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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[2015] [Dragon Blade] English Transcripts

(2) In 2015 an American archeologic company
(3) bought a military manuscript from the Han Dynasty
(4) It said Roman soldiers went to China 2000 year ago
(5) and the ancient city of Regum was build
(6) The archeological community believed it was fake
(7) but the company decided to explorer further
(8) James says they'll float a stock offering
(9) on the market the minute we find Regum.
(10) Then we can axcavate wherever we want.
(11) You know most of the diary documents of
(12) how General Huo established the Protection Squad.
(13) How is he related to Regum?
(14) And why did they name this ancient city Regum?
(15) That's what we're gona find out.
(16) Christian Another intersection ahead.
(17) Which road do we take.
(18) Let's split into three groups
(19) and keep each other updated.
(20) Look sharp gentlement.
(21) It's real
(22) It's real
(23) Regum
(24) Yes.
(25) Commencing virtual scanning. Oke.
(26) We all set? Ya.
(27) Don't forget the music
(28) Wait, wait, wait, I know Tchaikovsky
(29) No, this setting call for Mozart Adagio Mozart, nice
(30) Oke, I changed my mind
(31) Opera. You're so indensive
(32) Oh my dear father
(33) I like him, he is very handsome
(34) I want to go to Porta Rossa
(35) To buy the ring
(36) Yes, I want to go there
(37) This gotta be him. Let's scan it
(38) 48 BC, the Silk Road at China's western border
(39) Thirty-six nations are embroiled in a struggle
(40) for the survival of the fittest.
(41) Duck, Duck.
(42) Which nations. Don't know
(43) "Silk Road Protection Squad"
(44) Quick, who?
(45) Those in white are the White Indians
(46) The Chief is Alisijiang. Right.
(47) Those in black area the Huns. Chief Tache.
(48) Huns normally live in the South
(49) What are they doing up here causing trouble?
(50) The South has been suffering from severe drought
(51) So they've come here to grab more territory, Oke.
(52) You know the drill, Oke, Quick.
(53) One last chance
(54) Are you going to return our food or not?
(55) If you White Indians don't want to submit
(56) Then we'll settle this according to the rule of the Silk Road
(57) Let God decide who's right and who's wrong.
(58) Quick!
(59) You've already lost. Scram.
(60) You Savage
(61) Silk Road Protection Squad
(62) Stop fighting!
(63) Fight them!
(64) We'll handle it
(65) Brother stop fighting
(66) I beg you all
(67) My Hun brother, I came with peaceful intentions
(68) Silk Road Protection Squad What's this got to do with you
(69) Our motto has always been
(70) turn foes into friends
(71) and peace for all races
(72) Whatever our friends on the Silk Road need
(73) It's our responsibility to help
(74) Survival of the fittest is the only truth on the Silk Road
(75) With your pathetic little band
(76) You want to control all thirty-six nations here
(77) Besides he has already lost
(78) He even called me a savage
(79) Success depends not on how many people you have
(80) but on how determined you are
(81) Hands off
(82) Hands off
(83) Lady, Sorry that wasn't intentional
(84) Use your sword We'll go by the rules
(85) Our Protection Squad goes by the laws of our country
(86) We don't fight
(87) Come here. No I won't.
(88) Lady.
(89) Lady Cold Moon I didn't mean to remove your veil
(90) You dropped it yourself
(91) I know
(92) That was fate
(93) Actually I came because..,
(94) Drink
(95) I'm ready
(96) I just want to return the veil to you
(97) I didn't see anythink
(98) Nothing happened between us
(99) Stop laughing. Haven't been back home for a long time, hurry.
(100) Kids look

(101) Who's here
(102) Uncle
(103) Come
(104) Sit down there's enough for everyone
(105) Commodity prices at the borders have shot up
(106) I hope the Prefecture
(107) can adjust the wages of our fellow comrades
(108) Every month
(109) Twenty more coins. Forty coins.
(110) For the past few months, I've given my wages
(111) to my injured brothers
(112) I know
(113) You take really good care of your men We can manage.
(114) I know people laugh at you
(115) for marrying a Huns man Here you go again
(116) I like you because we're the same
(117) We believe in equality for all racers
(118) You preach peace amongst the different races on the Silk Road
(119) and I teach peace to kids from different tribes at school
(120) We're bound to succeed
(121) Captain. Yin Po.
