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Friday, January 22, 2016

[2014] [Falcon Rising] English Transcripts

(1) Canter, Connelly, Franklin,
(2) Johnson, Kim, Matthews,
(3) Rodriguez, Flanagan, Devany,
(4) Rauls, Rickson, Samuels,
(5) Simmons, Williams.
(6) It's not your week, Johnny.
(7) Nope, not your week.
(8) John. How's life?
(9) Same shit, different pile.
(10) Everybody down!
(11) On the ground, now! Get the hell down!
(12) Hands where I can see 'em!
(13) Open the register!
(14) What's the matter, you deaf?
(15) Hey.
(16) I said, "get down."
(17) You know if you shoot me in the stomach, my chances of surviving go up, right?
(18) Let me help you out.
(19) How 'bout a hole in the chest?
(20) Oh, yeah, yeah. You're right, you're right. Effective but unsatisfying.
(21) I'll tell you what. Ha. The brain stem.
(22) Shoot him!
(23) What? Not your style?
(24) I know, I know. You're right, you're right.
(25) First thing I do, severed brainstem, you shit your pants.
(26) You too classy for that. I got it, I got it.
(27) My favorite.
(28) Classic, but with enough splatter to let 'em know you mean business.
(29) You fuckin' crazy.
(30) Hey, no, no, no. I'm crazy and impatient.
(31) Come on, come on. Come on, come on.
(32) Come on! Shoot him!
(33) Don't make me do this myself. Send me home!
(34) I don't... Shoot me! Shoot me!
(35) Shoot...
(36) You either shoot me, or stop wastin' my time.
(37) Keep the change.
(38) Ha!
(39) Ha! Ha!
(40) I'm not here. Go away.
(41) Cindy... Save it.
(42) Did I not call you last week, and tell you I was comin'?
(43) Yeah.
(44) Did I also not email you, just yesterday,
(45) and remind you that I was comin'?
(46) Yeah, a-and...
(47) And?
(48) And...
(49) I got nothin'. Look, Cindy, I-I'm sorry.
(50) I don't know what happened.
(51) I know what happened.
(52) Look, Cindy, I'm sorry I forgot to pick you up from the airport.
(53) Well, if you hadn't have forgotten,
(54) how would I know for sure that you're my brother?
(55) I'm sorry.
(56) Remember that Jamaican restaurant we went to with that fish?
(57) Oh, yeah. Coley's, I think it was.
(58) Man, that was so good.
(59) No, no, I had enough to drink at the wedding.
(60) How was that?
(61) You know me, always a bridesmaid.
(62) Well, that's not gonna change 'cause you already married to this darn notebook.
(63) You startin' to look alike.
(64) Give me that.
(65) You know my life's in this book.
(66) That's the problem.
(67) You okay?
(68) I'm fine.
(69) I'm fine.
(70) Are you taking your medicine?
(71) Let me see that.
(72) Come on.
(73) Mints?
(74) Really, John?
(75) Look, look, my prescription ran out,
(76) and I don't like takin' those things anyway.
(77) It make my head all swimmy.
(78) Besides, you're always complainin' about the shit that comes outta my mouth,
(79) at least now it's minty fresh.
(80) Nice necklace. Who got you that?
(81) Some jerk, brother.
(82) So tell me, how are the, slums of Brazil treatin' you?
(83) They're fine. I'm flying back tomorrow.
(84) And favelas aren't slums, John.
(85) There's a lot of culture there.
(86) Oh, cultural slums. That-that makes it better, but they're still dangerous.
(87) I regret gettin' you involved in this in the first place.
(88) I'm fine.
(89) You sure about that?
(90) Yes.
(91) I'm just tired, you know.
(92) Jet lag.
(93) Take care of yourself, Johnny.
(94) Katarina.
(95) We'll never win them over wearing that.
(96) I won't win them over, but I won't keel over.
(97) Katarina! Katarina!
(98) Cindy.
(99) She's alive. Call an ambulance, now!
(100) Mornin', boys. Sir.

(101) Betty, honey? Coffee please.
(102) Detectives Santo and Bororo from Rio police are here to see you.
(103) Okay. Send them in. Got it.
(104) Yeah. Good morning, Vice-Consul.
(105) Detective Thiago Santo, Rio de Janeiro police.
(106) And this is my partner, Carlo Bororo.
(107) Please, have a seat. Oh, thank you.
(108) So, Detective Thiago, to what do I owe the pleasure?
