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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[2006] [End Game] English Transcripts

(1) Great day to watch a game.
(2) But first things first. More important things to do.
(3) Thomas to Stevens.
(4) ETA 1700.
(5) Thank you.
(6) The Cherokees and the Mammoths with the right to go on to the playoffs.
(7) And their biggest fan, President Harmon, who hasn't missed a game all season...
(8) is not here today. Can you believe it?
(9) It's true, Dave. But for a good reason.
(10) Instead he's attending the National Merit Awards...
(11) at Arlington University.
(12) And I got a feeling that somehow he's gonna get to a radio or television.
(13) There's no way he's gonna miss this one. You're absolutely right, Ernie.
(14) And I believe that we are set now for the kickoff...
(15) and you are about to see it live.
(16) So, Alex...
(17) who won the last game? I did, Mr. President.
(18) That makes three in a row?
(19) Yeah. Honey? Oh, yes.
(20) It's too bad that this speech had to be today...
(21) since it's the last home game you could officially see as President.
(22) But they're gonna be a lot more fun to watch...
(23) when I don't have to run a country at the same time.
(24) Oh, boy, state dinners every night do get a bit old.
(25) I can hardly wait to curl up on the couch with a box of Krispy Kremes.
(26) Alex.
(27) Thank you, Mr. President. You're welcome.
(28) Okay. The other side, ma'am.
(29) Thank you. Thanks.
(30) And here's Mr. Stevens.
(31) Stevens! Mr. Stevens!
(32) Okay, thanks.
(33) Excuse me.
(34) The President has decided to spend a few minutes with you upon his arrival.
(35) And he should be here shortly.
(36) Mr. Stevens, is the President backing the Vice President?
(37) Mr. Stevens, can you tell us about security?
(38) We're on approach.
(39) Excuse me.
(40) Gun!
(41) Get Air Med over here!
(42) Get Air Med over here, now!
(43) We're en route to your location with the President of the United States.
(44) He has a gunshot wound to the head, one entry wound.
(45) Patient is trauma-coded.
(46) We have a large-bore IV running wide open.
(47) ETA is in five minutes.
(48) I'm just gonna go to the closest hospital. I guess that's where...
(49) they're gonna take him. All right.
(50) And let me know if you need anything.
(51) Okay, thanks. I'll call you as soon as I have something.
(52) There they are. Let's go.
(53) Hurry up. This way.
(54) Secured. Locking.
(55) Whoa, whoa, whoa! You have an open wound. You're not sterile.
(56) I can't leave his side. He's my responsibility.
(57) In here, he's my responsibility.
(58) Nurse, take him to the ER.
(59) I'll be with him all the way through.
(60) You're a lucky man. X-ray looks good. No broken bones.
(61) Take it easy on the hand for a few weeks. You'll be fine.
(62) Feels like forever.
(63) How's the hand? Fine, thank you, ma'am.
(64) Alex.
(65) You were there.
(66) How was he?
(67) Alex, please talk to me.
(68) It didn't look good.
(69) I need a minute to myself.
(70) Doctor...
(71) would you please inform the press? Of course.
(72) Thank you.
(73) Ma'am, I'm sorry for your loss.
(74) If you need a few private moments with him...
(75) I don't want to see him like that.
(76) Special Agent Thomas?
(77) Hi, I'm Kate Crawford from the Washington Inlander.
(78) I know who you are.
(79) Then talk to me. You might need a friend.
(80) Let's go.
(81) Hey. Hi.
(82) How did you get into his army records?
(83) Never mind. I don't want to know.
(84) Your sources, have they given you anything?
(85) Well, the Secret Service had him on file as a Class Three threat case.
(86) Crank letter writer.
(87) Then how the hell did he get anywhere near the President?
(88) Because they don't assign agents to high-level threat cases...
(89) unless they live in the immediate area. Detimore's not from here.
(90) So you don't know anything that anybody else doesn't know.
(91) Bite me, Peter. The guy's a ghost.
(92) He has no bank statements, he has no credit records.
(93) He paid his rent in cash.
(94) And, oddly enough, his personal history's been erased...
(95) since he left the army in '92.
(96) I'm gonna go back to the campus.
(97) See if I can talk to anyone who saw him yesterday.
(98) Get a different take on it.
(99) Fine, but I want daily reports. Not your usual out-of-contact-for-weeks.
(100) You know, an e-mail would also work for me.

(101) It's not gonna last forever, you know?
(102) Don't worry about it, Bri. I understand procedure.
