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Thursday, January 21, 2016

[2012] [Erased] English Transcripts

(1) 7:15!
(2) During the class action suit
(3) against the mother company of Serenity, the ship that sank off the Belgium coast.
(4) The families seeking damages for the loss of loved ones met a roadblock.
(5) One of those families, The Pieters, were not...
(6) Why are you going through my stuff?
(7) When I was a kid, and that was a 100 years ago and you'll never be my age,
(8) but, we actually...
(9) got the report card and took it home to our parents so they could see it.
(10) Mom never went through my stuff.
(11) Well, I mean, I'm not mom. Yeah, no shit!
(12) Hey!
(13) I can't find my filters.
(14) Well, if you were a filter, where would you be?
(15) I don't even know what that means.
(16) If I were a filter...
(17) I would be in the cabinet, on the second shelf.
(18) I'm not having you flunk this semester, young lady!
(19) Is that milk in it?
(20) Dad, milk enzymes cause food allergies.
(21) Mom always used soy.
(22) You'd rather drink a genetically modified bean?
(23) Right.
(24) Did you get these kind of grades in the States? No.
(25) Amy, if we're gonna make this work, we both have to try.
(26) That's Sadie, I gotta go.
(27) It's my awards time already tonight. Can't forget.
(28) Alright. Don't be late, okay?
(29) Alright, and then we'll gonna talk about this report card.
(30) What?
(31) You're not gonna kiss me goodbye?
(32) Sure, of course I was, I was going to.
(33) Bonjour, Walter.
(34) I got you two sugars this time. Ah, thanks, Mr. Logan!
(35) I thought Halgate owned the security devices we're testing.
(36) I need you to look at this.
(37) You read the number? Now, look.
(38) I checked the patent for the iris scanner to see if the original schematic reveal any weaknesses.
(39) You know what I found?
(40) Somebody made a mistake, we don't own the patent. No, how can that be?
(41) We must own these devices. Check the other patents, okay?
(42) Let's go.
(43) You asked us to review our security devices for flaws, so...
(44) if you don't have the pass code and wanna smash your way in...
(45) our smart locks burn into a hard polymer sealant here,
(46) that permanently secures the lock. Okay?
(47) We couldn't hack the pass codes, these algorithms were some of the most secure we've encountered.
(48) But, we found
(49) that if you first inject...
(50) it's just a mix of ordinary household bleach
(51) and sulfur compound in the mechanism...
(52) Oh, see, I'm sorry, Derek.
(53) Please, go ahead.
(54) The lock becomes useless,
(55) so we have to find a solution that isn't
(56) compromised by ordinary household bleach.
(57) Next.
(58) Mr. Kohler? If you please...
(59) The last system.
(60) Halgate biometric scanner, model H1P,
(61) providing level 3 security to U.S. military facilities in mainland Europe.
(62) Now, we tried a variety of attacks to break in, and...
(63) this one was tough, but one proved successful. We have a montage...
(64) of 50 specific irises in a specific group pattern.
(65) And you're in! Just brute force.
(66) Excellent, Ben. As always.
(67) Let's fix these flaws quickly, and...
(68) please send me the video along with your report.
(69) I'll make sure our people get on this also.
(70) Thank you.
(71) Derek, you got a second?
(72) Yeah, sure, Ben.
(73) I think there's something you should know. Somebody forgot to file patents on these products.
(74) Patents? How do you know?
(75) Well, we pulled the original schematics to see if we could spot any weaknesses, and...
(76) Personnel all over the world rely on the fact that our equipment is secure,
(77) and that security is compromised with somebody... I know what it means, Ben.
(78) How bad is it? Well, we got people looking into it.
(79) Okay, well...
(80) Keep on it, keep me informed. Keep it between us.
(81) I look forward to your full presentation report tonight.
(82) Tonight? Derek, my daughter...
(83) Please, Ben, please.
(84) What time the next batch get in here?
(85) 8 a.m. No, that's fine, I'll be here.
(86) Hey, Floyd! Are you okay to lock up?
(87) Walter's gonna do it. Okay.
(88) It's eight! Mr. Logan, you should go home.
(89) Oh, shit.
(90) Hey, Mr. Logan!
(91) Anderlecht win? No.
(92) They're losing again!
(93) Courier's picking that up for head office in an hour. Okay.
(94) Well done, Rosie!
(95) Okay now, the first prize!
(96) A check for 250 euros for best photo essay.