(122) Our Protection Squad is in trouble
(123) Today the Prefecture Chief's army
(124) found four boxes of gold coins outside the borders
(125) There is
(126) a Custom Clearance document inside
(127) Who signed it
(128) The Protection Squad
(129) Captain
(130) Lieutenant What crime have we committed
(131) Why have you locked up my men
(132) Who gave you the right to lock up our people
(133) The Protection Squad is under the Prefecture Chief's supervision
(134) Don't move
(135) This has nothing to do with them
(136) I'll go with you
(137) order from the Prefcture's Chief
(138) Huo An and his Protection Squad are all under arrest for smuggling gold
(139) Send them all to Wild Geese Gate tomorrow morning to work on rebuilding the City
(140) What a crook
(141) sending us all to the borders
(142) so they can hang the blame on us for the gold coins
(143) We have to investigate ourselves. How?
(144) Look
(145) We're all in exile
(146) Wild Geese Gate is where prisoners serve live sentences
(147) Once you go in there is no way out
(148) We've worked so hard and this is what we get
(149) Don't ask what we can gain Just ask what more we can do
(150) But that's so unfair
(151) So what are you going to do about it
(152) Look Brothers
(153) I know you all feel betrayed
(154) But I believe there is justice in this world
(155) We were all rescued by General Huo from the Wild Geese Gate
(156) We should take this opportunity to go back pay respect to him
(157) The gold smuggling
(158) is a complicated case
(159) Once I get more evidance from Ying Po
(160) I'll know what to do
(161) Move
(162) You lot, keep up Move, next.
(163) 1, 2
(164) Han Dynasty General Huo Qubing's Shrine
(165) Kill them
(166) Brother
(167) Sister
(168) General
(169) Stay back
(170) You have the courage to kill
(171) But do you have the courage
(172) to help those
(173) who really need rescuing
(174) 1, 2
(175) Higher
(176) Faster, Help the injured
(177) What an idiot
(178) Captain, are you alright. I'm fine.
(179) Help them
(180) It's all their fault, beat them
(181) Stop
(182) Come here They're fighting
(183) What are you doing?
(184) Stop fighting!
(185) Stop fighting!
(186) Who are you
(187) Silk Road Protection Squad
(188) Watch out!
(189) Stop it!
(190) You guys stop fighting!
(191) Go back to work!
(192) Stop now!
(193) The Protection Squad come over here
(194) I don't care about your Protection Squad
(195) This is the Wild Geese Gate
(196) And I'm Commander here
(197) Everyone call him the Geese Commander
(198) So you're Huo An?
(199) I heard you're good with swords
(200) But I doubt you can take me
(201) Huo An You think that you're skilled in martial arts
(202) But, I can take you down in just ten moves
(203) I think five is sufficient
(204) Dare to try?
(205) Dare you?
(206) Come on!
(207) Are you nuts?
(208) Do you know why we want them here?
(209) Under the Prefecture Chief's order We have to finish rebuilding the city.
(210) So you bunch of losers hurry up
(211) Come back here I'm not finished with you.
(212) Legion!
(213) We stop
(214) What do you think General?
(215) What is our current condition?
(216) Close to 800 soldiers
(217) 3000 bows and crossbow altogether
(218) Horses are thirsty and near exhaustion. Yes.
(219) if we gonna have a chance, we need to take them as soon as possible
(220) Lucius
(221) Lucius. Yes, I'm here.
(222) Falco said that you are to take the city
(223) Yes
(224) But their Captain is very weak and he doesn't look too bright
(225) So it won't take long
(226) Let's have a drink
(227) I'll wait for your good news when you return
(228) We're at a new city, a place to rest
(229) Intruders
(230) Huo An Have you seen them before?
(231) Can't tell if they're our enemies, hold your forces
(232) Attack before they get too close
(233) Brothers Yes
(234) Shoot! No.
(235) Retreat!
(236) Bunch of useless cowards
(237) Brothers Let's kill them all
(238) You can't do that That's their tactic
(239) They just want you to open the gate
(240) You think you know the Art of War better than me
(241) Charge!
(242) Damn
(243) Stay down!
(244) We don't have enough men
(245) Who's in charge now?
(246) Me No one? Then I am
(247) Listen to me if you want to live
(248) This way
(249) Take it!
(250) Beat the drums
(251) Hold!
(252) That scared them Counter attack
(253) I am Lucius, Commander General Black Eagle Corps Roman Empire.