(109) Bad news, I'm afraid.
(110) One of yours.
(111) Apparently, she was doing social work
(112) for an American non-profit in the favelas.
(113) You know her.
(114) Is she...
(115) Alive.
(116) Barely.
(117) She was found in the favela.
(118) Who the hell would do this?
(119) When you work with animals, you're bound to get bit.
(120) Hello?
(121) What?
(122) When?
(123) What hospital?
(124) I'm on my way.
(125) Thanks. Kuka.
(126) You heard about Cindy, yeah?
(127) You don't know anything about that, do you?
(128) That's what I thought.
(129) You think they all lie.
(130) If the shoe fits on the other foot.
(131) These two go with me.
(132) Hey!
(133) Leave them alone.
(134) They did nothing!
(135) Of course.
(136) They're innocent lambs.
(137) Officer Da Silva.
(138) So glad you could join us.
(139) What?
(140) This is your favela. Your assignment.
(141) The same favela where an American social worker, Cindy Chapman,
(142) was almost killed a few days ago?
(143) Do you have any witnesses?
(144) Any suspects?
(145) Any leads at all?
(146) Soda.
(147) Very useful.
(148) You're right.
(149) It's not gonna work. The soda is too warm!
(150) We need ice.
(151) Paulo, get some ice.
(152) The department gave your gentle approach a chance.
(153) One half-dead American later...
(154) It's time to do it my way.
(155) You made a lot of progress.
(156) Let's avoid a nasty scene here.
(157) I'll make you a deal.
(158) Your best fighter...
(159) against mine.
(160) If we win, we live to fight another day.
(161) But if we win?
(162) We give you back all your stuff, we let everyone go...
(163) and we never come back.
(164) A deal.
(165) Hey, man. Come over here.
(166) Don't be scared. Come here.
(167) Thiago, he's good.
(168) But let's see how big a man you are when our back aren't turned.
(169) No matter what happens to me...
(170) this man is not to be arrested.
(171) Let's do this.
(172) Watch this.
(173) That all you got?
(174) So...
(175) We'll come back
(176) as often as necessary
(177) until we get whoever attacked the American!
(178) And you.
(179) Don't forget whose side you're on.
(180) Thiago!
(181) I brought the ice!
(182) Manny.
(183) John.
(184) Nice suit.
(185) I see you stopped working out.
(186) Good seein' you, pal,
(187) under the circumstances.
(188) Wanna get something to eat? You hungry?
(189) No, I wanna go see my sister. That's what I figured.
(190) Come on.
(191) We've put her into an induced coma,
(192) giving her brain a chance to recover.
(193) John?
(194) John, you okay?
(195) Will she make it?
(196) I wish I could tell you.
(197) Given the extent of her wounds, it's a miracle she made it this far.
(198) Hey, come on in.
(199) John, this is Detective Thiago.
(200) He's in charge of investigating Cindy's case.
(201) I'm so sorry about your sister, Mr. Chapman.
(202) The crime in the favela is very terrible, especially recently.
(203) My men and I will do everything in our power to find whoever did this.
(204) She was volunteering. Why would someone attack her?
(205) The favelados see an American...
(206) they see money. So, it was a robbery?
(207) Well, she was found without the wallet, no cash, no jewelry.
(208) So, do you have any leads?
(209) We're questioning several known criminals from the neighborhood.
(210) We'll have something. Okay, look, it's been a long day,
(211) let's get you back to the hotel for some rest.
(212) No, no no. I wanna go where Cindy was found.
(213) With all due respect, Mr. Chapman,
(214) the favela isn't exactly a tourist destination.
(215) Well, I'm not your regular tourist.
(216) Good, good, good.
(217) Let's, let's go. Come on, come on, come on.
(218) Thank you, Detective. We'll see you downstairs.
(219) It's a terrible thing, all this violence in the favela.
(220) Just a couple of drug dealers battling each other to...
(221) to sell more drugs to more addicts in more areas.
(222) If they think you're on the wrong side, bang.
(223) Right or wrong.
(224) Your sister is in God's hands now.
(225) I will pray for her.
(226) In my experience, all God's good for
(227) is giving people a reason to kill each other.
(228) Better than killing each other without a reason, no?
(229) That's for savages.
(230) Next generation, don't be fooled.
(231) Officer Da Silva,
(232) this is John Chapman, the victim's brother.
(233) He would like to see the crime scene.
(234) Officer Da Silva is in charge of the security of the favela.
(235) Whoa!