(97) Amy Logan, "Homeland".
(98) Oh, hi, Mr. Logan. Hi, Sadie.
(99) Amy won! She won?
(100) Yeah, she won first prize!

(101) Where is she? Is she up there?
(102) She's with some friends.
(103) Wait!
(104) Amy!
(105) Hey!
(106) Hey, I gotta go.
(107) What? I gotta go.
(108) See you. See you later.
(109) Put your seat belt on.
(110) Who was that?
(111) Nabil.
(112) He's helping me.
(113) Yeah, helping you with what? "Without Voices."
(114) It's my next photo essay.
(115) You know, people making life here because we screwed up whatever country they're from.
(116) Don't get caught up on other people's problems.
(117) Boy, what a world this would be if everyone thought like you!
(118) And you shouldn't be hanging out there. And you should show up when you say you will.
(119) Do you have anything to eat?
(120) You know what?
(121) Mei Ling brought you cookies.
(122) I thought I don't eat sweets. It's all I've got.
(123) I got the phone bill today.
(124) 300 euros of calls to your Grandfather?
(125) Has this got peanuts in it?
(126) I don't feel so good, dad.
(127) You okay? No.
(128) Huh? No!
(129) Okay, hold on.
(130) You can see her.
(131) Doc says you're gonna live.
(132) Told you I had a peanut allergy. I'm sorry.
(133) I should have asked.
(134) We have to go to the office and pick up a delivery.
(135) Won't be long.
(136) Did I tell you I found a place we can watch baseball?
(137) In Ghent. Expat community.
(138) Thought we could go there, hang out. Fun.
(139) I hate baseball.
(140) When your mom and I first met, we used to go to games all the time.
(141) Yeah, if it was so great, then why'd you leave?
(142) Bonjour, Walter.
(143) Bonjour!
(144) Walter?
(145) Dad?
(146) Are we on the right floor? Come here!
(147) Who are you calling?
(148) Our office number here.
(149) Shit.
(150) What's going on?
(151) Some kind of misunderstanding. Come on.
(152) Dad, your company can't just pick up and leave.
(153) Okay, if you were a company, where would you hide?
(154) Don't start.
(155) We're going to Brussels.
(156) What?
(157) An hour to get there, an hour to clear this up,
(158) we'll be back by lunch.
(159) Dad, I have school.
(160) You just got the day off.
(161) The Halgate group: A world-wide enterprise bringing the latest
(162) technological advances to shipping, construction and engineering.
(163) Bonjour. Bonjour.
(164) I'm here to see Derek Kohler, please. One moment, please.
(165) Thank you.
(166) No pictures, young lady.
(167) Sorry.
(168) The database is not showing a Derek Kohler, sir.
(169) That's impossible. Is there another name you want me to try?
(170) Yes, please try again. It's K-O-L-H-E-R.
(171) Excuse me! It's very important, please, just...
(172) I know he's in the database. Excuse me!
(173) Try it again, will you?
(174) Security!
(175) I don't know how to say this, Mr. Logan.
(176) But you do not, nor have you ever worked for a subsidiary of this company.
(177) We don't even make this kind
(178) of security systems. And we never employed a...
(179) a Derek Kohler.
(180) Listen to me.
(181) A New York based company called "Placement Solutions" came to me three months ago,
(182) said they wanted to open a new division of The Halgate Group in Europe,
(183) as part of their your private security business.
(184) Mr. Logan, you are in the European headquarters of The Halgate Group.
(185) We handle all our recruitment direct.
(186) I need your battery.
(187) Mine's dead.
(188) I wanna show you my e-mail.
(189) Thank you.
(190) It's my business correspondence. It's eight weeks in work.
(191) Your business correspondence? That's right.
(192) Your BlackBerry is empty.
(193) We've run a background check on you, Mr. Logan.
(194) Seems you've been living in Antwerp now, eight weeks,
(195) as you say.
(196) But your last registered address was New York,
(197) 14 years ago.
(198) Before that, Washington D.C.
(199) Since then,
(200) no records of any kind exist for you.
(201) You've been working for a Halgate subsidiary which doesn't exist.
(202) Testing products we don't make.
(203) Reporting to an officer we have never employed.
(204) I've received paychecks from you.
(205) I have received pension, medical insurance, car insurance.
(206) Mr. Logan...
(207) If you were in my shoes,
(208) listening to your story,
(209) what would you do?
(210) There must be some sort of mistake. My salary payments, they should be listed here.