(254) Huo An
(255) General
(256) Is there anyway no fight
(257) Return my people You go.
(258) No
(259) We go there
(260) No
(261) General Lucius is fighting like a real demy gods today
(262) I don't think there is a man alive that can stand against mighty General
(263) Great
(264) Huo An you can do it
(265) Look
(266) Sandstorm
(267) Sandstorm!
(268) Sandstorm!
(269) Captain, what are we going to do?
(270) What else can I do?
(271) General
(272) Hey, Listen to me
(273) Stop. What?
(274) Listen
(275) Sandstorm coming
(276) Stop fighting
(277) Drop your weapon
(278) I let you in. Or..
(279) we bury here together
(280) The boy too
(281) We need food and water for my men
(282) Medicine for a child
(283) And I need a place to think
(284) Lucius Lucius here
(285) I am here
(286) Did you win the battle against the Chinese Warrior?
(287) He won
(288) Yes, I knew you would win
(289) Because you said the Chinese Captain is terrible
(290) and he even looks stupid
(291) Huo An I did your a favour this time
(292) Now translate this to them Tomorrow
(293) Tomorrow
(294) Scram
(295) Yesterday
(296) Yesterday
(297) Go!
(298) You drink Of course
(299) You ever met a soldier who doesn't drink?
(300) Strong
(301) Yes It's lovely.
(302) Where you go tomorrow?
(303) This is a question I've been thinking about constantly
(304) In Rome
(305) We are trained to obey
(306) to serve since we where very young
(307) When you finally get the opportunity to chose your own path
(308) you realise there's no where to go
(309) Do Chinese soldiers feel the same way?
(310) No, we different. Why.
(311) You train kill people
(312) We train save people
(313) I make Silk Road peace
(314) Peace is a dream
(315) We live a world that treats the dead better than the living
(316) I just want to look at it I've never seen a Chinese sword.
(317) It's heavy
(318) What's the Chinese word for revenge?
(319) What?
(320) If someone hurts you or your family
(321) You kill them
(322) Revenge
(323) Vengeance is..,
(324) Vengeance, Baochou.
(325) Baochou
(326) Why you want baochou?
(327) This is not your business
(328) Anything happen in Silk Road
(329) is my busness
(330) Revenge make more hate
(331) Today we meet
(332) We are friend
(333) I want to help you
(334) When we leave tomorrow I may never see you again.
(335) You make a friend today you lose one tomorrow.
(336) Is it worth it?
(337) We're all doomed this time
(338) I just got the order from the Prefecture Chief
(339) We have to finish restoring Wild Geese Gate in 15 days
(340) Otherwise we're all going to be executed
(341) Even if everyone works at full speed
(342) it'll still take half a year to complete
(343) Aren't you close to the thirty-six nations?
(344) Please help me hire more people
(345) This one's always upset
(346) We can rebuild the city in within 15 days
(347) They said they can complete it within 15 days
(348) It'll take a long time gathering the stones
(349) and even longer to transport them
(350) There's a lot of big stone, difficult to move, move up
(351) You have plenty of gravel outside the city
(352) What? Small stones.
(353) Gravel. Do you understand?
(354) He said there are a lot of small stones outside the city
(355) How do you build a city wall with gravel?
(356) Huo An listen to me
(357) It'll be a mistake to listen to them
(358) He trust you
(359) Thank you
(360) You must promise me one thing in return
(361) Find man to guide my deputies to the Parthian Empire
(362) Ok, look We're here right now
(363) And the Panthian Empire is here
(364) Oom St@R
(365) What are you traying to do
(366) No, slowly
(367) Be gentle, what are you doing.
(368) 15 days Is it possible?
(369) Men, stop it
(370) Good, go.
(371) See much easier
(372) Slow down, one at a time
(373) Leave after you grab them
(374) Everything is on schedule
(375) Haven't you eaten yet?
(376) You fatty don't get in my way
(377) Pull!
(378) Lower, a bit more, that's it.
(379) Tell me what kind a city is this
(380) From where you are standing now
(381) You can see the entire famous Silk Road
(382) The great artery of trade and culture
(383) that connects the West to the great kingdoms of the East
(384) When the sun sets the entire Silk Road
(385) even the city walls become very, very warm.
(386) I want to touch the city wall
(387) I can see it
(388) I can see them all
(389) I can see our own city gate
(390) And the place you taught me how to use a sword
(391) I can hear mother play her harp
(392) when we're practising
(393) Do you miss her?