(236) Mr. Chapman,
(237) my sidearm, please.
(238) Are you alright?
(239) Jet lag.
(240) I should be heading back.
(241) Make sure he doesn't cause any trouble.
(242) Follow me, Mr. Chapman.
(243) Please.
(244) There.
(245) One of the local children found her just in time.
(246) Not the most secluded place, is it?
(247) Any witnesses?
(248) So far, no.
(249) Yeah, right.
(250) Nobody saw anything?
(251) The favela is a complicated place, Mr. Chapman.
(252) Nothing complicated about a slum controlled by drug dealers.
(253) Come with me.
(254) Look there.
(255) You see that clinic?
(256) It treats 250 people a day.
(257) Who do you think pays for that?
(258) I don't know, the government?
(259) The government forgot about this place a long time ago.
(260) Day care, doctors, teachers.
(261) Drug money pays for all of it.
(262) The drug dealers take care of the people here,
(263) and in exchange, the people protect the drug dealers.
(264) Aren't drug dealers just wonderful?
(265) The world is rarely white and black, Mr. Chapman, especially here in the favela.
(266) Everything okay? Oh, yes.
(267) Time for her medication.
(268) Nurse!
(269) Nurse.
(270) Come back...
(271) Something's wrong. It's my sister, she's convulsing.
(272) I need a 100 cc bag of norepinephrine and Dr. Cristo in ICU 3, stat!
(273) How long has she been like this?
(274) Since right after the nurse put meds in her IV.
(275) You saw someone inject her IV?
(276) Yeah, it was a nurse. She was Asian.
(277) Who disconnected this? No, I-I didn't do that.
(278) I-It was like that when I came here.
(279) Get the IV going.
(280) Lorazepam going. B.P. dropping!
(281) Get the paddles, stat! We're losing her!
(282) You sure? I'm sure.
(283) There are no Asian nurses on our staff.
(284) I'll talk to him.
(285) So, what'd they find out? Who was she?
(286) Johnny, they said there's no Asian nurses on the staff.
(287) You sure you saw her?
(288) We'll get to the bottom of this. No, that's not good enough.
(289) We need a guard here at all times to make sure she's safe.
(290) I'll have someone here as of tomorrow.
(291) Goodnight, gentlemen. Goodnight.
(292) Catch you tomorrow. Yeah.
(293) Excuse me.
(294) Excuse me!
(295) Excuse me.
(296) Excuse me, do you speak English?
(297) Excuse me.
(298) Do you know this woman? Have you...
(299) Where'd you get that necklace?
(300) Necklace.
(301) Where did you get the necklace?
(302) Where did you get the necklace?
(303) Where...
(304) did you get...
(305) the necklace?
(306) Stop! Let him go!
(307) He's wearing Cindy's necklace.
(308) Now!
(309) What the hell are you doing?
(310) He's got on Cindy's necklace.
(311) Cindy's brother.
(312) This is Kuka.
(313) Cindy used to work with his sister,
(314) and she was killed a few days ago.
(315) Cindy gave him the necklace as a gift.
(316) Maria.
(317) My sister.
(318) I'm sorry.
(319) My condolences.
(320) He says he wants to show you something that he has.
(321) Let's go.
(322) I'm sorry.
(323) The pages were already torn out when he found it.
(324) This is definitely Cindy's.
(325) Practically her whole life was in this thing.
(326) Oh. No, no, no.
(327) You keep it. She wanted you to have it.
(328) It's the least I can do.
(329) Thank you.
(330) So, what happened to Kuka's sister?
(331) We don't know.
(332) Her body hasn't been found.
(333) There have been a string of similar occurrences all over town.
(334) All favela kids.
(335) Child prostitutes, mostly.
(336) So, if you haven't found the bodies, how do you know they're dead?
(337) Around here, when prostitutes disappear,
(338) there's only two places they end up.
(339) The ocean or the dump.
(340) What?
(341) You done with your recon?
(342) I'm starving.
(343) I could even eat your mother's fat pussy, that's how hungry I am.
(344) That would be nice. She needs to go out more.
(345) Don't think on having sex though.
(346) She doesn't screw guys with small dicks.
(347) And here's the scum of the earth.
(348) How much?
(349) Anal?
(350) Don't move. Stay right there.
(351) Stay!
(352) So, you like little girls?
(353) Come here.
(354) For you. So you don't get in trouble.
(355) Next time, I'll arrest you.
(356) Time's up.
(357) Feel free to come back, asshole.