(211) I'm afraid that this is all we have, this is all there is.
(212) There is no activity in your account
(213) since you opened it.
(214) Mr. Logan. Floyd!
(215) Am I glad to see you! What are you doing here?
(216) The company. Everything is gone! What's going on?
(217) I don't know. My e-mails, bank statements, my records, everything's gone.
(218) Don't make a sound. No sudden moves.
(219) Hey, can you cash my...
(220) check?
(221) Why are you doing this, Floyd? Get on the autoroute.
(222) Where are we going?
(223) Hands on the wheel.
(224) I'll do exactly as you say.
(225) Floyd, what happened to the company?
(226) Talk to me, Floyd.
(227) Talk to me, damned. Why are you doing this?
(228) Eyes on the road!
(229) Don't hit him. Shut up!
(230) It's okay, baby.
(231) Just sit back.
(232) Amy?
(233) I thought I told you to always put your your seatbelt on.
(234) Take the third exit.
(235) What are you gonna do?
(236) Who are you working for?
(237) You should have taken my advice, Ben.
(238) I told you to go home.
(239) Now they made me come looking for you. For both of you.
(240) Take this exit.
(241) Take this exit out! Take it!
(242) It's okay, Amy.
(243) Slow down! Dad, slow down!
(244) Slow down!
(245) Slow down!
(246) Dad, watch out!
(247) Dad!
(248) Dad, the wheel!
(249) Dad!
(250) Who you're working for, Floyd?
(251) I want answers, Floyd.
(252) What was waiting for me at home?
(253) Who you're working for? Who you're working for?
(254) Oh, my God!
(255) Dad, the cops, they can help us.
(256) They can't help us. Yes, they can!
(257) No, they can't.
(258) Come on.
(259) Get back!
(260) Stay back.
(261) Hey, come here, you hurt? We can't...
(262) We can't be here, dad, this is someone's house!
(263) We won't be here long.
(264) Draw the curtains.
(265) You killed him.
(266) In self-defense, Amy.
(267) No, Dad, this is messed up.
(268) This is so messed up!
(269) I need you to help me right now, okay?
(270) Over the top, around the thumb.
(271) We could still go to the police, dad. They can help us.
(272) We should've been at home last night.
(273) He wanted us to go home.
(274) What's that?
(275) Looks like a locker key.
(276) "A.C."
(277) "Antwerp Central."
(278) You used to work for The State Department. Why don't you call someone?
(279) And tell 'em what? Someone erased my e-mails,
(280) bank records, my life?
(281) Amy!
(282) Why would someone you work with try to kill us?
(283) Amy, listen to me. I don't know what's going on here.
(284) Come here.
(285) The safest place for you to be, right now,
(286) is at my side listening to what I tell you.
(287) Will you do that for me?
(288) Will you trust me?
(289) Get back.
(290) You see those cameras up there?
(291) You keep your head down.
(292) They can't identify you if they can't get a full profile.
(293) I'm going to the lockers. Wait for me here.
(294) Corners are safe. Dad?
(295) I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
(296) Where did you get that? From Floyd's locker.
(297) Mei Ling.
(298) Who are they?
(299) People I work with.
(300) That's my picture.
(301) That's a picture of Grandpa and me in New Haven.
(302) How did this guy get this stuff?
(303) How can this guy have a picture of me from four months ago?
(304) How can you be so calm?
(305) 'Cause that's the only way we're gonna figure out what's going on.
(306) Just let me work this out, okay?
(307) Hassan's.
(308) John's.
(309) This is Mei Ling's address.
(310) They all lived within a five mile radius.
(311) What's the nearest hospital to here?
(312) Where are we? Right here.
(313) St. Cornelius, right there.
(314) St. Cornelius, good job!
(315) Mei Ling Hom. Number 452.
(316) Who'd you say she was?
(317) I didn't.
(318) You wait out here. No.
(319) This is a morgue, Amy.
(320) Now, my picture was in that file too.
(321) Are you coming or what? You can't be seen out here!
(322) It was like a fire sale yesterday.
(323) Bunch of bodies, coming in every other hour.
(324) She was found floating in the Scheldt.
(325) Blood alcohol level: Five times the limit.
(326) No next of kin. Still living in France.
(327) France?
(328) She was undocumented resident. An illegal immigrant.
(329) You have 10 minutes.
(330) Jesus!
(331) Latent injuries.
(332) Electrocution, drowning, heart attack on the metro.
