down on the beach right now throwing rocks
(1193) What Yeah, we're
(1194) We're taking a break from each other right now
(1195) At least she's not throwing them at me
(1196) Is everything all right
(1197) Yeah, it's been all right There's been good and bad days
(1198) She said things, I've said things
(1199) There's been some tears
(1200) but the week overall's been really worth it
(1201) Hey
(1202) These are some presents from me and, um
(1203) a package that was dropped at the house
(1204) I can hear your car running Are you gonna go back
(1205) I love you, Tina
(1206) Just not enough to quit
(1207) I think you're wrong but I understand
(1208) If I could say one word to you to change your mind
(1209) would you give me that chance
(1210) This isn't a game
(1211) We don't have to stay in the same room we don't have to sleep together
(1212) that's not what I'm asking
(1213) If that becomes important you'll be the one to decide
(1214) I'll hear the music and then I'll know
(1215) And if I never hear it
(1216) I've already gotten more than I deserve
(1217) I just wanna hang out as long as I can with my daughter and my wife
(1218) What's the word What
(1219) What's the one word to make me change my mind
(1220) It's, uh... it's Christmas
(1221) That's two, Ethan
(1222) Hey, Mom Hi, sweetie
(1223) I'm so glad you came
(1224) Come on, let's go inside
(1225) Dad's gonna make us hot cocoa
(1226) Come on
(1227) Is Dad a badass
(1228) Well, he's, um... He's done some things
(1229) You think Dad's gonna stick around
(1230) As long as he can, sweetheart
(1231) He loves you so much

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