(394) Let's go. Training.
(395) What happening? Watching the Protection Squad training.
(396) You never watch my training
(397) Let's go over there
(398) Position
(399) I bet on the Roman to win
(400) Bet on the Protection Squad
(401) If you win, take all my liquor
(402) Bet on the Protection Squad
(403) Come on
(404) Be careful, don't get anyone injured. I know.
(405) Well done
(406) Let's get our liquor
(407) Are you blind
(408) This Roman soldier is not bad
(409) Thank you for the match
(410) That was a great fight
(411) Right, check again.
(412) Hey someone has collapsed
(413) Come over and help. Help.
(414) Are you alright?
(415) No problem. Let's keep going.
(416) I'm fine.
(417) I General Huo swear to God
(418) I will see the flags all of thirty-six nations
(419) flying high together
(420) at the Wild Geese Gate
(421) My brothers on the Silk Road
(422) Let's draw our own flag
(423) What are you drawing?
(424) Excelent, young master.
(425) How do you write "School"?
(426) I served under Consul Marcus Licinius Crassus Dives
(427) He moved his troops to the Parthian Empire
(428) and formed and alliance with the Queen
(429) who is the sister of our Lady Crassus
(430) Consul Marsus' eldest son
(431) Tiberius is a vicious and treacherous man
(432) The consul was planning on naming his youngest son
(433) Publius to be his heir and successor
(434) He entrusted me to keep the child alive
(435) The young lord started having problem with his eyes
(436) The Parthian Queen kindly sent medicine to heal his vision
(437) Tiberius laced it with poison
(438) blinding his brother so he could never become Consul
(439) and killed his father
(440) I had no choice
(441) but to take my soldiers and the child
(442) become a fugitive
(443) Until I reached the Wild Geese Gate
(444) I've been a man without a country
(445) marked for death
(446) The deputy I sent told the Parthian Empire
(447) is mean to restore the peace treaty
(448) and prove Tiberius' vicious intentions
(449) I'm orphan Han race
(450) My parents kill by enemy
(451) Me and my sister run away
(452) and she cry
(453) I use my hand cover her mouth
(454) She die
(455) General Huo save my life
(456) He said war destroy family
(457) Only peace can save Silk Road
(458) We are same
(459) General
(460) Decimus has returned
(461) I think Tiberius know about us
(462) Lucius
(463) My Mum says however beautiful the sunset is
(464) it will always go dark
(465) I know my sunset will end soon
(466) But don't worry about me
(467) I can't see anyway
(468) As for my brother
(469) let me handle it on my own
(470) You're very brave
(471) We will meet him. Yes, General.
(472) Lucius, no
(473) Huo An
(474) If you stand with us you will be butchered
(475) The City we built is a dream
(476) It'll only last 15 days
(477) I cannot be further in your debt
(478) Think, If Tiberius want to catch you
(479) Why he need a hundred thousand men?
(480) He can take over the entire Silk Road even China
(481) I think Tiberius working with the Chief
(482) It's our duty to protect Silk Road
(483) I can borrow soldiers from my friend Yin Po
(484) Hopefully we can stop them
(485) Captain Huo
(486) Falco. Young Master.
(487) On behalf of the Roman Empire
(488) I commission you First Centurion of the Legion
(489) My deepest honor
(490) Agrippa
(491) Is there something on your mind?
(492) Perhaps we have come too far
(493) From Rome?
(494) From all the things I've always tried to teach you
(495) You taught me the road to be a great lord is predestined
(496) I didn't teach you to kill your own father
(497) That was fate
(498) I dream of it
(499) when I was young
(500) I shared that dream with my father
(501) before I took his last breath
(502) General
(503) General Lucius, our reinforcement is here.
(504) General Lucius
(505) Where is Huo An?
(506) Lucius General.
(507) Captured them alive. Yes.
(508) Lucius
(509) Lucius
(510) Lucius
(511) Lucius, don't worry about me
(512) Go
(513) Please go
(514) Lucius
(515) Go
(516) I order you to go
(517) Go Please Go.
(518) What crime have I committed?
(519) Huo An is a traitor and all his family members are to be executed.
(520) How can you hit little children
(521) Shut up
(522) Release me
(523) Don't push me
(524) Take the kids
(525) Kids hurry up and go, Go.
(526) Batu hurry up and go.