(358) Obrigado.
(359) Cindy's last appointment.
(360) Hola, Bruno.
(361) H-hello, Bruno. Hi. This is John Chapman.
(362) I believe you know my sister, Cindy Chapman?
(363) O-okay?
(364) Hey, listen, I-I need to...
(365) meet with you as soon as possible.
(366) Hello?
(367) You there?
(368) Oh-okay. Okay...
(369) Not at night.
(370) My photo studio's on Via Colina.
(371) Meet me in the cafe outside, tomorrow at, 7 AM.
(372) There'll be plenty of people there.
(373) Okay, got it.
(374) See you there.
(375) Thank you.
(376) Oh, man.
(377) I've been so freaked out since I've heard about Cindy.
(378) She's a great girl.
(379) I'm sorry.
(380) How do you know Cindy? I'm a photographer.
(381) She convinced me to take photos of the favela, you know,
(382) poor kids, but they can use them to raise money.
(383) Is that why Cindy got hurt?
(384) No.
(385) Have you heard about the... kid whores disappearing?
(386) You mean the children from the favela? Yes.
(387) Yeah, yeah. Everyone thinks they're dead,
(388) but your sister was convinced that there's something going on.
(389) More than meets the eye.
(390) So, she started doing her own investigation.
(391) Used her contacts in the favela, you know,
(392) the charities, even the polícia.
(393) Last week, Cindy called...
(394) Cindy calls me excited, gives me a place and a time.
(395) She had arranged a meeting with someone
(396) that could blow this whole thing wide open.
(397) Your sister had me hide and take the pictures of the meeting.
(398) So, what did she find out?
(399) She didn't tell me.
(400) A-and I didn't come to find out. I just take photos, you know?
(401) Did you go to the police?
(402) Listen to me, man.
(403) I really like your sister, she is a good soul,
(404) but whosoever toes she stepped on,
(405) doesn't have a problem putting people in the ground.
(406) So, I-I-I talk to you, but now, I'm done. 'Kay?
(407) So, where are the photos?
(408) I-I gave them to Cindy, the originals.
(409) Can I have the copies?
(410) No.
(411) They're my insurance.
(412) Okay, well, thanks for your time.
(413) No problema.
(414) Hey. Listen, man,
(415) I appreciate the fact that Cindy had friends like you in her corner.
(416) You understand?
(417) Means a lot to me.
(418) Okay. Thank you.
(419) Well, that must be the guy she was meeting.
(420) Yeah, looks like a model citizen.
(421) I'll print 'em out for you, but it doesn't give you much.
(422) Tats.
(423) The guys who shot at me had these... elaborate tattoos, full sleeves.
(424) You know, like the Asian gangster movies?
(425) Yakuza?
(426) Yeah, but here? Well, don't write 'em off.
(427) Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.
(428) Yakuza, they lie low, but they've been here since the '70s,
(429) and they have no problem partnering up with local gangs
(430) that will service their needs.
(431) Hey, stop. Back up.
(432) Right there.
(433) Now zoom in. Right there, stop.
(434) Go to the right.
(435) What's that say? Ronos?
(436) Kronos.
(437) Oh, that's a local nightclub. I know where that is.
(438) Wait a second, I'll take you there.
(439) No, no, no. I cannot get you mixed up in all this.
(440) Look, you've pulled my ass out of the fire more than once.
(441) Least I can do is be your chauffeur.
(442) Besides, with someone watching you,
(443) shit will stop blowing up in this city.
(444) VIP only.
(445) The hell you looking at?
(446) Do you know her?
(447) No.
(448) I know you know her, and I know you met her.
(449) Make it easier on yourself and tell me why.
(450) I-I don't remember.
(451) Oh, you don't remember?
(452) You know what?
(453) You didn't wash your hands.
(454) That's nasty.
(455) Let me teach you some hygiene.
(456) No!
(457) Remember her now?
(458) She was just some puta I met. Oh, man, that's my sister.
(459) Any better?
(460) Okay.
(461) Okay. No! Wait! I'll tell you! I'll tell you.
(462) S-some big mouthed favelado
(463) told her about my...
(464) services.
(465) What services?
(466) Import, export. Smuggling.
(467) She started following me.
(468) She saw me make an arrangement with one of my clients and confronted me about it.
(469) She shouldn't have done that.
(470) No! W-wait! I didn't do anything to her!
(471) I didn't touch her. I didn't have to.
(472) My client had people there watching.
(473) They saw everything. Her, the guy in the car, everything.