(333) Who are these people? My coworkers.
(334) Illegal immigrants.
(335) If we'd have gone home would this have happened to us?
(336) Walter's not here.
(337) Hello, can I help you?
(338) Have you seen these people?
(339) You okay?
(340) I'm fine.
(341) Let's go, Amy.
(342) You okay?
(343) Let me take your bag.
(344) Amy, come here, talk to me.
(345) Get off me!
(346) You can kill a man with your bare hands.
(347) You can move through a crowded station without the cops even knowing you're there.
(348) You can speak like, Russian! Croatian.
(349) No, you can look at a bunch of photos, and instinctively know where you'll find the bodies.
(350) What father can do those things? Let me explain.
(351) No, explain this:
(352) You've been working for a company that's only been employing immigrants,
(353) who are now dead!
(354) Amy...
(355) Why did I even come here? Amy!
(356) Why did I even have to leave grandpa.
(357) You told me to trust you! I don't even know who you are!
(358) Walter!
(359) Down!
(360) Come on!
(361) Dad!
(362) I'll get you out of here.
(363) Come on!
(364) Let me see. Be careful!
(365) Dad, you've got a...
(366) It's just a flesh wound, you'll be okay.
(367) Here.
(368) Go to the window. Go to the window!
(369) Open! Police!
(370) Open the door!
(371) Get in.
(372) Here, take this. Keep it pressed on your arm.
(373) You'll be all right.
(374) This is gonna sting a bit, okay.
(375) Hold my hand.
(376) Put your arm up here.
(377) You wanna know how I found the bodies? Is that it?
(378) Floyd's locker was a safe drop.
(379) That file was a target hit list.
(380) And Floyd was a professional assassin.
(381) Following some sort of government training protocol.
(382) Is that alright? Not too tight?
(383) What did mom tell you about me?
(384) That you were in Overseas Political Affairs for The State Department.
(385) Your mother...
(386) I was working for the CIA.
(387) The communiques on the Pan-African Council, Anna.
(388) Great, exactly what I needed.
(389) It's for the daily brief.
(390) Floyd Remi, former local operative, killed on a roadside.
(391) Outside Brussels.
(392) Walter Smet, another former asset.
(393) Killed in a hospital in Antwerp only a couple of hours ago.
(394) Ben Logan, one of your operatives, Anna.
(395) We think he may have killed them both.
(396) Ben was decommissioned six months ago. Decommissioned?
(397) Why? He grown a conscience.
(398) Stopped following orders.
(399) The Oversight Committee decided to make an example of him.
(400) I put his report on your desk when it happened. Why wasn't he brought home?
(401) He wanted to go home.
(402) But the Committee punished him, by making sure he'd never be able to.
(403) He can't ever return to the U.S.
(404) Has he tried to contact you?
(405) I haven't spoken to Ben since we cut him loose.
(406) What's going on?
(407) This is our black vault in Brussels.
(408) We were using it as a repository for sensitive documentation.
(409) It was burgled two nights ago, by somebody who could break
(410) our most advanced security systems.
(411) That canister contained top-secret documents
(412) we were collecting on behalf of The Department Of Justice
(413) in conjunction with the Belgian secret service.
(414) Collecting evidence for what?
(415) It relates to a class action for negligence in Belgium
(416) against The Halgate Group.
(417) One of their merchant ships sank six months ago.
(418) The families of the crewmen want compensation.
(419) Halgate is willing to settle, but one family's holding out and putting together their case.
(420) The investigators for the family's lawyers
(421) discovered something bigger than a class action,
(422) something in the ship's manifest.
(423) Incriminating Halgate?
(424) On direct orders from the White House, this is a top level classified investigation.
(425) What did you find?
(426) A smoking gun.
(427) That The Halgate Group was shipping illegal arms
(428) to destabilize countries for their own economic gain.
(429) Naturally, the White House thinks it is our job to destabilize countries.
(430) Someone stole your smoking gun.
(431) Someone breached into the CIA.
(432) Halgate is a criminal.
(433) Without that evidence, the investigation against The Halgate Group will collapse.
(434) Stakes are too high.
(435) The only thing we have to go on is that Logan, a top security expert,
(436) was in Belgium at the time of the break-in.
(437) Can you find him?
(438) It's no secret you knew him intimately.
(439) I'll get on it.
(440) Derek?
(441) You said this wouldn't happen.
(442) What wouldn't happen?
(443) You said no one was gonna die.