(103) To be honest with you...
(104) I could use the time to get my head on straight...
(105) think things through.
(106) Hey, hey, cut yourself some slack, man.
(107) We've gone over every second of that day. You did everything by the book.
(108) Stevens was looking for you earlier.
(109) Listen. If you need anything, call me.
(110) Okay?
(111) Come in.
(112) I heard you were looking for me, sir?
(113) Agent Thomas, I know you're required to take time off.
(114) But keep in touch, because when all this clears...
(115) I'm gonna need you back. Yes, sir.
(116) And do not blame yourself for what happened.
(117) It wouldn't have changed direction if it didn't go through my hand first, sir.
(118) Now, listen.
(119) You took a bullet for the man. Nobody can ask for more than that.
(120) Yes, sir.
(121) Please stop at that area, but just stay back.
(122) Thank you.
(123) That's far enough. All right. Okay.
(124) Don't mind him. He's always out here begging.
(125) He won't bother you.
(126) Okay. Thanks.
(127) Excuse me?
(128) Hi.
(129) May I talk with you for a minute? Arthur Fuller's the name.
(130) My friends call me Shakey.
(131) My name's Kate.
(132) Cool kicks, Shakey. Zip-a-dee-doo.
(133) It's a look.
(134) Were you here when the President was assassinated?
(135) Yeah.
(136) Bad scene.
(137) Did you see the shooter here, that day?
(138) No.
(139) Not around here.
(140) Wait, wait. Sorry?
(141) When you say that you didn't see him around here...
(142) do you mean that you haven't seen him at all...
(143) or that you've seen him somewhere else?
(144) I've seen him where he lived.
(145) Where? Where have you seen him?
(146) Well, for $20, I'll show you.
(147) Shangri-la.
(148) You sure he was living here? Scout's honor.
(149) Cross my heart.
(150) That's my home away from home. It's nice.
(151) Yeah, wait until you see the inside.
(152) Hey, boss. You got company.
(153) How many? Two. Man and a woman.
(154) Your boy was living there about a week.
(155) Did you tell anyone else about this?
(156) No. Nobody ever asks me nothing. I don't volunteer nothing.
(157) Yeah.
(158) Okay, look.
(159) Can you stand out here and keep watch? Let me know if anyone comes, okay?
(160) I can do that. All right.
(161) Buy yourself a couple of beers or something. Okay?
(162) I don't drink.
(163) Okay.
(164) I'll give you another $20 when I come out, okay?
(165) Yeah.
(166) Hey. Hey, boss.
(167) Listen, a last question.
(168) Did you ever see him with anyone?
(169) Oh, yeah. Yeah, twice. Twice! I seen a guy go into the place.
(170) Okay, great, that's great.
(171) Would you recognize him again? Yeah, yeah.
(172) Did you run her plates? Yes, sir.
(173) Give me a few hours and I'll have her life's history.
(174) Look, I gotta go, okay? But thank you.
(175) Thank you for all your help. All right? Yeah.
(176) Okay. Come back, I'll buy you dinner.
(177) Okay. How much will that cost me?
(178) Yeah? Hey, it's Kate. Okay, listen.
(179) Detimore wasn't working alone on this thing.
(180) A third party rented him an apartment. They paid cash.
(181) Two weeks before the shooting, it's near campus and it's under a false name.
(182) And I met a guy named Shakey...
(183) and he lives in a van behind the building, but he swears he can ID him.
(184) Shakey? Let me guess. Drunk, needs a shower, not all there.
(185) Yeah, but he knows what he saw and I believe him.
(186) And listen, I went into the apartment...
(187) and I found cough syrup, and bloody tissues, and painkillers.
(188) Which means?
(189) Which means he had lung cancer. I saw the same thing with my mom.
(190) Right.
(191) So maybe the guy wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.
(192) Or someone found out and used him.
(193) Go back to Shakey's, find out what else he knows.
(194) Okay.
(195) Hold it, ma'am. Kate Crawford, Washington Inlander.
(196) Okay.
(197) Hold it.
(198) Okay, this goes in the back. I'll radio ahead.
(199) So, Shakey tells me that he can identify someone...
(200) that's going in and out of Detimore's apartment...
(201) and, the next thing you know, he's killed in a fire.
(202) That's not a coincidence.
(203) If he was murdered, you're playing with big-boys rules now.
(204) I've played big-boy rules before.
(205) Yeah, and my head ended up on the chopping block.
(206) Yeah, but we also won a Pulitzer.
(207) True.