(474) Who's your client?
(475) Hey, man, the pool's still open.
(476) Okay, okay.
(477) Head out of town. Go northwest.
(478) Th-there's a small dirt road
(479) 25 kilometers after Volta Redonda that leads to hacienda.
(480) My client owns the place.
(481) Okay, but if I find out you're lying to me,
(482) I'm gonna come back and finish your swimming lesson.
(483) Okay, ladies!
(484) Today,
(485) we take back the favela.
(486) An American social worker went there trying to do good things...
(487) and thanks to the animals,
(488) she's in the hospital, fighting for her life.
(489) It's a shame...
(490) that's what it took to get our bosses' attention.
(491) But no matter.
(492) Your targets are the pillars of the drug trade,
(493) the sex trade, the murder.
(494) Take them down, and this whole mess falls apart.
(495) We're doing God's work...
(496) so no shame.
(497) No guilt.
(498) No pity.
(499) Just... put them in the ground!
(500) So let's go!
(501) Go, go, go, go, go!
(502) Give me all the intel you have on this hacienda place.
(503) We're on our way there now.
(504) Just, tell 'em to make it fast.
(505) What do you got?
(506) Looks like... just...
(507) ...shipping manifests. Let me see.
(508) My favorite smuggler DJ, Mr. Lima.
(509) Shit. These are fake.
(510) It's already got the customs stamp, but check out the departure date.
(511) Shit.
(512) Amen.
(513) Wow, we should check this place out.
(514) Oh, I'm sure it's all totally legit.
(515) What's the plan?
(516) I go in. You go back home.
(517) Besides, you need to be to work soon anyway.
(518) Sure you don't want me to come in there and save your ass as usual?
(519) Welcome.
(520) What's your pleasure?
(521) I don't know. It's my first time here.
(522) Lucky you.
(523) Please, take a seat, and we'll be with you shortly.
(524) Check out the bar.
(525) Should I tell Hirimoto?
(526) Hirimoto is not to be disturbed. We can handle it.
(527) We have an unwanted guest.
(528) Sir, this way, please.
(529) Status update. Area 1 secure.
(530) Area 3 secure. Excellent.
(531) Double check the list. Copy that.
(532) Have a seat.
(533) Maria. My sister.
(534) Freeze!
(535) Down! Down!
(536) Down!
(537) Officer requesting backup.
(538) Officer requesting backup.
(539) Location: favela northwest, cul-de-sac.
(540) Asian man, mid-to-late 30s in custody.
(541) Suspect is not on list.
(542) Copy.
(543) Santo and Bororo on the way.
(544) All other units, hold positions.
(545) Repeat, hold position.
(546) Okay, what's going on?
(547) Sir, I saw suspicious activity.
(548) Upon pursuit, I found these two men
(549) loading children into the van at gunpoint.
(550) I disarmed them and radioed in.
(551) Good job.
(552) Is this gun registered?
(553) Good.
(554) Good.
(555) Our price just doubled.
(556) What's going on here? Where are the manifests?
(557) The plan's changed.
(558) Did you take care of our loose ends?
(559) The American girl?
(560) Everyone she could have talked to is dead.
(561) Good.
(562) Your money will be waiting at the docks.
(563) Officer down. Repeat, officer down.
(564) Requesting medical assistance.
(565) Our unwanted guest is on the loose.
(566) Intruder on the premises. Sweep the grounds.
(567) I thought I made it clear that I was not to be disturbed.
(568) I'm sorry, Hirimoto, but we have a situation...
(569) The American. He's here. And proving difficult to kill.
(570) He has the manifests.
(571) Clear out the merchandise. And the guests.
(572) And why don't you pay a visit to the hospital?
(573) Yes, Hirimoto.
(574) Yes?
(575) The American is causing trouble at my place of business.
(576) I'll take care of it.
(577) I'm sorry about the manifests.
(578) He-he surprised me.
(579) I-It won't happen again.
(580) Mr. Lima.
(581) I don't care for guns.
(582) Moving parts.
(583) Different materials.
(584) So... dirty.
(585) Now this...
(586) is Tamahagane.
(587) Jewel steel.
(588) Pure.
(589) It can cut through anything.
(590) Like a middleman.
(591) All units, all units. Disturbance at La Hacienda Resort. 323 Santiago Street.
(592) Gunshots reported. Units requested. Use caution.
(593) Mr. Chapman?
(594) What are you doing here?
(595) These are the men who attacked Cindy.