(444) This was all wrong!
(445) And that means what? It means they're all dead.
(446) The company, all the employees.
(447) And they're gonna kill me too. You said this would end in pink slips.
(448) This wasn't pink slips!
(449) Nothing was supposed to go down without my approval!
(450) They cut you out of the equation.
(451) Who gave the order?
(452) Braymer.
(453) Where is Logan?
(454) Derek, speak to me!
(455) Derek!
(456) Did you secure the cargo?
(457) Yeah, I have it. But now, this is gonna play out on my terms.
(458) Tell the consulate in Brussels I'm coming in and raise a local team.
(459) Now!
(460) Your mom and I were trying to protect you.
(461) Yeah, from the truth.
(462) Did grandpa know?
(463) Yeah, he always knew.
(464) What exactly did you do for the CIA?
(465) I got people in and out of...
(466) difficult situations.
(467) I'm sorry we lied to you.
(468) Your mother took that photo.
(469) Yeah, she told me.
(470) She could see things I never could.
(471) I miss her too.
(472) Why'd you quit your job? To be a father.
(473) I'm not doing too good of a job of it, am I?
(474) I wouldn't know. Oh, really?
(475) We can't go back home, can we? No.
(476) We go back home...
(477) These people found us twice, they'll find us again.
(478) Who are these people?
(479) I'm not sure. I think I was being used.
(480) All I know, those products were real.
(481) And if Halgate wasn't making them, then somebody else was.
(482) Somebody wanted them compromised.
(483) Look at this.
(484) That's a patent number.
(485) It's etched into some of the products. We have to find out what's that all about.
(486) Then there's my place of work.
(487) Addresses have owners, clues.
(488) All we gotta do is figure out where we're to stay tonight.
(489) Can I have some change?
(490) Nabil said he'd help.
(491) Yes?
(492) Come on.
(493) Karim, this is my dad.
(494) Dad, this is Nabil's brother, Karim.
(495) Hello, Karim.
(496) It's a pleasure.
(497) Nabil said you'd help.
(498) I said I'd think about it.
(499) You found us a place in Brussels?
(500) I don't help criminals. That's good, 'cause we're not criminals.
(501) Yet you're fugitives. Victims of circumstance.
(502) 2000 euros.
(503) Cash. Half now, for two nights.
(504) Gimme the money.
(505) Nabil said your sister keeps all the money and you're up your ass in debt.
(506) Nabil's got a big mouth.
(507) I suggest you change too.
(508) Come on, let's go.
(509) My daughter is just a friend or you want to tell me something?
(510) No, it's...
(511) Hey, no fair, what'd you say? Go ask him.
(512) Abdul will make sure you get a place.
(513) And it seems to me, you probably need this more than I.
(514) We are not all mercenaries.
(515) Who are they?
(516) You're not the only one on the run.
(517) Good luck.
(518) It's okay, you can stay
(519) for two days in kids' rooms. Alright?
(520) Thank you.
(521) When she was sick,
(522) you're all she talked about.
(523) I think...
(524) I think she still loved you.
(525) Sorry to get you guys up at this hour.
(526) Everything we found in his apartment.
(527) Hello?
(528) What have you found?
(529) He was an expatriate living in Antwerp with his daughter.
(530) Records show, he moved here two months ago on a business visa.
(531) Don't worry. I'll find him.
(532) My feeling is there's really no need to press
(533) for an excavation of the boat.
(534) Self-combustion is a common risk when you ship
(535) construction materials.
(536) I'm sure we can find a way to compensate you for this tragic event.
(537) This is not about money, Mr. Braymer.
(538) I want Mr. Halgate
(539) to appear here personally and look me in the eye.
(540) And I want him to apologize for my son's death.
(541) Where are you?
(542) Where do you think?
(543) You told me the CIA had something you wanted.
(544) I arranged to get it.
(545) Why did you murder these people? Let's meet.
(546) One hour.
(547) You dismantled the covert operation
(548) I was running for you.
(549) You used my agents to kill.
(550) You've made Logan the subject of a manhunt! What the hell got into you?
(551) He was about to find out the company was a fake.
(552) It was an executive decision.
(553) Logan was looking into the patents.
(554) Asking questions about who owned the security systems.
(555) What possessed you to get him involved? Because you wanted something done quick!
(556) And he's the best there is.
(557) Tell me you at least have the evidence.
(558) You know what was in the container?
(559) Do you have it? We're working on it.