(208) But this Pulitzer could end up killing you.
(209) Maybe we should bring in the authorities.
(210) No. Come on, not yet. It just...
(211) They'd only shut me out and then I'd have nothing.
(212) I located his sister.
(213) She... She lives near Warren. I'm gonna go see her tomorrow.
(214) Listen, Kate. Be careful.
(215) Yeah, yeah. Anything for you. I'll see you later.
(216) Get Air Med over here, now!
(217) Hi. Alex, please.
(218) Now that he's gone, you're the only one I can talk to.
(219) Not right now.
(220) Hold on.
(221) Are you Thelma Detimore? And you are?
(222) I'm Kate Crawford from the Washington Inlander.
(223) Look, I been talking to the cops all day and I'm tired.
(224) You here to make him into a monster, too?
(225) I'm here to get the truth. He was a good brother and a good son.
(226) Who is it, Thelma? A reporter.
(227) Don't worry, I'll handle it.
(228) Is that your mother?
(229) She's an old lady who just outlived her son.
(230) Leave her be.
(231) Okay.
(232) You know what? Just one question.
(233) How long was he taking these?
(234) Long enough.
(235) Got it during the Gulf War. At least that's what he always said.
(236) All right, look, if you think of anything...
(237) you know, you'd like me to know or... Just give me a call.
(238) I'll do that.
(239) Okay, bye-bye.
(240) Delia, could you give me a hand with this, please?
(241) Follow her and find out who she talks to.
(242) Thelma, the TV's broke.
(243) Mom! We gotta get out.
(244) Sir. Martin.
(245) Very nice turnout.
(246) Where's Thomas? At home, I'm sure.
(247) Taking a little time to get himself together, sir.
(248) Understandable.
(249) It's a difficult time.
(250) How's the investigation going? We're in the opening stages.
(251) A lot of questions to be asked, people to interview.
(252) The big question is how did he get through the security?
(253) I have my top people on it, though.
(254) Your top people are the ones that screwed it up in the first place.
(255) You know, with all due respect, sir... Stuff it.
(256) He was a very close, personal friend of mine...
(257) not to mention that he was a damn fine leader.
(258) Now, I want this thing cleared up.
(259) I thought you were retired, General?
(260) You want to find out how little that really means?
(261) Good afternoon, everyone.
(262) I just want to thank you all for coming today.
(263) And I know that all of your condolences...
(264) both on a personal and professional level, would have meant a great deal to him.
(265) And I also hope that in time...
(266) this sorrow will turn into an enduring memory...
(267) of all of his great accomplishments while serving as your President.
(268) Mr. Thomas?
(269) Hello?
(270) Mr. Thomas?
(271) Hello?
(272) Hello?
(273) Hello?
(274) Shit.
(275) Good morning.
(276) Long night, huh?
(277) I was wondering if I could just talk to you...
(278) for a second?
(279) Listen, I just need to speak to you for a moment.
(280) Look who she's run to now.
(281) Trouble. Yeah.
(282) Call Jack.
(283) Yeah? She's with Alex Thomas.
(284) That's a shame.
(285) I gave her opportunity after opportunity to go away, didn't I?
(286) I don't have a choice, so just make them both go away.
(287) Thomas.
(288) Look.
(289) Detimore wasn't working alone in this.
(290) I can prove it.
(291) Come on!
(292) I'm coming in.
(293) Well, is this your wife? That's none of your business, Crawford.
(294) Pretty lady.
(295) You were close to the President.
(296) You're just wasting your time.
(297) You'll forgive my cynicism...
(298) but I don't buy into any grassy-knoll, second-gunman theory.
(299) I was there. Remember?
(300) Well, what about the someone put-a-dying-man-up-to-it theory?
(301) You really should be going now.
(302) You know, Thomas, you don't have to like me.
(303) But you know my reputation. I'm not some bright-eyed rookie.
(304) Rookie? No, no.
(305) You have plenty of experience destroying people's careers...
(306) for your personal gain.
(307) Only when they deserve it.
(308) Okay, fine. I'll leave.
(309) Explain this to me though, will you?
(310) Why would someone rent an apartment for Detimore...
(311) two weeks before the National Merit Awards...
(312) one week before the White House announces...
(313) the President's going to be there?
(314) You just mull that over, okay?
(315) Oh, and the bum who showed me the apartment is dead, as of yesterday.
(316) Okay.
(317) Okay. Okay.
(318) Can we get my purse? I left it on the dock.
(319) So, why me? Because I need your help.