(596) Which ones? All of them?
(597) They had something to do with it.
(598) Katarina!
(599) Maria, Kuka's sister, she's here, I saw her. She's downstairs.
(600) What's going on? I'll show you. Follow me.
(601) She was here.
(602) There were children, there were people...
(603) Look.
(604) Counterfeit shipping manifests.
(605) They're tryin' to smuggle the children out.
(606) Mr. Chapman, why don't you give me Mr. Lima's briefcase?
(607) We'll handle it from here.
(608) Thank you.
(609) Da Silva,
(610) take Mr. Chapman to the hotel.
(611) We'll go check out the docks.
(612) Mr. Chapman, Why don't you give me Mr. Lima's briefcase?
(613) We'll handle it from here.
(614) Go make sure my sister's okay.
(615) Please.
(616) Oh, yeah, I forgot...
(617) Freeze. Police. All that stuff.
(618) Hello? Manny, it's me...
(619) I found the girls, the missing favela kids.
(620) The Yakuza are shipping 'em off to Japan.
(621) Jesus. All right, where are ya?
(622) At the, dock.
(623) Porto Del Rio. Dock 9.
(624) Dock 9, I know where that is. I got it.
(625) Listen, get the cops over here.
(626) Tell them, "Do not radio it in." Thiago's dirty.
(627) All right, wait a second, what are you gonna do till they get there?
(628) Take in the scenery.
(629) I was afraid of that.
(630) Shit.
(631) I think the American is...
(632) Hello? What's going on?
(633) What's going on?
(634) Send everyone. Take him down!
(635) We'll take care of it.
(636) Detective.
(637) Please forgive my skepticism,
(638) but I think I'll join.
(639) You put up a better fight than your sister.
(640) It's funny...
(641) how things work out.
(642) Right?
(643) In my locker...
(644) at the station,
(645) there is a...
(646) a list of people.
(647) Everyone Hirimoto's got on the take.
(648) The police, the courts,
(649) the government.
(650) Give it to Katarina.
(651) She will make it right.
(652) I was the first in my family...
(653) to reach 45.
(654) Most of my family still live in the favela.
(655) And I was going to get us out.
(656) But...
(657) such is the will of God.
(658) God has nothin' to do with this. You made your own choices.
(659) I didn't attack your sister, I swear.
(660) I may be a sinner, but not a savage.
(661) My judgment is near.
(662) Do you still have one round...
(663) in that gun?
(664) Hey.
(665) She's just exhausted.
(666) Even the tiniest effort is monumental for her right now.
(667) How long till she's back on her feet?
(668) Well, Mr. Chapman, there's something you need to understand.
(669) The injuries your sister suffered were very extensive,
(670) including severe head trauma.
(671) It's going to be a long, slow process
(672) for her to get back to functioning by herself.
(673) We're talking about a matter of years.
(674) Hi, coffee? Black, please.
(675) Whiskey neat. Make it a double.
(676) It's nine in the morning. Yeah, you're right.
(677) Excuse me, make that a single.
(678) Nice.
(679) Look, John, you saved dozens of kids from hell.
(680) Manny, I...
(681) It's funny, I thought I'd feel better once I got these guys,
(682) but seein' Cindy like that today, man...
(683) Stop. Stop.
(684) You can't think like that.
(685) You're gonna destroy yourself.
(686) So, how 'bout... Uncle Manny gives you something else to destroy?
(687) See, me and some of the higher-ups at the State Department
(688) are always thinking, "Man, wouldn't it be nice
(689) to have someone to get the job done when no one else can?"
(690) Isn't that what the CIA is for? Come on, their plate's full.
(691) Between China and the Middle East,
(692) tryin' to run anything through that bureaucracy? Forget about it.
(693) Thank you.
(694) No, what I'm thinking about is something a little less official.
(695) I don't know, man. My head's still messed up.
(696) But there is also one other thing you have to consider,
(697) Cindy's condition.
(698) Those medical bills are going to pile up for years to come.
(699) What are you gettin' at?
(700) Come on, man, she doesn't have any insurance.
(701) I've been running those bills through the Embassy.
(702) How long you think that's gonna last?
(703) However, if she were a dependent of a government agent, well...
(704) That's a whole different ball game.
(705) So, you're sayin', if I take the job,
(706) you'll make sure Cindy's taken care of?
(707) But, what if I don't? There's only so much I can do.
(708) When do I start?
(709) You already did.
(710) It's your old call sign.

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