(560) Kohler has the container but we can't find him, he's not answering his phone, he's...
(561) He's gone.
(562) You don't have Kohler.
(563) You don't have the evidence.
(564) If Logan finds out what we got him involved in... He's just an engineer.
(565) CIA Black Ops, you idiot. We don't make engineers.
(566) Our employer wasn't sure your personal feelings for Logan
(567) wouldn't cloud your judgment in making the tough calls.
(568) If Halgate goes down, I go down.
(569) No matter how much security you surround yourself with if Logan finds out,
(570) he'll get to you. I can fix this!
(571) Find Kohler, bring in the evidence.
(572) We'll get you his last known location.
(573) What about Ben?
(574) We've got that covered. We brought in an expert.
(575) Give me the number. Okay.
(576) Hold on, hold on.
(577) Alright. Give me the patent number now. Okay.
(578) X-D-N
(579) 3-6-7.
(580) Mei Ling was right.
(581) Halgate doesn't own the patent. Belongs to Total Security in New York.
(582) Write that down: 785506.
(583) Central Intelligence Agency, may I help you?
(584) Central Intelligence Agency, may I help you?
(585) Alright, are you ready for this?
(586) Your office address, the address for Halgate Security System was short-leased,
(587) six months ago to a company called Markus Wolf Investments.
(588) That company also has another local registered address
(589) by the same realtor, right here in Brussels.
(590) The realtor just told you this? Yeah, I know, they're dying to lease it.
(591) We gotta hurry, because it's Saturday and the realtor gets busy.
(592) I put this at viewing in 30 minutes.
(593) Who you think you are, Sherlock Holmes?
(594) I'm gonna go get my bag.
(595) What about the previous occupant, you ever meet him?
(596) Mr. Wolf, he's running an investment company.
(597) Would you mind giving us a minute?
(598) Sure.
(599) I'll be in the car. Thank you.
(600) Got an eye on her? Yeah.
(601) Who is Markus Wolf? He's an East German cold-war spy master.
(602) Somebody's idea of a joke.
(603) Wait, so he's not even alive? No, he's been dead 5 years or so.
(604) Looks like I was working for some kind of proprietary.
(605) What's a proprietary?
(606) It's a shell company, created to do one thing,
(607) when in reality, it's doing something completely different.
(608) So wait, why would the CIA file patents for a shell company?
(609) Amy, quit with the questions for a minute, okay?
(610) Disconnection hasn't gone through yet.
(611) Bingo!
(612) I pulled up caller records on Markus Wolf Investments.
(613) Now, that office was closed yesterday,
(614) but there was a call made from there about an hour ago.
(615) Ben.
(616) We have to move.
(617) Markus Wolf, suite 619.
(618) Keep your eyes open. Through the mirrors.
(619) Remember... Corners are safe.
(620) Don't be a smart ass.
(621) You're my eyes and ears, okay?
(622) Markus Wolf is your alias, huh?
(623) That's cute. What's next, Mata Hari?
(624) You're making a big mistake!
(625) There was no product development team, was there, Derek?
(626) There was no Halgate security systems!
(627) You got us hack into CIA!
(628) Come on.
(629) Why?
(630) For what?
(631) Who are you working for?
(632) Get outta here while you still can, Ben.
(633) Go where, you son of a bitch!
(634) You gotta start talking, pal.
(635) You put my daughter's life in danger. I want answers!
(636) She said it was a simple operation.
(637) Who's she? She told them to hire you.
(638) She said we never recover the documents without you.
(639) Recover what documents?
(640) Recover what documents? Dad!
(641) In the canister on the couch.
(642) Wait outside. Go on!
(643) Wait outside, go on!
(644) I got a family, too.
(645) This was gonna be my pension.
(646) If I die, they'll look after my family. Who will look after your family?
(647) The Agency.
(648) You were CIA? Shoot me!
(649) Dad! Shoot me!
(650) Come here.
(651) Get the room searched.
(652) Ben!
(653) Go back!
(654) Go! Over here!
(655) Get up! Come on, get over!
(656) Stand down!
(657) I said, stand down! He's one of us, for Christ sakes!
(658) Ben?
(659) Whatever is going on, we can figure it out.
(660) We can protect you.
(661) Both of you.
(662) Ben?
(663) Ben?
(664) Back off!
(665) Put 'em down!
(666) Stand back.
(667) Kick 'em away!
(668) What have you got me involved with, Anna?