(527) Go
(528) Thank you for rescuing us, My I ask your name?
(529) My name is Moon, Huo An's wife.
(530) It's not true Duck. Get down.
(531) Duck, don't move.
(532) Hurry, take the kids to the second floor.
(533) Doon't be scared, run to the second floor. Hurry up and go to the second floor.
(534) Quick
(535) Send the kids down
(536) Quick, Quick.
(537) Don't be affraid. Book.
(538) My books.
(539) Come quickly
(540) Help together
(541) Hurry, Go. Hurry, Go.
(542) Yes.
(543) Kids hurry up and go.
(544) This way quick
(545) After them
(546) Go
(547) Hurry up. Hurry.
(548) Go
(549) Take the kids first. Oke.
(550) Listen to your teacher I know.
(551) Thank you. I came only for my sister
(552) Hurry up.
(553) My books
(554) Look out
(555) Xiuqing
(556) Teacher. Don't be afraid, Alijiang.
(557) Teacher.
(558) Go. Go.
(559) Rest in Peace
(560) All of you come over here
(561) Go.
(562) Go. Go.
(563) Promise me
(564) Look after our kids
(565) Look after yourself
(566) It wasn't easy for us to be together
(567) And it won't be easy for us to be apart
(568) Welcome home
(569) So nice to have you hanging around again
(570) Everyone in Rome
(571) including my father
(572) thought you were the finest warrior in the Empire
(573) No
(574) I think of you more as a chess piece
(575) Think about it Lucius
(576) If I hadn't purposely let you escape
(577) Purposely
(578) Do you really think you and Publius would get this far?
(579) Who could blame me for pursuing you
(580) I mean
(581) Thank you
(582) For the perfect excuse to bring my troops here
(583) I had already plotted this wiith Huo's subordinate, Yin Po.
(584) Yin Po gave me the customs clearance document and the Commander's Seal.
(585) As soon as my army settle in at the borders
(586) the entire Silk Road region belongs to Roman Empire.
(587) And all I have to give him is an insignificant title
(588) Prefecture Chief
(589) You throw a bone and you get a dog.
(590) What a fantastic deal.
(591) Spare the child
(592) He is no further threat to your ambitions
(593) Show mercy
(594) Let me tell you
(595) No one felt the pain more than I did.
(596) when I had to blind my own brother
(597) I beg of you
(598) Spare him
(599) He has committed no crime
(600) Of course he has committed a crime
(601) His crime
(602) His crime
(603) is that he took the place in your heart that belonged to me.
(604) You will never hurt my young master ever again.
(605) Falco will take you home.
(606) Don't be afraid, It's alright.
(607) With my brother dead
(608) There really is no more cause for conflict between you and I
(609) I will tell you a secret
(610) Lately
(611) When I look at my reflection
(612) I see you
(613) Right
(614) It does get boring
(615) when everything is so predictable.
(616) Huo An
(617) We fell for Yin Po trap
(618) Sorry
(619) Speak
(620) Captain Something happened
(621) before you returned this morning
(622) Our great General Tiberius has enacted a plan to unify the Silk Road
(623) I've already asked him to acquiesce
(624) He said no
(625) All of the thirty-six nations have acquiesced
(626) And you are the last.
(627) We need you to do one thing
(628) What did they want you to do?
(629) They want us
(630) to hand over Captain Huo
(631) What did you say?
(632) Huo An
(633) This was never our business to start off with Why should we get involved?
(634) Captain Huo We are not as heroic as you are
(635) How do you expect us to protect this place
(636) When we can't even protect ourselves?
(637) The Romans are right We all have a families
(638) Now we can all just take the gold and go home
(639) Huo An, If you don't go with them
(640) then we'll die because of you.
(641) We've been slaves all our lives This time we should have the right to make our own decision.
(642) Gfo with them
(643) Huo An, Is it worth it.
(644) for these people? We should leave.
(645) They need me now more than ever
(646) I won't leave
(647) You're not going?
(648) Thanks for being so good to me
(649) If you like me
(650) you need to get to know me.
(651) When I was young, my sister and I were running away from the wars
(652) on the Silk Road.
(653) I wanted to save her
(654) but I killed her instead
(655) I kept on asking myself
(656) Why her? Why me?
(657) General Huo said
(658) We can't change the past
(659) but the future is firmly in our hands
(660) He said everyone has the their misfortunes
(661) but we need to contain the pain and turn it into motivation.