(320) And there's a conspiracy here and I know you're not involved.
(321) Wait. Why are the lights still on?
(322) Okay, I don't mean to be rude, Thomas, but you really need to fix this.
(323) In case you have company here.
(324) Keep your eyes on the water.
(325) Shoot them if they come back up. Okay.
(326) I knew. I told you. I told you I was being followed.
(327) Aren't you supposed to listen to your instincts?
(328) Crawford... Calm down. Calm down. What? Okay. I'm calm.
(329) You're supposed to listen to your instincts and I always do.
(330) I always say, "Just listen to your instincts, Kate, listen."
(331) And I didn't listen. And whenever you don't listen...
(332) things happen, bad things happen... Relax. They're gone.
(333) They're go... There's one right there. What do you mean, they're gone?
(334) Come on.
(335) You need to check the trees, then check the car.
(336) And can you get my purse, please?
(337) Thank you.
(338) Excuse me, sir.
(339) You should've stayed and backed them up. I'm sorry.
(340) Like I said, I don't do wet work. Yeah, you did, didn't you?
(341) All right, so we take a different approach.
(342) We find out who can lead them to us and we just get there first.
(343) Thanks for doing this for me. No problem.
(344) The police ID'd the guys who tried to kill you yesterday.
(345) Eli Arman. Arrested twice for illegal arms dealing.
(346) And his pal, Nick Gower, no convictions. But I got lucky.
(347) Their sidekick on the second bust, Tony Morino...
(348) is doing 10 years at the federal pen.
(349) Is there any way that you could... They're expecting you.
(350) Here's your clearance.
(351) Eli Arman. He's dead.
(352) I'm all broke up.
(353) Who were you and Eli smuggling guns for?
(354) All right, what's in this for me? You got eight years left, no parole.
(355) I can get you out of this rat hole and into a minimum-security facility.
(356) And for this I got to do what? Just answer the fucking question.
(357) Me and Nick Gower worked for Arman. But he wasn't running the show.
(358) Who was?
(359) I don't know. It's compartmented.
(360) This way, if one guy got busted...
(361) he didn't take everybody else down with him.
(362) Now, Arman, he worked for Mike Maguire, and he reported to the top guy.
(363) Where do I find this Mike Maguire?
(364) Last I remember, he was living in the DC area...
(365) liked to hang out at a place called the Stars and Stripes Café.
(366) So when am I getting out of here? As soon as your information checks out.
(367) Let's go.
(368) Thank you.
(369) You visited a Thelma Detimore yesterday? Yeah, why?
(370) Her trailer was blown up.
(371) What about her mom? She was in it.
(372) Oh, my God.
(373) That's three people dead because I went to go talk to them.
(374) It's not gonna get any better, Kate.
(375) Good girl, Janice. Mike Maguire.
(376) Mike Maguire. Mike Maguire?
(377) You know, this guy looks so familiar to me. I just can't place him.
(378) You think he's gonna show up today?
(379) His favorite haunt. Good a place to start as any.
(380) It's a needle in a haystack.
(381) Hey, looks like our needle just showed up.
(382) Oh, my God.
(383) Move!
(384) Call the cops.
(385) Hello? Yes. A man just ran by me with a gun.
(386) Get out!
(387) 53-31, copy that.
(388) Freeze! Freeze!
(389) Here comes my little hero.
(390) Freeze! Drop your weapon!
(391) Freeze! Drop your gun, now!
(392) Secret Service!
(393) Put your gun down, now!
(394) Secret Service. Check the ID. Put the gun down, now!
(395) Step over to the car, sir.
(396) This is 53-31 calling.
(397) We apprehended an armed man, Special Agent Alex Thomas.
(398) Look out!
(399) I owe you one. Maguire's dead.
(400) He's dead.
(401) Thomas, you're bleeding. Yeah.
(402) Sir, are you okay?
(403) The tags were stolen off a Beamer three days ago.
(404) But that bumper you described...
(405) is a chrome, titanium steel, drop bumper, very rare.
(406) Only 35 body shops are qualified to install them.
(407) Only one in DC.
(408) I accessed their records...
(409) and a company called Alexis International came up as the owner.
(410) Good girl. What else you got?
(411) Very little. Import-export, unlisted number.
(412) May I?
(413) Thanks. Alexis rings a bell.
(414) I think maybe their name may have come up...
(415) in an article I wrote years ago.
(416) What's ISG? Intelligence Studies Group.
(417) Top secret CIA unit that was busted for doing internal operations.