(669) You've got this all wrong.
(670) You gotta trust me. Dad, get in!
(671) Get back!
(672) They'll find you.
(673) They'll kill you. They'll kill her!
(674) I can help you go home. Dad, get in the car!
(675) No, listen to me, please! Why?
(676) You stood by six months ago and watched the Committee burn me.
(677) Stood by? You were part if a kill squad! You questioned your orders!
(678) I was the one who stopped them from killing you.
(679) Dad, get in the car!
(680) Give me the bag, Ben.
(681) You're good, Anna.
(682) You're very good.
(683) Ben!
(684) Go!
(685) Who is she? Who taught you to drive?
(686) No, who is she?
(687) Just someone I used to work with.
(688) CIA.
(689) What are you doing? Don't lie to me, I'm not an idiot, I saw you.
(690) Slow down, Amy.
(691) What's a kill squad? What's a kill squad?
(692) Slow down, Amy!
(693) Amy, brakes!
(694) I kill people.
(695) That's what a kill squad is all about, killing people.
(696) The dirty work.
(697) The things that have to be done.
(698) The things nobody wants to do.
(699) I did these things.
(700) I never wanted my daughter to find out.
(701) You didn't come back for me.
(702) I did!
(703) You've came to me, because you had nowhere else to go.
(704) I had friends.
(705) I had a life, dad!
(706) You brought me
(707) to a foreign country,
(708) lied, to get me here.
(709) You lied to me about everything.
(710) Why couldn't you just leave me alone?
(711) Amy!
(712) Amy!
(713) Amy!
(714) Amy!
(715) Amy!
(716) I need a telephone.
(717) A telephone.
(718) Hello?
(719) Grandpa?
(720) Amy, oh my God, are you okay?
(721) I've been trying to call you. Where are you?
(722) Grandpa, I wanna come home.
(723) You sound terrible. Is everything alright?
(724) Amy? Hello?
(725) Hey, you! I'm talking to you!
(726) They killed my brother in front of my five year old niece!
(727) They were looking for you! I want their names!
(728) I want to know who they are! I want them dead!
(729) So do I.
(730) They took Amy.
(731) Get in the car!
(732) Altheon X-135 solid state.
(733) "Xyston TA-20" Polemarch.
(734) What's a "Polemarch"?
(735) Polemarch.
(736) It's a radar tracking system.
(737) It's parts inside IAT drone defense system.
(738) That cargo ship was carrying U.S. made weapons.
(739) For Mozambique.
(740) Necessary conditions to secure business...
(741) Lithium.
(742) What's a Lithium? Next generation technology.
(743) Nuclear power.
(744) Mobile telecommunications, electric cars, that kind of thing.
(745) Halgate Group.
(746) Anna.
(747) What about Amy?
(748) I thought we were trying to find her.
(749) "James Halgate III."
(750) We just did.
(751) Hello?
(752) You know what I have?
(753) I'm listening.
(754) Gare du Nord, Platform 4, one hour.
(755) Hello?
(756) There's a train, Platform 5.
(757) Get on it.
(758) Front carriage.
(759) Go! Over there!
(760) Get off the train, now.
(761) There's a train pulling into Platform 8.
(762) Hurry.
(763) Rear compartment.
(764) That's the Anna I know.
(765) I see you've been selling your services to The Halgate Group.
(766) How long has Halgate been reaching into the CIA?
(767) How long have you been in bed with him, Anna?
(768) All the way back to Somalia?
(769) No.
(770) No.
(771) I'll never forget the first day you showed up in Somalia.
(772) Ready to set the world on fire.
(773) We stood for something.
(774) We believed we could change the world.
(775) What do you believe in now, Anna?
(776) I believe you should have listened to me.
(777) I told you,
(778) these people will sop at nothing to get what they want.
(779) How did you become everything we fought against?
(780) It's just business, Ben.
(781) It's my daughter's life!
(782) Just give them what they want.
(783) Oh, yeah, yeah. And then we'll be safe, huh?
(784) Yeah.
(785) I can't.
(786) I want you to go your boss, your real boss, with a message.
(787) I know who he is.
(788) I know where he's gonna be.
(789) If he has her, I want her.
(790) If he's harmed her,
(791) he's dead.
(792) It was the only one I could find.
(793) Would it do?
(794) Oh, yeah.
(795) Thank you, Nabil. That's perfect.
(796) James Halgate III has arrived in the Belgium
(797) courthouse today in an effort to settle the longstanding.