(662) A person who only laments the past is a coward
(663) where as a person who can change the future is a true hero.
(664) He said heroes are not afraid to die
(665) Nonetheless, I have to admit
(666) that the fate of the Silk Road can't be changed by the Protection Squad alone.
(667) Still, I'm truly thankful.
(668) I thank you all
(669) for joining me in rebuilding this city
(670) Together we proved
(671) that harmony can be achieve between the races.
(672) During that precious time
(673) we were giving birth to a newborn child of hope
(674) But his life
(675) is cut so short
(676) that I won't have the chance to see him grow up.
(677) My brothers on the Silk Road
(678) I have already given my all.
(679) People are rarely satisfied with the truth
(680) If I can satisfy you all with my life
(681) Than I shall die with no regrets
(682) But I do have one last request
(683) Please raise the memorial flag that we made together.
(684) Raise it up for me.
(685) So I can take one last look at our child
(686) Huo An will be forever indebted to you.
(687) I promise to repay you in my next life.
(688) I am the mighty Rat, a hero
(689) What am I going to do with these coins, buy a coffin?
(690) Whoever dares to invade Wild Geese Gate, I'll kill him
(691) I'll fight him
(692) With my last breath.
(693) Tiberius and his hundred thousand men are all camped up at Kroran
(694) My friend is responsible for supplying food to them.
(695) He says that there is one prison which has really tight security.
(696) No one can get close to it.
(697) Lucius
(698) Huo An
(699) I'm not sure why
(700) but I've always liked those who've hated me
(701) because through our hatred
(702) Our real selves are revealed
(703) You see humans
(704) become bit more prectical as they reach their end.
(705) Now Huo An
(706) Pledge your allegiance to me
(707) and I will let you live.
(708) How can you so blind
(709) Dare to speak about truth.
(710) I'm Huo An work so hard in the Silk Road
(711) I'm the one who should be a Chief What are you doing
(712) Get back here.
(713) How can you give Yin Po the Chief position?
(714) You think he will hand over the border to you
(715) Just so he can be a chief?
(716) So you're saying there's a problem with Yin Po?
(717) General
(718) Yin Po will arrive soon
(719) How many men is he bringing with him?
(720) At least ten thousand soldiers.
(721) And weapons? All fully armed.
(722) Captain
(723) Commander Seal
(724) Ma Chuang
(725) Is there something wrong?
(726) Ready
(727) On his right side, can you see the keys?
(728) Yes, I'm going to get them now.
(729) Get in there
(730) Get in, I'll let you know when it's unlocked
(731) Don't worry I'll go help them.
(732) Gold
(733) Give us.
(734) Go home
(735) How can you not live up to your words? Move!
(736) I got the key
(737) You also got caught, how are you going to help the others.
(738) So what now? Unlock me first.
(739) General Tiberius
(740) Yin Po
(741) I have completed all your instructions.
(742) As long as you give me the Prefecture Chief seal
(743) in exchange I will surrender the Commander Seal.
(744) How well do you know Huo An?
(745) Understand? Everyone understand?
(746) Now
(747) Hey! Stop!
(748) Move
(749) Hey, Huo An. Give us thr key.
(750) Here
(751) They're coming, faster.
(752) Take care of yourself.
(753) Get back
(754) Now kill them all
(755) Shoot
(756) Who shoot that arrow?
(757) Ready armed
(758) Yes, General. Sound the attack.
(759) Kill them.
(760) We have no reason to initiate this fight
(761) Kill him
(762) and the Prefecture Chief title belongs to you.
(763) Ma Chuang
(764) Good throw
(765) General, The jail has been breached.
(766) Huo An
(767) Well then send more people there
(768) Open the gate
(769) Huo An Is that you?
(770) Yes
(771) Huo An
(772) Huo An
(773) It's you
(774) You have no business in Roman family quarrels
(775) This is not your business
(776) It's my duty
(777) Listen to me
(778) Huo An
(779) Listen to me, listen.
(780) The city we built
(781) A city without
(782) Fear
(783) Terror
(784) Humiliation
(785) When the raze
(786) that city
(787) Rebuild it
(788) Whoever shares that city with me
(789) is forever my friend
(790) Huo An
(791) Huo An
(792) First Centurion
(793) I entrust my troops to you
(794) Go
(795) Or they will die here with you
(796) Go
(797) Now
(798) Huo An
(799) Take me home
(800) We shall meet again
(801) Here they come
(802) Get ready
(803) Archers!