(418) Illegal internal operations in this country.
(419) And how is ISG tied in to Alexis?
(420) Okay. May I?
(421) These three guys were questioned about ISG.
(422) They denied having any knowledge of it whatsoever.
(423) But, the three of them were employed...
(424) by Alexis International. Okay?
(425) A company with no credit history, no financial records whatsoever.
(426) And I knew I recognized him. Mike Maguire.
(427) Same guy, different name.
(428) Can you enlarge that guy's face? Sure.
(429) That's Philip Keefer.
(430) That's the driver.
(431) From today? Yes.
(432) I gotta take this in to Stevens tomorrow.
(433) It's him.
(434) Come in.
(435) Agent Thomas, how are you holding up? How's the hand?
(436) Fine, thank you.
(437) And so what are you doing here?
(438) I don't think Detimore was working alone, sir.
(439) What makes you think that? I've been in contact with Kate Crawford.
(440) Oh, a conspiracy theory. I see, I'm sorry, I didn't...
(441) Who is it this time, the FBI or the CIA?
(442) Or maybe the Secret Service? That'd be a new wrinkle.
(443) It was somebody, sir. They tried to kill us both yesterday.
(444) Are you kidding me? No, sir.
(445) You have any idea who? Maybe.
(446) Some company named Alexis International is involved,
(447) but I think that's just a shell.
(448) Vaughn, I need 15 men.
(449) Alex, hold on a second. You know that I cannot authorize that for you.
(450) You shouldn't even be here. You always could count on me.
(451) Listen, this is... This is bigger than us.
(452) This is the FBI, the CIA, the NSA. They all have their hands in this.
(453) We can't move on this alone. Ten.
(454) Now, give me a couple of days and I'll see what I can do.
(455) 10 men is all I... Two days...
(456) and I will do my best, Agent Thomas.
(457) Okay.
(458) And until then, you will stay out of this.
(459) General Montgomery, sir.
(460) Alex.
(461) When am I gonna see you? What's wrong, son?
(462) You're kidding.
(463) I'll look into it. I'll see what I can do for you.
(464) What about Martin? Have you talked to him?
(465) No, I know you don't want to get him involved in it...
(466) but this young man would climb Mount Everest barefooted for you.
(467) I think he's your best bet.
(468) You're welcome.
(469) Hey, come over and see me sometime.
(470) God bless.
(471) This is a lot bigger than a single gunman. You obviously got somebody worried.
(472) I'm not so sure.
(473) How's the First Lady doing?
(474) Remarkable lady. I mean, we all know how tough it's been on her...
(475) but she seems to be doing okay, you know, wanting to get on with her life.
(476) That morning when we were in the car...
(477) I gave her a look that everything was gonna be okay, you know?
(478) Yeah.
(479) Then when it happened...
(480) I just can't forget her face.
(481) Having to leave her husband's side.
(482) Have you called her, man? No.
(483) But I'm gonna stop by and see her when this is all over.
(484) How quickly can you get a team together?
(485) Four or five hours.
(486) What does that mean...
(487) you don't know how long you'll be able to hold him back?
(488) I thought you were omnipotent, almighty, and powerful.
(489) So who's got my back, after I clean up your mess? Tell me that.
(490) I do love this game.
(491) Hey, guys, finish up, okay? Let's go. We gotta get out of here.
(492) Here they come.
(493) Let's get going.
(494) When's the next run supposed to be?
(495) God, they're fast.
(496) Very fast.
(497) I didn't think they'd get here that quick.
(498) And boys, let's go have some fun.
(499) Kate, I don't know what we're gonna be up against in there...
(500) so I'm gonna need you to stay in the car.
(501) Okay.
(502) West side, report.
(503) West side, clear.
(504) Thomas, assessment. They've been tipped-off.
(505) Just like the fourth of July.
(506) Okay, hero.
(507) Present for you.
(508) Bomb! Get out!
(509) Hey! Come on!
(510) Help me! Open up!
(511) Oh, I'm burned! I'm burning down!
(512) Thomas!
(513) What the hell happened? You better buckle up.
(514) Son of a bitch.
(515) Here, have this on your conscience, then.
(516) Please don't hit him!
(517) Car. Car. Car!
(518) Bus. Thomas, there's a bus.
(519) Okay, you see the kids?
(520) It's gonna be on your head.
(521) Thomas, stop! Thomas, bus! Stop!
(522) Stop! It's a bus!
(523) So what're you gonna do?
(524) There are children on it! Stop! Let him go!