(798) Class action suit against his company. The suit was put forth
(799) by the bereaved families of those who lost loved ones,
(800) when the ship owned by The Halgate Group, The Serenity,
(801) sank off the coast of Belgium.
(802) 150 lives were lost in this tragedy.
(803) Ms Pieters,
(804) I am deeply sorry for your loss.
(805) I hope you will accept our offer of support.
(806) In your hour of need.
(807) Is there a settlement I don't know about?
(808) No, I'm sorry, I don't comment.
(809) I'm sorry, no comment. Thank you very much.
(810) I'll catch you later.
(811) For you!
(812) I'll talk to you later. Thank you very much.
(813) Your boss comes alone.
(814) When I know she's safe, you'll get your evidence.
(815) I'm listening.
(816) Keep this phone on you. I'll text you a time and a place.
(817) Hold it!
(818) I told you to wait! I need to speak to him.
(819) He's dealing with the regional president. I don't give a shit.
(820) He doesn't meet the help.
(821) Anna!
(822) Mr. Halgate?
(823) I didn't realize we had a one o'clock. She was just leaving.
(824) He's going to kill you.
(825) You must be the mercurial Anna Brandt.
(826) I'm honored! You took the girl.
(827) Where is she?
(828) So much trouble because of one little accident!
(829) Because one little ship sinks.
(830) I'm flying back to Chicago in exactly four hours.
(831) I need this fixed before I leave.
(832) Let me make the exchange. I know Ben.
(833) You seem very concerned about his welfare, Anna.
(834) I've compromised my entire career for you.
(835) For money that's in an account I can't touch
(836) if this blows up.
(837) I'll do whatever needs to be done to neutralize the situation.
(838) You and I are cut from the same cloth, Anna.
(839) We know what we want and how to get it.
(840) We're capable of making the tough calls when required.
(841) Jim, you said we could do this ourselves.
(842) It's Logan.
(843) The monument by the Palace of Justice.
(844) At three.
(845) I'll get the car. There's no need.
(846) The only reason I came to this backwater,
(847) was to make sure I'm on the plane home with my evidence.
(848) Anna will get it for me.
(849) Run, Amy!
(850) Run!
(851) Shall I get the car now?
(852) I thought I told you to come alone.
(853) Mr. Braymer is here to serve our mutual interests.
(854) Maybe he can tell me how much it cost to buy the CIA?
(855) Are we talking gross or net?
(856) Where is she?
(857) You give us what we want, you'll get what you want.
(858) You fan the flames of a civil war.
(859) Selling weapons to tribal factions.
(860) For what? Access to lithium mines? Protecting our interests.
(861) What these people did in their spare time, was their own business.
(862) Yeah, except The Justice Department was gonna figure you out.
(863) So you hired a bunch of immigrants to do the work.
(864) Then when they step out of line...
(865) Mr. Logan! People have died!
(866) So you could cover your tracks.
(867) Trust,
(868) Mr. Logan,
(869) Is a precious resource.
(870) Give me the documents, Ben.
(871) Don't lose sight of reality, like Anna did.
(872) Where is Anna? Let's just say she wasn't a team player.
(873) Don't let your noble moral compass get in the way, Ben. Where has it gotten you?
(874) You have nothing.
(875) No job.
(876) No money.
(877) No country.
(878) Give me my daughter. No.
(879) It has to be you,
(880) for her.
(881) We had a deal. And now we're negotiating terms.
(882) Oh, I'm sure you can understand our position.
(883) You okay? Did they hurt you?
(884) Look at you.
(885) Take this. What's going on?
(886) You're gonna be just fine.
(887) I want you to leave and get as far away as you can.
(888) No.
(889) I have to stay here.
(890) No, you can't do that, you... I have no choice.
(891) This is who I am. No, it's not!
(892) This is how I make a difference.
(893) Go.
(894) Don't have any second thoughts.
(895) She'll never be free if you do.
(896) I believe you've forgotten something.
(897) You don't look like CIA.
(898) What are you, British? MI6?
(899) KGB?
(900) Tell your boss he forgot a piece.
(901) You can't seriously let the girl go.
(902) A week. Send someone to take care of the grandfather too.
(903) Call me when you get there, okay?
(904) Go.
(905) Hello! Thank you.
(906) Last call for FWA flight 714 to New York.
(907) All remaining passengers, please board now.
(908) Stand by, passenger Markus Wolf, please, come to the counter.

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