(804) Get back, Move back.
(805) Get back
(806) Stone
(807) Stone
(808) Grab the stone
(809) Hurry
(810) Forward
(811) Attack!
(812) Go
(813) Go Get out of here.
(814) Soldier, let's leave.
(815) Hurry move
(816) They're coming, position.
(817) Position
(818) To the right
(819) Hold the line
(820) Hold the line
(821) Company hold
(822) Statius We are all Romans
(823) Surrender
(824) A true Roman
(825) Never surrenders
(826) To arms
(827) Form ranks
(828) Use the shield
(829) Slide the rock Yes, sir.
(830) Slide the rock
(831) Push
(832) Follow me
(833) Go, go
(834) Take the hill
(835) General
(836) Huo An
(837) My God they are like locusts
(838) We're trapped
(839) Well brother, we die together
(840) Die together!
(841) Engage!
(842) Moon go rescue Huo An
(843) Awake!
(844) Awake!
(845) Go
(846) Close your eyes
(847) Kill them!
(848) Fight them
(849) About face!
(850) Move down
(851) Move
(852) What are you doing here? Go.
(853) Hurry now
(854) I want to die with you
(855) Engage!
(856) Captain
(857) Captain
(858) Sun
(859) Parthians
(860) Disengage the army
(861) Tiberius
(862) The criminal who killed Crassus and blinded Publius
(863) stands here before you
(864) This is an outrage
(865) A conspiracy
(866) Consul Crassus and I signed this peace treaty
(867) So as to guarantee the safety of your brother
(868) Because your father knew of your evil plan
(869) So let me ask you on behalf of your father and your brother
(870) What was on your mind
(871) when you ended their lives
(872) It's never too late to turn back
(873) Give me your sword
(874) A real hero remains accountable
(875) until the end
(876) Right
(877) I did it
(878) Let's resolve this
(879) If I made a mistake in this game of chess
(880) It'd be that I looked down upon you
(881) No
(882) You look down on human
(883) Why are you so eager to end your story?
(884) Not for me For my friend.
(885) Lucius
(886) What a good friend you are
(887) But this is a Roman matter
(888) You have no right challenge me to a duel
(889) Master Publius made Huo An a Roman warrior
(890) General Lucius put us under his command
(891) He's one of us now
(892) Let's resolve this
(893) You and I
(894) Well then
(895) We should give you a proper burial
(896) Huo An
(897) Come on
(898) You're wearing a headband of a dead man.
(899) I'd say that's a bad omen
(900) God will bless us all
(901) Huo An
(902) Huo An......
(903) The show is over
(904) Don't worry
(905) You'll be with him soon enough
(906) Huo An..
(907) Power is a conceit
(908) which reveals our limitations
(909) A real hero
(910) remains accountable
(911) to the end
(912) Land of my forefathers
(913) Forever brimming with glory
(914) A land of beauty
(915) Home of the courageous
(916) Our Eternal Rome
(917) The might of enemy ships
(918) Threatens us in vain
(919) It is a hopeless quest
(920) Emperor Hanyuan declares
(921) In appreciation for the bravery the Roman soldiers
(922) they were granted the right to build a city on the Silk Road.
(923) Since Master Publius was an aristocrat
(924) the city was named Regum a symbol for royalty,
(925) in Chinese "Li Gan"
(926) Wild Geese Gate was granted it's wish
(927) The Survivors were allowed to join Huo An
(928) to form a new corps to protect the Western Region.
(929) Soldiers salute
(930) Turn foes into friends
(931) For the trumpets of War
(932) Will call our Legions soon
(933) And across the fatherland
(934) A victory song will ring
(935) And across the fatherland
(936) Our song will resonate
(937) A time of joy and pride
(938) For Eternal Rome
(939) First Centurion
(940) You make a friend today you lose one tommorow
(941) Is it worth it?
(942) Thank you
(943) I'm really happy we can do this together
(944) Well
(945) At least we ended on a good note
(946) Christian
(947) There's no ancient city here
(948) Did you guys find anything?
(949) No, We haven't found anything either
(950) I told you that book was fictitious
(951) No
(952) It's an enthralling fairytale
(953) Peace and harmony one
(954) Greed and ambition zero
(955) This land remains ours alone
(956) What do you say
(957) We let him shine for another 2000 years.

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