(525) Well, you lose, you son of a bitch.
(526) Bang! Bye-bye.
(527) Thank you. Thank you.
(528) You might want to stay here. What?
(529) What?
(530) What in the... This is not good.
(531) What are you doing? I owe him one.
(532) Not good. This is not good! This is not good!
(533) Shit!
(534) Stevens.
(535) Miss Crawford, would you excuse us, please?
(536) What did I tell you this morning? Give me two days, did I not?
(537) It was my idea, sir. Shut up. Did I not say that this morning?
(538) It's all my idea, sir. Really? Then how come you knew...
(539) that the assassin's accomplice would be in that warehouse?
(540) because I told him, sir. That's right.
(541) And he's only a suspect. What are our losses?
(542) Two dead, two wounded, one critically burned and in IC.
(543) Is he gonna pull through? Yes, thanks to Thomas, he has a chance.
(544) Off the record. Off the record.
(545) You two... Three, did a hell of a job out there today.
(546) Okay, what's the deal with this guy, the suspect...
(547) or "not the suspect"?
(548) Still unconscious and in critical condition.
(549) All right. Well, we'll need him alive.
(550) Call me when he can talk. Yes, sir.
(551) Miss Crawford. Mr. Stevens.
(552) Can I speak with you, please? Of course.
(553) Wonder Woman. Remarkable what you did today, thank you.
(554) I appreciate that.
(555) And you have an article to write, do you not?
(556) Yes, and a very good one, at that.
(557) Now, since you're so intimately involved in all of this...
(558) could you spare the details to the public, until I get to the bottom of it?
(559) The public has a right to know.
(560) I'm not ordering you. I wouldn't, I couldn't. I'm asking you.
(561) And in return, I will give you an exclusive one-on-one with me.
(562) Before anyone else? Yes.
(563) Full disclosure? Yes.
(564) Deal. Deal.
(565) What did he say?
(566) Well, overall, I'd say it went pretty well.
(567) For now. Let's get out of here.
(568) Hey, take my car.
(569) I'll find another ride. Look after it, will you?
(570) Thanks, Brian.
(571) This way.
(572) Pull!
(573) Pull!
(574) Great shot, General.
(575) Thank you, Alex.
(576) I didn't realize you were bringing a journalist with you.
(577) Sir.
(578) Miss Crawford. No offense. None taken, General.
(579) We're working together on this one, sir.
(580) Really? What you got for me?
(581) His name is Philip Keefer.
(582) I put him in the hospital yesterday.
(583) His name is Jack Baldwin.
(584) Not Keefer? No.
(585) He's a former contract employee for the CIA.
(586) You mean contract killer?
(587) Ten years ago, he was a deputy director's man.
(588) He virtually ran the ISG.
(589) General?
(590) Who was the deputy director of operations then?
(591) Vaughn Stevens.
(592) Stevens?
(593) I know where you're headed with this, but I'll stake my reputation.
(594) The CIA had nothing to do with the assassination of the President.
(595) As a matter of fact, the President was very close to the CIA.
(596) What's curious about all this is...
(597) Baldwin.
(598) I mean, even with him in the picture, there's no motive.
(599) Question is, who would gain the most...
(600) by the death of the President?
(601) Like to stay for breakfast?
(602) That's very generous of you, sir, but I think it's best we get going.
(603) All right. Thank you again, General.
(604) Remember, the deeper you dig...
(605) the less you're gonna like what you find.
(606) ...understand that, right?
(607) Of course I understand. I'm in the middle of it as much as you are.
(608) Why didn't you try calling me or something?
(609) I will, I'll call you Thursday. Okay.
(610) Okay? Okay.
(611) Until then, stiff upper lip. All right?
(612) Miss Crawford, aren't you here a bit early?
(613) It was light traffic. Sorry to have surprised you.
(614) Who was that? No one important.
(615) Really?
(616) Because it looked like Judy Fincher from WestLake Publishing.
(617) You wouldn't be thinking about reneging on our promised interview, would you?
(618) I had heard that your editor pulled the story. So?
(619) Really, you heard that? Yeah.
(620) That's odd, I didn't hear that. Who told you?
(621) Surely, you of all people should know...
(622) that the grapevine in this town reaches a lot of walls.
(623) Well, did the grapevine also tell you that I'm a freelancer?
(624) So I can give my story to anyone who wants it.
(625) Let me just make this as clear to you as I possibly can, Miss Crawford.
(626) I am not at liberty to discuss Philip Keefer. My hands are tied.
(627) That will not happen. That's okay.
(628) Because I'm actually going to change the angle of the article...
(629) and do it on Jack Baldwin. Good.
(630) I'm sorry, I have to take this.
(631) Hello? Yes. I can be right there.
(632) Okay. Bye-bye.
(633) I'm so sorry. Can I reschedule? Of course.
(634) Thank you.
(635) Hi, Brian. Kate.
(636) What did she want? Nothing. Just being a reporter.
(637) Hello. It's Agent Thomas.
(638) Alex. How you doing?
(639) I'm doing.
(640) I'm really sorry about everything. Yeah, me, too.
(641) You meant a lot to him.
(642) He was gonna divorce her and marry you. I know.
(643) I just want the President to be...
(644) remembered as a good President and not...
(645) Still protecting him, huh?
(646) Well, don't worry, Agent Thomas.
(647) What happened between me and the President...
(648) will stay between me and the President.
(649) No one else needs to know.
(650) Thanks.
(651) If you ever need anything... I won't.
(652) Thanks.
(653) Alex, what a surprise.
(654) You never forget a thing, do you?
(655) What have you been up to lately? Oh, just working on my boat.
(656) And you? Working on my art.
(657) I'm nearly finished.
(658) Been waiting to show it to you.
(659) What do you think?
(660) I think a lot of things, to be honest.
(661) Like maybe there wasn't just one lone gunman.
(662) What do you mean?
(663) We have a suspect in the hospital.
(664) Whatever is going on, we'll find out soon enough.
(665) I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(666) It is beautiful.
(667) You're too close.
(668) You can't see it.
(669) You have to see it from the right perspective.
(670) Try mine.
(671) Wow. That is truly amazing.
(672) So, are any of these powdered?
(673) Have I ever brought you anything else? No.
(674) Take care of yourself.
(675) Here you go. Yeah. Thanks a lot.
(676) Perfect timing.
(677) Thank you.
(678) Who won the last game?
(679) Are those framed checks?
(680) Yeah.
(681) I'm sorry, Alex.
(682) Yeah.
(683) You know what burns my ass?
(684) The fact that Baldwin is still in the hospital and he's still alive.
(685) Thomas, why are you watching that morbid tape?
(686) We confiscated tapes from five different cameras.
(687) I'm sure I'm missing something.
(688) What is that? Well it's... My cell phone is dying.
(689) So, I went to interview Stevens today...
(690) and I saw the publisher, Judy Fincher, coming out of his office.
(691) I don't know what that's all about.
(692) But I told him that I was changing the angle of my story...
(693) from Philip Keefer to Jack Baldwin.
(694) And I could tell it shook him up.
(695) Wait, stop. Pause it. Stop.
(696) Do you see that?
(697) Detimore is so close to Stevens. Yeah, close enough to get a gun.
(698) Call the police, the FBI, somebody, we have to arrest him.
(699) It's not enough to arrest him, but it's definitely enough to confront him.
(700) Brian. Yeah?
(701) Find out where Stevens is right away. Okay, call you back.
(702) Let's go.
(703) You coming?
(704) No.
(705) I can't go with you. We're the only two that know about this.
(706) If you don't come back, I'm the only one who knows the truth.
(707) Well, then, I guess the tape's in good hands...
(708) partner.
(709) Martin. Yeah.
(710) He's at home. How do you know he's there?
(711) Well, you know Stevens.
(712) Whenever the wife is out of town, things get busy at the mansion.
(713) Okay, I'm on my way.
(714) Vaughn, sir?
(715) It's Agent Thomas.
(716) Are you here?
(717) Vaughn? It's Agent Thomas.
(718) Vaughn?
(719) Alex, everything all right? In here.
(720) Jesus.
(721) Looks like a suicide.
(722) Or someone wants us to think that.
(723) When I pulled up, I saw a woman driving away.
(724) Get forensics up here. I'll make the call.
(725) Hello. Kate, Jesus Christ, where've you been?
(726) No calls, no fax. I know.
(727) I even told you an e-mail would work.
(728) Yes. I'm sending you an e-mail right now with the whole story.
(729) Yeah, right.
(730) Okay, listen, this thing is so much bigger than any of us thought.
(731) Okay, every lead that I've gone to is dead. And I almost joined them.
(732) What? So, I'm typing it right now.
(733) You should get it momentarily.
(734) Listen, I gotta go. My phone is running out of juice.
(735) No, don't hang... Don't. Okay, bye.
(736) There were several fluids on his shorts...
(737) but there were no other prints found at the scene, other than his.
(738) Stevens was murdered. No way it was a suicide.
(739) Some woman fled the scene.
(740) Wait a minute.
(741) Crawford said she saw him earlier today with Judy Fincher...
(742) some well-known publisher.
(743) I remember her now. She was with Stevens at the wake.
(744) Janice. Yes?
(745) Find out what you can on a Judith Fincher.
(746) F-I-N-C-H-E-R. Right away, Alex.
(747) All right. So what do we have?
(748) Detimore is dying of cancer, hired to kill the President.
(749) Gives the money to his family.
(750) Baldwin comes in to clean up any loose ends.
(751) Videotape shows that he probably got the gun from Stevens.
(752) Not to mention a fake press pass.
(753) Stevens would be the perfect one to engineer it.
(754) Stevens used to handle Baldwin. Probably got him to do the dirty work.
(755) All the evidence points to Stevens...
(756) making him the only real loose end to tie up.
(757) Yeah, but why?
(758) What does he have to gain?
(759) Money? Power? He had plenty of both.
(760) Well, why do men do anything?
(761) Women. Right, women.
(762) What do you got? Nothing out of the ordinary.
(763) Graduated Yale Law, went straight into publishing.
(764) Pretty standard bio.
(765) I printed out some pictures and a complete business history.
(766) Thank you. You're welcome.
(767) Here.
(768) Martin here. What?
(769) Took down two agents before he escaped.
(770) We need you over here right away.
(771) I'll be right there.
(772) Baldwin killed two agents at the hospital and disappeared.
(773) And they had the place surrounded. Let's go.
(774) If he manages to escape and finds out that Stevens is dead...
(775) he's gonna come after you and Crawford.
(776) Head over to the hospital. I'll call if I need backup.
(777) Answer the phone.
(778) Hello.
(779) Is everything all right?
(780) Yeah, everything's fine, why?
(781) Baldwin just escaped.
(782) What? Thomas, I can't...
(783) Hello?
(784) Shit.
(785) Hello.
(786) Flashlight.
(787) Hello, beautiful.
(788) Help me understand something.
(789) With all the horrible things going on in the world...
(790) why do you concentrate...
(791) on a man who's not worth his weight in fertilizer, huh?
(792) Talk to me. Come on, tell me why.
(793) Well, now you have nothing to say, huh?
(794) Talk to me! Say something!
(795) Then kiss me.
(796) Kate? Kate.
(797) Thomas! Thomas!
(798) Good god, Alex. What happened?
(799) Stevens is dead.
(800) Vaughn Stevens?
(801) Baldwin's dead, too. Baldwin? Who is Baldwin?
(802) What are you talking about?
(803) There's no political motivation, no financial motivation.
(804) The only motivation I see is a personal one.
(805) Why bring this to me? Because I need to know the truth.
(806) Like I told you before.
(807) You're too close.
(808) You can't see it.
(809) You have to see it from the right perspective.
(810) Right perspective. Perspective.
(811) Try mine. Perspective.
(812) If you can't see it, Alex, then you're still too close.
(813) Not anymore.
(814) Good.
(815) Then you understand.
(816) There's nothing you can do. You have no proof.
(817) It was always your job to keep his secret.
(818) I just want the President to be...
(819) remembered as a good President.
(820) Still protecting him, huh?
(821) It's over, Alex.
(822) Wow, you clean up real good. Why, thank you.
(823) You look very handsome yourself. Thank you.
(824) Took the liberty of ordering us a bottle of wine.
(825) Cheers. Cheers.
(826) No ring.
(827) You know, this isn't a date-date.
(828) You think I'd date you? Like you'd ever get the chance.
(829) Unless. Unless?
(830) Unless you tell me what really happened with Stevens.
(831) The whole story. Because suicide is just too easy.
(832) Well, with Baldwin still alive, he could've been tied in to the whole thing.
(833) It's just a matter of time. So, he took the easy way out.
(834) But why do it in the first place?
(835) I don't know. We're still looking for a motive.
(836) And what if you don't find one?
(837) What then, you're just gonna walk away?
(838) Far enough to see things from a different perspective.
(839) That's it? Unless you know something I don't.
(840) Thomas, I don't believe it. What?
(841) After everything that we've been through...
(842) after everything that's happened to us, you're still holding out on me?
(843) Fine. All right, well, you know I won't give up.
(844) I'm not the woman that just walks away.
(845) Now, I will find out the truth. I will.
(846) To the truth. To the truth.

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